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FREE SUMMER PROGRAM GSA is looking for students with skills in their art form, passion for creativity, an open mind, collaborative spirit, and eagerness for learning to apply for the 2018 Summer Program.

Are you ready to grow as an artist, make new friends and have the best summer of your life?

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DISCOVER Since 1987, The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts has provided Kentucky high school students the chance to experience art in a fun, challenging, collaborative and exhilarating way. During three weeks of intense and interdisciplinary arts instruction, more than two hundred of Kentucky’s finest young artists will participate in the 31st GSA Summer Program.




I love the community that GSA creates. With everyone living together and collaborating on interdisciplinary projects it truly feels like an artist’s utopia. I love that the students are at such a high level that it challenges the faculty to be creative with their teaching and allows us to delve deeper than basic technique. I love the trust, the cooperation, and expertise from everyone at GSA. — John Cartwright, Dance Faculty, and GSA Alum, 2002

Stephen Rolfe Powell, Internationally known glass artist

Tessa Intern

INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED FACULT “What I found on the GSA campus was a community of artists and an interdisciplinary approach to learning. In that, I was amazed at how important it was (and still is) to be exposed to all different forms of art. Previously, I did not pay a lot of attention to other forms of music or art. I learned to look beyond my cello and music – and noticed the choreography of dance, the rigors of visual art and the intensity of drama. I saw connections between all art forms that I had not seen before. GSA quite literally opened my eyes to art in a way that nothing else had in my life up to that point. And it changed me forever.” — Kevin Olusola, Member of three-time Grammy Award winning group, Pentatonix, GSA Alumnus 2004


Lark, Silver Medalist of the 2014 national Violin Competition of Indianapolis


CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS Robert Curran, Artistic and Executive Director for the Louisville Ballet



“GSA is a three week study not just in a student’s art form, but in that most difficult class of all, personhood. The residential side of the program pushes students to approach life with an open mind and open heart, in the hopes that by cultivating a greater sense of empathy within the next generation of artists, we are also sowing the seed of a better tomorrow. Not just for the artistic community, not just for Kentucky, but for the world. It is our belief that come the end of a student’s time in the Governor’s School for the Arts, they will have a better understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the Commonwealth--namely, that it is a place in which we must pursue the common wealth of our fellow human beings.” —David Cole, Head Residential Advisor, GSA Alum 2012.

“Regardless of whether I end up on the mainstage or in a courtroom fighting for artistic policy, my future will be partially owed to GSA.” — Katie Okumu, GSA Alum 2015 Harvard University, Class of 2021

98% Go to College


Average Scholarship is $82,000

98% Receive scholarships

30 universities and colleges offer GSA scholarship

GSA’s network consists of over 5,900 alumni. Once an alumnus, GSA offers a lifetime of network and support including: scholarships, grant funding, performance and speaking opportunities as well as the opportunity for summer employment and to be a guest artist.


GSA is tuition free, but you must apply and audition to get in. You can apply as a sophomore or junior.


PREPARE FOR YOUR AUDITION/REVIEW Preliminary Round applicants will be adjudicated for advancement into a Final Round of in-person auditions and reviews which takes place in March at Centre College, where GSA will choose its class of 2018. *Not all applicants will be invited to the Final Round.

Have questions or need more detail? We’re happy to help! Visit our website at or call our Helpline at (502) 566-5192.

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