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Parents could boycott a Rojales school after being snubbed over urgent repairs. The PTA group, AMPA, at the Principe de Espana school, is balloting parents about keeping their children away from the start of the new school year in September. The school building was classified as ‘uninhabitable’ in a surveyor’s report that was commissioned by AMPA in April. Despite two meetings with Valencia education chiefs, just 28 thousand Euros was released for repairs last month. Parent, Rachel King, told The Courier: - “If that amount of money is meant to repair all the structural problems, I’d love to meet the contractor that could do it!” Last January, The Courier reported the anger over the state of the building which led to AMPA staging a sit-in there. They, with the support of the Rojales council, have been lobbying the Valencia authorities to find money to replace the structure that

has been condemned by the fire brigade. Water leaks, rising damp, and bad electrics have been just some of the problems that the parents of the 500 pupils have complained about. The Courier also reported on a six year old boy needing emergency treatment at Torrevieja Hospital after falling on the cracked gymnasium floor, and then a subsequent meeting in February between parents and Valencia education chief, Rafael Carbonell. In that meeting Carbonell said

that there was no immediate money for improvements and poured cold water on any prospect of a new building. AMPA representatives returned to Valencia in May, with Carbonell telling them that he could only give them 28 thousand Euros: - that amount being made public a week before the scheduled meeting. The money will be used to deal with some of the cracked and crumbling support beams, but angry parents say that is not enough. “We’ve been pushed to the

edge, but with it being the holidays, it’s difficult to work out how many will back a boycott”, said Rachel King. “The whole thing is mired in politics because Rojales is run by the PSOE whilst the PP is calling the shots in Valencia. The Rojales council has been excellent in our fight”. An AMPA spokesman said that their boycott ballot was a drastic move, but circumstances meant that they were left with no other choice.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

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Picture of the Week


Whilst he’s not an avid photographer he was lucky enough to get this photo of the highly distinctive Hoopoe as it landed briefly on his balcony at Las Ramblas. By SIMON STANLEY

MIJAS TRIPLE TRAGEDY A British man, Philip Wood, appears to have killed his Irish wife, Sheila, and their 20 year old daughter, Sophie, in a suicide/ murder pact. All were found dead in a rented apartment at Mijas on the Costa Del Sol. It is believed a suicide note left at their home was written by Mr.Wood, with reports suggesting that his wife had been seriously ill for some time. They’d lived in Spain for the last decade. It is thought the three died from gunshot wounds inflicted by one of the adults. The trio were found inside the apartment on Wednesday by their landlord. It is believed that they may have lain dead in the apartment for a number of days.


Giles Paxman, the UK Ambassador to Spain is quitting the Foreign and Commonwealth, as he takes early retirement. The Courier last week reported that the UK Ambassador to Spain was being replaced by 45 year old career diplomat, Simon Manley in October, but no reason for Paxman’s departure was given. The Courier made a number of attempts last week to get a response from the British Embassy in Madrid, but no reply was forthcoming. The Daily Telegraph’s

‘Mandrake’ column last weekend suggested that Paxman had been recalled by Foreign Secretary William Hague, ‘for undisclosed reasons’, with a further update yesterday(Thursday) quoting a spokesman who said:“In accordance with longheld personal plans, Giles Paxman will be retiring at the end of October after 39 years of public service”. There’s been no indication whether Paxman will be returning to his post in Madrid before that ‘retirement’ kicks-in.

Good time to quit

PORTSIDE KILLING A 45 year old man, Francesco Javier Illescas, died in Torrevieja on Monday morning after being stabbed five times on the Paseo Vista Alegre, close to the Torrevieja Musical Union statues. The incident happened around 5.00am, with two Spanish men in their late teens being arrested by the Guardia Civil. They appeared in court on Wednesday and were charged with murder before being remanded in custody.

ALL IN HAND A man has been arrested

Smokers who ‘roll their own’ were expected to get a nasty shock today with the Spanish Cabinet set to approve a big hike in rolled tobacco prices. The Hacienda was widely predicted to announce a tax rise of up to 20 per cent on rolled tobacco, with a 2 per cent tax increase on packet cigarettes. If you want to drown your sorrows, then stick to beer and wine. The Cabinet were going to rubber-stamp a rise in spirit taxes between 5 and 10 per cent, depending on the strength of the alcohol. Hacienda Minister, Cristóbal Montoro claims the increases won’t damage the Spanish hospitality sector.

for masturbating on a bench in the Plaza de España in Palma de Mallorca. He was lying on his back with his trousers and briefs around his feet, as families walked by him. A police patrol arrived and asked him to pull up his trousers, but the man said, ‘Can’t you wait until I’ve finished?’


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Friday, June 28, 2013



A newborn baby is lucky to be alive after a horrific underground ordeal that may have lasted for up to 40 hours. The tiny boy, weighing 2.1 kilos, spent his first hours in the drains of a block of flats in the Virgen del Carmen area of Alicante City, after being dumped there by his 26-year-old mother. Emergency services were called in early last Sunday morning (June 23rd), when a neighbour rang the fire brigade suggesting that a cat might be trapped in the drains, having heard meowing-style noises. Once the police and firemen realised that they were the cries of a baby, they managed to free it. He still had his umbilical cord along with the placenta attached, and was wrapped in a plastic

sheet He was rushed to Alicante General Hospital, where he was said to be doing well, despite suffering a fracture and some other injuries. Firefighters described him as a ‘fighter’ and a ‘survivor’. The baby's mother told the National Police that she did not want to have the baby in the first place, and had no money for an abortion. She had gone to hospital two days earlier, claiming to have suffered a miscarriage. She has been charged with attempted murder, and was refused bail at a court appearance. The baby, who is now under the guardianship of local social services, was transferred on Wednesday from intensive care to the neonatal unit of the General Hospital.

FIZZ OF DEATH Spain favourites in olympic bid

The freak death of a nine year old boy overshadowed last weekend’s bonfire celebrations in Alicante City. The tragedy happened on Friday when the child, named as Aaron, was hit by debris from a pop can, which had a firecracker in it. It had allegedly been thrown towards him by another child. On exploding, a metal fragment from the can pierced Aaron's neck, causing heavy bleeding with his jugular vein being severed. Surgeons at Alicante General Hospital were unable to save the boy’s life, whose funeral took place on Sunday. Police officers said that the impact of the explosion was the same as for a small bomb, adding that they were investigating a number of youngsters who were playing with cans and crackers in the San Blas area on Friday night. There was a five minutes silence outside Alicante City Hall for Aaron on Saturday afternoon in the wake of what is believed to be the first ever death in Alicante due to fireworks and firecrackers during the annual bonfire celebrations

Madrid is in pole position to win their bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics after another favourable report from the International Olympic Committee. IOC inspectors said that the levels of financial risk for the Spanish capital were ‘manageable’ whilst rival cities Tokyo and Istanbul were told to sort out a ‘number of issues’. The IOC also made many positive comments about the infrastructure in Madrid, including the Olympic Village being compact and modern, and just 20 minutes away from the competition area. The final decision will be taken at an IOC meeting in Argentina on Saturday September 7th. The last Spanish city to host the summer Olympics was Barcelona in 1992.

Maria’s last minute WINTER DRAWERS ON reprieve The Benejuzar woman who set fire to a man who raped her teenage daughter, will remain free until she hears whether she will be pardoned by the Government. Maria Carmen Garcia was due to go to jail yesterday (Thursday), pending news of the Government decision, which is expected in a fortnight from the Council of Ministers. Just over two weeks ago, an Elche court ordered her to prison to start serving her five and half year sentence for the death of Antonio Cosme back in

2005. That decision was overturned by the Alicante Provincial Court on Wednesday, just hours before she had to report to Foncalent Prison. Last week, the family of the rapist wrote to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, asking him to not to pardon Carmen Garcia, saying that she had acted as a ‘criminal’.

The winter fuel allowance for UK pensioners living in Spain is being scrapped. Chancellor George Osborne made the announcement last Wednesday as part of his spending review. A ‘temperature test’ will be introduced from the 2015/16 financial year where British pensioners will lose the winter fuel payments if they live in a region where there is a higher average winter temperature than the warmest region of the UK. Latest figures show that nearly 34 thousand pensioners in Spain currently get the payment. Previously, people have been eligible for the winter fuel payment if they were living in Britain at the age of 60 and then moved abroad. A European Court of Justice ruling meant that the UK could have had to pay out

to all 444,000 British pensioners abroad – at a cost of up to £100million a year.


Friday, June 28, 2013



Eurocrats have ticked off Spain’s Andalusia region for being too helpful in stopping home mortgage defaulters from being evicted. The European Commission has said that ‘unbalanced’ measures could jeopardise Spain’s economic recovery. The national Madrid government has tried to help defaulters, such as giving the poorest more time to repay their loans, and increasing protection against abusive clauses in mortgage contracts. Andalusia adopted stronger

rules which allow homes to be expropriated from banks for three years to stop the most vulnerable families from being evicted. The region also established fines for banks that fail to put empty housing on the rental market. Simon O’Connor, a spokesman for EU Economy Commissioner Olli Rehn, warned that the Andalusian measures “could heighten uncertainty in the Spanish housing market and have the potential to discourage investors.” The

measures could also pose challenges for Sareb, a bad bank created to sell off sour real estate assets that have burdened Spanish banks, O’Connor said. “We fear that the key programme objective of restoring the viability and ensuring market access for the Spanish financial sector, for the Spanish banking sector could be delayed or impeded,” the spokesman said. “Financial stability ... is a precondition for a broader economic recovery in Spain,” he said.


A German lorry-driver got stuck in a narrow side-street in a village in Ciudad Real, after his Sat Nav unit sent him down there. An articulated HGV carrying electrical goods from Germany to Portugal became stuck in the lane at around 6.30am. The driver said his GPS system told him to go down it, but he became wedged between the houses on either side. A tow-truck was called out, and spent nearly five hours trying to free the vehicle by pushing it slightly backwards and then slightly forwards repeatedly as the driver steered to try to avoid crashing through the walls of the houses. Nobody was injured, but in trying to get out of the lane, the lorry-driver ripped off the gutters and external air-conditioning units from the fronts of several houses, as well as leaving them with scrape marks on the rendering.

An elderly Elche man is lucky to be alive after being found walking on the AP7 close to Rojales in a disorientated state last Wednesday. Suffering from dementia, the man in his late seventies had gone missing some 35 miles north from Elche bus station on Monday and had not been sighted until a

Spain’s economy got a timely boost in May, with figures out that show a four per cent rise in tourist numbers compared to last year. The Ministry of Tourism claim that the overall number of tourists is now running at 2008 levels, which itself was a record year. There have been big rises in

A marriage ring centred on San Javier, which charged up to 5 thousand Euros for a wedding, has been broken up by police. The scheme was all about illegally getting residencia permits on the back of a quickie marriage. 18 people have been arrested over the

local police patrol spotted him on the north-bound carriageway with traffic veering round him. Despite three days in the open and without food, the man was in good health and was reunited with his family after the Guardia Civil in Almoradi managed to identify him.

More white socks and sandals Till residencia do us part visitors from Scandinavia and France, though British holidaymakers still led the field, followed by those from Germany. The most popular tourist region was Catalunya, grabbing just over 5 million visitors, with the Valencian region had 1.9 million tourists.

last few weeks after authorities noticed a suspiciously high number of marriages in San Javier between Moroccan men and Spanish women. Bogus addresses and padron information was part of the plan, with the ring leaders being a Dominican woman and a Spanish man.

OWN GOAL PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE Work on Murcia’s Paramount Theme Park is set to start sometime after September, well over year since the foundation stone was laid in a ceremony at Alhama de Murcia. Jesus Samper, the President of Premursa- the developer and promoter of the Theme Park- claims that six bids for construction contracts for the Park were being processed, with an announcement due in early September.

Spain this week

Over a thousand fake soccer strips have been seized by Guardamar police. Cops raided the weekly Wednesday market, and said they’d impounded gear that was worth around 26 thousand Euros, based on what the genuine items would sell for. Most of the fake merchandise featured Barcelona and Real Madrid, with six people being charged for selling the copies.

Run on the pumps?

A petrol station strike could happen next month after ongoing negotiations between unions and industry bosses over the last three years have failed. Issues such as the safety of service-station workers – particularly those on night shifts – failure to recognise length of service of employees and poor shift management are high on the list, as well as travel and relocation problems and the need to increase wages. No dates for the July strikes have yet been announced.


Close to three quarters of a million doses of anabolic steroids and growth hormones have been seized by the National Police in an operation that has seen 84 people arrested since April. The drugs were imported into Spain from Portugal, Greece, and China, with many of the deals being struck via internet social networking sites. 18 arrests were in the Valencia region, with 5 in Alicante Province. Police said that many of the illegal drugs were being sold around sports centres in Spain. Last week, The Courier reported on a steroids ring being smashed in the Mar Menor which involved three doctors and a policeman.

TORRE ON THE TELE 20 choirs will be heading off to Torrevieja next month to take part in the prestigious International Habaneras and Polyphony competition. From Monday July 22nd, the Eras de la Sal will host a week of top class entertainment, with the city staging the contest for the 59th time. Around 900

choristers will be taking part from eleven countries, and as in previous years, there’ll be a special programme on TVE’s La 2 channel as well as TVE’s international service. Asia will be strongly represented with choirs from China, Indonesia, and South Korea

SNUFFED OUT A seven man snuff stealing gang has been arrested. Based in Torrevieja, they included the owner of a tobacco shop who’d buy the stolen goods, which had been lifted from delivery vans across the country. The National Police said the gang stole from vans in Murcia, Cartagena, and Vinaroz, with some 9 robberies in the last six months, netting close to 57 thousand Euros of snuff.

OVER THE EDGE 49 Moroccans had a lucky escape last Saturday evening, as their coach plunged five metres down a Alicante ring road embankment. The group were going to the port to board a ferry for Algeria when the vehicle plummeted over the edge of the road. Only four people suffered serious non-life threatening injuries, which meant they could not continue their return journey

at the weekend.


Spain’s population fell for the first time last year since national statistics were produced in 1971. The country’s numbers fell by 162,390 in 2012 to an overall total 46,704,314. The downward figures were not down to births and deaths, but to people emigrating from the country.

BUSY BUREAU Torrevieja’s new Tourist Office at the Vista Alegre seafront appears to be a success. Over a thousand people dropped in for information during the first full week of opening, after the old Miramar restaurant was converted into a new Tourist Office, as well as the city’s new Foreign Residents centre.

PICK IT UP! Santa Pola council has declared war on dog dirt in Santa Pola and Gran Alacant. Owners could be fined up to 700 Euros for not picking up their dog’s excrement. The council also wants neighbours to take photos of selfish owners as evidence of their foul behaviour, and to shop them to the police.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Guardia rocks into war of words Britain was plunged into a fresh diplomatic crisis over Gibraltar this week after the Guardia fired shots at a British jet-skier in waters around the Rock last Sunday. A Guardia Civil boat entered Gibraltarian waters and took pot-shots at 32-year-old Dale Villa as he rode his jet-ski close to a popular beach. Mr Villa is not wanted for any particular crime and is not thought to have strayed out of British waters into Spanish territory – although the line between the two is far from clear to people in the sea. Foreign Office minister David Lidington condemned the shooting as ‘completely unacceptable’ and called on Spain to take action against those responsible. He said he had confronted his Spanish counterpart Inigo Mendez de Vigo to protest ‘in the strongest possible terms’. Mr Lidington added: ‘I made it clear that the discharge of a weapon in or near Gibraltar is completely unacceptable. I urged Mr Mendez de Vigo to investigate urgently and to take action to ensure this will not happen again.’ Father-of-three Mr Villa described how he had been fired at on two separate occasions as he tested his new jet-ski with family and friends on Sunday afternoon. ‘I was very shaken and furious,’ said the delivery driver.

‘When a huge boat is hurling after you and you hear gunshots it is very scary. There were three policemen on the boat and I actually saw one of them with a gun in his hand.’ The incident is believed to have been witnessed by an off-duty officer from the Royal Gibraltar Police, which has launched a formal investigation. But a spokesman for Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said ‘no incident’ had taken place’ and ‘no shot fired’ The UK’s charge d’affaires in Madrid was despatched to make direct representations to ministers in the Spanish capital.

Catalunya has locked horns with the National Government in Madrid again: - this time on the issue of health care. Its regional health authority has handed out over 106,000 cards entitling foreign residents to free State medical care – despite a national law which states they are not eligible. The department, CatSalut, says it is against laws passed in Madrid which means nonEU immigrants without residence rights cannot be treated without paying except for immediate emergencies, pregnancy and childbirth, or unless they are under age 18. Technically, European Union citizens who do not have a valid 'green certificate' dated on or before April 24, 2012 are not entitled to free healthcare either, unless they pay Social Security every month at 270 Euros or have a job contract, whereby their

employers will be paying this for them. But in many cases and particularly at family doctor level, medics are continuing to treat both unqualified EU and illegal immigrants through a conscientious objection. Catalunya has decided to follow this trend universally, giving 97,100 permanent SIP cards – which entitle the bearer to use the public health service – to foreigners who have been on the padrón, or census, for more than a year, and another temporary, renewable form of SIP card to 9,100 others who have been on their town halls' books for less than a year. This is irrespective of whether they have a valid and current residence card or not, and a further 10,000 or more cards will soon be handed out to other non-registered, non-EU foreigners.

Go north for free health


Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore left none of his £2million estate to his partner because he did not draw up a will. He died from a heart attack in February 2011 aged 58 after an alcohol binge at an Estepona hotel. Moore and girlfriend Petra Nioduschewski, 37, had just arrived in Spain, checking into the hotel earlier that day. An autopsy put the guitarist at five times over the drink-drive limit. Nioduschewski, who lived with the musician at his £635,000 home in Hove, tried unsuccessfully to revive him. Although Moore was reported to have proposed to her, she will receive none of his

estate as he had not drawn up a will. Under intestate rules, it is

believed his fortune will be split between his four children.




Car-hire company are taking me for a fuel... WE arrived from England in the early hours of Monday June 17 and picked up our prearranged hire car, a Ford Fiesta, from FireFly (part of the Hertz Group) at Alicante Airport. The arrangement was that I would have a full fuel tank (for which I was charged 70 euros) and that I’d take the car back empty. As I was leaving the airport I noticed that the fuel gauge showed less than half-full. I had no reason to check the gauge when I first got in the car – but it was also too late to

turn back so I phoned FireFly first thing next morning. I explained that the tank showed less than half full. I was told to ignore the gauge; they assured me it was full and kept on insisting that it is NORMAL for that to happen. FireFly should have taken the car off hire until the gauge was replaced. Otherwise it starts to look like some sort of a scam to make more money out of the unsuspecting hirer. Meantime the gauge is moving relentlessly towards zero and I still don't know how much fuel there is in the tank. Obviously I will have to play into their hands and keep on putting extra fuel in just to make sure we don't get stranded. Neither the hirers, FireFly, nor Do-you-Spain (who arranged the hire) want to know about the situation. They seem to just want to take as much money as they can without any backup being provided. . Unless something is done to stop this, more hirers will be parted from their money by rental companies which seem more interested in making extra cash by dodgy dealing than giving a reliable honest service. I'm a 77-year-old pensioner and not a millionaire. My warning to all car hirers is to check the fuel gauge before leaving the airport and don't trust what the rental people tell you. JOHN COX, Torrevieja

SQUAT’S THE POINT OF CALLING COPS? THIS morning at about 3.50am I was awoken by a noise in the garden. I rose, and saw a thief in next door’s garden. I immediately went outside and found the squatters from across the road stealing water from our absent neighbours. She had some 10 five-gallon bottles in two shopping trolleys. I am not sure if it was my growling or my nakedness that scared her back to her illegal occupation, but she left with the evidence on the pavement. I called the police, who arrived, along with the Guardia Civil. They knew the people in the squat ( indeed they are there at least twice a week). However, they not only did nothing, but also allowed her to march past them to where she had abandoned her stash, and take it home! Of course I complained, stating that we had now called them while they were forcing an entry, again when they broke the steelwork from the windows and changed the locks, again when they bypassed the meter to steal electricity, and now when they steal water from our , neighbours. All I am told is that there is nothing they can do. If I want to I ALWAYS enjoy the Courier but felt last week's was exceltake it further, then I must go to the police station, with an lent. The best articles were Tony Mayes (why is he not in interpreter, and report it. So according to them, it is OK to politics?!), also the article by Jeanette Erath although I am break into your house, change the locks, steal electricity and not gay. Keep up the good work. water, and their hands are tied to stop you. JESS THOMSON, Ciudad Quesada GARY RICHARDSON, Los Almendros


Don’t forget your details Letters and emails will only be considered for publication if an address and contact number are provided to confirm authenticity


Final charge of the light brigade A WEEK ago I was ready to surrender to the enemy in the kilo fields of the Battle of the Bulge. With less than a fortnight to the official ceasefire, I was more than five pounds off my June 30 target - and ready to concede defeat. But, miracle upon miracle, I’ve managed to lose 1.5 kilos (nearly 3.5lbs) in the last seven days. Which means I’m back on course to hit that two-and-a-half stone weight loss after all. I seem to have been dieting for ever to get where I am – and to fall short would mean I’ve failed the challenge I set when I began my Sponsored Slim in the New Year. However, my penultimate weekly weigh-in at the Beauty and Wellness Centre in Dona Pepa means I am just 800 GRAMS off the 16-kilos I vowed to lose. That’s less than 2lbs...after a 21-week marathon stretching back to January 10, when I began my campaign to raise

£500 for the Crohn’s in Children Research TOTAL LOSS, 21 WEEKS Association (CICRA). It has hopefully taken the gross figure raised by my amazing friends past £2,000 –you can (2st 5lb) check the figure at www.justgivingcom/donna-gee. January 10th - 93.2 kilos The sponsored diet was June 26th - 78.0 kilos inspired by my need to slim Target weight - 77.2 kilos down (I was heading for 15st To target - 0.8 kilos when I started), and more importantly, by my granddaughter Daisy’s battle against Crohn’s Disease. Daisy’s life was saved by major surgery after an abcess in her intestine began to threaten her vital organs. But that is history because she’s now back at

15.2 kilos

school and looking forward to a holiday of a lifetime under the DreamFlight programme in October . Daisy, who is 13, was officially nominated for the trip to Florida by a nurse during her time as a patient in Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and will fly out to Disney World in October for a free, all inclusive fiesta along with other brave youngsters who have suffered serious illness. So all is set for a happy ending all round - providing those final 800 grams will shove off in the next few days. Daisy is well and pain-free, lots of money has been raised for CICRA – and diva Donna with a dazzling diminished diameter! Well, perhaps not quite dazzling – but 12st 2lb is a lot healthier than the 14st 9lb hulk that began the year. PS All future donations should be made in the form of chocolate, cake and biscuits DONNA GEE

Friday, June 28, 2013


JUDGE +JURY =JOKE WHEN schoolteacher Jeremy Forrest and his 15-year-old girlfriend were on the run in France, I questioned why Sir’s romantic jaunt across the channel was being projected in the UK as a heinous crime. Now I know the answer. Basically the poor guy is beginning a five-and-a-half jail sentence for having a relationship with a young lady who happened to be a few months below the legal age of consent. That, for a schoolteacher like Forrest (pictured) is far more disgusting than abusing little girls - assuming you side with the barmybrained bunglers whose job is to make the punishment fit the crime in Britain. I’ve taken a straw poll among my friends…and have yet to find one who agrees with the Judge and jury over Forrest. UK law is such an ass that there’s now a gag on publishing the name of the girl, even though it was blasted all over Europe during the frenzy to return her to the mother she now despises. The prejudiced guardians of 'justice' got their way as Forrest, 30, was branded a paedophile and sentenced to more than four times the jail term given to ex-BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall for offences against REAL children aged as young as nine.

Yes, the law IS an ass in the UK. And here’s why

This, despite the fact that Forrest’s ‘victim’ mouthed sweet nothings across the court and vowed tearfully to wait for him rather than end the bitter impasse with her mother. Mum talks of an unbridgeable rift with the girl - but that will only get worse now she’s has had the man her daughter loves locked away for what must seem a lifetime. I do not believe Jeremy Forrest is a bad person, though he clearly has relationship problems. But I am less than convinced when ex-pupils suddenly come out of the woodwork with allegations of impropriety. ‘Publicity stunt’ is the expression that comes to mind – particularly when the headlines are accompanied by a photo of the ‘victim’ which might just attract a call from a modelling agency.

As for the unfortunate mother, she should know that teenage girls can be a nightmare. My two daughters were impossible at one point – but take away their hopes and their dreams and they will never forgive you. Well, not for several years, anyway. This vindictive Mum seemed obsessed with putting Forrest behind bars. She told the media he had “robbed my daughter of her childhood’’. In that case, what was the girl doing during the 15 years before she met Jeremy – putting out Forrest fires? I suspect the school and the girl’s mum teamed up with the UK police in that ‘Find, Flog and Finish-off Forrest’ campaign last autumn. The French cops weren’t interested because Forrest had committed no crime under their laws. And indeed would be com-

mitting no offence in Britain now if he was not in jail. The problem is the archaic British law which deems that a young woman approaching her 16th birthday is as much a child as a three-year-old toddler. It matters not that a teenager looks 18, 19 or 20 - any young man who has sexual relations with her is by implication a paedophile. Forrest was ridiculously convicted of abducting a ‘child’ – even though that ‘child’ went with him willingly and may even have instigated the ‘escape to France’ plan. Arguably the most ridiculous edict handed down by Judge Michael Lawson QC was to bar Forrest from working with children for life and order him to sign the sex offenders’ register. Alongside real perverts, for heaven’s sake. The whole circus aime to make an example of someone who broke the rule that teachers mustn’t have relationships with pupils. Even if the teacher has the enthusiastic support and loyalty of the ‘victim’. In the misleading parlance reserved for perceived paedophiles, the court was told that Forrest ‘’groomed’’ the girl for his evil ends. But in a school environment where it’s fashionable to have a crush on a teacher, who’s to say it wasn’t the girl who did the grooming? The Forrest affair is not about

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friday, June 28, 2013


I used to have an imaginary friend. But we never did get on. The main reason for our mutual coolness was our different tastes in films. My pretend pal was a fan of shoot 'em up action movies while I, despite my youth, favoured those oldfashioned Hollywood weepies. However, that divergence of opinion among supposed bosom buddies turned out to be problemfree. On Saturday afternoons Mother would take me to see a soppy romantic film and we'd both cry copiously into our hankies until true love prevailed and the on-screen passionate pair walked off hand in hand into the cinematic sunset. On Sunday afternoons Dad would escort my imaginary friend to a Western adventure and they'd both cheer on the goodies until every durned baddie had either bitten the dust or been hurled into the hoosegow. Of course, Dad was never aware that the chubby lad

jumping up and down with excitement on his squeaky tip-up seat was not his son but was, in fact, his son's pretend pal. I suppose that was because me and my imaginary friend were identical in appearance. However, the main consideration in my double-dealing duplicity was that nobody got hurt. 'But what about your bruised brain?' asked my psychiatrist many decades later. 'Tell me, Mr Silver, can you identify any traumatic incident in your childhood that you feel might have contributed to your disambiguation situation?' The psychiatrist's couch shook as I slapped my thigh and roared with helpless laughter. 'Split personality?' I snorted. 'Not me, doc. I cannot believe that you've fallen for all the hogwash I've just told you -- just like my parents once did. There NEVER was an imaginary friend. I made it all up.

'You see,' I explained, 'Dad assumed that because I was a callow youth I would adore action movies and so he'd take me with him to the pictures. 'Likewise, being a precocious brat I

convinced Mother that I enjoyed the romantic stuff so that I could tag along with her.' 'My grand con job meant that while my schoolmates went to the pictures once a week I got to go

TWICE.' 'So what sort of films DID you actually like?' asked the psychiatrist. I shrugged. 'It didn't matter, doc. I was happy just to sit in a darkened cinema not doing my school homework.' 'You're not disturbed, you're just devious,' grumbled the psychiatrist. 'I'd like you to leave now.' 'See!' I shouted triu m p h a n t l y, jumping off the couch. 'I'm just as sane as the next man.' 'That's how much you know,' the psychiatrist said. 'The next man I'm seeing is a totally deranged crackpot. But patient confidentiality prevents me from making any further comments about the local vicar.' I paused at the door. 'All this talking has given me a headache, doc. Could you spare me some acetylsalicylic acid?' 'You mean aspirin?' asked the psychiatrist. 'Correct,' I said. 'I can never remember that word.'

I left the psychiatrist's office and strode confidently from the building, stopping only when I'd turned the corner. 'Phew!' I exclaimed. 'I think we managed to fool the doctor.' 'Yeah. But for one terrifying moment I thought you'd grassed me up,' replied my imaginary friend. 'Me! Me! Me!' I yelled, grasping him by the jacket lapels and shaking him against the wall. 'You think only about yourself!' At which point Mrs S shook me awake. 'I had to bring you back to reality for your own safety. You'd taken hold of your own pyjama lapels and was slamming yourself against the wardrobe.' Staggering out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, I splashed cold water over my face and stared at my reflection in the mirror. 'I really do have to pull myself together,' I mumbled. 'Agreed,' said my reflection. 'But please don't get a grip on yourself by grabbing me by the pyjamas again.


Friday, June 28, 2013

SAY IT IN SPANISH Learn the lingo - with a little help from JEANETTE ERATH Spanish 77 This week we are going to concentrate on the answers from last weeks revision lesson. Let me know if there are any areas you would like me to cover. If there are any lessons you found difficult to understand or would like me to explain again. Summer´s nearly here, use it as an excuse to use more Spanish not as a reason to give up, if you don´t use it you may find you lose it. Check the answers below and if you got any wrong be aware why. The first section was conjugating the verb into the present tense using the subject pronoun given: Ellos estudian en la Universidad, Ellos siempre compran barato, ¿Usted baila flamenco?, ¿A qué hora entras en clase (tú)?, ¿Tú practicas algun deporte?, Yo vivo solo, Mis hijos comen mucho, Los domingos nosotros siempre leemos el periodico, Todos los domingos nosotros comemos en un restaurante, Ellos no viven en un palacio. Next we had some different tenses in sentences, getting slightly more tricky, if you managed to get all the above correct then hopefully you went on to do your best with these: I have to go to the shop – tengo que ir a la tienda, are you reading the paper now? - ¿estás leyendo el periódico ahora?, I like cars – me gustan los coches, I wash my hair – me lavo el pelo, my son would go to school but he is ill – mi hijo iría al colegio pero está enfermo, I hope that you (tú) are good – espero que estés bien, don´t go! - ¡no te vayas! I don´t believe you – no te creo, today is the best day of the week – hoy es el mejor día de la semana, I need a lamp for my bedroom – necesito una lámpara para mi dormitorio, how many boy are in this class? -

¿cuántos chicos hay en esta clase?, there are thirty one – hay trienta y uno, I know how to dance – sé bailar, I won´t follow the rules – no seguiré las reglas, I have explained three times I will not explain again – he explicado tres veces no explicaré otra vez, I´m going to the cinema at six o´clock – voy al cine a las seis, this newspaper is very interesting – este periódico es muy interesante, I´m from England but I am learning Spanish – soy de Inglaterra pero estoy aprendiendo español, do we have to walk? ¿Tenemos que andar?, where are you going? - ¿A dónde vas?, there is a fly in my soup – hay una mosca en mi sopa, I can see some white houses – puedo ver unas casas blancas, The red shoes are from Spain – los zapatos rojos son de España

Todos los dias me voy a la tienda

Lastly I gave you a paragraph to translate, this is a fun way to check your knowledge and actually make sense of Spanish, it´s a way I always enjoy testing myself: Every day I go to the shop, it is a small shop but it has a lot of things. It has drinks and food, I like the vegetables in the shop because they are always fresh. There is a man who works in the shop. He is very friendly and always happy. We talk about the weather and living in Spain. I like living in Spain very much, it is a hot country and I like the beaches. I think the man in the shop is my friend now but I do not know his name. Next time I go to the shop I will ask him. I like to go to the shop but sometimes I need to go to different shops because I need things that my local shop doesn´t sell. However I will continue to go to my local shop every day. Cada día (todos los días) voy a la tienda, es una tienda pequeña pero tiene muchas cosas. Tiene bebidas y comida. Me gustan las verduras en la tienda porque están siempre frescas. Hay un hombre que trabaja en la tienda. Él es muy amable y siempre feliz. Hablamos del tiempo y viviendo en España. Me gusta vivir en España mucho, es un país caluroso me gustan las playas. Creo que el hombre en la tienda es mi amigo ahora pero no sé su nombre. La próxima vez le preguntaré. Me gusta ir a la tienda pero a veces necesito ir a otras tiendas porque necesito cosas que mi tienda local no vende. De todas formas continuaré yendo a mi tienda local todos los días. How did you get on? If you struggled with any of the above check and re-check where you encountered difficulties and learn again, it is always a good idea to go over old lessons and refresh your memory whether you got 100% correct or not. I will be back next week with some more learning, until then ¡Que tengas una buena semana!


Friday, June 28, 2013

LOVELY LIMA ON THE MEND As well as my job as a dog behaviourist, since we have been living in Spain, we have started up our own animal charity, where we help the most severely injured and abused animals. On Monday, I drove down to Granada, to collect Lima, a one year old puppy, who had her two front legs broken when she was about four months old. As you can imagine, after what happened to Lima, her confidence with humans is at rock bottom. We are looking to rehabilitate her psychologically and then find her a forever home. Since Monday though she is already showing an improvement, but it will take time, considering what she has been through in her very difficult short life so far. Lima is a very gentle dog who loves other dogs and cats and it was so very endearing on Monday evening when she was greeted by Pebbles, the kitten we rescued from the streets of Pinoso a few weeks ago. Pebbles was only ten weeks old when we found her

with a broken hip. We took her to the vets and had her hip operated on and she is now making a great recovery. Pebbles curiously walked up to Lima and sniffed where she had been operated on and then snuggled in next to her and they both fell fast asleep. It was as if Pebbles was saying, “Don’t worry, we have both been through a difficult time, but it is good here and you will love it” There are a lot of animals in Spain that need our assistance and if anyone would be kind enough to donate any amount of money to our charity, you can do so by either Paypal, where my account details are, or to our Nat West charity account, where the sort code is: 60-16-03 and the account number is 73754900. Even one euro would make a difference towards the passionate work we are doing here in Spain. Thank you.

PETS’ CORNER: CAN YOU TAKE IN A HOMELESS DOG OR CAT? Rocky & Rosie 8 week old pups looking for homes, their mum was a cross between a King Charles spaniel. So they will be of a similar in size. Please contact K9 or PHONE 600 84 54 20 for more info

Ginger was found in the campo when he was just 3 weeks old, we placed him in a foster home where he was bottle fed along with his siblings. He is now 7 weeks old and ready for a new home. Call: 645 469 253.

Ginger Monty is a gorgeous boy! A neutered, chocolate point Siamese type with lovely blue eyes, Monty is about four years old and has all his vaccinations. If you would like to meet Monty please phone Joe (The Cat Man) on 966719272 or speak with Rose inside the shop.

Liquorice is now around 7 weeks old and is the sister to Ginger, they were found in the campo and have been bottle fed from the age of 3 weeks old. She loves a cuddle and will make a wonderful companion. Call: 645 469 253.

Liquorice Chanel & Coco 2 female pups rescued from the bins near La Marina Market. Approx 9 weeks old looking for homes.Please contact K9 or PHONE 600 84 54 20 for more info

Maisey was born approx Feb 2013, she is a small Portuguese podenco cross so she will not be very big. She is full of fun and very loving and of course beautiful to look at. If you can offer this super girl a home or for more information please ring 650 304 746 or email p.e.p.a.animalcharity@gmail .com


This Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a lovely girl with a lovely nature. Good with people and other dogs, loves her tummy tickled! Left at the vets, owner can no longer look after her. You do need a licence for this type of dog, but they are not difficult to get. She is three years old and looking for love Contact 616655789 for more details Cats N Dogs Aid Association.

Billy & Bobby are two 1 year old brothers who were rescued when they were only 8 weeks old. They are large dogs, but very friendly and sociable. They would need to live with someone who can give them the exercise they need, or who has enough space for them to run around in. To arrange to meet Billy & Bobby, please contact Yvonne on 630 422 563.

Dillon is a young medium sized boy. He loves children, all people and is okay with cats. He’s very loving and likes to snuggle up on the sofa next to you. He is an intelligent boy so he learns quickly. For more information about Dillon please call 650 304 746




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With the hot and humid weather we are experiencing at the moment, probably the last this on your mind is cosy rugs and carpets. Well for us in the carpet and rug business it’s exactly what we are thinking about during the summer months. This is the time of year when all the designers bring out their new lines for the following season, and when we, the retailers, start looking at clearing old stock to make room for the new. Here at Carpet Heaven in Los Montesinos we are now starting to bring in the new rug designs in this years new fashionable colours At Carpet Heaven we only sell quality carpets and rugs and offer that personal service that customers

appreciate and this is confirmed by the amount of repeat business that we receive as well as word of mouth recommendations. We can offer you sound, friendly and expert advice as well as a worthy opinion on which rugs and carpets will go best in your home. We will even visit your home, when time allows, and will personally measure the area. But if it is just advice you need, then take in some curtain material or a cushion cover and we will be able to match up the right colour rug or carpet to your already established colour scheme. The rugs and carpets at Carpet Heaven are made to last for years and are available in the biggest range of colours

and sizes you will find in the area, so it just goes to prove that if you spend that little bit extra on quality you will not regret it. To make room on the shop floor for our new lines we will be holding an End Of Season Sale from Monday 1st July 13 until Saturday 13th July 13 Where all our stock will be discounted by 20%, And all new orders of Carpet and rugs by 10%. Why wait for the inevitable autumn price increases, buy now at this years prices, and with an additional 20% discount. We will even store for free until you are ready to collect. Please Note: We are now operating summer Hours Mon – Sat 10am – 2pm

LÍNEA DIRECTA REACHES 2 MILLION CUSTOMERS AND BEATS ITS PROFITS RECORD In clearly difficult economic times, with the insurance sector decreasing for the fourth consecutive year, Línea Directa Aseguradora has closed 2012 with the highest profit levels in its history: 121.5 million euros before tax, representing an increase of 13% on the previous year. There have been three main reasons for this: the sharp rise in the number of customers, effective underwriting risk management and the improvement of all the company’s processes and services, which have enabled it to reduce expenses without diminishing the scope of the cover offered. As a result, the total number of policies, which since last February has exceeded two million, rose by over 105,000 last year, mainly thanks to the Home Insurance Area, which in the 5 years since it was launched, now has over 230,000 policies without having resorted to mergers or acquisitions. The International Area, a strategic business Línea Directa offers its foreign policyholders living in Spain all its services in English and German. As a result, purchasing the policy, making enquiries, dealing with accidents, sending documentation and 24-hour road assistance can all be carried out both in English and German, at a time which suits the policyholder and with only one phone call. In addition, Línea Directa’s International Area offers its policyholders a translation service which they can use for dealing with repairers. The International Area is a key strategic factor for Línea Directa, through which the company offers its foreign customers totally exclusive services, discounts and offers.

Call now: 902 123 104


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As summer arrives in style here on the Costa Blanca, my thoughts turn to being a single female in an area that appears to be full of couples.

What do us single 40, 50, 60+ somethings do to pass the time without appearing desperate to meet a guy, yet still going out and about? As I´ve previously mentioned, I am so beyond wanting to meet anyone new at the moment that my next career path was going to be a nun, but my atheism got in the way of that! But seriously, I am not concerned with being in a relationship, I am stable, secure and happy and I want to be able to enjoy myself without either well-meaning friends trying to hook me up with someone or people thinking I must be sad being on my own. So, where do I go where being single is not frowned upon and how do I tackle it if it is? I decided when I came to Spain, and all the times I have been single here, that if I want to go out to a bar or a restaurant on my own, I will! Of course now I have my son so can no longer dine nor drink alone but there is still some sort of stigma attached to being in a restaurant with just a child and no daddy in sight. I´ve got over the disproving looks. They are slightly different to the pitying ones I got when I used to go out, pre-son and I´d sit in a restaurant alone. The new looks are ones of ´I wonder where the dad is´ or ´poor child, where´s his father?´ Then of course there are the classic, ´why doesn´t she control that child, typical single mother´ if my son so much as raises his voice, which he has been known to do.

But back to my point of where to go. A park is always a good option; with no one knowing if you´re single or if the other half has just stayed at home or is working. A park is a perfectly acceptable place for one parent to take their child with no hint of stigma. What about bars? I have taken my son to bars in the past but only really to use their internet before I had it at home. That was back in the days where I had nothing and it was cheap enough to go to my local bar have a coffee and juice for the boy and use their connection. Now I have a home internet link and the play area is so close by, that there doesn´t seem the reason to go to a

bar. I´d rather stay at home and have a coffee there. However, I know that if I did want to go to a Spanish bar on my own or with my son, then I would be made to feel welcome. There would be none or at least very few odd looks, and those would most likely be from men! I am more than comfortable to go into my local town centre on my own, sit in a bar and have a drink, and looking around as I always do, just to pass time, I notice that I´m not the only one on my own. Granted most of the others sitting alone are normally a few years older than me but they are there, enjoying life and making the most of doing something most of the time Brits in the UK can only dream of:- that’s sitting outside a café or bar with a cool drink! I never was one to go out in the evenings so it´s not like I´ve stopped; just more that I never did it! Spain is such a friendly country that I know that if I ever do venture out in the evening hours with my son, I am made to feel welcome and not at all like an outcast. It’s more than likely that no one would even notice that there´s just the two of us, and I am able to pass an enjoyable, relaxing evening with my son, which is something that is almost impossible in the UK. I am going to make the most of being single in Spain this summer and who knows where it may lead me? I have some very special visitors coming in August, so I know this summer is going to be a lot of fun. After all, it´ll soon be October, when life will return to normal and I´ll be back at work, so you can be sure that being on my own will not mean being without fun! I´m going to make the most of a no stress, 100% fun summer, and in regard to my love life; que será será!


Friday, June 28, 2013

WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT? The cat is out of Ed Miliband’s bag, and it’s scratching and meowing away like it’s been on heat for an eternity. The claws have jagged into the belly of Labour’s election plans for 2015, and whether some of the big trade union backers will be purring is as unlikely as David Cameron trying to reduce his ever-increasing waistline. Miliband told

Labour activists that he can’t increase borrowing to reverse current government cuts if he

came into power. That bit of honesty is hardly surprising, because if the old windbag Gordon Brown had won three

years ago, he’d have pretty much cut the same amount of cash as the Tory/Lib Dem cabal. T h e Labour leader though did say that he would look at extra revenue or making savings from elsewhere. That line about ‘extra revenue’ has a stench of tax rises about it, but we can only speculate about that. He waxed lyrical about trying to do things as radical as Clement Atlee did back in 1945, though he conveniently forgot to mention that America funded a lot of Atlee’s projects through loans, as the UK was bust after the war. Visions cost money and if Miliband is rightly trying to position himself as a reformer, then he has less than two years to do it in, producing cast iron policies and costings that the British electorate will be able

to embrace. At the moment, he doesn’t seem to be offering that much different from the current coalition, which is a sure-fire recipe for electoral stalemate again in 2015. US spy whistleblower Edward Snowden has led the Yanks on a merry dance as he fled Hong Kong at the weekend. With the help of Wikileaks, he’s probably off to Ecuador (Julian Assange's nation of asylum choice in London!), once he eventually leaves the luxury of Moscow airport! I for one think he’s performed a huge public service in exposing some of the American law breaking and dirty tricks: similar to what Assange did. As always there’s a full load of hypocracy here as well. If he’d been a Chinese or Russian whistleblower, the red carpet would of course have been laid down for him at an American airport with the full might of the Stateside media hailing him as a hero! I couldn’t help laughing last week when the Valencian President, Alberto



Fabra promised that Castellon in the northern part of the region would be linked up to high speed rail in two years time. That got a few eyes popping, and surely nothing to do with the fact that he was born there and eventually became the city’s Mayor? But, since there’s an empty airport there, perhaps he’ll try saying anything to persuade even a solitary carrier to use Spain’s biggest white elephant? High speed to Murcia’s Corvera anybody? Pull the other one, Nigel Farage! The UKIP leader showed himself to be just like any other politician in trying to dodge inheritance tax, by setting up an Isle of Man trust fund a decade ago. He said he felt uncomfortable about it when he did it, so why didn’t he change his mind straight away, rather than waiting for a few years? Perhaps a year or two of earning a nice bit of interest may just have tipped the balance for him, before a pang of conscience took hold?



Friday, June 28, 2013


MUSTARD PORK FILLET WITH APPLE LENTILS & HERB AIOLI Ingredients 1kg pork loin fillet 3 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp Dijon mustard small bunch tarragon, chopped 350g Puy lentils 1l vegetable stock zest and juice 1 lemon 1 apple, cored and diced 200g jar good-quality mayonnaise 1 garlic clove, crushed green beans, to serve


1. Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Rub the pork with a tbsp of oil, add some seasoning, then seal the outside of the meat all over in a hot frying pan. Transfer the pork to a baking sheet, brush the outside with the mustard, then press on half of the tarragon and cook for 20 mins. Remove from the oven and cover with foil for 5 mins. 2. Meanwhile, cook the lentils in the stock until just tender, about 12 mins, drain, then toss with the remaining olive oil, half the lemon juice and the apple. 3. To make the aioli, mix the mayo, garlic, lemon zest and remaining juice and tarragon with some seasoning, then set aside. Slice the pork into thick slices and serve on a platter with the lentils, a bowl of aioli to dip into and some green beans.

SMASHED AVOCADO WITH CRISPY CHICKEN, PICKLED ONIONS & TORTILLAS Ingredients 2 large, very ripe avocados juice 1 lemon 8 seeded soft tortillas, or your favourite flatbreads, warmed

small bunch coriander, to serve For the onions 1 large red onion, very thinly sliced 100ml red wine vinegar 4 tbsp caster sugar For the chicken 4 skinless chicken breasts, each cut into 3-4 chunky strips 284ml pot buttermilk 85g polenta or cornmeal 85g plain flour 1 tbsp sesame seed 1 tbsp sweet paprika ½ tsp cayenne pepper 2 pinches ground cinnamon 1 tsp garlic salt (or normal salt) sunflower oil, for shallow-frying


1. Mix the chicken strips with the buttermilk and chill for about half a day. 2. Mix all the onion ingredients, season with salt and set aside to marinate for at least 30 mins or up to half a day. 3. Mix together the polenta or cornmeal, flour, sesame seeds, paprika, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and garlic salt on a plate. Heat 2cm sunflower oil in a deep frying pan (or slightly more in a big wok) until a cube of bread browns in 1 min. Lift the chicken from the buttermilk and drop into the flour mix, tossing to coat well. Add about 3 chicken strips at a time to the oil and fry, turning, until golden on all sides and just cooked through. Drain on kitchen paper while you fry the rest. 4. Halve and stone each avocado, scrape out the flesh into a bowl with the lemon juice and some seasoning, and very roughly smash together with the back of a spoon. Spread over the warm tortillas or flatbreads, top with the crispy chick-

en, pickled onions and some coriander, and roll up to tuck in.

SPICY BLACKBERRY CHUTNEY Ingredients 500g blackberries 140g caster sugar 140g red onions, sliced 3 tbsp chopped fresh root ginger 2 tbsp Dijon mustard 150ml white wine vinegar


1. Combine all the ingredients, except the vinegar, in a large saucepan. Stir mixture over medium heat until the blackberries burst. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. Add the vinegar and allow the mixture to simmer uncovered for 10 mins. Cool, transfer to a sterilised jar and seal immediately.

CHERRY, GOAT'S CHEESE & WALNUT SALAD Ingredients 100g walnut halves 1 large fennel bulb, finely shredded 150g bag watercress, rocket and spinach 250g cherries, pitted 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar extra-virgin olive oil 200g goat's cheese with rind, broken into chunks sourdough bread, sliced and toasted, to serve


1. Dry fry the nuts until toasty and golden. Put the fennel into a large bowl with the leaves and cherries. Whisk the balsam-


Friday, June 28, 2013

ic, 2 tbsp oil and salt and pepper together, then dress the salad. Scatter with the cheese and nuts. 2. Serve with slices of toasted sourdough, drizzled with a little oil.

HONEYED ALMOND FIGS Ingredients 2 ripe figs 2 tbsp 0% fat Greek yogurt 1 tbsp runny honey pinches of cinnamon a few flaked toasted almonds

Method 1. Cut the figs in half. Spoon over the yogurt, then drizzle with honey. Sprinkle with cinnamon and a few flaked toasted almonds.

PORK & PEACH KEBABS WITH LITTLE GEM SALAD Ingredients 500g lean pork trimmed of any fat 2 peaches 1 lemon 2 tbsp clear honey 2 Little Gem lettuces 100g bag watercress 2 tbsp olive oil 1 tsp Dijon mustard


Method 1. Soak eight wooden skewers in cold water for at least 5 mins. Cut the pork into large cubes. Halve and stone the peaches, then cut into chunks. Grate the zest from half the lemon and squeeze out the juice. Reserve 1 tbsp of the juice, then mix the remainder with the zest and honey. Alternately thread the pork and peach slices onto the skewers. Brush all over with the honey and lemon mix, then grill or barbecue for 10-12 mins, turning regularly, until cooked. 2. Separate the lettuce leaves and mix with the watercress. Whisk the reserved lemon juice with the olive oil, mustard and a little seasoning. Toss with the salad leaves and serve with the kebabs

ROQUEFORT, PANCETTA & PEAR SALAD Ingredients 6 slices pancetta 1 large bag mixed baby leaf salad 75g Roquefort, crumbled 1 large pear, thinly sliced 3 tbsp walnut oil 1 tbsp sherry vinegar


1. Dry fry the pancetta until crisp, blot on kitchen paper and crumble into pieces. Put the baby leaves in a large serving bowl and scatter with the Roquefort, pear slices and pancetta. In a lidded container, shake together the walnut oil and sherry vinegar. Pour over the salad and serve with some crusty bread to mop up the dressing.

ROAST TOMATO, THYME & CHEDDAR TART Ingredients 12 small tomatoes, halved olive oil 1 tsp Dijon mustard 50g mature cheddar 1 egg, beaten 2-3 sprigs thyme, leaves picked For the pastry: 200g plain flour 100g butter, chilled and diced 50g mature cheddar, grated cayenne pepper, a pinch


1. Heat the oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5. Put the tomatoes cut side down on an oiled and seasoned baking tray and cook for 10 minutes. Cool, take off the skins and discard. 2. To make the pastry put the flour and butter into a food processor and pulse until the mix resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the cheese and cayenne, season, then add water to bring together into a dough. Wrap in clingfilm and rest in the fridge for 15 minutes. 3. Roll out the pastry and line a 23cm tart tin. Fill with baking parchment and beans then bake blind for 10 minutes. Take out the paper and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Cool. 4. Mix the mustard, cheese and egg and spread on the tart. Sit the tomatoes on top and sprinkle with thyme and seasoning. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve warm.


Friday, June 28, 2013


Bluemoon Solutions

BlueMoon Solutions is the computer and IT services company on the Costa Blanca, they provide quality computer services at realistic prices and specialise in working with home users and small businesses.

Richard moved to Spain seven years ago having left his management background behind in the UK and decided to use his IT skills to help home users and small businesses with their PC problems. Now a relaxed 'computer man' he is out and about in the Spanish sun every day, making house and shop calls and using his vast experience and qualifications to (usually) sort out the problem there and then. Computers are his hobby as well as his work so don’t be surprised to get an answer to your email in the early hours!

ADVICE: John was replacing his Vista machine with a new ADVICE: Celia was having problems with Internet one and wanted to know about backups. Explorer crashing Hi, I am planning to sell my present lap top. Before I do sell it I want to be sure I can do so without leaving any of my data on the HD. My current system is windows Vista and I do have an external backup. Would my Vista backup be able to restore onto a Windows 7 system? Can I format my present HD and then restore the Vista OS. Best regards, John T.


Hi John, as you probably already suspect simply formatting and / or reinstalling the operating system will not prevent the recovery of your data, it simply hides it and therefore makes it more difficult to get hold of, but not impossible. The only way to be certain that all of your data has been removed from the hard drive is to use specialist “scrubbing” software that will overwrite the hard drive with “rubbish” until it cannot be recovered, at that stage you can use your operating system CD’s to install and set up Vista ready for the new owner. With regards to whether you can restore your Vista backup onto a Windows 7 machine it will very much depend on the type of software that you are using to back the Vista machine up and how you have it configured, feel free to drop me an email with this information and I will try to help you.

ADVICE: Margaret wanted to know whether she had to change from Hotmail to Outlook and was also receiving a certificate error on a website.


Hi Richard. Have a couple of queries that I hope you can help me with please. Firstly do I need to change my Hotmail to Outlook? Secondly I had a notice saying Security Alert Revocation information for security certificate for this site is not available Then there were 3 boxes YES NO and View Certificate, it did not make any sense to me so I went onto website, but could not understand if I needed to do anything else as I am not a computer whiz kid. It has only ever come up once so what do I do now, HELP. Margaret Hi Margaret, yes you do have to change from Hotmail to Outlook, however don’t worry this is something that will be done automatically for you by Microsoft over time everyone with a Hotmail account will be moved to an Outlook account – your email address will remain unchanged of course. With regards to your other question about the Security Alert Revocation information, this is something that is very complex to explain but in simple terms it means that the security certificate is either invalid or revoked, either way you should not fully trust the website in this situation. Of course there are always exceptions but as a general rule this is the case.


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The Internet Explorer notice is still intermittently appearing & it reads as follows 1st Notice - Internet Explorer has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem. 2nd Notice - a problem caused the programme to stop working correctly. Windows will close the programme & notify you if a solution is available. Hope this gives you a clue? Thanks Celia


Hi Celia, Bob in the Courier last week was experiencing similar problems last week, if you have tried to disable the Add-Ons in Internet Explorer and have still not fixed the problem then the next thing to try would be to reset Internet Explorer - this usually fixes most problems, you can do this by... 1. Launching Internet Explorer 2. Click Tools, Internet Options 3. Click the Advanced tab 4. Click Reset and then click Reset again on the new window that is displayed ...I hope this helps resolve your problems


Craig is receiving the error 0x80041006 when trying to play Windows 7 games online. Hello Richard, possible that I have done something wrong, I don't know. Problem is when trying to access internet HEARTS or BACKGAMMON constantly get Error Code 0x80041006. Have tried to research it on the internet but it's all double Dutch to me. Any assistance would be gratefully accepted. Craig


Hi Craig, this seems to be quite a big problem within the online gaming community, there are lots of people complaining to Microsoft about it and there doesn’t currently seem to be a solution that works for everyone. During my research I have found just one solution that seems to work for those that are using Yahoo “Add-Ons”, if this also matches what you have then try disabling them and seeing if it resolves your problem.

A Mobile: 655 044 970

Office: 902 906 200

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friday, June 28, 2013

AGEING? TEN STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO SLOW DOWN AGING Aging is a complex process that involves many areas of your body. It's unlikely that any one product or pill could cure all of the ailments of aging. However, there are things you can do that not only will help you age more slowly but will improve your quality of life. Your best bet for a long and healthy life is to: 1. Eat a varied and healthy diet. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. Fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins all play a part in keeping your body functioning at its best. Drink lots of fluids to maintain healthy skin and flush out waste. Eating right will help you maintain a healthy weight. 2. Exercise every day. Exercise improves appetite, makes healthy bones, gives you a better emotional outlook and improves digestion and circulation. Exercise makes you stronger and helps you lose weight. 3. Seeking prompt medical care when you're ill or injured. Listen to your body and take care of any little problems before they become big problems. Get screened for diseases such as cancer and heart disease. 4. Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Professionals agree that one of the most significant factors contributing to aging is chronic inflammation of the skin. 5. Quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoking has very damaging effects and dramatically increases your risk of getting cancer and heart disease. 6. Manage stress. Stress is a part of everyday life. Develop ways to help you cope and adjust to situations in your life that may cause you stress. The situation isn’t the problem . . . it’s how you react to it. 7. Look for ways to improve overall well-being and enthusiasm for life. Be curious and creative, which will encourage you to learn new things. You can also use humour and

Walking for Fitness

laughter to help you age well and live long. 8. Keep strong relationships. Maintaining close ties to your family and friends are crucial to healthy aging. 9. Don’t let fears and worries dominate your life. A worried mind is not at peace and robs you of zest and energy which you need to maintain youthfulness. 10. Keep cells youthful with antioxidants. Antioxidants are found in a full range of fruits and vegetables, as well as in some meat, like fish. Although, our bodies produce its own antioxidants, the level of product declines over time because of environmental factors and through the aging process. You can also take anti-oxidant supplements or even anti-oxidant teas. Do all you can to be healthy and in doing so you will age slower. If you have any questions about products that claim to slow or reverse aging ask your doctor. He or she can help you sort through the information and get the facts.


Breast cancer – these 2 words strikes fear into the hearts of many women all over the world. It is the leading cause of death for women between the ages 35 to 54. The good news is that women can take proactive steps to decrease their risk of contracting breast cancer. And even when breast cancer has been diagnosed, the same factors that reduce breast cancer risk will also help prevent it from growing or spreading, or even provide a cure. Yet the advice from doctors and health care professionals is for women to do nothing but have yearly mammograms and hope for the best. This is even as mammograms have been shown to cause 20% of all breast cancers. We know from epidemiological studies, which are studies of large populations, that cancer can be prevented. The cancer rates of many indigenous and rural societies are significantly lower than those of western soci-

eties, and this has been attributed to differences in diet and level of environmental pollution. Eating red meat has been strongly linked not just to breast cancer, but also to cancers of the prostate and colon. Studies have shown that women who consume large quantities of grilled or well done meat have a 400% increased risk of contracting cancer. This is because grilled or well done meat produces a notorious cancer causing chemical known as heterocyclic amine. Furthermore meat contains the protein carnitine, which breaks down into cancer causing compounds when heated. Monitoring agencies have estimated that meat accounts for 90% of all the toxins we are exposed to. Commercial farm animals are constantly fed antibiotics to prevent infections from their overcrowded and often filthy surroundings. These animals are also pumped full of growth hormones and

other synthetic proteins to increase their size. These deadly chemicals are stored in their flesh, and transferred to us when eat them. Women with a past history of breast cancer or a strong family history should avoid red meat completely. If you have to eat red meat, make sure it is organic. Sugar and refined carbohydrates are now recognised to cause breast cancer or increase its growth. When we consume a diet rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates, the body becomes flooded with insulin to regulate the sugar. The insulin released bind to estrogen tags on the breast cancer, causing it to grow rapidly. It is important to realize that by the time breast cancer is detected, usually when it is about 1 cm in size; it has been present in the body for 8-10 years. Alcohol has many health benefits, but has been shown time and time again to significantly contribute to breast cancer. Drinking a

unit of alcohol a day increases breast cancer risk by 11%. 2 units daily will increase risk by 22-40%, and 3 units by 33-70%. This is because alcohol blocks the breakdown of cancer causing estrogens. The best diet for preventing breast cancer is an alkaline diet rich in vegetables and fruits. One study showed that women genetically predisposed to breast cancer, who consumed up to 27 different plant foods every week, reduced their chances of contracting breast cancer by 73%! The best foods to protect against breast cancer are cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts. These plants are rich in chemicals such as indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane that directly destroy cancer cells. FOR A FULL BODY DIAGNOSTIC SCAN CALL :965071745

Walking is a very safe sport because it rarely causes injuries. Running causes injuries frequently because you take both feet off the ground at the same time and land with a tremendous force that can tear muscles and shatter bones. On the other hand, when you walk, you always keep at least one foot on the ground and land with minimal foot strike force. If you want to walk to become fit, you have to move fast. You should exercise vigorously enough to increase your heart rate at least 20 beats a minute higher than when you rest. That means you will be breathing harder and probably perspiring. There are two ways to increase your walking speed. You can take longer steps or you can move your feet at a faster rate. To lengthen [Walking] your stride, swivel your hips so you reach out further forward with your feet. This will cause you to twist your body from side to side, which will tend to make you point your toes inward when your feet touch the ground. When you point in you lose distance. Try to point your toes forward with each step. To move your feet at a faster rate, you have to move your arms faster. Every time you move one leg forward, you pull the arm on the same side back and the arm on the other side moves forward. Your legs will only move as fast as you can move your arms. Bend your elbows so you can move your arms faster. The fulcrum of your arm-swing is at your shoulder. The straighter you keep your elbows, the longer it takes your arms to swing forward and back. Bending your elbows shortens the swing and helps you speed up your pace.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Mammograms don’t give the full cancer picture Q A

How accurate are mammograms and what other breast screening methods are available?

To demonstrate how accurate a diagnostic or screening technology is scientists will look at 2 factors – specificity and sensitivity. The specificity of mammograms is an indication of how much of what it recognises as breast cancer, is actually breast cancer. The specificity of mammogram is appalling, at just 20. This means that 8 out of every 10 women who are told they may have breast cancer and sent for a biopsy are healthy and do not have cancer. The sensitivity of mammograms is 80. This means that 2 out of every 10 women with breast cancer will be told they don’t have breast cancer. Mammograms are notorious for giving false positive results because the breasts can contain non-cancerous masses or lumps such as cysts or fibroids. And mammograms have no way of differentiating these from actual cancers. Mammograms can only detect a tumour if it contains calcium salts. So if a tumour is free of calcium like many are, mammograms are unable to pick it up even if it is a stage 4 breast cancer that is visible to the naked eye. A major drawback of mammograms is that it exposes women to deadly ionising radiation. A number of studies have shown that mammograms cause up to 20% of all breast cancers. Ultrasounds are also used for breast exams and screenings, but can only differentiate between cystic masses (non-solid, fluid filled lumps) and solid masses. MRI’s are more accurate than mammograms, but also produce a lot of false positive results. MR’'s also recognise what is not cancer as cancer, and sometimes fail to pick up actual cancers. Thermography is the best way to screen the breast for tumours. It is safe, non-invasive and does not

expose the body to dangerous radiation. Thermograpy is an infrared picture that detects cancerous breast tissue by measuring the heat patterns they give off. We know that many years before cancer is detected, the blood supply to the breast increases, causing a lot of heat to be generated. This heat can be picked up by thermograpy, making cancer detection possible.


I have recently been informed by my doctor that I may be suffering from tension headache. Please tell me more about it.


Tension headache is one of 12 different kinds of headaches that have been recognised. Sufferers will feel a severe continuous pressure on both sides of the head. It has been described as a feeling like having a tight constricting band across the head, or a heavy weight pressing down on top of the head. The pain that originates from tension headache can spread to the back of the head, neck shoulders and even over the eyes. A stressful lifestyle and severe tiredness are recognised as the main triggers for tension headache. It is thought that these factors can lead to muscle tension in the neck and scalp muscle with associated changes in blood circulation to the head. Tension headache is usually brought on by a feeling of relief from a long hard day, physical tiredness, and lack of sleep, skipped meals and extreme emotions such as anger or excitement. Massage therapy is extremely effective as it relaxes the tense muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. Lemon balm is useful for massages. Herbal remedies that help the body relax such as valerian are equally very helpful. To avoid the muscle strain that causes tension

headache, try not to stoop when standing or sitting, and concentrate on keeping your back straight, your shoulders square and your abdomen lightly pulled in. Don’t hunch your shoulders or fold your arms tightly. Let them hang loosely from your shoulders and shake your arms and hands regularly. Do not clench or grind your teeth, and keep your mouth slightly open and try and relax your upper and lower jaw.


When is blood pressure regarded as high?

When blood pressure is measured, two readings are taken; the top reading which is usually higher, is the pressure created when the heart contracts and pushes blood into the tissues to supply them with nutrients and oxygen. This is known as the systolic blood pressure. The lower reading known as the diastolic blood pressure is the pressure in blood vessels when the heart rests between beats. The normal blood pressure reading is between 110/70 mmHg and 130/80 mmHg. High blood pressure is diagnosed when blood pressure is greater than 140/90 mmHg. It is now recognised that people with blood pressure between the normal values and 140/90 mmHg have a high risk of circulatory problems and are likely to progress to full blown hypertension. This category is recognised as pre-hypertension. People with pre-hypertension can reverse their blood pressure to normal by adopting healthier dietary habits and lifestyles. The normal pulse rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, but can increase a lot during physical activity. Please email your questions to:

Home remedies for bad breath What exactly are calories? Physical fixes

Everyone loves a good home remedy. They usually save money, are easy to use and have a feel-good factor because there is no doctor or pharmacist involved. From home remedies to cure bad breath to "grandma cures" for smelly feet, someone somewhere will have a clever idea to cure what ails you. Chronic bad breath home remedies are plentiful, with suggestions involving everything from drinking water laced with mint leaves and lemon juice to scraping the tongue twice a day. As long as the supposed cure is not dangerous and doesn't involve untested substances, they're worth a try, especially if the halitosis problem is particularly worrisome.

Tongue scraping is becoming a very popular and quick home remedy for bad breath. It's a simple matter of scraping the coating off the tongue and thereby eliminating the hiding places for the multitude of bacteria that thrive there. There are special tongue scrapers available in pharmacies, or you can simply use a spoon that you reserve for the task. Whatever you use, keep it clean and, unless stainless steel, replace it regularly.

Water, water, water

Keeping your body adequately hydrated is an essential part of keeping bad breath under control. The drier your mouth is, the smellier it potentially is. You may notice this after doing strenuous exercise or if you're really

Herbal remedies

Chewing on parsley or mint leaves may not be everyone's idea of a delicious treat, but many swear by it as a way of eradicating foul odours from the mouth, especially following odiferous foods such as garlic or dairy. Some herbal teas can help freshen the mouth as well as helping to hydrate the body (contrary to the dehydrating effect that regular tea has). A drop or two of peppermint oil on or under the tongue can work wonders to help cure bad breath. Clove oil can work too but to some people, it tastes unpleasant and can be reminiscent of the dentist's surgery. Try also chewing sunflower seeds and following with a good swish to rinse and drink a big glass of water. Eat yogurt daily that contains acidophilus and bifidus for good gut cleansing.

thirsty. Drink water all day long.

Keep your toothbrush handy

One toothbrush at home and one at work is the ideal solution for maintaining a fresh mouth. It may be called a 'home remedy' for bad breath, but everyone knows that if you keep your mouth and teeth clean, there is less chance for bacteria to thrive. While you're at it, keep a purse sized pack of dental floss with you and before leaving a restaurant or entering a meeting, do a quick floss and swish in the bathroom. Remember, all the home remedies in the world will not help if there is something underlying that is causing your halitosis. See your doctor or dentist if you feel you need further advice.

You hear about them all the time, we eat them, cut them and burn them, but what exactly is a calorie and what do you do with it? In simple terms, a calorie is a unit that measures energy, originally from the Latin word calor, which, directly translated, means heat. Therefore a calorie is the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of one liter of water, one degree Centigrade and create energy. Your body needs energy to function, just like your car needs fuel to get moving on the road. The food we eat can be thought of as our body's "fuel". The foods we eat contain calories, which are broken down into energy by the metabolic system. Unfortunately that's where our similarities with our cars end. If you overfill a car, the fuel will simply flow over. With human bodies however, an over-consumption of calories and consuming more than we need and more than we use, gets stored as fat within the body.

Calories and the energy they provide are required for daily functioning. Our brain, organs and nervous system all need energy to operate. So, without food, calories or energy we would simply not be able to perform. It is also important to note that exercise burns calories and the more active you are the more calories your body will require. Some interesting facts on calories. . . • Did you know that one piece of c h e r r y flavoured cheesecake can burn a sixty-watt light bulb for one and a half hours? That's how powerful its heat generating ability is. • There are 9 calories per gram of fat. • There are 7 calories per gram of alcohol. • There are 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate (potatoes, rice and starches as well as fruit and vegetables). • There are 4 calories per gram of protein (animal products such as meat and dairy as well as soya products).


Friday, June 28, 2013


Friday, June 28, 2013


A traffic warden from hell, wrongly ticketing motorists and then covering up her wrong-doing; a hospital with a frightening record of deaths and the regulator which was supposed to monitor, trying to cover up the hospital from hell; a council wrongly fining motorists and refusing to pay back the money it had extracted illegally and the UK secret service spying on all of us without our knowledge. Wonderful Britain - 1984 is here big time! * Firstly the traffic warden from hell. She slapped parking tickets on two cars belonging to mothers taking their children to school, and then, realising she hadn't taken pictures to back up the ticket, took shots in another place. Instead of admitting the mistake and asking for the tickets to be quashed, she covered it up. It came to light when one of the mothers appealed against the ticket. The warden, who had issued more than 2,500 tickets in two and a half years, admitted intent to pervert the course of justice. Sadly the judge gave her a suspended prison sentence instead of jailing her. Just what sort of punishment is a suspended sentence? That’s nothing! On the plus side, she was also ordered to do 120 hours of unpaid work. I wonder how many wardens get up to the same tricks just to make their records look good. * The NHS cover up is at the other end of the scale of seriousness, in the same league as the appalling lying and cheating by police following the Hillsborough disaster. It concerns Furness General Hospital in Cumbria, given a clean bill of health by the Care Quality Commission - a newly-formed NHS watchdog - despite an unprecedented spate of deaths of mothers and babies at the hospital. The watchdog was there to root out serious problems in the NHS - but did it? Did it hell! Instead it covered up what was going on at the hospital and senior officers within the CQC lied about it. Now they have been named and shamed. I hope they lose their pensions too. * Newham Council issued illegal parking fines - illegal because the evidence was

speed limits, imposed when cars had nothing like the braking efficiency they have today. Opponents also say that raising the speed on motorways would increase fuel consumption, raise the level of CO2 emissions and also run the risk of there being more deaths and injuries on the roads. Frankly, my experience of British roads suggests there are few occasions when you could safely reach 70mph, because of all the congestion. It made me laugh driving back to the UK from Spain, where we would come across speed restrictions and notices warning of a bump or subsidence on the road. What is the rationale of erecting signs and imposing speed limits, as opposed to just doing the relatively minor job of sorting out the road

gleaned from at least a dozen cameras which were not of a type authorised. This went on for two years. The council has agreed not to pursue tickets which remain unpaid, writing off ÂŁ347,000, but it has refused to refund much, much more money from motorists who paid up initially. This is an absolute disgrace and there is only one word for it - theft. It demonstrates just how much councils are relying on money extracted from motorists and how financially embarrassed they are if that source of revenue disappears. * Lets now look at the British secret service and the revelation that it is regularly collecting and storing millions of emails, texts, Facebook messages and other communications between individuals, and keeping them for a period of time just in case they are needed as part of anti-terrorism work or to detect other criminal activity. An analogy is that you are going to the home of a friend, going through his paperwork and taking copies of it and saying to your friend you are keeping it for a month or two - just in case. They wouldn't tolerate that and would soon tell you where to go. What's worse is that the public did not know anything about it and there has never been any discussion in Parliament. It's often said that those who have nothing to hide have

nothing to fear about this sort of snooping. Fair enough, but if a more extreme government ever came into power, the information gained by GCHQ would be invaluable in controlling and supressing the population. But such measures seem justified given the potential risk from political and religious extremists plotting the most appalling acts of terrorism. What have all these cases have in common? It is intolerable that in Britain, officials or organisations can do whatever they like - the idea that they are important and we, the public are irrelevant. It's this "I'm in charge" attitude and "you will do what you're told". Far too much power has been given to people working in public service and to national and local government organisations, and that power is being abused far too often and far too often it is shrouded in secrecy. It's a disgrace and has no place in a democratic society. Despite higher motorway speed limits on the continent, Britain, sadly, is to stay in the 70mph slow lane. The reason, apparently, is that the inner circle around David Cameron believes that raising the speed limit would alienate women drivers and cost them votes at the next election. That's despite motoring organisations and the majority of male drivers welcoming the raising of


has to go to the rooms and sort out the mess they leave behind. They told us about all the useful stuff they leave behind - freezers, fridges, microwaves and other "easy come, easy go" items which they have to dispose of. If I was a student and supposedly hard up, the first thing I would do is to sell the items I no longer wanted. So next time you hear the Do you remember all the clap trap from the crocodile tears about hard-up Labour opposition condemn- students - take it all with a ing the government for intro- pinch of salt. ducing university fees? They Finally, last week I wrote were moaning about the poor about our unwelcome students saddled with huge visitors, travellers in the field debts years into the future. next but one to ours in the Some of our friends own a UK. Just to say they are still large property in a university there, making no attempt to town which they let out to leave and the noise from university students. It's the their illegal camp just gets end of year and the students worse, and no attempt by are leaving and the owner officials to get rid of them!

defect? Britain looks as if it has taken a leaf out of the book of transport departments on the continent. In the UK, signs are going up warning about potholes, and the theory is that transport engineers believe a few potholes will slow motorists down. What a cop-out, why not do the job properly and make the roads safer?




Friday, June 28, 2013

Focus on


SLIMFIT TAKES WEIGHT OFF YOUR MIND If you want to lose weight and have been frustrated with past failures, then why not try a new type of weight management and lifestyle clinic that starts next month in Cabo Roig? Slimfit Europe will be based at the Sophia Wellness Centre, and places great emphasis on giving patients advice, guidance, and one to one support. If you go along, you will be given a thorough assessment of all health, lifestyle, medical, social and emotional factors before being guided through a weight loss programme. Everybody will be treated as an individual and given privacy, time and total support to achieve realistic targets. The team includes a nurse, health visitor and a nutrition expert. Other experts in the team include counsellors in eating obsessions and an aesthetician. Because the clinic will be based at the Sophia Wellness Centre, you can also take advantage of all the many exercise programmes that have on offer. Web page: /orihuela-costa

YO FOR YOLO’S! The Yolo Bar and Restaurant is one of the new boys on the Cabo Roig block, which opened last March, and it’s proved to be an instant winner. Customers are returning on a regular basis, which is the tell-tale sign that the food and atmosphere are on the money! Yolo’s now incorporates the popular Goodfellas Steak House which has been established for 5 years, serving Aberdeen Angus Beef and Lamb, as well as a fine dining menu and food for the younger diners! Food is served every night between 6.00pm and 10.00pm, and once you’ve had your fill of top cuisine, you can settle back and enjoy the nightly entertainment. That includes Dougie Munro, Ritchie Alexander, the Showaddywaddy Legends, and Kolted (formerly The Monos). And don’t forget Yolo’s large sunny terrace! They are open every day from 6.00pm till late.


You cannot beat good old-fashioned home cooking, and the Manhattan Quality homefood restaurant in Cabo Roig gives you a real treat: - that’s assuming you can find it!! The Manhattan is snuggly placed within the La Rotonda aparthotel, but you could ask one of our hundreds of regular diners; ask a taxi driver or visit our website. Someone will give you the help you need! It is so worth the effort as the homemade meals at Manhattan are very special indeed. You will discover more choice with 6 varieties of homemade pies, 3 varieties of quiche, Lasagne, Fish Pie, Curries and home cooked ham as well as a truly delightful selection of homemade desserts including Apple pie, Treacle Tarts and Bakewell Tarts. You will also find more taste with homemade chips; melt in the mouth pastry; fresh vegetables and delicious gravy. You can also relax on the beautiful poolside terrace and enjoy all that our fabulous restaurant has to offer. For such high quality you might expect to pay high prices but at Manhattan great value is also on the menu! A 3 course Sunday Roast for example is available for only 7.95! If you visit the Cabo Roig area then do make a special effort to find the Manhattan. You'll be very glad you did.

BODY BEAUTIFUL AT BODY AGE Whether it’s your first time in a gym or a regular gymgoer, Beach Body Gym staff provide support at this friendly, personable place to train. We boast a separate Free Weights room & are open 7 days a week. With NO JOINING FEE, all Memberships include FREE personal training and classes. A 3 month Membership is only 105€ and we cater for holiday makers too! Why not try our new service: Plot your progress with our Body Composition Monitor. It records your body fat, muscle, BMI and shows your BODY AGE!! For more information, pop in or telephone 965 322 863 (ext 3). Find us on the Top Floor at Sophia Wellness Centre, La Regia, Cabo Roig: just off the N332, Campoamor or Pyramid roundabout exit (behind Global Cars). Fitness is for life; Use It or Lose It!

LOTS OF SPORT AND MORE AT MOORES If you love your sport and having a good time, then Moores Bar is the place for you. Martin and Paula have become the go-to place if you want to catch up with your favourite action via their 5 TV screens, plus a big one for the key events. Football is not too surprisingly king, and if you’re a fan of Gareth Bale and his team-mates, then you’ll be pleased to know that Moores Bar is the only official Tottenham Supporters Bar in Spain, with all their matches screened! With four years in charge, Martin and Paula know what you want and there’s Internet access as well as Wi-Fi, and a chance to join their Pool and Darts teams. Check out the great atmosphere with plenty of room, including a large terrace. That’s Moores Bar at Cabo Roig.

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Focus on


AT THE SIGN OF THE BLACK HORSE Family friendliness is top of the list for the Black Horse in Cabo Roig. Steve and Lesley will give you a warm welcome, with good food and entertainment and an atmosphere that you’ll never forget. Their Sunday Lunch is fast becoming known as the best on the Costa Blanca with starters and desserts changing every week, so you’ll never be bored with what they have to offer you! Whether you want to tuck into a rack of lamb on a Tuesday night for only 9.95 Euros followed by the Soul Sounds of Cabaroke; or traditional Fish & Chips on a Friday night followed by the quiz; every night is a great night at the Black Horse in Cabo Roig. Look out for future events on Facebook or just drop in and chat to Steve or Lesley.


There’s a new treat in Cabo Roig for Mexican food lovers, with the long awaited opening of the Poco Loco Tex Mex Bar and Restaurant. You’ll find it where the Flannigan’s Family Bar used to be. After talking to their customers, Chris and Jane, who used to own Flannigan’s as well as the very popular Tex Mex Restaurant on the Cabo Roig strip, decided to ring in the changes with a new concept. The new restaurant brings you the perfect mix of fun, relaxation and fantastic food, all located within a safe walled- in area, but still right in the heart of the Cabo Roig strip! The new building has the only sky terrace bar in the area, which has a beautiful serene setting, which is perfect to chill out at with a cool drink as you enjoy a chat with your friends. The building is designed with a Mexican feel inside and out, with a large down stairs terrace at the front. Youngsters are not forgotten either, with a child friendly area as well. The rear terrace has been reserved for the Tex Mex Restaurant where you can tuck into a great selection of freshly prepared tasty meals that you will remember for a long time!

THE LAUNDERETTE CLEANS UP The Launderette at the Sophia Centre, Cabo Roig has been in business for over 3 years, with many happy customers, and new ones coming in all the time! The prices will not be beaten in the area, and the proof of the pudding is that rental companies are making big savings by using The Launderette. The Launderette will help you to enjoy the last day of your holiday if you own a property, by making sure that you get your laundry back in just 2 hours, so that you can spend your time doing other things! The Sophia Centre team also provide a superb carpet and rug cleaning service, as well as an alteration and cleaning service. Special rates are also offered for restaurants and management companies. There’s also a special summer offer for duvet cleaning, with a double at 15 Euros, and a single for 7 Euros with vac pack if needed. Phone Graham on 616 719 207 for more information. Once you use The Launderette, you’ll keep using them again!

A TASTE OF SPAIN Whether you are into tapas or a more extensive menu, why not try Cabo Roig’s top Spanish Restaurant, Rianxeira? You can enjoy a wide selection of typical Spanish dishes that will get your taste buds tingling. Rianxeira offers a Menu del Dia for just 10 Euros, as well as a sumptuous 3 course evening menu for just 18 Euros, which includes wine! There’s live entertainment every Tuesday and Saturday, and if you become a regular customer, then you can pick up the Rianxeira loyalty card to earn some deserved discounts. You’ll find the restaurant next the Medical Centre, La Regia. Phone: - 646648204



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IZZY GETS SERIOUSLY BUSY Local soul and Tamla Motown band Soul Power have hit the jackpot by getting a brand new keyboard player. The band’s demands were tough. They wanted somebody that also had a strong voice and a passion for soul, and Izzy Guy Morgan fitted the bill perfectly. Izzy was recommended by Soul Power drummer Ray Prentice, and after just a few notes, the band knew that they’d struck gold! She was roped in straight away, performing in a gig at the Celtic Drop, Flamenca Beach with no rehearsal! Soul Power’s founder, JJ Soulman said ´Now we have four band members that can sing, this will make the harmonies even more sweeter and stronger`. Izzy plans to sing some classic female numbers such as Aretha Franklin’s ´Respect` and the Martha Reeves hit, ´Dancing in the Street` in future concerts. The Soul Power line up now consists of JJ Soulman on lead vocals and guitar, Duncan Philips


on bass guitar, Kenny Dee on saxophone and backing vocals, Ray Prentice on drums and backing vocals and the new signing Izzy Guy-Morgan on keyboards and backing vocals.

You can check out the new 5 piece Soul Power live every Monday at The Celtic Drop, Flamenca Beach (upper level), with the band hitting the stage from 10.00pm.

LA ZENIA’S Orihuela Costa Resort Hotel will tune in to musical history tomorrow (Saturday) with a spectacular revival of some of the most memorable songs of all time. The ever-popular Melody Makers International will link up with the highly-rated Cantemos! Children’s Choir in a twoshow extravaganza directed and conducted by Nigel Hopkins. The ‘Songs That Will Live Forever’ concerts will be accompanied by a professional band, most of whose members have flown in from the UK. The music will feature unforgettable songs such as Annie's Song, Imagine, Nun's Chorus, The Prayer, Rhythm of Life, When I Fall In Love, One Day More, Night & Day, Unchained Melody, Get Me To The Church On Time, etc - along with many more by the Children's Choir, and their very talented soloists, who will also make use of Deaf Sign Language for one song. Tickets at 10€ (afternoon, 2pm) and 12€ (evening, 8pm) from Orihuela Costa Resort Hotel Reception (Tel: 966 760 800) or CallNet Internet Cafe - in the alley behind Consum next to Paddy's Point, La Zenia (Tel: 966 761 171). These concerts will again support the Costa Blanca Samaritans and the Mayor of Orihuela will be in attendance.

CLASSY ROCK AROUND THE ADHOC HOOFERS Rock and roll was truly king in a fun charity night organised by the Adhoc Theatre Company. Over 500 Euros was raised as ’El Alto La Dolores’ hosted Woody & The Peckers.

The night was such a success that the restaurant, situated between Guardamar and Torrevieja, will host Woody for another Adhoc charity night on Wednesday July 24th.

Shirt off his back

Cesc Fabregas is very much part of FC Barcelona these days but he’s still fondly remembered by many Arsenal fans. One of his shirts from his days at the Emirates is to be auctioned off this weekend to help disadvantaged young people in the Torrevieja area. The autographed and authenticated strip is currently on display at the Restaurante Lo Marabu in Dona Pepa 2, Quesada, with the gavel being

raised tomorrow afternoon(Saturday) from 3pm. The Torrevieja Costa Lions Club are co-ordinating the fund raiser for the ALPE charity, with many other offers including plenty for golfers, and a metric gallon of Vodka, which will keep most people quiet and happy! More information and E-mail bids for the Fabregas shirt can be sent to Lions President, Iain

BARKING CLEVER Do you fancy ‘A Touch of Class’ at your next charity event? Step forward Gina, Lindsay, and Suzanne who just love dancing. The ladies have been strutting their stuff for the last two years, raising a lot of money for local charities. They recently performed at the San Luis Fun Day in Torrevieja, and are looking for more events that ‘A Touch of Class’ can perform out, free of charge, in aid of local charities. You can phone Lindsay on 630 331 4556 or

Clever canines will be ruling the roost in La Marina tomorrow (Saturday). Search and rescue dogs, as well as special needs trained dogs will be showing off their tricks at a dog show put together by the animal rescue charity, Pets in Spain. It’s going to be in the Clinica Veterpet car park next door to

Mercadona on the N332 close to the La Marina Urb, starting at 10.00am. Volunteers from Pets in Spain will be on hand to tell you more about their work, and you can buy refreshments as well as raffle tickets for your chance to win a special doggie hamper! The stars of the show will be

very much four-legged, and you’ll be able to meet them, as well as learning about animal adoption and fostering, and seeing some rescue dogs that would love to have a new homes. For more details on the event, phone 645 469 253 or visit the website


Friday, June 28, 2013

THE BOOK BARBRA Big thanks from Maria KEPT UNDER HER HAT FOR 12 YEARS By DONNA GEE BARBRA DEAN has worn many hats during a lifetime of weaving words. She's been a freelance journalist, Assistant Fashion Editor on a women's magazine, written copy for advertising and worked in public relations. Barbra, 70, also spent time as a playschool leader, a job which inspired her to write a book for kids aptly called The Multicoloured Hat. “ I made up the story about a hat that travelled and threw one of the children's peak caps across the room and the children rushed to pick it up,’’ she says, reflecting on the book’s recent publication . “When I wrote the story, I changed the hat to a big floppy hat with a big brim. “The manuscript was sitting on a shelf for over 12 years because I couldn't find a publisher. Then I read in one of the local papers here of Ant Press Publishing and sent it to them in Almeria. “They loved it from the start, and have been very encouraging and helpful in its

publication. ‘’ Barbra and her businessman husband Tony retired to Spain from Hertfordshire six years ago. They had a holiday home out here for 20 years but now live in Ciudad Quesada. They have two married sons, Damon and Clayton, who live in Holland and the UK respectively, and a little granddaughter, Hava Maie. Barbra says: “We have done a lot of travelling, visiting Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, the USA, and Russia etc. so we know how important travel is to experience different cultures and people. “In my next book, the multicoloured hat will enjoy adventures abroad so that the children can also learn from the books, and perhaps be encouraged to go and see the countries for themselves when they are older.’’ Barbra, who illustrated The Multicoloured Hat herself, is now writing a sequel. “It will be one of a series with the multicoloured hat travelling to different countries, starting with Spain,’’ she says. “I am hoping to get it translated into Spanish too.’’ THE MULTICOLOURED HAT is available from all the Amazon sites, in kindle and paperback. It comes with a free colouring book at the back of the paperback, which can be downloaded from Barbra’s website in the kindle version.


The AECC cancer charity is better off to the tune of 14 thousand Euros after this month’s walk in Playa Flamenca. The event was organised by the Pink Ladies, and their President Maria Wilson said it was the best of the four walks that had been staged there. Maria, who is also the local President of AECC said: “I want to thank everybody for making the event such a success, including all the walkers, sponsors, entertainers, and volunteers”. All the money raised goes to AECC, without any deduction for expenses, for its subsidised cancer screening programme and for cancer research.


Forget Britain’s Next Model! Barbara Stott from Help Murcia Mar Menor has shown off her hidden catwalk abilities at the La Zona Bar charity market at Los Alcazares. The HMMM Stall was crammed with clothes that Barbara was more than happy to model for any budding customers at the market that takes places place on the second Tuesday of each month. Her outgoing skills clearly worked as over 300 Euros was raised! For more news about events, phone the HMMM office on 968 570 059

HELP THE FORGOTTEN Unemployed and homeless ex-servicemen are set to get a boost from a charity event in Torrevieja. Hoggies Bar in San Luis and the 50+ Solos are getting together to put on a BBQ at the bar on Saturday July 6th, starting at 2.45pm. They'll be raising money for the relatively new charity of Help 4 Homeless Veterans, which gives advice to people who leave the Services for various reasons, but who don't qualify for help from the UK Government. Many are left without a home and a job, and are helped with their Life skills by the charity. The local contact is Ruth Reid on 966 789 063. The website is:-


San Miguel’s Vivace Classical Choir are trying to get a handle on finding a pianist in time for the autumn season. The highlight of their year will be in April, with a performance of Handel’s great oratorio, Messiah. Musical Director Tom Pargeter needs an accomplished keyboard player to accompany the choir, with rehearsals starting at the beginning of October. “I’ll certainly be shouting Hallelujah at

the top of my voice if we get the right person,” explained Tom. “We are after somebody who is an experienced accompanist who would like to join our friendly group of international expats, which now numbers over 50 voices. And we’ll pay that person as well!” Tom can be contacted via E-mail or you can phone choir member, Douglas Brown on 659 616 356

Torrevieja schoolchildren will be guaranteed one hearty meal a day during the summer break, thanks to the “So That Everyone Can” project. The recession means that many youngsters can only be certain of one good meal a day at school, especially if their parents are out of work. But with the summer holidays coming up, local organisations have come together to make sure that the daily meal continues, despite the school gates being closed until September. During July and August around 70 children from local, needy families will be taken by bus to the ‘Habaneras’ primary school, where they’ll be given a three-course lunch

and then take part in various activities. The project is a joint collaboration between the Torrevieja Council; the Torrevieja Federation of Parents Associations; the Habaneras Primary School; and the bus company, Autocares La Inmaculada. Money is still needed for all the plans to go fully ahead, and tomorrow (Saturday June 29th), there’ll be entertainment including martial arts demonstrations on Torrevieja’s Calle Concepcion from 6.30pm. 2 and a half thousand Euros is the target, and special T-Shirts will be available for a donation of just 5 Euros each.

GET POOLED IN Getting wet and splashing around in aid of a great local cause will be the name of the game a week on Saturday (July 6th). Torrevieja's Municipal Swimming Pool will be full of people raising money for the AFA Alzheimer's charity in a special fun day. The sponsored summer Swimathon starts at 10.30am, and there'll be plenty of entertainment and food on offer. Members from Club Naticion Torrevieja will be joining in as well including the international Downs Syndrome swimming ace, Adam Stewart. No matter how good or bad a swimmer you are, you'll be made very welcome, and the entry fee is just 2 Euros. For more details and sponsorship forms, phone Alex Dunn on 966 784 601 or 637 751 326


Friday, June 28, 2013


MUM CAN HEAR HER OWN EYES SQUEAK A MUM with ‘supersonic’ hearing claims she can hear a pin drop and her EYEBALLS move. Julie Redfern has to endure the swishing sounds of her bodily fluids moving around inside her every day. She can also hear her brain wobble, her eyes squeaking in their socket and the sound of her heart beating. The 47-year-old receptionist suffers from a rare inner ear condition which means she can hear internal noises exceptionally loud. Mum-of-three Julie from Padiham, Lancs, said: “It’s very frustrating being able to hear everything. “You think you wouldn’t mind and maybe I wouldn’t if it was just a bit of gossip but nobody wants to be able to hear their body constantly." Julie spotted the first signs of her condition while playing Tetris at home, just after her 40th birthday in 2006. As she followed the bricks from sideto-side, Julie said she heard a strange squeaking sound before realising it was her eyes. Soon, she began to avoid crunchy foods like apples and crisps because of the thunder-like noise she experienced in her head as she ate. “It was a horrible sensation, I could literally hear them moving, scratching -

The Sun it was very weird." When Julie sought help, docs put it down to her age but deep down she "knew something was wrong but noone knew what". She continued: "I would be stood in the queue at the supermarket and I’d start to sway, I felt drunk without having a drink." After suffering in silence for seven years, Julie made a self-diagnosis after reading on the internet about a man who suffered from similar symptoms. Julie showed docs the article and was referred to Manchester Royal Infirmary where she underwent MRI and CT scans. Docs diagnosed her with Superior Canal Dehiscence syndrome (SCD) –

a condition caused by tiny holes in the inner ear which allows fluid to leak into the brain. SCD – which was unknown until 1998 – can be offset by a head injury and can lead to balance problems and i n t e n s e headaches. Despite risks of deafness and facial deformities, Julie insisted on going ahead with the five-hour op to correct the damage. Surgeons made an incision behind her right ear and said the ear canal resembled “honeycomb instead of being like cinder toffee". Julie said: “I couldn’t have coped with it for another 40 years, seven was enough. “I know when I have the other ear done I’ll be cured - but you never know I might miss not hearing all these strange little things.”


From Page 7 child abduction. It is about two young people who find romance in impossible circumstances – and run away together to escape the ever-growing mayhem orchestrated by the girl’s mother and a police force determined not to be seen as plonker plods. The only people who come out of the affair with hon-

our are Forrest’s family. Respectable and well-spoken, they repeatedly insist Jeremy’s behaviour has been misunderstood – which is obvious from the way he’s been demonised by judge, jury and most of the media as if he were a reincarnated Jimmy Savile. So there’s 14 years age difference between Jeremy and the girl who cost him his freedom and his liveli-

hood. What’s the big deal? My son-in-law is 16 years older than my daughter – but no one objected to them marrying and bringing up three gorgeous kids. In five years time, Forrest will be 35 and the girl 21 – and there will be nothing to stop them marrying. I hope it happens because the guy deserves a break. He’s not a killer, a bank robber or a drug dealer.

He’s a schoolteacher who made a mistake and can never teach youngsters again. His consolation is that he won’t have to look far for money when he eventually gets his freedom. The twofaced tabloids will be falling over each other to hear the other side of the story…and the spirit of Romeo and Juliet will live again.

Perfect murder pilot gets 24yrs Iain Lawrence, 53, was torn apart by anger after his wife Sally left him and began a relationship with another man, and was furious she would receive a share in their assets when they divorced. He meticulously planned the time and place of her death, disabling the airbag in his car before smashing the vehicle, passenger seat first, into a tree on a quiet country road. He even undid Mrs Lawrence’s seat belt moments before the crash, ensuring she died of multiple injuries. Lawrence claimed his leg had gone into spasm as he went round a bend and he was unable to control the car, but the jury convicted him of murdering his wife, the 47-year-old managing director of a successful cleaning solutions company. Jailing him, Judge Justice Leggatt QC said he had "executed with meticulous planning and efficiency" a "ruthless and vile" crime and that by removing his wife's seat belt moments before the crash, had "turned the car into a machine as lethal as any weapon".

He said Lawrence, a businessman who has held several small company directorships in his life, had carefully timed the killing to coincide on the day their 10year-old son was on a school trip and had deliberately chosen the spot to allow him to make it look like an accident. He added: “However you got her into the car she could not have imagined what was to happen next. As a result of your careful and cold blooded planning, you sustained just a few cuts and bruises while she suffered catastrophic injuries." After Lawrence had planned the crime, he wore his seatbelt during the fateful journey in Oadby, Leics, which was unusual for him. Mrs Lawrence was known to be “fanatical” about wearing a belt, leading to police believing Lawrence had undone it moments before impact at 52mph. There was no evidence Lawrence had attempted an emergency stop while he ensured the passenger seat of his Peugeot bore the brunt of the collision.

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friday, June 28, 2013


How rabies returned to Spain Infected dog bites five people after its owners entered the country illegally. Health Ministry says chances of an outbreak remain minimal

On June 1 Spain ceased to be a country free of rabies. A dog carrying the disease went on a rampage in Toledo, biting five people, including a two-year-old who spent several days in intensive care with facial injuries. The first instance of rabies since 1975 caused the authorities to declare a level 1 (the lowest) alert in the area for six months and to order the compulsory vaccination of every dog, cat and ferret in a 20-kilometer radius. The dog in question was cornered by police and put down. How did a rabid dog find itself untended in a Toledo street in 2013? The animal, which had traveled to the province from its home in Catalonia with its owners, had returned to the country on April 12 after four months in Morocco. EU legislation states that animals leaving Europe must be vaccinated and undergo a serological test 30 days later to ensure the presence of antibodies in the blood. This should be done three months before going abroad. This procedure was not carried out and the dog managed to get back into Spain nonetheless. His owner has been charged with criminal negligence resulting in injury. Initial investigations into the case suggest the couple "did everything possible to enter Spain illegally," according to the Agriculture, Food and Environment Ministry. On April 5 they attempted to get off the ferry at Algeciras with three dogs but were refused entry because the animal's pet passport was incomplete. A week later they again arrived at Algeciras but this time on a boat from the Spanish exclave of Ceuta. On this occasion, the ministry report reads, "Section 5 was not People around Spain joined fellow sky gazers the world over on Sunday to enjoy the sight of a "supermoon" rising in the evening sky. The moon has an elliptical orbit around the Earth, so that that its distance from the Earth is always different. Every 14 months or so, however, the full moon coincides with the “perigee", or the closest approach the moon makes to the Earth. On Sunday night, the moon was just 356,991 kilometres from the Earth. Because of this proximity, our satellite looked 14 percent larger than usual and was also 30 percent brighter, La Vanguardia informed readers on Monday. The next supermoon will take place in August 2014.

checked" - the part of the documentation that certifies a serological test has been carried out. "What happened is a good example that the rule is there for a reason because an epidemiologic outbreak is no small matter, especially when there are people injured," says Juan Emilio EchevarrĂ­a of the National Microbiology Center (CNB). He notes that the last outbreak in Spain lasted from 1975 to 1978 and infected 126 animals. One person died. The Health Ministry has said that the chances of an outbreak remain minimal and that it is almost impossible for a human to contract rabies with modern medical capabilities. However, alarm bells rang at the CNB when it confirmed the North African strain on June 5. A contingency plan was put in place for the infection of domestic animals, within a 20-kilometer radius of Toledo and in the areas of Catalonia the animal was known to have passed through. "As scientists we keep a constant watch and if anything occurs we can resolve the problem, but in the preventive aspect we depend 90 percent on the responsibility of pet owners," says EchevarrĂ­a, who adds that because of Ceuta and Melilla's proximity to Morocco there are reported cases in the exclaves every year. France has also seen rabies return in isolated incidents, always originating from animals illegally introduced from Morocco overland via Spain. "It's obvious that the risk of imported cases is there, as we have just seen," he warns.

Spanish lawyer mulls helping 'IT spy'

A renowned Spanish former human rights judge said on Monday he wants to take a good look at US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden's case before deciding if he will offer legal advice to the fugitive, who is wanted in the US for espionage. Baltasar Garzon, who drew international attention for trying to extradite Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet, is legal director of anti-secrecy group Wikileaks, which helped organize Snowden's exit from Hong Kong over the weekend. "I have been contacted on behalf of Mr.Snowden for legal advice. Before making a decision, I have asked to talk to the interested party and for the necessary information to understand the case," Garzon said in a statement. "Once that is done I will make a decision. As of today I do not represent Mr. Snowden's interests," he added. A Russian plane said to be carrying Snowden left Moscow for Cuba on Monday, a day after the fugitive arrived in Russia from Hong Kong. The IT contractor is the target of a US arrest warrant issued on Friday after he leaked details of massive US cyber-espionage programmes to the media. Garzon was in February 2012 disbarred from his role as an investigating magistrate in Spain after he was found to have wiretapped conversations between defence lawyers and their clients.

Friday, June 28, 2013



Advertising spreads onto landmarks Big business is taking advantage of recession-hit Spain's hunger for cash, striking advertising deals for landmarks that have seen a Christopher Columbus statue dressed in a Barcelona soccer shirt and a metro station named after a telecoms company. With local councils and transport authorities across Europe feeling the squeeze as governments battle to cut deficits, these deals could be a taste of things to come. "Advertising seeking controversy isn't anything new ... what's different here is the inventive ways local authorities are coming up with to make money," said Manuel Martin, communication theory professor at Spain's University of Navarra. Some Conservative politicians in Britain, for example, have suggested allowing sponsorship of London Underground metro lines and stations to raise money that could keep down fares. But allowing brands to associate themselves with public services and famous places is not without its detractors. Protest group Ecologists In Action, for instance, says metro stations should be used to promote cultural activities and that it is unfair to advertise to consumers where they might not be able to distinguish between publicity and information. For supporters, opening up more landmarks to advertising is a win-win situation at a time when money is tight for both

governments and companies. Spain is in the grip of a protracted recession that has left 27 percent of the workforce jobless. Many of its 17 autonomous regions and councils are shouldering large amounts of debt and most regions - though Madrid is an exception - have been locked out of debt markets and must seek alternative funding. For them, new advertising revenues could be a big help. Barcelona city council received 114,000 euros from Nike to preview soccer club Barcelona's new shirt on the 60metre high statue of Columbus.

In the capital, Vodafone will pay subway company Metro de Madrid 3 million euros over three years to rename the station in the historic Sol plaza at kilometer 0 of Spain's road network and the focal point of anti-government protests. The Sol station is now called Vodafone-Sol. Line 2, used by more than 122,000 people every day and which stops at Sol, will also be renamed Linea 2 Vodafone in September. It is the first time a company has sponsored an entire metro line in Europe. New maps of the metro system will be made and distributed with the new name for the line and Vodafone will foot the bill. Metro de Madrid said the money raised would go to improve service, while the regional government described Madrid's transport network as "a shopfront for 1.5 billion journeys a year" and said such advertising campaigns could help fund public transport. Companies are also looking to save money, and create more of a buzz when they do spend on advertising. Consultancy Zenith says firms in Spain are expected to spend 10.9 percent less on publicity this year. Choosing a controversial location can be money well spent. Marta Coll, director general at Havas Media's Barcelona office, which was behind Nike's Columbus campaign, said the media coverage generated by the stunt was valued at between 7 million and 8 million euros.

Spain deny strip-poker robbery claims

The Spanish Football Federation has released an official statement denying a report published by the Brazilian newspaper Globoesporte into events that took place after Spain's opening Confederations Cup match with Uruguay in Recife. The newspaper had reported that the Spain team held a party with alcohol in the Golden Tulip Hotel in Recife to celebrate the victory, hiring a local band. The report claims five girls, brought to the hotel by the band, went to the players' rooms at the end of the night accompanied by five players and a member of the coaching staff. The following day, the players reported that money had been stolen from their rooms. The statement, released on the Spain team's official website,, acknowledges that players did have money stolen from their rooms but refutes the claims of the newspaper, which it claims 'damage the honour of our players'. The statement reads: 'The Spanish Football

Federation (RFEF) categorically denies the events reported by a Brazilan media outlet which attacks the good name of the Spanish national team and the honour and professionalism of our players. 'Six players of the national team were the subject of a

robbery in the team's hotel in Recife during the stay for the match between Spain and Uruguay in the Confederations Cup. This was appropriately reported to the Brazilian police. 'This denouncement was not an attack against the organising committee, nor against FIFA, nor the country of Brazil, which has welcomed the Spanish team with open arms. Such an event could have occurred in any place in the world, including Spain. 'Since then, a series of slurs about our players have been published, which the RFEF totally rejects and profoundly condemns, because they damage the honour of our players and their friends and family. 'This event, which will not destabilise the performance of the Spanish team in any way, has provoked the indignation of the Football Federation because its only aim is to cause gratuitous harm to the good name of the players in the team, who have demonstrated good conduct, professionalism and exemplary behaviour for many years.'


Friday, June 28, 2013

Horrorscopes Aries March 21 - April 19 1950s fashions are well starred this week, especially clothing that women wore in Alfred Hitchcock movies, particularly the glamorous gloves with which they would point to things that could be a clue or might not be. This week your destiny is like Thelma in Scooby Doo without her glasses in a tricky spot.

Taurus April 20 - May 20 Power ballads, upbeat (but without violins) country music, and slow rock music are your lucky music's this week, and until a solar storm forces you to change radio channels later in the year. The last half hour of weddings is your lucky social period all week - it was the last 45 minutes all of last year and the first part of this.

Gemini May 21 - June 20 Low budget documentaries (exclusive to the internet) will be your preferred source of views on most subject this week especially on religious subjects and eating mushrooms. Bargain bin documentaries under â‚Ź1.56 are also well starred. This week your destiny is shouting with its eyebrows.

Cancer June 21 - July 22 Exotic locations, yachts in bright sunshine, plush apartments and some kind of daring-do are your most likely dream time activity this week especially in the running but you can't run dream variety... This week your destiny is the hands of a celestial troika.

By Pandora Leo July 23 - August 22 The people in stern looking eye-glasses advisory we didn't have space to include in last week's horoscope has unfortunately gone critical this week so if you haven't got them locked up in a sound proof room in your basement by now it's probably a bit too late. This week your destiny shines like a new Greek penny.

Virgo August 23 - September 22 Tossing the caber, the Highland Fling, bagpipe playing, eating haggis and swigging whiskey, are your lucky Scotland themes this week, especially if not wearing any kind of kilt even if they claim to have found your clan's tartan (which seems unlikely given your family). This week your destiny feels like the 5 of spades in the deck of life.

Libra September 23 - October 22 Masking your anger with scatter-cushions was never going to work, was it? It was an idea Saturn sent you one night it wants to apologise - it was out on the town with a number of its mates when it thought that one up. You can probably get a refund on the lesser soiled cushions if you bought them within the last week or 10 days, just say Saturn sent you.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21 Air guitar and popcorn making will be inextricably linked this week, as Neptune and Saturn wink at each other across the vast expanses of space. What this actually means in practical terms is determined by a complex matrix of factors including the weather, the price of sunflower oil and how bad the news is on television.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 Venting your anger in enclosed places, particularly at sea where the person to whom you are venting your anger is the only way you can get back safely on land, remains extremely favourably starred this week. Later on in the week Jupiter's transection of Saturn will add throwing things into the mix. This week your destiny is in a pub in Glasgow.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Aggressive, highly leveraged, trading positions in the international money markets are well starred this week, even accidental ones - that includes if you have any savings account with a foreign owned bank. In a moment of idleness this month you will be drawn into ranking your favourite bodily fluids, both yours and of a favourite pet, either living or dead.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18 Perusing art exhibitions and standing with one finger to the corner of your mouth as you observe the art, smiling, similarly to Dr Evil, or Mini Me, with shaven head, but without your little finger sticking up, are well starred this week especially at times of international financial turmoil.

Pisces February 19 - March 20 Old folksy tips include:"There's trouble in them thar hills", "Many a slip twixt cup and lip" and "There's a monster in that lagoon" are all well starred in any early summer trip to Deliverance type places this week. Speaking with a lisp has never been better starred. This week your destiny is like a little bird picking grunge from a hippos teeth.

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friday, June 28, 2013


A 'hypercar' built by a British company has broken the electric land speed record that has stood for nearly four decades. Drayson Racing's car reached a top speed of 204.2mph on the 1.86-mile runway at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire. Driven by entrepreneur and former UK science minister Lord Drayson, it beat the previous record by around 40mph. "This is the future," he told Sky News after climbing out of the cockpit. Earlier, he said: "It's not the outright speed that's impressive about this record attempt but the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1,000kg electric vehicle to such a high speed and sustaining that speed over a measured mile before stopping safely, all within a relatively short distance, then turning round and doing it again within an hour. "It's a tremendous techni-

cal challenge but we believe it's about time someone moved this record on to demonstrate just how far electric vehicle (EV) technology has come." The car, known as the Drayson B12 69/EV, is based on the Lola LMP1

which competes at Le Mans in the famous 24hour race. Its V10 Judd engines have been removed and replaced with two huge A123 battery units connected to electric motors. The racer has a carbon chassis and weighs just

clocking 205mph with the wind behind him on his final run. One of the VIP guests who watched Lord Drayson hurtle into the record books was Google cofounder Eric Schmidt, who described the car as a "statement of British innovation". "We figure that in a number of decades all cars will be electric and in order to do that there have to be challenges," he said. "You have to have the best technology and learn from innovation and that's something the British are very good at." The record attempt comes a year before the launch 1,095kg without the driver. hour, hoping for an aver- of the FIA Formula E The previous electric land age of over 175mph. Championship, which will speed record was set in Lord Drayson's first run see 20 drivers compete on 1974 when Battery Box clocked over 200mph on tracks in 10 cities around General Electric raced on the team's telemetry but a the world. the Bonneville Salt Flats failure with the official The cars will accelerate in Utah. timing beacons meant he from 0-100kmh (62mph) in To beat it, Oxford-based had to run again. three seconds and have a Drayson Racing had to He reached 203.75mph on maximum speed of record two runs within an his next attempt before 220kmh (137mph).

Friday, June 28, 2013



Friday, June 28, 2013

CODE CRACKER Code Cracker is a crossword puzzle with no clues; instead, every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number. In this week’s puzzle, 16 represents B and 25 represents V, when these letters have been entered throughout the puzzle, you should have enough information to start guessing words and discovering other letters.




1 City and emirate in the UAE (5) 4 52 weeks (4) 7 Fixed charges (4) 8 Place (8) 9 Forgetful person (12) 11 Cricket official (6) 13 Bargain (6) 15 Unbridled (12) 18 Worried and uneasy (8) 20 Footwear (4) 21 Without light (4) 22 Inventories (5)

1 Sediment (5) 2 Long-grain rice (7) 3 Irritable (9) 4 Affirmative (3) 5 Following (5) 6 Cheerful and friendly (6) 10 Practice (9) 12 Behaviour (6) 14 First book of the Old Testament (7) 16 Additional (5) 17 Anything worthless (5) 19 Large deer (3)

Last weeks Solution

Across: 1 Best, 3 Nautical, 9 Slumber, 10 Bonus, 11 Nudge, 12 Scared, 14 Safety, 16 Scheme, 19 Ballad, 21 Miser, 24 Adorn, 25 Isolate, 26 Stressed, 27 Less. Down: 1 Business, 2 Squad, 4 Arrest, 5 Tibia, 6 Concede, 7 Last, 8 Object, 13 Fearless, 15 Flavour, 17 Common, 18 Admire, 20 Links, 22 Spare, 23 Mass.

Scribble Pad

DOUBLE CROSS-WORD Solve the Double Cross-Word puzzle using either the standard or cryptic clues, the answers are exactly the same.

CRYTPIC CLUES Across 1 Releases from custody with some cricket gear (5) 4 Oriental sailor is a naughty rascal (6) 7 Second sailor reverses a hundred kilometres (4) 8 Mediterranean islanders from icy ports (8) 9 Etna merely erupting! It’s all very basic, Mr Watson (10) 12 Admits defeat and returns (6) 13 Country drunk citrus (6) 15 Restriction found in faulty NHS copiers (10) 18 Ma’s Latin is poor, that’s its charm (8) 20 The way out of complexity? (4) 21 The solution is about me and the end of the Divine Comedy (6) 22 Did really well in a dishonest way (5)

Down 1 Sounds like a turn off for a pig (4) 2 Where an old writer may take a dip (7) 3 Achievement, or the next in line (9) 4 Friend comes round for a tour (3) 5 Move towards work time (5) 6 Lump of rock broke the radio set (8) 10 Wyatt sharpens listening devices (9) 11 Learner initially has to repeat to become learned (8) 14 Big wheel turns around in customer pushchair (7) 16 The summit of the damaged piers (5) 17 Record life changes (4) 19 Might arrive before June (3)

Down STANDARD CLUES 1 Male pig (4) Across 2 Writing aid (7) 1 Cricket equipment (5) 3 Replacement (9) 4 East Indian sailor (6) 4 Circuit (3) 7 Endorse (4) 5 Change (5) 8 Natives of Cyprus (8) 6 Small celestial body (8) 9 Simple (10) 10 Electrical listening 12 Gives way (6) device (9) 13 Pastoral (6) 11 Able to read (8) 15 Press suppression (10) 14 Big shot (7) 18 Good luck charm (8) 16 Steeple (5) 20 Way out (4) 17 Carpentry tool (4) 21 Cure (6) 19 Might (3) 22 Beamed (5) Last weeks Solution Across: 1 Handsome, 5 Coda, 9 Banjo, 10 Avocado, 11 Pot, 12 Thyme, 13 Lodge, 14 Dodos, 17 Tint, 19 Envy, 21 Keats, 24 Woman, 25 Aspen, 27 Pom, 28 Electra, 29 Plate, 30 Past, 31 Maleness. Down: 1 Habitat, 2 Nanny, 3 Sloped, 4 Moated, 6 On and on, 7 Atone, 8 Bowls, 15 One, 16 Out, 18 Numbers, 20 Yankees, 21 Knots, 22 Alpaca, 23 Sample, 24 Whelp, 26 Plane.


Complete the crossword grid by using the given words:

2 letter words My To 3 letter words Arc Ego Elm End Ore Sit Spa Use 4 letter words Aloe Anew Bias Bunt

Crew Evil Ilia Laid Line Mole More Nine Onus Opal Open Pals Pant Poke Putt Racy Rake Rani Rasp Rule

Ruse Sale Scar Sirs Slit Sons Sort Tare 5 letter words Asset Banns Blare Corny Erase Foals Focus Lousy Manes Moors

Otter Ovals Phone Pools Pulse Purse Reset Sable Salon Scorn Scrum Serge Share Stage Stale Title Toils Tools 6 letter words

Assure Behest Riches Series Sluice Solder Sunset Toilet 8 letter words Songster Tentacle 9 letter words Reimburse Subdeacon

SPANISH-ENGLISH CROSSWORD Improve your Spanish - clues in Spanish, answers in English or vice versa.

Across 1 Pincel (para pintar) (10) 7 Caballete (arte) (5) 8 Batallas (luchas) (7) 10 To learn (8) 11 Fuego (llamas) (4) 13 Viajes (6) 15 Canoes (6) 17 León (4) 18 Bautismos (8) 21 Tristeza (7) 22 Sonrisa (5) 23 Cruce (de cuatro esquinas) (10)

Down 1 To weigh (person, apples) (5) 2 Irish (8) 3 Mesas (muebles) (6) 4 Rat (animal) (4) 5 Whistle (sound) (7) 6 Aprons (10) 9 Hermanastra (10) 12 Ghost (8) 14 To agree on (7) 16 To tire (out) (6) 19 Velas (náutico) (5) 20 Camas (muebles) (4)


Friday, June 28, 2013 Across 1 In which form of Japanese heavyweight wrestling does a wrestler win a bout by forcing his opponent outside a marked circle or by making him touch the ground with any part of his body except the soles of his feet? (4) 3 Which type of light canvas shoe has a plaited fibre sole? (10) 10 In which month are both the National Days of Spain and Austria celebrated? (7) 11 Which city is the capital and chief port of Libya? (7) 12 What name is given to a student enrolled in, or graduated from, Eton College? (7) 13 In Richard Adams classic 1972 adventure novel Watership Down, what sort of creature was Hazel? (6) 15 What is the surname of the boxer who holds the record as the youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles at 20 years, four months, and 22 days old? (5) 16 The American medical drama television series that originally ran on NBC from October 1982 to May 1988

was entitled St [What]? (9) 18 San José is the capital city of which republic in Central America on the Isthmus of Panama? (5,4) 21 What name is given to the excrement of seabirds and bats that is used as fertiliser? (5) 23/26 Which Manchester United winger was voted European Footballer of the Year in 1968? (6,4) 25 Which bright green precious stone consists of a chromium-rich variety of beryl? (7) 27 What name is usually given to the latter part of the day, the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall? (7) 28 Which dish consists of small pasta envelopes containing minced meat, fish, cheese, or vegetables, usually served with a sauce? (7) 29 What derogatory title is often applied to Hollywood, or the superficially glamorous world it represents? (10) 30 Which word can precede: centre, end, heat, pan, set and weight? (4)


Quiz Word

Down 1 What name is given to a large tall chimney through which combustion gases and smoke can be evacuated?

(10) 2 What name can be applied to ‘married women (usually middle-aged with children) who are staid and dignified’

and ‘women in charge of nursing in medical institutions’? (7) 4 Which vast plain in Tanzania to the west of the Great Rift Valley is known for its wildlife? (9) 5 What surname is shared by the US-born politician who was the first woman to sit in the House of Commons and the German-born American capitalist who made a fortune in fur trading? (5) 6 Since You Been Gone, All Night Long and I Surrender were all UK Top 10 hit singles by which English hard rock band formed by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in 1975? (7) 7 Which adjective means ‘of or characteristic of or resembling a lion’? (7) 8 What pseudonym was adopted by English essayist Charles Lamb in 1823? (4) 9 The Country Girls, published in 1960, was the first novel by the Irish-born writer Edna [Who]? (6) 14 What phrase is often used to describe a person’s ability to breathe freely during exercise, after having been out of

breath? (6,4) 17 The character Worzel Gummidge, who originally appeared in a series of books by the novelist Barbara Euphan Todd, was a walking, talking what? (9) 19 What name for an unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcohol and typically regarded as slightly disreputable (especially in Ireland, Scotland and South Africa) is derived from the Anglo-Irish for ‘mugful’? (7) 20 Which unit of length used in navigation is exactly 1,852 meters? (3,4) 21 What name is given to an armour plate that protects legs below the knee? (6) 22 Which edible mollusc of warm seas, with a shallow ear-shaped shell lined with mother-of-pearl and pierced with a line of respiratory holes, is also known as an ‘ormer’ or ‘ear shell’? (7) 24 How many pawns does each player have at the beginning of a game of chess? (5) 26 See 23 Across


LA PLAYA 2 -THE BEACH 2 Match these words with their Spanish translations then find them in the wordsearch. (Answers below)

el bikini

las olas

el chiringuito

la sombrilla

el flotador

los helados

el mar

los palos

el picnic

los refrescos

la arena


la loción solar


la manta

tomar el sol

general QUIZ

ANSEWRS: 1. Vienna 2. Fauntleroy 3. Chernobyl 4. The Sin Bin 5. Blondie 6. Benjamin Franklin 7. 20 8. Poorly dressed or unbathed 9. Golf 10. Red Adair 11. Zambesi 12. Iron Bridge Shropshire 13. Futurama

Last Week’s Solutions Code Cracker Last weeks Quiz Word Solution Across: 1 Acetic, 5 Bearskin, 9 Magazine, 10 Scurvy, 11 Vegetarian, 12 Hard, 13 Absinthe, 16 Chutes, 17 Slayer, 19 Stardust, 21 Acne, 22 Stalactite, 25 Gaggle, 26 Trotters, 27 Tapestry, 28 Yonder. Down: 2 Crane, 3 Tease, 4 Clip art, 5 Beehive, 6 Arsenic, 7 Slush fund, 8 Inverness, 14 Balaclava, 15 Ivy League, 18 Respect, 19 Swarthy, 20 Anatomy, 23 Titan, 24 Three.

las cubetas Empareja estas palabras - Match the Spanish and English words You will find the answers at the bottom of the quiz. 1.el bikini, 2.el chiringuito,

15.nadar, 16.relajarse,

k.the buckets, l.the rackets/bats,

3.el flotador, 4.el mar,

17.tomar el sol.

m.the sand, n.the cold drinks,

5.el picnic, arena, sunbathe, b.sun lotion,

o.the rubber ring/lilo, loción solar, manta, swim, d.the blanket,

p.the sun-shade, q.the waves.

9.las cubetas, 10.las olas,

e.the beach bar, f.the picnic, sombrilla, 12.los helados,

g.the ice-creams, h.the sea,

13.los palos, 14.los refrescos, relax, j.the bikini,


Span - Eng


Answers: 1j, 2e, 3o, 4h, 5f, 6m, 7b, 8d, 9k, 10q, 11p, 12g, 13l, 14n, 15c, 16i, 17a.

1. What Is The Capital Of Austria? 2. What is the middle name of Donald Duck? 3. Which Disaster Took Place In 1986? 4. What Is The Name Of The Place Where Ice Hockey Players Are Sent For Breaking The Rules? 5. Who Bounced Back To No.1 In 1999 With 'Maria'? 6. Who flew a kite with a key on the string? 7. How Many clubs were there in the Premier League in 1997/8? 8. In Athens they can remove your driving licence, if the driver is found what? 9. With Which Sport Would You Associate Colin Montgomerie? 10. Which legendary American fire fighter was sent to extinguish the oilfields of Kuwait in 1991? 11. On which river are the Victoria Falls? 12. where in england was the worlds first iron bridge built? 13. Which Animated TV Comedy Features The Characters Of Bender, Fry & Dr Zoidberg?

Fill It In


Friday, June 28, 2013

TRELI ON THE TELLY with ALEX TRELINSKI I really do hope with all my heart that the great British public voted for Andrea Begley to win The Voice because of her vocal talent, as opposed to her being virtually blind. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a very good singer, but once again all the star quality was with Leah


McFall in last Saturday‘s final. Perhaps with Leah already hitting the charts, the voters wanted to spread the love around, but I suspect that BBC bosses will be fuming quietly that for the second year in a row, they’ve been landed with a winner that simply won’t sell bucket loads of an album. I hope I’m proved wrong, but I suspect in a year’s time we’ll continue to talk about Leah, whilst the name of Andrea Begley will be used

in trivia quiz questions, alongside Leanne Mitchell and Pop Idol flop, Michelle McManus. Make the most of this current series of The Borgias on Sky Atlantic, as sadly it’s the last one. American channel, Showtime, has not decided


edge of your seat, or even hiding behind it at times! Plus, there’s the big bonus of David Morrissey joining the cast in a wonderful performance as a character called The Governor. With this following on from the continuing excellence of The Americans over on ITV(despite nobody watchNo laughing matter has ing it), this is a great late been Oliver Stone’s evening viewing pairing for Untold History of the United If you gave up on the a Saturday. Just enjoy! States, also on Sky Atlantic. As a tennis nut, I’ve zombie thriller, The This series, which has just been glued to the Walking Dead, after it finished, has been the most became a yawn fest in sea- BBC’s excellent Wimbledon thought provoking historical son two, do revisit it for the coverage, and I enjoyed documentary since the start of the third series on their Andy Murray documenground-breaking World at tary on BBC 1 on Sunday. War which Thames TV Channel Five tomorrow After so much rubbish that screened forty years ago. night. Those of you who has been spouted about the have watched it already on Stone was a big fan of that series, but this has been an Spain’s La Sexta or FOX talented Scotsman over the extremely personal and con- UK, will know exactly what years, it was great to see troversial point of view. The I’m talking about. It’s full of the real man and his great bottom line is that since big shocks and excitement generosity to his family and 1945, America has behaved that will have you on the friends.

to pick it up for next year, mainly because they have a new drama coming up that’s set in the Vatican City. That’s a bit of a shame because I’m a sucker for such historical nonsense and I’m amazed that Jeremy Irons manages to keep a straight face through all the hilarious shenanigans.


in a disgraceful way playing the big bully around the world. Whilst at times Stone has almost whitewashed the dreadful Soviet and Chinese regimes, you can’t help agreeing with a lot of what he has said. The series is bound to be repeated or made available on DVD, and I recommend you to watch it, even if you violently disagree with every word.



The Courier Friday TV

June 28

04:55 D-Day: The Last Heroes 05:30 Tales from the Old Bailey 00:35 This Week 01:20 Holiday Weatherview 01:25 BBC News 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Crimewatch Roadshow 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Saints and Scroungers 12:30 Escape to the Country 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Wimbledon 2013 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Weather 20:00 The One Show 20:30 A Question of Sport 21:00 EastEnders 21:30 Would I Lie to You? 22:00 Miranda 22:30 Mrs Brown's Boys 23:00 BBC News 23:25 National Lottery Update 23:35 The Graham Norton Show

00:20 Horizon 01:20 The Review Show 02:20 Panorama 02:50 This Is BBC Two

05:45 Tales from the Old Bailey 06:00 Schools - Bringing Books to Life 2 07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 08:00 Saints and Scroungers 08:30 Heir Hunters 09:15 The A to Z of TV Gardening 10:00 Antiques Roadshow 11:00 Question Time 12:00 Daily Politics 12:30 Wimbledon 2013 17:20 Heir Hunters 18:05 Flog It! 18:50 Wimbledon 2013 21:00 Today at Wimbledon 22:00 Wild Shepherdess with Kate Humble 23:00 Glastonbury 2013 23:30 Weather

00:35 The Americans 01:25 Jackpot247 04:00 Tonight 04:25 ITV Nightscreen 06:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV Meridian Weather 15:00 May the Best House Win 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 16:59 ITV Meridian Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Meridian 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Harbour Lives 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Britain's Secret Homes 23:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23:30 ITV News Meridian 23:35 Music and Lyrics

GLASTONBURY 2013 Jo Whiley, Mark Radcliffe and Lauren Laverne kick-off a weekend of live coverage from the music festival held at Worthy Farm, near Pilton in Somerset. They chat to some of the musicians appearing and introduce a selection of performances from the site's many stages, with acts including Dizzee Rascal, Foals, Django Django, Tom Tom Club and Alt-J scheduled to appear today.

00:05 Random Acts 00:10 24 Hours in A&E 01:15 The Man with the 10-Stone Testicles: A Bodyshock Special 02:10 How to Find Love Online 03:05 Dispatches 04:00 Wild Things 04:30 Location, Location, Location 05:25 Kirstie's Handmade Treasures 05:30 Deal or No Deal 06:25 Countdown 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 Will & Grace 08:30 According to Jim 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:55 Frasier 11:00 Undercover Boss Australia 12:00 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 13:40 River Cottage 14:10 The Day Will Dawn 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Four Rooms 22:00 The Million Pound Drop Live 23:35 PhoneShop

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 Cricket on 5 02:00 SuperCasino 05:00 House Doctor 05:50 Divine Designs 06:10 Wildlife SOS 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 Rupert Bear 07:20 Fireman Sam 07:30 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Emergency Bikers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 The Mentalist 16:10 Secrets of an Undercover Wife 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Paul Merton in India 21:00 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 22:00 Big Brother 23:30 Big Brother's Bit on the Side


The Courier Saturday TV

June 29

00:25 Starship Troopers

00:00 Glastonbury 2013

02:20 Weatherview

03:00 Question Time

02:25 BBC News

04:00 This Is BBC Two

07:00 Breakfast

07:00 This Is BBC Two

11:00 Saturday Kitchen Live

07:40 Formula One

12:30 Lorraine's Fast, Fresh and

09:15 Formula One

Easy Food

10:55 Formula One

13:00 BBC News; Regional News

12:05 Wimbledon 2013 17:00 Glastonbury 2013

and Weather

19:00 Wimbledon 2013

13:15 Formula One 15:20 Wimbledon 2013

21:00 Today at Wimbledon 22:00 QI

19:10 BBC News; Regional News 22:30 Mock the Week and Weather 23:00 What a Load of Buzzcocks 19:30 Celebrity Mastermind 23:30 Glastonbury 2013 20:00 Pointless Celebrities 20:50 The National Lottery: In It to Win It 21:40 Casualty 22:30 National Lottery Update 22:50 Die Hard with a Vengeance

01:30 Jackpot247 04:00 Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm 05:35 ITV Nightscreen 07:00 Jake and the Neverland Pirates 07:25 Poppy Cat 07:50 Canimals 08:10 Bookaboo 08:20 Almost Naked Animals 08:35 Ultimate Spider-Man 09:00 Gravity Falls 09:25 ITV News 09:30 Dinner Date 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 11:15 Murder, She Wrote 12:15 ITV News and Weather 12:19 ITV Meridian Weather 12:20 Saturday Farm 13:20 River Monsters 14:20 Holiday on the Buses 16:00 All Star Mr & Mrs 17:00 Midsomer Murders 19:00 ITV News Meridian 19:15 ITV News and Weather 19:30 You've Been Framed! 20:00 You've Been Framed! 20:30 Your Face Sounds Familiar 21:45 All Star Family Fortunes 22:45 The Americans 23:30 ITV News and Weather 23:44 ITV Meridian Weather 23:45 Space Cowboys

00:10 00:40 01:40 01:45 03:15 03:35 04:00 04:20 05:10 06:05 06:15 06:50 07:00 07:10 08:00 08:30 09:00 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 13:00 13:30 14:35 17:20 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:30

Trojan Donkey Alan Carr Live: Spexy Beast Random Acts The Million Pound Drop Live New Girl The Mindy Project Accidentally on Purpose St Elsewhere Location, Location, Location Kirstie's Handmade Treasures Countdown Kirstie's Vintage Gems The Treacle People The Hoobs Volkswagen Racing Cup The Grid The Morning Line Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Frasier The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Heston's Fantastical Food Channel 4 Racing Live Athletics Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me Grand Designs The Million Pound Drop Live Patriot Games


Alesha Dixon and Paddy McGuinness host a live entertainment show in which six celebrities transform into different music icons each week and perform to impress a panel of judges including Emma Bunton and Julian Clary, as well as viewers at home. However, the decision of which superstars they are going to be each week isn't down to them - these are randomly selected, meaning they could end up as someone of the opposite sex. With guest judge Donny Osmond.

00:30 Big Brother 01:00 SuperCasino 04:55 Motorsport Mundial 05:20 House Doctor 05:45 Divine Designs 06:10 Wildlife SOS 06:35 Wildlife SOS 07:00 Peppa Pig 07:05 Mio Mao 07:10 Fifi and the Flowertots 07:20 Bubble Guppies 07:30 The Mr Men Show 07:45 Chloe's Closet 07:55 Roobarb and Custard Too 08:05 Bananas in Pyjamas 08:15 Noddy in Toyland 08:30 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 08:35 City of Friends 08:55 Little Princess 09:10 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby's Travelling Circus 10:30 Roary the Racing Car 10:40 Jelly Jamm 11:00 Power Rangers Samurai 11:35 ThunderCats 12:00 Highland Emergency 12:30 Big Brother 13:55 CSI: NY 14:40 CSI: NY 15:30 Gold 17:50 Zulu Dawn 20:00 5 News Weekend 20:10 CSI: Miami 21:45 Big Brother 23:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Psych

The Courier Sunday TV 00:50 Tombstone

03:00 This Is BBC Two

02:50 Weatherview

07:00 This Is BBC Two

02:55 BBC News

07:40 Mr Lucky

07:00 Breakfast

09:15 The A to Z of TV Gardening

10:00 The Andrew Marr Show

10:00 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites

11:00 Sunday Morning Live

11:30 MotoGP

12:00 Sunday Politics 13:10 Formula One 16:30 A Question of Sport

13:05 EastEnders 15:00 Live Athletics 18:00 Glastonbury 2013

17:00 Escape to the Country 20:00 Peter Jones Meets 18:00 Songs of Praise 21:00 Top Gear 18:35 Earthflight 22:00 Rise of the Continents 19:35 BBC News; Regional News 23:00 Glastonbury 2013 and Weather 20:00 Antiques Roadshow 21:00 Countryfile 22:00 The White Queen 23:00 BBC News; Regional News and Weather 23:25 Match of the Day Live

02:05 Jackpot247 04:00 In Plain Sight 04:45 ITV Nightscreen 07:00 Jake and the Neverland Pirates 07:25 Poppy Cat 07:50 Canimals 08:10 Bookaboo 08:20 Almost Naked Animals 08:35 Kick Buttowski - Suburban Daredevil 09:00 Sonny with a Chance 09:25 ITV News 09:30 Country House Sunday 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA 11:20 Murder, She Wrote 12:20 ITV News and Weather 12:24 ITV Meridian Weather 12:25 Agatha Christie's Sparkling Cyanide 14:20 Love Your Garden 15:20 A Touch of Frost 17:20 You've Been Framed! 17:50 Beethoven's 5th 19:30 ITV Meridian Weather 19:45 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Tipping Point: Lucky Stars 21:00 The Cube 22:00 Michael Buble's Day Off 23:00 ITV News and Weather 23:14 ITV Meridian Weather 23:15 The Talent Show Story

TOP GEAR New series. The motoring magazine returns, as Jeremy Clarkson and James May head to New Zealand to take part in a race along the coastline to the tip of the North Island - with one behind the wheel of a car and the other in an America's Cup yacht. Back in the UK, Richard Hammond tries out three hot hatches as he puts the Renaultsport Clio 200, Peugeot 208 GTi and Ford Fiesta ST through their paces, and a host of stars including Warwick Davis, Charles Dance and Joss Stone assemble at the test track to welcome a new Reasonably Priced Car.

01:50 02:35 03:05 04:30 06:45 07:00 07:10 07:35 08:05 09:00 09:30 10:00 10:30 13:25 13:50 14:20 14:50 15:55 16:55 17:55 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:05

Paddy's TV Guide Just Around the Corner The Million Pound Drop Live Hollyoaks Kirstie's Handmade Treasures The Treacle People The Hoobs Ironman Triathlon Triathlon Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Frasier Sunday Brunch The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons The Simpsons Celebrity Come Dine with Me Hollywood Me Deal or No Deal Fantastic Mr Fox Channel 4 News Terror in the Skies Time Team The Returned Fracture

June 30

00:00 The Walking Dead 00:55 Inside Hollywood 01:00 SuperCasino 05:00 Michaela's Wild Challenge 05:25 Make It Big 05:50 Roary the Racing Car 06:00 Angels of Jarm 06:10 Hana's Helpline 06:20 Angels of Jarm 06:25 The Funky Valley Show 06:40 Roary the Racing Car 06:50 Hana's Helpline 07:00 Peppa Pig 07:05 Roary the Racing Car 07:15 Fifi and the Flowertots 07:25 Bubble Guppies 07:35 The Mr Men Show 07:50 Chloe's Closet 08:00 Roobarb and Custard Too 08:10 Bananas in Pyjamas 08:20 Noddy in Toyland 08:30 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 08:40 City of Friends 08:50 Little Princess 09:05 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky 09:20 Milkshake! Monkey 09:25 Angelina Ballerina 09:45 Rupert Bear 10:00 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 10:15 Toby's Travelling Circus 10:30 Roary the Racing Car 10:45 Jelly Jamm 11:00 The Mr Men Show 11:15 Power Rangers Samurai 11:50 ThunderCats 12:15 Monkey Life 12:45 Big Brother 13:55 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 15:00 National Security 16:35 Gremlins 2: the New Batch 18:40 Lost in Space 20:55 5 News Weekend 21:00 Once Upon a Time 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 The Eye


The Courier Monday TV

July 1

05:00 This Is BBC Two 07:00 This Is BBC Two

02:30 Weatherview

07:05 Homes Under the Hammer

02:35 BBC News

08:05 Saints and Scroungers

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Crimewatch Roadshow 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer

08:35 Heir Hunters 09:20 Don't Get Done, Get Dom 10:05 Town with Nicholas Crane

12:00 The Specials 12:30 Escape to the Country

11:05 Country Show Cook Off 11:35 Click

13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Wimbledon 2013

12:00 Daily Politics 12:30 Wimbledon 2013 17:20 Heir Hunters 18:05 Flog It!

19:00 BBC News

18:50 Wimbledon 2013

19:30 Weather 20:00 The One Show

21:00 Today at Wimbledon 22:00 Rick Stein's India

20:30 Fake Britain

23:00 What a Load of Buzzcocks

21:00 EastEnders

23:30 Weather

21:30 Panorama

00:15 Murder, She Wrote 01:15 The Store 03:15 Monk 04:00 Motorsport UK 04:50 ITV Nightscreen 06:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV Meridian Weather 15:00 The Hungry Sailors 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 16:59 ITV Meridian Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Meridian 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 The Dales 21:30 Coronation Street 22:00 Long Lost Family 23:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23:30 ITV News Meridian 23:35 Benidorm

01:15 The Simpsons 02:05 Chitrangada 04:35 Location, Location, Location 05:30 Deal or No Deal 06:25 Countdown 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 Will & Grace 08:30 According to Jim 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:00 The Secret Millionaire USA 12:00 Double Your House for Half the Money 13:00 Channel 4 News Midday 13:05 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 13:35 River Cottage 14:05 Kirstie's Handmade Treasures 14:15 Very Important Person 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Dispatches 21:30 Food Unwrapped 22:00 Undercover Boss 23:00 The Greatest Shows on Earth


22:00 New Tricks 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Have I Got Old News for You

03:00 Countryfile 04:00 Holby City

Phil Couchman, CEO of DHL Express UK & Ireland, has seen the delivery firm's turnover reach ÂŁ800million in the three years since he took charge, but rapid expansion brings its own problems. Joining staff on the front line, he wants to find out if they are giving the brand a good name - but what he discovers is an overstretched workforce and instances of poor customer service, as well as some couriers receiving unfair pay.

00:55 Bomb Patrol 01:55 SuperCasino 05:00 Michaela's Wild Challenge 05:20 Make It Big 05:50 Roary the Racing Car 06:00 Angels of Jarm 06:05 Hana's Helpline 06:20 Angels of Jarm 06:25 The Funky Valley Show 06:40 Roary the Racing Car 06:50 Hana's Helpline 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 Rupert Bear 07:20 Fireman Sam 07:30 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Mio Mao 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:20 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Milkshake! Monkey 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 NCIS 16:15 Picking Up and Dropping Off 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Classic Car Rescue 21:00 The Gadget Show 22:00 The Town the Travellers Took Over 23:00 Big Brother

The Courier Tuesday TV

July 2

06:30 Found 06:45 Schools - Lilly the Magnificent 00:05 Live at the Apollo

07:00 This Is BBC Two

00:35 The Graham Norton Show

07:05 Homes Under the Hammer

01:20 Weatherview

08:05 The Specials

01:25 BBC News

08:35 Heir Hunters

07:00 Breakfast

09:20 Don't Get Done, Get Dom

10:15 Crimewatch Roadshow

10:05 Ice Age Giants

11:00 Homes Under the Hammer

11:05 Country Show Cook Off

12:00 The Specials

11:35 HARDtalk

12:30 Escape to the Country

12:00 BBC News

13:15 Bargain Hunt

12:30 Daily Politics

14:00 BBC News; Weather

13:30 Wimbledon 2013

14:30 Regional News and Weather

17:20 Heir Hunters

14:45 Wimbledon 2013

18:05 Flog It!

19:00 BBC News

18:50 Wimbledon 2013

19:30 Weather

21:00 Today at Wimbledon

20:00 The One Show

22:00 The Route Masters: Running

20:30 EastEnders

London's Roads

21:00 Holby City

23:00 The Sarah Millican Television

22:00 Luther


23:00 BBC News

23:30 Newsnight

23:25 National Lottery Update 23:35 Imagine - McCullin

00:05 Monk 01:00 Jackpot247 04:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 04:55 ITV Nightscreen 06:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV Meridian Weather 15:00 The Hungry Sailors 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 16:59 ITV Meridian Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Meridian 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Nature's Newborns 21:00 Love Your Garden 22:00 Secrets from the Workhouse 23:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23:30 ITV Meridian Weather 23:35 A Very British Appeal - 50 Years of the Disasters Emergency Committee


00:20 Rise of the Continents 01:20 Bradford: City of Dreams 02:20 The Super League Show 03:05 This Is BBC Two 04:55 Schools: I Never Said Yes 05:45 Ask Lara 06:00 Bringing Books to Life

Stylist Gok Wan presents a live fashion show in which he gives two women a new look each week, showing them how to feel confident in swimwear this summer, whatever their size and shape. He starts with the bikini, while former model Katie Piper offers a step-by-step guide to summer beauty maintenance for females, from waxing to tanning.

00:05 Coming Up 00:40 Random Acts 00:45 Child Genius 01:50 Eye Spy 02:45 Beauty & the Beast 03:40 Secret Eaters 04:35 Location, Location, Location 05:30 Deal or No Deal 06:25 Countdown 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 Will & Grace 08:30 According to Jim 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:00 The Secret Millionaire USA 12:00 Double Your House for Half the Money 13:00 Channel 4 News Summary 13:05 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 13:35 River Cottage 14:10 The Thirty-Nine Steps 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Gok Live: Stripping for Summer 22:00 Child Genius 23:00 Dates 23:35 999: What's Your Emergency?

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 01:55 SuperCasino 04:55 HouseBusters 05:20 House Doctor 05:45 Divine Designs 06:10 Wildlife SOS 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 Rupert Bear 07:20 Fireman Sam 07:30 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Mio Mao 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Milkshake! Monkey 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:20 CSI: NY 16:05 Mary Higgins Clark's Lucky Day 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Monkey Life 20:30 Highland Emergency 21:00 Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:00 Big Brother


The Courier Wednesday TV

July 3

Elizabethan England 01:10 Weatherview 01:15 BBC News

07:00 Homes Under the Hammer 08:00 The Specials 08:30 Heir Hunters

07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Crimewatch Roadshow 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 The Specials 12:30 Escape to the Country 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Wimbledon 2013 19:00 BBC News

09:15 Don't Get Done, Get Dom 10:00 Helicopter Heroes Down Under 10:30 The Queen: A Passion for Horses 11:30 Country Show Cook Off 12:00 BBC News 12:30 Daily Politics 14:00 Wimbledon 2013 17:20 Heir Hunters

19:30 Weather 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol 21:00 Your Money, Their Tricks 22:00 The Apprentice 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 A Question of Sport

00:20 Cold Mountain 02:45 The Apprentice 03:45 This Is BBC Two 05:00 Schools - Beneath the Lab Coat: 1

18:05 Flog It! 18:50 Wimbledon 2013 21:00 Today at Wimbledon 22:00 Horizon 23:00 The Apprentice: You're Fired 23:30 Weather

00:35 01:20 04:00 04:50 06:05 07:00 09:30 10:25 11:30 13:30 Mel 14:30 14:55 15:00 16:00 16:59 17:00 18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 23:00 23:30 23:35

In Plain Sight Jackpot247 In Plain Sight ITV Nightscreen The Jeremy Kyle Show Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning Let's Do Lunch with Gino & ITV News and Weather ITV Meridian Weather The Hungry Sailors Dickinson's Real Deal ITV Meridian Weather Tipping Point The Chase ITV News Meridian ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Me and My Guide Dog Love and Marriage ITV News at Ten and Weather ITV Meridian Weather Joanna Lumley's Nile


00:35 Random Acts 00:40 The Greatest Shows on Earth 01:40 Poker 02:40 KOTV Boxing Weekly 03:05 Sailing 03:35 Beach Volleyball 04:30 Volkswagen Racing Cup 05:00 The Grid 05:25 Ironman Triathlon 05:55 Triathlon 06:50 SuperScrimpers 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 Will & Grace 08:30 According to Jim 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:00 The Secret Millionaire USA 12:00 Double Your House for Half the Money 13:00 Channel 4 News Midday 13:05 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 13:35 River Cottage 14:10 SuperScrimpers 14:25 Carry On Abroad 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Hollywood Me 22:00 24 Hours in A&E 23:00 Dates 23:35 Undercover Boss

New series. Nicky Campbell, Sian Williams and Rebecca Wilcox present consumer reports aimed at fighting back at companies and industries who have unjustly relieved people of their cash. They begin with a look at the entertainment industry, going undercover at one of Britain's biggest family attractions to expose how children could be cheated out of their money. They also reveal the surprising sales tactics used by those selling a film subscription service.

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 CSI: Miami 01:55 SuperCasino 04:55 HouseBusters 05:20 House Doctor 05:45 Divine Designs 06:10 Wildlife SOS 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 Rupert Bear 07:20 Fireman Sam 07:30 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:10 Mio Mao 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Milkshake! Monkey 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Cowboy Traders 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: NY 16:05 The Incident 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 Paul Merton in India 21:00 Emergency Bikers 22:00 NCIS 23:00 Big Brother

06:00 The Time Traveller's Guide to

The Courier Thursday TV

July 4

05:45 Tales from the Old Bailey 06:00 Schools: After Life - Rot Box 00:05 Life Savers 01:05 Weatherview 01:10 BBC News 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Crimewatch Roadshow 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 The Specials 12:30 Escape to the Country 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 BBC News; Weather 14:30 Regional News and Weather 14:45 Wimbledon 2013 19:00 BBC News 19:30 Weather 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders 21:00 Waterloo Road 22:00 Supermarket Secrets 23:00 BBC News 23:25 Regional News and Weather 23:35 Question Time

00:20 The Route Masters: Running London's Roads 01:20 Horizon 02:20 This Is BBC Two 05:00 Tales from the Old Bailey 05:15 Tales from the Old Bailey 05:30 Tales from the Old Bailey

Detectives 07:00 This Is BBC Two 07:05 Homes Under the Hammer 08:05 The Specials 08:35 Heir Hunters 09:20 Don't Get Done, Get Dom 10:05 Peter Jones Meets 11:05 Country Show Cook Off 11:35 HARDtalk 12:00 BBC News 12:30 Daily Politics 13:30 Wimbledon 2013 16:35 Hairy Bikers' Best of British 17:20 Heir Hunters 18:05 Flog It! 18:50 Wimbledon 2013 21:00 Today at Wimbledon 22:00 Who Were the Greeks? 23:00 Mock the Week 23:30 Weather

00:35 The Dales 01:05 Jackpot247 04:00 Columbo: No Time To Die 05:25 ITV Nightscreen 06:05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 07:00 Daybreak 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Let's Do Lunch with Gino & Mel 14:30 ITV News and Weather 14:55 ITV Meridian Weather 15:00 The Hungry Sailors 16:00 Dickinson's Real Deal 16:59 ITV Meridian Weather 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 ITV News Meridian 19:30 ITV News and Weather 20:00 Emmerdale 20:30 Tonight 21:00 Emmerdale 21:30 Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs 22:00 Happy Families 23:00 ITV News at Ten and Weather 23:30 ITV Meridian Weather 23:35 The Zoo

SUPERMARKET SECRETS New series. People buy 90 per cent of their food from supermarkets, which have a huge influence on their customers' lives. Gregg Wallace spends a year with Britain's biggest food retailers to discover how they source, make and move the produce on their shelves, and gets the insider's guide to how much they know about consumers' tastes.

00:35 Random Acts 00:40 First Dates 01:45 Mercury Prize Sessions 01:55 One Born Every Minute USA 02:45 Holy Man 04:35 Location, Location, Location 05:30 Deal or No Deal 06:25 Countdown 07:10 The Hoobs 08:05 Will & Grace 08:30 According to Jim 08:55 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 10:30 Frasier 11:00 The Secret Millionaire USA 12:00 Double Your House for Half the Money 13:00 Channel 4 News 13:05 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course 13:35 Hugh's 3 Good Things 13:50 The Sea Chase 16:10 Countdown 17:00 Deal or No Deal 18:00 Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 Channel 4 News 20:55 21:00 Compare Your Life 22:00 First Dates 23:00 Eye Spy

00:00 Big Brother's Bit on the Side 01:00 National Heads Up Poker Championships 02:00 SuperCasino 04:55 HouseBusters 05:20 House Doctor 05:45 Divine Designs 06:10 Wildlife SOS 06:35 Wildlife SOS 07:00 Thomas & Friends 07:10 Rupert Bear 07:20 Fireman Sam 07:30 Jelly Jamm 07:45 Peppa Pig 07:50 Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures 07:55 Little Princess 08:10 Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom 08:20 The Mr Men Show 08:35 Thomas & Friends 08:45 Make Way for Noddy 09:00 Fifi and the Flowertots 09:15 Peppa Pig 09:25 Peppa Pig 09:35 Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Milkshake! Monkey 09:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 10:00 Tickety Toc 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:10 Classic Car Rescue 13:10 5 News Lunchtime 13:15 Big Brother 14:15 Home and Away 14:45 Neighbours 15:15 CSI: Miami 16:15 Murder 101: If Wishes Were Horses 18:00 5 News at 5 18:30 Neighbours 19:00 Home and Away 19:30 5 News at 6.30 20:00 The Hotel Inspector 21:00 Cowboy Traders 22:00 Extraordinary People 23:00 Big Brother


Friday, June 28, 2013

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the week. All welcome from any church background or none. For further information contact PilarChristian. CommunityChurch@gmail.c om or contact Reverend Eddie on 966769300 or 650509606. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) meet at 10.00 each Sunday at their Torrevieja meetinghouse in the Torreaguas building on the corner of Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 104, close to the windmill in Torrevieja, 667 533 597.


CHURCH SERVICES International Christian Assembly, Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja. Evangelical non-denominational church. Sunday services 11am. Children's church 11am. House groups in Torrevieja, Los Balcones, San Javier. Ladies meeting Thursdays 11am. Craft club, Tuesdays, 2pm. Pastor, Rafael Restrepo. All nationalities welcome. Call 966 799 273 or 660 127 276. Pilar Christian Community Church Calle Canalejas 3. Pilar de la Horadada. Sunday Service at 11am, and Thursday at 5pm for Bible study and Prayer. Home groups meet during


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PROPERTY FOR RENT Viva Villa and Vacation Services, For Short or Long Term Rentals visit: or Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 2 or 3 bed / 2 bath apartments in San Miguel. Lift, communal rooftop pool & solarium, video entry system. Available for short or long term rent from 350 pcm. Tel 966723437 or 616 493 487. (128) Ref: 61, A lovely two bedroomed ground floor apartment, located in the centre of the small Spanish town of Los Montesinos, With a pleasant communal swimming pool adjacent & all amenities in walking distance. Long and short term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref 33, Ground floor spacious 2 bedroom apartment, located in Torre la Mata. Close to all amenities and beach. 3 month rental €300pcm Call: 965 707 188 Ref: 104, 2 Bedroom apartment in Torrevieja, (near gypsy lane), small balcony, near all amenities and Friday market. €350pcm Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 112, Spacious 3 bedroom detached villa with its private pool is located on the El Raso urbanisation near Guardamar. Convenient for all amenities, shops, supermarket, restaurants and bars. Short term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref 702: Beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, located near los Locos beach, beautifully furnished. Short term rentals from 175€ per week. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397



Ref: 63, Two bedroom 1st floor apartment situated in Monino Blanco. The property overlooks a superb communal pool area, in within walking distance of bars, restaurants and shops. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397

residential with beautiful communal gardens, pool, 2 beds 1 walk-in shower, redecorated this year. Only 250m walk to beach, inc.parking. 425€ pcm, call 966 923 963


Home and Contents cover Comprehensive policies for house and contents with CASER Seguros - excellent prices for expats; policies available in. Call 966 923 963 for a quote. Butia Espana Are you trapped. Need to sell quick. We are the only answer for a speedy sale. UK buyers waiting. www.butiaespana .com Telephone 0800 612 7514 or Spain 678 756 644 (124) Ref. BRJ1 – 1 bedroom top floor renovated apartment in San Luis. Great sea and lake views. 55.000 €. Tel. 966 923 963 Rare opportunity to purchase on Mediterrania III, Gran Alacant. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Private Parking, F/Furnished, Large communal pools & Tennis courts S/W facing, Dramatically reduced for quick sale to 126.000 euros. Ref No. K58 Call 627 711 155 for immediate viewing Ref: 104 Lovely 2 Bedroom Apartment, close to Shops, walking distance to Friday Market and Town Centre and the beach. The property is close to the Habaneres Shopping Centre and Aquapark. Recently refurbished apartment in a good central location. Conveniently situated for all the facilities of this modern vibrant town, and only a few blocks away from Torreviejas excellent sea front with its abundant cafes, restaurants and shops. Price €43950 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397

WANTED! Properties, all types, in the Torrevieja area wanted for long term rentals. Call us on 96 692 3963 Long term let, 2 bed park home, own patio, communal pool, off road parking, tv, dvd, washing machine, 270€ a month + bills. 617 599 470 (124) Playa Flamenca, 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with garden in lovely urbanization available for long term rental call 619454266 during office hours. (123) El Chaparel/La Siesta Two bedroom apartment in a quiet gated urbanisation for rent €350 per month plus bills. Reference No 17 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 709, A lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Aguas Nuevas, within a 5 minute walk of the beach. There is a terrace outside with views to the sea. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 CBR33 : Townhouse for rent in San Luis, 2 bed 1 bath with garage, furnished, 300 € per month plus bills, call 966 923 963. Ref. CBR21 – A rare chance to rent a frontline beach apartment in Torrevieja! Ground floor with large terrace, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, direct and full-on sea views. 500 € pcm. 966 923 963 CBR18 – Detached Spanish villa, beachside Punta Prima, 4 bedrooms, garage, 1200 m2 plot, own pool, 900 € pcm. 966 923 963 CBR27 – Ground floor apartment in closed luxury


Ref: 510, €70,000. Bungalow located in San Luis. It is close to the supermarkets, bars and restaurants and is on the local bus route. An Opel Corsa car is included in this sale. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Lovely Corner property in Novamar V, Gran Alacant. 2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Being sold fully furnished including appliances, Has secure underground parking and faces large oasis communal pool. Walking distance to beach. 139.000 Euros, Call 627 711 155 and quote Ref No. K10





Friday, June 28, 2013 Ref: 521, €105,000. This comfortable bungalow is located in San Luis with a new roof and solarium tiles. It is close to supermarkets, bars, restaurants and is on the local bus route. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Don Pueblo, Gran Alacant. 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Large Kitchen with Galleria, Secure underground parking, Gas Central Heating, Glazed in Porch, Solarium with stunning views. Viewings absolutely essential. Very large property at reduced price of 190.000 euros. Ref No. K38 Call 627 711 155 Opportunity to purchase at the off plan price of 195.000 euros. Large 4 Bed, 3 Bath Brand new property. Secure underground parking for 2 cars and communal pool. Situated opposite Gran Alacant and over looks projected golf course. Ref No. K52. 627 711 155 Viva Villa and Vacation Services are pleased to

offer property sales for the Torrevieja and Oriheula areas of the Costa Blanca, Spain. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 or Visit : 2 Bed, 1 Bath Ground floor duplex. Central heating, Grills, Fully furnished, Glazed in Galleria, 2 communal pools, private parking and walking distance to the Gran Alacant commercial centre. Situated in the popular urbanisation of Puerto Marino. Now only 96,500 euros for quick sale Ref No. K46. 627 711 155 Immaculate ground floor Duplex, 2 beds, 2 bath, Private Parking, Situated in Novamar, Gran Alacant. Price includes very tasteful furniture and white goods. Walking distance to all local amenities and beach. Now only 129,750 euros. Ref No K24. 627 711 155 Ref 533: Lovely 2 bedroom duplex located in the popular area of Punta Prima, the property has a large lounge


and fully equipped kitchen, 2 double bedrooms, one with balcony, bathroom with double shower. €126,000 Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Gran Alacant Detached villa, located in a very sought after location.Situated on a 560m2 S/W facing plot and constructed in 2005. Comprising of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 full baths), Lounge-Diner, fully equipped Kitchen, Porch and Solarium with Alicante & Sea Views. ref.L81. €258,000 neg. Tel. 680333242 Gran Alacant Town House with a difference. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Glazed in Porch, Quiet Location, Extra storage areas, and South Facing Private Pool as well as 2 communal pools. Fully Furnished, All mod cons. Greenland Views and all local amenities close by. Ref. No L79. 179.000 euros 680 333 242 Ref: 520, €80,000. Two bedroom apartment in Dream Hills, with a fully equipped kitchen, large lounge, glazed-in terrace and a

large solarium. This property comes with a large communal swimming pool. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 78, €120,000. Three bedroom Quad in Jardin Del Mar VII. There is off-road parking and small storage shed in the enclosed garden area, communal pool nearby. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Top floor Duplex. Very good price of 108.000 euros for a quick sale. Furnished to a very high standard, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Lounge Diner, Glazed in Porch, Large Roof Top Solarium. Choice of Communal Pools, Private Parking. Walking distance to all amenities and on the First urbanisation as you enter Gran Alacant. Viewing essential. Ref No. K44. Tel. 627 711 155 Gran Alacant immaculate villa, 3 bedroomed, 3 bathroomed property maintained to a very high standard inside and out and the interior furnishings are top quality, offering a feeling of luxury and good taste. The plot size is 400m2 and has been beautifully tiles, and grav-


eled and has established palms and plants. Oil fired central heating throughout, log effect fire place, ceiling fans in all rooms, towel heater rails, glazed in shower units, instant hot water, water purifier, free English TV, phone & internet lines, fitted double hanging wardrobes, safe, glazed in front porch, vanity units and much more. The pool is an 8 X 4 m2 salt water pool, meaning maintenance is much easier plus outside toilet and shower. Sea views to front with Greenland views to the rear. ref K51. €245,000 Tel 680333242 Balsares is opposite Gran Alacant where the proposed golf course is now being

started so this property will virtually be on the golf course, it is an investment not to be missed. The property is on a small gated urbanisation of 18 houses with private underground parking for 2 cars and direct access to the house, communal pool and toilets/changing rooms etc. The house is brand new and consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, lounge with working fire place, large kitchen 12 m2, large galleria/ utility room, bedroom balcony and front tiled terrace. This property also has a converted under build for an extra lounge or bedroom. ref K52 €198,000 Tel 680333242



Friday, June 28, 2013

Ref: 516, €39,999. Studio apartment in San Luis, close to amenities. Open plan fully equipped kitchen. Good sized lounge, bedroom and out onto balcony which has been glazed to create another room. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Ref: 709, €60,000 A lovely 1 bedroom apartment in Aguas Nuevas, within a 5 minute walk of the beach. There is a terrace outside with views to the sea. Short or long term rental available. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Gran Alacant Opportunity to purchase a beautiful 3 bedroomed, 3 bathroomed,large kitchen, detached property with roof- top solarium. Well established gardens and drive way for 2 cars, whilst also overlooking the projected 18 hole golf course. Comprising of fitted wardrobes, utility room, air con H/C, alarm system, electric wall heaters, intercom system, fireplace, ceilings fans, 8x7 gazebo, use of 2 large communal pools, immaculate condition with many extras. ref K12. €180,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant bargain, detached villa with pool on 400m2 plot. Briefly comprising of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Lounge Diner, independent kitchen, solarium with views, well maintained gardens. Quiet location yet within walking distance of all amenities. Top quality furniture and appliances included in the price. Extras include, mosquito nets, grills, toldos blinds, built in wardrobes, gas fire, electric heating, ceiling fans, English & Spanish TV, tastefully tiled

& graveled garden with irrigation system. ref K43. €229,000 Tel 680333242 Ref: KP3100, €183,000. Three bedroom, two bathroom detached villa, located in San Luis, on a 450sqm plot, with communal pool. Garage to side of house. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Gran Alacant South facing attractive corner house Situated in the sought after urbanization of Monte Faro, this secure gated urbanization offers a stunning oasis pool, with mountain views, tennis courts and football courts. Consisting of 3 double beds with balconies, 2 bathrooms, kitchen leading onto court yard which can easily be converted into an extra room, lounge diner with working fireplace, front garden with private parking for 2 cars. Being sold fully furnishes with white goods, built in 2006 so immaculate condition hardly lived in. Ref K48 €168,000 priced for quick sale Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Large detached villa with beautiful gardens set on 550m2 plot, built in BBQ area and large 10x6 pool.Comprising of 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Lounge Diner with fire place, Independent Kitchen, air con H/C, Solarium, front porch, converted under build with 3 extra rooms, private covered parking, irrigated gardens, close distance to beach and amenities. Ref. K18 €250,000 Tel 680333242 Ref: 513, €115,000. Two bedroom ground floor apartment, in Aguas Nuevas, close to all amenities including the beach. It has a good


size lounge, kitchen and has off road parking facilities. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Gran Alacant beautiful detached villa with very large pool and within walking distance to the Gran Alacant Commercial Centre. This villa comprised of 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, lounge-diner, Independent kitchen, roof top storage, solarium, porch & terrace. Large private pool, BBQ area, established gardens and private terraces, Private Parking, Solarium with Views to Alicante. 450m2 plot, fully furnished including white goods. Located in very quiet desirable road. ref.L96. €255,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant Gem! Fabulous detached Villa, with Alicante sea views to the front and wood land views to the rear, means this immaculate villa is very private and un-overlooked. Comprising of 2 large bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, 2 bath, large fully equipped kitchen,glazed porch sitting area, solarium, Attractive Pool with cover, well maintained Gardens. Central Heating, Air Con, Ceiling fans, Private Parking, Alarm system, Decorative working Fire Place complete with electric Fire. Outdoor workshop/storage area, Quality Pergola & BBQ. Constructed in 2006, on plot


size of 380m2 and being sold fully furnished including white goods. ref L80. €234,995 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Rare investment!! corner south facing opportunity on Novamar urbanisation.This immaculate ground floor duplex has been kept and maintained to a very high standard inside and out the position is fantastic, enjoys views over the lovely oasis communal pool, surrounded by lawned gardens. Comprising of plot size 100m2 Build Size 90m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished, AntiGlare Windows, Security Door, Security Grills, Built-in Wardrobes, Extra Storage, Galleria, Electric Panel Heaters, Heated Towel Rails, Air Con (h&c), Ceiling. Fans. Thermo Shower, Vanity Units and decoratively tiled throughout, exquisite garden, Underground private parking. Ref.K10 €139,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Situated in the central area of Gran Alacant and within walking distance to all local amenities such as a selection of different cuisine restaurants, bars, pharmacies, banks, popular GA market and Carabassi Beach. Comprises of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a private garage and roof-top solarium. This property is part of a small urbanization which has the use of a large decorative communal pool. Ref. K36 €149,000 Tel 680333242 Ground floor duplex, with splendid views. Quiet location in Gran Alacant. Immaculate condition. Price has just been reduced to 105.000 and includes everything. For viewing call 627 711 155 Ref. No K27 Gran Alacant detached villa with converted under build and pool. Comprising of 3

Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Lounge- Diner, Front Porch, Large Solarium, decoratively tiled, Irrigated Garden. BBQ and Log Storage Cupboard. Raised walls for Privacy. Also many extras, toldos blinds, freshly decorated interior, Grills, Mosquito Nets, Air Con H/C, Ceiling Fans, Log Burner Fire, Electric Radiators, Heated Towel Rails, Alarmed, Phone Line, Satellite UK TV, private parking. Plot size 310m2 under build 100m2. price includes all furniture.The under build consists of 2 beds, lounge, kit/utility room. ref L79. €250,000 Tel. 680333242 Gran Alacant immaculate outstanding south facing villa in sought after road. Set on a 350m2 plot with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,large porch, solarium and terraces. The large under build includes a lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and patio doors leading to pool area. Internal & external access for under build. Extras include electric radiators, air con H/C, ceiling fans, gas fire, heated towel rails, extended walk-in shower, fitted wardrobes. Decorative tiling inside and out. Panoramic views towards Alicante Bay, Sky TV, phone line and Internet & Private parking, established gardens, water features and fruit trees. Being sold with exquisite furniture and all white goods. Immaculate finishes and decor. ref L84. €278,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Situated on the very first urbanisation as you enter Gran Alacant, this 2nd floor duplex offers taste and quality. Comprising of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge-diner, independent kitchen, full roof-top solarium with superb views and recently glazed in porch

offering extra living area as well as extra privacy as the glass is mirrored. Ref.K44 €108,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Situated in the "Alto" part of Gran Alacant, this 3 bedroomed, 4th floor apartment, offers luxury accommodation, with absolutely stunning sea views, as well as views of Alicante bay and the famous Santa Barbara Castle.The apartment is 89 square meters with open plan kitchen / living room and includes all electrical appliances & furniture also there is a utility room, open terrace, and private parking. The urbanisation also offers many communal pools, tennis courts, restaurants and bars. Ref. K20 €109,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant villa located in a very quiet area , situated at the end of a cul-de-sac means there is no through traffic.3 bed, 3 bath, 330m2 plot, established large gardens, working fireplace, solar panel for hot water,private parking, south facing great views, fully furnished, fantastic opportunity. ref. L85. €215,000 Tel 680333242 Ref: 520, €85,000. Two bedroom apartment in Dream Hills, with a fully equipped kitchen, large lounge, glazed-in terrace and a large solarium. This property comes with a large communal swimming pool. Call: 965 707 188 or 626 397 397 Beach front Line property, over looks Carabassi Beach, Gran Alacant. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Secure Underground Parking, Fully furnished, Roof Top Solarium. 3 Large Communal Pools, Fantastic communal Gardens, Tennis Courts and much more. 125.000 Euros Ref No. K23. Tel. 627 711 155








Friday, June 28, 2013 Gran Alacant, Situated front line to the famous blue flag beaches of Carabassi, the real beauty of this property is its proximity to the beach, but also on offer is a fantastic communal pool situated in beautifully kept gardens with little Spanish walk ways.Comprising of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge diner, American style kitchen including all appliances, roof top solarium with stunning views, front porch area with front garden and a secure underground garage. fully furnished Ref. K23 €125,000 rare opportunity Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant limited edition villa, not very often available on the market. Only a few of this type were ever constructed- Very large 5 bedrooms, 4 bathroom(2 ensuit) property, situated on a large corner plot with a 10 x 5 private pool and private parking. Lounge-diner with working fireplace, fully equipped kitchen with utility room. Large landing area, leading onto solarium, with extra storage external room.

Front porch area leading into large well established gardens with irrigation system and fruit trees. Being sold fully furnished. Within walking distance to Gran Alacant commercial centre and 5 minute drive to Carabassi beaches. ref. K11. €270,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant Limited edition bungalow. Only six of this type available in Gran Alacant. Constructed in 2003 and immaculately maintained on a large plot size of 500m2 with a 10 x 5 pool.Comprising of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge-diner leading out onto front porch, independent kitchen including white goods, outside galleria, court yard, large garage with electric door, roof top solarium and private parking. Also built in wardrobes, Toldos blinds, air con H/C, security grills, alarm, security doors, bathrooms heaters, outside toilet, outdoor lighting, irrigation system, attractive and well kept gardens, beautifully tiled inside and out, fire



place, English TV, phone line. Being sold with top quality furniture. ref L95. €275,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant South facing attractive corner house Situated in the sought after urbanization of Monte Faro, this secure gated urbanization offers a stunning oasis pool, with mountain views, tennis courts and football courts. Consisting of 3 double beds with balconies, 2 bathrooms, kitchen leading onto court yard which can easily be converted into an extra room, lounge diner with working fireplace, front garden with private parking for 2 cars. Being sold fully furnishes with white goods, built in 2006 so immaculate condition hardly lived in. Ref K48 €168,000 priced for quick sale Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, Ground floor south west facing apartment in Puerto Marino close to G.A commercial centre, comprising of 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Lounge-Diner, Independent Kitchen with Galleria, Porch area and large tiled front garden, The property is being sold fully furnished and includes all kitchen appliances, H & C Air con is fitted as well as sky TV. The apartment enjoys the use of 2 large communal pools and has private parking in an enclosed electronically gated car park.

Competitively priced for a quick sale. Ref. K40 €91,000 Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant large detached villa with 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge-diner, fully equipped kitchen, large porch, roof top solarium, 400 m2 Plot, with established low maintenance very private gardens with irrigation system, electronic gates, private parking, outside wc, sink & shower, terraces, air con ( h & c ), mosquito nets, grills, alarmed, large spa pool with separate Jacuzzi section. Within easy walking distance to Gran Alacant commercial centre and close to local bus and tram route. Ref K33. €260,000 neg Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant, detached villa in desirable road close to all amenities, comprising of 3 double bedrooms, 3 baths, lounge diner with working fire place, brand new kitchen with all appliances and black granite work tops, private pool, plot of 550m2, established irrigated gardens and fruit trees, private parking, solarium, also there is a converted under build giving more bedrooms ,bathroom & kitchen, this house has many extras and is being sold fully furnished. Ref.k47. €280,000 neg Tel 680333242 Gran Alacant south-facing, very private villa, with wood-


land and Alicante views. Situated at the end of a small cul-de-sac which means this villa enjoys a very peaceful location.3 Bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, 3 Bathrooms, lounge-diner with working fireplace, fully fitted kitchen with including white goods, large front porch, solarium,workshop and storage in under build, central heating, air con H/C, ceiling fans, grills, UK T.V, off road parking and plenty of outside parking also. Due to its orientation of this property enjoys full sun, all day, something very important in the winter months. Ref.K24. €237,000 Tel 680333242

REMOVALS Move It Now Small removals and deliveries. Spain/UK Budget prices. Last minute jobs undertaken. Telephone UK 0800 612 4922 or Spain 678 756 644 (124)

QUIZZES Experienced quizmaster/question setter with personality available to host quiz nights in local bars. Tel:- 664 838 581

SITUATIONS VACANT RADIO COSTA INTERNATIONAL needs motivated sellers. Spanish, English and German language is a

bonus but not essential. Training and good earnings guaranteed. For more info call 644 126 600 or email Installation company "Joval Accesibilidad" is looking for independent representatives to sell their products in the province of Alicante and Murcia. Spanish and English language skills are essential. For an interview call 966 090 762. (125)

SOLICITORS Need English speaking solicitors in Torrevieja? Let us help to solve your problems with debt recovery, divorce, property, fraud, criminal defence. Call us on 966 923 963, give us brief details and get in touch with your specialist solicitor today

WIG SPECIALIST SALON MARGARETHAS, 23 years in Torrevieja Hair/Wig specialist for Medical illness and Hair Loss problems. We offer different Hair Replacements, top fillers, Hair prostheses, Toupees and Wigs, Natural and Artificial hair and much more. Also fashion/festival accessories TV/TS are welcome to our service. Please call our salon reception for an appointment with Margaretha on Tel no 966 921 846 Torrevieja (90)






Friday, June 28, 2013

Greenside Gossip IS IT GAME, SET, AND MATCH FOR RORY? IVIE DAVIES takes a weekly look at the golf scene -

JUSTIN ROSE won last week’s U.S. Open and broke Phil Mickelson’s heart into the bargain, as well as showing how he had matured with one of the best victory speeches heard at a Major. When he turned professional all those years ago and then went onto miss 21 cuts in a row, he continued on with the support of a father figure, in this case his dad, Ken. Justin literally ‘rose’ to the top without much fuss or side issues. But the story for golf fans, once again, centered on the enigma that is Rory McIlroy. Not for the first time this season, McIlroy found himself in trouble with the golfing authorities in what proved to be another disappointing tournament for the Irishman. When Rory McIlroy blew up at the Masters when he was leading, shortly after leaving Chubby Chandler’s management company ISM, his reasoning being “He was leading me down the wrong path”, I mentioned in my column that, in my opinion, he needed the father figure of Chubby who knows the business of golf. Now he has dumped another management company, Dublin- based Horizon Sports, for his family to take over his business, who will probably pander to his requirements and not necessarily golfing ones! In what direction will McIlroy go? With all his money from contracts he now has with Nike Golf and Santander Bank, all he seems to want to do is to fly away to join up with the Danish tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki. One has only to see the effort each makes to see the other, in their separate day jobs, to realise that the relationship is still going strong. McIlroy is a regular visitor to the tennis circuit and Wozniacki is often seen inside the ropes at the world's top golf events They to work things out with their schedules, trying to see each other whenever they can, in a way that it seems to be affecting their respective performances, as they are both are sliding down their individual sports tables. The story is McIlroy’s latest fall from grace. Not alone did the world number two finish on 14 over par after a fourth round 76, to tie for 41st, he was also caught on camera throwing a club away in disgust at one hole, then bending his

TITTER ON THE TEE A woman went to a pet shop and immediately spotted a large, beautiful parrot for only 30€. She asked the shop assistant why it was so cheap. He said it was because it used to live a brothel, and it says some vulgar stuff. She thought well okay and paid for it took it home and hung the bird's cage up in the lounge and waited for it to say something. The bird looked around the room, then at her, and said, "New house, new madam." When her two teenage daughters returned from school, the bird saw them and said, "New house, new madam, new girls." The girls and the woman were a bit offended but then began to laugh about the situation considering how and where the parrot had been raised. Moments later, the woman's husband Doug came home from his round of Saturday golf. The bird looked at him and said, "Hi Doug! Nice to see you again, been golfing?"

KNOW YOUR RULES QUESTION A player tees off toward an elevated green. The ball hits short of the green and rolls back into the water. What is the ruling? ANSWER It all depends on the hazard marking: IF YELLOW, then the player may either play again from the tee, or drop behind the point where the ball last crossed into the hazard; IF RED, the player has the additional options of dropping within two club lengths from the point where the ball last crossed – not nearer the hole – or within two club lengths of a point on the margin equidistant from the hole.

nine iron so badly after a poor tee shot at the 11th that he couldn’t use it for the rest of the round. The club throwing came on the fifth hole at Merion, and he then destroyed his nine iron after putting a second ball into the creek on the 11th. Just 14 months after his record breaking U.S. PGA triumph, McIlroy is in the doldrums after splitting with his manager Conor Ridge and failing to adapt to his new Nike clubs despite the comforts of a $150 million deal. He is also

involved in a court case from the Oakley company which is claiming millions of dollars in losses after his switch to Nike. The player himself knows that all is not well at the minute, and he did try to make excuses after his poor U.S. Open finish. Asked about the nine iron situation at the 11th, he replied, “I just hit a bad tee shot into the creek there, and what you don’t want to do as a golfer is follow one mistake with another, and that’s what I did. And obviously I got a bit frustrated “. “It’s definitely a different feeling,” he said. Significantly, McIlroy did admit he is finding it hard to adjust to his new Nike clubs after years with Titleist. The thing about new equipment is you can stand on the range all you want and hit balls, but you really need to test it on the course. You need to get out and test it in competitive play and that’s something he didn’t do at the start of the year. Where was he for the Travelers Championship in Connecticut or the European Tour event in Cologne this past weekend? Certainly not getting used to his new clubs or where they getting repaired? No he was at Eastbourne, watching Caroline. Even at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, an ideal stage for his talents and “home” tour, he missed the cut and promptly jumped on a plane to go to Paris to see ‘you know who’! A strong company father figure would have had him on the practice ground working out how to hit his new equipment. Okay people will say he his young, which is true, but he is getting paid shed loads of money and so far not fulfilling his on course obligations (certainly fulfilling his off course ones it seems!). I’m not sure how long Nike Golf will tolerate this sort of return on their investment and with Tiger performing (no not that again) below par it could not be what they had in mind. One final thought, it’s the Irish Open and Wimbledon. Who will be where at the weekend? So come on Rory, you have immense talent; now show some dedication to your sponsors, fans and yourself. The other stuff can come later.

Swimmers keep cool in Benidorm

Club Natacion Torrevieja’s Piroska Rideg led from the front yet again as she won her 100 metres backstroke race in the final league event of the season. Benidorm’s outdoor Municipal Pool hosted the races with 9 Torrevieja youngsters swimming in the Infantil and Junior categories. Louise Brassington got a personal best in the 100 metres Freestyle, whilst Elian Rio Del Castillo and Ruth Brassington notched up their best ever times in the 200 metres Freestyle. And a hot day saw Zoe Connolly and Piroska Rideg swim personal bests in the final race, the 200 metres Medley. This weekend sees the finals of the Alevin (11 – 13yrs) Valencian Regional Championships in Torrevieja.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Gus Poyet has put himself firmly in the history books being the first football manager actually fired live on air on the BBC. In a wonderful ‘you couldn’t make it up’ moment, the Uruguayan was commenting on MOTD about the Confederation Cup and remarked on his believed suspension from Brighton. On camera Poyet was handed some papers sent to the BBC by the Brighton hierarchy confirming his dismissal, though the full reasons are somewhat shady. Sadly, Gus successfully took the

Seagulls up from Division One last year to the play-offs of the Championship this year, only to lose to Crystal Palace in the semi-finals He recently turned down the Reading job before Nigel Atkins took it - but there are


a few Premiership clubs who will note his CV with interest – can you think of any? I can… …which brings me nicely to Newcastle’s neurotic news. At St James Park’s Home for the Bewildered, this week it’s looking like kids play-off time. In one semi-final, battles are being waged between manager and chief scout. Alan Pardew, the beleaguered boss whose credit went from hero to z e r o last

season where his stock plummeted sharply as Newcastle just avoided relegation (only due to Wigan’s escapology act finally failing), is at daggers drawn with his arch enemy, chief scout Graham Carr. He considers he has brought back Geordie treasure he mined just across le Channel en France, but Carr believes Pardew is not employing his Garlic – I mean Gallic - stars to maximum effect, hence the dip in form. Both are on unbelievable eight-year contracts – who gets those these days? They’re almost knighthoods, Baldrick! In the other semi-final, returning Motor-Mouth ‘Joking’ Joe Kinnear, old heartbroken-but-mended manager, now unbeliev-

ably back as Director of Football is squaring up verbally to a true Tyneside legend, record goalscorer and MOTD analyst Alan Shearer. This true Geordie proved conclusively he’d better stick to punditry after a brief, disastrous go recently at managing Newcastle himself, ruefully to relegation. Massive Magpie mouths are meting out malevolence, and with respect, it really shouldn’t be happening to a once-proud prized Premiership football club like Newcastle, who are fast becoming a laughing stock. Haway (some of) the lads! Mouvers – Real reject Jose Mourinho scurried to sign Andre Schurrle for Chelsea, paying £18m for the German international

striker from Bayer Leverkusen – loose change for Abramovich... Talking of Chelski and rejects, the Real roundabout news is that exBridge failure Carlo Ancelotti has foolishly fallen for fame and accepted the poisoned chalice at the Bernabeu, with Laurent Blanc taking the Italian’s place at Paris StGermain. Anyway, Ancelotti action might authorise signing Loopy Liverpool-liability Luis Suarez (who didn’t get his teeth into Uruguay’s game against Brazil...): small matter of £47m though…. Sheikers sheckles have secured Brazilian’ midfielder Fernandinho for Man City from Shaktar Donetsk, balancing their books (City?) by selling Carlos Tevez to Juventus.

Lions roar on with pride Formentera return After a narrow first Test win against the Wallabies 23 – 21 on Saturday, the Lions easily won their last regional match by beating Melbourne Rebels one-sidedly 35-0, scoring five converted tries from Connor Murray, Sean Maitland, Sean O’Brien and George Maitland and a penalty. This was the second string Lions team, doubtless all striving to get into the side for the hugely-important second Test this weekend: the first one came last Saturday following the Lions first tour defeat earlier in the week to the Brumbies. What a match that first Test proved to be. In the first half Wales‘answer to the Great North Run, giant winger George North showed a blistering burst of speed leaving three defenders for dead to score a brilliant try, and Leigh Halfpenny’s two penalties (27 from 29 for the Welsh full back on this tour) meant the Lions led 13 -12 at half time despite two similarly barnstorming tries from Australia’s

Israel Folau. In a pulsating second half Alex Cuthbert pushed the Lions further ahead with his try, but penalties (some missed) eventually pulled the hosts to within two points of the Lions. In the final tense minute a kickable penalty to win the game for the Wallabies was missed again as Kurtley Beale slipped: their five missed penalties cost the Wallabies the game. The Lions are now in pole position for the crucial second Test on Saturday in Melbourne - which Australia must win to stay in the three-match series. History says that whoever loses the first Test goes on to win, but the Lions tails are up and the Wallabies are under enormous domestic pressure with four key injuries sustained in the first match. And Lions coach, Warren Gatland is not standing on ceremony. He’s made five changes, including Ben Youngs replacing Mike Philips at scrum-half. The Lions are roaring!

for Sevens

Local rugby teams are gearing up for this Saturday’s Formentera del Segura exhibition sevens. Based at the Formentera Sports Centre, it’s the second year for the tournament with teams from across the region taking part. Kicking off at 10.00am, there’ll be sides from ITV Orihuela, San Javier, Elche, Lorca, Alcoy as well as a Barbarians Seven made up of local players. You’ll l also be able to sign up for the Centurion Rugby Summer School on the day, which will be staged between the 8th and 10th of July at the Formentera football ground. Meanwhile, there are still a couple of places left for teams to take part in the Guardamar Beach rugby exhibition tournament on Saturday July 6th. If you want to get involved in the Summer School or the Beach tournament, then phone Garry Holland on 692 767 242.

EVERY DAY’S A FOOTBALL DAY July 1st 2006 Cafu and Roberto Carlos play their final game for Brazil – a 1-0 loss to France in the World Cup quarter final. It was to be Cafu’s 142nd appearance and Carlos’ 125th taking them to first and second in the total appearance listing. 2nd 2006 David Beckham steps down as England captain following the World Cup defeat to Portugal. 3rd 2001 Liverpool legend Billy Liddell passes away aged 79. 4th 2007 Fernando Torres joins Liverpool from Athletico Madrid. 5th 1900 Thames Ironworks football club folds and is re-launched as West Ham United. Compiled by STUART EVANS


NO HURRY, MURRAY! Friday, June 28, 2013

Will ‘our’ Andy win Wimbledon? Serena sure will!

This may be the last year to crack the old anti-Celt joke: if Andy Murray wins Wimbledon we’ll have a new British champion – but not if the Scots git loses again! Patience, patriots please we’ve only been waiting since 1938… that’s 85 years! Seriously, the stoical Scot has conquered nearly all his demons by winning the US Open last year beating his friend Novak Djokovic over five gruelling sets in the final. That was after perfectly exacting his revenge on Roger Federer for last year’s Wimbledon defeat by winning the once-in-a-lifetime Gold Medal in straight sets during the fabulously-memorable 2012 London Olympics. His game has improved dramatically under Ivan Lendl to become a winner at last, and marvellous Murray means business… Arriba Andy!

John McGregor reports

My real worry-for-Murray this year was the returning-to-form Rafa Nadal, apparently fresh from winning his record eighth French Open title at Roland Garros - but the Spanish bull has already fallen at the first fence in straight sets, courtesy of 135th ranked Steve Darcis from Belgium. Nadal took it like the man he is: ’It’s not a tragedy… he played a fantastic match’, refusing to blame his defeat on his injuries, which saw him limping at times. Djokovic is the world number one, and only lost the French Open semi-final in an epic five setter against Nadal, the final set went to 9 -7. ‘The Djoker’ won Wimbledon two years ago and must now be Murray’s only remaining danger this year, with them now scheduled to meet in the final a week on Sunday. Incredibly, Andy Murray’s opponent today (Friday), the Spaniard Nicolas Almagro, is incredibly the highest seeded player left in his side of the draw, at a modest 15! That all happened with the removal of the great Roger Federer, losing his sec-

ond round match in four sets on Wednesday to Ukrainian Sergey Stakhovsky, rated 116 in the world. The Swiss will go down as one of the true greats of tennis having won Wimbledon seven times, but with his earliest exit from the tournament since 2002, are the sands of time running out for him? The ‘Ladies’ (well, some are) game is all over bar the grunting. If Thunderthighs Serena Williams doesn’t win her billionth title then she’ll have merely beaten herself, so far above the opposition is she - in power, if not femininity. And she’s stayed fit! Meanwhile, two of her biggest rivals as well as two of the biggest grunters around have fallen, which is a disaster for the ear plug industry! Number 2 seed, Victoria Azarenka from Belarus pulled out with a knee injury after her first round win on Monday, whilst the 3rd seed, Maria Sharapova lost to a Portuguese qualifier on Wednesday, with the former champion moaning that the courts were dangerous.

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