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28 Elsewhere, Lisa takes a stand.

Friday Zeedan sends Rana and Kate to attend a food fair on his behalf. When the van breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Kate calls Luke.

Friday Lisa is led into temptation as she arranges a meeting with Morris. What will she decide? Meanwhile, Pete raises his hopes. Elsewhere, Tom meets his match.

Rana breaks down and confesses to Kate how she can’t stop thinking about her, but knows her parents would never speak to her again. Seeing Rana in such turmoil, Kate’s heart goes out to her. The chemistry between the At the funeral, things things pair is electric, but will they get out of hand when Morris give into their feelings? turns up and is disrespectful. Wednesday The Dingle family are heartbroken to realise that Alfie has cancer and Zak makes the heartbreaking decision to put Alfie down.

Meanwhile, in the solicitors’ is office, Adam borrows Todd’s laptop and is stunned to see Todd’s search history. Elsewhere, Aaron is on the warpath with Liv. Elsewhere, Mary pours her Meanwhile, stunned.

Meanwhile, Liv pretends to fall and hurt her ankle as an excuse for Aaron to call Doctor Alex. It doesn’t work, so Liv and Gerry pocket Aaron’s phone and text Alex. When Alex arrives at the Mill, he is shocked to learn that Aaron never contacted him. Elsewhere, Lisa loses her patience.

Tuesday Leyla doesn’t take no for an answer and again tells David that she loves him. Tracy walks in to hear the end of the conversation and angrily gives Leyla an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Alex that he’s over Robert and the pair kiss passionately, but how will Robert react when he walks in on them both?

his tracks when Rana tells him she’s pregnant and neither Zeedan nor Kate know about it yet.

Phil continues to show him up. Later, Kim breaks the news to Vincent that she’s suffered a miscarriage.

David is intrigued by Phelan’s reaction to the news of Gary’s death and follows him to Nicola’s house. Watching from the car, he is bemused when he sees that Nicola is visibly shaken by what Phelan tells her.

Thursday Tensions are running high for the Branning family, so Jack encourages Max to build bridges with his loved ones.

When Phelan leaves, David hammers on Nicola’s door demanding answers. Under pressure, she admits to the one-night stand with Gary, but as he spots the pregnancy tablets in her handbag, she is also forced to confess to carrying Gary’s baby.


With Sarah consumed by grief, what will David do with this shocking revelation?

Friday Carmel tells her friends that she thinks Max is going to propose to her tonight and invites them all along to The Vic. At the same time, Max is making some big plans for the evening with Willmott-Brown and The Chairman.

Thursday With Zak and Lisa now camping outside Wishing Well in protest over the development, Pollard decides to take matters into his own hands and breaks into Morris’s house with Faith.

Elsewhere, Gary tells Phelan that he kept his side of the bargain and spoke to Nicola, but she wants nothing more to do with him. Phelan orders him to try harder.

Will Pollard be able to get the compromising email in time? Meanwhile, Rhona decides to take control of the nativity play. While running lines, she hints at her feelings for Monday Sarah is stunned Paddy. when she gets a call from Joe, saying that there has Elsewhere, Leyla is been an explosion in accused. Ukraine and they fear Gary has been killed. Pollard faces the music after recent events. A devastated Sarah refuses to believe it is true, until they Meanwhile, Rhona is upset discover that his St when she watches Paddy Christopher has been found and Chas playing Mary and amongst the wreckage. Joseph. Meanwhile, Luke corners Elsewhere, Lisa is conflict- Rana in The Rovers and ed. tears a strip off her for the lack of respect she’s showing Zeedan with her continual lies, but he’s stopped in

Wednesday Tim and Sarah visit Anna in prison. Anna is utterly devastated to hear about Gary’s death. Desperate to see her daughter, Anna tries to push past the prison guard, who grabs Anna and starts to drag her out of the room. Tim and Sarah watch in horror. Meanwhile, Norris emerges in a Batman costume carrying a ‘Grandfathers for Justice’ banner and tells Rita that he’s determined to stop Angie and Jude leaving the country. Bethany returns from taking George for a walk and says he has been sick and is shaking. As an ambulance is called, fears grow for George and he gets rushed to hospital. Will the truth be revealed about what’s going on?

Just when Max tries to sort things out, more lies are exposed. Will Lauren and Abi be willing to put the past behind them?

Later, an excited Carmel waits for Max with her friends and family. Will she get the outcome she’s hoping for? Meanwhile, Mick goes over old territory as he desperately tries to get Linda to believe that he loves her. Will she be reassured?

heart out to Bethany, who’s returned home. Bethany offers to pop to the hospital for news on George, but when Angie spots Mary in the car park, how will she react?

Monday When on a ‘date’ with Pete, Leyla is unable to tell him that she doesn’t want to be with him, especially after seeing the effort he has made for her. However, Tracy puts her foot in it, leaving Leyla mortified. Later, Leyla takes David by surprise by telling him that she loves him.


Friday 1st December 2017

Monday Max’s deception and his involvement with James Willmott-Brown has finally been exposed. Now facing a backlash from many of those around him, what’s next for Max? Will he cope with being left out in the cold? Meanwhile, the Mitchells and the Beales receive news that Ben has been taken to hospital. Phil is furious when he realises that Luke is to blame for what’s happened to Ben. Tuesday Luke gets a furious response from Kathy when he visits the café. Later on, Fi also comes to see Kathy and wants the truth about what happened between her and WillmottBrown all those years ago. Despite Kathy telling her everything, Meanwhile, Vincent is fixated on impressing Aidan, but

In the first episode of this two-part special, a new arrival in the form of Professor John Gaskell (Paul McGann) sets the wheels of change in motion at Holby City.

With all the focus on Gaskell, Sacha relays his concerns to Henrik that he should be focusing on Jac as she faces mounting pressure on her professional and personal life. However, Gaskell’s arrival and concerns for Jac both soon become overshadowed as Holby is plunged into darkness with the greatest threat the hospital has ever experienced. In the concluding episode (Thursday) Professor John Gaskell is caught in the middle of a shocking incident quickly unravelling on the hospital wards. Despite his suspension from Holby after the hearing, Ric manages to find his way into the chaotic hospital after desperate phone calls from Donna.

Elsewhere, Anna breaks down in Tim's arms.

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The Courier 350  

On the front page of this week's paper, we have an update on the Corvera airport saga and talk politics in San Fulgencio. Inside, other news...

The Courier 350  

On the front page of this week's paper, we have an update on the Corvera airport saga and talk politics in San Fulgencio. Inside, other news...