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Friday 1st December 2017


an Fulgencio’s six Partido Popular councillors have been ordered to quit their council portfolios by the regional PP executive by today (Friday) or face being expelled from the party. It’s the latest salvo in a row that has broken out since mayor Carlos Ramirez (pictured) was disbarred from public office by an Orihuela court last month over prevarication. It’s a ruling that he filed an appeal over on Wednesday, as he vehemently denies that he has done anything wrong over a series of grants to a local sports club. That appeals process means that the sentence is currently suspended. The Información newspaper reports that the six PP


councillors met with Ramirez on Tuesday, and they said the first thing they knew about any ultimatum was through the local media. Información said that the feelings were split as to whether the councillors should obey regional orders or continue to side with the mayor. They are said to have asked PP regional bosses for more time, and for the mayor’s appeal process to be allowed to be concluded before any further moves are made. Ramirez resigned from the Partido Popular on November 21st after being given an ultimatum to quit by the regional executive, but has so far remained as San Fulgencio’s mayor, and

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plans to continue in the post if he gets the necessary support in the council chamber. The PP councillors on San Fulgencio has so far

not moved against Ramirez, with the opposition PSOE and PIPN parties calling on the mayor to quit, and have accused the PP councillors of propping him up in power.



he tender to run Murcia’s Corvera Airport could be awarded to the sole bidder for the 25-yearfranchise this month, with flights starting to operate from the facility in the autumn of 2018. The report in the La Verdad newspaper suggests that AENA, who operate nearly all of Spain’s airports, including Alicante-Elche, have unsurprisingly passed all of the technical specification tests in their tender document, which has been scrutinised by a Murcia regional government committee. French company, Edeis, who run the facility at Castellón in the northern part of the Valencia region,

decided not to take their bid forward a few weeks ago, which left AENA as the sole applicant for the Corvera management contract. The Murcia government is now pouring over the business plan section of the bid, which again is expected to

be a mere formality, with the only remaining issue on the table being the timetable for the closure of the existing AENA facility at San Javier, and what compensation AENA have squeezed out of the authorities for shutting it down.

AENA have already pledged all the workers at San Javier a guaranteed transfer to Corvera, and with the summer flight schedules already declared, logic suggests that Corvera could be operational from November next year.


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Friday 1st December 2017

Kidnapping Trial Telephone

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Six people went on trial at Alicante Provincial Court in Elche on Monday over the kidnapping of a German man, who was held at his Torrevieja home for a fortnight in July last year. Prosecutors are calling for jail terms of up to six and a half years for illegal imprisonment and violent assault during the man's ordeal. The apartment owner allowed two of the suspects, a man and a woman, to stay with him for a few days, but after he told them to leave, they refused and locked him up in a room.

The man had been badly beaten up and had received little food or water during his two-week ordeal. The Guardia Civil went to where the German national was being held after receiving a call from his sister, and found him in his apartment, with one of his kidnappers next to him trying to prevent him from calling out for help. The victim was taken to Torrevieja hospital where he was treated for two broken ribs, a punctured lung, and bruising on his face and body.

Brugal Drags On

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Fifteen of the defendants were in public office at the time that the alleged offences took place. Prosecutors are calling for Lorente and Manuel Medina to face eight and 12 years, respectively, behind bars if they are convicted of fixing a rubbish disposal tender for the municipality. Thirty-four cases of civil liability are still being processed through the Orihuela courts.

Editorial Tuesday 12:00

It could be at least three years before oral evidence starts to be taken in the socalled Brugal corruption case, which involves six million euro of alleged bungs connected to the awarding of waste disposal contracts in Orihuela. There are 34 defendants including two ex-mayors of Orihuela, Mónica Lorente and José Manuel Medina (pictured together), as well businessman Ángel Fenoll.

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Boardwalk Go-Ahead Work will start in January on the long-delayed one point two million euro project to improve the boardwalk in Torrevieja between Punta Margalla and Avenida de las Habaneras. The project will see new paving, lighting, benches and play areas, but despite the tender being awarded at the end of 2015, nothing has happened since then, with some modifications made to the project. The delays have seen some heated exchanges between Torrevieja mayor José Manuel Dolón and Alicante Provincial Council, who are funding the majority of the work. Provincial Council vice-

president and ex-Torrevieja mayor, Eduardo Dolón, said that “after months of talks involving Torrevieja council and the tender winner, we have managed to unlock this project for the city of Torrevieja for an area

that sees a lot of pedestrians all year long”. The work is expected to take around three and a half months to complete, with the original budget upped by nearly 10 percent.

Obscene Hacker A Romanian man who hacked Wi-Fi networks belonging to his neighbours to download and distribute child pornography has been arrested by the National Police in Alicante Province. The arrest in Moraira was part of an international swoop which saw 63 people detained for exchanging files through a private Internet forum. The Romanian national was an active user of the forum, and was said to be an expert in computer science, as he used firewalls to try to avoid authorities from discovering where he was based, and resorted to

hacking Wi-Fi networks in his area. National Police officers raided his address, and discovered that only a few hours earlier he had tapped into a neighbour’s Wi-Fi account to access obscene

child abuse material. The National Police have sent out a warning to Wi-Fi account holders to use firewalls and to regularly update their software so as to make sure nobody hijacks their service.

Happy Holidays Two National Bank holidays are observed in Spain next week, and as they’re seperated by a Thursday, it means that a long holiday weekend is in prospect. This coming Wednesday December 6th is Constitution Day, which celebrates the day that Spain’s new constitution was agreed after the death of the dictator General Franco. Friday December 8th is

the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which celebrates the belief that Mary,

mother of Jesus, was preserved from original sin all of her life.

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A Tight Squeeze There was a happy ending for a little dog that got trapped in a five-metre pipe in the La Cárcel area of Orihuela City on Tuesday morning. Orihuela firefighters got a call just after 11.00 am from residents saying that they could hear a barking noise coming from some piping. The fire team was pressed into action and dismantled part of the pipe so that the dog could get out, after being apparently trapped in a curved area of the tubing.

The little animal was reunited with its owners,

Annette's Award

safe and sound, within an hour.

War On Rubbish Residents of the San Luis and El Chaparral areas of Torrevieja are to be encouraged to report dumping of garden waste and rubbish to the local police, as part of an initiative launched by the San Luis Neighbourhood Watch Association. The announcement was made at Monday’s Watch Association meeting, which saw the induction of Doug Allen as the group’s new president, and Torrevieja’s International Residents councillor Carmen Morate answering questions from the audience in San Luis. The meeting reached the

view that people dumping all kinds of rubbish in the area was a serious issue, and that a note would be made of offender’s car reg-

istration details, which would then be passed onto the police. They also called for more recycling containers and better road signs.

Almoradi Robbers

Three young Moroccan men and a 19-year-old Spanish woman have been charged with 15 counts of stealing from homes and cars in the Almoradi area. Two of the four were refused bail, after a court appearance. The Guardia Civil in Almoradi launched an operation after getting an

increase in reports of burglaries in the municipality, with two of the group being caught red-handed in the middle of a robbery. Investigations showed the quartet would strike at any time, and would steal anything that they could get their hands on, even if it was not worth a lot. More expensive items were then

sold for as much money as they could get. Two house searches saw the recovery of numerous stolen items, including the latest generation mobile phones; a laptop computer; watches; bicycles; and even an El Gordo lottery ticket. All the items have been returned to their owners.

It's A London Date!

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will meet with his UK equivalent, Theresa May, in London this coming Tuesday. As well as discussing bilateral relations between the UK and Spain, they will also review the progress made in Brexit talks with the EU. The day before, Spain's deputy prime minister, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría will meet with the EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, and discuss

topics such as why Brexit talks have stalled over Britain's divorce bill and what to do over the border between Ireland and

Northern Ireland. Sáenz de Santamaría heads up the inter-ministerial commission for monitoring Brexit.

Fundraiser for the Elche Children’s Care Home, Annette English, has been presented with the the British Empire Medal, which she was awarded in this year's Queen’s Birthday Honours. The BEM was handed over by the British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, for her services to child welfare. Annette, with her husband Dave, have been charity fundraisers for the last 13 years, and have spent a lot of their time raising aware-

ness about the home in a bid to improve the lives that the youngsters have there. Annette said:- “I feel very honoured to have received this award. Fundraising for the children keeps me active and I receive so much back from them! I want to give a special mention to my husband, Dave, without whose support none of this would have been possible. Never would I have imagined I would be receiving an award from the Queen.” Ambassador Simon Manley said, “I was delight-

ed to present the honour to Annette for her work. Her outstanding dedication and commitment to making others’ lives better is an inspiration.” “There are some 300,000 British residents in Spain, and there are many examples of how British people, like Annette, are working hand in hand with Spanish people in their local communities to improve the lives of others, a testimony to the strong people to people links between our two countries.”

Safe And Secure

Making the Pilar de la Horadada municipality a safer place to live in is the purpose of a new initiative launched by the local council called Un Pilar Seguro, with the emphasis on cutting crime and increase local security. Measures include the possible installation of road safety cameras, in addition to increasing the number of warning signs and making pedestrian crossings luminous, like in the recent case of the crossing by the municipal sports centre. In terms of fighting crime, the authority says that they are increasing night police patrols in Pilar, Pinar de Campoverde, and on the

coast, and they are encouraging residents to call the police if they see or hear anything that might be suspicious. Information campaigns are set to be launched, and

more police checkpoints are to be introduced to trap motorists over the drink and drug limit, as well as those that don't have the appropriate documentation or are not using seat belts.

Get It Sorted An Elche judge has told Torrevieja council to make substantial improvements to the Torretas III - Punta La Víbora urbanisation, some 33 years after it was built. The judge, though, has actually rejected a demand from the local residents association asking for a refund of nine million euro of taxes paid over the years to the authority. The one-thousand home urbanisation has been blighted by all kinds of problems down the decades with residents claiming poor

lighting, garbage collection, poor pavements and water

supplies in a laundry list of complaints.


Friday 1st December 2017

Towing Total

Torrevieja council will have to foot a bill of one point three million euro for a vehicle towing service provided to the previous Partido Popular administration between 1991 and 2008, with the chief of police saying 10 years ago that there was no bill to pay. Finance councillor José

Hurtado said that the current authority had been landed with an old unpaid bill which he says is hindering the authority in planning fresh investments for the area in the proposed 2018 budget. Hurtado said that the payment would have to come from the new budget and that his administration is

having to fork out six and a half million euro for what has happened in the past, when the coalition council was not in charge, having come to power in 2015. “I regret what the authority is having to pay out to ruling over the misjudgements of the Partido Popular for many years”, added the councillor.

Uncandid Camera 70 percent of Torrevieja’s municipal surveillance cameras don’t work, according to a claim made by a local police union representative. Jacobo Rodríguez of the Sipol union says that the Vyriato surveillance system is riddled with problems, and that only one Torrevieja officer has been trained to use a computer to identify and track down car registration plates. Rodriquez’s comments were prompted by a recent incident where a vehicle sped off from an alcohol and drug checkpoint, and the simple task of getting details about the car from the video cameras proved to be impossible, as the cameras were not working.

Torrevieja Hospital has taken away yet another award, being placed once again on the TOP 20 list, which is an annual ranking of Spain’s best private and public hospitals. In a Madrid ceremony, the public hospital run by the Ribera Salud group based in Valencia, was given a special award for having been in the TOP rankings for the last

five years, an award that has previously only been given to four other facilities in Spain. Torrevieja Hospital was highly ranked across all areas and clinical procedures, taking into account all the benchmark indicators over efficiency and quality. The TOP 20 is worked out by two committees made up of medics, clinics,

and health administrators, and is designed to encourage improvements to the health sector in Spain. Torrevieja Hospital bosses said that they were delighted to be in the prestigious TOP 20 list and saw the awards as a "recognition of the Valencian public health service, and the commitment of everybody that worked for it”.

Eyeball Account

Town Hall Dump

An ecopark allowing people to dispose of a variety of unwanted items is to be based permanently at Playa Flamenca, and was officially launched this week by Orihuela’s street cleaning councillor Dámaso Aparicio. Aparicio called on Orihuela Costa residents to make the most of the mobile ecopark, which has been revamped ahead of being placed in the Orihuela Costa town hall car park at Playa Flamenca. Orihuela council plans to publicise the facility through a special campaign and also leaflets that will be printed in English. The authority also wants people to make sure

Hospital Award

BBVA has become the first bank in Spain to allow customers to sign into their account details simply by looking at their page on their mobile phone. To use the retina-based login, account-holders need to have a Samsung mobile which is compatible with the BBVA's online banking App. Those who are able to take advantage of this pioneering technology will no longer need to keep replacing their passwords or becoming more and more creative in trying to beat hackers with complex combinations that then become hard for the user to remember. As well as protecting against passwords forgotten or hacked, the 'retina recognition' means accountholders are safe from their

funds being pillaged if they lose their mobiles, since only their own set of eyes can open up their bank details. The BBVA was also one of

the first banks in Spain to allow payment in shops by mobile phone, before 'contactless' debit and credit cards became widespread.

Airport Expansion

that they are dumping the right kind of rubbish at the ecopark, as some materials

have been deposited previously which are not allowed.

The Civil Aviation authority has opened a public consultation period over plans to buy more land to accommodate the increasing

number of planes using Alicante-Elche airport. Airport operator AENA say they need over 34,000 sq. m of extra land, which is mainly

used for farming. Alicante-Elche airport is set to record a record number of 14 million-plus passengers this year.


Catalans in Bruges

The fugitive leader of Catalunya's separatist movement has launched his campaign for this month's Catalan regional elections from Belgium, where he is awaiting extradition. Carles Puigdemont, who wants to be re-elected as regional president, launched Together for Catalunya in Bruges last weekend, with 90 of his candidates travelling to Belgium for the launch. Puigdemont and four former members of his government fled to Belgium following a declaration of independence by Catalunya's parliament on October 27th and a swift crackdown by national authorities, which included firing his government and calling regional elections for December 21st. His extradition could take

several weeks or longer, meaning he can run his campaign from abroad. He faces arrest if he returns to Spain. It is expected that Puigdemont and his campaign will focus on the claim that he and his colleagues are "political prisoners" in an effort to evoke sympathy among voters. An opinion poll though published in the El Pais newspaper on Monday shows only a quarter of those questioned wanting a break from Spain. Just 24 percent of those polled by Metroscopia said they would like to continue with the independence process after the elections, whereas 71 percent said they would prefer politicians to find an agreement based on Catalunya staying part of Spain.

Pro-independence parties may fail to retain an absolute majority of seats in the Catalan parliament in next month’s election, the first part of the poll published on Sunday showed. However, the survey’s margin of error at 2.4 percent and the fact support was evenly split between the two sides makes reading conclusions from polls difficult. The telephone poll surveyed 1,800 Catalans between November 20nd and November 22nd. Catalan separatist parties are forecast to win 46 percent of the vote, down slightly from 47.7 percent in a previous election in 2015. Unionist parties combined would account for another 46 percent of votes, up from less than 40 percent last time, according to the Metroscopia poll.

Chinese Consequence

Big demand from China is forcing up the cost for one of Spain’s tastiest treats, Iberian ham, with domestic prices rising by 10 percent according to a report in the El Pais newspaper. China's insatiable appetite for pork means wealthy consumers are finding new, high-quality cuts to sink their teeth into. Because Iberian ham takes years to produce, demand is now threatening to outstrip supply. According to El País, the priciest ham on the market, jamon iberico de bellota, which comes from pigs that only eat acorns during the final few months before they

are slaughtered, is the most in demand jamon in China. It is cured for 36 months – longer than other types of Iberian ham. The lack of supply and heightened demand means people in Spain are paying around 10 percent more for their jamón ibérico. A full leg can cost between 300 euro and 500 euro, so a 10 percent hike can add an extra 50 euro to the bill. René Lemeé, export director of Cinco Jotas told El País that China was now the largest market for Iberian ham abroad: "The economic crisis in Spain was an incentive for tourists

to visit the country, and that allowed many people to meet and fall in love with ham." But Spain cannot produce enough jamón because not only are there relatively small areas of dehesa, the land on which Iberian pigs graze, as each animal needs at least two hectares to themselves. Roberto Batres, director of Shanghai de Delaiberia Gold, said: "In Spain, the price will go up. There are a score of companies that are approved to sell in China and they do not have enough bellota ham to meet Chinese demand."



Friday 1st December 2017


Back Up Plan

Spain's Deputy Minister for European Affairs, Jorge Toledo, has vowed to secure an aviation deal with the UK in case of widespread disruption to air travel after the UK leaves the European Union, and if not Brexit accords are struck. He said in the event a UKEU aviation deal does not come through, Spain would have its own plan to ensure British tourists are still able to fly in after Brexit.

Mr Toledo said:- “If there isn’t an agreement, then we will have a plan B ready. It would be necessary to work on a European solution but also on a national-based solution.” He said Spain has around four months to put in place a back-up plan because airlines tend to make their flight plans one year in advance. He did not expand on what this plan B would actually be.

Good To Talk

Ryanair pilots in Spain have joined calls on the airline and its chief executive, Michael O’Leary, to begin talks with representatives of a group seeking to negotiate new collective agreements with the company. A European Employee Representative Council is campaigning to negotiate on behalf of Ryanair’s 4,000plus pilots with the support of unions in countries where the airline operates. A letter sent to Mr O’Leary and other executives names the pilots on the Ryanair

Company Council in Spain and urges Ryanair to enter talks with the EERC. The letter, from Spanish pilots’ union Selpa, says with that organisation’s support, the individuals will negotiate a collective agreement with Ryanair. It follows a number of similar messages from Irish, Swedish and Italian pilots last week. In response, Ryanair said: “This worthless letter from competitor pilot unions has no validity and is ignored by both Ryanair and our pilots."

Risky Rescue

Two firefighters in the southern city of Sevilla risked their own lives at the weekend by clambering up to a precarious steel girder above a busy road without safety harnesses to rescue a woman. Locals in the area called the emergency services after spotting the woman climbing a security barrier, putting herself in inexplicable danger on the 15-inch girder,

near an underpass in Sevilla. The two firefighters inched towards the woman, who was 30 feet above ground level before grabbing her and bringing her to safety. The men talked to her to comfort her after putting their arms round her to stop her falling, and she was described as being 'disorientated' when she was rescued.


Friday 1st December 2017

NO Walking Santas This Sunday´s eighth Santa Walk around La Zenia, organised by the cancer charity fundraisers Maria and the Pink Ladies and Panthers, has been cancelled at the last minute. In a statement, a spokesperson said, "Maria is absolutely heartbroken that the annual Santa walk will not go ahead this Sunday because of the supposed lack of police. She feels very strongly about what has happened and has asked if you can let the people of Orihuela Costa now what we are up against as a charity." The statement continued to state how "Orihuela strikes again and treats the Coast as the poor relations. The annual Santa Run held at Zenia Boulevard and the streets of Playa Flamenca, always held on the 1st Sunday of December has been blocked by the town hall, apparently due to the shortage of police.

“The license was applied by Maria and the Pink Ladies on behalf of AECC on October 2017 as has been the case for the past 5 years. Maria was notified by Orihuela Costa town hall 3 days ago that the walk could not go ahead. The event has been advertised for 2 months, people of the coast had paid 5 € to register for the walk, as they always do. This helps raise funds for an evil disease that affects most of us. Not only funds are raised but items are collected for Reach Out and help the homeless and toiletries for the young people from Elche Children´s home. So, Congratulations Orihuela, you have stabbed 3 local charities in the back.

I don´t suppose for one minute, that events arranged next Wednesday in the town of Orihuela will be short of the Police presence as it´s Spanish Constitution Day. BUT, Maria and the Pink Ladies will not be defeated by bureaucracy in their fight against cancer. They are going to turn this Sunday´s walk into a Christmas party at the Boulevard midday. Sunshine Radio, Spangles Choir singing Christmas carols and hopefully a few other entertainers will be there. Get yourselves down there at Zenia Boulevard in your Santa suits or your fun Christmas jumper and show the bureaucrats of Orihuela that the Coast will not be bullied into submission."

Successful Fair

Almost four thousand euro was raised at the recent HELP Vega Baja association Christmas Fayre that was staged in La Zenia. The total was boosted

by a big raffle, and all the money will be used for the HELP Christmas Appeal to help local people in need get gifts and fresh food for the holiday season.

Details of the drop off sites for gifts are available on the HELP Vega Baja Facebook page or by phoning the association’s centre in San Miguel de Salinas.

Christmas Cantabile

Rascals Return The Rascals are going around the area again this year performing their Christmas Sing-a-longs at three venues in December. This year, the group will be supporting the Butterfly Children at their La Marina date, in addition to the Elche Childrens Home and the Mattress Appeal for the San Jose Obrero Orphanage. The venues will be Carmen’s Bar at Urb. La Siesta, in Torrevieja on Wednesday 6 December, starting at 2.00 pm; San Luis square in Torrevieja at 2.00 pm on Saturday 9

December, and Consum Square in La Marina on Thursday 14 December, beginning at 6.00 pm. The group is pictured presenting a 350-euro cheque raised for the Butterfly Children in memory of Vincento Antonio Mansi who joined the Rascals 14 years

ago. In his memory, Terry Roebuck made a CD of the songs he sang in the shows in aid of local charities. In addition, his wife Sheila was presented with the amount, which she decided to give to the Butterfly Children charity.

The Cantabile Ladies Choir will be staging two performances of their Christmas concert “Joy To The World”, with the first one being this evening at the Centro Rural de Algorfa (The Old Railway Station), on the Montebello urbanisa-

Seasonal Music

Thieves At The Ready After this year’s success of Sleeping Beauty, which raised thousand of euros for local charities, the Rojales Pantomime Group (pictured in January) are now turning their attention to their 2018 show, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. This new version of Ali Baba has all the fun of a traditional pantomime; a hissable villain; a couple of knockabout comics; a pair of dishy lovers; a slightly dimwitted prince; a larger than life dame; and a camel called Charlie! The panto will be the perfect treat for all the family, with the choreography pro-

duced by Paris Brumitt from Essence Dance and Fitness. The show will be staged at the Escuela de Musica y Cultura in Los Montesinos between on Thursday January 11th and Friday January 12th, with curtainup at 7.30 pm, with a Saturday matinee on the 13th at 2.30 pm. Tickets cost seven euro for adults and five euro for children, and can be bought from a variety of outlets, with proceeds again going to local charities. They also be reserved by calling Christine on 678 212 034 or email

The annual Christmas concert staged by the In Harmony chorus under the baton of Nigel Hopkins will take place on Sunday December 10th at La Zenia church, starting at 7.30 pm. This year's concert will feature the Christmas music from Handel's Messiah, which has thrilled audiences for more than two and a half centuries. Included in this year’s seasonal celebration will be

a number of Christmas songs and carols heard in the best cathedrals around the world, and will include many traditional carols which the audience can join in with. Tickets are 10 euro each, and are available only from La Ponderosa Gift Shop at La Zenia C.C. (next to Consum), with the choir making a major donation from the concert proceeds to La Zenia church.

AT YOUR SERVICE We’d love details of your charity events, amateur dramatics, and choral concerts! The Courier would love to hear from you as we gear up for another busy autumn across the Costa Blanca and Mar Menor. Send you snippets and photographs to thecourier@tko media.

tion, Algorfa at 6.00 pm. The second concert will be on Thursday December 14th at 3.00 pm in Los Balcones Church, Torrevieja. Entrance to both concerts is free, but there will be a voluntary collection at the

end. Many of the carols may be unfamiliar, as the Torreviejabased choir is looking to perform some melodic offerings, which will offer a change from the traditional songs. Everybody is welcome.

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Friday 1st December 2017

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Women's Protest

Thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid on Saturday to protest violence against women, just as national media attention is focused on a trial over an alleged gang rape. Shouting "We're not scared," they marched in the capital on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. At least 45 women have been killed in Spain so far this year by their partner or ex-partner, according to the government's gender

violence department. Protesters held signs reading "how many more must die," shouting "they're not deaths, they're murders." It also coincided with the trial of five men accused of gang raping a woman, then aged 18, in July 2016 during the Pamplona bull-running festival. The men, aged 27 to 29, allegedly filmed the rape and then bragged about it on a WhatsApp messaging group where they referred to themselves as "La Manada", or "The Pack" in English.

Public prosecutors have asked that the five be sentenced to 22 years in prison each. The group of men say the woman consented to the sexual encounter but have admitted to stealing her mobile phone. The judge's decision to admit as evidence details about the victim's private life gathered by a private detective -- including her presence at a party a few days after the alleged rape - has added to anger over the case.

Ungodly Dispute

A priest in Northern Spain is refusing to say mass in part of his parish, because he says that he's fed up with his parishioners after a row over the state of cemetery, which he ended up shutting. Father Luis Manuel González works in the parish of Albeos in the village of Crecente in Pontevedra province, and caused a stir last month on All Saints' Day, when he shut the cemetery on a day when

people traditionally go to tend to their loved ones' graves. According to the priest, none of the locals had paid their cemetery tax, which comes in at three euros per annum, and had not bothered to look after the graves and niches for a year. They were generally in very neglected state and with dead flowers not replaced. Father Luis Manuel's actions caused uproar in the village, but nobody was

willing to pay their annual tax or clean up their relatives' niches to solve the problem. The priest was told by the Diocese that he was not allowed to shut the graveyard, but after being forced to reopen it, he went on strike and has left the population of Crecente without their usual evening mass. He still gives mass in all the other parishes in the area, but has refused to do so in Albeos.


By Richard Samuels, International Financial Adviser, Blacktower Financial Management

Last Wednesday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, delivered his speech and announced the Autumn Budget for 2017.

pension. The full new (2016) state pension will also be increased by the triple lock, rising by £4.80 per week. The ISA annual subscription limit for 2018/19 will remain unchanged at £20,000. The annual subscription limit for Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds for 2018/19 will be increased in line with CPI to £4,260. However, it is important to note that this is unavailable for non-UK tax residents.

Notably, this time there was little that directly affects expats, with much of the focus being on the UK housing market - with a surprise announcement about Stamp Duty. Stamp Duty was removed for first time buyers on properties with a purchase price of up to £300.000. For properties up to £500,000 (arguably a more realistic level in London and parts of the South East) the rate will be 5% on the portion between £300,000 and £500,000. This takes immediate effect and means that on a purchase price of £300,000, a first-time buyer could save around £5,000. The average purchase cost of a first-time buyer property across the country is £208,000 saving around £1,660 – meaning good news for potential home-owners. There will be no reductions for properties with a purchase price inexcess of £500,000 even for first-time buyers, with the definition of a first-time buyer in this case still unchanged from previous legislation. Defined as: someone who has never owned any property before and who is purchasing their only or main residence. Residential property anywhere in the world is counted when determining whether someone is a first-time buyer. Where there are joint purchasers, all purchasers would need to be first-time buyers.

or have their pensions taxed in the UK.Importantly, there has not yet been a mention of reducing this for people who are not UK tax resident. The higher-rate tax threshold will increase to £46,350 for the tax year 2018/19. There is also reference within documentation to how UK property owned by non-resident companies will be taxed in respect of how both income and certain gains are taxed. It is understood that there are significant numbers of people who have set up offshore companies and transferred property ownership to them to reduce tax liabilities. From April 2020, income that non-resident companies receive from UK property will be chargeable to corporation tax as opposed to income tax.

Expats resident in Spain are not allowed to open new ISA’s or add to existing ones as nonUK tax residents. However, Expat investors can take advantage of a similar savings vehicle known as a Spanish Compliant Bond. Crucially, with a Spanish Compliant Bond there is no annual subscription limit. As with an ISA they offer tax-free growth, and tax efficient withdrawals whereby you are only taxed on the profit element of any withdrawal. If you would like advice on any of the above or would be interested in a review of your finances, you can contact me on

For further information contact: Richard Samuels, International Financial Adviser, Blacktower Financial Management (International) Ltd M: 692 352 156 or E:

Here are some of the changes that may affect you if are a Spanish resident or planning to become a permanent resident here:

No change to the Inheritance Tax allowance which remains at £325,000 year and the gift allowances are also unchanged.

The above information was correct at the time of preparation and does not constitute investment advice and you should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity.

There have been changes to income tax in line with inflation, with The Personal Allowance threshold increasing from £11,850 from April 2018. The plan to increase it to £12,500 by 2020 was reiterated. Everyone and anyone is eligible for the Personal Allowance, whether resident in the UK or overseas, so it is particularly relevant to people who own and let property

The basic state pension will be increased by the triple lock. The rise in April 2018 will be 3% - a cash increase of £3.65 per week for the full basic state pension. The benefits of the triple lock increase will also be passed on to the poorest pensioners through an increase to the standard minimum guarantee in pension credit to match the cash rise in the basic state

Blacktower Financial Management Ltd is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV. Blacktower Financial Management (Int) Ltd is licensed in Gibraltar by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and is registered with both the DGS and CNMV in Spain.



Friday 1st December 2017

Adoption Corner

Be The Leader Of The Pack

BLANCA Blanca is a pointer/Staffy cross breed who is looking for her forever home and is aged about eight years. Blanca mixes really well with other dogs and likes people. She is an obedient dog who is very intelligent and has an amazing personality, and has been spayed. If you would like to adopt this lovely lady, then please get in touch with the K9 Club by calling 600 845 420 to learn more about her.

DECKER Decker is an energetic and clever dog that came into the SAT kennels in 2014 as an eight week old puppy, and was adopted, but sadly his owner had a stroke. He is just over three years old, and plays well with his kennel mates, but sometimes can be a little dominant. Decker loves to play fetch with a toy and walks well on the lead and is an intelligent boy who learns very quickly. For more about him, please contact the kennels in Dolores on 966 710 047 or email

We’re back with more advice this week to help you get the perfect walk with your dog. We’ve got your furry friend all nice and calm in last week’s article to get ready to go outdoors, and now it’s time to go walkies! As leader, you should go first. In a pack situation, that's the leader's job, so they can check it's safe for everyone else to follow. By letting your dog go first, you're giving him the job of leader and asking him to check that it's safe for you to go out. So this is something else that needs practise, until the movement is smooth and natural - not forced by a lot of pulling and commands to sit, wait etc. Start by opening the door a fraction. As soon as your dog moves forward, pull him back and close the door. You should be able to gradually open the door further and further each time. If you're opening the door on to a secure garden, you could do this without a lead and when the dog dashes forward out of the door, you simply close the door behind him so he's outside on his own. What you're aiming for is for your dog to automatically hang back in the doorway until you have gone through the door first.

LEAH & SOX Beautiful Leah and Sox are four month old sisters who are devoted to each other. They were abandoned in July in a supermarket basket, when they were four weeks old. Living in a foster home, they are fully vaccinated and neutered. It would be wonderful if someone looking for two kittens to grow up together could give them a loving home. To arrange to meet the sisters, please call the APAH charity on 630 422 563 or 616 210 850.


Nemo is about two years old and is very laid back and has a lovely disposition. He gets on very well with the other dogs that he is with and he is fine with cats. Nemo is now ready to move on to a home of his own, and is very loving and easy to look after. He would fit into any home style. For more about Nemo, please phone PEPA on 650 304 746 or email

With all this preparation, it could easily be several days before you're ready to venture outside. The next challenge may be the dog pulling on the lead. This is the dog trying to lead the walk (or the "hunt" as they see it) with you just tagging along behind. Even with a small dog or a puppy, this should not be tolerated. There are numerous gadgets available to "cure" pulling but what they really do is lull you into a false sense of security that you've fixed the problem. You haven't. You may even be physically hurting your dog. And take the gadget away and you'll be back at square one.

NOAH Noah is a beautiful 15 month old dog, who is very good with other dogs and cats. He is a very affectionate dog and loves having cuddles. Noah likes to play, and is very sociable after gaining confidence after not being handled much prior to his rescue. For more information on Noah please telephone P.E.P.A. on 650 304 746 or email

Instead of a quick fix, work on a permanent solution. Convince your dog that you are in charge of the walk and you will lead it, not him. This can be a very repetitive exercise but well worth sticking with for that permanent fix. Every time your dog starts to pull, stop and wait for him to relax again before walking the next step. Or stop and change direction by turning right or left, or stepping backwards. The emphasis here is not on pulling the dog's head around or "checking" the lead with a jerking movement. You stop first so that you avoid this. You are showing your dog that you are choosing the direction and pace of the walk. Once again, you should be looking for very gradual progress, literally one or two steps at a time to begin with. Build up the distance slowly, don't rush into going too far too soon. When your dog looks at you, looking for direction and what's happening next, praise him: he's finally focussing on you instead of charging ahead and dragging you along behind him. You can practise this in the house and in the garden before going outside, even a small space will do as you can walk in circles if necessary. It doesn't matter whether your dog walks next to you, slightly ahead or slightly behind, as long as the lead is relaxed. The key to these repetitive exercises is consistency, persistence and patience. Your dog will only learn what is expected of him if you follow through. As soon as you give up and go back to what you were doing before putting the lead on when your dog is jumping up and allowing him to pull, you will undo anything you've already achieved and prove to your dog that you're not in charge and he can just continue as before. Next week we’ll look at what excites or worries your dog when you are going for a walk.

PATCH Patch is a wonderful one year old Bodeguero dog who was found wandering near a busy road recently. He is a fantastic little boy in his foster home, house- trained, very loving and good with the other dogs. Patch weighs in just seven kilos and is very obedient, and is now ready for his forever home. For more details, call Pets in Spain on 645 469 253.

Get Involved with The Courier's Christmas Pet Food Campaign It's coming up to that time of year when we make an extra special effort in helping those that are less fortunate than ourselves. And this year is no exception. This Christmas, The Courier and TKO Radio will be focusing on homeless pets, including supporting the excellent work that the volunteers at Happy Animales Spanien located at the Finca San Miguel de Salinas do. Happy Animales Spanien is an animal sanctuary that looks after and homes around 50 animals. Over the next few weeks, we will be collecting nonperishable pet food in all shapes and forms. If you would like to help us in this Christmas campaign, you can do so by donating a tin of dog or cat food, biscuits or even treats and dropping them off to one of our three local drop-off points, which are located at: TKO Towers at Calle Los Arcos, 17 in Quesada The Computer Shop at Plaza Tolosa, 4, in San Luis Square, Torrevieja Easybuy Properties at Avenida de la Mancha, 29b, Aguas Nuevas, Torrevieja Thank you in advance to all those who get involved.



Friday 1st December 2017

A Dangerous Turn Three people were taken to hospital after a collision between two vehicles on Saturday evening on the N340 in the Cox area, caused by a U-turn. Firefighters from Almoradi, Orihuela, and Crevillente were pressed into action, with the five occupants of one of the cars having to be released by them. That particular car was involved in a dangerous Uturn manoeuvre which caused it to collide head-on with the other vehicle. Three of those trapped were taken to the Vega Baja

Hospital, with one of them suffering a head wound and

Detecting Drugs

was later transferred to Alicante General Hospital.

Better Parking Increased car parking spaces are being provided to solve some of the summer time congestion problems encountered by visitors to the Cabo de Santa Pola. The plan from Santa Pola council is to have a total of five car parks, with a new area featuring forty spaces having just been built, along with a shaded picnic area, plus new signage. The total parking capacity will be for 500 cars around the Cabo area, and measures are planned to be put

into place to limit access and congestion at peak


A new machine that measures the amount of drugs taken by a motorist is being used by Torrevieja local police at random stops. The comprehensive piece of kit, with a meter display, can detect a variety of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and

methamphetamines as well as psychotropic drugs and medications. Ten officers have already been trained to use the equipment, with six more slated for the next training session. The machine will be used after an alcohol blood test is

taken, with two swabs of saliva being used to determine if there are any drugs in the driver’s body. Minimum fines of a thousand euros will apply, with excess alcohol and drug taking being the major cause of road accidents in Spain.


Farmyard Felons

Two Spaniards aged 25 and 30 have been arrested by the Guardia Civil's rural crime unit, based in Torrevieja, on charges of stealing from farms in the Vega Baja area. The men were detained in AlmoradĂ­ and in the Oriheula area village of San BartolomĂŠ and are accused of nine counts or robbery,

including using a stolen vehicle to take away a dozen small pigs, plus agricultural machinery and copper wire worth around seven and a half thousand euro. The car was so full in that particular incident, that they merely dumped what they had stolen from another farm, and put the new items in it.

Potential robbery targets were monitored for a period of time, and then the thieves would strike at night, breaking down fences and gates, and removing padlocks and any other security devices. One man was let out on bail, whilst the other man has been placed into custody following his court appearance.

Not Good Enough

Half of Spain's towns and villages do not have a single bank branch or cashpoint, according to a report by the Independent Force Employment Federation (FINE), the largest financial services union in Spain. FINE says the reduction in banking employees and branch closures 'cannot be justified or explained' by the rise in internet banking over the last decade, since it is not widespread enough to account for so many shut-

downs and redundancies, the report claims. As a result of these branch closures, fifty percent of municipalities in Spain, namely small villages and in rural areas, have no banking services whatsoever, not even a cashpoint machine, claims the FINE union. Card payments are still not widely enough accepted for customers to live cashfree – although the centrist Ciudadanos political party

wants to make it compulsory for all businesses to accept card payments for goods and services of 10 euro or more. Many banks still require customers to visit in person to carry out certain transactions, rather than allowing them to do so online. And in some of the more remote parts of Spain, internet access is not even available as it is not economically viable for telecoms companies.


Friday 1st December 2017

Unflinching Examiners

Driving test examiners have warned their strikes will continue throughout this month, after talks between their union and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) failed to make progress. Examiners want a pay increase in the form of an added bonus as 'danger money', in light of the risks they face that office staff do not, and for more testers to be taken on so they do not have to double up in two or more catchment areas to try to keep up with demand. So far, over 193 thousand tests across Spain have

been cancelled since the strikes began in June, with Alicante Province tests falling by 40 percent this year. Whilst the driving examiner union, ASEXTRA, spoke of 'disloyalty, lack of respect and lack of consideration' towards its members from DGT boss Gregorio Serrano, the latter says the situation has reached 'the end of the line' thanks to the examiners having 'zero intention of meeting halfway'. Serrano says if the strike continues, he will order

compulsory minimum services of 50 percent whilst seeking to employ more workers, whilst ASEXTRA says it will take court action if the DGT takes this course. The union says driving tests do not constitute an 'essential service', in the same way as transport or security, and therefore its members are not obliged to comply with 'minimum services' requirements. At present, two-thirds of examiners are taking part in the strikes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.

It’s A Big Bust

More than three hundred kilograms of heroin have been seized in one of Spain’s largest-ever drug busts. The haul was worth some 120 million euro. 263 kilos of the high-purity heroin was discovered at the port of Barcelona, hidden inside a shipment of cement that had been sent from Turkey, according to

Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido. The rest was found in the residences of four suspects who were detained as part of the police operation and during an attempted transaction that went wrong. The four include two Dominicans, an Ecuadorian and a Spaniard between the ages of 30 and 45. All have

been charged with drug trafficking. The haul was "one of the biggest seizures of heroin ever carried out in Spain in a single intervention," the interior ministry said. In a single seizure, the National Police have surpassed the 253 kilogramtotal discovered by authorities last year.

New Look Roads Callosa de Segura council has put up over 20 new road name plates in the municipality to make life easier for visitors, especially in the service industries like power and phones, to work out exactly where they are. Council officers and the local police identified where the replacements were needed, with the old signs either being vandalised, stolen, or just having deteriorated over a period of time.

Keeping A Watch

Guardamar del Segura’s local police officers have been given special training over being able to spot things that might be wrong with foreign-registered cars using the municipality’s

roads. Security councillor Ana Martinez said that officers have been shown how to detect fake registration documents; bogus insurance papers and ITV certificates.

Around thirty officers were put through their paces over the three-day course, which took place this week after being launched on Monday by Guardamar mayor José Luis Saez.




Friday 1st December 2017

Online GP consultation 'of limited use', study finds Online consultations may not be the key to reducing doctors' workload and cutting patient waiting time, a health service study has found. But researchers say evidence from a pilot shows the use and effectiveness of it is "limited". eConsult said it had implemented recommendations from the research following a 15-month pilot. The National Institute for Health Research-funded study evaluated eConsult where patients can submit their symptoms to a GP electronically - which was piloted in 36 GP practices in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

It discovered 38% of the online consultations led to a face-to-face contact and a further 32% led to a phone consultation. The study, which was carried out by academics at the University of Bristol, also found usage was low at two online consultations per 1,000 patients. It said usage was lowest out of hours, especially at the weekend. Repeat prescriptions Dr Jeremy Horwood, from the University of Bristol's Centre for Academic Primary Care, said the research concluded any practice's plan to move to electronic consultation needed to be "carefully

implemented and effectively marketed". "Online consultations may have value for some patients, such as straightfor-

ward medical enquiries, but they cannot replace face-toface consultations in situations which are more complex," he said.

The most common reason for an online consultation was for administrative reasons such as requesting "fit notes" or repeat prescriptions, followed by infections or back or knee pain issues. Most patients said they valued the eConsult system and clinicians said it worked best for "simple and routine inquiries" they could respond to without the need for a face-to-face or telephone follow up. The research has been published in the medical journal BMJ Open and the British Journal of General Practice. Dr Murray Ellender, CEO of eConsult, said it had made changes including allowing patients to consult for multi-

ple symptoms for both new and existing conditions. He added this included allowing photo uploads, the ability to nominate a GP, simplifying language and additional long-term condition content. A NHS England spokesman said: "A number of practices are already running online consultations and have found them to offer both patients and GPs a quicker, more convenient option than face-to-face appointments in the surgery. "This is why we have committed ÂŁ45m over the following three years to give every practice across the country the chance to offer online consultations," he added.

Don't ever let houseflies sit on your food, new study confirms Houseflies might be depositing diseases onto your food right now, a study has warned. The animals carry hundreds of different species of bacteria, and might help that spread between humans, according to a new study. And it is carried when they land on poo and other disgusting organic matter that is then carried onto your food, the scientists specu-

late. The news might not come as a surprise to anyone who's batted houseflies away from a lunch while it's waiting on the kitchen counter. But it shows that behaviour is scientifically verified, and that it's a good idea to keep them away. The researchers warn not to eat food that has been sitting out, or to eat picnics in busy urban environments

that might encourage flies to land on their food. They have also mapped the exact microbiomes on 116 houseflies and blowflies from three different continents, allowing them to find out just what diseases they might be spreading. "We believe that this may show a mechanism for pathogen transmission that has been overlooked by public health officials," said

Donald Bryant, Ernest C Pollard Professor of Biotechnology at Penn State University. Researchers also investigated the microbes on individual fly body parts including legs and wings, according to Stephan Schuster, research director at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. A fly's legs appear to transfer the most microbial con-

tent from one surface to another, he said. Flies probably pick up the bacteria from faeces and decaying organic matter which they use to nurture their young, the study indicated. Scientists found 15 instances of the human pathogen Helicobacter pylori - which causes ulcers in the human gut - on Brazilian blowflies. "It will really make you think

twice about eating that potato salad that's been sitting out at your next picnic," Mr Bryant said. "It might be better to have that picnic in the woods, far away from urban environments, not a central park." The study did suggest, however, that flies could help human society by serving as living "drones" or acting as early warning systems for disease.



7 MINERALS AND VITAMINS THAT BOOST IMMUNITY Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 is important for producing antibodies. These are stand-by immune proteins that neutralise harmful microbes. The richest sources of B6 are pistachios, avocado, turkey meat, sesame seeds, blackstrap molasses and tuna. Vitamin C Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals that cause damage to cells. Studies show that Vitamin C concentrates in immune cells and helps neutralize free radicals. Without this intervention, free radicals can cause damage by shortening the immune cells’ lifespans and preventing them from protecting the body against infections, allergies and cancer cells.

"Avatar therapy 'reduces power of schizophrenia voices'," say reports. The headline is prompted by a study where people with schizophrenia received a new type of treatment to help them reduce the effect of auditory hallucinations. Symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations, confused thinking and thoughts that are not based

Vitamin D Like Vitamin C, Vitamin D is critical for the immune system. Studies show that white blood cells store Vitamin D and then use it to destroy bacteria, such as tuberculosis bacteria. Studies show that T cells, which are the body’s primary defence cells, have the capacity to destroy a range of harmful viruses. T cells are activated by Vitamin D and require it to remain healthy and perform their function. Vitamin D is also known to regulate cell growth and stop the spread of abnormal cancer cells. Studies show that women with low levels of Vitamin D are five times more likely to suffer from cancer than women with normal blood vitamin D levels.

The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight, and only about 15 - 20 minutes of summer sun is required to receive the necessary daily dose of Vitamin D. Its importance was officially recognised in the United Kingdom recently, when the government officially recommended that the public take a supplement during the winter months. Vitamin E

Studies show that when Vitamin E is deficient, all the parameters that register immune function trends downwards. Vitamin E is particularly useful for promoting the maturation of T lymphocytes which are a type of white cells that help the body fight infections and cancer cells. Vitamin E is crucial in elderly people because immune cells that regulate cellular immunity,

such as T lymphocytes, decrease in old age. Good dietary sources of Vitamin E are: almonds, spinach, avocado, sweet potatoes, palm oil and butternut squash. Zinc Zinc is crucial for many aspects of the immune system. It is vital for the development of the innate immune system. This is the fast-acting immune system that kicks in within a few minutes of an infection and helps the production of immune cells such as leucocytes, basophils, eosinophils. Zinc is key for the maturity of Macrophages. These are large cells that consume bad pathogens. Zinc is also important for the production of chemicals called cytokines, which also play a

Computer-based treatment helps people with schizophrenia in reality (delusions). This trial involved 150 people in the UK with schizophrenia or related psychosis conditions who experienced auditory hallucinations in the form of hearing voices. This is a widespread symptom in people who have schizophrenia. Half of the participants were given conventional talking therapy sessions

("supportive counselling"). The other half received a treatment which involved creating a computerised face ("avatar") to represent the voice they were hearing. The therapist then worked with them to challenge the avatar, in an attempt to reduce the influence it was having. After 12 weeks, the people in the avatar-based ther-

apy group showed a greater improvement in their symptoms than those receiving conventional therapy. But it’s difficult to say how much of a difference this improvement would make to the person's daily life without further research. At 24 weeks there was, however, no longer any greater benefit for the group having the avatar-based

therapy compared to the control group. This is a promising piece of research into an innovative treatment.

key role in improving immune system. Dietary sources include: pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, and garlic. Selenium Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and enhances the function of Vitamin E. As an antioxidant, selenium neutralises the harmful toxins that damage the immune system. Selenium is also key for the activation, proliferation and maturation of the immune system. Dietary sources include: brazil nuts, salmon, cod, and turkey. Call 965 071 745, 966 189 074 for a Full Body Diagnostic Scan. For more information visit

by James Curry

The next step will be to see if the benefits are still found when the therapy is trialled in more people at other centres.


Food & Drink

Friday 1st December 2017

Penang Prawn & Pineapple Curry

Ingredients For the toasted coconut 100g fresh coconut flesh 2 tsp sunflower oil For the curry thumb-sized piece ginger, peeled 6 garlic cloves, peeled 50g mild curry powder 100ml sunflower oil 7 curry leaves 1 cinnamon stick 1 star anise 3 cardamom pods 6 cloves 6 shallots, thinly sliced lengthways 3 tbsp tamarind paste 1 pineapple, peeled, cored and cut into chunks

1 tbsp palm sugar or soft brown sugar 400ml can full-fat thick coconut milk 24 large raw king prawns, peeled handful coriander leaves and cooked white or brown rice, to serve Method Finely grate the coconut, then toast slowly in a wok, stirring until evenly dark brown (it will start to smell very strong, but it will work a treat). While it’s still warm, pound to a paste with the sunflower oil using a pestle and mortar until it looks like smooth peanut butter. Set aside. Finely grate or pound the ginger and garlic together using a pestle and mortar. Make a loose curry paste by adding 150ml water to the curry powder. Heat the oil in the wok until it’s just starting to smoke, then throw in the curry leaves, cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamom pods and

cloves and cook for 1 min until fragrant. Add the shallots and ginger and garlic paste, cook for around 7 mins until softened and starting to brown, then add the curry powder paste. This is the most important part of making the curry. Ideally, cook over a very low heat and wait until the oil separates and bubbles over the paste. Scrape the bottom of the pan occasionally to remove the crust. When the oil has come to the top, add the tamarind paste, pineapple and sugar. Pour in the coconut milk. When the mixture starts boiling, add the prawns and return to the boil, then stir through the toasted coconut. Season the curry with salt, scatter over the coriander and serve with rice. Prep: 25 Mins Cook: 40 Mins Serves: 8

Marshmallows Ingredients 3 large egg whites 13 leaves of gelatine 700g white caster sugar 1 ½ tbsp liquid glucose 1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped sunflower oil for the tin For dusting 100g icing sugar 4 tbsp cornflour Method Whisk the egg whites in a large heat proof bowl using electric beaters. Whisk until soft peaks form then set aside. Put the gelatine in a deep bowl or jug and cover with 200ml cold water to soften.

Put the caster sugar, liquid glucose and 300ml water in a large, high-sided saucepan. Cook over a medium-high heat until the mixture reaches 130C on a sugar thermometer. Be very careful when you work with hot sugar. Take the pan off the heat then add the gelatine and the water they were soaked in to the hot sugar. Take care or wear oven gloves as the sugar can bubble up and spit. Stir until the gelatine has dissolved then carefully pour the mixture into a heatproof jug. Return the beaters to egg whites and whip up further until stiff peaks form. Keep whisking while you slowly pour in the warm syrup in a steady stream. Keep beating the mixture until it is smooth and shiny, then add the vanilla seeds. Continue to use the electric beaters for around 810mins or until the mixture is noticeably thicker. Line a 25cm x 35cm roasting tin (or any large and deep rectangular dish) with cling film and brush with sunflower oil. Mix the icing sugar and cornflour together then sieve a

third of the mixture into the tray to coat the inside. Pour in the marshmallow mixture, level with a spatula and leave to set for 2 hours. Spread a large sheet of baking parchment over your surface and sieve another third of the cornflour sugar mix over it. Upturn the set marshmallow onto the dusted sheet and peel away the cling film. Dust with a little more of the cornflour sugar and dust a large sharp knife with it too. Cut the marshmallows into small squares approx. 3cm x 3cm sieving a little more cornflour sugar over all cut sides and knife as you go. You may not need all of it but they need to be coated on all sides otherwise they will stick. Serve straightway or keep in an airtight container for up to 2 days, separated with layers of baking parchment. Prep: 15 Mins Cook: 15 Mins Makes 50 Chunky Marshmallows

Food & Drink



Toulouse Sausage Roll Ingredients 320g all-butter puff pastry sheet plain flour, for dusting 3 large egg yolks, beaten 2 tsp thyme leaves 2 tsp black mustard seeds For the filling 1kg fatty pork mince 200g unsmoked streaky bacon, very finely chopped or minced 2 ½ tsp cracked black pepper (use a pestle and mortar) 1 ½ tsp muscovado sugar ½ tsp ground mace 5 garlic cloves, grated 1 tsp sweet paprika 100g fresh breadcrumbs small handful sage leaves, chopped small handful parsley, chopped Method To make the filling, tip all the ingredients into a large bowl and season generously with salt. Combine everything together with your hands. Lay a large sheet of cling film on your work surface, tip the filling on top, and shape into a 8cm-thick log. Roll up tightly in the cling film. Chill in the fridge for 3 hrs or overnight to firm up the mixture and allow the flavours to develop. Put the sheet of pastry on a floured surface, sprinkle the


Friday 1st December 2017

Toad-in-the-Hole with Honey & Mustard Onions Ingredients

top with a little extra flour, then roll out the pastry – it should be bigger by about a quarter. Brush all over with some of the beaten egg. Lie the sausage on one half of the pastry, leaving a gap of about 5cm. Fold the long side of the pastry over the top and line up the edges. You may need to adjust the position of the filling to get it just right. Crimp the edge to seal it together, then transfer to a baking sheet lined with baking parchment. Brush all over with the beaten egg and chill in the fridge for 20 mins. Can be frozen unbaked for up to one month. Heat oven to 210C/190C

fan/gas 7. Brush with more egg, then score the pastry all over with little slashes. Lightly press the thyme leaves and black mustard seeds into the top of the pastry. Bake for 25 mins. Turn oven down to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and bake for another 20 mins until golden brown and the base of the pastry is cooked and crispy. Remove from the oven and leave to cool on a wire rack set over a baking tray for 20 mins before serving. Prep: 35 Mins Cook: 45 Mins Chilling: 3 Hours Serves: 10

120g plain flour 3 large eggs 275ml semi-skimmed milk 12 linked chipolatas or 1 large coiled Cumberland sausage 2 tbsp sunflower oil 4 rosemary or thyme sprigs, picked into smaller sprigs mash and veg, to serve (optional) For the honey & mustard onions 1 tbsp sunflower oil 2 large red onions, halved and thinly sliced 2 tbsp plain flour 2 tsp English mustard powder 1 chicken stock cube 2 tbsp honey 2 tbsp wholegrain mustard Method Mix the flour, eggs and milk in a jug with 1/2 tsp salt, then set aside for at least 30 mins. Heat oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. Untwist the links between each sausage, keeping them connected. Squeeze the meat to fill in the gaps, so you have one long sausage. Coil the sausage loosely and put in a large skillet or ovenproof frying

pan (ours was 25cm wide.) Pour over the oil and brown in the oven for 12-15 mins. Remove the pan from the oven and carefully lift out the sausage. Pour the batter into the pan, then put the sausage back on top, scatter with the herbs and return to the oven for 25-30 mins without opening the door – the Yorkshire pudding will sink if you do. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the

onions for 10 mins or until starting to caramelise. Stir in the flour and mustard powder and crumble in the stock cube. Stir in 500ml water bit by bit until you get a smooth sauce, then add the honey and mustard and season. Bubble for 5 mins, then serve with the toad-in-thehole and mash and veg, if you like. Prep: 20 Mins Cook: 40 Mins Serves:4



Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit


Friday 1st December 2017

.com La Marina Urbanisation Important Telephone Numbers Town Hall: 966 794 201 NEW START ESTATES

Emergency: 112 Guardia Civil: 062 Local Police: 092






Welcome to the La Marina Urbanisation For those of you who are familiar with the area of La Marina, you will know that it is not your everyday, typical town. In fact, La Marina is actually divided into two - and each half is nothing like the other. In this week's guide, we take a visit to the Urbanisation of La Marina. This is the La Marina on the left-hand side of the N-332 if you are coming from the direction of Torrevieja.

Correctly known as 'Urbanización La Marina', this area is basically a huge expanse of properties, all clumped together in one nucleus that has grown and expanded outwards over the years. Building started on the La Marina Urb. in the middle of the 1980s, and today there are around 7,000 homes. On the La Marina Urbanisation, you will find residents of many different nationalities, although there is a prominence of Brits, Germans, French and Scandinavians in particular. And, over the years, a number of businesses and commercial centres have been established, making La Marina a thriving trading centre in its own right. It even has its own market now, which takes place on Saturday morning. This week, we have focused on a tiny part of the urbanisation, which you could say is the start to the central hub. Avenida de Londres is one of the main roads leading to the top of the urbanisation, and in the 150-metre stretch featured on our map you can get a fantastically designed tattoo from Swedish resident Tess; everything you need for your pool, and even have it cleaned and repaired a few doors up by John Professional Pool Care; a massage or some physiotherapy from Rodolfo next door, or get your nails done, enjoy a cleansing facial or have your eyelashes tinted and curled from Yanet. A few doors up, you can hire a car or arrange to leave yours at the airport through Aqua Car, and opposite them L&A Solicitors will provide you with all the legal advice and services that you might require. And, just 50 metres away from the solicitors, Alison and her husband Giovanni provide an excellent and friendly service at NewStart Properties for all those wishing to purchase or sell their home. Running at a T-section to this part of Avenida de Londres is Calle Madrid, which has an intricate web of squares and alleyways with a whole host of first-class eateries contained within. Calle Madrid, however, has its own merits, with businesses such as The Mobile Office, for all your expat services including NIEs, residencias and the like; Maya's Bar, with a lovely sunny terrace where you can enjoy homemade cooking and a free tapa with every drink - even a coffee; and the British Dental Clinic, who pride themselves on taking care of particularly nervous patients. At the end of this little stretch of road, is Mel's Kitchen, which serves meals throughout the day, mainly focusing on traditional British cooking. Personally, I can't wait to go back and try their amazing looking desserts!

Events Calendar Local Markets

Until Sunday 3 December, 2017 Torrevieja XV Tapas Route

Friday Albatera, Almoines, Banyeres, Benejuzar, Beniarres, Benidoleig, Crevillente, Daimus, Denia (Rastro), El Verger, Finestrat, Gata de Gorgos, Granja de Rocamora, L’ Alfas del Pi, Monforte del Cid, Monstesinos, Moraira, Muro de Alcoi, Oliva, Onil, Petrer, Pilar de la Horadada, Playa de Daimus (summer evenings), Rafol d’ Almunia, Sella, Tibi, Torrevieja, Villalonga. Saturday Alcoi, Alicante, Almoradi, Alqueria, Banyeres, Bellreguard, Benifairo, Benissa, Callosa d’En Sarria, Calpe, Castalla, Castell de Castells, Catral, Elche, Elda , La Font d’En Carros, La Romana, Gaianes, Hondon de las Nieves, Novelda, Ondara, Pedreguer, Tavernes de la Valdigna (summer evenings), San Vicente del Raspeig, Salinas, Relleu, Santa Pola, Xalo (Jalon) Rastro Sunday Benidorm, Elche, La Nucia, Campoverde, Algorfa, La Marina, Zoco, Almoradí street market, Lemon Tree Road, Mil Palmeras. Monday Agres, Callosa d’En Sarria, Cox, Denia, Elche, Formentera, Granja de Rocamora, Ibi, La Nucia, Llocnou de Sant Jeroni, Parcent, Petrer, Penaguila, Playa de Miramar (summer evenings), Monover, Real de Gandia, San Pedro del Pinatar, Santa Pola, Sax, Torremendo, Xeraco Tuesday Alicante (Rastro), Aspe, Altea, Barx, Bellreguard, Benijofar, Campo de Mirra, Castalla, Elda, Orihuela, Palma de Gandia, Piles, Playa de Piles (summer evenings), Rafelcofer, Relleu, San Fulgencio, Sella, Tibi, Villalonga, Xalo(Jalon), Xeresa Wednesday Ador, Albatera, Alcoi, Alqueries, Almoines, Banyeres, Barx, Benjema, Beniaries, Benidorm, Benilloba, Benitatxell, Biar, Callosa de Segura, Calpe (Rastro), El Campello, Elda, Guardamar del Segura, La Font d’en Carros, La Mata, Muchamiel, Monforte del Cid, Novelda, Orba, Ondara, Petrer, Polop, Potries, Rotova, San Miguel de Salinas, Sella, Teulada Thursday Agost, Agres, Albatera, Alguena, Alicante, Aspe, Benidoleig, Campoamor near Cabo Roig medical centre, Cocentaina, Hondon de los Frailes, Llocnou de Sant Jeroni, Pego, Playe de Bellreguard (summer evenings), Rafelcofer, Rojales, Tavernes de Valldigna, Villajoyosa, Xabia (Javia), Xixona (Jijona)

Until Saturday 2 December, 2017 San Fulgencio Studio 32’s musical White Christmas at the Cardenal Belluga Until Sunday 10 December, 2017 Alicante The Galician Festival of Seafood at the Volvo area of the port Friday 1 December, 2017 Guardamar 11 year-old Katie will shave off her hair to raise money for kids cancer research. Jukebox Bar at the C.C.l Eden at 3 pm Torrevieja Giants and Bigheads Outing round the town - 17.45 pm Saturday 2 December, 2017 Alicante Festival de Bienestar - Festival of Wellbeing Orihuela “Cascanueces” - The Nutcracker by the Ballet Ruso Guided Tour of Orihuela’s Historic and Artistic sites Torrevieja Giants and Bigheads Outing round the town - 13.00h Annual Flower Offering at the main church from 16.30h Tour of Lily, Ogre and the Wolf with Los Salerosos - 21.00h San Javier Christmas Fair at the car park of Iceland from 11.30 to 3 pm Quesada Mind, Body & Soul Xmas Fayre from 10 am to 2 pm Sunday 3 December, 2017 Torrevieja Torrevieja Symphony Orchestra concert Wacky Races competition, dj, disco and beer 1pm UMT concert on the Paseo Vista Alegre at 1 pm Giants and Bigheads 1 pm + 17.45 pm from the main square Monday 4 December, 2017 Torrevieja Giants and Bigheads outing from the church at 17.45h


CLASSIFIE SITUATIONS VACANT Solar Power - Sunlife Solar Solutions have vacancies for both a Solar Installation Engineer and a Solar Thermal Engineer (or plumber with pool heating experience). Call 965 271 717 or send your CV to info@sunlifesolarsolutions.c om RADIO SALES - Come and join the team at TKO. Email your cv to, full training is given so don´t be shy, email us today. Field and telesales reps wanted, full training given, experience desired, call The Courier 966 921 003. Radio Sales - RADIO COSTA MEDIA needs selfemployed salesperson for Torrevieja & surrounding areas. Call 685 901 265 or please email Realtor vacancy - Proven track record, experience, local knowledge all essential. Car essential, multi-lingual desired. Send CV to: CHURCH SERVICES Torrevieja Christian Fellowship at Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas 68, Torrevieja 03183, all welcome to their friendly and lively 10.30 am. Service each Sunday morning. Tele: 966700391 or visit our website on International Christian Assembly, Calle Pilar de Horadada 5, Torrevieja. Evangelical non-denomina-

tional church. Sunday services 11am. Children's church 11am.. For more information lease Telephone today: 966 799 273 or 660 127 276. QUIZ MASTER Experienced quiz-master /question setter with personality. If you would like a quiz master that is entertaining, and is available to host quiz nights in local bars. Tel: 664 838 581. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PRINGLE VENDING MACHINE ROUTE. GREAT CASH INCOME. Work one day per week. May finance. Sell 19,000â‚Ź. Call: 697 834 934 FOR SALE DUE TO RETIREMENT New and Used Furniture Business, well known, repeat business from regular clientele. Trading for over 10 years. Only serious applicants need apply. For more information Tel: 620 582 063

der Remin e here. tis Adver 003 6 921 6 9 l l a C



American TV drama is currently in love with politics with three of the main networks running White House or US-administration drama shows, and there’s still the final series of House of Cards to come on Netflix next year, minus the disgraced Kevin Spacey. Apparently, the cameras start to roll again in a few days’ time, amidst many script changes and presumably an off-screen death of the main character, Frank Underwood. For sheer guts and tons of fun and craziness, I love Scandal created by Shonda Rhimes, which has justed returned for the final-ever series on Sky Living. It’s nuts with a zillion twists and turns and totally unbelievable, but totally captivating, led by the wonderful lead character of Olivia Pope in a bravura performance from Kerry Washington (pictured above). The joy of Scandal is that you simply don’t know what is hiding around the corner, and the big twist for this final run is that Pope really does

Scandalous Times

seem to be the villain of the piece as the White House chief of staff, in addition to running an illegal “enforcement” agency in the shadows, which were her father used to be in charge of. I’ve seen the first batch of episodes up to the Xmas break (they go early for Xmas in the States), and we’ve a great cliffhanger featuring Olivia’s old man, as everything that she’s done is totally blowing up in her face. In love and poltics everything has gone wrong for her, and I’d be amazed if Shonda Rhimes has conjured up a happy ending! The classic series, The West Wing, is the kind of honest and principled US Presidency and administration that we would love to see, and that is also the philosophy of Madam Secretary, also back on Sky Living for season four. Tea Leoni plays the Secretary of State, and she has an excellent moral compass in dealing with international problems, and we also have parallel stories of her husband working for the CIA in trying to destabalise the

Russians in Afghanistan; plus there’s her home life and kids to deal with. Madam Secretary has a nice mix of drama and humour, and there’s been no doubting that some of the episodes have had a swipe at a certain Donald Trump! There’s a lot of idealism about the show which gives us a kind of comfort blanket in these troubled times, and I do like the message that talking, compromising, and doing deals is the best way forward for world peace. I’m saving the first part of series two of Designated Survivor (available on Netflix) starring Keifer Sutherland as the President, for some Christmas holiday viewing. It was one of the few new network hits last year, and I loved every second of it, as Sutherland managed to break free from the shackles of his great Jack Bauer character from 24. Word is that series two is turning out to be just as good as the first season. The first major cancellation of the US autumn sea-

son is a show that I like called Wisdom of the Crowd, which CBS has canned after an initial order of 13 episodes. I rated this tale of a computer system being used to track down criminals and the ratings were alright, if not spectacular. The killer though was a series of historic abuse allegations being made against star Jeremy Piven, and that was enough for CBS to call

it a day. I can’t see anybody beating Rak-Su in this weekend’s X Factor finals on ITV. They are miles better than Little Mix, One Direction, and JLS were in their early incarnations, and are something very different. Having said that, singer Kevin Davy White is fantastic, and amazingly not one of the coaches on the French version of The Voice turned

around for him when he appeared on the show last year. Make a note in your diary for Saturday December 16th for the best fun drama of 2017, as BBC 2 premieres Feud, the story of the bittery rivalry between Hollywood stars Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. You’ll love every second of it, and I’ll say more in a fortnight’s time.

28 Elsewhere, Lisa takes a stand.

Friday Zeedan sends Rana and Kate to attend a food fair on his behalf. When the van breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Kate calls Luke.

Friday Lisa is led into temptation as she arranges a meeting with Morris. What will she decide? Meanwhile, Pete raises his hopes. Elsewhere, Tom meets his match.

Rana breaks down and confesses to Kate how she can’t stop thinking about her, but knows her parents would never speak to her again. Seeing Rana in such turmoil, Kate’s heart goes out to her. The chemistry between the At the funeral, things things pair is electric, but will they get out of hand when Morris give into their feelings? turns up and is disrespectful. Wednesday The Dingle family are heartbroken to realise that Alfie has cancer and Zak makes the heartbreaking decision to put Alfie down.

Meanwhile, in the solicitors’ is office, Adam borrows Todd’s laptop and is stunned to see Todd’s search history. Elsewhere, Aaron is on the warpath with Liv. Elsewhere, Mary pours her Meanwhile, stunned.

Meanwhile, Liv pretends to fall and hurt her ankle as an excuse for Aaron to call Doctor Alex. It doesn’t work, so Liv and Gerry pocket Aaron’s phone and text Alex. When Alex arrives at the Mill, he is shocked to learn that Aaron never contacted him. Elsewhere, Lisa loses her patience.

Tuesday Leyla doesn’t take no for an answer and again tells David that she loves him. Tracy walks in to hear the end of the conversation and angrily gives Leyla an ultimatum. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Alex that he’s over Robert and the pair kiss passionately, but how will Robert react when he walks in on them both?

his tracks when Rana tells him she’s pregnant and neither Zeedan nor Kate know about it yet.

Phil continues to show him up. Later, Kim breaks the news to Vincent that she’s suffered a miscarriage.

David is intrigued by Phelan’s reaction to the news of Gary’s death and follows him to Nicola’s house. Watching from the car, he is bemused when he sees that Nicola is visibly shaken by what Phelan tells her.

Thursday Tensions are running high for the Branning family, so Jack encourages Max to build bridges with his loved ones.

When Phelan leaves, David hammers on Nicola’s door demanding answers. Under pressure, she admits to the one-night stand with Gary, but as he spots the pregnancy tablets in her handbag, she is also forced to confess to carrying Gary’s baby.


With Sarah consumed by grief, what will David do with this shocking revelation?

Friday Carmel tells her friends that she thinks Max is going to propose to her tonight and invites them all along to The Vic. At the same time, Max is making some big plans for the evening with Willmott-Brown and The Chairman.

Thursday With Zak and Lisa now camping outside Wishing Well in protest over the development, Pollard decides to take matters into his own hands and breaks into Morris’s house with Faith.

Elsewhere, Gary tells Phelan that he kept his side of the bargain and spoke to Nicola, but she wants nothing more to do with him. Phelan orders him to try harder.

Will Pollard be able to get the compromising email in time? Meanwhile, Rhona decides to take control of the nativity play. While running lines, she hints at her feelings for Monday Sarah is stunned Paddy. when she gets a call from Joe, saying that there has Elsewhere, Leyla is been an explosion in accused. Ukraine and they fear Gary has been killed. Pollard faces the music after recent events. A devastated Sarah refuses to believe it is true, until they Meanwhile, Rhona is upset discover that his St when she watches Paddy Christopher has been found and Chas playing Mary and amongst the wreckage. Joseph. Meanwhile, Luke corners Elsewhere, Lisa is conflict- Rana in The Rovers and ed. tears a strip off her for the lack of respect she’s showing Zeedan with her continual lies, but he’s stopped in

Wednesday Tim and Sarah visit Anna in prison. Anna is utterly devastated to hear about Gary’s death. Desperate to see her daughter, Anna tries to push past the prison guard, who grabs Anna and starts to drag her out of the room. Tim and Sarah watch in horror. Meanwhile, Norris emerges in a Batman costume carrying a ‘Grandfathers for Justice’ banner and tells Rita that he’s determined to stop Angie and Jude leaving the country. Bethany returns from taking George for a walk and says he has been sick and is shaking. As an ambulance is called, fears grow for George and he gets rushed to hospital. Will the truth be revealed about what’s going on?

Just when Max tries to sort things out, more lies are exposed. Will Lauren and Abi be willing to put the past behind them?

Later, an excited Carmel waits for Max with her friends and family. Will she get the outcome she’s hoping for? Meanwhile, Mick goes over old territory as he desperately tries to get Linda to believe that he loves her. Will she be reassured?

heart out to Bethany, who’s returned home. Bethany offers to pop to the hospital for news on George, but when Angie spots Mary in the car park, how will she react?

Monday When on a ‘date’ with Pete, Leyla is unable to tell him that she doesn’t want to be with him, especially after seeing the effort he has made for her. However, Tracy puts her foot in it, leaving Leyla mortified. Later, Leyla takes David by surprise by telling him that she loves him.


Friday 1st December 2017

Monday Max’s deception and his involvement with James Willmott-Brown has finally been exposed. Now facing a backlash from many of those around him, what’s next for Max? Will he cope with being left out in the cold? Meanwhile, the Mitchells and the Beales receive news that Ben has been taken to hospital. Phil is furious when he realises that Luke is to blame for what’s happened to Ben. Tuesday Luke gets a furious response from Kathy when he visits the café. Later on, Fi also comes to see Kathy and wants the truth about what happened between her and WillmottBrown all those years ago. Despite Kathy telling her everything, Meanwhile, Vincent is fixated on impressing Aidan, but

In the first episode of this two-part special, a new arrival in the form of Professor John Gaskell (Paul McGann) sets the wheels of change in motion at Holby City.

With all the focus on Gaskell, Sacha relays his concerns to Henrik that he should be focusing on Jac as she faces mounting pressure on her professional and personal life. However, Gaskell’s arrival and concerns for Jac both soon become overshadowed as Holby is plunged into darkness with the greatest threat the hospital has ever experienced. In the concluding episode (Thursday) Professor John Gaskell is caught in the middle of a shocking incident quickly unravelling on the hospital wards. Despite his suspension from Holby after the hearing, Ric manages to find his way into the chaotic hospital after desperate phone calls from Donna.

Elsewhere, Anna breaks down in Tim's arms.

Week Days 08:00 Breakfast with Peter Hurst 11:00 Mornings with Dennis Christian - DC, AM to PM 14:00 Afternoons with Alex Trelinski - Alex in the Afternoon. 17:00 Drivetime (AKA Tea Time) with Mark Nolan

Weekends Saturday 09:00 Breakfast with Tim Bridge 12:00 Saturday Afternoons with Paul Norman 15:00 Saturday Sports with Alex Trelinski 18:00 Entertainment Power 20:00 Northern Soul

Sunday 09:00 Breakfast with Tim Bridge 12:00 Soul & Mowtown 14:00 Gary Jackson 16:00 The Retro Chart 18:00 Classic Country

Email: Facebook: tkospain Phone: 965 50 55 10 Text: 671 33 76 75

Friday TV 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Claimed and Shamed 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 The Housing Enforcers 12:45 The Sheriffs Are Coming 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Armchair Detectives 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 Royal Recipes 17:30 Flog It! 18:15 Pointless 19:00 News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Sounds Like Friday Night Paloma Faith cohosts. She also sings two tracks live in the studio and introduces performances from British singer Rita Ora and rock duo Royal Blood. 21:00 EastEnders It is deadline day for the Carters? 21:30 Still Open All Hours Granville has bought some cheap devices that promise to jump-start people’s positive emotions.

07:00 An Island Parish 07:30 Claimed and Shamed 08:15 Royal Recipes 09:00 Anglesey: Island Life 09:30 Britain Afloat 10:00 Victoria Derbyshire 12:00 News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 The Link 14:45 Terry and Mason’s Great Food Trip 15:15 Going Back, Giving Back 16:00 Match of the Day 17:30 Oxford Street Revealed 18:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 19:00 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two 20:00 Mastermind John Humphrys presents. The subjects are the Champions’ League, Lawrence Durrell’s “Alexandria Quartet’, the life and times of Hatshepsut and `House of Cards”.

22:30 Mrs Brown’s Boys Agnes’s grandson Bono is being bullied by a boy at school. When Agnes makes matters worse, a mediation session is called. What could possibly go wrong?

20:30 Live: Match of the Day - AFC Fylde v Wigan Athletic Dan Walker presents coverage of the second-round tie at Mill Farm. National League side Fylde were formed as recently as 1988 under the guise of Kirkham and Wesham, and have only been playing under their current name since 2008. This is their first appearance in this stage of the competition and they will look to produce an upset against a League One side who lifted the trophy just four years ago and have started this season in good form.

23:00 News 23:35 Graham Norton 00:25 Would I Lie to You? 00:55 The Apprentice 01:55 Weather 02:00 News

23:00 QI 23:30 Newsnight 00:05 Snowfall 00:45 Panorama 01:15 Saying Goodbye 02:15 Army 03:15 This Is BBC Two

22:00 Have I Got News for You Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by guest host Kirsty Young, and panellists Richard Osman and Desiree Burch.

The Bridge returns for its final crossing

Saga and Henrik return for the concluding installment of the smash hit Scandinavian series, this time airing on BBC Two. The final series of the critically acclaimed hit Swedish/Danish language drama The Bridge will air on the BBC in 2018, it was announced today. The series – which is BBC Four’s highest ever rating drama – was acquired from ZDF Enterprises and will air next year, this time on BBC Two. Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhart reprise their roles as the iconic Saga and her innately talented Danish partner, Henrik, in a heartstopping concluding case that tests their very special relationship to its limits both professionally and personally. Anders Landstrom, producer

of The Bridge, says: “It is obviously very sad to say goodbye to Saga after four incredible seasons, but our talented writers, Hans and Camilla have an extraordinary end in store for viewers. Sofia has played the role of Saga with a rawness and truth rarely seen on screen and it’s been a pleasure to work with her, and Thure on a series of which we are immensely proud.” Patrick Holland, Channel Controller of BBC Two says: “It is great to see this fantastic series back and on BBC Two. The Bridge has helped redefine television drama in recent years and it is fitting that its final series will be showcased on BBC Two.” The Bridge proved a breakout hit in Scandinavia, with the previous series being The Bridge’s highest rated yet.


07:00 Good Morning Britain 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 News 15:00 Judge Rinder 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 News 20:00 Emmerdale Lisa is led into temptation. 20:30 Coronation Street Rana and Kate are forced to spend time together. 21:00 Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears Ray follows the Frankland River into the heart of the 65 millionyear-old Walpole Forest 200 square kilometres of wooded wilderness in Western Australia that provides food and shelter for Aboriginal people. Ray learns that the river was once used by loggers to transport jarrah wood, which is so hard it was used as cobbles for London streets.

07:20 Kevin Can Wait 07:45 The King of Queens 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:05 Frasier 11:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:00 Undercover Boss USA 13:00 News 13:05 Come Dine with Me 14:05 Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Lost and Found 17:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 News 21:00 Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast Hosts Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty are joined by Joanna Lumley in their cafe at the end of Southend Pier, and this time the menu is exclusively vegetarian, as the Ab Fab actress cooks the King of Malaysia's favourite dish, bringing back to life the tastes and smells of her childhood. Jamie prepares a spectacular M'hanncha a spiral of filo pastry stuffed with pearl barley and butternut squash and the boys take to the road to champion British fava beans which could help both the nation's farmers and its diet.

07:00 Milkshake 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:45 Film - A Country Christmas Story 14:25 News 14:30 Neighbours 15:00 Film Wishin’ & Hopin’ at Christmas (12) 16:45 Film - Family for Christmas 18:30 News 19:00 Neighbours 19:30 News 20:00 The Gadget Show Jon Bentley looks into the multitude of navigation apps on the market. Georgie Barrat is in San Francisco, going behind the scenes of a company that makes what is likely to be one of the most popular toys this Christmas, the Anki Cozmo. 21:00 World’s Greatest Bridges The Severn Bridge’s design revolutionised the way that modern suspension bridges are built. Rob Bell surfs the Severn Bore and meets the construction workers who braved the wave and tidal ranges of up to 50 feet in order to build it.

22:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Ant and Dec present the celebrity survival challenge, as the famous faces continue their ordeal in the Australian jungle, struggling to complete the tough daily tasks.

22:00 Gogglebox Britain’s most opinionated and avid TV viewers comment freely on what the box has to offer.

22:00 Eight Days That Made Rome Bettany Hughes focuses on events leading up to and after 9th June 68AD, when Emperor Nero took his life. She examines his relationship with his mother, fondness for debauchery and how casual violence and murder began to destabilise what had once been touted as a new `Golden Age.'

23:30 News 00:15 Film Total Recall (15) 02:15 Jackpot247 04:00 Storage Hoarders 04:50 ITV Nightscreen

23:00 The Last Leg 00:05 First Dates 01:10 Film Wild (14) 03:15 Humans 04:10 Man Down 04:35 Grand Designs

23:00 Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace: Hampton Court 00:05 Conspiracy 01:00 SuperCasino 04:10 Film - The Midnight Meat

21:30 Coronation Street Luke deplores Rana’s treatment of Zeedan.

What Would Your Kid Do? ITV announce new show fronted by Jason Manford

Jason Manford is to host a brand new factual entertainment format, What Would Your Kid Do? for ITV. The series will find out just how well the nation really knows their kids by challenging parents to guess how their children will behave in a variety of situations. Merging specialist factual child development psychology with an entertaining gameshow mechanic, the show will be produced by Cardiff based indie Boomerang. Each show will see children filmed in a real world setting – they’ll think it’s just another day at school, unaware they'll go through a number

of tasks that will explore everything from curiosity to lateral thinking, risk taking to rule breaking. As the situations unfold, Jason will observe alongside the parents as they try to predict what their child will do in each situation, providing a fascinating and often hilariously telling insight into the minds of children - he’ll also have a few surprises up his sleeve that will see him join the children in their world. At the end of the show the parents who have shown they know their child the best and correctly predicted their behaviour will play for a family prize alongside their child.

07:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 07:20 Planet’s Got Talent 07:45 Dinner Date 08:35 Emmerdale 09:30 Planet’s Got Talent 10:00 Ellen DeGeneres 10:50 Dinner Date 11:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 13:20 Emmerdale 14:20 Planet’s Got Talent 14:50 Ellen DeGeneres 15:45 Jeremy Kyle 19:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Two and a Half Men 22:00 Family Guy 23:30 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp ITV 3 07:00 Judge Judy 07:20 Coronation Street 08:15 Heartbeat 09:15 Wild at Heart 10:15 Judge Judy 11:35 A Touch of Frost 13:30 Wild at Heart 14:35 Heartbeat 15:40 Coronation Street 16:45 A Touch of Frost 19:00 Heartbeat 20:00 Murder, She Wrote 21:00 Doc Martin 22:00 Midsomer Murders ITV 4 07:10 The Chase 08:50 Cash Cowboys 09:45 Pawn Stars 10:45 Ironside 11:50 Quincy, M.E. 12:55 The Sweeney 13:55 River Monsters 14:30 I T V Racing: Live from Newbury 17:00 The Sweeney 18:00 The Professionals 19:00 Cash Cowboys 20:00 Pawn Stars 21:00 Road Racing Series 22:00 Film Die Another Day (14) 00:40 Film - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (18)

Paul Abbott's NO OFFENCE 3 starts shooting

The third series of Paul Abbott‘s award-winning Channel 4 series NO OFFENCE starts shooting on location in Manchester. The brilliant and unbreakable crime fighting family of Friday Street coppers return with 6 brand new episodes. The extremities of DI Viv Deering’s (Joanna Scanlan) world are governed, not only by thugs, but politicians. Same goes for all of us. In our crowded world, enemies can be almost invisible. Deering and her team adopt equally covert tactics to expose a few bare-faced truths. Paul Abbott says: “Series 3 is about the void left by political parties, clusters of ignorance streamlined in to soldier ants. Whether it’s a real

or perceived void doesn’t matter. Predators will always exploit a weakness. Viv Deering really earns her wages in making her voice heard to diverse cultural factions.” The fabulous three return: “let’s not pigeon shit all over the facts” Deering, impulsive DC Dinah Kowalska and astute DS Joy Freers. At their sides in the crumbling Friday Street cop-shop are the adrenaline fuelled team: moral compass DC Spike Tanner, genius Miller; and the uniforms big hearted Jonah, switched on Stuart, force of nature Tegan and gentle office manager Gavin. Swooping in to micromanage the Friday Street team is the sharp new Superintendent Marilyn Merchant.


Friday 1st December 2017

Can We Live with Robots? Sunday - BBC One

Saturday - Channel 4 Dancer and choreographer Akram Khan explores the impact robots and AI are having on human relationships. Khan, who has spent a year researching important international news and condensing it into dance, travels from the UK to Japan and the USA to meet the scientists harnessing manufactured intelligence in ways that could see artificially intelligent constructs entering people's lives in the near future. His findings form the

Blue Planet II - Coasts

basis for a special dance, in which he hopes to reflect

At the coast, two worlds collide. Coasts is the story of how our Blue Planet's wildlife survives in this everchanging world. It's a roller-coaster ride of heart-stopping action and epic drama, with characters from the beautiful to bizarre. Sixty-kilogram tuna are far too fast for sea lions to catch, but the sea lions herd their prey as a team. Trapped in the shallows, the fears and scepticism over fish are easy pickings. Land crabs leap from rock to the subject.

rock, desperately avoiding the water. Moray eels launch themselves from rock pools to attack. They, like octopuses, will crawl across dry rock in search of prey.

Howards End

Live Boxing

BBC One - Sunday Channel 5 - Saturday Anthony Yigit v Joe Hughes. Coverage of the bout for the European Super-

Lightweight title, which takes place at Leicester Arena. British fighter Hughes faces a step up in class in just his second fight this year, as he

After a 60-mile return flight, a puffin returns with one precious beak-full of food. But now returning puffins must fight dramatic duels with fast and aerobatic skuas to deliver the food to their pufflings.

faces the unbeaten Swede after previously battling to a draw against Tyrone Nurse when challenging for the British title back in April.

Refusing to punish Henry for his past transgressions, Margaret resolves to uphold their engagement. Helen leaves for Europe with no explanation for her absence, only agreeing to return to

London on hearing that Aunt Juley has fallen seriously ill. Desperate to reconnect with their sister, Margaret and Tibby appeal to Henry, who suggests a plan to resolve the issue at Howards End - where the Schlegels, the Wilcoxes and Bast have a final encounter.

Saturday TV 07:15 Holiday of My Lifetime With Len Goodman 08:00 Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature 08:30 Deadly 60 09:00 Show Me What You’re Made Of 09:30 Live: World Cup Rugby League 12:30 Homes Under the Hammer 13:00 Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well 13:30 Operation Snow Tiger 14:30 Mastermind 15:00 Live: UK Championship 20:05 Strictly Come Snooker 19:00 World Cup Dancing On musicals Rugby League week, musicals from “Cats’ Front Row to `Mary Poppins’ and `Les 20:00 Brenda Miserables’ are celebrated. Broadcaster The opening group per- Emmanus presents a speformance features a routine cial edition of the cultural to the soundtrack from review show, focusing on `Oliver” before the competi- this year’s Turner Prize tion kicks off. selection.

07:00 Breakfast 11:00 Saturday Kitchen Live 12:30 Nigella: At My Table 13:00 Football Focus 14:00 News 14:15 Live: UK Championship Snooker 15:00 Live: International Rugby Union - Wales v South Africa 17:30 Final Score 18:25 Len Goodman’s Partners in Rhyme 18:55 News 19:15 Pointless Celebrities


07:00 CITV 10:25 News 10:30 Saturday Morning with James Martin 12:25 Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape 12:55 News 13:00 The X Factor 14:30 ITV Racing: Live from Newbury 17:00 Thunderbirds Are Go 17:25 The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean 18:00 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs 18:25 You’ve Been Framed! 18:55 News 19:10 Ninja Warrior UK

07:20 Adventure Racing 07:45 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:05 Frasier 10:05 The Big Bang Theory 11:55 The Simpsons 12:55 Come Dine with Me 15:35 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 17:35 Best Laid Plans 18:35 Grand Designs 19:30 News

07:00 Milkshake 10:00 FIA Formula E Motor Racing 11:45 The Gadget Show 12:45 Cruising with Jane McDonald 13:10 Film - A Christmas to Remember 14:50 Film - Merry Kissmas (PG) 16:40 Film Annie Claus Is Coming to Town 18:25 Film - A Dream of Christmas

22:10 Casualty Connie’s illness starts to noticeably affect her work but she continues to brush away Charlie’s support.

22:00 Imagine... An intimate portrait of British sculptor Rachel Whiteread as she unpacks her life’s work for a major retrospective at Tate Britain in London. Alan Yentob visits Rachel in her studio.

20:00 Can We Live with Robots? Internationallyacclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan 20:05 The X Factor: Live travels the world, exploring Final Weeks of lively audi- the impact of robots on tions, gruelling boot camps humans. and tense on-stage showdowns draw to a close with 21:00 Film - The Best the first instalment of the Exotic Marigold Hotel talent show's grand final. Masterfully directed by Madden Before the winner is John announced, the remaining (Shakespeare in Love), this acts face another stand-off, audaciously manipulative as judges Simon Cowell, charmer sees a group of Louis Walsh, Nicole British pensioners relocate Scherzinger and Sharon to India for their retirement, Osbourne deliver their ver- lured by the promise of dict on each act's perform- cheap luxury at the estabance. As ever though, the lishment of the title. But the judges' decisions are not place, run by ever-optithe only thing that will mistic manager Dev Patel determine who emerges as (in a sweetly subtle perthis year' champion, with formance), turns out to be a the public vote carrying dump. However, the colourmore weight than ever ful location and the penthroughout this year's con- sioners' shared experiences have a transformatest. tive effect, underlining the 22:10 I’m a Celebrity... resilience of the human Get Me Out of Here! Two spirit. Henpecked Bill Nighy weeks in, but there are still finds himself and Judi plenty of challenges for the Dench is faced with a romantic conundrum. (PG) campmates to face.

23:00 News 23:20 Match of the Day 00:50 The NFL Show 01:20 Film - Lay the Favorite (15) 02:50 Weather 02:55 News

23:05 QI XL 23:50 Insert Name Here 00:20 UK Championship Snooker 03:10 Film - Ratcatcher (14) 04:40 This Is BBC Two

23:15 News 23:35 Film Rambo III (18) 01:25 Jackpot247 04:00 The Hungry Sailors 04:50 ITV Nightscreen

23:25 Film - I, Robot (PG) 01:40 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 02:30 The Last Leg 03:25 Hollyoaks Omnibus

23:00 Live: Boxing 01:05 Britain’s Greatest Bridges 01:15 SuperCasino 04:10 When Calls the Heart 05:40 Access

07:00 CITV 10:25 News 10:30 Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears 11:00 Peston on Sunday 11:55 The Martin Lewis Money Show 12:25 Save Money: Good Food 13:00 Tipping Point 14:00 News 14:05 The X Factor 16:10 Midsomer Murders 18:05 How to Spend It Well at Christmas 19:05 News

07:20 Kevin Can Wait 08:10 Everybody Loves Raymond 09:30 Frasier 10:30 Sunday Brunch 13:30 Paul Hollywood: A Baker’s Life 14:00 F1 2017: Hamilton’s Record Breaking Season 15:00 The Simpsons 16:55 Film Arthur Christmas 18:50 Film - Shrek (PG) 20:30 News

07:00 Milkshake 09:55 FIA Formula E Motor Racing 11:40 Football 12:25 Film - Finding Father Christmas The Film 14:10 Christmas Secret 15:55 Film - On the Twelfth Day of Christmas 17:45 Film Northpole 2: Open For Christmas

19:25 The Chase: Celebrity Special Gregg Wallace, Denise Lewis, Mark Pougatch and Gina Yashere must work as a team in the hope of winning thousands of pounds for their charities.

21:00 Coastal Railways with Julie Walters Julie heads from Newcastle to Edinburgh, via the beautiful coastal town of Alnmouth and a date with a lobster breeder and the biggest gannet colony on Earth.

21:10 Michael McIntyre’s Big Show The comedian's entertainment showcase continues, as he invites Jessie J and Welsh rockers Stereophonics to join him on stage at London's Theatre Royal. Alan Shearer shows he's a good sport by handing over his phone for Celebrity Send to All, and Michael sneaks into another house for another Midnight Gameshow.

20:30 Natural World David Attenborough narrates which examines how the Pacific archipelago’s animals are adapting to their changing circumstances. 21:30 Dad’s Army Captain Mainwaring lets Frazer take over for a couple of days in a bid to end his grumbling.

20:10 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! Max and Paul are in central London with a writ to recover unpaid parking fines. In Lancashire, Stewart and Vic are chasing a debt owed to a shipping company by a scrapyard owner. Back in central London, an eviction proves tricky for Steve. 21:05 NCIS: New Orleans The NCIS team investigate when a marine corporal is killed in a fatal racing car accident. However Pride suspects foul play. 21:55 News 22:00 Football Colin Murray introduces highlights from the weekend's games, including Derby County v Burton Albion from Pride Park, Sunderland v Reading from The Stadium of Light, and Bristol City v Middlesbrough from Ashton Gate.

07:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 07:25 The Cube 08:10 Emmerdale Omnibus 10:50 Coronation Street Omnibus 13:45 Take Me Out 14:45 Film - The Lake House (PG) 16:50 You’ve Been Framed! 17:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 19:15 Film - Evan Almighty 21:10 Film Wrath of the Titans (14) 23:15 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp 00:15 Family Guy 01:45 American Dad! 02:40 Release the Hounds 03:35 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 04:00 Teleshopping ITV 3 07:00 Murder, She Wrote 09:40 Film - The Sign of Four (12) 12:00 Columbo 13:40 Agatha Christie’s Marple 15:45 Film - Santa Claus: The Movie 18:00 Midsomer Murders 02:10 Wycliffe 03:30 Teleshopping ITV 4 07:00 Barcelona’s European Glory 07:10 The Protectors 07:35 The Avengers 08:30 The Sweeney 09:25 Motorsport UK 10:30 ITV Racing 11:30 Fishing Impossible 12:30 Road Racing Series 13:30 Pawn Stars 15:25 Storage Wars 16:25 Film Superman (PG) 19:20 Film - Nacho Libre (PG) 21:10 Film - The Nutty Professor (12) 23:00 Film - 16 Blocks (14) 01:05 Film - Senna (PG) 03:20 River Monsters

Sunday TV 07:00 Breakfast 08:25 Match of the Day 10:00 The Andrew Marr Show 11:00 Fern Britton Meets... Stef Reid 12:00 Sunday Politics 13:15 News 13:30 Flog It! 13:50 Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets 14:50 Final Score 17:15 Songs of Praise 17:55 Blue Planet II 18:55 News 19:20 Countryfile Helen and Sean are on the Cleveland Way up in North Yorkshire.

07:05 Coast 08:05 Gardeners’ World 08:35 The Secret History of the British Garden 09:35 Countryfile 10:30 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 12:00 Food & Drink 12:30 My Life on a Plate 13:15 MOTD2 Extra 14:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 19:00 Match of the Day

20:00 Turkey with Simon Reeve Simon stays with descendants of the original Turks, nomads known as Yoruks, whose lifestyle is 20:20 Strictly Come under threat from the modDancing Tess and Claudia ern world. reveal the names of the couples who are through to 21:00 Robot Wars The the semi-finals, and two illustrious Grand Final couples face each other in begins with the biggest batthe dance off. tle in Robot Wars history. The 2nd and 3rd place 21:00 Blue Planet II robots from the heats will Coasts are the most battle it out in a ten way, no changeable of the ocean time limit, last robot standworld, but they offer great ing, fight to the death to riches. They bring great determine who will be the rewards but also great dan- 6th and final robot in the ger. Here, sea lions beach Grand Final. large tuna, and moray eels crawl over land to catch 22:00 Expedition Volcano their prey. Chris Jackson and his fellow geologists head to the 22:00 Howards End Nyamulagira volcano, one Margaret refuses to punish of the most active yet least Henry for past transgres- explored volcanoes on the sions, and revolves to planet. The team travel on uphold their engagement. a UN helicopter flight at treetop level to avoid being 23:00 News 23:30 Match of hit by ground fire. the Day 2 00:30 Ronny Chieng 00:55 Weather for 23:00 Snowfall 00:40 UK the Week Ahead 01:00 Snooker 03:30 Question News Time 04:30 Holby City

20:20 The X Factor Dermot introduces the climax of this year's contest. The results of last night's performance are in and one of the three finalists has been eliminated from the contest. The two remaining acts must give one final performance to impress the public and judges, before one of them is crowned as this year's winner. 22:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Who is ready to break free from the jungle and who is desperate to stay another day? 23:30 News 23:45 Peston on Sunday 00:45 Car Crash Britain 01:35 Jackpot247 04:00 Motorsport UK

22:00 Film - Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol After the IMF are implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, Ethan Hunt and his new team go rogue. In order to clear their organisation’s name, they track down a dangerous terrorist named Kurt Hendricks. Hendricks has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States, but will the new team be able to stop the impending disaster? (14) 00:35 Film - I, Frankenstein (PG) 02:15 Film - Morning Glory (PG) 04:00 Trump: An American Dream 04:55 Gillette World Sport 05:25 KOTV Boxing Weekly

19:30 Film - Call Me Claus When Lucy Cullins, a successful but cranky producer at a home shopping network, hires an actor named Nick to play Santa Claus on the network she gets more than she bargained for. 21:15 Aviva Premiership Rugby Mark DurdenSmith and David Flatman present the best Aviva Premiership action from across the weekend. Bath visit Sandy Park to take on while Chiefs, Exeter Gloucester host London Irish. 21:55 News 22:00 The Paul O’Grady Story Documentary about the career of a the entertainer who found fame as drag queen Lily Savage and then as himself. 23:35 When Reality TV Goes Horribly Wrong 02:30 Lip Sync Battle UK 02:55 SuperCasino 04:10 Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool

07:00 Emmerdale Omnibus 09:30 Coronation Street Omnibus 12:25 Take Me Out 13:40 You’ve Been Framed! 14:10 Mr Bean 14:45 The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol 15:15 Film Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure 17:05 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 18:10 Film - Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang 20:20 Film - The Amazing Spider-Man (PG) 23:00 Family Guy 23:30 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp 00:35 Family Guy 01:30 American Dad! 02:30 Release the Hounds ITV 3 07:00 On the Buses 07:25 Murder, She Wrote 09:15 Heartbeat 11:25 Film Santa Claus: The Movie 13:40 Columbo 15:45 Agatha Christie’s Marple 17:50 Midsomer Murders 22:00 Endeavour 00:00 Lewis 02:00 The Knock ITV 4 07:00 Football’s Greatest 07:10 The Sweeney 08:00 The Big Fish Off 08:50 Storage Wars 09:50 Pawn Stars 12:30 Film Superman (PG) 15:25 Film - The Dam Busters 18:00 British Touring Car Championship 20:05 Film Nacho Libre (PG) 22:00 Film - The Dictator (15) 23:40 Film - Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (18)

32 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Island Medics 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Claimed and Shamed 12:45 The Sheriffs Are Coming 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Armchair Detectives 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 17:30 Money for Nothing 18:15 Pointless 19:00 News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 Panorama 21:00 EastEnders Max finds himself in a dangerous position. 21:30 Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts, with guests James Acaster, Gabby Logan, Melvin Odoom and Fay Ripley joining Lee Mack and David Mitchell. 22:00 The Real Marigold on Tour Participants from The Real Marigold Hotel are reunited for another global adventure, beginning with Miriam Margolyes, Wayne Sleep, Rosemary Shrager and Bobby George sampling retirement in Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province. 23:00 News 23:45 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 00:30 Michael McIntyre’s Big Show 01:30 Graham Norton 02:20 Weather for the Week Ahead 02:25 News

Friday 1st December 2017

07:00 An Island Parish: Falklands 07:30 Claimed and Shamed 08:15 Royal Recipes 09:00 Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets 10:00 Victoria Derbyshire 12:00 News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 18:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 19:00 Celebrity Eggheads 19:30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two 20:00 Match of the Day FA Cup draw. 20:30 Wild Cameramen at Work Legendary polar cameraman and diver Doug Allan relives some of his most hair-raising encounters and returns to the place where his underwater career began. 21:00 University Challenge Quiz. 21:30 Nigella: At My Table Nigella shares recipes that are perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. 22:00 Employable Me Nicola has cerebral palsy. She has a first-class honours degree in Multimedia Journalism, but despite hundreds of applications she has never had a permanent job. 23:00 Insert Name Here 23:30 Newsnight 00:15 UK Snooker 03:05 Countryfile

07:00 Good Morning Britain 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 News 15:00 Judge Rinder 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 News 20:00 Emmerdale David is taken by surprise. 20:30 Coronation Street Sarah receives devastating news about Gary. 21:00 The Martin Lewis Money Show Sixty per cent of the nation have never switched energy providers and are more than likely overpaying on their gas and electricity bills. With winter on the way and prices rising, Martin and Angellica Bell explain how easy it is change providers and start saving money on household energy bills. 21:30 Coronation Street David and Nicola have a heated confrontation. 22:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! The title of King or Queen of the Jungle becomes closer for one, but before that they face plenty of hardship in camp. 23:30 News 00:15 Killer Women 01:15 Life Inside Jail: Hell on Earth 02:05 Jackpot247 04:00 Jeremy Kyle

07:20 3rd Rock From the Sun 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:00 Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast 13:00 News 13:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 13:25 Film - A Christmas Proposal (PG) 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Lost and Found 17:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 News 21:00 Paul Hollywood: A Baker’s Life Paul returns to Merseyside with ginger biscuits, coconut tray bake, millionaire’s shortbread, and his dad’s baps. 21:30 Supershoppers Anna and Sabrina examine whether supermarket vegetarian dishes are good for your wallet and your health. With gambling online now the most popular way to wager, the programme reveals the truth about free bets. 22:00 999: What’s Your Emergency? With a rise in levels of stress and anxiety in the workplace, the emergency services are witnessing how modern life is literally killing us. 23:00 First Dates 00:05 Don’t Tell the Bride 01:05 Life Stripped Bare 02:20 One Born Every Minute

Monday TV 07:20 Planet’s Got Talent 07:45 Dinner Date 08:35 Emmerdale 09:00 Coronation Street 10:00 Ellen DeGeneres 10:50 Dinner Date 11:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 13:20 Emmerdale13:50 Coronation Street 14:50 Ellen DeGeneres 15:45 Jeremy Kyle 19:00 I’m a 20:00 Weather Terror A Celebrity... Get Me Out of cruise ship magician saves Here! 20:30 You’ve Been more than 500 passen- Framed! 21:00 Two and a gers, a South Pacific holi- Half Men 22:00 Family Guy daymaker gets caught in a 22:30 Ghosted 23:00 category-five cyclone, and American Dad! 23:30 I’m a a summer heatwave sets Celebrity... Extra Camp fire to parts Spain. ITV 3 21:00 Sinkholes As indiscriminate as they are 07:00 Coronation Street instant, sinkholes are 07:55 Heartbeat 09:00 causing chaos and Wild at Heart 10:00 Judge destruction wherever they Judy 11:20 A Touch of Frost appear, swallowing up 13:35 Wild at Heart 14:40 15:40 whole streets, ripping up Heartbeat motorways, destroying Coronation Street 16:45 A entire forests and even Touch of Frost 18:50 dragging unfortunate Heartbeat 19:55 Murder, bystanders to their deaths. She Wrote 21:00 Doc Martin 22:00 Foyle’s War 22:00 Concorde The designers, pilots and pasITV 4 sengers tell the incredible story of how Concorde saw 07:00 The Chase 08:40 off competition to become Cash Cowboys 09:30 the world’s only supersonic Pawn Stars 10:25 Ironside airliner. It remains 11:30 Quincy, M.E. 12:35 unmatched to this day and The Sweeney 13:35 The was the undisputed queen Avengers 14:45 Ironside of the skies. 15:50 Quincy, M.E. 16:55 The Sweeney 18:00 The 23:00 JFK’s Secret Killer Avengers 19:00 Cash 00:05 JFK Jr 01:05 Cowboys 20:00 Pawn Aircrash 02:00 Stars 21:00 River Monsters SuperCasino 04:10 22:00 Film - Live and Let World’s Greatest Bridges Die (PG) 07:00 Milkshake 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:35 GPs: Behind Closed Doors 13:25 The Gadget Show 14:25 News 14:30 Neighbours 15:00 Film Christmas Cookies 16:45 Film - The Christmas Calendar 18:30 News 19:00 Neighbours 19:30 News

Tuesday TV 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Island Medics 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Claimed and Shamed 12:45 The Sheriffs Are Coming 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Armchair Detectives 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 17:30 Money for Nothing 18:15 Pointless 19:00 News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders Phil continues to show Vincent up, and Kathy lets her anger be known but she is floored when she learns the truth. 21:00 Holby City A new arrival in Holby sets the wheels of change in motion, all eyes are on Jac and she is forced to take inventory on her personal and professional life, and Raf is reminded of why he fell in love with medicine. 22:00 The A Word Paul’s deepest feelings about his son’s autism emerge when Nicola makes a “film’ of Joe”s behaviours to present to her colleagues at the surgery. Eddie reaches DDay with Holly, and Maurice makes a shocking proposal. 23:00 News 23:45 Drugsland 00:45 Life and Death Row 01:45 Weather for the Week Ahead 01:50 News

07:00 An Island Parish: Falklands 07:30 Island Medics 08:15 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 09:00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 10:00 Victoria Derbyshire 12:00 News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 18:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 19:00 Celebrity Eggheads 19:30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

07:00 Good Morning Britain 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 News 15:00 Judge Rinder 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 News 20:00 Emmerdale Leyla makes it clear.

20:30 Save Money: Good Food Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt help the family in 20:00 Celebrity Antiques Cooke Road Trip Danny Crates Wolverhampton, who love and Liz Johnson shop their takeaway. way around Suffolk and 21:00 How to Spend It Essex. Well at Christmas Phil 21:00 MasterChef: The and his wife investigate Professionals The what partners should buy remaining chefs face a ter- each other this Christmas. rifying Invention test. They Plus, Phillip teams up with need to impress the three Vernon Kay to try some of judges with one spectacu- the most popular drones lar plate of food created on the market. Voice-actifrom a heaving table of vated speakers are also fresh sweet and savoury examined, and Coleen ingredients. Monica and Nolan tests perfumes in Marcus remove all the Sheffield. modern kitchen gadgets. 22:00 I’m a Celebrity... 22:00 Rick Stein’s Road Get Me Out of Here! They to Mexico Leaving the may be hungry, they may Baja Peninsula, Rick be homesick, but if they explores the western main- are to survive and thrive land. He lands in the town the celebrities need to win that placed tequila on the more food for camp in the map and the metropolis next Bushtucker Trial. that gave us Mariachis and 23:30 News 00:15 On dishes like chili con carne Assignment 00:50 Lethal 01:40 23:00 Motherland 23:30 Weapon Newsnight 00:15 NFL This Jackpot247 04:00 Loose 04:50 ITV Week 01:05 Snooker 03:55 Women Nightscreen The Apprentice

07:20 3rd Rock From the Sun 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:00 Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast 13:00 News 13:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 13:25 Film - A Nanny for Christmas 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Lost and Found 17:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 News 21:00 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas Kirstie Allsopp shows how to have a crafty and stylish Christmas without breaking the bank. There’s a handmade fairy of dazzling detail and delicate diorama baubles, a superb recipe for salmon, a cocktail masterclass, and some Scandinavian baking. 22:00 Finding Me a Family Following prospective parents as they meet face to face with children waiting to be adopted during adoption activity days organised by the children’s charity Coram. 23:00 Extraordinary Teens: My Gay Life 00:05 Naked Attraction 01:05 The Great Songwriters 02:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 02:55 The Supervet 03:50 One Born Every Minute

07:00 Milkshake 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:35 Film - Christmas Angel 14:25 News 14:30 Neighbours 15:00 Film The Christmas Apprentice 16:40 Film - Call Me Claus (PG) 18:30 News 19:00 Neighbours 19:30 News 20:00 Yorkshire: A Year In The Wild Winter is slowly setting in, and for the grey seals at Ravenscar Beach it is time to give birth. Elsewhere, migrating short eared owls arrive hungry, but competition is tight. Roe deer must fend off the cold, but for salmon at the end of their odyssey, the chill means the time has come to spawn. 21:00 Jo Brand’s Cats & Kittens Inspector Herchy is worried about the welfare of a young black kitten. Veterinary nurse Eden is looking after tiny kitten Pumpkin, while inspector Keira follows up on a call about an injured feral cat. 22:00 Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild Ben travels to Cambodia to live with a fellow Brit who is raising his own castaway tribe on a tropical island. Ben sleeps in a hammock, drinks rainwater and experiences how fragile life is. 23:00 Most Shocking Celebrity Moments 02:00 SuperCasino 04:10 GPs: Behind Closed Doors 05:00 My Mum

07:20 Planet’s Got Talent 07:45 Dinner Date 08:35 Emmerdale 09:00 Coronation Street 10:00 Ellen DeGeneres 10:50 Dinner Date 11:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 13:20 Emmerdale 13:50 Coronation Street 14:50 Ellen DeGeneres 15:45 Jeremy Kyle 19:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Two and a Half Men 22:00 Family Guy 23:30 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp ITV 3 07:00 Judge Judy 07:20 Coronation Street 08:10 Heartbeat 09:15 Wild at Heart 10:15 Judge Judy 11:35 A Touch of Frost 13:35 Wild at Heart 14:35 Heartbeat 15:40 Coronation Street 16:45 A Touch of Frost 18:50 Heartbeat 19:50 Murder, She Wrote 21:00 Doc Martin 22:00 Foyle’s War ITV 4 07:00 The Chase 08:40 Cash Cowboys 09:35 Pawn Stars 10:30 Ironside 11:35 Quincy, M.E. 12:40 The Sweeney 13:45 The Avengers 14:50 Ironside 15:50 Quincy, M.E. 16:55 The Sweeney 17:55 The Avengers 19:00 Cash Cowboys 20:00 Pawn Stars 21:00 The Chase: Celebrity Special 22:00 Film - The Man With the Golden Gun (PG)



Friday 1st December 2017 ADVERTORIAL

When choosing your insurance cover, let your broker advise you! Nowadays, comparison web sites are a very popular choice for anyone searching for insurance. But is that really the best way forward? Sure, if you are buying only on price, maybe that’s good for you but if you want to find something that is not only a good price but also a good product that will provide the right cover and is tailored to your exacting needs, then a comparison site might not be the best idea. The policies on comparison sites are normally quite generic, only offering the basics of cover and do not take into consideration your personal circumstances. They may have a high excess when you make a claim, for example, so in the end you are not really saving money.So what’s the answer? The simple answer is to use a professional, dedicated broker who you can sit down with for a face-to-face conversation when they will give you unbiased advice on the best product/cover to meet your personal requirements. Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of over 300 brokers who are trained and very experienced to offer the friendly, expert advice that you deserve.In almost all cases, they will speak your language too.

So, to sum up, what are the advantages of using a broker: • • •

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With insurance, not only for car and home, but also life, pet, business, commercial, leisure, public liability and personal injury, Liberty Seguros is considered the expat’s number one choice in Spain. To find out more or to receive a no obligation quote, visit or to find out the location of your nearest broker, simply call 91 342 25 49.

Wednesday TV 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Island Medics 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Claimed and Shamed 12:45 The Sheriffs Are Coming 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Armchair Detectives 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 17:30 Money for Nothing 18:15 Pointless 19:00 News 20:00 The One Show

07:00 An Island Parish: Falklands 07:30 Island Medics 08:15 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 09:00 See Hear 09:30 Nigella: At My Table 10:00 Victoria Derbyshire 12:00 News 12:30 Daily Politics 14:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 18:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 19:00 Celebrity Eggheads 19:30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two

21:00 Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets Mary visits Powderham Castle to spend time with the Earl and Countess of Devon and their two young children. Mary's time with the family reveals stories of romance and tragedy as she discovers more of this extraordinary home. In the castle's historic kitchen, Mary prepares a Devon cream tea, before making a delicate peach posset for a Midsummer Eve woodland party the family are throwing to celebrate their two year anniversary at the castle.

20:00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Derek Fowlds and Bill Simons of ´Heartbeat´ fame set off from Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

22:00 The Apprentice At Somerset House, the candidates find out they are to become fashion agents, responsible for selling garments for up-and-coming designers. Ruffled feathers and handbags at dawn sees teams exposed and Lord Sugar decides who is no longer on trend. 23:00 News 23:45 A Question of Sport 00:15 Junior Doctors 00:45 Jamie: Drag Queen at 16 01:45 Weather 01:50 News

21:00 MasterChef: The Professionals Only 10 outstanding chefs remain in the competition and they have been split into two groups of five. The first team are set two daunting challenges by Monica and Marcus, which will test them further than any previous round. For the first time, the professionals must show they can work together as a team to create a three-course fine dining menu for special guests at Twickenham. 22:00 Peaky Blinders The Peaky Blinders are lured by the Italians into a cat-andmouse chase on the streets of Birmingham, where it becomes clear that Tommy has met his match. 23:00 The Apprentice: You’re Fired 23:30 Newsnight 00:15 Snooker 03:05 See Hear 03:35 Rick Stein’s Road To Mexico


07:00 Good Morning Britain 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 News 15:00 Judge Rinder 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 News 20:00 Emmerdale Zak makes a heartbreaking decision. 20:30 Coronation Street Phelan sends Luke on a wild goose chase. 21:00 Gino’s Italian Coastal Escape Gino returns to the bay of Naples, the area of Italy that he grew up in, home to pizza, street food and a fantastic array of seafood. Here, Gino demonstrates how to make a Neapolitan breakfast, prepares a classic fish dish on a rooftop, before heading to the foothills of Mount Vesuvius. Then, he heads back to the coast to cock a romantic dinner for two.

07:20 3rd Rock From the Sun 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:00 Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast 13:00 News 13:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 13:25 Film - Christmas Land 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Lost and Found 17:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 News 21:00 The Secret Life of the Zoo It’s mating season for Chester Zoo’s onagers and after two years living alone, male Holmes is released into the female paddock. Galapagos tortoise Charlie is losing weight and keepers believe that it’s down to bullying from her older sister.

22:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! The celebrities face yet more challenges and surprises in camp, but who can make it all the way to the end and be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle?

22:00 The Channel: The World’s Busiest Waterway Exploring areas of the English Channel that have never been filmed before. The programme follows the work of British head of maintenance Vince - the man charged with keeping the tunnel moving - and one of its longest-serving engineers, Richard, who helped to build the tunnel back in 1988.

23:00 News 23:45 UEFA Champions League Football 01:15 Stuck on You 02:05 Jackpot247 04:00 May the Best House Win

23:00 Gogglebox 00:05 The Mega Brothel 01:05 Random Acts 01:35 Poker 02:30 Film - Force Majeure (14) 04:35 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

21:30 Coronation Street George’s latest health scare alarms Mary.

07:00 Milkshake 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:45 Film - The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey 14:25 News 14:30 Neighbours 15:00 Film The Spirit of Christmas 16:45 Film - Marry Me at Christmas 18:30 News 19:00 Neighbours 19:30 News 20:00 Traffic Cops The cops have their hands full with night time drink driving incidents. Four police cars are needed to stop a car with a motorbike hanging out of the boot. 21:00 GPs: Behind Closed Doors The GPs focus there energies onto their most precious and demanding patients of children. There’s concern for a baby who has a habit of opening her eyes extremely wide to the point where her eyeballs vibrate, and a child feared to have meningitis. 22:00 My Son the Serial Killer Examination of one of the UK’s most notorious criminals, as well as what it is like to be the father of a perpetrator of one of the most well-known crimes of the last 20 years. Steve Wright’s father, Conrad, speaks about his son for the first time. 23:00 Levi Bellfield Left Me for Dead 00:05 The Butcher Surgeon: Why Wasn’t He Stopped? 01:05 Countdown to Murder 02:00 SuperCasino 04:10 Yorkshire: A Year In The Wild 05:00 My Mum's Hotter Than Me!

07:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 07:20 Planet’s Got Talent 07:45 Dinner Date 08:35 Emmerdale 09:00 The Cube 10:00 Ellen DeGeneres 10:50 Dinner Date 11:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 13:20 Emmerdale 13:50 You’ve Been Framed! 14:50 Ellen DeGeneres 15:45 Jeremy Kyle 19:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 20:30 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Two and a Half Men 22:00 Family Guy 23:00 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp ITV 3 07:00 Judge Judy 07:20 Coronation Street 08:10 Heartbeat 09:15 Wild at Heart 10:10 Judge Judy 11:35 A Taouch of Frost 13:35 Wild at Heart 14:40 Heartbeat 15:40 Coronation Street 16:15 Coronation Street 16:45 A Touch of Frost 19:00 Heartbeat 20:00 Murder, She Wrote 21:00 Doc Martin 22:00 Foyle’s War ITV 4 07:00 Snooker and Racing 07:05 The Chase 08:50 Cash Cowboys 09:35 Pawn Stars 10:30 Ironside 11:35 Quincy, M.E. 12:40 The Sweeney 13:40 The Avengers 14:50 Ironside 15:50 Quincy, M.E. 16:55 The Sweeney 18:00 The Avengers 19:00 Cash Cowboys 20:00 Pawn Stars 21:00 Devon and Cornwall Cops 22:00 Film The Spy Who Loved Me (PG)

36 07:00 Breakfast 10:15 Island Medics 11:00 Homes Under the Hammer 12:00 Claimed and Shamed 12:45 The Sheriffs Are Coming 13:15 Bargain Hunt 14:00 News 14:45 Doctors 15:15 Armchair Detectives 16:00 Escape to the Country 16:45 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 17:30 Money for Nothing 18:15 Pointless 19:00 News 20:00 The One Show 20:30 EastEnders Tensions simmer among the Branning family and just when Max tries to sort things out, more lies are exposed. 21:00 Holby City The resolve of the Holby family is put to the test when a face from the past arrives with a chilling vendetta. How will our heroes cope when their whole world is torn apart? 22:00 Love, Lies & Records Kate is horrified to discover that spiteful colleague Judy has sent Rob a flash drive containing the incriminating footage. Her only hope is to destroy the USB stick before stick before he sees it - but that proves easier said than done. Meanwhile, the registrars prepare for the raid on Kristina and Amir's wedding - a case that takes on increased urgency with the discovery of another body. 23:00 News 23:45 Question Time 00:45 This Week 01:30 Weather 01:35 News

Friday 1st December 2017

07:00 An Island Parish: Falklands 07:30 Island Medics 08:15 The Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas 09:00 MasterChef: The Professionals 10:00 Victoria Derbyshire 12:00 News 13:00 Daily Politics 14:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 15:45 Live: Varsity Match Rugby Union - Cambridge v Oxford 18:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker 19:00 Celebrity Eggheads 19:30 Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two 20:00 Live: UK Championship Snooker With two quarter-final places still up for grabs, there is everything to play for as the remaining fourthround matches get underway. 21:00 MasterChef: The Professionals In the last programme of knockout week, the second group of five face two tough tests. First they work together to cook a three-course fine dining menu. 22:00 Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain Following the story of a bomb that fell on Jellicoe Street in the Scottish town of Clydebank. It was a tightly knit community of ship builders and factory workers who worked hard in difficult conditions. 23:00 Live at the Apollo 23:30 Newsnight 00:15 UK Championship Snooker 03:05 Exodus: Our Journey Continues 04:05 This Farming Life 05:05 This Is BBC Two

07:00 Good Morning Britain 09:30 Lorraine 10:25 Jeremy Kyle 11:30 This Morning 13:30 Loose Women 14:30 News 15:00 Judge Rinder 16:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 17:00 Tipping Point 18:00 The Chase 19:00 News 20:00 Emmerdale Pollard takes desperate measures. 20:30 Tonight Last Christmas, British consumers were cheated out of 10 million pounds by paying for fake or nonexistent items online. Dan Clark-Neal investigate . 21:00 Emmerdale Pollard faces the music. 21:30 Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs Paul meets more of the canine residents of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. They include an unusual looking Staffordshire bull terrier cross that is having trouble attracting a new owner, and an English bulldog that needs airway surgery to help it breathe. The Battersea staff are also worried about a German shepherd struggling to keep its food down. 22:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! The competition is ramping up and jungle life is not getting any easier, but the finishing line is in sight. 23:00 News 23:45 The Late Debate 00:15 Football 01:25 Jackpot247 04:00 Tonight

07:20 3rd Rock From the Sun 08:35 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 11:05 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 12:00 Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast 13:00 News 13:05 Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 13:25 Film - 12 Wishes of Christmas 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Lost and Found 17:00 A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun 18:00 Four in a Bed 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:00 The Simpsons 19:30 Hollyoaks 20:00 News 21:00 Great Canal Journeys Timothy West and Prunella Scales visit Wales and the famously beautiful Monmouthshire and Brecon canal which meanders the Usk valley.

Thursday TV 07:00 Milkshake 10:15 The Wright Stuff 12:45 Film The Christmas Spirit 14:25 News 14:30 Neighbours 15:00 Film - The Flight Before Christmas 16:40 Film - A Star-Crossed Christmas 18:30 News 19:00 Neighbours 19:30 News 20:00 UK’s Strongest Man Highlights of the Masters of Strongman competition from Belfast. Contestants face the Truck Pull, Giant Log, Stones of Strength, Giant Tyre Flip and Flag Hoist in a bid to be crowned the winner.

21:00 Traffic Cops At Christmas the traffic cops have their hands full as party-going drunks end up getting behind the wheel. The stresses of surviving 22:00 Catching a Killer: A Yuletide lead to late night Bullet through the argy-bargy and screaming Window In the early hours matches. of the morning in a quiet Milton Keynes street, a sin- 22:00 Film - Brick gle bullet was shot through Mansions A ghetto of an open window. The vic- Detroit is walled off from tim was a 19-year-old man. the rest of the city to conWhat followed was a frantic tain its criminal population. 999 call and an investiga- A cop out for revenge and tion by Thames Valley an ex-convict trying to save Police to find the culprit. his kidnapped girlfriend are This documentary follows forced to team up to stop a the case as the detectives drug kingpin carrying out a try to piece together the plan that could destroy the moments leading up to that entire city. US remake of fatal shot. But it soon turns French action adventure out there is more to the District 13, starring Paul inquiry than meets the eye. Walker, David Belle and RZA.(PG) 23:25 999: What’s Your Emergency? 00:25 Saving 23:45 Film - Takers (PG) Russia’s Whales 02:00 01:45 Sinkholes 02:35 Extraordinary Teens: My SuperCasino 04:10 Ben Gay Life 02:55 Finding Me Fogle: New Lives in the a Family 03:50 How to Wild 05:00 My Mum’s Build a Robot Hotter Than Me!

07:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 07:20 Planet’s Got Talent 07:45 Dinner Date 08:35 Emmerdale 09:00 Coronation Street 10:00 Ellen DeGeneres 10:50 Dinner Date 11:50 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 12:50 Planet’s Got Talent14 13:20 Emmerdale 13:50 Coronation Street 14:50 Ellen DeGeneres 15:45 Jeremy Kyle 19:00 I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Two and a Half Men 22:00 Family Guy 23:00 I’m a Celebrity... Extra Camp 00:00 Family Guy ITV 3 07:00 Coronation Street 07:55 Heartbeat 09:00 Wild at Heart 10:00 Judge Judy 11:20 A Touch of Frost 13:30 Wild at Heart 14:35 Heartbeat 15:40 Coronation Street 16:50 A Touch of Frost 18:50 Heartbeat 19:55 Murder, She Wrote 21:00 Doc Martin 22:00 Foyle’s War 00:05 Blue Murder ITV 4 07:00 The Chase 08:35 Cash Cowboys 09:35 Pawn Stars 10:30 Ironside 11:35 Quincy, M.E. 12:40 The Sweeney 13:40 The Avengers 14:50 Ironside 15:50 Quincy, M.E. 16:55 The Sweeney 17:55 The Avengers 19:00 Cash Cowboys 20:00 Pawn Stars 21:00 Steve McQueen: Motorcycle Star 22:00 Film - Moonraker (PG) 00:35 16 Blocks 02:40 The Professionals

Home Computing



BlueMoon Solutions

BlueMoon Solutions is the computer and IT services company on the Costa Blanca. BlueMoon Solutions comes to you at home or at work. Their personal service covers from Alicante to Pilar de la Horadada.

Richard moved to Spain ten years ago having left his management background behind in the UK and decided to use his IT skills to help home users and small businesses with their PC problems. Now a relaxed 'computer man' he is out and about in the Spanish sun every day, making house and shop calls and using his vast experience and qualifications to sort out the problem there and then. Computers are his hobby as well as his work so don’t be surprised to get an answer to your email in the early hours!

ADVICE: Shelagh wanted to know whether the new Creators ADVICE: Bob wanted to know how to set his home page in Edition update from Microsoft was worth doing. Firefox




Hi Richard. "Remind me later" the most clicked on sentence in my comHi Richard. A question which other people may have and which might be puter! The latest is from Windows 10 - Windows 10 creators update is useful for you regular article. I have downloaded the latest update for coming soon, review your privacy settings to get ready for next update. Skype and it has changed my home page on Firefox to MSN from Google. As usual I click on remind me later but should I let it happen? All best I have tried to remove it using remove/uninstall programmes but cannot wishes, Shelagh find any way to do it. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the wonderful questions and answers. Thanks Bob Haha, your opening line made me laugh Shelagh, yes I think you might be right! In terms of Windows 10 Creators Update, it’s a BIG update, and will take a long time to update (even on a fast Internet connection), but yes, I do subscribe to being “up to date” as being the best approach, so choose a time convenient to you and go for it.


Hi Bob, yes its annoying when this sort of thing happens isn’t it. There are a couple of tick boxes that are pre-ticked as part of the skype installation that asks your “permission” to make these changes, but because they are pre-ticked, unless you notice them, you will have the changes applied whether you like it or not.

In order to get your home page back using Firefox you should do the following… 1. 2. 3.

Email: Mobile: 655 044 970

Open a tab with the web page you want to use as your home page. Drag and drop that tab onto the Home button . Click Yes to set this page as your home page. NEW: Tel: 965 987 032

Don’t forget, you can follow me on Facebook: Alternatively, why don’t you sign up for my newsletter. You can do this by going .



Fit the words into the boxes.

Code Cracker is a crossword puzzle with no clues; instead, every letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number, the same number representing the same letter throughout the puzzle. All you have to do is decide which letter is represented by which number.

DOUBLE CROSS-WORD Solve the Double Cross-Word puzzle using either the standard or cryptic clues, the answers are exactly the same.

3 letter words Ado Bet Eye Gel Mob Oat Ops Per Pet Rod Sap Sat Set Sir Spa Who 4 letter words

Ages Anon Aria Arms Asia Babe Bill Boss Coot Eons Errs Erse Heat Ilks Leek Lint Lots Naan

Odds Okra Roar Robe Root Seek Sere Sins Slat Slit Stem Tabu Tall Tint Told Twee Ulna Veal

Wees Woos 5 letter words Abler Acres Aegis Aeons Alias Dance Dated Delay Lingo Oriel Osier Ovule Passé Plier Sable

Sagas Sails Satay Satin Serum Spoor Swear 6 letter words Albino Allege Batter Siesta 8 letter words Lactates Seaports Steadily Sweetpea

Standard Clues

Cryptic Clues Across



1 Wishes of French par ents (7) 5 Destroy copse area (5) 8 It’s time totter goes after rubbish (7) 9 Supply for Tom Queen (5) 10 Letter of credit to me contains more of the same (5) 11 Protect confused cousin Henry (7) 12 Scared to be mixed up with something religious (6) 14 Prepared sauces for the campaigns (6) 17 Dish that may sink in a little way (7) 19 Greek character thus in harmony (5) 22 Credit is power snack (5) 23 More crusty sailor back on deck (7) 24 Head of state or railway is pathetic (5) 25 Well, well, they could be seasons (7)

1 Went out with old hat (5) 2 Set out to show fear (5) 3 A loving gift from Lancashire (3,4) 4 Heinz’s ketchup’s secret study (6) 5 Belts made from hose (5) 6 Gets in boats at sea (7) 7 Foreign currency in queen’s messages (7) 12 Goes for less etc by accident (7) 13 Money that is right for the till operator (7) 15 Another time frame if not the current gadget (7) 16 Debars odd-looking whiskers (6) 18 Dog comes back quietly, finally finishing off fish (5) 20 Descendent defaces coins (5) 21 Moans about fishes (5)

1 Wants (7) 5 Range (5) 8 Drivel (7) 9 Provide (5) 10 As before (5) 11 Pillow (7) 12 Holy (6) 14 Induces (6) 17 Pasta dish (7) 19 Instrumental sounds (5) 22 Crunchy (5) 23 More irritable (7) 24 Apologetic (5) 25 Bounces (7) Down 1 Old-fashioned (5) 2 Begin (5) 3 Emblem of Lancashire (3,4) 4 Outline (6) 5 Hosiery (5) 6 Gets (7) 7 Tasks (7) 12 Chooses (7) 13 Bank clerk (7) 15 Instrument that measures electrical current (7) 16 Growths of facial hair (6) 18 Rainbow fish (5) 20 Child (5) 21 Complains (5)

Quiz Word

Across 1 In Greek mythology, what was the name of the god of the sea and of water generally? (8) 7 See 2 Down 8 Which verb means ‘to make English in form or character’? (9) 9 What forename was shared by the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón and the mistress and later wife of Adolf Hitler? (3) 10 Which period of time is equal to one24th of a day? (4) 11 Which city staged the 1936 Summer Olympic Games? (6) 13 What name is applied to a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning? (6) 14 In Greek mythology, who was the son of Daedalus, who escaped from Crete using wings made by his father but was killed when he flew too near the sun and the wax attaching his wings melted? (6) 17 Black widow, wolf and redback are all types of which eight-legged predatory arachnid? (6) 18 By what name is the River Thames known, as it flows through Oxford? (4)

20 What first name connects singer Garfunkel and jazz musicians Tatum and Blakey? (3) 22 Which variety of peach has a smooth, thin, brightly coloured skin and rich firm flesh? (9) 23 What was the surname of the actor who played the Spanish waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers? (5) 24 Francois-Marie Arouet was the real name of which 17th/18th century French writer, dramatist, and poet? (8) Down 1 What was the surname of the American poet and novelist who was married to poet laureate Ted Hughes? (5) 2/7A Which Austrian neurologist was the founder of psychoanalysis? (7,5) 3 Often used when citing a reference, which abbreviation means ‘in the same place’? (4) 4 Which Lionel Bart musical contains the songs Food Glorious Food, Consider Yourself and As Long As He Needs Me? (6) 5 Which republic on the south-western shores of the Arabian Peninsula on the Indian Ocean was formed in 1990? (5) 6 What is the surname of the former Wigan



1 First book of Old Testament (7) 5 Accumulate (5) 8 Special loved one (7) 9 Mistake (5) 10 Give or supply (5) 11 Desert (7) 12 Old muzzle-loading shoulder gun (6) 14 Hold on to (6) 17 Hair cleanser (7) 19 Shrub (5) 22 Nimble (5) 23 Bloated (7) 24 Lessen (5) 25 Tryst (7)

1 Light-headed (5) 2 Hospital worker (5) 3 Defraud (7) 4 Indicate (6) 5 Playing field (5) 6 Reduce in scope (7) 7 Weird (7) 12 Eye make-up (7) 13 Staying power (7) 15 Certificate of merit (7) 16 Remains of a plant or animal preserved in rock (6) 18 Share of something (5) 20 Map collection (5) 21 Wooden projection (5)


Improve your Spanish - Clues in Spanish, answer in English or vice versa. Across Down 1 Rodilla (4) 4 Mushrooms (flat-topped) (5) 9 Example (7) 10 Bee (5) 11 Cruz (figura) (5) 12 Teatro (7) 13 Escaso (pelo, bosque) (6) 15 Deportes (6) 19 Straight (direction) (7) 21 Perdedor (5) 23 Puro (5) 24 Heart (organ, symbol of love) (7) 25 Jabones (para lavar) (5) 26 Mass (religious) (4)

Fill It In


2 Grandson (5) 3 Handcuffs (7) 4 Liso (terreno, superficie) (6) 5 Suit (for man) (5) 6 Más dulce (7) 7 Vallas (6) 8 Merluza (4) 14 Overcoats (7) 16 Peregrino (7) 17 Fuerte (persona, físicamente) (6) 18 Flies (insects) (6) 19 Twelve (4) 20 Letter (mail) (5) 22 Tallas (de ropas) (5)

and Great Britain rugby league scrum half who is the now the assistant coach of the Wales national rugby union team? (7) 7 What name is given to the joint of a horse’s or other quadruped’s leg between the cannon bone and the pastern? (7) 12 What is the nickname of the professional baseball team based in Cleveland, Ohio? (7) 13 Guernica, painted in 1937, is the most work by which Spanish painter, sculptor, and graphic artist? (7) 15 Gioacchino Antonio were the forenames of which Italian composer who wrote over 30 operas, including The Barber of Seville and William Tell? (7) 16 The name of which fastener for clothes or other items comes from the French for ‘hooked velvet’? (6) 17 Which word can mean ‘a supply of something available for future use’ or ‘a liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered’? (5) 19 What name is given to a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particles? (5) 21 Immanuel who was the German philosopher who, in 1781, wrote the Critique of Pure Reason? (4)


Last Week’s Solutions Quizword Across: 1 Buttress, 7/11 Edith Cavell, 8 Accession, 9 Elm, 10 Shin, 13 Caesar, 14 Fiddle, 17 Rocket, 18 Harp, 20 ABO, 22 Flash bulb, 23 Ankle. Down: 1 Brass, 2 Tactile, 3 Ross, 4 Shivah, 5 Pixel, 6 Chemise, 7 Endemic, 12 Sad Cafe, 13 Caracas, 15 Dracula, 16 Nevada, 17/24 Rocky Marciano, 19 Pablo, 21 Chic. Double Crossword Across: 1 Staged, 4 Padres, 9 Replica, 10 Image, 11 Exeat, 12 Dislike, 13 Hide-and-seek, 18 Eyeball, 20 Alert, 22 Alter, 23 Veteran, 24 Thames, 25 Delete. Down: 1 Series, 2 Ample, 3 Epistle, 5 Amiss, 6 Realise, 7 See red, 8 Hand in glove, 14 Inertia, 15 Startle, 16 Repast, 17 Stance, 19 Agree, 21 Eyrie. Quickie Across: 1 Phantom, 5 Cobra, 8 Illness, 9 Oasis, 10 Robot, 11 Enhance, 12 Putter, 14 Advise, 17 Scalpel, 19 Slant, 22 Ethos, 23 Agitate, 24 Scans, 25 Suspend.

Span - Eng

Down: 1 Prior, 2 Ad-lib, 3 Theatre, 4 Master, 5 Cloth, 6 Basenji, 7 Austere, 12 Possess, 13 Trachea, 15 Dismiss, 16 Always, 18 Poses, 20 Aware, 21 Tread.

Code Cracker


Friday 1st December 2017


Renault has been awarded the title of Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year at the 2017 GreenFleet awards held at a ceremony in Coventry last night. Renault was also commended in the City Car Manufacturer of the Year category. Renault offers a range of affordable all-electric cars and vans – including the ZOE with its 250 mile (NEDC) range, the most of any mainstream electric car on sale today, and the recently-upgraded Kangoo Van Z.E.33 with a near 60 per cent improved range of 170 mile (NEDC). Renault is Europe’s leading electric car and van manufacturer. Every year, the GreenFleet Awards recognises organisations which have successfully adopted low emission vehicles and innovative fuel saving solutions into their fleets, along with the manufacturers and innovators of low carbon technologies. Angela Pisanu, editor of GreenFleet magazine, said; “The winner this year has had their experts come up with new battery technology that has enabled them to increase the

range on their small car and van EV offering… With the capability to go for 250 miles on a single charge in the car, and 170 in the van, they are set to revolutionise the EV market with a new larger offering in 2018 too”. Vincent Tourette, Managing Director, Renault UK, said of the result: “Renault has an affordable range of all-electric cars and vans with class-leading ranges that are available, not in a few years’ time – but today. And this latest award of Electric Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year from GreenFleet is a fantastic recognition of that. Renault was a pioneer of the all-electric market and is Europe’s leading EV manufacturer. With one in four EV sales in Europe a Renault, it’s clear that our range of affordable all-electric vehicles is resonating with buyers and we’ll be expanding our line-up with the new Master Z.E. panel van next year.”

BREXIT BORDERS ARE A EUROPEAN PROBLEM SO DON’T IGNORE THE RISKS, WARNS FTA The Freight Transport Association has warned the EU not to underestimate the massive challenge member states face when preparing their own borders for Brexit, along with the risk of long delays and disruption at European ferry ports. FTA’s Deputy Chief Executive, James Hookham gave evidence to the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism last week (22 November 2017), as part of a public hearing on the impact of Brexit on land transport into and out of the UK. FTA was called to share its expertise, as the UK’s largest and most influential membership association in the freight and logistics sector. Mr Hookham advised the committee that continued trade was just as much an issue for the EU27 as it was for the UK and he warned the challenges and risks were also as great for the other EU member states: “It is important that the need to maintain successful trade relationships is recognised as an equal risk for both parties. This is not just a UK problem.” The committee heard that an additional 300 million customs declarations will need to be made in the UK each year, compared to the 90 million declarations which are currently handled by the British customs system. Mr Hookham said each of these would be goods that originated from, or were destined for, somewhere in the EU: “The scale of this [trade] is truly enormous and it is important that all stakeholders comprehend what we are really talking about … Some 185,000 enterprises will be required to make customs declarations and other border checks after Brexit, for the first time in the

UK. Eighty per cent of the vehicles that cross the English Channel between France and England are EU-registered vehicles.” FTA is urgently seeking clarification from the EU on three key areas that will critically affect trade after Brexit; customs arrangements and facilities, the need for vehicle quotas and the recognition of driver qualifications. Mr Hookham said immediate action is needed to develop a workable system for the ‘seamless’ transport of goods across the new UK-EU border: “Yes, we must seek to simplify and automate procedures in the long run, but that will be something for the future. In the meantime, we must make sure that vehicles can continue to cross the border and that there is mutual recognition of driver qualifications and licences. There is a need for not just the UK government, but for the other EU27 governments to step forwardand to act.” FTA represents nearly 17,000 members operating over 220,000 heavy goods vehicles – half the UK’s HGV fleet. Established in 1889, FTA’s members move goods by road, rail, sea and air, consign over 90 per cent of the UK freight moved by rail and 70 per cent of the nation’s sea and air freight. The Freight Transport Association has produced a new report, “Ten Ways to Make Customs Borders Work after Brexit”. The document sets out practical, achievable steps that governments and industry can take to reduce delays at both sides of the border after Britain leaves the EU.

ALWAYS TRAVEL FIRST-CLASS WITH NEW RANGE ROVER SVAutobiography The luxury SUV has a new benchmark thanks to the introduction of the Range Rover SVAutobiography. The new model delivers a combination of craftsmanship and technology, epitomising the pinnacle of luxury travel whether driver or passenger. Available exclusively in long wheelbase, the Range Rover SVAutobiography combines advanced new convenience features, including rear doors that close at the touch of a button, to create a sanctuary for relaxation that doubles as a mobile technology hub. A comprehensive range of powertrain options includes an advanced new plug-in hybrid electric-petrol, with an EV range of up to 31 miles, and an uprated 565hp V8 supercharged petrol engine. Executive Class rear seats are central to the appeal of the luxurious new model. Combined with the long-wheelbase body, they offer rear legroom of over 1.2m while deep seat foams with new comfort interlayers deliver enhanced passenger wellbeing. With a powered 40-degree recline capability, hot stone massage function, heated calf and foot rests, the rear cabin promises a peerless passenger experience. A dramatic fixed centre console extends the full length of the cabin and the new model also allows passengers to close the rear doors using conveniently located buttons on the rear console. Electrically deployable rear tables and integrated 10” Touchscreen rear entertainment screens ensure customers can use the 4G WiFi connectivity to work or relax in comfort, while a concealed refrigerator between the twin rear seats can hold two wine bottles or four 600ml bottles. The right-hand rear seat folds to accommodate long items and customers can also specify a Power Deployable Veneered Loadspace Floor for the first time, making loading and unloading luggage easier than ever. With convenience features providing a first class customer experience, the attention to detail delivers new levels of sophistication. An exclusive new Zenith clock features on the rear centre console, inspired by the Elite 6150 watch. Its knurled bezel complements the finish on the start/stop button, gear selector and pedals. Jaguar Land Rover’s elegant and intuitive Touch Pro Duo infotainment system with twin high-definition touchscreen controls is a ‘digital butler’ fit for the 21st Century. Information can be swiped from one screen to the other, delivering unrivalled functionality and ease of use. Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer, Land Rover, said: “The Range Rover

SVAutobiography is the epitome of luxury, comfort and refinement. Our standard-bearer for quality and precision exemplifies the attention to detail and sophistication that has been a hallmark of our most luxurious SUV stretching back almost 50 years.” The Range Rover SVAutobiography will be hand-finished exclusively at the SVO Technical Centre in Warwickshire, UK, and makes its global motor show debut at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on 29 November 2017. The event will see the new Range Rover SVAutobiography presented alongside the extreme Discovery SVX and the powerful Range Rover Sport SVR, as well as the standard wheelbase SVAutobiography Dynamic, for the first time. John Edwards, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, said: “The SVAutobiography badge identifies our most luxurious vehicles in the same way the SVR and SVX monikers denote our most potent and capable derivatives. The arrival of the enhanced Range Rover SVAutobiography further strengthens the peerless luxury pillar of the SV family.”

THE VINTAGE SPORTS-CAR CLUB RETURNS TO DONINGTON PARK Formula Vintage Historic Festival Announced 80th Anniversary of First Race Meeting

2017 Octane Club of the Year, the Vintage Sports Car Club is delighted to announce that they will return to Donington Park on Sunday 24 June for an action-packed day of historic motorsport. The unique brand of vintage, pre-war and historic club motor racing that only the Vintage Sports-Car Club provides will again, after an absence of four years, be echoing around Donington Park. The Vintage Sports-Car Club will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its first stand-alone race meeting, which was held at Donington Park on 23 April 1938, with a Formula Vintage Historic Festival befitting the occasion. Coinciding with the first full season of MSV's management of the premier circuit, the Vintage Sports-Car Club is thrilled to be strengthening its association with Jonathan Palmer's Brands Hatch based organisation to produce the very best in authentic historic club motorsport. The race card will present an enthralling selection of cars taken from the Vintage Sports-Car Club's own Racing Grids, supported by a number of excellent selected guest races. The full race programme will be published early in the New Year. The Formula Vintage Historic Festival at Donington Park in June will complement the 2018 Formula Vintage Season which will have rounds at: Cadwell Park - 22 July 2018 Oulton Park - 19 May 2018 Silverstone - 21/22 April 2018 Mallory Park - 11 August 2018 Snetterton - 23 September 2018 The Vintage Sports-Car Club, established in 1934, has 7,000 members worldwide, organising over thirty-five competitive and social events a year for Pre-war car enthusiasts at venues and locations in the UK and Europe. A recognised MSA Motor Club, members can participate in activities including Circuit Racing, Speed Hill Climbs, Sprints, Driving Tests, Navigation Rallies, Off-road Trials and scenic tours with Pre-war cars and selected Pre-1961 Racing/ Sports Racing Cars.



Friday 1st December 2017

Return Of The Tiger Tiger Woods has returned to competitive action at this week's Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, after the 14-time major champion had a nine-month lay-off after undergoing back surgery for the fourth time in three years. His comeback is part of a member of the elite 18-man field for the invitation tournament he hosts in Albany, with the likes of Justin Rose, Dustin Johnson, Henrik Stenson and Kevin Chappell in the event. Johnson played alongside Woods at Trump National Golf Club last Friday when they were also joined by US President Donald Trump for a time. "Tiger coming back and playing well is definitely good for the game," said the world No 1 when he first learned of Woods' return. "I hope he does come back, he's healthy and he can come back and compete. Because he's good for the game of golf." Reserved for players ranked among the top 50 in the world, Woods has a spot due to a provision that gives him an exemption as tournament host. Ranked No. 1 in the world for a record 683 weeks, Woods, 41, has slipped to 1,199 in the world due mostly to lack of play over the past several years. This week's 72-hole event will be his first competition since he withdrew from the Dubai Desert Classic on February 3rd citing back spasms. That was just the third event of an aborted comeback that began a year ago at this tournament, where he led the field in birdies but finished 15th out of 17 players. "I haven't really competed in almost two years, really,'' Woods said. "I haven't really done much. I'm looking forward to competing again and trying to find the rhythm and feel of tournament golf. Just hitting shots. I haven't really had a scorecard in my hand in a while. That's going to be different.'' Woods, who won the last of his 79 PGA Tour titles in 2013, has since had four back surgeries. "It's obviously great to have Tiger back, it's the perfect event for him to come back to," said Justin Rose. "It's obviously a very small field. It's pretty low key, if there's ever a low-key tournament for him. "It's just great to see him back feeling good within himself, and his golf can build from there. If he performs like he did last time at the Hero that would be fantastic.”

Final Flourish

The recently-held final race day of the SAMM (Sailing Association Mar Menor) attracted a good turnout of competitors and nine boats came to the start of the first race, which had to be shortened to just two laps because of there being hardly any breeze! Things got better for the second contest, and as in previous weeks, the lead was contested by the dinghies led by Julian Singleton in the Topaz; Tug Wilson; and John Down in a Laser 2000. The dinghies took between 51 and 66 minutes to finish the four laps and the fastest and bigger boat, Sailfish took 71 minutes.

The race officer decided that the slower boats were going to take too long to finish and so shortened their race to two or three laps. Rather than record a “Did Not Finish”, it was agreed that their average lap time would be used to calculate their total time over four laps. The results after handicaps, in both races were Julian Singleton first, followed by Tug Wilson, and John Down. It kept up a consistent autumn for them as it was the fifth straight placing Singleton; a fifth second for Wilson; and a fourth third for Down. The SAMM Spring 2018 Series is scheduled to begin in March.

Teofilo’s Victory

Murcia City cyclist Teofilo Jimenez, from the Cycles Teo outlet in Murcia, was Sunday’s winner of the 17th staging of the Memorial El Capellán event in San Pedro del Pinatar. The 64-kilometre race, consisting of eight laps, was organised by the local Pinatar cycling club in association with San Pedro del Pinatar council, with Jiminez (pictured alongside San Pedro mayor Visitación Martinez) completing the course in a fast time of one

hour 24 minutes, and 52 seconds. The course had been modified in order to offer more of an urban route making it more accessible to watch by local cycle fans, and it started at Avenida Artero Guirao at 10.30 am, with the winner coming over the finish line before noon. Pedro José López, from ULB Sports Monforte came second, followed by José Manuel Cayuela, from club Pérez Cánovas Nomarspain Kross.

Rugby Review

The big top of the table clash in the men ‘s division of the Murcia FERRMUR league delivered a lot of excitement, as leaders Cartagena University battled back to get snatch a 37-32 victory at second-placed ITV Orihuela Vega Baja, after trailing 20-3 at the interval. The dismissal of the Orihuela captain for arguing with the referee in the 73rd minute proved to be crucial in the dying minutes, as Cartargena went over for a try at the very end. The result sees Orihuela drop down to third position in the table, overtaken by XV

Rugby Murcia, who won 52 points to seven at the Mar Menor Squalos (action pictured, with the Squalos in blue), who are fifth in the league. There’s no action this weekend, but in the next round of matches the following weekend, the Squalos are away to XV Murcia B, whilst Orihuela entertain Lorca. In last weekend’s under18 fixtures, ITV Orihuela Vega Baja lost 54-10 to Cartagena University, and are now away to XV Rugby Murcia tomorrow, Saturday 2 December.



Sluggish And Clueless Penalty Controversies

CD THADER 1 CALLOSA DEPORTIVA CF 1 CD TORREVIEJA 0 CALPE CF 0 Sports statistics can be misleading at times, but if you look at Torrevieja’s record this season in Preferente Group Four, they tell a very interesting and accurate tale. Having amassed a large number of his squad late in the day, coach Pedreno has produced a side that has conceded just five goals in the thirteen matches played, which is the best record in the division, with only second-placed Villajoyosa in single conceded figures at eight. In contrast, Torry have only netted 13 times, which

is the second-worst scoring record, with mid-table Callosa coming in with the lowest total of 12. It was another clean sheet for Torry at the Vicente Garcia stadium on Sunday in a disappointing goalless draw against a mediocre Calpe outfit, which saw the home side fail to get a win that would have put them top of the table, after Hercules B lost to Jove Espanol, a side that Torry beat the previous weekend. Torrevieja may have dominated the possession during the match, but they lacked creativity and a string of

poor finishes added to the frustration of the Torry supporters. In-form Marwane came the closest when he hit the post with a longrange shot, but it was in truth, a sub-standard performance against a Calpe side that played an hour with 10 men, after one of their players, Manu, was sent-off after a second yellow card. The result sees them third in the table, a point behind leaders Hercules, who they go to this Sunday afternoon for a 4.00 pm kick-off. A Calpe-style performance will not be good enough in Alicante.

A 52nd-minute goal from Nino gave Thader a share of the spoils in their match last weekend against Callosa. The Preferente group four match was switched from the Rojales stadium to Benijofar, as the annual winter reseeding of the pitch is taking place. It was an exciting contest with both sides giving it all,

with Callosa getting the early advantage through an Manresa penalty in the ninth minute, after the referee controversially adjudged Carlos had handled the ball. Ironically, Nino appeared to be fouled in the Callosa area shortly before half-time, but referee Pedro Serna Valero showed no interest in awarding an obvious spot-

kick. Nino got the leveller early in the second half, and Thader looked more likely to score, and could have snatched it through Piti in injury time. Thader are 14th in the table with 15 points, and now go to third-bottom Petrelense this Saturday afternoon (4.30 pm kick-off).

Second Best Monte


An Unbelievable Draw

The winning streak for Montesinos ended after four matches in Primera Regional Group Eight, as Dolores ran out deserved winners last Sunday, It was evenly matched in the first half with neither side creating many chances, but Dolores came out more determined after the inter-

val. Their defence was tough and hard on the Monte forwards, and they took the lead with a header 10 minutes into the second half, and then 10 minutes later they doubled their advantage through a free-kick, with poor Monte defending not helping in poor goals.

It was substandard for Montesinos compared to recent performances with little sign of their fast-flowing style, which sees the side go down to seventh in the table. This weekend they host struggling CD Cox this Sunday with a 5.00 pm kickoff.

Third Division News PINOSO CF 1 CD ALMORADI 1 This was an extraordinary point for Almoradi (in their away red kit) last Saturday, after losing at home to winless Monforte the previous weekend. Three Almoradi players were sent off in the space of a minute, with barely an hour gone, with Pinoso in front through Victor Oliver in the 52nd minute. That goal came after Almoradi had played well in the first half, with Fran Rivera having the best chance with a 20thminute shot. Then came the secondhalf fun and games thanks to referee Serna Vázquez,

who showed a second yellow card to Ángel, as the Almoradi players protested that it was somebody else that had actually committed the foul. The complaints were too much for the match official, who yellow-carded Hucha for the second-time, and he upgraded to a straight red for Mario. Down to eight men, it was all apparently over for Almoradi, as Pinoso totally controlled matters, but just could not score, with Burguillo stopping a certain second Pinoso goal as he cleared off the line. Then came the sucker-

punch as Fran Rivera in a rare counter-attack in the 84th minute went down in the Pinoso penalty area, and the referee pointed to the spot, much to the anger of the local fans and players, who did not believe that it was a penalty. Saul duly converted, and much as Pinoso pressed at the end, Almoradi produced a great escape with the most unlikely point imaginable. Almoradi lie 10th in the Preferente group four table, and welcome the team above them, neighbours Redovan this Sunday morning for an 11.30 am kick-off.

It’s tight at the top of the Valencian Regional Third division, as Orihuela came from behind to win threeone at Roda last weekend. Ayo got the equaliser in the 16th minute after Roda took an 11th-minute

advante. Antonio then scored twice in the 27th and the 37th minutes to kill off the game, and to put Orihuela on top alongside Levante, both on 34 points. They now play Rayo

Ebense this Sunday. Crevillente are eighth after their predictable two-nil win against struggling Elche Ilicitano, and now go to midtable Buñol, whilst third-bottom Elche entertain Villarreal.


Friday 1st December 2017

Routine Victory

A Real Struggle



Barcelona reached the Copa del Rey last 16 with a convincing second leg victory over Real Murcia on Wednesday night. They had to be patient though as Ernesto Valverde’s side struggled to ever really break down the visitor's defence in the first half despite their dominance. The La Liga leaders, 3-0 up from the first leg, saw Paco Alcacer scoring the opener. Gerard Pique added a second, and Aleix Vidal, Denis Suarez and substitute Jose Arnaiz completed the rout.

Gareth Bale made a welcome return from injury to spare Real Madrid embarrassment in their Copa del Rey clash with Segunda B leaders Fuenlabrada on Tuesday night. Zinedine Zidane's young side struggled desperately and faced the very real danger of seeing their 2-0 first leg lead wiped out before Bale's 62nd-minute introduction changed the course of the game. Bale set up two goals for Borja Mayoral but it was still not enough to serve up a win on the night as the visitors hit back for a deserved 2-2 draw at a sparsely populated Bernabeu.

The Goal That Wasn’t

Real Hard Work



Jordi Alba scored a late equaliser and Lionel Messi had a goal controversially ruled out as Barcelona against secondplaced Valencia at Mestalla on Sunday. The full-back marked his 200th start for the club by meeting Messi's cross to volley past Neto as Ernesto Valverde's side preserved their four-point cushion at the top of La Liga. The game will be remembered, however, for the match officials' failure to award Messi with a first-half opener after the Valencia goalkeeper spilled his shot a yard over the line. Rodrigo subsequently gave Valencia the lead on the hour mark after he met Jose Gaya's low cross to score from close range but the hosts could not hold out as Alba struck to ensure a share of the spoils. Afterwards Alba claimed he could see from the "middle of the pitch" that Lionel Messi's first-half 'goal' against Valencia had crossed the line, with video replays clearly showing that it was a goal, but video technology is not being introduced in La Liga until next season. Barcelona now entertain mid-table Celta Vigo tomorrow lunchtime.

Cristiano Ronaldo's strike 15 minutes from time handed Real Madrid their expected victory over relegation-threatened Malaga in a surprisingly even contest at the Bernabeu last Saturday. Both teams traded blows in an entertaining start to the game with Karim Benzema and Casemiro scoring either side of a Diego Rolan strike inside the opening 21 minutes. Malaga equalised again in the second half, though, as Chory Castro's long-range shot squirmed under Kiko Casilla in goal before Ronaldo sealed the points by converting from close range after Roberto had saved his penalty. Benzema had failed to score in any of his previous seven La Liga fixtures at the Bernabeu prior to kick-off, so that was good news from Real’s perspective in what was an unconvincing result and performance. Real have another struggling team as their next opponents, as they go to Athletic Bilbao tomorrow evening, and are eight points behind leaders Barcelona.


Ilicitanos Eliminated

ATLETICO MADRID 3 ELCHE 0 (AGG 4-1) Elche’s Copa del Rey run came to an end on Wednesday, as they went down at Primera big boys Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano. Fernando Torres scored twice, with a superb display from Elche keeper Vallejo keeping the Atletico winning margin down. The teams headed into the second leg level at 1-1 on aggregate after Lolo Pla had cancelled out Thomas Partey’s strike and handed Elche a shock draw in the first leg. Atlético looked dangerous in the opening few minutes, but were unable to snatch an early lead. In the 25th minute, they went agonisingly close as Koke’s shot struck the post. A mere five munutes later, Guille Vallejo made a fine save to deny Luciano Vietto. However, José Giménez headed home in the 31st minute to break the deadlock, and two minutes later, Fernando Torres slotted home the rebound from Yannick Carrasco’s shot. Torres came close to scoring his second on the stroke of halftime, but the excellent Vallejo did well to keep his header out. The former Chelsea and Liverpool striker finally netted again in the 68th minute with a stunning strike after capitalising on Šime Vrsaljko’s cross, but Vallejo denied him a hat-trick in the 78th minute with a good save from his close-range effort before saving Vietto’s shot a minute later.

Promising Start

ELCHE 2 VALENCIA MESTALLA 2 Coach Josico’s first match in charge of Elche saw his side play well, and they deserved more than a draw in last Saturday’s Segunda Division match against Valencia Mestalla. Benja put the Ilicitanos in front after 29 minutes, but two goals from Rafa Mir put the visitors in front. Sory Kaba then equalised in his return from injury, coming on as a substitute in the 73rd minute, and getting onto the scoresheet five minutes later. Josico praised Elche’s attitude and performance:- “I'll go home knowing that there’s a lot of work to do, especially in defence. I’m getting to know the squad and I feel that we have a lot of potential.” Elche are third in the table, a point behind Villarreal, and 14 points behind runaway leaders Real Mallorca. They go to midtable Lleida on Sunday.

Pen To Paper

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi said he had moved closer to his "dream" of "finishing my career at home" after signing a new contract, with the buyout clause raised to 700m euro. Messi's new deal will expire after the 2020-21 campaign. The 30-year-old had one year remaining on his old contract. The Argentine international, a five time Ballon d'Or winner, has scored 523 goals in 602 appearances for Barca. "The objective is to continue achieving things and making history," he said. Since joining at the age of 13, Messi has helped Barca win eight Spanish league titles and the Champions League four times. "We've been lucky enough to have won a great many things and I hope there will be more in the future," he added. "I'm happy to continue with the club, which is my home. My dream was to finish my career at Barca and we are moving down that path." Barca announced in July that Messi had agreed a new deal, after he had reportedly rejected an initial offer in May. Club president Josep Maria Bartomeu described him as "the best player in football history", and said the new contract, with a significantly higher buyout clause, was "more in line with the current situation in the ever-changing world of football". He added: "The buyout clause had to be modified, and it has gone from 300m euro to 700m euro. "It fills me with pride to see him with us renewing his love for the club." Messi was presented with his fourth European Golden Shoe last Friday - the award given to the highest scorer in European club football - after finding the net 37 times in La Liga last season.

Goalie Target


La Manga Double

FIXTURES 20:55 20:45 20:45

13:30 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 18:30 13:30 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 La Manga Club has been awarded two of the most prestigious prizes in the World Golf Awards, an internationally prestigious organisation popularly known as the Oscars of the golf industry. The Mar Menor resort has been chosen as 'Europe's Best Golf Venue' and equally, its Principe Felipe 5* Hotel has been selected to be 'Spain's Best Golf Hotel'. The complex took home two out of only five recognitions awarded to Spanish establishments at the fourth annual gala staged at the Principe Felipe last Saturday. La Manga Club was chosen this year by the prestigious organisation to host the awards that were celebrated for the first time in their history in Spain. Over last weekend, the resort was the setting for variety of activities, including golf tournaments and social events. The awards event attracted the presence of many of the region of Murcia's authorities, such as the spokesperson for the regional Government, Noelia Arroyo; the General Director of Tourism at the Institute of Tourism for the region of Murcia, Manuel Fernández-Delgado; the Councillor of Tourism for Cartagena, Obdulla Gómez; and the President of the Golf Ferederation for the region of Murcia, Pepe Jover. Moreover, many golfing names, such as the BBC voice of golf, Peter Alliss, as well as Andrew Coltart and Chris Wilson. The general director of La Manga Club, José Asenjo (pictured above second-right), collected the award for Europe's Best Golf Venue for La Manga Club, a moment in which he took the opportunity to highlight the 'daily work that is carried out on the resort to offer excellence in quality and service to our clients and guests in order that they obtain a truly unique experience.' The award for the Spain's Best Golf Hotel given to La Manga Club's Principe Felipe 5* Hotel was collected by the director of Sales and Marketing for the complex, Brendan Dwyer. One of the most exciting moments was when the legendary Jack Nicklaus, nicknamed Golden Bear, won the award for 'Year's Best Golf Course Designer' La Manga Club opened for business 45 years ago, and the awards ceremony also featured a specially baked commemorative cake.

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14:30 17:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00 13:30

Real Madrid will strengthen their goalkeeping options in January by bringing in Athletic Bilbao's Kepa Arrizabalaga. The report in the Marca newspaper says that the 23-year-old is out of contract in the summer and Los Blancos will pay the buyout clause in his current deal, which stands at 20 million euro. At the other end of the field, Marca reports that strikers on the Real hit-list are Inter Milan's Mauro Icardi, along with RB Leipzig's Timo Werner.

20:45 20:45

20:00 20:00 20:30

Friday 1 December English FA Cup AFC Fylde V. Wigan Athletic English Football League - Championship Cardiff City V. Norwich City Leeds United V. Aston Villa Saturday 2 December English Premier League Chelsea V. Newcastle United Brighton and Hove Albion V. Liverpool Everton V. Huddersfield Town Leicester City V. Burnley Stoke City V. Swansea City Watford V. Tottenham Hotspur West Bromwich Albion V. Crystal Palace Arsenal V. Manchester United English FA Cup Notts County V. Oxford City Bradford City V. Plymouth Argyle Fleetwood Town V. Hereford FC Forest Green Rovers V. Exeter City Gillingham V. Carlisle United MK Dons V. Maidstone United Port Vale V. Yeovil Town Shrewsbury Town V. Morecambe Stevenage V. Swindon Town English Football League - Championship Bolton Wanderers V. Barnsley Brentford V. Fulham Derby County V. Burton Albion Ipswich Town V. Nottingham Forest Millwall V. Sheffield United Preston North End V. Queens Park Rangers Sheffield Wednesday V. Hull City Sunderland V. Reading Bristol City V. Middlesbrough English Football League - League One Bristol Rovers V. Rotherham United Southend United V. Oldham Athletic English Football League Trophy Portsmouth V. Northampton Town Walsall V. Bury Scottish Premiership Celtic V. Motherwell Heart of Midlothian V. Hamilton Academical Partick Thistle V. Hibernian Ross County V. Dundee St. Johnstone V. Kilmarnock Scottish Championship Dundee United V. Dunfermline Athletic Livingston V. Falkirk Morton V. Brechin City Queen of the South V. Inverness Caled Thistle St. Mirren V. Dumbarton Scottish League One Airdrieonians V. Forfar Athletic Arbroath V. Stranraer Ayr United V. Albion Rovers Queen’s Park V. East Fife Raith Rovers V. Alloa Athletic Scottish League Two Annan Athletic V. Elgin City Berwick Rangers V. Stirling Albion Clyde V. Montrose Cowdenbeath V. Stenhousemuir Peterhead V. Edinburgh City Sunday 3 December English Premier League Bournemouth V. Southampton Manchester City V. West Ham United English FA Cup AFC Wimbledon V. Charlton Athletic Blackburn Rovers V. Crewe Alexandra Coventry City V. Boreham Wood Doncaster Rovers V. Scunthorpe United Gateshead V. Luton Town Mansfield Town V. Guiseley Newport County V. Cambridge United Woking V. Peterborough United Wycombe Wanderers V. Leatherhead Scottish Premiership Aberdeen V. Rangers Monday 4 December English FA Cup Slough Town V. Rochdale English Football League - Championship Birmingham City V. Wolverhampton Wanderers Tuesday 5 December English Football League Trophy Gillingham V. Oxford United Swansea City V. Charlton Athletic Swindon Town V. Forest Green Rovers

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TIME FOR THE FIGHTBACK England all-rounder Ben Stokes has signed for New Zealand side Canterbury. Stokes, 26, was arrested in September on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm following an incident in Bristol. The England and Wales Cricket Board have made him unavailable to play for England and will not review that stance until a decision has been made on whether to charge him. That will not be taken for several weeks, so he seems unlikely to play in the Ashes series against Australia.

England must get the ball swinging if they are to move back on level terms with Australia when day-night cricket makes its Ashes debut in Adelaide this weekend (Saturday, starting at 4.30 am, live on BT Sport). It’s a chance to put things right after the England players trooped off in a dejected style on the back of their Brisbane 10-wicket thrashing on Monday. It’s the prospect of experienced pace duo Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad getting the ball moving that has had the second of the five tests long marked out as the most likely for an England win. Two statistics would suggest that a victory in Adelaide is all but essential if the tourists are to retain the Ashes they won with a 3-2 series triumph on home soil in 2015. None of the six previous day-night tests played anywhere in the world have finished in a draw, and only once has a team come from 2-0 down to win an Ashes series -- when Don

Bradman’s Australia achieved the feat in 1936-7. While Anderson and Broad shared 10 wickets when England won their maiden day-night test against West Indies earlier this year, Australia’s pacemen have used the Kookaburra pink ball to win all three of theirs -- two of them at Adelaide Oval. Australia are likely to stick with the pace trio of Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins, ably aided by Nathan Lyon’s off-spin, after bouncing England out in the second innings to win at Brisbane. Nevertheless, England know they need a major improvement in all parts of their game to get back into the series, not least finding a way to dismiss Australia skipper Steve Smith. If they can put their hosts under sustained pressure in the Adelaide twilight, it could be ‘game on’ for the series when England head to the third test in Perth.


ENGLAND’S FINAL TEST Scarlets centre Hadleigh Parkes will make his Wales debut against South Africa tomorrow in Cardiff in the last of the autumn rugby internationals - the day he qualifies through residency. The New Zealander, 30, lines up at centre alongside Scott Williams. Scott Andrews starts at tight-head prop, with Leon Brown, Samson Lee and Tomas Francis injured or unavailable.

English spirits might have taken a battering in the cricket at the Gabba but all hope isn't lost with their rugby league heroes out to salvage some national pride when they take on Australia in tomorrow morning’s Rugby League World Cup final at the Brisbane Stadium (kick-off 10.00 am, live on BBC 2). Wayne Bennett's men (pictured after their semi-final win) will start as rank outsiders, and while their coach doesn't believe they are playing well enough to beat the defending champions, England will head into this weekend's clash with plenty of confidence after they survived a furious Tongan comeback in the semi-final to hang on for a thrilling 20-18 win. There might have been some controversy at the end but the final few minutes masked what had been a fairly dominant performance by the English who are now on a four-game winning streak after dropping the opening game of the tournament to Australia. While their opponents snuck into the decider, there were no such issues for the Kangaroos who maintained their perfect record with a crushing win over Fiji that was headlined by Valentine Holmes's record-breaking six-try haul. Australia are unchanged whilst for England, James Roby replaces the injured hooker Josh Hodgson, with Chris Heighington joining the bench.

The Courier 350  

On the front page of this week's paper, we have an update on the Corvera airport saga and talk politics in San Fulgencio. Inside, other news...

The Courier 350  

On the front page of this week's paper, we have an update on the Corvera airport saga and talk politics in San Fulgencio. Inside, other news...