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Mount BROMO Lempuyang TEMPLE tangsi beach THE KOMODO DRAGON


1 November / December 2016

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09Indonesia Map 11-14Legian/Sanur/Bali,

Lombok/3 Gili Map/Ubud/ Senggigi Map

14Kenawa Island 18Lake Toba 22Parangkusumo Dunes 26Kampung Jodipan 29Rendang 30Mount Bromo 34Lovina 38Payangan Temple

4 November / December 2016

42Top 6 Thing To Do in Gili 46Narmada Temple 50Tangsi Beach 50Komodo Dragon 58Cunca Rami Waterfall 62Travel Gadgets 64Travel Tips

5 November / December 2016

editorial //Season of Joy Indonesia and all of its natural beauties are one of the main reasons that makes visitors from all over the world visit this vast archipelago. Like one of our articles on the breathtaking view of Mount Bromo, in Java. Then off to the Sumatra Island to set foot on th world’s largest volcanic lake, the Lake Toba. Don’t miss the information about an ancient beauty of Payangan Temple in Bali, then get to know more about the living fossil it self, the amazing Komodo Dragon. Get more info on the beauty of Lombok’s very own pink beach, the Tangsi Beach and lots of other information to accompany you during your trip.

ON THE COVER Location Mount Bromo Java Photographer Glen Unsworth

We would also wish you a Merry Christmas 2016 and a very Happy New Year 2017, have a joyous Christmas! and all the best for the new year ! Now Let’s get ready for the Journey. Fredrick Edward Editor in chief

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6 November / December 2016

Mission Statement Warmest greetings from The Journey Magazine, A bimonthly English-language free Indonesian tourism magazine. As a travel magazine, our main purpose is to introduce various tourism sights in this vast beautiful archipelago. we aim to be a cooperation and integrated promotion media for all tourism component in the spirit of brotherhood. All because we want the travellers get a proper and right information about Indonesia tourism for free.


Enjoy your stay in Indonesia and hopefully we could be your friend and assistant on your Journey.

IF YOU have finished reading this magazine, please do not throw this magazine. YOU COULD.. PASS IT TO YOUR FRIENDS some information here could be useful for your travel friends OR YOU COULD.. PLACE IT BACK to the place where you find it, it might be useful to others THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 7 November / December 2016

8 November / December 2016


South China Sea

Pacific ocean

Sabang Aceh Bukit Lawang

Lake Toba Page 18



Lake Toba






Nias Island


Derawan Island Bunaken national park

Kalimantan (Borneo)


Bangka Belitung


Tanjung Puting

Indian Ocean


Riau Islands


Gorontalo Samarinda



Togian Islands

Palu Balikpapan




Raja Ampat





Tana Toraja





Java Sea


Map Of Indonesia


Kapung Jodipan Page 26 Madura


Java Borobudur


Parangkusumo Dunes Page 22


Mnt Bromo


Kenawa Island Page 14


Mount Bromo Page 30 Lovina Page 34 Payangan Temple Page 38


Narmada Temple Page 46 Tangsi Beach Page 50 Komodo Island

Wakatobi national park

Komodo Dragon Page 54 Cunca Rami Waterfall Page 58

Lombok Labuan Bajo Sumbawa





Mnt Kelimutu


Papua New Guinea

Banda Sea

Arafura Sea

Timor Leste



Timor Sea Australia

Mesmerizing Indonesian Archipelago


Capital and largest city Jakarta 6°10.5′S 106°49.7′E Official languages Bahasa Indonesian Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic • President : Joko Widodo • Vice-President : Jusuf Kalla Area • Land 1,904,569 km2 (15th) 735,358 sq mi • Water (%) 4.85 Population • 2015 estimate 255,461,700

ndonesia is a huge archipelago consisting of thousands

fall into two main groups: the Molluccas to the northeast, and

of islands that stretch from the westernmost point of

the lesser Sunda chain east of Bali. Bali is a unique island,

Sabang to the easternmost point of Merauke. From

which for a number of reasons can be put into a class of its

Miangas island the northmost to Rote island the


southmost, it spread to more than 17.508 islands with over 1 million km2 making Indonesia a massive sand box to explore.

of visitors to Indonesia. Visiting Indonesia means seeing and

This huge archipelago is endowed with a beauty of diverse

experienceing the unique diverse cultural and astonishing

cultures and nature with distinctive flora and fauna.

natural beauties that this country has to offer and explore.

The favourable condition have attracted a great number

There are eight major islands or island groups in this enormous chain. The largest landmasses consist of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and Irian Jaya (the western half of Papua New Guinea). The smaller islands

9 November / December 2016

*On the map above we applied a regional divider,

based on the efficiency to plan a journey across the archipelago

The Travel Chart 1




Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

North Sumatra

3N/4D - 4N/5D ... N/... D


West Sumatra

3N/4D - 4N/5D ... N/... D

With Perama travel chart which is design based on efficiency to plan a journey across the archipelago and to optimize your travel experience in 28 days or more on your choice (Custom Tailored Tour) with Full Fun, Science, Save Time & Money




Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

1D - 1N/2D 2N/3D - ... N/... D

3N/4D - 4N/5D ... N/... D





Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

West Sulawesi


2N/3D - 3N/4D ... N/... D

2N/3D - 3N/4D ... N/... D

REGION 1 / West Indonesia

Sumatra, The Second biggest island in Indonesia also home to several fascinating tourism sights such as the Lake Toba in North Sumatra and Bukit tinggi in West Sumatra. West Java, With Bandung as the capital city West Java, the region had a lot to over such as the Tangkuban Perahu Crater Lake. Jakarta, as the National Capital City several historical sites can be found in the city.

REGION 2 / Middle Indonesia

Yogyakarta, the soul Java, it is the cultural capital of







Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

North Sumatra

1N/2D - 3N/4D ... N/... D

Central Java


East Java Java

1D - 1N/2D ... N/... D

Recommended Stay

1N/2D - 2N/3D ... N/... D

2N/3D - 3N/4D ... N/... D


Recommended Stay

2N/3D - 3N/4D 4N/5D - ... N/... D

2N/3D - 3N/4D ... N/... D



Recommended Stay

Recommended Stay

6 7


Recommended Stay


Mnt.RINJANI 1N/2D - 3N/4D 4N/5D



Sotuh Sulawesi


Explore Lesser Sunda! Days 1 2 3 4 5


23 22 21 20 19

3N/4D - 4N/5D 5N/6D

18 17



14 16



Java with it famous Sultan’s Keraton. Central Java, Home to the magnificent Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. Kalimantan, the second biggest island in the world is also serve as a sanctuary to the indigenous Orang Utan.

13 15

10 11


12 11

12 13


10 9

14 15 16 17

18 19 20 21




How Easy It Is To Explore the largest Archipelago Country in the world ?

22 23 Days


8 7




6 5 4 3

REGION 3 / Lesser Sunda + REGION 5 / Bali Bali, The face of Indonesia tourism the exotic small island with wonderful culture and nature. Lombok,

once an emerging sight, now famous three Gilis and Mount Rinjani. Sumbawa, mostly known as the home to the marvellous Mount Tambora, but Sumbawa still had plenty hidden gems. Flores & The Komodo Dragon, the icon of Indonesia tourism, the only place on the face of the earth to see the living fossil and other intersting place such as Mount Kelimutu and many more. NTT/Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Mostly known for its Sabu and Rote Island which is famous among world class surfers.

REGION 4 / East Indonesia

Sulawesi, home to one of the world’s best marine park, the Bunaken and the unique tradition of Toraja. Maluku, mostly known for its Ambon island and its exotic culture and nature. Papua, an island with magnificent nature and exotic culture, also home to the highest mountain in Indonesia, Mount Jaya Wijaya. PROGRAM

2 1 Days


To the Next Desitna By Flight

By Sailing Boat / Ship


0361 751875 |

Overland by Bus

10 November / December 2016

The Haven


Horizon Tunes Seminyak

Bery Biz

Ts Suites Bali Dewa Bharata

Puri Naga

B Hotel McDonald


Grand Kuta Hotel & Residence

Kusnadi Hotel


Best Western Premier Atanaya


Ramda Resort Niksoma Sari Beach Inn Puriraja

Poco Loco Amaris Hotel Swiss Bell Inn Legian

Melasti Bali Sani


Lokha Three TheLegian Brothers

Bali Padma

Amaris The Sunest

Bali Mandira

Ibis Style Sunset Residence

Coffe Corner

Legian Beach Hotel


Monochrome Alam Kulkul A TThe Stone Etnik Prosurf Harmony TThe Kuta Mamas Playa P Body & Soul

Sun Island


The One Kayun Downtown Monument


Kuta Seaview

Kuta Bex Mercure


Ina Kuta

Surfer Girl

Harper Paradiso Beach Inn Perama

Hard rock Hotel & Cafe

Facilites / Services

Harris River

SKy Garden

Roso Vivo McDonald

Bali Bakery


Fourteen Beach Roses Resort Beach Walk Sheraton Bali Bounty

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Bedbunkers Euporia Central Park

The Akmani


Holiday Inn Express






Grand Mas





Kuta Square

Park Regis Bali Kuta Resort The Kana



Gelael KFC

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Kuta Paradiso

Ma Joly

Grand Mas

Febris Eden Grand Wiz The Vira Ibis

Palm Beach

Lippo Mall

Best Western Resort

Prime Bizz

Green Garden Aston Kuta J Botique Holiday Inn Resort

Circis Water Park Park 23 Aston Pepito


R a i

Joger Harris

N g u r a h

Santika Beach Ramada Bintang Bali

Waterboom Bali Rani

P a s s

Discovery Mall Kartika Plaza Sun Island Bali Dynasty Green Garden

The Flora

Bakung Sari


Hawaii Souvenir

B y

Bali Garden

Ramayana Stadium Cafe The Station

a n J a l

Karti Inn Melasti Beach


11 November / December 2016

Hotel Puri Dalem

Watering Hole 1 Perama




Jl. Ha

Jl. Sanur

Sanur Paradise Police

Jl. Da na uB rat an

Inna Grand Bali Beach

Taman Sari Sanur Indah



Jl. Danau Buyan

Jl. Segara Ayu

Post Office

Segara Village

Jl. I

nta ran

Jl. Tukad

Sindu GH Jl. Sindu

Jl. Danau Tondano

Baruna Beach Inn Inna Shindu Beach

Abian Srama

La Taverna La Taverna Respatih Gazebo

Yulia 1 Daydee HS

Jl. Danau Ta



Hotels Restaurant / Bar

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Raih


Sanur Paradise Suite Flash Back

The Griya Sanur

Irama Tanjung Sari Gili Cat Besakih Griya Santrian Villa Santi Werdha Pura Langhawa Beach

Swiss Bel

Jl. Pantai

Ramayana Hardisk Mall Oasis Lagoon


Gustaf GH

Facilites / Services

Batu Jimbar

Parigata Resort




Penida View

Jl. Kesari

Bali Hyatt Bali Emerald

Puri Gopa Abian Hs Cafe Loca

Jl. Pen gemb a


Jl. Sri Kesari

ri sa ta

er M Jl.

Semawang Beach Puri Santrian

Abian Kokoro Jl. Mertasari

Sun House


Sativa Sanur Cottage

Suda Mala November / December 2016

Waka Maya Mercure Sanur

Sanur Beach

Coral Beach

Desa Dunia Beda

Eden Cottages Wayang Trawangan Oasis

Paul’s Last Resort

Bugi Beach Danima Resort

Luce d'Alma Resort & Spa


Shack 58


Blue Coral

Sunset Palm Resort Kelapa Villas

Sunset Gecko

Coral Beach 2

Aston Sunset Beach Coconut Garden Resort Les Villas Ottalia

Zoraya Pavillion

Five Elements Resort

Vila Joglo

Orong Village Abi Fantastik

Mangga Segar Village Karma Reosrt

Kai’s Beach House

Sasak Cafe

Soul Villas

Nautilus Meno Dream Resort Tao Kombo

Two Brother Bungalow


Warung Sasak Turtle Beach

Rust Bungalow

Vila Cinta

Dream Dive Hotel Vila Ombak

The Beach Club

Pink Coco

Bird Park Perama Tour

The Trawangan

Kaluku Gili Air Escape

Island View

Marina Srikandi


Bambu Cottages


Rose Bungalow

Sama Sama Kayu Cafe

The Exile

AliBaba Bungalows

Grand Sunset

Villa Sayang

Viking B&R DSM Dive

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Gili Air Hotel

Puri Air Beach Resort

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Sandy Beach

Turtle Conservation

Ombak Sunset

Shops Facilites / Services


Gili Meno Eco Hostle

Diana Bungalow

Kelapa Kecil

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Gili Tibo

Mahamaya Resort

Vamana Resort Vila Almarik blu d'amare Resort Laguna

Voodo Lounge



Made’s Warung

Jambuluwuk Oceano Resort Gili Escobar

Bel Air

Taman Senang Lucy’s Salabose

Gazebo Kontiki

Lucky’s Safari


Scallywags The Water Front 7SEAS Cottages

Villa Karang

Gili Air Lagoon

Perama Tour Erni Counter


Sunrise The Beach Club

Menjangan Is. West Bali National Park

Gilimanuk To Java

Singaraja Pemuteran

Lovina Beach Gitgit Waterfall

Mt. Kelakan

Mt. Sanglang Mt. Musi Mt. Merbuk


Besakih Temple

Bedugul Pupuan


Tampak Siring


Gunung Kawi Temple


Tegallalang Alas Kedaton

Tabanan Mangupura Ubung

Tanah Lot Temple



Public Ferry Fastboat Highlights

Seminyak Legian Kuta Ngurah Rai International Airport Jimbaran Uluwatu Temple




Medewi Beach



Goa Gajah

Padang Bai


Gili Air Is.


Malimbu Viewpoint



Batu Bolong Temple

Lingsar Temple

Ampenan Mataram

Gua Lawah Temple


Loyok Narmada Mantang

Cakranegara Kediri


Nusa Dua

Penida Is.

Gili Naggu Bangko Bangko


Labuan Lombok To Sumbawa & Flores





Lendang Nangka Masbagik

Selong Labuan Aji

Banyumulek Lembongan Is.

Serangan Is. Ceningan Is. Benoa Harbor Tanjung Benoa





Denpasar Sanur

Sembalun Lawang


Bangsal Taman Ujung


Segara Anak Lake

Mt. Rinjani




Taman Ayun Temple

Gili Meno Is. Gili Trawangan Is.

Gili Sulat


Sendang Gile & Tie Kelep Waterfall



Gili Lawang



Mt. Agung

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple & Lake

Munduk Waterfall

Mt. Mesehe Negara

Mt. Batur


Banjar Hotspring



Lombok International Airport

Rambitan Selong Belanak Mawun





Kuta Kuta Beach

13 November / December 2016

Ubud Sari Health Resort

ar i

Ibu Oka

R a y a




Pandawa Cassete Delta Mart


Bali Budha Tulmak Dragonfly Milano

Ubud Village

Shape Wangi - Wangi Asterisk Warung Yamato

Sisi/Nanan Panen

Cafe Wayan

Fores t

Jl. Jero Gadung ai)

Gede R (Jl.Cok

o s e k a n P e n g


Cafe Lombi Swiss Bakery

a Jl.Suk m

nkey Jl.Mo


Biyukung Suite & Spa


J l . R a y a


Restaurant / Bar

Santosa Villas

Square Restaurant

Lombok Property & Villas

Perama Suckling Duck Ubud Raya Kakiang Bakery

Happy Cafe

Dream Divers Laroz Cafe Jl.Pantai Senggigi

Papaya Cafe

Senggigig Jaya Abadi

Puri Garden

Kenawa Island the beauty of

Sendok Bar & Guest House Meat Mart



Lina Cottages



Graha Beach

Graha Beach

Flava Lounge Artini Cottages 3 Kagemusha

Pizza Bagus

Agung Raka

Asmara Restaurant g i g i

g i g i n g S e

Pundi Pundi

Warung Enak Tegal Sari Panorama

Bumbu Cafe

a a y . R J l

Padi Prada


Puri Bunga Beach Cottages


Ubud Permai Cafe Tegal


Lotus Bayview Family Guest House

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a J l . R a y


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Jl. Raya Ubud

Ganeshaa Oka Kartini Book SHop

Ibu Rai Batan Waru



Puri Mas Spa Resort Dream Estate Park


Jl.Raya Peliata n

Beji Lan e

Fores t


Verve Villas Qunci Villas Qunci Pool Villas Puri Mas Beach

U b u d

Ubud Market

Jl.Jem bawan

Honeymoon Guest House

Ary’s Warung


Cafe Des Arties

Puri Saren Ubud

Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan Nature Reserve


J l .

Jl.Han o

Casa Luna

Windy Beach Resort Holiday Resort

S e n g g i g i

Jl.Tirta Tawar

Jl. Sr

Terazo Bumbu Bali

l . R a y a

Ryoshi Mumbul’s Lotus

Jl.Sa nda t

i wid

weta Jl. Su

Museum Puri Lukisan


Jl.Kaje ng

Living Asia

Agung Rai Fine Art

Cafe Alberto Cafe Arma

The Beach Club

Arma Resort

west sumbawa

Arma Museum

Shops Facilites / Services Highlights November / December 2016

Barwa Gallery Museum Rudana

The Chandi

14 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Raditya Maulana


uiet, calm and peaceful. That was my first impression, once set foot on the island Kenawa. There was no birds singing, sound waves are also not great. Only the occasional sound of small ripples on the beach. As far as the eye could see, there was only a stretch of grassland, a number of blank bale (gazebo), and a small hill at the end of the island. It’s really a perfect place to “retreat” to calm down Kenawa island located in the northwest of the island of Sumbawa, precisely in the Alas Strait, not far from the Poto Tano harbor, West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). To reach the island Kenawa, my friend and i rent a fishing boat from the village of Poto Tano, takes about 15 minutes. Kenawa island has stunning natural scenery. The combination of natural hills, grasslands (savanna), a stretch of white sandy beaches and ocean water blue-green shades, made of natural Kenawa island is so beautiful and impressive. A 13.8 hectares is uninhabited island and has not been visited by many tourists, so it was very quiet. When we visited there, there is no other visitors besides us. So we are free to do anything according to our will. It’s really like a private island.

15 November / December 2016

The first thing we did is explore the island and taking pictures of every corner of this lovely little island. For photography enthusiasts, Kenawa Island is paradise. Every corner of this island so attractive, From the small hills, to the extensive grasslands, and also the white sandy beaches. Then I rushed back to the dock for snorkeling, we have to bring our own equipment because there are no place to rent around the island. Just after few meters from the beach, the underwater world of Kenawa island began to amaze me. Beautiful variety of colorful coral reefs, different types of anemones spread out before me. Hundreds of species of fish of all shapes and sizes are also milling around me. My eyes really spoiled by the beauty of the underwater Kenawa Island. After i finished snorkeling, I then climbed the hill at the end of the island Kenawa. The view from the top of the hill is very beautiful and I can see the whole island Kenawa. The sun is shining bright and the absence of large trees that grew on the island is made very hot. But I ignored it. I keep running up the hill despite the sweat pouring. All the effort and struggle paid off when I reached the top of the hill. Incredible scenery beautiful lies in front of me. All parts of the island Kenawa can be seen from this hilltop. Not to forget the turquoise seas and small islands around Pulau Kenawa. Mount Rinjani on Lombok island also appears standing over. Apparently, what Mr. Abdul Gani, is true. And as usual, I had to capture the stunning panorama of the island Kenawa with my favorite camera. Before the boat arrived to pick up, once again I was snorkeling at the beach. I am not satisfied explore underwater Kenawa Island snorkeling though this morning was quite a long time. Anyway, while still being on the island Kenawa, I am satisfied with snorkeling there. When else can snorkel in the ocean with spectacular marine life and ocean depths only reached one to two meters. later in the afternoon our boat had arrived to pick us up. It was very hard to leave this beautiful, petite island. Kenawa island really captivated me. My heart stays in Kenawa Island and Kenawa Island stays in my heart.

visit for more travel stories and photos of Indonesia from Eddy Raharjo.

16 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Eddy Raharjo


this beautiful, petite island.


17 November / December 2016


TOBA World’s Largest Volcanic Lake West Sumatra

18 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of


ndonesia is a giant archipelago nation that has over 17.500 islands. On one of its largest islands, Sumatra, is world’s largest volcanic lake. Lake Toba is a massive 100 km long and 30 km wide. The lake is surrounded by the towering ridges that form the crater. The setting is quite the sight, especially in the morning when the sun hits the mist above the water, creating a great moment to take photos. Underneath the lake remains a sleeping super volcano, which last erupted 70.000 years ago. Scientific experts believe the volcano

19 November / December 2016

changed live on earth. The eruption is considered the heaviest in the past 25 million years. The eruption covered entire south east Asia in ash, reaching as far as India, and with ash deposits as thick as 600 m near the crater. The eruption lasted over two weeks causing a decrease in global temperature by 3.5 °C. The eruption was so devastating that scientist believe that it caused extinction of many animal species and the deaths of nearly all humans at the time. The lake is host to Samosir island, a giant peninsula, the size of Singapore. Most people use the Tuk Tuk village as base to visit the nearby attractions and is considered the most touristic village of the island. The village has several shops, guest houses, hotels and restaurants. The most popular and most famous places to visit around Lake Toba are the ruins in the ancient Batak village, along with the stone chairs and the head-chopping block in nearby Ambarita. The stone chairs were used for important meetings of the local king and the chopping block was used for brutal executions of thieves and missionaries. A local guide can be hired to offer insight into the cannibal rituals and the Batak culture (approx. 1,50 USD). Southeast of Tuk Tuk in Tomok lies the tomb of king Sidabutar where several stone remnants and ancient tombs can be visited. Although being a touristic place, the site remains one of the most

20 November / December 2016

“ “

One of Indonesia’s true gems

interesting places to visit (entrance fee, 0,50 USD). In Simanindo village, an ancient king’s traditional house was restored and converted into the Batak Museum. The museum is relatively small but offers a great opportunity to discover the traditional culture (entrance fee, 3,00 USD). At about an hours’ drive from Tuk Tuk lies Pangururan hot springs, a place where tourists can see the natural hot spring and enjoy the pools to bath and relax. For the adventurers, there is a non-familiar place to visit, one of the world’s few ‘’lakes within a lake’’. In the inland of the island, west of Tuk Tuk, a narrow road leads up to a small path where you can find Lake Sidihoni. Due to its difficulty to reach the lake remains rustic and an interesting sight. Around the island visitors can still see the traditional life of the locals. There are several weavers and dance shows in the towns. The lake offers great possibility for swimming, fishing and relaxation. Lake Toba remains one of Indonesia’s true gems, and a must see on your journey through Indonesia. Timo Jurgens ; Studying tourism management at Stenden University. Spent some time doing internship in Bali.

21 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of

the phenomenal

PARANGkusumo SAND DUNES Central Java 22 November / December 2016


he sand dunes located in Parangkusumo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The uniqueness and beauty characterizes its own because we felt free in the vast universe. Do not have far to go to the Middle East or Africa because one can be found here in Indonesia. In addition to being a tourist, this place is also a research center and there is a museum Geospatial sand dunes located on the western side sand dunes. Even at this point the plan will be submitted to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Why is that? It turns sand dunes is the only one in the Southeast Asian region and is only found in 4 countries. Uniquely this phenomenon should occur in dry areas and not in tropical regions such as Indonesia, amazing isn’t it ?

23 November / December 2016

“ “

the only one in the Southeast Asian region

The formation of this natural phenomenon was truly amazing. Starting from winds carrying sand from the Mount Merapi volcanic material in the form of rock that broke up into pebbles and sand grains eventually formed, and this sand fly towards the sea through Opaque Progo River. Then the sand is fused with water and turned into a fine sand grains. Through the process of thousands of years so that the grains of fine sand that eventually became a sand dunes. It’s beautiful this natural surface. Here we can express our talents and especially for lovers of photography. And indeed in this place frequently used as a filming location for the object, advertisements, video clips, photographs prewedding up because of the uniqueness and beauty of the landscape is very unique. And it is the best time to visit the sand dunes during the afternoon. In addition to the air is not so hot in the afternoon if lucky we can also enjoy the sunset phenomenon, super once anyway. This place would make a great place to relax or who want to wreak his desire to have offroad fun with motorcycles and cars. Surely a great time to visit is in the afternoon.

Budiman Kertawijaya ; a young spirited travel enthusiast, always choose to explore the beauty of Indonesia on his office holiday time

24 November / December 2016

25 November / December 2016

t h e

c o l o r

o f



or those of you who are often open the Instagram, certainly interested by the presence of Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan as a new tourist attraction in Malang. I always wondered if there is a new tourist attraction, especially in Malang were quite taken with the 2.5-hour by car from Surabaya. As new destinations, it is very easy to be found. It is located in Jodipan, precisely on the edge of the Brantas River. Set your GPS to “Kampung Warna Warni” then we will be guided through this village. To park your motorcycle, they provided near the entrance gate of it. Whereas my car should be parked between the gadget shops, which are located approximately 300 meters from the entrance gate. It seems to me wrong to visit the Kampung Warna Warni at around 12:00 pm, when the sun is right above our heads. I suggest the best time to visit it at about 03.00pm. Although during the sun sting, it did not reduce the visitors who are curious about this new tour. Jodipan was a slum. I didn’t know for sure where the Village was located, whereas I often visit to Malang, so I can’t imagine how slum. But now they are turned into beautiful village, because the brilliant

26 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Fika Anaira

Jodipan malang - east java

idea of Students to make Jodipan become beautiful and colorful village. They were appreciated by Government and Paint Company as sponsor. It is located in the residential population is divided by the Brantas River. When I was there I could see people’s lives, such as the mothers gossiping, small children running around and the father of fun to play chess. They do not mind when the visitors passing by in front of them and selfie with various styles. Surely, we don’t make a noise and littering. They were enthusiastic to welcome the presence of visitors, and it would also add their income. I saw some houses opened merchandise by selling snacks and drinks. They sell food and drinks without raising the price too high, salute! This village has been launched by the Mayor of Malang on September 4, 2016. Although, still many walls unfinished. However, facilities such as public toilets and mosque are already available. The next plan, it will be expanded again. Malang government is also eager to attract tourists in the country and abroad.

27 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Fika Anaira

beautiful and colorful village

The concept reminded me of my trip to Korea in Busan city. I went “Gamcheon Culture Village” where it was a rundown village of former refugees in the Japanese colonial period, and then The Government appreciate it with creating a village with beautiful and colorful. Hopefully someday this village equal with Gamcheon Culture Village which is always crowded of tourists. They still have one destination that is not far from it. The village has colorful 3D painting with sensation photographed as trick eye. Unfortunately, due to the weather was very hot and my daughter was cranky from the heat, I had to put an end to my trip. While not the holiday season, let’s booking train tickets to Malang to hunt for a new tour in Malang and various culinary. Happy traveling!

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28 November / December 2016

Rendang e x p l o s i on of s op h i s t i c at e d f l av ou r


ndonesia has a rich and various kind of cuisine and one of the best dishes is the rendang. A spicy meat dish which originated from Minangkabau, Sumatra. The easiest way to describe rendang, probably describe as a ‘West Sumatran caramelized beef curry. The caramelized process is not using sugar, but with coconut milk instead. And the authentic rendang is nothing like curry, the true rendang is the dry one and the color is usually dark brown. To cook the dried rendang is time consuming; it takes about 4 hours to from boiling to frying with perfect heat. The meat in the spicy coconut milk should be slowly and carefully stirred and turned over without burning or ruining the meat. By slow cooking, it allows the coconut milk evaporates and the meats absorb the spices perfectly. If cooked properly dried rendang can last from three to fours weeks in room temperature. Rendang in its best served with ketupat (compressed rice cake) or steamed rice, accompanied with vegetable side dishes of boild cassava leaf or young jackfruit gulai and lado (green chilli pepper sambal). A single bite of Rendang and as if its explodes with sophisticated flavour within your mouth and the best place to find a good rendang is at Padang / Minang restaurant. So, make sure that you try this amazing Indonesian delicacy, Selamat makan.

29 November / December 2016

mount Bromo


the most


Bromo has long been a tourism hotspot. After twice visiting this place I can understand why; honestly, I still can’t get enough of it. Until now, I still think that the area around Bromo has one of the most amazing landscapes in the whole of Indonesia. The volcano is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java. Let me share with you why I am looking forward to visit Bromo again in the near future.

30 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Firsta Yuanida

31 November / December 2016

Probably, after Bali, Bromo is the top touristy place in Indonesia. Seeing sunrise at Penanjakan is the best way to start your journey of Bromo. Sunrise here is simply breathtaking (unless you are unlucky and get foggy skies). In fact, it is so breathtaking that you can hardly move for the amount of people packing the viewpoint. Unfortunately, this is something that I din’t really like so much about Bromo, because some people just don’t understand how to enjoy a sunrise. My advise is try to go on the weekdays and avoid the mass crowds. After sunrise, you can continue to explore Bromo by going to the crater. Don’t forget to make stop at the Tengger Sand Sea and the Savanna. You can experience the contrast between the dry and sandy area with the green and fresh savanna of Bromo. It is unbelievably beautiful. The walk to the top of the crater also rewards you with a fantastic view. It is an easy climb if you are reasonably fit, or you can go horse riding instead if you want to. The people that live around this region are called Tenggerese (Tengger tribe). The name comes from the Majapahit Kingdom (the powerful Hindu kingdom around 13th century), which was centred on this region, though you can also find Tenggerese in some areas around East Java. One of the reasons I really like Bromo is because it is a place that uses tourism to empower the local community. The locals take good care of Bromo and understand that this is something that they really need to preserve, but also want to share with tourists. Since you can walk to the volcanoes, or take a jeep or scooter, there are so many chance to meet up and have a conversation with locals. The jeep

32 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of Firsta Yuanida

ably “It is unbeliev beautiful “

drivers, the small stores owners, the ojek (motorbike taxi drivers), and many more are mostly locals. Leaving the jeep at 4 am I was so cold that I started shivering as soon as I left the car. Straight away I remember a middle age woman coming up to me and trying her level best to sell something to me. I still find myself smiling when I remember her. Even though it was so cold, she was so friendly and she started a conversation with me straight away. She was telling me that the weather was going to be really cold, which I already realised. She offered me a lot of stuff, starting with warm gloves, different hats, scarfs, etc. She was telling me I should buy it to keep me warm and then afterwards I could give it away to my family and friends as a souvenir from Bromo. I found it so funny how she was being so creative trying to sell me things, while also telling me about her life. I didn’t buy anything from her in the end, because I had everything that she offered to me, but I am sure that we were warming up ourselves with laughter from our conversation. Have I given you enough reasons to visit Bromo in the future? Yes? Last piece of advice then, don’t forget to dress warmly and put plenty of layers on. You will need them if you want to enjoy the most dramatic landscape and culture in Indonesia, especially for the sunrise! Check out Firsta Yunida’s website on for more stories on her travel around Indonesia.

33 November / December 2016

the tranquile haven


34 November / December 2016


t is my first visit after such a long time. By living Bali does not guarantee that I have a chance to visit this place often, even though some of my relatives live here. So, when I got the call to visit my cousin, I took the chance not only visiting him but also to explore the area. And at the end of my weekend I conclude that Lovina will always be a great place to escape from the hectic Denpasar and surrounding. Lovina is a small village at up north Bali, about 10 minutes driving from Singaraja City. It is a fisherman village that grown becomes one of major tourist object. Black sand beach, dolphins watching, vineyard, hot spring is some keyword that can describe what Lovina is. I left to Lovina on a shuttle bus that departs from Sanur. We went through Bedugul and finally arrived at 2 P.M. It is so different with Denpasar. Fewer cars and motorcycle and of course less traffic. I can imagine a peaceful weekend.

35 November / December 2016

Just after I arrive and have lunch, my cousin took me to Budhist Monastery. It is my first visit. It is a Buddhist complex which has miniature of Borobudur inside. Divided into 5 complex and also has a vast area for meditation. In the complex you can find many Budhha statues, but I found two most beautiful Budha status made of bronze and coated in gold color. After visiting the whole complex, we move forward to Banjar Hot Spring. It sets in the midst of the jungle in a beautifully landscaped tropical garden. The hot spring water gushes from the mouths of eight stone carved naga (mythical, dragon-like creatures) then flows to the lower pool. I, myself love bathing at the third pool, the smallest pool with the water pours down via three 4 meter high spouts, giving me a strong, reviving massage. As the Balinese believes, the hot spring can cure diseases, I also believed it, cause I feel more relax after bathing. Bafore we went home, he took me to the center of Lovina or Kalibukbuk area to have dinner. There are some restaurants and we pick a restaurant that has life music entertainment to start our evening. An excellent food, nice chatting with my cousin and good music, what a lovely combination to end the day. The next morning, I woke up at 5.30, cause I have appointment

36 November / December 2016

a glimpse of these heavenly creatures in a beautiful sunrise backdrop

for dolphin watching. The boat left from the beach near by my hotel, it’s only 5 minute walk on foot. Mr.Made greets me with big smile and inform me that he will take me for 1,5 to 2 hours on jukung (a traditional boat) to find good spot to see dolphin in wild sea. I feel so excited. I asked Pak Made to stay calm, not like the other boatman, who tried so hard to find dolphins, so whenever they saw a dolphin jumping, all of them are rushing toward the dolphins. I believed they frighten the dolphins. So, we’re waiting and enjoy the beautiful morning. Lucky us, It was worth to lose slee, wait, and getting a darker skin tone for just catching a glimpse of these heavenly creatures in a beautiful sunrise backdrop. There still some places to visit such as the market, the Balinese culinary, and the vineyard that has been written on my agenda for the next vacation. I love Lovina and I am sure you’ll love it to.

Dewi Supartini ;a travel enthusiast, had been traveling since child with her family. She also working in one of travel agency in Bali.

37 November / December 2016


38 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of yeowatzup


empuyang Temple, locally referred to as Pura Lempuyang Luhur, is one of Bali’s oldest and most highly regarded temples, on par with Besakih (aka the ‘mother temple’ of Bali). It is also believed to predate the majority of Hindu temples on the island. Definitely a highlight on any travel itinerary for the fit and adventurous, the main temple lies at 1,175m above sea level, up on the peak of the namesake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali. With over 1,700 steps stair to reach the top, with attractions along the way including several other temples and hordes of grey longtailed macaques that inhabit the surrounding cool mountain forests. While avid hikers will love the blend of mountains and cultural excursions that Bali’s eastern region has to offer. The first to come into view on the pilgrimage, this temple offers an impressive sight with its towering dragon staircases – perfect for photos. The best views are higher up the stairs, where you can see all the way across the green forested slopes and neighbouring Mount Agung, Bali’s highest peak and abode of Besakih Temple.

39 November / December 2016

hikers will love the blend of mountains and cultural excursions

The locals strongly believe that besides maintaining respectful behaviour and speech, you shouldn’t complain on your way up - otherwise, you’ll never succeed reaching the main temple at the peak. Strong-willed pilgrims get to enjoy splendid panoramas of the eastern Bali mountain range and coastline step after steep step, surrounded by lush surroundings and fresh mountain air. The grey macaques here are not as curious and mischievous as their relatives in Uluwatu on the island’s southern coast, and it is always a rule of thumb to not have any loose gear or feed them. After an approximate two-hour climb, the Lempuyang Temple at the peak welcomes weary pilgrims with a prize view and a calming place of respite. The temple itself is smaller compared to the Penataran Agung, but there is a more mystical feel about the setting and calmness. Prayers ensue with refreshing holy water from the priest that soothes body, mind and soul. The temple is not very crowded, and is top of the list on sights to see and endeavours off the beaten path in Bali. Alinda Hartarini ; Young travel lover. Her passion to explore all over Indonesia and experience its beauties.

40 November / December 2016

Amazing Diving Relaxed Atmosphere Superb Accommodation

Contact: +62 811 3858821


You will find us right next to the Gili fast boats port in Padangbai.

41 November / December 2016



WAtchING the sun set


Head to the west side of the island you are staying on, find a spot in the sand or a chair in a beach bar and watch the sun paint the sky orange as the sun sets behinds Bali’s Mount Agung. On Gili Trawangan there are two popular sunset bars about half and hours walk or 10 minutes on bike from the pier ,where people gather for a drink before the sunsets.


Party under the stars

Nightlife on the Gili Islands used to be restricted to only Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but these days the island seems to come alive every night. Head to the liveliest stretch on the coast road and let the music guide you to the party.

Scuba dive at many dive sites.


One of the major attractions on the Gili islands is Scuba diving and with more than 20 different dive sites around the islands there is something for everyone. Swim with sharks and turtles, go for a drift dive or explore the Gilis underwater life.

42 November / December 2016


Bike around the island You can bike around


any of the three Gili islands in less than an hour, but if you bring swimwear and snorkeling equipment and take time splash in the water a tour along the coast road can turn into a day trip. Remember to bring water.

Have a plate of fresh seafood


Lobster, shrimp, tuna, mahi mahi, snapper or squid, pick your favorite among the many seafood’s available on the Gili islands. For traditional dinning, walk by the many restaurant with fish on display and pick the one where the fish look the freshest.

Snorkel with sea turtles


The Gili islands do a great job in preserving sea turtles – if you visit Gili Trawangan you can’t miss the hatchery, right on the main beach. If you are in one of the right spots - ask someone local where that is – you can spot sea turtles when snorkeling right of the beach. Swimming in crystal clear water with a sea turtle is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Remember to respect the turtles and don’t touch them. 43 November / December 2016

PHINISI BOAT the pride of the ocean


xceptionally strong and are famous for their ability to break through high waves and sail vast distances, phinisi boat is a masterpiece of traditional Bugis-Makassar design. The phinisi boats have served as a means of transportation for generations for the Bugis-Makassar people. The boats are used not only to connect islands and countries but also for trading purposes. The typical features of phinisi ships that distinguish them from other traditional wooden boats in the country is their two masts and seven sails of different sizes in orderly arrangement. With their unique shape and strength, phinisi vessels are almost entirely built traditionally, in method and equipment. The boat craftsmen handles everything according to traditional methods and do not have special engineering training. They don’t need complicated designs or technical calculations to determine the quantity of materials needed. In building a ship or boat, craftsmen use a method that would be impossible in the mainstream shipbuilding industry.

44 November / December 2016

Mostly it was done by only using their feeling based on vision and judgement, the builders begin with the bottom and sides of the boat instead of the frame. But they rightly establish the boat’s balance so it would float perfectly when launched. An expertise inherited through generations and centuries, a knowledge that is further honed through daily practice with the help of builders’ instincts and natural gifts. Phinisi shipbuilders also faithful to local customs believed. One of the customs strictly adhered to is the holding of rituals before building a boat and before its launch into the sea, asking for smooth construction and safety.A phinisi boat needs several types of wood like the ironwood from Southeast Sulawesi and ulin (a variety of ironwood) from Kalimantan. The Construction of a phinisi boat itself usually takes months before the vessel can be used. Phinisi vessels prove that Bugis-Makassar tradition and culture have survived current technology and modernity as well as an Indonesian pride of the ocean. 45 November / December 2016


WATER PALACE Lombok’s fountain of youth


ocated in Lembuah village, West Lombok, about 10km east of Mataram. As one of the remains of the former glories of the Balinese kingdom’s Karang Asem in Lombok, the Narmada Park attract many tourists, both domestic and foreign. The park itself is the main attraction for tourists, having extensive gardens with numbers of pools with each own history. Narmada name, said to have originated from the word Narmadanadi, one of main sacred rivers for Hindus in India. Narmada Park has an area of approximately 2HA. The park was built in 1727 by King of Mataram Lombok, Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem, as an alternative venue for the Pakelem ceremony that was held every fifth full moon of

46 November / December 2016

photos courtesy of

47 November / December 2016





PLACEFOR THEROYALS Balinese calendar the Caka year (October-November). The actual ceremony was conducted in Lake Segara Anak on Mount Rinjani. It is said that the King was too old to perform the ceremony on the mountain with an elevation of 3.726m, the King then ordered to build an area that resembles the Mount Rinjani in the middle of downtown to hold the ceremony. Aside from being a place of ceremony, Narmada Park is also once used as a resting place for the royals during the dry season, which features a large pool which was the place for the king and queen to swim. The water that fills the pond has also become attraction to some, because it is said that the water is from the fountain of youth. It is believed that when you wash your face with the water it will make wrinkles disappear. Research indicates that the water from the fountain in the park has a high mineral content which make it good for the skin. The unique part of this park is that the water from its fountain never runs empty even when a large amount is taken each day. 48 November / December 2016

Don’t forget about the other part of the Narmada Park. In addition to having a garden and pool, this park has other areas that are worth a visit, of which one is Kelasa Temple. Is named after a mountain in India, called Mount Kesala. Kelasa Temple is one of the oldest temples in Lombok. In Narmada Park there is also a place called Pentirtaan Hall, named after the Sanskrit word ‘tirta’ meaning water. Below this hall is where three streams of water from Mount Rinjani meet (Suranadi, Lingsar, and Narmada). From the fountain within this hall, water flows to the pools throughout the park. When visiting Lombok make sure to visit Narmada Park and its fountain of youth. Follow more stories of Wenni Cristina’s journey, log on to

49 November / December 2016


Beach the pink beach of Lombok


ou might have been familiar with black or white sandy beaches, but have you ever seen a pink sandy beach? If you have never seen one yet, you will need to visit Indonesia. There are two beaches in Indonesia that have pink sand; they are Pink Beach in Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara and Tangsi Beach in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The latter is getting more popular lately due to its uniqueness and natural beauty. It now becomes one of favorite destinations for people who want to have a memorable Lombok trip. As a beach that has pink sand, Tangsi Beach is better known as Pink Beach. The pink sand is created from white sand that is mixed with pink coral fragments and it becomes the main attraction of the beach. Most people who visit the beach want to see and feel the sand because it is something rare. If you gaze at the beach, you will easily see the beauty of the sand. When the crystal clear sea water collides with pink sand, it

50 November / December 2016

51 November / December 2016

52 November / December 2016

“ “

a perfect beauty creates a perfect beauty. Whether you are on a family holiday or traveling alone, you will be astonished with the beauty. However, pink sand is not the only thing you could enjoy in Pink Beach. Cliffs that surrounded the beach beautifully offers unmatched beauties. If you go to the top of the cliffs, you can easily see natural sceneries, feel fresh shore breeze and enjoy the enchanting sounds of waves. Then, you can also swim in Pink Beach because the current is quite calm. You can feel how fresh the water and how peaceful the environment is. More importantly, you can enjoy the beauty of underwater by going snorkeling. Not many beaches are a perfect snorkeling destination but Pink Beach is one of the best destinations on the world. To get to Pink Beach, you should start from Mataram. It usually takes 2 hours of journey from Mataram to Pink Beach. Alternatively, you can get to Pink Beach using a fishing boat from Tanjung Luar port. This port actually connects Pink Beach with surrounding islands including Maringkik Island. It is also the biggest fish auction center in Lombok. It takes 3 hours to get to the beach from the port. However, because you will be able to see beautiful sceneries during your journey, you will not feel bored. Instead, you will be fully excited once you see how beautiful this pinky beach is.

Dewi Supartini ;a travel enthusiast, had been traveling since child with her family. She also working in one of travel agency in Bali.

53 November / December 2016

Komodo Dragon

the living fossil

54 November / December 2016


omodo dragon is the oldest living lizards. The ancestors of the dragon lived 50 million years ago. It may have descended from a larger lizard from Java or from Australia (Megalania prisca), which existed 30.000 years ago. There is no body know, where did the komodo came from. But there some theory developed sucah as komodo is island - hopped from Java to Komodo or that komodo swam from Australia to Timor till they reached Flores. Other theory said that over 18,000 years ago the sea level was lower than it is today, that makes their way easily from island to island. Komodo dragons are easily found in Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Gili motang, the islands that formed Komodo National Park. The komodo do not exist anywhere else in the world. The Komodo National Park is UNESCO world heritage and today has attracts more than 50,000 visitors a year. When you visit the island of Komodo and Rinca, you can find the dragon almost everywhere. They can be found in the moonsoon forest, in the savanna, on the beach, in the mangrove swamps, in the burrows, or even in the trees. Yes, the younger komodo or baby komodo that survive hatch, once they crack through their shells, they will quickly climbs into the trees, where they live for the next 2 to 4 years to avoid being eaten by larger dragons or other predator such as wild boar and feral dogs. The survey taken in the year 2000 acoount over 1,000 komodo dragons exist in each island of Komodo and Rinca. It is found that the account is getting lower than years before and seems to be in the young and juvenile categories. The mating season of Komodo is normally from July to August. The female dragons start mating when they are 7 years old and the male start mating when they are eight. The female lays egg about 15 to 30 at a time. The incubation of the eggs takes from 8 to 9 months and ussually hatch in March or April. The young dragons look very similar to small predator lizards with yellow spots and dark markings with an average length 30 cm and average weight is 80 grams. Komodo dragons can see reasonably well, but when they rely more on smell than sight. They can hear, but often ignore sounds. Dragon can detect scents up to 5 kilometers away, but it can be further depending on the direction of the wind. That is why women during their period is not allowed to visit the island, to avoid being attacked by komodo which can be very active when smells blood. Komodo is a hunter which mainly hunts deer, water buffalo, and wild boar, also domestic animals such as dogs, chicken, and goat. Komodo usually attack sleeping animals or wait in ambush. If they cannot kill prey immedietly, they will try to bite on the leg or throat. The classic strategy of komodo is to bite and release. After they bite, they will wait for the animal to weaken and die beause of shock

55 November / December 2016

through blood loss and blood poisoning. The blood poison is caused by the dragon’s saliva that is highly septic. There are over 60 types of bacteria in the dragons’ saliva and one of them can cause septicemia. Once, a person is bitten, he got 12 hours to get medicine before he amputates. What you have to do when komodo approaches? Climb trees is the best to do to go out of the way. Zig zag running can be an option, but komodo may follow. The komodo runs in straight line, with a speed 18 kilometers per hour, but they do not run far. That is why when you are visiting the island, you have to be accompanied by ranger, who has experience in dealing with dragonsand carry stick to stop the dragon from approaching. Komodo is never threatening badly by local; they threat the dragons with respect. Eating dragon is forbidden, since the dragon is totem animals and traditionally to be ancestor of human.

Jonathan Wiguna ; A traveler and a freelance writer based in Bali. Any chance to get out of the office, he will be out to explore Indonesia

56 November / December 2016

57 November / December 2016

58 November / December 2016



I M A l l a R f r e t a w s e r o fl A

side from the Komodo National Park, West Manggarai district; East Nusa Tenggara province also had other interesting tourism objects. One of it is the Cunca Rami waterfall. A 70-meter high waterfall is located at Lamung village, Mbeliling subdistrict, West Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara province. This waterfall is in Mbeliling forest, a tourism area with its well-preserved natural mountain ecosystem. It can be reached with in 45 minutes form Labuan Bajo city, the capital city of West Manggarai or about 20 Kilometer.

59 November / December 2016

this “ beauty of Flores island

The journey to this beautiful waterfall won’t bore you due to its beautiful natural scenery. The walking path or trekking is started from the village, through pecan trees forest and the fields. You will pass fertile fields. You will arrive at Cunca Rami after crossing a small clear river. From the distance, the charm of the waterfall surrounded by green lush, can be seen and the roar of Cunca Rami waterfall can be heard. Cunca Rami also has natural pool beneath it, a perfect place for a swim in crystal clear water. The name of Cunca Rami comes from Flores language, cunca means waterfall and rami means forest. So, Cunca Rami means waterfall in the forest. Aside from enjoying the waterfall trekking at Mbeliling forest also can be a fun way to enjoy this beauty of Flores island. Timo Jurgens ; Studying tourism management at Stenden University. Spent some time doing internship in Bali.

60 November / December 2016

an interesting town to explore.

61 November / December 2016

Travel Gadgets

Memory Foam Travel HoodiePillow The perfect travel neck pillow for airline travel, road trips, sports teams, business traveling, lunch break napping and anyone looking for a little privacy or shut-eye no matter where they are. The Travel HoodiePillow® provides neck support and ultimate Cocoonification™ on-the-go! Is the Travel HoodiePillow® the best travel pillow ever or one of the best travel accessories? We’ll let you decide. source :


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62 November / December 2016

Xiaomi Mi Mix

It features a huge 6.4-inch borderless display, a Snapdragon 821 chipset, up to 6GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, a 16-megapixel camera and a massive 4,400 mAh battery. A smartphone with that design felt like a distant dream on Monday, but it became a reality on Tuesday when Xiaomi unveiled this beauty. source :

Olympus Stylus TG Tracker Action Camera has a 204-degree f/2.0 wide angle lens accompanied by a Truepic TM VII processor for capturing 4K video at an amazing 30 frames per second. This mighty action cam also uses an 8-megapixel CMOS 1/2.3 sensor and image stabilization for your stills. The Stylus TG Tracker also incorporates a 1.5-inch tilt-out LCD screen into its compact body so you can set the scene before you start shooting. All of this technology is nestled inside a super rugged frame that is waterproof, shockproof, freeze-proof, crushproof, and even dust-proof. source :

63 November / December 2016

The Do‘s & Don’ts

Indonesia has several traditions and customs and it is best if you know them before hand. Some of them are:

though hand shaking is deemed appropriate Do’s 1. Even between men and women, bear in mind that a number

of moslem women prefer to introduce themselves to men by nodding their head, smiling and clasping their hands without any physical contact. 2. Traditionally, when you greet someone, both hands are used when shaking, without grasping 3. Be sure to smile when you meet people you know. Javanese people appreciate a ‘polite smile’. 4. Bending down a bit when passing a group of older people is considered polite. 5. In Indonesia, when you address some one, it would considered more polite if you use these specific terms before mentioning the name : Bapak (Pak) for Mr, Ibu (Bu) for Mrs, Mas for young man, and Mbak for Miss/ young woman. 6. Shoes must be taken off before entering a house or place of worship like mosque. 7. Usually drink are offered to guests. It is polite to accept 8. When eating, receiving or giving something, always use your right hand. 9. Right index finger should not be used to point a place, items or people. Use the right hand thumb and fold the remaining fingers to be more polite.

Don’ts 1. Don’t wear non-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, short pants, and

sandals in offices. 2. Don’t put your hands on your hips during conversation with Indonesians since this is considered impolite/ insulting. 3. Don’t demonstrate affection in public. 4. Don’t do impolite things in sacred places. 5. Don’t put your feet up on tables or chairs, or use them to point with. 6. Don’t be angry when someone on the same sex holds your hands or walks arm to arm, it’s the Indonesian way of showing a friendly relationship. 7. Don’t hesitate to reject the merchants trying to sell things to you. You might refuse by saying “saya tidak perlu.” (I don’t need it) or just said “tidak” (No). 8. Don’t be offended when people ask you personal questions. It’s just the way they show friendliness and you don’t have to answer the question if you don’t want to.

64 November / December 2016

Money Changing

When you decide to do money change do not get fooled by a HIGH rate or a big no commission sign. Sometimes if they put a high rate they will eventually asked for also a high commission at the end or the worst is they trick you, the common knwo trick is by using a small change (20’s or 10’s) to confuse you and count it really fast and the trick is while they were counting some slips back behind the counter - and they’re as good as any magician. Make sure the place itself at least look legit, a Commercial banks are always safest or Second best are registered money changers in sole-purpose shops or booths. If you find a good one it best to return.

Somepoints to remember :

Always ask first if they charge commission against the posted rate. Always ask if they discount bills smaller than $100, and by how much. Never let any changers count out your money and then take it back to check after it’s counted. Don’t hand over your money – unless it’s the big registered exchange – until they count out theirs in front of you.

Banknotes Two Thousand Rupiah


Five Thousand Rupiah

Ten Thousand Rupiah

remeber to notice the zeros

Twenty Thousand Rupiah



Fifty Thousand Rupiah



One Hundred Thousand Rupiah Red

65 November / December 2016

Common Indonesian Words Good Morning Good day Good afternoon Good evening Goodbye Goodbye Please Please open the door Please Please come in Thank you It’s nothing Yes No/not I’m sorry Excuse me Welcome How are you? I’m fine What’s your name? My name is … I’m from … Straight on Turn left Turn right

selamat pagi selamat siang selamat siang selamat malam selamat tinggal selamat jalan tolong tolong buka pintu silahkan silahkan masuk terima kasih kembali/sama sama ya tidak/Bukan maaf permisi selamat datang apa kabar? kabar baik siapa nama anda nama saya… saya dari ... terus belok kiri belok kanan


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