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A YEAR OF CONNECTIONS April Daly and Dylan Gutierrez in Wayne McGregor’s Infra. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


We did it—and we did it together. After years of imagining, believing, and working—in conference rooms and over dinners, through historical research and during long rehearsals—artists, administrators, and supporters of The Joffrey Ballet watched Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker debut on the Auditorium Theatre’s stage on December 10, 2016—and exceed every expectation. Thanks to so many people who came together to make it possible, this daring and delightful reinvention of ballet’s beloved classic will light up our stage for years to come and inspire new traditions for Chicago’s families.


This landmark debut represented more than the most significant show since the Joffrey arrived in Chicago over 20 years ago, more than the realization of years of aspirations, more than an inventive take on an old classic. It was the connection between the past we celebrate and the possibilities we are ready to seize. Your support has made the Joffrey stronger than ever before, creating the solid foundation we need to develop deeper connections between the work we do and the people we serve. And from the strength and power of these connections, the future of the Joffrey emerged this year. From the eclectic dynamism of the new Nutcracker—a hybrid of past and present, Chicago history and ballet traditions, high art and folk culture, dance and Broadway storytelling— to the unique voices knit together in our repertory programs, our season brought together all that dance can be, connecting with audiences in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. Our Academy enables all students to find their own voices and connect to opportunities throughout the diverse world of dance. One year after establishing consistent creative direction across our Company and Academy, our Academy now forms the integral link between all parts of the Joffrey—from the Chicagoans we help experience dance for the first time to the pre-professional trainees we inspire to the world-class dancers who embody the best in ballet. And we are reaching out and connecting with Chicago like never before—whether in school programs that help children and teenagers in every neighborhood connect with their own potential and sense of creativity, or through community connections, which this year brought For Gwendolyn, created in honor of poet Gwendolyn Brooks’ 100th birthday, to venues across the city. Throughout the 2016–2017 season, we built on our vibrant history by breaking new ground, showing the world what a ballet company can be while showcasing the type of work that will continue to define the Joffrey in the years ahead. And it could not have happened without your support. We cannot thank you enough. Let’s keep imagining, keep believing, keep working— and see what else we can do together in the seasons to come.

ZACH LAZAR Board Chair

ASHLEY WHEATER Artistic Director

Cover: Cara Marie Gary and Lucas Segovia in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Mammatus. Photo by Cheryl Mann. Above: Ashley Wheater, Zach Lazar and Greg Cameron. Photo by Dan Rest.

GREG CAMERON Executive Director 



CONNECTING audiences with the best in dance today

The Joffrey Ballet in Romeo & Juliet. Photo by Cheryl Mann.











We bring together everything that dance can be— so we can make dance that matters to everyone today: from sweeping narratives that represent the best of the classical tradition to postmodern pieces that represent one choreographer’s inimitable voice; from deep emotions and fully-realized characters to the most athletic, awe-inspiring leaps. From ballet to contemporary, dance to theater, the Joffrey’s seasons are not limited by one voice, one style, or one art form: they bring it all together so the full possibilities of dance can blossom. And the power of that approach to dance was on full display this season. This year, we connected ballet’s classics to the lives of people today. With our new Nutcracker, we created a newly relevant version of the classic, reframed as the tale of the child of a working single parent during Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair. The production weaved together lighting, video projection, puppetry, folk music, and a variety of dance styles to create a powerful, delightful experience for all audience members. And with Krzysztof Pastor’s moody, politically pointed Romeo & Juliet—a contemporary take that recontextualizes Prokofiev’s classic score—we gave new resonance to the iconic story of love, loss, and societal division.

This year, we pulled together the styles, moods, and experimentations of visionary choreographers. With Game Changers in February and Global Visionaries in April, we gave audiences a robust tour of the ways ballet can speak to them today—from Justin Peck’s Year of the Rabbit, set to the music of contemporary indie rocker Sufjan Stevens, to the dark sexual energy of Yuri Possokhov’s The Miraculous Mandarin and the playfully idiosyncratic Joy by Alexander Ekman.

This year, we stepped into a more prominent role as a company—and connected audiences across the nation to our vision for dance. Whether returning to New York for the first time in years to perform on the Lincoln Center stage or joining “Ballet Across America” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, we brought our vision of what ballet can be to audiences throughout the nation. Our new Nutcracker was not only a gift to Chicago and generations of Chicago families, but a declaration of our approach to dance that attracted prominent press coverage both locally and nationally.



CONNECTIONS that shape cities

Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco in Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


Joel Farran Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois In 2016, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) made its first-ever gift to the Joffrey, joining other supporters in generously sponsoring Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. It is an exciting new partnership rooted in a shared belief that the arts play a key role in making Chicago a great place to live and learn. In reflecting on BCBSIL’s gift, Joel Farran, the company’s Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, points to the crucial role the arts play in creating and sustaining thriving communities. “[BCBSIL’s] approach to community investment is rooted in whether the organization makes an impact on the social determinants of health to create healthy bodies, minds, and hearts,” he says. “On each front, the Joffrey goes above and beyond. Plus, their leadership understands that it’s not enough to just draw audiences to the Joffrey. They know that the organization needs to reach out to people and communities as well.” Farran sees the Joffrey’s emphasis on access and equity—bringing dance programs into schools and performances into neighborhoods, creating opportunities for people to see a performance at the Auditorium or take a class at Joffrey Tower—as “one of its strongest assets and most distinctive qualities.” Last December, the Joffrey’s growing connection to—and impact on—Chicago resolved in a new Nutcracker steeped in the city’s rich history, linked to the moment it became a city of global consequence, and reimagined to resonate with families today. “Like so many Chicagoans, I grew up going to see Robert Joffrey’s Nutcracker every Christmas—and the prospect of reimagining something so sacred and tied to tradition initially gave me pause,” says Farran.

“But speaking with Greg Cameron about Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker opened my mind. It was visionary, exciting, and invigorating—and we were so pleased to support the Joffrey as they said ‘yes— it’s time to break the mold.’” For Farran, the symbolism of setting the new Nutcracker during Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair is meaningful from a civic perspective—and mirrors the unique space the Joffrey occupies in Chicago. “The Columbian Exposition was the moment Chicago became a global city—but I don’t think we’ve ever lost our grounded, grassroots, community-centric disposition. The Joffrey is a microcosm of this very phenomenon: it’s an institution with global reach, but it’s inextricably tied to Chicago itself.” And as he considers the future of Chicago, Farran is excited to see the role the Joffrey can play in pushing the city forward. “The Columbian Exposition brought new ideas, economic development, and talent to our city. And I think you can look at projects like the new Nutcracker as a harbinger of new thinking in Chicago.”

“For so many people, innovation and creativity are synonymous with business and technology. When I think of innovation and creativity, I think of what art can do. You can’t talk about innovation without talking about creativity, and you can’t talk about creativity without talking about arts and culture.” — Joel Farran



CONNECTING the next generation to new possibilities

Photo by Todd Rosenberg.












Every aspect of the Joffrey intersects at the Academy. Children and teenagers pursuing a career in dance connect to challenging and exciting opportunities to learn and perform at the highest levels. Emerging choreographers connect with opportunities to showcase their work at some of Chicago’s most prominent cultural institutions. And in 2016, when Ashley Wheater stepped into the role of the Artistic Director of the Academy, our Company and Academy were connected by a singular artistic vision.

This year the connection between the Academy and the Company truly blossomed. Ashley brought Company members and Ballet Masters in to teach classes, taught classes himself, and worked directly with teachers to rethink the curriculum. This on-the-ground work has given Ashley greater insight into this next generation of dancers and opened doors for students at every level—even our 8–12-year-olds, who performed the children’s roles in Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. Ashley’s generosity with his time, warm and welcoming spirit, and enthusiasm for new ideas have created an ideal learning environment for students and an excellent first step toward an exciting, rewarding career in dance.

This year the Academy connected more leaders in the dance world to the Joffrey. In 2016, Karin Ellis-Wentz became our new Head of Pre-Professional Programs and Raymond Rodriguez our new Head of Studio Company and Trainee Program. Karin’s teaching expertise and four-year tenure at the Joffrey combine with Raymond’s mentorship skills and administrative and artistic accomplishments to unlock new possibilities for the Academy. With Karin and Raymond assuming leadership roles, Karine Provost was able to step up and become the Academy Director—and their collaboration is just beginning. The three worked together to stage this year’s annual Academy spring production—the Don Quixote Suite—and are now working together to make the first year of the Conservatory program a success for students ages 14–18 years old who are seeking a successful balance between academics and intensive training as they prepare for professional careers in dance.

This year the Academy connected choreographers to careerlaunching opportunities. All great art emerges from connections: between creative minds, between an artist and an audience, between a great idea and a community willing to bring it to life. For seven years, Winning Works has brought all of those connections together in one incredible program that continues to grow in popularity and scope. Each year, we receive more applications; our applicants represent a more diverse range of perspectives; and more Winning Works recipients reconnect with the Joffrey as teachers or guest artists. This year’s Winning Works featured pieces from four emerging ALAANA (African, Latino, Asian, Arab, and Native American) choreographers, performed by Joffrey Studio Company and Academy Trainees at the Harold Washington Library Center—and for the first time in the program’s history, performances were free for audience members. THE JOFFREY BALLET | ANNUAL REPORT 2016 –2017 | 9


CONNECTIONS that build careers

Suite Hearts by 2017 Winning Works Choreographer Sean Aaron Carmon. Photo by Todd Rosenberg.


Sean Aaron Carmon 2017 Winning Works Choreographer

Photo by Andrew Eccles.

Seven years after graduating from the Ailey/Fordham BFA program in Dance, Sean Aaron Carmon’s career is blossoming.

He has performed on Broadway, taught classes across the United States, and tours the world as an Alvin Ailey Dance Theater company member—but he always knew choreography was where he was meant to shine. “From the time I started dancing, pursuing choreography has always been at the back of my mind,” he says. “It’s the best way for me to synthesize and contextualize experiences, and it lets me share with others what I’ve had the opportunity to learn in my career and my life.” As Carmon’s Winning Works piece suggests, he already has a lot to share: a fresh take on the character-driven dance theater he performs at Alvin Ailey expressed through a deeply personal story with universal resonance. “My piece, Suite Hearts, was born out of the abrupt end to my five-year relationship,” he says. “It ended unceremoniously and left me hemmed in by self-doubt and insecurity, wondering if I’d get back to a place where I felt lovable and desired again. I wanted to explore those thoughts and feelings through choreography.” In Suite Hearts, dancers explore the complicated dynamics of relationships through a series of partnered dances. “Learning how to work with multiple partners—and getting comfortable doing so quickly—was a great learning experience for the Academy dancers,” says Carmon. “Ultimately, it was really satisfying to watch these dancers open up to this challenge and to infuse my stories and characters with their own perspectives.” Making space for different perspectives is central to Carmon’s voice as a choreographer—but it is also the aspect of Winning Works that drew him to apply for the program, and a value he shares with the Joffrey. “It has been thrilling to see the dance world open up to represent a more diverse range of people

and stories—and I think the Joffrey has emerged as a leader in this industry-wide push toward diversity and inclusion,” he says. “They don’t just talk the talk. They walk the walk.” Choreographers like Carmon represent the next generation—so the Joffrey is committed to representing them. “Winning Works gave me a platform to share my work and a world-renowned institution validating and endorsing my perspective— and their support didn’t end when my performance ended,” he says. “Ashley Wheater keeps in touch and asks about my career. That kind of approach to giving dancers and choreographers of color opportunities to share their talents suggests this isn’t about making the Joffrey look good. This is the Joffrey saying, ‘Your voice should help define the future of dance.’”

“Creating opportunities for dancers and choreographers of color is one of the most important aspects of the Joffrey’s work. Representation matters. Children who see professional dancers and choreographers who look like them develop a different sense of what’s possible for them—and diversifying the dance world strengthens the form itself by encouraging it to grow and evolve, not remain stuck in time. Arts institutions that don’t prioritize diversity will miss out on this next generation.” — Amina Dickerson, Vice President, Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Board of Directors THE JOFFREY BALLET | ANNUAL REPORT 2016 –2017 | 11



Chicago’s children and communities with dance

After a year of unprecedented growth, our Community Engagement leaders took time to step back, think, and reconnect. Led by Community Engagement Director Erica Edwards, this year our staff took a step back to consider the core values of our programs and their outcomes. Dance can be a way to learn—from mastering technique to improving mind-body coordination—so moving forward, it was our priority to answer three questions: What do our students find most important? What should our students take away from our classes, no matter what? How do we provide the highest quality programs that engage students?

The answer: thinking creatively.

Photo by Quinn Wharton.










This year, we structured our Community Engagement programs around helping students connect to their creativity. This desired outcome influences everything from what our students are asked to do—for example, choreograph their own dance based on techniques they learned in class—to the teaching methods our instructors use, such as verbally guiding students through learning a position or a step, instead of just demonstrating the move for students to watch and copy. As we shift our focus toward this goal, we are also exploring new ways to measure and track the tangible outcomes of our programs so we can better articulate their impact as it relates to children and teenagers growing in their self-expression and developing crucial social and emotional skills.

This growth is directly connected to our new leaders in our program. Linda Swayze was promoted to Community Engagement Program Supervisor, where she oversees curriculum implementation, and we hired Caitlyn Huynh as our new Community Engagement Associate. This additional artistic and administrative support created the opportunity for Edwards—who was selected as one of Crain’s 40 under 40 for her accomplishments at the Joffrey—to more directly focus on the future of the program she leads. And it shows.

This year our Community Engagement programs connected more children, families, schools, and neighborhoods with dance. Our reach into the city was unprecedented. We collaborated with 28 total schools and added a third level to our Extensions scholarship program, creating more opportunities for more young dancers to continue their training. And 100 tuition voucher students from our Extensions and Exelon Strobel Step-Up programs had the opportunity to perform at the Gala: a dance showcasing countries represented in the Joffrey Company dancers. The opportunity to perform on the same stage as the Company dancers made the moment more impactful.

Building on the success of our 20 for 20! series, we are connecting with partner organizations across the city in important ways. As part of Chicago’s Gwendolyn Brooks centennial celebration, Edwards and former Company member Michael Smith choreographed For Gwendolyn: eight separate dances inspired by eight different Gwendolyn Brooks poems, performed by many of our Exelon Strobel Dancers at the Poetry Foundation, Old Town School of Folk Music, and the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. For Gwendolyn represents everything we want for our Community Engagement programs and all the ways we impact the city we call home: using dance to help students more deeply connect to themselves and to others, connecting with other cultural institutions to bring incredible dance to our city, and connecting more Chicagoans with the power of dance.



CONNECTIONS that change lives

Photo by Temur Suluashvili.


Sebastian Candanedo, Student The Chicago High School for the Arts Sebastian Candanedo grew up listening to hits from the 80s and 90s, watching music videos and concerts, and dancing at parties with a mock microphone in hand. But it was only when a Joffrey program came to his neighborhood school—North River Elementary School in the Albany Park neighborhood—that he began to understand dance as not just a passion, but his path in life. “I told my mom I wanted to start dancing, but she wanted me to do a sport,” he says. Yet he persisted and signed up for the in-school program—and still remembers his mother’s reaction when she attended his first performance. “It was the first time I performed in front of an audience. All I could think was, ‘Don’t mess up, you got this.’ At the end of the dance, my mom’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe I could actually dance!” It is one of many performances Candanedo still recalls as though they were yesterday. There was the first time he auditioned for The Nutcracker and was awed that “a regular born-and-raised Chicago boy got into the show.” There was the solo he performed for his classmates as part of the Joffrey’s Middle School Dance Clubs program. (“When the music hit and I started dancing, they were chanting and screaming!”) There was the time a choreographer asked for his input about the world we live in for a new dance. (“That piece brought more emotion out of me than any piece I’ve done.”) And there was his grandma—“my number-one fan”—in the audience as he and his peers in the Exelon Strobel Dancers Program debuted For Gwendolyn. The Joffrey has been with him every step of the way—from his first in-school program to his classes at Joffrey Tower and through After School Matters, and from performances in neighborhood schools

to performances in the Auditorium Theatre. It is a reflection of our commitment to changing lives, changing our city, and changing the ballet world through the inclusive power of dance. “Their repertoire allows them to cross boundaries and touch different sensibilities, and that gives them a chance to be radical. One of the things that’s different about the Joffrey is their investment— and it’s a real investment—in public schools and their commitment to bringing kids of all types into their program,” says Richard Logan, President of the Reva and David Logan Foundation, which has provided scholarship support that allows students from the Joffrey’s Community Engagement programs to join the Joffrey Academy of Dance and hosted the first performance of For Gwendolyn at the Logan Center for the Arts in Hyde Park. “Dance is just another way of expressing your emotions,” Candanedo says. “You tell a story through movement. There are some days that aren’t good days, and dance is always my answer. I can put all my anger, all my stress, all my frustration into dance.” Now a sophomore at The Chicago High School for the Arts, Candanedo intends to pursue a career in dance—and it all started with one program in his elementary school. “I want dance to be part of my life forever.”

“The intersection between the arts and social justice is where a lot of change happens. I think all arts organizations must be part of a civic push toward equality and the health of the city.” — Richard Logan, President, Reva and David Logan Foundation



2016–2017 REVENUE 1%





$8,029,868 CONTRIBUTIONS 8%





















$19,667,538 TOTAL EXPENSES



$1,245,747 FUNDRAISING




2016–2017 OPERATING RESULTS Multiple strategic initiatives have been implemented by the Joffrey over the past three years, driving improved financial results organization-wide. This is the fourth straight year that the Joffrey has closed with a surplus. Revenue from ticket sales and touring continues to grow as we build new audiences and increase attendance at performances. Thanks to the “believers” who made gifts to support the new Nutcracker production, our multi-year campaign exceeded goal; the new Nutcracker was produced on time and on budget, and funds have been set aside for future maintenance of the production. Community Engagement programming was sustained through additional contributed revenue, and we are grateful to many new donors who stepped up to support scholarships that provide access to under-resourced and under-represented students at the Joffrey Academy of Dance.




Romeo & Juliet Luncheon

Kathleen Henson, Ellie Forman, and Jamie-Clare Flaherty. Photo by Steve Becker.

ROMEO & JULIET LUNCHEON Co-Chairs | Ellie Forman | Jamie-Clare Flaherty Kathleen Henson The Romeo & Juliet Luncheon, held on September 26, 2016 at the LondonHouse Chicago, celebrated Krzysztof Pastor’s critically acclaimed reimagining of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. Over 280 guests attended the sold-out event. Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune moderated a discussion with Ashley Wheater, Artistic Director of The Joffrey Ballet, and Barbara Gaines, Artistic Director of Chicago Shakespeare Theater, as they explored why the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet continues to resonate with audiences across all art forms. Presenting Sponsor | Anne L. Kaplan

Anais Bueno in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Mammatus. Photo by Cheryl Mann


Nutcracker Opening Night Celebration

Zach Lazar, Ashley Wheater, and Christopher Wheeldon. Photo by Dan Rest.


Jerrilyn Hoffmann, Maria Smithburg, Shelley Farley, Mary Galvin, and Sandra Deromedi. Photo by Dan Rest.



Honorary Co-Chairs | Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Ms. Amy Rule

Co-Chairs | Sandra and Roger Deromedi Shelley and Bill Farley | Jerrilyn and David Hoffmann Maria and William Smithburg

The Nutcracker Opening Night Celebration, held on December 10, 2016 at the Chicago Cultural Center, was the perfect post-performance celebration to a historic opening night of the world premiere. Over 600 guests joined Joffrey Company artists, Christopher Wheeldon, and the all-star creative team to celebrate and dance the night away. The Nutcracker Opening Night Celebration Sponsor Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein

The Gala, held on April 21, 2017, honored Mary B. Galvin for her commitment to dance, music, and arts education in Chicago and beyond. The evening featured a one-night-only performance at the Auditorium Theatre followed by dinner and dancing at The Palmer House. Over 750 guests celebrated Mrs. Galvin and The Joffrey Ballet. Presenting Sponsor | BMO Wealth Management Youth Performance Sponsor | ITW Legends | Sandra and Roger Deromedi Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation DHR International, Inc. | Galvin Family Innovators | Abbott | Allstate Insurance Company Mary Jo and Doug Basler | The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation | Janet and Craig J. Duchossois Patti S. Eylar and Charles R. Gardner | Mr. and Mrs. William Farley | GrubHub, Inc. | Anne L. Kaplan Karen Z. Gray-Krehbiel and John H. Krehbiel, Jr. MacLean-Fogg | Mayer Brown LLP | Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investment Group | The Negaunee Foundation | Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Smith, Jr. | Maria and William D. Smithburg | Stout | Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Waters III Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Williamson | Elizabeth Yntema and Mark Ferguson for the Ferguson-Yntema Family Trust in support of female choreographers VIP Sponsor | Palmer House, A Hilton Hotel



Anna Gerberich and Stefan Goncalvez in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s Mammatus. Photo by Cheryl Mann.



The Joffrey Ballet is grateful to our donors for providing funding that ensures quality and engaging experiences for a variety of audiences. The following is a list of donors who made gifts and pledges in support of the annual fund, special events, and projects in the amount of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.


Alphawood Foundation Chicago Clear Channel Airports The Grainger Foundation Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust


Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University The Satter Foundation Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet


Allstate Insurance Company Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. BMO Wealth Management BrickStreet Insurance Chauncey and Marion Deering McCormick Foundation

Larry and Michelle Goodman. Photo by Dan Rest.

The Julius N. Frankel Foundation ITW JHL Capital Group LLC Kolcraft Enterprises, Inc. The John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Abbott Fund

The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust

Athletico Physical Therapy

Polk Bros. Foundation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

The Shubert Foundation Wells Fargo

Chicago Athletic Clubs Conagra Brands Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company The Walter E. Heller Foundation


Abbott Laboratories Francis Beidler Foundation The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation The Brinson Foundation Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Eloise and Annie Atzeff. Photo by Dan Rest.

Illinois Arts Council Agency

Jane Ellen Murray Foundation

La Perla Fashions

Negaunee Foundation

MacLean-Fogg Company

The Northern Trust Company The Poetry Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts

JW Marriott


Make It Better Media

The Reva and David Logan Foundation

Fox Ford Lincoln

Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.

NIB Foundation

GrubHub, Inc. Harris Family Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

Mayer Brown LLP

Sage Foundation Stout

Merrill Lynch & Company



Joffrey Artists with Mary Galvin. Photo by Dan Rest.


Anonymous (2) Ariel Investments, LLC Avatar Corporation Baxter International Inc. The Boeing Company DeSantis Foundation GCM Grosvenor Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP Hyatt Hotels Foundation Jerome Robbins Foundation and Trust

Regions Private Wealth Management

The Lyric Opera of Chicago


Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc.

The Colmar Foundation

Sacks Family Foundation Dr. Scholl Foundation

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Siragusa Family Foundation

Nordstrom, Inc.

Hattie A. and Marie V. Fatz Foundation

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom

Sidley Austin, LLP

KPW Family Foundation

Sills Foundation

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.

Southwest Airlines U.S. Bank Foundation UMB Bank Workiva

The Elia Group LLC

Salamander Resort And Spa $2,500–$4,999

Tawani Foundation

Anonymous Meta S. and Ronald Berger Family Foundation


Amsted Industries



CA Ventures

The Neiman Marcus Group

Anderson-Barnicle Family Foundation

Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation

The Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Foundation

Diana Widman Design Fine Jewelry

Latham & Watkins

John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

Judy A. Saslow Gallery

Heestand Foundation, Inc.

Leibovitz Family Philanthropic Fund


Nathan Tannenbaum Foundation Inc.

Richard & Martha Melman Foundation

The Irving Harris Foundation

Tom Ford International

Nike, Inc.

Jewell Events Catering JPMorgan Chase Kovler Family Foundation Kryolan Professional Make-Up

Macy’s National Endowment for the Arts Nuveen Investments, Inc.

Lannan Foundation Luminarts Cultural Foundation Fellowship by Myrna Kaplan

The Elbert W. Rogers Foundation



Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill

The Joffrey Ballet is grateful to our donors for providing funding that ensures quality and engaging experiences for a variety of audiences. The following is a list of those who made gifts and pledges in support of the annual fund, special events, and projects, in the amount of $1,000 or more, between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Bill and Orli Staley


Fred Eychaner Margot and Josef Lakonishok


Mary Jo and Doug Basler Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock Sandy and Roger Deromedi Pamella Roland DeVos and Daniel DeVos Sonia Florian Sherry Lea and Richard Holson III Anne L. Kaplan Beth Levine

Lauren Streicher and Jason Brett. Photo by Dan Rest.

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Tatar Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Williamson


Audre M. Carlin Mr. and Mrs. Adam DeWitt Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann

Mr. and Mrs. F. Conrad Fischer



Jill Garling and Thomas Wilson

Nancy Gottlieb Bauer

Karen Gray-Krehbiel and John Krehbiel, Jr.

Kay and Rhett Butler

Margaret MacLean Alexandra Nichols and John Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Beidler III

Paul Chasnoff and Joe Hopper Michael I. Cragg, Ph.D.

Tricia Rooney and Ross Shelleman

Dr. Jill S. Dodds and Dr. Guriqbal Nandra

Shirley Ryan and Patrick Ryan

Lorna Ferguson and Terry Clark

Nancy and Sanfred Koltun

Eric C. Schieber, MD

Mr. and Mrs. John Patience

Ms. Courtney C. Shea

Denise Littlefield Sobel

Ms. Jamee C. Field and Mr. Michael Kane

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Smith, Jr.

Nancy Follis

Mr. and Mrs. Miles D. White


Marc and Sharen Berman Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein Neil Bluhm The Crown Family Janet and Craig J. Duchossois

Maria Smithburg and William D. Smithburg Rita Spitz and David Blears Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Waters III Elizabeth Yntema and Mark Ferguson for the Ferguson-Yntema Family Trust

Karen Frank and James Frank Jennifer and Patrick M. Gallagher Linda Gantz and Wilbur Gantz Sabrina and Antonio Gracias Sherry and Michael Guthrie Sandi and Barry Hartstein Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hildy Olivia Kittle and Brian Kittle Margaret Kittle-Kamp and Thomas Kittle-Kamp

Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner Mr. and Mrs. William Farley

Lisa Malkin, Ron Allen, Liz and Bill Adams. Photo by Dan Rest.



$10,000–$24,999 (CONTINUED)

Dennis and Kathleen Klaeser Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Krueger Julie and Guy Lakonishok Dr. Lynda Lane and Ben Lane-Korn Michael and Jennifer Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Zachary D. Lazar, Jr. Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Jay Leibovitz Elizabeth Liebman Suzu Neithercut and Noren Ungaretti. Photo by Steve Becker.

Coco B. Meers and Ethan Meers Stuart Miller Lucy Minor Cathy and Bill Osborn D. Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Jeffrey C. Rubenstein Patricia Schmalzl and William Schmalzl Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Sharp Melissa de Abreu e Silva and Ildefonso Silva Melissa and Chuck Smith Jessica and Erik Steffensen Ben Strobel Pamela and Russ Strobel

Robert Hunt and Frank Baiocchi with daughters Christina and Lamiya. Photo by Dan Rest.

Andrew Thorrens and Donald Mizerk Tina Trott and Byron Trott Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walter Pamela Phillips Weston and Roger L. Weston Amanda Williamson and Matthew Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zentner

Tellef and Halvard Lundevall, Hilary Kaplan Loretta, Lucy Loretta, Anne Kaplan, and Iselin Lundevall. Photo by Dan Rest.



John R. Menninger

Anonymous (2)

Mrs. Julianne Migely

Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly Christine Du Boulay Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams IV

David and Suzu Neithercut

Emily Strobel Amiet and Michael Amiet

Audrey Ratner and Albert Ratner

Emily L. Arch, MD

Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt and Thomas Rehwaldt

Beth Fulkerson and Joshua Kellman

Stephen Reiss and Rena Hozore Reiss

Elisabeth Geraghty and Robert Geraghty

Luann Blowers and David Blowers

Susan and David Ruder

Michelle Goodman and Larry Goodman

Suzette Bross Bulley and Allan E. Bulley III

Mr. and Mrs. David Sensibar

Annie Atzeff and Kristopher Atzeff Edward Beam

Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson Lisa and Jim Challenger Mrs. Joyce Chelberg Paula Crown and James Crown

Betty Seid and Richard Seid

Jeanette Stevens

Amy Rule and Rahm Emanuel Mimi Frankel and Bud Frankel

Stephanie Grinage and Richard Grinage

Liz Stiffel

Shana Guthman and David Guthman

Cheryl Tama Oblander and Scott Oblander

Marci and Ronald Holzer

Lorraine Trachtenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Tyler Richard and Diane Weinberg

Lauren Huefner Masahiro Kasai and William Myers

Pamela Meyer Patricia Miller and Christopher Miller Jazelle Morriss and Daniel L. (D.L.) Morriss Barbara and Jonathan Moss Linda Curtis O’Bannon, MD Marsha O’Bannon Thomas O’Keefe Susan G. Oleari Virginia Owens and James Owens Mary Ellen Pavone, MD and Christopher Novak Ibby Pinsky and Milton Pinsky Kathleen Pipala and Michael Pipala Victoria Poindexter and Joseph P. Gaynor III

Tamar Weiss

Jackelyn Kastanis and Taki Kastanis

Magnes Welsh

Jeffrey Kerr

Ms. Maggie Scheyer and Mr. Eric J. Scheyer

Tiffany Flannagan and Chip Flannagan

Diana and Stuart Widman

Roberta Killeen and Timothy Killeen

Veronica Siegel

Emily Follas and Timothy Jacobs

Elizabeth Wippman and Tom Wippman

Geoffrey Davis Paula Fasseas and Peter Fasseas

Bryony and David Winn

Jay Franke and David Herro Christine Gallagher and Greg Gallagher Dana Hokin Garvey and Robert Garvey Ethel and William Gofen Richard and Mary L. Gray Joan Hall Janet W. and Robert A. Helman Mary Ittelson Mr. and Mrs. Larry Langdon Ms. Whitney Lasky and Mr. Jerry Lasky Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz Mr. and Mrs. E. Barry Mansur


Anonymous Ada Addington and Whitney Addington Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Allen Evelyn Alter Patty Perkins Andringa Melissa Anton and John Anton Ms. Carolyn A. Blessing John Brazzale Mary Kay Mudd Bushonville and Art Bushonville Terri and Alfred D’Ancona

Elise Klein and Christopher Klein Laura Kofoid and David Ricci

Carol Pollock

Amelia Silva and Alejandro Silva Shari Slavin and Mark Slavin

Robert Kohl and Clark Pellett

Ms. Kathy Kalesperis Smith and Mr. Dion Grimes Smith

Jen Kurth and Brian Van Klompenberg

Dawn Stanislaw

Dania Leemputte and Patrick Leemputte Mr. and Mrs. Barry Litwin Jim and SuAnne Lopata Jessica Lundevall and Torjus Lundevall

Penelope Steiner and Robert Steiner Constance and Orin Steinhaus Susan Stern and James Elliott Carol Stone and David Stone Melissa Trandel

Lisa Klimley Malkin and Cary J. Malkin

Richard and Noren Ungaretti

George Mariner and Michael Payette

Leslie Warner and Stephen Warner

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marks

Julie Zuckerman and Daniel Zuckerman

Lynne McNown

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Vail, Jr.

Jess and Amanda Merten



Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies. Photo by Dan Rest.

Holly Boyd, Melissa Trandel, Anita Mark, and Sherry Abrahams. Photo by Steve Becker.

Justin and Emily Arch. Photo by Dan Rest.


Sharon Ferrill

Deej and Hunter Leggitt

Lois Scott and David May

Anonymous (5)

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Finder

Sherren Leigh

Anne Shonk

Greg Albiero

Dr. Richard E. Leithiser

Thomas G. Sinkovic

Abbe Aron and Adam Aron

Arthur Frank

Craig Sirles

Carey August and Brett August

Katherine and Richard Freiburger

Ms. Dana Levinson and Mrs. Barbara Levinson

Oliver Badgio

H. Goldstein and Rodney Goldstein

Christopher Begy Jennifer Birmingham

Ann Gootee and James Gootee

Gary† and Linda T. Blumenshine†

Jo Ellen Granson

Cary Bomier and David Bomier

Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Harris

Anthony and Susan Grosch

Mia Levy and Paul Levy Beth Loeb Leslie Logsdon and Duncan Bourne Judy and John MacLeod Elizabeth Marcus and Ira Belcove

Jetta Boschen and Dallas Boschen

Stacie R. Hartman

Martha Melman and Rich Melman

Ross Heim

Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat

Ms. Evelyn Bosenberg

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Higgins

Anthony Bruck

Leslie Hindman

JoAnne Nathan and Stuart Nathan

Carolyn Bucksbaum Tamara and Robert Buday

Sarai Hoffman and Stephen Pratt

Jenelle Chalmers and Stephen Chalmers

Courtney A. Hoffmann and Sebastian Hoffmann

Clark Chandler

Alan J. Hommerding and Robert K. Personett

Raymond Coronado Pamela Crutchfield Dr. John Dainauskas Katherine Devers and William Devers Amina Dickerson and Julian Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Terence Donnelly Maia J. Dunkel

Melinda Jakovich and Lucien Lagrange Mrs. Abby McCormick O’Neil and Mr. Carroll Joynes Sherry Kaplan and Barry Kaplan Wendy Kilcollin and T. Eric Kilcollin Polly Kintzel

Wendy Eager

Sarah Ladgenski and Derek Ladgenski

Deborah and Cody Engle

Robin and Jack Lavin

Lee and Sharon Oberlander Mary Jane O’Connor Anthony and Izabel Olson Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pacholick Kristie Paskvan Donald H. Ratner and Bruce A. Gober Harriet Ross and Irwin Ross Jennifer Ross Emily Rubenstein and Angel Rivera Camille Kearns Rudy and Robert M. Rudy

Marilyn Slattery Greg Sleight Beth Smetana and Gerard Smetana Patricia Smith Shirley Stanley and Paul Stanley Edwin Stebbins Patricia Sternberg Dr. Lauren Streicher and Mr. Jason Brett Lauren D.W. Tatar and Scott Borstein Courtney Thompson Dana Shepard Treister and Dr. Michael Roy Treister Robert and Etti Van Etten Lauren Vitale Debbie Wang and David Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wells IV Angie Wilcox and Gary Wilcox Joyce M. Wippman Susan Wislow and Robert Wislow William Ziemann

Barbara and Donald Ruhman Sarah Schrup Andréa J. Schwartz and Dr. Steve Stryker

† Deceased



Jamie-Clare Flaherty

Anonymous (3) Anne and Mark Bagan

Regan Friedmann and Philip Friedmann

Christine Bakalar and John Bakalar

Victoria Galbraith and John Galbraith

Sandra Bass

Darcy Goldfarb, MD

Thomas Berry

Linda Graubart and Jeffrey Graubart

Judy Block and Philip Block Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. L. Bogan, Jr. Robyn Bowland Bradbury Family Marion Cameron Wendy Lynn Chronister and Peter Rogers

Brooke Hubbuch and Nick Hubbuch

Beth Silverman

Helen Hall Melchior

Lynda Silverman and Howard Silverman

Mr. Jonathan F. Orser

Stephen Smith

Christine Ott Catherine Perez and William Perez Madeleine Plonsker and Harvey Plonsker

Vicki Kaufman and Barry Kaufman

Carol Roberts

Howard Kirschbaum

Lawrence Corry

Larry Krueger

Patricia O’Neill Cox

Lew and Laurie Leibowitz

Bette Jane Crigger

Thaddeus Makarewicz

Lois Eisen and Stephen Eisen

Joan Malliband and David Malliband

Stephanie Martinez and Jim Bennitt. Photo by Brad Siefert.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGrath

Richard and Charlene Posner

Patricia Koldyke and Martin Koldyke

Norman Finch

Marcey Siegel and Kenneth Siegel

Beth Karmin and Kenneth Karmin

Francesca Connell

Paul Fangman

Heather Martin and Sean Martin

Puneet Mansharamani

Mr. and Mrs. Neele E. Stearns, Jr. Joanne Storm Ann-Marie Streibich and James Streibich Peggy Swartchild and James Swartchild

Allan Reich

Jane Nicholl Sahlins and Bernard Sahlins Jana Schreuder and Eric Schreuder Joann Seagren and Scott Lang Mr. and Mrs. Larry Selander Thomas Shapiro Stephanie Sick and William Sick

Julie Valenti and Steven Valenti Mr. and Mrs. Todd Vieregg Christina Walker and Joe Walker Dia Weil and Edward Weil Eric Weinheimer Ashley Wheater and Brian Johnson Robin Zafirovski and Michael Zafirovski

Meta, Jonathan, Sydney, Rebecca, and Jessie Berger. Photo by Dan Rest.



Nutcracker Sponsors The Joffrey Ballet would like to thank our generous Nutcracker sponsors who made gifts to support the creation and production of Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker. Producing Sponsors

Margot and Josef Lakonishok Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust

Additional Support Provided By

The Ann Barzel & Patrick Henry Arts Fund Francis Beidler Foundation Meta S. and Ronald Berger Family Foundation with Rebecca and Jonathan Berger Joyce and Bruce Chelberg

Hancher Auditorium, The University of Iowa

Terri and Alfred D’Ancona


Dr. Jill S. Dodds and Dr. Guriqbal Nandra

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Adam DeWitt

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Patti S. Eylar and Charles R. Gardner

BrickStreet Insurance

Ethel and William Gofen

Conagra Brands

Suzanne and Albert M. Friedman

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company Sponsors

Mary Jo and Doug Basler Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock Sandy and Roger Deromedi Pamella Roland DeVos and Daniel DeVos

Jill Garling and Thomas Wilson Sabrina and Antonio Gracias Harris Family Foundation Sandi and Barry Hartstein Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann

Nancy and Sanfred Koltun

The Walter E. Heller Foundation

Make It Better Media

Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill Bill and Orli Staley Foundation Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet

Pamella and Dan DeVos. Photo by Dan Rest.

Mary Ittelson

Sonia Florian

Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University

Greg Cameron, Sara Hill, Bette Cerf Hill, Diana Hill, and Bruce Sagan. Photo by Dan Rest.

Coco B. Meers and Ethan Meers Martha and Rich Melman Ann and Tom Nash National Endowment for the Arts Polk Bros. Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts Charles and Joann Raymond

This project was partially supported by IncentOvate grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Ms. Courtney C. Shea Leslie and Robert K. Zentner

Dean and Rosemarie Buntrock. Photo by Dan Rest.


Memorial Gifts The Joffrey Ballet received gifts in memory of the following individuals between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. Gary Blumenshine Linda Blumenshine John E. Burke Eric B. Eatherly Ronald Fishman Saul Gerber Ruth Altenberg Gold Burt Kaplan Mrs. Francis J. Klimley Elizabeth E. Mertz Dianne Nishimura John O’Neal Barbara Rich Natalie Senoff Ginnee Tallman Walter F. Tama

Greg Cameron

Liz Sharp

Barbara and Henigbaum

Gerard Charles

Courtney C. Shea

Marci and Ronald Holzer

Ellie Cotey

John Shimkus

Ms. Darlene Johnson

Terri D’Ancona

Lynda Silverman

Ms. Linda Levey

Sandy and Roger Deromedi

Kathy Kalesperis Smith

Mr. John McAllister

Adam DeWitt

Maria Smithburg

Ellen Distelheim

Miss Sofia Speyer

Becky Dorsey

Cheryl Tama Oblander

J. Elise Edwards

Gayle R. Tama

Jane Ellen Murray and Ed Wentz

Deborah Engle

Lauren D.W. Tatar

Mr. Jonathan F. Orser

Ms. Ann Eylar

Magnes Welsh

Patti S. Eylar

Ashley Wheater

Shelley MacArthur Farley

Christopher Wheeldon

Constance and Orin Steinhaus

Joel Feldman

Diana Widman

Elisabeth Wilcox Szegho

Lorna Ferguson

Liza Yntema

Ms. Marilyn J. Ward

Mary B. Galvin

Ms. Sandi Hartstein Rivian Hartman Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann Bernice Horwitz Brian Johnson Mary E. Johnson

Tribute Gifts

Sarah M. Jordan Anne L. Kaplan

Star Society

Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Babcock, Sr.

Cindy A. Kronman

Mr. D. Jeffrey Baddeley

The Joffrey Ballet is grateful for gifts that were made in honor of the following individuals.

Michael and Jennifer Larsen

D. Jeffrey and Joan H. Blumenthal

Emily L. Arch, MD

Susan G. Oleari

Annie Atzeff

Diana Reczek

Mary Jo and Doug Basler

Hallie Rehwaldt

Deborah Gordon Engle

Meta S. Berger

Stephen Reiss

Marc Berman

Jeffrey C. Rubenstein

Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner

Nicolas Blanc

Camille Rudy

Luann Blowers

Bruce Sagan

Adam Blyde

Eric C. Schieber, MD

Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat

Doug Schmidt

Andrea and Rich Winship Mrs. Anna Mary Zarrelli

The following individuals have included The Joffrey Ballet in their estate plans and are members of the Star Society. The Joffrey thanks them for their lasting support.

Laura Kofoid

Dr. Lizzie Mazzaferri

Drs. Bill and Elaine Moor

Diana and Stuart Widman

Astra Gamsjaeger Sue-Gray Goller

Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat

Mr. Paul Chasnoff and Mr. Joe Hopper Christine Du Boulay Ellis

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Faulk Patricia H. Gerber Mr. Michael Goldberger Sue-Gray Goller Jazelle and D.L. Morriss. Photo by Dan Rest.




Abbott Fund Alphawood Foundation Chicago Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation NIB Foundation LIVE MUSIC SPONSORS

The Marina and Arnold Tatar Fund for Live Music Cheryle and Joel V. Williamson SEASON PARTNERS

Athletico Physical Therapy Chicago Athletic Clubs

Kevin and Sandra Murphy, Ashley Wheater, Sandy and Roger Deromedi. Photo by Dan Rest.



Mary Jo and Doug Basler

Fool’s Paradise Production Sponsors

Clear Channel Airports

Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock

Conagra Brands

Sandy and Roger Deromedi

Fox Ford Lincoln JW Marriott

Pamella Roland DeVos and Daniel DeVos

pamella roland

Sonia Florian


The Walter E. Heller Foundation

Anne L. Kaplan Bill and Orli Staley Year of the Rabbit Production Sponsor

JHL Capital Group, LLC

Joseph and Bessie Feinberg Foundation Lloyd A. Fry Foundation GCM Grosvenor Hyatt Hotels Foundation Illinois Arts Council Agency KPW Family Foundation Lannan Foundation


Beth Levine

Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University

Margot and Josef Lakonishok

The Poetry Foundation

Production Sponsor

Polk Bros. Foundation

Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill

Jane Ellen Murray Foundation

Illinois Arts Council Agency

Denise Littlefield Sobel

Ms. Courtney C. Shea


Bill and Orli Staley Foundation

Joy Production Sponsor

Siragusa Family Foundation

Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet

National Endowment for the Arts


Corporate Sponsor

Wells Fargo Production Sponsor

Producing Sponsors

Margot and Josef Lakonishok

Mammatus Production Sponsor

Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust

The Miraculous Mandarin

Hancher Auditorium, The University of Iowa

Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation

Corporate Sponsors

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Production Sponsor



Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Allstate Insurance Company

BrickStreet Insurance

The Chicago Community Trust

Conagra Brands Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company

The Crown Family Exelon

D. Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies

The Edward and Lucy Minor Family Foundation WINNING WORKS VIDEO PRODUCTION SPONSOR

Big Foot Media


The Joffrey Ballet 2016–2017 Season Romeo & Juliet OCTOBER 13–23, 2016 Choreography by Krzysztof Pastor Music by Sergei Prokofiev

The Nutcracker DECEMBER 10–30, 2016 Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon Music by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Game Changers FEBRUARY 15–26, 2017 Infra Choreography by Wayne McGregor Music by Max Richter Fool’s Paradise Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon Music by Joby Talbot Year of the Rabbit Choreography by Justin Peck Music by Sufjan Stevens

Global Visionaries APRIL 26–MAY 7, 2017 The Miraculous Mandarin Choreography by Yuri Possokhov Music by Béla Bartók Joy Choreography by Alexander Ekman Music by Brad Mehladau Trio, Django Django, Tiga, Moby Mammatus Choreography by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Music by Michael Gordon

Jeraldine Mendoza and Dylan Gutierrez in Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.



Valeriia Chaykina, Yumi Kanazawa and Lucia Connolly in Justin Peck’s Year of the Rabbit. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


Board of Directors HONOR ARY CHAIRMAN


Leslie D. Minier


Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Patty Perkins Andringa

Daniel L. (D.L.) Morriss

Grace Barry

Mary Jo Basler

Susan Oleari

Patricia H. Gerber

Marc Berman

Diane Patience

Pamela B. Strobel

Chairman of the Board

Roger Deromedi

Stephen Reiss

Joseph H. Wender

Lorna Ferguson

Pamella Roland DeVos

Jeffrey C. Rubenstein

1st Vice Chair

Terence Donnelly

Bruce Sagan


Sonia Florian Anne Kaplan

Fred Eychaner

Eric C. Schieber, MD

William M. Daley

Shelley MacArthur Farley

Liz Sharp

Fred Eychaner

Jamie-Clare Flaherty

Courtney C. Shea

Gary E. Holdren


Chip Flannagan

Ross Shelleman

Dr. David A. Kipper†

Ronald J. Allen

Emily Follas Patrick M. Gallagher, Jr.

Ildefonso Alvim de Abreu e Silva

C. Steve McMillian


Mrs. Robert W. Galvin

Chuck Smith

Maureen Dwyer Smith

Dana Hokin Garvey

Maureen Dwyer Smith

Pamela B. Strobel

Linda Chaplik Harris

Rita Spitz

Jason J. Tyler

Richard Holson III

Dawn M. Stanislaw

Ronald V. Waters III

Executive Director

Una C. Jackman

Lauren F. Streicher, MD

Kathleen Hechinger

Guy Lakonishok

Ben Strobel

† Deceased

Assistant Treasurer

Donna M. LaPietra

MarrGwen Townsend

As of June 30, 2017

Michael Larsen

Jason J. Tyler

Barry Litwin

Ronald V. Waters III

Judith MacLeod

Amanda Williamson

James McDonough

Mrs. Joel V. Williamson

Coco Meers

Bryony Winn

Jess Merten

Elizabeth Yntema


Zachary D. Lazar, Jr.

Vice Chairs

Adam DeWitt

Patti S. Eylar Women’s Board President

Ashley Wheater Artistic Director

Greg Cameron

Bruce Sagan

Stuart Miller

“This season’s successes are a testament to the years of hard work and dedication from the entire Joffrey team, led by Ashley Wheater and Greg Cameron, as well as the guidance and generosity from our dedicated Board of Directors and Women’s Board members. We have no small plans as we continue to execute our strategic plan. The support of everyone involved with the Joffrey has positioned us well for the future. I remain deeply impressed by the many contributions of time, talent, and treasure and enthusiastically look forward to the year ahead.” — Zach Lazar, Board Chair THE JOFFREY BALLET | ANNUAL REPORT 2016 –2017 | 33


Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet OFFICERS

Sandra Deromedi

Elizabeth Ann Kasten

Emily Rubenstein

Patti S. Eylar

Kelly Dettmann

Heidi Keeling

Camille Kearns Rudy

Bonnie Deutsch

Kerrie Kennedy

Elizabeth Dunkel Ryan

Pamella Roland DeVos

Wendy Kilcollin

Maggie Scheyer

Ellen Distelheim

Alissa King

Sarah Schrup


Noren Ungaretti 1st Vice President

Merritt DeWitt Kathy Kalesperis Smith

Jill Dodds

Kathleen Klaeser

Andréa J. Schwartz

2nd Vice Presidents

Maia Dunkel

Laura Kofoid

Liz Sharp

Ellie Forman

JoNan Eastridge

Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel

Anne Shea

Christine Du Boulay Ellis

Donna M. LaPietra

Carolyn Sheridan

Beth Engel

Whitney Lasky

Ms. Veronica Siegel

Deborah Engle

Anne Lazar

Amelia Silva

Shelley MacArthur Farley

Dania Leemputte

Mrs. Howard Silverman

Lydia Fisher

Anita E. Livaditis

Mrs. Patricia Simpson Wright

Jamie-Clare Flaherty

Leslie Logsdon

Marilyn Slattery

Katherine Fox

Mary Keough Lyman

Maureen Dwyer Smith

Katherine E. Freiburger

Judith MacLeod

Maria Smithburg

Beth Fulkerson

Lisa Klimley Malkin

Rita Spitz

Astra Gamsjaeger

Joan Malliband

Dawn Stanislaw

Julie O’Donnell Allen

Patricia H. Gerber

Traci Mansur

Constance Steinhaus

Laura Ferris Anderson

Sue-Gray Goller

Anita Mark

Liz Stiffel

Melissa Anton

Darcy E. Goldfarb, MD

Vida Marks

Carol J. Stone

Raheela Anwar

Donna Greenberg

Heather Martin

Cheryl Tama Oblander

Emily L. Arch, MD

Stephanie Grinage

Kristina McGrath

Lauren D.W. Tatar

Annie Atzeff

Shana Bear Guthman

Astrid A. McKinnon

Marina D.W. Tatar

Melissa M. Babcock

Mrs. Marjorie E. Habermann

Helen Hall Melchior

Melissa Trandel

Grace Barry

Mrs. Michael F. Harron

Amanda Merten

Yolanda Tyler

Kimberly Bartuch

K. Susan Heintz

Ms. Julianne Migely

Kathryn Vail

Mary Jo Basler

Kathleen A. Henson

Patricia Miller

Victoria C. Verity

Nancy Gottlieb Bauer

Mrs. John W. Higgins

Lucy Minor

Chrissie Walker

Heidi Best

Leslie S. Hindman

Anne Simon Moffat

Mrs. John R. Walter

Dorothy Bousseau

Dana Hokin Garvey

Brooks Morgan

Ann Waters

Jetta Boschen

Courtney A. Hoffmann

Linda Curtis O’Bannon, MD

Mrs. Thomas E. Wells IV

Sophia P. Bross

Jerrilyn M. Hoffmann

Christine Ott

Mary Agnes Welsh

Marisa Bryce

Sharon King Hoge

Mrs. Jay L. Owen, Jr.

Pam Phillips Weston

Mary Kay Burke

Sherry Lea Holson

Mrs. John R. Pacholick

Kim White

Mary Patricia Burns

Marci Holzer

Mary Ellen Pavone

Diana Weiss Widman

Mary Kay Mudd Bushonville

Brooke Hubbuch

Judith Pierpont

Elizabeth Wippman

Patsy Callahan

Melinda Jakovich

Ibby Pinsky

Joyce M. Wippman

Jenelle Chalmers

Candace Collins Jordan

Victoria Poindexter

Leslie Zentner

Wendy Lynn Chronister

Anne Kaplan

D. Elizabeth Price

Julie Zuckerman

Joan Colmar

Mrs. Brian Karaba

Rona Radler

Rachel De Marte

Jackelyn Kastanis

Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt


Courtney C. Shea Treasurer

Jessica Steffensen Sandi Hartstein Members-at-Large MEMBERS

Dora J. Aalbregtse Elisabeth Adams Mrs. Keene Harwood Addington III

As of June 30, 2017


Joffrey Auxiliary Board Governing Council OFFICERS


Jaqueline Lentz

Natalie Matwijiszyn

Emily Strobel Amiet

Michael Amiet

Sarah Lombardi

Dan Patton

Carolyn Blessing

Lauren Huefner

Rees Mason

John P. Walcher


As of June 30, 2017

Joffrey Circle Ambassadors Emily Strobel Amiet

Melinda Jakovich

Thomas J. O’Keefe

Cheryl Tama Oblander

Carolyn Blessing

Wendy Kilcollin

Mary Ellen Pavone

Marina Tatar

Ann Finder

Lynda Lane

Carol Pollock

Dana Shepard Treister

Sue Heintz

Richard Leithiser

Marilyn Slattery

Olga Weiss

Lauren Huefner

Anne Moffat

Dawn Stanislaw

As of June 30, 2017

Julie and Guy Lakonishok. Photo by Dan Rest.

Jackelyn Kastanis and Jamie-Clare Flaherty. Photo by Steve Becker.



Staff Ashley Wheater Artistic Director

Greg Cameron Executive Director ARTISTIC


Blair Baldwin Company Manager

Erin Brown Artistic & Production Administrative Assistant

Chelsea Robinson


Manager of Events

Brian Smith

Petrina Suiter Assistant Director of Institutional Giving

Courtney Tan Women’s Board Coordinator

Gerard Charles

Principal Stage Manager


Director of Artistic Operations/ Ballet Master

Amanda Heuermann

Kathleen Hechinger

Nicolas Blanc

Ellie Cotey

Ballet Master/Principal Coach

Head of Wardrobe

Adam Blyde Suzanne Lopez Ballet Masters

Gregg Benkovich First Assistant/Shoe Manager

Kate Shattock Second Assistant


Karine Provost Academy Director

Raymond Rodriguez Head of Studio Company and Trainee Program

Debra Schoell Lead Stitcher

Barbara Luchsinger Stitcher

Alicja Klosek Head of Hair & Make-up

Deputy Director & Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Glynn Database Analyst

Marketing Director

Casey Peek Patron Services & Marketing Associate

Patron Services Associates

Lakesha Kuye Senior Accountant


Terry McDonough

Music Director


Christine O’Brien

Head Electrician

Sally Braybrooks

Steven Lange

Amy Wicklund

Academy Associate and Social Media Coordinator

Head Carpenter

Allie Deaver-Petchenik

Properties Head

Bridget Holmes

Sarah Fiala

Director of Facility Operations

Erin Tinsley

Administrative Assistant

Vicki Crain

John Kurtz

Director of Technology

Head of Pre-Professional Programs

Gregg Moeller

Director of Sales & Patron Services

Kyle Cornell Allison Diamond Fernando Fernandez, Alisa Philips

Paul Key

Board Manager & Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Karin Ellis-Wentz

Colene Byrd

Marketing Manager

Katherine Selig

Stage Manager

Chief Marketing Officer

Director of Human Resources

Erin Winkler Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator

Scott Speck Grace Kim Company Pianist

Paul James Lewis Senior Pianist/Music Administrator

Kirk Muspratt Cover Conductor As of June 30, 2017

George Paulin Sound Engineer

Communications Coordinator

Marybeth Cave

Sarah Mazzulla

Assistant Electrician

Student Services Administrator

Joe Principe

Cara Scrementi


Academy Production Manager COMMUNIT Y ENGAGEMENT

Erica Lynette Edwards Director of Community Engagement

Elizabeth Salmonowicz


Sarai Hoffman Chief Development Officer

Rose Dillon Development Associate

Community Engagement Manager

Julia Doherty

Michael Smith Evelyn Sanchez Linda Swayze

Vince Firpo

Community Engagement Program Coordinators

Jerry Ochoa

Caitlyn Hunyh Community Engagement Associate

Director of Major Gifts Associate Director of Donor Relations Assistant Director of Individual Giving

Lynn Evans, Audrey Peeples, and Dana Rice. Photo by Dan Rest.


2016–2017 Joffrey Artist Roster Matthew Adamczyk Derrick Agnoletti Yoshihisa Arai Amanda Assucena Artur Babajanyan Edson Barbosa Miguel Angel Blanco Anais Bueno Fabrice Calmels Raúl Casasola Valeriia Chaykina

Nicole Ciapponi Lucia Connolly April Daly Fernando Duarte Cara Marie Gary Stefan Goncalvez Luis Eduardo Gonzalez Dylan Gutierrez Rory Hohenstein Anastacia Holden Dara Holmes

Riley Horton Victoria Jaiani Hansol Jeong Gayeon Jung Yumi Kanazawa Brooke Linford Graham Maverick Jeraldine Mendoza Jacqueline Moscicke Aaron Renteria Christine Rocas

Paulo Rodrigues Chloé Sherman Temur Suluashvili Olivia Tang-Mifsud Alonso Tepetzi Eliveton Tomazi Alberto Velazquez Mahallia Ward Joanna Wozniak Joan Sebastián Zamora As of June 30, 2017

Kyle DeSantis, Liz Sharp, and Mitchell Hatcher. Photo by Dan Rest.

John Krehbiel, Karen Gray-Krehbiel, and King Harris. Photo by Dan Rest.

Susan and Josh Oleari. Photo by Dan Rest.



Paulo Rodrigues and Victoria Jaiani n Krzysztof Pastor’s Romeo & Juliet. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


2016–2017 At A Glance

476,764 & 2.3M page views

website visitors to


7.1.14 – 6.30.15


Community Engagement programs in 28 schools

Instagram followers


students enrolled at the Joffrey Academy of Dance

96,365 tickets sold

182,481 friends on Facebook


Company performances in Chicago


Twitter followers


young dancers enrolled in Joffrey Academy of Dance summer programs

43 Company dancers

As of June 2017



The Joffrey Ballet 2016-2017 Annual Report  
The Joffrey Ballet 2016-2017 Annual Report