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The Nutcracker DECEMBER 1–30

2017–18 SEASON



10 Years of Visionary Direction




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THE JOFFREY BALLET ASHLEY WHEATER Artistic Director GREG CAMERON Executive Director CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS Founder and editor in chief: RANCE CRAIN Crain’s Custom Media, a division of Crain’s Chicago Business, serves as the publisher for The Joffrey Ballet program books. Crain’s Custom Media provides production, printing and media sales services for the Joffrey program books. For more details or to secure advertising space in the programs, please contact: CRAIN’S CUSTOM MEDIA Director: FRANK SENNETT 312.649.5278 Exclusive Agent: BRYAN DOWLING 773.360.1767 Project Manager: JOANNA METZGER 312.649.5241 Graphic Design: CHIRP DESIGN, INC. 312.226.5333

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Nutcracker December 1–30, 2017

4 | Letter from Ashley Wheater 5 | Letter from Greg Cameron 8 | The Nutcracker Program 10 | Synopsis 14 | Artists of the Company 18 | Ballet Notes 22 | Bios 29 | Boards  upporters 31 | S

46 | Making a First Impression with The Nutcracker 52 | Activity Pages


50 East Congress Parkway, Chicago

Cover: The Joffrey Ballet in The Nutcracker. | Photo by Cheryl Mann

2 | Joffrey Ballet

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11/16/17 1:49 PM

The Joffrey is proud to present, for the second year, Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker! This is a living organism, growing throughout the year. Following its successful premiere last December, Chris and his creative team had the opportunity to refine some of the choreography, and make adjustments to the scenery, lighting, and costumes. Nutcracker is becoming a modern classic. What makes this Nutcracker unique? The Joffrey Nutcracker is a celebration of our hometown. Chicago is the star. Our journey takes us to the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, a transformative moment in the history of the city, when we became aware of the world, and the world became aware of Chicago. We sense the pulsing energy of this age: a phoenix rising from the ashes of the great fire. Chicago witnessed dynamic growth, requiring and accommodating a rapidly expanding workforce, including a surge in the immigrant population. More importantly, though, our Nutcracker is a celebration of the American family. Most Nutcrackers are set in a prosperous home and the main character, Marie, is showered with holiday gifts. Our Marie is the daughter of a single mother, a sculptor for the World’s Fair. Though Marie lives in a home filled with love, she longs for a complete family. Last year, as the curtain came down on one of our performances, a woman approached me. She thanked me, explaining that, as a single mother, this Nutcracker tells her story. I hope Nutcracker tells your story as well. Happy Holidays,

Ashley Wheater Artistic Director

4 | Joffrey Ballet


On behalf of the Joffrey Family I invite you to channel your inner Marie or Franz — to let your imagination take you to a place of joy, magic, and discovery! The Nutcracker was not a part of my childhood — taking three young boys from the western suburbs to a live performance was not within the reach of my parents. However, their commitment to storytelling and sharing tradition did not hamper them from creating an environment of curiosity. We regularly visited Chicago’s iconic museums — the memories of those visits remain vivid. Today, as the Executive Director of The Joffrey Ballet — I am committed to ensuring that all have access to the stories we tell. Last year we created a new tradition with Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker, a timeless story set in Chicago circa 1893. I am pleased to share with you that this story will reach children and their families across the City of Chicago. With the generous support of the Polk Bros. Foundation, The Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Foundation, and Bank of America — over 4,000 school children will experience this powerful story with no charge to them or their schools. I also hope that you had the opportunity to view Making a New American Nutcracker on WTTW produced by Dan Andries — a valued partner. This documentary would not have been possible without the generous support of The Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest, IL. We do not believe in just sharing dance and music — we want to share our City’s rich history. We learn and grow from the past. If you are an adult, let your inner child take over. If you are a “kid,” let your older siblings, parents, and grandparents “dance” outside the lines. Wishing you a holiday season filled with peace, happiness, and new beginnings. Please join me in a rousing round of applause for the donors mentioned above and Jewell Events Catering, our 2017 Production Sponsor. Forever a “kid,”

Greg Cameron Executive Director

Joffrey Ballet | 5

ASHLEY WHEATER Artistic Director GREG CAMERON Executive Director ROBERT JOFFREY Founder GERALD ARPINO Founder Artists of The Company Matthew Adamczyk | Derrick Agnoletti | Yoshihisa Arai | Amanda Assucena Edson Barbosa | Miguel Angel Blanco | Evan Boersma | Anais Bueno | Fabrice Calmels Raúl Casasola | Valeriia Chaykina | Nicole Ciapponi | Lucia Connolly | April Daly Fernando Duarte | Olivia Duryea | Cara Marie Gary | Stefan Goncalvez Luis Eduardo Gonzalez | Dylan Gutierrez | Rory Hohenstein | Dara Holmes | Riley Horton Yuka Iwai | Victoria Jaiani | Hansol Jeong | Gayeon Jung | Yumi Kanazawa | Brooke Linford Greig Matthews | Graham Maverick | Jeraldine Mendoza | Jacqueline Moscicke Aaron Renteria | Christine Rocas | Chloé Sherman | Temur Suluashvili Olivia Tang-Mifsud | Alonso Tepetzi | Elivelton Tomazi | Alberto Velazquez Joanna Wozniak | Joan Sebastián Zamora

SCOTT SPECK Music Director GERARD CHARLES Director of Artistic Operations | Ballet Master NICOLAS BLANC Ballet Master | Principal Coach ADAM BLYDE SUZANNE LOPEZ Ballet Masters GRACE KIM MICHAEL MORICZ Company Pianists Patrons are requested to turn off pagers, cellular phones, and signal watches during performances. The taking of photographs and the use of recording devices is not allowed in this auditorium. Program and artists subject to change.

6 | Joffrey Ballet

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The Nutcracker


THE NUTCRACKER by Christopher Wheeldon Choreography © by CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON Music by PETER ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY Act I Party Scene music arranged by Ljova.

Story by BRIAN SELZNICK Set and Costume Design by JULIAN CROUCH Lighting by NATASHA KATZ Puppetry by BASIL TWIST Projection Design by 59 PRODUCTIONS Choreographer’s Assistant JACQUELIN BARRETT Children’s Ballet Masters ANASTACIA HOLDEN, SUZANNE LOPEZ and MICHAEL SMITH Assistant Scenic Designer FRANK MCCULLOUGH Assistant Lighting Designer JON GOLDMAN Masks created by JULIAN CROUCH Puppetry and Effects built by TANDEM OTTER PRODUCTIONS Puppet Construction by BASIL TWIST

WORLD PREMIERE: The Joffrey Ballet, December 10, 2016, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL

Casting details for performances of The Nutcracker can be found on the program insert.

8 | Joffrey Ballet

T:6.5” S:6”

★ ★ the ★ ★

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life back


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Here comes scientific-powered hope for patients facing life-altering injury or illness. This shining new hospital has 10x more dedicated researchers than any other rehabilitation hospital. And researchers work directly alongside doctors and therapists for faster, better outcomes.


10 | Joffrey Ballet


It is Christmas Eve in Chicago, 1892. Workers from around the world are constructing the World’s Columbian Exposition, which will open in five months. Marie, the daughter of one of the workers, encounters a gang of boys on the construction site who show off things they have stolen. Marie’s younger brother Franz steals a small, red bundle from a rich boy’s sled, and a Rat Catcher terrifies Franz. Marie and Franz return to their home, a little shack where their widowed mother, a sculptress, is creating a great golden statue, which will preside over the fair. Workers from the fair and their families soon arrive at the shack with decorations, a small tree, and much food and drink. A wonderful Christmas party begins. The man who has designed and created the World’s Fair, a mysterious figure known as The Great Impresario, surprises everyone and shows up, along with his apprentice (the rich boy from whom Franz stole the red bundle earlier). The Great Impresario entertains the workers with an enchanting vision of his fair. He distributes gifts for everyone, but one is missing. Franz realizes it’s the red bundle he had stolen. The Great Impresario produces it like a magic trick and gives it to Marie. She unwraps it and discovers a beautiful nutcracker inside. Just then, the Rat Catcher frightens Franz, who drops the nutcracker, breaking it. It is swiftly fixed by The Great Impresario, but the party is now winding to a close and soon everyone leaves.



Continued on page 12.

Left and Above: The Joffrey Ballet in The Nutcracker. Photos by Cheryl Mann.

Joffrey Ballet | 11


ACT I (continued) That night something very strange happens. Marie awakens and is shocked to see rats kidnap Franz! The Great Impresario returns, and with a wave of his hand, the little tree from the party grows until it seems to have taken over the entire world. The Nutcracker, now life-size and alive, appears from within its branches. The Rat King leads a battle against the Nutcracker. Marie distracts the Rat King and the Nutcracker kills him. Franz is rescued, and the rats carry off their king, vowing revenge. The Nutcracker is transformed into Prince Peter. It begins to snow. A magical gondola comes to take The Great Impresario, the Prince, and Marie off into the night.


The gondola delivers The Great Impresario, the Prince, and Marie to the edge of a lake, where they are greeted by the Queen of the Fair, a vision in gold. The Queen grants them a visit to the Dream Fair. They move from pavilion to pavilion, where countries from around the world are represented. Soon The Great Impresario and the Queen of the Fair have fallen in love, which causes the Dream Fair to explode with light. Marie wakes up from her dazzling dream. It is Christmas Day.

12 | Joffrey Ballet

Miguel Angel Blanco, Alberto Velazquez, and Amanda Assucena in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.



LIVE MUSIC SPONSOR The Marina and Arnold Tatar Fund for Live Music


MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Margot and Josef Lakonishok

Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa



NICOLAS BLANC WORLD PREMIERE Nancy and Sanfred Koltun Additional rehearsal support was provided by a Commission Initiative Grant from the New York Choreographic Institute, an affiliate of New York City Ballet.

THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS Patti Selander Eylar MODERN MASTERS The Estate of Linda and Gary Blumenshine GLASS PIECES Jerome Robbins Foundation and Trust

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Jane Ellen Murray Foundation Bill and Orli Staley Foundation



Joffrey Ballet | 13

2017 2018 SEASON

Matthew Adamczyk Ware, MA

RaĂşl Casasola

Valeriia Chaykina

Derrick Agnoletti

Hiroshima, Japan

Nicole Ciapponi

Lucia Connolly

Madrid, Spain

St. Petersburg, Russia

Vancouver, Canada

Dylan Gutierrez

Rory Hohenstein

Dara Holmes*

Los Angeles, CA

Washington, D.C.

Greig Matthews

Graham Maverick

Aberdeen, Great Britain

San Francisco, CA

Temur Suluashvili

Olivia Tang-Mifsud

Tbilisi, Rep. of Georgia

14 | Joffrey Ballet

Los Angeles, CA

Yoshihisa Arai

San Jose, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Riley Horton

Amanda Assucena*


April Daly


Rockford, IL

Yuka Iwai*

Wilmington, NC

Kansas City, MO

Iwate, Japan

Jeraldine Mendoza

Jacqueline Moscicke

Aaron Renteria

San Francisco, CA

Alonso Tepetzi* Orizaba, Mexico

Milwaukee, WI

Elivelton Tomazi*

Santa Catarina, Brazil


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Corona, CA

Alberto Velazquez Havana, Cuba













Edson Barbosa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fernando Duarte* Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Victoria Jaiani

Tbilisi, Rep. of Georgia

Christine Rocas

Manila, Philippines

Miguel Angel Blanco

Anais Bueno

Córdoba, Mexico

Fabrice Calmels

Chicago, IL

Olivia Duryea*

Cara Marie Gary

Stefan Goncalvez

Luis Eduardo Gonzalez

Hansol Jeong

Gayeon Jung

Yumi Kanazawa

Brooke Linford*

Havana, Cuba

Haslett, MI

Namyangju, South Korea

Chloé Sherman New York, NY

Evan Boersma*

Belton, SC

Seoul, Korea

São Paulo, Brazil

Los Angeles, CA

Paris, France

Bogota, Colombia

Alpine, UT



Joanna Wozniak

Rolling Meadows, IL

Joan Sebastián Zamora Cali, Colombia


THE NUTCRACKER COSTUME MAINTENANCE FUND In 2016 The Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet pledged its collective support for the care and maintenance of The Nutcracker costumes. The Joffrey thanks the following donors for their generous contributions to the Fund, and the Women’s Board for its continued fundraising efforts. Mr. and Mrs. Adam DeWitt

Dr. Jill S. Dodds and Dr. Guriqbal Nandra Patti S. Eylar and Charles R. Gardner Sandi and Barry Hartstein Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann Ms. Courtney C. Shea Diana Weiss Widman and Tamar J. Weiss Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zentner

Mr. and Mrs. William Adams IV Dennis and Kathleen Klaeser Ms. Whitney Lasky and Mr. Jerry Lasky Virginia Owens and James Owens


16 | Joffrey Ballet

Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt and Thomas Rehwaldt Magnes Welsh Melissa Anton and John Anton Emily L. Arch, MD and Justin Arch Kristopher and Annie Atzeff Christine Du Boulay Ellis Laura Kofoid and David Ricci Thomas O’Keefe D. Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Sharp Ms. Kathy Kalesperis Smith and Mr. Dion Grimes Smith Liz Stiffel Cheryl Tama Oblander and Scott Oblander Nathan Tannenbaum Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Vail, Jr.

Nancy Gottlieb Bauer Sandy and Roger Deromedi Katherine and Richard Freiburger Stephanie Grinage and Richard Grinage Shana Guthman and David Guthman Marci and Ronald Holzer Jackelyn Kastanis and Taki Kastanis

Dania Leemputte and Patrick Leemputte Lisa Klimley Malkin and Cary J. Malkin Joan Malliband and David Malliband Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marks Heather Martin and Sean Martin Mrs. Julianne Migely Lucy Minor Linda Curtis O’Bannon, MD Christine Ott Ibby Pinsky and Milton Pinsky Victoria Poindexter and Joseph P. Gaynor III Ms. Maggie Scheyer and Mr. Eric J. Scheyer Andréa J. Schwartz and Dr. Steve Stryker Veronica Siegel Dawn Stanislaw Jessica and Erik Steffensen Carol Stone and David Stone Melissa Trandel Richard and Noren Ungaretti Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walter Joyce M. Wippman Julie Zuckerman and Daniel Zuckerman

As of November 1, 2017 This list recognizes donors who contributed a total of $1,000 or more. Although space does not permit us to list all of our supporters, we are grateful to each and every one of our loyal donors.

The Joffrey Ballet is grateful to Jewell Events Catering for creating magical culinary experiences for our patrons off-stage and generously sponsoring Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker on stage.

The Joffrey Ballet in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.



—Kenn Wells, former lead dancer of the English National Ballet

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Ballet Notes

THE NUTCRACKER Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker was conceived specifically for the great city of Chicago. When asked by Artistic Director Ashley Wheater to create a new version of the ballet, they agreed it needed to be set in Chicago, home for over 20 years to the Joffrey. Re-imagining a story as classic as The Nutcracker is always a challenge, but one Wheeldon was eager to take on. Tchaikovsky’s beloved score conjures unforgettable images in our minds, and it is almost impossible to imagine a Nutcracker without a magical growing Christmas tree or a battle between toys and mice, but Wheeldon knew immediately there was room for his imagination to take over.

The decision was quickly made to place the ballet within the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, which has taken on new life in popular culture as the subject of Eric Larson’s brilliant book The Devil in the White City. This mysterious, dark and magical moment in Chicago’s history seemed the perfect time and place to re-invent The Nutcracker, even though the fair only ran from May 1st to October 30th, 1893, which means it had closed by Christmastime. We realized it would be thrilling to set the ballet five months before the fair opened, in the winter of 1892, when the fairgrounds were still under construction. Continued on page 20.

18 | Joffrey Ballet

Rory Hohenstein in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.






JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics by Tim Rice


In Association with The Really Useful Group Limited Production by The Regent's Park Theatre London

Offer is valid for 4/27/18 - 5/5/18 performances of Jesus Christ Superstar only. Offer is subject to availability, is non-transferable, is not valid on previously purchased tickets or in combination with another offer; only specially-allocated seat locations can be assigned. Offer excludes main floor prime and box seating. Prices subject to change. Exchanges are not guaranteed and discount may not carryover. Fees apply.

LYRICOPERA.ORG/JCS | 312.827.5600

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Formosa

March 2 and 3, 2018 7:30 p.m. at the Harris Theater Tickets start at just $22.

Concept / Choreography: Lin Hwai-min

“When you’re talking about Cloud Gate, magic is not too strong a word.” Time Out

The Dance Center presentation of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan is supported by Alphawood Foundation Chicago. This tour is made possible by the grants from the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan). Photo: LIU Chen-hsiang

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11/16/17 1:52 PM

Ballet Notes 20 | Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


For anyone who has visited Epcot Center in Florida, the idea of a World’s Fair will be familiar. Countries from around the world set up vast pavilions to celebrate their native foods, arts and sciences. This provides the perfect setting for Marie’s journey in Act II as she travels throughout the Dream Fair, which depicts actual pavilions from the fair including Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. The chief architect of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 was a man named Daniel Burnham, and he provided inspiration for the character of The Great Impresario. He is mysterious and magical (like Drosselmeyer in the original), and he not only serves as the imaginative force behind our version of the fair, but also comes to play a real role in Marie’s life. It is this transformation of Marie’s life that ultimately became what was most important to this new version of The Nutcracker. While being respectful of the source material, we hope that Marie’s dream journey through the World’s Fair will illuminate what is special about all holiday stories…the value of love, the need for hope and the comfort of family, no matter where you are from, or what type of family you have.

Ballet Notes

A historic image of a shack on the construction site became central to our new story, and you will see a version of it on stage in the ballet. This photograph also perfectly supported Wheeldon’s wish to bring in a new socio-economic plotline for The Nutcracker. Instead of the central family being wealthy and privileged, our heroine, Marie, is from a working class, immigrant family. She lives with her younger brother and her widowed mother, a sculptress working on the golden Statue of the Republic. Instead of receiving luxurious and rare presents at a magnificent party in a vast house and then dreaming of even more presents and candy, our story offers a small gathering of immigrant workers coming together to celebrate the holiday with the things they have, filling the air with music and their vivid imaginations. Then, once Marie falls asleep in her shack, she dreams of what the fair will look like when it opens. The fair itself was a kind of dream city, a vision of what could happen when the whole world comes together to show the best side of humanity in all its glorious ingenuity. So Marie’s dream coming five months before the fair opens becomes a kind of dream within a dream, which has real consequences for Marie once she wakes up.

This seems like a dream worth remembering. — Brian Selznick, Author

Joffrey Ballet | 21

BIOS ASHLEY WHEATER Artistic Director Born in Scotland and raised in England, Ashley Wheater was trained at The Royal Ballet School. Wheater began his professional career with The Royal Ballet and danced at the London Festival Ballet, The Australian Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, and San Francisco Ballet. In 1997, he became Ballet Master at San Francisco Ballet, and in 2002, Assistant to the Artistic Director. In 2007, Wheater was appointed Artistic Director of The Joffrey Ballet. New work is the life blood of a company, and he has introduced numerous premieres to the repertoire. In 2008, the Boeing Corporation recognized his commitment to community outreach and diversity in the world of dance, presenting him the “Game Changer” award. In 2010, Wheater, representing The Joffrey Ballet, was named Lincoln Academy Laureate, the highest honor presented by the State of Illinois. The Chicago Tribune selected Wheater as 2013 “Chicagoan of the Year” for his contributions to dance. In 2014, Wheater accepted the Chicago Spirit of Innovation Award for The Joffrey Ballet and in 2015, he received the University of Chicago Rosenberger Medal for Outstanding Achievement in the Creative and Performing Arts. He also serves as the Artistic Director of the Joffrey Academy of Dance, the Official School of The Joffrey Ballet.

SCOTT SPECK Music Director Scott Speck has inspired international acclaim as a conductor of passion, intelligence, and winning personality. In addition to his position as Music Director for the Joffrey, he is the Artistic Director of the Chicago Philharmonic and Music Director of the Mobile (AL) and West Michigan Symphony Orchestras. He has led major orchestras at London’s Royal Opera House, the Paris Opera, Washington’s Kennedy Center, San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House, and the Los Angeles Music Center. He has been Conductor of the San Francisco Ballet; Music Advisor/ Conductor of the Honolulu Symphony; and Associate Conductor of the Los Angeles Opera. He was named Principal Guest Conductor of the China Film Philharmonic in Beijing. Speck is the co-author of three of the world’s best-selling books on classical music and dance: Classical Music for Dummies, Opera for Dummies, and Ballet for Dummies. These books have been translated into twenty languages and are available around the world. A Fulbright scholar and summa cum laude graduate of Yale; Speck is a regular commentator on NPR, the BBC, ABC Australia, and Voice of Russia. He has been featured in TED talks and at the Aspen Ideas Festival. His writing appears in numerous magazines and journals. 22 | Joffrey Ballet



CHRISTOPHER WHEELDON Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, director and choreographer, trained at The Royal Ballet School and joined The Royal Ballet in 1991. Wheeldon joined New York City Ballet (NYCB) in 1993 and was promoted to Soloist in 1998. He served as NYCB’s first-ever Artist in Residence in 2000/01 and was named NYCB’s first Resident Choreographer in July 2001. He has created productions for all the world’s major ballet companies including: New York City Ballet, The Royal Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, and National Ballet of Canada. In 2007, Wheeldon founded Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company and was appointed an Associate Artist for Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. For the Metropolitan Opera, he choreographed Dance of the Hours for La Gioconda (2006) and Richard Eyre’s production of Carmen (2012), as well as ballet sequences for the feature film Center Stage (2000) and Sweet Smell of Success on Broadway (2002). In 2014, he directed and choreographed the musical version of An American in Paris which premiered in Paris in 2014 at the Chatelet Theatre. The Broadway production premiered at the Palace Theatre on April 12, 2015, and won Wheeldon the 2015 Tony Award® for Best Choreography and Outer Critics Award for Best Choreography and Direction. Awards include the Martin E. Segal Award from Lincoln Center, the American Choreography Award, a Dance Magazine Award, and the London Critic’s Circle Award for best new ballet for Polyphonia. In 2013 and 2015, his productions of Cinderella and The Winter’s Tale won the Benois De La Danse. He was an Olivier award winner for Aeternum and for The Winter’s Tale, he won the 2014 Leonard Massine Prize for choreography. He was awarded an OBE in the 2016 New Years Honours. In February 2016, The Royal Ballet premiered an All-Wheeldon triple bill including the world premiere of Strapless, based on the scandal surrounding the Anthony Sargent portrait of Madam X. He was the Artistic Director for Les Arts Decoratif’s Fashion Forward exhibit in Paris and is currently the Artistic Director of the National Tour of An American in Paris.

Joffrey Ballet | 23

BIOS BRIAN SELZNICK Story Adaptation Brian Selznick is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including The Invention of Hugo Cabret, winner of the Caldecott medal and the basis for the Oscar-winning movie Hugo, directed by Martin Scorsese. His best-selling book Wonderstruck was recently made into a movie directed by Todd Haynes (with a screenplay by Selznick), starring Julianne Moore. His newest book, Baby Monkey, Private Eye, written with his husband Dr. David Serlin, will be published in February. Other books include illustrations for Frindle by Andrew Clements, Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride by Pam Munoz Ryan, and the Doll People trilogy by Ann Martin and Laura Godwin. Selznick is also a puppeteer, having performed in the original casts of Basil Twist’s Symphonie Fantastique and Petrushka. He is currently working on several new books, and he’s writing a musical commissioned by the La Jolla Playhouse based on his first book The Houdini Box with composer Dan Moses Schreier. He lives with his husband in San Diego, California and Brooklyn, New York. JULIAN CROUCH Set and Costume Designer Originally from the UK, Julian Crouch is a Brooklyn-based theatre practitioner, artist, musician, known for his groundbreaking production of Shockheaded Peter, Satyagraha at the Met Opera, and the Tony nominated set of Hedwig and The Angry Inch. A co-founder and former artistic director of Improbable, a UK-based theatre company, his shows have been seen throughout the world. He is particularly known for his incorporation of large scale, live animation within his productions. He has worked extensively at the Met Opera and on Broadway in addition to a myriad of more unusual locations. He previously designed set and costumes for Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella for the Dutch National Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. Crouch recently directed and designed the Metropolitan Opera’s 50th Anniversary Gala, designed Hansel and Gretel for La Scala, Milan, King Arthur for the Berlin Staatsoper, and Marnie for the ENO and the Met Opera. He is currently designing Barber Of Seville for the Dutch National Opera and Ernani for La Scala, Milan. Together with Saskia Lane, he is internationally touring Birdheart — an intimate chamber piece of animated theatre, which has recently played in Taiwan, and in Brussels for the Dalai Lama. He has illustrated two books — Jedermann, and Maggot Moon.

24 | Joffrey Ballet



NATASHA KATZ Lighting Designer Natasha Katz has a long-standing creative relationship with Christopher Wheeldon and, prior to Nutcracker, has collaborated with him on a number of ballets, including Tryst (2002), Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2011) and The Winter’s Tale (2014) all of which premiered at The Royal Ballet where he is Artistic Associate. Katz’s other collaborations with Wheeldon include Continuum (San Francisco Ballet, 2002), Carnival of the Animals (New York City Ballet, 2003), Swan Lake (Pennsylvania Ballet, 2004), Cinderella (Dutch National Ballet, 2012), and the premiere of An American in Paris at the New York City Ballet (2005), Théâtre Châtelet (2014), and on Broadway (2015) for which she won a Tony Award. Katz is a six-time Tony Award winner whose Broadway credits include: Frozen, Hello, Dolly! (starring Bette Midler), Long Day’s Journey into Night, School of Rock, An American in Paris, Aladdin, Skylight, The Glass Menagerie, Once, Motown, Follies, The Coast of Utopia: Salvage, Aida, and Beauty and the Beast. In London, she designed The Glass Menagerie (Duke of York’s Theatre, Olivier nomination 2017), Motown (Shaftesbury Theatre), An American in Paris (Dominion Theatre), School of Rock (New London Theatre), Aladdin (Prince Edward Theatre), Once (Phoenix Theatre), Skylight (Wyndham’s Theatre), Sister Act (Palladium Theatre), Buried Child (National Theatre), and Cyrano (The Royal Opera). Katz has also designed extensively for Off-Broadway and for American regional theatres. Her permanent installations include lighting for the audio-visual shows at Niketown London and New York City, The Masquerade Village at the Rio Casino, Las Vegas and Big Bang at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.

BASIL TWIST Puppetry and Effects Basil Twist is proud to return to The Joffrey Ballet with Christopher Wheeldon. Previous collaborations include The Winter’s Tale and Cinderella. Work previously seen in Chicago includes Twist’s Drama Desk Award winning work in The Addams Family and his original creations the multi-award winning Symphonie Fantastique, Petrushka and Master Peter’s Puppet Show — all at The Ravinia Festival. Twist’s wide-ranging work is revitalizing puppetry as a serious and sophisticated stand alone art form and establishing it as an integral element in contemporary theater, dance, and music. Other Credits: Broadway; The Pee Wee Herman Show and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Original creations; La Bella Dormente Nel Bosco, Dogugaeshi, Hansel and Gretel, Behind The Lid, Arias with a Twist, Seafoam Sleepwalk, The Rite of Spring and Sisters Follies. Awards include; Obie, Drama Desk, New York Innovative Theatre, Henry Hewes, UNIMA, Bessies, Guggenheim, USA Artists, Doris Duke Performing Artist and a MacArthur Fellow. He lives in NYC, where he leads The Dream Music Puppetry Program at HERE. Joffrey Ballet | 25

BIOS 59 PRODUCTIONS Video and Projection Design 59 Productions is a multi-award-winning design studio and production company based in London and New York. Their current work includes An American in Paris (Broadway, London, US tour) and Oslo (Lincoln Center, National Theatre, Harold Pinter Theatre). Opera designs include the The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs (Santa Fe Opera), Metropolitan Opera 50th Anniversary Gala, Two Boys and The Enchanted Island (Metropolitan Opera, New York), Sukanya, Morgen und Abend and Eugene Onegin (Royal Opera), The Shining (Minnesota Opera), Satyagraha (ENO) and Al gran sole carico d’amore (Berlin State Opera and Salzburg Festival). Designs for theatre and events include Reflections: Guggenheim Bilbao 20th Anniversary (Guggenheim Museum), A Perfect Harmony (Freer|Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution), Paul Auster’s City of Glass (Home, Manchester, Lyric Hammersmith) (Manchester International Festival, NT), David Bowie Is (V&A), Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Big Fish (Broadway), Bloom (Edinburgh International Festival), The Forbidden Zone (Salzburg Festival, Schaubühne Berlin), War Horse (NT and worldwide tours), Les Misérables world tour (Cameron Mackintosh) and the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Forthcoming work includes Brigadoon (New York City Center) and Marnie (ENO).

JACQUELIN BARRETT Assistant to the Choreographer Jacquelin Barrett trained at The Royal Ballet School, joined London Festival Ballet (now English National Ballet) and, over a period of eight years, danced soloist and principal roles in the company’s repertory. Barrett was the Ballet Mistress for Central School of Ballet, Northern Ballet Theatre and English National Ballet. She is in demand as a guest teacher for many international professional companies and schools. From 1997 to 2008, Barrett taught at The Royal Ballet School, working mainly with the graduate female class. Since 2009, she has been assisting Christopher Wheeldon and staging his works around the world. She is the Associate Director on the musical An American in Paris.

26 | Joffrey Ballet



ANASTACIA HOLDEN Children’s Ballet Master Anastacia Holden joined The Joffrey Ballet in August 2005 following two seasons as an Arpino Apprentice. During her 14-year tenure with the Company, Holden enjoyed performing and originating roles in a diverse repertoire including works by Gerald Arpino, Sir Frederick Ashton, George Balanchine, Nicolas Blanc, Val Caniparoli, Alexander Ekman, William Forsythe, Kurt Jooss, Jirˇí Kylián, Edwaard Liang, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Lar Lubovitch, Wayne McGregor, Ashley Page, Justin Peck, Yuri Possokhov, Paul Taylor, Myles Thatcher, Stanton Welch, and Christopher Wheeldon. In 2010, Holden co-founded the non-profit Embarc, a three-year program that provides community-driven, experienced-based learning opportunities to low-income high school students to inspire and prepare them for college and career success. Since retiring from her performance career with Joffrey in 2017, Holden has continued her work with Embarc, and is excited to join the faculty of the Joffrey Academy and the Nutcracker Children’s Cast ballet staff.

SUZANNE LOPEZ Children’s Ballet Master Suzanne Lopez was asked to join The Joffrey Ballet in 1991, after a year with the Joffrey II Dancers. She retired in 2010, after a long and outstanding career with the Company. She danced principal roles in ballets by such choreographers as Robert Joffrey, Gerald Arpino, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Alonzo King, John Cranko, José Limón, Antony Tudor, Twyla Tharp, Lar Lubovitch, and Frederick Ashton. Some of her favorite roles to perform include the title roles in Cranko’s Romeo and Juliet and Ashton’s Cinderella, as well as the Sugarplum Fairy in Joffrey’s The Nutcracker. She was also featured in world premieres by Edwaard Liang, Donald Byrd, Jessica Lang, and Margo Sappington, among others. Lopez also had a featured role in the movie The Company, directed by Robert Altman. Lopez was thrilled to return to The Joffrey Ballet as a Ballet Master in 2016. She has also been a guest teacher, stager, and coach at various schools and companies around the country.

Joffrey Ballet | 27

BIOS MICHAEL SMITH Children’s Ballet Master Michael Smith joined The Joffrey Ballet in 2001 as a Company member after being one of the first participants in the Arpino Apprentice Program. Prior to joining the Joffrey, he was a student in the dance department at The Chicago Academy for the Arts, where he studied ballet with Anna Paskevska and Graham-based modern dance with Randy Duncan. Smith has also studied dance at The Ruth Page School and The Joffrey Ballet School’s Midwest workshop. During his time with the Joffrey, Smith enjoyed performing in various ballets including The Clowns, Les Patineurs, Les Presages, Miracle Interrupted, The Nutcracker, N.Y. Export: Opus Jazz!, Petrouchka, The Prodigal Son, Romeo and Juliet, Round of Angels, Le Sacre du Printemps, Square Dance, Suite Saint Saëns, The Taming of the Shrew, Tensile Involvement, Viva Vivaldi, and A Wedding Bouquet. Smith is currently a Program Coordinator with the Joffrey’s Community Engagement program, as well as an independent choreographer.



1 in 4 women—likely someone you know—will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. 99% are trapped in their relationship by an invisible weapon—financial abuse. Join The Allstate Foundation to make the invisible visible and help women break free from financial abuse. Learn. Act. Donate. 28 | Joffrey Ballet | #PurplePurse


BOARD OF DIRECTORS | 2017–2018 HONORARY CHAIRMAN | Mayor Rahm Emanuel Zachary D. Lazar, Jr. Chairman of the Board

Patrick M. Gallagher, Jr.

Ben Strobel

Mrs. Robert W. Galvin

MarrGwen Townsend

Lorna Ferguson First Vice Chair

Larry J. Goodman, MD

Jason J. Tyler

Sabrina Gracias

Ronald V. Waters III

Linda Chaplik Harris

Amanda Williamson

Dana Hokin Garvey

Mrs. Joel V. Williamson

Guy Lakonishok Treasurer

Richard Holson III

Bryony Winn

Myrna Kaplan

Elizabeth Yntema

Ronald J. Allen Secretary

Donna M. LaPietra

Patti S. Eylar Women’s Board President

Barry Litwin

Ashley Wheater Artistic Director

Coco Meers

Sonia Florian Anne Kaplan Vice Chairs

Greg Cameron Executive Director Kathleen Hechinger Assistant Treasurer DIRECTORS Kathleen Abbott Patty Perkins Andringa Mary Jo Basler Marc Berman Roger Deromedi Pamella Roland DeVos Adam DeWitt Shelley MacArthur Farley Jamie-Clare Flaherty Emily Follas

Michael Larsen James McDonough Jess Merten

LIFE DIRECTORS Grace Barry Patricia H. Gerber Pamela B. Strobel Joseph H. Wender

Daniel L. (D.L.) Morriss


Susan Oleari

William M. Daley

Diane Patience

Fred Eychaner

Stephen Reiss

Gary E. Holdren

Jeffrey C. Rubenstein

Dr. David A. Kipper †

Bruce Sagan

C. Steve McMillian

Eric C. Schieber, MD

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Liz Sharp

Maureen Dwyer Smith

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Pamela B. Strobel

Ross Shelleman

Jason J. Tyler

Ildefonso Alvim de Abreu e Silva

Ronald V. Waters III

Chuck Smith Maureen Dwyer Smith Rita Spitz

As of October 11, 2017 † Deceased

Lauren F. Streicher, MD

CONNECTING TO OUR COMMUNITY Board Director Rita Spitz and William Blair share the Joffrey’s commitment to connecting with and supporting the communities in which we live, work, and play. Please join us in thanking Rita and William Blair for generously supporting the Joffrey programs in schools, in studios, and on stage.

Joffrey Ballet | 29

WOMEN’S BOARD OF THE JOFFREY BALLET | 2017–2018 Patti S. Eylar President Noren Ungaretti 1st Vice President Merritt DeWitt Kathy Kalesperis Smith 2nd Vice Presidents Dania Leemputte Secretary Courtney C. Shea Treasurer Jessica Steffensen Sandi Hartstein Emily Arch Members-at-Large Elisabeth Adams Mrs. Keene Harwood Addington III Julie O’Donnell Allen Raheela Anwar Emily L. Arch, MD Annie Atzeff Melissa M. Babcock Grace Barry Nancy Gottlieb Bauer Heidy Best Jetta Boschen Sophia P. Bross Mary Patricia Burns Mary Kay Mudd Bushonville Jenelle Chalmers Joan Colmar Sandra Deromedi Ellen Distelheim Jill Dodds Maia Dunkel JoNan Eastridge Christine Du Boulay Ellis Beth Engel Shelley MacArthur Farley Jamie-Clare Flaherty Emily Follas Ellie Forman Katherine E. Freiburger 30 | Joffrey Ballet

Beth Fulkerson Astra Gamsjaeger Patricia H. Gerber Darcy E. Goldfarb, MD Donna Greenberg Stephanie Grinage Shana Bear Guthman Mrs. Michael F. Harron K. Susan Heintz Mrs. John W. Higgins Leslie S. Hindman Dana Hokin Garvey Courtney A. Hoffmann Mrs. David Hoffmann Sherry Lea Holson Marci Holzer Brooke Hubbuch Melinda Jakovich Anne Kaplan Jackelyn Kastanis Elizabeth Ann Kasten Kathleen Kenehan Wendy Kilcollin Kathleen Klaeser Laura Kofoid Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel* Whitney Lasky Anne Lazar Dania Leemputte Anita E. Livaditis Leslie Logsdon Lisa Klimley Malkin Joan Malliband Heather Martin Kristina McGrath Astrid A. McKinnon Helen Hall Melchior* Amanda Merten Ms. Julianne Migely Patricia Miller Lucy Minor Anne Simon Moffat Brooks Morgan Linda Curtis O’Bannon, MD

Christine Ott* Gigi Owens Mrs. John R. Pacholick Mary Ellen Pavone Judith Pierpont Ibby Pinsky Victoria Poindexter D. Elizabeth Price Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt Emily Rubenstein Camille Kearns Rudy Elizabeth Dunkel Ryan Maggie Scheyer Sarah Schrup Andréa J. Schwartz Liz Sharp Anne Shea Carolyn Sheridan Ms. Veronica Siegel Amelia Silva Mrs. Howard Silverman Marilyn Slattery Maria Smithburg Rita Spitz Dawn Stanislaw Constance Steinhaus Liz Stiffel Carol J. Stone Cheryl Tama Oblander Lauren D.W. Tatar Marina D.W. Tatar Melissa Trandel Yolanda Tyler Chrissie Walker Mrs. John R. Walter Mary Agnes Welsh Pam Phillips Weston Kim White Diana Weiss Widman Elizabeth Wippman Joyce M. Wippman Leslie Zentner Julie Zuckerman

SUPPORTING AND NON-RESIDENT Dora J. Aalbregtse Laura Ferris Anderson Melissa Anton Mary Jo Basler Dorothy Bousseau Mary Kay Burke Candace Collins Jordan Kelly Dettmann Pamella Roland DeVos Deborah Engle Lydia Fisher Katherine Fox Sue-Gray Goller Mrs. Marjorie E. Habermann Sharon King Hoge Kerrie Kennedy Donna M. LaPietra Brooks Morgan Mrs. Jay L. Owen, Jr. Maureen Dwyer Smith Kathryn Vail Victoria C. Verity Ann Waters Mrs. Thomas E. Wells IV As of October 15, 2017 *Honorary Life Member


The Joffrey Ballet would like to extend thanks to those who provide us with funding that ensures quality and engaging experiences for a variety of audiences. The following is a list of those who made contributions in the amount of $300 or more between October 15, 2016 and October 15, 2017. Although space does not permit us to list all of our friends, we are grateful for the support from each and every one of our loyal donors. $500,000+ Alphawood Foundation Chicago Clear Channel Airports Fred Eychaner Sonia Florian The Grainger Foundation Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust $100,000 – $499,999 Abbott Fund Chicago Athletic Clubs Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust JW Marriott Anne L. Kaplan Margot and Josef Lakonishok Beth Levine The Reva and David Logan Foundation The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust NIB Foundation Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill The Satter Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Tatar $50,000 – $99,999 Athletico Physical Therapy Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Estate of Gary and Linda Blumenshine BMO Wealth Management BrickStreet Insurance Audre Carlin Sandy and Roger Deromedi Patti S. Eylar and Charles R. Gardner The Julius N. Frankel Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann ITW Jewell Events Catering JHL Capital Group Nancy and Sanfred Koltun The John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Foundation


Lucy Minor Jane Ellen Murray Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Patience Polk Bros. Foundation The Shubert Foundation Denise Littlefield Sobel Bill and Orli Staley Pamela and Russ Strobel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Waters III Mr. and Mrs. Miles D. White $25,000 – $49,999 Abbott Laboratories The Allstate Foundation Allstate Insurance Company Bank of America Mary Jo and Doug Basler Marc and Sharen Berman The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation Neil Bluhm Marlene Breslow-Blitstein and Berle Blitstein The Brinson Foundation Cheryl Broadhurst and Daniel Broadhurst Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation The Chicago Community Trust The Crown Family Mr. and Mrs. Adam DeWitt Janet and Craig J. Duchossois Exelon Mr. and Mrs. William Farley Mr. and Mrs. F. Conrad Fischer Fox Ford Lincoln Lloyd A. Fry Foundation Gallagher Jill Garling and Thomas Wilson Karen Gray-Krehbiel and John Krehbiel, Jr. Sherry Lea and Richard Holson III Illinois Arts Council Agency J.McLaughlin Jerome Robbins Foundation and Trust Margaret MacLean Make It Better Media Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. Mayer Brown LLP Merrill Lynch & Company Negaunee Foundation Alexandra Nichols and John Nichols The Northern Trust Company Nuveen Investments, Inc. The Poetry Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts Tricia Rooney and Ross Shelleman John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Shirley Ryan and Patrick Ryan Sage Foundation

Eric C. Schieber, MD Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Smith, Jr. Maria Smithburg and William D. Smithburg Rita Spitz and David Blears Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Townsend U.S. Bank Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joel V. Williamson Elizabeth Yntema and Mark Ferguson for the Ferguson-Yntema Family Trust $10,000 – $24,999 Anonymous (3) Ariel Investments, LLC Avatar Corporation Nancy Gottlieb Bauer Baxter International Inc. The Boeing Company Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock Kay and Rhett Butler Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson Paul Chasnoff and Joe Hopper Michael I. Cragg, Ph.D. DeSantis Foundation Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation Lorna Ferguson and Terry Clark Ms. Jamee C. Field and Mr. Michael Kane Karen Frank and James Frank Jennifer and Patrick M. Gallagher Linda Gantz and Wilbur Gantz Sherry and Michael Guthrie Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hildy Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP Hyatt Hotels Foundation JPMorgan Chase Olivia Kittle and Brian Kittle Margaret Kittle-Kamp and Thomas Kittle-Kamp Kovler Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Krueger Kryolan Professional Make-Up Julie and Guy Lakonishok Dr. Lynda Lane and Ben Lane-Korn Michael and Jennifer Larsen Mr. and Mrs. Zachary D. Lazar, Jr. Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Leibovitz Family Philanthropic Fund Elizabeth Liebman MacLean-Fogg Company Macy’s McGuireWoods Coco B. Meers and Ethan Meers Stuart Miller National Endowment for the Arts Cathy and Bill Osborn Virginia Owens and James Owens Ms. Julie M. Kaltenrieder Joffrey Ballet | 31


$10,000 – $24,999 (continued) Jeffrey C. Rubenstein Sacks Family Foundation Ms. Maggie Scheyer and Mr. Eric J. Scheyer Patricia Schmalzl and William Schmalzl Dr. Scholl Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Sharp Ms. Courtney C. Shea Melissa de Abreu e Silva and Ildefonso Silva Siragusa Family Foundation Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom Southwest Airlines Jessica and Erik Steffensen Jeanette Stevens Ben Strobel Andrew Thorrens and Donald Mizerk Tina Trott and Byron Trott Ms. Tracy Rose Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walter Wells Fargo Pamela Phillips Weston and Roger L. Weston William Blair Amanda Williamson and Matthew Johnson $5,000 – $9,999 Anonymous (2) Mr. and Mrs. William Adams IV Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Allen Emily Strobel Amiet and Michael Amiet Patty Perkins Andringa Ms. Ashley Quicksilver Annie Atzeff and Kristopher Atzeff Edward Beam Francis Beidler Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Francis Beidler III Meta S. and Ronald Berger Family Foundation Suzette Bross Bulley and Allan E. Bulley III CA Ventures Suzanne Cameron and Stephen Cameron Capital Group Companies, Inc. Lisa and Jim Challenger Mrs. Joyce Chelberg Paula Crown and James Crown Geoffrey Davis Paula Fasseas and Peter Fasseas Tiffany Flannagan and Chip Flannagan Beth Fulkerson and Joshua Kellman Christine Gallagher and Greg Gallagher 32 | Joffrey Ballet

Elisabeth Geraghty and Robert Geraghty Richard and Mary L. Gray Shana Guthman and David Guthman Joan Hall John R. Halligan Charitable Fund The Irving Harris Foundation Janet W. and Robert A. Helman HOLLY HUNT Mr. and Mrs. Larry Langdon Susan Lichtenstein and John Rokacz Luminarts Cultural Foundation Fellowship by Myrna Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. E. Barry Mansur George Mariner and Michael Payette John R. Menninger Mesirow Financial Holdings, Inc. David and Suzu Neithercut Nordstrom, Inc. Thomas O’Keefe D. Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies Audrey Ratner and Albert Ratner Susan and David Ruder Judy A. Saslow Gallery Mr. and Mrs. David Sensibar Sidley Austin, LLP Sills Foundation Amelia Silva and Alejandro Silva Melissa and Chuck Smith Steak 48 Chicago, LLC Liz Stiffel The Lyric Opera of Chicago Lorraine Trachtenberg Richard and Diane Weinberg Hilary and Barry Weinstein Magnes Welsh Bryony and David Winn Elizabeth Wippman and Tom Wippman $2,500 – $4,999 Anonymous (2) Ada Addington and Whitney Addington Evelyn Alter Emily L. Arch, MD and Justin Arch Ms. Carolyn A. Blessing John Brazzale Burberry Jenelle Chalmers and Stephen Chalmers Raymond Coronado Dr. Jill S. Dodds and Dr. Guriqbal Nandra Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly Amy Rule and Rahm Emanuel Deborah and Cody Engle Mr. Michael Firsel

Nancy Follis Mimi Frankel and Bud Frankel Darcy Goldfarb, MD Michelle Goodman and Larry Goodman Stacie R. Hartman Sandi and Barry Hartstein Leslie Hindman Marci and Ronald Holzer Lauren Huefner Jackelyn Kastanis and Taki Kastanis Jeffrey Kerr Roberta Killeen and Timothy Killeen Dennis and Kathleen Klaeser Elise Klein and Christopher Klein Robert Kohl and Clark Pellett Jen Kurth and Brian Van Klompenberg Dania Leemputte and Patrick Leemputte Jim and SuAnne Lopata Jessica Lundevall and Torjus Lundevall Lisa Klimley Malkin and Cary J. Malkin Holly and Matt Maloney Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marks Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGrath Lynne McNown Metropolitan Capital Pamela Meyer Mrs. Julianne Migely Patricia Miller and Christopher Miller Jazelle Morriss and Daniel L. (D.L.) Morriss Barbara and Jonathan Moss Linda Curtis O’Bannon, MD Marsha O’Bannon Susan G. Oleari One Winnetka Mr. and Mrs. John R. Pacholick Mary Ellen Pavone, MD and Christopher Novak Catherine Perez and William Perez Kathleen Pipala and Michael Pipala Victoria Poindexter and Joseph P. Gaynor III Carol Pollock Hallie Blanchard Rehwaldt and Thomas Rehwaldt The Richard and Ellen Sandor Family Foundation Veronica Siegel Marilyn Slattery Shari Slavin and Mark Slavin Dawn Stanislaw Constance and Orin Steinhaus Susan Stern and James Elliott Nathan Tannenbaum Foundation Inc. The Neiman Marcus Group † Deceased


$2,500 – $4,999 (continued) Melissa Trandel and David Trandel Leslie Warner and Stephen Warner Diana and Stuart Widman Joyce M. Wippman William Ziemann Julie Zuckerman and Daniel Zuckerman $1,500 – $2,499 Anonymous (5) Dora Aalbregtse and R. John Aalbregtse Greg Albiero Abbe Aron and Adam Aron Carey August and Brett August Oliver Badgio Christopher Begy Jennifer Birmingham Cary Bomier and David Bomier Jetta Boschen and Dallas Boschen Ms. Evelyn Bosenberg Anthony Bruck Carolyn Bucksbaum Tamara and Robert Buday Mary Kay Mudd Bushonville and Art Bushonville Clark Chandler Pamela Crutchfield Dr. John Dainauskas Katherine Devers and William Devers Amina Dickerson and Julian Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Terence Donnelly Maia J. Dunkel Wendy Eager The Elia Group LLC Christine Du Boulay Ellis Hattie A. and Marie V. Fatz Foundation Sharon Ferrill Dr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Finder Christine B. Fisher Jamie-Clare Flaherty Emily Follas and Timothy Jacobs Francis Beidler III and Prudence R. Beidler Foundation Arthur Frank Katherine and Richard Freiburger H. Goldstein and Rodney Goldstein Sue-Gray Goller Ann Gootee and James Gootee Jo Ellen Granson Stephanie Grinage and Richard Grinage Anthony and Susan Grosch Madeleine Grynsztejn and Thomas Shapiro Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Harris Kathleen and Mark Hechinger Ross Heim


K. Susan Heintz and Thomas Heintz Mr. and Mrs. John W. Higgins Sarai Hoffman and Stephen Pratt Courtney A. Hoffmann and Sebastian Hoffmann Dana Hokin Garvey and Robert Garvey Alan J. Hommerding and Robert K. Personett Melinda Jakovich and Lucien Lagrange Mrs. Abby McCormick O’Neil and Mr. Carroll Joynes Sherry Kaplan and Barry Kaplan Wendy Kilcollin and T. Eric Kilcollin Polly Kintzel Laura Kofoid and David Ricci Sarah Ladgenski and Derek Ladgenski Lannan Foundation Robin and Jack Lavin Deej and Hunter Leggitt Sherren Leigh Dr. Richard E. Leithiser Ms. Dana Levinson and Mrs. Barbara Levinson Mia Levy and Paul Levy Mr. and Mrs. Barry Litwin Beth Loeb Leslie Logsdon and Duncan Bourne Colleen Loughlin and John Sirek Victoria Lyman Judy and John MacLeod Elizabeth Marcus and Ira Belcove Martha Melman and Rich Melman Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat JoAnne Nathan and Stuart Nathan Lee and Sharon Oberlander Mary Jane O’Connor Anthony and Izabel Olson Carolynn Pfaff and Harry Pfaff Ibby Pinsky and Milton Pinsky Bonnie Price and Jack Hirsch Stephen Reiss and Rena Hozore Reiss Harriet Ross and Irwin Ross Jennifer Ross Camille Kearns Rudy and Robert M. Rudy Barbara and Donald Ruhman Sahara Enterprises, Inc. Jane Nicholl Sahlins Sarah Schrup Lois Scott and David May Anne Shonk Lynda Silverman and Howard Silverman Thomas G. Sinkovic Craig Sirles Greg Sleight Beth Smetana and Gerard Smetana

Ms. Kathy Kalesperis Smith and Mr. Dion Grimes Smith Patricia Smith Stephen Smith Shirley Stanley and Paul Stanley Patricia Sternberg Carol Stone and David Stone Dr. Lauren Streicher and Mr. Jason Brett Peggy Swartchild and James Swartchild Lauren D.W. Tatar and Scott Borstein Tawani Foundation Courtney Thompson Dana Shepard Treister and Dr. Michael Roy Treister Richard and Noren Ungaretti Robert and Etti Van Etten Debbie Wang and David Hoyt Olga Weiss and George Honig Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Wells IV Angie Wilcox and Gary Wilcox Susan Wislow and Robert Wislow Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Zentner $1,000 – $1,499 Anonymous Amsted Industries Anne and Mark Bagan Christine Bakalar and John Bakalar Sandra Bass Thomas Berry Judy Block and Philip Block Margaret Block and Philip Block Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. L. Bogan, Jr. Robyn Bowland Bradbury Family Marion Cameron Wendy Lynn Chronister and Peter Rogers Francesca Connell Lawrence Corry Patricia O’Neill Cox Bette Jane Crigger Earle Cromer Lois Eisen and Stephen Eisen Paul Fangman Norman Finch Regan Friedmann and Philip Friedmann Victoria Galbraith and John Galbraith Linda Graubart and Jeffrey Graubart Julie F. Harron and Michael F. Harron Heestand Foundation, Inc. James S. Kemper Foundation Myrna Kaplan Beth Karmin and Kenneth Karmin Masahiro Kasai and William Myers Vicki Kaufman and Barry Kaufman Joffrey Ballet | 33


$1,000 – $1,499 (continued) Avril Klaff and Hersch Klaff Patricia Koldyke and Martin Koldyke Larry Krueger Lew and Laurie Leibowitz Thaddeus Makarewicz Nichole Mann Kerber Puneet Mansharamani Heather Martin and Sean Martin Helen Hall Melchior Richard & Martha Melman Foundation Julie Moller and Scott Moller Morgan Stanley-Shayne Fund Nike, Inc. Mr. Jonathan F. Orser Madeleine Plonsker and Harvey Plonsker Richard and Charlene Posner Allan Reich Boyd Rice Carol Roberts James Rocks Emily Rubenstein and Angel Rivera Jana Schreuder and Eric Schreuder Joann Seagren and Scott Lang Mr. and Mrs. Larry Selander Stephanie Sick and William Sick Marcey Siegel and Kenneth Siegel Beth Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Neele E. Stearns, Jr. Joanne Storm Julie Valenti and Steven Valenti Mr. and Mrs. Todd Vieregg Annabelle Volgman and Keith Volgman Christina Walker and Joe Walker Dia Weil and Edward Weil I.B. Weil and Thomas Weil Eric Weinheimer Ashley Wheater and Brian Johnson Robin Zafirovski and Michael Zafirovski $750 – $999 Anonymous Fillomena Albee Ann Allison and Richard Vitkus Frances Chapman Brooke Hubbuch and Nick Hubbuch David Israel Elaine Jaharis and Steven Jaharis Brian and Yvette Karaba Erica Kuhlmann Anita Livaditis and Stephen Livaditis Jess and Amanda Merten Promojett Services Inc. Karen and Richard Weiland LaDonna Wicklund and Gary Wicklund

34 | Joffrey Ballet

$500 – $749 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James M. Amend Mina Amir-Mokri Lynn Arensman and Robert Arensman Courtney Ashley Neda Ashourian Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Babcock, Sr. Jenny Barish and Robert Barish Carol Anne Been and Daniel Freedman Susan Belgrad and Donald Belgrad Linda Bergonia and David Bergonia Cynthia Berryman Aaron Boesky Marie Bousfield and Aldridge Bousfield Adrianne Boylen Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden Judy Bross and John Bross Myrtle Buchanan Tania Castroverde Moskalenko and Alexei Moskalenko Enid Collins Doris Cook and Robert Cook Julia and Matt Doherty Michael Downing David Dranove Joseph Eatherly Sonia Evers Krista Fiedler Marilyn Fields and Larry Fields Erica Fornari Sara Friedle Suzanne and Albert M. Friedman Patricia Gentry Cidney Golman and Jeffrey Golman Marc and Carol Gordon Amy and Michael Gordon Josh Green and Stewart Chapman Judie Green and Rich Green Donna Greenberg and Jack Greenberg Colleen Grosz and Joseph Grosz Joel Guillory Sandra Guy Geoffrey and Adrianna Hewings Ellen Horween Rose Houston Kathleen Ihrig and Glenn Ihrig Nancy Jacobs Eric Jacobson Paul Judy Melvin M. Kaftan Revocable Living Trust Cher Keck and Sean Keck Russell Klein JC Lapiere

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Lawson III Douglas Leister Anne Lerner and Alan Lerner Phillip Lumpkin Sharon Mackes Marc Marin and Pejman Hanafi Jeanne Martinez and John Segreti Erika Maschmeyer and Jon Maschmeyer Michael and Linda Mason Jennifer McClary James D. McDonough Dawn G. Meiners Lisa Mezzetti Barbara Moser and David Moser Alice Moss Drs. Marsha and Robert Mrtek Kathleen Mueller Maggie and Michael Murzanski Neapolitan, LLC Joanna Norcross Sharon Olson and Fred Fleischbein Pappas Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Papuga Lynn Pearl Leland Hutchinson and Jean Perkins Sheila Pizer and Howard Pizer Linda Pladson Mary Prescott Karine Provost Julie Pryor and A. Keith Housman Christine Riker and Walter Riker Janice Rodgers Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Rosen Joyce Salsburg Andréa J. Schwartz and Dr. Steve Stryker Cheryl Seder and John Seder Victoria Severson Anne Shea and John Shea Elizabeth Shepherd and Scott Kinsloe Margaret Siber Caryn Skurnick and Gerold Skurnick Janet Smith and Mel Smith Mr. and Mrs. Harvey J. Struthers, Jr. Mary Summers and William Summers Supera Family Foundation Cynthia Taylor and Gregory Taylor Robert Veasey Lynne Walton Michelle Wasson and Joel Farran Sherry Weiss and Albert Weiss Paula Wise Alice and Herb Zarov


$300 – $499 Anonymous (3) Margery Al-Chalabi and Suhail Al-Chalabi Ero Amiridis and Michael Amiridis Kristine Anderson and Tom Coonan Nancy Aversa Natali Balog Bryndl Bartter Rachel Bartunek and Jeremy Bartunek Steven Bashwiner Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bates Jr. Andrea H. Bauer Gary Behrens Stephen Benson Heidy and Phil Best Leigh Bienen and Henry Bienen Lois and Stanley Birer D. Jeffrey and Joan H. Blumenthal Joanne Brooks Dr. and Mrs. John E. Burke Linda Celesia and Gastone Celesia Cathleen Choi Katherine Clark Liz Cleveland Jane Clifford Tom and Bette Cogan Frederick Cohen Arlene Coustan and Harvey Coustan Dan Crowe Terri and Alfred D’Ancona Robert Delaney Patty Delony Ronald and Sheryl Desanto Toni Diprizio Maria Dubycky and Roman Dubycky Sandra Dumalski and Raymond Dumalski Frank and Faith Dusek Joan and Warren Eagle Rebecca Eby Larisa Elizondo Dorothy Ellesin-Janus and Christopher Janus Regina Murphy Thelma Evans Dr. Robert A. Fajardo Dr. W. Clinton Fisher and Lois Farrell Fisher Ellie Forman and Jeremy Forman Katherine Fox and John N. Fox, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Fried Loren Friend and Howard Friend Stephen Fussell Astra Gamsjaeger Christine Geiger John Giragosian Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunn Glick


Virginia Gluckman Hannah Goldberg Susan Goldman Jack and Robin Graham Deborah Gubin Jacob Hamlin Joyce Hasmonek Marsie R. Hass and Scott D. Hite Richard Higginbotham Joanna Horsnail Caroline Huebner and Charles Huebner Joyce Ibers and James Ibers Giovanna Imbarrato and Mario Imbarrato Ellen Israel and Rich Israel Sarah and Michael Jacobs Meredith Janes John Jawor Gayle Jensen Candice Johnson Joyce Johnston Helen N. Kedo Sandiya Killion David Kimball Mary Kimble Sheila Kirscher and John Kirscher Drs. Kristi Kirschner and Raymond Curry Sally Klarr Kirsten Klevar Sue Cleary Koch Roger Kramer Lynn Kresch and Ari Kresch John Kurtz and Gerry Salvacion James Clark and Christina Labate Maura Lennon and Kevin Lennon Jacqueline Lentz Saralyn Levine Dr. and Mrs. Andrew O. Lewicky Kathleen Lewis Myron and Eleanor Lieberman Sarah Lombardi Brittany Malone Sandra Mangurian George Mann Laura Martinez and Andrew Martinez Natalie Matwijiszyn Thomas McCaffer Renee Menegaz and R.D. Bock Rebecca Miles-Steiner Lois and Robert Moeller Sanford Moltz Mr. and Mrs. C. Barry Montgomery Beverly Mook and Wallace Mook Dr. and Mrs. David D. Morimoto Steven Morris Marci Moses and Michael Moses

Carol Mullins and Steve Mullins Eileen M. Murray Laura Niekamp Ed Oldfield Ann O’Neill and Thomas O’Neill Sharon Perazzoli and Paul Perazzoli Craig Peterson Mary Pierson Maria Pinto Nadine Pool and Thomas Pool Drs. Thomas and Cynthia Roberts Eleanor Rodini and Robert Rodini John Rosenheim Linda Rosenson and Harold Rosenson Floyd Rueger M. Catherine Ryan and Allan Ryan Elizabeth Saar Carol Ann Saikhon Marilyn Schmitt Sandra Schmoll and Jon Schmoll Lewis and Barbara Schneider Illeane Schwartz and Sheldon Schwartz Ravi Shah Mary Shea and Charles Shea Carolyn and Michael Sheridan Elisa Shlofrock-Zusman Sarah Shu Drs. April and Frank Smith Shirley Solomon Alison Suzukamo James Van Metre Marlene Van Skike Theodora Vanderzalm Arlene Wagner and Albert Wagner John Walcher Cliff Wallach Kathleen Warner Barbara H. West John Wheeler Kathy Wilders and Rich Wilders Linda Wise Robyn Yochem Joylene Yoor and Brian Yoor Joan Zajtchuk and Russ Zajtchuk

Joffrey Ballet | 35


THE JOFFREY BALLET STAR SOCIETY The Joffrey Ballet Star Society recognizes those individuals who have invested in the future of The Joffrey Ballet through a planned gift. We wish to thank the following for their commitment to our legacy. Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Babcock, Sr. Mr. D. Jeffrey Baddeley D. Jeffrey and Joan H. Blumenthal Mr. Paul Chasnoff and Mr. Joe Hopper Christine Du Boulay Ellis Deborah Gordon Engle Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner Dr. and Mrs. David L. Faulk Patricia H. Gerber Mr. Michael Goldberger Sue-Gray Goller Barbara and Henigbaum Marci and Ronald Holzer Ms. Darlene Johnson Ms. Linda Levey Mr. John McAllister Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat Drs. Bill and Elaine Moor Jane Ellen Murray and Ed Wentz Mr. Jonathan F. Orser Doug Schmidt Constance and Orin Steinhaus Elisabeth Wilcox Szegho Ms. Marilyn J. Ward Diana and Stuart Widman Andrea and Rich Winship Mrs. Anna Mary Zarrelli HONOR GIFTS Sara Albrecht Annie Atzeff Mary Jo and Doug Basler Meta S. Berger Marc Berman Nicolas Blanc Luann Blowers Adam Blyde Greg Cameron Gerard Charles Ellie Cotey Terri D’Ancona

36 | Joffrey Ballet

Sandy and Roger Deromedi Adam DeWitt Merritt DeWitt Ellen Distelheim Becky Dorsey J. Elise Edwards Deborah Engle Patti S. Eylar Shelley MacArthur Farley Joel Feldman Jamie-Clare Flaherty Mary B. Galvin Astra Gamsjaeger Stephanie Grinage Ms. Sandi Hartstein Rivian Hartman Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hoffmann Bernice Horwitz Brian Johnson Mary E. Johnson Sarah M. Jordan Anne L. Kaplan Laura Kofoid Cindy A. Kronman Michael and Jennifer Larsen Dr. Lizzie Mazzaferri Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat Diana Reczek Hallie Rehwaldt Stephen Reiss Jeffrey C. Rubsenstein Camille Rudy Bruce Sagan Eric C. Schieber, MD Liz Sharp Courtney C. Shea John Shimkus Lynda Silverman Kathy Kalesperis Smith Maria Smithburg Miss Sofia Speyer Pam Strobel Cheryl Tama Oblander Lauren D.W. Tatar Melissa Trandel Dana Shepard Treister and Dr. Michael Roy Treister Magnes Welsh Ashley Wheater Christopher Wheeldon Diana Widman Liza Yntema

MEMORY GIFTS Gary Blumenshine and Linda Blumenshine John E. Burke Eric B. Eatherly Ruth Altenberg Gold Burt Kaplan Mrs. Francis J. Klimley Elizabeth E. Mertz Dianne Nishimura John O’Neal Barbara Rich Lilette Rohe Natalie Senoff Ginnee Tallman JOFFREY AUXILIARY BOARD GOVERNING COUNCIL 2017 – 2018 Emily Strobel Amiet Carolyn Blessing Co-Chairs Michael Amiet Rachel Bartunek Lauren Huefner Nichole Mann Kerber Jacqueline Lentz Sarah Lombardi Natalie Matwijiszyn Sarah Shu John Walcher


The Auditorium Theatre would like to thank our donors from October 1, 2016 through November 1, 2017. If you have questions or concerns, please call 312.341.2364. $100,000+ The Baryl Family Thomas Baryl Efroymson Family Fund, a CICF Fund Elissa Efroymson and Adnaan Hamid Sonia Florian MacArthur Foundation Linda and Jim Mitchell NIB Foundation $50,000 – $99,999 Polk Bros. Foundation Denise Littlefield Sobel $25,000 – $49,999 The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation Exelon Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner Morgan Stanley Pasquinelli Family Foundation Maria Pasquinelli Caryn and Jerry Skurnick Jill and John Svoboda Dia S. and Edward S. Weil, Jr. $10,000 – $24,999 Allstate Insurance Company Kathleen and Nicholas Amatangelo Annie and Kristopher Atzeff Avison Young Scott Bauer Virginia and Norm Bobins Amanda Brimmer and Scott Crawford Joyce Chelberg CIBC Marge* and Lew Collens The Colmar Foundation Deborah and Bruce Crown Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church Shelley and William Farley Howard Gottlieb and Barbara Greis Suzan and Robert Held Richard Helldobler, PhD. and Robbie Brown Illinois Arts Council Agency Renee and Mel Katten Graziela and John Kaufman Lauri S. Bauer Foundation Phil Lumpkin Suzanne Martin and Hart Weichselbaum Bill McIntosh Helen Hall Melchior Ann and Tom Nash National Endowment for the Arts National Trust for Historic Preservation Peter & Paula Fasseas Foundation The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation Sage Foundation Nancy and Sy Taxman Anne Voshel The Walsh Group Patty and Dan Walsh Sue and Bob Wieseneck Elizabeth B. Yntema For The Mark E. Ferguson and Elizabeth B. Yntema Family Trust In Honor of Women’s Leadership In The Arts

$5,000 – $9,999 Andrew and Alice Fischer Charitable Trust Broadway In Chicago J. Kamala Buckner Marsha and Philip Dowd The Grainger Foundation Jody and Stephen Griffitts Sherry and Mike Guthrie Marguerite D. Hark Harrison & Held LLP Amy and John Jacobsson The Joffrey Ballet John R. Halligan Charitable Fund Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation, Inc. Pamela G. Meyer Tania and Alexei Moskalenko Northeastern Illinois University Theatrical Stage Employees Union Local Two Ken and Marsha Tucker Betty Lou and Walter Weiss $2,500 – $4,999 Arts Midwest Touring Fund Barbara Bluhm-Kaul Foundation John P. Brazzale Geneva and Robert Calloway Tammy and Rob Campbell Chicago Cabaret Professionals Keith and Barbara Clayton Pamela Crutchfield Dr. Guy and Gisela Di Spigno C.J. Dillon and Steve Clements Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly Catherine and Brent Gledhill Larry Glowczewski Judie and Richard Green David Hiller IBM International Foundation Dr. Jennifer R. Jackson Karen and Matthew Kaplan Afsaneh and Ali Malekzadeh Thomas J. O’Keefe Clark Pellett and Robert Kohl D. Elizabeth Price Roosevelt University Pauline M. Scharres Lynda Jo and Noah Shlaes Sofia Solomon Ginnee Tallman* and Bill Ziemann Karen and Ed Weil, III $1,000 – $2,499 Anonymous James L. Alexander and Curtis D. Drayer Floy and Lee Barthel Gail Beedie Linda and Eric Boasmond Douglas Bragan Crowe Horwath LLP Terri R. and Alfred E. D’Ancona III Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation Fran and Henry Fogel Virginia and Peter Foreman Franczek Radelet, P.C. Regan and Philip Friedmann Friends of Edward M. Burke Mary B. Galvin Madeleine Grynsztejn and Thomas Shapiro Marjorie Habermann Patricia Harris

Ms. Victoria Holdren Rose Houston Ivanhoe Theater Foundation Amy and Kent Jidov Nancy and Frank Karger, Jr. Sidney Kerley Polly Elizabeth Kintzel Margie Korshak and Charles H. Goodman Louise Lane Janet A. Lang Leah Laurie Fifi and Ronald Levin Dr. Paul M. Lisnek Lloyd A. Fry Foundation M & J Kennelly Foundation Elizabeth and Matthew McNicholas Bill Melamed and Jamey Lundblad Carolyn Meyer and Michael Prussian MGLM Architects Lucy Minor Catherine and Leo Miserendino Kenneth R. Norgan McGhee and Frantz Osse Margaret and Dave Radelet Nancy and Ben Randall Carol Roberts Mary and Charles Rubens, II Dani and Peter Rusnak Dave Samber and Darrell Windle Pamela and Russ Strobel Peggy and James Swartchild, Jr. Dr. Eugene Thomas Dana Shepard Treister & Dr. Michael Roy Treister Nancy and Steven Tumen Janice Van Dyke and John Zeilstra Elizabeth and Daniel E. Weil I.B. and Tom Weil Robert L. Weil Jane Wells and Burt Ferrini Nike B. Whitcomb and Jim McKechnie* Echo Society Evy J. and Robert A. Alsaker Brett and Veronica Batterson Gail Beedie Patricia and Laurence Booth Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner John T. Geary* Michael Goldberger Dar Johnson Renee and Mel Katten Dr. Paul M. Lisnek Kevin McGirr D. Elizabeth Price Walter Renfftlen Slesur Famiy Trust* Brenda Sollitt* Marsha and Ken Tucker Dia S. and Edward S. Weil, Jr. Nike B. Whitcomb and Jim McKechnie* Darrell R. Windle *Our friends remembered

Joffrey Ballet | 37






The Honorable Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago Honorary Chairman, Board of Directors

Tania Castroverde Moskalenko Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Sell Director of Production & Facilities

John Svoboda Chairman, Board of Directors

Colleen Flanigan Chief Marketing Officer

Beth Kaskel Director of Programming Administration

Norman R. Bobins Vice Chair, Development

Rachel Freund Chief Financial Officer

Noé Villagómez, Jr. Front of House Manager

Lew Collens Vice Chair, Strategic Planning

Judie Moore Green Chief Development Officer

Mary Mazza Box Office Treasurer

Bruce Crown | Treasurer

Nick Tigue Chief Operating Officer

Scott Zissman Assistant Box Office Treasurer

Thomas R. Baryl | Secretary Amanda Brimmer Tania Castroverde Moskalenko Joan Colmar Henry Fogel Charles R. Gardner Immediate Past Chair Robert Held Richard Helldobler Mel Katten | Chair Emeritus John R. Kaufman Phil Lumpkin Tangella Maddox Ali Malekzadeh Suzanne Martin Helen Hall Melchior Ann Nash Maria L. Pasquinelli Denise Littlefield Sobel Edward S. Weil, Jr. Robert L. Wieseneck EMERITUS DIRECTORS

Nicholas S. Amatangelo Sondra Berman Epstein David D. Hiller Seymour Taxman FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION

Denise Cosman Senior Director of Accounting Cynthia Darling Director of Accounting Kathy Bliss Assistant to CEO/Board Liaison

C.J. Dillon Chief Programming Officer


Kathryn TeBordo Associate Director of Institutional Giving

Annie Slaughter Patron Services Coordinator Josh Light Event Coordinator

Kelly Saroff Allen Associate Director of Individual Giving

Kam Hobbs Operations and Production Associate

Raechel Hofsteadter Development Associate

Sharon Butler Patron Services


Carl Ward Assistant House Manager

Nicole Wetzell Director of Sales Lily Oberman Associate Director of Communications

Steven Olvera Assistant Concession Manager Tim Steimle Carpenter

Lisa Klier Marketing Manager

Robert Patterson Properties

Luke Bandoske Digital Content Associate

Pat Donahue, Jr. Electrician

Christopher Dorsey Ticket Services Manager

Brad Friebolin Audio Engineer

Madison Jones Julian Otis Sarah Seo Ticket Sales Representatives CREATIVE ENGAGEMENT

Kristen Smiley Hansel Director of Creative Engagement


Bill Karcz Flyman Dale Kuypers Volunteer Usher Coordinator Frank Romeo Custodial Foreman Emeritus Marie A. Cali Theatre Manager Emeritus Bart Swindall Historian

38 | Joffrey Ballet

Pleas and D

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

2017–18 SEASON Ballet Nacional de Cuba


INTERNATIONAL DANCE SERIES Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo La Belle MARCH 3–4, 2018

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater MARCH 7–11, 2018

Ballet Nacional de Cuba Don Quixote MAY 18–20, 2018

Save 30% When You Subscribe! 312.341.2300

50 E Congress Pkwy | Chicago, IL


International Dance Sponsor

Student Matinee Sponsors

Official Hotel Partner

Official Magazine Sponsor

Please note: Artists, programs, and dates are subject to change. | Photo credits: Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo in La Belle, photo by Alice Blangero. | Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Rachael McLaren and Daniel Harder, photo by Andrew Eccles. | Ballet Nacional de Cuba’s Vingsay Valdés and Patricio Revé, photo by Nancy Reyes.


VIOLA Sally Chisholm Principal

ENGLISH HORN Erica Anderson

SCOTT SPECK Artistic Director

Daniel Golden Claudia Lasareff- Mironoff Benton Wedge

CLARINET Sergey Gutorov Principal

JAMES BERKENSTOCK Artistic Advisor THOMAS MANNING Board Chairman DONNA MILANOVICH Executive Director VIOLIN David Perry Concertmaster (12/1–12/23) Robert Hanford Concertmaster (12/24–12/30) Mathias Tacke Principal Second Violin Stephen Boe Jennifer Cappelli Injoo Choi Renée-Paule Gauthier Sheila Hanford Carmen Kassinger Dmitri Pogorelov Florentina Ramniceanu Rika Seko

Gene Collerd

PERCUSSION Michael Folker Principal Joel Cohen

CELLO Matthew Agnew Principal


Margaret Daly Larry Glazier

BASSOON John Gaudette Principal

BASS John Floeter Principal Jeremy Attanaseo FLUTE Janice McDonald Principal Jennifer Clippert Karin Ursin PICCOLO Karin Ursin OBOE Anne Bach Principal Erica Anderson

Matthew Hogan HORN Gregory Flint Principal Melanie Cottle TRUMPET David Inmon Principal Chris Hasselbring TROMBONE Reed Capshaw Principal BASS TROMBONE Mark Fry

For more information about our 28th Anniversary Season, please visit us online at:

40 | Joffrey Ballet

TIMPANI Robert Everson Principal

HARP Benjamin Melsky Principal CELESTA Grace Rose Kim Principal Kuang-Hao Huang MUSIC LIBRARIAN Paul Greitzer PERSONNEL MANAGER Terrell Pierce



ROBBINS aren’t the only influencers in Chicago... M AY

ella Cinder 11–2








| 1


Patrons of The Joffrey Ballet are an elite group of Chicago’s most committed and influential local entrepreneurs, business leaders, philanthropists and thought leaders... AND THEY ARE A MARKETER’S DREAM. To learn more about advertising in the Joffrey Ballet program books contact Bryan Dowling at 773-369-6247 or



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11/16/17 2:14 2:15 PM




Allied Live Chicago Loop Alliance The Silverman Group

Monica E. Rho, MD Maria Reese, MD Daniel Blatz, MD



Jennifer Janowski Kimberly Knerzer Katie Lemmon Catherine Mercurio Rachel Wise OFFICIAL HEALTH CLUB

Dentons Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd. Robert L. Mink Sidley Austin LLP Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP COSMETIC

Kryolan Professional Make-Up PHOTOGRAPHY

Cheryl Mann Productions Todd Rosenberg Photography VIDEOGRAPHY

Big Foot Media

The Joffrey Ballet would like to thank Kryolan for helping us to create vivid characters on stage and adding that extra sparkle to our performances. 2034 NORTH HALSTED l CHICAGO, IL l

42 | Joffrey Ballet

Jeraldine Mendoza in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.

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Lead generation is our specialty For information, contact Frank Sennett at 312-649-5278 or

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11/16/17 1:56 PM


ARTISTIC Gerard Charles Director of Artistic Operations/ Ballet Master Nicolas Blanc Ballet Master/Principal Coach Adam Blyde Suzanne Lopez Ballet Masters ACADEMY Karine Provost Academy Director Keesha Beckford Youth Division Liaison Sally Braybrooks Academy Associate and Social Media Coordinator Allie Deaver-Petchenik Administrative Assistant Karin Ellis-Wentz Head of Pre-Professional Programs Bridget Holmes Communications Coordinator Grace Kowalski Temporary Administrative Assistant Sarah Mazzulla Student Services Manager Raymond Rodriguez Head of Studio Company and Trainee Program Cara Scrementi Partnerships and Production Manager Kyle Seguin Pre-Professional Division Liaison

44 | Joffrey Ballet

ASHLEY WHEATER Artistic Director

GREG CAMERON Executive Director

Trish Strong Children’s Division Liaison


Annie Wright Temporary Student Services Administrator

Blair Baldwin Company Manager

Jordan Brown Molly Hillson Katarina Ivanovic Celina Wu Academy Receptionists COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Erica Lynette Edwards Director of Community Engagement Caitlyn Huynh Community Engagement Associate Elizabeth Salmonowicz Community Engagement Manager Evelyn Sanchez Michael Smith Community Engagement Program Coordinators Linda Swayze Community Engagement Program Supervisor

Louie Baxter Production Manager Gregg Benkovich First Assistant/Shoe Manager Erin Brown Artistic & Production Administrative Assistant Marybeth Cave Assistant Electrician Ellie Cotey Head of Wardrobe Jake Fine Lighting Supervisor Amanda Heuermann Stage Manager Steven Lange Head Carpenter Barbara Luchsinger Stitcher Gregg Moeller Properties Head George Paulin Sound Engineer Joe Principe Flyman Debra Schoell Lead Stitcher Katherine Selig Principal Stage Manager Kate Shattock Second Assistant Erin Tinsley Head Electrician





Sarai Hoffman Chief Development Officer

Kathleen Hechinger Deputy Director & Chief Financial Officer

Brian Smith Chief Marketing Officer

Clare Brody Assistant Director of Grants & Sponsorships

Aaron Glynn Database Analyst

Colene Byrd Director of Sales & Patron Services

Rose Dillon Development Associate

Paul Key Director of Technology

Vicki Crain Marketing Manager

Julia Doherty Director of Major Gifts

John Kurtz Director of Facility Operations

Matt de la Peña Director of Communications

Vince Firpo Associate Director of Donor Relations

Lakesha Kuye Senior Accountant

Sam Fain Group Sales Manager

Chelsea Robinson Manager of Events

Lauren Martin Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Sarah Fiala Marketing Director

Courtney Tan Women’s Board Coordinator

Terry McDonough Controller Abby Smith Administrative Assistant Amy Wicklund Director of Human Resources Erin Winkler Payroll & Accounts Payable Coordinator

Christina Grant Director of Audience Development Casey Peek Patron Services & Marketing Associate Allison Diamond Chelsea Dvorchak Fernando Fernandez Alisa Phillips Patron Services Associates MUSIC Scott Speck Music Director Grace Kim Michael Moricz Company Pianists

Joffrey Ballet | 45


The Nutcracker Jovial party guests, a handsome prince, cascading snowscapes — an epic dream. There is a reason why The Nutcracker endures as an annual holiday tradition, and for many young children, that initial impression is the beginning of a lifelong fascination with dance.

46 | Joffrey Ballet

Set renderings by Julian Crouch.


This year, the Joffrey shares the magic of The Nutcracker with 5,000 students from 70 schools across Chicago in two student matinee performances, a chance for students, teachers, and chaperones to witness the beauty of this beloved performance — and for many of them it will be their first exposure to ballet.





The Joffrey Ballet in The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann. Sketches by Artist Andrea Selby.

Joffrey Ballet | 47

Seeing the production is just the beginning for these young audiences. Christopher Wheeldon’s Nutcracker is ripe with educational content, and students and teachers will be given the tools to discuss the ballet. A curriculum has been created for educators and students featuring maps and other activities that highlight the historical context of the production. The curriculum weaves together Chicago’s storied history, immigration, and the sharing of cultural experiences at the 1893 World’s Fair. Students will also learn about the history of Tchaikovsky’s score and the origins of ballet in the court of Louis XIV. The Joffrey is deeply committed to making dance accessible to all. A key component of this mission is welcoming young audiences to the theater to expose them to the wonder, excitement, and power of the art form. For students at Nutcracker student matinees, their first impression of the ballet will open them up to all that is possible. They will leave with visions of themselves as dancers, historians, storytellers, or anything their imaginations can conjure.

48 | Joffrey Ballet


The Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Foundation Trustees of the Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Foundation believe in making art and education accessible to children everywhere. Through their generosity, 4,000 students, teachers, and chaperones from Chicago Public Schools will attend a Student Matinee performance free-of-charge and have access to educational materials to enhance their understanding and experience in the theater.


The Joffrey Ballet is grateful to Bank of America for generously sponsoring The Nutcracker Student Matinee Productions this season, providing opportunities for so many young Chicagoans to experience the excitement of a live performance.


Polk Bros. Foundation Polk Bros. Foundation saw the potential for educational enrichment after learning about the historic setting of Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. The Foundation’s foresight and generosity led to the development of specialized training for educators and curriculum for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.



COMMISSIONING SPONSORS Margot and Josef Lakonishok Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa

Mary Jo and Doug Basler Rosemarie and Dean Buntrock Sandy and Roger Deromedi Pamella Roland DeVos and Daniel DeVos Sonia Florian The Walter E. Heller Foundation Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University Bruce Sagan and Bette Cerf Hill Bill and Orli Staley Foundation Women’s Board of The Joffrey Ballet And the many “Believers” whose generosity brought this magical story to life.

Joffrey Ballet | 49



Modern Masters 2017–2018



50 | Joffrey Ballet

Featuring works by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Nicolas Blanc and Myles Thatcher

Midsummer Night’s Dream Choreography by Alexander Ekman Music by Mikael Karlsson



FACILITIES AND SERVICES EFROYMSON PATRON SERVICES CENTER is located in Aisle 1 of the main floor and is open throughout performances to assist patrons with any needs they may have.


CONCESSIONS are available throughout the theatre lobbies.


OUTSIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. For Joffrey performances, all purchased snacks must be consumed in the lobby. Only bottled water is allowed in the seating area.


RESTROOMS are located on the lower level and in the Baryl Family Lobby (third floor). Accessible restroom facilities are located in the southwest corner of the main lobby and on the third floor.


ACCESSIBILITY: The Auditorium Theatre is accessible to all patrons and fully complies with ADA requirements. Various levels of accommodations are available to patrons who require assisted listening devices, signed performances, or accessible seating. Additionally, our Efroymson Patron Services Center office, located in Aisle 1 of the main lobby, is open throughout performances to assist patrons with any needs they may have. For more information on accessibility, please call 312.341.2300.


PUBLIC TELEPHONES are located in Patron Services.


Please turn off all ELECTRONIC DEVICES that may ring, beep, vibrate, or otherwise produce a sound that may disrupt the performance. Electronic devices include mobile phones, pagers, and watches.


SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the theatre and within 25 feet of any entrance.


COAT CHECK is seasonal and located in the main floor lobby.


THE USE OF VIDEO, PHOTOGRAPHY, or any other recording devices is strictly prohibited in the theatre during performances.


THE AUDITORIUM THEATRE HAS A STRICT POLICY OF NO LATE SEATING. Patrons arriving after the performance begins, or leaving the seating area for any reason, will be seated in a designated section and may take their ticketed seats at intermission.


LOST AND FOUND: Found articles should be left with Patron Services located in Aisle 1 of the main lobby. To determine whether a personal article has been turned in to the Lost and Found, please call 312.341.2389. Any items lost or presumed stolen are not the responsibility of the Auditorium Theatre.


EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER during performances is 312.341.2389.


FIRE NOTICE: The exit indicated by a lighted sign nearest to your seat is the shortest route out of the theatre. In the event of a theatre evacuation, WALK TO THAT EXIT.


FIREARMS: In compliance with the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act, the Auditorium Theatre prohibits the carrying of weapons of any kind in the theatre and on theatre property.


Joffrey Ballet | 51

WORD SEARCH 52 | Joffrey Ballet














FUN FACTS INVENTIONS AND GADGETS THAT PREMIERED AT THE FAIR INCLUDE: • Ferris wheel • Spray paint • Moving walkway • Electric railway • Neon lights and the fluorescent light bulb • Vacuum cleaner • Electric dishwasher • Vaseline • The zipper

FOODS THAT MADE THEIR DEBUT: • Aunt Jemima pancakes • Cracker Jack popcorn • Cream of Wheat • Juicy Fruit gum • Vienna sausages

Joffrey Ballet | 53



Go Behind the Scenes on PBS! Check your local listings for dates and times. Making a New American Nutcracker is made possible through the generosity of The Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest, Illinois.

54 | Joffrey Ballet

The Joffrey Ballet in Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann.


THE NUTCRACKER CHILDREN’S CAST 2017 Ragamuffins/Rats Juliana Maia Apezzato Isabella Bales Rachel Dickinson Kaitlyn Gerrick Zoli Gottlieb Fenves Meika T. Haywood KJ Jacoby Emilie Sandoval Benedict Santos Schwegel Takuto Suzuki Lucas Tischler Hikaru Tsubota

Soldiers/Nutcrackers Isabella Maia Apezzato Payton Boddy Anna Creech Alyssia Duda Betsy Finley Jorja McNickles Kendyl Muhr Jillian Pfaff Jennivive Silva Mia Soderquist Hansen Ava Estelle Trandel Colleen Underriner

Worker Girls Aerin Sofia Abad Cecelia Buday Anna Chin Tori Coates Jane Kadlec Jessica Lancaster Isabella Josephine Libke Luella Nandra Zoe Russo AnaCecilia Grace Schildwachter Isabella Grace Shaker Viviana Smith

Cavalry Jessica Agbefe Angelina Cadetto Babette Caldwell Devon Cleary Loyan Ebba Gould Chloe Hernandez Claire Kellar Morgan Miller

Teen Worker Girls Ella Almer Paige Kingston Calla Norsman Emily Price

Walnuts Aerin Sofia Abad Kathleen Bowey Cecelia Buday Tori Coates Zoli Gottlieb Fenves Jane Kadlec Jessica Lancaster Luella Nandra Sophia Rose Puljic AnaCecilia Grace Schildwachter Isabele Joie Schuerman Isabella Grace Shaker

Junior Snowflakes Geneviève Demaret Ava Elliot Chloe Gavrilos Kamara I. Hackle Leela Kammula Jasmine Mullick Morgan Sirek Jocelyn Suastegui Little Snowflakes Cecilia Diaz Renz Abigail Egan Ava Jolie Fischer Giana Fresco Burciaga Isabella Garcia Jillian Kadlec Pia Larkin Talia Lee Inaya Lian Abdul Malik Isabella Merritt Leilani Mojica Mia M. Morris Liv Nandra Mia Carina Prado Skylar Raphael Yuria Tsuchiya Roebke Aurelia Ava Sebastian Clara Schlachter Ganga Singh Pfifer Spruill Kailiana Stanczak Savannah Streiff AnaKaterina Cosette Sweis Niza Casali Torres Franz Bennett Parker Dylan Sengpiel

Joffrey Ballet | 55






Ashley Wheater, Artistic Director Karine Provost, Academy Director Greg Cameron, Executive Director




William Blair with Joffrey Board Member Rita Spitz

Winning Works Performance Image: Todd Rosenberg | Telmo Moreira: Michael Cairns | Omar Román De Jesús: Annette Navarro | Claudia Schreier: Unknown Luis Vazquez: Morna Freitas Photography

56 | Joffrey Ballet




American Ballet Theatre

Celebrate the Harris


Her Notes choreography by Jessica Lang Other Dances choreography by Jerome Robbins Thirteen Diversions choreography by Christopher Wheeldon

A special one-hour performance designed to introduce young audiences to the magic and beauty of dance. Features childfriendly highlights from the Company’s vast repertoire.

2018 Gala February 21 / 6:00PM

Exelon Family Series February 24 / 2:00PM

Program A

Program B

Songs of Bukovina choreography by Alexei Ratmansky The Leaves Are Fading Pas de Deux choreography by Antony Tudor Don Quixote Grand Pas de Deux choreography by Marius Petipa Thirteen Diversions choreography by Christopher Wheeldon

Her Notes choreography by Jessica Lang Other Dances choreography by Jerome Robbins Serenade After Plato’s Symposium choreography by Alexei Ratmansky I Feel the Earth Move choreography by Benjamin Millepied

February 22 / 7:30PM February 24 / 7:30PM

February 23 / 7:30PM February 25 / 2:00PM

312.334.7777 | 205 East Randolph Drive The Harris Family Foundation, Caryn and King Harris Dance Residency Fund


Jack and Sandra Guthman


Engagement Lead Sponsor

Resident Company Collaboration Sponsor

Engagement Presenting Sponsor

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Christine and Glenn Kelly


Opening Night Sponsor

Elizabeth Yntema and Mark Ferguson

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11/16/17 2:01 PM

For all acts of life.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is proud to support the arts throughout Chicago and is honored to sponsor The Joffrey Ballet and their performance of The Nutcracker. Photo credit: The Joffrey Ballet in Christopher Wheeldon’s The Nutcracker. Photo by Cheryl Mann. A Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

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11/15/17 1:54 4:49PM PM 11/16/17

The Nutcracker Program Book  

View a digital edition of our program book for The Nutcracker with synopsis, ballet notes, bios and more.

The Nutcracker Program Book  

View a digital edition of our program book for The Nutcracker with synopsis, ballet notes, bios and more.