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June 4- June 10, 2009

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Habitat Grayco house keys to be presented Sunday see page 2

Randy Wall named next headmaster at Beaufort Academy by John C. Williams

Dr. Randy Wall, a leading longtime educator in Beaufort County and Tennessee, will be Beaufort Academy’s headmaster starting in July, the BA Board of Trustees announced this week. Wall’s background includes being principal at Lady’s Island Middle from 1990-2001 as well as principal at Beaufort Middle and Whale Branch Middle. He helped organize and found the Humanities School of Beaufort. He is known for innovative leadership, inspiring his faculty and for working closely with the community to expand the walls of the classroom into the rich, local community. Wall succeeds Timothy Johnston, who earlier this spring announced his resignation as BA’s headmaster to pursue other opportunities. “We are very excited to make this announcement,” said Herb Gray, who took over the position as Chairman of the BA Board of Directors in February. “The opportunity to have someone so highly respected in the community to guide the learning of our children is more than we ever anticipated when the search began. His (Wall’s) vision fits closely with the ideals of the Board as a group, and with the aspirations of each board member individually. Beaufort is going to witness a new focus at the school and a new presence in the community.” Wall’s strengths include curriculum development and strategic planning, both critical functions as BA looks to the future. During the past three years with the Beaufort County School District, Wall has also been involved at the highest levels with matters of personnel, public relations and governance. Wall, who received his Doctorate of Education in School Leadership from Vanderbilt University, began his career in the Chattanooga, TN, public schools before coming to Beaufort County in 1990. He has served as high school English teacher, junior high assistant principal, middle school principal, assistant superintendent of schools, and academic improvement officer. “I think the Board of Trustees, parents, and staff members

want to see renewed focus on academics and want the school to make a stronger overall contribution to the community,” Wall said. “We want to work together with the Beaufort Academy community to take our place in the continuum of educational opportunities and choices available in Beaufort County. We cannot serve best by offering everything found in other areas of the educational arena. Rather, we will best serve the community by providing excellence in academics as our first and foremost priority. Such is the hallmark of BA,” he said. Wall and his wife, Naomi, live on Cat Island. Prior to moving to Beaufort County in the 1980s, Wall worked in schools in Chattanooga, Tenn. He was Teacher of the Year in 1978 at Kirkman Technical High School in Chattanooga where he was chairman of the English Department. “During all my work in helping to place headmasters, I am not sure I have seen a better fit than this,” said Jim Marks, member of the Beaufort Academy executive board and facilitator of the headmaster search. “We asked Dr. Wall to meet with a wide variety of stakeholders in a variety of venues in recent weeks. In each case his knowledge, focus, and commitment to empowering adults and educating children has resonated with the audience. We are sincerely confident his transition from public to private education will be easy and that the former will complement the latter,” Marks said.

Ken Dickman

Coosa Elem staff battles fifth graders in annual softball game It’s a rite of spring – just before fifth grade “graduation,” the kids take on the Coosa Elementary staff in a game of good-spirited softball. Ken Dickman, who will teach fifth grade at Lady’s Island Intermediate School next year, took the mound for the staff. Team teachers Ann Lentz and Amy Trask showed their teamwork on the field as well, with Mrs. Trask running for Mrs. Lentz.

Wall holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and American Language and Literature from the University of Tennessee; a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership, also from UT; and earned his doctorate in School Leadership from the George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. First established in 1965, Beaufort Academy serves students ranging from three-year-old pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The school is still located on its original campus on Sams Point Road on Lady’s Island.




Women catch fish

Feronica Williams

Young musicians




News Rex hopes federal judge’s ruling will Habitat house lead to faster decisions on stimulus suits keys to be State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex expressed hope Monday that returning two lawsuits to the South Carolina Supreme Court would lead to a faster resolution of issues surrounding federal stabilization funds opposed by Governor Mark Sanford. Although Sanford had wanted both state lawsuits moved to federal court, U.S. District Court Judge Joe Anderson this week remanded both to the state Supreme Court, where they were originally filed. Anderson retained jurisdiction over a third lawsuit filed by Sanford in federal court, although he isn’t likely to hear that case until the state’s top court makes a decision on one or both of the two state cases. The Supreme Court said that it would hear oral arguments Wednesday morning, and Sanford told news reporters that he would not appeal a ruling that he anticipates will go against him. “It’s gratifying to hear that the governor doesn’t plan to delay a resolution by filing an appeal,” Rex said. “We need to resolve this fiasco in a way that doesn’t hurt kids. Every other state and governor is getting this done, and we need to get it done here, too.” Rex has completed and signed South Carolina’s application, which now requires only Sanford’s signature. If that should occur, Rex said the federal funds could be made available in two to three weeks.

“At this point, every day counts,” Rex said. “The deadline to apply is July 1, which also is the first day of the new fiscal year. Many school districts have put their budget processes on hold because they don’t know how many positions they’ll be able to afford. But if they know the money is coming, they won’t have to eliminate as many positions. They can avoid their worst-case scenarios.” A South Carolina Department of Education survey of school districts indicated that about 2,600 jobs, including 1,500 classroom teaching positions, will be eliminated next year unless the state receives the first half of stabilization funds. If South Carolina draws down the money, an estimated 700 jobs could be saved, including 500 teaching positions. South Carolina schools have been hit with nearly $400 million in cuts this year, and absorbing those midyear reductions has left many districts with few alternatives except to consider cuts to their most important assets – their classroom teaching positions. Eighty to 90 percent of a typical school district’s budget is salaries, with most of those salaries going to classroom teachers. At stake in the court battle is $700 million in federal stabilization funds that Sanford has refused to draw down unless the General Assembly agrees to devote an equivalent amount of money to reducing state debt. The White House Office of Management and Budget has twice told Sanford that such a move would violate the intent of the federal stimulus law.

presented Sunday

Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity will hold a site dedication ceremony for the recently completed Grayco House on Sunday at 3 pm at the corner of Prince and Hamar Streets in downtown Beaufort. Keys to the home will be presented to homeowner Roberta Peterson. The site dedication ceremony will include a short musical performance and remarks by representatives from Peterson’s church. In addition to donating the funds to pay for the construction of the home, Grayco owners and employees also served as volunteer workers on the building project. The home is the 29th built by Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity since its inception in 1990. Construction began with a site blessing and wall-raising on December 13, 2008 and marks the fourth of five homes to be built on the Prince and Hamar site.

Straight Talk Port Royal and Beaufort ‘Stimulus Package’ The Port of Port Royal was closed in 2004 because of the ports lack of competitiveness with the nearby Port of Charleston. The property by law had to be sold no later than December 31, 2006. Is the state ports authority now breaking the law? The port has not been sold and there seems to be no hurry. The loss in tax revenue (no development, just the sale alone at their asking price) is $415,530 per year, so more than $1.2 million in taxes for the town, school district, and county have been lost. The ports property is currently not on the tax rolls because of its status as a state owned property. What is the hurry of the ports authority? NONE. Potentially after build out, Beaufort County will have an annual return on taxes of approximately $2,230,689 (2008 mileage) of which the town would receive $648,900, of tax revenue along with $648,900 of other revenue according to Randall Gross Development Economics. The school district will receive $1,200,465. What does this mean? Potential reduction of taxes, benefits to schools along with potential for 500 jobs. At a time when local governments are having shortfalls and cutting services, why would someone step to the plate and push for the Port to be sold or give it the town to be developed. Jeff Pinckney St. Helena Island 2

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Truesdale named S.C. Superintendent of the Year Following the tradition established by Herman Gaither four years ago, Beaufort County School District Superintendent Valerie Truesdale is South Carolina’s Superintendent of the Year for 2009. She was selected by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA). Truesdale will represent South Carolina in the National Superintendent of the Year competition. Truesdale, a long time member of SCASA, has been superintendent of Beaufort County’s public schools since July 2007 and currently makes more than $200,000 annually plus benefits. Gaither earned the honor as South Carolina’s Superintendent of the Year in 2005 after 44 years working in education in Beaufort County. He retired the following year and was earning about $125,000. “Dr. Truesdale is a proven leader who has received numerous national honors for her instructional programs and strategic improvements in the districts she has served. We are honored to have her represent our fine cadre of school leaders in the Palmetto State,” said Molly Spearman, executive director of SCASA, said. The National Superintendent of the Year program, established in 1988 and co-sponsored by ARAMARK Education, honors school administrators based on leadership for learning, communication skills, professionalism, and community involvement. The 50 state Superintendents of the Year, as well as the four national finalists and the National Superintendent of the Year, are recognized at the American Association of School Administrators National Conference. Finalists receive cash awards and medallions. The National Superintendent of the Year presents a $10,000 scholarship to a deserving student from his or her high school alma mater.

News News

A closer look at impact fees on Lady’s Island Courtesy LIBPA Newsletter

Senator Tom Davis recently raised the question of imposing an additional impact fee (other than for transportation, parks and libraries) on new homes in Beaufort County as a way to help pay for the construction of new schools. The question of imposing a fee on each new home and in some cases commercial construction always elicits strong feelings, both positive and negative. In 1999, when impact fees were first imposed in Beaufort County, it was a controversial step designed to shift some of the financial load of providing infrastructure for new growth from the general taxpayer to the new home owner. It must be remembered that once collected, the law requires that impact fees can only be used for infrastructure projects that are needed as a result of the new construction. The Beaufort County impact fees, which have been in existence since 1999, have been collected to help (not totally fund but just help) pay for parks, roads and libraries. Following is a look at the impact fees collected in the county during the period November 1999 through June 30, 2008, how much has been spent, how much is left and the amount that came from Lady’s Island. Parks and Leisure Services (PALS): The County has collected about $8 million in impact fees for parks, spent about $4.5 million and has an available balance of $3.8 million. On Lady’s Island we have collected $542,618 in park impact fees and $2,188 of that amount has been spent on a study for Crystal Lake Park. With the development of Crystal Lake into a passive park and the property on Springfield Road scheduled to be developed into an active park. it is not difficult to see that we on Lady’s Island will receive more than we have contributed in park impact fees. Roads: The County has collected $19 million, spent $16 million and has $3 million as a remaining balance. Road impact fees are identified as coming from 3 areas (1) Northern Beaufort county, (2) Bluffton and (3) Hilton Head/Daufuskie. Northern

Beaufort County collected $3 million, spent $1.5 million and has $1.5 million in reserve. From a strictly local viewpoint, the Lady’s Island Drive/Sea Island Parkway Connector Road project, which is under design, will cost in the vicinity of $6 - $10 million and if approved is scheduled to be paid for from impact fees. The traffic improvements scheduled for the intersection of Sams Point Road and Holly Hall/Brickyard are also scheduled to receive impact fees. Libraries: The County along with the Towns of Bluffton and Hilton Head has collected $10 million in library impact fees of which $6.4 million has been spent leaving a reserve of $4 million. The Town of Port Royal and City of Beaufort have, to date, declined to collect the $533/house library impact fee. The Town of Bluffton was the driving financial force in regard to library impact fees in that of the total $10 million collected for library fees, $8 million came from Bluffton and $6 million was spent on a new Bluffton Library. North of the Broad River we collected about $1.6 million in library impact fees ($940,000 coming from the Lady’s Island/St. Helena area) and have spent only $42,000 on library related projects. If a new library is built on St. Helena at a cost of approximately $6 million obviously impact fees collected from the 2 islands cannot pay for it. Lady’s Island, as the fastest growing area in northern Beaufort County, has contributed a significant amount of impact fees and will receive very generous support from these fees. This highlights why it is unfair and impractical to base support or opposition to impact fees strictly on the basis of “what is in it for me or my area” or “if the money comes from my area I want every dollar to return to my area.” If the allocation of impact fee funds is based only on where they originate, most of the impact dollars will remain south of the Broad River. As a practical matter, the decision as to where impact fees are to be utilized should be based strictly on justified and demonstrated need.

The Island News 5

News An Island for all Seasons Historic Verdier House earns new roof grant but needs matching funds Historic Beaufort Foundation received a $28,500 Federal Historic Preservation matching grant by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History for the replacement of roof of the Verdier House. The 205-year-old Bay Street structure, owned and operated by the Foundation, is the only historic house in Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark District that is open to the public year round. Replacement of the current roof, which was installed in 1980, is a critical phase of the ongoing exterior restoration of the structure. In 2008, siding was repaired and the exterior repainted based on the colors that were applied to the structure in the 1850s. Installation of hand-built custom shutters that were designed based on historic photographs of the house was completed this month.  These shutters are designed and built to last for decades.  This work was supported by over $90,000 in contributions by members of the Historic Foundation in 2007 and 2008. The Foundation now must raise an additional $28,500 in matching funds to receive the federal grant to replace the current wood shingle roof. 

Park University announces winner of military family scholarship Sonia F. Evans won the 2009-2010 academic year Park University Military Family Scholarship based on her academic achievement and extracurricular activities. She is a social psychology major at the Beaufort Campus Center.


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News TCL’s Lowcountry Small Business Hub honors its first FastTrac graduates TCL’s Lowcountry Small Business Hub and FastTrac SC graduated their first class of students last month. Eleven students completed the ten-week class facilitated by Harriett Hilton, Dean of TCL Continuing Education and Workforce Development; Frank Marcinkoski, FastTrac Job Coach; and D’Jaris Moore, Lowcountry Small Business Hub Director. The 11 students completing the class were David Adams, Barrett Collins, Anna Edwards, Brenda Hood, Augie Martinez, Cindy Petitt, Tracy Pringle, Stephanie Stephens, Marie Tate, and Judy and Jackie Flanagan. New or potential businesses represented in the graduating class include executive job coaching, translation services, computer networking services, decorative outside lighting installation, guest quarters rentals, wine manufacturing, jewelry box designs, gourmet candy production, bookkeeping and administrative services, and senior insurance and elderly care assistance. These graduates completed the FastTrac NewVenture program, which offers essential business information to help participants develop their entrepreneurial skills and build their businesses on a stronger foundation. FastTrac offers non-traditional, experiential learning with hands-on coaching sessions and opportunities to network and learn from peers as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who work with start-up businesses. Judith Moore, CEO of Charleston Cookie Company, shared her business success story with the class at graduation. Two FastTrac GrowthVenture classes began in May, one at the TCL New River campus and one in Walterboro. These sessions will assist existing businesses that are looking for solutions to maintain and/or expand their businesses in the current economy. For more information about FastTrac or to participate in future classes, please contact Harriett Hilton at 525.8385. What is the small business hub? Last year, TCL received a $90,000 grant from USDA Rural Development to establish a Lowcountry Rural Business Hub. The program targets entrepreneurs in rural Beaufort, Colleton, Hampton and Jasper Counties. Clients have free access to business advising, clerical assistance, technical equipment and networking opportunities with other successful entrepreneurs. The Hub is currently operating out of the TCL New River Campus but is planning to open an office in Ridgeland in June. For details, visit or contact Project Director D’Jaris Moore at 470.6023 or

Will Lady’s Island ever have its own library?

Courtesy LIBPA Newsletter

The simple answer to the question of Lady’s Island having its own library is that such a thing is possible -- but not in the near future. Libraries are built based on the Beaufort County Library Master Facilities Plan. This plan lists the recommended order in which new libraries should be built or existing libraries renovated. It is evaluated annually by the Beaufort County Library Board of Trustees and forwarded to Beaufort County for inclusion as part of the county Capital Improvements Plan. In Beaufort County, libraries and their operation is a function of county government and as such must compete for tax dollars with other areas requiring funding. County Council, as part of the budget process, is charged with making the final decision regarding allocation of funds. The next new library to be built in Beaufort County will be on St. Helena and is on the path to actual construction. As to cost, the new 25,000 square foot library is estimated to cost $7.5 million and if expanded to 35,000 square feet in size to accommodate a Sea Island Research area the price tag is projected to rise to $10 million. Following is the present prioritized list of projects showing location, size and estimated cost for construction of new libraries or renovation of existing ones. - Burton, 28,000 square feet, estimated cost $7.2 million - Renovation of Hilton Head library, 42,000 square feet, estimated cost $10.7 million - Renovation of City of Beaufort Branch library, estimated cost $4 million - Lady’s Island, 25,000 square feet, estimated cost $6.4 million (land not included) - Bluffton, two new 29,000 square foot libraries at an estimated cost of $8 million each plus another $1 million for renovation of the existing library. - Lobeco, renovation/expansion of the existing library, estimated cost $2 million. As can be seen from the above list, Lady’s Island is fourth in line for a library and money for new libraries is anticipated to be in very limited supply for the next few years. So the answer to the question of a new library for Lady’s Island is probably not for a few years.

Beaufort bonnet company makes a splash with online sales If Americans didn’t already know Beaufort from the movies, they’re now discovering it from a simpler source -- a baby bonnet with Lowountry roots and a modern twist that’s being sold online. Just a few weeks out of the gate with their classic baby bonnets and hats, Susu & John, a Web-based company started by longtime local Mary Patrick and her daughter Janie McQueen, has taken orders from Seattle, New York, Atlanta, California, Kansas, D.C.—and Beaufort, of course. The Original Beaufort Button Bonnet is custom made, based on a handmade heirloom pattern Patrick was given when her daughter was a baby. The pretty but practical bonnet has a unique, soon to be patented feature—the crown buttons on, so you can switch out different crowns

Cash For Gold

and brims to create different looks. “Our baby bonnet combines traditional with a fun, upbeat look,” says Patrick, an expert seamstress who personally makes or oversees the quality of each bonnet and hat. “For instance, a bold print looks smashing with gingham.” Susu & John—named after McQueen’s six-month-old twins—is continually adding new fabrics that complement the existing ones. “You can virtually have a new baby bonnet for every day,” Patrick said. The bonnet is machine washable and can be worn by ages 5 months to 18 months. Susu & John also makes a sporty boy’s (or girl’s) hat, the Beaufort Button Bucke. All can be ordered online at www. The Island News


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June 8 - June 12

School News Beaufort Academy Headmaster: Tim Johnston

Beaufort Academy 8th grade graduation

Elementary Schools

BOYS Front Row (L-R) Charles Sanford, Tommy Fang, Connor Anderson, Kyle Brooks, Griffin Trau Middle Row (L-R) Andrew Gray, Lee Rentz, Michael Babalis, Brogan Ferry, Charlie Humphries, Riley Blocker Back Row (L-R) Conner Akers, Lawton Harper, Preston Suber, Finn Koppernaes, Kyron Beale, Zach Newton

June 8 Manager’s Choice Vegetables Fruit Milk June 9 Manager’s Choice Vegetables Fruit Milk June 10 Manager’s Choice Vegetables Fruit Milk June 11 Manager’s Choice Vegetables Fruit Milk June 12 Manager’s Choice Vegetables Fruit Milk

GIRLS Front Row (L-R) Alondra Rodriguez, Mary Catherine Carmody, Katelyn Nickles, Taylor Ernestine Middle Row (L-R) Anndrea Thomas, Addie Everidge, Grace Stewart, Kelsey Butler, Allison Blake, Hope Keane, Alexis LaForce Back Row (L-R) Laura Roddey, Anna Thompson, Libby Malinowski, Kelsey Jester, Megan DeBardelaben, Charlotte Delfosse, Carly Smyth, Carly Nunamaker Missing... Anabelle Nuelle, Emily Hutchins

8th GRADE CLASS VALEDICTORIES (L-R) Riley Blocker, Kelsey Butler, Conner Akers

Beaufort Middle Lady’s Island Middle Beaufort High June 8 Manager Choice Vegetable Fruit Milk June 9 Manager Choice Vegetable Fruit Milk June10 Manager Choice Vegetable Fruit Milk June 11 Manager Choice Vegetable Fruit Milk June 12 Manager Choice Vegetable Fruit Milk

The valedictorian of the 8th Grade class at BA must maintain a 4.0 grade average for their 7th and 8th grade school year’s at BA. This year there were 3 Valedictories.

Beaufort Middle Principal: Carole Ingram

Most Valuable players for BMS this year [Criteria that coaches use to select most valuable players, Leadership, impact of their performance on the success of the entire team, consistency throughout the season, and individual statistics as they relate to their particular sport]. Football: Mike Rentz (7th); Zach Brown (8th) Volleyball: Olivia Durbin (7th); Amber Moloney (8th) Cheerleading: Taylor Lawson (7th); Blaque Blackmon (8th) Girls Basketball: Regina Bolden (7th); Jordan Fields (8th) Boys Basketball: Ty Allen (7th); JaClay Mixon (8th) Girls Track: Ashley Scott (7th); Tiffany Robinson (8th) Boys Track: Jonathan Hill (7th); JaClay Mixon (8th) Softball: Jenny Mullins (7th); Jordie Promislow (8th) Baseball: Ben Vaigneur (7th); Alex Silon (8th) Scholar athletes from BMS for this year [Criteria for Scholar Athlete = these students have the highest averages of all athletes on the team and have been on the honor roll; as information also, 43% of our student athletes were on the honor roll for first quarter; 42% for 2nd quarter; and 59% for 3rd quarter.]


The Island News

Jordie Promislow, Olivia Durbin, Kayla Pope – Volleyball; Kate Samuel and Molly Clark – Cheerleading; Nathan McConnell – Football; Ashley Scott, Nathan McConnell, Tina Kwok, Jackson Koch – Basketball; Hunter Adkins, Zach Brown, Alex Silon – Baseball; Megan Cieplowski, Kayla Pope, Gabby Maynard – Softball; Nathan McConnell, Mitchell Nestler, Parker Bates, Zoe Adkins – Track. [Criteria for Scholar Athlete = these students have the highest averages of all athletes on the team and have been on the honor roll; as information also, 43% of our student athletes were on the honor roll for first quarter; 42% for 2nd quarter; and 59% for 3rd quarter.]

Inducted to National Junior Honor Society May 29th [Criteria for selection – 94 average, faculty recommendation in areas of Leadership, Service, Character, Citizenship; completion of application form] Zoe Adkins, Pat Balmediano, Madison Berry, Camille Bibb, Katlyn Brink, Sara-Jo Christensen, Megan Cieplowski, Molly Clark, Courtney Coxwell, Shelby Duncan, Olivia Durbin, Nicole Ferrell, Hunter Furman, Jacob Harris, Natassha Holmes, Kelsey Kelnhofer, Reilly Kilpatrick, Gabrielle Maynard, Nathan McConnell, Emanie McGhee, Brady McKenzie, Jonah Miller, Shelby Morris, Justice Mullen, Jennifer Mullins, Jessa Norton, Kayla Pope, Megan Potter, James Rider, Kristen Rowell, Katherine Samuel, Ashley Scott, Hannah Stanton, Austen Stoddard, Lilianne Walker, Erin Witt.

SCHOOL NEWS Lady’s Island Middle Principal: Terry G. Bennett

Here is some important information concerning related arts: 5th & 6th Grade: If you are child is interested in Strings, they will have an opportunity to participate next year at LIIS before school. Strings will be held two days (Monday and Tuesday) before school 7:30-8:25. They will sign up the first week of school and an informational meeting will be held during that first week of school. 6th Grade: If your child in interested in Band, they will have an opportunity to participate next year at LIIS before school. Band will be held two days (Wednesday and Thursday) before school 7:30 -8:25. They will sign up the first week of school and an informational meeting will be held during the first week of school. 7th Grade: Students will have the opportunity to participate in Band and Strings year long. All other offerings will be for a semester. Soon the students will select the related arts they are interested in. The semester long classes will be Dance, Chorus, Media Arts, Spanish, PE, Gateway to Technology, Computer Lab, and Art. Some students in need of interventions will be placed automatically in the Computer lab class and will use the Compass Learning software program. 8th Grade: Students will have the opportunity to participate in Spanish I. This will be a high school credit course. Students will be selected based on past performance. The Spanish One class will be a year long class and will require time in the computer lab with the Rosetta Stone software. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Band and Strings year long as well. Soon the students will select the related arts they are interested in. The semester long classes will be Dance, Chorus, Media Arts, Spanish, PE, Gateway to Technology, Computer Lab, and Art. Some students in need of interventions will be placed automatically in the Computer lab class and will use the Compass Learning software program.

Caitlin Howe crowned Miss Beaufort High 2009-2010 My daughter, Caitlin Howe was recently crowned Miss Beaufort High 2009-2010. Caitlin not only won the title of Miss Beaufort High but also won Miss Congeniality and the Talent portion of the pageant. Beaufort High has never has one contestant win all three titles in the history of this pageant. Caitlin loves fashion and for her talent she put on a fashion show of her work. She made her prom dress which she modeled and she had her sisters (Megan & Erin) model the rest of her clothing line. Caitlin has named her clothing line, “Designs by Little” because her sisters have given her the nickname of “Little”(she’s the youngest of three daughters). Caitlin Howe is the youngest daughter of Mary Thibault and Steven Howe. Caitlin has two older sisters that inspire her to do well. She is very close to her family to include her extended family. Her stepfather is Eric Thibault. At Beaufort High School,

Caitlin meets the challenges of Advanced Placement and Honors classes. She is a member of the Spanish Honor Society. She is also a serious runner and serves as captain of the girl’s cross country team. Her latest recognition includes placing 8th in the region. Caitlin enjoys giving to her community. She is currently serving her second year as a Water Festival Pirette. She also assists in the activities as St. Peter’s Catholic Church. Caitlin has a true love for fashion. She won first place in the Carolina Hospice Designer Challenge. Caitlin’s experience through the Design Challenge gave her the opportunity to work with local designer, Brenda Black. Mrs. Black inspires Caitlin to fulfill her dream of fashion. After high school, Caitlin wants to attend Savannah College of Art and Design to major in fashion marketing and management. With a marketing degree, Caitlin wishes to become a fashion coordinator.

Stackapalooza trophy goes to Lady’s Island Elementary – again! On May 26 in Bluffton, Lady’s Island Elementary School won the Beaufort County School District’s STACKAPALOOZA Sport Stacking Meet for the third year in a row. Mossy Oaks Elementary took second place and Bluffton Elementary was third. Lady’s Island Stacking won all medals in all events. Logan Riley was the All

Around Champion for the third consecutive year. Results follow: 3-3-3 1st – Tommy Holloway 2.53 2nd – Anna Smith 2.58 3rd – Logan Riley 2.66 3-6-3 1st – Logan Riley 3.09 2nd – Tommy Holloway 3.15

3rd – Jack Quinn 3.69 Cycle 1st – Anna Smith 9.36 2nd – Logan Riley 9.43 3rd – Tommy Holloway 10.09 All Around 1st – Logan Riley 15.18 (New School Record) 2nd – Tommy Holloway 15.77 3rd – Anna Smith 16.69

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Birthday Parties

Sign up now! SUMMER CAMPS 55 Sams Pt. Road 524-0777 call for details June 8-12

• Digging for Dinosaurs (ages 2-6) • Lil’ Chef by the sea (ages 7-10)

15-19 • Lil’ Chef by the sea (ages 3-6)



• Dog Days of Summer (ages 2-6)


• Going Buggy (ages 2-6) • Lil’ Chef by the sea (ages 7-10)


• Lil’ Chef by the sea (ages 3-6)


• Lil’ Chef by the sea (ages 3-6)

August 3-7

• Shooting for the Stars (ages 2-6)

Also Available for Birthday Parties Preschool Registration for ‘09-’10 school year enrolling now. Call to reserve your spot. The Island News


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Sports took 2nd place in the fastpitch "Shoot Out" in Walterborro,SC on March 28-29. Surrendering only to the FIRE from Columbia, SC, the BOMBERS went 6-2.

� � � � �� ��

The Beaufort Bombers ...formerly South Carolina National Golf Club ...formerly JANUARY Golf Specials... South Carolina National Golf Club

...formerly Beaufort County Rate $34.95 South Carolina National Golf Club

JANUARY Golf 1:00pm Specials... $29.95 Twilight Rate AFTER

June Golf Specials:

JANUARY GolfSpecial Specials... Monday Madness 18 holes AFTER 1:00pm Twilight PLUS lunchRate (sandwich, chips & fountain drink)$34.95 for$29.95 $34.95 Beaufort County Rate Beaufort County Rate $44.95 Beaufort County Rate $34.95

Back row: Kelsey Kelnhofer, Gabby Maynard, Mari Cook, Michelle Brown, Ashley Brendlen, Shelby Banta, Allison Brendlen. Front: Molly Clark, Natalie Moore, Megan Cieplowski, and Emily Cook

Beaufort Broncos start play Saturday, announce schedule changes The Beaufort Broncos are tweaking their 2009 Schedule. The teams, players, and fans will all benefit from much shorter traveling distances and games against closer rivals, team officials said. Opponents will be from Jacksonville, FL, Brunswick and Augusta, GA, Columbia and Orangeburg, SC and Charlotte. The schedule can be viewed and printed at on the Broncos schedule page. The season opener against the Orangeburg area’s Palmetto State Spartans will be Saturday June 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Burton Wells Park. Gates will open at 5:30 p.m. and tailgaters are welcome! This will be Mini-Football Night with free Mini-Footballs for the first 50 children in the gate. Season tickets for all six home games and the postseason are $25, a savings of 40%. Regular admission is $6 for adults and $2 for kids over five. The Beaufort Broncos are still seeking additional players and coaches for the 2009 season. Internships are also available. It is $75 to join the team and interested prospects can contact Roger Barnes at 321-0140 or e-mail the team at


Monday Madness Special 18$39.95 holes Twilight RateAFTER after 2:00pm Two for Tuesdays - Beaufort County 1:00pm $29.95 Twilight Rate PLUS lunch (sandwich,AFTER chips & fountain drink) for $34.95 $39.95 Residents 2 can play 2:00pm for $34.95

Two for Tuesdays Monday Madness holes Beaufort County Residents --Special 2Beaufort can play 18 forCounty $61.95 Two for Tuesdays Thursdays Check the Temp PLUS lunch (sandwich, chips & fountain drink) for $34.95 Residents 2 can play for $34.95 $61.95 Thursdays - 9 temp HoleisScramble Whatever the at 9:00 PLUS Dinner $30.00 Two for Tuesdays - Beaufort County Thursdays Check the Temp is the rate for the day! Whatever the temp is at 9:00 Residents 2 can play for $34.95 is the rate for theTee-Times day! Call 524-0300 for Thursdays the - tax All rates are subject toCheck local sales andTemp admissions Call Whatever 524-0300 for Tee-Times the temp is at 9:00

All rates are subject to local sales and admissions tax

is the rate for the day!

Call 524-0300 for Tee-Times All rates are subject to local sales and admissions tax

For Sanctuary Membership Information For• Sanctuary Membership Information Golf Tennis • Swimming • Fitness • Events Golfplease • Tennis Swimming • Fitness • Events call• Peggy Hopkins 524-0300 please call Peggy Hopkins 524-0300

For Sanctuary Membership Information Athlete of the week Golf • Tennis • Swimming • Fitness • Events please callPredators Peggy Hopkins 524-0300 The Lowcountry

Beaufort High Eagle Tennis Camp

Staff: Coach David Riedmayer, members of Varsity Boys and Girls tennis teams Instructor to Player Ratio: 1:4, limit of 16 players per session. Dates: July 20-24 Sessions: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Beginners 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Intermediate 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. Advanced/Intermediate Cost: $70 for 10 hours of small group instruction plus tournament on last day of camp. Mail $70 to 207 Anchorage Drive Beaufort, SC, 29907 to hold your place. For more information, contact Coach Riedmayer at or 3210381.

Beaufort Junior Golf starts summer season The Beaufort Junior Golf Association enables youth ages 8-17 to learn the game of golf and to participate in age appropriate tournaments. Entrants must have demonstrated a basic understanding of the game of golf. The Junior Golf Association is open to all boys and girls ages 8 to 17; participants must be eight years old prior to June 1. The child’s age as of June 1, 2009 determines age for the entire BJGA tournament schedule. For more information call (843) 592-1530 or email at 10

The Island News

The Lowcountry Predators soccer team last weekend won a major tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, qualifying them for further play at Disneyworld in Orlando. For their outstanding play and determination, The Island News salutes the following as Athletes of the Week: Santee Rabon, James Fletcher, Coach Patrick Schmucker, Alex Martinez, Prescott Hendrick and David Seguine. The Athlete of the Week is brought to you by the following sponsors:


BUTLER 522-9696

Builders Owner Lady’s Island, Food Lion Plaza 524-8308

Scott Dennis 321-0944

The winner of the Athlete of the week will receive a free Medium Cheese Pizza from Upper Crust Pizza. To nominate next week’s Athlete of the Week, send your nomination to by Monday @ 5PM.


Who's got spirit? While most of us were resting and enjoying the Memorial Day holiday, the Lady's Island Middle School cheerleaders were hard at work with the UCA Cheer Staff in Charleston.

Soccer team wins 3v3 tourney in Jax

Bowling group awards scholarships

The Lowcountry Predators, coached by Patrick Shmucker, won the 7th Annual Jacksonville 3v3 Super Challenge recently. The win qualifies the boys to compete in the Southeastern Regionals and Nationals in Disneyworld in Orlando.

The Lowcountry USBC Association recently awarded scholarships of $750 each to two local bowling youths, Caitlin Brady and Donald Tillery, Jr., at the annual meeting held at the Lady's Island Country Club.

The Predators lost their first game, 6-1, then stormed back to win the rest of their games by scores of 7-5, 7-4. In the semi-finals the Predators faced the team they lost to initially and won 4-3, then took the championship game 6-4.

Car Seat Inspection Event Date: 06/13/2009 Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Location: Beaufort Plaza We will inspect your car seat for recalls and assist you in the proper installation of your car seat using certified car seat technicians. The inspection is free of charge and the public is encouraged to stop in.

drive your car seat and the child that is going to be sitting in it. We will be in the parking lot of Beaufort Plaza at Robert Smalls Parkway and Boundary Street Contact Info: Rusty Hollingsworth: Director BC EMS Phone: 843-525-4005 Email:

Beaufort County EMS and Kiwanis Club of Beaufort have teamed up with Low Country Safe Kids and to provide this Car Seat Inspection Event. Please bring the car you normally

The Island News


Lowcountry Social Diary Alvesta Robertson crowned ‘Queen of Old Commons’ historic neighborhood by Lanier Laney

Between Old Point and the Bluff neighborhoods lies the friendly Old Commons neighborhood in downtown Beaufort. At this year’s annual fish fry fundraiser, Alvesta Robertson was named ‘Queen’ with Nelle Smith as first runner-up and Michelle Smith as second runner-up. Neighborhood resident Terry Sweeney delighted the crowd as pageant host. Attendees danced the night away to the great music of the renowned local group The Foundation Band. The successful event raised money for historical markers to be placed in front of the circa 1849 Wesley United Methodist Church and the 1849 Berean Presbyterian Church (now USCB Art Studio). Additional monies will be used to stabilize the 130-year-old Sons of Beaufort Lodge, whose members did a great job doing the fish fry.

Monica Pennington, Robbie Morgan, Gina Zsark Queen of Old Commons Finalists (L-R) Alvest Robertson, Nelle Smith, Rebecca Davenport, Michelle Smith, Diane Hawkins

Special thanks goes to The Baptist Church of Beaufort which kindly provided its grassy Scott Street park for the event and to the members of the Old Common Neighborhood Association who worked so hard to pull the whole fun event together. Ellen Richardson & Hattie Ficklin

(L-R) Rita Smith, Geri Ceasar, Fredrica Cooper

(L-R) Alice Veasey & Dottie McDaniels John Turner, Robin Leverton, Charlotte Brown

Coastal Body Health Select

Honda Cars of Beaufort

2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible

2002 Cadillac Deville DHS 1209A One Owner

5456A $9,995

1996 Nissan Pathfinder

61,000 miles


2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1140A All service records 4x4 $4,990

Therapeutic massage deep tissue massage prenatal massage trigger point therapy reflexology pain management

Lecian Henry Licensed Massage Therapist

843.812.8958 NewPoint Corners (above Berry island) Lady’s Island 12

The Island News

2003 Ford Thunderbird Convertible

5423P Crew Cab $15,992

2006 Honda Pilot EX


Hard & Soft Hard & Tops Soft tops

1206B 55,000 $19,998

Like New 55,000 $21,600 $21,600

2007 Honda Fit Sport

2008 Honda Pilot SE 5397A

26,000 miles

Great Gas Saver $26,991


21,000 miles

Absolutely perfect $26,991


Lowcountry Social Diary Breakwater Restaurant: One Door Closes.... by Lanier Laney

After 8 successful years of serving Beaufort, the West St. location of Breakwater closed last Saturday night in preparation for it's move to Carteret St. and many of it's fans over the years stopped by to share happy memories and see old friends. Chef Gary Lang gave heartfelt thanks to everyone in Beaufort for their loyal patronage over the years and invited everyone to join him and the staff every Friday at the Firehouse during June and July. There, from 6 to 8, they will be serving the same great tapas, along with music and a wine tasting. Said Fripp Island real estate specialist Pat Dudley, " We all anxiously look forward to the new bigger, better, Breakwater". Here are some pics from the event:

Two of the restaurant’s biggest fans Pat Dudley and Jeff Peth

Milton Kelley, Walter Gay & Pam Tritschler

Martha Hatfield & Mayor Billy Keyserling

The Great Breakwater Staff

Chefs Beth Shaw and Gary Lang flank Beaufort’s favorite bartender Terry Gwin

Louise Hodges, Jamie Thompson, William Rhett & Alexis Love

Saundra Renee Smith (pictured) and Ligel L. Lambert of Savannah were accidently ommited from last weeks ‘Prominent Local Artists’

The Island News


Profile Feronica Williams, Lady’s Island Middle Teacher of the Year by John C. Williams

Feronica Williams is a giver. She gives information, she creates knowledge, she shares patience – but she still wishes she could give more. “If I had a magic wand, I would grant my students the opportunity to do and see the world – attend Shakespearian plays, hear an orchestra perform, stay at a five-star resort, watch an opera. Many of these things I have never done but I would love for them to have the opportunity to do these types of things,” she said recently. That’s one of the key reasons she is the Teacher of the Year for 2009-2010 at Lady’s Island Middle, where she teaches eighth grade English/Language Arts. Williams graduated from Battery Creek High School in 1994 and completed her undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education at the University of South Carolina – Aiken. She holds a Masters degree in Literacy and Curriculum Development from Lesley University and currently is working on her second Master’s degree in Educational Technology. “Feronica Williams’ strength as a teacher lies in her ability to garner the respect and admiration of all types of children,” said Lyn Dennis, the English/Language Arts coach at Lady’s Island Middle. “Her students want to work for her and they want to succeed for her. “In high school, Feronica had to hide her books on the bus so that the other kids would not tease her about wanting to study and wanting to learn. Today she is working on her second Master’s degree. She is a wonderful role model to students about the importance of education and where it can take you,” Dennis said. Williams came to teach in Beaufort County when Priscilla Drake and Dr. Randy Wall hired her to teach Language Arts to sixth and eighth graders at the Humanities School of Beaufort, which eventually evolved into the core of Beaufort Middle School. “I was a little skeptical because I really wanted to teach high school (students). But I fell in love with middle school … This year the school has so many things to celebrate, but I was most impressed with the efforts of our administration to give us opportunities to work together, share ideas, look and analyze data, and make decisions based on what’s best for the individual student,” Williams said. Her principal, Terry Bennett, said she makes a difference every day at Lady’s Island Middle. “Feronica Williams cares about each and every student. No matter if the student is taking honors English or regular English -- she wants them to be successful in what they do. She takes them where they come in and makes sure they all advance to their potential,” Bennett said. Williams take a long-term approach to her work. “The best thing about my job is that it affords me the opportunity to keep learning. I learn so much from my students and my peers,” Williams said. “Of course I love seeing my students succeed. I have been teaching long enough to see my students go to college, become teachers and nurses, construction workers, county workers, etc. “The greatest challenge I face is keeping the students motivated. They live in an ‘instant gratification’ world. They don’t always understand that understanding and learning take time and it’s OK if you don’t get it instantly. 14

The Island News

“I thank God that he has afforded me the opportunity to be a teacher,” she said. “I could not have done it without the love and support of my grandmother, who is now deceased, my mother and father, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers, and friends. My biggest motivations are my husband and my three beautiful daughters.” And as Feronica Williams stays motivated, the chances improve for her to share the magic wand of learning. If her students see a Shakespeare play, hear an opera or stay at a five-star resort, all the better. But rest assured, her students come away from her classes having received the gift of knowledge.

News Young musicians hit the right notes, earn scholarships The Beaufort Youth Orchestra performed at the Performing Arts Center on May 7 prior to the Beaufort Symphony Orchestra (BSO) performance. The 42 young musicians performed an arrangement of Rogers and Hammerstein’s Sound of Music. At the conclusion of the performance, the students received a standing ovation. The performance was to honor our public school Principals and music teachers who actively support the arts in our schools and community. Ed Like, the Beaufort Orchestra Board President acknowledged that without our public school string and band teachers Beaufort would not have a youth orchestra. The honorees in attendance were Carole Ingram Principal, Beaufort Middle School; Edmond Burnes, Principal Battery Creek High School; Denise Smith, Principal Robert Smalls Middle School; Joe Wargo, Strings teacher, Beaufort Middle School; and Margaret Rushton, BCSD Arts Coordinator. Greta Maddox, Beaufort Youth Orchestra parent liaison, presented private lesson

scholarships to the Beaufort Youth Orchestra members. The Beaufort Symphony Orchestra gives scholarships throughout the year for both private lessons and college to gifted and talented students. Through the work of the Beaufort Orchestra League and Outback Steakhouse, enough money was earned to help these students continue with private lessons through the summer.  All of these students have made impressive improvements in their skills during the course of this year. Student name Stephanie Royer Chandler O’Brien Daniella Royer Madison Maddox Jake Harris Jonathan Boulon William Spivey David Dietz Joye Crawford Bobby Semmler Ashton Wheeler Caleb Mixson John Nicholas Theresa Bishop Grace Glasson Alek Wagner

instrument violin II violin II violin II violin II violin I flute violin I violin viola trumpet flute violin I drums viola violin I piano

grade 4 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 10 10 11 12

Schools private school home schooled private school BMS BMS BMS private school home schooled RSMS BHS BHS home schooled home schooled BCHS BCHS home schooled

Two special college scholarships were given to students who will go on to study music in college.  Marc Fisher is attending Clemson University in the fall and James Fields will be attending Liberty University.  James has already auditioned and been accepted into their orchestra.  These two scholarships come from a long-time supporter, Mrs. Lee Stevenson.     In addition, the Orchestra has announced scholarships to the gifted and talented Sea Island School for the Arts (SISA) orchestra camp this summer, part of the Beaufort County School District under Margaret Rushton.  The Orchestra is able to offer this scholarship due to the generous donation from the Fripp Friends of Music organization. The following students were awarded scholarships to the summer arts program: Collette Kemmann, Allison Crandall and Tafari Salaam, from Beaufort Middle; and Chris Daigle and Dylan Yagle of Robert Smalls Middle.    SISA is a two week arts camp in July for the artistically gifted student. The “orchestra camp” will be taught this year by Fred Devyatkin, conductor for the Beaufort Symphony Orchestra. The students will spend two weeks with a professional conductor learning about music theory, intonation, sight reading, performance and appreciation.   For information on BYO or to make a contribution to the scholarship fund call Greta Maddox (BSO board member) at 476-1310.

The Animal Hospital of Beaufort

Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE & MEDICAL STAFFING • Boarding • Walk-Ins • Day Walkers • Pick Up and Take Home Services • Drop Offs • Grooming • Exercise Paddocks

C. Allen Henry, D.V.M.


2511 Boundary St. Only 20 min. from McGarvey’s Corner, The Sea Islands & or Yemassee

The Island News


LOCAL HAPPENINGS Summer camp for disabled kids needs donors, volunteers Yoga Chandra Center hosts Camp Treasurer Chest, a summer camp for children with special needs and developmental delays, has managed to survive state budget cuts through the Able organization’s sale of Christmas ornaments, but still needs volunteers and donations, according to Beaufort County Public Information Officer Suzanne Larson.

“Camp Treasure Chest serves children who can’t fit into any other camp situation and gives them a chance to have fun. But, due to the high level of care they require, staffing is intense and increased supervision is needed. We are also seeking cash donations and gift certificates in order to present ‘awards’ to our campers.”

Organizers with the Beaufort County Department of Disabilities and Special Needs hope interested people will sign up to assist the children during camp. Many of the young campers are wheelchair bound, blind, or mentally handicapped. Activities include music, tiedying, storytelling, safety awareness, crafts and bowling.

Wagner said the camp is not only an enrichment program for youngsters who have severe disabilities -- it also provides an annual respite for care-givers who have their hands full otherwise.

DSN Director Mitzi Wagner said the goal is to provide special children with a great summer camp experience.

The six-week program starts June 22 at Robert Smalls Middle School. For more information, call 470-6264. Those who wish to volunteer or donate should call 8462305.

Art contest open, focuses on ‘Earth Inspired’ theme

Sports News

Earth Inspired 2009, a juried art show to benefit the Coastal Conservation League, is seeking entries from artists of all-media for an exhibition at the USCB Gallery opening July 17, 2009.

The show is open to artists working in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia whose work focuses on the theme of the natural world. All entries must be received by June 24, 2009 to be considered for the show. In addition to the honor of

being accepted by the jury, awards will be given for “Best in Show,” and “Honorable Mention.” All residents living in the Lowcountry benefit from the beauty and resources of its natural environment. As artists we gain additional inspiration from this spectacular landscape. Through Earth Inspired 2009, artists and the artwork they create will have a chance to show their support for an organization that is making great strides to protect the Lowcountry coastal plain and enhance the quality

of life in our communities. The accepted work will be on display from July 17, 2009-August 14, 2009, at the USCB Gallery, located in the Performing Arts Center, 801 Carteret Street in downtown Beaufort. For more information on the show or to download an entry form go to: http://earthinspired2009. Entry forms are also available for pick up at The Old Towne Coffeehaus in Port Royal and Grayco Hardware in Beaufort.



3rd ANNUAL ABLE FOUNDATION GOLF TOURNAMENT You can help make Camp Treasure Chest possible for our special needs children in Beaufort County. ALL proceeds from our ABLE Foundation Golf Tournament go towards support of this camp and special needs campers. Entry fee; $125 per person, $450 per team of 4. Includes 18 holes w/cart, refreshments, range balls, prizes and dinner.

Please make reservations by June 1. To register, mail your name, handicap, phone number and check payable to ABLE Foundation. Mail to ABLE, PO Box 129, Port Royal SC 29935 Or you may download a tournament registration form at For further information and details, contact ABLE at 470-6300 or email To learn more about volunteering and helping the Foundation, contact Ms. Wagner at the email listed.


DESIGN – INSTALLATION – MAINTENANCE We specialize in turning overgrown, bland properties into new, colorful, vibrant and functional landscapes.

1/2 off monthly maintenance fee for new landscape maintenance clients (to be redeemed following 3rd month of regular service)

Satisfied Lawn and Garden Customers...

“Reliable service, good customer relations, and quality landscaping are the hallmarks of Lawn Solutions. I have been very pleased with Lawn Solutions services for the past 5 years. I had lawn problems; Jim had “Lawn Solutions”. Judy Coxen, Lady’s Island LICENSED, INSurED, WOrkErS COMp

522-9578 • 16

The Island News

grand re-opening Friday Beaufort’s Yoga Chandra Center for the Healing Arts and Wellspring Massage Therapies, located in the Lady’s Island Marina, will host a grand re-opening celebration on Friday, June 5, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Guests will be invited to mingle with therapists and instructors over wine and cheese and take a tour of the new spaces, located on the second floor of the marina. In addition to various giveaways and complimentary chair massage, Yoga Chandra will provide guests with an intimate look at yoga through individual and partner demonstrations in a variety of yoga styles. “All of us at Yoga Chandra believe strongly in the principles and benefits of yoga and are thrilled to have a new studio for students to create and explore individual yoga experiences,” said Kim Nichols-Cech, Yoga Chandra Center director. In addition to offering Basic Yoga, Open Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Therapeutic and Meditation private and group classes, Yoga Chandra also offers Thai Yoga Therapy. Wellspring offers a wide variety of massage therapies. Nichols-Cech is a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist with more than 15 years of experience. Other instructors at Yoga Chandra include Marty Crocker, Kathy Folsom and Carrol Morrissey. Tabitha Horne, LMT, is the owner of Wellspring Massage Therapies. The Yoga Chandra Center offers a serene, supportive environment to explore yoga and/or massage as exercise, health care, stress or pain relief, expression and/or self awareness. For a schedule of classes, descriptions or for more information, visit or call 441.0766. Massage appointments can be made by calling Wellspring at 470.0836.




Memory Links Alzheimer golf Lady’s Island- Coosaw tournament coming to Fripp Point community yard sale The fourth annual Memory Links golf tournament to support a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is scheduled for Saturday, June 6, at Fripp Island’s Ocean Creek Course. The tournament, hosted by the Rotary Club of the Lowcountry, includes awards for longest drive, closest to the pin, team prizes and a hole-in-one contest. The $85 entry fee includes golf, cart, food and prizes. For more information, call 301-6858 or 322-2313.

Week of Champions set for June 15-19 The Week of Champions Christian-based sports clinic is scheduled for June 15-19. The daily sessions focus on different sports including football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis and cheerleading. The clinics are free and involve professional athletes. For more information, call Gary Wetherington at 7572150.

Children’s choir auditions LowCountry Children’s Chorus is now auditioning treble voices in Grades 4 and upwards for Fall Semester 2009. Please contact Dr. Melanie Williams for more info at or call 252-4104. Website:

Eight families are joining forces Saturday June 6 starting at 7:30 a.m. to sell artwork, furniture, bikes, collectibles and lots of good stuff. Look for balloons and signs for participating houses. From downtown Beaufort, cross over the Beaufort River to Lady’s Island and go one mile; turn left at Publix and follow Sam’s Point Road 5.5 miles to Coosaw Point.

Drag Me To Hell “PG13” Showing DAILY @ 2:05-4:05-7:05-9:05 Up “PG” Showing DAILY @ 2:00-4:15-7:00-9:00 The Hangover “R” Showing DAILY @ 2:05-4:05-7:05-9:05 Drag Me To Hell “PG13” Showing DAILY @ 2:05-4:05-7:05-9:05

You are invited to attend a luncheon on Thursday, June 18 from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m. in the Parish Hall of the Parish Church of St Helena, 507 Newcastle Street. Featured this month is Donna McLean with the Beaufort Women’s Center. Also appearing is Patches the Clown who will delight the ladies in the freedom of laughter as Patches comes alive. Special music will be provided by Scott Gibbs.

Night at the Museum “PG” Showing DAILY @ 2:00-4:15-7:00-9:15 Matinees: All Seats $4.00 Children 4-12 $4.00; Senior $6.00; Military $6.00; Adults $7.00 *Tuesday Discount Nite

The cost is $12. Reservations are required and must be in by June 12. Reservations details: 525-0618. Nursery is provided

BHS Class of ’79 to hold 30th reunion

Blue Crab U18 tryouts

Beaufort High School Class of 1979 will be holding their 30th- year high school reunion June 26-28, 2009.

Blue Crab United Soccer Club U18 Boys Challenge Team tryouts are set for this week, Thursday and Friday June 4-5, from 6 -- 8 p.m. at Burton Wells Park. Players must be born Aug. 1, 1991 or later. For more information please go to

37 Sams Point Road * 843 -524-2348

301 Carterett St. Beaufort, SC 29902



call for details!

Free child playgroups 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. Mon- Fri

Friday 6/05/09 Through Thursday 6/11/09 Boxoffice Opens DAILY @ 1:30 PM

“Calling All Women”

2 convenient locations


Plaza Stadium Theatre

More information and registration forms can be found at the class website or by contacting Chyrl Pierce Oenbrink at 207-1684 or

Curtain set to rise on 35th season of Beaufort Police Movie Club The Beaufort Police Department is getting ready to start registration for the 35th year of the movie club. The movie club provides an opportunity for children ages 5 -12 to join officers from the department for entertainment and safety education each Saturday morning from June 13-July 18.

Registration for the movie club will continue through June 12 from 3-6 p.m. at the Beaufort Police Department substation at 1205 Duke Street. Anyone with questions can contact Corporal Coley Hebrard at 322-7968 or Officer Othaniel Hatchett at 322-7974.

Club members will meet at the Plaza 8 theaters from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. each Saturday. There will be a brief presentation on a safety topic, a movie and chances to win prizes.

The Beaufort Police Movie Club was founded in 1974 by then-Chief Colonel J. Altman and has received state as well as national accolades. The program is funded by the Beaufort Police Department and private donations.

Sheriff Tanner to address LIBPA Tuesday Sheriff Tanner, a lifelong resident of Beaufort County, will be the guest speaker at Tuesday’s monthly meeting of the Lady’s Island Business & Professional Association. Sheriff Tanner has been requested to include the following in his discussion with our members: An overview of crime for Northern Beaufort County and specifically on Lady’s Island. Today’s role of the Sheriff ’s Department in regard to illegal immigration. Impact of the slow down in the economy on the local crime rate. The drug problem in Beaufort County.

The financial cost for maintaining a modern Sheriff ’s Department. The LIBPA meeting starts at 8 a.m. at the Sea Island Conference Center on Sams Point Road and is open to the public. Tanner joined the Beaufort County Sheriff ’s Department in 1981. He rose through the ranks to serve as Commander of the Southern Division of the Sheriff ’s Department. In 1995, following his service with the Sheriff ’s Department, he became a member of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety where he served in a variety of assignments. Returning to Beaufort in 1998, he was elected as Sheriff of Beaufort County and reelected in 2002 and 2006. Lady’s Island News


News Park University names Outstanding Graduate, celebrates 55 degrees awarded Staff Sgt. Robert E. Sallee has been selected as the 2009 Outstanding Graduate of the Park University Beaufort Campus Center. A summa cum laude graduate with a 3.9 grade point average, he has been named to the Dean’s List every term. Being named Outstanding Graduate recognizes not only his academic achievements, but also his contributions to the University and participation in a variety of community and professional activities. Recently, Park University awarded degrees to 55 area students at commencement exercises held at MCAS Beaufort. The degree recipients were: B.S. Criminal Justice Administration – Johnnie Bryant, Niaget Brandi Jackson, Christopher Lee Manley, Deric W. Palmer, Robert Eugene Sallee; B.S. Management – Jacquetta D. Boles, Angela Borders, Christina M. Davis, Mander Lee Givens, Karla P. Gonzalez, Dedriene Leslie Green, Brant A. Huff, Cheryl Lynn Huff and Wendy M. Reeves; B.S. Management/Computer Information Systems – Jeffrey B. Kellam, Theresa Ann Roberts, Elizabeth S. Zimmerman; B.S. Management/Human Resources – Bianca Marie Dunams Ellis,

Silvi’s European Cafe New!!! Bigger Salad Selection Arugula Salad - with Pork Tenderloin Strips, Fresh Mango & Port Wine Reduction

Anthony Moore, Earlene Nicole Turner; B.S. Management and Management/ Human Resources – Damian LeMonte William Ashcraft, April Jessica Holmes Redd; B.S. Social Psychology – Willie L. Chisolm, Beth N. Huston, Josho Ray Malfavon; A.S. Criminal Justice Administration – William G. Drake, Michael E. Kenninger; A.S. Management – David A. Cadd, Deirdre L. Drafton, Marilyn Frazier, Stephanie Snow; A.S. Social Psychology – Keisha Hernandez Bachelor of Science degrees were awarded in absentia to: Antonio Boyd, Jayme Chapa, Patrick Clinton, Rhonda Del Rio, Yolonda Dodson, Evelyn Duran, Jameson Griffis, Jackie Lindsey, Dewayne Lockhart, Carlos Lowe, Brando Munoz, David Strandell, Danny Vanatta, Kaiera Yancey.

Caesar Salad - choice of Chicken Strips or Shrimp Roman Salad - topped with Carrots & Mushrooms, served with Pork Tenderloin

Fresh Garden Salad - with Sauteed Wild Mushroom, Fresh Chives & Chef

Water Fest talent auditions set for June 8 Auditions for the 54th Annual Water Festival Talent show will be held June 8 and the Talent Show will be held on July 15. Auditions will be held in the auditorium at the Technical College of the Lowcountry, 921 Ribaut Road. Check-in time is 5:30 p.m. Entry fee is $10 for individual performance; $15 for groups. Applications may be obtained at www. and must be received by June 5.

Lutz Balsamic Dressing

Antipasto Salad - topped with Swiss Cheese, Italian Sausage, Olives, Pepperoni

& House Vinaigrette

Baby Spinach Salad - topped with Dried Cranberries, Roasted Almonds &

Bleu Cheese

Lunch or Dinner

Lunch Served * Tues-Fri * 11:00am-2:30pm * Dinner Served * Tues-Sat * :500pm-9:30pm

Associate of Science degrees were awarded in absentia to: Ching-yi Brown, Randal Cummings, Kirk Dalrymple, William Dunst, Corey Earle, Vincent Olman, Shannon Pierce, Larry McCutcheon, Meghan Swift. Dr. Thimios Zaharapoulos, Park University AssociateVice President for Academic Affairs, delivered the commencement address and conferred degrees upon the graduates.

Strips, Peaches, Onion Sauce and House Balsamic Vinaigrette

Banquet Room available for 20-80 people Event Planning 1430 Ribaut Road,Port Royal, SC


Angler results for the Week of May 25 Species




Amber Jack




Black Drum




Blackfin Tuna




Black Sea Bass







Dolphin (Dorado)








Grouper(All Legal Species)




King Mackerel








Little Tunny




Red Drum




Red Snapper












Spanish Mackerel




Spotted Seatrout




Toad Fish








Vermillion Snapper












Bluefin Tuna Bluefish Cobia Croaker

Jack Crevalle



Weakfish Whiting Yellowfin Tuna


The Island News

Fishing Tales Women find good luck, good catch on Santee Lowcountry Ladies Melody Whisman, Fran Ferguson and CC Stanley took a little trip to Santee over the Memorial Day weekend. The weather had them worried, however Lady Luck was on their side. They fished with Brian's Guide Service out of Black's Camp. The Ladies obviously had a blast! Hats off to Brian Thornhill for his outstanding service and another successful trip.

Our new location 70 Sea Island Parkway 843-522-9461 SPECIAL ON CAROLINA SKIFF 17JV $10,995


Cobia tournament results announced The following are results from the Inaugural Port Royal Sound Cobia Fishing Tournament which took place on Saturday, May 30. The tournament was hosted by the Beaufort-Port Royal Convention & Visitors Bureau and sponsored by the Quality Inn and Bay Street Outfitters and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Coastal Community Foundation's Port Royal Sound Fund.

Members enjoy free use of sailboats & Kayaks

1st Place $2009 Team Bradley Captain Larry Bradley St. Augustine, FL Length 1409mm/55.47in/59.6lbs Weighed in at 5:30pm Caught in Broad River

Pool, Lifeguards, Diving Boards

2nd Place $1200

Great Social & Sailing Calendar

Holden On Charters Brian McCaffree Beaufort, SC 1155mm/45.47in/26.5lbs Caught in Broad River

3rd Place $800 Landol’s Loot Greg Fletcher Beaufort, SC 1010mm/39.76in/18.6lbs Caught in Atlantic Ocean

Boat Ramps, Docks, Storage

Now enrolling for Summer Camp and Learn to Sail Program. Call or visit our website to learn more about our programs and membership opportunities.

Tennis and Rowing Affordable Membership 843-522-8216 30 Yacht Club Dr (off Meridian Rd)

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Facts, observations and musings about Our Best Friends

Dog training, the new way by Tracie Korol

Dog training is experiencing a paradigm shift. The smart trainers have already abandoned the punishment-based methods of years past for more dog-friendly methods that use positive reinforcement to strengthen the bond between owner and pet. Positive dog training (PDT) means thinking in terms of rewards to mold a dog’s behavior. Positive training is much more successful because dogs, like humans, will keep doing things that are rewarding and stop doing things that are not rewarded or ignored. Positive training is more than keeping a pocketful of treats on hand; it is about controlling consequences and leading your dog to the desired behavior. How does it work? Positive dog training formulas are based on two concepts. First is the idea that if two things happen at the same time, the subject (human or dog) expects one when it sees the other. It’s called associative learning. Ivan Pavlov’s dogs became conditioned to salivate at the sound of a metronome because they associated the sound with the appearance of a meat powder. Many a returning spouse will open the door and begin to salivate at the aroma of a tasty dinner before calling out, “Honey, I’m home!” Same idea. The other concept behind positive training is the use of consequences to modify behavior. This is known as operant conditioning. By rewarding desired behavior and ignoring unwanted actions, we can increase desired behavior and practically eliminate the unwanted activity. For instance, many dogs will jump up on owners, guests and children often frightening, scratching or generally annoying the jumpee. By teaming a simple body movement (no, not kneeing the dog in the chest!) and by simply ignoring the behavior within a couple of repetitions the dog will learn it’s not in his best interest to jump on anyone. The strength of positive dog training methods comes from its ability to separate learning the behavior from learning the command. Simply, PDT associates a stimulus (like a sound, a toy or a high-value treat) with a desired behavior, (like sitting). Once the

desired behavior is identified and can be repeated, the command can be added. First, your dog learns what you want him to do, and then he learns the command for doing it. It’s all about communication. This is what I teach in my practice. Your dog speaks dog; you speak some variation of English. Imagine you stepped off the spaceship on Terra X. You ask the first humanoid you see to take you to their snack bar and the alien stares at you. You wave your arms, point, and gesture and talk louder and the alien continues to stare at you. You become frustrated, perhaps yelling a bit at which point the alien turns and glides away. This is exactly the same thing that happens between you and your puppy. The qualities of clear communication and reward timing combine to accelerate training and focus on the desired behavior. As your dog learns to look to you for leadership, the bond between you and your dog will strengthen. Punishment and coercion, part of the old-style dog training toolbox, often lead to aggression. However, positive dog training methods rarely, if ever, result in aggressiveness or related undesirable behaviors. The use of pain is not found among positive dog training methods. Pain is not required for learning; in fact, pain can actually lower your dog’s ability to learn by increasing his stress. PDT will be more effective, will work more quickly, and it won’t confuse your dog or break his spirit. Training will be fun for you and your dog, and the time you spend together will be an investment in the future. BowWOW! is a production of Tracie Korol and wholeDog. She is a trainer, dog behaviorist, canine massage therapist (CMT), herbalist, and canine homeopath. Want more information? Have a question? Send a note to Tracie at or visit

35 YEARS OF QUALITY DENTISTRY Dr. Gene Grace is a graduate of Wofford College and Emory University School of Dentistry. He has provided state of the art dentistry in Beaufort for 35 years. He has also been very active in our community and his church. He and his wife, Beth, a former County Council member, have been married for 37 years and have two daughters, Chilton Simmons and Katherine Hefner. Dr. Katherine Hefner is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and the Medical University of South Carolina Dental School. She and her husband Ashley, an architect, are also involved in Beaufort. They have one son, Vann. Katherine most recently was co-chair of St. Helena's Church Tour of Homes. Dr Grace and Dr. Hefner have been here for a long time and will continue to live and serve Beaufort. "It's important in our minds to give back to this wonderful community that has been good to us," says Dr. Grace.

Why choose our practice? We have always been on the cutting edge of dentistry. Drs. Grace and Hefner have been trained at the Las 20

Lady’s Island News

Dr Grace eliminated silver fillings from the practice 12 years ago. Some of our cases can be viewed on our website, Our staff is the greatest. Terry Johnson, one of our hygienists, has been in the practice for 24 years. We feel it's important to cover after-hour dental emergencies for our patients. Many a weekend, we're at the office with dental emergencies (i.e. athletic injuries to children).

Dr. Katherine Grace Hefner & Dr. Gene Grace



970 Ribaut Rd. Beaufort Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), the foremost cosmetic post-grad school in the world. Both dentists have been using lasers for five years.

Our field of expertise is general dentistry. We do refer some procedures to specialists as we feel the patient should be in the hands of someone who does that procedure day in and day out. For example, you deserve more than a few weekend courses when it comes to having implants placed. Our staff will work with your insurance to obtain your maximum benefits, many times resubmitting claims if we feel you've been treated unfairly. We have a finance plan where payments can be made with no interest for as long as a year. Dentistry doesn't have to be out of your budget. Advertorial


HEALTH & WELLNESS Martha O’Regan - Therapeutic Solutions B.E.S.T. Practitioner 1 Oakwood at Sam’s Point Rd 843-524-2554

KFI Mechanical, LLC 399 Sam’s Point Rd Lady’s Island, SC 29907 Tel. 843-322-0018 BUILDERS

Coastal Body Health Lecian Henry Licensed Massage Therapist 843.812.8958

Andy Gallant- Gallant Homes 843-252-7630 Additions, Remodeling, Garages, New Construction

Home inspection Home Specs, LLC ~ Jani Ubelis SC Licensed Home Inspector #RBI.2382 (843) 524-0443

Chandler Trask Broad River Construction (C): 843.321.9625 (P): 843.522.9757

Carpet CLeaning

CLEANING SERVICES Merry Maids ~ Bob Cunningham522-2777

(c) 252-7110 (o) 522-8928 Our system will get rid of any insect that bites. Homes-Commercial-Events Photography Moment Captured, LLC Charles Heyman 6 Tuxedo Drive, Beaufort, SC 29907 843-592-0760

PHYSICIANS Clark Trask, MD- Medical Weight Loss of The Lowcountry 974 Ribaut Rd 843-379-1166 Randy Royal, MD- OBGYN & Pelvic Surgery 843-524-5455 We’re now providing a new level of patient comfort.

Coastal Home Technology Carlton Bruner & Mark Turner (o) 843-522-9333 PLUMBING


Brett Doran-Lohr Plumbing, Inc. “Serving the Lowcountry for over 20 years.” Service, New Construction, and Remodeling. Phone: (843) 522-8600

Tom Aydlette- Nationwide 125 Sea Island Pkwy 843-521-4663 Better Prices. Better Coverage

Sea Island Chiropractic and Massage Therapy 134-A Lady’s Island Dr. (843) 525-6500 *insurance accepted

Photo Coming Soon

Jamie Stevens- Oasis Mosquito Systems


J.M. Callahan Specializing Carpet & Oriental Cleaning 846-8924 FREE Carpet Cleaning Video To see your FREE VIDEO, go to



Windy Vest- Turbeville Insurance Agency 33 Professional Village Cir. Lady’s Island 524-4500 Contact me for your personal or business insurance needs.

POOL MAINTENANCE Pound Pool Maintenance and Resurfacing Richard Ivens, State Licensed and Nationally Certified Spa and Pool Operator 13 Old Barn Road Lady’s Island , S.C. 29907 (843) 521-7332

829 Parris Is Gateway Beaufort, SC



Carol Waters Interiors 12 Celadon Drive-Lady’s Island Off Sam’s Point Road at the Clock Tower 843-524-2329 * M-F 10-5:30

Jennifer Wallace, DMDPalmetto Smiles 843-524-7645

GUTTERS South Carolina Seamless Gutters & Exteriors Specializing in 5” & 6” Alcoa Seamless Gutters, Vinyl Siding, and Soffit & Fascia Coverings (Underground drainage systems available) Ryan Hill (843) 521-0775 (m) (843) 263-5392 “Gutters without the quacks”

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Laura S. Dahl Broker, ASR, ABR, E-Pro Advanced Real Estate Company (w)843-524-1617 (m) 843-476-5115 27 Tidewatch Circle Lady’s Island SC 29907

Liz Oherron- Oherron Interiors 212 Merchant Ln A (Newpoint) (c) 843-263-8483 (o) 843-379-9995 Residential interior design

EDUCATION Karen Hawkins- Tutor 843-597-5384 Let me help your child gain confidence in school.

Real Estate

Karen HawkinsRealtor- Coosaw Point


LAWN CARE Jim Colman- Lawn Solutions 843-522-9578

Mary McClaskey, Real Estate Broker RE/MAX Sea Island Realty (w) 843-524-1799 (m) 843-263-1800 Beaufort’s best online source for Buyers and Sellers!

Design, Installation, Maintenance

PEST CONTROL Tommy Collins- Collins Pest Control 843-524-5544 Complete Termite and Pest Control Residential, Commercial, Free Estimates, Licensed and Insured

Know your neighbors, it is great for business call 575-0396

tree service Ronnie Reiselt, Jr. Southern Tree Svs. of Bft., Inc. P.O. Box 2293 Beaufort, SC 29901 843-522-9553 Office 843-522-2925 Fax

$25 $25

Your Info HERE! $25 per week

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Classifieds REAL ESTATE 15 Walling Grove Rd Beautiful home on tidal creek w/private dock. 5BR, 3.5BA, 3742 sq ft., too many features to list, see online. $749,900. Mary McClaskey - RE/MAX 843-524-1799 13 Cameron Drive Beautiful home with open floorplan. 1436 sq ft, like new! $157K. Mary McClaskey - RE/MAX 843-322-8001 Polowana RD 4.76 acres of wooded property on tidal creek. Great views across Dataw Island!! $295K. Mary McClaskey - RE/MAX 843-524-1799

RE/MAX Sea Island Realty

Mike Ray 575-7355 RE/MAX Sea Island Realty


843-321-0356 1966 RAMBLER AMERICAN

P206089 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 $19,588.00 (843) 522-9696

Call Mike Ray 575-7355 RE/MAX Sea Island Realty

BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED, 3/2.5, 2800 sq ft home on 1.2+ acre corner lot. Custom kitchen, cherry cabinets & granite counter. Call MIKE MCFEE 522-1528 $448,000

T006884 07 Ducati 1098 $11,998.00 (843) 522-9696

P622861 08 Jeep Patriot Sport $14,588.00 (843) 522-9696

James Fordham 982-0664 or 263-2520


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P203375 07 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT $17588.00 (843) 522-9696

Henry Farms Inc.

P312033 06 Dodge Charger R/T $18,588.00 (843) 522-9696

419 Bermuda St. Augustine (Raleigh) St. Augustine (Palmetto) Centipede Zoysia Local & Long Distance Delivery Farm Pick-up Available St. Helena.................843 838-2762 Toll Free....................1 800 872-7794

$18,588.00 (843) 522-9696


Boat has a 150 yamaha 2 stroke motor, cranks everytime, 2006 tandem axle trailer, t-top. The boat will need a new set of cushions. $14500


Boat slip at Lady’s Island

T674050 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport $7,998.00 (843) 522-9696

If you would like to place an ad please email $10/week ~ $20/ week with photo

Licensed/Insured Lawn Care/Pruning/Hauling Mulch/Pine-Straw/Gravel/ Sod/Irrigation Systems Power-Washing/Painting

07 Jeep Wrangler Sahara


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Affordable Yard Work


Two door hard top, recent paint, new BF Goodrich tires, new Crager SS rims, three on the tree, and a lot of fun to drive. Turns heads everywhere I go. $5900 843-321-0356

Mike Ray 575-7355

HomeTown Realty

T187098 07 Chevy Colbalt $8,598.00 (843) 522-9696


This is my baby! Only 13000 original miles, factory air, power steering, four door, automatic, 289 engine. It is close to perfect. $6500 RE/MAX Sea Island Realty

Lady’s Island

P507292 04 Saturn L-Series $8,998.00 (843) 522-9696

Call Mike Ray 575-7355

1736 sq/ft, 3 BD, 2 BA, Walkin Closets, Fireplace, Huge Screen Porch, Large Kitchen, Utility RM.67 Acre Park like setting. Move in ready. MLS 119177 $141,000 Call Kim Carswell, Ballenger Realty 843-271-8283

Intracoastal Waterway Home w/ Private Pier Head- Shared Dock 32 Piccadilly CirclePleasant Point 4 BD/3 ½ BA- 3211 sq/ft on .92 Acres. Asking $699,000 Will consider rent to own. Kim Carswell ~ Ballenger Realty 843-271-8283.

T035613 07 Hyundai Accent $9,998.00 (843) 522-9696

Coastal Carolina Realty

Immaculate Mobile Lady’s Island 2 SKY COURT

INLET PLANTATION ON LADY’S ISLAND Well maintained 3/2.5, 1686 sq ft, plus 648 sq ft on 2nd floor. On tidal canal. MLS 116796 Call PAT HARVEY 838-4611 $298,000

2007 Custome Built Home, High End Kitchen, Large Screen Porch, Master on Main, Large Bonus/4th Bdrm. Call Kim Carswell 843-271-8283 Ballenger Realty

Southern Magnolia – Charming 3 BR, 2 BTH, Newly painted, hardwood floors, nicely landscaped yard, garage. $199,900 Call Martha # 252-4405

20 Wood Ibis Trail Amazing intracoastal water views! Watch the ships go by!! 1.46 acres in upscale Walling Grove Plantation. Mary McClaskey - RE/MAX 843-524-1799

HomeTown Realty


real estate


Marina with Jet Dock in place. $50,000 firm. 812-8054

Golf Cart E-Z Go golf cart with 2 seats, extended roof, lights and turn signals. $3,000.00 Little used, excellent condition. Call 524-5450 evenings

lots LOT IN RIDGELAND S.C. Located in the Mossy Oaks Subdivision $34,900.

843-321-0356 WATERFRONT LOT IN COTTAGE FARMS Dock approved, high bluff, 7ft at high tide, great lot to build on or for investment. Appraised 1 yr ago for $385000 will take $359000.


yard sale Lady’s Island- Coosaw Point Community Yard Sale-8 families Sat June 6 7:30-? Artwork, furniture, bikes, collectibles, lots of good stuff. Look for Balloons and signs for participating houses.


Quality Lawn Care and Maintenance Reasonable Rates Dependable Scheduling Reduced Rate on First Time Clean Up With Continued Service • Free Estimates


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