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MUST LOVE DOGS New pet accessories brand with style

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS The latest pet products and trends


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18 in this issue 6 profile meet high end pet accessories brand Furf Pets 12 visual merchandising store display inspiration from around the world 18 outdoors re-energise the backyard with colour 24 trends alfresco dining 28 in focus pet products and trends 34 category reviews alfresco and pets 40 products the latest pet and backyard products to enjoy the great outdoors



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February 2020  5




Furf Pets is a high end, design focused pet accessories brand, bringing style and sophistication into the pet-friendly home.

he old saying of ‘less is more’ is

Kington has been on a mission to bring a number

definitely applicable in some senses,

of brands to life under his new baby, Makeshi

whether it be modern interior design

Thappen. The idea of creating a company with

or salad dressing. But when it comes

internal innovation and investment stemmed from

to creating a profitable and lasting business, Scott

the frustration of having too many ideas, but a

Kington, co-founder of Blunt Umbrellas, believes

sole-product focus.

that birthing and fostering more brands as a business incubator is surely the way to go. Moving on from his Blunt Umbrellas creation, 6  giftguideonline.com.au

“Makeshi gives us a creative outlet; it’s a lot more fun to grow and nurture a number of brands instead of nursing only one,” he says.


of business right—from R&D all the way through to customer-facing aspects of the business. No one facet is more important than the other and that is a known fact across the whole team—that’s why it works,” says Kington. Pronounced ‘Ma-ke-shi Tha-pp-en’, the company was born with a unique, although fictional background story. It tells of Makeshi, an The team at Makeshi Thappen includes ex-Blunt

innovative Japanese designer who crossed the

team members Joel Schuberg, who was originally

same path as Thappen, a Finnish industrialist who

the Blunt Umbrellas Australian distributor; David

was revolutionary in his own right. The punny

Haythornthwaite, their product designer and Josh

humour that surrounds the name though, makes

Page, Blunt’s former global brand manager.

very transparent the complete culture of the

Bringing the expertise into the newly established company has resulted in astounding progress

company and its founder. “Our philosophy is to just Make Shit Happen

for the brand house. In a very short amount of

and make people laugh when they read the

time since Makeshi Thappen was launched, it has

name. We ultimately exist to create and sell quality

already secured almost 80 stores in Australia and

products across multiple categories that people

New Zealand. The knowledge and experience

actually want and need—and not let anything slow

extracted from the migrant team has solidified the

us down in achieving this.”

success of the new business. “This was done through getting the nine facets

The first brand off the rank is Furf Pets, the name of sleekly designed pet products that add

February 2020  7

aesthetic and class to your pet’s dining area, and

be extremely harmful to pets due to the chemical

to the owner’s living space. The overall pet care

compounds found in plastics. The pet bowls

industry is booming, and pet owners are likely to

and placemats made by Furf are created with the

spend money on their pets more than they do for

planet and the pooch in mind. Therefore, not

their own children.

only are they aesthetically pleasing but they also

According to Animal Medicines Australia, Australian pet owners spent over $12.2 billion

‘do the job’ a lot more efficiently and seamlessly than alternatives.

on their pets in 2018, and of that, $1.1 billion was

“My dog Buddy is my best mate and constant

spent on pet accessories including toys, clothing,

companion,” says Kington. “I was sick of having

leads, bowls and carriers.

ugly dog bowls lying around, and when I found

Furf takes into consideration the owner’s

out that there could be potentially harmful

adoration of their furry companion while also

materials in his old bowl, that was it.” From here,

integrating the safety and care for the pet itself.

Furf Pets was born.

Cheaper, mass-made bowls and pet products can

8  giftguideonline.com.au

With their dedicated approach to doing things


Umbrellas, into the homes of pet lovers,” adds Page. “In a world of unlimited sustainable design possibilities, you no longer have to put up with the monstrosity that is the average dog bowl. Style and home décor now extends to our pets and their accessories.”

better, the Australasian team envisaged a reinvigorated pet brand of sustainable, design-led and properly made products that would add to a home’s design landscape rather than spoil it. All the creatives involved are pet lovers who are excited about producing durable pet products encompassing quality design and production. The design brief for Furf Pets was simple—create a pet bowl that looks as good on the dining room table as it does on the kitchen floor. With this approach in mind, Haythornthwaite created an effortlessly stylish, functional and wonderfully sustainable product in three aesthetically pleasing

“St yle and h o m e d e co r now extends to our pets and their a cc e s s o r i e s . ” Furf Pets looked at all the nasty things our cats and dogs are ingesting from other bowls on the market, and carefully considered materials such as food-grade silicone rubber and stainless steel. Furf Pets has designed its products with ease in mind for your four-legged family member. All materials are dishwasher safe and have been created using a dog’s approach to dining, resulting in reduced mess when your furry friend eats dinner.

colours—Black Stone, Bone White and Dusky Pink—which can be easily integrated into any home décor. The Silicone Feeding Mat was also created to hold your Furf food and drink bowls in one tidy place. “Our goal is to bring the same ethos we created with our design-led umbrella brand, Blunt February 2020  9


The deciphering element of Furf’s success

The brand recently launched HOME + Furf

though is Makeshi and how much it is going

+ Dulux, a limited-edition range of colour-

to expand and develop in the coming years.

conscious pet bowls and mats. This unique

Furf has already won a Good Design award in

range comes in Dulux Kowhai Park (yellow), Lake

Australia and has been receiving an influx of

Mangamahoe (blue) and Wainui Beach (green)

reorders by retailers, as well as overwhelmingly

from the Dulux Colours of NZ range.

positive client feedback. “Furf Pets is just the beginning as there are other exciting ideas in the works,”

A portion of each sale goes to Pet Refuge—a charity which will provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic violence.

enthuses Kington.

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OUTDOOR & PET Visual merchandising inspiration from around the world

HATCHI MELBOURNE 12  giftguideonline.com.au



visual merchandising





February 2020  13

visual merchandising





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ME CO SEE OUR NEW SHOWROOM US AT 81 Tulip Street Cheltenham, Vic 3192 Australia I T: 03 9581 3666 I F: 03 9583 9321 E: enquiries@gibsongifts.com.au I gibsongifts.com.au I colour-my-world.com.au

visual merchandising





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the th e t a h t

Tr y

u s o n at o ur n

e w show

roo m


ew 2o2o Coll e ction



e l o s

81 Tulip Street Cheltenham, Vic 3192 Australia I T: 03 9581 3666 I F: 03 9583 9321 E: enquiries@gibsongifts.com.au I gibsongifts.com.au I colour-my-world.com.au




OUTDOOR Take on the outdoor entertaining area and re-energise the backyard.

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our customers can update

will have you feeling like you’ve been transported

their home’s backyard exterior

to an exotic tropical destination.

into a poolside paradise, or a divine outdoor dining area that

“When it comes to introducing colour into your backyard spaces, it pays to be adventurous,

they won’t want to leave with a mini makeover

challenging any preconceived notions you may

and a lick of paint.

have about what’s right and wrong in this space,”

Dulux colour expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says using lashings of pastels like salmon pinks and

she says. “Even a small quantity of an unexpected colour

mint greens against core exterior neutrals—crisp

through a geometric pattern on a retainer wall, or

whites, concrete greys and natural stone—can

a vibrant accent wall in your pool house can make

add a sense of playfulness and visual delight, and

a bold statement.

February 2020  19

Wall painting DIY steps 1 Gather your painting supplies and ensure the surface has been properly prepared (sanded and washed) prior to starting to paint. Follow the label on the can for more information. 2 Once the surface is dry, apply Dulux Weathershield to the surface using long brush strokes, starting with the inner panels and working your way out. 3 Smooth over the wet painted section with long brush strokes. Do not reload the brush when you do this, a few strokes should be enough to smooth the surface. 4 Repeat this process for the second coat. Allow to dry, then give the surface a light sand with 400 grit sandpaper and repeat for a second coat. If painting bare timber a third coat will need to be applied.

20  giftguideonline.com.au


“Incorporating pops of colours like Dulux Weathershield in Mint Twist or Pink Dust in conjunction with Dulux Vivid White in areas (like the back fence and pool house) can create a striking backdrop—evoking a sense of modern glamour, fun and energy that can often be associated with being poolside at a luxury hotel. “For a more nurturing, nature-inspired look, try pairing rich turquoise greens and deep blue-greys with warm whites, like Dulux Natural White, on your outdoor fireplace, dining area, furniture, or decorative accessories, such as mats and plant pots. These shades, while seemingly simple, will provide a sense of holiday-comfort we all crave in the summer months.” For a finish that’s easy to apply and lasts for years, choose a quality paint. Dulux Weathershield goes on smoothly, dries fast and as it is self-priming on most surfaces, you won’t need an undercoat. You can use it on most exterior surfaces, including brickwork, decking, weatherboards and gutters, and it will maintain its good looks—and protect your home against Australia’s harsh conditions—for as long as you live there. Tackling an outdoor painting project like this can be completed in just one weekend— meaning your customers still have plenty of time to host and toast once the DIY makeover is complete. February 2020  21


Painting tips 1 Save time and money by calculating the amount of paint you need before making your purchase. This will ensure you won’t run out of paint during the course of your project and may help reduce the amount of waste. 2 Check the temperature for the day. Only paint if it’s between 10°C and 35°C. The colder it is, the longer it takes to get the paint to dry. 3 It’s okay to paint in the wind. Note, a light breeze is great to help the drying process, but if it’s too windy, your paint will dry too fast.

Image credit: Dulux Australia. Stylist: Bree Leech & Nette King. Photography: David Mitchener & Lisa Cohen.

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s r o o d out


Entertaining outdoors is becoming more appealing and with Australia’s mild climate you can do it all year round.

With alfresco dining on the rise, we have provided a variety of products to get your outdoors area ready. From pretty planters to rattan furniture, there is something for everyone to give your backyard or deck that revamp it needs.

24  giftguideonline.com.au

Journey Courtyard Rustic Seating Area Lifestyle by Lights4fun.co.uk.

trends AMAZONAS Globo Chair taupe Hängesessel

Regular Black Slatted Outdoor Lantern by lights4fun.co.uk

Rattan Picnic Basket With Lid by Beaumonde CHAPLINS Dine Out Dining Chair from Cassina

Collapsible Outdoor Wine Glass ‘Al Fresco’ with Carry Case by Isgift Old Rose Pink Picnic Rug by Tolly McRae

Casa Outdoor Sofa by Satara Australia

February 2020  25


Ex.moon by In-es.artdesign

Belgian Linen Throw Multi Stripe by Abode Living

Large square mango wood tray by Kinfolk Decor

H.O.C.K. Outdoor Sitzkissen Classic Garden

Orla Kiely Lollipop Flower Bamboo Jug by Wild & Wolf

Wild + Wolf Alfresco Multi Tool Side By Side Whine Light Clear Or Green Glass by the Design Gift Shop

Sophie Allport Coastal Birds Melamine Side Plate

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Today’s pet products are not what they used to be–now they are stylish, sustainable and will fit into any home décor. We have a look at some of the products available in the market that will not just keep pets happy but their owners as well.

Fred’s Dog Person Bowl and Mug Set is probably the nearest to sharing everything with (wo)man’s best friend. During your coffee or tea break, you make it clear to everyone who doesn’t know yet, ‘I’m a dog person’. With its alertness and attention to the new bowl your dog happily confirms ‘I’m a people dog’. And if by any chance you know another dog crazy person, this set makes the best gift ever, it even comes already beautifully gift-boxed. It is made from durable ceramic material and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

28  giftguideonline.com.au

in focus

You pay attention to every detail in your house, so why shouldn’t the cat bowl be stylish too and fit in? The Bendo cat bowl Meow is a very minimalist and elegant interpretation of a cat’s dish and complements any modern room. It features a stainless steel bowl and a copper-plated stand. Works also very well as a dog bowl for smaller dogs.

February 2020  29

Charley Chau spoils dogs with its unique collection of luxury beds and blankets, designed to meet the needs of dogs of all shapes and sizes, as they clock up their 12-14 hours daily sleep quota.

Snuggle Bed in its fun Great Spot cotton fabric or perhaps mattress-style Day Beds or Deeply Dishy Beds in sumptuous upholstery grade velour in rich and vibrant hues.

Ultimate canine comfort comes as standard but it won’t get past Charley Chau’s rigorous quality control checks unless it has the style wow-factor and is able to perform over time–so that’s machine washable everything and soft-furnishing fabrics to withstand a dog’s daily use.

Charley Chau Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Beds take their name from the deep, cosy sides and deep-filled luxury mattresses–the perfect dog bed for hunkering down for a long snooze. Styled with clean, simple lines and available in three different fabric collections in a multitude of colourways, there is a Deeply Dishy Luxury Dog Bed to suit every home.

Make a statement with a bright dog bed such as the brand’s signature

30  giftguideonline.com.au

in focus

Cloud7’s luxurious sleepy deluxe dog bed is well padded, making for the cosiest night’s sleep. The fine details and beautiful construction make it ideal for the most discerning pooch. The deluxe bed features genuine leather handles; organic white cotton mattress cover and a hemp cotton mix canvas cover. The contemporary style dog bed is filled with a latex and polyester flake mix, making for a comfortable and stable mattress. The covers are either made from a virgin wool and polyester mix or from 70 per cent hemp and 30 per cent cotton. Beautiful quality in a simple and relaxed design.

February 2020  31

The Orthopedic Recovery Bed from PAIKKA has a special Far infrared (FIR) emitting fabric that boosts a dog’s recovery from exercise and is also perfect for cold sensitive or elderly pets. The bed’s orthopaedic memory foam allows comfortable rest and enhances pet’s wellbeing. PAIKKA delivers premium pet essentials and human-grade solutions for different life stages in pets’ life. All products are designed in Finland and are a perfect combination of practicality, functionality and design.

32  giftguideonline.com.au

in focus

Sampson pet beds—this grey velvet bed is the ultimate glam gift for your pet to snuggle up in.

dog or cat’s food and water elevated. The stainless steel bowls are easy to keep clean and hygienic.

Sampson pet teepee—your pet deserves the best and this teepee certainly is all that your pet could ever want and more! It’s suitable for small cats and dogs.

Sampson pet cool mat—keep your pet cool in warm weather with this gel filled mat for superior comfort for your pet.

Sampson elevated pet food bowl—this bamboo pet feeder has a sturdy stand which can keep your

Sampson treat container—airtight and a stylish addition.


February 2020  33

BAMBOO HOME This range is the perfect accessory to the home. Bamboo is a sustainable material, eco-friendly and suitable for the indoor and outdoor areas. The collection includes travel cups, bento box, salad bowl with lid, bread box, 3-piece set of condiments, tropical side and salad bowls, tropical water jug, tropical tumbler, tropical dinner plate, tropical serving tray. Wholesale prices range from $2.25 to $24.95.

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category review

Gibson Gifts, 03 581 3666, enquiries@gibimp.com.au, gibsongifts.com.au February 2020  35


Chilled out and ready to go, that’s Chill Me–created and developed by Gibson Gifts along with its Australian designers. Chill Me is a range of fashionable products to keep your drinks cool or hot. Designed for all those times your customers want to head out to the great outdoors, Chill Me suits any classic Aussie outdoor occasion. Products include drink bottles, tumblers and multi coolers, in a variety of colours and sizes. Wholesale prices range from$11.34 to $13.60.

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category review

Gibson Gifts, 03 581 3666, enquiries@gibimp.com.au, gibsongifts.com.au February 2020  37


Pets are a beloved member of our family and we like to spoil them as much as possible. Your customers will be looking for products that are the best quality and look perfectly in style with the home dĂŠcor while being functional as well. The Faithful Friends collection is the ultimate range for pers and includes products such as cat & dog trays, cat & dog bowls, dog & cat treats box, cat & dog mugs. Wholesale prices range from $1.95 to $16.95.

38  giftguideonline.com.au

category review

Gibson Gifts, 03 581 3666, enquiries@gibimp.com.au, gibsongifts.com.au February 2020  39

1 2 The latest pet and backyard products to enjoy the great outdoors



1. Bamboo Entertainers range, wholesales from $6.49 to $54.99. Lisa Pollock, 07 5576 2369, office@lisapollock.com.au, www.lisapollock.com.au, www.facebook.com/LisaPollockArtfromtheHeart, www.instagram.com/lisapollockartist 2. Australian made solid bamboo coasters & trivets, wholesale from$13.60 to $18.10. Earth Greetings, 08 8277 2001, info@earthgreetings.com.au, www.earthgreetings.com.au, www.facebook.com/earthgreetings, www.instagram.com/earthgreetings 3. William Morris ‘Thief’ 500ml hot/cold vacuum flask, wholesales for $29.95. Ibubambu, 0488 726 010, jon@ibubambu.com.au, www.ibubambu.com.au, www.facebook.com/ibubambu, www.instagram.com/ibubambu 4. Barnyard Owl & Dog Beverage Tub, wholesale for $115 each. Think Outside, 02 8824 4488, sales@thinkoutside.biz, www.thinkoutside.biz, www.facebook.com/thinkoutsidetos, www.instagram.com/think.outside/ 40  giftguideonline.com.au








1. Life of Trees large tray, wholesales for $115. Whitelaw & Newton, 02 9489 9991, info@whitelawnewton.com, www.whitelawnewton.com, www.instagram.com/whitelawandnewton 2. Yellow &white ducks, set of 3 wholesales for $29.95. Alfresco Gardenware, 03 9490 1575, service@alfrescogardenware.com.au, www.alfrescogardenware.com, www.facebook.com/pages/Alfresco-Gardenware, www.instagram.com/alfrescogw 3. Australian made wind spinners, prices available on request. Artwerx Australia, 02 43 23 9598, info@artwerxaustralia.com.au, www.artwerxaustralia.com.au, www.facebook.com/ArtwerxAustralia/, www.instagram.com/artwerxaust/ 4. Plasto 19-piece coffee set, wholesales for $19.60. Axis Toys, 02 9986 3456, paulaopfer@axistoys.com, www.axistoys.com, www.facebook.com/AxisToys/, www.instagram.com/axis_toys/ 5. Earth Kool Kombi Firepit and Grill, wholesales for $335. Think Outside, 02 8824 4488, sales@thinkoutside.biz, www.thinkoutside.biz, www.facebook.com/thinkoutsidetos, www.instagram.com/think.outside/ 6. EEIEEIO Mini Pick Up Truck Red, Kool Kombi ‘66 Red, wholesale from $159 to $379. Think Outside, 02 8824 4488, sales@thinkoutside.biz, www.thinkoutside.biz, www.facebook.com/thinkoutsidetos, www.instagram.com/think.outside/ February 2020  41

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Giftguide February 2020 Alfresco & Pets  

Giftguide magazine is an award-winning bi-annual publication that is regarded by retailers as the ‘Bible’ of the gift and homewares industry...

Giftguide February 2020 Alfresco & Pets  

Giftguide magazine is an award-winning bi-annual publication that is regarded by retailers as the ‘Bible’ of the gift and homewares industry...