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yt h m h R &B lues

Back Home

By: John Gallagher

be replaced by a music with heavier beats which less resembled its original form and the growing popularity of Hip Hop.


phrase that was coined by the great Bluesman himself Willie Dixon that ‘The Blues are the roots and everything else is the fruits’, but who would have guessed that the genre would become unrecognizable to itself to some degree in later years.

BB King early in his career.

values and new and old musical innovations that has seen the genre being reinvented over Rhythm and Blues have seen many chang- time. In the late 2000s, the genre entered es reflecting, social, political and emotional a bit of a slump, losing some of the characteristics that were inherent to the The Souful Temptations style. An example of this are the groups of the late ‘90s like Boyz to Men and En Vogue who took their styles from the singing groups of the forties before disappearing commercially only to

It is when R&B went through the process of being made more accessible through writers and producers by the medium of ‘’pop music that caused it to have changes of identity. But what has happened in last decade or so is that we now have two distinct styles, one that goes under the heading of ‘contemporary R&B’ and the other which is arguably not as popular, but is more aligned with the older more raw characteristics of the genre, primarily the ‘Blues and Jazz influence. This can be viewed as an R&B subculture if you like. Since the beginning of the decade till now, the more organic variety of Rhythm and Blues has come back into focus. Artists have emerged that are once again crafting interesting arrangements. Also lyrical content has become more varied again with the emphasis shifting away from just the emotional content of romantic love to broader subjects that R&B has previously covered, ‘What’s

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May-June 2019

ENTERTAINMENT continued from pg 1

going on’ by Marvin Gaye set the benchmark for this. A Great example was first hearing Gregory Porters ‘Liquid Spirit’ which contains interesting metaphors with the use of the word liquid to describe the freedom of spirit and culture and how it’s been manipulated and cut off. Also, his later hit ‘Take me to the alley’ which was inspired by His mother and a visit by the Pope coming to town that year. He writes about the integrity of those who are comfortably off, by showing kindness to those who are not., this expresses deeper qualities of the human condition. by the image the lyric paints. The character in the song is the ‘king’ who takes a detour away from the prosperous area of town to the alley where the poor are living. On hearing Hosiers ‘Nina cried power’ which also has a metaphorical style to the lyric about all the Soul, Blues and Folk greats who share a common vision, set to a driving rhythm that sounds like an old Gospel tune with modern production techniques is really refreshing. Other interesting artists like Alabama Shakes who sound like they took Sister Rosetta Tharpe into the swamp with them have also sold well and changed the face of the genre. Two more offerings worth a mention here are Zara McFarlane ‘Peace begins within’ and very recently D’Angelo’s ‘Unshaken’ which deal with spiritual growth inwardly towards what is going on in the outside world, which represent a broader scope of subject matter in the lyric whilst taking the timbre of the old styles which the people still want to hear. The conclusion is that some may cast a divide between what is R&B and what isn’t ,but more intelligently you could just say that contemporary artists like Khalid, Jordan Rakei and Ella Mai along with the artists that are mentioned above just fall under a very large umbrella (no Rihanna pun intended) that all these artists can get underneath. But what is also important is that RnB is so much more than what exists in the R&B chart. So when you type your search into Google for R&B, cast your route out from the charts and go into undiscovered waters as there is much more out there.

Rhythm and Blues has evolved greatly over the decades. Clockwise; Marvin Gaye, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Boyz 2 Men, Usher, Bruno Mars, Lauryn Hill, Questlove and Kehlani

May-June 2019

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The History of

Quartet Singing An early barbershop quartet The Blind Boys of Alabama



uartet singing commonly known as the barbershop quartet singing normally involves a capella type of singing that involves either all-female or allmale vocalists harmonizing to a fourth voice. The key to making a quartet singing successful, is always planned synchronization of sound, harmony, and tempo. Most often, various phrases are repeated to achieve an echo effect that normally includes nostalgic song choices. In an all-male barbershop group, the second lead is normally tenor; there is bass, baritone with the melody coming from the lead who harmonizes all four.

History and Development

With a much more obscure source, the genre’s mostly known origin can be mostly traced to the U.S in the early 19th century. The main influencer has been argued to the era when American barbershops attracted men and were the majority of social centers and places where people showcased their musical talents. However, some argue that the name emanates

from the more popular British term “barber’s music” that resembled the position of the barber as the musical entertainer coupled with patrons’ performances. After the style lost popularity in the 1920s, it resurfaced again around the mid 20th century. Thanks to the modern Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA, Inc.), the style was reinvented in 1938 when Owen Clifton Cash together with 24 other men attended the first meeting on April 11. It got popularised through the 21st century and attracted up to 38,000 members. continued on pg 4

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May-June 2019

ENTERTAINMENT continued from pg 3

In 1945, the Sweet Adelines was founded and women took the center stage to promote the music genre. It attracted an audience of up to 5 continents and women around the world participated in conventions to popularize quartet singing. Today, the now Sweet Adelines International competes globally and also holds conventions for its members with its headquarters still in Tulsa.

Development among African American Society

The importance was seen in expressing the unique style, building communal relationships and showcased the transition period from slavery to entertainment. The invention of the radio in 1930 also helped the African American community participate in the political scene because of the music genre. As a result, their voices were carried across America and to the world and their economic status improved. The Mills Brothers circa 1950s

In the African American society, the Jubilee Quartet emerged as a result of the barbershop quartet singing during the mid-1800s. Developed in three key periods, Jubilee Period, Transitional Period and the Gospel Period, the quartet did not change its style. Still having a minimum of four singers, first tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass, the style was vastly promoted among the African American community during the The Hurricane Honeys, 1967 Adeline winners. The Sweet Hurricane Honeys 1967 19th and 20th centuries. As a result, the Jubilee Period unearthed various types of quartets: Ministerial Jubilee Quartets, Community-Based Jubilee Quartets, Sacred Harp Quartets, Barbershop Community Quartets and the University Jubilee Quartets. Basically, the transition included changing the lead singers’ role and merging the style with instruments that were never seen before. This experimentation further developed the genre and popularized it among the African American community.

May-June 2019

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Josiah Travers practicing his rhythm.


The value of music in childhood development is often underestimated. Kids who are involved in drumming, for example, learn to focus their attention and effort on one activity. This improves a children’s abilities to concentrate and stay focused. Studies reveal that playing a percussion instrument strengthens skills in math and science. If that is the case then these young students from Prince Street Elementary School will be able to ace the SAT, ACT or any other test for that matter. The Rhythm and Roots after school program began in February of 2019,


Jabraye Walker, Jaihaud White, Jakai Rayne-Davis

allowing students to play the drums and buckets to enhance their musical creativity. These students of Prince Street Elementary school have become the hottest group since Drumline or even your favorite HBCU College Band. Under direction of the group’s advisor Dustin Thomas and co-advisors Jonathan Mor-

ris and Romin Waters, these young students literally beat their way through their day and rehearse many hours for perfection of rhythm and sound. These young students pour out every day after school to practice for upcoming performances and musicals within the local community. The beauty of this group is not continued on pg 6

Aaliyah Johnson, Jonathan Morris, Nesthaline Charles, Da’Michael Trice-Cephus, Armond McKinney, Josiah Travers.

“Drumming is not only beneficial to children’s mental

health and development, it’s also

great for helping children develop physical fitness.” 5 inspire one

May-June 2019

EDUCATION continued from pg 5

only that they sound awesome but performance on this percussion team has benefited them in school and at home. Advisor Thomas states,”.” Drumming teaches children about material science and the science of sound. Beginning as early as first grade, students have the ability to understand that every material Tre’shaun Davis

Jonathan Morris

(wood, metal and drum heads) have their own Health Gala in New York City for their comcapacity or ability for vibration. In talking with mitment to building healthier students through the students of the team they shared that it is Hip Hop. The legendary Doug E. Fresh was in cool creating beats and sounds by using the attendance and recognized the school for its drums and buckets. Drumming teaches young performance. This group is also seeking finanstudents that sound occurs through vibration. cial support for their group to help expand As students get older, they can learn and un- their worthwhile program. derstand more about the science behind drumming. Romin Waters These students do not realize that drumming heightens performance within the math sector of their education. Math skills are greatly improved due to drumming because it pushes the student to count and learning to count within different cycles. In addition, drumming teaches young elementary and middle school students the idea of fractions and the math behind intervals and harmony. Drumming also helps with overall brain development by stimulating the left and right sides Dustin Thomas, Armond McKinney, Da’Michael Trice-Cephus of the brain simultaneously. Children have to use different parts of their brains to listen to the music around them, to instruct their bodies to move and create, and to understand a rhythm or to create their own. Playing music develops analytical processes on the left side of the brain and creativity in the right side of the brain. Drumming is not only beneficial to children’s mental health and development, it’s also great for helping children develop Tre’shaun Davis, Aaliyah Johnson, Nesphysical fitness. Drumming inthaline Charles, Da’Michael Trice-Cecreases heart rate and blood flow. phus, Armond McKinney, Josiah Because of this, drumming teachTravers, Brandon Hudson es students about their bodies. Rhythm and Roots performed in several community events throughout the city of Salisbury and the fan club of this musical group sensation is growing quickly. They have plans to perform at 3rd Friday, Salisbury Festival and the Juneteenth Celebration. These students have gained National recognition as they were honored at the Public

May-June 2019

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Serving the Lord...

30 Years of Faithful Service to God

Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson, Pastor First Baptist Church of Salisbury 7 inspire one

May-June 2019


First Baptist Church of Salisbury celebrated the Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson’s 30th anniversary with a iconic month long celebrations services and Gala during the month of March, 2019. The Pre- Anniversary services and the Anniversary Revival service was the kickoff to a set of events that took place this year acknowledging Watson’s tenure. “I feel like, I have done what God desired of me,” said Watson. “I also feel a sense of gratitude. I’m grateful to the congregation because it’s been a great journey. Our start was rocky and seem impossible but God pulled us through and remain ed faithful to His word.” Throughout his tenure, Rev. Watson said he is most proud of his “attempts to make the church more Christ-centered and ministry-centered and developing lasting and loving relationships with all members of the church and throughout the community.” Rev. Watson believed that God called him for this special purpose in leading First Baptist Church to the ministry it is today. Rev. Watson’s love for the members especially the seasoned saints is proof that if one just loves and remains patient and long-suffering with all people, God will bless you. “I’m proud of the way FBC has worked with me during my leadership of over 30 years,” he said. “They’ve been extremely supportive, loving and acceptive especially in terms of direction of ministry and being more Christ-centered. I’m especially proud of how the church comes together to help feed the less fortunate and house the homeless, not to mention reaching out to the residents of this community. We have tackled some major task from rebounding during the hardest period of time when I took leadership of the church to now, completion of major improvements to the facility — this is the best ministry a pastor could ever have in life.” Watson’s love for Christ and his explicit and creative approach to the word makes him one of the most sought after preachers in the nation. His old world charm and sincere attitude to rightly divide the word so that members and guest can understand what God is truly trying to say to them is his top priority. “Church is nothing to play with, there are some hurting people that come to our churches for help, whether financially, emotionally or most of all spiritually. First Church attempts to stay relevant with its ministry outreach and inclusion of all people to the Lord’s house. We need to show love to all regardless of what hang-ups, problems or situations that the person is facing. Our job is to love and let God do the changing.” For the anniversary celebration, there were several services, starting March 6 and 13 with a Pre-Anniversary services, March 19-21 with Anniversary Revival, following up with more Pre-Anniversary services on March 24 and 27. Finally, an Anniversary Gala that was held in the Lewis N. Watson Auditorium on March 29 with guest speaker and fraternity brother Rev. Dr. Michael T. Scott of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The gala dolled in black and gold was a five star event that celebrated the 30 years of outstanding leadership to the ministry by Rev. Watson. The pastor’s anniversary committee invited 9 preachers that had a significant connection and meaning to Rev. Watson. These pastors range from Rev. Dr. Carl Balark who performed his initial installation as pastor, pastoral friends in the ministry Rev. Rodney Waller, Bishop Dwayne Debnam, past moderator for the Hampton’s Ministers Conference Rev. Dr. Dwight Riddick and a senior pastor with great words of wisdom, Rev. Dr. Raymond Lassiter. Part of the Anniversary Celebration included his sons in the ministry Rev. Jesse Thomas and Rev. Antoine Hutchins. Finally, to conclude the month long service of Pastor Watson, his little brother and great friend, Rev. Dr. Quientrell Burrell preached the last service of this month long celebration. In his final remarks for the month long celebration Rev. Watson remarked that we must love one another and stop trying to bring down others, instead pray for your neighbor and fellow man that God will sustain them during the hard times of life.

May-June 2019

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Pastor Mark


you had asked a bright eyed, easy smiling 18 year old Mark Bunting if twenty years later he would be leading a congregation of well over a thousand parishioners every Sunday, he would have thought you were crazy. Baseball was his first love. A graduate of Wicomico Senior High, he was recruited to play baseball for Indiana Wesleyan University right out of high school. Mark may have had his eye on baseball, but God had his eye on the young man to preach his word. Inspire One recently sat down with Pastor Mark and listened as he shared his insights on diversity, growing the body of Christ and how the mission of Emmanuel is all about laying aside religion to get a real relationship with God. The father of five credits his beautiful wife, Sara, with being the glue that holds him together. It’s not an easy feat to be entrusted with so much responsibility at such a young age, however, their partnership keeps him grounded. When asked how he manages the balancing act of all his roles, he said

prayer allows him to prioritize his busy schedule. With an extremely grateful heart and humble spirit, he insists that it’s nothing special about him that allows God to keep trusting him to feed his sheep. In a “Meet The Press” interview in April of 1960, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr stated that the 11th hour on Sundays was one of the most segregated hours in the nation. Some will tell you that not much has changed since Dr. King made that proclamation nearly sixty years ago, however, Emmanuel Wesleyan seems to have found a way to dismantle the notion of “separate but equal” as it pertains to corporate worship. Sit through a service at Emmanuel Wesleyan, and you’ll see a sea of faces of all nationalities, races, and backgrounds. Pastor Mark believes that it is the responsibility of the body of Christ to authentically represent what heaven will look like. The church will lead the charge in bringing the country as a whole back together. He readily acknowledges that there

are problems in society along racial lines. However, he asserts that most of the country’s problems stem from an unwillingness to sit down and actually listen, get to know, form a connection with someone who does not look like you, walk like you, talk like you. Having the courage to admit you simply dont understand someone’s perspective but you value them enough to want to learn.

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May-June 2019

RELIGION continued from pg 9

Much like Dr. King, the young pastor has a dream, a heart’s desire: to allow the content of the message to speak for itself, not be heard through the filter of him being a white man. People are hurting and spiritually hungry. While much of what we love about the black community is rooted in tradition, some of our unwillingness to step out of the box is what keeps us bound. Loyalty to a system, which is simply a way of doing something, that holds no loyalty to us. Pastor Mark is adamant about one of the core values of Emmanuel Wesleyan being outreach. The church has an active and thriving Adopt A Block ministry which goes out in the community twice a month, handing out food to those in need, sharing a word of encouragement, offering prayer. This isn’t a church willing to rest on the laurels of those who have come before. Two additional campuses, one in Fruitland, the other in Crisfield were chosen with an eye solely towards reaching members of the community who live in those areas. good works, in our own strength. Relationship is God coming down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ, through the holy spirit, to do life with us. When we couldn’t reach God through religious traditions, He came to us.” It’s the difference between the law and grace. Desiring a real relationship with God is a new concept for many. Raised in religious settings where ritualistic norms had to be adhered to, it can be unsettling for some when they first come to the church. Yes, traditions are generally how communities are formed, it’s the things we bond over, it’s how I recognize you, how you recognize me. But tradition should never get in the way of authenticity. It is God’s greatest desire to have daily relationship with each of us. Pastor Mark put it best when he said, “Religion can be passed down like a family heirloom but you cannot bequeath a relationship, we all have to get one for ourselves.” If you’re new to the area or looking for a relevant message, check Emmanuel Wesleyan out at 217 Beaglin Park Drive in Salisbury. Sunday service starts at 10:30, Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting, 7 pm. Also check out the website for a list of all the small groups! Connection is a central theme at Emmanuel. One of the avenues to achieve this is through small groups. Pastor Mark emphatically states that active involvement in small groups changes lives by changing perspective. Forming connections with those who you might never have met otherwise. Meeting together weekly, studying the word together, there are a wide array of over 30 small groups at Emmanuel to choose from. From young mothers, to men’s groups, to married couples, there’s something for everyone. While some may bemoan the use of technology in the modern church, Pastor Mark views it as another opportunity to reach the lost and bring them home. The church’s creative teams do a wonderful job of running not only the live streaming of services every Sunday morning at 10:30, but the church recently debuted a new app, which can be found on either ITunes or the Google Play store. When asked to differentiate between religion and relationship, Pastor Mark said this: “religion is us trying to reach God through our

May-June 2019

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One Voice with Ministerial Alliance

Watchmen with One Voice Ministerial Alliance is an umbrella group that represents several churches on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. The Alliance is led by Rev. Dr. Lewis N. Watson and Bishop George A. Copeland of Salisbury, MD. The majority of churches represented in the Watchmen with One Voice Alliance are composed of predominantly African American pastors representing their congregation and community in which they serve. One of the main purposes of the Watchmen with One Voice Alliance is to provide a voice for the community in dealing with unjust and unfair practices that may affect the community. The Alliance was founded to provide a greater voice for the people of color in Eastern Shore The Watchmen Ministerial Alliance takes a tour area whose needs were and are often Principal Melva Polk. overlooked by city and civic leaders. active in efforts to expose unjust treatment toThe Alliance sponsors programs that focus on community, spiritual health and well- wards members of the community. The Watchmen Alliance takes its root in ness as well as events that provide a means of reaching a need for the people. It also remains Salisbury and other cities across the Eastern Shore were demanding civil rights for people of color, more and better job opportunities, and housing and schools in their neighborhoods. The Alliance has created opportunity for the community to question such practices like the overwhelming suspension rate of African Americans in Wicomico County schools. Hosted a Real Talk session with the community to hear concerns and issues that need to be address. In addition engage in a conversation about the necessity of education and the future of our children. In February of 2019,

of Westside Elementary School, led by

the Watchmen with One Voice Ministerial Alliance held a benefit concert to assist the members of various congregations that were affected by the Government Shutdown. The Alliance providing financial support, along with care packages to help those families that were experiencing the drastic effects of being out of work for at least 2 months with the Federal Government. The Watchmen with One Voice has been doing a tremendous job within the community since their inception. The community has seen the benefit of the Ministerial Alliance as the alliance tackles hard issues such as placement of the proposed chicken houses on the westside of Salisbury. In addition, providing support to the community on westside of Salisbury in successfully rebuilding the West Salisbury Elementary school. Many issues have been addressed by the alliance and the Pastors of each congregation have united together to protect the interest of the African American Community.

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May-June 2019


? y e h t e r a o h W


or those not familiar about the Central Park 5, if you do a little research, you may come across the now trending limited series on Netflix, “When They See Us”. This is based on a true story on the events that transpired in 1989, where 5 teenagers were unjustly accused of a crime they did not commit. This was one of the outstanding cases of racial injustice when Korey Wise, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Kevin Richardson, and Raymond Santana served a full prison term for a crime they did not actually commit.

What Happened? The five were teenagers at the time of conviction when a white woman was assaulted and raped in NewYork’s Central Park. On 19th April 1989, while the woman,Trisha Meili was

jogging at the park, she was assaulted by at the time, an unknown suspect and left almost dead in a gulley. Investigators then quickly searched the immediate surrounding for suspects only to find groups of almost 30 teenagers who were roaming at the park. In all honesty, the teenagers, mostly 13-17 were not of the best behavior as some were harassing other joggers in Central Park at the time, throwing stones at them and all that!

Jogger.’ With the woman suffering from a fractured skull and other major injuries, she could not immediately recall what had happened to her.

Investigations were conducted and since the teenagers were being unruly and harassing people in Central Park, they began to tie the ‘minor attacks’ to the assault on the ‘Central Park

May-June 2019

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COnvictions With the Central Park 5 facing between 5-15 years in prison, each of them had different convictions. Richardson faced the charge of assault, attempted murder, robbery, and rape while McCray, Salaam, and Santana were charged with riot, rape assault, and robbery. With Wise being the older teen in the group, he was tried as an adult and faced up to 15 years in prison.


THe Case While she was in critical condition at the Metropolitan Hospital, Manhattan, the Central Park 5 were charged for the attacks. While there was no evidence placing them at the scene of the crime at the time, four of the five (Richardson, McCray, Santana, and Wise) had their confessions taped and this was enough to give prosecutors evidence to charge them. At the time of convictions, the teenagers claimed that interrogators had harassed them into confessing to the crime they did not commit. With Meili in critical condition, the investigators acted swiftly to prosecute the suspect with the case gaining the most public outcry for justice. In 1990, the teenagers were charged with multiple crimes after investigators concluded that they were guilty. This was unwarranted because there was a lot of inconsistencies in their confessions, which would later reveal that they had been coerced into admission. Moreover, no physical evidence was found at the scene to suggest any of the Central Park 5 were at the scene of Meili’s assault.

10 years into their prison term, the case got a glimmer of hope when Matias Reyes admitted to being the culprit behind Meili’s assault. Remember when there was no physical evidence at the scene of the crime linking the Central Park 5 with the crime, Reyes’ DNA was a match! Investigators, after Reyes’ detail admission, found traces of DNA that linked him to being at the scene. As an already convicted rapist and murderer, his confessions to the crime were believed to be the game-changer in the case. There were other cases in Central Park that Reyes were linked to, all of which he acknowledged being directly involved. With the statute of limitations expiring in the Meili vs Central Park 5 expiring, Reyes could not face trial in the case. However, 12 years later, the five were vindicated after the Manhattan District Attorney reinvestigated the case. State Supreme Court Justice Charles J. Tejada in his ruling acknowledged the new evidence of DNA match and Reyes’ confession would favor the defendants allowing for a new trial.

Story Retold Being unlawfully convicted, they were offered a $41 million settlement in compensation in 2014. Today, Ava DuVernay has directed the events in a Netflix miniseries “When They See US”. The young and old characters retell the events that transpired during the case to depict younger version and after being convicted in a detailed retelling. In 2012, Central Park Five

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May-June 2019

ARTS & CULTURE had earlier been released as a documentary film by directors David McMahon, Kevin Burns and Sarah Burns and Ava DuVernay saw the need to remake the film into a miniseries to capture as many details as she could.

Final Thoughts Racial discrimination has always been America’s greatest threat to development and the Central Park 5 case was one of those that revealed how adverse it has been. With the law and law-makers shifting their attention from the real beast, America’s progress will always be tested and only those that fight for ‘real’ justice would be seen as heroes. It took over a decade for the Central Park 5 to get justice but in the end, it is true that ‘the truth will come out’. With the help of sane political minds, law-makers and social media, the fight for equality will be won, sooner rather than later.

May-June 2019

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Patriots By Kristian Blake


ne can argue that African Americans are the most patriotic citizens in America. What? Let me explain. Organizations like the Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus are considered by many to be the stereotypical “Patriot”. They believe that they are entrusted with hold-

ing America to the standards that the Founding Fathers (i.e. Jefferson, Madison, Washington etc.) envisioned in the Declaration of Independence (1776), and the Constitution (1787). These people wear there “Americanness” on their sleeve, but, if we take these two documents as a litmus test of patriotism, then who is more of a patriot than African Americans. Aren’t we the ones Civil War Union Soldier who test America’s mantel by Abram Garvin of the marching and calling to atten108th USCT. tion the injustices reaped on all minorities? Are we not the ones who fought in three wars for America when we weren’t considered human under American laws? The men and women of the Eastern Shore have been in the theater for over a century, fighting for freedom, even when they were written as chattel. For example, during the Civil War Maryland was under the Union banner. But many of

Thousands of African American men fought for their freedom during the Civil War.

its residents had already chosen the side of the Confederate. On the Shore; some whites took drastic measures not to fight in the battle, taking to swamps to dodge the draft. Some, like Isaac Sylvester of Worcester County tried crossing into the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He was eventually caught, branded as a deserter, and forced to wear an 18 pound ball and chain for 6 months. But while those who enjoyed freedom deserted, slaves and freedmen willingly ran to the call. In 1863 the steamboat John Tracy made its way up the Pocomoke River, recruiting slaves in the region. Slaves called it “Jesus”, hoping it would send them to the Promise Land. That day residents of Snow Hill watched the steamers black marching band parade through Washington Street, signaling a new era. George, a slave of Worcester Coun-

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May-June 2019


continued from pg 17

ty, fueled by freedom and patriotism, left the plantation to enlist in the battle, fighting in the 19th Infantry of the United States Colored Troops. It was people like George, a slave who most likely hadn’t seen anything outside of his master’s property; who courageously fought and died for the ideals written in 1776. These acts of patriotism shown by Black Eastern Shore men and women seeped into the 1900’s. Even though Blacks were legally allowed to fight since 1862, many white Americans consider them unequal. Jim Crow was in its infancy, giving Blacks a new river to cross. Take my grandfather's brother William Blake, born in 1910 in Stockton Maryland. William would have been nearing his 20’s when Matt Williams was lynched, and burned in front of the court house in Salisbury Maryland in 1931. In fact, during my great uncle’s lifetime, he would’ve known three lynchings before leaving to fight in World War Two. This doesn’t take into account the overall strength of will it took to be black on the Eastern Shore. But the fear and bigotry of the era did not stop these brave human beings. When the U.S. entered World War One, 11,000 Black Marylanders answered the call. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1942, my great Uncle and countless others from the Shore put down their farming tools to travel to a foreign land. They fought for America abroad, while simultaneously fighting for equal rights at home. Like their ancestor George, these men and women from of the Shore exemplify what it means to be an American patriot. They fought and died for a country that didn’t always fight for them, because they truly believed in the words written in 1776. Their sacrifice befitting for monuments.

Top left: African American soldiers during World War I; Top right: Women’s Army Auxiliary Corp Camp Shanks, NY traveling to Europe during World War II; Above: Fighter pilots from World War II; Right: Soldiers of the Korean War; Below: On patrol during the Vietnam War.

Photo by Joseph B. Lawson

Lt. Gen. Michael D. Rochelle, deputy chief of Staff G-1, delivers a historic message July 18, 2008, reflecting on the strength of success and diversity at the African American Civil War Memorial, which was unveiled 10 years ago in Washington, D.C.

May-June 2019

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Re-enactors portraying Harriet Tubman and Edmonia Highgate.

By Historian Quintard Taylor


ny bright high schooler or Constitutional law expert would say that African Americans were formally liberated when the Georgia legislature ratified the 13th Amendment on December 6, 1865, guaranteeing its addition to the U.S. Constitution. Yet freedom came in varied ways to the four million enslaved African Americans long before the end of the Civil War. Some fortunate black women and men were emancipated as early as 1861 when Union forces captured outlying areas of the Confederacy such as the Sea Islands of South Carolina, the Tidewater area of Virginia (Hampton and Norfolk) or when enslaved people escaped from Missouri, Indian Territory, and Arkansas into Kansas. Other black slaves emancipated themselves by exploiting the disruption of war to run away to

freedom, which in some instances was as close as the nearest Union Army camp. President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation liberated all blacks residing in territory captured from the Confederates after January 1, 1863. These slaves did not have to run for their freedom, they merely had to wait for the arrival of Federal troops. Emancipation for still more African Americans came in April 1865 when Confederate commander Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Federal forces at Appomattox Court House in Virginia. With that surrender the rebellion was over. News of Lee’s surrender spread within days through the former slave states east of the Mississippi River. With that news came the realization by both the former slaves and former slaveowners that freedom would now be the permanent status for African Americans. Texas, however, was another matter. Iso-

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ARTS & CULTURE lated from both Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War and thus spared horrific battles on its soil, Texas has become a place of refuge for slaveholders seeking to insure that their “property” would not hear of freedom. Through April, May, and part of June, 1865, they did not. Finally on June 19, 1865, freedom officially arrived in Texas. One day before, on June 18, Union General Gordon Granger and 2,000 federal troops landed on the beach at Galveston to take control of the last unoccupied Confederate state. The following day on June 19, Granger read the contents of General Order No. 3 from the balcony of Ashton Villa

Juneteenth celebrations in Portland, Oregon (above), Bryan, Texas to the right and below Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

in Galveston. His proclamation announced in part: “The People of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and property rights between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor. The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.” Word of emancipation gradually spread over the vast state despite the efforts of some slaveholders to maintain slavery. African Americans, however, would not be denied the liberty that had eluded them so long. When the news came entire plantations were deserted. Many

blacks brought from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri during the War returned home while Texas freedpersons headed for Galveston, Austin, Houston, and other cities where Federal troops were stationed. The freed people created a number of poems that reflected their new status including the following: Slavery chain don broke at last! Broke at last, broke at last! Slavery chain don broke at last! Gonna praise God till I die! Emancipation news often arrived with Union troops who fanned out across Texas. Felix Haywood, a North Carolina-born Texan, recalled the summer day in 1865 when he heard of his emancipation while working on a cattle ranch near San Antonio: Soldiers, all of a sudden, was everywhere–coming in bunches, crossing and walking and riding. Everyone was a-singing. We was all walking on golden clouds. Hallelujah!….Nobody took our homes away, but right off colored folks started on the move. They seemed to want to get closer to freedom, so they’d know what it was like it was a place or a city. Even in his celebration Haywood also mused on the meaning of that freedom. We knowed freedom was on us but we didn’t know what was to come with it. We thought we was going to get rich like the white folks. We thought we was going to be richer than the white folks, ’cause we was stronger and knowed how to work, and the whites didn’t, and they didn’t have us to work for them any more. But it didn’t turn out that continued on pg 19

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way. We soon found out that freedom could make folks proud, but it didn’t make ’em rich. Although news of emancipation came at different times during that Texas summer and autumn 1865, local blacks gradually settled on June 19 (Juneteenth) as their day of celebration. Beginning in 1866 they held parades, picnics, barbecues, and gave speeches in remembrance of their liberation. By 1900 the festivities had grown to include baseball games, horse races, street fairs, rodeos, railroad excursions, and formal balls. Two distinct trends emerged with these early celebrations. First the oldest of the surviving former slaves were often given a place of honor. That place of honor rose direct proportion to the dwindling numbers of survivors with each passing year. Secondly, African Americans in Texas initially used these gatherings to locate missing family members and soon they became staging areas for family reunions. By 1900 Juneteenth had unofficially become Texas Emancipation Day and was sponsored by black churches and civic organizations. Indeed, Juneteenth was so prominent that white politicians including various Texas governors addressed the largest gatherings (which sometimes included upwards of 5,000 people) in Houston and Dallas. Juneteenth had by this point surpassed the Fourth of July as the biggest holiday of the year for Texas African Americans. With the migration of African Americans from Texas to the West Coast, especially during World War II, Juneteenth simultaneously declined in Texas and grew in the emerging black communities of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Oakland in California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. But by the 1970s many blacks, including those in Texas, had forgotten the holiday’s origins and its significance in African American history. In the 1980s a number of local community activists rediscovered Juneteenth and persuaded public officials to embrace the holiday. Not surprisingly, Texas in 1980 became the first state to declare Juneteenth an official state holiday. Other states in the West began to recognize the holiday as well. In 1994 the “Modern Juneteenth Movement” began when advocates from across the country gathered in New Orleans where they pledged to work for national recognition of the holiday. A number of holiday promotion organizations emerged after that meeting including the National Association of Juneteenth Lineage (NAJL), the National Juneteenth Celebration Organization (NJCA), and the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF). In 1997 the U.S. Congress passed a resolution officially recognizing June 19 at Juneteenth Independence Day in the United States. Three years later the first annual Washington Juneteenth National Holiday Observance took place in the nation’s capital. By June 2011, 39 states and the District of Columbia had established either full or partial recognition of the holiday.

Toneika Holloway (left) showcases a mixed media artwork of a plantation, Below, Paulette Owens (right) assists Niala Banks (far left) and Imania Mayhorn with crafts at a Juneteenth camp in AIken, South Carolina. Further below, Miss and Jr. Miss Juneteenth in Alexandria, Louisiana and three friends enjoying the day in Berkeley, California

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How to Make A Strong Out of Your Son ensure your son knows how to present himself in front of others. Not all African American sons are thugs just as no White American children are saints. It is, therefore, essential that a father figure be around to teach your son how to present himself to the outside world. African American sons can learn a lot from their fathers. Being that the fathers have, themselves, had to deal with all the issues black Americans go through all their lives.

A good mother

Every child needs to have a mother around. Someone who helps to instill wonderful advice about how they can move through the world. There’s a lot more to being a black American son in America and in other parts of the world than most people care to admit. Your African American son may be walking home from school or the store, pants hanging down a little too much while listening to music and not paying attention to the surroundings. And because someone might not like his dressing code or the way he walks, he might be mistaken for a thug, or gangster, or thief. Someone who’s up to no good. This is what mothers are there to help avoid.

Everyone else


or many years now, there’s been a huge challenge that African American families have with raising their black sons. For the most part, many Americans have this stereotype of African American sons that roam about the streets. To many people, a black African American son walking down the streets is one up to no good. What makes this way of thinking somewhat racial or seriously biased is that everyone has equal rights to movement, speech, work, expression, etc. in America. And so, if our African American sons grow up believing this is the normal way of life, then what world are we living in? It is, therefore, upon all of us, black or white, to teach our younger generation about equality. And here are the best tips to make all this possible.

This one goes out to the relatives, friends, and other people that know your son. These people also need to continually remind your son how to present himself to the outside world. You have to make the world understand who you are as a black American son. Also, be comfortable with who you are. The first step towards raising strong African American men out of sons is to teach them to know how the world works.

Having a constant father figure around

Every son needs to have his father or a father figure that he can relate to and also pick examples from. Having a father figure who your Black American son can learn from is an essential step. It works to

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Inspire One went on a search for some of the Eastern Shore’s Super Fathers. Although there are thousands of great fathers, we selected a few to honor and celebrate. We asked them five questions each on fatherhood and offer you their responses on being a Super Father! 1. What do you enjoy most about being a father? 2. How has your life changed since you have become a father? 3. What is your unique way to show love to your children? 4. What is the biggest challenge of being a father? 5. As a father, is there anything that you would change?

continue being a positive role model they need in life. I am striving to become successful in life and I am raising my children with a mindset to be better than I am once they reach their own adulthood.

Jackson Bartholomew

What I enjoy most about being a father is seeing the different growth phases in my children’s life from a baby to even becoming a soon to be teenager and just being able to enjoy and be a part of each step in their life.

The biggest challenge for me as being a father I think, is learning how to take care of my son who has special needs. It can be very challenging at times but I can honestly say that having him in my life has made me an even better father and I love him unconditionally as well as my two daughters.

My kids really love when they have my full and undivided attention to where we just wrestle, play games and they can just be loud, wild and free. They just love it. Since I became a father, I no longer about myself, its about my children and making sure they have the best life. I put my children and their needs first in every aspect of their life. I have had to change

different things in my life to be an example for my kids, for they are the future and the only way they will truly learn the true values in life is for me to

I wouldn’t change a single thing, I am thankful and blessed to have my beautiful kids, I love them with all my heart. I am proud and honored to be chosen to be their father and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Adual Weli

I enjoying being able teach and help guide them in the right direction. Biggest challenge for me was the difference of how I was raised and would raise them differently from their mom. Nope, I would not change anything besides just wishing I waited until I was much older because I was still a kid finding my own way.

Alvin Woodhouse

Absolutely everything!! Not to sound cliché or anything but the moment my little man was born, an emotion that I never felt before overtook my body. My son has been the best thing to ever happen to me and to be able to see him grow daily has been an amazing journey so far. So, to answer the question what I enjoy most is finally being able to be role model to him as my father was to I.

It allowed me to become mature in the sense of knowing that it isn’t just about me anymore. That I have someone who will be looking up to me now and I need to watch and be cautious in the way I move around him. It allowed me to reflect on things regarding my goals, future and changes that needed to be made for the purpose of my son. Since my son arrival my outlook on life has completely change and my hunger to do better has increased tremendously. Just spending as much time with him as I can, given him as many hugs as I can and letting him know as many times as I can that I’m here for him. I think the coolest thing is our secret handshake that we have now and every time we do it the smile he gives me is worth it every time.

The biggest challenge has been getting in my own way. When you become a parent there is nothing given to parent on rules and guidelines in being the best parent you can be.You have to learn from trial and mistakes. I continue to have to remind myself that I’m only human and when I make mistakes especially in front of my son, I can’t beat myself up over them. Especially, with him being at the age that he really still doesn’t understand on what’s going on. Nope, I feel that everything that has happened and will happen in the future will be for a reason. That in those situations they will be teachable moments and I will need to accept, refocus and apply the changes to avoid those situations in the future. Overall, this has been a great journey so far and I’m enjoying every second of it.

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RELATIONSHIPS I was able to care for this beautiful ball of joy, God has Blessed me with! I was so in Awe!


Dale Henry

I enjoy seeing my daughter grow and advance so early the most... I really love when she embraces me and won’t let go as if she knows I’m her protector and provider already at 1 1/2 years old. I’m so proud of her that’s my heart! My life changed as soon as I knew she was being born. Even more so after I held her for the first time. Filled my eyes with tears of joy! I knew at that very second that I had to do everything in my power to make sure she was always protected and never in need of anything. I thought about growing up and the times I felt my family lacked things and immediately I made the decision to go harder at all my business ventures to ensure

My unique way of showing love to my princess is through music and song and dance. Because her daddy has a passion for music, I always talked, sang, and hummed to her while she was in mommy’s womb. I even put music to her mother’s stomach and sing along lol. When she was born, instead of giving her a pacifier when she would cry I would sing or put on music and she would calm down and mimic me on beat and correct tempo... til this day she hasn’t had need of a pacifier matter fact when she was given one I would take it and hide it. The Biggest challenge of being a father is having trust issues. I don’t trust no one to care and love

The one thing I would change as a father would be getting rid of the apprehension of taking that step to fully commit to entrepreneurship ! So that I can create that uncapped potential and financial stability and tell her our story of how she was the motivating factor to make daddy take that leap of faith and truly believe in his dreams and business plans so that I can spend more time with her and her mother while earning more income for us then I did working for others.

Devon Mack

I enjoy being a Father the most because it allows me the opportunity influence and develop the next generation directly. I’ve become more responsible since becoming a Father. I realize that I’m being watched specifically on a constant basis and that what I do is far more important than what I say. I strive to show my Son the same passion and attentiveness when praising, that I deliver when correcting.

my princess the way I do... but now that I overcome that I would say the biggest challenge is my career as a car sales and leasing consultant keeps me away from my princess 15 hours a day out of the 24 hours we have each day.. and I miss her dearly and have missed out on so much during her beginning stages of life... I have a fear she will grow up in resentment like where was daddy when this or that happened? Although every moment I get to spend with her I take advantage of it.

The biggest challenge as a Father has been knowing that certain things my Son is about to embark upon maybe harmful to him and getting him to see it through the same lens that I do, prior to him going down a path that will cause him grief. I wouldn’t change a thing about being a Father. I know that God has orders my steps and my path has been and will be exactly as it should be.

Dontri Bolden

What I enjoy most about being a father is just being there watching them grow and excel! I enjoy being a kid through them as far as opportunities they have that I didn’t have. Nurturing and encouraging them as needed. Since I’ve become a father my life has changed by making many sacrifices and all the responsibilities that come with being a hands on father. Both of parents passed away 6 months apart by the age of 7 so I never wanted to miss being there for them. I like making them smile through jokes and competing with them as far as sports because even though I’m older I never let them beat me! Lol

dient. Also wanting them to be wise and not put t h e m s e l ve s in bad situations. No father wants to see harm come to their children or watch them not live up to their potential. As a father of my 4 boys I can honestly say I wouldn’t change having them. They all have a purpose and I did my best without having my own father show me the way! continued on pg 23

The biggest challenges are just their well being in this dangerous world. The consequences when they aren’t obe-

Ed Taylor

Watching my children grow up and succeed in activities they like. I enjoy doing activities that we both like. Playing and watching sports together.

them out individually to dinner or special occasions to show my love for them. I simply tell them on occasions!!

I became more guarded In what I say and do. I’m more weary of others in regards to their safety and welfare. I’m more excited about family activities. Picnics, vacations, movies, all family activities.

It’s difficult when they don’t listen and make mistakes in life. Show tough love and Not to say I told you so. But to be supportive and hope they learn.

I indulge in those things that they enjoy. I take

I would be a better listener when they were very young!!

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RELATIONSHIPS little inside jokes. No matter what pet name I call Lilly, she tells me I’m wrong and that she’s “my little squirrel”. And Olivia, who may have the best memory ever, lost a pair of gloves last Christmas at the Ocean City Winterfest of Lights and so she will either initiate (or I will) “My glubbies (gloves)”, to which the other will respond “No! MY glubbies!” That always gets us both laughing.

continued from pg 22

Jacob Day

I can’t pretend I knew this kind of love before them. I love my family. I love my wife. I love my community - but these girls have taught me that I had no idea how important someone could be. They’re my whole heart. And they’ve also taught me patience. It’s easy with them. I don’t have a short temper with them. And if you can laugh off someone throwing yogurt on your suit right as you’re walking out the door for the meeting you’re late for, can’t you lend everyone else a little more patience too? Admittedly, I became a father and became Mayor within 90 days of each other, so life hasn’t been the same since. The advantage I have is I don’t know life as Mayor without being Daddy. Everything in the world changes when you become a father. Nothing I thought was important before is as important anymore. My kids are everything. Everything is worth sacrificing for them. My job, my safety, my life, money, time... everything. Well, I’m not sure my ways are unique. We play together constantly, go to the park together, run

Knowing whether or not you’re doing it right. It’s a near impossibility to truly know what impact your decisions are having on your kids. I try to monitor their development, follow what the pro’s say, but you just can’t know if you’re doing the right thing. That scares me to no end because I want nothing more in this world than to get it right for them.

around the yard, etc. I verbalize my love for them constantly. I think it’s important for them to hear their Dad talk about how much he adores them. My girls and I have breakfast together every morning - most days just sitting outside on the patio or at the breakfast table. Every other week, we have an individual daddy-daughter date for a breakfast out. Those are the best times. We have our own

Jermichael Mitchell

What I enjoy the most about being a father is the love my children show. My life has changed since I became a father because it made me mature and understand my responsibilities. My unique way of showing love towards my children is taking them to their favorite places and spending time with them . The biggest challenge of being a father is making sure my children know they are more than what society shows them and says. As a father I wouldn’t change anything this far because it has made me who I am.

I would want less time working or doing anything else so that I could spend more time with my girls. I also wish there were less things I had to worry about in the world as they grow up. As a parent, you can’t help but worry more about the unpleasant things in the world that your kids will one day have to navigate through. I think we live in a world that is better in many ways than it has ever been before, but each challenge and risk is one more than I’d like my girls to have to deal with.

Miquel Gale

I enjoy being there for my children. Seeing their smile when they see me brings me happiness. Just to have the notion to just love my kids so much. It has really grounded me. I cannot and will not do the things that I used to do in life anymore I know what I was missing in my childhood. By holding them close to my heart and I tell them I love them. Being that strong support system for my kids in every possible way. Changing my attitude not towards them but just with myself.

Kevin Price

restaurants or just having family discussions or conversations.

Once I became I father, I knew it was time to become a better father and role model. Growing up my parents taught me to lead by example. My first steps were to focus on my career goals. and dreams.

My biggest challenge as a father is the desire to have a more financially stable household for me and my family compared to how I grew up. Achieving financial goals requires a lot of sacrifice from both parents. One challenge was finding that balance to spend the quality time that you would like to spend with your kids vs. building both a demanding career and business. As a father, you must continue to work on finding that balance.

My way of showing love toward my girls is to spend quality time with them. We still enjoy our family vacations, movies, dining out and trying new

If I had to do it again, I would have found a better balance between family, Career and Business.Today, I spend as much quality time as I can with family.

Things I enjoy most about being a father is the pride of fatherhood, the role of being a protector, and a role model. As a result, you receive respect as a father along with endless unconditional love for a lifetime.

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Patrick Quail

The smiles that I bring to my children’s face whether it be random gifts or I’m just coming home from work it really warms my soul to see my kids smile, and be happy. I have another life to take care of and the mind-

set that came with that had to change from what it once was. Everything I do is for my kids, and their futures. Spoil them, correct them, show them the way, travel as much as possible, and of course show unconditional love. Growing as man (struggling) trying to them in a better place (home) but God came through for us as he’s done many many times. emotions to the table. I enjoy being the one helping and giving advise and watch the decisions come together and see a bunch of happy faces in the end.

Ralph Nichol

Having a bunch of people converting about you all the time become a normal chore, which allows you to become a better person. It also allows your own emotions to think outside the box and being responsible for people you allowed to bring their

Raymo Farrare

Having the opportunity to watch a child grow from a toddler, to pre-teen, to teenager and then adult. Watching her use all the life lessons that you’ve taught her knowingly, and unknowingly through the years. Her taking some of your advice and applying it to a situation or dilemma that may arise, and being able to process accordingly. It has changed tremendously over the years. Becoming a husband and father figure is hard work when you’re in your twenties. It definitely has been a learning process, and I’m still learning as I grow older. I’ve changed from a boy to a man. Doesn’t seem like a big change, however when you’re accustomed to doing certain things, that simultaneously changed once you have a family depending on you and watching your every move. I became a man when I was responsible for raising a child.

Rubens DaSilva

I love feeling like a kid again and getting to play games and teach games I used to play to my daughter I’ve more

become protective

Yes, life has changed greatly from the first child coming into this world. The focus sometimes get dim because of the unknown of taking on a role. You either mature or you remain immature in the father role, its very scary if you are prepared in your mind. My life had its ups and downs since becoming a father, but I chose to mature as time went on and more children came into the picture. The life changes are payoffs in the end because I chose to invest my life to this challenge, So to sum this question up, time changes the world, but time remains the same and being a father should not change either if you stay consistent with time. There is nothing special showing love if it was taught, I love my children of 6 with an agape love no matter what. But to move towards and answer in Being direct and forthcoming with life’s circumstances and lessons. Being a disciplinarian when necessary to educate on certain errors she makes to protect her from life’s dangers. Showing her that I will protect her against anything and willing to laying down my own life for her if need be. Giving her the things she ask for within reasons. Showering her with her wants, and providing her needs. Although, sometimes I forget to be a bit more gentle with her because she’s a female and my delivery could be harsh and hard at times. Not being able to live their life for them. Sitting back, watching them about to make some of the same mistakes you have and not being able to change the outcome of it now that you have learned from many mistakes. Realizing she’s going to be grown and hope some of the lessons, lectures, and punishments she has experience shape and my priorities have changed from my friends to my own family and making sure they’re happy and have all that they need I try to make sure that I model behavior that I would like for her to have in the future (he went on to say he makes sure he has good manners so that she will have good manners as well as treat me well so that she can see how she should be treated when she grows up and knows what to look for in a future spouse)

I believe God has me right where he wanted me, and the growing/humbling pains that came with that made me a better father, husband, son, brother, and friend. So I don’t feel there’s anything that I would change. thought would only water down the power of love. Each opportunity or chance you have to show love, even in difficult times allows each situation to become unique itself, because the word love safeguards the family and keeping the family grounded in a deeper spiritual belief within yourself, and that is your personal relationship with the creator. The biggest challenge is yourself as a father, looking into the mirror and say to yourself one day at a time. Motivating yourself even when you don”t have the energy is the challenge everyday. Yes I would continuously change me, and allow my changes to remain in the agape love process. That will process the mind for the future of my family to not change this pattern. This pattern comes from ELOHEIM. her to be a strong, independent woman mentally and physically. Most definitely. Would like to be a lot closer than we are. Unconditional love for me as a father figure. Allowing her to see certain mistakes, arguments, fights and negative actions during my own transition into being a good father to/for her. Knowing that times goes by quickly and your time to teach children how to behave appropriately and how to have safe boundaries while still having a fun time and making sure they are ready for the real world when they grow up, its hard knowing you can’t protect them forever I would change the outside world and make it safer and more accepting, personally in my case, I would go back in time and meet my wife sooner so that I could have even more time with them. continued on pg 25

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continued from pg 24

Richard Warren

Spending quality time and making memories. I love the hugs when I walk in the house from work. Playing basketball with him , teaching him how to count , read , and write . Play wrestling, dancing and laughing with him. Just the small things and quality time is what I enjoy most.

life will impact his life . What legacy will I leave him . What family values will I instill in him and how I can best cultivate the skills & gifts that he possesses to change the world. It forces me to reflect and ask myself and Am I giving my best to him . Am I being a role model and example for him to follow. Am I being the father that he needs me to be.

My life changed in the aspect is that I have become more of a forward thinker in terms of how my

Personal touch , service, and affirmation. I make it my business to hug my son and kiss him every day. We shake hands and I show him things such as taking out the trash , how to cook eggs, open doors , clean a car , and cut the grass. He is only 3 but I want him to see that service is a priority. I also find every moment that I can to affirm him as a boy . Tell him that he is going to be great one day . That he is special . That I am proud of him . That

I like being part of my children’s success and be there when they fail. I enjoy having a purpose. At times, my children do not succeed when they did prepare. For example, my children played sports. You cannot win every game. It is my job as a father to help them get through these moments. How hasn’t my life changed? My father once told me that when you become a father, you have to give up half of yourself. That half is your worst half, but it is the half that you like the most. It is the half that is super spontaneous and not thinking of the future. Being a father has forced me to be mature. I like the person that I have become. Being a father has forced me to see the world differently and look at the big picture. I don’t know if this unique, but I let each of my children know that they are unique. I treat them

as such. In addition, I don’t spoil my children with gifts or video games; I try to give them the gift of me. Lastly, I keep my promises to my children. I want my children to know that my word has value. When I say that I will do something, I will do my best to accomplish it or help them accomplish their goals. I have children whose ages range is from 4 years old to 20 years old. The biggest challenge is meeting the needs of all of them. Each of them have different social, emotional and physical needs. For example, my daughter is 4 and every day she asks me to have one on one time playing Barbie. Another example is my older sons which are college age. They are independent, self-sufficient, and do not ask for much. However, they still have needs. My toughest is my 12 year old. He is living in a fast paced society where he is hearing and seeing things that I did not when I was his age. He is dealing with a lot of pressures, and he needs a strong father fig-

Robert Morse

he is going to change the world . That his is a leader , strong , and a beautiful black boy . I want to be the loudest voice in his life until he comes to know God himself . Staying open to Learning “how to” father is the greatest challenge. Often we think we have it down , but there are moments when our children teach us different. Making adjustments , and learning from the lessons my son is trying to teach me . Knowing when I need to be a lion or a lamb. Aggressive or passive when it comes to addressing his development as a child. Having a growth mindset with my son is something that I have to be aware of at all times . My job is to be the archer and point him “the arrow” towards the target. And when I let go trusting that he will make his way will be challenging as well. ure to be there for him to trust and know that he will never quit on him. I would like to slow down and enjoy the moments. I feel that I miss moments that could be unique and special because I try too hard to control situations. For example, I coach a few of my children. Rather than just be a dad and enjoy the show, I am too busy coaching. I am learning that every moment is not a life changing moment. If they want to change, it will be them that makes that choice. I do not want to get in the way.

Shawn Lightfoot I just enjoy the love and support I’m able to give my kids. Also, knowing that no matter what, my kids are going to love me unconditionally.

Since being a father I realized that its not about me anymore. I have to be a provider, counselor, supporter and a great role model for my kids

Being a father has changed me because I have to not only live for me and be responsible for my own well-being, I have to be responsible for my four sons,two daughters and my entire football league!

The biggest challenge of being a father is letting the kids grow up. I still consider them as my babies. They grow up so fast . They are babies one minute and teenagers and adults by the blink of an eye.

My unique way of showing love to my kids is just spending as much time as possible with them and trying to do things that I know they enjoy doing.

I don’t think there is nothing I would change about being a father. I’m a hardworking man who wants what’s best for all my children. I try to lead by example. I want what’s best for them. We may disagree to agree sometimes but at the end we still love each other.

To me, the biggest challenge of being a father is being consistent. Kids have a way of knowing when you’re slacking from the things you normally do.

Ronsha Satchell

The one thing, and probably the only thing, I would change as a father, is being more responsible with my oldest daughter. With my oldest daughter, I was a young father and I really didn’t understand the full responsibility of being a father. I try my hardest now, but I realize that time is something that you can’t make up for. It waits for no one and I have learned from my mistakes! One of the GREATEST gifts that God has given me is the opportunity to be a father, not only to my own children, but each boy and girl that we coach! To be me is to be TRULY BLESSED!

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RELATIONSHIPS changed. They now have more meaning. Being successful is a must!

Stephen Pender

What is your unique way to show love toward your child? When I hold her, I always rub her head. I create and play melodies and sing to her too.

What do you enjoy most about being a father? Watching my daughter grow (anticipating the person she’s becoming and all that she will accomplish) and being able to be the first male to demonstrate love in her life.

What is the biggest challenge of being a father? Time management. As a father is there anything that you would change? Nope. I love every minute of being a father. It’s the best job ever!

How has your life changed since you have become a father? My priorities and goals have

Travon Lamar

What I enjoy the most about being a father are the life lessons. Often times I find myself trying to teach my kids something, but I learn something about myself in the process. Life has changed tremendously. One of the biggest changes is time. If you have a newborn, a lot of time that you reserved for sleeping— is spent up thru the middle of the night. If you have older kids in extra-curricular activities, a lot of the time you thought you had for yourself, is gone. It’s one of those things that keeps you on your toes and busy unintentionally.

Tyler Jones

I enjoy all of the day to day aspects of being a father but I believe I enjoy watching them both grow as individuals and seeing the excitement on their faces when they try new things or accomplish new things.

A unique way I show my kids love is thru being disciplined. Sticking to my word and not wavering. Because we have such a close relationship, I have no problems telling them no. And somehow I believe that even though they might not always get their way— they respect the fact that my word was, is, and forever will be my word. The biggest challenge thus far for me is the “talks” when they do something wrong. It can be awkward, and sometimes as much as you know the talks are needed— you tend to want to push it off to a different time or just wish and assume they know better and know not do it again. But those

talks are important to get on the same page and clarify boundaries and expectations. Everyday is a journey full of surprises, success, and failures. But I wouldn’t change one thing, proud to be learning as I go..just like them!

The kids have definitely made me more mature and focused on bettering myself. They’re also one of the driving forces behind me wanting to be active within the community. My wife and I are from this area and now we are raising children here as well. They definitely make us want to make the community a better place for them to live and grow.

interests, whatever they may be.

I dont know if my way of showing love would be considered unique but I let them know that I love them and invest my time with them. I think with children the best way you can show love is to give them your time and taking interest into their

I cant think of anything I’d change as a father but I’m hopeful that myself and many others are assisting with changing the perception of those that believe black males are not actively involved in their children’s lives.

The biggest challenge of being a parent is honestly that there was nothing in life to prepare me for this task and having to be more mindful of my personal flaws as I know they are watching EVERYTHING and are learning from my example.

Vincente Hernandez

I love the moments my daughter and I create. It something indescribable about seeing her create something and watching her create something for the first time.

We do everything I did before fatherhood together and she loves it. So my days are filled with having a miniature best friend who occasionally pees on my bed. I make sure I spend legitimate quality time with her. I try to be as intentional as possible like taking walks or playing games with her. It doesn’t take a lot for my daughter. Just setting aside some quality is enough for her. There are a few of things that are challenging about being a father. However, one of the biggest in my eyes is that fathers are typically generalized and looked down on. So I’m constantly trying to deny that perception and that pressure can be overbearing. I often remind myself that others options don’t matter. However, I’m in my head a lot about always being my best so no one can say I do anything less.

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“Fatherless children can still succeed” By: Jaabari Aatami


ore than often you here of the negative side of the story when it comes to a fatherless child. Yet there are many success stories from the positive side of the spectrum. People who even in the absence of their father stayed focused on their goals and made something out of life. Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself and see the true perception of things. Seeing things from everyone who is involved perspective. There are many reasons that a father could be absent from a child’s life. Death, bad relationships with mother, prison, distance (living area), and many other variables could play a major part. No excuse none the less. When you take on the role of a father, whether biological or not, you must be the best you can be. Even if that person didn’t have a father in their lives that is no excuses for not trying their best. A father to me sets the standard of how his children respect the world.

Still in the back of our minds we have to remember that these absent fathers are still human. We know now especially in 2019 that mental health plays a major role in a person’s life. So we never know what these absent fathers could be going through physically, mentally, and emotionally. If they are not straight how can we expect them to make sound decisions. We all face struggles, tragedy, and hardships but we all haven’t been taught the skills to deal with them. Not having these skills can be hard for a person. So when you realize that the person in this case the absent fathers, are humans make mistakes and go through things in life also, you can’t always fault them. You as the child can’t use their absence as a crutch or an excuse not to succeed. Everything is a learning experience, whether good or bad. So you take it as a moment to grow. Through your experience you’ve actually learned all the wrong things not to do when you have children.

“When you focus on seeing things through a positive lens, that absence is motivation not an excuse.”

Taking true responsibility over the situation and not letting the situation control you. Even if your father was present but not active, too busy, if he was abusive, or didn’t know how to express himself so he would shut down. It is not ok for you to do those things. Certain learned behaviors are an excuse because when you know better you do better. You know how it felt to go through the experience, why take your children through that or anyone else for that matter. You say to yourself, I can’t grow up and do these things to others because I need to be better than what I went through or saw. When you focus on changing the mentality no matter what experience you come from, it’s easier to succeed. When you focus on seeing things through a positive lens, that absence is motivation n o t an excuse. When you focus n o t on the person but more o n

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yourself, growth becomes easier. When you focus on the fact that you don’t control other people or their actions no matter what. When you learn to FOCUS then you learn to succeed. In the absent father aspect, here are a few things I personally learned from my own experience. I had to flip it and keep my focus in a positive place and NO this didn’t happen overnight. Through absence I learned to make sure I’m involved. Photo by William Stitt I learned to never make promises I can’t keep. I learned time means more than money, yet it does take money to help provide. Special events are important and you need to show up. Pop up at the school without them knowing. I learned be better than what example you had in your life. You’ve made it through and there is a reason for that. It wasn’t by

Photo by Andre Johnson

mistake that you had to endure that journey. Just make sure you learned from it. Make sure you hold yourself accountable for your actions so others don’t have to. Never look for excuses of your behaviors, own them and change them. Success is different for us all as well. Yet, even in those differences it’s something that we all can have with the right mentality. NO EXCUSE!!!

Photo by Andrew Itaga

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6 tips


safe Photo by Jeff Dunham


(BPT) has arrived, which means that more children will be in and around water areas such as pools, lakes and oceans. Like many parents, you worry about your children’s safety around water, no matter how old they are.

According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of injury death among children aged 1-4, and the third leading cause of unintentional injury death in children and adolescents aged 5-19. Two children die every day due to drowning, and according to a study from the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, 88 percent of children who drown do so while under adult supervision. Many don’t realize that drowning can occur quietly, with no overt signs that the child is in trouble. The good news is that you can follow safety tips — and teach your children skills — to help keep them safe while enjoying water activities. Supervising children vigilantly and creating barriers to access-

ing water unexpectedly are the first steps in averting a tragedy. Teaching children how to be safe in and around water is one of the most important life skills parents can give their children. In fact, research shows that participation in formal water safety and swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning among children 1 to 4 years of age. Lindsay Mondick, Senior Manager of Aquatics at YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) offers important safety tips to protect your children from harm around water, whether it’s in the bathtub, at the beach or in a pool. Never swim alone. Nobody should swim by themselves, in case of accident. Teach your children that they should never enter the water anywhere without a lifeguard and/or responsible caregiver attending them. Stay attentive and watch without distraction. If you’re with a large group, or even if a lifeguard is present, designate one person to watch the child or children at all times. If

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HEALTH children are in a pool or near a body of water, a caregiver needs to be close, paying full attention and not distracted by a phone or other diversions. Wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. Children and adolescents must wear appropriately sized and weighted life jackets in or around watercraft. It’s important to understand that not all life jackets are Coast Guard approved. Adults can check this feature by looking at the tag on the inside of the jacket. Non-swimmers and small children should always wear life jackets when near water and while swimming. Adults should also wear them to model safe behavior. Don’t practice holding your breath under water. Children should not have breath-holding contests or participate in underwater swimming challenges that could risk their lives. Learn CPR. When seconds count, bystanders may be the first to help, so learning CPR may save a life. If you were CPR certified years ago, take a refresher course. CPR classes are available at community centers, hospitals and the American Red Cross. Teach basic swim skills early. Not only do most children enjoy swimming lessons, but taking formal lessons can save their lives. Many free or reduced-cost options for classes are available at your local YMCA for children from 6 months old through adults. Learning basic water safety and swimming skills at an early age helps children cope with potential dangers. In Safety Around Water classes at the Y, adults and children learn what to do if they find themselves in water unexpectedly. Participants practice basic skills like how to float and tread water; learning how to push off the bottom of the pool as they are submerging to get back to the surface can help a child find and grab the side of the pool for safety. Each year, the Y teaches over a million children and teens how to swim, providing lessons about water safety in a fun, safe environment. There are classes available to meet every family’s needs and schedules. Water safety not only saves lives but also builds confidence. Learning to enjoy activities in and around the water nurtures children’s social-emotional, cognitive and physical development. Water safety and swimming lessons promote a lifelong enjoyment of swimming while encouraging healthy living. For more information visit

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Seth Cast

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Time to take Action

he statistics for men’s health are alarming. For men, life expectancy is 76.3 years; for women, it’s 81.2 years. The Kaiser Family Foundation points out that nearly 71 percent of men are at risk of being overweight or obese, compared to 59 percent for women. Far more women than men are likely to go to a physician office visit, according to the Centers for Disease Control. “It’s important for men to take charge of their health,” said Dr. Chad E. Bittner, a chief medical officer of OptumCare. “And there are a number of things men can do to get and stay healthy.” Bittner offers the following tips to help men improve their health and well-being: Physical Activity: Regardless of gender, Bittner said he gives people the same general health advice, although men often need more

reminders. One focus area for patients is physical activity. Regular physical activity can control weight, reduce risks of developing heart disease and some cancers, and can improve overall mental health and mood. Nutrition: Another important priority is nutrition. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables every day, and limit foods and drinks high in sugar, salt, saturated fat and alcohol. Sunscreen: Don’t overlook the importance of using sunscreen. Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the US. Prescriptions: All patients need to work with their doctors to get a full understanding of the purpose and side effects of the medicines that they take. Depression: It’s important for men to be aware of the warning signs for depression. If you or the men in your life are not making positive health choices, now is the time to take action. More information is available at

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Prostrate Cancer Screening


Diagnosis and Cause

Known as the most common type of cancer that affects men, prostate cancer commonly affects the prostate gland. However, it is easily treatable when detected early and this is the reason why regular testing and diagnosis is important. It is particularly tricky to detect prostate cancer because there are usually no signs. The most common symptoms, though rare, include difficulty urinating and some blood in the urine. Early screening and diagnosis can identify developing prostate cancer. When this happens, there is a 99% chance of survival. However, should it not be identified early and metastasizes, the survival rate is quite low, 29%. Doctors are puzzled at what causes prostate cancer and no one actually knows how it comes about. Another interesting fact is that there are very low reported cases among men

under the age of 45 but quite common after. Geographically, North America leads in the number of reported cases with north-western Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean following closely.


Prostate cancer affects more African American men when compared to Caucasians. The rate has been reported at 60% higher in African American men with a higher mortality rate reported at up to three times more. The statistics have not changed for more than 20 years with 220,800 general cases of diagnosis reported in 2015 alone. The same year, a staggering 27, 540 mortality rate was reported and the majority of those affected were African Americans. Despite the fact that most people consider prostate cancer as an indolent disease, the health burden may be different across races. African American men face different social issues when compared to Caucasians and the burden of dealing with prostate cancer is felt quite often. For this reason, research done by Shenoy, Packianathan, Chen & Vijayakumar (2016) suggest

that it would be prudent to set up different screening guidelines for African Americans to reduce their mortality rate. Shenoy et al. (2016) reiterate that African American men find it difficult to deal with prostate cancer and other health concerns mainly due to social barriers. Since prostate cancer affects men mostly after the age of 50, the difference is evident when one compares Caucasians to the former. After 50 years only 80% of African Americans have good health insurance as compared to 90% of Caucasian men. Financial barriers and lifestyle may delay prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment among African Americans. For this reason, there is a need to offer extra support to African American men to reduce the mortality rate caused by prostate cancer.


The reported cases of prostate cancer in men regardless of their race have been declining since the 90s. With African American reported to be more prone, efforts have been made to reduce the mortality rate from prostate cancer. With this in mind, early diagnosis has successfully improved the survival rate with fewer deaths reported. In conclusion, the best solution would be early diagnosis and men should frequently screen to rule out early stages of prostate cancer. More so, men above the age of 45 who are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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en’s weight reduction: it’s a sensitive problem for many men. If you’re like many men, you’re fighting to keep your weight in balance. It’s fine though, because once you understand these simple tips, you’ll find that it’s less of a challenge to shed weight than you thought.



Men’s Fat Reduction Rule 1 Keep Glucose Levels Constant One of the main factors behind fat gain is fluctuations in glucose levels. Whenever you eat an excessive amount of fast-releasing foods, the body secretes too much sugar directly into your bloodstream. This leads the pancreas to secrete the hormone insulin, which removes the surplus sugars out of your blood stream and saves it in tissues as glycogen. If this temporary energy is not used up soon after, it becomes converted into fat. The two ways in which you can keep your blood sugar levels stable. The first is to consume little and often. A different way is to consume food which is slow release. This consists of oats (porridge), lentils and beans. Also, simply by mixing protein with carb, the protein slows down the digestion more. So for example, have peanut butter (protein) with toasted bread (carb) and not marmalade (fast release sugar - bad), or even have chicken with your brown rice.



Photo by Megan Hodges

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Men’s Fat Loss Tip 2 Keep clear of Fast Foods Everyone understands they really should stay clear of unhealthy foods. This is because they typically contain little or no vitamins and minerals, but contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. So keep clear of chocolate, cakes, candy, cookies, and fast food like burgers. These foods taste nice and supply you with a quick buzz as a consequence of sugar rush, but beyond that they can only do you harm.

Men’s Weight Loss Tip 3 Always Eat Breakfast If you feel avoiding breakfast is the right way to lose weight, you’ll want to reconsider given that you really couldn’t be more wrong. Breakfast is the central meal during the day. Any time you skip breakfast, you’ll have zero energy throughout the day, your metabolism will be slow (this means you won’t burn the maximum amount of energy/calories), plus your body may have a much harder time keeping your blood sugar level in check. By consuming a fantastic breakfast, you will be full of energy and enthusiasm during the day, and you will definitely find it a lot easier to keep your appetite under control.

May-June 2019

HEALTH So tomorrow, jump out of bed, and eat some poached eggs on whole meal toast or a big bowl of porridge with some raw nuts.

Men’s Weight Loss Tip 4 Make Exercise Fun It’s useless trying to force yourself to carry on doing something when it just seems like a dull effort. Don’t enjoy jogging? No problem. Don’t like the thought of spending too much time sweating in the fitness center? Fine. If you do something you like, you’ll be a great deal more prone to keep on. So, make an effort to think about something physical that you would like to do. Maybe it’s an activity like football. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn street dancing. Or maybe you would enjoy cycling? Whatever it is, just just go do it, and most importantly have fun!

Photo by Evan Dvorkin

Photo by Chander R

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Memphis Tennessee have some? History

When one mentions Memphis Tennessee, you quickly identify the region with Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues. Known as the birthplace of these music genres, Memphis boasts of a host of activities and regions to visit. There is no doubt that it preserves the American culture as well as accommodates new ones while maintaining its identity. Memphis lies strategically above the Mississippi River at the intersection of Arkansas and Tennessee. It is considered Tennessee’s most populous city with millions of visitors visiting each year. The earliest explorer Hernando de Soto visited in 1541 and later (1797) the US constructed Fort Adams at the site. Founded in 1819, Memphis was initially inhabited by the Chickasaw Indians and was named

Memphis skyline

after one of the ancient Egyptian cities. The city became famous and expanded largely due to cotton farming helped by its vast transport network through railroad and river.

What makes it Standout?

Located somewhere in the south-western region of Tennessee, Memphis has its rich outstanding tradition and is mostly referred to as the home of blues. The rich history of Memphis can be witnessed as you walk through Graceland, where Elvis Presley was laid to rest. The National Civil Rights Museum also A festive evening on Beale Street.

enriches Memphis’ tradition as it was at the scene where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. It is not an entirely traditional city because modern commercial developments have been put up while retaining the landmark historic buildings. There are over 60 places to visit in Memphis but some stand out more than others. One of the top places that Memphis is famed for is Graceland. This was the home of the King of Rock n’ Roll Elvis Presley and tourists can relive moments of his life including his former home. The 14-acre property includes his mansion, a trophy building, and the Meditation Garden. There is also the famous Beale Street where the iconic Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum is located This is today known as the ‘home of blues’ and one would find historic buildings like the ‘A. Schwab Dry Goods Store’ built in 1876. The famous W.C Handy handed the city further boost in his song where he immortalized Beale Street. In August, Memphis holds a festival annually to revere its musical culture and this also attracts a majority of tourists. For nature and animal lovers, Memphis has the Mississippi River Museum and Memcontinued on pg 37

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TRAVEL continued from pg 36

phis Zoo. The River Museum exposes the course of Mississippi and tourists can use the pedal-boat as the view the skyline that is exposed. The Memphis zoo hosts approximately 3,500 animals with over 500 different species. Also, this is just one of the four zoos in America to house the gigantic pandas. The Memphis Zoo is famed for Butterflies: In Living Color that can be visible in October. Other mentions of places to visit in Memphis are the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Sun Studio, Shelby Farms Park, STAX Museum and the famous Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum. All in all, Memphis Tennessee stands out as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Being the spot where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and the home to Elvis Presley, it is one of the places that should be on your bucket list. Take a of tour of Graceland, home of Elvis Presley, seen below.

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e t a r b e l Ce jor

a M s ’ e f i L n i s e n o t s Mile

e l t r My h c a e B From birthdays and weddings

(BPT) to anniversaries and retirements, life is all about celebrating those special moments with the ones we love. What better way to make the occasion unforgettable than to travel to an amazing destination? For any important milestone, find the perfect way to celebrate by traveling somewhere special. Whether you’re looking for unique entertainment and fun for a group of friends on your birthday or a bachelor/bachelorette party, a quick getaway with your spouse to mark an anniversary, a romantic honeymoon destination or a family trip with the kids, everything you want can be found in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Happy birthday to you!

Whether you’re bringing the entire family or rounding up your besties for a weekend to celebrate a birthday, look for activities you know everyone will enjoy. For the kids, take a ride on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, check out the sharks and stingrays at Ripley’s Aquarium or, for adven-

ture and a little learning, wander through the interactive experience known as WonderWorks. After a morning relaxing on the beach with the kids, you can all head out to one of the area’s dozens of mini-golf courses for a friendly game or make a trip to The Track Family Fun Park for a go-kart race. With your friends, charter a boat for a cruise or fishing excursion during the day, then enjoy dinner at one of the dozens of great seafood restaurants, followed by a show at the GTS Theater or The Carolina Opry. For the more adventurous, visit Go Ape Zip Line and Treetop Adventure for an unforgettable experience among the trees.

Romance your sweetheart

To surprise your special someone, celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary, or even pop the question, spring for a getaway in Myrtle Beach to spend quality time together.

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Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings by strolling through the gorgeous, 9,000-acre Brookgreen Gardens, which include an incredible sculpture garden and zoo. Then take a sunset cruise or book a couple’s massage at a local spa. Make a reservation for an intimate dinner at one of the area’s fine restaurants, like Aspen Grille or Thoroughbred’s Chophouse and Seafood Grille. Celebrate with your wedding party Plan the best bachelor or bachelorette party ever with the members of your wedding party. You and your girlfriends will find plenty of exciting shopping at The Market Common and Barefoot Landing. For adventurous bridesmaids, rent jet skis at Action Water Sportz for an awesome day on the water. At night, toast the bride-to-be with craft cocktails at The Chemist, then dance the night away to live music at the historic Bowery. Entertain the groom-to-be by hitting the links. Myrtle Beach is one of the country’s premier golf destinations, with 90 unique, challenging golf courses. Then get your adrenaline going by parasailing with Express Watersports, or take the wheel at the NASCAR Racing Experience at Myrtle Beach Speedway. Cap off the night by sampling local beers at New South Brewery and listening to live music at Tin Roof.


Sure, you’ve heard of honeymoons, but why not take a last chance at a peaceful few days with your partner before your new little one arrives? Look for restful, relaxing environments to enjoy your peace and quiet ... while you still can. Stretch out and catch some sun along the area’s 60 miles of beaches, enjoy the natural beauty of the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk

or stroll along the historic Conway Riverwalk. Then you can catch the stunning view from the SkyWheel. This spring, Visit Myrtle Beach is giving away a Babymoon vacation package, which will include three nights of accommodations for two adults, airline tickets and more — complete with the lighting up of the SkyWheel in blue or pink to reveal the gender of your new baby. No matter what the occasion, the Myrtle Beach area is the vacation destination to create lasting memories. Couples,

families and groups can find everything they’re looking for in a getaway that’s sure to please everyone. Check out milestones for more vacation ideas for your special milestone.

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TRAVEL takes about five minutes. Refer to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or placard on the driver’s door to determine proper tire pressure. Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold.

Tips for an epic summer road trip

(BPT) - The heat is on so now’s the time to plan for a cool summer road trip. Whether you’re going with friends or family, near or far, there’s nothing like hitting the road for an epic summer trip. National parks, the coast, big cities, Main Street USA and fun/silly tourist destinations are all waiting. The road is yours. Once you’ve scoured the map and picked your perfect trip, take some time to make sure you’re prepared. Here are some quick tips to help ensure a smooth journey: • Plan ahead … but don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and go off the beaten path. • Download road-friendly apps like Waze and Gas

Buddy. • Check weather sites to see what your driving conditions will be. • Fill a cooler with drinks and bring lots of snacks. • Brush up on road trip games: Create fun memories by keeping everyone in the car engaged. • Put your phone/tablet on double-duty: Use its camera to capture pictures of the trip and load up some movies, music or games. • Try local eateries as opposed to chain restaurants. • Bring a first-aid kit. Just in case. • Take turns driving so everyone stays alert. • Make sure your vehicle is in road-worthy shape: Check the oil and all fluids, battery,

spark plugs, air filter and tires … especially the tires. “Definitely check your tires, especially if you’re heading out on a summer road trip,” said Alan Holtschneider, director of marketing for Yokohama Tire. “They influence the braking, steering, comfort, handling, safety and fuel efficiency. Remember, they are also the only parts of the vehicle that actually touch the road.”

• Check your tread depth by placing a penny upside down into a tread groove. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tire’s tread has worn down to the legal limit and you need to buy a new tire. • Tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch, the lowest legal limit. It’s best to replace them before they reach 2/32 for optimal performance, especially in bad weather. OK, now you’re ready to roll.

Holtschneider said whether your summer journey takes you to Disney World or the Grand Canyon, it’s important to have the right tires for the trip. “For example, if you have a luxury SUV or crossover, a tire like the Geolandar X-CV fits the bill. It’s long-lasting, provides strong traction, smooth handling and has a hush-quiet ride — perfect for cruising in style.” Even after your summer road trip, Holtschneider strongly suggests keeping your tires properly maintained year-round. Try these tire safety tips: • Check tire pressure at least once a month — this

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Judy Johnson


oted as one of the best players ever coming from the Eastern Shore, William Julius “Judy” Johnson is known as one of the best baseball players in over 150 years.

“Johnson was the best hitter among the four top third baseman in the Negro Leagues, but no-one would drive in as many clutch runs as he would. He was a solid ballplayer, real smart, but he was not the kind of fellow who could ‘just get it done.’ He was dependable, quiet, not flashy at all, but could handle anything that came up. No matter how much the pressure, no matter how important the play or the throw or the hit, Judy could do it when it counted.”-Cool Papa Bell. One of the best Negro league third baseman, Judy Johnson loved to play baseball along with other Hall-of-Famers Ray Dandridge, Jud Wilson and Oliver Marcelle. Judy Johnson was a clutch hitter and a key performer for the Hilldale Stars.

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Born in the Snow Hill, Maryland area of the Eastern Shore in 1899, Johnson received his nickname from veteran Hilldale player Judy Gans. Judy quickly began his career for $5 a game and joining the club full time in 1921. Following the teaching and mentoring of John Henry “Pop” Lloyd, Johnson was a smart player and had the skills to help develop new talent. In 1924, Johnson played in his first Negro World Series, losing to the Kansas City Monarchs but the following year would defeat the same Monarch team. Johnson earned a spot in the Hall of Fame and was the sixth black player to be inducted into the organization in 1975. Outside of his MVP Player award in 1929, Johnson also help a batting average of .309 and scored 466 runs and swung for 876 hits. Johnson died in 1989 but it has not deterred his Eastern Shore family and fans from discussing the importance Judy had within the community.

Johnson being inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Overcoming racial discrimination, segregation, Jim Crow and other aspects designed to oppress people of color, Johnson was hassled through most of his career. Johnson was the captain of the ’35 team that featured Hall-of-Famers Cool Papa Bell, Oscar Charleston, Josh Gibson and the great Satchel Paige. The great talent and skill of Judy Johnson can be seen as a beacon of light to young males interested in a baseball career. The uniqueness of the life and talents of Judy Johnson have proven an interest of many in the area. His roots reach back to this community as they seek to dedicate a statue and plaque in his hometown in honor of the great baseball hero.

Above, Judy Johnson 1924. Right, At Judy Johnson Park in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Boys Beyond Athletics


most difficult period for any man is the transition between childhood into adulthood. This is always the most defining period in anyone’s life and one needs as much support as they can get. However, in some cases, this is not always the case as there have been a lot of challenges for young African Americans growing up. Social determinants and the economy have been tougher on African American children and the stereotyping has also not helped their cause.

...the poverty levels of black families have dropped significantly from 41% to about 18% in the last half-century.

Payne Aleta in her article in the News Observer, “Black boys should see success beyond athletics” explain that the majority of African

American boys grow up with the belief that athletics is the best way to achieving success. She explains that sports does not only give young black boys a better lifestyle, but it also shapes their moral behavior. There is a direct link to better discipline and obedience level that comes from sports as compared to any other activity. The stereotype of perceiving black boys as anything other than good athletes is threatening the bright future that they promise. Further research shows that with the right mentorship and guidelines. Young black boys can also be successful writers, tech moguls, fashion designers, and even presidents. It is the responsibility of parents and stakeholders to shape their career objectives at a young age. The recent statistics show that approximately 2.5 million black men are financially stable and can be found in the upper third in the income distribution table. This means that regardless of the racial discrimination in both society and in their place of work, black men are doing quite well financially. These numbers are encouraging for young black boys because they now have something different to look up to. Even better, the poverty levels of black families have dropped significantly from 41% to about 18% in the last half-century. Despite challenges faced at the family level and the lack of proper parenting, young black men are more ambitious than ever. Most of them do not have normal families and are either raised by single parents or relatives. Some of these young boys lose their parents through incarceration or shootings that end up affecting them throughout their entire life. However, with an increase in the number of black men achieving

success, through mentorship programs and the power of social media, they now have people to look up to. Despite the small progress, young black boys are now finding themselves in better positions of achieving success. Perhaps armed with the knowledge that there will always be a gap in earning between black men and white men, young black boys now have the desire for success. As future leaders and mentors, the mentality to be at the bottom of the economic sphere is slowly being fought. With programs and agencies set up in poor black neighborhoods, more young black men are being mentored. With the sole aim of promoting positive independence, the future for young black boys is bright. Combined efforts from parents, the community and mentors (mostly celebrities) are a plus to shaping the future of young black boys. Reference Payne, A. (2019). “Black boys should see success beyond athletics.” The News & Observer. Retrieved from

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May-June 2019



credit report is simply a credit report card. The scores are calculated by some of the answers to these questions. How well have you borrowed money and paid it back. What’s does your paying back behavior look like? Do you pay it on time? When money has been leant to you like on a credit card do you depend on it too much? What we’d like to highlight is: The fastest ways to increase your credit scores, how to implement, and why these are so effective. Let’s Dive in... Pay down your credit card usage below 30%. The second most impactful are of your credit score make up is your utilization. If your balance exceeds 30% of your limit you will lose points. Example; if your limit is $1,000 you should exceed $300. If you’re over that 30% mark, make your payments to get under that mark and you’ll see a nice increase in your credit scores. Drastically Increase your available credit, This is so effective because your credit utilization accounts for 30% of your credit score. The more available credit you have,

with the algorithm you will get points and see increase. Let’s look at a few proven strategies 1. Ask for increase on your limit of your current open accounts: If your account is in good standing, no to minimal late payments, and usage isn’t too high it’s a good chance they will grant an increase. (They will Most likely pull your credit). 2. Authorized user: Most credit cards will allow the account holder to add an authorized user to their account. The payment history for that account will be copied and pasted to the added users credit report. With most cards the history is backdated. This is so effective because the longer you have good standing accounts report, the higher your scores will be. We recommend asking a close friend or family member with great credit to add you so you can build/establish your credit for free. If that’s not an option our company offers authorized user trade lines to lease in 4 month increments. 3. Secured Credit Cards & Self Lender: When you don’t have any established credit you need to start somewhere. Opening a secured credit card with your bank is a great option. Essentially, you’ll put a deposit

starting at $200 on the card which will be the credit limit. Although it’s your money you will must keep the balance below 30%. Self Lender is a great way to save money and build credit too over an extended amount of time. Credit Repair: Any negative item can potentially be deleted from your credit report prior to 7-10 years. We can help with removing inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete information in your credit file including * Collections * Charge offs * Repossessions * Bankruptcy * Medical Bills * Student Loans * Judgements * Late Payments * Evictions * Tax Liens All of these strategies will increase your credit scores. If you’re looking to increase your scores and may need guidance on where to start, we at Freedom Kingdom LLC offer free consultations to guide you in the right direction.

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Millennial Money

“Millennials are lazy.” “Millennials are cry babies.” “Millennials are killing the economy.” “Back in my day we worked our way to the top and didn’t wine about it.” These statements and so much more are part of the rhetoric that is constantly being said to and about the millennial generation. As a millennial I would say *insert eye roll emoji*. None of that is true. If you want the truth about millennials it is very simple. We don’t have the same financial freedom or opportunities as generations prior. Since the 1970’s wages have been stag-

nant while the cost of living has skyrocketed. It used to be possible for one family member to work while the other stays home and watches the kids and tends to the house. Now you need two incomes, a side hustle, and governmental assistance just to make ends meet and that’s being generous. However, this has been talked about exponentially since the 2016 presidential election. Many states are now passing legislation to have a $15 an hour minimum wage. This will help in a multitude of ways and stimulate the economy tremendously. Except for one problem.

All of that wage increase is most likely just going to go to paying off debts. Having a well-educated population is extremely important for the longevity of any country so it is no surprise that millennials were pushed to go to college by any means. Turns out those means were often

U.S student debt is $1.4 trillion with the average student debt in 2017 being $37,172

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FINANCES times huge amounts of debt. According to the current U.S student debt is $1.4 trillion with the average student debt in 2017 being $37,172. If that’s not bad enough if trends continue these numbers will only continue to rise. Not only is this debilitating for the individuals that have accrued these debts it’s crushing the U.S economy. There are constantly reports saying millennials aren’t spending enough, aren’t buying homes, aren’t having kids quick enough but the fact of the matter is they can’t. They simply can’t afford to do so when they are paying back such huge student loans but only getting small salaries. Now this being an election year this has now become a bit of a big talk issue with Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren taking the charge with what many believe is the only solution to what is now becoming a student loan debt crisis; FORGIVE STUDENT LOANS. Not all of them but the vast majority. This will not only give a great amount of relief to former students financially but also afford them the opportunity to contribute to the national economy. Warren wants to forgive up to $50,000 in student loan debt for households that make less than $100,000 annually with the forgiveness amount gradually decreasing as annual household income increases. Those that make $250,000 or more would not be eligible. Let me be the first to say that I’m all for this. It is much needed and it shows to be the best way to fix our economy. However, I would be remised if I did not remind readers of two crucial things to remember. 1) This is putting a band aid on a bullet wound. It is great in the short term but student loan debt would skyrocket again for the next generation and at a faster rate and we’d end up having to forgive loans again. This would happen again and again and again and would just end up being a redundant process. A true long term solution would be to forgive the current debt and have tuition free college so that it doesn’t amass again. 2) We operate in a three branch governmental system and although we always talk about the president they aren’t as powerful as we make them out to be. In fact a lot more of what affects our lives is governed by congress and influenced by the president. So, if you want student loan forgiveness you need to research not only what presidential candidates are talking about it but what congressional candidates are talking about it. All in all it is a brilliant idea and I hope it happens but this is America; land of the disappearing middle class and home of the greedy and we have to get out and vote in droves and prepare for lengthy legislation debates to make this happen.

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1 Timothy 5:8

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Culture for Service...Service for Humanity


hi Beta Sigma Fraternity was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C., January 9, 1914, by three young African-American male students. The Founders, Honorable A. Langston Taylor, Honorable Leonard F. Morse, and Honorable Charles I. Brown, wanted to organize a Greek letter fraternity that would truly exemplify the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and service. The Founders deeply wished to create an organization that viewed itself as “a part of ” the general community rather than “apart from” the general community. They believed that each potential member should be judged by his own merits, rather than his family background or affluence…without regard to race, nationality, skin tone or texture of hair. They desired for their fraternity to exist

as part of an even greater brotherhood which would be devoted to the “inclusive we” rather than the “exclusive we”. From its inception, the Founders also conceived Phi Beta Sigma as a mechanism to deliver services to the general community. Rather than gaining skills to be utilized exclusively for themselves and their immediate families, they held a deep conviction that they should return their newly acquired skills to the communities from which they had come. This deep conviction was mirrored in the Fraternity’s motto, “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity”. Today, Phi Beta Sigma has blossomed into an international organization of leaders. No longer a single entity, members of the Fraternity have been instrumental in the establishment of the Phi Beta Sigma National Foundation, the Phi

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ORGANIZATIONS Beta Sigma Federal Credit Union and The Sigma Beta Club Foundation. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, founded in 1920 with the assistance of Phi Beta Sigma, is the sister organization of the Fraternity. The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are the Fraternity’s most valuable resource and strength. They are the primary means by which the Phi Beta Sigma objectives will be achieved. In order to accomplish the Fraternity’s objectives, it is essential that systems are instituted that effectively embody “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity” and promote brotherhood, scholarship and service. Locally, The Alpha Mu chapter of Phi Beta Sigma was established in 1935 making it the first to be chartered at the institution then known as Princess Anne Academy. The Afro-American newspaper reported in 1947 that fraternity members welcomed to campus a sister organization, Zeta Phi Beta, which it assisted with community service activities. The article also notes Phi Beta Sigma was still the institution’s lone fraternity. Over the years, members have organized student forums, embraced the “adopt-ahighway” program, lobbied for an intercollegiate soccer team and hosted annual balls and parties. In addition to the Alpha Mu chapter, the Theta Kappa chapter was re-established on the campus of Salisbury University. The fraternity has established a new graduate chapter in the area, Omicron Xi Sigma which seeks out membership from the gentleman that have graduated from their undergraduate experience. One of the main purpose of the graduate chapter is to oversee the collegiate chapters of Salisbury University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Also, performing service related projects, helping the homeless and providing culinary support for Joseph House, engaging in community events and causes and enhancing the awareness of the fraternity. Finally, the fraternity’s oldest graduate chapter Alpha Sigma, located in Washington, D.C. remains ahead of the curve and leads all graduate chapters throughout the world. This chapter offers members and sometimes guest outstanding events, social justice programs, and help for the needy through the DMV area. Alpha Sigma established in 1919, remains the premier graduate chapter and seeks members throughout the DMV region to join. Whether it is holding an Annual Toy Drive for the less fortunate kids in the community or helping at the Central Mission in Washington D.C. , the Men of Phi Beta Sigma thrive on the opportunity to help their fellow man. This chapter and other chapters within the region make Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. what it is today!

May-June 2019

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o d o h W got? you ere is a fun fact. As of May 20, 2019, 730 candidates have filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run for president of the United States of America. According to, a digital encyclopedia of American Politics and elections, they have the full list of every candidate that has registered with FEC and their party affiliation. When you learn something like that, it makes focusing on just the 26 elected officials and notable public figures feel a little less daunting. However, whether if it was 26 or 206, candidates, it’s important to be informed and aware. Of the 26 elected officials and notable public figures, 24 are democrats and 2 are republican. What does that mean for voters? What does that mean for you? Who will you vote for?

The Big Shots Candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden, Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio, and US Senators, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and Bernie Sanders are names we all recognize. Biden recently kicked off his campaign spending $1.4 million on digital

ads in the first two weeks of his campaign, outpacing nearly all other Democratic candidates in spending on Google, Facebook, and Twitter in just 14 days.Talk about flexin’. Just recently Booker released a plan to reduce gun suicides. A plan so bold that it includes the talked about national gun licensing proposal and an expansion of suicide prevenThe Democratic canidates greet the audience, and (above) at the ready to receive questions.

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POLITICS Senator Kamala Harris (left) and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (right) discuss the issues.

doors. California Senator Kamala Harris, Hawaii U.S Representative Tulsi Gabbard, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and author Marianne Williamson are all taking the lead in politics and campaigning to become the next President. Senator Warren most recently outlined her plan to create a $50 billion federal fund for HBCUs and went further to discussing just why it must happen. Senator Kamala Harris said in a recent interview with “Pod Save America”, that she regretted supporting

Former Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders square off.

tion education. Sanders brought out the big guns with his Medicare for All bill, which would provide insurance run by the federal government to everyone, including vision and dental care. But who are the other presidential candidates?

The Leading Ladies There are 6 women total running for President of the United States. Thank you Shirley Chisholm for knocking down those

a truancy law as California attorney general that threatened guardians with prosecution if their children missed too much school. She said no parent went to jail as a result of the law. Both women are aiming to gain the trust of the African American community. Will they gain yours? U.S. Representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard attracts bipartisanship.Former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) is quoted saying in an interview, “If we had to pick one of them to be our president, I think she would be givcontinued on pg 51

May-June 2019

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POLITICS continued from pg 50

ing us the best chance as for bringing about peace,” Paul said. Gabbard just recently launched with two other congresswomen the bipartisan Servicewomen and Women Veterans Congressional Caucus. Senator Klobuchar held a fundraiser in San Francisco, California, citing her record of criticizing large tech companies, CNN said Klobuchar “is now engaged in a delicate balancing act, as she courts San Francisco’s prominent donor class to contribute to her campaign.” A balancing act indeed. Senator Gillibrand has recently proposed a “Clean Elections Plan”—a voucher system giving each voter up to $600 to contribute to candidates he or she supports. A candidate would only be eligible to receive these “democracy dollars” if he or she agreed not to receive contributions larger than $200 per donor. The current maximum is $2,800 per donor per primary and general election cycle. What do you think? How much is too much? Does it matter who it’s from? When you think about the 730 candidates who have filed with FEC, doesn’t it just make learning about the 26 notable public figures and elected officials a little less daunting? This was just a taste of what’s to come this election season. It’s the 2020 election...who do you got?

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