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t is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”. - Davis Allan Co The exterior of a building today has certain pre-requisites such as a reliable roofing system, high performance windows and pioneering facades. These are of paramount importance to the exterior of a building’s elevation and performance. This September our Windows, Roofing and Façade Special will shine a spotlight on the phenomenal work being done in this sector and bring forth myriad exceptional and remarkable products.

Enchanting Exteriors In light of the unparalleled transition that

windows, roofs and facades have made over the years, we take you through some of the latest redefining innovations and trends.

Trends M o v i n g To w a r d s G r e e n Sensibility From effective HVAC systems to renewable energy production to low-cost building materials and techniques, sustainable architecture aims to minimize the negative environmental impact

Vinyl windows, fabricated from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are also an affordable and convenient option for homeowners looking to go green

of a building. Currently, the most predominant trends in window, façade and roof design, is inspired by a green sensibility and a renewed enthusiasm to innovate both in form and utility. Natural Window Treatments Vinyl windows, fabricated from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are also an affordable and convenient option for homeowners looking to go green. Natural window treatments such as bamboo and woven blinds are making quite a comeback. Solar Panel Roofing Systems From large solar panels mounted over RCC roofs to the solar panels being the roofs themselves, today the advancements take the shape of solar shingles, solar glass tiles, and even, flexible thin-films. Welcoming Green Roofs Green roofs are a great option to

Advancements take the shape of solar shingles and solar glass tiles

cool a building and cut down on electricity bills. Although native, self-seeding flowers and grasses are easiest to maintain, green roofs offer the possibility of growing almost any kind of plant and are an ideal alternative to those who lack garden space on the ground level. Evolving Sustainable Materials U l t r a - Hi g h Pe r f o r m a n c e concrete used particularly for prefabricated panels as well as lighttransmitting concrete offer exciting opportunities. In the energy-efficient sector, there are photovoltaic glazing panels, intumescent glazing systems, dichroic glazing, glazing with integrated sun control louvers, electro-chromic glass that changes from clear to opaque in a second and futuristic glass materials such as ‘kinetic’ glass which can curl or open in response to changing continued on page 2


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COVER STORY Enchanting Exteriors 1 Perspective: Sleekness Has A New Name 6 Sliding Window from Window Magic India

continued from page 1 environmental conditions. Single and multi-layer ETFE ‘cushions’ provide external envelope solutions that are lightweight, flexible for fritting and printing, and resistant to UV degradation and pollution. Other materials that are interesting to note are compound curved ceramic tiles, Corian façade panels and ‘sci-fi’ materials such as thermo-formed plastic tiles coated with powdered photo-catalytic titanium dioxide which scrub

pollution from the air. The unique and explorative design processes demonstrate fascinating new ways in which to reinterpret what windows, roofs and facades mean today! Windows French-style, skylights and even custom designed windows are the rage. Let the light, sky and the view be the focus with a new generation of high performance window systems and accessories. continued on page 3

Accenting The Modern Home 7 Aparna Enterprises: Scaling With Innovation 8 FunderMax: Striving To Lead 10 Fun-Up Your Office 11 Pop-Up Igloos Invite Londoners 14 Yantra: Right Fenestration Solutions 16 Welcome Autumn In Style 18 Exhibitions and Fairs 19 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 20 Accomplishing Aesthetics With Home Artisan 24

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THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

continued from page 2 Window Magic India Window Magic’s exquisite collection of sliding windows adds panache to your homes. Crafted and designed in contemporary styles to compliment your desires and tastes they offer excellent performance and smooth integration, they can be the most elegant choice for your home design. With enhanced features including simplicity, architectural enrichment, and easy to use, these sliding windows are made by keeping

different ideas in mind to cater different needs of different customers. Contact web: Lacker Ideal for ventilating halls and other large areas, bigAir® Louvre Windows are system-independent. Thus, they can be installed in any stick-system assembly, wall reveals and timberwork structures. From indoor swimming pools to highrise buildings, churches to hotels,

ARTec® Venetian Blinds make a fine statement in the facade of a building


Perspective from Monier has an ultra-modern geometrical shape

sports facilities to factory sheds and residences to conservatories, the application of these windows is virtually unlimited. Supplied as fully pre-assembled units complete with glazing, the fitting of the louvred windows is straightforward and requires no fine adjustment of hardware. Contact web: Alulux ARTec® Venetian Blinds make a fine statement in the facade of a building. Easily compatible with different architectural styles, the blinds ensure that the desired room atmosphere is achieved with the help of variable visibility and sun protection. Further,

they provide flexible and soft room lighting, adjustable privacy levels and energy cost savings. Contact Roofing Protect your home or office from unruly weather with innovative roofing concepts and materials. We give you a glimpse of the pioneering roofing options from tiles and wood to eco-friendly ones. Monier Perspective from Monier has an ultra-modern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and gives a sleek new look for your trendy continued on page 4


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

continued from page 3 and contemporary roofs. These elegant concrete tiles possess superior strength, smooth finish, low water absorption, meticulously finished with glossy coating delayed moss and fungi formation. It is manufactured in India and is available in many colours - Russet Brown, Silverstone Grey, Graphite, Fiery Red, Deep Brown and Dark Grey. Contact web: Sika With a proven track record of over 30 years in green roof construction, Loose Laid Membrane Systems with Sikaplan/Sarnafil waterproofing membranes boast of properties such as resistance to micro-organisms as well as to root penetration. Efficient application methods allow these single ply membranes to be installed in almost any weather condition. Further, they do not require any

Sika waterproofing membranes boast of resistance to micro-organisms

bring you cutting edge façade and exterior cladding choices for your home and office. Fundermax Specifically made for exterior decors and instances where you want to create distinctive and convincing stone/concrete like finishes. This

Gartner Closed Cavity Façade is a double skin facade wherein the cavity between the inner and outer skins is complete sealed. In order to prevent condensation, dry and clean air is constantly pumped into the cavity. The Closed Cavity Facade improves transparency, energy efficiency and cost efficiency. Further, all components are designed to be maintenance-free. Because the facade cavity is protected from contamination, there is no need for cleaning. Contact web: www.josef-gartner.

Formica An innovative exterior lightweight rain-screen cladding system, Vivix redefines the landscape of contemporary construction for both new as well as renovated structures. Further, they are available in a wide range of colours as well as natureinspired abstract patterns and rich wood grains. The panels are costeffective, sustainable, easy to install and resistant to impact, abrasion and weather. Thus, they contribute to increasing the overall life span of a building. Contact web:

Hardwood from Notion

mechanical fastening, because the soil itself (with a minimum weight of 80 kg/sqm) provides the necessary wind uplift resistance. Contact web: Notion Notion - a trustworthy brand in wooden flooring and exterior cladding has come up with environmentfriendly, Hardwood flooring with the promise to beautify the Terraces of your abode. The Hardwood flooring also known as real wood parquet flooring collection by Notion is made from superior quality natural wood, by combining its three layers to avoid the expansion and contraction. With the warmth and feel of natural wood, the Hardwood flooring ensures to give cool ambiance and luxurious feel to deck up the terrace and enjoy evening tea or organize dinner for friends and family. Contact web: Facades Façade defines the disposition of a building, hence it is significant. We

unique surface allows you to achieve the very best in terms of visual depth and texture. Carefully developed, Sky delivers an entirely new optical quality, emulating the nuances of rough stone surfaces. Its deep matt finish is enhanced with shiny facets, which sparkle as they catch the light - creating the perfect impression. Contact web:

Schueco’s dynamic 3D facades employ revolutionary advances

Sky series from Fundermax has the best visual depth and texture

Schueco UCC 65 SG facade system offers the appearance of structural glazing along with an impressive design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The system enables other materials such as stone, rain-screens and insulated panels to be incorporated within its framework. Further, large-scale thermal and solar solutions can also be integrated in the structure. Needless to say, the facade easily becomes the building’s defining architectural characteristic. Schueco’s dynamic 3D facades employ revolutionary advances that make use of new geometric parameters. Contact web:


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

Spot Light


o n i e r Ro o f i n g , Pa r t of BMI Group, is the largest roofing company worldwide, with offices in 33 countries, continental technical centres and over 130 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Present in India since 1997, Monier Roofing (formerly known as Lafarge Roofing) offers a range of concrete roof tiles, glazed and matt finished imported clay roof tiles, fittings and roof components; specifically designed for the Indian roof market. The unique R&D and product testing capabilities besides the development efforts of Monier has resulted in Perspective, the new concrete roof tile for the Indian consumer. The Perspective roof tile has an ultra-modern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and lends a sleek new look to roofs These elegant concrete tiles possess superior strength, smooth finish, low water absorption, meticulously finished with glossy coating that delay moss and fungi formation. It is manufactured in India and is available in stylish colours including Russet Brown, Si l v e r s t o n e Gr e y, Gr a p h i t e , Fier y Red, Deep Brown and Dark Grey. T h e Pe r s p e c t i v e r o o f i n g tile comes with such technical specifications as a width and height of 330 mm x 420 mm, a minimum slope of 20°, 4.4 kg unit weight, batten space of 320 mm to 345 mm; three decompression chambers

Perspective: Sleekness Has A New Name Monier, the market leader in premium

roofing solutions, introduces Perspective - the new concrete roof tile for Indian consumers.

The Perspective roof tile has an ultra-modern geometrical shape that is dimensionally consistent and lends a sleek new look to roofs

under the tile improves watertightness at the tile overlapping area and a coverage of 0.90 tile / sq. ft. to 0.97 tile / sq. ft.

Monier started its operations in India in the year 1997 and offers a range of concrete roof tiles, imported clay roof tiles

These elegant concrete tiles possess superior strength, smooth finish and low water absorption

in a wide range of colours and profiles, specially designed to enhance the modern looks of Indian homes. The global leader currently manufactures three roof tile profiles in India - Perspective, Elabana and Plano. Monier also offers a range of imported high quality clay roof tiles from Europe and Malaysia. Over the years Monier has sold close to 6 crore tiles in India. It also has Roof System Components that enhance the functional quotient of the roof like water- tightness, heat reduction, natural light, better ventilation, etc. to provide long term trouble free roof. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Bangalore and Nashik, the leading products from Monier have changed the architectural roofscape of India over the years. Contact Monier Roofing Pvt. Ltd. email: web: tel: +91 90191 10303

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home is not made of just four walls and a roof. A home is a happy space shared by individuals whose personality reverberates through every brick. Mezzo helps you create that personal stamp of aesthetics in your space. With its wide range of products and designs, Mezzo not only helps your house look better, but also you. Choose a bedspread to complement the colour of your room, or buy a potli to go with your new ethnic party wear. Mezzo has something for every fashionconscious shopper.

Accenting The Modern Home From quirky apparels to exquisite home decor

and utility items, Mezzo has something for you and your abode. BY DEBARATI CHAKRABORTY

Velvet Flower Table Runner

Brocade Floral Teacozy

Mezzo blends traditional styles with a modern edge to create stunning designs, be it for cushion covers, table linen, tea warmers or scarves. Each product is designed, printed and stitched by Mezzo, ensuring quality standards are followed. The Noida-based company has been providing high quality screen printing jobs and sublimation printing for over 35 years in India and abroad. Mezzo has recently


entered the foray of home and apparel products. Each product is of high quality and yet affordable. The company promises timely delivery of products to the doorsteps of each customer.

Chrysanthemum Cushion Cover

The products come in various pastel, metallic or floral hues and designs. Our favourite are the Gold Essence and BehindThe Times categories. Go ahead, choose your favourites; you’d be spoilt for choice! Shop Mezzo prodcuts on!

Car Cushion Cover

Gramophone Cushion Cover


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017



ince 1990, Aparna Enterprises Limited has been a leader in the distribution of superior quality building materials. The Inside Track in a conversation with Mr. Mahesh Choudhary, CEO-uPVC Division, Aparna Venster, gained an invaluable insight into the working of the company.

Aparna Enterprises: Scaling With Innovation “Aparna Venster has been a leader in uPVC

fenestration industry and we want to sustain our role by bringing in continuous innovation.” What are the future plans of Aparna Enterprises Ltd.? Mr. Mahesh Choudhary, CEO-uPVC Division, Aparna Venster

Aparna Venster has been a leader in uPVC fenestration industry and we want to sustain our role by bringing in continuous innovation. Some of our expansion plans include building more manufacturing and fabrication units to keep up the pace with growing demand for uPVC windows and doors.

How did Aparna Enterprises start? What kind of products does the company offer? Aparna Enterprises Limited is a flagship company of the Aparna Group, one of India’s fastest growing business conglomerates. From humble beginnings as a tiles distributor to legendary presence in building materials manufacturing, Aparna Enterprises has grown stronger year after year with pathbreaking innovations, technological advancements and highest customer satisfaction. Having 27 years of expertise, Aparna Enterprises is into uPVC window & door systems, lead-free profiles, double charged polished vitrified tiles and glazed vitrified tiles, steel sections and ready mix concrete.

With competition from other brands, how do you aspire to stay ahead? What according to you is the best material for windows? How does Aparna Enterprises build on this?

advantages of Aparna Venster uPVC windows are High Energy efficiency, Low maintenance and Durability.

An ideal window provides good insulation properties and is durable, ultraviolet resistant, sound proof, dust proof and fire retardant. Hence the best material for windows is uPVC. Aparna Enterprises ensures that the products always meet our customer expectations. This is achieved by giving utmost importance to assurance of quality, latest technological advancements, skilled professionals and our expertise to customers. With a growing awareness about the benefits of uPVC and demographic factors, demand for uPVC doors and windows will grow manifold and trump as the preferred material for the windows and doors market.

What kind of windows and doors are consumers opting for in India?

What steps have you taken towards sustainability? All Aparna Venster windows are 100% recyclable and are lead free. We also practice environmental friendly manufacturing practices to reduce carbon footprint. Aparna group has been a pioneer in advocating constructions of green buildings and using materials that are approved by IGBC. Other

With the number of colour options that are available for the customer and additional features like lamination, sliding and casements systems uPVC doors and windows not only have visual appeal but also cater to every customers need by offering a plethora of functional benefits. Hence choosing uPVC windows and doors has a substantial effect as they are environment friendly and can be fully recycled and renewed.

We always kept our customer in the centre of all our business efforts and we are known for reliability and quality. When it comes to manufacturing, fabricating and installing windows for huge projects, timely delivery matters and we have never compromised in this aspect. Our expertise in this industry will always differentiate us from our competitors. Contact Aparna Enterprises Ltd. 8-2-293/82/A/1214, Plot No-1214, Road No-60, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033 web: tel.: 040 2360 6245


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underMax stands at the inter face between ideas and materials for facades, furniture as well as interior fittings. Dr Prashanth Reddy, Managing D i r e c t o r, Fu n d e r M a x I n d i a acquainted us with the India’s evolving market for facades and how FunderMax is increasingly contributing to it. How did FunderMax begin its operation in India? Our journey started 10 years back wherein an Austrian MNC looking at India’s growing market wanted to start the Joint Venture for the High Presser Laminates manufacturing facility. Having said that market is large but it is unorganized as well as price sensitive market hence we undertook a detailed market survey. Based on the survey result we had to revisit our business proposal and decided to go for only commercial operation in India. After that there has been no looking back. Currently, we have presence in over 60 cities in India with 44 business partners. We have also gone beyond India and set up partnership in Srilanka and Nepal.

Dr Prashanth Reddy, Managing Director, FunderMax India

What according to you is the USP and how it helped in creating a preferential/ premium brand of customer choice FunderMax? FunderMax, an International brand stands “for people who create”, offering very High design freedom to the Architects and Designers. FunderMax’s “Versatility” is its USP. FunderMax uses NT technology (patented) which is unique and offers sustainability for Exterior conditions and most suitable for Indian weather conditions. The FunderMax panels are adorned with attributes like Optimal

FunderMax: Striving To Lead

FunderMax is the leading player in the High Pressure Laminate industry for cladding materials in India. light fastness, double hardening, Heat resistant, scratch resistant. Moreover we do not consider ourselves as only a manufacturer and supplier of high pressure laminates but a complete one stop solution provider. This makes us command the position we are in and we continuously strive to remain in a leading position. What are the latest inputs from FunderMax with regard to recent trends/technology innovations in façade industry?

Technological innovations have given rise to more robust, energyefficient, innovative and adaptable façade systems such as backventilated, double-skin, louvers and energy-efficient façade cladding systems. These advancements have

led to innovative new cladding materials such as exterior grade HPL compact laminates (as per EN438), glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC), metal cladding (zinc, copper, aluminum and steel), polycarbonate panels, fibreglass-reinforced plastics, clay tiles, etc. Of the materials available, compact laminate offers high flexibility and multiple options in terms of the finishes and decors available. Moreover, the panels can be customised via CNC cutting into any motifs the architect wants.

With a total estimated size of 80 million plus sq m per annum, how do you see the facade industry evolving in India? As per the market estimate including gazing material the total façade

area will be 100 million SQM and out of that more than 2/3rd is unorganized sector. Out of the large total High Pressure Laminates will be only 5% looking at this our share will be less than 1%. With the introduction of RERA & GST, slowly the market is moving towards more organized sector way which is very good for the industry. Could you please tell us about the global initiatives from FunderMax in line with R& D of new products to meet the ever-growing market requirement? We will continue investing in training and development facilities in India. We are definitely keeping all our options open for the manufacturing facility in India in future. But this also has to be in sync with the global requirements. We will think about the manufacturing facility depending upon the market conditions of Asia. So, our expansion plans should address the markets beyond India as well. Contact FunderMax India Private Ltd. No 13, 1st Floor, 13th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore - 560027 email: web: tel: 080-46617000

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n more conservative times, a clean, clutter-free office was considered the ideal working space. Then Bohemian winds blew over, and some ‘studies’ started doing the rounds that, in fact, a messy work table is a great indicator of a creative mind. How a work space looks is directly connected to what function its users serve - most creative firms and organisations prefer vibrant non-conformism in their offices, while more institutional and industrial set-ups lean towards the hyper-functional and low-frills end of the spectrum. Whatever the tenor of the work that transpires in an office space, it is possible to initiate quick makeovers there, that too with the help of a few easily available elements.


Fun-Up Your Office

Work spaces can become uninspiring rather quickly. But you needn’t wait for an expensive re-design to turn it all around. BY SHRUTI NAMBIAR work station can ever experience will come courtesy potted plants. If your office space is blessed with a high ceiling, you could consider a magnificent plant like the fiddleleaf fig, planted in big ceramic pots of any level of colour/pattern you like. In smaller spaces and on petite desks, a potted rubber plant can help bring in some gravitas. You can also try miniature plants, and placing them in a cluster in a corner.

The Organisation The happy balance between oldstyle drabness and complete chaos is ‘messy chic’. It is possible to be

Zigzo Stationary Tray from Conkreate

space. For example - a shiny brass-coloured lamp, with an oversized shade, can pipe up even the drabbest of work-stations. Floor lamps have been quite in vogue in office design schemes, a lot of their drama coming from their curving or angular stems. Even a low-hanging spotlight lamp over the work table can add a dollop of whimsy to the office, as the possibilities of twisted, transparent, or colourful hanging wires or hooks becomes a possibility here. Monumental Collection from Atelier DS

organised in an office space with the area still looking a bit livedin. Make sure the cabin/cubicle is dust-free, and maintain important papers and other office supplies in neat stacks and holders. But place these holders on colourful open shelves with some quirky knickknacks punctuating their order. You could also stack up books in a corner on the floor, or pepper some low-rise chests or tables around, on which can lie an assortment of random items. The idea is to not lose sight of critical work things, but at the same time to create a more relaxed home-like vibe. The Lamp An eye-catching table-lamp can transform the look of an office, especially if it is small on floor

The Wall A statement wall in the office, either standing out due to a bold paint job or because of quirky accents like large mirrors, can help visually distinguish the work space, even if all the other elements in it conform to the expected.

The Plants The most instant make-over your

Poster from Madcap

The Rug Bringing in a colourful, or a patterned rug is a good idea, especially if the office is monochrome and/or has a boring floor layout.

Olga Black Tripod Lamp With Chrome Finish Head

The Artwork You can express your individuality most effortlessly through the artwork you choose to display inside your office. Be it typographical font frames, or oil landscapes, or giant cut-outs of your favourite film characters, this is a chance to put a part of your personality quirk out in the open.


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Spot Light


irst, the questions. Will these get blown away? What about ventilation? Does food inside an igloo taste different? But really importantly, how otherworldly cold is it going to be in there? To catch up, Eight intriguing looking igloos have mushroomed at Three Quays Walk, at Lower Thames Street in London. This unusual installation has been laid out by the Coppa Club, a popular eatery that serves brunch staples and European cuisine. Clearly, the effort here is to inspire curious, adventurous souls to try out a different dining experience, and the expansive views of the Thames, the HMS Belfast warship, the Shard, and the Tower Bridge don’t hurt one bit! But how exactly these classy coops ensure that the guests don’t freeze mid-meal comes down to some brilliant design detailing. The PVC domes have been created by Berlin-based Garden Igloo, a company which produces fully-recyclable and hyperresilient igloos for urban use. The hemispheres are 11.5 ft. wide and stand on solid bases that keep them grounded. Topping this base is also a light wooden floor. Igloos work because their dome form and natural snow brick insulation keep the insides dramatically warmer than the outsides. This is fairly stable warmth, capable of being enhanced by lighting and body heat. So is true with the Coppa Club igloos. The warmly-lit hemispheres keep up the heat while also conjuring up some quintessential Christmas imagery with their string lights, floor lamps, and

Pop-Up Igloos Invite Londoners PVC Igloos near River Thames are egging on

food lovers to do something unusual - eat-out on a terrace during winter! BY SHRUTI NAMBIAR

The PVC domes have been created by Berlin-based Garden Igloo, a company which produces fully-recyclable and hyper-resilient igloos for urban use

table-top candles that fill the tight space with yellow bliss. Adding to the effect are full potted plants, and heaters. The overall vibe is quaintly living room-like, a perfect setting for the eatery’s offering of coffee and pancakes. The furnishings inside the igloos are cosy to the boot. The oak wood tables hold the food and drinks, while up to 8 guests can relax on plush velvet sofas

The overall vibe is quaintly living room-like, a perfect setting for the eatery’s offering of coffee and pancakes

and leather seats, wrapped in sheepskin blankets and hugging soft linen cushions. Guests can choose to dine in 3 of the igloos, while the other 5 offer lounging opportunities. The dining chairs are unique pieces made out of bent wood by Gebruder Thonet, while the lounge igloos feature chairs from the Danish company Gubi, and also vintage rattan seaters.

The ambience, helped along by inbuilt speakers that let loose sublime music, is encouraging of reading and sitting back in awe of the sights. For designer Theresa Obermoser, the aim was to make the terrace zone attractive for diners, even as the winter chill enveloped the city. The project seems to have succeeded beautifully, even if it is in temporary residence only till January, 2017.

Guests can choose to dine in 3 of the igloos, while the other 5 offer lounging opportunities


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017



antra offers technically benchmark, time tested, certified aluminium window systems based on Euro Groove open window systems. Yantra Aluminium Window System is proposed and supported by a team of qualified professionals dedicated and determined to provide right window solutions keeping in mind the techno-commercial logistics and functional usability of the end user. Mr. Nikhil Daswani, Associate Director, Yantra, spoke to us and enlightened us on the brand’s strategies and functioning.

Yantra: Right Fenestration Solutions

Yantra designs its products with utmost precision keeping in mind the end user. Though we do not specialise in Facades, we do offer our clients with Curtain Wall Systems, Spider Fittings and Unitised Systems. What according to you are the future plans of Yantra in the upcoming years? Our Goal as an organisation is Customer satisfaction and we always strive to bring as much innovation as possible to bring the latest technologies from European markets along with the quality to the Indian market.

Mr. Nikhil Daswani, Associate Director, Yantra

What was the genesis of Yantra? What kind of products do you offer? We started way back in the year 2002 as a complete system window solution provider. We offer various high performing window solutions which offer sound resistance, control against water penetration and high security against theft. Our product basket includes Windows, Railings, Skylights, Rolling Shutters, Solutions for Mosquito Mesh, Etc.

What are the materials that go on to making windows? What material does Yantra use to make windows? Windows are made out of such materials like aluminium, UPVC, Wooden, Stainless Steel, Glass and fiber. We follow a principle of using a material which is 100% recyclable and can be sleek and strong as well as give a wide variety of finishes to choose from. Thus, most of our systems have the base of Aluminium.

What steps have you taken towards sustainability? Ou r b a s e m a t e r i a l w h i c h i s Aluminium is a natural substance and completely reusable. All aluminium profiles are of Alloy 6060 which is made without any impurities. Also powder paints are used to finish and as such our profiles are 100% Eco Friendly. We also discourage the use of PVDF coatings as the process of painting releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. What kind of windows and doors are consumers opting for in India? The market share of Windows in India is divided mostly into 3 different materials- Wooden, UPVC & Aluminium. Wo o d e n i s 9 8 % i n t o t h e unorganised segment and 2% of organised System windows made out of Wood. The overall market share for UPVC is low but the maximum is under organised system. Aluminium too is 80% under unorganised segment and the balance is achieved through Aluminium System Windows. What kind of Façade systems do you offer?

How do you plan to stay ahead in the competition from other brands? We have tied up with most of the leading brands from Europe to give a complete product access to our customers. Moreover, we also offer a lifelong guarantee with AMC on all our products and support for all installations done by our company. Contact E-14, Agarwal Industrial Estate, 139-G S.V Road, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai 400053. email: web: tel: + 91 22 26761492


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

Spot Light


utumn...the year’s last, loveliest smile.” - William Cullen Bryant (Indian Summer) Autumn is so full of visual inspiration that it is almost hard to keep up. Without any contest, warm colour tones must rule your home spaces, ideally lit by sublime overhead lighting hanging down from snaky

Welcome Autumn In Style As our surroundings begin their fall make-over, it is time to re-do the interiors. And yes, there is more to this season than pumpkin orange! BY SHRUTI NAMBIAR So think of matching rattan or cane furniture pieces like swings and ottomans, with some high-end leather sofa sets or wooden chairs and tables. Make It Blue Designers around the world are banking on blue and its many cousins like teal and cerulean to become the trendiest hue of this season, and possibly even of 2017. Include this colour on your drapes and curtains for maximum effect, and match it with some sprightly red, orange, or any citrus shade for a crackling combination.

Mix flea market metal-ware with abstract art/typography frames and antique items Consider bringing in the outsides by placing plants in your spaces

strings. Bring in fresh flowers, conjure up foliage as much as possible, fill up some bowls with fresh potpourri, and if your location permits, get a great fireplace going. But most importantly, throw open those windows and let all the lovely light stream in! Look Lived-in Do the season a favour by letting your spaces be fluid and looking slightly less than well-pruned. Make your storage spaces open-shelved, and your cupboards faceless. Hang out your clothes on movable racks across a room, and let your kitchen china bask in some sunlight.

style template in its entirety. Mix flea market metal-ware with abstract art/ typography frames and antique items if you like. Juxtapose this scheme with eclectic but more contemporary upholstered items like chairs and dewans, and you will have officially reached Millennial peak! Bring In Some Epic Prints On the floors, cushions, wallpapers, bathroom tiles, kitchen walls, bed

& No. of Issues

Break The Rules Don’t stick to any interior design

Mix rustic charm with well-polished sheen

linen - make the chosen prints bold and mixed. Rope in kilims, dhurries, rugs, heavy quilts, and some spots of fur (faux please!) in a variety of motifs, be it Navajo or ancient Chinese or Turkish, to spruce up a room.

Infuse whimsy and colour into your decor

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Make Opposites Fall In Love Autumn looks well in a home where a bit of rustic charm and a bit of wellpolished sheen live harmoniously.


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THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017


Fair News

Vienna Design Week 2017 London Design Festival Date 16 to 24 September Venue London, England Contact th


The London Design Festival is another city-wide event that celebrates London’s thriving design sphere over nine days. The events are staged at 400 different venues across the city, although the Victoria and Albert (V&A) museum is a good place to start as the festival’s main hub. Major features of the event are the extraordinary projects and installations that are commissioned throughout the city at inspiring locations. World-leading architects and designers have worked on installations at London’s Southbank, Tate Modern and Trafalgar Square in previous years. The festival seeks to promote London as the design capital of the world.

Date 29th September to 8th October Venue Vienna Contact Vienna Design Week is Austria´s largest design festival, with a variety of locations and events in Vienna. The festival, curated by Lilli Hollein, will enter its 11th round this year. Opening up creative processes and giving scope for experimentation on site are core elements of the festival concept. During Vienna Design Week, the city becomes a platform and showcase of design. Design is more than just a designed object. Vienna Design Week defines design as an essential part of the cultural production and shapes our material culture, our every-day life and our world as consumers.

Fairs & Exhibitions World Green Building Week 2017 Date 25th September to 1st October Venue New Zealand Contact World Green Building Week is an annual event that empowers the green building community to deliver green buildings for everyone, everywhere. This year, the activities are designed to share knowledge and celebrate those buildings that are helping the fight against climate change. Green Building Councils will be hosting a range of events as part of the week, from the UK Green Building Council’s 10-year birthday party (on 28 September) to Emirates GBC’s launch of its Net Zero Energy Report (on 27 September). WorldGBC’s partners will also be hosting events and engaging in the week.

Date 8th to 12th September, 2017, Maison&Objet 2017 Venue Paris Contact, As a major bi-annual professional trade fair that takes place in January and September every year in Paris, Maison&Objet is the multicultural crossroads of contemporary living. Places for meetings and exchanges, the shows welcome exhibitors and visitors from around the world and showcase a high-quality international offer. They provide a comprehensive overview of the excellence and innovation that help to share the best of creativity. Maison&Objet is divided in 3 universes: Maison (100% Interior Design), Objet (The Must-Haves Of 2017) and Influences (bespoke design and luxury). The theme for Maison&Objet 2017 is ‘Comfort Zone’ which is the product of a year-round collective work by the members of the Maison&Objet Observatory.


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

It Products Advantix Vario Shower Channel From Viega The strength of the Viega Advantix Vario Shower Channel is its individuality. It is the first shower channel that can be shortened exactly to the required length. On the other hand, even at a low installation height, it gives an impressive drainage capacity of 24 litres per minute. This is sufficient to reliably drain high-performance wellness showers. For its flexibility, minimalism and top performance, the innovative Viega Advantix Vario shower channel designed by Artefakt Industriekultur, the Darmstadt design agency has been recognized by many prestigious entities. The water inlet of the shower channel grate which is only 20 millimetres wide overall, has a centrally adjusted grate made of

stainless steel offering clear design identity and an impressive, yet minimalist appearance. Viega construction specialists paid special attention to the safe and watertight seal of the channel edge. The caps, which are fitted with a double-lipped seal, are connected immediately after plugging on to the channel edge. The new shower channel is also fitted with the self-cleaning drain Advantix. Contact

Loom Crafts has set a landmark with the first of its kind outdoor furniture range woven with “Synthetic Braids and Ropes” to add a touch of luxe to deck-up your outdoors. Styled to evoke international sensibility, each product of this Synthetic Braid & Rope Outdoor Furniture by Loom Craft comprises of armchairs, chaise longue,

Visionnaire Introduces Convention Living Room

Visionnaire has introduced exquisite living room furniture designed by the renowned designer Giuseppe Viganò. The Convention Living Room is part of Visionnaire’s Greenery Collection 2017 which reflects a greater use of natural materials wood, stone, marble and new materials with a low environmental impact.

Synthetic Braid & Rope Furniture From Loom Crafts

The Convention Modular Sofa designed by Giuseppe Viganò has a solid wood internal structure finished in leather. The Convention sofa is also available in a beautiful two-seater option with its profile in solid wood and leather upholstery its, seat and back cushions come upholstered in fabric or leather with its feet in lacquered steel. The living room furniture also consists of Arm chairs, Cabinet and Floor lamp all designed by Giuseppe Viganò. The Donhil Angled low cabinet breaks off from the classic wall-to-wall solution to enter the room’s architecture with an oblique side. The seating in this collection also includes the Daedra Armchair. The Floyd Floor Floor lamp is crafted with its stem and base in satinized steel with an exquisite lampshade in blown glass to complete the plush look. Contact

platforms, benches, side tables and other modular outdoor elements made either using Aluminium or Stainless Steel or solid Wooden frames. The premium finish and Boh-chic hand woven intricacies involving superior production quality of Synthetic Braid & Rope Outdoor Furniture add a quintessential urbane touch. Taking cue from distinct exteriors, the range is made available in a choice of different shapes and classic colours like chocolate brown, white, silver grey, beige, forest green, charcoal, etc. According to Mr. Rahul Jindal, Managing Director of Loom Crafts Company, one of the largest manufacturers of All Weather Outdoor Furniture said, “The entire range of products from this Synthetic Braids and Ropes outdoor furniture hold the UV Stabilized Polynol Synthetic Braids and Ropes which are meticulously woven to cater every corner of exteriors, from patio to terrace, poolside to open courtyards serving robust in nature with high opulent appeal”. Contact

Notion Introduces Outdoor Wooden Flooring

Notion, the trustworthy brand in wooden flooring and exterior cladding industry has come up with the robust collection of “Outdoor Wooden Flooring” to jazz up your Garden area. Being manufactured from premium quality wood and raw materials, this collection of Outdoor Wooden Flooring is too equipped with an authentic finish which allows the true natural texture to be appreciated both by sight and touch. This Outdoor wooden flooring collection is made available in a variety of colours, patterns, sizes

and designs to exude robust beauty to your exterior spaces. According to Mr. Akash Saini-Director of Notion, “the superior quality Outdoor Wooden flooring collection holds the decorative grain and is known to be made with intense finishing processes”. This flooring is absolutely ideal for any outdoor space and most cost effective investment for anyone who likes decorate their garden and other outdoor areas, he further added. Contact

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017


VitrA Introduces Water Jewels Collection

It Products The Whiteteak Presents Rustic Hanging Lights The Whiteteak Company has launched an Exquisite Collection of “Rustic Hanging lights” to add the rustic decor at its finest, while hanging lights that would surely be an eye-catching source to express your unique decor style. These Rustic Hanging lights have exposed metal and hemp ropes to add a chic rustic feel to any contemporary interior décor. Framed in different geometrical figures of round, rectangular and conical these ceiling lights add wow factor, disseminating top notch décor style.

According to Anu Mehta, founder of The Whiteteak Company, “All you need to do is just shop any of these “Rustic Hanging lights” from the mesmerizing collection, and just place them onto the ceiling of your living areas to watch the play of lustrous glow coming live with rustic charm”. She further added that you can excellently brighten up your room, and instantly add a touch of glamour combining fabulous rustic centrepiece chandelier that distinguishes your rustic style! Contact:

Graff Launches Terra Collection

Graff, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucets, introduces Terra; a collection that is essential, soft and natural like earth. Terra offers modern cutting-edge solutions that are ecologically sound and look forward to technological progress. The cylindrical, smooth and bright shape, recreates a relaxing atmosphere of harmony in the bathroom. Designed by Graff Design Studio, Terra is a collection with several pieces and accessories. The series is available in several finishes: polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and matte white. Terra is the most exquisite collection to prevail and endure

over time, a group of elements that are perfectly integrated in today’s world and respond to its sudden changes. Even in the casting, finishing and galvanic treatments, Graff adopts a zero discharge system that recycles 100 % of brass and paper. In line with its strong commitment to environmental sustainability, the Terra collection is one of the most sustainable by the American company. The collection is manufactured in solid brass with a minimum level of nickel and lead and a 5-year warranty. Contact

VitrA, the leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division in Turkey introduces soft yet elegant lines of Water Jewels Washbasins and their exclusive color options add originality and sophistication to bathrooms of every style. The Water Jewels Washbasins, is created by the Italian designer Matteo Thun, together with the VitrA Design Team. This series artfully showcases the designs of ceramic washbasins finished with brilliant metallic rim coatings that draw inspiration from traditional Turkish craftsmanship. This collection’s seemingly simple form and function are enhanced to incredible effect

with PVD coatings, a state-ofthe-art process of vaporising and depositing metal powder onto a surface, which remains corrosionfree and scratch-resistant. The Water Jewels Washbasins are available with platinum, gold and copper coloured rims and traditional white gloss and suitable for bench mount, semi-inset and under-counter installation. With its stylish aesthetics, sophisticated details and infinite product range, Water Jewels Washbasins is the choice of people who are on a lookout for a bathroom series to complement prestigious households. Contact

Disha Pavers Introduces Antique

An ideal paver to render a look of the ‘ancient’, Antique from Disha Pavers offers strength combined with rustic beauty to the landscape. Developed in 2015, the design has received rave reviews from architects and landscape designers and has been used extensively all over the country. Antieu pavers are manufactured in three variants and are offered in four standard

colour variants - Dusk, Daffodil, Lilac with Brown and Silver Grey / Dove Grey. Antique pavers has a defined ‘crack-design’ with a rock-like finish which lends a natural look to the paved area. Antique can be used in combination with other pavers like Bric, Cobblestone or Flagstone to create stunning visual effects. Contact


THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

It Products Idus Presents Artistic Floor Lamp

Idus a premium furniture store has introduced a glamorous “Artistic floor lamp” this Diwali to add the atmosphere of festivity.

Designed with an aluminium alloy and carbon steel base, this illuminated floor lamp is a blend of art and fashion in a fascinating way which can make a huge impact on the ambiance of a room. By using the classic artisan techniques and aluminium alloy, this lamp is adorned with a designer shape which is delicately transformed into exclusive shapes finished in gold for a luxurious shimmering effect to reflect the warm glow in a room. According to Mr. Sameer Hora, MD-Idus- Lighting up your home is the focus of all during Diwali and our floor lamp is a popular and elegant choice. It is the best way to enhance any space, as this tall light illuminates dark corner and warm up the overall tone of a space as well as make great task lights. Its design has a unique edge that helps express your personality even while performing the practical function of illumination for this Diwali. Contact

Wisma Atria Launches “Alma de Luce”

Antica Ceramica Introduces Impact Tiles

Antica Ceramica has recently introduced its new collection of Impact Tiles, for creating a spacious look indoors. The collection presents the brilliant texture-on-texture contrast, dark neutral tones, such as grey or taupe, which has designers and builders now paying careful attention for floor-to-ceiling tiled walls. It is available in different shapes, sizes and colours bringing in the vintage charm. The muted shades set the tranquil and relaxing feel of the interior. The tiles are pretty durable. According to Mr Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica- “Impact Tiles are a range of tiles with the

unique effect that emulates aged, burnt wood, with a worn vintage look. Perfectly matched by the wood effect floor tiles in the same warm shades, brings in softness to the modern and contemporary style of decorating, but keeping the natural touch in the living room to bathrooms, kitchens and exterior spaces like porch, verandah or patio region”. These tiles keep us close to nature and fill the interiors with warm substance and profound style. This blends contemporary and rustic - a combination that is both classy and timeless, he further adds. Contact

Zynna Launches Digital Printerior

The “Alma de Luce” Furniture Collection presented by Nomita Kohli of Wisma Atria Interiors consists of a meticulously designed Lounge chair, designer floral shape Center table, red velvet sofa and exquisite wall art to accent Portugal touch into your abode. The Lounge chair is an exquisite furniture piece made up using dull blue shade leather and having wooden legs. The chair holds the shape of a shell owning a large seat and backrest. The floral shape designer Center table is made from the amalgamation of transparent coloured glass fitted into a metal frame. The frame of the table

holds a high sheen golden polish. The red velvet sofa has a design that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. The hexagonal shape wall art with mosaic mirrors in a combination of three different colour glasses which can be an eye - catching decorative piece within your contemporary space. According to Nomita Kohli, “Alma de Luce is a brand that reveals memories of traditions, places, myths or legends, symbols, and of people, through the senses and transmits and preserves overtime”. Contact

Zynna’s new collection of Digital Printerior curtains and wallpapers give a classy and lavish impression to your domicile. The collection is a fresh contemporary assortment which comprises of stylish colours, rich textures and pretty patterns that can transform the simple interiors into an elaborated one. This new collection offers versatile range of textile composition in cotton, linen, jersey and polyester in varied subtle tones of pink, off white, grey, peach, green and blue. This new collection work together beautifully to create an individual interior making the ambiance chic and soothing. Whether it is upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics or wallpaper the collection gives choices - from the subtly muted to the charmingly classical to the breathtakingly bold, to create an environment that speaks for itself.

Mr. Retesh Sharma, Director, Zynna says “The collection comes with the assurance of superior quality, durability, variety and luxury that make your interiors a point of conversation”. Contact

THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

It Products Faber Launches Built- In Oven

FFIL is India’s leading kitchen appliances manufacturer with Swiss and Italian parentage for “Franke” and “Faber” brands respectively. Franke Faber India Limited is part of 2.5 billion USD Franke Artemis Group. Faber’s high performance and low priced built-in ovens are designed to give

your kitchen a stylish and modern look. They fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets and can even be installed at eye level, thereby making your baking process hassle-free, easy and safe. The smart range of our built-in Ovens has sensor touch control, TFT electronic Display with large capacity and a soft-opening system. Cool touch glass door, removable inner glass, large viewing window, side rack support and enamelled interiors for easy cleaning amplifies whole of the look and ease of our built-in ovens, furthermore. The Black glass finish with metallic bar handle and 3 layers door plate makes them even more exquisite. Its temperature ranges from 60-250 C and the gross capacity of 83 litres is an added bonus/ boon. For more convenience and relief, the Faber built -in Ovens are bestowed with Memory and Reminder functions, automatic On / Off program, a digital clock with automatic cut-off timer, speed cook and a cooling system as well. Contact

Plüsch Presents The German Aesthetic Jalis Sofas Plüsch brings you the German brand COR’s supposition by Jalis. Designers Mark Jehs and Jurgen Laub put their ideas together and have come up with the smart sofa design – the Jalis soft sofas by COR. Jalis, taken from Arabic, translates to “relaxed communication”. These Oriental style sofas are made for any space and any situation, from casual lounging to formal entertaining. The Jalis collection by COR is available at all Plüsch showrooms in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The flattering softness of the surface (finishes in lacquer, veneer or solid wood) is a pleasant side effect. The cover materials of the

upholstered sofas, chairs and beds include fine fabrics and high-quality leather taken from the overall COR collection. The fine fabric provides support and style, and when the light hits it in a certain way you’ll appreciate a pattern of threedimensional fine embroidery. The deep seats, cushy backrests and copious cushions deliver comfort and a contemporary signature style that transforms any room into a social hotspot. “Jalis always gives the impression of a few loose cushions lying together, either on the matching pedestal or an elegant chrome frame” - Jens & Laub. Contact:


Fine Crockery From Ficus Fine Living

Ficus Fine Living, specialized in providing luxurious furniture and home décor, have introduced an assortment of Porcelain crockery. The latest collection has a range of crockery ranging from tea and coffee mugs and saucers to dainty snack plates and dip dishes, all artistically designed in soft Scandinavian colours. The Classic dinner set in the collection features contemporary designs and it complements any occasion with a touch of elegancy. The mix and match collection has beautiful European Chickadee birds, black birds and robins are crafted with sophistication. The Crockery Collection comprises

of Tea Cups and Saucers, Coffee Mugs, dainty snack plates with dip dishes will definitely ensure that your guest’s and you truly Dine in Style and Opulence! Speaking of the Crockery, Charu Tewari, CEO, Ficus Fine Living says, “Whether it is tea party, garden soiree, weddings, or even a corporate event, porcelain crockery collection is much treasured. Dove grey, sky blue, aquamarine and soft lime green present a more modern feel and mixed crockery colors display antique style. Our exclusive collection is the perfect blend of elegance with practicality.” Contact

MagniStretch Mattress From Magniflex Magniflex, Italy’s largest and most innovative mattress company has unveiled MagniStretch, an advanced pain relieving mattress for the back & neck. MagniStretch reduces back and neck pain, revitalizes discs during sleep due to an improved blood flow. MagniStretch uses the pressure exerted by the body to gently stretch the back and spinal column. This subtle traction gradually increases space between the vertebrae, which improves blood circulation and alleviates back pain. The Magniflex mattress is proven to dissipate pressure points and muscular contractions. MagniStretch is also equipped with memoform, Magniflex’s proprietary foam that is pressure sensitive, as opposed to heat sensitive, and contours to the body for long lasting support. The mattress cover is made from breathable, natural Viscose and

Outlast fabric, a temperatureregulating material developed by NASA. A micro-pierced, highly breathable band along the exterior maintains the breathability and cleanliness of the mattress. The MagniStretch mattress line is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and 100% made in Italy. Contact



THE INSIDE TRACK September 2017

Spot Light


home décor store with a wide range of products, Home Artisan has much to offer for the contemporary home. From candleware, photo frames, lanterns and vases to bed sheets and cushions and pendant, wall, table and floor lamps, and chandeliers to exclusive dinnerware and tableware, the brand has all that you need to decorate or renovate! Design-centricity is a key focus area for the brand, with design as the core capability. Most of the products are designed in-house, but from time to time, the brand also partner with suppliers who share similar design aesthetic and sensibilities. The brand is very selective with regard to the designs curated and the products created. Home Artisan ensures to invest an unusual amount of time and effort in the creative process to study trends, design languages, colours and materials, so as to draw from a wide range of influences. The current collection is inspired primarily by three contemporary trends - Scandinavian

Accomplishing Aesthetics With Home Artisan With design as the focus, Home Artisan curates and creates elegant products that are great for decorating as well as gifting. BY ANINDITA GANGULY

French Tapestry Cushion Covers

Harrington Rose Gold Lanterns

Ivory and Gold Candleholders

and mid-century modern design, gold colour palettes and geometric shapes, and natural materials. The core idea behind the brand is to design and craft home decor products that reflect global trends for a discerning audience that is tired of having to choose between overpriced home décor brands or poorly-curated collections at local stores. In the words of Namrata Jain, owner and CEO, Home Artisan, “Just as an artisan is guided by a singular passion - a relentless pursuit of mastery of his or her craft, so are we. Our mission is simple: to make everyone’s lives beautiful, one home at a time”.

Geometric Photo Frames

The brand strives to create a distinct identity for itslef with its customers - to the extent that just by looking at one of our designs, one would instantly recognize it as a Home Artisan creation. Such is the level of consistency and perseverance Home Artisan is striving towards. Additionally, the brand is looking forward to enhancing its online presence and building out an offline presence as well, for customers who prefer a personalized and hands-on level of service. According to Namrata, the collection of lanterns and candleholders from Home Artisan are the most loved and sought-after products. On the design front, the brand combines different materials such as stainless steel, jute, and wood, with unique colours such as rose gold, white, and gold, to create something that’s simple yet stunning and has distinct character of its own. Moreover, the products from Home Artisan are not only great for decorating and setting up an ambience, they make great gifts as well! With an outright focus on offering amazing products, at wonderfully affordable prices and an amazing customer experience, Home Artisan is a brand to look out for! Buy Home Artisan products on

The Inside Track September 2017  

"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”. - Davis A...