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echnology has affected our lives to such an extent that we never could have imagined. From the mobile revolution to GPS systems, from the internet to invisible doors - every gadget and fixture we use has technology and innovation entwined. Architectural hardware is one such important element which forms an integral part to the design and use of a space. Every project is incomplete without architectural hardware,

Hardware For Convenience

With the constant yearning for better ergonomics and efficiency, architectural hardware has made huge progress enabling better design solutions and living circumstances. BY ULKA VARTAK show attention to detail and custom design throughout your home. Our feature takes you through some new architectural hardware products and innovations designed to simplify your life.

be it residential, commercial or hospitality. Moreover, the hardware today is expected to be much more than just functional; it is expected to meet a number of challenging criteria including that of being aesthetically pleasing. With constant innovations in this field, quality architectural hardware is now available with superior design, smooth functionality, manufactured with the best quality materials and fine-tuned right down to the minutest detail. From door closers to modular kitchen systems, from furniture lighting to glass fittings, the hardware that we use in a space is an element that makes our lives so much easier. High-quality, stylish door handles, knobs, and locks introduce your home to visitors, create an excellent first impression, and provide much needed security. Well-chosen interior door, window, and cabinet hardware, as well as switch plates and hinges,

Locks Locking systems are available for a variety of furniture segments and many different security needs. It provides manufacturers with many options for configuring systems to meet various customer requirements. Exceptional ease of mounting and servicing with exemplary quality of design makes simple or high-tech solutions attractive and economical. The various types of innovative locks today include chip locks, slam locks, keypad locks, fingerprint and biometric locks. The focus is on ease of use with zero compromise on

security. Intuitive and smart locking systems are the preferred options. Door Closers Whether for private homes or contemporary office buildings, door closer systems are intelligent, integrated access solutions that combine consistency, convenience and design. The wide-ranging product portfolio satisfies a broad spectrum of functional requirements and thus offers solutions for almost any individual door situation. Sliding Doors Sliding doors are the ideal solution for revealing all cabinet contents a n y w h e re i n t h e h o m e a n d office. With unobstructed access to contents, these doors do not intrude into the room when they are open. Fittings for top-running

With constant innovations, quality architectural hardware is available with superior design, smooth functionality, manufactured with the best quality materials and fine-tuned right down to the minutest detail

sliding doors create elegant frontage solutions. In the bedroom and living room, sliding doors make the most of storage space. The latest to make their presence felt are ‘in-line’ sliding door systems. These are seamless and without any offsets, providing a far superior design solution. Folding Doors Folding door hardware provides a wide range of interesting design options. Freely moving, cabinethugging or guided systems offer a choice of solutions for optimising the folding door application. Year in and year out, these fittings are continuously improved providing easy and more reliable elements designed to move doors of practically any size, material and weight. continued on page 2



Spider Fittings Vertical cities are the need of the day. With more and more steel structures coming up, glass walls have been trending for light weight construction and effective use of daylight. With modern architecture, these glass structures and glass doors need to be rightly held for their function - this is exactly what makes spider fittings in so much demand. Widely seen today and with a hold like a spider, these fittings grip the glass in place and enable numerous design and engineering iterations for building projects. Patch Fittings With its broad spectrum of basic types and variants, patch fittings enable the creation of toughened glass constructions of almost any conceivable design. Toughened glass assemblies can be provided with fixed part components in widely differing arrangements - with corner fittings or fin fittings at different angles, and with double or single action doors in single-leaf or double-leaf designs. Modular kitchens are the default option today, and rightly so. With the correct hardware, one can have a smooth functioning kitchen which is




APRIL 2014

COVER Hardware For STORY Convenience 1 Lira Plans Retail Rollout 6 not just pleasing to the eye but also ergonomically far superior that older conventional civil kitchen options. Drawer Runners Drawer runners can increase the functionality of cabinets in kitchens and other areas with lots of storage while making them considerably easier to use. Using a variety of systems, runners are proven unbeatable in the furniture segment. The technology has been refined for withstanding extreme loads, making them ideal for use in kitchen appliances, continued on page 4

Balustrades - An Artistic Delight 8 Dorset’s Vision Achieved 10 The Essence Of Ebco 11 Storage That’s Smart 12 Viega - An Investment In Quality 14 Functional Solutions By Ozone 16 The Latest On Recent Launches And Products 18 Exhibitions and Fairs 22 The Green Effect Of Blue 24

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continued from page 2 such as ovens, warming drawers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers. Hot, wet, cold - nothing can beat these runners, they simply get on and do their job. In concealed runners, plastic rollers in running gears or steel balls in ball cages are the running elements, depending on the version. Installing the runner to the underside of the drawer allows almost concealed installation. The running elements are friction bearing mounted or ball bearing mounted rollers, polyamidecoated steel rollers or soft rollers for silent movement. These systems provide lateral stability and easy action for drawers

the door with a gentle push and an extra-long mechanism overcomes the closing force as the door opens. Magnet push to open version which operates on magnets and Pin push to open version which works with a slam lock which securely locks the door when closed. Soft-closing hinge systems on the other hand regulate the closing action of the door. The soft closing action controls the speed of the door regardless of the force applied. This means that less force is required to close the doors, and the doors automatically glide gently into the end position. Drawer runners with integrated self-closing features provide noticeable convenience for opening and closing them.

Lift Up fittings are easy to use and save space. These systems gently retract the flap and close it in virtual silence

in all materials, in all sizes and also carrying heavy loads. These runners provide options for part, full and over-extension opening. Hinges Hinges are the science behind great doors. These untiring performers come with smart mounting and adjustment techniques and can be collaborated with other door innovations such as push to open and soft-closing features. Push to open technology allows one to open the door easily with a mere press of a finger. This system consists of self-opening hinges, release devices (the Push); it can be fitted to the top, base or side panel of the cabinet and retaining catches are fitted to the back of the door providing a seamless design minus the handles. The ‘push to open’ systems are available in 3 versions: Universal push which opens

The technology is simple, durable, providing tolerance flexibility and easy to use. Lift Up Fittings Lift Up fittings are the prime choice for flaps. They are easy to use and save space. These systems gently retract the flap and close it in virtual silence. These fittings offer a wealth of options for designing and using cabinet space. Suitable for many different flap sizes and material thicknesses, they are easy to fit and adjust in production. Swing Trays Corner cabinets encompass a surprising amount of space on the interior so that every inch of that space is accessible and convenient. Turntables are traditional solutions which spin smoothly and effortlessly. Swivelling shelves and gliding trays also offer clever options

Narrow cabinets offer a simple option for making use of even the smallest storage space in a kitchen, without compromising stability and quality of motion

for cavernous corner cabinets, so that the items stored in the cabinet glide out for easy access. Narrow Cabinets The idea for narrow cabinets offers a simple option for making use of even the smallest storage space in a kitchen, without compromising stability and quality of motion. Diagonally offset runners ensure improved lateral stability and a high load bearing capacity. Depending on requirements, this solution can be based on box systems or wooden drawers with the appropriate runner systems. Furniture is undoubtedly an essential part of a residing area. Architectural hardware and fittings bring added convenience to upholstered furniture and beds. A wide range of adjustable fittings provide easy chairs, sofas and beds with many added benefits and

convenient functions. Adjustment functions for beds and upholstered furniture are also available in manual or motorised options. Vertical Wall Bed Fittings This finely engineered hardware is counterbalanced for smooth operation. The mechanism uses a sophisticated piston lift system rather than old-fashioned springs that can snap back. Beds are held securely closed, and open gently for added safety. Pullout Mirrors for wardrobes These are ideal for wardrobes with folding/sliding doors, 180° opening shutters, walk in wardrobes, etc. It uses minimum space of the cabinet

and eliminates the need for a separate dressing table. Serving all areas of the office, solutions are available for organisation and functioning that can provide furniture with the added value of efficiency and fatigue-free use. Oval Vertebrae for workstations This is ideal for concealing electrical and data cables separately at a work station in an organised way. It enhances the look of the office and is flexible in usage. Tablet Holder A tablet holder is an appropriate tool in today’s modern day office systems. Foldable, compact and easy to carry around, it can be used for an Apple iPad, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab and other 7” - 10” tablet PC’s. It has the flexibility to position your device in multiple angles in landscape or portrait view.

Workstation Round Tray This tray can be fitted to any table. Since this tray is directly mounted underneath the table, no drawers are required. It has a 360° rotation for easy accessibility and is aesthetically designed with both, utility and end use in mind. Furniture Lighting Light is an increasingly important criterion in designing furniture to create exciting spaces that appeal to a variety of emotions and circumstances. Changing light colours integrated in shelf systems and cabinetry, transform furniture into radiant objects that work wonders setting the mood of living and retail space with their controllable light effects.





t all began with an idea in the mind of a young, second generation entrepreneur, Benito Lafranchini in 1959. He wanted to do something different from the family business of manufacturing gaskets and accessories for taps which they had been doing since 1925. Benito Lafranchini was quick to understand the enormous potential for non-conventional, userfriendly, plumber-friendly non-metallic waste traps and embarked on a new journey. And thus was born ‘Lira’, the polypropylene waste trap and kitchen waste solutions manufacturer in 1960. The rest, as they say, is history. In a candid interview with The Inside Track, Mr. Matteo Rotti, Export Manager, Lira and also a part of the promoter family, talked about Lira and its journey of entering the retail segment in India.

Lira Plans Retail Rollout Lira, the Italian giant in waste traps,

marks its entry in the retail segment in India. BY ULKA VARTAK

Can you share a short account of the history of Lira? Lira Spa, situated in Valduggia in North Italy (on the Swiss border) is a leading European manufacturer of polypropylene waste traps with applications under kitchen sinks, wash basins, urinals and bidets. We are pioneers in the field of nonmetallic waste traps, bottle traps, P-traps and U-traps since 1960. In addition, Lira is a leading and established OEM supplier of waste couplers, baskets and overflow sets to premium kitchen sink manufacturers across the globe. Under the able stewardship of Founder and Chairman Benito Lafranchini for the last five decades, Lira has put itself in an unassailable position in its industry. Lira manufactures all its products in its factory in Valduggia and does not outsource any of it. Lira is thus truly made in Italy.

Lira is a leading European manufacturer of polypropylene waste traps with application under kitchen sinks, wash basins, urinals and bidets

What made you enter the Indian market? India has been one of the most vibrant and growing markets in the world, especially in the last decade or so. It was only natural for us to keep India high on priority in our global expansion strategy. We think the Indian real estate industry, by far, represents the most challenging and full of potential market for us worldwide. In what product categories does Lira operate in India? Since 2009, we are focused on the Indian market mainly with our versatile range of waste traps, P-traps, Bottle traps, U-traps and

above all our space-saver (Spazio) solutions. We are looking towards expanding our horizons in the kitchen sink OEM markets from 2015 onwards. Can you share with us the plans of your retail foray? Which are the flagship products to be introduced in the Indian retail market? Yes, 2014 will herald the debut of Lira in the Indian retail market. We will embark on this exciting journey April onwards. Our major products will be Bottle traps and P-Traps. However, we plan to make our mark here with our special and innovative, Spazio range (space saver traps). Our retail foray has been hastened by the enormous growth

in both the sanitary and modular kitchen retail segments in the metros and semi-metros. Our solutions are suited to the demands and needs of the modern, urban customer who is continuously looking for innovative and durable products for bathrooms and kitchens. You mentioned that you will initially focus on Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Gurgaon. How do you plan to tap these markets and launch Lira in other Indian cities as well? Being among the five largest markets in India, these cities present us with tremendous potential for volume and subsequent growth, besides being a great platform for spreading brand awareness. We


shall be tapping these markets through a robust 2-layer distribution network - with super stockists and multiple dealers sourcing through them. However, for us the key element in this network would be the plumbers - both as influencers and users! For us they would be the focus of our strategy and efforts. I think the plumber fraternity would create the compelling ‘pull factor’, so very vital for a new concept. We see great promise in the sanitary retail


trade. The other equally important dimension of our retail strategy is tapping the growing modular kitchen retail segment in these cities. The distribution format will work well for both. The diversification in other cities in retail would commence only after consolidating these four major markets. Being originally present in the project segment since 2009,

how is this advantageous to your retail plan?

projects serve as very good referrals in our sales pitch to the trade.

Our success in projects in the last four years, especially with some very prestigious sites is a major testimony to the fact that this product and concept can not only compete with conventional concepts, but also steal a march. This lends great credibility to the products and brand Lira, and also easier acceptance in retail. There is that much of a lesser question mark over its ‘saleability’ in retail. All our

How does Lira compete with other Indian and international players? Being pioneers and innovators in this field for almost the last 54 years and also being accepted worldwide, Lira differentiates itself sufficiently to not only ward off credible competition, but to also remain unique. It marries good innovation with good economics. Contact web:



Spot Light


he balustrade is the plural of a baluster, which is a singular, vertical support, on which a railing rests. The design of an individual baluster can vary depending on its placement and use, from square or circular, to wood or stone or other materials, and simple to decorative. The balustrade is utilised in various methods such as external railings for commercial properties like car parking

Balustrades - An Artistic Delight Balustrades can add value to a residential

or commercial property while offering a distinctive appearance to the space where it is installed. BY REHANA PENWALA

As far as the design of the baluster goes, they can be flat, rounded, rectangular, intricately carved, cone-shaped or wavy; the sky is the limit

areas, schools, shopping centres and colleges or as a practical border around porches, verandas and terraces. The application of balustrades as an architectural element was seen in late 15th century Europe during the early Renaissance, when they were used in elaborate structures such as the balconies of palaces at Venice and Verona in Italy. Balustrades gained a wider acceptance through the ‘Renaissance Man’ Michelangelo who employed them in his architectural commissions. In India, the baluster column appeared as a new motif in 17th century Mughal architecture by Shah Jahan in the Red Fort of Agra and Delhi. Previously there were mainly two types of balustrades: one symmetrical in profile that inverted one bulbous vase-shape over another, separating them with a concave-like ring, and the other a simple vase shape. Fast forward to recent times and we witness vast diversifications and customisations in the shape of the balustrade. Practical or decorative, outdoor or indoor, industrial or residential, balustrades can enhance the look of the place it adorns, either by rendering it an ornate look or a sleek appearance. Popular Balustrade Materials Wood and Stone Wooden baluster posts’ unique rustic look can transport you to a world of elegance and charm. Their distinctive originality and simplicity brings to mind a comfortable and timeless atmosphere. They can be juxtaposed with other types of materials like

metal to lend a captivating touch to your home. As far as the design of the baluster goes, they can be flat, rounded, rectangular, intricately carved, cone-shaped or wavy; the sky is the limit. Moreover, there are a variety of wood types like teak, cherry, oak, etc. and stains as well to offer a range of colours to the railing. Stone balusters have often been used in luxury homes or memorials. It’s one of the most archaic materials to be used for creating balusters, while other types of stones like sandstone, limestone, white stone and marble (the most elegant and expensive) are now also available. Again, widely available for customisation in terms of shapes and colours, marble and stone are polished to perfection they are durable, last longer than wood and improve the look of any exterior or interior of a building. Thinner balusters project a flowing, comfortable atmosphere, while thicker more prominent baluster styles have a colonial or structured feel. Stainless Steel - the preferred option Today, many balustrades are constructed from stainless steel, which is a modern, durable and versatile material. Stainless steel balustrades can be made from rounded or square poles. Other times, they can be decorative and ornate, with shapes and designs cut into them. Often, an ornate steel balustrade will have a timber handrail running over the balustrade. There are numerous reputed manufacturers in the market that offer a range of modern stainless steel balustrade systems. They

comprise of various standard parts, together with a range of accessories they can be used to create different designs for different applications and aesthetic requirements. A common part of stainless steel balustrade systems are glass panels. These panels are often combined with stainless steel balusters or hand rails and can be fully framed or frameless glass panels. The glass can be hardened, laminated or toughened to provide safety. Glass panels may be embellished with etched designs, lighting options and can be clear or tinted or frosted to offer a variety of colour shades. Glass manufacturers have recently started offering solar control glass - this is a multifunctional glass that blocks incoming heat radiation from the sun, while allowing in natural light. It

like stone balustrades but are made from a cheaper and lighter material than stone. These rails essentially are synthetic stone, made from a mixture of limestone dust, polymer resin and pigment. They come in a wide variety of designs. Polyurethane and vinyl are cost-effective, durable and offer a decent look.

can be used for balconies, balustrades, staircases as also for skylights and windows. Sleek, smooth and elegant, glass balustrade systems are an ideal choice for offices, malls, industrial establishments, patios and other outdoor areas.

be used anywhere inside or outside the home and it is powder coated for protection which means it has a wide range of colours to choose from.

Innovations in balustrade materials Lace Lace balustrades are made of cast iron or aluminium panels to a predetermined design. Like other forms of lace, a lace balustrade is extremely intricate and delicate looking and it is perfect for heritage or country styled homes. Polymer, Polyurethane and Vinyl Polymer balustrades are made to look

Wrought iron Wrought iron balustrades are known for their decorative designs and they consist of a series of individual posts. The designs that are offered include twists, scrolls, rings, and many more. Wrought iron is perfect if you want true authenticity. Aluminium For a light and simple balustrade, aluminium is the go-to option. It can

Fibreglass Fibreglass balustrades do not corrode, rust or rot and can be manufactured to replicate many finishes like cast iron, limestone, marble, steel, wood and other popular materials. Finishes can range from a smooth dull matte to a high gloss polished look, or a slight texture to a rough stone texture. Whether it’s a decorative architectural balustrade to provide visual interest, or functional balustrade to prevent balcony falls, a balustrade definitely raises the bar of your establishment.



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ith a passion to create something unique and made with world class technology, Rajesh Bansal, in the year 1995 set out to establish Dorset as an organisation known for top class architectural hardware, both in India and abroad. Today, after more than a decade and a half of due diligence, hard work and continuing innovation, Dorset stands tall as

Dorset’s Vision Achieved A brand synonymous with security, trust,

innovation and integrity, Dorset offers an assortment of products for upping the style of a space. BY REHANA PENWALA

Dorset’s luxury range of door handles are embedded with Swarovski crystals meant for an opulent decor theme

one of the leading players in the industry, as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company (by TUV) and as the preferential supplier of a range of products for styling homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Dorset stands at the forefront of manufacturing architectural hardware, high-level locking systems and sanitary faucets in India. Its array of architectural hardware solutions includes door handles, door control systems, glass fittings, UPVC hardware and other hardware accessories. The group has also spread its wings into specialised electronic stand alone access control and mechatronic locking systems and has introduced its complete range of sanitary and bath fittings. The two types of door handles that they have, lever and pull, are categorised into three different segments to suit varying customer needs: luxury, premium and standard.

The luxury segment provides handles embedded with Swarovski crystals and are clearly meant for an opulent décor theme. The premium category has a broad range of handles with organic designs from simple, formal, geometric to playful styles. A clear and crisp design and ergonomic simplicity and functionality are the hallmarks of the standard range of Dorset’s door handles. Dorset’s range of door control systems includes door closers and floor springs. All of their door closers have an accurate two valve opening for better speed control; some come with the option of keeping the door open at any desired angle and some can even be concealed inside the door. They are suitable for both left and right handed opening doors, light interior/exterior doors and for smoke and fire protection doors too. Their floor springs have an in-built ‘hold open’ feature, designed for holding the door at 90 degrees. As a grand display of brand success and achievement, in 2007 Dorset entered into a joint venture with

Kaba AG of Switzerland for locks and security systems, and to offer the market high quality products, which would raise the bar of Indian lifestyles by providing consumers with a safer and more vivacious environment. This Indo-Swiss venture also brought to the shore automatic sliding door units that provide trouble-free access from one room to another. These automatic units are highly efficient in heavy traffic areas such as restaurants, malls, shops, etc. The automatic, contact-free opening of doors makes daily life easier and more convenient, while the smooth automatic closing of doors induces a sense of wellbeing and security. This simple door operator thus fulfils the structural needs of design and function. Dorset has its own state-of-the-art specialised cells to undertake research and development. The group with its ever-expanding and enhancing portfolio of architectural hardware, locking solutions and luxury faucets, is involved in conducting extensive research to come up with futuristic ideas. Their in-house

Dorset’s door closers have an accurate two valve opening for better speed control

manufacturing facility adheres to the latest technology for design and manufacturing of products. Dorset’s competencies include designing, tool and component manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, assembly, concept design cell, surface finishing, lacquering and impregnation. The source of their impeccable designs is a fully integrated design cell that takes care of new development, reverse engineering and 3D designing. Their team of engineers and designers are equipped with high-end CAD-CAM systems to create magnificent and sensible designs. As a manufacturing body, Dorset is famous for its sophistication and creativity and insists on expert craftsmanship and innovation, thus

ensuring a superior position in the industry. Contact tel: 011 46138800 email: web:


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bco, now 50 years old, started out as a humble tool room in 1963 and later diversified into mass production of critical components such as cartridge links for ordnance factories. Ebco diversified into furniture fittings in 1987 and is now a leader in the industry. Today, Ebco’s product range spans drawer slides, hinges, computer furniture fittings, joinery fittings, wardrobe fittings, furniture locks, kitchen systems and accessories,

The Essence Of Ebco The furniture fittings and accessories

manufacturer, Ebco, has come a long way since its inception in 1963. We focus on its growth and the current footprint in India. BY REHANA PENWALA

Geoffrey Nagpal, Managing Director, Ebco Pvt. Ltd. window and door fittings, architectural and general hardware and furniture lighting. Its strengths include a range of core competencies in manufacturing, an ever widening product range, stringent quality standards, affordable prices and a national distributor network that spans every major city of India. Ashley Nagpal,Director - Technical, Ebco Pvt. Ltd., shares insights about the areas that have provided growth for the company, “One of our key achievements last year was to dramatically increase our new product design and development facilities, so that we could release more world class, high quality and affordably priced products faster. Our bed fitting range, sliding wardrobe fittings, plastic keyboard with sliding mouse tray and most recently our transmission lock fittings for windows are a few examples. This has helped us broaden our range in each of our segments.” It has three manufacturing plants and multiple warehousing facilities, North of Mumbai. Its products are engineered to perform and its quality department ensures that it consistently achieves this goal. Ebco’s quality assurance laboratory at the Vasai manufacturing plant performs rigorous cycle tests, load tests and other checks in accordance with certified international quality norms. It has a resourceful design and product development department w h i c h e m p l oy s s t a t e - o f - t h e -


Ebco believes in offering a solution centric, all-inclusive approach to its customers which reflects in its diversified services

art design software and CNC machining technology which enables the company to launch new products swiftly. Ebco has also invested in new technologies inhouse such as vibratory finishing and roll forming to improve the quality and efficiency with which it manufactures products. Geoffrey Nagpal, Managing Director, Ebco Pvt. Ltd., further details progress, “During the past year, we have taken aggressive steps to improve delivery times to actively service our growth. We have successfully brought down lead times and shored up our delivery positions t h r o u g h o u t t h e c o u n t r y. In addition, we have implemented a number of different technological initiatives which have been designed to quicken our order management,

eliminate inefficiencies and improve communication.” Ebco’s distribution network goes hand-in-hand with its product and technological advancements. In total, Ebco has 31 distributors spread across India’s landscape, in major cities and towns including Mumbai, Goa, Indore, New Delhi, Srinagar, Jaipur, Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna, Chennai, Cochin and many more. Apart from its eight existing national display centres in Mumbai, Surat, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Cochin, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Bangalore, Ebco is planning to come up with centres in Raipur and Coimbatore as well. Ebco believes in offering a solution centric, all-inclusive approach to its customers which reflects in its diversified services. Rajesh Nair,

Director - Sales and Marketing, Ebco Pvt. Ltd., elaborates, “To provide better services to our customers, we have successfully implemented a user-friendly online ordering system through which distributors can log in and easily place orders as well as track the status of outstanding orders in real-time. To streamline the logistics process, we now provide packing charts with labelled boxes for door to door deliveries. We are currently in the process of reviewing and improving the packaging of products from all our plants in order to decrease the chances of damage.” Despite a challenging year with economic instability, rising costs, currency fluctuations and a slowdown in the real estate market, Ebco’s sales have grown steadily. Geoffrey Nagpal affirms, “We achieved a 23% yearover-year increase in revenues for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014 and our financial position remains fundamentally strong despite slowing growth nationwide.” With multidimensional courses of action, this one-stop source for furniture hardware has built its product range, improved its quality standards, inducted new technologies and increased its capacities to be better able to serve its customers. Contact tel: 022 67837777 email: web:



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he kitchen in your home can be a great conversation piece. It occupies centre stage, conjuring up palatable delicacies, harbouring decadent treats and lending itself as a complementary asset to your refined tastes. Another lesser known aspect about this culinary haven is that it offers immense opportunities for the smart usage of space. And aren’t we

Storage That’s Smart We bring you the latest innovations

available to help you organise your storage with attractive, functional and space-efficient solutions. BY REHANA PENWALA solutions available to exploit this tricky area. Corner spaces can be utilised with full extension drawer systems that bring the items that are farthest away, out to you. These are available in a variety of design options to suit your kitchen’s requirement. Corner cabinets with half circle carousel shelves are accessible easily and come with a swivelling motion. These can easily bear 20-25 kgs per shelf. A

maximum use of corner spaces with options for customisation such as 2-4 baskets/shelves or being standalone pull out systems. These are made of steel or aluminium a n d c o a t e d w i t h c h ro m e o r white aluminium and the whole storage area can be pulled out of the cupboard. Waste Management Options With an increasing focus on

Corner spaces can be utilised with full extension drawer systems that bring the items that are farthest away, out to you

all well aware about the essential need for smarter and efficient space storage solutions in our homes? If utilised properly, the kitchen with its bounty of cabinets, drawers, pantry units and various utility racks can save and in turn create

a lot of functional space, which is very important for families today, especially with the increase in openplan living. Corner Solutions There are various types of corner

Efficiently designed drawer baskets help to increase storage capacity in a limited space in a kitchen

step further are the three quarter circle and full carousel units that help you to reach out to every item kept on their two mounted shelves. These come with fixed or movable central spindles whereby the two carousels can swivel independently or together. Available in basic colours like white or grey with a chrome finish or plastic coated, these storage systems are either made of stainless steel, plastic, wood or aluminium. Pivoting pull-out systems with wire baskets or shelves have two versions that swivel out to the left or right as desired. These offer

recycling and waste management, having accessible yet out-of-theway waste bins are an ideal option for modern families. Depending on your waste segregation needs, waste bins are available in a variety of options and for diverse cabinet sizes. The existing multiple options are front pull-out waste bins, pull-out bins inside cabinets, bins attached to cabinet doors, multiple bins for waste separation and installation of the bin right under the worktop. Drawer Baskets Efficiently designed drawer baskets help to increase storage capacity


six shelves with varying heights and widths according to your cabinet size and allows up to 50% more storage space through the use of the higher back and side walls.

in a limited space in a kitchen and allow storing kitchenware in a proper manner. These are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Pull out drawer systems are another efficient storage solution that offer immense opportunities for customisation: complete pull-out units, drawers that offer shelves

cabinets, it can be fully utilised by a pull-out drawer. Larder Units Larder units are very useful for storing provisions. The larder or pantry units or consumable zone call it what you may - are used to keep foods that are used for cooking and baking such as canned foods,

Overhead Cabinets If you have a compact kitchen and don’t want things coming in your way, another variation of functional space is an overhead cabinet. Overhead cabinets provide you with ample of storage opportunities and don’t hinder your day to day activities. These cabinets are apt for keeping tableware and other fragile items safe. Another unique choice to break away from the hassles of the shutters of these cabinets, is to install motionefficient lift-up systems that make the opening and closing of shutters a smooth experience. An innovatio n o f f e re d i n overhead cabinets is the automatic opening of doors with a soft touch. Sounds too good to be true? Well, Blum’s Tip-On mechanical opening system for handle-less furniture does just that. At a gentle touch, doors will open just right for providing easy access to the


equal part in encompassing storage options. Knowing just exactly where everything is in the kitchen can be a life saver. Inner dividing systems can help in keeping cutlery, utensils, plastic containers and other kitchen essentials neatly in an optimal manner. There are plenty of options in terms of the divider size and materials too, thus giving immense prospects for customising the partitions as per your need. Aluminium, plastic, steel, and even bamboo are the most common materials used for manufacturing trays. Slide-out Systems Is there a time when you wished that a particular item would just be invisible? That’s a possibility now with Hafele’s plasma lift systems. These remote controlled fittings let you fit TV screens, microwave ovens or even mini bars inside furniture cavities and lift them out when desired. This allows for elegant use of space and style. Similarly, the vertical power dock lets you install what you want where, without damaging the tiles or walls.

Inner dividing systems can help in keeping cutlery, utensils, plastic containers and other kitchen essentials neatly in an optimal manner

and height adjustments, wire shelves or non-slip effect shelves, only internal pull-outs behind hinged doors, pull-outs for bottles, cleaning materials, under-sink pullouts and related options. Thus, if there’s a 10 inch gap between two

rice pasta, etc. in an organised manner. These units come with various options to choose from: internal pull-out frames, inner dividing systems for pull-outs, door shelves and hanging baskets. Larder units can be customised to three to

Overhead cabinets provide you with ample of storage opportunities and don’t hinder your day to day activities

interiors. This can prove to be a trouble-free as well as a handy storage option. Drawer Trays Functional space doesn’t just stop at cabinets; drawer space also plays an

Such space efficient solutions can come to our rescue in this ‘space crunched’ era. They not only enable an optimal use of space but also ensure maximum comfort and ease of access in our daily activities.

Slide-out systems are remote controlled and let you fit TV screens, microwave ovens or even mini bars inside furniture cavities and lift them out when desired



Spot Light


iega entered India in 2009 through a liason office in Gurgaon and further expanded to Mumbai around 2012. The pioneers in India for introducing the pressing technology for piping systems, Viega has achieved constant and steady growth over the past five years in India. Viega stands for quality, commitment, competence and a very good service. Their professional quality management according to stringent guidelines

Viega - An Investment In Quality Delivering German engineering to India, Viega stands tall in India with its unique innovations. BY ULKA VARTAK

Mr. Shailesh Khamar, Country Head, Viega,

ensures a high degree of quality in all products that leave the German production facilities. And all of their unique innovations are technically sound, tried and tested and meet the highest standards. In India Viega operates in piping systems, pre-wall solutions as well as in drainage technology. The piping systems they offer for drinking water installations all feature the quick and safe Viega press technology. The products Viega markets in India are the stainless steel systems Sanpress Inox, Profipress which are made of copper and the plastic piping system Pexfit Pro as well as Seapress for the shipping industry. In the pre-wall category Viega offers flushing solutions for toilets and urinals in dry and wet wall constructions. Steptec and Viega Eco Plus are their two dry wall systems, whereas Viega Mono is the popular solution for wet constructions. Viega’s drainage products provide effective and efficient solutions which are error free and leak proof. They market floor drains, shower channels, bathtub fillers and other bathroom accessories. Very popular in India are Viega’s Advantix floor drains, all types of “P” traps in chrome and plastic as well as the Advantix Vario shower channel, which is the first one that can be shortened with millimetre precision.

Viega’s professional quality management ensures a high degree of quality in all products that leave the German production facilities

Viega has been the first to introduce the quick and safe p re s s t e c h n o l o g y f o r p i p i n g systems in India which offers clear advantages. The connectors are pressed in a matter of seconds and permanently secure, without the danger of fire and time-consuming fire prevention measures. A lot of work stages, which normally cost time and materials, are no longer required. Instead, you can assemble an optically attractive installation without traces of fire or solder without too much effort. And if a connection is unintentionally left un-pressed during installation, all Viega press connectors have the advantage of the certified Viega SC-Contur, identifiable by a coloured marking on the crimp of the press connector. The SCContur causes unintentionally unpressed connections to be noticed:

The medium visibly leaks out of the system when it is being filled. Talking about the market response and future challenges

for Viega in India, Mr. Shailesh Khamar, Country Head, Viega, explains, “We have had a very good response from India on the overall product portfolio. In the future we would like to be on top of minds when it comes to complete and innovative plumbing solutions. A big challenge for us will be to further establish the press technology for piping systems in the Indian market and to convince the customers that in the end it’s well worth to invest in quality products made by Viega, as the company’s more than 100 years of experience has clearly shown that quality is the sole basis for durability and reliability.“ Viega focuses on marketing their products through their distributors appointed in various areas. Apart from that they also have some direct clients who import material directly from the company. With plans for further establishing the press technology for piping systems in the Indian market, Viega will also be introducing a multi inlet drain in India which is a very unique product for bathrooms along with a height adjustable Eco Plus WC module. Contact tel: 022 28715160 email: web:




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ith a solution centric approach, Ozone has grown to become one of India’s most popular architectural hardware solution providers. As a young dynamic company, it provides a range of standard and customised products that are manufactured at par with international standards. For them, successful projects are founded on two elements - great client relationships and thorough design and engineering. This dictates the company philosophy. Ozone has a team of in-house architects,

Functional Solutions By Ozone Designed with the utmost precision

for excellent functionality, Ozone’s architectural hardware solutions add style and convenience to everyday life. BY REHANA PENWALA

Alok Aggarwal, MD, Ozone Overseas Ltd.

Ozone provides solutions for architectural and hardware requirements such as glass fittings, shower enclosures, railings, auto doors, door hardware, furniture fittings and safes

product designers and structural engineers, who understand the design intent of the customer, combine it with value engineering and practical utility and then deliver desired results at the right value. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India and overseas, play a very important role in creating products of the highest quality. This is backed by the design and R&D teams who understand the product and its functionalities and ensure they adhere to stringent quality benchmarks. We at The Inside Track engaged in an exclusive conversation with Alok Aggarwal, MD, Ozone Overseas Ltd., who gave us an insight into the working of Ozone and opened up about the company’s retail footprint and the challenges and competition that it faces.

we started as an importer of locks, hardware and high quality certified products from Korea and Europe. Gradually we moved into glass fittings, shower fittings and electronic safes; as time went by the demand for our products increased and we added more categories. We also went deeper into individual categories trying to provide a complete solution. The key segments for us are door hardware, glass fittings and a lot of furniture fittings. Railing systems and bathroom accessories add to the mix. Our entry in the homes and bathroom segment is a recent exercise - about a year and a half old. We like to divide our business into two parts, one is the standard, over the counter products we sell, and the other is the customised version manufactured as per the customer’s requirements.

When did Ozone start operations in India? Which are the various products and categories it operates in?

Currently what kind of retail and display footprint does Ozone have pan India?

Ozone started in the year 2000 and

We don’t have a company owned retail footprint yet. We deal through a

network of distributors, consignment agents and retailers who market our products. So basically a supply chain delivers our products to the end consumers from our strategically located warehouses across India. Our warehouses are located across

the entire country and we have an excellent team of distributors, sales personnel and customer care officers. In terms of the display centres, we have five display centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow and Jaipur and they are running well. The idea is to showcase the product range of our company and give training at different levels to our dealers, distributors and sales people. We also



Our products are architecturally designed and can be used over a long period of time and there will be no huge design changes to that. Is Ozone planning to add any new product categories to the existing mix? We are going to add fire doors which we will manufacture in our new facility. However, Ozone Homz is a category we started over a year ago which is taking roots in the market. Within the Homz segment there are a lot of products we will continuously introduce. What differentiates the Homz category?

Ozone is one of the largest producers of railing systems in India for commercial projects and residential applications

get a lot of requests from builders to train their teams. These teams can then be enabled to source the right products for their projects. To what extent are Ozone’s products manufactured in-house? 30-40% of our product range is manufactured in four of our own manufacturing units. There has been a huge investment towards developing these manufacturing units since 2006-2007. How do you perceive competition from the existing MNCs operating in the same segment? This segment does have multinational players but a huge part of the market is the grey market which delivers cheap quality products at rock bottom prices. With the advent of organised players people have been educated about better products. MNCs spend a lot of time, effort and resources

in developing the market. In doing so it has helped Ozone; we are a very happy lot because we don’t have to compete with the grey market anymore and we also believe that the grey market will wither away as the market gets more quality conscious. What would you say are the challenges for Ozone in the next few years? We have different product ranges and to realise the potential of each and ensure that they are one of the leading players in their segment is quite a challenge. However the good news is that the market is very receptive to the products of Ozone, including the new products and ranges that we launch time and again. The challenge also lies in creating a team in the market which will be able to educate and sell the different portfolio of products. There is a technical side to each product and

Ozone@homz is one-stop-shop for all your home utility products and safety solutions requirement

no single person can be expected to handle the entire portfolio. Is there an effort on research and development to create products that are very unique to the Ozone portfolio? When it comes to hardware, there are two kinds of hardware: hardware which is behind the scene and hardware which people touch and feel. Ozone has largely been into functional hardware. In functional hardware we do a lot of design changes, modifications, research and development so that the products are suitable for the Indian market. Coming to the design aspect, Ozone has stayed away from decorative hardware, since it’s like fashion and you need an industrial design team to be able to churn out new designs every season. Every six months the design and colours need change, so as a strategy we have kept away from decorative hardware.

Homz is more of a B2C business model. It includes more consumer functional hardware which consists of ladders, dustbins, iron boards, etc. Here the consumer choice is not enforced by the architects; it’s more about functionality, design and aesthetics. We are also clubbing safes along with this genre of utility items. India is home to consumers who are looking for quality at the right price; how does Ozone meet this challenge? That is what Ozone is all about; that is the rationale behind creating Ozone. People are concerned about the money they want to pay; they need the right quality product which is functional and durable and that is what we did. We offer high quality products at a reasonable price band. Keeping the price realistic has been a challenge for us, but that ensured us success over a period of time - people using our products saw value in them. Contact tel: 011 45576677 email: web:



It Products Cera’s Overhead Water Tanks

airtight closure. They are available in 310, 500, 750 and 1000 litre capacities and are suitable for several uses including storing drinking water. Advance blow mould technology ensures a uniform thickness of the tank and zero degradation of the body. Contact web:

Delta’s Diamond Seal Technology InnoFlex waterways with PEX-C tubing make Diamond Seal Technology faucets simple to install. In single handle faucets, the handle limit stop on Delta’s Diamond Valve cartridge makes it easy to limit the range of the handle motion for hot water from full flow to a 50/50 mix. This feature is a smart choice to protect from scalding. Delta’s Fuse, Addison, Pilar, Trinsic, Andian and Celeste faucets, all come with the Diamond Valve technology. Contact web:

Cera has launched overhead storage water tanks manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene material. These tanks have a unique antibacterial coating that prevents algae and bacterial formation. Cera water tanks are light weight and have special threaded lids which ensure

Hacker Offers Ahmedabad Customised Solutions For Modular Kitchen

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man; Delta’s exclusive Diamond Seal Technology takes full advantage of this property and uses a valve with a tough diamond coating to bring you a faucet built to last up to 5 million uses. It also keeps water inside the faucet out of contact with potential metal contaminants. With its durable components and simple construction, a Diamond Seal Technology faucet lasts 10 times longer than the industry standard. One-piece

Century Ply Presents Opulenza Premium Laminates Hacker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG offers customised modular kitchens for every segment ranging from low-end to the midsegment to top-end. Hacker offers a range of 163 different options in material surfaces, colours and styles to choose from. The variety of finishes - laminates, high gloss laminates, veneers, solid wood and lacquer paint in matt and high gloss surfaces give clients plenty of options to mix and match designs for their kitchen. The materials used in producing the kitchen modules are also very carefully chosen and are of the highest quality available within Germany. Hacker provides a total warranty on their products against any manufacturing defect and the backup after-sale service is easily available for maintenance and repair or replacement of all moving parts subjected to normal

wear and tear or breakages. The Hacker brand was brought to India by Kanu Kitchen Kulture Pvt. Ltd. in 2004, who incidentally was the sole dealer in India. Hacker has already set up exclusive showrooms in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Ludhiana. The new ones in Ahmedabad and Jaipur will follow shortly. The company is planning to set up more stores in cities like Pune, Indore, Trivandrum and Kolkata in the near future. The price for a kitchen solely depends on the size of the kitchen, the finishes chosen and the type of modules, however, as a benchmark a good workable kitchen for a room size of 8’ X 10’ could start from around Rs. 3 lakhs. Contact web:

Century Ply has recently launched the Opulenza Works of Art; a unique range of premium laminates handpicked to stand as masterpieces, under their brand Century Laminates. This collection has 28 designs of high-quality laminates in matte, gloss and textures.

Each laminate sheet is hotpressed with Century Laminates’ signature technology, ensuring high scratch and damageresistance. The Opulenza collection can be used for furniture as well as wall panelling. Contact web:


Villeroy & Boch Bags A Red Dot For Its Architectura Metalrim Shower Floor

It Products Shutter Stays From Marsun Having a well-designed kitchen doesn’t depend only on how your kitchen is from outside. Although the external details will certainly garner admiration from family and friends, it will be the internal accessories that will make your kitchen experience a comfortable and delightful one. With

Marsun kitchen hardware and accessories there is more to kitchens than meets the eye. Shutter Stays fittings from Marsun are ideal fittings for lift up systems. They are very easy to use and silent in motion. Marsun offers a vast range of Shutter Stays for wall cabinets; they take up minimal space in the cabinet and yet work like a charm. Shutter Stays enhance user convenience, are very easy to assemble and their force can be adjusted very easily. Contact web: www.

Stylam Industries Brings A Premium Range Of Door Skins To India

Stylam Industries has launched a new product range of door skins for the Indian market. These door skins are a ready to use material and are perfect for direct pasting on any type of doors using the right adhesive. The Stylam door skins range comes in four categories i.e. customised door skins, premium metallic door skins, coloured metallic door skins and non-metallic classic door skins. These skin panels which are available in different categories in thickness of 1.0 mm bear the quality assurance of Stylam. The


door panels will be produced using only the highest grade of craft papers and design papers, sourced from world’s renowned paper makers and printers. All raw materials obtained from well-known and reliable sources are tested in-house. Additionally all resins used are also produced in-house. Stylam door panels are guaranteed for durability. These door skins are available in 85”x 48”, 85”x 40” & 96”x 48” sizes. Contact web:

This year the Bathroom and Wellness Division at Villeroy&Boch celebrated once again, this time for winning an internationally renowned design prize. Their new shower floor Architectura MetalRim won the red dot design award: product design 2014. The new Architectura MetalRim shower floors are characterised by their ultraslim, edgeless design, which fits harmoniously into every bathroom. The shower floors are manufactured from highquality acryl with an attractive high-gloss surface. A particular design highlight is the integrated valve cover that lies flush with the surface of the shower floor. The valve cover in white, chrome plated or matt chrome enhances the minimalistic design language of the shower floor family. This new shower floor generation utilises the MetalRim technology developed by Villeroy&Boch for the first time. A galvanised steel reinforcement is integrated around the rim of the shower floor, thus guaranteeing

the greatest material stability and allowing unrestricted freedom of design. The fascinating diversity of models and the minimalist style facilitate individual design and installation options for every interior, including barrierfree access. All 31 Architectura MetalRim models are available in two edge heights (15 mm and 48 mm) and can be easily fitted in three different installation options. Additional safety is provided by the optional anti-slip coating with Class C Vilbogrip. Contact

Kich Gallery Now At Raipur Kich has recently extended its product availability with the introduction of its all new Kich Gallery at Raipur. With this new gallery, Kich has taken one more step towards its ambitious goal of making Kich products available in each part of India. Renowned award winning architect, Mr. Ratan J. Batliboi from Mumbai inaugurated this new gallery at Raipur. After Bilaspur, this is the second Kich Gallery in the state of Chhattisgarh. Mr. Bharat Hapani, Managing Director of Kich Architectural Products Pvt. Ltd.

strongly believes that this Kich Gallery will open several doors of possibilities for all those customers who really want quality products. Nowadays more and more green buildings are coming up in the residential and commercial segment. By using Kich products Raipur stands a chance of earning 4 LEED points for green building certification. It is also set to have an easy access to National Award winning products as well as the excellent pre and post sales services offered by Kich. Contact



Ozone Spider Systems

It Products Dorma Visur Patch Fittings DormaVisur is a system patented for Dorma that secures doubleaction glass doors without the need for any visually disruptive functional elements. DormaVisur presents the door in perfect transparency. Rather than cluttering the clear outline of the leaf, the hardware components are all located in the surrounding structures. In the case of DormaVisur all-glass double-action door, the closing function is performed invisibly by the transomconcealed Dorma RTS 85 EN3 door closer. This not only reliably returns the door to its zero position after each opening action, but also thanks to special back check damping, protects the leaf from careless impact

arising from an excessive opening force. Thanks to a hold-open feature included as standard, the door can also be retained at an opening angle of 90°. Having successfully completed 5,00,000 operating cycles in its endurance test, there can be little doubt as to the outstanding quality of the Visur System. Contact web:

Häfele’s Bed Storage System - Pratìk By Pessotto

Häfele’s new range of bed storage system, Pratìk, allows the customer to add a dose of flamboyance with practicality to the bedroom. Whether it’s the extra pillow covers or cushions or a collection of bed sheets, the bed storage is the answer to all storage needs. It is a smart solution for turning a cluttered master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Pratìk, a patented system by PessottoReti, allows for two types of elevation functions i.e. horizontal elevation function and complete opening function. The horizontal elevation function aids easy lifting and lowering of the bed in the same horizontal position without intermediary

steps. It assists free movement which makes the task of bed making comparatively easier. The complete opening function turns the bed unit into a large storage unit and enables free handling of items in the storage space. The above mentioned elevation functions, unique to Pratìk, result in obvious advantages such as easy cleaning and bed making. Total ergonomics to help maintain correct posture and movement fluidity, large storage space, effective ventilation of the mattress to prevent proliferation of mites, are some things that can be well expected with Häfele beds. Contact

Ozone offers a wide range of stainless steel spider fittings in a series of designs which comes with and/or without fins for creating structures that stand out from a design standpoint. The Fin Spider Fittings Series comprise of the Standard Series, the Designer Series, the Vertical Series and the Alpha Series. The Without-Fin Spider Fittings Series comprise of the Standard Series, the Slotted Series, the Jumbo and the Mini Series. All these are available with unique and attractive specifications and have been designed for different usages. The designer fin spider is available in a unique curved design in stainless steel grade

316 that firmly holds four glasses together and is installed with routels. The vertical fin spider is used for big facades to hold four glasses together. The designer and vertical spider fittings are installed with routels and teflon washers to prevent glass damage. The slotted spider fittings are available with an arm length of 200mm crafted in stainless steel grade 316. This fitting comes without fins and is used to hold four glasses together. It is installed without routels and is attached to a fixed structure. The slotted design gives an elegant and stylish look to the fitting and as such to the glass facade. Contact web:

Hettich Quadro With Push To Open Purist design is right in trend today and the push to open function the answer to making handle-less design an option on all fronts. With this innovative opening mechanism from Hettich, planning and producing handle-less fronts for modern furniture couldn’t be easier. Push to open conveniently opens any drawer and pullout at the mere press of a finger. When it comes to runners and drawers, product diversity from Hettich is unbeatable. With an option for any loading capacity, tried and proven established ball-bearing slides and the unique Quadro runner provide an excellent solution for convenient

and reliable drawer opening and closing in all classes of furniture. Hettich offers the right runner from a graduated system range for any design of furniture needless to say, in the form of a full-extension runner providing unrestricted access and full view of contents or, alternatively, in the form of a partial-extension runner. This is where push to open brings convenience in every respect: using the slide-on assembly method, installation is completed in a matter of seconds, with the fitted dimensions, of course, matching those of the standard Quadro range. Contact web:


It Products

Hardwyn Euro Series Glass Fittings

A Hardware Renaissance Hardware Renaissance’s collection of exquisite hand forged iron and solid cast bronze architectural hardware lends a crowning glory to beautiful doors. Superior craftsmanship and finishes, timeless design, and precision engineering, will serve you well and enhance your home’s value for years to come! The company offers two completely different product ranges, each with its own unique features. The Hand Forged Iron Range is totally hand crafted by master blacksmiths, yet coupled with precision engineering. It is a unique blend of the old and new and is also totally customisable, which is very exciting for architects, interior designers and luxury home buyers.The

Bronze Range features one of the most luxurious materials in the world, solid high quality silicon bronze. Once used exclusively for sculpture, they now offer it in art you can use every day. Bronze is a very rich material, and extremely tarnish-resistant, compared to brass or stainless steel. Hardware Renaissance enhances its natural beauty with exceptional, hand applied finishes. Contact

Blum Servo-Drive The Electric Motion Support System Servo-Drive - The electric motion support system by Blum is mesmerisingly easy. Lift systems and pull-outs open by themselves with a single touch and close again softly and effortlessly with Blumotion. Servo-Drive means you need just one system for the entire kitchen for both wall cabinets and base units. Users can stop pull-outs and wall cabinets in any position and set them in motion


The Euro series from the house of Hardwyn offers a discrete variety of glass fitting necessities. Intrigued in the elegant harmony of modern traditionalism, this series is engrossed with the desired versatility of form, approach, sophistication, finish and an overall enduring delight. From its sleek patch and canopy fittings which enables the realisation in toughened

glass for almost any conceivable design, to knight head accessories, pull handles, mortise handles, point fixed architectural glass fittings and accessories, angular shower hinges, fin plates and spider fittings that make a statement on their own, keeping the sustainability quotient intact, Hardwyn has it all. Glass has been one of the most captivating elements in the architectural sector. Possessing a unique nature to both secure and showcase the demand of glass as a structural material has increased in many folds in the architectural sector. Therefore, Hardwyn’s in-depth knowledge of the distinctive properties of this fascinating building material, has led to the creation of some of the most compelling design concepts in glass fittings, making living effortlessly pleasurable. Contact web:

Q-Railing’s ‘D Line’ Handrail Systems

again when they want to. In the event of power failure, the fittings are still fully functional. Thanks to Servo-Drive, lift systems glide open at a single touch and close again just as conveniently at the press of a switch. Servo-Drive is ideal for handle-less furniture but is also suitable for furniture with handles. Contact web:

Q-Railing’s ‘D Line’ brand of handrail systems designed by Prof. Knud Holscher is very popular with the market. He has designed this system which works elegantly both in big open spaces and in small complicated stair geometries. The parts of the D Line system are designed so effectively that they fit together with no visible screws, welds or obstructions to its clean design. The elements of the system are pre-engineered so that parts can

be directly installed out of the box. Available options include solutions for glass and wall connections, bends and terminations to help create seamless design features. All D Line handrail brackets come with an innovative secret fix between the brackets and the handrail, and the unique Omnibend component which can be easily adjusted to any angle on site. Contact



Fair News

30,000 international buyers from Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, America, Japan, Hong Kong and more. Most of these buyers are the largest importers and distributors in their countries and they select ecofriendly items, home decor items, festive items and outdoor gardening items for their fine quality and competitive price.

Home & Garden Cologne Date 01 - 04 May 2014 Venue Cologne, Germany Contact web:

Mosbuild Date 15 - 18 April 2014 Venue Moscow, Russia Contact web:

Home & Garden Cologne will be organised at the beautiful garden Rhine Park at Cologne, Germany from 01st May to 04th May 2014. A Large number of industry leaders are participating in this leading international fair and convention from across the world. The Home & Garden Cologne show is not only for industry professionals but also for those who are lovers of gardening and home remodeling. The participants will get the latest information about the goods and techniques which are being used in the field of flowering and gardening as well as home decoration. A large variety of flowers will be shown in the flowers show along with a myriad of home remodelling equipment.

Mosbuild is one of the leading international shows dedicated to providing a huge and complimentary business hub for top construction companies to gather and contribute in the future development of the industry. The show will display all the latest products and equipments offered by leading companies. One will find potential and proficient customers, buyers and dealers all under one roof saving on both time and money. There will be a wide range of high quality products for the attendees to select from and avail. The show will help one to garner all the latest knowhow on both tools and techniques to survive in this competitive market.

China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan Date 18 - 22 April 2014 Venue Foshan, China Contact web: China International Ceramic & Bathroom Fair Foshan (CeramBath), one of the top events in the ceramic and bathroom industry in China, has become the calling card of Foshan. As an export-oriented exhibition, CeramBath attracts buyers from home and abroad with its outstanding exhibition recourses and state-of-the-art products. It has also been regarded as one of the most prestigious and influential ceramic and bathroom exhibitions in China. Every year, with 500 to 600 exhibitors, CeramBath opens on every April 18 and October 18, in the same period as Canton Fair and has been successfully held for 18 sessions, which totally received over 800,000 visitors. Here in CeramBath, you can find various ceramic and bathroom products, such as floor tiles, wall tiles, skirting tiles, exterior wall tiles, plaza tiles, mosaic tiles, garden ceramic tiles, glass ceramic tiles, roof tiles, art ceramic tiles, stone tiles, bathroom tiles, massage bathtubs, bathroom accessories, ceramic basins, toilets, ceramic machinery and ceramic raw materials.

Weaving + Home Décor Date 21 - 28 April 2014 Venue Guangzhou, China Contact web: The CAC Fair, Weaving + Home Décor, organised by Yi-Wu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is known for China’s largest trade fair showcasing eco-friendly woven items plus household and decorative items. The trade fair is held each year in the month of April and October, which is concurrent with the phase two of the Canton Fair. Over 350 top manufacturers from China’s famous willow and rattan goods production provinces exhibit at the CAC Fair every season. They are from Shandong, Anhui, Fujian, Guangxi, Guangdong and many more top foreign trade provinces. Each year, the CAC Fair Weaving + Home Decor attracts over

Asian Securitex Date 07 - 09 May 2014 Venue Wan Chai, Hong Kong Contact web: Asian Securitex 2014, the 13th Asian International Security, Safety and Fire Protection Show & Conference is coming back to town from 7 - 9 May, 2014. Occupying an exhibition space of 15,000 sq. m, Asian Securitex will showcase a cross-section of the most ground-breaking international security products and technologies, ranging from smartcard technologies, CCTV and remote monitoring control systems and integrated security management systems. It will bring together 500 international exhibitors and 15,000 regional buyers all at one single point! Co-held with Build4Asia - The Building Technology, Electrical Engineering and Security Show, Asian Securitex acts as a one-stop sourcing marketplace which effectively connects international security and fire safety solution providers and commercial buyers.

Fairs & Exhibitions Date 08 - 10 May 2014, Led Expo Mumbai Venue Mumbai, India Contact web: LED Expo Mumbai is a leading event of India that concentrates on the lighting industry. The LEDs are an irresistible source of lighting in the world and any new development or advancement related with these products will always help the industry to grow and expand. The exhibitors will get a great platform to showcase their products and services and launch new products and designs that will be very beneficial for their company. Since, LED expo is one of the best networking opportunities for both exhibitors and visitors from Asia and around the world, the fair will witness a multi-fold growth in terms of size, area, number of visitors and exhibitors.





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arpet tile manufacturer Interface is no stranger to thinking out of the box. It has journeyed beyond the typical design boundaries of carpet squares and planks. And it’s now breaking through to new levels of environmental and social responsibility, sustainability and the next wave in product design. A new modular carpet collection, Net Effect, is inspired both by the ocean’s life-giving power and its plight - marine life and habitats that are endangered by discarded fishing nets, acidification, over-fishing, pollution and climate change. Mumbai recently witnessed one of the most interesting launches the Interface Net collection launch aboard a yacht. Inspired by the blue waters, the yacht was a perfect fit for the launch. Net Effect collection conserves the vast oceans by using yarn made from recycled fishing nets and brings the ocean’s beauty to your floor. The

The Green Effect Of Blue Riding high on their green mission,

Interface launches an innovative range of carpet tiles inspired by the sea. BY ULKA VARTAK

Raj Menon, Country Manager, InterfaceFlor India

launch was a huge success with its message reaching the designers and customers alike. The collection was born of NetWorks, an innovative global business and conservation partnership between Interface and the conservation charity the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). Net-Works was launched in the Danajon Bank area of the Philippines in 2012 to tackle two distinct issues: first, to address the growing environmental problem of discarded fishing nets in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities, and second, to help solve the problem of finding a viable waste stream to feed the company’s ambitious postconsumer nylon recycling goals. Working closely with Aquafil, a key Interface supplier that has refined the technology to recycle nylon waste into new nylon carpet fibre, and NGO Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation Inc, Net-

embraces sustainability in construction and concept. Net Effect’s three 50 cm square tiles comprising a neutral ground, transition tile and textural accent, evoke the sea with a texture that references the moment when waves wash over land. The three tiles can be combined to create design elements including continuous transitions, borders and inset area rugs. The square tiles’ organic forms pair beautifully with three 25 cm x 1 m skinny plank styles that capture the fluidity of water and convey the expanding and contracting rhythms of the tides with more linear patterns. The square and plank tiles’ shared coastal colour palette of two blues and six neutrals was drawn from the depths of the ocean, and the sun-andsalt-bleached wood and stone found on shore. Talking about the collection, David Oakey said, “Aesthetically, we wanted

The Net Effect product collection provides a subtle visual reminder of the sea on its surface, with a design reminiscent of swirling currents

Works is advancing the company’s goal of closed-loop manufacturing. End of life fishing nets recovered from the fishing industry supply chain represent some of the world’s cleanest and most abundant supply of post consumer nylon, the same raw material as carpet yarn. The Net Effect product collection provides a subtle visual reminder of the sea on its surface, with a design reminiscent of swirling currents. Created by David Oakey, owner of David Oakey Designs, an exclusive designer for Interface, the collection of six modular carpet tile options

Net Effect to capture the positivity of the Net-Works partnership and the beauty of the waters it’s so closely tied to. This collection connects people with the emotions and memories associated with the beach, but their enjoyment is its most superficial benefit. What’s beneath the surface including the product’s ties to the good work Net-Works is doing is what makes it extraordinary.” Contact Deepti Somasekaran tel: +91 8030589356 web:

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