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he very mention of a ‘Jewel Box’ conjures up images of precious possessions and treasured artefacts. AIS Glasxperts unveiled ‘its’ version of a ‘Jewel Box’ at the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition recently. Reinterpreting the splendour of the age-old treasure box in a novel, modern way, AIS Glasxperts conceived an edgy, contemporary display made entirely of glass. This ‘Jewel Box’ played host to Tarun Tahiliani’s latest bridal couture collection.

A Jewel Box By The Glasxperts AIS Glasxperts, a speciality division of glass major Asahi India Glass Ltd., conceived a cutting-edge glass showcase for celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani’s latest bridal collection. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

Mr. Aditya Bhutani (COO, AIS Glasxperts), Tarun Tahiliani, Mr. Vikram Khanna(COO, AIS Consumer Glass), Diandra Soares (Model)

The unique set was created onsite by AIS Glasxperts, showcasing elegant and innovative glass technology. The larger than life glass structure was a unique concept which had a cuboid made of glass, almost 14 feet in height, showcased within which was the entire line of clothing.

The internal and external frameless walls of the ‘Jewel Box’ structure were made from AIS Clear Tempered Glass, delivering surface smoothness coupled with sparkling clarity of vision, making it ideal for this application. One of the cabins that housed the mannequins featured the brands unique Integrated Glass

The ‘Jewel Box’ by AIS Glasxperts played host to Tarun Tahiliani’s latest bridal couture collection







COVER A Jewel Box By The STORY Glasxperts 1 Experiments With Wood 4

Unit - an insulated glass system with motorized blinds sandwiched between the two layers of glass. In addition, there were enclosures made using Ecosense, a new range of high performance glass available in over 36 natural shades, designed to help buildings stay green by reducing UV rays and heat gain. Apart from these innovative solutions, Glasxperts also brought together products from its wide portfolio of offerings, including its Décor lacquered glass and mirrors that delivered distortion free reflections. ‘The Big Strike’ contest, held at the venue was another highlight of the exposition. Tarun Tahiliani’s exquisite watch collection was encased inside

Enclosures made using Ecosense glass system

a box made from AIS Securityglas. The challenge was to break the glass (using a baseball bat!) and get hold of the watches. However, even after numerous attempts, none could win this seemingly easy challenge, me included! With its diverse glass products and solutions, AIS Glasxperts brought together execution experts and the best solutions in glass to bring the ‘Jewel Box’ exhibition area alive. This was not just a professional achievement for Glasxperts, but also went a long way to demonstrate the advances made in glass technology and the various applications that it can now be directed towards. While Tarun Tahiliani brought ideas to life in fabric, AIS Glasxperts chose to do the same in glass. Mr. Vikram Khanna, COO, AIS Consumer Glass, Asahi India Glass Ltd. proudly announced, “It takes an artist to know another. So when Tarun Tahliani called in Glasxperts to bring out the true grandeur of the Jewel Box, our Glasxperts team took it as an opportunity, a challenge to do something path breaking, to create a design marvel to be treasured.” A great vision for Asahi India Glass that highlighted design, passion and innovation. Contact: web:

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Spot Light


1 5 d a y Sp a c e M a k i n g Wood workshop at CEPT University in Ahmedabad brought together 20 craftsmen and 20 designers from all over India. It was organised by DICRC (Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre). The participants were asked to use wood as a medium of construction. It was during this workshop,

Experiments With Wood ‘Tie the loose ends and thou shall be

protected,’ is what a recent experiment by Rooshad Shroff and Jwalant Mahadevwala seems to exemplify. BY VIKAS BHADRA cross sections from each member was utilised to move away from a linear element. Every piece having a unique cross section was individually drilled will six holes along its perimeter and was stitched together using metallic staple pins to form a ‘wooden fabric.’ The result was a surface like structure that was fluid, light and flexible, absolutely unlike its original chunky form. The beauty of the canopy lies in the fact, that even though it is made out of a rigid material like wood, it is flexible and fluid. When you ask Rooshad how he managed to pull it off in such a short span of time, pat comes the reply, “We were fortunate to have the support of the dean of the School of Interior Design, Ms. Krishna Shastri, who managed to get hold of nearly 10 students in spite of it being the summer holidays to come and help put the canopy together. As the structure was rather low-tech, it was easy to put together within the short time frame - needless to say - it

Rooshad Shroff along with another facilitator- Jwalant Mahadevwala (and Black Design Studio) designed and manufactured a canopy using left over wooden members within 72 hours. The idea was to incorporate 100 tapering cylindrical wooden members (2’ long / 2” diameter) that had been previously discarded due to

its unaccounted additional weight. The initial thought was to create a canopy that would contradict its inherent heaviness and move away from the linearity of the members to create a surface showcasing the grains of the wood. The design proposed was to deconstruct the members by way of slicing each piece - whereby 70

The canopy was made using left over wooden members within 72 hours

The final design of the canopy fluid, light and flexible, absolutely unlike its original chunky form


that it can double up as a hammock, however Rooshad chooses to differ, “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big,” he asserts. “A material such as wood, inherently is a material associated with its hardness, weight etc. The canopy was conceived such that we move away from the preconceived notion of the material to produce something that is more fabric like yet taking advantage of

was exhausting.” The canopy is set in the backdrop of a natural system - just like a tree is held together by leaves and branches. Here there is a support system and a level of structural interaction between the two, the canopy inherently

adopts and interprets nature to provide shade and protection. Sited at the main plaza for the School of Interior Design (SID) within the CEPT campus, Ahmedabad - one look at the canopy and a thought crosses your mind


its strength along the cross section. The challenge to have a fluid like form spanning over a larger area was part of the interest. So to take this further It would be more exciting to us as designers to go larger in scale and address issues of structure and stability than seeing it as a smaller hammock like piece of furniture,” he signs off. Contact:;



Cera Bags Power Brand 2012 Award

It Products i-Deck Adds To Your Outdoor Living

With DLH’s i-Deck, one need not worry about stepping out in your veranda during the monsoons. i-Deck is a specially designed flooring solution for outdoor applications. It is adaptable to all weather conditions and will stand up to a consistently high daily foot-fall. The intelligent design of i-Deck is suitable for all kinds of

outdoor flooring applications, like swimming pool decks, staircases, bridges, walkways etc. The safe and comforting sensation of wood takes you by surprise as the range dances effortlessly between the conventional and modern patterns capturing the varied moods of nature. In i-Deck, DLH offers a wide range of species of wood from Bangkirai - a wood from Indonesia and Malaysia, Iroko - ‘an eye pleasing wood’ to Massaranduba - ‘a precious wood’. They also have Bilinga, Cumaru KD, Ipe and the Garapa wood species. The DLH i-Deck is priced between Rs 350 per square foot to Rs 450 per square foot. Contact tel: 0124 408 3036 web:

Prayag Launches The Rocio Collection Prayag Polymers recently launched the Rocio collection of faucets from the H2O series. The Rocio range lends a perfect mixture of elegance and sophistication to match your mood and choice. The Rocio collection is made of brass, has chrome plating and a premium glossy finish that comes laden with features and stunning designs. The products offer convenience through approachable aesthetics and user friendly functionality. Prayag produces zero defect products, and a design for minimum maintenance. The complete Rocio collection comprises of more than 10 models with adjustable heights to allow you to match your bathroom interiors. Keeping affordability in mind, Prayag’s H2O series begins from just Rs. 425. Contact web:

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd., one of India’s fastest growing sanitaryware companies, has been selected as a Power Brand for 2012. The Power Brand award is instituted by IIPM Think Tank and Planman Media in association with the Indian Council for Market Research. The Power Brand 2012 enlists the top 100 of the most powerful brands in India, based on the parameters such as high recall value and brand following and brand connect, garnered through marketing activities conducted by organizations to promote their brand. The Power Brand 2012 for Cera was received by Mr Atul Sanghvi, Chief Operating Officer from actor Pratik Babbar. Cera has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 1980 and has an extensive and comprehensive product portfolio that includes sanitaryware, faucets and a wellness range (steam shower

Kohler Launches Cuff Faucets Kohler has gotten underway with its latest offering for consumers called Cuff - one of its finest collections of bathroom and kitchen faucets and fittings. This unique collection is characterised by its minimalistic cylindrical form and clean lines contributing to a contemporary profile, which adds elegance to any setting. The range consists of twentytwo exquisitely crafted faucets that are designed to gel perfectly with any modern kitchen and bathroom set-up. The range is priced between Rs. 4,600 and Rs. 12,810.

rooms, whirlpools, etc.). Close on the heels of the award received for the Product of the Year, second year in a row, the Power Brand award to Cera once again re-affirms the inherent strength of Brand Cera, which has been built over a period of three decades. Contact email: web: The unique features of the faucets include hidden aerators which contribute towards a neat finish and pure aesthetics. Unlike other faucets, there is no angle cut in the rear which not only makes it easy to clean and maintain but also looks beautiful in the mirror. Generous proportions and finger details, ease of use, height and comfort, differentiating and bold hotcold indications are some more attractive features. The new assortment of faucets and fittings is a key part of Kohler’s existing range in India. The high quality finishes, superior performance and contemporary design aesthetic are all aimed to resonate with the taste of upscale Indian consumers. Contact web:


Naidei - The Sofa Bed

It Products Herman Miller Scores With ‘Sayl’ Chair Sayl is everything a Herman Miller chair should be. Inspired by the principles of suspension bridges, the frameless back of the Sayl work chair encourages a full range of movement while the suspension back material keeps you cool. Support is molded directly into the 3D Intelligent back material. The suspension material is stretched from the Y-Tower at the back of the chair just as cables are stretched from the towers of a suspension bridge. “Hinge points” allow these areas to flex and support the healthy, forward rotation of the pelvis. At the same time, less tension in other parts


of the back encourages a full range of seated movement. Sayl chairs include work and side chairs. The work chairs feature a 5-star base and upholstered seat with either a suspension or upholstered back. Side chairs feature either 4 legs or a cantilever base and upholstered seat with upholstered or plastic backs. As affordable as it is inventive, Sayl disproves the notion that a reasonably priced chair means offhand design and minimal ergonomics. Contact web:

Naidei is a versatile sofa bed with elegant comfort designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. A sofa during the day and a bed at night, Naidei is very functional and aesthetically appealing with its minimalist lines. The unique springs in the seat guarantee constant breathability for the mattress. While the armrests become practical surfaces during the day or modern bedside tables at night through a foldaway mechanism that can be set up to an angle of 90°. In the most open position, an additional shelf upholstered in hide, contrasting with the cover of the sofa bed, can be added to further extend the surface and utility. The Naidei can be transformed into a double bed with its easyto-use mechanism hidden in the frame. Because of the singledirection wheels and metal lateral sliding guides, a simple pull outwards will remove the bed base. The frame of the Naidei is

poplar and birch plywood and solid beech and poplar with polyurethane foam padding and polyester wadding. The cushions are padded with Down and polyurethane foam inserts covered in Pelle Frau® from the colour system or in completely removable fabrics. In the Pelle Frau® version, the mattress surface is covered with a protective ecru cotton canvas sheet. The mattress is an allergyfree polyurethane foam, while ‘Down’ pillows are optional. Contact web:



It Products Stay Cool With Mastercool The Miele MasterCool range consists of refrigeration and wine storage appliances designed to beat your expectations. The range features state of the art appliances made of the highest in quality materials, cutting edge cooling technology and German engineering precision. The MasterCool automatically optimises the humidity levels and temperature in the storage drawers.

The ClearView lighting system uses uniquely engineered halogen lamps to illuminate every corner of the interior of the cabinet on each level to achieve a maximum exposure of all its contents. The Dual Compressor System disallows exchange of air between the ice maker and the rest of the freezer so flavours stay where they belong. Miele’s wine conditioning unit is ideal for both long term and short term storage and offers separate temperature zones to ensure wines are all served at just the right temperature. The Miele Mastercool Range is a combination of a refrigerator, freezer and a wine conditioner (to be paired/combined as per customer demands). The price ranges from Rs. 7,49,990 to Rs. 8,99,990. Contact

Fisher & Paykel Introduces The Coffee Maker

The New Zealand based innovators have introduced the Fisher & Paykel Coffee Maker. For the regular coffee aficionado, a coffee maker is a must-have in your home or at the office. Fisher & Paykel’s Coffee Companion is like having your own barista to make coffee just the way you like it. The perfect espresso, or a classic cappuccino, is available at the touch of a mere button! Fisher & Paykel’s Coffee Maker ensures that brewing that perfect ‘cuppa’ is no longer a daunting task. The coffee maker offers adjustable coffee strength and

temperature, multiple coffee cup sizes and a 15-bar pressure at the touch of a button. It’s the perfect way to start each day. Design features including finger-touch controls for ease of use; a standard fascia height that fits into almost any kitchen design and elegant, brushed stainless steel handles. The Stopsol glass and chrome trim match the broader Fisher & Paykel kitchen design creating a seamlessly integrated look for your kitchen. Contact web:

Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron Casserole

Secure Your Peace Of Mind Godrej Security Solutions help you to keep a watchful eye on your loved ones or stay connected to your office with the first of its kind office/home CCTV. The SEE U V8 Dome IR is designed with night vision which helps one watch over kids, the elderly in the family or even just the premises.

When See U V8 Dome IR is connected to a particular IP network, it allows you to view live feeds. The camera comes in a compact design, is ultra light in weight for convenient handling and supports up to 8 cameras. Contact web:

Since its introduction more than 85 years ago, Le Creuset cast iron cookware has become a symbol of delicious food across the world. Today the famous volcanic orange round casserole remains an icon of outstanding quality, craftsmanship, stylish design and outstanding cooking performance perfectly suited to Indian cuisine. The cast iron casserole from Le Creuset gives even heat distribution and excellent heat retention which are ideal for slow cooking. The smooth enamel interior is the ideal surface for sealing meat before making sauces for succulent textures and rich flavours.

Suitable for all hob types and for use under the grill and in the oven, the cast iron casserole from Le Creuset is also perfect to bring to the table to serve from because of its timeless good looks. Le Creuset uses the latest enamelling techniques and provides a most durable and easy to clean cooking utensil in a beautiful colour palette, including both iconic, signature colours and the latest in-trend tones. Every piece is dishwasher safe and is covered by a lifetime guarantee for added reassurance. Contact tel: 080 40926824


Andy Home’s Bespoke Interior Solutions

It Products World Bazaar’s Planters Add To Nature’s Charm World Bazaar, a premium store for imported home furniture and décor accessories has recently introduced a magnificent range of planters by the brand Nature’s Legacy from the Philippines. Natures Legacy is one of the premier manufacturers of home and garden accessories based in Cebu, the furniture capital of the Philippines. Using its pioneering core competency in the stone casting manufacturing process, it has grown to become one of the prime movers in the stone casting Industry. The planter range is crafted by Stone cast, which is hand made from natural materials giving each piece its own character and nuance. It is dry-tapped into a mould which simulates how the earth makes limestone. It is very durable, light weight and

adaptable to most architectural styles: modern, neoclassical and post-modern, as well as traditional and classical styles. The beautiful planters range available at World Bazaar comes in various colours and hues from white to several natural colour finishes. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas with the price ranging from Rs 7,000 to Rs 28,000. Contact tel: 9811945621 web: www.worldbazaarindia. com

Luxury Redefined-Trunks Company

Trunks Company presents creative trunks that are becoming decor essentials.Their fashion trunks are avant garde designs for a contemporary lifestyle. Inspired by the Indian Maharajas of Rajasthan, the trunks have their own charisma and timeless elegance. The brand is the first ever to create luxury trunks in the


country; both chic and svelte. Some of their creations include the jewellery safe trunk, watch trunk, music trunk, bar trunk, the dressing trunk, vanity trunk, etc. The leather and the suede used in making the trunks are procured from the finest tanneries of the world, even the hardware is sourced from Germany and France to ensure sturdiness and longevity of the products. Each trunk is made to order and is created by very experienced leather craftsman using the finest of materials painstakingly sourced from different parts of the world making it truly one of a kind. Royal and elegant on the outside, stylish and voguish on the inside, these trunks are a perfect fusion of class, élan and comfort. The price range for these timeless pieces begins from Rs. 1 lac onwards. Contact tel: 0141 2210595

Andy Home’s chic flagship boutique in Delhi is the ideal showcase for some opulent and stunning merchandise. The underlying theme and style at Andy Home is the best possible blend of contemporary classic, backed by a sound aesthetic sensibility. The store undertakes the manufacturing of bespoke furniture and also retails the choicest range of imported collectables and domestically sourced luxury accessories. Andy Home’s debut merchandise consists of leading international brands like, the Sublime Seduction Collection by Daniella Poletti of Italy, customised crockery by Gien of France, handmade accessories from Annick Commery of France, bespoke artefacts, mirrors, accessories from Mis En Demeure of Paris and Murano of Italy, glassware

from Vetrerie di Empoli of Italy, and Belgian tapestries, cushions and throws among many other luxury products that will leave the customers yearning for more. Andy Home has positioned itself to offer luxury accessories and furniture with an European accent and contemporary classicism that will bridge the gap by offering the best of both these ends of the spectrum. Contact tel: 011 46524343



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onstruction is the second largest economic activity in India accounting for nearly 11% of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This will amount to a huge investment in the infrastructure sector for development of power, roads, bridges, city infrastructure, ports, airports, telecommunications and the construction industry as a whole. Exposure to world-class expertise and advent of global players has led to infusion of new materials,

Supreme’s High Tech Joint Filler Board DURAboardHD100 is a high tech and

superior expansion joint filler board from Supreme Industries.

Mr. Ajay Mohta, General Manager, Construction Accessories Division, Supreme Industries Ltd.

DURAboardHD100 is an exclusive compressible filler board from Supreme Industries, specially designed to be used in concrete brick, block work and isolation joints

equipment and technologies in the construction sphere in India. Founded in 1942, Supreme Industries have become trendsetters in plastic products and have developed customised solutions specifically for the construction requirements of various segments. Their brilliant new product, a low compression set filler board (DURAboardHD100) especially for expansion joints application, replaces less effective bitumen board based solutions. Throughout the year, building faces, concrete slabs, and pipelines expand and contract due to the warming and cooling through seasonal variation, or due to other heat sources. An expansion joint is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of various construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold certain parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. DURAboardHD100 (formerly SILFLEX/CAPCELL HD100) is an exclusive compressible filler board specially designed to be used as expansion joint filler in concrete brick, block work and isolation joint,

where a readily compressible low load transfer joint filler is required. Its excellent recovery property makes it the most suitable product for this application. DURAboardHD100 is a high performance, pre-moulded compressible filler board, closed cell joint filler material available in a board / sheets form. It is very light weight. This makes it very easy to handle and install. Being polymer based, it is rot proof and bacteria resistant.

The striking features of DURAboardHD100 are that it is bitumen free and can be cut in any size with a normal knife. It has excellent recovery of 95% after compression up to 50%. It is resilient, non staining and hence does not distort under normal load from wet concrete DURAboardHD100 can be used in expansion joints in building, concrete structure, concrete roads, parking areas, industrial flooring,

bridges, decks, water retaining and excluding structures and isolation joints in machine foundation. Ajay Mohta, General Manager, Construction Accessories Division, the Supreme Industries Ltd. says, “The division offers new generation, better alternative products to conventional materials like rubber, metals, and wood, thus being cost effective. The ‘DURA’ range of products are manufactured from virgin raw material and we do not use any CFC / HCFC gases. At every stage of the manufacturing process, a stringent quality check methodology assures the reliability of the products. Supreme has a number of satisfied customers who have stopped using and recommending bitumen boards/ corks sheets after understanding the benefits of DURAboardHD100.” Contact: email: web:


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ardware Renaissance introduces its collection of exquisite hand forged iron and solid cast bronze architectural hardware to the Indian market. The company was born out of a desire to create a line of luxury hardware unlike any other. The idea was to breathe new life into an industry which continues to

A Hardware Renaissance Hardware Renaissance aims to add new

life to an industry that continues to either replicate old style hardware or mass produce generic modern varieties. BY VIKAS BHADRA each with its own unique features. The Hand Forged Iron Range This is totally hand crafted by master blacksmiths, yet coupled with precision engineering. It is a unique blend of the old and new and is also totally customisable, which is very exciting to architects, interior designers and luxury home buyers. The Bronze Range This features one of the most luxurious materials in the world, solid high quality silicon bronze. Once used exclusively for sculpture, they now offer it in art you can use every day. Bronze is a very rich

Hardware Renaissance embodies unique hardware which is lovingly hand crafted as an integral part of good design

either replicate old palatial style hardware or mass produce generic modern styles. Since its inception, Hardware Renaissance has come to embody unique, hand crafted hardware. The designs reflect a distinctive interpretation of a range of styles; European, Spanish Colonial, Mountain Modern, Asian and Urban Contemporary. Each piece is lovingly hand crafted and finished with unique, artist-applied patinas, meticulously designed to not just look good but to also feel good to the hand, which is an integral part of good design.


Hardware Renaissance has made exceptional hardware for small and large projects that range from luxury villas and estates, high end boutique hotels and award winning resorts in the United States. A brainchild of Anagha Dandekar, her vision was to build a brand which stands for distinctive design, beautiful, unique finishes, and precision engineering. Anagha co-founded the company in 2002 in Sante Fe, New Mexico and her idea is now to offer these inimitable products to the discerning Indian customer. The company offers two completely different product ranges,

material, and tarnish-resistant, compared to brass or stainless steel. Hardware Renaissance enhances its natural beauty with exceptional, hand applied finishes. Contact: web:



Spot Light


hat happens when an Italian architect backed by the Arabs gets a free hand in the Queen’s home ground? Well you get The Shard Tower, a massive Arab investment towering above London city. The Shard Tower has been designed by Renzo Piano, the 1998 Pritzker Prize winner, who is perhaps best known for his controversial design of the Centre Georges Pompidou, located in the heart of Paris. Developed by Sellar Property, The Shard stands at 310m (1,016

London’s Skyline Gets An Italian Makeover Designed by the renowned architect Renzo Piano, The Shard on London’s skyline is the new landmark of mutual trust and goodwill between Qatar and the U.K. BY VIKAS BHADRA

The Shard’s concrete core has topped Canary Wharf’s 770 feet

The Shard spire

ft) with its 95-stories becoming a ‘vertical town’ comprising office space, residences, restaurants and the five-star Shangri-La hotel. The building will also house the capital’s highest public viewing gallery which will offer 360 degree views of London stretching for over 40 miles (opens on 1st February, 2013). The Shard is a highly visible landmark at the heart of the London Bridge Quarter, a 2 million square feet mixed-use development which, once complete, will create more than 12,000 jobs.

The London Bridge Quarter is a key part of the regeneration of this part of London and benefits from access to one of London’s key transport hubs, London Bridge Station. The development has transformed London Bridge Station delivering a new bus station and train station concourse which will be linked by a central plaza which opens in 2013. This plaza will also link The Shard to its’ sister building The Place, a new 17 storey HQ building due to complete in Spring 2013. Architect Renzo Piano prefers



The Shard comprises of office space, residences, restaurants and the five-star Shangri-La hotel.

to call Shard “a vertical city”, which reminds you of the Bionic Towers in Shanghai which is based on the tenets of bionic architecture, a science that mixes architecture with engineering and biology. The Shard is Central London’s latest skyscraper to turn heads, draw gasps, and divide opinions (perhaps after the Arcelor Mittal backed Orbit Tower was unveiled in Stratford). The inauguration of The Shard Tower was marked by a spectacular light and laser show, where lasers shot out from The Shard to other major landmark buildings across the capital, including the London Eye, the Gherkin and Tower Bridge. Irvine Sellar, Chairman of Sellar Property and partner of LBQ Limited said, “The physical completion of The Shard is a major step towards the ultimate realisation of our vision

The Shard lightshow had lasers shoot out from its summit to other major landmark buildings across the capital, including the London Eye, the Gherkin and Tower Bridge

for London Bridge Quarter - a new dynamic district for our city with The Shard at its centre piece.” The Shard is more than just an amazing feat of engineering, it is a towering illustration of London’s determination to beat the recession and spur economic growth. This iconic, sparkling new addition to the capital’s skyline will act as a huge commercial magnet, pulling in scores of new businesses and offering vital employment opportunities for thousands of people. The interiors and other work at The Shard is still ongoing and the building is slated to finally open its doors to the public in 2013. Contact: web:



Spot Light


ista Alegre Atlantis is amongst the world’s most renowned leaders in crafting luxurious and stylish designs of porcelain, fine crystal, fine glassware, luxury earthenware and cutlery. It ranks as one of the finest, culturally diverse and historic manufacturers of porcelain in Europe. The manufacturing “knowhow” achieved during its long history, combined with high-tech production plants gives Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre Atlantis Comes To India Vista Alegre Atlantis throws open its

luxurious collection of fine porcelain, glassware and cutlery at L’Vista in Mumbai. customised products which are specilally made for each client. Any table set with porcelain, crystal and cutlery from Vista Alegre is sure to make a statement of refined taste and elegant style. Contact: tel: 022 66604541 email: web:

Vista Alegre’s inaugural collection comprises of the finest pieces of porcelain and handmade crystals

a competitive advantage as a key international player. Vista Alegre’s tableware is known for its use in the White House in the United States and in several other Royal households, including those of Queen Elizabeth II and King Juan Carlos of Spain. Vista Alegre has recently entered the Indian market and is all set to blend artfully into Indian tradition and culture, with its very first showroom at the luxe life style store, L’Vista at Mumbai. Vista Alegre’s inaugural collection in Mumbai comprises some of the finest pieces of porcelain and handmade crystals, bringing you a comprehensive lifestyle experience. It’s new collection includes dinner sets, decorative pieces, gift items, a crystal range, strong tableware, bar, winery, lighting and stationery. They have selections that are specially designed for luxury fine-dining, as well as for restaurants and medium range products. Vista Alegre is one of the very few manufacturers of porcelain in the world to have 17 inhouse painters

who manually paint extraordinary art work , consisting of animal and bird themes in particular.The Vista Alegre bird collection is carefully handpainted with the aid and counselling of biologists and ornithologists; the presence of a live specimen further

enables them to replicate their forms and colours exactly. Vista Alegre Atlantis has a long standing tradition in launching special pieces, designed by renowned and prestigious artists and designers, in limited series. They also produce




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AK Ceramics, one of the leading vitrified tile segment players has now ventured into the ceramic tiles category in India. With this foray into the Indian ceramic tile market, RAK aims to reach a turnover of Rs. 300 crores in the next three years from this category alone. Their late entry in this space has given them the required time to research the market and stock-pile unique designs to take on their competitors in this space. With its entry into the ceramic division, RAK Ceramics looks forward to present Indian consumers with an extensive range of tile designs and sizes offering a plethora of solutions for modern homes. The collections are christened under the umbrella brand Venezia, with two variants of ceramic tiles in a normal print and digital print comprising of an exclusive range of contemporary designs for various interior spaces. The new range of ceramic products will be launched in two phases; the first phase will include Venezia Classic (normal print) and Venezia DG Pix (digital print) showcasing an exclusive range of wall tile concepts with matching floor tiles in glossy, matt and rustic finishes. The second phase will have the launch of additional digital wall tile concepts with matching floor tiles and cladding (elevation) digital tiles

under the name Venezia Capstone. There is also one more brand that has been added to the ceramic division in the form of Venezia Sparklz, the wall tile highlighters and the high end Diamond Edge Fine Porcelain Tiles. These tiles are available in a variety of sizes giving the customer a wide range of selection. The wall tiles are priced from Rs. 52 psf onwards whereas the floor tiles range starts from Rs.

RAK Makes A New Entry! RAK Ceramics announces the launch of

their avant-garde designer tiles to mark their foray into the ceramic tiles category in India. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

RAK offers the market an extensive range of designs with its recent entry in the ceramic tiles industry

63 psf. When quizzed on entering this segment, Sudhir Malesha, CEO of RAK Ceramics said, “Our new vertical looks forward to present Indian consumers with extensive range of tile designs and sizes offering limitless solutions for modern homes.� RAK Ceramics has got on board some of the best people in the business to consistently deliver high

quality products along with great logistics support to ensure that they are well within reach of all their consumers. They believe that the concept of decorative wall tiles is still novel in India which many consumers are yet to explore. The modern Indian consumer is well aware of the designs abroad, hence, RAK Ceramics is endeavouring to bring global designs to the doorstep of the Indian consumer. Contact: tel: 022 26605704 email:


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he bathroom is essentially a private space in any dwelling. The need for spaciousness with minimalistic designing is becoming increasingly important and popular nowadays. Having identified this need, Duravit has introduced the Delos range of bathroom furniture which features a particularly comfortable atmosphere bringing a new sense of lightness into

Duravit’s Floating Console Sanitary major Duravit has brought to the

forefront a seemingly floating console which brings a new sense of lightness to the area it is placed in. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

The EOOS designed Delos range appears to be floating and fits in elegantly with its surroundings, be it a bathroom or a guestroom

the bathroom. The EOOS designed console appears to be floating and fits in elegantly into the space with its invisible supports. This is possible due to a wall fitting that enables the straight-lined design by EOOS to be showcased to full effect. The Delos range blends perfectly with its surroundings, be it a bathroom or a guestroom. The mirrors add to the visual impression of this concept through their reflective sides which have discreet sensor lighting integrated into them. The mirror and the cabinet feature mirrors on all sides. EOOS describes this allround mirror as the “transition from materiality to magic”. This range from Duravit stands apart for its exquisite design and contribution to sustainability. It has in-built indirect, non-glare


LED lights to ensure an optimum illumination of the face along with greater efficiency and a longer service life. A shelf made of extrawhite glass, without the usual green edge, adds a finishing touch to the magical character of this new furniture element. Delos is available in two realwood finishes - dark walnut and light oak and in a fresh high-gloss white. The real-wood veneers highlight the comfortable character of the bathroom furniture. With an innovative, brushed haptic finish, the surfaces bring the natural properties of the wood to the fore and generate a feeling of pleasant comfort. Elegant and stylish and with the same frill-free lines as the console, the tall cabinets, semi-high cabinets and drawer units complete the range. There are no handles to interrupt

the clear aesthetics: the cabinets have slightly over lapping doors and the drawers are operated by a tip-on technology. The lightness of the Delos range also seeps into the interior of the cabinets with its robust glass shelves which are enclosed in an aluminium profile on the front and back edges to offer ample storage space. They are held in position by a special support system which in combination with the diamond-black interior is almost invisible. A new, intelligent interior organiser system in walnut or maple offers a particularly tidy solution for the interior. The towel holders are extremely flexible with the advantage of an option of attachment to either

side of the console. This adds volume to the outer edge of the contour and also acts as an expressive, sculptural finish at an optimum, ergonomic height. The Delos range of bathroom furniture sets a new standard in terms of a both minimalist and comfortable bathroom design by perfectly complementing Duravit’s successful sanitary models from the Darling New, D-Code and Vero ceramic ranges. The starting price range for the vanity unit for Darling New basin is approximately 65,000/-. However, the prices vary for other ranges. Contact: tel: +91 7966112338 email: web :



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mm Cologne, the major worldwide event for the interior design sector along with the international kitchen show LivingKitchen will open its gates from the 14th to the 20th of January, 2013. Every year, suppliers and decisionmakers from all key markets come together in Germany where Imm Cologne presents trends which direct the interior design market

imm Cologne Set To Impress Cologne is all set to become a major focus for the international interior design sector with its parallel events of imm Cologne and LivingKitchen. BY ULKA MANJREKAR

imm Cologne is a mirror of the strong German economy in the global furnishing market

and answers questions of the new emphasis on the holistic home and the development of the market. The diverse mix of visitors makes the trade fair a very interesting platform for exhibitors. imm Cologne is one of the most important furnishing fairs in the global furnishing market. The trade fair presents new international furniture trends and surprises with numerous marketable innovations. The broad range on offer is combined with high standards of quality and an

excellent presentation of products. The fair also provides an effective platform for young designers, and consumers get an opportunity to become aware about new collections in a comprehensive and timely manner. The fair is targeted at international suppliers, specifiers and consumers looking for living room and bedroom furniture, mattresses and sleep systems, home textiles, wall coverings, floor coverings, lighting, accessories as well as bathroom

equipment along with suppliers of furnishing products for contract business. imm Cologne has a lot to offer, with a top-notch support program and clear segmentation of the fair that includes product groups like (DÂł) Design Talents, Basic, Prime, Comfort, Smart, Sleep, Pure, Pure Village & Fachsortimente. The fair is a mirror of the strong

German economy and expects a steady increase in exhibitor and visitor numbers for its dual trade show in 2013. With imm Cologne and LivingKitchen scheduled for early next year, Cologne won’t just be a design destination for Europe, but it will also become a gourmet capital. The internationally renowned German kitchen sector and other key global players in the


kitchen industry have found a new home at LivingKitchen. Germany has a decades-long tradition of producing kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories which is clearly represented in Cologne. The new international kitchen fair LivingKitchen offers the perfect business and presentation platform to all major producers of the world, equipping them with the potential to capture consumer hearts and minds with the latest innovations. Together with imm Cologne, the new trade fair format Living Interiors will show perfectly staged interior worlds consisting of furniture, bathrooms, floors, walls and lighting. The “Pure” segment at Cologne consists of inspiring clusters of exclusive design brands with unusual product displays and lifestyle. Germany’s top textile brands are expected to put on an impressive display of new releases at Pure Textile, which is a platform for top brands of innovative fabrics and textiles for interior design. With its own show at the imm Cologne, Pure Textile once again promises to provide a compelling, decorative highlight at the international furnishing Display Area [D³] Design talents Basic Prime Comfort Smart Sleep Pure Pure Village

imm Cologne presents new international furniture trends and surprises with numerous marketable innovations

Description New ideas for tomorrow’s lifestyles and exhibition of young design The living room and bedroom furniture Living room and bedroom furniture (modern design), period and reproduction furniture as well as solid wood furniture Upholstered furniture - suites, armchairs, divans, single sofas and sofa beds Young lifestyle and self-assembly furniture Mattresses and sleeping systems, beds, waterbeds, bedding, bed linen and accessories Modern and avant-garde furniture designs, complete living philosophies Creative furnishing concepts with top-end furniture, furnishing accessories and bathroom fittings in a co-ordinated design-oriented, display-enhancing setting


fair. The Pure Editions cater to the urge to create something ‘out of the ordinary’, this will provide an exclusive stage for creative brands and textile specialists. imm Cologne has consistently developed from a furnitureonly trade fair to a conceptually sophisticated interior design show over the years. A must visit for the design aficionado. Contact: web:



Fair News

Chosen by a jury of experts, the award-winning products will be exhibited during Tendence. At the exhibition, trade visitors and press will have the chance to retrieve informations about innovations by well-known exhibitors as well as by companies which take part in the fair for the first time.

International Architecture Exhibition Wood Products & Technology Date 21 - 24 Aug 2012 Venue Sweden Contact web: Wood Products & Technology continues to be a comprehensive trade fair showcasing the whole industry from log to finished component, it showcases the full breadth of products and services for all sectors of the wood industry. And that’s what makes Wood Products & Technology such a great contact-creating venue and such a potent business forum. In 2012 there will be a special focus on everything related to sawmills. The event will be held at Swedish Exhibition Center (Svenska Massan). Wood materials and wooden components, Furniture and carpentry components, Board products and veneers, Packaging, Literature, information are just some of the product groups a visitor will be exposed to at the fair.

Date 28 Aug - 25 Nov 2012 Venue Venice Contact web: The 13th International Architecture Exhibition titled Common Ground, directed by David Chipperfield and organized by la Biennale di Venezia the Preview will take place on August 27th and 28th, the awards ceremony and inauguration will be held on Wednesday August 29th, 2012. The emphasis of the 2012 Biennale is to reassert the existence of an architectural culture, made up not just of singular talents but a rich continuity of diverse ideas united in a common history, common ambitions, common predicaments and ideals. The Exhibition will be complemented by 55 National Participations organized, as usual, in the Pavilions at the Giardini, at the Arsenale and in the city of Venice. Four nations will be participating for the first time which includes Angola, Republic of Kosovo, Kuwait, and Peru.

London Design Festival Form 2012 Date 24 - 28 Aug 2012 Venue Frankfurt, Germany Contact web: The ‘Form’ exhibition presents new and innovatively designed products selected from the entire range to be seen at Tendence which is Germany’s most important international consumer goods trade fair The competition is organised by the German Arts & Crafts Association (Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e. V.), which skilfully creates links between arts & crafts, craftspeople, industry and design. The exhibition gives a topical overview of the latest developments and innovations in the field of high-grade industrial and small-series products.

Date 28 Aug - 25 Nov 2012 Venue Venice Contact web: The London Design Festival 2012 will celebrate all aspects of design the centrepiece of the festival is the Landmark Projects: large scale installations in London’s public places that are created by some of the world’s leading designers and architects. This year, look out for the BE OPEN Sound Portal in Trafalgar Square, a black rubberised structure that will immerse visitors in three-dimensional soundscapes. As the festival’s design hub, the V&A will host a range of installations, talks and even a SodaStream bar. Other events include the Decorex Show at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the Townhouse at Belgrave Square and the Global Design Forum at Central Saint Martins.



Fairs & Exhibitions Date 17 - 20 August 2012, Furniture & Decor Fair Venue Pune Contact web:

Date 27-30 September 2012, Delhi Interiors Venue New Delhi Contact web:

Furniture & Decor Fair gives international exporters the opportunity to exhibit exclusive modern furniture. This prestigious event is designed as a potential marketing tool for offering ample business opportunities for those involved in commercial and residential furniture, decor and interior design industry.

Delhi Interiors is an ideal business platform to discover the latest building industry developments, assess the competition and network with specialist contractors, suppliers and solution providers. Delhi Interiors provides exhibitors with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate products discuss technical issues and enhance their credibility in front of key buyers and influencers.

Architect at Work China Date 06 - 07 September 2012 Venue Shanghai, China Contact web:

Harrogate Flooring Show

Architect at Work China will see participations from more than 2000 exhibitors who will get a wonderful opportunity to showcase all their services and facilities. Being a part of this show, the exhibitors will get to do good promotion of their merchandise and commodities and it is expected that the participating companies will definitely reach out to new trade clients as well as customers. Architect at Work China ranks as one of the best shows of its kind it will be attended by more than 20000 attendees who will attend the show to discover new products and services from the best brands of business. The attendees will also get to interact with the experts which will help them to collect all relevant information.

Date 02 - 04 Sept 2012 Venue Harrogate, United Kingdom Contact web: The Flooring Show is the UK’s only national event dedicated to all aspects of the commercial and retail floor covering industry. All areas of the event are free to attend – including the exhibition, the conference and seminar programmes, all demonstrations, and the networking opportunities. 2012 marks the show’s 50th anniversary of Harrogate Flooring Show since its launch in 1962 as the Northern Floor coverings Fair A new management team, backed by fresh investment and strong exhibitor commitment, have reinvigorated this year’s event, the emphasis this year’s show is on the way floor coverings influence other interior design decisions in the retail sector, and the increasingly specialist nature of floor coverings in the commercial sector. For the retail sector, an expanded seminar programme will focus on assisting flooring retailers to build their businesses in difficult times whereas for the commercial sector, a dedicated one day conference programme based on leading case studies will meet the CPD requirements of facilities managers, specifiers and installers.

Maison & Objet Date 07 - 11 September 2012 Venue Paris Contact web: Bringing the boldest projects to fruition, inventing new disciplines where decoration, art and technology intersect, Maison & Objet is all set to perfect the most ambitious development projects. This edition offers truly new solutions such as a design show by Philippe Boisselier, the show revolves around three themes: outdoor and bath wellbeing, craftsmanship and decoration, and technical and technological innovations. At this new session, you can discover Bolefloor’s untreated wood floor coverings, L’Atelier du Mur’s wall decorations and moveable panels, and Piscines Carré Bleu, which has been building luxury pools for 40 years of design!



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ucked away in a valley of the west coast of Sweden, Hus-1 resembles a snail house which is a free-standing structure designed

The Snail House Hus-1 is a home nestled in a valley far from urban linearity providing a unique living environment. BY ULKA MANJREKAR Hus-1 blends into the surrounding nature of Sweden and reflects its landscape effortlessly

and built by Scandinavian architect and carpenter, Torsten Ottesjรถ. The original concept was to create a structure that would reflect its landscape without attracting too much attention. With double curved surfaces, compact and efficient planning, it is a house built on a human scale that blends effortlessly into the surrounding nature. The natural materials used in the construction have made it an eco-friendly dwelling for humans and nature, for its entire life cycle. The idea was to build a structure designed to fit the needs of a two specific people. Integrated within the small space is a central kitchen, dining and living area, hallway, sleeping quarters and outdoor terrace. As for the bathroom, it looks like it has been left off the plan and the backyard shed will have to suffice! The dwelling features convex walls which seam together with the floor creating both a sense of airiness and a naturally curved seating space along the sides of the interior. The structure can be moved anywhere; though the feeling is that it has actually sprouted out of the ground it rests on. The home is established using


materials that are claimed as being environmentally friendly. All the walls and roof have an environmentally friendly surface coating, and are reinforced by a cellulose-based board


material that is resistant to water and wind. And like the minimalist house in general, most of the furniture is already integrated within the space. The building is very stable despite

The natural materials used in the construction of Hus-1 have made it an eco-friendly dwelling for humans and nature, for its entire life cycle

the lightweight construction of bended and glued dry wood. Torsten wanted to create surfaces where one can sit and stand, lean against and lay on, giving one the ability to rest comfortably against the walls as if they were the back of an armchair. By optimizing the whole room, one liberates a lot of volume which in its turn makes a small room spacious. The 25 square metre house aims to provide a living space beyond understanding. “I wanted to try to build a house which was seen as beautiful in the same complex way as nature,â€? states OttesjĂś. The result is an energy-efficient small home that was cheap to build, has a minimal impact on its surrounding environment and is a natural beauty. Contact: email: web:;




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concrete structure may not necessarily be a ubiquitous reality everywhere. The nonconformist mind often utilizes its inherent skills to conceive a different and unique version. Here are some different architectural homes which are cheaper, sustainable and far cooler to live in.

My (Alternate) Kind Of Home In some manmade structures the rendezvous of cement and steel is not commonplace. BY VIKAS BHADRA Bags of earth make this house

Straw Houses Let’s say you happen to be the owner of a handful of cattle sheds (a number of these can be seen in every nook and corner of our towns and villages) and you want to go back home after a hard days work and moo like a cow or grunt like a water buffalo. Then all you need to do is source an extra stock of straw and build your own idyllic getaway. A house made out of straw bales that can accommodate a nuclear family of three or a joint family where the entire hierarchy is involved. Shipping Containers Better transportation for goods have made shipping containers the

The 2.0 version of a Tree House

Come home to a container

norm; so let’s say you happen to work in a shipping company and can lay your hands on one of these steel containers, they too can be utilized to design a fab home that’s built to last. Tree House This is the 2.0 version of the tree house you had in your childhood. It now has turned into an adult affair!

Earth Bags Remember playing paintball? This bagful of earth (or reti as we call it in the local lingo) reminds one of the bunkers which are built by armies on both sides of the LOC. The thinking human has now utilized it for a far more enjoyable purpose - showcasing off his craft of alternative architecture.

A ‘stable’ home made of straw

The Inside Track August 2012  

The Inside Track is an invaluable asset for those associated with the interior and building product industry reaching out to the growing num...

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