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and watch mushy romantic movies. She can be reached at postpallavi@

inspiration. She can be found at and

Paresh Lamba had a humble beginning from the back room of a shoe store in Bengaluru. In a world obsessed with women’s fashion he dreamt to dress men in his signature style that is sharp and masculine, which has made him the go-toman for fashion in the country for the last 15 years. He can be found at

Ritu Dua has been a banker & a teacher, now she has let herself be drawn by the strong pull of what she loves to do the most, draw and paint. She uses micron pens, water colours & oil-paints in her works, and mixed media is her forte. She also makes murals and environment friendly art by recycling things. In Dubai, she is a volunteer at Al Noor School and teaches art to special children. When not making art, she is celebrating all things delicious. She can be found at

Paromita Bardoloi wrote her first poem at 8. Two decades later she is a writer by profession who writes for herself but the editors’ end up publishing her, to her utter surprise. She reviews books for top notch publishing houses in India and these days, she is trying to scribble poetry. To raise a voice she has co-founded a theatre group ‘Aatish’. She can be found at

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Paromita Bardoloi

Prachi Grover is a food maniac (read: food blogger & consultant). On days that she is not able to cook a lavish & large enough meal to feed friends and families she suffers from a migraine. Her other obsession is design. Her home turns a new leaf every few days making you want to re-visit her for


Sanket B Jack

Sanket B Jack is an engineer by degree, MBA by profession and a cartoonist by passion. He portrays the society’s nuisance, behaviour and ignorance through his cartoons. He believes as much in the power of a smile as that of a satire. He believes in the saying, It takes 43 muscles to frown, 17 to smile but only 1 to criticise. He can be found at Jackartoons. Sreemoyee Piu Kundu is a fulltime writer based in New Delhi. Her first novel ‘Faraway Music’ (Hachette India) soared right to the

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Ritu Dua

top of the popularity charts since its launch in January 2013. Out next is an erotica ‘Sita’s Curse’ (Hachette India) followed by a lad lit ‘You’ve Got The Wrong Girl’ (Hachette India). Faraway Music is available on Amazon, com/Faraway-Music-ebook/dp/ B00B86G8HY/ref=sr_1_1?s=boo ks&ie=UTF8&qid=1360250678& sr=1-1&keywords=faraway+mus icSameness? To know more visit, Vinit.V.Manjrekar is a graphic designer/ freelance photographer. He has two loves, photography and family & friends. He spends a lot of time travelling for work, which also allows him to interact with different people. He runs a service-oriented business and believes that creativity is a result of team effort. He values working closely with clients. He can be found at Yazhini Ilanahai is a management graduate, foodie & writer from Chennai, now based out of Dubai. She was an entrepreneur in the past and is currently a stay at home mom to a one-year-old. When not running behind her son she tries to catch her breath!


Yazhini Ilanahai

September-October 2013  

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. We love the flowers that bloom in spring, the watermelon we eat in summer, the yellow leaves that adorn t...

September-October 2013  

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. We love the flowers that bloom in spring, the watermelon we eat in summer, the yellow leaves that adorn t...