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Minister ofÀcially opens Saskatchewan’s 12th shortline railway Big Sky Rail now operating southwest of Saskatoon

Highways and Infrastructure Minister Jim Reiter officially opened Big Sky Rail today last Thursday, Saskatchewan’s 12th shortline railway. “The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to play a role in helping establish this latest addition to the provincial rail transportation network,” Reiter said. “Shortline railways support economic development in rural Saskatchewan, give shippers another option to move their goods and help reduce truck traffic on our busy highways.” Big Sky Rail will receive a $5.6-million interest-free provincial government loan toward a portion of the purchase of 354 kilometres of track from CN which stretches west to east from near Laporte to near Macrorie and from south to north from Beechy to Delisle. Big Sky Rail took over operations of these two segments of track from CN in early September. Formal purchase agreements and land title transfers will be finalized later this year for these two segments. “This is all about working together to find the most

effective way to move grain from southwestern Saskatchewan to export,” C N We s t e r n R e g i o n Senior Vice-president Mike Cory said. “West

Central Road and Rail and Big Sky Rail, with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, have the local expertise to source the …see Railway pg 16

Harvest well ahead of five-year average Saskatchewan producers are well ahead of the fiveyear harvest progress average with 76 per cent of the 2011 crop combined, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture’s Weekly Crop Report for the period, September 13 to 19. Seventeen per cent is swathed or ready to straight-combine. The fiveyear (2006-2010) provincial average for this time of year is 61 per cent combined and 23 per cent swathed or ready to straight-cut. Rain showers late in the week slowed harvest progress in some areas. Harvest progress across the province varies. The southeast has 84 per cent combined; the southwest 81 per cent; the east central 74 per cent and the west central 76 per cent. The northern regions made great harvest progress

during the week. The northeast has 72 per cent combined and the northwest has 59 per cent combined. Seventy-five per cent of the durum, 74 per cent of the spring wheat, 72 per cent of the canola and 33 per cent of the flax have been combined. Across the province, topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as two per cent surplus, 68 per cent adequate, 27 per cent short and three per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as one per cent surplus, 63 per cent adequate, 31 per cent short and five per cent very short. The majority of livestock producers have adequate or surplus hay and straw supplies going into winter. Farmers are busy harvesting, hauling bales and controlling weeds on unseeded acres.

Province commits anadditional $34 million for flood costs The provincial government is moving to provide an additional $33.9 million t o t h e S a s k a t ch e wa n

Watershed Authority to cover costs related to this y e a r ’s u n p r e c e d e n t e d flooding.

Of this amount, $22 million will cover additional costs incurred through the Emergency Flood Damage

When every object’s a mountain . . . Alexander, Benjamin and Samuel Young (left to right) scale the sign at the Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park last week, shortly after school was out for the day. Ah, to be a youngster again, where everyday is an adventure, every object must be climbed, and every puddle jumped into. (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

Power Spike . . . Biggar Central School senior Blazer, Michael Muller is about to send the ball downrange, September 16 as the boys hosted their home tourney. Blazers came in a solid second on the two-day tournament. (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

Reduction Program, which was designed to help communities, rural municipalities, businesses and individuals prepare for anticipated spring flooding. Because of the need, the program assisted more than 1,100 clients, much more than the 650 originally anticipated. “The exceptional spring runoff this year meant many more citizens and communities requested assistance than anticipated back in February,” Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Dustin Duncan said, Thursday. “The premier made a commitment at that time

to ensure assistance was available to those who needed it. The additional funds announced today will cover the costs and ensure assistance is available in case of further flood threats through the fall.” Under the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program the Saskatchewan Wa t e r s h e d A u t h o r i t y provided engineering assistance and shared the cost of flood protection measures. Evaluations of projects so far indicate approximately $10 in flood damages were prevented for each dollar government invested. Additional funding is also being provided to allow Watershed Authority to complete work on

emergency flood projects at Fishing Lake and the Waldsea, Deadmoose and Houghton lakes flood control projects and to repair damage at dams and related infrastructure damaged by the high water. Total project funding allocated to the Watershed Authority for emergency response to the 2011 flood is $76 million. The federal government has agreed to pay a portion of these flood prevention costs, but the exact federal contribution is not known yet. The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority leads the management of the province’s source water to ensure safe, reliable water supplies.




505 Hwy. 7 West, Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0 OPEN: Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sales… 1-877-979-7999 Thursday and Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Service… 1-888-600-2990 Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. CLOSED: Sundays



Prairie Spirit welcomes new staff to leadership team Prairie Spirit School t h e R o t m a n S c h o o l D i v i s i o n i s p l e a s e d of Management at the to welcome two new University of Toronto. members to the senior In addition to his work leadership team of the at the University of school division. Saskatchewan, Bayles Bob Bayles, has worked with CHRP is the Integrated Business Division’s new Analysis and Charity Superintendent Marketing Group. of Human “Bob is a motivated Resources and focused professional effective August who brings superior 1. Kerry Donst, Bob Bayles leadership skills and joined the energy to his work school division as the at Prairie Spirit,” said new Facilities Planner on John Kuzbik, Director of August 22. Education.“His exceptional Prior to joining Prairie organizational skills and Spirit, Bayles was the commitment to excellence D i r e c t o r o f H u m a n make him a valuable Resources at the University addition to our team of of Saskatchewan. He Superintendents.” is the President and a As Facilities Planner, Board member of Kerry Donst, the Saskatchewan A . S c . T . Association of Human (Applied Resource Professionals S c i e n c e (SAHRP) as well as Technologist) a Board member of will oversee the the Canadian Council development of Human Resource and operation Associations. He has of all facilities earned his Certified Kerry Donst t h r o u g h o u t Human Resource P r a i r i e Professional (CHRP) Spirit School Division. designation. Prior to joining Prairie “ I a m p a s s i o n a t e Spirit, he worked as the about K-12 education,” Manager of Contract Bayles explained. “We all remember at least one teacher who touched our lives and made a positive lifelong impact on us. Supporting a learning The regular meeting of environment where this the RM of Biggar No. 347 type of change is possible was held August 9 at the is truly transformative to municipal office at 8 a.m. our society at large.” Attending were Reeve Bayles has a Master of Louise Singer, Councillors Business Administration Robert Danychuk (Division from the University of 2), Kent Dubreuil (Division Leicester, UK and an 3), Calvin Poletz (Division 4), A d v a n c e d P r o g r a m Fred Hydomako (Division i n H u m a n R e s o u r c e 5), and Brad Heather Management through (Division 6).

Services (Facilities) for the Saskatoon Public School Division. In addition, he has worked for PWA E n g i n e e r i n g, F l e x i Coil and Angus, Butler Engineering. Donst has a Mechanical Engineering Technology diploma from Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Science. He is a certified member of the Saskatchewan Applied Science Technologists and Technicians (SASTT) and the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI). In addition, Donst has completed the Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) and Construction Contract Administrator (CCA) courses. “Kerry’s wide range of experiences working in both education and the private sector, along with his understanding of school and community needs, will be very beneficial in his work as a Facilities Planner in our school division,” said Jim Shields, Superintendent of Finance and Administration for the Division.

RM of Biggar council minute highlights The following are some highlights of the meeting. Council agreed to approve the subdivision applications from Community Planning for SE and SW 10-36-13W3 owned by Sherry and Dale Martin; NE 33-3514-W3 owned by Gary and Beverley Martin. A Dedicated Lands fee of $582.87 will be required;

Just one more market . . . Biggar residents line up at Farmers’ Market vendors at the MacPherson Hall, September 13. This Tuesday, September 27 is the final market of the season. (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam


Pals for Terry . . . McKenna Mair, left, and Cara McRann, sporting Terry Fox stickers on their faces, hit the Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park paths, September 16 during St. Gabriel School’s annual Fox Run. (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

SE 18-37-14-W3 owned by Gordon Kurbis; SE 1-3514-W3 owned by Robert Crozier. Council agreed that Adrienne Urban be appointed Returning Officer for the 2011 Election. Also, that the nominations of candidates for members of Council will be accepted by the Returning Officer or Nomination Officer at the municipal office of the RM of Biggar No. 347 in Biggar during regular office hours from September 5, 2011 to 4 p.m. CST on September 21, 2011. Council agreed to designate the municipal office at 201 Second Avenue West in Biggar to be the central polling place for all divisions in the RM of Biggar No. 347. If a poll is required, it will be held on October 26, 2011, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST with payment of Election Officials set at $10 per hour for a Poll Clerk and $15 per hour for a Deputy Returning Officer plus payment for meals

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Council agreed to apply the Federal Gas Tax funds for the 2011-2012 instalment to the Biggar Long Term Care Facility. Council agreed to purchase two Volvo G970 motor graders from Redhead Equipment for $275,000 plus tax. • Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

and mileage at $0.50/km GST included. Council also agreed that an advance poll will be held on Friday, October 21, 2011 from 5 to 7 p.m. CST in the Municipal Administration Office should a municipal election be necessary. Council agreed to provide $1,000 in funding to the Biggar Museum and Gallery.

GAS PRICES AT THE PUMP… Friday, September 23, 11:30a.m. (stations randomly selected)

Biggar ....................................... 123.9¢/L Duperow Cardlock ................... 122.9¢/L Perdue… ................................... 119.9¢/L Landis… ................................... 123.9¢/L Rosetown… .............................. 124.9¢/L North Battleford…................... 116.9¢/L Unity ........................................ 124.9¢/L Saskatoon ................................. 125.9¢/L

Lottery Numbers


649 - Wednesday, Sept. 21 1, 23, 30, 38, 45, 48 Bonus 3 Extra 6178466 649 - Saturday, Sept. 17 15, 17, 19, 23, 27, 38 Bonus 7 Extra 5818848

Western 649 - Wednesday, Sept. 21 14, 15, 32, 33, 37, 45 Bonus 43 Western 649 - Saturday, Sept. 17 5, 10, 22, 29, 40, 42 Bonus 3 Lotto Max - Friday, Sept. 16 12, 18, 22, 24, 28, 43, 49 Bonus 21 Extra 2312457

This Week . . . Opinions ...........................................................4 Agriculture ..................................................... 2 Classifieds ...............................................14- 16 Business & Professional Directory.........17 - 18



Opinions Freedom to know is part of the democratic process “The overarching purpose of access to information legislation, then, is to facilitate democracy. It does so in two related ways. It helps to ensure first, that citizens have the information required to participate meaningfully in the democratic process, and secondly, that politicians and bureaucrats remain accountable to the citizenry.” Supreme Court of Canada, Dagg vs Canada, Justice Gérard La Forest September 26-30 is Right to Know Week. 2011 marks the sixth year that Canadians will celebrate this week. Right to Know Day began on September 28, 2002 in Bulgaria where advocates at an international meeting promoted freedom of access to information worldwide. The goal of celebrating the week is to make sure individuals know they have the right to access government information as a fundamental human right. In Saskatchewan, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner operates independently to the Legislative Assembly. This office oversees three acts that deal with information and privacy. Everyone who works in government -- at any level, even municipal, is subject to these rules. And, anyone who wants to know what is happening in these levels of government has the right to know and can access the information by simply filling out a form. It is important to note that not every country in the world is open and accountable. Right to Know Week is only celebrated in 40 nations to date. We are indeed very lucky to live in a country that supports such an initiative. Keep in mind some countries do not let their citizens vote, let alone keep them informed as to where and how they spend tax dollars. In some ways it is unfortunate that we need laws to keep elected officials honest but thankfully Canada is one nation that recognizes the importance of this law. P.H.

It’s up to governments to do the heavy lifting now by Todd Hirsch, Senior Economist, ATB Financial At a certain point in almost every team sport, there comes a point at which the play is passed. The right-winger sets up the shot, but the centre scores the goal. The quarterback makes the pass, but it is the offensive tackle who stops the other team from blocking that pass. Whatever sports analogy you want to pick, functional teamwork is a beautiful thing. So it is with the battle to save the global economy. Two major policy levers, monetary and fiscal, have been busy at work. Globally, monetary policy the terrain of central banks in setting interest rates and printing money - has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting over the past few years trying to keep the world economy from melting like Jello. A passing of the baton But as we enter the autumn

of 2011, it seems that the monetarists are happy to pass the baton to their fiscal policy counterparts. Fiscal policy - the realm of government taxing, spending, subsidizing, and regulating - is now the star attraction. Central banks from around the developed world have essentially done all they can do. Interest rates have been slashed to zero (or near zero). In the case of the United States, the Federal Reserve has engaged in two phases of printing money (the famed “quantitative easing”). And most central banks have moreor-less declared that borrowing costs are going to stay put for a long time. The Federal Reserve even followed Canada’s lead by explicitly stating that rates will remain at rock-bottom until a specified date. Yet at the same time central banks have been sending nuanced signals to

the governments of their respective countries that it is now up to government fiscal policy to take up the reins. And those governments have been responding. This week, we heard U.S. President Barack Obama introduce a federal bill targeting employment. Through a combination of $250 billion in cuts to payroll taxes and $105 billion in targeted government infrastructure spending, the White House is desperately trying to salvage the U.S. economy by putting Americans back to work. Mr. Obama knows that the single biggest threat to the U.S. tipping back into recession is an unemployment rate stuck stubbornly above 9 per cent. As a result of that, consumer confidence is spiralling into the abyss - just at a time when American companies are hoping they’ll start spending.



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Across the Atlantic, the European Central Bank has done its monetary stimulus part by purchasing bonds of countries in series trouble, such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal. It’s kept interest rates low, and has tried to coordinate the bail-outs to the heavily indebted countries. But more so in the last few weeks, attention has turned to the fiscal plans of Italy, Spain and even France. Investors want to see credible austerity packages that will reduce spending and deficits in these countries. Even here at home, this week the Bank of Canada made no change to its overnight lending rate, which was widely expected, so it’s a steady-as-shegoes stance on the monetary policy side. But on the fiscal side, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty left some room for Ottawa to do a bit more on the tax or spending side if (and that’s a big ) the global economic situation worsens considerably. Central banks - including the Bank of Canada - are not completely out of monetary arrows if they are needed. A third round of quantitative easing in the U.S. is still a possibility (although the Fed is not talking that up). And central banks could manipulate their holding of short-term bonds in favour of longer-term bonds, which effectively pushes interest rates lower for longterm borrowers. The Bank of Canada could even interest rates again, or simply signal to markets that rates will remain unchanged for another specified period of time. It’s up to governments now

But for the most part, it seems that all eyes are turning away from central banks and their monetary tricks, to governments and their fiscal hammers. The big and obvious problem with this, though, is that governments are running up against enormous deficits and debts. Cutting taxes and pouring more spending into infrastructure, for example, is great - unless you are the U.S. government and the total debt is already an astounding $14 trillion (with a “T”). Putting through another round of government spending in the U.S., and extending the debt ceiling yet again, will be almost impossible for President Obama at this point. The Tea Party Republicans went to Washington to stop exactly this. As for Europe, most of the countries there don’t have much luxury either for cutting taxes or increasing spending. They’ve already well exceeded their credit card limits. None of this sounds too encouraging for the global economy and the weapons that governments and central banks have left at their disposal. Indeed, they’re both in a tight spot. Nonetheless, the actions (or non-actions) of central banks this summer and fall make it pretty clear that they are turning to governments to do more. Monetary policy is bowing to fiscal policy. Todd Hirsch is Senior Economist with ATB Financial and Alberta Business columnist for Troy Media.


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Blogosphere Definition: The online community of blogs and the people who write them. Just what are blogs anyway? It’s one of those new words that has sprung up with the use of Internet and social media sites and all things associated with technology. I googled (that’s a new word too) “blogs” and the search results showed far too many for me to look at but I discovered there are blogs for everything. Eating -- healthy, locally, and really, really good food like cakes and pies and cookies. There are blogs on financial management, sports, entertainment, business, gardening, hobbies -- anything and everything you may be interested in. Then I came across an entry “Blogs in Plain English”. This was just the site for me. Basically, a blog is a website. The person who writes on this site is someone who wants to share his or her interests with others. It is about sharing news -- albeit the terms news is used in a very loose sense. It’s not the evening new we see on TV where professional reporters give us the facts, but the news on a blog is often someone’s opinion or experience. Sharing information is “news” to someone. Some blogs have videos, some not. Some take a stand on a political issues whether it be the environment or government or just babbling. Others treat their blogs


more informally just wanting to share their life’s experiences such as the new mom or the business owner letting customers know what the latest fad is. Some blogs invite discussion on topics. And the discussion can be lively depending on the topic. In a sense bloggers are just creating a “community” with people who share the same interests and thoughts. Apparently blogs are also easy to set up. There are a number of sites that will offer tips and cover in depth all the dos and don’ts of creating your own blog. It is not necessary to hire a professional as there are a number of websites that offer a self-help service to setting one up. The process starts with asking yourself some questions: what image do you want to portray? What do you want to say? What audience do you want to attract? Then go ahead and create

your blog. The first and most important item is the posts -- your message and these should appear on your home page, along with a number of other elements and categories. Once all this is done it is simply a matter of writing a short piece and posting it on the blog. Nothing formal but good conversational English will do. One of the sites I googled claims your blog is about reporting news -- your news. Consider this: since 2003 there have been over 70 million blogs created. Wow! People have always had opinions -- now they are just sharing them with millions of people instead of just their immediate group of friends. It boggles the mind to think that you can reach a wide audience with the push of a mouse button. The world is indeed getting smaller.

Special Presentation! at The Biggar Museum for

Culture Days, Wed., Sept. 28, 1-4:00 p.m.

• Carol Schmold, an artist from Plenty, will be presenting her show titled “Transitions”. Carol has transitioned from being a quilter to becoming a fabric artist! • Refreshments will be available.

“Quilting Through the Ages”,

• a display of quilts created by local artists! Call 948-3351 for more information, or to volunteer . . .

NOTICE OF FURTHER CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Rural Municipality of Biggar No. 347 Public Notice is hereby given that notice of call for further nominations of candidate for the ofÀce of: COUNCILLOR FOR DIVISION NO. 4 will be received by the undersigned at the municipal ofÀce during normal ofÀce hours from Friday, September 23, 2011 until Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. local time. Nomination forms may be obtained from the municipal ofÀce. Dated this 23rd day of September, 2011 Adrienne Urban, Returning OfÀcer

Star member recognized . . . Bob Anderson, Past Patron, received his 50-year membership pin from Worthy Matron Cheryl Rann at the June meeting of Acacia Chapter No. 3, Order of the Eastern Star. Bob and his wife Gladys. formerly of Biggar, now reside in Penticton, B.C. (Submitted photo)

E L SA . Oct



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“Go West Young Man” by Bob Mason The West, and the fact that we were born out here, had intrigued (big word, eh?) me, long before Yours Truly ever, ever heard of Horace Greeley (who is credited with first uttering the above title!) I also think that my folks, who came out here early on, never heard of him either! Being a rhymer of sorts though, YT has always been impressed by poetic passages about his favourite (notice the “u” in favourite, eh?) direction, and is always thrilled to read pieces about like: “West wind, blow from your prairie nest Blow from the mountains, blow from the west The sail is idle, the sailor, too! Oh wind from the west, we wait for you!” Pauline Johnson may have come from the east, but part of her will always be out here with us! Or these few lines by Rudyard Kipling” “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet Till the earth and sky stand presently At God’s great Judgment seat.” And when a person meets let’s say an Oriental type on the street of their Western hometown, and hollers “Hullo!”. They sometimes think that mebbe that “Judgment Seat” isn’t too far away! There must be hundreds of tales about why people came out West, but history tells us that most of them came

“There must be hundreds of tales about why people came out West, but history tells us that . . .” in order to get away from the “Rat Race’ that their home countries had spawned over the years. A chance to fend for themselves and do their own thing in their own way, without the interference. Heck! YT (who still considers himself kind of young!) remembers the immigrants of the 1920’s and 30’s being happy to live in a run-down shack, on a few lousy acres out here! To them, and the thousands who came West before them, this country must really have seemed a land of promise! (During the 1930’s everyone complained about the weather!) It was these people from other countries who came out here, mingled with the rest, and faced up to our Western problems, who helped develop that so world-enviable culture called the “Western Personality”! Sometimes it has been a little different though, many people have gone east, but when they come up against that slowly creeping westward rat race again many are sure

happy to come back! And here are a few lines that describe our “way of life”. “In haggard lands where ages brood On plains burnt out and dim I broke the bread of brotherhood With ruthless men and grim.” Robert Service wrote those lines, but I wish YT had! During World War Two many Westerners did go east, and the above mentioned personality was quickly recognized wherever they went. Although some of them are over there yet, lying in the cemeteries of Europe, most of them were sure glad to get home again. Bing Coughlin, in the book “Herbie” wrote about one of these guys: “He came from a town in northern Saskatchewan that no one had ever heard of -- but he was smarter than the smart guys thought they were.” Many writers have penned passionate lines about the Western Personality, but Kipling put it best: “There is no ‘East’ and there is no “West”. Border, nor breed nor birth When two strong men stand face to face Though they come from the ends of the earth” I really don’t know that our ancestors knew what kind of a society was going to develop out here, but it did, and those pioneering types took great joy in helping each other! I’m sure proud to be a Westerner! I’m not sure whether our present society knows it or not, but

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Another huge donation for new lodge . . . The 100th Celebration Committee held its final meeting, September 20. Due to support from the Town of Biggar and the RM of Biggar, and access to funds from a federal and provincial grant, all registration fees and 100 per cent of the profits from the Saturday supper were able to go towards the new Diamond Lodge replacement project. The Lodge project is going to play an important part in Biggar and the surrounding areas future, and a cheque in the amount of $14,030.34 was given to the Friends of the Lodge to go towards the project. Picture left to right: Barb Barteski, Penny McCallum (100th Celebration Committee), Jo Angelopoulos (Friends of the Lodge), Louise Singer, Kathy Sarvas (100th Celebration Committee). (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

One and all for Terry . . . Smiling, shining faces greeted a beautiful Sunday, September 18 at the Sandra Schmirler Olympic Gold Park gazebo. Over 20 participants took part in the annual, nationwide Terry Fox Run, locally raising $1,000. So successful was the run/walk, that Biggar organizers are looking forward to seeing everyone next year. (Photo for The Independent by Tammy Desrosiers)

this “benevolence” is a big necessary trait if humanity is going to exist in our world! Rewind a bit there, Bob! This piece is supposed to be about the direction West -- period! When we were kids growing up in Great Bend, one of the most unforgettable views from our home, was looking west across the river to where we often watched the sun set behind the Eagle Hills. How we treasured that view! The river, the hills, the park country, that left such an indelible impression on us across those years of our youth! When we looked east (both of our parents came from Ontario) we always thought of the past. Yet when we looked west we somehow felt that we were seeing part of the future! When we finally got

home from WWII, guess what! A pretty young girl from out West of here suddenly appeared on the scene, and right away this YT guy knew she was the right one for him! No matter how hard YT tried to keep his Dad’s truck on the road to town, it always seemed to want to turn down the trail to her place! This pretty young girl and YT were married in 1947, and you can make five more guesses to what happened next! We never lost our sense of direction though and farmed out west of here for a few years before we eventually threw in the agricultural towel and got a miner’s job at Cominco! When Mick (one of the bosses) interviewed me he said: “Bring 10 more Westerners down here with you, and we’ll fire everybody else!” (Some

compliment, eh?) According to YT (who always claims that he knows everything) there is no place on earth like Western Saskatchewan! Sure, things are tough out here at times, but the problems we often overcome are nothing compared to those in other parts of the world! The friendly ‘Hullos” that we hear on our Western streets mean more to us than being the centrestar on the sophisticated stages of the world! “Go West young man,” said Greely -- and whether our folks heard him or not, is beside the point! No one needs to tell a Saskatchewan type where to go because we know that out here is the West’s best society, and were going to stay anyway! “Viva La Companie”, eh!



Diamond Lodge News

Unique (and ancient) tool found in Biggar . . . John Hogan holds what seemingly has the unassuming appearance of nothing more than a simple rock. Closer inspection shows that it is an edged tool, most likely used to scrape hides. Hogan found the First Nations tool while rototilling in town about a month ago, and realized it was of some importance. You never know what you’ll find close to home -- history and the past has a way of suddenly making itself known in a remarkable way! (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good week. We enjoyed our week, but stayed mostly indoors, as the weather was a little cool. We started out the week on Monday with exercises in the morning. We met in the Activity Lounge, and did our stretches, and kicked that big exercise ball around for about half an hour. In the afternoon we played a game of Swing Bowl. Our volunteer came Tuesday morning to read the local paper, and other news from around the world. We enjoy this reading, and she also has a pictorial folder as well. A discussion usually follows this event, and also a question and answer period. After lunch we had an interesting game of Jeopardy. We had Blast of the Past on Wednesday morning and afternoon. This is a popular activity, and we are able to discuss past memories. The topics were making homemade bread and the different grains that are used in this process, and the history of Saskatchewan towns. On Thursday morning we held a coffee party for the National Alzheimer

Society, then went to the Activity Lounge for another set of exercises. Our weekly bingo games were held in the afternoon. We enjoy this activity, playing single line bingo, then finish off the afternoon with four corner bingo. We held Barbecue club on Friday, feasting on hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings. We are still eating potatoes and carrots from the garden as well. The garden has been cleaned out, but we will still have a few potatoes and carrots for next week. After lunch we were pleasantly surprised when one of the resident’s cousins played the piano for our Sing Along. Happy Hour followed Sing Along, we enjoyed a refreshment of

our choice. Saturday morning we met in the craft room, and we did some card craft work. After lunch we watched a movie. Sunday morning we met in the activity room for coffee or tea. Some of the ladies got their hair done or nails painted. The Arelee Mennonite Brethren Church conducted our Sunday service. Every morning some residents come into the activity room to read the papers, or fold some towels. There is always something going on in the activity area. We enjoyed visiting with our company this week, and participating in the different activities. We hope you all have a good week.

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PUBLIC NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTE, EFFECTIVE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2011 winter hours will be in effect at the Biggar Sanitary LandÀll. The LandÀll will be open to the public for garbage disposal during the following times:


lways. onnected.

Garbage disposal must be carried out in accordance with the Town’s regulations and will be under the direct supervision of the attendant on duty. Your co-operation in separating your garbage in accordance with the separate areas that have been established at the landÀll is appreciated.

ABSOLUTELY NO DUMPING is allowed outside the fence or in the landÀll when the supervisor is not on duty. Private salvage operations are prohibited.

The Town would like to remind residents and contractors that it is their responsibility to ensure that any material being hauled to the landÀll is secured and tarped. By securing and tarping loads, this will ensure that material is not littering the roads, which can cause numerous Áat tires and will keep the road and ditches free of litter.

PLEASE NOTE the provisions of the Highway TrafÀc Act state that no person shall put on any public highway any nails, tacks, glass or other material that might destroy or cause damage to the tires of a vehicle. Fines can range up to $1,000 for individuals and $2,000 for corporations. Site usage will be rigidly enforced and citizens are asked to co-operate to make it possible to operate the landÀll in a non-offensive manner, while keeping the costs to the taxpayer to a minimum.

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Agriculture CWB change not likely to benefit all by Calvin Daniels What is likely a surprise to no one who has seriously followed the ongoing soap opera of the future of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), the majority of farmers don’t appear to want the change the Conservative government is bent on making happen. The CWB recently released the results of a plebiscite vote it held of farmers, something the Conservatives refused to undertake, because frankly they knew the results would not be favourable of their position on the issue. Results from the farmer voter had 22,764 Western Canadian wheat growers, or 62 per cent of those who voted, preferring to maintain single-desk marketing for wheat, compared to 38 per cent, or 14,059 respondents, who would prefer to sell their own wheat in an open market.

For barley the vote was closer with about 51 per cent of respondents, or roughly 6,300 barley growers wanting to sell food and malting barley through the single desk, compared to 49 per cent, or 6,014 respondents, who would prefer to sell into an open market. About 68,000 ballots were distributed to farmers with a voter turnout of about 56 per cent. While that may not sound like a huge turnout, it is important to consider the Conservatives are ruling with a majority government based on 61.1 per cent of eligible voters casting votes in the last election, and in 2008 it was 58.8 per cent. Add in the fact a number of farmers have likely tuned out the debate assuming change is inevitable regardless of farmer votes, and the

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turnout is a significant one. And, it does appear the vote of farmers is being dismissed by the Conservative government, which has to come as a surprise to no one. Gerry Ritz, the federal Minister of Agriculture was quick to state the plebiscite will not sway the Conservatives who will go ahead with plans to eliminate the board’s

poached the idea of pooled marketing would be hard pressed to work. While it is important at times government lead, there are times they need to pause and consider if their vision serves the majority. In this case it is unlikely the Conservative viewpoint is shared by the majority. History will ultimately determine which side was right. Some I have talked

(Dated September 19) At a glance Widespread frost occurred on the Prairies last week, bringing the 2011 growing season to an end for all but western Alberta. Temperatures dropped as low as minus eight degrees Celsius in Saskatchewan. Precipitation remained minimal, allowing farmers to continue with harvest progress and avoid moisture related quality issues. Harvest progress across the Prairies is 78 per cent compared to 71 per cent on average and only 26 per cent last year. The CWB has sent a recommendation to the federal government for increases to the 201011 initial payments for wheat, durum and barley. Amounts will be announced when the approvals process for this interim payment is completed later this fall. The CWB is hosting an online e-mail initiative for farmers and members of the public to send a message to Canada’s agriculture minister and members of Parliament. The e-mail calls on parliamentarians to

owned independent grain handling facility located near Unity, Saskatchewan. P. O. Box 1050, Unity, SK S0K 4L0 Phone 306-228-3735 Fax 306-228-3877 Website:


in your grain samples to be graded

listen to farmers. In a recent plebiscite, farmers voted to retain the singledesk marketing system for wheat and barley. The e-mail form can be filled in and sent from To hear farmers speak about the CWB, watch a video at canadianwheatboard. The CWB has posted an interactive advance payment form online. The 2011-12 After-harvest Advance Payments Program form allows users to fill in information fields and make calculations. Users will also receive prompts when information is incomplete. This new form provides an electronic option in addition to the hardcopy option and is available at Canada has set a date for the first round of free trade negotiations with Morocco, an important market for Canadian durum. Canadian agriculture minister Gerry Ritz and his Moroccan counterpart Aziz Akhannouch have settled on the week of October 11 for the first round of negotiations. The U.S. already has a free trade agreement with Morocco, which will provide an increasing

tariff advantage for U.S. durum over Canadian durum over the next five years. The CWB exports an average of 550,000 tonnes of durum each year to Morocco, accounting for 85 per cent of Canadian agricultural exports to Morocco. Farmers who find ergot in their wheat are reminded that, due to food-safety concerns, Canadian Grain Commission tolerances for ergot levels in deliveries are low. For example, the tolerance for No. 1 Canada Western Red Spring is 0.01 per cent of test weight, 0.04 per cent for Nos. 3 and 4, and 0.1 per cent for feed wheat. The CWB is monitoring ergot levels in harvested wheat to determine whether a management program will be possible. Farmers who are concerned about ergot may want to consider segregating wheat harvested from the outside rounds of the field, which may help avoid downgrading an entire bin. For more information on ergot management and delivery tolerances, please visit WeatherFarm has just released its latest realtime weather monitoring tool to assist farmers during harvest season.

Perdue Area

Land For Sale Legal Description


Price (2 times ass’t)

please be prepared to leave samples with us for grading.

and have a BURGER

and POP Tuesday, October 11 to Thursday, October 13 inclusive

a Just r nde remi

to see a change as the way to prosperity, and for some it may be. For all though it is unlikely. Other farmers see change as handing farmer dollars to big grain companies. We will see. The bottom line is, either way, the change will be a benchmark of change for Western Canadian wheat and barley growers.

Canadian Wheat Board Bulletin

North West Terminal Ltd. is a farmer shareholder

Ô Bring

single-desk marketing structure as of August 2012. Legislation is anticipated this fall structured to eliminate the single-desk selling of the CWB. There is a chance a voluntary CWB could arise from the ashes, where farmers can choose between pooling their grain or selling directly into an open market, although with key markets

11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Daily

The CWB Series A deadline for contracts is October 31, 2011

NW 17-34-11 W3 NW 18-34-11 W3 SE 19-34-11 W3

73,900 43,400 62,100

147,800 86,800 124,200

For more information on the above parcels of land, contact Garry Dennis of Perdue, Saskatchewan:

Phone: 1-306-237-4319 Fax: 1-306-237-4305

BlackBerry users can now download a WeatherFarm application -- sponsored by Syngenta -- that will automatically alert them to changes in the weather, based on triggers they set. For example, a farmer considering latenight field work can be notified of immediate changes in humidity and wind conditions in fields located several miles away from the farm yard. The WeatherFarm mobile site can be accessed at from any mobile device, but for BlackBerry users wishing to set up custom alerts for their farm, the application must first be downloaded by going to Sign-up for 2011-12 CWB Series A wheat and durum delivery contracts is underway. Farmers are advised that, given the uncertainty surrounding the CWB’s future, the offering of Series B and C contracts for this crop year is currently under review. Grain for most sales will be sourced from Series A contracts. If additional grain is required to meet customer needs, Series B and C will be considered, or Guaranteed Delivery Contracts may be used. The deadline for Series A sign-up for Canada Western Red Winter wheat is September 30. The deadline for all other wheat and durum is October 31. A delivery contract must be in place before cash tickets are offered. Farmers are reminded that they are required to complete declarations that their grain is a registered variety when delivering to each licensed grain-handling facility in Western Canada. Information on variety declarations and class eligibility can be found at



Senior Blazer, Danton Hollman goes for the block, September 16. Biggar Central School Blazers hosted their home, two-day tournament, coming in second place. (Independent Photo by Kevin Brautigam)

New Horizons Activities

year almost every glitch we had would have been prevented with online ordering, so please consider it. An added bonus is that the orders typically begin arriving about six weeks earlier. Well, that’s it for this week. Have a great fall weekend!

65th Annual Banquet and Dance

Cocktails • 5:30 CST Dinner • 6:30 CST Dance to follow featuring… “Sorry” Honouring the following members: Barry Britton Gary Guran Greg Blocha Art Beadle Rob Mantyka Doug Haynes Rick Crowe Mark Wiltshire Gene Rabchak


For bookings and information please phone Bear Hills RDC @ 306-948-2295 This space is made available by The Biggar Independent

Perdue, Sask.


at Biggar Community Hall



Biggar Terminal Retirement Association



Majestic Theatre

2010 Ford F-150 150 reg cab, 2WD, 24 km, $19,900 900 4.6 auto, white ............................ $19 2007 Ford Focus SE, 91 km, auto, red, SK Tax Pd ................................... $ 8,500 2007 Avalanche LT, black, 20” rims, 107 km ........................................ $21,900 2006 GMC SLT crew, 4x4, leather, 200 REDUCED $14,900 km, no tax ..........................


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will consider supporting our school. You are able to place secure online orders by going to and entering Group ID 16109. During the check-out process you will be able to credit your purchase to a particular student. Knowing the teacher’s name isn’t important. Last

Gord Besse with his score of 277, and Maxine Sully with a score of 261. Kaiser was played in the hall on Monday, Sept. 19 with Cecilia Dick coming in first place, Pat Turner in second, Joyce Colbert in third, and Phyllis Martin in fourth place. Highest scoring game was Cecilia Dick and Reg Turner. The October activity schedule has been printed and is ready for pick up. Please feel free to pick up copy. Have an enjoyable fall week.

Biggar Community Í

by Taylor Darroch and Tayler McCarty Another week has come and gone and everyone seems to be back in the ol’ routine. Our Blazer football team started off a good weekend with another win against Shellbrook. Good job boys! This past weekend our Senior Boys hosted their home tournament and did us proud! Thanks to everyone who helped out and came and cheered them on. This weekend our Senior boys will be representing us in Maidstone where we’re sure they will perform well once again. Come and cheer on our junior volleyball player as both our Girls and Boys Junior Volleyball Teams will be hosting their home tournament this weekend. Have fun! This Thursday our cross country team ran hard in Outlook; look for some results in next week’s write-up. Today the six SRC members we sent to Kindersley will be returning from the Provincial SLC conference where they spent the last three days listening to great speakers, getting new ideas for our school and having a blast! I know we’ll have a great time and be able to bring back some awesome ideas for our SRC. Our annual QSP magazine and gift sale will kick off on Wednesday of next week and continue through until after the Thanksgiving weekend. This is our only fund raiser and we hope you

and Doris Gartner sold halfand-half tickets. Don and Marlene Sinclair, Marj and Ray Mackie, Bernie Ochs and Gord Besse provided entertainment. On Friday, Sept. 16, kaiser was played with 13 people registered to play. The hosts were Tillie and Bernard Zimmer and they also provided the lunch. The winners were Reg Turner with a score of 280 followed by Gord Besse with his score of 277, and Maxine Sully with a score of 280 followed by

BCS News

Greetings from New Horizons. On September 8 a bingo took place with Evelyn Potter winning the halfand-half bingo and Lydia Kolberg and Don Swyryda winning the blackout. Doug Potter was the caller for the afternoon. Dinah Kegler worked the floor and Tillie Zimmer handed out the prizes. Evelyn Potter provided lunch. On Friday, Sept. 9 a card party was held with 19 people registering to play. Geoff Cooke was the host for the afternoon and June Hoppe provided the lunch. At the end of play the kaiser winners were Pat Turner with a score of 211 followed by Gord Besse with his score of 207.The cribbage winners were Rita Besse with a score of 582 and Donna Fines with her score of 506. Our monthly birthday potluck was held on Sept. 12 with 54 people in attendance. The half-and-half winner was Joanne Kral, and Marlene Sinclair was the door prize winner. Donna Fines provided the birthday cake for dessert, Geoff Cooke was the MC for the afternoon



Crop Insurance ofďŹ cially opens expanded head ofďŹ ce

Sharing the Biggar bounty; gifting locally grown goods by Delta Fay Cruickshank A basketful of locally grown vegetables made a wonderful gift for our friends whom we spent the weekend with. All that wonderful produce was grown either in our garden, our neighbour’s gardens or from the Biggar Farmer’s Market. Have you heard of the 100 Mile Diet? It is a book document-

ing the experiment that a couple on the West Coast tried, and successfully achieved. The experiment was to eat only foods grown or produced locally, within 100 miles of their doorstep. Well, other than the wine, from Chile, this is the local Eight Mile Diet! We are so fortunate to live in a country that can provide so abundantly.

(Independent photo by Delta Fay Cruickshank)

Last Tuesday, Premier Brad Wall and Agriculture Minister Bob Bjornerud ofďŹ cially opened the expanded Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) Head OfďŹ ce. The SCIC Head OfďŹ ce was expanded in order to accommodate staff to administer the AgriStability Program. SCIC began administering the AgriStability program in January 2010 to provide local service to producers and create a more timely, reliable and

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220 Railway Avenue East 306.378.2575

responsive program. Local administration of the program created 110 new jobs at SCIC’s Head OfďŹ ce in Melville. Until the expansion was complete, AgriStability staff were working at temporary ofďŹ ce locations in Melville. “Our farmers and ranchers play a valuable role in our provincial economy and they deserve the best service possible,â€? Wall said. “We brought the AgriStability administration home to Saskatchewan to provide a more reliable and responsive program.â€? “Our government is committed to improving programs and services for producers,â€? Bjornerud said. “Staff are working to process AgriStability applications in a timely manner and focusing on delivering local, reliable service for farmers and ranchers.â€? The expansion includes a new building addition, which will more than double the Head OfďŹ ce space at SCIC from 24,016 square feet to 56,803 square feet. Renovations are also underway in the original SCIC building and are expected to be completed by the end of November. In addition to the 110 new AgriStability staff at SCIC Head OfďŹ ce in Melville, 30 new AgriStability staff are working in 21 rural SCIC ofďŹ ces throughout Saskatchewan.


Highway #15 South 306.867.8601



Randy Weekes, M.L.A. for the Biggar Constituency 1-877-948-4880 OfÀce Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 - 5 p.m. Phone: 306-948-4880 106 - 3rd Ave. West, Biggar Fax: 306-948-4882 e-mail:

Web site: P. O. Box 1413 Biggar, SK. S0K 0M0



by Delta Fay Cruickshank, of The Independent identify themselves. The leek also plays a large part in the Welsh National celebration, St. David’s Day. Held on March 1 each year, the Welsh honour the patron saint of Welsh resistance to the Normans, St. David (also known as St. Dewi). A man of few needs, he encouraged drinking only water, eating only bread with salt and herbs, all simple fare. The leek became his symbol, and on the first day in March, the day of his death in 589, a plain broth made with leeks and mutton stock is often served. I make Cock-a-leekie

Our leek crop, is a success! A most important ingredient in soups and stews, leeks can stay out in the garden well into early winter. (Independent photo by Delta Fay Cruickshank)

added to a frittatta (baked omelet) or even ladled over a baked potato -- so good! I found them easy to grow. I first found the little plants at a garden centre and then transplanted the grass like plants into the ground. The thing about leeks is that the bottom white part is the edible part. The green leaves can get really tough, and barely edible! So, one needs to help the plant create the tender white bottom part. The way to do that is to transplant the baby plants into hoe-deep trenches, St. David, patron saint of Wales is and as the honoured every March 1. The leek, plants grow, as well as the daffodil, are favourite fill in the symbols to wear during the festival. trench with (photo from more soil, and continue soup myself, hilling the soil coming from up over the my Scottish bottoms. ancestral The leek is home. The very hardy, and French make can stay out vichyssoise, in the garden a cold soup into the winter made from months! puréed cooked A real leeks and potatoes. But welcome aroma after a I make it hot and call it cold walk is the smell of Leek and Potato Soup. chicken and leek soup Sauteed leeks and bacon (Cock-a-leekie soup). go together really well,

This soup can start with a whole chicken, which makes the broth with carrots, celery, peppercorns, fresh parsley and some chopped leeks. After the meat is falling off the bones, strain out the cooked vegetables and bones, saving the










chicken breasts, cubed 6 cups of chicken broth 3/4 cup rice 1 strip lemon peel 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley. Cook leeks in the oil over medium heat for about five minutes, covered, stirring occasionally. Add chicken, cooking and stirring until no longer pink in the centre, about four minutes. Add chicken stock, rice, lemon peel and bay leaf; bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes, or until rice is tender. Discard lemon peel, bay leaf, season with salt and pepper; sprinkle with parsley just before serving. And again, enjoy!





3 ks ee t w lef

My crop of Brussels sprouts was a bust! The plants are now compost, so my efforts have not been in vain! Let’s not dwell on the negative . . . I did have successes in the veggie garden this season! The pumpkins became twice the size they were meant to be, I had so many beans I just got sick of them, the zucchini plants froze just as we got overwhelmed and the leeks are looking fabulous! I love the sweet, slightly onion flavour of the leek in soups and stews. I even enjoy them as a side dish baked with a little olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. The history of the leek goes all the way back to the Egyptians and ancient Greece. The Roman Emperor Nero liked to eat leeks in any form, believing them to be beneficial to the quality of his voice. Charlemagne, Emperor of the Romans and King of the Franks ordered leeks to be grown on tops of houses, for at that time the superstition was that leeks were guards against fire, lightning and sorcery! During the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, the leek began to fall out of favour, the aristocrats thought them “poor man’s asparagus”! But, since AD 640, the leek has played a huge part in the history of the Welsh in Wales. The leek is a symbol of the victory the Welsh had over the Saxons at that time. This battle of independence was fought in a leek field, the Welsh wearing a leek in their helmets to

chicken meat. Add rice to the stock; always remember rice can absorb more than twice its’ size in liquid, so don’t get too generous with it! Add more chopped leeks, carrots and the chicken meat, more parsley just before serving -yummy! Leeks are in the onion family, and yet not like an onion. When you get them home, chop off most of the green and the root end. They can be very sandy and feel gritty, so splitting them in half lengthwise and running water down through the white part will be sure to wash away the grit. A fast recipe for Cocka-leekie soup is: 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 2 cups sliced leeks 2 boneless, skinless





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Asquith News Neil Millard 329-4235

Sons of Asquith couple part of winning Fastball team

Hi everyone! I’m back from Calgary and Seattle. It is always good to get away for awhile -- but isn’t it great to get home, too! The Seniors enjoyed their Soup and Sandwich Day again on Wednesday, September 21. The food is always home cooked and at a good price. Happy Birthday to all the people in the month of September! The Seniors will hold their bingo on Friday, Sept. 30. Spiritual Munching: I have attended a wedding

in Edmonton and also conducted one in Saskatoon recently. What makes a wedding go right? I know when all the details work out well! But lets’ look at the bride and groom. A wedding is right when the bride and groom really want it to happen because they have found they have a special relationship. They find that they understand each other, that they accept each other, that they are able to forgive each other. And one more thing. Each thinks of the wel-

fare and happiness of the other person ahead of themselves. And what makes it really something occurs when each sees the other as God’s gift to him or her. These are some of the things that make a marriage right. The Seniors will hold their monthly meeting on Monday, Oct. 3 at 1 p.m. Don’t forget Seniors exercise days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “There can be no joy of life without joy of work.” - Thomas Aquinas.

The Western Masters Fastball finals were held in Leduc, Alberta on August 4-7. It is a division for men, 40-years and older. There were 10 teams with two pools in a round robin format. Two of the players for the Saskatoon team, Allied Denture are locally known. They are the sons of Pearl and Charles Chappell. Glenn, who is a catcher and Clayton who played in right field, helped their team to a 3-1 final victory over British Columbia. (Submitted photo)

Perdue Community Bowl Club 55: MHS, Bob Lemon, 221; LHS, Carol Lemon, 183; MHT, Bob Lemon, 560; LHT, Carol Lemon, 471; THS, Unpredictables, 1,030, THT, Fab 5, 3,044, MHA, Bob Lemon, 186. Ladies: LHS, Joey Lev-

itt, 240; LHT, Dorrie Laberswieler, 606; THS, Teeter Totters, 1,089; THT, Teeter Totters, 3,019; LHA, Dorrie Laberswieler, 202. Mens: MHS, Al Levitt, 239; MHT, Al Levitt, 591; THS, JAG, 800; THT,

JAG, 2,101; MHA, Al Levitt, 197. Mixed: MHS, Al Levitt, 220; LHS, Joey Levitt, 193; MHT, Curtis Watson, 586; LHT, Joey Levitt, 484. The three Millards: Robert, Neil and Ken attended baseball games in Seattle. The Kansas City Royals defeated the Seattle Mariners twice! The New York Yankees defeated the Seattle Mariners 9 to 3. Neil is shown in his Yankee uniform and in his Seattle uniform. A great time was had by all three! (Submitted photos)

NOTICE OF ABANDONMENT OF POLL The Rural Municipality of Glenside No. 377 Municipal Elections 2011 Whereas Shawn Fouhy, nominated for the ofÀce of Councillor for Division No. Four, is the only candidate, I hereby give notice that no voting for the ofÀce will take place on October 26, 2011. Dated this 21st day of September, 2011. Cheryl A. Forbes, Returning OfÀcer

2009 GMC SLE 3/4 ext. 4x4, 6.6T duramax, air, tilt, cruise, power windows, locks, mirrors, seat, CD, white, 70,000 km, Sask Tax Pd

For only………………

NOTICE OF CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Rural Municipality of Glenside No. 377


For more information contact Ron Amy at the dealership toll free

1-877-979-7999 or 948-9605

Rosetown Mainline Motor Products Ltd.

Public Notice is hereby given that nominations of candidates for the ofÀce of:

COUNCILLOR FOR DIVISION NO. 2 will be received by the undersigned at the Municipal OfÀce during normal ofÀce hours until Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. local time. Nomination forms may be obtained from the municipal ofÀce. Dated this 26th day of September, 2011. Cheryl A Forbes, Returning OfÀcer



Lord Asquith School newsletter Principal’s message: Welcome Back Everyone! I hope everyone was able to take the opportunity to come and visit the school on September 15 for our SCC sponsored Meet the Staff barbecue and dance. The barbecue began at 5; introduction of all staff at 6:30 p.m. with a family dance to follow until 8 p.m. Thank you to our maintenance department who spent many hours over the summer to prepare our school for the new school year. Thank you Dale and Lori Dufort, April Trotchie, Clift Oviatt and Earl Knorr! We have new lights and ceiling tiles in the front foyer and high school end; new windows in Grade 5 and the staff room; and new shower stalls in the gym washrooms. The floors look amazing! Our Pre-

Kindergarten class has a new loft thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Molnar and her class will be developing an exploration and play area outdoors. We had a successful welcome back breakfast sponsored by the Hot Meal parent group. The money raised from this program was used to purchase a new stove and microwave for our Home Economics/Commercial Cooking class and the remainder was donated to our new shot clock fund. Your support of this program does make a positive difference for our students! This year, with the support of the Hot Meal Program and other fund raising initiatives, we will be purchasing a new portable stage at a cost of $20,000. The Prairie Spirit Learning Behaviour Report will be a separate part of

student assessment and used by all schools for students in Grades 1-12 starting this fall. Why the change? The Ministry of Education says, “Reporting on student achievement must be in relation to curriculum outcomes.” Assessment information which is not related to outcomes can be gathered and reported (e.g. attendance, behaviour, general attitude, completion of homework, effort) in another format such as the Learning Behaviour Rubrics that have been developed. Why do we separate academics and behaviour? What is new? The renewed Saskatchewan curriculum with the Broad Areas of Learning as well as the research on assessment and evaluation, clearly emphasize the importance of separating academic

achievement and behaviour (reporting learning behaviour separately is new for many teachers). Note: In Arts Education and Physical Education some learning behaviours have been identified as learning outcomes in the curriculum document. In these cases the identified learning behaviours may be included as part of the subject area achievement grade. A parent brochure is being developed to be shared with you. Senior Girls Volleyball The Senior Girls Volleyball team is up and running this year. The team has already spent 32.5 hours together working at becoming a great team. Just like years gone by, the team is working to replace players who have graduated or moved on. This year we have many more hole to fill and we have

Initiatives for MS Liberation patients ready, claim NDP NDP Health Critic Judy Junor spoke out last Monday about the continuing failure of the Sask Party government to deliver an effective and responsible approach to testing and monitoring of the Liberation Treatment for MS sufferers. Junor noted that the $5 million promised on October 19, 2010 has yet to be invested. The latest story from the government regarding the promise effectively said that there was still nothing substantive in the works. Stay tuned for an election, Junor sarcastically remarked Junor points out that the NDP has consistently suggested two concrete initiatives that could be used to improve the lives of MS patients immediately. “The first initiative is to establish a registry of Saskatchewan MS patients who have had the Liberation Treatment outside the province. This list would track their health following the procedure,” Junor promised. “Secondly, we have the tools on-hand for diagnosing vein blockage here in Saskatchewan. MS patients tell us that they can’t access that procedure for diagnosing vein blockage here presently.” While Saskatchewan families and individuals continue to bear the burden of looking after themselves or loved ones

stricken with this debilitating disease, the Sask Party continues to offer lip-service to investigating the Liberation Treatment, but hasn’t moved an inch into the research, Junor said. These continued delays with any research proposal of the Liberation Treatment only serve to raise hopes, while delivering nothing,

she added. “The NDP is ready to move ahead quickly with a tracking program and local testing when we form government,” Junor concluded. “The Liberation Treatment potentially promises an increase in the quality-of-life for people with MS, we need to get started immediately compiling a registry

FOR SALE BY TENDER 102 - 3rd Ave. East, Biggar, SK Features… 25’ x 140’ lot. house built in 1912, 1154 sq. ft. on 1 & ½ levels, 2 bedrooms, 1 & ½ bathrooms, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, full concrete basement, House sold “AS IS”. Terms and Conditions of the Tender are as follows: 1. You must provide a cheque for a 5.0% deposit of the price being offered. 2. The highest, or any, offer will not necessarily be accepted. 3. Viewings of the property are scheduled by Tim Hammond Realty on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 from 5 - 7 p.m. and TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 from 5 - 7 p.m. 4. Condition of Property: Buyer(s) acknowledge that the subject property and the Àxtures and chattels included with the property are being purchased in an “AS IS” condition. 5. Tender packages can be picked up at Tim Hammond Realty OfÀce 6. All offers must be received in our ofÀce (Biggar) by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2011. 7. All offers received will be addressed and responded to by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 3, 2011 (i.e. accepted, rejected or countered).

113 - 3rd Ave. West, Biggar, SK


and tracking system of MS patients who have had the treatment, and providing vein blockage diagnosis here at home.”

a very young team. We have six Grade 10’s, two Grade 11’s (one who is a rookie) and one Grade 12. As a result we have new players in almost every position on the floor. With this many Grade 10’s the team could be great down the road and be good for years to come. To this point, the girls have been working very hard and have improved a great deal. They are getting better every practice which is what we need to do. There are a number of them who are in the gym every day at noon to get extra practice, which shows their commitment to being the best they can

be for themselves and the team. Keep it up girls! The team went to an eight-team tournament last weekend and placed sixth which was good for them. They were only two points from making it into the top four. We were beating Edam 23-21, but lost to them 26-24. If we had won that game we would have been in the top four in the tournament. Over the weekend we won eight games and lost 10 which was a good start to our season. We hosted our own tournament Saturday, Sept. 17. If you would like to see the team play, come out and watch.

Alley Katz News New Horizons bowling scores MHT, Glen Shockey -238; MHT, Glen Shockey -- 517; LHS, Donna Eckart -- 165; LHT, Donna Eckart -- 437. Monday night mixed league: MHS, Gerry Devenny 202; MHT, Gerry Devenny, 553; LHS, Krista Remeshylo, 204; MHT, Krista Remeshylo, 577. Wednesday YBC: Juniors: HS, Jaiden, 77; HT, Jaiden, 160. Bantam: HS,

Tristan, 118; HT, Tristan, 313. Pee wee: HS, Jayla, 84; HD, Jayla, 133. Thursday afternoon mixed: MHS, Jack Eckart, 193; MHT, Glen Shockey, 529; LHS, Dorothy McCarty, 198; LHT, Donna Eckart, 491. Thursday evening mixed: MHS, Gerry Devenny, 200; MHT, Gerry Devenny, 524; LHS, Krista Remeshylo, 228; LHT, Krista Remeshylo, 592.

Tim Hammond Realty 113 3rd Ave. W. Biggar, SK Tim Hammond, BSA, P.Ag. Owner - Broker Cari McCarty - Residential Grant Anderson – Farms Dave Molberg – Farms

Farmland for Sale (MLS) Wardrop Irrigation Pobran Weekes Yurchuk Dixon HillCor Gray Zenert Whitmore Holbrook Lalonde Green Swanson

RM 317 RM 284 RM 343 RM 347 RM 342 RM 346 RM 466 RM 346 RM 342 RM 316 RM 280 RM 345 RM 317 RM 376

2099 ac. 1855 ac. 1229 ac. 1226 ac. 693 ac. 640 ac. 490 ac. 480 ac. 463 ac. 320 ac. 317 ac. 160 ac. 160 ac. 160 ac.

Acreages for Sale (MLS) Clarke Johannson Egert Fuster Kerr Jordan Perdue Ac. Hamilton Herschel Ac. Woods Road Rawson Unity Ac. Dzialo Sutherland Elliott

Rosetown Asquith Biggar Stranraer Biggar Wilkie Perdue Dodsland Herschel Biggar Rosetown Unity Maymont Wilkie Elrose

$589,900 $359,000 *$290,000 $269,900 $235,000 $200,000 $199,000 $199,900 *$195,000 $189,900 $169,000 $185,000 $145,000 $85,000 $85,000

Sale Pending Crozier Perdue Ac.

Biggar Perdue

$199,900 $199,000

Homes for Sale in Biggar (MLS) Current Listings 302 6th Ave W 114 5th Ave W 205 Turnbull Ave

Howard Concave

RM 376 RM 466 RM 345 Rosetown

402 7th Ave E $228,900 212 3rd Ave E $227,000 2nd Ave W Condos *$198,900 313 6th Ave E $184,900 th

406 7 Ave E 409 3rd Ave E 102 5th Ave E 412 3rd Ave E 128 2nd Ave W

$178,900 $169,900 $159,900 $132,000 $92,000

102 5th Ave. East

Demaine Biggar

$399,900 $45,000

We have local, national and international buyers that are interested in farmland / farmland packages in this area. Call Tim Hammond Realty today if you are interested in selling. 306-948-5052 *denotes Exclusive Listing

204 5th Ave E $49,900 224 2nd Ave W *new* $43,500 104 6th Ave E (Lot) $30,000

Out of Town Property rd

Landis 212 3 W Landis Lot Wilkie Lot 204 2 St W nd

$49,900 $22,500 $15,000

Recently Sold!! 308 Turnbull Ave



Perdue 816 7 Street $95,000

403 4th Ave E 306 5th Ave W

$88,900 $64,500

Featured Listing


Spacious 1 & ¾ story 3 bedroom home. This home boasts an efficient floor plan with an updated kitchen, dining room and open living room and spacious master bedroom and main floor laundry. Landscaped yard with single detached garage. A must see! th

406 7 Ave. East

Featured Listing


Beautiful 960 sq ft 3 + 1 bedroom Home with single attached garage in a great neighborhood. Features newer interior & exterior paint, laminate flooring, high efficient furnace, hot water heater and central air. Incredible sunroom looking out to fabulous landscaped yard.

307 ac. 160 ac. 160 ac. $160,000

Commercial Property (MLS) Demaine Hotel 218 Main Street

Current Listings

$285,000 $268,000 $259,500

Recently Sold McKee HillCor Lalonde

306.948.5052 Main Office 306.948.9168 Tim’s Cell 306.948.7995 Cari’s Cell 306.831.9214 Grant’s Cell 306.948.4478 Dave’s Cell

102 3rd Ave. East

For Tender Great opportunity for the first time home buyer! Built in 1912; 1154 sq ft on 1& ½

levels; 2 bedrooms; 1 & ½ bathrooms; vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, full concrete basement. House sold “as is”. Viewings Tuesday, September 27 from 5 – 7 p.m. Tender closes Thurs., Sept. 29 5 p.m.



Classi¿ed Box 40, Biggar, SK S0K 0M0

call: 948-3344 fax: 948-2133



25 words or less ....................................$12.00 per week Over 25 words .................................. - per word 25¢

Repeats -- 3 weeks for the price of 2

If The Independent Box Number is used add $3.00

• ALL CLASSIFIED MUST BE PREPAID • Obituaries, limit of 300 words, without photo..... $50.00 - With photo............................. $60.00 - Additional words, per word.... 25¢ ‘Happy’ Ads…Anniversary, Engagements, Weddings, Birthday Greetings,etc.................$30.00 with photo...................... $40.00 Bold Type .................................................... $2.00 Italic Type..................................................... $2.00 Birth Announcements................................... $25.00 - With a Photo......................... $30.00 Administration Charges................................ $5.00 CONDITIONS OF ADVERTISING ACCEPTANCE All advertising subject to publisher’s approval. It is agreed by The independent and any advertiser using or requesting space that the publisher shall not be held liable for damages in event of non-insertion of, or errors in advertisements, in excess of or beyond the amount paid for space actually occupied by the non-insertion, or by that portion of the advertisement in which the error or non-insertion occurred whether such error or non-insertion is due to the negligence of its ser vants or other wise. All advertisers must assume responsibility for errors in any advertisement which is supplied to The Independent in handwritten form or given over the phone.

PLEASE READ YOUR AD -- Advertisers should read their advertisement THE FIRST ISSUE IT APPEARS and report any errors in time for the next insertion. The Independent is responsible subject to the conditions noted above, for ONLY the Årst incorrect insertion. NO REFUND on classiÅeds. Times to run must be stated at First Insertion. Enclose cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express for your classiÅed. Other Advertising Rates Available upon Request. The BIGGAR INDEPENDENT accepts advertisements in good faith. We advise that it is in your interest to investigate offers personally. Publication by this newspaper should not be taken as an endorsement of the product or service offered. SUBSCRIPTION RATES… Pick up… $28.00 + $1.40 gst = $29.40 Inside 40-mile radius/ONLINE $33.00 + $1.65 gst = $34.65 Outside 40-mile radius… $38.00 + $1.90 gst = $39.90



ARCHDEKIN, Blake: In loving memory, missing from our lives for three years now, May 14, 1984 - September 27, 2008. “When thoughts go back As they often do, We treasure the memories We have of you. Today and tomorrow, Our whole lives through, We will always love And remember you.” With sadness…Grandma, Mom and Dad and brothers 39p1 McLELLAN, Shirley: In loving memory of our dear wife, mom and grandma who passed away October 1st, 2002. “Though no longer in our lives to share in our hearts you are always there. Your life was a blessing your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.” We love and miss you so much, Larry, Donna, Deanna, Jeremy, Michelle, Glen, Sitina, Jerry, Amber, Spencer, Avery, Marcia and Delaney. 39p1 WILKINSON, Edna: In loving memory, April 22, 1950 September 19, 2010 “Nothing can ever take away The love our hearts hold dear Fond memories linger every day Especially Yorkshire Puddin’ and Flapper Pie We miss you more each year.” Love Dale and family 39p1

WILKINSON, Edna… “In my heart your memory lingers Always tender, fond and true There’s not a day, dear Friend I do not think of you.” Long Time Friend and Close Neighbour 39p1 MacDONALD, Kip (Cliff): In loving memory - May 30, 1931 to September 26, 2004 “Remembering you is easy we do it everyday But losing a husband, father and grandfather Is a heartache that never goes away. Precious thoughts we hold tight in our hearts And there they will remain life has gone on without you bu will never be the same. We all love and miss you This will never go away We know you will walk beside us each and everyday.” Lovingly remembered by wife, Dorothy and family; brother, Ken and Yvonne 39c1

DEADLINE for ClassiÀeds, Advertisements and News is WEDNESDAY 5 P.M.

MEMORIAMS LAMONT, Kelvin: In loving memory, July 28, 1957 September 30, 1996/ “Gone but not forgotten Nor ever will you be We hold you close within our hearts Each cherished memory. You’re now a ‘grampa’ angel With three little girls to love please keep them safe and guide them from your place in Heaven above. Our lives go on and years Ày by Can’t believe it’s been ¿fteen Just know we think of you always And will ‘til we meet again.” Lovingly remembered by Cathy, Jamie and Margaret 39c1

CARD OF THANKS Now that I have climbed and am of¿cially over the hill, I would like to thank the 40 years it took me to do it. Melody Oesch. 39p1

COMING EVENTS SUNDAYS in October: Presbyterians, Anglicans, Lutherans will be worshipping at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, corner of 4th Ave. East and King Street, Biggar at 10:30 a.m. Mark Kleiner preaching. Potluck after service, October 30. Everyone is welcome. 48/10tfn TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27: Biggar Music Festival Fall Meeting, 7:30 p.m., St. Gabriel School Library. All welcome to attend. 37c3 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: Blood Donor Clinic, 3:30 7:30 p.m. at Biggar Community Hall. To make an appointment call 1-8889-2-DONATE or 1 888-236-6283. 38c2 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28: 7 p.m., Biggar Minor Hockey Annual Hockey Equipment Swap at Jubilee Stadium, Biggar. If you have used equipment you wish to donate, to swap or are looking to purchase good used equipment, Stop in. To donate equipment call Crystal 9483474. All donated equipment will be sold for $2.00 and proceeds will be donated to KidSport. 39c1 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30: The anniversary of the birth of Melody Dawn Oesch. Please call 948-5130 for more info. 39p1 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5: Concert at Leipzig Serenity Retreat with “Gary Fjellgaard, Saskia & Darrel”. To help them raise Awareness! Tickets/info call 658-4767. CU there! 38p3 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12: Tea and Bake Sale at Biggar Diamond Lodge, 2 - 3:30 p.m. Al proceeds to Resident Activity Fund. Thank you for your support. 39c3 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 16: Perdue United Church Fowl Supper, Perdue Community Complex. Doors open: 4:30 p.m., Supper @ 5 p.m. Adults, $10; 6-12 yrs, $5; preschoolers FREE 38c4 OCTOBER 11, 12 and 13: Biggar & District Donors Choice Town Blitz. Many canvassers are needed. If you are willing, please call Marion Fritz at 9483326 or Donna Fines at 9483659. Fill-in sheets to prepare for canvasser are available for pick up at several businesses. Due to lack of volunteers the Rural area will not be canvassed. Please take you donation directly to the Royal Bank, Biggar. 38c3

Classi¿ed Ads Work

COMING EVENTS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26: Biggar Arts Council presents… ”Karrnnel”, 7:30 p.m. at The Majestic Theatre, Biggar. Advance tickets available at de Moissac Jewellers. Adults/ seniors advance, $20, at the door, $25; students advance, $12, at the door, $15; 12 and under, $5. 39c5

GARAGE SALES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 5 - 8 p.m. and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.: Biggar United Church Garage Sale and Bake Sale, 907 Quebec St., Biggar. Drop items at church Thursday, 6 - 9 p.m. and Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 noon. 37c3 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. and SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.: “Gwen’s Moving Out Sale”…423 - 4th Ave. West, Biggar. Furniture, household, yard and gardening and more, too numerous to list. Everything MUST Go! 38p2





The Donor’s Choice information sheet with ¿ll-in space for donor to prepare for a canvasser WILL NOT be delivered to your door. It is available for pick-up at several businesses including grocery stores, drugstore, Royal Bank, Credit Union, New Horizons, museum, library and The Independent. Due to lack of volunteer canvassers in the Rural area a canvasser WILL NOT be calling. Please take your donation directly to the Biggar Royal Bank. 38c3 ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS! If you received the CEP (Common Experience Payment), you may be eligible for further Cash Compensation. To see if you qualify, phone toll free 1-877988-1145 now. Free service!

This newspaper accepts advertisements in good faith. We advise that it is in your interest to investigate offers personally. Publications by this paper should not be taken as an endorsement of the product or service offered. tfn Advertisements and statements contained herein are the sole responsibility of the persons or entities that post the advertisement, and the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association and membership do not make any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, truthfulness or reliability of such advertisements. For greater information on advertising conditions, please consult the Association’s Blanket Advertising Conditions on our website at tfn


THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6: You’re all invited to a baby shower for Camryn Kate McKinley and her mommy, Cheryl, in the Westwinds Motor Hotel Centennial Room. Cards in drugstores. 39c2


Very proud parents, Hailey and Ryan Metz, would like to welcome their new bundle of joy,

Kabrie Raea Metz.

Barber - DeRoo Weldon and Denise Barber of Biggar, Sask. are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Lindsey Starr to Ryan Stewart, son of Stewart and Marlene DeRoo of Unity, Sask. The wedding will take place at Candle Lake on July 21, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENTS Hear Ye! Year Ye! Melody Dawn Oesch is turning 40! 39p1

She became part of their family on September 9, 2011 weighing 7 lb. 4 oz, born at Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Sask. Proud grandparents are Terry and Wayne Surik and Shelly and Terry Metz all of Biggar, Sask.

NOTICE As of September 30, 2011, Rooster will be married to an old hen. 39p1 Families, clubs, churches and businesses are invited to do a Heritage Page to be on permanent display at Biggar Museum. Share your history! Do yours prior to the centennial celebrations! For more information call 948-3451 or visit museum 1 - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. 7tfn

NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE ESTATE OF CAROL KING, LATE OF THE TOWN/DISTRICT OF HERSCHEL, IN THE PROVINCE OF S A S K AT C H E WA N , DECEASED: ALL CLAIMS AGAINST THE ABOVE ESTATE, duly veriÀed by Statutory Declaration and with particulars and valuation of security held if any, must be sent to the undersigned before the 10th day of October, 2011. BUSSE LAW PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Barristers and Solicitors 302 Main Street, Box 669 BIGGAR, Saskatchewan S0K 0M0 SOLICITORS FOR THE EXECUTOR

TENDER 2011/12 SNOW REMOVAL TENDERS Prairie Spirit School Division #206 invites local contractors to tender for snow removal at all of our facilities during the months of October 2011 through April 2012. Please use the updated 2011/12 tender forms available after September 15th on our website at www., at our School Services Building at 523 Langley Avenue, Warman, SK, or by fax or email upon request at 6832875. For further information, please contact Randy Willms, Caretaking Supervisor at 6832916 or 227-7368. 38c2

Check classiÀeds and photos online



MISCELLANEOUS In case you haven’t heard, Melody is turning 40! 39p1 Free…Mack sleeper make great playhouse or bus shelter. U-cut ¿rewood. 18-inch aeration duct, $150. 3 pth. sprayer, $200. 9482852 37p3 1985 Yamaha Virago, 1,000 cc, new rubber, carbs and forks redone. Phone 948-7521. 36tfn BUILDING SALE... “ROCK BOTTOM PRICES” 25x40x12 $7350. 30x60x15 $12,700. 35x70x16 $15,250. 40x80x16 $20,990. 47x100x18 $25,800. 60x140x20 $50,600. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers DIRECT 1-800-668-5422. Diesel Engines Remanufactured. Save time, money and headaches. Most medium duty applications 5.9L, 8.3L, ISB, CAT, DT466, 6.0L. Ready to run. Call today 1-800-667-6879 DISCONNECTED PHONE? ChoiceTel Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call ChoiceTel Today! 1-888-333-1405. www.choicetel. ca.



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D E over Call 306-




Excellent quality alfalfa and/or alfalfa brome mix, 1,000 bales, 1,000 lbs per bale; $25/bale. Rosetown-Biggar area. Phone 882-3165. 35p9

e Hill h t r e Ov and

oll On a R


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Two serviced lots, side by side in Biggar, 100’x140’, $79,900. Call 717-4681 (cell) 5tfn 10 acres, Highway 9 frontage, 1200 sq. ft. bungalow with quonset. Many upgrades. $136,000. Call 306-716-5423.

LAKEVIEW HOMES & Lots Vernon BC. Lake Okanagan. Private Beach. Dock. Trees. Meadows. WildÀowers. Birds. Trails. Reasonably priced custom home construction. Architectural Guidelines. Build now or later. Ten minutes to town-center. Lots from $219,000. Houses from $499,000. Vendor ¿nancing available. Call Scott 250.558.4795 www. A d v e n t u r e B a y Ve r n o n . c o m .



1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom Heat and water supplied, wired for cable TV and satellite systems, laundry facilities, appliances, some suites with dishwashers, air conditioning, parking with plug-ins.

948-3820 302 - 8th Ave. W. • Biggar Escape Prairie winter. House rental in Sechelt on BC’s mainland on Sunshine Coast. November-March/April. $2500/ mo. Oceanview, 1400 sq ft bung, 2 bdrm/2 bthrm + den, internet and cable, garage w/ shop. Pat or Bud, 604-628-2123 or 38p2


Three bedroom home for rent. Includes fridge and stove. For viewing call 948-3674 or 9489517 35tfn


Charter/ Sherwood Apartments

For more information call:


SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Con¿dential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/ travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1-8-NOWPARDON (1-866-972-7366).


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY MOOSE JAW SASK. FOR SALE - CABINET SHOP Building & equipment, Building is 3600 sq. ft. on a 100 x 136 ft. corner lot. Complete with chain link fence. Contact or call 306)630-4189 80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/ travel bene¿ts. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Part-time kitchen staff and dishwashers needed. Drop resume at Snow White Family Restaurant, Biggar. 38c3 Coram Construction is hiring Carpenters and concrete ¿nishers to work PCL sites in Saskatchewan. $28.50-$30.40/ hr, Good bene¿ts, 3-5 years experience. Join, ¿t and install formwork. E-mail: rlakeman@ Fax: 306-525-0990 Mail: 205-845 Broad Street Regina, SK S4R-8G9

Dyno Express Inc. is Now Hiring Class 1A Drivers for 3 full time Àuid hauling positions. Wages $5,000 $6,000. 1 2 years driving experience preferred. For any questions regarding this position please call Bob at 1-306-869-7995. Email resume along with Driver’ s Abstract to

55 PLUS ACTIVE ADULT Living. Large Ground Level Townhomes. 306-241-0123.

WANTED…My youth back, sighed 40-year old Melody. 39p1 Old battery collection, Fisher #300 Cadet Squadron. Drop off at the Biggar Land¿ll OR contact Quentin Sittler at 658-2132 3tfn Main Street Garage Sale is accepting donations of all items in clean and working condition. Please phone 948-1773 or 9485393. Pickup available. 32tfn

Guaranteed approval drive away today! We lend money to everyone. Fast approvals, best interest rates. Over 500 vehicles sale priced for immediate delivery OAC. 1-877-796-0514.





September 30 located, please call 948-5130, ask for Melody. 39p1


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LOST Happy 40th LOST…My youth, sometime Birthday between 1970 and present. If

FREE to a good home…a black chihuahua cross male dog, neutered and all shots up to date. Cleared for travel into USA. Travels very well. He is well behaved but we have to ¿nd an alternate home for medical reasons. Please contact Margaret at 948-2474. 37p3

If YOU are… • Moving • Expecting a Baby • Planning a Wedding • Anticipating Retirement Call WELCOME WAGON at 948-2563 - Lisa Haynes We have gifts and information

NCM Home Maintenance Interior House Painting Colour Coordination Service Available

FREE QUOTES Phone Nick Maguire

948-3325 948-4558 Need somebody to tend bar at your function, wedding, anniversary, etc. Contact Biggar Arts Council members, Denise, 948-5146 or Marilyn, 948-2792. tfn

KODIAK WIRELINE SERVICES PARTNERSHIP is hiring experienced operators/drivers for Slave Lake, Edson, Morinville branches with a signing bonus up to $5000. (dependent on experience). Apply to: tboddez@ or fax to 780-418-0834.

Biggar Community Connections supports individuals with physical and/or mental challenges, in their residence and in their community.

Casual 12 hour shifts, nights and days are available. Starting wage is $13.00/hour. Interested applicants may apply online to or fax to 948-3426 or mail to Box 1690, Biggar, SK, S0K 0M0. Contact Lynn at 948-3472 for more information.

Biggar Community Connections is dedicated to providing programs and services that will make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities.

A Semi Independent Living Supervisor is required in Biggar. The successful candidate will provide support in areas of meal preparation, shopping, budgeting and house cleaning. Hours of work are slightly Áexible, mornings are preferable, with a maximum of ten hours a week at $13.00/hour. Apply online to or fax to 948-3426 or mail to Box 1690, Biggar, SK, S0K 0M0. Contact Lynn at 948-3472 for more information.




West Central Pelleting Ltd. is a livestock feed company operating facilities at Wilkie and Wolseley, Saskatchewan

W.C.P. is looking to hire… Full time and seasonal Entry Level positions at our Wilkie facility. • Shift work is involved. • We offer competitive beneÀts and wages, as well as a friendly team orientated environment. Forward applications to… West Central Pelleting Ltd. Box 298 Wilkie, SK S0K 4W0 Attn. plant manager or email… Only applicant selected for interviews will be contacted.

North West Terminal Ltd. is a shareholder owned grain handling company located near Unity, Sask.

GRAIN FACILITY OPERATOR This is a permanent position starting as soon as possible. Experience in grain grading an asset, but not a requirement. The position is responsible for the assistance in handling, binning and shipping of all products to and from the terminal. The individual will maintain appropriate and accurate documentation, ensuring correct binning practices to meet end user requirements. This position will also be responsible for the day to day procedures on maintaining a clean and safe workplace. The candidate will possess proven communication and interpersonal skills, ambition and organizational skills, and excellent customer service skills. This position offers opportunity for advancement. An agricultural background would be an asset, but not a requirement. This is an outstanding opportunity for individuals seeking a challenge in a TOP 100 COMPANY as listed in SASKATCHEWAN BUSINESS MAGAZINE in 2010. NWT offers a competitive salary along with outstanding company beneÀts. QualiÀed applicants should send a resume by September 23, 2011 to: North West Terminal Ltd. Attn: Neil Boser Box 1090 Phone: 306-228-3735 Unity, SK. S0K 4L0 Fax: 306 -228-3877 Email:



EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Now hiring! Moose Mountain Meats, new custom meat processing facility in SE Saskatchewan requires the following: Plant Manager/Meat Cutter/Butcher. Send resume by September 30 to: Moose Mountain Meats, Box 35, Wawota, SK, S0G 5A0 or e-mail NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-852-1122 Protel Reconnect TH Vac Services, Kindersley Sask is now hiring drivers & swampers. Competitive wage, bene¿ts package, scheduled days off. Tickets an asset. Fax resume to 306-463-3219 or call Don @ 306-463-7720. WELDERS WANTED. Journeyman 2nd and 3rd year apprentices with tank manufacturing experience. Automated Tank Manufacturing Inc. located in Kitscoty, Alberta. 20 km West of Lloydminster, is looking for 15 individuals that want long term employment and a secure paycheque. Journeyman wages $33. - $37.50/hour. Wages for apprentices based on hours and quali¿cations. Bene¿ts, training programs, full insurance package 100% paid by company, savings plan for retirement, pro¿t sharing bonus, join a winning team. Call for appointment or send resume to: Joe Bowser 780-846-2231 of¿ce; or Jamie Flicek 780-846-2241 fax;

Parkland Fuel Corporation “Parkland” is Canada’s largest independent marketer and distributer of fuels, managing a nationwide network of sales channels for retail, commercial, wholesale, and home heating fuel customers.


Seasonal and Permanent Class 1 or Class 3 Drivers – Various Northern Alberta and Northern B.C. Locations This position is responsible for completion of all tasks related to loading and delivering of fuel to our customers while creating and maintaining a positive relationship with the customer. There are seasonal and permanent positions available in Grande Prairie, Edson, Drayton Valley, Lac La Biche, La Crete, Fort St. John, and Dawson Creek. Policy requires that a driving evaluation as well as drug, alcohol, and medical testing be done prior to the hiring of any driver. This is a tremendous opportunity for a dynamic, ambitious, and enthusiastic individual looking for a career with a vibrant and growth oriented company. If you are up to the challenge we want to hear from you! We would like to thank all candidates in advance for their interest in these positions, however only those being considered will be contacted. To apply, please forward your resume to or fax 780-357-0743 For information on this or other opportunities with Parkland, please visit our website at


Please arrange to pick up your photos that have been submitted for publication.

.…thanks, The Independent

Another drop in the number of EI recipients The number of Saskatchewan people receiving Employment Insurance dropped significantly in July, decreasing by 2,940 (-23.1 per cent) compared to the same month last year (seasonally adjusted). This is the 16th consecutive month of year-over-year decreases. “This latest drop in the number of EI recipients is yet another positive indication of Saskatchewan’s strong and steady economy,” Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration Minister Rob Norris said, Thursday. “With the lowest unemployment rate in the country, a rising population and the tightest labour market in Canada, there is good reason to be optimistic about the province’s future.” When expressed as a percentage of the total labour force population, Saskatchewan has the second fewest number of people receiving EI benefits in Canada at 1.2 per cent (tied with Manitoba). Alberta is the lowest at 1.1 per cent. “While we continue to

see improvement, we are focusing on doing what we can to keep the Employment Insurance numbers moving in the right direction,” Norris said. “Our 19 Can-Sask

Career and Employment Services offices are ready to provide assistance in matching job seekers with opportunities.” Norris added that

with more than 10,000 jobs available today on saskjobs. ca, opportunities are available right now across the province.


…Railway, grain that CN will move to markets across North America and around the world.” Big Sky Rail is a partnership that includes Mobil Grain Ltd., which has been hauling grain cars with locomotives on the track since September 6; and West Central Road and Rail, which has five grain-loading facilities along the shortline, and will have an equity position in Big Sky Rail. “The creation of Big Sky Rail has been a great team effort with CN, Mobil Grain, West Central Road and Rail,

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and the Government of Saskatchewan,” Big Sky Rail President and Mobil Grain President Sheldon Affleck said. “A special thanks goes to CN for encouraging and promoting this shortline railroad. Mobil Grain will market and ship all crops and looks forward to serving farmers in the area.” “We believe this new shortline, under a competitive rate and service structure, will enhance our current operations and open doors to new business opportunities,” West

Central Road and Rail President and CEO Rob Lobdell said. The Government of Saskatchewan supports shortline rail through programs that include grants for feasibility studies and infrastructure, along with loans to purchase existing track. Saskatchewan now has 12 shortlines and more than 2,200 kilometres of provincially-regulated track. These provincial shortlines connect to about 6,400 kilometres of federally-regulated rail lines in Saskatchewan.



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For all your home, business and rural needs Owners/Operators • Travis Young • Dallas Young • Claude Young

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MADGE CONTRACTING LTD. For all your rooÀng needs… ¬New Construction ¬Metal ¬Torch-on ¬Re-roofs ¬Tile ¬Asphalt ¬All repairs ¬Shakes We offer 10 Year Workmanship Warranty and Liability/Torch On Insurance Excellent Local References For a FREE estimate please call… 306-948-5453

SEED CLEANING IT’S ALL INCLUDED! Canadian Seed Institute Accredited Pedigree, Commercial & Custom Cleaning FULL line of Cleaning Equipment including Gravity Table

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Plant located 8 miles south of Biggar on Hwy #4, ¼ mile west on Triumph Rd.

Phoenix M4 Mobile Grain cleaning and sizing


Wayne Dollansky 306-948-7247 Custom Combining JD9770 with draper or hydraÁex headers



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DENTAL DR. GLENN RIEKMAN Dentist 115 - 1st Ave. W. Rosetown, Sask.

OFFICE HOURS Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone: 882-2123 Emergency (after hours) 882-2006

BIGGAR DENTAL CLINIC 104 - 6th Ave. East, Biggar, Sask. Southeast entrance of Nova Wood Bldg. Hours… Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

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HEALTH/ WELLNESS “Annie Things Possible” Health, Beauty & Spa

Weight Loss Clinic Consultant & Coach Anne G. Livingston •Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic •Epicure Selections •Walden Farms Products •Young Living Essential Oils •Beauticontrol Skin Care

Located in Angie’s Hair Salon 219 Main St., Biggar Call 948-7274 or 948-3696

Michelle Spuzak, R.M.T. (NHPC member) NEW LOCATION… 219 - 4th Ave. E., BIGGAR

Other Services available… • ParafÅn Wax • Thai Herbal Massage • ReÆexology • Hot Stone Massage • Engergy Work

~ Gift CertiÅcates ~ Evening, Saturday and in-home appointments available.

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Ladies Only 30 min. Workout …owned and operated by Diane Larouche Ellard, Can-Fit-Pro Certi¿ed Personal Trainer

in Nova Wood Centre 104 - 6th Ave. E., Biggar

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&EZpglfhp^] &>]`^lmkbff^] &@^g^kZerZk]\e^Zgbg` &Kn[[blaK^fhoZe &@nmm^kl<e^Zg^] &Ab`aIk^llnk^<e^Zgbg`% domestic, vehicular

<ZeeGb\dFZ`nbk^ 2-1&,, 2-1&-..1\^ee


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Sewing & Embroidery • Jackets • Windsuits • Shirts • Hunting Gear • Bunnyhugs • Caps • Toques • Bags Check out our new website: Judy Judy Kahovec: Kahovec… 882-4313, Cellcell 831-7935 306-882-4313, 831-7935 Carey Krchov: 882-3213 Carey Krchov…882-3213

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;%N% Lg_fcjk\ip


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• Notary Publics • Home & Agro Insurance • Auto & Commerical Insurance • Blue Cross • Motor Licence Issuer Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday 304 Main Street • Biggar


Rebel Landscaping


is a full service law office that practices… ¾Family and Criminal law ¾Commercial law ¾Real Estate ¾Wills and Estate, and our lawyers, William Roe, Q.C. Jason Peszko, Ian Mokuruk, Treena Sikora look forward to assisting you and can be contacted at:



¾ ¾

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MONARCH MEATS Modern Licenced Abbatoir • custom slaughter, cut and wrapping • sausage making, curing and smoking

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Atkinson Trucking Landis, Sask. …For all your Local Grain Hauling Needs Bailen Atkinson 658-4460 or 948-4450

Rockin D Trucking & Cattle

• Cattle hauling with 21 ft. gooseneck trailer • round and large square bale hauling with step-deck or highboy semi-trailers • also buying and selling straw and forage • also machinery hauling Home • 306-948-2037 Alex • 306-948-7291 Dan • 306-948-7843 Biggar, Sask.




CWB vote backs single desk for wheat, barely for barley by AGCanada The Canadian Wheat Board’s plebiscite on the marketing of Prairie wheat and barley finds just over three out of five voting Prairie farmers prefer a single marketing desk for wheat -- but only about half of voters want the same status quo for barley. The CWB’s chairman and other supporters of the single desk are now calling on the federal government to respect the wishes of voting farmers, but the government has dismissed the vote itself as an “expensive survey” it plans to ignore. By the numbers • A total of 38,261 farmers submitted mail-in ballots in the plebiscite, for a participation rate of 56 per cent, which the CWB noted is “on par with the last three federal elections and higher than many municipal and provincial elections.” • Out of the total ballot envelopes submitted (before removal of invalid ballots), 25,671 were submitted by wheat growers, 1,033 by barley growers and 11,359

by growers of both wheat and barley. • According to plebiscite coordinator MNP, the participation rate for returned ballots was 56 per cent (55 per cent of those who grew wheat, 47 per cent of those who grew barley, and 60 per cent of those who grew both). • Among 36,823 eligible and unspoiled wheat growers’ ballots, 22,764, or 62 per cent, agreed with the statement “I wish to maintain the ability to market all wheat, with the continuing exception of feed wheat sold domestically, through the CWB single-desk system.” The remaining 14,059 voted their wishes “to remove the single-desk marketing system from the CWB and sell all wheat through an open market system.” • Out of the 12,297 eligible and unspoiled barley growers’ ballots, 6,283, or 51 per cent, called “to maintain the ability to market all barley, both malting/food, with the continuing exception of feed barley sold domestically, through the CWB single-

desk system.” The other 6,014 called “to remove the single-desk marketing system from the CWB and sell all barley through an openmarket system.” CWB chairman Allen Oberg, a farmer at Forestburg in northeastern Alberta, said in a release that the plebiscite results show the federal government is out of touch with farmers. “For months, (Agriculture Minister Gerry) Ritz has been claiming that the recent federal election was a mandate for the government to dismantle the CWB,” he said Monday following the release of the vote count. “Now we know otherwise. There is no mandate from farmers to strip away their marketing power. “We will not sit back and watch this government steamroll over farmers. We are going to stand our ground and fight for farmers,” Oberg said, though the CWB’s release did not specifically say what the board will do. The government he said, “must now acknowledge this

mandate from farmers and respect this decision.” Ritz, however, reiterated in a statement that “no expensive survey can trump the individual right of farmers to market their own grain.” The government has stated its plans to shut down the CWB’s single marketing desks by August next year. Once the Prairie wheat and barley markets are deregulated, Ritz said, “every farmer will have the ability to choose how to market their grain, whether it’s individually or through a voluntary pooling entity. “Let me repeat: every Western Canadian grain farmer will have the right to choose how they market their grain just like farmers in the rest of Canada and around the world.” “Meaningless” Response from farmer groups to the plebiscite’s results ran along predictable rails. National Farmers Union president Terry Boehm said in a release that the plebiscite’s message to Ritz is “crystal clear. It is absolutely

Farmers’ view of ag careers rosier than public’s: FCC by AGCanada Canadian consumers are far less likely than producers to consider or encourage a career in agriculture, Canada’s federal ag lender finds in a new survey. Farm Credit Canada on Wednesday released results of a national survey of an “FCC Vision Panel” convened by polling firm Angus Reid in March. The survey, FCC said, paints a “challenging picture of the industry.” Canadian consumers who took the survey chose “weather-dependent,” “struggling,” “under-recognized,” “underpaid” and “essential” when asked to choose the top five words from a list associated with the ag industry. While producers in the survey sample chose nearly identical words, producer optimism “remains high,” FCC said. About 80 per cent of producers would recommend a career in agriculture to a family member or friend, the survey found. “Although farmers recognize the challenges inherent in the industry, they still would encourage others to get involved in it,” FCC said. Only 21 per cent of consumers, however, would consider a career in agriculture, and just 27 per cent of consumers would encourage

someone else to pursue it, FCC said. “It’s obvious that both farmers and consumers recognize that there are challenges associated with agriculture,” FCC CEO Greg Stewart said in the agency’s release. “It’s surprising that the words chosen did not focus on opportunities. There are so many success stories in agriculture and related industries that counter this perception.” Staff and farmers FCC quoted last Wednesday appeared to focus more on those opportunities. “Although I didn’t start my career in this industry, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with it,” Corinna MitchellBeaudin, FCC’s vice-president of Prairie operations, said in the release. “Agriculture is diverse, international and full of interesting challenges. You’re constantly dealing with different issues such as commodity pricing, environmental practices, and international trade.The best part is the people.They have a passion, dedication and resilience that’s unique to agriculture.” “I’ve seen agriculture evolve over the past 15 years I’ve been in it full-time,” seed grower Calvin Watson of Avonlea, said. “I like that there are different chal-

lenges every year. Getting through tough times made us think outside the box. I think that education is also key to managing ups and downs.” “Agriculture is my future,” said Jason Pinsonneault, a crop and vegetable producer at Dover Township, Ontario. “You’re always learning, and there are lots of resources out there to help. You’re more of a businessperson than a farmer, I think. Agriculture is stable and rewarding, and the opportunities are endless.” “Right here in Canada,

producers positively affect people on the other side of the world,” Stewart said. “We hear that from customers every day. We need to share this information with consumers and young people who are making important career choices.” The FCC Vision Panel survey was conducted online March 8-10 among a sample of 2,015 Canadians who are Angus Reid Forum panel members, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 per cent on the full base, FCC said.

board of the CWB continues to refuse to let their management team get to work on a new business model, while according to their own survey released today, over 20,000 farmers are looking for marketing freedom,” he said. “Slap in face” Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, in campaign mode ahead of an Oct. 4 election in the CWB’s home province, also weighed in on the plebiscite’s results. “Farmers have voted clearly to preserve the singledesk marketing system,” he said. “Dismantling the wheat board would be a slap in the face of Prairie farmers and a risk to jobs and our economy.” Selinger also took a jab at rival Hugh McFadyen, leader of the opposition Progressive Conservatives, who’s on record in 2006 as urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to hold a farmer plebiscite before making any changes to the board’s mandate. But McFadyen said in June this year that the future of the CWB “was decided by Manitobans and Canadians” in the previous month’s federal election.

Telehealth Presents Alzheimer Society Saskatchewan—Next Steps for Families Learning Series— 4 week learning series for families and friends affected by Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia Tuesdays-October 3,11,18 & 25th, from 7-9 pm Locations available: Kindersley, Outlook, Rosetown, Unity, Biggar, Davidson and Eston To register for this event contact 463-6150 or

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necessary that he respect the wishes of the majority of Western grain farmers, and abandon his plans to eliminate the single desk.” In a release from a separate Prairie group, the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance, Alberta farmer Ken Larsen said farmers voting in “such high numbers is a strong message in itself ” given what he called an “ongoing campaign of misinformation and bullying -- including efforts by Canada’s agriculture minister to discourage farmers from voting.” A pro-deregulation group, the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, which had urged farmers to boycott the vote, criticized the vote for its “low turnout.” “We urge the federal government to ignore this meaningless survey and move full speed ahead toward giving us our grain marketing freedom,” association president Kevin Bender said. Farmer Stephen Vandervalk, president of the Grain Growers of Canada, further criticized the vote as a waste of time and resources, given the government’s plans. “It is unfortunate that a narrow majority on the

Up to twenty percent of women suffer from postpartum depression. The condition affects approximately 2600 mothers and infants in Saskatchewan every year. This is a serious condition that can have devastating effects on the mother, her baby and the entire family if left untreated. Postpartum depression is not something to be ashamed of or something that you have to suffer with alone. If you are a new mother and are experiencing depression, talk to your doctor, a Heartland Mental Health worker or Public Health Nurse. There is help. For toll-free health information 24 hours a day. Please call 1-888-425-4444(TTY) if you have hearing or speech difficulties Smokers Helpline 1-877-513-5333 or Questions about Medication? Call 1-800-665-DRUG (3784). Ask questions online Mental Health & Addictions Centralized Intake Line 1-866-269-9139 Monday to Friday 8:00 am—4:30 pm

Heartland Health Region



Beautiful Retirement Wholesale Trade up more than three times Property Coming Soon to

B i g g ar

the national average The robust economy in Saskatchewan translated into busy warehouses this summer according to wholesale trade numbers released

by Statistics Canada last Tuesday. “Consumers and businesses have increased demands for products and

Retail sales continue to grow Are you interested in . . . ȼ Maintenance-Free Living ȼ Heated 1st Floor Parking Garage ȼ Spacious, Open Floor Plans?

Then you are invited to an Information Meeting to hear about a new and exciting Adult Housing Project for Biggar When: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2011 Where: Biggar Community Hall Time: 7:00 p.m.

For more information contact Colette at 306-452-8796


Retail sales picked up in Saskatchewan during the month of July according to a report released by Statistics Canada last Thursday. “The growth of an economy is dependent upon confidence,” Enterprise Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “The Saskatchewan economy has been a top performer in the nation, and as a result, families are feeling confident to make purchases that help support economic growth.” According to Statistics Canada, retail sales were up by 7.6 per cent in July 2011 over July

2010. That percentage increase was the second highest in Canada, and surpassed the nation average which posted an increase of only 3.9 per cent. “The economic reality is that Saskatchewan has one of the best, if not the best economy in Canada right now,” Harrison said. “With sound financial management by this government and positive forecasting for the future, consumers are feeling confident about their own financial situation and can afford to purchase goods and services that improve their quality of life.”

services in the province, which translates into wholesalers stocking up to keep the economy moving,” Enterprise Minister Jeremy Harrison said. “Wholesale trade has been up significantly this year, which is good news and signifies that our economy continues to expand, creating new jobs and business opportunities.” Wholesale trade increased by 30.3 per cent in July 2011 when compared to July 2010, the best increase among the provinces (seasonally adjusted) and more than three times the national average of 9.0 per cent. “Saskatchewan’s wholesale trade numbers have been well ahead of other provinces in the first half of 2011,” Harrison said. “July’s report is another example of how confident consumers and businesses are as Saskatchewan continues to lead the country.”

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