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august 25, 2008


issue i

300 richardson place, wilmington ohio 45177

Enrichment replaces advisory Chris Clevenger managing editor

the hurricane debates the new Friday night football location. Story p. 3

the eye takes a look at changes done to the school. Stories pg 4,5

Check out the schedule for all the fall sports games. Story p. 6

Movies that rocked the summer and years to come. Story p. 8


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With the start of a new year some changes in curriculum have taken place here in the high school. A newly introduced ‘Enrichment ‘ program is taking the building by storm, changing things up a bit and giving students a little more freedom. Starting Sept. 3, there will be a revised schedule to allow time for Enrichment activities every Wedsnesday. From 9:53 to 10:33 students will report to homerooms, where they will spend the first ten minutes discussing general things. After that, students will be allowed to move to class rooms to engage in activities of their choice such as Yoga, Wii Sports and even Underwater Basket Weaving. Tammy McBee, Matt Geggie and Steve Reed all headed the Enrichment Team to bring the program to Wilmington. “It’s totally up to the individual teacher [the courses they will teach], I see opportunities for anything and everything.” McBee said. “It could be crafty, a life lesson, it could be special interest... it could be anything! That’s the nice thing about it. It’s wide open to anything anyone would like to do.” With the new Enrichment program comes a few minor changes. Intervention is now going to be used as a time for students to focus on work they may have or other things they need to make up. The idea is to give students time to focus on the areas they need to work on most., which will eliminate club meetings and leaving class during this time, Reed said. “Intervention is defined as a time to ‘intervene,’” Reed said. “ It’s time for students

I think the program is going to go very well. It started off in Talawanda and is now also in Fairfield. Steve reed encrichment team member

to get extra help.” Along with the changes taking place to intervention, Advisory has been affected as well. Students will no longer have Advisory, instead they will be reporting to their homeroom and going over some of the basics that would have been covered in advisory. After these basic things are addressed they will then go to the classes they have signed up for or to club meetings.

Principal Jeff Fryman enlightens the teachers about the Enrichment program in the Media Center on Aug. 18, 2008. The first ever Enrichment program has been taking place at Talawanda High School. Thus far it has run very well and had high numbers of participation from its students. “I think the program is going to go very well,” Reed said. “It started off in Talawanda and is now also in Fairfield. After hearing about the program, we visited the schools. The students really enjoy it and it’s extremely helpful.” At the start of the year teachers will be advertising their Enrichment activities to students in various ways. Students can then decide which courses they would like to be involved in and approach the advisor for more information. To join a class students will be required to approach the teacher hosting the program and get a signed pass to use during the next time slot. Students will be required to have these passes to go to their Enrichment course each Wednesday.

photo by Patrick Blouin

Enrichment schedule Beginning Wednesday Sept. 3 1st Period.................7:50-8:28 2nd Period................8:31-9:09 3rd Period.................9:12-9:50 ENRICHMENT.............9:53-10:33 4th Period..............10:36-11:14 5th Period...............11:17-1:17 6th Period.................1:20-1:58 7th Period.................2:01-2:20



Tennis court project near completion



august 25, 2008 Wilmington tennis courts scheduled to be complete by Sept. 1

Patrick Blouin assistant design/photo editor

By Sept. 1, the long awaited tennis courts will be finished for the use of the public. “They’re running about thirty days behind right now. It looks like the final date that they’ll be completed is Sept. 1.” says Athletic Director Mr. Mike Wallace. After much difficulty, the project by Wilmington City Parks and Wilmington City Schools will be open to public and school activities. “They will be open to the public. It was a combined effort of the city parks and the city schools.” Wallace said.

There seemed to be many problems that occurred in the middle of construction of the Tennis Courts. “The continual and constant rain has slowed the progress. If you have been by the site you will have seen that they have been tearing up and spreading the dirt multiple times, trying to get the moisture out of the soil. Extracting the moisture is necessary to have proper compaction readings to establish a good base before the asphalt can be applied”, Director of Business Operations for WCS Curt A. Bone said. The courts will be open to the school tennis teams and also for the use of the public upon completion. Until then tennis teams will continue to play at the park tennis courts.

Auto Center moves to Rombach Ave. Katie Swindler news editor

General Manager of Wilmington Auto Center, John Adkins, hopes to open the doors to the store at their new site by next spring. Ricop Construction, based in Columbus, broke ground on Jan. 28 and are working hard to finish by the end of September. “Things keep happening, going a little longer than planned.,” Adkins said. “So September or October.” Though they hope to have it finished sometime this fall, they won’t have their grand opening this year. “It’ll take a while to move everything, probably next spring sometime.” Adkins said. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a new car franchise; they will continue selling pre-owned automobiles. “It will still be a used car dealership, all we’re adding is a full service facility, and quick lube, we’re going to use Pennzoil, that’s basically to better serve our customers and build our client base.” Adkins said. Their current building, located on Wayne Road, receives a very small fraction of the traffic on Rombach, and is one reason for the move. “Rombach was a better place, due to traffic count. That’s where all the businesses are.” Adkins said.

Not only are restaurants, clothing stores, and fast food restaurants located there, but also other car dealerships. “Being out there will help create a kind of auto mall atmosphere. Someone going to Bush, or Weston Auto Sales, anyone at that end of town is going to see our cars too.” Adkins said. Timing is also key in a move like this. Changing locations wasn’t recently decided. They have been toying around with the idea of moving for six to seven years. “We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. But when I moved back here from Midland, Michigan, we decided to move forward.” Adkins said. Not just location, but building size too, is holding them back. And they intend to correct that. “We’re kind of stuck in this building. It’s just too small for where we’re at and what we’re doing. We’re on top of each other, and need to move to a bigger building.” said. Though they share partial ownership of Clinton County Motor Sports, located at 6002 US Hwy 68 North, Wilmington Auto Center is a family owned business. “My father started it back in 1976.” Adkins said. Overall, the Adkins family hopes that this move will be beneficial to both the consumers and the business.

Construction continues on the tennis courts

photo chas wiederhold

august 25, 2008

point/counter point

Jessica Maus

staff writer It’s a typical Friday night for Wilmington High School’s football team, cheerleaders, and fans. The football players are suiting up, wearing their school’s colors with pride and the cheerleaders are primping and preparing to cheer their team on to another victory at Alumni Field. Fans are tailgating up on the hill by the score board, booster club members are prepping for the nights concession sales, or so they wish. For the first time Wilmington High School and Wilmington College will share fields. The football players will not be suiting up in their locker rooms and playing on the field they have come to know for years. The cheerleaders will not be cheering to crowd in Alumni Field’s stands, instead they will be looking up into Wilmington College’s stands. It is my first year as a varsity cheerleader, but is not my first time cheering at Alumni Field. It won’t be the same, cheering at a different field and sharing it with Wilmington College. Why not just improve the field, we It won’t be the have lighting, it’s not our same, cheering at a fault Wilmington College doesn’t have lighting. different field and Honestly our school has more important things to sharing it with the be doing with that money such as improving the college. track or the softball and Jessica maus baseball fields. Wilmstaff writer ington High School has played on that field for years, why change now? I completely understand that it’s turf, and that’s big for Wilmington, but would someone rather play on their field that they have come to know for years or travel somewhere else just to play on turf and get rid of so many Friday night traditions that take place? To me it’s not worth it. There is so much history at Alumni Field. We are paying to light Wilmington College’s field, when only our varsity football team will be playing on the “famous” turf everyone is so excited about. Our junior varsity and freshman teams will still play at Alumni Field, our soccer teams and lacrosse teams will continue to play there as well. I say if one team has to be moved they all do. It’s only fair. Some teams are mad they don’t get to play there, and then again some are happy. That typical Friday night will now change. No more suiting up in the locker rooms at Alumni Field, or running out onto the field from the locker rooms, no more tailgating up by the score boards, no more fans filling the orange and black seats, no more loud explosions from the cannon every time our team scores, it is all just a memory now.

In the end, playing at the college will be beneficial to the athletic department as a whole

hurricane 300 Richardson Place Wilmington, OH 45177 937.382.7716

The hurricane is a student-produced newspaper published eight times each year by Karlee Blanchard the Wilmington High School newswriting class. opinions editor All printing costs are paid through adverAs the 2008-2009 football season approaches, so does tising revenues. the continued disagreement regarding the location of FriThe purpose of the hurricane is to inday night Football. No longer will the games be held at the form and entertain the students of Wilmington Alumni Field, but will take place on a brand new turf field High School and the members of the commuwith new night lighting. The controversy: this is not home nity. It is an open forum for student, faculty, of the Hurricanes, but the home of the Quakers; orange staff, and community expression. versus green. Friday night football hasn’t gone away, it The hurricane is a member of the Ohio has only moved across town. This ordeal is nothing to Scholastic Media Association (OSMA) and the stress over. Journalism Education Association (JEA). Student athletes are Letters to the editor are encouraged. concerned about the Playing on the They must be signed; however, names may be change in tradition, and withheld if the editorial board determines that the change of familiarity, new college field is the situation warrants it. In addition, the staff but they must see the benreserves the right to edit material for length, efits to the decision made. going to help the grammar, libel, poor taste, or obscenity. The decision was made All signed columns are the views of the many different issues to benefit the football writer only and do not necessarily reflect the and athletic program as a the athletic departviews of other staff members, faculty, or the whole. administration. Not playing at the ment would run into. traditional Alumni Field Staff editorials (those without bylines) Karlee Blanchard are the consensus of the editorial board, who will help keep the field up to par for the other sports opinions editor makes the final decision concerning the conthat use the field, such as tent of the newspaper. lacrosse. A better kept field could help keep the Editor-in-chief: Ashleigh Achor athletes a little safer as they play. There are also issues with the facilities at Alumni Field. The bleacher seating is Managing Editor: Chris Clevenger falling apart, and the athletic department just doesn’t have News Editors: Katie Swindler the money to replace all of that. The restroom facilities are Opinions Editor: Karlee Blanchard also not up to the standards they would like. At the end of Features Editor: Madison Law the day, playing at the new college field is going to help the Sports Editor: Chas Wiederhold many different issues the athletic department would have Asst. Sports Editor: Sam Stewart run into. Also the facilities at the college strengthen our chances Entertainment Editor: Libby Wetterhan of hosting state events, which will bring in revenue. The Design Editor: Chas Wiederhold facilities at Alumni Field are not ready to host any large event, and it would be a pricy investment that they cannot Asst. Design Editor.: Patrick Blouin Web Editor/Business & Ads: Chris Clevenger afford at this time. The decision was not soley based on the new turf and Asst. Web Editor: Neil Vance night lighting. And the relocation would still have been considered without the new. Statistics show that a turf field can help prevent, or Staff Writers: Lauren Showen, Jessica Maus, lower the number of injuries on the field. The athletes all around deserve a safe place to play. The field also may help their performance. Turf fields often help athletes run Advisor: Maggie Krohne faster versus the grass on Alumni Field. Yes, its change, and yes it is not what the students want, but it’s what they get. If anything, they should be at least Letters to the editor should be sent to Wilmington High School room 214. Letters may half-way excited about playing on a new turf field. This may even help the team play better. It takes young people discuss previous articles or columns published longer to adjust to change, but something as minute as this in the hurricane, or other newsworthy issues. is ridiculous. It wasn’t a decision made by one person, or a selfish decision. The decision was made to help keep the students safe, and have the best facilities to offer the hurricane fans.

photo illustration/Chas Wiederhold & Patrick Blouin


Friday night football at Alumni Field is a tradition that should not end because of a turf field


h hurricane

Friday night football controversy



hurricane | THE EYE | august 22, 2008

Brent Carey Assistent Principal

photo/Chris Clevenger

Brian Wallingford Theater Department

photos/Madison Law

features editor

Madison Law

photo/Madison Law Law photo/Madison

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Rob Stuckert Math & English

nd go nds, nd o to o ssee eee m oovie vie vies ies, ie s, ily and friends, movies, nd sho nd shows, wsss,, or ws, o jjust us hang ust h han ha concerts and with his h s cat caat Bai B ailey. ley le ley. ey out at homee with Bailey. ford rdd iss looki llooking ook oo ooking ooki oking g Wallingford ett eetti tti tt tingg tto ti o kn kknow noow w hhis iiss Year after year without fail, the forward to ggetting co-workerss aand ndd sstudents. tude dents nts. ts ts ts. first day of school is full of new “This year going aweearr iiss ggo ing n tto o bbee aw weethings. New hairstyles on friends some. I am so happy be back m s o ha h p pp ppy y to o b e ba b ck ck people haven’t seen all sumhome,” Wallingford alli llli l ng ngfo ngford gford ssaid. aid. aid id “Th ““The “T he mer, new clothes, the latest, new Home of the Hurricane.” he Hurr Hur ur ica ican ccane. can e.” e.” technology and of course, new In addition on tto o a ne nnew ew fa ew fface fac acce iin n teachers. the theatre de ddepartment, depa dep e rt rrtm ttm meent, m nntt, t WH WHS W HS HS is is This year, Wilmington High also gaining Vice Princig a nnew ew V ew iicccee Prin ice P Pr rin nci cciiSchool welcomes three new pal. Brent C Carey, graduate arey eyy, a grad duate uaaat uat ate tee of of teachers into its halls. Bryan Miami University grew versity ver sity ty y gr gre g rew w up u p i in n Wallingford, Brent Carey and Lebanon, Ohi Ohio has spent O h o an aand nd hha as ssp pent e en Rob Stuckert will be joining the many yearss aass bo teacher bboth oth h a tte eeaacher che h and d staff on Aug. 20 for the 2008administrator. to tor. or. r 2009 year. “From a very young vver ery e y yyou ou ounng g aage ge I ge New in the WHS theatre deein eing i a tteacher,” eacher, eacher,” ea er,” rr, partment is Bryan Wallingford, a thought of bbeing graduate of Wilmington College. Carey said.. At Miami, Carey gained mi, C Care reeey y ga ain ned “My experience there, [Wilmsocial degree degree ee iin n sso ocial cia ci iiaal ington College] was great,” Wall- a Bachelorss degr studies education, minored uccatio ati at tion onn,, aand nnd dm inored inored inor d ingford said. “At WC I received spent hy. Carey hy Care rey ey then en spe en sp nt nt a fine liberal arts education, awe- in geography. history teacher his istory tory o y te ttea eeache cher hheeerr aatt her some new friendships, and TONS 9 years as a hi Miami Trace School ccee H Hig High igh Sc S chool ch oll aan and nd of great roles on stage.” 5 years as aan Assistant Principal n As A sist sist s an ant nntt Prin Pr P rin ncip cip cci iipa ppaal As for goals for the school at Miami Trace High. Traaccee Junio JJunior unio unior nio i rH Hi iggh gh. h. year, Wallingford wants to conCarey said hhis iss eexperience xp ience xper iencce aat both bbot ootth tinue and expand on the theatre schools was positive. ass posi pos ositive tive. tive i excellence at WHS and, “securSeveral of Carey Carey’s C arey arey’s r ’ss ggoals rey oals lss ffor fo or or ing Wilmington High School’s the school yyear include working ear ar inc in incl nnclude nc ude ud d w work or orking ing in ng ng place as the best high school hard for thee stu students st udden dent ent en s an en and nd hel he hhelping elp lpi lpin pi g pin theatre in the region.” strati st raatiioon. onn. n. Wallingford majored in theatre the administration. “To help Wilmington p Wil W ilming il min m ming i t ton to on o n High H igh ig g and secondary education and had School be a ggreat place rea reeeaat ppl lace aacc to to learn llearn.” eaar arn..”” a minor in English. Previously, Carey said.. Wallingford taught at both StebIn his spare aree time, tim imee,, C Carey aarey reey said rey sa sai aid bins High School and Archbishop he enjoys play playing yin yin ying yi ng go ggolf olf lf aand nd Alter High School, both in the spending time with mee w wi ith h hhis is kkids. is ids. ids ds. ds Dayton area. Carey is loo looking oooking ing ngg for fo war forward ward aard rdd to t In his free time, Wallingford the upcoming and, ing ng g s school sch ch o ool oo o ol y year aand d,, likes to spend time with his fam-

New staff personel, building and technology changes greet students as they return for the school year.

photos/Patrick Blouin

pared to daylight hours),” Bone said. “Chilled water is used to “ cool the t buildings during daylight hours, hours and then the process of generating ice starts over. This gener will signifi cantly lower the cost si of electricity for the two buildele ings.” Lighting upgrades have also Lig taken place district wide looking to save sav a large amount of money for each ea building. “The “Th lighting in all of the buildings has been or will be rebuildi placed with lower wattage bulbs and ballasts,” said Bone. “Moba tion sensors and natural lightse ing m monitors will be installed in select sele e ct rooms and areas. This will reduce redu duc uc our electric usage, without reducing the amount of light that reedu red redu ed duc du iss given giv ive ive v off.” General technology and food Gen Gen Ge changes cha cchan ch hhan ang have also taken place in in all all ll buildings. All computers are updated to the new arree be ar bbeing e Microsoft Office 2007 system, Micr M iic o icr removing Star Office from all remo re remo emo m v hard New machines have hard ha ardd drives. d been bee bee be eeen een ddistributed to the Journalism iisssm m and an Business classrooms and old machines have had memory olld o ld m upgrades as well. Lunch pricupgr u up pgr p gr a gr ing in in ng g in in all buildings has slightly increased from last year after apin incr in inc nc ncr cr creeaa proval prrro prov p ov o va of the board, Bone said. With Wit changes taking place in Wi Wit all and the first week alll bu bbuildings u of coming to a close, of classes cla la students stu stud st tuden tu en should be set to enjoy the hee ne h nnext e 35 weeks of this energy effi effffi fi ficcient ciie and ‘green’ school year. ci cie

Handicap Accessible Side Walks

WHS Central Air Ice Chillers


5 hurricane | THE EYE | august 22, 2008

h hurricane


august g 22, 2008

sports p



Cross Country

08/23/08 @ Wilmington College 9:00am 08/30/08 @ Miamisburg Invitational 9:00am 09/03/08 @ Western Brown Invitational 5:00pm 09/09/08 Wilmington Invitational 4:30pm 09/17/08 @ Georgetown Invitational 4:30pm 09/20/08 @ Bellbrook Invitational TBA 09/24/08 @ Franklin Invitational 4:00pm 09/27/08 @ Cedarville Invitational 11:30am 10/01/08 Clinton County Meet 4:30pm 10/11/08 @ Milford FAVC Tournament 10:00am 10/18/08 OHSA Districts 10/25/08 OHSA Regionals Home meets are ran on the WHS and ROBMS campuses


08/26/08 vs. Amelia 4:00pm 08/28/08 vs. Dayton Christian 4:30pm 09/03/08 @ Kings 4:30pm 09/09/08 vs. Walnut Hills 4:00pm 09/11/08 @ Clinton County Tournament 4:00pm 09/13/08 @ Hadley Classic TBA 09/15/08 @ LaSalle Invitational 1:00pm 09/16/08 @ Turpin 4:00pm 09/22/08 vs. Lebanon 4:00pm 09/23/08 @ FAVC Tournament 9:00am All home matches are played at Snow Hill Country Club

08/22/08 @ West Carrollton 08/29/08 vs. Miami Trace 09/05/08 @ Northwest 09/12/08 vs. Edgewood Trenton 09/19/08 @ Loveland 09/26/08 vs. Little Miami 10/03/08 vs. Amelia 10/10/08 @ Kings 10/17/08 vs. Walnut Hills 10/24/08 @ Turpin All home games are at WC Townsend Field All games are at 7:30pm

Girl’s Soccer

Boy’s Soccer 08/23/08 @ McNicholas 12:00pm 08/26/08 vs. West Carrollton 7:00pm 09/02/08 @ Waynesville 7:00pm 09/04/08 vs. Little Miami 7:00pm 09/06/08 @ Hillsboro 12:00pm 09/09/08 @ Mt. Healthy 7:00pm 09/11/08 vs. Amelia 7:00pm 09/18/08 @ Kings 7:00pm 09/20/08 @ Miami Trace 12:00pm 09/25/08 vs. Walnut Hills 7:00pm 09/30/08 @ Ross 7:00pm 10/04/08 @ Xenia 1:00pm 10/06/08 @ Turpin 7:00pm 10/09/08 vs. Fairborn 7:00pm All home matches are played on Alumni Field

Girls Tennis 08/25/08 vs. Winton Woods 4:00pm 08/26/08 vs. Amelia 4:00pm 08/27/08 vs. Talawanda 4:00pm 09/02/08 @ Kings 4:00pm 09/03/08 @ Miami Trace 4:00pm 09/04/08 vs. Greeneview 4:30pm 09/08/08 vs. Waynesville 4:00pm 09/09/08 vs. Walnut Hills 4:00pm 09/11/08 @ GCTCA TBA 09/16/08 @ Turpin HS 4:00pm 09/17/08 vs. Blanchester 4:00pm 09/18/08 vs. Harrison HS 4:00pm 09/23/08 @ Hamilton HS 4:00pm 09/24/08 @ FAVC Tournament @ Turpin TBA Matches prior to Sept 1- Denver Williams Park Matches post Sept 1- WHS Courts

Boy’s Golf

graphics/ chas wiederhold

Volleyball 08/23/08 @ Waynesville Quad Tournament 10:00am 08/25/08 @ Northeastern 7:00pm 08/30/08 vs. Washington Court House 12:00pm 09/03/08 @ Fairborn 7:00pm 09/03/08 @ Little Miami 7:00pm 09/06/08 vs. Wilmington Invitational 10:00am 09/09/08 @ Amelia 7:00pm 09/11/08 vs. Kings 7:00pm 09/16/08 @ Walnut Hills 7:00pm 09/18/08 Turpin 7:00pm 09/23/08 Little Miami 7:00pm 09/24/08 @ Clinton County Tournament 4:00pm 09/25/08 vs. Amelia 7:00pm 09/30/08 @ Kings 7:00pm 10/01/08 vs. Walnut Hills 7:00pm 10/06/08 vs. Greenfield 7:00pm 10/07/08 @ Turpin 7:00pm All home games are played in the middle school gym

08/23/08 vs. Stebbins 7:00pm 08/26/08 @ West Carrollton 7:00pm 09/03/08 vs. Norwood 7:00pm 09/06/08 vs. Miami Trace 7:00pm 09/09/08 @ Little Miami 7:00pm 09/10/08 @ Fayetteville-Perry 6:30pm 09/13/08 vs. Hillsboro 7:00pm 09/16/08 @ Amelia 7:00pm 09/20/08 vs. Fairfield-Leesburg 7:00pm 09/23/08 vs. Kings 7:00pm 09/27/08 @ Fairborn 1:00pm 09/30/08 @ Walnut Hills 10/04/08 vs. Lynchburg-Clay 12:00pm 10/07/08 vs. Turpin 7:00pm 10/11/08 @ Clinton Massie 12:00pm All home matches are played on Alumni Field

Girl’s Golf 08/25/08 vs. Anderson 4:00pm 08/27/08 vs. Loveland 4:00pm 08/28/08 @ Northwest 4:00pm 09/02/08 vs. Springboro 4:00pm 09/04/08 @ Anderson/Little Miami 4:00pm 09/08/08 vs. Northwest 4:00pm 09/09/08 @ Massie 4:00pm 09/11/08 @ Kings/Glen Este 3:15 09/15/08 @ Massie/Northeastern 4:00pm 09/16/08 @ FAVC Tournament 8:00am 09/17/08 vs. McClain 4:00pm All home matches are played at Snow Hill Country Club

august g 25, 2008


Rulon keeps interests at heart


all the kids and having the experiences of an old athlete. But it was lot different being the coach instead of the athlete. ‘In so many situations, I was like man I know what to do right now…” Rulon said. Not only did Rulon found time to give back to the community in two different outlets but he also found time to form a band with a few buddies that were also Wilmington Alum including Chris Stanforth, Brian Woodell, Rob Stuckert, and Seth Cox. Rulon became the lead singer of Richardson Cambo, which gets its name locally from Wilmington street names. The two year old band focuses on music from the fifties to today and plays at local venues such as Max and Erma’s. After already involving himself in so much, Rulon once again reached back to his wrestling roots and began to study Martial Arts that is based off wrestling, causing participants to ‘punch like a boxer and kick like karate’. Rulon has been studying as an amateur and will be moving all around Ohio to different tournaments and competitions. His first tournament will be coming up in October in Chillicothe. “It was hard to come back to competing when I hadn’t since college, especially with something new to me. Even though avoiding the injury would have made life a lot easier, I wouldn’t change anything about it,” Rulon said. Even though life has thrown Rulon some curve balls, he has found a successful way to combine all of his passions. He helps children gain justice, he helps college students with


that are still important to me today,” Rulon said. editor-in-chief After graduating, Rulon enWhen many high school seniors rolled at West Liberty State Collook at the future, they see decisions. lege where he pursued his wrestling Should they go to college? If so, what career. He became very successful as college should they attend? When they he won several tournaments, ranked get there, what do they major in? It is in the country and even traveled to a common advice to think about their the national tournament. However passions, what they care about and life seemed to take a turn and Rulon combine them and make that their cawas injured. So instead of pursuing reer. This is exactly what 1994 Wilmsomething more in wrestling, Rulon ington High School Graduate Jeff graduated from college with a major Rulon did. in sociology. As a high school student Rulon fell After completing college and in love with a variety of activities. He returning to Wilmington, Rulon was on the wrestling team, he loved to became an investigator for children sing and participated in many theatservices in Clinton County, working rical productions. However, Rulon every day to solve cases involving ultimately found inspiration from the abuse, assault and neglect. leaders in the school, including former “My job is the investigative asprincipal Ron Sexton and his wrespect. When we get a new case, I try tling coach Jeff Wiederhold. to find out the truth so the counsel“I really received a well rounded ors know how to fix the problems,” education. Coach Wiederhold and Ron Rulon said. Sexton really taught me a lot of values Rulon also got married and had a child. It wasn’t long before Rulon got the chance to become the assistant wrestling coach at Wilmington College, helping young adults with something that had inspired and challenged himself. “It was a great way to give back to photo/contributed Rulon on the Varsity Wrestling team (center)

Ashleigh Achor


Jeff Rulon


something they love, and he still sings and still competes in a new interest, Martial Arts. “I work hard in a lot of things and stay busy, but I couldn’t do it without the support from my wife and daughter and the lessons from Ron Sexton and Jeff Wiederhold. Rulon said. When it comes to high school students today trying to figure what road they should travel down, Rulon has some advice. “Work really hard and never give up in something you love. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and fail, I’ve made my share of mistakes but that is how you learn,” Rulon said. “That is the main thing don’t ever quit.”

august 25, 2008




Chicago Sun-Ti


The Dark Knig





A smashing performance by christian Bale, the d Maggie an er dg Le late Heath By far the best Gyllenhaal, ase ever. Batman releetterhan -Libby W


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As always, Will Smith’s performanceionwas except line al. The plot, but hat imaginitive was somewac ross the screen ay didn’t pl very well. etterhan -Libby W



Chicago Sun-Ti






Wall-E a w s heart warming, hilarious, and enjoy f any age. o e n o able for anythe movies I saw Out of all er, this one left this summg out of the me walkinith a smile. theatre w -Libby n Wetterha graphic/Libby Wetterhan



With an anticipated Batman sequel, another superhero movie and family-oriented comedy, 2008’s top three summer blockbuster hits were a smash as of Aug. 19.


Top Three Summer Box Office Hits


Issue 1: 2008 - 2009  

Issue 1: 2008 - 2009