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contents February 2021 cover story 14 Winter Boredom Busters

baby 8 Welcome to BabyHood!

An exciting new group for expecting and new parents featuring local experts and resources.



11 Snow Day, Snow Play Fun ideas to sharpen skills in the snow.

12 7 Easy Activities to


Keep Winter Fun

Winter weather doesn’t have to keep you from having fun!

12 teen

13 Teens and Screens


in every issue 9 Snack

Nutella Stuffed French Toast

A special Valentine’s Day Treat for your whole family.


February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

Practical tips for keeping your teen’s eyes healthy.


20 Fun New Ways to Reconnect for a Date Night

Local moms share their ideas to spice up your date nights.

home 22 Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Do you need to invest in cleaning your ducts?


Happy February! As the winter months drag on, you start to run out of ideas of things to do to keep everyone active! We have compiled a list of 50 activities to easily help combat that winter boredom in our Annual “Winter Boredom Busters!” You will find activities available in our community as well as some easy activities you can do at home! Make sure to share your family fun on social media and tag #thehoodmagazine in pictures when you are doing things on the list! We can’t wait to see you having fun as a family! February is all about Valentine’s Day and we could all use some extra love right now! We have a Valentines snack to make as a family and check out our website for fun Valentine crafts to make. If you are looking for something to do as a couple check out our Date Night ideas! We asked local couples to let us know what they do for unique date night ideas! We hope it gives you some ideas whether you are going out or staying in. Nate and I have been together a long time and we set a goal to try and do a date night each month. A couple of times a year we think of things we have never done before together...which is hard when you have been together over 20 years! But we always still manage to find fun ways to reconnect and spend time together! Whether you do something big or small, make sure you take time for just the two of you!


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We are so much more than a magazine. We are here to meet you where you’re at in life. You’ll find us in the community, online and in our printed issues, which are always FREE! If you haven’t visited our website yet, you’ll want to check it out. There, you’ll find exclusive content not available in print! Here is what you’ll find this month:

Let’s Create at MoVM

This month the Museum of Visual Materials is back with a fun Unicorn Valentine’s Bag craft! With just a few supplies, your child can have a unique Valentine’s bag and you can create a memory that will last for years to come!

5 Signs It Is Time for Assisted Living

As your children are getting older, so are your parents. Have you started thinking about the next phase of life for your parents? The wonderful people over at Trail Ridge Senior Living Community give us some practical tips for when that day comes for your family.

Home is Where the Heart Is...So Let’s Talk About It!

February is The American Heart Association’s Heart Awareness Month and Balanced Life Chiropractic gives us some practical ways to teach our kids about how our heart works and how to keep it healthy! Find some great resources over at thehoodmagazine.com

Community Directories at Your Fingertips: Did you know that ‘Hood has Childcare, Camp, Preschool and Birthday Party Planning Directories that are available to you by just scanning this QR Code and going directly to our website? Resources for your busy life at your fingertips...courtesy of ‘Hood Magazine!

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Tackling Sleep Difficulties in Children

Community Sponsors

Sleep is one of our basic human needs and if we are not getting enough of it, many other systems in our body can be affected. Our friends at Behavior Care Specialists offer some tips to try for changing sleep habits in your home online this month!


The Real Value of a Home Inspection

Now that you have found your dream home in Sioux Falls, let our knowledgeable home inspectors help you really get to know your home—inside and out—before you take the final plunge.



Yellow Brick Road



Calling All Educators!

Our annual Educator of the Year Issue is coming up in April and we need YOU to tell us about the wonderful educators in the Sioux Empire! Lift up your favorite preschool to 6th grade educator with some words of praise and encouragement for all that they do! Our ‘Hood panel will read through all of the nominations and choose a winner that will be announced in our April issue. Every educator will also receive a certificate honoring their work in our schools and their nomination will be displayed on www.thehoodmagazine.com for you to proudly share on your social media pages as well!

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Hurry over to our website to fill out the nomination form as nominations will be closing on February 25th!

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |



baby ‘hood



Imagine a place where you can connect with others. Give and offer support and learn from the experts. As the community parenting resource, we knew it was time to offer such a place. If you are planning for a baby, pregnant or have a child under the age of one...this is the place for you! Join us in our private Babyhood Facebook group, as we take on the hard topics and conversations, the must-knows and must-haves. Join now by searching for Babyhood-

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Cash in on cleaning out your kids closets Bring in the clothes, shoes and accessories your kids no longer wear! EARN


Don’t let the winter blues get you down this winter. Head over to our website to check out our entire list of fun activities to keep you moving all winter long. Simply scan this QR code to get to our calendar and you’ll be set!

SPOT FOR ALL seasons ALL year



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Nutella and Strawberry


French Toast Start this Valentine’s Day off with a sweet treat. INGREDIENTS: 3 Large eggs 2/3 Cups of Milk ¼ Teaspoon Vanilla 8 Slices of Bread ½ Cup Nutella 8-10 Strawberries: Cleaned and sliced

PLAY ALONG AT HOME OR ON OUR OUTDOOR PRAIRIE. Find Recipes for Play on our blog! prairieplay.org/seize-the-play

INSTRUCTIONS: Whisk together eggs, milk and vanilla. With a sharp knife or cookie cutter, cut out a heart shape from each slice of bread.

Scan to Play along!

Dip into egg mixture and cook in skillet or griddle. Layer your French toast with Nutella and fresh strawberries! Add some whipped cream or powdered sugar for an extra touch! l

Brookings, SD


February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


Your Great Plains Zoo IS OPEN

361 Days a year Winter fun has never been more


Connect with us!

805 S. Kiwanis Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 605-367-7003 greatzoo.org



5129 S Solberg Ave Sioux Falls SD 57108

605-553-9910 10 |

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

child by Megan Johnke, Lifescape

Snow Day, Snow Play!

Living in the upper Midwest, we usually get our fair share of snow. While a snow day is great for hot chocolate, movies, and blowing the dust off a board game or two, it can also serve as a great medium for sensory play and learning activities. Work on those overhand throwing skills by making snow balls and throwing them at a target! Overhand throwing skills begin developing between 18-24 months and are typically mature by 10 years of age (Hint – encourage mature step and throw by stepping forward with the opposite foot from the throwing hand). Snow writing – spelling words, letter formation, etc. can all be done with paint in the snow. Fill condiment squeeze bottles (available for about $1 each at retail stores) with water and food coloring. Neon food coloring will give more vibrant colors, and Kool-Aid packets could replace food coloring to add scent! (Bonus – squeezing the bottle also helps build grip strength!) Up your science experiment game, with the benefit of keeping the mess outside! Make a snow volcano with just a few simple ingredients you probably have around the house. Put a cup in the snow and build a volcano structure around it. Fill the cup with baking soda and food coloring (optional), add white vinegar and watch it erupt!

Heavy work is great to calm a sensory system that is overstimulated. Good old fashioned shoveling or brooming snow is a great way to help kids who are feeling disorganized, need help to calm down, or are feeling stressed. Scooping snow will have a positive impact on their sensory system and give them a sense of accomplishment. A reward of hot chocolate or cider when finished never hurts either. (Tip: kids with ADHD or sensory processing challenges may benefit from short periods of heavy ‘snow’ work between challenging tasks). Sledding, even on a small slope, gives a double benefit of heavy work and vestibular stimulation. Our vestibular system helps with postural adjustments, perception of movement, and tells us our position in space. Vestibular input can have a lasting effect and paired with the heavy work of climbing back up the hill for another ride, we can let nature provide the perfect activity for sensory stimulation. There are so many benefits to getting your kids outside for winter activities. The creative and independent play, the exercise and fresh air—plus happy memories that will last a lifetime. l


by Sanford Children’s CHILD Services

7 easy activities to

Keep Winter Fun Are the brutal sub-zero temperatures, blizzards and short days keeping your little ones cooped up indoors? If your kids are bored and wondering what to do in the winter, try treating their cabin fever with these fun winter activities. 1. I ndoor Ice Skating. Make indoor ice skates. Put plastic grocery sacks over your child’s feet and tie or tape them around your child’s ankles. Let your child know what area of the house is the skating pond. This activity works well with carpet and wood floors. 2. B  uild a Fort. Grab some blankets, chairs and whatever else you can find and build a nice cozy fort. Bring in some books and a flashlight and do some reading together. 3. O  bstacle Course. Gather couch cushions, cardboard boxes and some random toys and take turns creating different obstacle courses to run, crawl and jump through. A big open area adds more fun to this adventure.

12 |

pictures of the items on a piece of paper. Draw the pictures yourself or draw them with your child. Ask your child to go to another room while you hide the items. Once they are all hidden let the search and find begin. Take turns as to who hides the items and who searches for the items.

6. B  alloon Ping Pong. All you need for this activity is a balloon (no helium required), two craft sticks and two paper plates. Glue or tape the paper plates onto the craft sticks so the sticks act as a handle. Blow up the balloon and bat the balloon back and forth using your new ping-pong paddles.

4. M  usic & Dancing. Crank up some good dancing music and get your groove on. This is a good way to get the wiggles out and have some fun moving and grooving.

7. S  now Dough. Make some snow dough out of eight cups of flour and one cup of baby oil (food coloring can be added if you want more colorful snow dough). Make snow sculptures or use cookie cutters, rolling pins, etc. to make pretend snow cookies. Store your snow dough in a plastic container.

5. S  cavenger Hunt. Gather up some items you can hide around the house for your child to find. Create a guide for your child to use by drawing

Do not let the freezing temperatures put a chill on your winter fun. These indoor activities for kids will help keep the winter blues away. l

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

teen by Dr. Ashley Gentrup, Visions Eye Care + Vision Therapy Center

screens Teens

and the eyes With most everyone using computers and digital technology more than ever, it is important to understand that our eyes are not designed to be focused on a digital screen for hours at a time. This is difficult to navigate in the teenage years as so much of your teen’s schoolwork and social connections are tied to electronic devices. It is helpful to encourage non-screen related activities with your teens to occupy their time. However, when screen time is unavoidable, we recommend applying the 20-20-20 rule to prevent visual symptoms: For every 20 minutes of screen time, take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away.

• • • • •

Tired or strained eyes Dry eyes Headaches Sensitivity to light Red eyes

Love what you see.

It is also important to watch for signs of visual strain with your child. Signs that your teen may be having difficulty looking at a computer screen, tablet or smart phone, include: • Neck pain • Blurred vision •D  ifficulties with attention

Special lenses can be prescribed that are designed to help reduce the strain and are available to help individuals who need glasses full time or just need some assistance while working on devices. If your teen complains of any of the above, a comprehensive eye exam can help determine the cause and best course of action. l

WE’LL HELP YOUR CHILD SEE THE (RIGHT) LIGHT. f re e u p g ra de to b l u e l i g h t f i l te r i n g a n t i - g l a re l e n ses .


6201 S. Minnesota Ave. (605) 274.6717

visions@sdvisions.com sdvisions.com

Free upgrade available with any glasses purchase through March, 2021.

VSNS238-February HOOD Ad 1/4 R2.indd 1

1/12/21 11:47 AM




in the Sioux Empire

When the weather begins to turn colder, the natural instinct for many of us is to curl up inside and hibernate until the snow melts in the spring. However, cold temps can lead to lots of fun and we are highlighting 50 fun things to do in the Sioux Empire this winter! Check as many as you can off of this list and make sure to share your adventures with us on our social media channels!


Make Homemade Valentines Bust out those paints, scissors and all the glitter! Add a homemade touch to their valentines this year. Send them to grandparents or aunts and uncles too!


Ice Skating Rinks Sioux Falls Parks and Rec has multiple skating rinks throughout town to provide hours of family fun. Check out the full list on www.thehoodmagazine.com.


Great Bear www.greatbearpark.com Great way to spend the day together as a family! We have options from tubing, snowboarding and skiing and all the gear you will need. Visit our website for updated hours, to purchase tickets and more!


Homemade Pizza Party Get together everyone’s favorite toppings and make your own perfect pizza creation! Throw in a family movie and you’ll be set for the night!


Reach Literacy Swing by Reach Literacy and pick up a few books to snuggle up and read with the kids. Kids can choose five free books from a large selection on each visit!

14 |


February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

All American Gymnastics Academy www.allamericangymnastics.com Bring your children to discover the amazing fun activities we have available at All American Gymnastics Academy. Come experience gymnastics, ninja, cheer, parkour, trampoline, inflatables, foam pits and much more.

directory Siouxland Libraries Did you know that the Siouxland Libraries regularly offers Make & Take Kits and Virtual Events? These are a fun way to try a new activity for a very affordable price.



Treat the family Let your children pick out some creative toppings for a hot cocoa bar and then snuggle up in front of the tv for a relaxing day watching your favorite family movies. Your kids will love the treat of a fun hot cocoa bar and you will love the added bonus of being able to relax and snuggle together!



SafeSplash Sioux Falls www.safesplash.com/locations/sioux-fallssouth-sd Missing warm weather? Enjoy 90-degree water with your kids today! Private Family Open Swim sessions fill fast. Up to 10 swimmers for 2 hours. Call Dan @ 612.670.5498 for details.

Throw a party! Do you have old or extra party supplies laying around somewhere? Let your kids decorate with streamers and balloons… they could even craft up some snow day party signs. Let them take the lead, it will be exciting for them to oversee the party planning details.


Sky Zone Sioux Falls www.skyzone.com/siouxfalls Exciting new ways to play ARE HERE! Don’t forget to check out our Toddler Time on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am-11:30am. As a reminder: Friday GLOW is 8pm-10pm!



Private Movie Showing Cinemark Theatres has affordable options to rent out a movie theatre for your family! You can choose from classics or new release movies and invite up to 20 people.


Paint a Memory Have you thought about picking up a ceramic or wooden paint project that the whole family can be a part of creating? There are multiple local businesses that offer DIY kits to try a new project that can be displayed for years to come!

Washington Pavilion www.washingtonpavilion.org Visit the Washington Pavilion this winter to break the winter blues. Children can experience Sioux Falls’ biggest indoor climbing area, explore tunnels, enroll in a winter class, perform on a small stage and so much more. Call 605-367-6000 to learn more!



Pay It Forward Give your children each a roll of quarters and a package of tape. Help them decorate little cards of encouragement with quarters attached and then head downtown to tape them to the meters.



Baking Day Some of the best memories are made in the kitchen! Let each of your kids look up a recipe and then make it together as a family. You can do one each week or do them all in one day... either way it is a great way to make memories! Inspiration Hills www.inspirationhills.org Do you have a child that wants to go back to summer camp or wants to experience camp for the first time? Check out Inspiration Hills’ 4th-6th Grade Winter Retreat Feb. 12th-13th! A jam-packed weekend of camp activities is sure to satisfy that summer camp itch for a few more months! Visit the website for more info!

Go Cotton Candy Crazy! Head downtown and pick up a fun cotton candy treat from Candy Cloud Factory and then drive by the falls while asking your kids conversation starter questions.




Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History www.greatzoo.org Your Great Plains Zoo is the premier spot for learning, discovery, and fun 361 days a year! Come see our Asian Cats and Fortress of the Bears this winter!

Plan a Maker’s Day Head to Harrisburg and spend time at The Maker’s Nook interactive art studio. From hands on art play to masterpiece projects there is something for everyone!


Children’s Museum of South Dakota www.prairieplay.org/seize-the-play/ The best place to play is everywhere! Visit our outdoor prairie, gift shop, and café. Play along at home with our Recipes for Play on our blog. Make your own snow or explore oobleck. Check our calendar for virtual activities!

16 |

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com


Family Game Night A classic way to spend a fun weekend in is to get out those games! Let each family member pick one game and play each one for a certain time. To make it more interesting, you can even add prizes for the winner!




Sledding! In addition to your neighborhood snow hills, Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation also has multiple sledding areas to check out. See the whole list on www.thehoodmagazine.com.


Start a Family Journal Choose one day per week and give each person a prompt or question to answer. Parents can write for the kids if they aren’t old enough to write and everyone can learn more about each other. It will be a keepsake for years to come!

LaunchPAD Children’s Museum www.launchpadmuseum.com LaunchPAD Children’s Museum in downtown Sioux City, is open 7 days a week for play and discovery. LaunchPAD features 7,000 square feet of educational hands-on exhibits.



Volunteer! One thing that Sioux Falls is amazing at is giving back! From the Banquet to the Humane Society, there are numerous opportunities for your whole family to give back.


Flyboy Donuts www.flyboydonuts.com Stop by Flyboy Donuts and let your kids pick out their favorite donuts and grab an oversized coloring page! You can also schedule a surprise delivery right to your home by ordering on our website!

30 Skate City www.skatecitysd.com Skating, Arcade Games, Redemption Prizes, and Concession Snacks. It’s Family Fun for everyone. Great for a fun day out or for Celebrations. Public skating times available as well as private rentals!

Escape! Escape rooms are not only great for team building with friends and co-workers but they are wonderful memories for the whole family! There are multiple options in Sioux Falls, too!


Learn How to Ice Fish Once the ice on area lakes is frozen solid, it can be fun to learn how to do this summertime favorite in the winter!


Dance the Day Away Let everyone add their own song choices and create a family play list. With a mixture of new and old songs, as well as some party favorites, a family dance day is sure to burn off the winter blues.


Hang Paper Snowflakes Paper snowflakes are easy to create with nearly any kind of paper. From computer paper to paper bags or tissue paper, everyone can make unique creations. February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |




Head to the Arcade Your kids will love playing Skee-Ball, Pinball and Press Your Luck games at the local arcades. Whether you hit up Electric Rainbow, The Fun Zone at Pizza Ranch or Thunder Road, there are lots of options to play the day away!


Have an Ice Cream Date Although the temps are chilly, ice cream is a yummy treat year-round! For a special treat, hit up Stensland’s Ice Cream, Parlour, or grab a Sub-Zero treat to go from Chef Ellen’s.


Stockyard Ag Experience www.stockyardsagexperience.org With two floors of interactive exhibits, kids can learn where their food comes from while playing in our modern, farm-to-table museum. Private play time also available.



Create a Scavenger Hunt Whether indoors or outdoors, scavenger hunts can be loads of fun any time of the year. Make up clues and then work together as a family to solve the clues! Bowling Bonanza Have fun at a local bowling alley! We have multiple bowling alleys in our area and they are a great way to enjoy a day full of family fun for an affordable price!



Galaxy Gaming www.thegalaxygaming.com Galaxy Gaming offers an out of this world Laser Tag arena, Virtual Reality and Gaming experience. Your ultimate entertainment destination.

18 |

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

Frontier Climbing and Fitness www.frontierclimbing.com Frontier Climbing is Sioux Falls’ premier rockclimbing facility offering Auto-Belays, Bouldering, Top Rope Climbing and Lead Climbing. Contact Frontier Climbing today to learn more about renting our event space or our ongoing activities.


Bring the snow inside Use a Rubbermaid tote and scoop up some snow for your children to enjoy. Dye some water with simple food coloring and put it into a squirt bottle to color the snow! Use cups and spoons to make your very own snow cone fun. Dig in the Sand Just because there is snow on the ground it doesn’t mean you can’t dig in the sand! Head down to Harrisburg and check out The Sandlot. You can drop in during an open dig or you can book your private dig time as well!




Shovel the Sidewalks for the Block After we have been cooped up inside from a snowstorm, we can burn off some energy by doing a good deed for our neighbors. Instead of just shoveling your sidewalk, do the whole street and show your neighbors how much they mean to you!



Wings Gymnastics Academy www.wingsgym.com/calendar/ Simple, SAFE and Fun! Come explore and activate senses in one of our weekly non-structured Open Gyms. Offering Day Time and Friday FUN Open Gym. Safe for all ages!

Snow, Snow and more Snow After you watch the snow fall from indoors, head outside and relive your childhood with your kids! Spend the afternoon creating snow angels, building snowmen and tunneling into worlds of your imagination in a snow tunnel.


Spend the Day in a Fort Create a large fort in your living room with all the blankets you can find! Once you’ve created your giant fort, the whole family can spend the day reading, snacking and snuggling!

43 44

Color the Snow Grab some affordable condiment squirt bottles from the dollar store and fill them with water and your favorite food coloring. The kids will have loads of fun creating artwork in the snow with their new “paints!”


Museum of Visual Materials www.sfmvm.com Curbside Crafts -craft project kits with supplies to go for an easy and creative crafting experience at home for adults and kids! Craft projects are added regularly and available for only $5!

Make a Snow Smoothie Using clean snow, some fruit and a little milk you can make a fresh snow smoothie! There are lots of recipes online and it’s so easy your kids can help too! You can check out the ones ‘Hood made at www.thehoodmagazine.com.


605 Ninja Academy www.605ninja.com 605 Ninja is a fabulous place to come and burn off some energy! We offer Ninja, Parkour, & Aerial Silk Classes. Open Gyms, Camps, Kids Night Out Events and more!

Write Letters to Veterans or the Elderly Winter can be a very lonely time for some people. Take an hour and help your children write a letter to residents at a local nursing home or the VA. The letters brighten the resident’s day and help to teach your children letter writing skills too!


February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |


parent by Hood Magazine

Fun New Ways to

Reconnect for a Date Night “We did the random date night challenge for our anniversary and had a lot of fun with it. A few of the “random” challenges we did were: 1. R  andomly walked down the snack, chip and candy aisles pointing and moving our hand up and down. When the other person said stop that was our snack for the night. 2. W  e put a bunch of fast-food restaurants in a bowl and picked one out. We then went through a drive-thru and said we wanted to order exactly what the car in front of us ordered but not to tell us what was on the order. 3. W  e then went home, ate our random supper, watched our movie and had our snacks and drinks. Since we can’t go many places it was a fun way to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We video taped it all so we could look back at it.” - Kaylee & Brian Vanorny




The ONLY childcare you will ever need! Programs for infants through12 years old. Stop in and check out our programs and teachers anytime! No appointment necessary.

OW ME TO APPLE TRE E! FOLL 4 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Apple Tree East 3309 E. 26th Street 605-339-9571

20 |

Apple Tree North 700 N. Sycamore 605-332-5581

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

Apple Tree Valhalla 4101 Valhalla Blvd. 605-361-7746

Apple Tree West 6400 W. 43rd Street 605-361-9875

“State Theatre! We went for our anniversary. It was easy to buy tickets online and they have socially distanced seating. They have amazing theatre chairs and great snack/drink options. We went to an earlier movie and then had dinner at Minerva’s!” - Katie & Gavin Wigg

“Travel up to Garretson and hit up O So Good, come back to town for dessert. The whole time using a list of conversation starter questions to ask each other questions. We do this occasionally on date nights to get to know each other better, and maybe find out what things have changed.” - Amy & Tom Ripley

“My husband and I went to JJs Axes and Ales for our anniversary a couple years ago! It was a BLAST! I didn’t really think I’d like it but it’s honestly one of my favorite dates we’ve ever done!” - Keisha & Ben Kenner l February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com |



by Foley’s Heating & AC, Inc.

Before You Get Your Ducts Cleaned The following statement is sure to raise some eyebrows... According to the EPA, the cleaning of ductwork has never been proven to reduce health risks in a home. Considering what we have all been living through for the past year, many of us have become increasingly aware of the air we breathe. Given that the only air quality we might be able to manage is that which exists in our homes and possibly workplace, it is only natural to consider that duct cleaning might improve air quality. Not so says the EPA. They also state that dirty ducts do not increase the amount of dust accumulation in a home. Studies show that typical household dust and particles adhere to ductwork and do not infiltrate the home. Does that mean that you should NEVER have your ducts cleaned? Of course not, but understanding the legitimate reasons is important and knowing how to improve your home’s air quality other ways is also important. Often homeowners are convinced their HVAC ducts harbor mold. Typically, if mold has infiltrated your HVAC system it is because of a specific reason and to simply have ducts cleaned without addressing the reason for the mold will only provide a temporary fix. Also, before you invest in the cleaning of ductwork you might consider having what you believe is mold tested. If a service provider is indicating a presence of mold ask for proof. If your ductwork has become home to rodents or insects, it is definitely time to have a professional

22 |

February 2021 | thehoodmagazine.com

cleaning of your ductwork performed. Other conditions that warrant the cleaning of ducts would be a buildup of debris or particles due to construction or remodeling that results in substances actually exiting HVAC registers. How can you maintain acceptable air quality in the home? Air filtration. You likely encountered instances over the past year where businesses and service facilities touted the use of in-duct air filtration devices. These devices distribute ionized hydroperoxide molecules. The hydroperoxide molecules attack airborne contaminants such as bacteria, mold and dander. It also charges the air particles it comes into contact with and causes them to stick together, making it easier for your air filter to remove the enlarged particles. The most common and affordable way to maintain air quality is to use high quality air filters and change them regularly. Be careful to not use a filter with such a high MERV rating that it inhibits air flow through your system. As always, your local HVAC professional can provide valuable insight into the ongoing maintenance of your home’s HVAC system. l

Join for







Experience All-Access Membership Enroll or renew your monthly membership and experience our engaging, interactive and hands-on art and science museums for only $1/month for the next 3 months.* • Early ticket access to select shows ahead of the public • 10% off at Leonardo’s Café and camps and classes • Exclusive members-only events • And much more

Call 605-367-6000 or visit www.WashingtonPavilion.org/membership *Adjusts to regular monthly plan pricing ($5.99 or $9.99) after first three payments are complete. Only applies to monthly payment plan that begin by Feb 28, 2021.


CARE THAT FITS YOUR PREGNANCY Whether it’s your first or fourth, every pregnancy is different and exciting. Prepare for your new adventure by finding the provider ready to help make your experience everything you’ve imagined. Visit womens.sanfordhealth.org to find a provider in your area.

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The Hood Magazine- February 2021  

New February issue, 50 winter boredom busters

The Hood Magazine- February 2021  

New February issue, 50 winter boredom busters