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Winter 2019 / theholisticparent.ca


MARKETPLACE etsywaterlooregion.com

Local Typographic Maps & Custom Birth Announcements!


Modern Aromatherapy Jewellery Handmade in Kitchener


IRONWOOD NORTH DESIGN www.ironwoodnorthdesign.com


The Holistic Parent is thrilled to be working with Etsy Waterloo Region to help promote local makers and their products. If you are a member of EtsyWR or a vendor at an EtsyWR show and would like to be included on this page in a future issue, please contact Elaine Kapogines at elaine@wiltshiremedia.ca.



Winter 2019


Direct billing available | wellnessteamonqueen.com 519.220.0888 | 39 Queen st. e., Cambridge

• Nutrition consultations • Food sensitivity testing • Breastfeeding support: Lactation Consultant • Hormone balancing • Adrenal fatigue • Digestive concerns yellowood.ca | 519.716.0956 Insurance receipts provided.

• • • • • • • • • •

Registered massage therapy Chiropractic care Nutrition consultations Food sensitivity testing Doula Pre and postnatal fitness Placenta encapsulation Lactation Consultant Studio room rentals for parties / events Prenatal comfort measures workshop

• Pre and post natal fitness classes • Prenatal comfort measures workshop • Placenta encapsulation • Labour and postpartum doula

ohbabyfitness.ca | 519.841.4628


IT’S STEW SEASON! Slow cooker beef, mushroom, buckwheat and kale stew Recipe by HOLLY BRADICH

4 SERVINGS | 6 HOURS 1 lb stewing beef (free range, organic preferred), chopped in bite size pieces 2 cups mushrooms (cremini or white), diced into bite-sized pieces

groats with a sprinkle of salt. Cook approximately 20 minutes, until water is absorbed and groats have softened. Set aside to let cool.

2 cups buckwheat groats 2 carrots, diced into bite-sized pieces 3 cups kale leaves, diced in bite-sized pieces

3. Chop veggies into bite-sized pieces. Sautee onion until it

2 cloves of garlic, diced

starts to brown, then add garlic and sautee for 1 minute. Add to slow cooker.

1 cup yellow onion, finely diced 1 tbsp grapeseed oil (or other high-quality oil) 1 tsp thyme sprigs (dried) 3 cups beef broth (or mushroom or vegetable broth) Sea salt and black pepper to taste

Season beef with salt and pepper and sear until browned on all sides. Add to slow cooker.

2. Meanwhile, boil 2 cups of filtered water and add buckwheat

2 cups filtered water

2 bay leaves

1. Heat medium skillet on high heat and add grapeseed oil.

4. Add mushroom broth, kale, mushroom, onion mixture and seasonings to slow cooker.

5. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Remove bay leaves, add buckwheat and enjoy!




Omit beef and add extra buckwheat (or beans) for protein. Replace beef broth with mushroom or vegetable broth

If you eat meat and love bacon, try adding 4 strips of cooked, crumbled bacon to the recipe. Add them to slow cooker with other veggies.

Omit yellow onion and garlic, replace with green onion and garlic-infused oil





GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE! • 3000 sq.ft. indoor playground • Wellness Clinic with onsite childminding • Allergen friendly café • Party & meeting rooms available

Occupational Therapy We offer school holiday, March Break & PD Day Camps! Check out our website for more details!

services for children and families of all abilities, supporting engagement in meaningful activities. Assessment, treatment and consultation to develop skills, adapt tasks and modify the environment for success. See what PossibilOT can do for you!

Jennifer Lake OT Reg. (Ont.) 550 Parkside Dr., Unit B13, Waterloo | 519-208-PLAY(7529) www.rechargeandplay.com | Rechargeandplay@gmail.com

possibilot.amaruit-asha.ca possibilot@gmail.com 519.502.5233

Improving Oral Health & Development Through Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy Assessment and Customized Therapy for Mouth Breathing, Tongue Tie, Thumb/Oral Habits, Tongue Thrust and Sleep Disordered Breathing

Kim Kung, RDH, Myofunctional Therapist faceforwardomt.com | kim@faceforwardomt.com | 226-749-1225





BINA MOORE is a registered social worker (MSW, RSW) with the Ontario College

of Social Workers, maternal mental health advocate and counsellor offering services through Embrace Counselling Services. She’s also an infant and pregnancy loss doula with Home Hospice Association and a labour doula student with DOULAs Inc. www.embracecounsellingservices.com

Birth Stories The Power of Community Story by BINA MOORE


historically account for, birth stories have carried, driven and shaped humankind. Birth stories can be deeply personal, vulnerable and a miraculous account of one’s understanding of how they came into the world. Stories can include traumatizing details, can be messy with complexity, and are often imperfect, yet honest. On the other hand, they can also highlight beauty, provide encouragement, and can have a positive impact on a prospective birth person who is anticipating their own special experience. At times, there can be unhealthy

Creating space for acceptance or sharing knowledge, compassion is the ultimate outcome.



and unattainable expectations of birth that can leave many feeling unsure of how to share their experiences, further silencing and alienating a birth person. All stories are valid and complex in their own unique ways. Thus, we as a community need to work towards better understanding this complexity and meeting each person with compassion. Childbirth preparator, Pam England, often recognized for her dedication to Birthing from Within, asks us to consider: a) how do we share our birth stories, and b) how our shared stories contain a power that can influence our expectant friends far more than we realize. Honest accounts of a birth person’s delivery create trust and community among peers. Information and personalized details informs options for choices, and fosters one’s own personal research and curiosity. For specific interventions (i.e. induction or cesarean sections), encouraging stories can increase confidence, in turn, decrease fear and anxiety. And while we have recognized that our birth stories contain an insurmountable amount of power, if left ignored, stories also have the potential to nurture anxiety and even depression. Discouraging outcomes and unfulfilled expectations can occur despite months of careful planning and mental preparation. Pushing aside vivid memories of a birth trauma can hinder emotional healing during the fourth trimester. Sharing frightening experiences can help to regain control, and bring us closer to acceptance. Time often separates us from being able to recall certain sights, sounds, emotional

responses, etc. during important moments in our lives. As children grow and become curious about their own beginnings, stories can help them understand their origins more deeply. Increasing our understanding of how we hold space to share, document and tell our birth stories can act as a pathway to healing, insight and ultimately transformation within our own lives. Writing and sharing can be difficult, here are a couple of tips to recount your birth story. PRE-PLANNING Keep a pre-pregnancy and pregnancy journal. Journaling is not for everyone, however, consider bullet point notes of key dates, reactions, appointments, highs, lows or insights. Speak with your care providers (midwives, OBs, students, doulas, partners or family/friends) and request they keep a few notes for you regarding the small details. Sharing different perspectives may help piece together forgotten moments of your story. TAP INTO VULNERABILITY As you review your timeline of key dates and times, try to engage all of your senses. Visualize your environment. Try and recall what you might have been thinking — your first thoughts, your worst thoughts. If you were accompanied by a support person, acknowledge from your perspective what you observed in terms of their support. Understanding and sharing birth stories can serve to help you and others. Whether it be building a birth community, creating space for acceptance or sharing knowledge, compassion is the ultimate outcome.



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Try our Beef Tallow too! Find all our delicious bone broths in the Freezer Section of your favourite grocer!



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TANIA HEINEMANN is a registered holistic nutritionist and lactation consultant (IBCLC) specializing in digestion issues, thyroid imbalances, infant and children’s health, and pre and postnatal concerns. She is the owner of Yellowood Nutrition (yellowood.ca), and co-owner of Wellness Team on Queen (wellnessteamonqueen.com).

Support for Dad A first-hand account of paternal PPMD Story by TANIA HEINEMANN

IT’S TAKEN the last decade for the conversation around women and postpartum mood disorder (PPMD) to become more mainstream. Actress Brooke Shield’s book, Down Came the Rain in 2006, helped many women start the conversation through online chat groups, and today those conversations continue in many parenting forums, in-person, in social media groups and online. These are real conversations being had by real women. But a new conversation is beginning to take shape in small places online and in person: how

“A male’s parenting role is still underrepresented and undervalued.”

men can also experience PPMD. “One of the main myths is men don’t experience hormonal changes, therefore they can’t get postpartum depression or anxiety,” stated psychologist Daniel Singley in the 2018 article, “New dads show signs of postpartum depression too, experts say,” published by CBC News. Approximately 10 percent of new fathers experience symptoms of PPMD, however, those are only the reported numbers. Matt is a resident of Waterloo Region and was willing to share his story to help break the stigma and educate others. WHAT SYMPTOMS DID YOU EXPERIENCE? “Detachment from my spouse, paranoia about bad things happening all the time, excess amounts of micromanaging household details when I went to work. I just felt like bad things were going to happen when I went to work. I was also uncomfortable with my wife driving and bringing the twins places outside the house — I feared something bad would happen to them.” WHAT SUPPORT WAS AVAILABLE? “No support for dads. I still experience a bias. Women are seen as the primary caregiver for children. I felt socially isolated when I brought the kids to activities and I was the only male. A male’s parenting role and stay-at-home-dad are things that are still underrepresented and undervalued.” HOW DID REACHING OUT FOR SUPPORT HELP YOU? “My wife ended up getting support with feeding issues



Winter 2019

and during some conversations with our lactation consultant — who asked postpartum screening questions — she had suggested that due to being triggered from previous trauma and lack of sleep, this was something I was experiencing. My first reaction was there’s no way, postpartum is a female thing driven by postpartum hormone changes. I didn’t realize it could be sparked from things like previous trauma (in our case, trauma during pregnancy) and severe lack of sleep.” WHAT THINGS WOULD YOU SUGGEST FOR NEW DADS WHO AREN’T SURE WHAT THEY ARE FEELING? “Connecting to other dads who also have newborns is meaningful. Women are encouraged to talk and express their emotions, however, men have a certain expectation to be strong and support their new family. In reality, men are going through many of the same transitions as women with sleep deprivation and adjusting to a new life. Why shouldn’t those feelings be validated and supported? Having feelings of detachment, fear and hopelessness are warning signs to dig deeper and reach out for support.” In 2017, Matt and I brainstormed an idea to provide in-person support to dads experiencing symptoms of PPMD. They had a few meetings and created the Facebook group, “Dad to Dad.” The group is meeting again once a month. If you or someone you know could use support, reach out. No one is alone.


online training

the mindfulness for kids training and mentorship program • Bring mindfulness into your classroom. • Launch your very own Mindfulness for Kids business! • 12 online modules to complete at your own pace.

Become a trained Mindful Kids instructor! www.mindfulology.com

March 21 & 22, 2020 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday Bingemans - Ballroom/Marshall Hall 425 Bingemans Centre Dr., Kitchener

• Over 100 Vendors • Fearless and Fabulous Women’s Search and Fashion Show - Now Accepting Applications • Makeup Applications at Beauty Bar • Cooking Demonstrations by Local Chefs • Selfie Station • Presentations for Healthy Living • Lots of Prizes to be Won!

General Admission: $10

www.kw women s s h ow.c om






DR. SARAH HAWTHORN is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, mom of three, and

co-owner of Health In Balance in Cambridge. She has a special interest in treating the pregnant and pediatric population. She loves helping families live more holistically. Dr. Sarah has been voted the #1 naturopathic doctor in Cambridge annually since 2011 in the Cambridge Readers Choice Awards. www.sarahhawthornnd.com

Immunity for Moms


Keeping mom healthy this cold and flu season Story by DR. SARAH HAWTHORN

collection of billions of cells that travel through the bloodstream. The immune system’s job is to defend against foreign bodies (antigens), such as bacteria and viruses. A recent study showed that adults with kids are twice as likely to get sick compared to childless adults. And families with two or more children had some type of virus present in their household about 60 percent of the time, versus households without kids were only infected three times per year. So as a mom, what can you do to boost your own immune system this season? 1. DECREASE STRESS. When we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to

Adults with kids are twice as likely to get sick compared to childless adults.

fight off antigens is reduced, making us more susceptible to infections. Stress hormones can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. Try deep breathing, exercising, yoga or walking for 20 minutes per day. 2. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. During sleep, your immune system releases proteins called cytokines. We need these to fight infections. And we need to sleep for our body to heal and recover. The optimal amount of sleep needed is seven to eight hours of solid sleep every night. 3. LIMIT REFINED SUGAR AND CARBOHYDRATES. Focus on eating super foods that boost your immune system, such as fruits, vegetables (especially kale, spinach, blueberries and citrus), garlic (full of antioxidants that strengthen our body’s defense), turmeric, salmon, ginger, spices, goji berries, chia seeds, fish oil (omega 3 DHA) and matcha. 4. VITAMINS C & D. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant that protects the body from viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D is especially crucial to take during the winter months as our main source is from the sun. The recommended daily amount (RDA) is 1000IU. Vitamin D deficiency increases our susceptibility of getting sick. 5. ZINC. Zinc is a trace element that is necessary for a healthy immune system. It’s responsible for a number of functions in the body and helps stimulate the activity of at least 100 different enzymes. The RDA is 10mg. Pumpkin seeds are an



Winter 2019

excellent food source of zinc (aim for a handful every day). 6. ENSURE PROPER GUT HEALTH. Eighty percent of our immune system is in our gastrointestinal tract. Taking probiotics, consuming fermented food and bone broth are amazing ways to create a healthy gut and to promote the production of natural antibodies in the body to fight infections. Taking probiotics can reduce the likelihood and duration of respiratory infections. 7. STAY HYDRATED. Water removes toxins from the body, which helps us stay healthy. Adding lemon to your water can help as well. Lemons are a great source of Vitamin C and can help with digestion. 8. EAT ENOUGH. Don’t skip any meals. Make sure you are taking care of yourself by eating regularly. This is especially important for breastfeeding moms. 9. REMEMBER TO LAUGH. Laughing decreases our stress hormones and increases our antibodies to fight infections. 10. TAKE IMMUNEBOOSTING HERBS. Some of the best ones include ginseng, ashwhaganda, mushrooms (especially reishi), echinacea, astragalus and elderberry. Talk to your ND about which ones would best support your body. It would be wise to discuss your immune system concerns with your ND or MD. Blood tests may need to be done to determine if there are any other underlying factors contributing to your frequent infections.


What better gift can you give a child than a

bright future?

Sure, you’ll enjoy seeing the smile on their face when they unwrap a new toy. But it’s nothing like the joy you’ll feel knowing the gift of knowledge will help provide greater opportunities for a rewarding life. A registered education savings plan from Knowledge First Financial is a gift that keeps on giving. CANADA'S LARGEST RESP PROVIDER Knowledge First Financial is a registered name of Knowledge First Financial Inc.

Growing RESPS Securely. Contact me to learn more about giving a gift of education with an RESP to a child you love this Holiday Heather Heartfield, Sales Representative, Knowledge First Financial Phone. 519-841-3093 Email. heather.heartfield@kff.ca

Hey Mama...

In need of a recharge? Wineries, unique shopping, nature - it’s all just outside our doors! Join us for a weekend with your gal pals or significant other to recoup, refresh and feel a little more like YOU again! Come ON! A delicious breakfast is waiting for you.

Retreat Space Available


Book your Room today www.horizenbnb.com




homes@marianmonne.com 519.574.1258 marianmonne.com

! I Ca n Help










Sustainable Style MOVEMENT MAKER Consign Your Curves

Owner Carlie Roberts is a curvy movement maker, leading women to a stylish place of self-love and fashion confidence one consignment at a time. In 2013, Consign Your Curves was Canada’s largest size-inclusive consignment sale, and now has a permanent home in Guelph. The space focuses on retail and consignment for shoppers of the sizes 12-32+ curvy community.




September Lily

Le Prix Fashion & Consulting

Grey Rock Clothing

Offers an eclectic mix of preloved and vintage fashion, plus retro accessories that add a little flair to any outfit, Septmeber Lily can be found popping up at local markets, and hosting sustainable fashion events such as clothing swaps and the annual KW Clothing Market.

Le Prix is a sustainable women’s fashion company founded on core values of sustainability and self-love. At their storefont in Downtown Kitcheners, you’ll find curate lightly used items from around the world as well as new items from sustainable brands.

Located in downtown Guelph, Grey Rock Clothing Co. is a boutique mens and ladies clothing store that has curated a collection of sweatshop-free fashion. Grey Rock is very proud to be able to provide conscience clothing choices to our customers.







PHOTO: (bottom right) Camilla B Creative Studio



Children’s Shops


PHOTO: (bottom middle) Katrina Pauline Photography

Fallowfield Kids




The Sharing Squirrel

Bumblebabee is a baby and toddler boutique located in the heart of historic downtown Cambridge. Specializing in organic, fair trade and Canadian brands, you can feel good about buying clothing, toys, books and more from this eco-conscious shop.

The Sharing Squirrel is an upscale resale shop for all of your baby, toddler and maternity needs. They buy and sell a curated selection of clothing, toys, gear and more, as well as new and trendy brands. Enjoy a high-end shopping experience with resale prices.




Located in downtown Guelph, Fallowfield is an independent children’s boutique, selling organic, ethically made apparel and accessories and sustainable gifts for kids from birth to 8 years old. Their mission is to change the mindset that shopping ethically is not a luxury, but a necessity for a better planet. fallowfieldkids.ca





Dig in for a fun experience of planting, creating and laughing at a Plant Nite by Yaymaker event. They provide everything you need to get up, get out and get making — absolutely no experience is required. They’ll guide you step-by-step to make your own terrarium or table top garden using local succulents and a variety of decor to choose from. Use the code DIYPARENT to save $13 on your experience. $50-$55 | yaymaker.com




All Things Perserved

Fleece to Fabric

Molloy’s Bulk Refill & Soap Supply

Are you ready to up your eco game? With Zero Waste Lifestyle Workshops, inclulding kombucha, beeswax food wraps and venticomposting, environmental educator Susan Gentilcore will prepare you to start your zero-waste journey, or help you take it to the next level.

Inspired by sashiko mending where textiles were elevated to art out of necessity. You will learn fuctional and decorative mending techniques that echo the ethos of waste not want not. Elevate worn out fast fashion purchases into long lived and loved statement pieces.

Participants will learn to make coldpressed soap from scratch. You will go home with your own batch of soap (approximately 8 to 10 bars), a reusable wooden soap mold, and a booklet with all the information you’ll need to continue making soap at home.

$35 | allthingspreserved.ca

$40 | fleecetofabric.ca

$85 | molloys.ca





Experiences for Kids JOY OF MOVEMENT Amma Yoga

Kids love to move so why not give the gift of yoga? Located in Kitchener, Amma provides yoga programming for everyone, no matter age or ability. This unique family-friendly space offers a wide range of fun and nurturing classes, many geared towards kids and their caregivers. Give your favourite little one a gift certificate for classes such as Moms & Movers, Tots Yoga or Family Yoga. Custom amounts available or check out the seasonal special. $135 (10 class pass) | ammayoga.ca




Kindie Prep & Play

Play-a-Latte Café

Recharge & Play Wellness Café

Kindie Prep n’ Play is a wonder-based play environment geared towards children under 6 years of age in Hespeler Village. They use open-ended resources and non-traditional toys to develop creativity and imagination. They have a range of materials to encourage emotional intelligence, social connections and selfregulation for the earliest learners.

A place for kids to play, learn and be themselves, while parents enjoy locally roasted coffee, access parenting resources and connect with other parents. The wooden play structure, ECE-led activities, and sensory experiences are all included with admission. There’s something for everyone, and a gift certificate will be appreciated by both parent and kid alike.

Build memories with a gift certificate to Recharge & Play Wellness Café. Whether the family could use some indoor playtime in the 3,000-sq-ft playground or are looking to get some extra relaxation time with a massage or spa treatment while the kids play with their childminders, Recharge & Play has gift certificates for any of their services.

$48 (6-visit pass, age 6 mons+) | kindieprepnplay.com

$39.99 (5-visit pass) | playalattecafe.com

$40 (5-visit pass, age 3+) | rechargeandplay.com





Repurposed THEN IS NOW Young Huron

Owner Abbie Kingsbury has always believed that fashion, like life, should be about appreciating the beauty of the past. Young Huron’s Old Soul Collection creates truly oneof-a-kind pieces out of antique brass, salvaged crystal chips, and vintage or repurposed embellishments as not only a nod to yesterday but also in an attempt to be a more sustainably conscious brand.




Mamas for Mamas

Sweet Baby Remedies

Lucy Pearlle Studio & Vintage Market

Mamas for Mamas is changing the landscape of poverty. The KW chapter of the national charity hosts swaps to help support low-income families in the region. Mamas for Mamas swap events are open to all, and you do not need to donate in order to come and take what you need. They envision a future where no mama or child is left behind.

These handmade crocheted market bags from Sweet Baby Remedies are just one example of the many waste-reducing, multifunctional and upcycled items available from local makers in our region and beyond. By purchasing a few high-quality items and using them, reusing them and reimagining their uses is a simple way for you to practice upcycling at home.

Inside an old mill in Wellesley is Lucy Pearlle, a community hub and retail space showcasing local artisans and ecosustainable products. Their mission is to reclaim (second-hand furniture), retell (custom refinishing) and share (provide space for small businesses, artisans and instructors). They believe that no one is too small to make a big difference.

free | instagram.com/mamasformamas.kw

$17 | sweetbaberemedies.com





PHOTO: (bottom right) Sade Bezjak

$30+ | younghuron.com


For the Love of Plants LET LOVE GROW Flower Pot of Gold

Who said environmentalists can’t be funny? Mixing humour with a green thumb, Flower Pot of Gold has a variety of hand-painted terracotta pots with cute sayings like “aloe there,” “you grow girl,” and “cactus makes perfect.” $20 | flowerpotofgold.etsy.com



Brown Paper Fox


Creating simple and on-trend illustrations and hand-lettered designs, Brown Paper Fox’s offerings are perfect for anyone, especially your plant-loving bestie. The avocado pin is on point (and perfectly ripe) with an adorable “kawaii” face. Also check out the “Plant Killer” pin for your favourite vegan or the lavender pin for the essential oil lover in your life. See, something for everyone! Now it’s easy to wear your plants.

Focusing on houseplants, which improve indoor air quality, our mood and productivity, owner and naturopathic medicine student, Marcus Vujacic, grows and designs creative potted houseplants that incorporate natural, recycled and upcycled materials, including driftwood, seashells and repurposed plastic dinosaurs. All products are one-of-a-kind, handmade and environmentally friendly. Custom orders available.

$10 | brownpaperfox.com

$7.50-$100 | instagram.com/the_naturoplant





CONCIOUS CONSUMING CONCIOUS CONSUMING 5 ways to shop for sustainable fashion 5 ways to shop for sustainable fashion Story by CHRISTINA YOUNG



term may be) income. As an added bonus, Check out your local thrift store, seconde live in a global economy where producers oftenbonus, avoid using or consignment boutique for our purchases only have term mayfair-trade be) income. As an added Check outhand your shop, local thrift store, seconde live in a global economynot where dyes and unsustainable a wide array of clothing options. an impact locally, in shop, producers often avoid using resources or consignment boutique for A fewfair-tradetoxic our purchases not only havebut also hand end up damaging local Carousel communities around thealso world. toxic dyesthat andwould unsustainable resourceslocal a wide array of options clothinginclude options. A few Clothing an impact locally, but in Nowhere ecosystems and the local workers that live in andinclude Le PrixCarousel in Downtown Kitchener, that would is this morethe evident than in the garment end up damaging local options Clothing communities around world. Nowhere those Locally,that youlive caninfind stylish Twice as Nice in Uptown Waterloo andecosystems industry, thethe manufacturing ofand Le Prix andareas. the workers in Downtown Kitchener, is this more evidentwhere than in garment clothing at you Harmony by stylish Earthwinds in Consign Your Curves in Guelph. Also,those areas. clothing shifted almost to as Nice Locally, can find in Uptown Waterloo and industry, where thehas manufacturing ofexclusivelyTwice Uptown Waterloo and Greyin Rock Clothing consider consigning your unwanted pieces overseas While you still be clothing at Harmony by Earthwinds Your Curves in Guelph. Also, clothing has shiftedfacilities. almost exclusively to mayConsign Companyand in Guelph. to receive ayour portion of yourpieces investment able to find a piece Uptown Waterloo Grey Rock Clothing unwanted overseas facilities. While youthat stilllasts may abelifetime,consider consigning or donating them to non-profitsCompany such inageneral, thelasts rise aoflifetime, mass productionto receive back, in Guelph. a portion of your investment able to find piece that CLOTHING RENTALS as Diabetes Canada, Mennonite fashion” has led to a decline back, in or donating them to non-profits suchCentral in general,and the“fast rise of mass production If you’re a trend-setter, like variety or Committee Canada (MCC) or the Working clothing has quality. Today, we consume fashion CLOTHING RENTALS as Diabetes Canada, Mennonite Central and “fast fashion” led to a decline in an upcoming specialor occasion or trip, Centre. This is a great way to ensure proper at a much quicker rate thanfashion in previous If you’re a have trend-setter, like variety Committee Canada (MCC) or the Working clothing quality. Today, we consume clothing rental economical recycling of your own garments. and than the industry has altered its have an upcoming specialservices occasionare oran trip, Centre. This is a great way to ensure proper at a much decades, quicker rate in previous and environmentally friendly way to expand practices to keephas up with demand. clothing rental services are an economical recycling of your own garments. decades, and the industry altered its your existing wardrobe. Frock Repeat, MADE IN CANADA According to demand. the book The Shockingly and environmentally friendly way Rent to expand practices to keep up with Dresst and theRent Fitzroy all lend designer HightoCost Cheap by Elizabeth wardrobe. Frock Repeat, MADE INSupporting CANADAbrands and designers in your existing According the of book TheFashion Shockingly at a fraction the cost of buying many largebyclothing chains produce Canada impacts by andpieces Dresst the Fitzroy all lendofdesigner High Cost Cline, of Cheap Fashion Elizabeth Supporting brandspositively and designers in our economy outright. as much as half a chains billion produce garments perCanada positively creating impacts jobs, ensuring workersbyare paid pieces at athem fraction of the Toronto-based cost of buying Sprout Cline, many large clothing our economy Collection is even focused year. put thisgarments in perspective, appropriately for theirare work, them outright. Toronto-based Sproutspecifically on as much as halfTo a billion per a leading creating jobs, ensuring workers paidand helping wear withon prices ranging retailer 1 lowerfor our carbon footprint as clothes Collectionrenting is even maternity focused specifically year. To put this inmanufactures perspective, aapproximately leading appropriately their work, and helping from $79.00 $199 per month. million garments per day. Consumers a shorter distance to travel to reach renting maternity weartowith prices ranging retailer manufactures approximately 1 lower our have carbon footprint as clothes continueper to day. demand low prices for have a shorter stores. Shops like LA Beauty Boutiquefrom in $79.00 to $199 per month. million garments Consumers distance to travel to reach No matter where you choose to shop, the garments, comes Elmira Grey Rock Clothing continue to demand which low prices forat a cost to others stores. Shops likeand LA Beauty Boutique in Company wayyou to reduce impact thecomes environment. inGrey Guelph offer numerous made in Canada No matterbest where chooseyour to shop, theon the garments,and which at a costDwindling to others prices Elmira and Rock Clothing Company environment to purchase often mean poorer working conditions, for shoppers toin choose from. best way to reduce yourisimpact on thefewer pieces. and the environment. Dwindling prices in Guelphbrands offer numerous made Canada Choose over quantity, and mix lower wages, and unrealistic environment is toquality purchase fewer pieces. often mean poorer working conditions,production brands for shoppers to choose from. and match your itemsand formix years to come. schedules for the workers. While this is the VINTAGE Choose quality over quantity, lower wages, and unrealistic production more selective, shoptowith a plan and trend, nowadays there is a growing Vintage clothing has character, quality and matchBeyour items for years come. schedulesgeneral for the workers. While this is the VINTAGE take yourshop timewith before deciding movement towards clothes, and is truly one-of-a-kind. Trendsetters, Be more selective, a plan and to add new general trend, nowadays thereproducing is a growing Vintage clothing has character, quality to yourdeciding wardrobe. Ensure and producing accessoriesclothes, in environmentally fashionistas and celebrities alike aretake youritems time before to add neweach new movementshoes towards and is truly one-of-a-kind. Trendsetters, piecewardrobe. will help you create ornew complete at socio-economically sustainable ways. known mixing alike vintage items to your Ensure each shoes andand accessories in environmentally fashionistas and for celebrities arethreads with new outfits. Individuals aresustainable also becoming more known fornew garments forthreads a unique look. 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Vintage ingreat Downtown Kitchener arethese all pieces. fashion, besustainability sure to visit the PRELOVED To learn more about in Trusted great locations to pick up these pieces. Clothes FAIR TRADE Purchasing items that are pre-loved or prefashion, be sure toblog visit(trustedclothes.com/blog). the Trusted PRELOVED Based in Kitchener, this group of global The term fair trade applies only to goods worn is one the most environmentallyClothes blog (trustedclothes.com/blog). FAIR TRADE Purchasing items thatofare pre-loved or prevolunteersthis is committed to combatting in the developing world and friendly shop. It helps minimize Based in Kitchener, group of global The term purchased fair trade applies only to goods worn is one of the ways most to environmentallyfashion by to educating others on how bydeveloping worker co-ops or and artisanal groups the number that go into landfills, volunteersfast is committed combatting purchasedsewn in the world friendly ways to shop.of It pieces helps minimize to live more sustainably. that are paid aordecent (subjective andofgives quality items new lease onsewn life. by worker fast fashion by educating others on how co-ops artisanal groups as the the number pieces that go into alandfills, to live more sustainably. that are paid a decent (subjective as the and gives quality items a new lease on life.




Our plant-based line is vegan, biodegradable, and made with ethically-sourced ingredients. Since 2003, we have created products that perform for sensitive and aging skin. Bonus: you can bring the glass bottle back to our store for reuse.


Locally owned one stop shop for all of your baby, toddler & maternity needs. Bring in this ad for 25% off resale items in store!

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losing consciousness, so every head trauma should be taken seriously. Symptoms may occur at the time of the injury or have a delayed onset up to 72 hours after the injury, therefore, it’s important to monitor symptoms closely and watch for changes in your child’s behaviour. Proper management at the onset is imperative — the first 72 hours is the most critical time frame to ensure full recovery. Symptoms of a concussion are multifaceted affecting different areas of function. Early diagnosis is important. Have your child assessed by a medical doctor if a concussion is suspected. Recognition, rest and removal of school, play and stimulus is essential for a full recovery. Your doctor and health care team will determine how serious the concussion is and when it’s safe to return to school, sports and other activities. Concussions in children should be monitored closely. Concussions take time to heal. Initial rest is essential to the outcome post-concussion. It’s important to give the brain all available units of energy for healing to occur. Children should rest from physical, mental and environmental activities and stimuli for approximately two to three days. This looks like avoiding physical activities like running and playing sports, avoiding the use of screens and technology or those activities that require high levels of concentration or exertion. Time away from school should be considered. Upon return to school, they may require classroom modifications including a shortened day, using sunglasses or a lightened workload. If any activities aggravate the concussion symptoms, the child should take a break before resuming the activity in shorter periods. As symptoms dissipate, the child can slowly incorporate the activities back into their routine. Children are very resilient and the developing brain has amazing properties of plasticity but a concussion in a child can take longer to heal than an adult. There are a few reasons for this: » A child’s brain isn’t fully developed until age 25. » Since the brain is still developing, the neurons in the brain have less myelination, which acts like a protective covering for the nerves.



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“Symptoms of a concussion are multifaceted affecting different areas of function.” PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS



» Headache or pressure in head

» Feeling sluggish or dazed

» Not remembering what happened

» Nausea or vomiting

» Fatigue or drowsiness

» Blurred or double vision

» Irritability

» Being slow to respond or answer questions

» Balance problems or dizziness

» Anxiety

» Sensitivity to light or noise » Ringing in the ears

» Fogginess or confusion

» Sleep disturbances

» Difficulty paying attention

» Changes in behaviour or personality

» Memory loss or slower recall

» Children have larger heads in comparison to the rest of their body making them “top heavy.” This larger head mass can increase the likelihood for a fall or the momentum during falls. » A child’s neck muscles are not developed to full strength which affects head control. » The bones in the head are thinner than adults. Any symptoms lasting longer than three months is considered post-concussive syndrome. It’s not clear why some injuries heal quickly and others have lingering symptoms. The severity of the injury doesn’t seem to affect recovery time. If your child’s symptoms do not resolve with rest after the 72-hour healing period, consider seeking functional and structural support for the post-concussion recovery. Osteopathy is a gentle manual treatment aimed at normalizing tension, pressure and mobility. It restores balance in the connective tissues and the

membranes in the body and surrounding the brain. The mechanism of concussion involves a primary injury to the brain and usually recovers within a few days. Secondary injuries occur at the cellular level and lead to an accumulation of toxic by-products in the nervous system. The 15 percent of patients with longterm complications is largely due to this secondary phase of injury. Osteopathy treats the function and mechanical pumping of the brain and its ventricles to remove these damaging by-products and permits further healing and recovery. Osteopathy may help provide symptom relief, decrease recovery time, and improve post-concussion patient outcomes. Because concussions affect many aspects of our lives, it is important that your child have an integrative healing team and a multidisciplinary approach for recovery. In addition to your doctor, consider including osteopathy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and vestibular and vision therapy to ensure full recovery. Proper healthy function is key to your child’s future and you are their best advocate.



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Healthy Estrangement Moving away from forgiveness to focus on empathy Story by VICTORIA NICHOLAS


his is my personal journey, opinions and experience around estrangement. Everybody’s road to bridging healthy relationships or ultimately choosing estrangement is different in one’s family of origin. Choosing healthy estrangement is not popular within our society. The phrases typically painted on beautiful pieces of plank wood or found in gold and silver frames include the following messaging: “The world, we’d discovered, doesn’t love you like your family loves you;” “Family is the most important thing in the world;” “My greatest pleasure is spending time with my family.” So when many of these societal messages don’t ring true for you personally, being estranged brings complex feelings of autonomy and isolation. What I mean by this is your life finally feels free from the hurt, pain, shame and guilt that comes from your family of origin and choosing consciously to be estranged brings autonomy to your life. However, during seasonal holidays, times of celebrations, even a scent, a certain food or phrase can trigger the isolation of being estranged even when 360 days of the year your life feels autonomous and healthy being estranged. The mind, memory and emotion still recall the times you spent in your family unit. Stories shape social change; my story to estrangement is complex as all our stories are. What I know is choosing healthy estrangement from all members of my family of origin has been lifesaving for me, my husband and our unborn child. Below are some gentle and beautiful reminders as you journey estrangement. You can learn to understand the roles that each person played in your family of origin, and have empathy for the mistreatment you experienced



Winter 2019

if that feels right for you. That does not mean, however, that you have to bridge the relationship. Forgiveness is a tricky word. I personally don’t identify with forgiveness, but identify with understanding and empathy for what was. Now that you have given yourself permission to understand what happened you can grieve your experiences, love the scar and then move forward in a healthy way for you — not for societal norms and expectations. All things grow in the dark, and estrangement can feel dark and lonely. Its’ painful in the beginning, with a lot of questions you have to work out within yourself. Expect to go through the five stages of grief while on this journey of estrangement. The hard part is we don’t have funeral services for this, so you may have to make your own version of ceremony as in many ways estrangement is a death, also know that you may circle back to one or many of these stages over a few years. DENIAL AND ISOLATION: Why can’t my family meet my needs? Why don’t my friends and in-laws reach out and ask how I am doing? Why does no one understand? ANGER: Why do they have to be my


Was it really that bad growing up? Maybe I should call them. I bet after this amount of time, they have changed and will understand me better. (Side note: the only time I have seen family members evolve to reconcile is when the family members you estranged from originally have done major work around themselves).

DEPRESSION: It can be subtle or can

linger. It can be very daunting, and this is when increasing your support with counselor or therapist is vital. It can be more prevalent during holidays and special occasions. ACCEPTANCE: This is a phase that offers calm resolution, peace and acknowledgment inside yourself. It’s no longer looking to your family of origin to complete you or fill your cup.

Seek out counselors who understand estrangement and don’t push forgiveness. The counselors who advocate for writing letters of forgiveness and reconciliation don’t have experience with estrangement. The counselors and therapists who honor your healthy choices, ask you questions about your choices and know that things are always fluid have real experience with setting healthy boundaries in their own lives, generally. I was lucky enough on my journey to have a counselor that has experience with estrangement and recovery for addiction, as well as facilitating anger management and domestic violence groups with John Howard Society. She was very instrumental in my growth, healing and learning on this journey of healthy estrangement. One of the things that gets talked about in drug and alcohol recovery is distorted thinking. Cognitive distortions are simply ways that the mind convinces us of something that isn’t really true. We tend to use distortive thinking to rationalize why we keep unhealthy relationships with our family. For many, it’s “tolerable” and “just the way things are.” For many of us choosing estrangement, the behaviour is not tolerable — it’s destructive, abusive and manipulative.


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MOTHER OF INFLUENCE | EMMA SMALLBONE EMMA SMALLBONE is one part mythical creature and one part badass businesswoman. After an

extremely successful career as a photographer, Emma gave it up to pursue her true passion — the woo.She now spends her time connecting with spirit and curating a collection of spiritual items for her retail space, The WOOshop, located in Puslinch. She’s also the author of the bestselling book, The Barefoot Medium. And if that wasn’t enough, Emma is disrupting the social media space and redefining the importance of the “micro-influencer.”

Witch & Woo

@emmasmallbone @thewooshop

Meet the magical Emma Smallbone 1. Tell us a bit about yourself I’m Emma Smallbone, Seer and the Mistress of Woo. I help people connect to their higher selves, their loved ones in spirit, and the collective consciousness to bring through messages for the highest and greatest purpose. I’m married to a wonderful man that I lovingly call The Lumberjack, and we have a nine-year-old son together.

5. How do you deal with negative comments on social media? To be honest, I don’t get many. I think because my honesty doesn’t let me hide. People know what my boundaries are and what I tolerate. I may get the odd email from time to time. But it doesn’t make it through my thick skin anymore.

2. How did you get started in the world of “woo”? It has always been a part of my life. I was raised by a WOOmum, and I pass the traditions down to my son. I started working in the woo shortly after I had my son. I knew he would be intuitive and wanted to get as much information as I could so he wouldn’t have to grow up without knowing how to use his gifts like I did.

6. What does your family feel about your career choice? Not many of them truly understand what I do. But they are all supportive. They can all see how the shift into my purpose has changed me for the better. I’m much happier and more alive than I have ever been in the past!

3. What drew you to the social media space? I was a photographer for 23 years before I made the switch to the woo so social media has always been a part of my business and still remains to be a large part of what I do. Letting people know who I am and what I do in a grounded down to earth way is how I build my business. 4. Can you tell me about your success online? How did you build your following? I tell my story. I share my wisdom freely and without judgement. I’ve been told I’m a disruptor in the social media world because I don’t have an insane amount of followers. But my followers are very loyal and supportive. I invest my time in sharing my wisdom and they invest in my courses and sessions. I’m a huge believer in being resource and not a sales pitch.



7. What your favourite part of your job? Helping seekers find the way. Most people come to me because they are at a cross roads or they’re looking for a more peaceful existence. I help them see the path and to get out of their own way. It’s opening doors that I love the most — showing them the possibility of magic in their own lives. Whether that be handing them their first oracle deck or helping them awaken their own intuitive gifts. Magic is all around us — why not use it to make our lives magical? 8. What’s been the most challenging part of doing what you do? Helping people unburden their grief and overwhelm is one of the more challenging parts of my job. Luckily I have a healing gift that allows me to take it on myself and relieve them of their burdens. I have to be conscious of releasing it myself. But it’s all part of the job.

Emma’s eclectic business includes one-on-one and group readings, workshops and courses, a private membership site, and the metaphysical storefront, The WOOshop.

To read the full interview, visit:



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The Holistic Parent - Winter 2019  

The Minimalist Gift Guide featuring local products and services for "outside the box" gift ideas. Plus, keeping your kids safe from concussi...

The Holistic Parent - Winter 2019  

The Minimalist Gift Guide featuring local products and services for "outside the box" gift ideas. Plus, keeping your kids safe from concussi...


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