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October 5, 2017







Housing Crisis: How Howard Students Are Tackling New Housing Numbers By: BreAnna Bell, Contributing Reporter


Howard University student, Corey Bowen makes a particular hall for this 2017-2018 academic year is one-hour commute from Suitland, Maryland to campus actually the reason for the total capacity to be less every day via public transportation. He lives with than past years.” strangers because he was unable to receive on-campus housing for the 2017-2018 school year. In the most recent campus master plan, Bowen, a junior from Los Angeles, came to Howard this academic year on the waitlist for housing because of his refusal to pay his housing deposit fee. He, along with other students, hoped that they would be able to get housing if they managed to catch the right people at the right time in the Office of Residence Life. The problem came when he realized that Howard University had run out of housing for those who were waitlisted. The University has eight residence halls: Bethune Annex, Cook Hall, College Hall North, Drew Hall, Howard Plaza Towers West, College Hall South and Harriet Tubman Quadrangle. Of those eight dorms, four buildings have been designated as freshman housing. In March 2016, it was announced that Carver Hall would be reopened that Fall after the university finished renovating the dorm. However, it was closed again and Cook Hall became an upperclassman dorm to make up for the excess students. After more renovations on both dorms, Cook Hall reopened as a freshman boys dorm and Carver was sold.

which remains valid for 15 years, the University promised to provide oncampus housing for at least 70 percent of its students by 2026. However, in its sixth year, the university is nowhere near close to accomplishing this goal.

Howard has a total of 5,899 enrolled undergraduate students, 60 percent of whom live on campus. Even with the re-openings and additional residential halls, the University has yet to make up for the difference in housing. A Washington Post article reported that Howard made a $22 million deal with District developer, Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners to turn Meridian Hall into luxury rentals for D.C. residents. The dorm was closed in preparation for the deal in 2014. Last year, Slowe and Carver Halls were included in a deal with Urban Investment Partners and Neighborhood Development Corporation to become apartments.

In addition to these developments, Howard has been renovating space for students. The West Towers, which has been recently redone has been in high demand from students. Carmel Jones, the marketing and occupancy specialist for Corvias, the company “Please keep in mind that the East Towers is closed that manages the dorm, said the building has been at for renovations, which once it is reopened in the Fall capacity consistently since the reopening on Aug. 17. of 2018 will increase the hall capacity by 910 spaces,” (cont. on page 3) said Wilson Bland, Dean of the Office of Residence Life. “The required renovations and closing of that Howard University housing has been a topic of conversation due to its constantly changing numbers. With this year’s record-breaking freshman class of over 2,000 students, it’s not hard to see why.

OCTOBER 5, 2017


(from page 2) “While the work in HPT West was substantially completed when we opened in August, there were still minor touch-ups and maintenance matters being addressed, primarily on the plaza levels,” said Jones. “Members of the Corvias maintenance team and the Gilbane Construction team worked diligently over the next few weeks to complete the renovations in its entirety. To date, the building has been completely renovated.” The untapped resources that are Howard’s residence halls have been a source of income that President Wayne A.I. Frederick has been cited to deliver on since 2014. In his State of the University Address, Frederick made a presentation detailing the renovations happening on and around Howard’s campus. According to the Washington Post, Howard Manor was listed as a place the Post claimed the University was attempting to gentrify. The Effingham Apartments at 2711-2719 Georgia Ave. NW are set to be demolished and reconstructed into family apartments.


When asked about his knowledge on the information regarding Howard Manor, Bowen said that he was unaware of anything regarding the building before this school year, but if the option were available, he would have signed a lease to live there as a student because of its proximity and convenience. All freshman dorms were under renovations to allow for air conditioning units to be installed, as well as increasing the number of beds to accommodate Howard’s new freshman class. The Office of Residence life said that if additional spaces become available for the Spring 2018 semester for any reason, students will be notified through University Communications so that students may apply.

If you or any students you know are still without housing, contact the Office of Off-Campus Housing & Community Engagement at 202-806-9216 or visit them at 2401 Fourth Street, NW, Lower Tubman Quadrangle in Washington, DC 20059.


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Protesters Silence James Comey at Howard University By A.B. Brown Jr., Contributing Reporter


Comey addresses Howard University during Convocation. Photo courtesy of: HU Communications.

Before James Comey could barely say “thank you,” chants solve social issues domestically and internationally. of “we shall not be moved” by student protesters impeded the former FBI Director from giving his keynote speech The audience chuckled when the 6-foot-8 Comey nearly had to kneel to accept his honorary degree. The energy at Howard University’s Convocation on Friday. abruptly switched as the crowd loudly reacted with a Comey, making a rare public appearance since being fired mixture of cheers, groans and awkward laughter as the by President Trump in May earlier this year, stood up protest began. Smirks gave way to irritated whispers to deliver his pre-written speech only to be immediately after almost four minutes of interruption from about 20 interrupted by the protests of HUResist. The student protesters as Comey started to speak. He tried to continue group wanted to “take back convocation, in response to his speech after a prolonged pause, but could not be heard Comey’s appointment as our keynote speaker,” according over the continued chanting. to a posting on its Facebook page made toward the end of the demonstration. In response, the auditorium began yelling “let him speak” t pereuaie the gr up t et pe. N thing mufflei the etuient Comey told the crowd you must “listen and understand group’s chants of “James Comey, you’re not our homie” those with whom you’re speaking,” in order to make or “I said I love being black; I love the skin I’m in.” The things better, as the group of student protesters continued protest lasted the entire 16 minutes Comey stood behind to dismiss him and shout over his entire speech. the lectern to speak. “At the end of a conversation, we’re both smarter,” said Comey addressed the protesters. “What happens in Comey. “I’m here at Howard to try and get smarter; to most of the real world [and about four rows in Cramton try to be useful; to try and have healthy conversations.” auditorium] is that people don’t listen at all,” said Comey. “ hey juet try t figure ut what rebuttal they’re g ing t Before the protest, an air of expectancy and caution ffer when y u’re i ne epeakinge.” filled Cramton Auditorium, with the full capacity crowd anxiously awaiting for events to unfold. iney Perkine, a ofaiulty member in the C llege of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences for 10 years, was Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick saddened by the demonstration. He said that the faculty thanked Comey for attending and for serving as the 2017- always expects some level of protest, but that everyone 2018 Gwendolyn S. and Colbert I. King Endowed Chair has to “listen to each other” and discuss the varying in Public Policy. In the position, Comey will facilitate approaches, re-emphasizing a point Comey tried to make discourse on public policy issues in a five-part lecture series aimed at maximizing the ability for students to (cont. on page 5)

OCTOBER 5, 2017


(from page 4)


during his speech.

Cooper. “I couldn’t hear anything.” Sitting behind the demonstration in Cramton, he asked the protestors to sit down and they gave him the middle finger in response.

Perkins was not the only faculty member dismayed. The Rev. Dr. Bernard L. Richardson, dean of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, who had given the opening benediction, walked boldly to the podium in an attempt to regain control. After saying, “this is not Howard,” he retreated to his seat, shaking his head in disapproval.

Mikayli Solomon, an international business student, did not necessarily agree with Comey as the public policy chair, but said the protest “was disrespectful and embarrassing.” All three students agreed that the mission of the protest was unclear and that they did not object to Comey being at the University.

Throughout the ordeal, Frederick was seemingly calm. At one point, Frederick even silenced the orchestra and choir in their attempt to drown out the protesters with an impromptu selection of Beethoven’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” which they had already performed toward the beginning of convocation.

A press release posted on Twitter after Friday’s protest conveyed HUResist’s reasons for exercising its right to peaceful assembly. The organization stated that “Comey [has] boasted many affronts to black communities … during his tenure with the FBI.” The statement goes on to say that “James Comey represents an institution diametrically opposed to the interests of black people domestically and abroad.”

Both Frederick and Comey waited patiently in silence. The president never gave an order for police to escort the demonstrators out the auditorium.

“I am honored to be here with you,” said Comey in his closing remarks. “I look forward to adult conversations about what is right and what is true.” The university has yet to announce the dates for Comey’s lecture series.

Solomon and Williams watched the ceremony via livestream as the broadcast cut to pre-recorded content during the protest. Representatives from both WHURFM and WHUT, the radio and TV broadcasters on Comey concluded his speech to a standing ovation, while the campus, acknowledged cutting away from live coverage, protesters simultaneously exited to the front of Cramton but declined to comment on who made the call and why. to continue their demonstration. The group eventually marched to the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Administration More than 10 faculty members who attended Convocation also declined to comment on the event. The Office of Building and later to other parts of campus. University Communications omitted the protest altogether Outside Cramton, Howard students congregated to from its newsroom statement uploaded Friday. discuss and debate all that had happened. Freshman Brianna Williams empathized with the protestors and In his closing remarks, President Frederick made an thought students should be incorporated in all decisions obvious challenge to the students not willing to listen made on campus, including appointing Comey as this to Comey. “We will not fear opposing viewpoints or ideologies,” said Frederick. year’s Convocation speaker. Standing across from Williams, Adam Cooper, 25, of Prince George’s County, Maryland, explained that he “trusts the school to do its due diligence” in bringing Comey to the university. He wanted to hear what he had to say.

Moments later, Williams, Cooper and Solomon all stood together outside Cramton as protesters marched by with bullhorn in tow.

Although “we all have different opinions,” Solomon said, “we’re talking about it. That could have been up there,” “Before he even could speak, they cut him off,” said referring to the stage and back rows of Cramton.




5th Annual United States Conference on African Immigrant and Refugee Health

Howard University vs. North Carolina Central University: Home Football Game

Date: 10/05/17 Time: 1:00 p.m. Location: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel (Crystal City)

Date: 10/07/17 Time: 1:00 p.m. Location: Greene Stadium

Office of Career Services Fall 2017 Career Fair Date: 10/06/17 Time: 1:00 p.m. Blackburn Center Women in Housing & Finance, Inc., Present “How to Get Your Foot into the Housing & Finance Industry: Success Stories from Diverse Industry Leaders” Date: 10/05/17 Time: 6:00 p.m. Location: Howard University School of Business

Homecoming Day Of Service Date: 10/14/17 Time: 8:00 a.m. Service sites on Campus and throughout DC. Alumni will register for sites nationally and internationally Howard University Cancer Center 4th Annual Rosemary Williams Breast Cancer Brunch Date: 10/15/17 Time: 11: 00 a.m. Location: Martin’s Crosswinds

OCTOBER 5, 2017



Bye Columbus! Holiday No Longer at Howard University By: David Robinson, Campus Reporter


Until 2016, Howard University observed Columbus “There’s definitely a reason to Day, which fell on the second Monday in October. On Sept. 30, 2016, a message was sent to the student celebrate [Columbus Day], but body from the Office of University Communications there are people that are more stating “Please note, the University will be open on Columbus Day. The day after Thanksgiving is the important to celebrate than new University Holiday that replaces Columbus Day.” Columbus,” said freshman Russell According to the school’s academic calendar for 2017 2018, there are not any references to Columbus Day. Edwards. Instead, an additional day will be added to students’ The absolute removal of the holiday is an idea that Thanksgiving break. resonated with other members at Howard, as they felt The story of Christopher Columbus has been taught as that the holiday was not necessary. a vital point in American history. Since the holiday’s incorporation in 1934, it has been contested by many “The whole holiday should be removed. I lived in groups since Columbus was not the first to discover Philadelphia and if you go downtown, there is a statue the Americas nor was he the first European to visit of Christopher Columbus and all it says in he was a cartographer,” freshman Jared Broomes said. “It the New World. doesn’t say all the negative things and lasting effect “I feel like Columbus Day is very, very pointless,” he had on America. Meanwhile he has a legacy of senior Zachary Graham said. “It’s Columbus Day, being sort of a leading figure in America.” he didn’t discover anything, it’s all a fallacy, lies we have been fed since we were children. We shouldn’t For international students like freshman Zhanna Ernest, a biology major from Saint Lucia, events be celebrating it.” like Columbus Day is a learning experience about Students at Howard demand changes to be made on the culture of America and life at Howard as the a national level, but opinions differ about how. Many individual Christopher Columbus was previously just are against the national endorsement of a European an insignificant speck in their lives. traveler who had a history of torturing and enslaving native populations he had met and believe that the “So, to me, Columbus was just a piece of [expletive] removal of the holiday would allow for healing for from the history classes,” Ernest said. “Where the populations affected. Others find that the negative I’m from, the majority is black so it’s new to do all connotations that this holiday brings can be changed this protesting and standing up because I haven’t into something new and positive with a change in the experienced that personally.” name. At Howard University, the name Christopher One popular name that has gained traction throughout Columbus does not bring fond memories or awaken America is Indigenous Peoples Day, as Los Angeles American pride for students. has passed legislation to have the name officially changed from Columbus Day. This was done in an The name evokes negative emotions and empathy effort to remember the people that Columbus had for marginalized groups and anger at the fact they discovered and the lifestyle and culture they had before were previously taught to look at with admiration and celebration. meeting the explorer.




News of the Week

By: Kai Sinclair, Asst. News Editor



United States On Sunday night, 59 people were killed and over 500 were injured at a country music festival in Las Vegas in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 people for 10 to 15 minutes from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel. Twenty-three weapons, including multiple military-grade rifles, were found in Paddock’s hotel room, along with several pounds of materials used to make explosives in his car. Although none of his weapons were automatic, at least one was outfitted with a legal device that allowed the gunman to fire off rounds rapidly. Authorities believe that Paddock acted alone and has no ties to international terror groups. After the gruesome murder of a transgender teen in Missouri, three of the suspects allegedly involved will not be charged with hate crimes. Ally Steinfeld’s, 17, family reported her missing in September. Her burned body was found, and according to suspect testimonials, she’d been stabbed in the genitals multiple times and her eyes gouged out. Three of the four suspects involved were charged with first-degree murder, punishable by life in prison on death in Missouri. While some lawyers and transgender rights activists suggest the mutilation of Steinfeld’s genitalia indicates that she was targeted for her gender identity, others support the decision to not categorize the murder as hate-fueled. The charge of hate crime is used to make a sentence more brutal, and can only be added to a lesser offense, like assault, in Missouri. In a five-hour visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Tuesday, President Donald Trump had a televised meeting with emergency responders and officials regarding relief efforts following the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria. During the meeting, he encouraged people to look at the storm-related damage and deaths as compared to “a real catastrophe like [Hurricane] Katrina.” Trump then toured the city and helped distribute supplies to citizens at a church, where he threw provisionals into the crowd as though shooting a basketball. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin told reporters that Trump’s staff seemed more interested in helping the Puerto Rican people than Trump and referred to him as a “miscommunicator-in-chief.”

Europe A vote to make the Spanish region of Catalonia an independent country as early as this week sparked violence between voters and police on Sunday. Around 2.2 million of Catalonia’s 5.3 million participated in the vote, which was organized by the region’s officials - not the Spanish national government, and almost 90 percent of the votes were in favor of succession. The country’s national politicians deemed the vote illegal and sent police and military personnel to bring it to a halt. Catalonian officials were arrested and over 900 people were injured in the clashes, and. Catalonia currently has more autonomy than other regions in Spain, but the national government could revoke some of those freedoms in response to the vote.

OCTOBER 5, 2017






By: Devariae “Yae” McDaniels “HUSH, I’M TALKING.”





An Open Letter to Howard Students

By: Taiyler Mitchell, Life+Style Reporter To my homies and associates; to my Twitter and Instagram followers; to the guy who sits two seats over in my 2 p.m. class and the girl who walks by and smiles at me when I’m walking to my 8 a.m. class; to the residents of my dorm and to those who live off campus; to HU18, HU19, HU20, HU21 and anyone else who attends Howard:



protest was misread by some who knew considerably less about the situation. It was the job of HUResist to inform the uneducated. Without doing so, they may have been perceived as foolish or unknowledgeable--which makes for easy dismissal.

HUResist had a short amount of time to say everything This is me calling you out. they wanted during Convocation and it wasn’t enough to inform an audience who did not read the Twitter threads, This is not a complaint about the problematic and the flyers or the handouts on the very real problem that is superficial social components of Howard. It’s not about James Comey robed in the Howard University emblem. the fallacies and deficiencies of Howard administration. This is about the shortcomings of the students themselves. The uninformed only heard a chant that asserted I have to ask: Where is your passion? Where is your HUResist’s blackness to a black audience—preaching to drive? the choir. The national and international news outlets that covered the story received one line: “Get out James Is it shoved underneath the pile of issues you have with Comey—you’re not our homey!” Is that all we’ve got? administration or financial aid? Has it been on hold while you raise your falling grades? Is it in the bed of the How can we use this platform to better the condition of person whose room you left last night—or rather, early Howard, or to a greater degree, better the condition of this morning? Did you leave it in the bottle you drank those outside of Howard who need it? We can propose over the weekend or in the roach you left on The Yard that students volunteer in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and after class on Friday? St. Croix for Alternative Spring Break. We can raise awareness about gun control in light of the recent terrorist I don’t care where it is—neither do the victims of the attack in Las Vegas. The possibilities are endless. recent hurricanes and earthquakes. Neither do the legends and history-makers that have attended our If you are not doing all that you can to live in truth University. Neither do the people paying for your tuition- and service, then your reasoning behind attending -whether it be your parents or the people behind your the illustrious Howard University is lackluster and loans, scholarships, or grants. Just find it. Find your uninspired at best. Whether it be recreating the 1968 passion. Find your drive. Then, find a way to use it in sit-in at the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Administration truth and service. Building as a catalyst to fix the problems on campus or deciding to start a campaign and send books, clothing, In the words of my political science professor, Dr. food, hygiene products and our students in an attempt to McCalester, and ultimately the inspiration behind assist Puerto Rico, Mexico and other nearby countries in this piece, “Passion without knowledge looks crazy need of help, I challenge you to rise to the occasion. from afar.” About two weeks ago, the world watched HUResist protest former FBI Director James Comey at Take whatever skills, interests and ideas you possess Opening Convocation. National and international news and use them in truth and service. outlets covered this story, including CNN, Washington Post, BBC, and NPR, to name a few. Each of the news In frustration, and awaiting change, outlets saw angry black kids who hate white people and the FBI. While the action was very much appreciated by some of the Howard student and staff populations, the Another Howard University Student




Jean Jackson Freshman Film Memphis, TN


“urban sleek”

Jonathan Joseph Senior Sports Medicine Queens, NY

By: Tanasia Smith, Fashion+Style Reporter @TanasiaSmith

“calm, casual, cozy”

Rhéa Guillaume-Roussel Senior English Queens, NY


Raaziq Masud

Senior Human Development Bronx, NY

OCTOBER 5, 2017




By: Malcolm Wyche


“If we know, then we must fight for your life as though it were our own.” — James Baldwin.

engaged in their battles. We saw movements such as Black Lives Matter come to life, and at the same time, we have watched the movement become diluted. That is the paradox of the digital age. We can assemble faster than ever, but we also disremember faster than ever. Millions of hashtags should translate to millions of feet on the ground. It is time to manifest our anger.

Taken from his letter to Angela Davis, during the fight for her life from America and the Reagan Administration, James Baldwin makes it known that our struggle is everybody’s fight. For too long, myself included, we have been too passive on continuing the fight our ancestors left behind.

We have lived through our ancestors. By their actions, speeches, and published material, we can educate ourselves on the true nature of this country. We have witnessed the tremendous effort it takes to move a nation, and we must increase our efforts. We cannot run from the war. We have won battles, but the war against our people continues. Nobody should be allowed to sit on the sidelines. We have to be deliberate. I am urging us to be mad, to engulf ourselves in the rage we feel every time there’s a new hashtag, and use that as fuel to create solutions.

After the Civil Rights movement, America implemented several swift maneuvers to ensure that race became a taboo topic, Black people were removed from politics and economics and kept under control through government programs. In the age of prosperity for the Black middle class, we also see more segregation in our schools than ever before and increasing mass incarceration. Gentrification moves us out of our cities, while inequality between our people further removes us from combating these issues. For me, I cannot help but feel that we are not doing enough at all. Entertainment, hashtags and trending topics will not save us without further reinforcement. I appreciate the discussions, I encourage the dialogue, but we must do more. We have to continue to boycott, protest, march, mobilize, defend and provide for ourselves. It is time we learned from our history and refuse for America to continue to keep us divided. We must all fight. We must all be responsible for the lives of our fallen soldiers and political prisoners.

I encourage us, as a people, not to be caught up with the illusion of capitalism. By its nature, capitalism emphasizes “me” before “we.” It forces us to be individualistic and remove ourselves from the whole, but it will take more than one person to save us. It takes more than a select few acquiring wealth and philanthropic contributions. It will take more than a mixed President coming into office. It seems that until we instill the unwavering dedication that gripped those such as Angela Davis, Huey Newton, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Assata Shakur and the countless others, we will not achieve the goal of overturning the oppressive control America has placed over the nation.

We must, all, give the problems of this nation deep thought. Our intensity has to increase a hundredfold. Every day must be used to progress forward. We have to educate and arm ourselves to contribute to the cause. Whether you believe education, economics, Once again, we have seen a wave of Black consciousness politics, religion, or revolution is the answer, we can sweep over the nation. Through the rise of police all work together. brutality, across the country, riots and protestors




Op-Ed: Freedom of Speech in Trump’s America? By: Raaziq Brown, Contributing Reporter

On Aug. 14, 2016—during the NFL preseason— former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made his first solo protest against police brutality by sitting during the national anthem. He went unnoticed. On Aug. 20, Kaepernick continued his protest and sat during the anthem for a second time. Again, he went unnoticed.

Over 400 days has passed since Kaepernick’s first protest.


gained support from his fellow teammates, peers in the NFL and celebrities alike. On Sept. 21, President Donald Trump addressed a supportive rally crowd in Huntsville, Alabama. “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when e meb iy iiereepeite ur flag, eay, ‘Get that e n of a b1111 ff the fieli right n we. Out, y u’re firei,’” Trump said.

With ut ueing any epeiifii playere name in hie epeeih, Trump made his point—any player protesting the It was not until his third game, on Aug. 26, that anthem deserves to lose their job. This is not the only Kaepernick’s protest was noticed and put in the time that Trump has attacked an individual’s livelihood national limelight. In a press conference following because of his or her politics. that third preseason game, Kaepernick explained that he was “not going to stand up to show pride in a flag On Sept. 11, Jemele Hill, a black television reporter for a country that oppresses black people and people for ESPN, tweeted that Donald Trump “is a white of color.” supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” Trump reacted by “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be railing against ESPN in a series of tweets, blaming selfish on my part to look the other way. There are the network’s drop in ratings partially on its political bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and content. Immediately following Trump’s tweets, getting away with murder,” Kaepernick said. politicians, athletes and Hill’s co-workers at ESPN publicly displayed their support of Hill. He continued his protest for the remainder of the season and decided to opt out of his contract with the Trump uses his authority as president to passively 49ers on Mar. 1, 2017. He has been unemployed ever communicate his opinion to company executives in since. rier t fix the pini ne ani aiti ne of their empl yeeee. rump hae eupp rtei the firing ani unempl yment of In fact, it has been over 200 days since Colin Kaepernick individuals who have used their right to freedom of opted out of his contract with the 49ers. That is over epeeih againet himeelof ani t he Ameriian flage. he 200 days that Kaepernick has been without a job. implications of this are horrendous—not only does Trump’s rhetoric have fascist undertones, but it also In the same 200+ days, Kaepernick has continued sets the precedent of condemning those who utilize his monthly donation of $100,000 towards various their First Amendment right. charities—a tenth of his goal is to give $1 million to organizations working in oppressed communities According to the U.S. Courts’s website, freedom including the Black Youth Project in Chicago and of speech includes the right “to engage in symbolic the Coalition for The Homeless in New York City. epeeih ( burning the flag in pr teete.” Aeeuming Kaepernick began this $1 million pledge in October that kneeling in protest is against the anthem or calling 2016 in an attempt to make a change to the system a white supremacist a white supremacist is not that he was protesting. Over time, Kaepernick has (cont. on page 15)

OCTOBER 5, 2017


(from page 14) ae hein ue of an ffenee ae burning the flag, Hill ani Kaepernick’s actions are not a matter of illegality by any means. They are both free to do and say whatever they feel, and, unfortunately, Donald Trump is granted the same right. The problem, then, becomes the inappropriate use of freedom of speech and power by our Commander-in-Chief.


freedom of speech.

The president publicly condemning and calling for the continued unemployment of a man who is expressing his dissatisfaction with the country’s systematic flaws is downright wrong. Kaepernick was unemployed before Trump’s comments but the impression that his comments have left may be the reason why Kaepernick remains unemployed.

We are all granted free speech as citizens of this country. Individuals who are in the public eye— So, what is free speech in Trump’s professional athletes, sports anchors and politicians included—all hold positions in which the things that America? they say have a high impact, due to their platforms. These individuals should be careful about the Freedom of speech in Trump’s America is a person messages they send through their words and actions. of color losing their job and being publicly chastised by the president for kneeling during the anthem. Meanwhile, violent, racist protesters fighting for Protesting the country’s anthem white supremacy are not condemned by the same due to the injustices that happen president.

at the hands of the country may be viewed as ‘un-American’ by those who are patriotic, but it is simply a use of the right to exert one’s

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In Trump’s America, is white freedom of speech valued more than black freedom of speech? The answer is yes, and the only solution is a change in leadership.

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Enthusiasms from Dr. McFadgion By: Dr. Akosoa McFadgion



Hello Kings and Queens of the Mecca! It’s Domestic in? Not good. Violence Awareness Month! Sexual Violence is when someone makes you do something Did you know that 3 out of 10 women and 1 out of 10 you don’t want to do sexually. Feeling like you SHOULD men experience physical violence, stalking or sexual have sex to sustain the relationship? Not good. assault in their intimate relationship? Did you also know that approximately 23 percent of LGBTQ men and 50 Emotional, verbal or psychological abuse occurs when percent of LGBTQ women experience abuse from their someone is controlling, puts you down, or makes threats intimate partners? What does domestic violence look like against you. Constantly saying mean or hurtful comments on a college campus? I am Enthusiastic that you asked! to your partner so they do what you want? Not good. Well, for starters, thinking things like, ‘If he hit me, I will hit him back!’ or ‘A push against the wall or a slap ain’t nothing, that’s how we handle our differences!’ is a relationship definitely headed in the wrong direction. Feeling like ‘she’s always yelling and cussing me out’ or ‘he always criticizes me’, is not good either.

Economic abuse is when someone makes you give your money or prevent you from going to class. Feeling like you MUST spend your money or time with your partner to show love? Not good.

Spiritual abuse occurs when someone won’t let you worship or express your spirituality. Think your partner Unhealthy relationships can be prevented with education, will criticize you for going to Bible study? Not good. healthy communication, and knowing a whole lot more about what makes you tick, than worrying about To get help and more information about resources contact how the other person operates. Not sure what I mean? the Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program at or call 202-806-7647. Let me leave you with this: Dating and domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors used by one partner Enthusiastically, to control the other partner. Can’t move without checking Dr. Akosoa McFadgion








SECURE THE BAG: Money’s The Motive, So Manage It By: Bria Clark, B.B.A Finance 2014

Money management is a discipline. Just like you must work out to have a six pack, you must work on your financial fitness to obtain six figures. Get started by saving at least $1,000. If that’s too steep, begin with a semester’s worth of expenses. Build your credit now by demonstrating financial interest in an account; this could be a saving account, checking account, debit card, cell phone bill, student loan or secured credit card.


In the same respect, instead of ordering dessert, make your favorite sweets on the way back. Ice cream cones, fruits with whipped toppings or a slice of cake are sweet items that can be easily purchased anywhere. Instead of grabbing fast food between classes, purchase food that can be eaten on the go.

Break down a big bag of popcorn into two or three zip lock bags, or make a batch of marshmallow rice crispy treats to pull out during class. Better yet, try to By any means necessary, try to decrease your cost of purchase foods that stretch across multiple meals. living by saving money on things you ultimately pay for repeatedly. Create a separate email address and For example, buy ground meat or mixed vegetables sign-up for rewards programs. Consider entertaining to save money instead of ordering delivery. Say you yourself at businesses that give freebies for your order orange chicken; you can heat up some steamed birthday, anniversary or national holidays. The same broccoli in the microwave or make some fries on the principle goes for move-in specials and ride sharing side. programs. Take your budgeting a step further by tracking what you Going out to eat includes appetizers, a main course, spend on food, housing and transportation. These may drinks and dessert; instead, break up the experience. often be your most expensive bills, but if you develop Make some chips & dip, guacamole, salad or even the habit of tracking, setting limits and budgeting toasted garlic bread before you leave out. If you’re your money, you’re on your way to successful money nice, invite your food buddy over to share. management.






Op-Ed: Why Can’t They Just Stick to Sports? By: Nathan Easington, Sports Reporter

“U Bum.” That is part of a tweet from basketball superstar Lebron James which was directed at President Donald Trump. The White House announced the long-standing tradition of inviting the reigning NBA champions, in this case the Golden State Warriors, to come to the White House, had been revoked. Shortly thereafter, Steph Curry publicly announced that he hadn’t planned on accepting the invitation to go to the White House. James and Curry are apart of dozens of players and coaches who are speaking out against problems they see in the United States and, more specifically, within the Trump administration. These men are squashing the idea that athletes should “stick to their sport,” when commenting to the media. This is not a new or recent phenomenon, and these athletes should cheered on rather than booed. For decades, athletes have been going beyond their stats and sport and addressing issues which they believe in. For some athletes, speaking out about issues beyond their sport helped define their careers. For example, black athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos who raised their fists in solidarity with the Black Power Movement during their medal ceremony at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. While Tommie Smith was stellar in his sport, he is not remembered because of his athletic accolades, but for the fact that he stood up for what he believed and made a stand. To this day, few may remember that Smith also played in the NFL after winning at the Olympics; but everyone can remember his clenched fist held high during the playing of the national anthem. Today, professional athletes can’t escape questions beyond their stats and sports even if they wanted to. Tom Brady, who is perhaps one athlete who consistently sticks to questions about his sport, had to address questions from the media when a “Make


American Great Again” cap was seen in his locker during a postgame interview. This past Sunday, Brady was again under the spotlight, not for his skill throwing a football, but for joining his teammates in locking arms during the national anthem as a way to protest comments made by President Trump about kneeling during the anthem. Athletes who have gone beyond their sport and publicly speak about issues such as racial injustice have given a voice to those who would otherwise go ignored. It’s not only athletes; coaches have used their mics as well. Take, for example, Gregg Popovich, who is known for being stingy and somewhat curmudgeonly, who said on media day for the San Antonio Spurs “Obviously, race is the elephant in the room, and we all understand that, but unless it is talked about constantly, it is not going to get better,” Popovich said. Later on in the interview, Popovich, who is the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, said that the President was the cause of the United States looking like an “embarrassment to the world.” A player or coach who decides to go beyond sports in order to stand up for what he/she believes has a right to do so. Athletes, and in some instances coaches, are some of the most famous and idolized people in America, if not on Earth. Typically, they are better liked than most political figures. It is therefore their duty to use this platform of sports to champion issues that are important to them, and to provide a voice for those who aren’t as famous. The idea of “sticking to sports” is at best a sweet notion and at worst a dangerous tool used by those who wish to silence conversations they’d rather not have. Athletes have gone beyond their stats and sports since the inception of sports in America. These courageous athletes are unlikely to stop any time soon, nor do I think they should.

OCTOBER 5, 2017






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