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Premier Collection Hereford Sires Wirruna MATTY M288 Hean 1 ROSCOE

Wirruna KATNOOK K74 Alderoak 1 NORRIS

Fisher 1 RANCHER


100 BSI 81

Calving Ease (heifers) Calving Ease (cows)


Calving Ease (heifers)


Calving Ease (cows) 100

Gestation Length

Normanton 1 LAERTES Calf Quality


Gestation Length Calf Quality


Calf Survivability





4.9% 81

282 days


100 282 days 59%



3.6% 82

Calf Survivability


Calvings 139 Herds 60 Reliability129

BeefAdvantage™ £0.10BeefAdvanta


70 BSI BSI 130

100 BSI 81

ving Ease (heifers) ving Ease (cows) tation Length

Calf Quality



Calving Ease (heifers) Calving Ease (cows)



Calving3.2% Ease (cows)

1.5% 282 days


100 282 days Gestation Length 59% Calf Quality



Calf Survivability

100 BSISTATISTIC Calving6.5% Ease (heifers)



Gestation Length 100

f Quality 82

f Survivability

5.0% Calf Survivability



Calvings 139 70 Herds 60 129 Reliability



4.9% 1.5% 282 days


6.5% 3.2% 282 days 59%





BeefAdvantage™ £0.10 BeefAdvantage™ £0.10 Bee


Society news


From the breed secretary


Mark Roberts becomes president


Herefords of the year


Annual dinner


Associations and Clubs


Council members Putting Hereford Beef on the menu

14 38

National Hereford Club


National Hereford Show


Society open day 100 years of the spring sale in Hereford

44 46

Spring show and sale


National Poll Show


Designer Genes sale Traditional Hereford Breeders’ Club



Autumn show and sale


National Calf Show


Beef Expo UK Hereford Youth Shows and events 2020


Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association


Shropshire County Show


HCBA sale


Royal Three Counties Show


Border herd dispersal


Christmas calf show


North of England North of England Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association


Great Yorkshire Show


Scotland Scottish Hereford Breeders’ Association


Royal Highland Show


Scottish National Show


Stars of the Future




Powys Hereford Breeders' Club


Royal Welsh Winter Fair



Dyfed Hereford Breeders' Club




West Midlands


Royal Welsh Show

Reflecting on a career in the show ring


South of England

Beef quality cornerstone of extensive beef system


South of England Hereford Breeders’ Association

Traditional Herefords stand test of time


Breed newcomers take show rings by storm


Hereford sweeper favourite for large scale dairy


How to profit from forage-based dairy-beef systems 106 123

Understanding calving ease

Show circuit success for recently founded Moralee herd 128


Midlands and East Anglia Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association


Royal Norfolk Show


Northern Ireland 180

Royal Ulster Show


Herefords build base of large scale suckler business 162

Northern Ireland National Show


South West

Dungannon sales


NIHBA awards evening


United Feeds calf show



Hereford sire reduces cost


South West Hereford Breeders’ Association


Devon County Show


Royal Bath and West Show


Editor: Laura Bowyer Front cover photo: Farmers Guardian




Hereford House, 3 Offa Street, Hereford, HR1 2LL

01432 272057



Official publication of the Hereford Cattle Society


Argentinian blood builds base of top herd


Northern Ireland Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association

2 0 2 0



Society staff

David Deakin

Laura Bowyer

Beverley Turner

Breed secretary

Marketing manager

Finance and enquiries

Tracey Thomas Registrations and enquiries

Maria Pop

Office administrator

Maria joins team at Hereford House The Society has appointed Maria Pop to the position of office administrator, working on a part time basis. Maria studied at the University of Agriculture Science and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Romania, where she was awarded a degree in management, economic engineering in agriculture and rural development. During the past sixteen years while living in the UK, she has run her own business and has developed a good range of office administration skills. Maria is delighted to have joined such a renowned organisation and looks forward to expanding her admin knowledge, learning about the Hereford breed and supporting the team at Hereford House.

Allman elevated to chair After acting as vice-chairman from February 2018, Philip Allman took to the position of chairman in March 2019. Phil has been a council member for six years, having represented both Scotland and the West Midlands. With a long history in the breed, he is a face known to many, having won the Royal Show breed championship both in 2006 and 2008 with Greenyards 1 Archie. He is also a regular judge at some of the UK premier shows. Phil says: “I am honoured to have been elected as chairman of the Society, and I am excited to help move the organisation forward. I am particularly enthused by the Hereford Beef publicity work that is being carried out, cementing the brand in households across the country.


“I would like to see an increase in the recognition of the commercial relevance of Herefords, to the extent that they do not require special schemes to be popular. I would like the breed to be run

Society news

Phil Allman

by commercial farmers, with less emphasis on showing. “The Hereford, developed on the rich pastures and deep soils of Herefordshire, has gone on to be a major breed on the world stage. We must not forget that it is in this country the breed was developed, and where the cattle remain most relevant for the domestic market.”

From the secretary It’s been a busy year with much achieved under the guidance of your chairman and dynamic council. The Society has implemented a number of new initiatives including, a successful summer open day, evaluated the use of genomics, arranged a new official sale venue, restructured UK Hereford Youth and engaged in a new Hereford Beef marketing campaign. The protracted negotiations surrounding Brexit have undoubtedly brought an air of uncertainty within our livestock sector. In particular, the beef price has been struck as a consequence of stock piling beef by red meat processors throughout 2019. This has resulted in a downward trend, with prices now hovering below the last five year average. While the low beef price can be blamed primarily on Brexit, perhaps more alarming is the continual drip-drip effect of negative stories in the media over the production and consumption of red meat. In particular, the relentless and damaging press surrounding agriculture, specifically livestock farming, with regards to its effect on green house gas emissions and climate change. This is a subject that the newly formed Royal Smithfield Club and National Farmers Union (NFU) are tackling with counteracting evidence and practical solutions. The current NFU president and Hereford Society member, Minette Batters, has set an industry target of net zero emissions by 2040, with the caveat, of not disturbing net farm income or downsizing production. One of the major players on the world stage, New Zealand, has set a similar target for 2050, so it will be interesting for those attending the World Hereford Conference to hear from leading agriculturalists as to how this can be achieved. However, as a breed the Hereford is well placed to combat all of the damaging rhetoric. We have an animal that is both prolific and efficient at turning forage into a high-quality source of protein, along with the associated health benefits of eating beef higher in omega-3 than that produced from a grain-based diet. Moreover, if the British public do consume less beef, while maintaining the same disposable income, they will require a high-class product and what could be better than naturally produced succulent, well-marbled Hereford Beef. If consumers are going to eat less beef, they should be encouraged to eat better

quality. As a natural grazing animal, the Hereford can also play an important role in sequestrating carbon by utilising a mainly grass-based diet, as this would help to build soil fertility, capture CO2 and encourage wildlife. Hereford Beef has been in vogue over the past 12 months, picking up a number of national awards, which is very encouraging and perfectly reflects its quality. However, much work is still to be done in promoting Hereford Beef to the public. This is essential in order to provide existing and potential purveyors of Hereford Beef with the confidence that consumers recognise our brand. At the end of 2019, the Society’s council appointed the services of a reputable London-based PR marketing agency, to undertake a programme of works to lift the profile of Hereford Beef. Quality has never been an issue but its recognition as a premium product has. Following the Society’s move from microsatellite to SNP DNA testing, we now have the opportunity to implement ‘new’ technology through a single-step genomic programme administered by ABRI (Breedplan) based in Australia. The success of any future move to producing genomically enhanced EBVs will be dependent on the quality and quantity of the performance recorded data, so I urge breeders to embrace Breedplan, a free service to Hereford members, and help the Society move forward with this modern technology. It is reassuring to witness the Hereford breed continuing to grow in popularity, with an increase in membership, active herds and registrations all of which are the backbone of any breed society. Moreover, with an increase in registrations and compressed beef industry, it has never been more important to select only the best bulls for breeding whether that's for the pedigree or commercial market. Breeders need to be ruthless in their selection and realistic in their values. To undervalue bulls will be to the detriment of all Hereford breeders. One of the highlights over the past year has to be the well-attended summer open day, held at the home of David and Maggie Kelly at Nether Hall farm, Cumbria. Approximately 300 visitors heard from a great line-up of speakers and all attendees enjoyed a farm tour

Breed secretary, David Deakin

allowing them to view the award-winning herd of Netherhall Herefords, a 180 cow herd run along commercial lines. Genetics are selected on a range of performance traits, in particular, gestation length and calving ease. The open day followed a similar event, when the Kellys opened their gates to 240 mainly commercial farmers as part of the NBA’s Beef Expo farm tours. Our sincere thanks go to the Kelly family for being such great hosts over two fabulous days and for being wonderful advocates of the Hereford breed. David and Maggie again flew the Hereford flag in early 2020, when they appeared as keynote speakers at the British Cattle Breeders’ Conference in Telford, where they enlightened attendees as to why they moved from Limousins to Herefords. A new UK Hereford Youth (UKHY) working group has been devised, with a chairman and committee to provide UKHY coordinator Emma Smith with the financial and physical support she requires to fulfil her increasing remit. Needless to say, it’s been a busy year for UKHY with many events being held and much excitement over the selection of four young members to compete at the World Hereford Conference during the spring of 2020. We wish Emma and her team well as they take on other competing countries from around the world. I also wish all members travelling to New Zealand an enjoyable and informative experience. I’m sure through all the hard work by the conference organisers they will have arranged an event to remember, set among some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. As we move into a new decade, I look forward to meeting new and existing members at the many shows, events and sales around the UK during the coming year.

Society news


Roberts becomes president After an active year as vice-president, Mark Roberts of the Herefordshire-based Bromley herd takes to the helm as president of the Society. Running his own successful mixed farming business, Mark Roberts has lived at Bromley Court, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire since returning home in 1981 from Nottingham University where he studied for a degree in economics and agricultural economics. His connection with the breed started when his father kept a herd of 80 British Polled Hereford cows. This strain, developed from a one-off outcross with a Galloway in the 1950s, was very sought after for suckler and dairy herds in the 1970s but failed to get international recognition and was somewhat marginalised by the 1980s. Growing up with these cattle led him to develop an admiration for large herds of hardy, unpampered, naturally athletic and dark coated cattle. These are still the type Mark likes and has tried to breed since restarting a poll herd in 2005. Through Mark and wife Maddy’s years of farming, they have expanded the area of cropping, taking out short term leys, moved from potato growing to cider fruit orcharding and also began a poultry rearing enterprise in 1995. They originally reared turkeys, which did well during the BSE turmoil years, but turned the housing over to broiler chickens in 2007 where they grow about 140,000 at a time. Mark describes Bromley as having plenty of banky permanent pastures crossed by streams for stock farming, alongside sandy arable land for cropping.


In 2005 he re-introduced pedigree Herefords to the farm. He bought foundation females from Gerald Blandford, Ernie Colledge and Pete Cobley as well as from Lowerhope, Ford Abbey and Solpoll. Most of these cattle carried a fair amount of Costhorpe bloodlines, which he had always admired for their consistent quality.

Society news

Outgoing president Jonathan Moorhouse passes the president’s badge to Mark Roberts

Bit by bit, Mark got sucked into greater involvement with the breed. He has sat on council since 2015 and has been chairman of the local area association for the last two years.

strengthen the Society moving forward.

During a very active year as vicepresident, Mark showed great diplomacy and honourability in his role. He has been a great support to chairman and friend Phil Allman as he has learnt the ropes of his role. Phil describes Mark as an incredibly decent and humble person with enormous integrity.

as I travel and meet breeders through this

Mark says: “I am proud of what has been achieved by others in the breed over the last 10 years. Breeders have developed a type of cattle which is commercially viable, strong and competitive.

breeders from around the world, and to

“The council has faced up to, and is addressing the need to, promote our breed and its qualities to increase market share and premium value. I am excited to be involved in this modernised approach that our breed secretary and council are shaping and my aim for this year is to help

He adds: “With many shows and events to

“I don’t see myself as a top breeder but will try to use my position and opportunity to explain the council’s aims and decisions year.” Representing UK Hereford breeders at the World Hereford Conference in New Zealand will be a great responsibility and a huge honour. I look forward to meeting share ideas on how to improve the breed in order for the UK to continue to compete on a global stage, says Mark.

attend accross the UK, there is no doubt the travelling will be gruelling, but I hope that wherever Maddy and I go, with a friendly and approachable attitude, much can be achieved.”

Moorhouse bows out

After sitting in the president’s seat for a year more than previously anticipated, Jonathan Moorhouse reflects on the advancements made by the Society as he wraps up his term in office. When I sat down to write the president’s piece last year I didn’t expect to be having to do it again, but as Harold MacMillan was reported to have said, ‘events dear boy, events’ So now at the end of the second (and last) year there is plenty to look back on but more importantly, much to look forward to. After years of looking at the potential of branding Hereford Beef, using levies specifically raised for the purpose, the Society has engaged the services of PR and marketing agency, Storm. We will work with Storm and our meat processors on an ambitious campaign of promoting Hereford Beef to the public. As we all know, the timing could not be

more important. Almost daily there are confusing and inaccurate attacks on meat eating and beef farming in particular. It is now time to take this head on and extol all the virtues of the Hereford: its unequalled premium quality, the health benefits of grass-fed beef, and its reputation for environmental sustainability in converting extensive grassland into superb food. There is a lot of work to be done and I cannot over emphasise the debt we owe to the staff in Hereford House as they deal with all the strands of running a modern breed society. The branding campaign runs alongside looking after all of our individual needs, and the advances in DNA testing and breed integrity bring further challenges. Hereford House itself has had a major facelift and the property portfolio together

with our financial investments serve to keep the whole business on an even keel. There have been challenges over the past two years but my lasting impression is that the Hereford Cattle Society has a clear sense of identity and a developing vision for the future, while being built on very sound finances. My thanks in particular go to David, Laura, Bev, Tracey and Maria, and to the council members whose support and friendship have meant a lot to me. I now hand over to Mark Roberts who has been a wise and active vice-president and a great support to Phil Allman, our chairman. Mark and Maddy are absolutely the best to be leading our team in New Zealand. From Rosemary and myself, thank you.

Society news


Herefords of   Bull of the year

Female of the year

Poll bull of the year

Poll female of the year

1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 - H Whittaker 2. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 - T and D Harrison 3. Solpoll 1 Perfection - SC and GL Hartwright

=1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 - H Whittaker =1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 - T and D Harrison 3. Solpoll 1 Perfection - SC and GL Hartwright

Show herd of the year



1. T and D Harrison - Moralee 2. JRB Wilson and sons - Romany 3. DE, ED and AL Jones - Dendor

Society news

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 - R Robinson and H Whittaker 2. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R - L and L Bowen 3. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd - L and L Bowen

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 - H Whittaker and R Robinson 2. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose - G and S Harvey 3. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R - L and L Bowen

the year 2019 Sire of the year

1. SMH King Size 87K - T and D Harrison 2. Normanton 1 Laertes - TD and WT Livesey 3. Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 - JE Jones and son

Horned bull of the year

1. Church Preen Riddick - AR Owen =2. Church Preen Sagan - AR Owen =2. Highhedges Synergist - S Cowle

Horned female of the year

1. Kye Holly 818 - P Martindale 2. Church Preen Lindy Loo S087 - AR Owen 3. Heath House Curly 3rd - R and E Lywood

Horned herd of the year

1. RA Bradstock and partners - Free Town 2. AR Owen - Church Preen 3. EL Lewis and son - Haven

Society news  


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Society news

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Society news  


North of England lead the way at annual dinner At the Hereford Cattle Society's annual awards dinner, many of the top prizes were collected by breeders from the North of England. Leading the way at the Society’s annual awards dinner was Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland, who collected the much-anticipated sire of the year award for bull SMH King Size 87K. This five year old male has been influential across Moralee’s show cattle, siring many top animals, including Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12, Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 and Moralee 1 Kimberly KS R7 as well as Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd, Maxstoke 1 Sovereign and Burmill 1 Raphael in other herds. Sired by Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty, it is out of SMH Delight Sally 16, which is a daughter of Romany 1 Captain R22 C1. The bull was bred by Jens Michael Jensen from the Glud region of Denmark before being imported into the UK by Cogent in the summer of 2015. It was then purchased by the Harrison family at the end of 2016. The Moralee herd also took the show herd of the year title, after some great successes throughout the year, including at Shropshire County, Royal Three Counties, Royal Highland, Royal Welsh, Burwarton, Northumberland, Bucks County, National Poll Show and Kington, yielding a collection of breed and interbreed championships along the way. In the individual awards, poll female of the year was named as Coley 1 Clara 418 jointly owned by Heather Whittaker of Coley Herefords and Rebecca Robinson of Whittle Herefords. Sired by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid, it is out of Coley 1 Clara

Tom and Di Harrison's Moralee herd won a number of awards

286, which is by Blakelaw 1 Calzaghe, one of Heather’s original stock bulls. This heifer went on to be named overall female of the year and won breed championships at the Royal Highland and Great Yorkshire as well as a number of grand female championships. Bull of the year was named as Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker. Purchased from JRB Wilison and sons, Kelso, Roxburghshire. Prime Time is a name known to most in the breed and has forged a tremendous track record in the show ring over the past two years with Andrew Hughes on the halter. Sired by Barwise 1 Lancer, last year’s UK sire of the year, it is out of Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53.

Coley 1 Clara 418 from Rebecca Robinson and Heather Whittaker won poll female and female of the year


Society news

Prime Time was jointly named as poll bull of the year along with Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison sharing the cup. Young bull Rebel Kicks took the show rings by storm this summer and has done exceptionally well for the Harrisons who say it is the best bull they have ever bred. By the 2019 UK sire of the year SMH King Size 87K, it is out of another Romany female, this time Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6. In the horned animals, RA Bradstock and partners, Tarrington, Herefordshire took the herd of the year title, having had particular success at the National Hereford Show at Tenbury Wells and at Kington Show in September.

Heather Whittaker's Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 was named bull of the year

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker and Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison were jointly named poll bull of the year

Free Town Herefords of RA Bradstock and partners was named horned herd of the year

Steven O'Kane and Helen Morgan collected the horned female of the year cup on Philip Martindale's behalf

Andrew Owen's Church Preen Riddick was named horned bull of the year

Kye Holly 818 from Philip Martindale, Bolton, Lancashire took the horned female of the year title, having stood grand female at the National Hereford Show, junior Hereford champion at the Royal Ulster, reserve female champion at Bucks County and breed champion at Denbigh and Flint.

Bred by Irish breeders P and C McGrath, Co Roscommon, the heifer came into the country in the spring of 2019.

the National Hereford Show. It also made appearances at the Royal Three Counties, Royal Welsh and Shropshire County.

Church Preen Riddick from AR Owen, Church Stretton, Shropshire received the cup for horned bull of the year, which was tapped out as supreme champion at

The Hereford Cattle Society thanks Dunbia for sponsoring and supplying the Hereford Beef which was greatly enjoyed during the evening.

Find your nearest Association or Club

Dyfed Hereford Breeders’ Club Hon. secretary: Liz Roderick, The Bank Farm, Scurlage Castle, Scurlage, Reynoldston, Gower, Swansea, SA3 1BA

Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association (West Midlands)

Chairman: Mark Roberts, Bromley Court, Hoarwithy, Herefordshire, HR2 6QN

Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association Hon. secretary: Alan Pittam, 38 Ashby Road, Braunston, Daventry, Northants, NN11 7HE

North of England Hereford Breeders’ Association

Hon. secretary: Jackie Cooper, Pollards Farm, Howick Cross Lane, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0NS

Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders’ Association

South of England Hereford Breeders’ Association

North Wales HBA/Clwb Henffordd Gogledd Cymru

South Western Hereford Association

Powys Hereford Breeders’ Club

Traditional Hereford Breeders’ Club

Hon. secretary: Mark Moore, 51 Glassdrummond Road, Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone, N Ireland, BT69 6DE

Hon secretary: Audrey Morgan, Fardre Farm, St George, Abergele, Conwy, LL22 9RT Hon. secretary: Glenn Pritchard, The Sidings, Station Houses, Tir-Phil, NP24 6ES

Scottish Hereford Breeders’ Association

Hon. secretary: Nick Williams, 3 Trindledown Cottages, North Standen Road, Hungerford, RG17 0QY

Hon. secretary: Angela Kerslake, Nicholashayne Farm, Nicholashayne, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 9QY

Hon. secretary: David Fenton, Honour Farm, St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 6TJ

Chairman: George Harvey, 100 Buchanan St, Balfron, Glasgow, G63 0TQ

Society news


Hereford Cattle Society council The Society's council covers the whole of the UK, with two representatives from each area. Council’s role is to represent the wider membership, their contact details are below. West Midlands____________________________

Philip Allman (chairman) 07860 824703

Mark Roberts (president) 01981 540717


Audrey Anderson

Robert Wilson

01241 871660

01573 440273



Society news

Midlands and East Anglia___________________

Tim Livesey 01530 415862

Philip Vincent 07771 697866

South of England__________________________

Michael Clark mikeclarklowesmoor@ 01285 760427

Martin Jenkins 01453 511635

Council meetings 2020 Tuesday 4 February • Wednesday 6 May • Tuesday 15 September • Tuesday 17 November (preceded by the AGM)

North of England__________________________

Tom Harrison

Allen Massey

07962 076854

01768 353430

South West________________________________

Mike Harris mjharris.remedy@btinternet. com 01308 482837

Jonathan Moorhouse moorhouse@ 01984 656292

Northern Ireland___________________________

Robin Irvine 07818 888877

David Smyth 07808 078117


Glenn Pritchard 07903 021680

Non Thorne 07890 781323

Society news


Putting Hereford Beef on the menu

The Hereford Cattle Society is working towards increasing the throughput of Hereford Beef in the supply chain and upping consumer demand through developing new marketing initiatives.

As from 8 July 2019, Dunbia has facilitated the increase in levy from 50p per head to £1.50 for all Hereford sired cattle slaughtered at its Sawley processing plant, based in Lancashire. This money will be ring-fenced to drive demand to benefit all parties in the supply chain. To increase brand awareness of Hereford Beef, work has begun with London-based PR and marketing agency Storm.

Favouring their ideas and outlook, council appointed the agency following presentations from a number of firms, outlining their vision for Hereford Beef and what they could do to promote it. The chosen agency has a long history of working with food brands, targeting consumers. Much of the work carried out will involve promoting Hereford Beef to a targeted audience on social media, working with the print media and pursuing other opportunities. Breed secretary David Deakin said: “We



Society news

“In a recent Which? Consumer review, the two best ranked sirloin steaks were Hereford. This just shows what a quality product our members and purchasers of Hereford cattle are producing.” It is anticipated that through increased brand awareness and by combating some of the negative media surrounding red meat, demand for Hereford Beef will increase to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

Quality Cattle


Building close relationships with farmers from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for over 40 years

are excited by the prospect of increasing our promotional activity to cement our beef’s position in the market place.



Mark Roberts Tel: 01981 540717, 07980 834266 e-mail - Bromley Court, Hoarwithy, Hereford HR2 6QN


WD Wiggin – PARLIAMENT 0207 2198175

PJ & AC Allman – GREENYARDS 07860 824703 / 07860 308599

P & CJ Williams – CLINWILL

F G Arrowsmith – OAKLEA 01568 797247


G Blandford & Son – BOSA


01531 640209 / 07817707745

01886 821892 / 07974 307566



01981 550022 / 07973 523515

01386 793880

R A Bradstock & Ptnrs– FREE TOWN


01544 267762

01432 890238 / 07734200508

IA Braithwaite – HIGHFIELDS 01299 861275 / 07968 592608

S Budd – DARLING BUDDS 01981 550007 / 07774 926659



01547 530149

01568 780266

AR Owen – CHURCH PREEN 01694 771249 / 07971 155597


MJ & HM Timmis – SHRADEN

01568 720331

01939 260261 / 07773 436481

TJ & BM Goodwin (C Powell) – ROUGHMOOR

P & E Williams – ALDEROAK



01743 741755 / 07843 238039

01544 327434 / 07867 800788 01885 483459 / 07909 793455

S Hawkins – BOSBURY

01531 640405 / 07813 796053

Mrs R Hawnt – ASHGROVE 01568 797867

Mrs L Hobson – ELDERSFIELD 01452 840169

GGE Holborow – ROSEMORE 01886 821226 / 07966 130853

F C Jones – UPPER HOUSE 07772 629301 (G Bowen)

DG Knott & Sons – FIELDHOUSE 01568 797835

EL Lewis & Son – HAVEN

01544 318255 / 07974 744660


01544 318946 / 07767 863377

DJ Makin – ADZOR

01432 830241 / 07961 033283


CH Brown & Son – WREKIN VIEW

01432 830361 / 07985 078581

01902 372982

SW Quan & Co – BORDER


01981 570231 / 07714 291362

01785 715050 / 07866 540127

M & M Roberts – BROMLEY

M Whieldon – CLARES

01981 540717 / 07980 834266

01785 823285 / 07730 745584

DC Seaborne (Holme Lacy College) – HOLME LACY


01432 870808 / 07967 208818

S Coates & I Hart – PARKAPILLA

Mrs CI Snell – PENCOYD

07525 426190

RG & MD Thomas – RISBURY


01989 730444 01568 760443

T Verdin – GARNSTONE 07966 440857

G & R Watkins – HOLLYBUSH 01584 711323

B Budd – DARLING BUDDS AW Quan – BORDERLAND 07970 815258 (James)

H, J & A Watkins - HOLLYBUSH 01584 711323

H Weston & Sons Ltd – BOUNDS 01531 660233

Society news


A number of successes for HCBA members


Chairman – Mark Roberts President – Richard Bradstock Vice-chairman – Ian Braithwaite Treasurer – Dan Seaborne

Although the area lost two notable herds in 2019, members of the Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association have experienced their own share of national success. The Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association (HCBA) has lost two of the best herds in the UK in the form of the Border and Greenyards herds. However, other HCBA members have continued to have their share of successes up and down the country. At the spring show and sale at Hereford, local members EL Lewis and son received the second highest price of the day of 6,400gns for Havenfield 1 Rufus which sold to Devon. Gerald Blandford, Bosbury, Herefordshire sent Bosa 1 Norfolk to Oxfordshire at 3,400gns and the Timmis family, Baschurch, Shropshire kept up their female selling record with Shraden 1 Alice R834 selling at 5,000gns to Northern Ireland. Other members sold well at the Association’s May sale in Shrewsbury, primarily the Whitlows, Abbots Morton, Worcestershire who sold Highhouse Radar to Anglesey for 3,100gns. Alderoak, Greenyards and Shraden herds also made encouraging sales that day. In early June the Association undertook a foray to the north of England. A group of members coupled a trip to the open day at

David and Maggie Kelly’s Netherhall herd, Mansergh, Cumbria with a very special visit to the Barwise herd of Carolyn Fletcher near Appleby-in-Westmorland. Trip-goers chose to make this an eco-friendly tour, travelling by train rather than road, picking up members as they progressed north. It was a very enlightening and pleasant trip and everyone shared an overnight stay in a local hotel, having dinner and breakfast together. Another enjoyable show was had at the Royal Three Counties, where although local success was modest, it was a very proud day for Helen Thomas of the Bounds herd at Westons Cider, Much Marcle, Herefordshire as she was 2019's show president. The Association was pleased to get the services of Gloucestershire breeder, Martin Jenkins as judge for their 2019 herd competition. He visited many herds and at a presentation evening at Shraden, gave his adjudications, timed to coincide with their 100th anniversary celebration weekend. That evening members had a herd tour around the grass paddocks, highlighting their increased dependence on grazing and then enjoyed a lovely

Gerald Blandford assesses cows at Barwise Herefords, Cumbria


West Midlands

John Whitlow and Carolyn Fletcher

dinner alongside the polo pitch on a midsummer evening. At the Royal Welsh Show, Colin Powell, Almeley, Herefordshire, had success with a bull in the native interbreed performance recorded class. At the National Hereford Show, Tenbury it was a really triumphant day for Shropshire's Church Preen Herefords. Andrew Owen brought out Church Preen Riddick as supreme champion as well as both bull and heifer class winners. Other local members EL Lewis and son, D Makin and R and E Lywood also did impressively well on the day. Adding to the good year, Ludlow-based Greg and Ruth Watkins’ bull, Hollybush 1 Scotty was reserve male champion at the autumn show and sale at Hereford. Following the bull's purchase by Pete Cobley from Leicestershire it stood male champion at the Association's Shrewsbury calf show in December.

Eldersfield to s u er yo m k sto an cu Th ur lo al

Pebworth Poll Herefords

Marsh Court Bridgend Eldersfield Gloucester GL19 4PN

Phone: 01452 840267 Mobile: 07833 259640 / 07876 490194 E-mail:

Current Stock Bulls — Roughmoor 1 Lorenzo, Roughmoor 1 Nelson, Buckenhill 1 Pirlo and Fabb 1 River Xceed

Matt Gray



George Bowen



N & L C Holdsworth. Little Meadows Farm, Pebworth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warks CV37 8XE E: | T: 01789 721972 | M: 07894 074041

Congratulations to Eldersfield Herefords on winning the overall herd competition for the HCBA, whilst using Roughmoor bulls Lorenzo and Nelson

For preparations for dispersals, productions and reductions

T & M GOODWIN & C POWELL Upcott, Almeley, Hereford HR3 6LA M: 07867800788 T: 01544327434

West Midlands


The calf show was again a great success although this time the Association was without the help of Alison Allman, who for personal reasons has stepped down from her role as Association secretary. It brought home to the Association how much she has always done and is hugely missed. She has held the Association together for several years and members would like to thank her for her work, consistancy and guidance over that time. They wish her well for the future and hope she will remain a supporting member. Others who must be mentioned and thanked are Caroline Davies, the Timmis family, Andrew Owen, Ian Braithwaite, Maddy Roberts and Scott Coates, who helped run the calf show weekend. Finally the Association wishes a happy retirement from Hereford breeding to Stan and Helen Quan. Their herd has been outstanding for many years and is now dispersed to influence many more herds. Helen is a former president of the HCBA and Stan has also always given his thoughts and advice freely to this Association. Both of them will be missed by us all.

Herd competition results 2019 Small herd, 1st H and A Cork, Hayes/ Hayestone; 2nd T Verdin, Garnstone; 3rd R and E Lywood, Heath House Medium herd, 1st DJ Makin, Adzor; 2nd H Weston and sons, Bounds; 3rd JR and HM Whitlow, HighHouse Large herd, 1st AJ and LR Hobson, Eldersfield; 2nd J Walker, Hyde/Docklow; 3rd R A Bradstock and partners, Free Town Overall best herd, AJ and LR Hobson

Stock bull, Hawkesbury 1 Ronaldo, H Weston and sons Best bull calf, Heath House Socrates, R and E Lywood Best heifer calf, Free Town 1 Plum 118th, RA Bradstock and partners

Ray Morris’ life For nearly 85 years Aldersend, Tarrington, Herefordshire had been the home to topend, prize-winning Hereford cattle. For the last 13 years of that period, it was Raymond Morris who masterminded the achievements of the cattle developed there. (William) Raymond was born on 30 December 1931 into the family’s home farm at Kinnersley, near Wellington, Shropshire. In 1946, the Morris family moved north to Yorkshire where Ray’s father was appointed as farm manager to the then, Sir James Turner, later to


West Midlands

HCBA members visited the home of Carolyn and Frank Fletcher

become Lord Netherthorpe and famed as president of the NFU. He took a placement of assistant farm manager with The Boots Pure Drug Company Ltd. They farmed about 12,950 hectares (32,000 acres) in the north of England and Scotland and this gave the young Ray great experience with the many and varied enterprises. Part of their work included the pedigree livestock set-ups, the Aberdeen Angus and Beef Shorthorn cattle being based at Westdrums, Brechin, Angus. Ray took a particular interest in their management, however, the Royal Show held at Nottingham in 1955 made a big impression on Ray and changed the course of his career. At this event, he watched with interest the judging of the Hereford cattle. The champions, Penatok Crusader and Sugwas Oyster Lassie 5th went on to be awarded the Burke Trophy and the beef interbreed. This all made a lasting impression on Ray and soon he became employed to work with a Hereford herd. Then when 27 years old, he was appointed the resident manager of Lord Brocket’s Herefordshire farm. The Brocket herd, established in 1941 had been developed from the bloodlines of Hampton Court, Summerhill and Wickton. In September 1962 the Herefordshirebased enterprises were taken on by the Australian businessman, Sir Jack Ellerton Becker. Before the winter of 1962 setin, Vern Logic had been purchased for £20,000, a record at that time. This proved to be good business with many winners and top-selling cattle, including exports coming Aldersend’s way.

man he always was. Ray and a number of partners were able to work together to secure the estate and continue their commercial farming activities which the family have done right up to 2018. While Ray’s main lifelong drive has been based around practical farming, he has certainly played his part, representing the NFU and was vice-chair of the National Sheep Breeders Association (forerunner of NSA). More locally, he was dedicated to many organisations associated with farming and sport, including his terms as chair and later president of Trumpet Agricultural Society. Ray was very proud of his association with the development of UK poll Herefords. He was much involved with the expansion of the National Poll Hereford Show, especially when it moved from Thame to Moreton-in-Marsh. It was therefore fitting that Ray attended a number of the later events of this Gloucestershire show. Ray had a great and busy life, including judging appointments at home and overseas.

During 1971 Sir Jack had suffered poor health and on 30 July, the Aldersend herd was dispersed. In 1960 Ray had married Diana and they now had a growing family of Neil, Paul and Joanna, and a very dedicated family-

Ray Morris

Haven Herefords


Haven Lamborghini Top 1% Terminal Index Top 5% Self Replacing Index

Mara President

National Horned Show Champion 2018


Haven Kingpin

Sire: GH Adams 144S Bulge 138W th Dam: Haven Splendour 25 Semen sold to Irish Hereford Society’s Breed Improvement Scheme. Photo at 20 months, 910kg

Haven Hotspur

Havenfield 1 Rufus Sire : Mawarra Vice Admiral Dam: Haven Curly 72nd Senior Male Champion National Horned Show Tenbury 2015 Owned jointly with P.R.J. & L.R. Vincent

Sold to Mrs JR Williams at HCS Spring Sale for 6400gns UK Semen Available

Haven Kermit Sire: Haven Cavalier th Dam: Haven Thrush 64

Current Sires include:


 Haven Lamborghini  Mara President  Haven Possum  Haven Nugget

Supreme Hereford Champion National Horned Show Tenbury 2014 He is in the top 1% of the breed Self-­‐ Replacing and Terminal Sire indices.


 Solpoll 1 Lawman  Buckenhill 1 Peridot


!Horned: Haven Cthis avalier (Semen for sale), Haven Lamborghini, Mawarra After welcome. Shock, Knockmountagh Marshall. Thank you to all our customers year. Visitors always !Polled: Romany 1 Lawbreaker, Days Calibre G74.

E. L. Lewis & Son

Thank you to all our customers this year. Visitors always welcome. E.L.Lewis & Son Edward, Carol and Ben Lewis. The Haven, Dilwyn, Hereford, HR4 8JB

01544 318255 Mob: 07974744660 Edward, Carol and Ben Lewis, TheTel: Haven, Dilwyn, Hereford, HR4 8JB Email: Web:

Tel: 01544 318255 Mob: 07974744660 Web: Email:

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Masseys shine at Shropshire County

With James Ludgate judging, a heifer form A and P Massey was victorious at Shropshire County Show. A and P Massey, Bury, Lancashire went to the fore at Shropshire County Show with Hollyvale 1 June 3rd, an April 2018 born heifer which was named grand female before being selected as supreme champion. By Dendor 1 Leroy, which itself is by former UK sire of the year Solpoll 1 Gilbert, it is out of a Greenyards 1 June H151 daughter. In reserve was Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R from L and L Bowen, Nelson, Glamorgan, which was bred by the Kemp family, Bishop Auckland, Northumberland and purchased at the 2018 Designer Genes sale for 7,500gns. Also with a Dendor sire, it is by Dendor 1 Muttley and out of Auckvale Curly 1271K. Grand male was tapped out by judge James Ludgate as Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62. Bred by JRB Wilson and sons, Kelso, Roxburghshire, it was subsequently purchased by exhibitor

Hollyvale 1 June from A and P Massey


P. Coltrane from TD and WT Livesey,

Yorkshire. By previous UK sire of the year

Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire. Bred

Barwise 1 Lancer, it is out of Romany 1

by DE, ED and AL Jones, Caersws, Powys,




Ishbel A84 G53.

it is by Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 and out of

Reserve grand male was Dendor 1 Rosco

Dendor 1 Keepsake 10th.

Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R from L and L Bowen

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker



West Midlands

Dendor 1 Roscoe P. Coltrain from TD and WT Livesey

West Midlands  


HCBA sale puts Whitlows on the Radar

The Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association’s spring sale at Shrewsbury saw prices hit 3,100gns. Highhouse Radar from JR and HM Whitlow, Abbots Morton, Worcestershire led the trade at the Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association sale at Shrewsbury, selling at 3,100gns to Owen Bros, Tregele Bay, Anglesey to join their Foel herd. By Cill Cormaic Kasper, this April 2018born bull is paternal brother to the renowned Moyclare Phoenix which topped Tullamore at €6,600 in October 2017. An AI sire standing at Dovea Genetics, Co Tipperary, this bull is marketed as Ireland’s top available horned bull in terms of replacement index. Out of the home-bred dam Highhouse Roulette, from a cow family noted for milkyness, Radar’s maternal grandsire is the Australian import Mawarra Vice Admiral. Next in the money in the bull section was October 2017-born Alderoak 1 Rebel from P and E Williams, Alderton, Shropshire changing hands to S and A Dale, Leominster, Herefordshire to join their Phocle herd. Sired by Dendor 1 Montana, this bull lies in the top 20 per cent for 400 day weight and self replacing index. Its maternal grandsire is Solpoll 1 Ferrari, the first Northern Irish bull sold to an AI firm in Great Britain. Herdmate Alderoak 1 Rocky was not far behind at 2,400gns, going to C Bowers, Bradley, Staffordshire. September 2017born, it is sired by 2014 UK bull of the year Frenchstone P1 Dood and out of homebred Alderoak 1 Floss A1.

L-R John Whitlow, Highhouse Radar and sons Richard and Andrew

Greenyards 1 Richelieu from PJ and AC Allman, Sutton St Nicholas, Herefordshire sold for 2,200gns, paid by EAC Brown, Haughton, Powys. Sired by Happy 1 Foxtrot Oscar, it is out of home-bred female Greenyards 1 Mary-Irene K243, a Ford Abbey 1 Dartania daughter. Leading the heifer section was a run from local breeders MJ and HM Timmis and the home of the Shraden herd at Baschurch, Shropshire. Topping the trade was Shraden 1 Violet R835 at 2,600gns to W Milner, Callaughton, Shropshire. Bred from one of the most prolific heifer producing families at Shraden, these females are full of femininity and milk. At

20 months of age, this heifer is by Dendor 1 Knuckleduster which stood junior male champion at the 2013 National Poll Show before being purchased at the autumn sale at Hereford for 5,050gns that year. Going to the same buyer for 2,300gns was Shraden 1 Alice R840. The Alices have been a particularly prevalent female line at Shraden in recent times, breeding all their top price cattle. Also 20 months old, this heifer is by Baldinnie 1 Victory and out of Shraden 1 Alice K558. Shraden 1 Alice R863, a Rempstone 1 Trendsetter V346 daughter, was knocked down at 2,200gns to G Llewellyn and D Sharman, Shifnal, Shropshire to join the Harvest herd. Coley 1 Marrigold 440 from Heather Whittaker, Halifax, Yorkshire realised the same money, leaving with Thellow Heath Farm, Antrobus, Cheshire. Born in May 2018, it is a Blakelaw 1 Calzaghe daughter which was 2012 sire of the year and out of Danish imported Solbakkens Marrigold. Averages: 7 cows and calves £1,114.49; 43 maiden heifers £911.46; 17 bulls £1,686.


Auctioneers: Halls

West Midlands

Romany cow tops Cerrig dispersal The Cerrig dispersal sale of pedigree Hereford cattle was held following the HCBA sale on behalf of Peter and Jane Lewis, Cerrigydrudion, Corwen due to retirement. It peaked at 3,330gns for Romany 1 Dawn H12 M55. A September 2014-born sired cow by Romany 1 Heavyduty A84 H12 and out of a Romany cow, this female is in-calf to Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy and was snatched up by M Whieldon, Gnosall, Staffordshire to join the Clares herd. Six year old cow Fisher 1 Cheerful J364 reached bids to 2,200gns, going to J Hodge, Horndean, Northumberland of Fellowhills Herefords. By semen from Australian-bred Yalgoo Boulder Z250, it is out of Fisher 1 Cheerful P18 and sold incalf to Gouldingpoll 1 Goldspice.

Peter and Jane Lewis dispersed their Cerrig herd in the spring

by Solpoll 1 Gilbert and out of Dendor 1 Molly 31st and a full sister to the renowned Dendor 1 Molly 41st. It will calve in June to Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy.

Pleasantnook 1 Lassie, an April 2013-born in-calf cow sold at 1,600gns to AB and FM Bomford, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire to add to the Trenchwood herd. By Romany 1 Frisky A84 F27, it is out of Baldinnie 1 Lassie 15th, sired by Baldinnie 1 Mendoza which was imported from Argentina as an embryo. The cow was served in March to Solpoll 1 Ferrari.

Cow and calf outfit Real 1 Jenny J4 with heifer calf Cerrig 1 Jenny made the second highest price on the day, with the gavel going down at 2,950gns and was purchased by Stephen Jones, Mold, Flintshire. By Solpoll 1 Dynamite, it is out of Real 1 Jenny W9, bred by JW and R Johnson, Nottingham. The calf was a Normanton 1 Laertes daughter.

Making the same money was Dendor 1 Molly 43rd, bred by DE, ED and AL Jones, Caersws, Powys. Four years old, this female

In-calf heifers peaked at 1,100gns with Cerrig 1 Dawn 2nd, purchased by AD Beaman, Wellington, Shropshire of Triacre

A large crowd of buyers descended on Shrewsbury Auction Centre for the dispersal sale of the Rodbaston herd of pedigree Herefords, from South Staffordshire College. There was strong competition throughout with the 56 lots available selling to 27 purchasers across the Midlands and Wales.

is a son of Haven Jazz.

Herefords. May 2017-born, this female is full of Romany breeding, being by Romany 1 Lawbreaker RE L23 and out of Romany 1 Dawn H12 M55, the day’s top price animal. It also sold in-calf to Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy. Just behind at 1,400gns was Normanton 1 Amanita 5th L185, again served by Netherhall 1 Oz Daffy and was another travelling to Worcestershire with AB and FM Bomford. Averages: 13 cows and calves, £1,881; 10 in-calf cows, £1,792.50; 4 in-calf heifers, £958; 10 maiden heifers £856.80; 3 young bulls £675.50 Auctioneers: Halls

Rodbaston dispersal reaches 2,300gns

The day’s top call was for stock bull Dieulacresse Milky Bar Kid at 2,300gns, selling to an undisclosed Shropshire buyer. January 2015-born, it was bred by Anthony Spooner, Upper Hulme, Staffordshire and

Cows and calves topped at 2,200gns for Rodbaston Oyster Lass 9th with heifer calf Rodbaston Oyster Lass 20th at-foot, which sold to Andrew Evans, Powys. Close behind at 1,700gns was another cow and heifer calf outfit, this time Hazel 6th with its pedigree heifer calf at foot which sold to Nigel Owens, Carmarthenshire. The Welsh rugby referee also secured the next cow in the money, Rodbaston Judy 4th, with pedigree heifer calf at-foot for 1600gns. for his newly established herd.

In-calf cows flew to 1,500gns for the recently served Phocle Dowager 438K selling to local breeder MA Quincey. Other in-calf cows realised up to 1.050gns selling to MJ Brewster of Penkridge, Staffordshire. Young bulls realised up to 1,400gns, paid for by local dairy farmers looking for sweepers. Averages: 22 pedigree cows and calves, £1,288; 4 stock bulls £1,758.75; 8 young bulls, £1,019.81; 7 pedigree in-calf cows, £991.50; 9 pedigree maiden heifers, £1057 Auctioneers: Halls

West Midlands


Herefords stand proud in Royal Three Counties interbreeds

The Royal Three

Counties Show saw the Hereford stand its ground in the interbreed championships. Exhibitors battled through wet weather at the Royal Three Counties Show, where the breed had a number of successes in the interbreed championships, including native and overall reserve champion group of three. Standing in the successful trio was Fisher 1 Prospect P464 from Reg Hutchings, South Mundham, West Sussex which was also breed champion, along with Solpoll 1 Perfection from SC and GL Hartwright, Abingdon, Oxfordshire and Pebworth 1 Paloma from Nick and Lucy Holdsworth, Pebworth, Warwickshire. Further success was had in the interbreed native pairs championship with the reserve place going to Fisher 1 Prospect P464 and cow Pebworth 1 Paloma, with its calf at-foot. Lancashire-based judge Philip Halhead commended the duo, describing

Fisher 1 Prospect P464 from RJ Hutchings


West Midlands

Clive Davies (right) commentated throughout the judging

Prospect as a ‘powerful and modern bull’ with ‘great length and style’ while the cow was ‘hard working’ with ‘good stretch of neck and length of body’.

Berkshire. Described as ‘eye-catching’ by judge Michael Clark, it is by Solpoll 1 Kitkat and out of Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th.

Earlier in the show, Fisher 1 Prospect P464 was tapped out by breed judge Michael Clark of Lowesmoor Herefords, Gloucestershire as supreme champion as well as grand male champion. After being presented a first place prize card by NFU president and fellow HCS member, Minette Batters, stock lady Mary Reynolds was then handed the champion rosette by show president Helen Thomas, of the Bounds herd, Much Marcle, Herefordshire.

Reserve grand female and senior female champion was named Pebworth 1 Paloma from Nick and Lucy Holdsworth, with four month heifer calf Pebworth 1 Sasha Fierce at-foot, sired by Cato 1 Miller. Born in August 2016, the cow is by Kinglee 1 Galaxy and out of Blakesley 1 Glamour.

This 26 month bull is a son of Fisher 1 Jaguar J347, which breeder Reg Hutchings described as the best bull he has ever owned, having sired a host of sale toppers and good show cattle. It is out of home-bred cow Fisher 1 Cheerful H316, which is by Australian sire Yalgoo Boulder Z250 and is a full brother to Fisher 1 Midas M415 which stood reserve grand male at Malvern in 2017. Grand and junior female was the 15 month old heifer Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th from AE Nesbitt Farms, Hungerford,

Reserve grand male and reserve senior male champion was Solpoll 1 Perfection from SC and GL Hartwright which had already been busy in the show ring throughout the summer, having won breed championships at Devon County, Royal Bath and West and Royal Cornwall shows. Out of Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525, it is a Panmure 1 Henry son. Dendor 1 Rick Astley, jointly owned by DE, ED and AL Jones, Caersws, Powys and Heather Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire was chosen by the judge as junior male champion. March 2018-born, it is by imported semen from Danish-bred Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 and out of Dendor 1 Molly 31st, an Udel 1 R51 Windjammer daughter.

Solpoll 1 Perfection from SC and GL Hartwright

Pebworth 1 Paloma from N and L Holdsworth

Dendor 1 Rick Astley from DE, ED and AL Jones and H Whittaker

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th from AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd

David Deakin with Minette Batters, NFU president, in the show ring

Judge Michael Clark, considers the cattle before him

Chairman Phil Allman with Bill Wiggins, North Herefordshire MP

West Midlands  


UK Hereford Youth leads national stockjudging competition The team representing UK Hereford Youth of Finlay Soutter, Isla Soutter and Ellis Parry won the overall national stockjudging competition at the Royal Three Counties Show. They beat 15 other teams from around the country of all ages and so the future bodes well for these young members’ careers. Having travelled from Northern Ireland that morning, Des Kelly attended the show as master judge for which the Society is very grateful. In the individual categories, Finaly Soutter, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire took home the cup for the best under 26

L-R: Finlay Soutter, Master Judge Des Kelly, Isla Soutter and Ellis Parry

while Dave Makin of Adzor Herefords, Wellington, Herefordshire won the best overall individual award. Congratulations to all competitors. Thanks must go to those exhibitors who provided stock for the competition and the many stewards for their help in making it a great event under difficult climatic conditions.

breeders, Gerald said: “I would like to thank everybody for their kind comments. I have met some great people and made lifetime friends along the way and I don’t regret a minute of it.”

Cox awarded for length of service

David Makin of Adzor Herefords came first in the national stockjudging competition


West Midlands

On the first day of the Royal Three Counties Show, Gerald Cox was presented with an award for 50 years of service for the Bradstock family of Free Town Herefords, Tarrington, Herefordshire. On





Gerald Cox

West Midlands  







Border dispersal tops at 4,100gns Hereford breeders travelled from across the UK, Ireland and further afield for the complete dispersal of Helen and Stan Quan’s Border herd of Herefords at Benarth Farm, Wormbridge, Herefordshire. The herd which holds a record three national herd of the year titles, operated with a strong emphasises on breeding practical animals, supported by Breedplan performance data and developed over 55 years of breeding. The pedigree herd had also recently won the Llanwarne Agricultural Society’s best commercial beef herd. Trade peaked at 4,100gns for the 2014born cow Border Roulette M31, sired by the home-bred Border Rory D35 and due to calve in two months to Hustyn Stormy. It sold to well-known businessman Dai Walters, Aberdare who was a volume buyer on the day securing 16 head in total. Cows and calves were sold separately, however together with its heifer calf, this outfit realised 6,100gns.

Border Roulette M31 sold for 4,100gns while calf Border Roulette S45 sold for 2,000gns

The top priced outfit was Border Beauty P64 and heifer calf Border Beauty S64, achieving 3,100gns a piece, with the cow selling to Dai Walters and the calf to AJ Crook, Stratford Upon Avon, bringing their total to 6,200gns.

In-calf heifers sold to 3,000gns for another member of the Roulette family - R36. Due in September to Border Nimrod, it was again secured by Dai Walters.

Selling for 4,000gns was Border Oyster


West Midlands

Gem M65, a 2014 cow with style in abundance and seven months in-calf to Border Mainstay. It went home with G McCreath, Staffordshire.

bull calves reached 3,000gns for Border Sentinal, a Witherstone Archie son, out of Pansy K43. It travelled to Northern Ireland with David Smyth.

October 2016-born Border Pansy P59, by Border Rory K52 joined Dai Walters’ purchases at 3,500gns.

Other 10 month bull calves sold to 1,950gns for Border Steadfast, a Hustyn Stormy son out of Ruth L28, which went to Pembrokeshire with RG and RA Jones.

Stock bulls topped at 3,150gns for the 2014-born Hustyn Stormy, secured by local farmer C Manning. The 10 month old

Averages: 59 in-calf cows, £2145; 53 2018 calves, £1,195.29, 9 in-calf heifers £2,228.33, 3 stock bulls, £2485 Auctioneers: Halls

Border Beauty P64 sold for 3,100gns to Dai Walters

Helen and Stan Quan bred pedigree Hereford cattle for 55 years

Border Sentinal S11 sold to David Smyth for 3,000gns

Border Oyster Gem M65 sold for 4,000 gns to G McCreath

West Midlands  


BROMLEY HEREFORDS HEREFORDS BROMLEY HCBA MediumHerd HerdCompetition Competition winners HCBA Medium winners2018 2018

Mark MaddyRoberts Roberts Mark & & Maddy Bromley Court,Hoarwithy, Hoarwithy, Bromley Court, Hereford Hereford HR2 HR26QN 6QN 01981 540717 01981 540 717 07980 834266 07980 834 266

Current Herd Sires Barbern I Rockafella Current Herd Sires

Coley I Nelson & Bromley I Reserve Champion Tendulkar (pictured)at the

National Calf Show 2018 Progeny of these two bulls

will be available for sale in First Prize at Royal Three 2019 Counties Show 2019

Bromley I Tendulkar (pictured) - 1150kgs at 24 months

Bromley I Tendulkar - 1150kgs at 24 months, winner of his class at Winner of his class at Shropshire, Royal Three Counties and Royal Welsh Shows 2018 Shropshire, Royal Three Counties and Royal Welsh shows

LOWER HOPE POLL HEREFORDS Clive and Sylvia Richards Lower Hope Farms, Ullingswick, Herefordshire, HR1 3JF

Farm Assured SAC Health Scheme Member Quality Breeding Stock For Sale Farm Office Tel: 01432 820218 Mobile: 07977 041556 Email:



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MAXSTOKE HEREFORDS Producing quality pedigree and commercial Herefords Bulls and Heifers occasionally for sale

Maxstoke 1 Rambler Junior Male Champion National Poll Show 2018 (Sire: Dendor 1 Jugernaut - Dam: Maxstoke 1 Heather 345)

Spring Born calves at Maxstoke

D.P. Jones Agricultural Contracting Mill Farm Maxstoke Coleshill Birmingham B46 2QA Tel: 01675462183 or Mob: 07854258111 Email:

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Reflecting on a career in the show ring

After 40 years spent judging Hereford cattle across the country, Clive Davies looks back on how things have changed, and what he thinks the future holds. Nearly forever, certainly for as long as I can recall, the show ring has always had its critics. Some of this reasoning has been from progressive operators who believe all that fancy and flamboyant razzmatazz is completely well away from reality. Also, that the glitz and make-up within the preparation and presentation offers a false and misleading perspective. Well, there may be some element of truth within their view but showing has stood the test of time to such an extent that it is still a well-supported activity and serves as a great promotion of the food and farming industry. During my career of judging Hereford cattle within the UK and Ireland, stretching back over 40 years, much has evolved. The preferred type of cattle has changed, roughly following the market requirements of the times. A big message was given during September 1975 when Jonathon Fox of Justamere, Canada judged at both Moreton-in-Marsh and Kington. He was looking at that time for cattle that were much cleaner through the underline than the UK had been used to. Dynamic UK breeders like Richard Milner, Oscar Colburn and Wally Clark would very much take this vision onwards as would the influence of successful commercial stock farmers like Dick Adams and multibreed specialists like the Biggar family. It was all about helping to shape the Hereford for the future. The presentation skills have altered too. Clippers and electric blowers were hardly heard of or considered for use during the early 1970s. Hair conditioning products were not so available until well into the eighties. The skills to use all of these things were not perfected until the final decade of the last century but since then the whole activity surrounding the exhibition of stock has become an involved, busy and essential industry. Many top herds employed numerous stock people and helpers up until the late seventies, since then not so many. In fact,



Clive Davies of Westwood Herefords

another growth industry has been the establishment of freelance specialists, who will care for and present numerous cattle from a number of exhibitors and more often a range of breeds. Compare this to one of my favourite images of showing, a photograph I saw being taken by the great Eric Beard at the 1972 Three Counties Show at Malvern, before the permanent buildings were in place. This represents the regular people involved with the Haven team of cattle, either celebrating or commiserating following judging time. There is no doubt that over this 40 year period the cattle and presentation skills have moved a long way. What has also changed is the approach that judges take. Generally, they have become more attuned to sharing views with the assembled, whether they be stock handlers or ringsiders. That said, there is still scope for more advancement in this area when applied to the activity of the beef cattle rings.

My decision to ‘retire’ from the Hereford show ring is very much made with the next generation in mind. To accomodate newer judges, the older ones must step back. I’m pleased that in our family my son, Tom, represents the third generation of Hereford cattle judges, but of course in our breed of great heritage, some present day players represent fourth and fifth generations. This altogether tells of a great story of continual development. Having, over my own career had the wonderful opportunities of placing Hereford cattle at most of the important events, I can look back on some very memorable times. As often can happen, my first ‘appointment’ was to deputise for one of my father’s invitations. This was at Moorgreen Show in Nottinghamshire. The following year I received an invite of my own to visit Ashby Show in Leicestershire. Over the next few years I stood in the rings at Madresfield and Abergavenny, for instance, more in the

It ought to be an opportunity of greater knowledge exchange, informing judges and show-goers of liveweight, frame score and condition scoring and everyone making a more informed view of what’s on offer. The skills of the stock people, and the preparations they make, should never be cast aside but most definitely the opportunity to be more practical and informative needs to be grasped.

Stock people involved with the Haven team of cattle at the 1972 Three Counties Show

heartland of the breed; events which are sadly no longer available to us. So many shows have gone by the wayside, not least, of course, the English Royal. I had the pleasure of officiating there in 2007, among the mud. Had the going been somewhat firmer, who knows, perhaps some results would have been different. The Three Counties turnout in 1996 was memorable, mainly for the cattle on display but also for probably the wettest show at which I ever adjudicated. There was also the impressive overall event that was the National Scottish Hereford Show at Ingliston in 2004. There would be many memorable winners too. Some come easily to mind. Ernie Colledge’s champion, a senior heifer at the Royal and Messrs Wright’s yearling heifer that stood runner-up. The strength of Haven Joker at the Royal Welsh, Ray and Wendy Manning’s 20 month old bull at the Three Counties, the style of Dynamite at Balmoral; these specimens are all well etched in my memory. However, the best bull I ever placed was Bosa 1 Arnold at Pembrokeshire County Show in 2008. This was an animal of strength, conformation and presence. It went on to take the beef interbreed championship under the astute judgment of the renowned Colin Clarke. It was this breed enthusiast too that led out the most outstanding breed champion I ever assessed, Badlingham Bridesmaid 16th, at the East of England Show in 1989. Atfoot was a heifer calf that was also placed second prize in the baby female class. More to the point, the cow also winning a strong senior class that day, went on to breed a succession of top-performing bulls including a national champion. There is definitely a great sense of

satisfaction seeing choices succeed at other and future levels. Another strength of the show ring and its activity was well demonstrated through Tullamore Show in Ireland. I judged the Herefords at the busy Sunday show in 2006. Young progeny of the Australianbred Churchill Storm V583 dominated the day’s proceedings and by Tuesday evening, as well as some notable sales of live cattle, almost all of the available semen had been snapped-up. Good business if you can get it. The important thing now is where shows and exhibitions go from here. Like farming generally and livestock management in particular, more reality will be the order of the day. With ever-shrinking returns, it seems, all livestock activity will be working with a tighter budget and the show ring will not escape. Also, the regulatory burden will also affect plans. From this, we might deduce that the numbers turning out at events might be somewhat challenged and the amount of funds available to prepare stock will probably mean some less conditioning of many. This latter point will probably be a good thing. If it can be more accepted that show ring animals are presented in a more sensibly fitted degree of preparation, greater meaning may prevail. I have often thought that in response to the critics of the show ring who complain about overly conditioned exhibits, the judges ought to be furnished with more information. Ultimately on this matter, every animal ought to be accompanied with a wheelbarrow containing the average daily ration the beast has enjoyed during the past six months and details on its associated carbon footprint. Wishful thinking maybe?

To what extent and pace that these changes occur may be uncertain but undoubtedly during my career in stock farming, there has been a continual slide in the real value of the product, much of which has improved over that period of time. However, I do not see any improvement in this area for current or future breeders. I was delighted to make the enjoyable Kington Show of 2019 my final UK Hereford judging appointment. So, while I may travel to view other cattle and sheep competitions, I wish those that follow on in the white-faced rings all the very best in savouring the times like I have been honoured to have enjoyed. This worldwide breed has such great merit. If you cared to design the ideal beef animal, acceptable in virtually any part of the world, it would be more like a Hereford than any other available option. While there are farmed animals and particularly Hereford cattle, tomorrow’s show rings will forever evolve with the cattle becoming more practical, judges more professional and the experience with the same fancy and flamboyant razzmatazz.

Clive judged the 2007 Royal Show



Keeping on top of disease A high health herd status can increase the marketability of stock, while also

limiting the financial damage disease can cause at a herd and industry level. Becoming a member of a health scheme is the best step to protect stock from some of the most damaging endemic diseases found in the UK, says John Scholefield of SRUC Veterinary Services. The premium cattle health scheme, run by SRUC Veterinary Services, works with farmers and vets in order to identify and eradicate diseases which are financially damaging to individual businesses, and the industry as a whole. Accreditation is available for bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD), Johne’s disease, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), leptospirosis and neospora. By paying an annual membership fee, breeders have the option to test for just one disease or up to all five, receiving discounted rates on test prices. A list of rules and conditions lay out the workings of the scheme for breeders and vets including testing regimes, biosecurity measures, quarantining protocols and more.

Bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) It is estimated 90 per cent of UK herds have been exposed to BVD, which in a large beef herd can cost over £45,000 across 10 years.

John says: “Our team of specialist vets are available to discuss any test results and action plans for your farm with your vet.

In herds infected with BVD, significant symptoms may not be shown, but the

“For both commercial and pedigree breeders, the potential to gain accreditation from the health schemes for these diseases allows you to add value to your stock when selling either privately or through auction, with many breed society shows and sales open only to accredited animals. It also allows you to safeguard your business when buying in stock, by

Johne’s disease

Neospora Clinical signs of neospora include abortion when females are between three and nine months pregnant. Abortion storms can occur when infection is introduced to a herd for the first time as well as still births or premature calves. Calves can be born


following the rules of the scheme and preventing costly diseases entering your herd.”

Ultimately Johne’s disease leads to adult cattle wasting and dying. Before this, a progressive reduction in feed conversion efficiency and fertility is often seen. Clinical signs of diarrhoea and weight loss usually occur in cattle healthy but infected from an infected mother, with these calves going on to to abort during their first pregnancy and remaining infected for life. In less common cases, calves may be born

John explains the diseases the health scheme monitors. disease can cause reduced fertility, including lower conception rates, abortions, extended calving period and an increase in barren cows. It can also cause a suppressed disease resistance leading to pneumonia, scours and enteritis which can kill cows, as well as reduced growth rates. over two years of age, but it is most likely the disease will be contracted in infancy, with the animals spreading the disease throughout their life. Studies show Johne’s disease may affect 20 to 50 per cent of UK herds with the main financial losses being culling, weight loss and poor fertility.

Leptospirosis Leptospirosis




infertility and abortion in both beef and dairy herds. Infected animals may

showing signs of nervous disease. Over

become lethargic and stiff with a fever

half of British dairy and beef herds are

and reduced appetite, while calves

thought to be infected by neospora.

may be weak and undersized.

Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)

occasional coughing and poor milk yield

In the most severe cases IBR contributes to severe pneumonia which can be fatal. In more mild cases, conjunctivitis,

endemic in the UK with an estimated 40

Representatives from the premium cattle health scheme will be present on their stand at all the major shows to talk to breeders. For more information please visit or email


may be the only signs noticed. IBR is per cent of cattle having been exposed to the virus in the past.

Sarah Hawkins The Farm, Bosbury Ledbury, HR8 1NW

B A RW I S E 1 N A B U C C O

In Spring 2018, Sarah acquired the Bosa Herd from her father Gerald Blandford to preserve its renowned heritage and to build for the future. Herd Manager: Stewart Ralph: 07825 413881 Office: 01531 640405 Sarah Hawkins: 07813 796053 Email:

Disease Control for • BVD, Johne’s Disease, IBR, Leptospirosis and Neospora • Remove costly disease from your stock • Provide health assurance for your customers • Safeguard the health status of your herd

Contact: SRUC Veterinary Services Greycrook, St Boswells, Roxburghshire, TD6 0EQ T: 01835 822456 E:


Leading the way in Agriculture and Rural Research, Education and Consulting

AD 7.11.2019

At the forefront of animal health. A leading scheme with nationwide coverage and competitive prices.

SRUC is a charity registered in Scotland, No. SC003712



Harrisons rejoice at Christmas calf show Tom and Di Harrison continued their show winning

streak at the Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association’s Christmas calf show at Shrewsbury Auction Centre. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland was tapped out as supreme champion by judge Pat Stanley, Leicestershire at the Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association Christmas calf show which had 143 catalogued entries. An October 2018-born heifer, Kylie is out of Moralee 1 Kylie and by the UK sire of the year SMH King Size 87K which has made such a mark in the Harrisons’ herd. Standing in reserve was Hollybush 1 Scotty from Pete Cobley, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, which was bred by Greg and Ruth Watkins, Little Hereford,

Sky High 1 Miss Viva-la-Juicy from Boomer Birch and Graeme Brindley, Weston, Staffordshire was reserve grand female champion. At 12 months old, this heifer is by semen from Remitall Super Duty 42S which sold for $270,000 at the Canadian breeders’ dispersal. It is out of former twice female of the year Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th. The reserve grand male champion was also

from the Sky High stud, and was named as Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption, and is a full ET sister to the reserve grand female. The heifer pairs class was won by a duo from the Moralee herd with Moralee 1 Pippa KS S11 and Katy Perry KS S8 going to the fore. Both heifers are by SMH King Size 87K. The Harrisons also had the winning group of three. A and SG Stevenson and sons, Alfreton, Derbyshire had the winning pair of bulls, in the form of Alvian 1 Showman, a Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid son and Alvian 1 Saxon, a Normanton 1 Laertes son. Both were born in December 2018. In the young handlers’ classes, Finlay Soutter, 14, from the Normanton herd, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire took the overall champion spot, after winning the junior class. Joseph Twose, from Login, Carmarthenshire who is 22 years old and responsible for the Beca herd, was overall runner-up after taking the senior class.

Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 from T and D Harrison

Hollybush 1 Scotty from P Cobley

Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption from B Birch and G Brindley

Sky High 1 Miss Viva-la-Juicy from B Birch and G Brindley


Shropshire and purchased for 2,600gns at the autumn show and sale at Hereford, after being named reserve grand male champion. Out of Romany 1 Julia D345 H17, it is by the Panmure 1 Henry son, Solpoll 1 Mustang.

Pat Stanley judged the calf show

West Midlands


L-R: Young handlers' judge Ian Dowlman, Finaly Soutter and Joseph Twose

Owned by a local farming family, the hotel has 24 luxury bedrooms

Award-winning restaurant serving locally sourced food including seasonal produce from the kitchen garden on the family’s Ballingham Hall Farm

• Open for coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, and dinner

• Pretty ‘secret’ garden and bar beside the old castle moat

• The perfect place for special occasions and intimate weddings

• Close to Hereford Cathedral, local shops and places of interest

Call us on 01432 356321 Castle House, Castle Street, Hereford HR1 2NW, UK

Tel. 01584711323 / 07596489648

Hollybush Poll Herefords Greg & Ruth Watkins

Pulpits Farm, Little Hereford, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 4AU

Hollybush 1 Scotty, born 19 September 2018 Reserve male champion Hereford October 2019

Solpoll 1 Mustang sire of Scotty and some of his offspring below

Thank you to all of our customers, Visitors are always welcome Bulls and females for sale BVD Accredited;

Member of HiHealth Herdcare Scheme;

Johnes- Level one

West Midlands


National Hereford Club welcomes Nick Hewer as president

On discovering his family’s affinity with the Hereford breed, Nick Hewer has become president of the National Hereford Club. Elected as the incoming president of the National Hereford Club upon the retirement of long-standing and much valued member Mike Hammon at the AGM in June, Nick Hewer – current host of the popular Channel 4 teatime quiz Countdown – was delighted to accept the role. Following his election, he reflected on his recent research into his family history for the television programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, which was also later outlined in the chapter on the family name in his autobiographical book ‘My Alphabet’. In his book, Nick recalls receiving a small parcel in the post from one of his father’s

old veterinary practice partners. That parcel contained a copy of ‘A History of Hereford Cattle’ (published 1909), inside which he found extensive references to the Hewer name and in particular William Hewer, whom Nick believed may have been his great-great-grandfather. He quotes the opening of chapter four: "The student of the herd book will find that nearly every valuable strain of Herefords at the present day is full of Hewer blood. The influence of the Hewer cattle has indeed been remarkable. It is not merely that a few families that have become exceedingly valuable are of this line of descent, but that the modern character

Club president Nick Hewer (left) and Tony Bradstock


Society news

Club vice-chairman Tony Bradstock (left) and chairman Phillip Vincent

of the entire breed has to a large extent been determined by this variety, not alone as regards colour marking, on which the Hewer impress has been very powerful, but on the more essential matters of shape and quality." Along the way while researching this particular strain of his family history, Nick had also visited his Herefordbreeding neighbour Bob Borwick in Northamptonshire, who aptly passed on some of his great wealth of Hereford knowledge and who initially suggested the National Hereford Club invited Nick to take up the presidency for the year 2019 to 2020, which he graciously accepted during the 2019 AGM. At the meeting, held at the Verzon House Hotel, Trumpet, Herefordshire, chairman Phillip Vincent thanked Mike Hammon for his work in the role of Club president over the past three years and presented him with a Club tie as a token of thanks from the membership. Mike thanked the Club, saying he was delighted to have been involved and will continue to do so. He then nominated Nick to succeed the role, which was seconded by Clive Davies. Clive then introduced Nick and talked about the renowned Hewer family and its Hereford breeding history. Nick was also presented with a Club tie and accepted the role as a great honour, speaking for a moment about having traced his family history back to their farming background and recalling the 19th century oil paintings of Hereford cattle which hung in the breakfast room of his childhood home. Following an excellent lunch at the hotel, the large group of members moved on to visit the Free Town herd; a much anticipated tour held in the herd’s centenary year, and what an interesting afternoon it was. It cannot be underestimated how those 100 years of breeding have fixed such quality and consistency throughout the herd, and the pride that the Bradstock family, along with their stockman Gerald Cox, shows when introducing you to the cattle is delightful to see. What was also incredibly


Chairman: Phillip Vincent Vice-chairman: Tony Bradstock Club secretary: Sarah Cook Treasurer and entries secretary: Sarah Cowle Show organisers: Michael Church and Edward Lewis Show working committee: Clive Davies, Richard Mann, Robert Thomas, David Makin impressive was the table laden with cakes which awaited the group on their return to the garden for tea. It’s safe to say that members all returned home thoroughly well-fed and watered, and the Club is most grateful to the Bradstock family for putting on an outstanding herd visit to top off a successful meeting. The National Hereford Club exists to connect breeders and buyers of horned/ dehorned Hereford cattle and genetics, culminating each year in the National Show of Horned Hereford Cattle held at Tenbury Countryside Show in August. Members of the Club work incredibly hard to put on this superb show of Herefords each year and 2019 was no exception, with an increased entry on the previous show as well as a headline sponsorship kindly

Richard Bradstock provided an insight into FreeTown Herefords

contributed for a second consecutive year from Moocall. The sponsor kindly donated a MoocallHeat package worth £1,095 for a silent auction, which was won this time by Staffordshire vet and Hereford breeder Craig McCreath.

Club members enjoyed a great afternoon at Free Town Herefords

The Club was also delighted to be supported once again by supreme championship sponsors Patrick Clayphan Wealth Management, as well as a number of other companies and volunteers without whom the show could not go ahead. The National Hereford Club would like to formally thank everyone who worked towards making this year’s event a great success.

Society news


Premier victory for Church Preen at National Hereford Show Once again the best of the country's horned Herefords headed to Tenbury Countryside Show to battle it out for the silverware. Church Preen Riddick from Andrew Owen, Church Preen, Shropshire was the star of the National Hereford Show, with the 20 month bull winning the supreme, grand male and intermediate male championships as well as the Breedplan recorded class. This is Andrew’s first National Show win under the Church Preen prefix having had success with the bull Longville Raja under his father-in-law’s prefix in 1999, which won the Royal Welsh and bull of the year in the same year. It is by Haven Koala, a sire jointly owned with EL Lewis and son, Dilwyn, Herefordshire, which was interbreed champion at Kington Show in 2014. Riddick’s dam, Model J035 is a quiet, old, working cow by Hermitage Commando which was breed champion at the 2007 Royal Welsh Show. Riddick was shown at the 2018 National Calf Show where it stood third in its class. Since then, it has been second at the Royal Three Counties, Royal Welsh and Shropshire County shows. Nick Hewer, first time president of the National Hereford Club, known for television appearances on The Apprentice and Countdown was on hand to present the championship awards.

HighHedges Synergist from SA Cowle


Society news

Church Preen Riddick from AR Owen stood supreme champion and grand male

Taking the reserve supreme, reserve grand male and junior male spot was HighHedges Synergist from SA Cowle, Quainton, Buckinghamshire. Born in November 2018, this bull calf is by Free Town Martyr, a Mara Humorous son which has been a prolific herd sire for Free Town. It is out of Baldingham Curly 124th, bred by AG Wright and son who dispersed their herd in 2012.

born, the bull calf is by Haven Kermit and out of Pulham Blossom 16th.

Reserve junior male was tapped out as Pulham Simba from PRJ and LR Vincent, Pulham Market, Norfolk. October 2018-

Auckvale Kalgoorlie 1322K from W and R Kemp and sons, St Helens, Northumberland took the reserve senior

Senior male champion went in the direction of Haven Lamborghini from breed stalwarts EL Lewis and son. This five year old male is bred from two homebred parents, being by former National Show champion Haven Cavalier and out of Haven Splendour 25th.

Kye Holly 818 from Phil Martindale


RISBURY SAILOR Sold to: Paul Snell Lowergrove Herefords

RISBURY STATESMAN Sold to Lesley Jackson Sparkwood Herefords

RISBURY SENATOR Sold to Mervyn & Henry Richmond Corraback Herefords

Contact Robert Thomas, Risbury Court, Risbury, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0NG 01568 760443/07494 672 139 email:

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Church Preen Lindy Loo SO87 from AR Owen

Pulham Simba from PRJ and LR Vincent

Haven Lamborghini from EL Lewis and son

Heath House Curly 3rd from R and E Lywood

male title. By Bowmont Storm A584, it is out of Auckvale Standard Lass 1125H. Recent national stockjudging competition winner David Makin, Wellington, Herefordshire of Adzor Herefords was presented the reserve intermediate male championship ticket for Haven Rover. Purchased from the Lewis family, its sire was the senior male champion on the same day. In the females, Kye Holly 818 from Phil Martindale, Bolton, Lancashire was named grand female champion after receiving the intermediate female championship. Led by professional showman Steven O’Kane, this heifer was bred by the McGrath family, Co Roscommon, Ireland. By Free Town Hotspur, a bull jointly owned between the McGrath family and JJ and C Farrell, it is out of Kye Sorcha 3rd. Church Preen Lindy Loo S087 stood reserve grand female and junior female

champion. Born in September 2018, it is by Church Preen Nanook which is another Haven Koala son. Nanook stood reserve male champion at Kington in 2017 and senior male champion at the 2017 October Hereford show and sale and is now part of a large Devon-based commercial herd. Picking up a second at Burwarton just days before, the heifer is out of Church Preen Lindy Loo K041 which is a Church Preen Galileo daughter. Galileo stood reserve male champion at Tenbury in 2011 and reserve breed champion at the Royal Welsh in both 2011 and 2012. The reserve junior female championship was handed to Free Town Pious from RA Bradstock and partners, Tarrington, Herefordshire. Born in September 2018, it is a Free Town Nucleus daughter, out of Free Town Piety. Reserve intermediate female champion went to Haven Louisa 79th, another from

Flora Amery (right) won the young handlers' competition



Society news

EL Lewis and son. This 22 month heifer is from two Haven-bred parents, being by the well-known Haven Kingpin and out of Haven Louisa 65th. Heath House Curly 3rd, a six year old cow bred and owned by R and E Lywood, stood senior female champion. It is sired by the renowned Mawarra Vice Admiral which is jointly owned by RA Bradstock and partners and EL Lewis and son. It is out of the female Haven Curly 86th. Reserve in the senior female championship was Old West Carol Singer 1st, with its bull calf Old West Spartacus, which was born on 16 May 2019 and sired by Badlingham Barbod. In the young handlers classes, Flora Amery who competed in the senior category won the Dendor Memorial show stick. Will Awan won the intermediate section, while Beth Vincent took first place in the under 14 years category.

Steve Edwards judged the 2019 show

Society open day a great success The Society held on open day at the home of Maggie and David Kelly’s Netherhall herd in Mansergh, Cumbria, which saw a great attendance.

Chairman Phil Allman opened the event

A super day was had by all at the Society open day on 11 June 2019, held at Netherhall Herefords, near Kirkby Lonsdale in Cumbria, by kind permission of the Kelly family. The Society was fortunate to host a great selection of industry speakers including Ian Locke of Wirruna Herefords and Breedplan chairman Dr Ryan Law of Dunbia, Rosalish Goulding, beef programme manager at Irish Cattle Breeding Centre, Colin Mason from SRUC and Jim McKinstry of Farm Gate Vets. Willie Wilson, accredited Breedplan scanner, was also on-hand, giving demonstrations of the back fat scanning process, with results shown on a television screen. Three laps of the farm tour took place on the day, with attendees viewing the Kelly’s award winning Netherhall herd of pedigree Herefords. A large amount of the genetics within the herd has been imported from Ian Locke’s New South Wales-based Wirruna herd, as well as American line one genetics. As David Kelly explained to tour goers, a very commercial system is run at Nether Hall, with an emphasis on growth from grass and high output per hectare. At present 180 cows are calved and genetics

are selected on a range of performance recorded traits, in particular, gestation length and calving ease. Breed secretary, David Deakin, said: “We had a tremendous turnout at Nether Hall, it was great to see so many members and commercial producers together to view such functional and consistent cattle. The

Attendees viewed the herd from several tractor-drawn trailers

open day follows hot on the heels of a successful farm tour as part of Beef Expo with both events combining to expose the breed to over 500 visitors. “On behalf of the Society, I would like to thank the Kelly family for hosting the event and working with us with such enthusiasm to make the day possible.”

David Kelly was on hand to answer questions in the fields

Society news


A relationship to last a century

The 2020 spring show and sale of pedigree Hereford cattle will mark 100 years of this fixture at Hereford market. Hereford market, and particularly the firm now known as Brightwells, has played a key role in the history of the establishment and development of the Hereford breed. The year 2020 will see the 100th spring sale fixture at Hereford market and, as such, continues the relationship between Brightwells and the Society. Brightwells was established in 1846, the same year the first herd book was produced by the Society, adding to the synergy between the two organisations. Initially the work on the selling side was carried out by Frank Russell who lived at Westonbury, Herefordshire and formed the partnership of Edwards, Russell and Baldwin, which was changed when Geoffrey Bright later joined them. The first spring bull sale was held in 1920, 42 years after the establishment of what was then known as the Hereford Herd Book Society, and the red bodied, white faced animals have been sold under the auspices of the Society in their home town ever since. The first cattle market in Hereford was opened in 1856 and grew over the years with the addition of further ground and sheds. Following an opening by the Queen in 1957, the next ‘old market’, which today is a modern shopping area,

Photo: Herefordshire Archive Service



was home to the famous Langford sale ring. This was the largest in the country and on a Hereford sale day, it was full. In fact, Hereford’s town centre market was designed specifically for pedigree Hereford sales. In a week of a bull sale, Monday’s prime cattle would be moved from the covered Langford pens to those outside under the chestnut trees in what was part of the original market. Things have changed and developed tremendously over the past decades in many respects; the type of cattle, the numbers, the clientele and the faces in the rostrum. What would have started as a colloquial meeting of breeders from Herefordshire and the surrounding border counties evolved into a national and international event. A vast proportion of the past century’s selling was conducted by father and son, Bill and Julian Gallimore, being successive official auctioneers to the Society and witnessing much of the peak of the breed’s trade. Bill sold Herefords right through the 1950s and into the heydays of the sixties and seventies along with Leominster’s Geoffrey Chambers. He was also the auctioneer of choice for Captain de Quincey’s reduction and dispersal sales at The Vern, Marden, Herefordshire,

where he made his debut appearance at Society sales after being spotted selling at Leominster, Herefordshire. Julian started in the mid-sixties, which he describes as being a continuation of the glory years where the numbers of pedigree Herefords sold are now hard to imagine in any breed. Julian explains his first experiences of selling Herefords. He says: “At the premier January sale in 1963, 340 bulls were entered and among the purchasers were Jimmy Schofield who lived in Westmorland but bought for Argentina and Uruguay, Quinton Smith for South Africa, British Live Exports which bought for Australia and the Americas and Carlos Duggan, usually known as Charlie. “In my first 12 months in the job, we held five pedigree sales between October and April, where we sold 1,619 bulls and 251 females.” During the middle of the 20th century, Hereford bull sales would attract a myriad of nationalities to the market town, some farmers in their own right and others working as agents, exporting quantities of cattle for individuals abroad. People travelled from all over the world, from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile to Australia

The Langford sale ring in the old market, spring 2011

Julian Gallimore received a retirement gift from the Society

and South Africa, and huge sums of money exchanged hands for these beasts. Out of the sale ring, and away from the market, the Green Dragon Hotel on Broad Street served as a hub of social excitement for all involved with a ball held on the Monday night after the show, before Tuesday’s January bull sale. Julian explains: “There were people there from all around the world. A man by the name of Len Oliver spent a week either side of the sale, ferrying South Americans back and forth to London airport. “And as time went on, the Danes started to come over,” says Julian, with Denmark having traded so much with UK breeders in recent decades. “In my naivety, I thought during the war everything would come to a standstill, but still 15 bulls were shipped from The Vern to Argentina in 1940-41 as these cattle suited their climate so well,” he says. In 1947, the bull Western Masterpiece made 12,500gns and many bulls at this time would sell for 6,000-7,000gns to South Americans often coming over to purchase from Captain de Quincey and the Lewis family at The Haven, Dilwyn,

The last Society sale at the old market in 2011

Herefordshire, among others. The importation of continental cattle began in the seventies, which was to change the face of the British cattle industry for many years. “These cattle didn’t affect the breed to begin with but you could feel there was going to be change, particularly with entry into the Common Market and changes to farm support payments. The Hereford underwent a period of breeding for greater size,” says Julian. By the time of Bill Gallimore’s death in 1981, the edge had been taken off some off the trade, which extended all the way through the nineties, with sale entries down and a difficult market. Foot and mouth changed the fortunes of the Hereford breed, says Julian, and many people started investing in the cattle once again. This, he believes, was because one of the perceived causes of the epidemic was intensive farming and producers started looking for an animal which could graze and thrive, and of course the Hereford fitted the bill. The Hereford is now widely recognised for its ease of management, including at

The 2018 autumn show and sale at the new Hereford market

calving, and its docile temperament. It has a good foraging ability, and produces superior quality beef. These days, two shows and sales are held at Hereford market each year; one in the spring and another in the autumn. Following the long careers of the Gallimores, Mike Evans took to the rostrum, followed by the Society’s current auctioneer, Greg Christopher. Since 2011, the market is now located at its new £7million site at Stretton Sugwas on the edge of Hereford, after more than 150 years in the city centre. Greg Christopher says: “Brightwells is extremely proud to have sold Hereford cattle in their home town for the past 100 years. The Society sales bring a real buzz and atmosphere to the market. New and established old herds are looking to invest in the best bloodlines in the country, with the sales attracting vendors and buyers from all over the UK, including from Northern Ireland and Scotland.” The centenary spring show and sale will be held at Hereford market on Monday 27 April.



Solpoll control at Hereford spring show and sale Travelling across the water from Northern Ireland, John and William McMordie’s Solpoll 1 Perfection grabbed the top price and the supreme championship. Solpoll 1 Perfection from John and William McMordie, Ballygowan, Co Down was the pick of the bidders and the judge at the Hereford spring show and sale at Hereford market. Having stood grand male champion in the pre-sale show, this Panmure 1 Henry son was knocked down at 8,000gns, and taken home by pedigree breeders SC and GL Hartwright, Abingdon, Oxfordshire with plans to show it through the summer. A superior carcase sire with excellent figures, this bull has been used heavily at Solpoll and was reserve in the performance recorded interbreed class at the Royal Ulster. Havenfield 1 Rufus, an October 2017-born bull from the well-established home of EL Lewis and son, Dilwyn, Herefordshire was next in the money at 6,400gns, passing hands to JR Williams, George Nympton, Devon. By Solpoll 1 Lawman, the supreme champion at Tullamore Show in both 2016 and 2017, Rufus’ grandsire is also Panmure 1 Henry. In late 2018, this young bull was judged best bull calf in the Christmas calf show 2018 at Shrewsbury. Another McMordie-bred bull, Solpoll 1 Rawhide, realised 6,000gns and received a red prize card in the pre-sale show. Selling to Mr and Mrs MGS Gibson, Stitchcombe, Wiltshire, it is another Panmure 1 Henry son. Born in September 2017, it is out of the home-bred Solpoll 1 Dainty F16, one of the herd’s best cows. Also a superior carcase sire, it carries a set of impressive

Havenfield 1 Rufus sold for 6,400gns


Society news

Solpoll 1 Perfection sold for 8,000gns

figures, with nine traits in the top five per cent of the breed. Having travelled south from Kelso, Scottish Borders, Romany 1 Roxburgh BL R34 from JRB Wilsons and sons sold to pedigree breeders N and G Robinson, Bury, Lancashire for 5,200gns. This striking bull with full eye pigmentation is by the Hereford Cattle Society’s 2018 sire of the year Barwise 1 Lancer and out of Romany 1 Ishbel RE L48. Bosa 1 Norfolk from Gerald Blandford’s herd at Bosbury, Herefordshire realised 3,400gns selling to M Ludgate,

Scotsgrove, Oxfordshire. Born in June 2017, this well-framed bull stood reserve senior male in the pre-sale show. Dendor 1 Myrtle 13th from DE, ED and AL Jones, Caersws, Powys led the heifer trade at 5,500gns, selling to Rachel Aidley, Elworth, Cheshire. It is by Canadian-bred Harvie Java 52J, which itself carries Dendor blood and has been twice named Danish national Hereford male champion. It sold in-calf to Dendor 1 Nairobi which was the 2018 National Poll Show champion. Not far behind was Shraden 1 Alice R834 from MJ and HM Timmis which saw bids

Solpoll 1 Rawhide sold for 6,000gns

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  SOLPOLL

   

  EST. 1953

 Perfection  Perfection   sire:Panmure Panmure 1 Henry sire:   Henry & the top Champion   bull sold bytop Champion & the  price  auction in the price bull soldUK by in   2019 at 8000gns. auction in the UK in   2019 at 8000gns. 3rd in Bull of the Year   123rd Henry sons sold in in Bull of the Year     Hereford 12 Henryhave sons averaged sold £7238  in Hereford have  averaged £7238

First areare very promising, easily born born with short  First calves calvesfrom fromPromoter Promoter very promising, easily with short  gestation and have impressed all visitors that have seen them. gestation and have impressed all visitors that have seen them. ** Exportable semen available from Promoter, Henry & Dynamite **

** Exportable semen available from Promoter, Henry & Dynamite **


sire: Moeskaer Mentos Powerhouse dam:Mentos Pansy M16 by sire: Moeskaer dam: PansyHenry M16 by Henry     Top PriceSale February  Top Price February 2019 at   Sale 2019 at    5100gns, Equal NI Record Price   5100gns, Equal NI     of MentosPrice for sale, we  First son Record   

 have  another crop from him due  First son of Mentos   2020 since repurchasing him.  for sale, we have  another crop from   him due 2020 since   repurchasing him. Thanks and best wishes to all our customers for cattle, semen & embryos this year     


Thanks and best wishes to all our customers for cattle, semen & embryos this year

JOHN & WILLIAM MCMORDIE  SOLITUDE, BALLYGOWAN, NEWTOWNARDS, CO.DOWN, N.IRELAND BT23 6NA  

Tel: 028 97528222 John: 07866125959 William: 07891903243     E-mail: Web:         

Society news


Romany 1 Roxburgh sold for 5,200gns

Shraden 1 Alice sold for 5,000gns

Dendor 1 Myrtle 13th sold for 5,500gns

Rempstone 1 Bonny sold for 3,000gns

Fisher 1 Eva R480 sold for 3,700gns

Jim Speirs of Pepperstock Herefords sorted the line-ups

reach 5,000gns and travelled across the water with Uel Shaw, Dungannon. By Dendor 1 Knuckleduster, it is another from the herd’s Alice family and paternal sister to the Timmis’ Hereford market record priced female which sold in autumn 2018. Fisher 1 Eva R480 from WJ Hutchings and sons, South Mundham, West Sussex hit 3,700gns, selling to J Twose, Login, Carmarthenshire. One of the best females ever offered by the breeder at Hereford, it is out of Fisher 1 Eva G303, one of the top cows in the Fisher herd. In the for sale only section, DJ Makin, Wellington, Herefordshire took the highest price at 2,100gns for Adzor Rumour. Born in September 2017, it is by


Society news

Auckvale Kansas and out of Adzor Jessie J. It went home with S Taylor and D Marsh, Euxton, Lancashire.

increase in the Society’s membership.

IC Markham, Castlethorpe, Buckinghamshire had a good run of heifers entered, with Boundless 1 Madonna 1214, bred by B, H and MR Myers selling to 1,900gns to E and S Layton, Ivington, Herefordshire. R Edwards and E Smith, Leigh, Wiltshire, also sold a heifer, Classic 1 Violet, at 1,850gns to Rob and Nicola Birchall, Penkridge, Staffordshire.

the breed, another sign that the Hereford’s

David Deakin, breed secretary, commented: “It was pleasing to see that the interest in the breed shows no signs of slowing down with standing room only around the show and sale rings, mirroring the continued

“It was also encouraging to see almost half the cattle finding homes outside of popularity in the commercial market is continuing to grow. “The Hereford Cattle Society would once again like to thank sponsors Nordic Star tags, Farmers Guardian and Brightwells for their support at this event and others throughout the year.” Averages: 46 bulls, £3,394; 22 show females, £3,021; 24 for sale only females, £1,330 Auctioneers: Brightwells

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BERKSHIRE 1. A.E. Nesbitt Farms Ltd., Titcomb-Cleland (P) Herd, North Standen House, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0QZ. Tel: 07788 412098 Fax: 01488 686832 Email: 2. Mrs. Pam Noel & Mr R. Snelling, Sarabande Herefords, Long Meadow, Shurlock Row, Reading RG10 0PL. Tel: 01189 343323 Mobile: 07976 692543 3. Englefield Home Farms, Englefield Herd, Estate Office, Englefield Road,Theale, Reading, Berks RG7 5DZ BUCKINGHAMSHIRE 4. D. Briggs, Blackwell (P) Herd, Blackwell Farm, Latimer, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1TN. Tel: 01494 762190. Email: DORSET 5. Baybridge Herefords, Lower Breach Farm, West Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 0LL Tel: 01258 472417 Email: GLOUCESTER 6. Michael Clark, Lowesmoor (P) Herd, Lowesmoor Farms Ltd. Bankside House, Cherington, Tetbury, Gloucester GL8 8SP. Tel/Fax: 01285 760427 and 7. M.L. & D.J. Jenkins, Appleridge (P) Herd, Appleridge Farm, Hystfield, Stone, Berkeley, Gloucestershire GL13 9LJ. Tel: 01453 819393. Mobile: 07785 388408 Email: HAMPSHIRE 8. Mr Harold A Hatt, Weybrook (P) Herd, Weybrook Farm, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 9LE. Tel: 01256 850083 Mobile: 07836 702277 Fax: 01256 851529 9. Tom Hewitt Potkiln Herd: Field House, Hursley, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2LE 01962 775203 07803165333 hewitttom@ 10. Mr M. Osmond, Broadgate Herd, Gastons Farm, Five Bells Lane, Nether Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 8EN Tel: 07970 484 677 Email: 11. Mr Julian Neagle, Velmore Herd, 1 Velmore Farm Cottages, Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 3HF. Tel: 07736 830536 Email: 12 Mr T Yaldren Banjos Hereford: Long Park Farm, Long Park, Crawley, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 2QE 07850024412 longparkfarm@ 13 Harriet Jackson Hudley Herd: Goscombe Farm, Goscombe Lane, Gundleton, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9SP 07515459383 ISLE OF WIGHT 14. Mr & Mrs P Bradley, Crockers & Northwood Herds, Crockers Farm, Cowes Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5TP. Tel: 01983 525878. Email:


Some of the leading herds in the country are in our area and the undermentioned breeders would be delighted to see you. A prior appointment would be appreciated.

15. M & J Morris, Whitelane Herefords, Apesdown Farm, Rowridge Lane, Calbourne, Isle of Wight, PO30 4HS. Tel: 01983 531234/07791 537890 Email: KENT 16. Mr and Mrs D Fenton, Boresisle (Traditional) Herd, “Organic Original Population Herefords” Honour Farm, St. Michaels, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6TJ Tel: 01580 762395 Email: 17. Mrs. S.I. Purchese, Lynsore (P) Herd, Court Lodge Farm, Manns Hill, Bossingham, Nr. Canterbury, Kent CT4 6EB. Tel: 01227 709330 Email: 18. Charlie Baseley, Phantom Herd, Landway Farm, Basted Lane, Crouch, Kent, TN15 8PY. Tel: 01732 886002 Fax: 01732 887466 Email: 19 Jan Boomaars, Vexour Herd: Hampkins Hill Road, Chiddingstone, Kent, TN8 7BB 01883 653064 07500706695 OXFORD 20. E L Townsend & Son, Madeira (P) Herd, Orchard Farm, Watling Lane, Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxford OX10 7JG. Tel: 01491 836860 Fax: 01491 836793 Mobile: 07801 274116 Email: SURREY 21. M.J. Burton, Westgate (P) Herd, Stumblehole Farm, Leigh, Surrey RH2 8PY. Tel: 01293 862607. 22. Nigel, Ann & Tim Metson, Coverwood (P) Herd, The Old Farmhouse, Coverwood Farm, Peaslake Road, Ewhurst, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 7NT. Tel: 01306 731101 Email: 23. B., H. & M. Myers, Boundless (P) Herd, Boundless Farm, Boundless Road, Brook, Nr. Godalming, Surrey GU8 5LF. Tel: 01428 683077. 24. Redwood Herefords, Dawes Farmhouse, Bognor Road, Warnham, West Sussex, RH12 3SH 01306 627497 SUSSEX 25. Kevin & Sally Ann Hasemore, Millenium & Chidham Herds, Woodstock Farm, Chidham Lane, Chidham West Sussex, PO18 8TD. Tel: 07849 638530 Email: 26. R. Hutchings, Fisher (P) Herd, Fisher Farm, South Mundham, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 1ND. Tel: 01243 262252. Mobile: 07881 944394 27. Nick Wren, Cathedral (P) Herd, Cedars Leggatts Farm, Old Park Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO18 8AP Tel: 01243 572732 Fax: 01243 576899 Email: WILTSHIRE 28. Mr & Mrs M G S Gibson, Stitchcombe (P) Herd, Durnsford Mill House, Mildenhall, Marlborough, SN8 2NG. Tel: 07850 859824. Email: 29. Mr & Mrs J R Pike & Son, Bromham (P) Herd, Durlett Farm, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2HY. Tel: 01380 850412 30. R Edwards & E Smith Classic Herd: Westfield, 31 Malmesbury Road, Leigh, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 6RH 07772495913 07979496365

Nicholas Williams, 3 Trindledown Cottages, North Standen Road, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0QY. Tel: 07977 135624. Email :


West Midlands



Fisher 1 Prospect P464 EBV40

Born 09-04-2017. Sire: Fisher 1 Jaguar / Dam: Fisher 1 Cheerful H316 EBV 34. Supreme champion Royal Three Counties Show 2019 Member of Hi-Health Herdcare Biobest - 4 year TB Test Area Breedplan recorded herd

Fisher 1 Jaguar - Semen available HCS Bulls & Females for sale

Reg Hutchings

Telephone: 01243 262252 Mobile: 07881 944394 Email:

Thank you to all purchasers of Fisher Herefords to whom we wish every success. Visitors welcome by appointment


Stitchcombe Herd of Pedigree Hereford Cattle HIGH IN D HEIFER EX S & BULLS BEING SOLD in 2020


ef & La mb Beef BR P


Mildenhall, Marlborough SN8 2NG MARTIN GIBSON - 07850 859 824 Mike Sinden, Herdman - 07977 571 672

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Better weather for South of England

Committee Chairman: Nick Wren Secretary: Nick Williams Treasurer: Martin Gibson Show secretary: Aimee Hewlett

With better grass growing weather than the summer of 2018, the South of England Hereford Breeders’ Association enjoyed a successful 2019. What a contrast 2019 was to the year before, when record high temperatures and very little rainfall in the south not only proved difficult for grazing cattle, but also for making forage for the winter months. In 2019 there seemed to be the right amount of rain at the right time to ensure a supply of grass throughout the summer and, as a result, the calves have done well on the dams with very little supplementary feeding. The year started with the annual AGM which was kindly hosted by Simon and Gemma Hartwright, of Spartan Herefords, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. As always, it was a great opportunity for members to meet up and have a good catch up over what was a very good meal after the formaility of the meeting. Afterwards, a trip round the cattle gave way for much discussion. The showing calendar in the South of England altered this year with the region’s first show of the year, Surrey County, not having any competitive livestock classes for the first time. Therefore the


Pedigree young bulls and breeding females usually for sale. EBV recorded

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th was junior female champion at the Royal Three Counties

first show competed at by South of England Hereford Breeders' Association (SEHBA) members was the South of England where Kevin and Sally Ann Hasemore, Chidham, West Sussex took the championship with Millenium Hellcat and Harriet Jackson, Gundleton, Hampshire was reserve with Hudley 1 Lucy. A large contingent of breeders then headed to the Royal Three Counties Show and members from the area again showed their credentials with a number of breed successes. Grand and junior female was the 15 month old heifer Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th from AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd, Hungerford, Berkshire. Tony Yaldren, Crawley, Hampshire took reserve interbreed with his heifer Banjo’s 1 Gilly Coco at Cranleigh Show. At Kent County Show, the Herefords were represented by Kevin and Sally Anne Hasemore. At New Forest Show, regular exhibitor Jayne Pothecary, Beaulieu, Hampshire had success in the ring with her cattle but the championship was taken by Solpoll 1 Perfection exhibited by SC and GL Hartwright with Les Gould, Shaftesbury, Dorset in reserve with Baybridge 1 Rufus. Englefield Home Farms, Theale, Berkshire, took the breed championship with Englefield 1 Georgia 9th while local breeder Tony Yaldren followed on from his successful season last year and took reserve champion with his female Gilly Coco. A good representation of local breeders went to the Royal Berkshire Show at Newbury, with Gloucestershire - based Michael Clark’s heifer, Lowesmoor 1 Beauty 1117, winning female champion and A E Nesbitt Farms Ltd winning further plaudits for Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th which took junior female champion.

Martin Jenkins Appleridge Farm, Stone, Berkeley, GL13 9LJ 07785 388408


South of England

This year the herd competition was judged by Glenn Pritchard, Tir Phil, Rhondda Cynon Taff who is a council member for Wales. Glenn and Sian spent a two week break travelling round the South of England in the summer judging a record number of entries.





LOWESMOOR 1 RONALDO Date of birth 15-3-19

BULLS AND FEMALES FOR SALE Thank you to all purchasers of Lowesmoor Cattle in 2019 - we wish you every success

Mobile: 07929 637573


Michael Clark




R. Edwards & E. Smith Leigh, Swindon Wiltshire


Professional Foot Trimmers

A professional foot trimming service with a fully insured purpose built crush, specialising in pedigree cattle for routine and one off visits. All herd sizes.

urpose ne off

Livery Service

Bovine day care for long or short periods. All breeds catered for. We provide full care which includes feeding, mucking out on a daily basis and show and sale preparation. Extras can be arranged.

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attle m C me u i m Pre lthsche s Hea ember m


Bre e Re dplan cor ded

Contact Richard 07979 496365 or Emma 07772 495913

m Pre He

If you want something ‘Classic’ then come visit us! Richard Edwards & Emma Smith Westfield, 31 Malamesbury Road, Leigh, Swindon, Wiltshire SN6 6RH


Richard: 07979 496365 Emma: 07772 495913 Email: Follow us on Facebook

South of England


Chairman, Nick Wren would like to thank everyone on the committee for the support given to the Association, in its running and ensuring information reaches the membership in a timely fashion. New members are always welcome, and any ideas or offers of help from all members would be much appreciated. If any members can offer their time, host an event or help to keep the website up to date, please contact secretary Nick Williams, and together the Association will continue to thrive.

Herd competition results 2019 Best herd, Cathedral herd, N Wren (HM Scarterfield Ltd) Large herd, 1st T Perkins, Englefield; 2nd M Gibson, Stitchcombe Medium herd, 1st N Wren, Cathedral; 2nd D Briggs, Blackwell; 3rd R Hutchings, Fisher Small herd, 1st S Purchese, Lynsore; 2nd AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd, Cleland; 3rd R Edwards and E Smith, Classic Stock bull, Cathedral 1 Archer, N Wren (HM Scarterfield Ltd) 12 to 15 month heifer, Banjo 1 Gilly Coco, A Yaldren 12 to 15 month bull, Cleland 1 Red Pepper, AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd Spring bull calf, Phantom 1 Rui, C Baseley Spring heifer calf, Sarabande 1 Emma 67, P Noel and R Snelling Judges choice, Blackwell 1 Precious, D Briggs Hereford of the year, Englefield 1 Georgia 9th, Englefield Home Farms The Wilson Quaiche (for services to the Association), Nick Williams

The sad loss of Cindy Hewlett

Cindy Hewlett with John McMordie at the Association's 2012 annual dinner

and, despite her illness over the last two years, she was always there for the Association.

Reflecting on the life of Graham Stratford Born in Alton in 1930, Graham Stratford was educated at Churcher’s College where he eventually became captain of school and won junior and senior victor ludorum at sport. He continued to be a keen sportsman playing rugby for Hampshire County, Rosslyn Park and Winchester. He was also captain of Alton Cricket Club for six years and continued playing for the club for many more seasons. He took an active part in local government serving as chairman of the local urban council and was the first Mayor of Alton. In his professional life, Graham qualified as a chartered surveyor and joined his father in his firm. Unfortunately, his father died and left Graham in sole charge of the business at the tender age of 22 years.

From a very young age, Graham’s aspiration was to farm which he eventually achieved with the formation of the Aultoun herd, and from that grew his passion for Hereford cattle and all that encompassed. This led him to be secretary of the South of England Hereford Breeders’ Association for many years. In 1979 he was elected as the region’s council representative for the Hereford Cattle Society. In 1993 he was elected president and in 1994 he was elected chairman of council, a position he held until he retired in 1999. During that time, he was very involved in starting the Hereford Beef scheme with Waitrose. He also welcomed the introduction of Breedplan and he valued alternative dietary and complimentary medical advice for his own 120 cow herd. He was well-known in the cattle ring both showing and judging in local and international events. He judged royal shows around the world including in New Zealand, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Netherlands and at home he judged the Royal Show based in Stoneleigh. He loved nothing more than encouraging everyone in the world of Herefords and he never missed any of the World or European Hereford conferences where he made so many friends. His passion for farming led to an educational link which ran for 11 years with the local Anstey Junior School with the children visiting on a regular basis to learn about farming and the countryside, linking it in with their school work. Graham’s wish was for his ashes to be spread on the farm at the resting place of his favourite Canadian bull, Aultoun Ambassador.

In January, members learned the sad news that long-standing treasurer Cindy Hewlett had sadly passed away after a courageous battle against long-term illness. It goes without saying that she will be sadly missed by the Association. Cindy was hugely passionate about the South of England Hereford Breed Association and would be the life and soul of any gathering held. She had served on the committee for nearly 17 years. In October 2002 she was proposed to take on the role of secretary/ treasurer. Cindy agreed to take on the role initially for one year but handed the secretarial role to her daughter Aimee nine years later in 2011. Cindy then carried on the role of treasurer for a further eight years


South of England

President Barry Myers presents a decanter to retiring chairman Graham Stratford (1999)


Farm Assured

Breedplan Recording

BSE & TB Free Herd 4 Year Testing Period Member BioBest High Health Scheme BVD Accredited Free Herd

Boundless 1 Magnus

A real bull doing his job with calves by Boundless 1 Nailer Magnus’ T & SR index of 42/52 is in the top 1%

Sires in use

Boundless 1 Magnus – Legacy – Nailer Vexour 1 Percy Our thanks to purchasers of Boundless Herefords Heifers and Bulls available for sale Boundless Farm • Boundless Road • Brook • Nr. Godalming • Surrey GU8 5LF • Tel/Fax: (01428) 683077



Show reports


Beef quality cornerstone of extensive beef system




The Hereford breed underpins the life young farmer and commoner, Tom Hordle, is building in the New Forest and the quality of beef he is producing. Gaina Morgan reports.



At 29 years old, Tom Hordle is just one of a small number of young people keeping cattle in the New Forest, Hampshire under commoners’ rights which go back to the time of the Norman conquest. He says it is the Hereford breed which makes his business viable, crossing them as he does with the off-spring of cows purchased as calves from dairy herds. Tom says they tick all the boxes for him in terms of grazing, temperament and quality, flavoursome beef, but critically they also suit the extensive lifestyle in an area heavily used by the public, their cars and their dogs. The great grandson of commoners, Tom began helping a neighbour with the stock when he was about 10. He became fascinated with the lifestyle, the folklore and the traditions. And it’s this, as much as his national diploma in agriculture from Sparsholt College, that has been his education. After a long time trying, Tom has secured planning permission for a three bedroom house – the £1million price tag on local houses is unaffordable and land in the area costs £705,000 to £100,000 per hectare (£30,000 to £40,000 per acre). Tom eventually managed to buy 1.6ha (4ac), with more rented, and has built cattle and machinery sheds, as well as a silage and feed store, in an investment worth around £250,000. His mission to pass on the benefits of a ‘beautiful life’ in the forest isn’t as easy as it sounds. The 45 Hereford cross British Friesian suckler cows have to be temperamentally suited to answering his call, to sticking to a relatively small ‘haunt’ in the vast forest and to living among people who no longer understand the countryside.

Tom explains: “The Herefords fatten well on the grass and don’t need a lot of concentrate, but I mainly use them for their temperament and, as much as anything, the docility of the bulls. “I do everything on my own, so I don’t want trouble. Also I keep the youngsters to 30 months plus before slaughter, so I need animals that I can drive and move about on open access ground among the public. I need cattle I can trust if someone walks past, usually with a dog. It takes a long time to mature the cattle in the forest, because of the nature of the grazing. It’s part of my selling point that the cattle are slow-aged and foraging naturally. The Hereford breed lends itself to my system, because they are slower growing and maturing. “Also they have access to 90,000 acres to graze, an area the size of the Isle of Wight, and I am generally moving them around on horseback. I also need them to come to my call. “They are a native breed, suited to conservation and are very at home in this environment. They don’t mind walking. It’s what they would have done years ago. It’s also a good marketing tool, because the red and white or black and white Hereford is a very recognisable breed, symbolic of Olde England.” The importance of the commoners to the natural life of the forest means DEFRA makes a headage payment of around £80 for each of the animals they graze. The ‘verderers’ have regulated the New Forest since Norman times and each of Tom’s cattle wears a tag showing its verderer number and his own brand number. He says: “I have common rights and

can turn my stock out. I have to make a marking payment, but I’m not limited to numbers or to when I can turn them out. It’s an annual £24 payment to the verderers (overseeing body of the forest) who manage the common to keep cattle in the forest. “I’ve got 17 ponies out with cattle and it’s quite a closed economy. It’s close knit, everyone helps each other out. We have about 30 drifts every year, where we gather the horses. They are organised events. A lot of these commoners have been here for generations and know the forest inside out.” The cattle and ponies take up a huge amount of time, but Tom also does farm contracting and works three or four days a week on local estates. He formerly worked for the National Trust. Tom considers EBVs and the class and conformation of the Hereford bulls he selects. However, he is looking for a specific balance of temperament, meat and, because they walk 10 to 12 miles in a day, good feet. He explains: “I wouldn’t pick a bull on figures alone. Good feet and temperament carry more weight for me than EBVs, although they are important. EBVs work very well in a more commercialised set-up, but I’m looking for something to suit my unique system. I want to breed cows that can walk miles in a day and are quiet and will come to my call.” Tom tries to breed his own female replacements. Bought in cattle don’t have a natural resistance to redwater, a fatal tickborne disease, unless they have been acclimatised from a very young age. TB testing is also a challenge. Cattle from outside the forest have to be tested and then isolated for 60 days. They are then retested before being released into the open forest. The herd calves all year round to help with continuity of beef supply. Tom now finishes his cattle, instead of selling them as stores at about nine or 10 months old, producing ‘fantastic natural beef’ and ecologically benefiting the forest. Calves are fed on 1.5kg calf creep per day for six months if autumn-born, and for six weeks if spring-born. The cows come in at night in winter and are fed ad-lib silage.

Cattle forage on the common



The potential of the meat was spotted by Mark Young, Head Chef at The Bell Inn, following a Channel 4 TV programme. He comes from a farming family, which

produced pedigree Hereford bulls. This and the passion shared by his mother and extended family for home grown and locally sourced food inspire his work. He was brought up to appreciate the excellence of good food. The opportunity arose to supply The Bell Inn just as Tom was becoming disillusioned with selling his prized store cattle to conventional systems for finishing. Now they are taken on to 30 months, hung for 40 days and butchered in the New Forest before the beef makes its way into the restaurant. Tom says: “My cattle have the loveliest life in the world in the forest and I lost control of that once they went into any other finishing system. It’s quality of life for the animal and my own job satisfaction. I try to offer the animals the best life I can and I feel happier seeing them through from birth to death. “I love the direct link with the consumer and regularly pop into The Bell Inn. I recently spoke to the monthly supper club held at the hotel to give the back story to his meat with the Hereford breed at the heart of that story.”

Farm facts  45 Hereford cross British Friesian suckler cows  Supplying The Bell Inn, New Forest  Access to 36,422 hectares (90,000 acres) of common  Tom also does some farm contracting and works three or four days a week on local estates Mark Young, head chef at The Bell Inn where Tom sends his Hereford beef

Working together Continuity of supply is an issue, but The Bell Inn, Brook, Hampshire and the local butcher have turned that into an extra point of difference when working with Tom’s beef. They stress the seasonality of the product and Tom’s New Forest beef has become a sought-after dish. Social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, is pushed hard to get the story out to the public and to encourage them to buy into it. The menu reflects the provenance, but Mark’s imaginative touch means a combination of cheaper and more expensive cuts in one dish keep prices accessible. He might combine two elements, such as a smaller than average fillet steak, four or five ounces, with a side dish of cottage pie. Another popular dish is

macaroni cheese with local cheese and a pulled beef ragu, topped with brioche breadcrumbs and truffle oil, alongside a pepper, rosemary and fennel crusted sirloin steak. Mark says: “This isn’t about getting the meat for the best price we can, this is about paying what we need to pay for it. For me, everything has gone wrong in the food industry in this country. “Farmers are getting a really raw deal. Our farmers produce a fantastic product and they’re not getting a justifiable amount of money for it. “So right from the off, I was adamant that we would pay the right price for a product that I felt was unique. It has to be sustainable. Essentially the sirloins cost me about £1 more each than the ones we normally buy.”

Tom, in turn, is appreciative of the relationship he enjoys with the hotel and with its customers. They have a deal which pays him what he needs to continue the business, albeit with slim margins. He also sells to The Farmers Butcher, run by Mike and Sarah Alexander at Bramshaw in the New Forest, and has a growing list of private customers. Farming and Forest walking tours are a new venture, explaining the traditions of commoning and benefits of the grazing for the forest, the cattle and the people who live in and visit the area. Tom is convinced that the natural diet adds to the unique flavour of the beef, with the herd constantly grazing heather in winter and summer, varied grasses and herbs, millennia. Their taste for saplings and leaves up to six feet above ground creates the ‘browse line’ with its unique views.











Quality Bulls and Heifers For Sale FirBosa Poll Herefords Continuing 50 years of breeding Visitors always welcome For quality breeding stock that finish on grass only Members of HiHealth Herdcare Cattle Health Scheme Bosa Herefords: Winners of the National Herd of the Year 2012. Rectory Farm, Lower Swell, Cheltenham GL54 1LH



Research update

Exc iting 2018 cro p n o w availab le to view

LL H O E P REFO E R O S RD N Y S L Breeding quality Herefords

Sire used in 2019: Banjo’s 1 Blaze Many thanks to all our buyers. Winners of S.E.H.B.A. small herd competition 1st 2016 2nd 2017 1st 2019 Visitors always welcome

Court Lodge Farm, Bossingham, Canterbury Kent CT4 6EB Tel 01227 709330 Mobile Sonia 07778057902 Email

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Banjos 1 Gilly Coco SEHBA Herd Competition 2018 Spring Born Heifer Winner and 2019 12 to 15 month Heifer Winner

Bio Best Hi Health Herd BVD IBR Lepto and Johnes Level 2 Stock for Sale

Research update 


Sarabande Herefords FABBL

Est 1971


Stock Bull: Fisher 1 Midas

Fisher1 Jaguar Grand Sire: Fisher 1 Cracker


Bulls and heifers usually for sale. Thank you to all our customers this year. Visitors always welcome

MRS.PAM NOEL & MR. ROBERT SNELLING, Long Meadow, Shurlock Row, Reading, Berkshire. RG10 0PL. Mobile: 07976 692543 Tel: 01189 343323



Society news

Crocus Rose goes all the way at National Poll Show Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose shone as the supreme champion at the National Poll Show at Moreton-in-Marsh Show, bringing its summer of successes to a peak. It was clear to all spectators and exhibitors how much it meant to father and daughter double act, George and Sophie Harvey, Balfron, Glasgow as their heifer Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose was selected as supreme champion of the National Poll Show, before going on to win Moreton-inMarsh Show’s interbreed championship. After a long show season which commenced in May, Crocus Rose has been round the circuit this summer and in the past few weeks has peaked, taking the supreme championship at Moretonin-Marsh, top honours at the Scottish National and the title of reserve native in the Scottish Beef Champion of Champions at Keith Show, Moray.

standard of cattle in front of him throughout the day was ‘unbelievably good’, with the ‘quality extending throughout each class, from top to bottom, without any tail end’. He described his supreme champion as the ‘stand-out winner of its class, oozing style and breed character’, having ‘tremendous width for such a well-grown heifer’ adding 'despite its size, it still remains so feminine.' He commented the intermediate female classes were the pick of the show, adding there were several heifers which would have made worthy winners. This is where he also found his reserve supreme, Coley 1 Clara 418 jointly owned by Heather Whittaker, Halifax, Yorkshire and AG

Whittle, Heywood, Lancashire which stood next to Harvey’s heifer in every class and championship on the day. It’s another heifer which has become such a familiar name during the 2019 summer show season, having been supreme champion at the Great Yorkshire and Royal Highland and reserve supreme at the Scottish National. Born in October 2017, it is by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid and out of Coley 1 Clara 286 and will be retained in the herd, being in-calf to Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62. Richard Rettie described this animal as ‘full of beef with a lovely top, having tremendous width, carrying a lot of flesh but carrying it well’.

Born in March 2018, this 17 month old heifer is the first calf of Harveybros 1 Crocus N1, which was transferred into Sophie’s ownership as a 21st birthday present from George and was successfully shown in its own right, picking up junior and reserve female champion at the Great Yorkshire in 2016 and reserve junior female champion at the Highland in the same year. Crocus Rose stood reserve at both the Great Yorkshire and the Royal Highland shows in 2019, and is sired by Normanton 1 Laertes, which was shown so successfully by TD and WT Livesey, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire. Sophie will be retaining this heifer in the herd for breeding. Richard Rettie, Perthshire was tasked with the marathon judging stint and said the

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from G and S Harvey

The National Poll Show was again held at Moreton-in-Marsh Show

Coley 1 Clara 418 from Heather Whittaker

Society news


Moralee Rebel Kicks KS R12 from T and D Harrison

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker

Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 from T and D Harrison

Kinglee 1 Polly 554 from Peter Cobley

In the bulls, the grand and intermediate male championship was handed to Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland which was also intermediate champion. Born in April 2018, it is a SMH King Size 87K son, and out of Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6, which also contains SMH breeding. This bull has done well elsewhere this year with professional showman Steven O’Kane often on the halter, including winning grand male at the Royal Welsh Show, as well as the interbreed junior bull championship at the same show. Reserve grand male was another wellknown animal, Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker. This is a son of 2018 sire of the year, Barwise 1 Lancer,


Society news

and at 28 months old has a wealth of successes to its name from being shown as a junior bull, before the 2019 show season when it was grand male champion at the Great Yorkshire and Royal Highland and supreme at Royal Norfolk. At Moreton, the bull stood its ground in a tight senior bull class of some of the most well-known males of the year. Overall junior and junior female champion was Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 from Tom and Di Harrison, an October 2018-born heifer. By the Danish-bred sire SMH King Size 87K which is so prevalent in the Harrisons’ recent breeding, it is out of Moralee 1 Kimberly. Reserve and junior male champion went

to Heather Whittaker for the 11 month old bull Coley 1 Sebastian, which is sired by Rosenkaer Messi 410M and out of homebred dam Coley 1 Pippa 355. Reserve junior female champion was tapped out as Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd from DE, ED and AL Jones, Caersws, Powys. Another animal on show with Danish breeding, this heifer is by Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 and out of Dendor 1 Ruby 15th, a female now owned by L and L Bowen, Nelson, Glamorgan. Boomer Birch and Graham Brindley, Weston, Staffordshire were responsible for the reserve junior male champion in the form of Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption. Sired by Remitall 1 Super

Duty 42S, it is out of Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th which has twice been female of the year. Kinglee 1 Polly 554 from Peter Cobley, Misterton, Leicestershire took the senior female championship. Sired by Panmure 1 Karl, it is out of home-bred dam Kinglee 1 Polly 285, and calved in late July. Owned by young breeder William Awan, Midford, Somerset and from Whittaker’s stud, Coley 1 Clara 409 stood reserve senior female champion. By Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53, it is out of Barbern 1 Claret 2nd and was served in late January. Harvey Cloke, Brecon, Powys came reserve intermediate champion with Lord Harvey’s 1 Winston, a 14 month bull which also stood reserve grand male at this year’s Royal Welsh Show. Another Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 son, it is out of Dendor 1 Echo 19th. With all eyes watching, Coley 1 Pilot from Graham Shepherd, Preston, which has not been at a major show since its record price purchase in December 2018 at Shrewsbury’s Designer Genes sale, was tapped out as reserve senior male champion. In





Catherine Shaw won her young handlers’ class on both Friday night and Saturday

competition, which was judged by Caroline Davies, Catherine Shaw, aged 11, won first place in the youngest class. Eva Jackson of Eveter Herefords, 13, won the 13 to 17 years class as well as the Dendor show stick and Isla Soutter, 18, once again won the most senior class and the overall championship.

A further young handlers’ competition was held during Saturday’s showing, judged by Bernard and Barbara Rimmer. Catherine Shaw once again came out on top of her age group while Finlay Soutter won the class of 13 to 17 years and Iona Smith was victorious in the 18 to 21 category.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you: 0131 440 2628 (Edinburgh Office) 01856 878 293 (Orkney Office)


The ca�le team at Biobest provide services to Hereford herds throughout the UK and Ireland. We welcome enquiries from new and established breeders.

Society news


Designer Genes achieves 10,000gns top

The 2019 Designer Genes sale realised 10,000gns for a heifer from Tom and Di Harrison which saw half its selling price donated to UK Hereford Youth. Live lots saw prices escalate to 10,000gns for Moralee 1 Lucy KS S1 from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland at the Designer Genes sale. Purchased by MJ Ludgate, Thame, Oxfordshire, half of the sale price has been generously donated to the UK Hereford Youth travel bursary. This heifer was grand female champion at Bucks County Show and is by SMH King Size 87K, the current UK sire of the year. At 7,000gns was Herberry 1 Lucy Belle, a 24 month old in-calf heifer from R and V Vere Hunt, Republic of Ireland which sold for 7,000gns to P Martindale, Bolton, Lancashire. By Dendor 1 Kohinoor, it is out of Gouldingpoll 1 Lucy 641. A popular heifer on the day, Romany 1 Ishbel BW R55 from JRB Wilson and sons, Kelso, Roxburghshire was knocked down to J Hodge, Hondean, Berwick Upon Tweed, for 6,200gns to join his Fellowhills herd. By previous UK sire of the year Barwise 1 Wellington, it is out of a Romany 1 Ishbel 41H A22. Going home with L and L Bowen, Nelson, Glamorgan at 6,000gns was Auckvale 1 Janet 1705 from W and R Kemp and sons, St Helens, Northumberland. It is a paternal sister to Royal Welsh 2019 champion Auckvale 1 Curly 1725 which was purchased at last year’s sale by the same family.

Moralee 1 Lucy KS S1 from Tom and Di Harrison

Travelling across the Irish Sea was Grifford 1 Primrose from first time consignor NJ Griffiths, Bickford, Staffordshire which sold at 5,200gns to AW Shaw, Co Tyrone. It is a daughter of 2016 bull of the year and former Royal Highland and Royal Welsh interbreed champion Normanton 1 Laertes. Another one of five heifers to leave Great Britain was Rempstone 1 Bertha N500 at 4,000gns. The third heifer to be offered up by MJ Ludgate, it sold to JJ Darmody, Loughill West carrying a Gouldingpoll 1

Double Decker sired calf. Changing hands at the same money was Rempstone 1 Bertha H311, a first calved heifer from MJ Ludgate which also heads across the Welsh border to T Vasami, Ffostrasol, Ceredigion. The highest priced horned lot, Beckhall Princess Charlotte from 13 year old Beth Vincent, Pulham Market, Norfolk sold to 4,000gns to S Taylor and D Marsh, Chorley, Lancashire. At 3,900gns, Pulham Tiara 5th from Philip and Laura Vincent, Pulham Market, Norfolk sold over the telephone to J Lake, Froxfield, Hampshire. At the same money was Romany 1 Dawn BL S36, a daughter of 2018 sire of the year, Barwise 1 Lancer, and sold to A Sweetnam, Mullinahone, Republic of Ireland. Going to the same home for 3,800gns was Burmill 1 Dowager 21 from Robert Allcock, Hine Heath, Shropshire and is another SMH King Size 87K daughter. The hammer fell at 3,700gns for a second heifer from R and V Vere Hunt, Herberry 1 Lucy Sky which sold to L and L Bowen.

Halls auctioneer, Jonny Dymond, sold the live lots


Society news

The second DGS Goes Global sale witnessed 21 genetic lots going under the hammer with a ‘pick of the spring 2020

heifer calves’ from Moeskaer Herefords, Denmark leading the trade, which was knocked down to Dara Entwistle, Illinois, USA for £6,800. An investment heifer opportunity in Harvie Ms Firefly 145G from Harvey Ranching sold to an undisclosed buyer for £6,000. This female is a granddaughter of the renowned Firefly 51F and one of the first daughters of $150,000 NJW Endure to sell at auction. The lot offered 100 per cent interest with 50 per cent embryo interest and 25 per cent of natural calves. Five international flush lots sold in the sale, with the highest priced being a ‘pick of the cow herd’ from Las Tranqueras, Argentina, which sold to Juha Moisander, Finland for £3,800. A total of 40 embryos across 11 lots sold to average £421 per embryo, topping at £500 on four occasions. Semen lots topped at £175 per straw for 10 straws of Remitall Super Duty 42S, the former Canadian national champion bull which sold for $270,000. Consigned by Moeskaer Herefords, it sold to DRA Fabb, Warboys, Cambridgeshire.

A package of 20 straws from Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12, 2019's joint poll bull of the year from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland sold for £85 per straw to Henning Have, Denmark. A final semen lot consigned by Bowendu Herefords from herd sire Panmure 1

Nugget sold for £80 per straw to Roy Beattie, Ireland. Averages: 19 females, £4,452 Auctioneers: Genetics, Drew Patrick (Hexham Marts); live lots, Jonny Dymond (Halls)


Embryo transfer

In-Vitro Embryo Production (IVP) On-farm semen collection + freezing

Embryo import + export storage Traditional MOET/ Flushing

AB Europe offers cattle breeders a wide range of assisted breeding and associated services, enabling clients to accelerate their herd merit and profitability. AB Europe’s highly qualified team of technicians and embryologists work alongside its dedicated cattle veterinarians to provide you with quality on-farm, laboratory and livery operated services.

01875 614500

Society news


Understanding EBV accuracy Many members have been making use of Breedplan EBVs in their breeding programmes, but time needs to be taken to consider the accuracies of these figures. Dr Brad Crook at ABRI explains more. Performance recording has been embraced by some breeders who are using the information produced to shape their breeding decisions and strategy, uncovering traits that would otherwise not be known. The associated accuracy figures are, however, sometimes less understood. Dr Brad Crook, genetics research and development manager at ABRI, explains that the calculation of estimated breeding values (EBVs) makes use of an animal’s own performance, the performance of known relatives, the heritability of each trait and the relationship between the different traits. All these different sources of information are used in EBV calculations. He adds: “EBVs are estimates of breeding value – and estimates can change as more information is used in their calculation. The accuracy reported for an EBV is an important piece of information to be considered, as it gives an indication of the volume of information used in calculating the EBV as well as indicating the likelihood of the EBV changing as more information is added. ” A range of factors influence EBV accuracy including trait heritability, the accuracy of the parents’ figures, amount and effectiveness of available performance information and the genetic correlation with other measured traits. “At higher accuracy, the likelihood of an EBV changing is reduced as more information is analysed for the animal, its progeny and its relatives,” explains Brad.

Interpreting accuracy Less than 50 per cent accuracy – EBVs in this range will have been calculated based on very little information. It means these EBVs could change significantly if additional animal performance data becomes available


50-74 per cent accuracy – medium accuracy and will have been calculated using the animal’s own performance and some limited pedigree information


“High trait heritability can also lead to a high EBV accuracy. This explains why accuracies are usually higher for EBVs related to weight traits than days to calving, because the heritability of weight traits is often higher than for female fertility. “An animal’s EBV accuracy can also be improved if its parents carry high accuracies as more information will be known about the relatives of that animal,” he adds. The accuracy of a specific trait can be improved by recording performance information on the individual animals and also via progeny records. However, accuracies of over 90 per cent are usually only seen when the animal has a sufficiently large number of progeny recorded for the trait. This also depends on contemporary group size, whereby animals in larger contemporary groups will usually also have higher EBV accuracies than those in very small groups – all else being the same. 75-90 per cent accuracy – EBVs are

Herds which record a range of traits will have higher accuracies than those recording a limited number as Breedplan uses genetic correlations in its calculations. For example, recording 200 day weights will also add information to the 400 day weight EBV. However, if accuracies seem low even though performance records are being collected and submitted for Breedplan analysis, it might be reflecting some limitations in the structure of the data (e.g. herd size, contemporary group size, recording practices). If a pedigree producer prefers to minimise risk through the use of animals with higher accuracies, a higher level of performance recording should be carried out across a range of traits and contemporary group size should be maximised. Brad says: “Regardless of their accuracy, EBVs are still the best estimate of an animal’s genetic potential and use should be made of them in selection decisions. In the case where animals have similar

of medium-high accuracy and will have

EBVs, the animal with the higher accuracy

been calculated based on the animal’s

should be favoured as the results are

own performance coupled with the

more predictable.

performance for a small number of the

“It’s important to remember EBVs are

animal’s progeny More than 90 per cent - high accuracy and it is unlikely that EBVs will change considerably with the addition of further progeny data

estimates of breeding value, rather than measures. So looking at accuracy is critical - the higher the accuracy, the more likely the EBV is to reflect the true breeding value of the animal for the trait of interest,” concludes Brad.





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Visit the South West - 'The Stockyard of England'

Where you can be assured of a warm welcome while viewing good Hereford Cattle



South West Association looks to the future With a change of committee in the South West, the Association looks at the future.

10 year old Harry Mitchell of Lanscombe Herefords

Chris Caunter of Hollystone Herefords, Harbertonford, Devon has been elected as chairman for the South Western Hereford Association (SWHA), with Jonathan and Rosemary Moorhouse taking the treasurer’s role. Angela Kerslake continues as the honorary secretary and the Association thank her for all the hard work she does on members’ behalf. As is often the case with a change in officers, the Association is reviewing and updating its constitution and plan to have this completed in 2020. This year the Association’s first meeting was held at the For Farmers mill in Exeter. It was an opportunity for members to visit a feed mill and to get together to plan the year ahead. The mill had recently been modernised and it was amazing to see such a level of technology controlling the logistics of making different blends and pellets. For the summer farm visit, members

Calves at Hilfield Herefords

travelled to Dorset and following an outstanding lunch at a local restaurant, visited Ford Farm cheese factory for a very interesting guided tour. Mike and Kate Harris’ Hilfield herd was then visited and

the heavy rain stopped to allow members to enjoy a good show of very uniform cows and their calves. It is always good to meet new breeders and Olivia Edson and family from Land’s End were in attendance, incorporating the Association's activities into their long weekend break. Thanks must go to Mike and Kate for their kind hospitality and support. Shows are a great shop windows and South West members continue to put great effort into bringing their cattle out. Hereford cattle and their beef are becoming more and more popular and being out in front of the public is so important. Talking to farmers and non-farmers at these events is vital for the breed’s future. There are three major early shows in the South West. The SWHA stand at Devon County Show saw many visitors and thanks to Jackie Hawke and the exhibitors for manning this.

Members enjoyed a tour of the For Farmers mill in Exeter


South West

At the Royal Bath and West Show, one of the Association’s youngest members, Harry Mitchell, took the overall prize for best child handler at just 10 years old. Harry also assisted his family in turning out

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JOHNES LEVEL 1 BVD FREE & VACCINATED Thank you to everyone who bought bulls and heifers from us in 2019 Jonathan Moorhouse Tel: 01984 656292 Mob: 07714 104692 Email: John Richmond (Stockman) Tel: 01984 656300 Mob: 07788 292545



South West Hereford Association Large Herd Winner 2019

the Lanscombe show team throughout the year which won both the Cauldicot and Barclay cups for overall points gained at South West shows, with bull Lanscombe 1 Walter and heifer Lanscombe 1 Wilma. In September, the Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association visited the South West region. They based themselves near Yeovil and aimed to see lots of Hereford cattle as well as the Somerset and Dorset countryside. Thanks goes to Mike Harris, Les Gould, Marcus Lury, Peter Dejager and Jonathan Moorhouse for inviting the group to visit their Hereford herds. It was great to see members visit the South West and always good to socialise and meet up. Members are always welcome to come to the region to see members' farms and their Hereford cattle. Unfortunately, AgriFest 2019, where a breed stand is usually hosted, was cancelled. Other opportunities to showcase Herefords in the South West for 2020 will now be looked for. It is an exciting time to be involved with this magnificent breed. Hereford cattle very much match the future with sustainability of beef production becoming ever more important.

Cato Herefords won the large herd competition

Herd competition results 2019 Large herd, (judge, M Harris, Dorchester) 1st J Moorhouse, Cato Herefords; 2nd A Robinson, Velleyhill Herefords; 3rd A Faull, Trelissick Herefords Stock bull, Dendor 1 Napoleon, JD Moorhouse Bull calf, Cato Moorhouse




Heifer calf, Velleyhill 1 Cadbury, A and D Robinson Medium herd, (judge, A Miller, St Austell) 1st M Harris, Hilfield Herefords; 2nd J Palmer, Rolster Bridge Herefords; 3rd K Prettejohn and A Kerslake, Nicholashayne Herefords Stock bull, Cleland 1 Jackson, J Palmer

Bull calf, Rolster Bridge 1 Snoopy, J Palmer Heifer calf, Nicholashayne 1 Comfrey 848, K Prettejohn and A Kerslake






Stogumber) 1st LG Gould, Baybridge Herefords; 2nd Mr and Mrs A Miller, Alanna Herefords; 3rd EG Mills, Severnvale Herefords Stock bull, 1st Mr and Mrs A Miller, Auckvale Montana; 2nd S Luxton, Cleland 1 Lennox; 3rd CP and KL Wearne, Haven Nightowl Bull calf, 1st Mr and Mrs A Miller, Alanna Showbiz; 2nd L Gould, Baybridge 1 Tyson; 3rd SC Luxton, Chamberlains 1 Harry Heifer calf, 1st Mr and Mrs A Miller, Alanna Lynette; 2nd G and M Simpson, Gilmar 1 Lulu; 3rd S Luxton, Chamberlains 1 Harriott Novice herd 1st JM Brewer, Reddivallen Herefords


LANSCOMBE HEREFORDS This years Show Bulls Lanscombe 1 Wizard & Lanscombe 1 Walter


MIKE & KATE HARRIS Dowerfield Farm, Long Bredy, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9AB 01308 482837 / 07974 810806 email:


South West

Bulls and Females Always for Sale

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Thank you to everyone who purchased at our recent Production Sale at Sedgemoor. We wish you every success with your purchases The Mitchell Family

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CELEBRATING *30* years provision of registered bulls and females to pedigree Hereford, dairy & suckler herd owners

BEST WISHES & MANY THANKS TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS Bulls & Females available throughout the year


Castle Farm, Buckland St. Mary, Chard, Somerset. TA20 3JX Tel: 01460 234394 Email:


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Perfection pleases at Devon County

Devon County Show champion 2019 was March 2017-born bull Solpoll 1 Perfection from SC and GL Hartwright, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Top price at the 2019 spring Society sale in Hereford at 8,000gns, it stood reserve in the performance recorded interbreed class at last year’s Royal Ulster when shown by breeders J and W McMordie, Ballygowan, Co Down. Reserve and reserve grand male was 28 month bull Cato 1 Plutarch from Society president Jonathan Moorhouse, Stogumber, Somerset. From two homebred parents, it is by Cato 1 Lexington and out of Cato 1 Ella 442. In the females, May 2018-born Spartan 1 Red Hot Mist, another from SC and GL Hartwright, took the grand title. Out of Moeskaer Keno 1222 daughter Cleland 1 Cheerful 8th, it is by Cathedral 1 Donatello.

Solpoll 1 Perfection stood breed champion at Devon County Show

Junior interbreed success at Royal Bath and West

Jonathan Moorhouse also took the reserve grand female title with Cato 1 Maisie 647. February 2018-born, it is out of a homebred cow and by Dendor 1 Napoleon, which is a Solpoll 1 Gilbert son.

The reserve grand female champion and junior interbreed champion at the Royal Bath and West was March 2018-born heifer Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49 from AE Nesbitt Farms, Hungerford, Berkshire. Out of Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 18th, it is by Solpoll 1 KitKat, a Panmure 1 Henry son. Breed and grand male champion 2019 was crowned as March 2017-born bull Solpoll 1 Perfection from SC and GL Hartwright, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It was named breed champion at Devon County the week before. Another son of Panmure 1 Henry, it is out of Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525. Standing reserve in the breed championship after also being named female champion was Coley 1 Clara 409, from 17 year old Will Awan, Midford, Bath. Out of Barbern 1 Claret 2nd, it is by Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53, which is a Baybridge 1 Atlas son. The reserve male champion rosette was handed to RA and VA Mitchell, Buckland Newton, Dorset for Lanscombe 1 Walter. Born in February 2018, this young bull is by Lanscombe 1 Maxamillion and out of Lanscombe 1 Quiz.

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49 was junior interbreed champion



South West


Br e dt oYi e l d i nt heFi e l d

Vi s i t o r sal ways we l c o me S p a r t a n1Re dHotMi s t

St o c kf o r s al e

S p a r t a n1Pl u m

S ol p ol l1Pe r f e c t i on S e n i orHe r dS i r e S e me na v a l i a b l e

S C&GLHa r t wr i g ht , Gr ov eFa r m, Mi l t onHi l l , Ab i n g don , Ox f or ds hi r e , OX1 44 DP He r dMa n a g e rLu k eMu r p hy07 3 4 1 4 4 07 6 6s p a r t a n . he r e f or ds 1 3 @g ma i l . c om

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Twilight Horned and Starline Poll Herefords

Senior Herd Sire Haven Kermit

Twilight Venus by Haven Hotspur

Sires in use: Haven Kermit, Haven Ricki, Corlismore Ted 832, Bromley 1 Veyron, Buckenhill 1 Plural, Westwood Neo

Stock always for sale. Visitors welcome

Alan, Linda and Alex Gifford Whitebear Farm, Milton Damerel, Holsworthy, Devon EX22 7NZ

Tel: 01409 261284 Mobile: 07799 261634



Introducing our NEW herd sire SOMERWOOD RONDO Purchased from Ms De Quincey BREEDING STOCK FOR SALE 2020


out of Severnvale Venus 6 by Ft Laureate First time exhibiting our cattle for 25 years - what an impact he made Breed champion at North Devon Show - Reserve champion at Dunster Show Exhibited by Ellen Layzell (Farmlay Herefords) - many thanks



North of England


Traditional Hereford Breeders’ Club

Maintaining renowned Hereford genetics for use in the breed of today






MOOR BLATANT North of England


First-time exhibitors bag a treble of Traditional championships

Patrick and Esther Lynn took all three available Traditional championships in 2019, despite being relatively new to the breed. New breeders and first-time Hereford exhibitors Patrick and Esther Lynn, Southwell, Nottinghamshire certainly made a splash on the show circuit in their debut year, bagging all three available Traditional Hereford breed championships. Home-bred in-calf heifer Hockerwood Lucy, sired by the prolific stock bull Boresisle Lawrence, took the championship. It won at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival, judged by Gerald Blandford, again at Shropshire County judged by Gerald Cox and the Royal Three Counties, judged by Mike Chandler. Having only begun the Hockerwood herd in 2016, alongside their large egg farming enterprise, the Lynn family now own around 40 head of pedigree Traditional Herefords. With 2019’s successes under their belt, the Club looks forward to seeing what’s to come from them in the future.

Carpenters Moses, exported to Holland

Export news Ian and Helen Macleod were delighted to announce the sale of 14 month old Carpenters Moses at the end of July to the Hof Te Boekelo herd Lida Stork, Holland. This young Shefford Monarch son caught Lida’s eye when on her annual visit to the

UK and joins the herd as a junior stock sire for 2020, to produce easy-fleshing finished cattle for their grass-fed, quality beef enterprise.

Summer herd visit The Traditional Hereford Breeders’ Club thanks Liz and John Brunskill, Hungerford, Berkshire for putting together such a wonderful day for its Club meeting and summer herd visit. Around 40 members were greeted with coffee and refreshments before commencing the meeting, afterwards being invited to view a pen of steers and guess their weights. After a sumptuous lunch, members set off to view the 100 or so cattle which are extensively grazed on the rolling hills of the Lambourn Downs, which included a lovely, even bunch of yearling heifers


Hockerwood Lucy was champion at Shropshire County Show


Society news

Chairman: Leslie Cook Vice-chairman: Helen MacLeod Club secretary: David Fenton Treasurer: Sarah Cowle Memberships: Sarah Cook Publicity team: Sarah Cook, Helen MacLeod, Susie Woods, Glenn Pritchard Census and records: Willem van Beele

Young breeder takes to the stage at National Hereford Show Young breeder William Awan exhibited his home-bred heifer Midford Spotlight 1st at the National Hereford Show at Tenbury Wells in August, catching the eye of many breeders around the ring and earning some well-justified compliments on his tremendous heifer and superb standard of turnout. These efforts were rewarded in the young handlers’ classes, where William won first place in the intermediate young handler section under the watchful eye of judge and UK Hereford Youth co-ordinator Emma Smith.

Farncombe stock bull, Boresisle Remus

grazing with some Badger Faced Welsh Mountain sheep. The cows and calves running with stock bull Boresisle Remus were in an 88 hectare (217 acre) field along the top of the downs with an excellent group of young steers next door. The farm is affiliated to the Pasture Fed for Life Association and the cattle live out throughout the winter, having access to home-produced hay. The grassland has been seeded with a native wildflower and grass mix under stewardship and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used, with the beef being sold from the farm gate and branded Brunskill Beef. The members made their way home after another cup of tea, having had a most enjoyable day.

Farncombe young steers

William Awan with Midford Spotlight 1st

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Romany reigns as herd of the year while show herd streak




Traditional Herefords stand test of time Ease of management, growth from forage and

preservation are the reasons Helen and Ian Macleod invested in Traditional Herefords, an animal which proves to have a commercial role in the modern day. On moving to Carpenters Farm, Berrow, Worcestershire in 2001, the Macleod family were faced with a tough challenge of improving the farm and its house, after decades of neglect. With a property which oozes tradition and heritage, it was only fitting that native breeds, particularly those originating in the Welsh Marches, were bought in to graze the ancient pastures. Although starting out with a number of cross-bred suckler cows, the family yearned for a pedigree herd. The Traditional Hereford, also known as original population, was top of the list when it came to cattle, and as such, the farm is now home to a herd of 18 breeding females. Helen Macleod heads up the operation at Carpenters Farm, with the support of husband Ian who retired from working as a GP four years ago and explains that when they started with the Traditionals, they were much rarer than today, with the breed’s female numbers increasing by 400 in just the past five years. Helen explains: “When we came here the house was almost derelict; it was only in the very last few years under the previous owner that the house gained hot water and electricity. “We blitzed the house and then we set about improving the farm, which started with the fences, as there was nothing to retain stock, bar the outer perimeter. We fenced a field at a time, stocked that ground, and then rotated as we went.” It had been a dairy farm since 1947 but the ground had seen little improvement, having been used solely for grazing and hay, probably never having had any fertiliser.

“In some of the meadows, there are over 20 species of grass and wild flowers,” explains Helen. The farm is in mid-tier stewardship scheme. A good deal of lime was spread on the ground which is now regularly soil tested, and the muck from the cattle’s winter housing is spread on silage ground. Sticking with the native breeds vein, the family also opted to keep Kerry Hills; a striking looking sheep originally from the village of Kerry, just inside the Welsh border near Newtown. On a practical level, Helen favoured the Traditional for its moderate size, making working with cattle alone safer and easier. The traits of the Traditional haven’t changed in 200 years, comments Helen. She explains: “The Traditional is smaller than the modern type and I didn’t want to deal with large animals. The infrastructure didn’t lend itself to large cattle either.” Helen started the Carpenters herd with two cows, Holloway Wood Nymph and Holloway Nutmeg, and their bull calves, all from the Holloway herd run by AR Fielding, East Knoyle, Wiltshire. Helen says: “They were quite heavily Free Town on the sire’s side, and the maternal line were all Springhill. They were quite small cattle, being from the Venus line, but I am now trying to increase the size of the frame throughout the herd.” Following this, she also purchased Turnastone Nicola Jubilee, from the Julia family, and Turnastone Jasmine which was a Silver and, she says, are both wellknown female lines within the original population. These two females arrived at Carpenters Farm with a bull from the



Farm facts  36 hectares (89 acres) with 6ha (15ac) rented  18 Traditional breeding females  Mid-tier environmental stewardship scheme  Pedigree flock of Kerry Hill sheep Powell, Awnells Herefords, Much Marcle, Herefordshire who she explains was one of the founders of the Traditional Hereford Breeders' Club and was chairman of the club for many years. Females bred into the herd are either retained or sold for breeding, and Helen says they have killed very few heifers over the years, adding that they are so consistent. She says she has never had to advertise a bull which instead are sold via word of mouth through the Traditional Club, following a show, or via Facebook. Ian and Helen Macleod

same breeder – R Fraser, Turnastone, Herefordshire. “Silver breeding is prolific in the modern breed as well,” adds Helen. Helen has also had her fair share of success in the show ring and describes Carpenters Curly 2nd as her most successful animal to date which stood champion Traditional at the Royal Three Counties and in the same year was reserve interbreed champion at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival. In 2012, Helen and the family stood second in the Hereford steer class at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair, against six other Herefords, from across the breed. Helen has also recently further expanded her herd, making purchases including the show cow Albany Lavinia from Les Cook, Fen End, Over, Cambridgeshire to increase the size of the frame while retaining the quality.

is a particularly rare cow family and now owns a maiden heifer and an old cow from Northamptonshire-based John Hawtin’s Olde House herd. She says as a breeder, she also acts to safeguard the future of some of these rare bloodlines. She adds: “The Traditional breeders are safeguarding a pool of genetics which, if lost, would never be able to be brought back.” At July 2018’s Turnant dispersal sale in Hereford market, Helen purchased her Gaymaid females and one from the Model family. Rhydri Clarabelle Laura was from Andrew and Gillian Crow, Rudry, Glamorgan and was a calf Helen had seen while visiting them in Wales. The mother of the calf was a Laura from David

She says: “I would like to increase the frame size of the cattle because there is a view that Traditionals are all small animals and I would like to see these cattle getting more good press. I am after a cow of between 600 and 700kg, and currently have one cow which consistently weighs 750kg.” Llandinabo Zest is an AI sire which left a stamp on the herd. The bull always throws larger animals, while maintaining a lower birth weight, when compared to her original Venus cows which weighed only 500kg at mature weight. Two Caroline females have joined the herd more recently which Helen explains



Stock bull Shefford Monarch

Cows are fed wheat and oat straw in the winter and a small amount of hay. Calves aren’t creep fed and their own beef is sold as grass-fed. Helen is happy to calve from January, but says it usually happens at the end of February. This year they calved from mid-March to June but they are trying to tighten their calving window. They also have four autumn calving cows as they like to have a calf for the Royal Welsh Winter Fair in November. At present, Shefford Monarch, a grandson of Free Town Kendal, is employed as the herd’s stock bull. Bred by Paul Carter, Greater Shefford, Berkshire, this well-conformed bull was purchased from James Harle, Bishop Auckland, Northumberland as a five year old, and is jointly owned between Helen and Patrick and Esther Lynn, Hockerwood Herefords,

Southwell, Nottinghamshire. At the same time the cow Downy Birch Judy, bred by A Morris, Pocklington, Yorkshire and incalf to Shefford Monarch was purchased and was the dam of this year’s export, Carpenters Moses, which in July travelled to Lida Stork’s Holland-based Hof te Boekelo herd. Four bulls were sold for breeding last year. Any males which do not make the grade are castrated. Steers are finished and sold to Wallers Butchers in Ledbury, Herefordshire as well as through their own boxed beef outlet. These steers are finished on grass and are killed at around 26 months of age. “Although the carcases are not that big, butchers are happy with the quantity of meat left on the block.” Helen comments: “Traditionals are still quite popular among dairy farmers who like them for their low birth weights. I sold four bulls this year to a New Zealand style dairy farm to use on heifers. “These cattle give consistently optimum birthweights for ease of calving of 32 to 45kg and unrivalled docility for ease of handling, combined with an inherent ability to flesh easily, especially off grass, and produce a premium product which is always in demand. “Bulls are keen to work, good on their legs and get things in-calf. They are cheap to feed with only the show heifers and bulls receiving any concentrates.”

What is a Traditional Hereford? Originating from the Welsh Marches and bred to utilise the natural environment, the Hereford was developed by experienced stockmen into an animal which grew into a medium sized, early maturing, hardy and easy fleshing breed of cattle. The Hereford has been exported all over the world and has been adapted to cope with the differing conditions of other countries. The original population Hereford is classed as ‘minority’ by the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) with only around 1,100 breeding females at present, up from 700 five years ago.

In 1995, recognising the sudden decline in the Traditional Hereford population, the suffix [*] was added to the name of all those cattle that are descended entirely from the British Hereford herd book, and this remains the case today. Made up of 100 members, the Traditional Breeders’ Club holds a summer herd visit every year as well as an autumn meeting at the RBST building at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. The RBST is also able to provide breeders with semen, either from their gene bank or left from reserves held by the former Milk Marketing Board.



Bull returns above Society door At the end of June 2019, it became apparent to local people and visitors to Hereford House that the iconic Hereford bull was missing from above the entrance to the Society offices, where it had been on display for the past 30 years.

“I don’t really work with wood as a rule but was certainly up for a challenge. My initial thought when I first saw model, was perhaps it would be a simple fix, but on closer inspection, the extent of the damage was apparent.”

Antony Halls, a Herefordshire-based sculptor, artist and member of the Herefordshire Guild of Craftsmen, contacted the Society and offered to help reinstate this iconic model to its former position.

Anthony contacted David to explain the extent of the damage and during their discussion, they talked about the possibility of starting over and creating a new bull. While being capable of doing that, possibly making it with fibreglass, Antony felt the original should be reinstated, which was to involve taking the bull to pieces and rebuilding it.

Antony has been associated with the Hereford Cattle Society for several years having sculpted Hereford cattle models for commercial companies which were approved by the Society. He also created his own Hereford cattle products which he sells to the public. Antony said: “I contacted David Deakin at the Society after reading in the local paper that the bull had been damaged and removed. I asked him if I could look at the bull with a view to repairing it for the Society. David welcomed a visit and when I saw the bull, my heart sank. It was in very bad shape having been subjected to 30 years of constant weather abuse and finally, being struck by a lorry.” More used to working with waxes and clay, Antony took on the challenge of working with the bull which had been carved from mahogany.

Aeron Herefords Established 2005 Aeron Herefords

Organic and Pasture fed cattle

Established 2005 Organic and Pasture fed cattle Premium Health Scheme herd of original population Hereford genetics (RBST qualified) Premium Health Scheme herd of original population Hereford genetics (RBST qualified)

“David was more than happy with this and I set about renovating the iconic piece of artwork, returning it to its original former glory. The Society agreed to pay for any materials needed to restore it, while I offered my labour for free. Over the next five months, it took me just over 72 hours from start to finish,” he said. “I kept a complete photographic record of the journey, taking in excess of 600 photos. I had to do a bit of reconstruction along the way. The original face was a little distorted and I improved the symmetry, also giving the brisket a better shape. “For me an interesting aspect of the restoration was having to do a bit of wood carving. It is something I plan to take up one day when I retire, as a hobby,” Antony said. On completing the renovation, all that was left to do was to put the bull back where it rightly belonged. Martin Dixon, a carpenter and Antony’s mentor, very kindly offered his time to help get it onto the plinth above the door of Hereford House. Antony said: “We took his mini scaffolding tower to Hereford House and met David early one Sunday morning. Martin repaired the lead flashing that the lorry had damaged and fitted the bull back onto the base. I am completely indebted to Martin throughout the whole process. I could not have done it without his guidance and help.”

“Breeding hardy cattle for a changing climate” Visitors welcome: Cockburn, “Breeding hardyJack cattle for a Treberfedd Farm, 01570 470672 changing climate”

84 Visitors welcome: Jack Cockburn, Treberfedd Farm, 01570 470672

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Antony Halls restored the iconic bull model at Hereford House

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Society news


Powys are fabulous at 40 As the Powys Club turned 40 years old, it celebrated another busy and wellsupported year. The year 2019 marked a milestone in the Powys Club’s history, as it celebrates 40 years since a number of prominent Hereford breeders within Powys decided to form a club to promote the Hereford breed. Thankfully after all these years, and with many ups and downs within the breed, the Club has not just survived, but thrived. This has been due to hard work from all involved in the Club and the Hereford breed gaining prominence once again, due to its docility, ease of calving and producing some fantastic beef.

L-R: Founding members David Evans, David Roderick, Tommy Williams and John Morgan

The Club’s year started in May with its AGM. Due to the sad passing of the president and vice-president, Ann Watkins and Arwyn Davies were elected into the roles respectively. Members were given a very interesting talk by local fireman Jeremy Turner about farm safety and what measures can be put in place to help fire prevention. Thanks goes to Jeremy for giving up his time to attend. In June, the barbecue was held at the Krislin/Vater herd of Kristian Vater and Linda Garrett, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. On a wonderful summer’s day, the Club received fantastic welcome which everybody thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks must go to them both for hosting the Club and a special thank you to Jenny Capewell for helping out. As usual, countless members exhibited at many shows with Hereford numbers on the increase showing the breed is well and truly on its way back. The Club would like to congratulate those breeders who took time and effort to attend shows across the country. September took the Club to the Bounds herd of H Weston, in Much Marcle, Herefordshire for its annual herd visit. On a lovely afternoon, members were shown some good cattle and some impressive bulls. Thank you to Tom Manns the stockman and Tom Skittery the tractor driver for putting on a lovely day. As 2019 marked a special year in the



Viewing cattle at the Bounds herd, Herefordshire

Club's history, the annual Sunday lunch and presentation day was attended by four of its founder members. They all reminisced about times gone by which was wonderful to hear and the breed holds a special place in all their hearts having been involved for so many years.


President: Ann Watkins Vice-president: Arwyn Davies Chairman: Tommy Williams Secretary and treasurer: Glenn Pritchard

Another milestone for the Club was its chairman celebrating 30 years in the role and all members extend a huge thank you to Tommy Williams for his continued hard work, support and dedication.

It must also be noted that numbers for the

Presentations were made to the original members and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

say a huge thank you for all the support

RWAS Winter Fair were strong with the quality improving every year. Finally, the Club officers would like to they’ve received throughout the year from Powys Club members.

Members enjoyed a trip to the Bounds herd of H Weston and sons Ltd

The loss of John Hodges For over 100 years, registered Herefords have been kept at Broadway Hall, Churchstoke, Powys. Founded by Henry Hodges and successfully developed by his sons, Richard and Bill, the third generation followed to continue and maintain their traditions. In recent years, the work of this dedicated family has been hindered by the loss of Cynthia in 2016 and during 2019, husband John Hodges. John and Cynthia met well away from their Churchstoke home. Cynthia was employed as a groom at Windsor in the stables of the Queen’s polo ponies, John served with the Welsh Guards nearby when their paths crossed in the late 1950s. Not only did the couple breed sound and functional stock but also involved themselves wholeheartedly with the social side of farming activity. During the late 1970s, their last horned genetic herd sire came from Westwood following which they successfully developed the Broadstoke poll Hereford herd by introducing Nestman 1 Manor. Their practical cattle easily found new homes especially with stock farms in the locality

John and Cynthia Hodges

or indeed further away, like bulls exported to Israel. John and Cynthia were regular competitors and attendees of Welsh borders agricultural shows. They were pleased to take home prizes but also to be fully involved with any hospitality and comradery. A meet-up and chat with John was usually interspersed with talk of his many interests like lorry driving,

motorcycle grass tracking or the keeping of heavy horses. They made a formidable couple when it came to livestock production, although without them, the farm activity continues. Hereford cattle plus the majesty of Shire and Clydesdale horses are now managed by daughter Trish, with the support of brother Philip.



Beefbox on top at Welsh Winter Fair

On their first time showing at the Royal Welsh Winter Fair at Builth Wells, Moralee and Keadyview Herefords took the top spot with their steer Beefbox. After taking the Hereford championships, Beefbox, jointly owned by Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland and Steven O’Kane and Helen Morgan, Adfa, Powys, stood champion native at the 30th anniversary Royal Welsh Winter Fair. It went on to sell for £2.75 per kilo to William Lloyd Williams and son of Dovey Valley District Meats, Machynlleth, Powys. By the 2019 UK sire of the year SMH King Size 87K, this 14 month old steer was out of Pinmoor 1 Gem, which was purchased privately in 2011 as one of Moralee Herefords’ foundation females. Beefbox also took the commercial Hereford class at Agri Expo last autumn and reserve pure-bred Hereford champion at the English Winter Fair. Reserve Hereford champion, and the highest placed heifer at the show, was Normanton 1 Ink Cap 14th R264 from TD and WT Livesey, Normanton-le-Heath, Leicestershire. Born in November 2017, this female is by the notorious Normanton 1 Laertes and out of Normanton 1 Ink Cap 8th J107. Reserve steer was Penrhiwgoch 1BM Progress 325R from Messrs Griffiths from

Beefbox from Moralee and Keadyview Herefords

Broadlay, Carmarthenshire. It is by Border Mortlake M8 which sired last year’s steer champion, purchased from Stan Quan’s Herefordshire-based herd in a private sale. It is out of Penrhiwgoch 1 Kinetic Orange 151 and was snapped up in the

Tuesday sale at £2.22/kg by Webster and sons, Kinmel Bay, Denbighshire. Reserve in the heifers was Celynen 1 Harmony 3rd from Alun Richards, Pumpsaint, Carmarthenshire, who took the heifer championship on his Winter Fair cattle ring debut in 2018. Born in June 2017, it is by Thornysure 1 Kasper, which sired last year’s heifer champion and is out of Blackwell 1 Hermione. This animal went on to be purchased by P Parfitt, Onllwyn, Glamorgan for £3.20/kg. Staff and members were pleased to welcome international rugby referee Nigel Owens to the breed stand. Nigel has recently purchased a smallholding in Carmarthenshire and some Hereford females. He has also now become a member of the Society.

Normanton 1 Ink Cap 14th from TD and WT Livesey



Thanks must also go to Aled and Jen Jones of Dendor Herefords, Caersws, Powys for displaying three young bulls on the stand. These were Dendor 1 SeaSick-Steve, Dendor 1 Slip-the-Clutch and Dendor 1 Scooby Doo.


Dendor 1 Smokin’Joe Date of Birth: 19/10/18 Dam: Dendor 1 Greta 13th Sire: Dendor 1 Nairobi

Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd


Gwastadgoed, Llanwnog, Caersws, Powys Wales, SY17 Telephone: Doris 01686-688203, Aled 01686-688266

Date of Birth: 15/09/18 Dam: Dendor 1 RubyVisitors 15thalways welcom Thank you to those who purchased Dendor Stock this ye Sire: Bakgard Keno (Imp DK)

E-Mail Web :

Current stock bulls: Dendor 1 Nairobi & Gouldingpoll 1 Moonshine Thank you to all purchasers & massive congratulations to the exhibitors of Dendor Bred Stock shown in the 2019 Season


Gwastadgoed, Llanwnog, Caersws, Powys, Wales, SY175NZ Telephone: Aled and Jen 01686-688266 or 07974416527

Visitors always welcome. Dendor Poll Herefords, Jen Jones Dendor Web : Email:



Breed newcomers take show rings by storm

Although only in their fifth year of showing pedigree Herefords, the Bowen family are making a name for theirselves on the show circuit, and in 2019 they took the breed championship at the Royal Welsh Show. The name L and L Bowen has become a familiarity in the breed over a relatively short period of time, with the Bowendu herd having only been established in 2016. Lyn and Leslie are the names behind the initials while son Adam and Rachel Johnson are often seen on the steering end of the cattle in the show ring and are the driving forces behind the new venture at Ty Du Farm, Nelson, Glamorgan. Having taken the Royal Welsh breed championship in 2019 with Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R, you could say these young breeders’ careers have peaked, but at 26 years old a piece, they are only just getting started. In July 2019, the Bowens weren’t sure if they were going to make the Royal Welsh Show. Being in the middle of a period of good weather, there was grass to cut in the South Wales Valleys and their contracting clientele to service. Rachel says: “We very nearly didn’t make it to the show, but we are so glad we did. We were over the moon to have won the breed championship at Builth. Never did we think that would happen, particularly so early on in our time in the breed. “And for a family from Wales to win at the Royal Welsh in its 100th year, it is just a dream come true,” Lyn adds. Adam is full time at home, while Rachel spends three days a week working on the farm, in between looking after their two year old son Harrison. Running 60 hectares (148 acres), alongside an established plant



hire, waste management and contracting business, this family is certainly kept busy. The cattle enterprise is run separately and is managed by Adam and Rachel. As Adam also plays a key role in off-farm contracting work, their presence at shows is often dictated by workloads elsewhere. Until recently, Ty Du had not been home to any cattle for many years, with Adam never before having handled cattle but instead Nelson-type Welsh Mountain sheep, a hardy breed prevalent in this excoal mining area of South Wales. Rachel however grew up on her family’s farm in Llanwonno, just slightly west from Nelson, which ran cattle, and the pair sought to bring them to the Bowen business. They began with two cross-bred heifers and they just got used to having the animals about. At the same time, the young pair yearned to have pedigree Hereford cattle and spent a lot of time researching the breed, following what type of animals did well at breed sales and similarly in the show ring. They also selected a few breeders to visit and view animals for potential purchase. In a bid to start their pedigree herd, they took a trip in the summer of 2016 to visit the home of the Dendor herd at Caersws, Powys where they met the Jones family, who they say have been a huge help through the establishment of their herd. After viewing the cattle, they selected for purchase a heifer, Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd, and a cow in-calf, Dendor 1 Holly 7th, with its calf at-foot. They were advised by the Jones family to go and visit the other herds before making a final decision, to

Auckvale 1 Curley 1725R stood breed champion at the Royal Welsh Show



Farm facts  Farming 60 hectares (148 acres) of owned ground – all grass  11 pedigree Hereford breeding females, excluding yearling heifers  Regularly re-seeding grassland  The family also runs a contracting, waste disposal and plant hire business separately to the farm all our show kit in. We took bits of advice from everyone and then tried to put our own thing together to make it work for us.

L-R: Rachel Johnson, Adam, Harrison, Leslie and Lyn Bowen

ensure they were happy with what they could offer them. But the Bowens had already made their minds up, and were happy with the animals they had chosen, so a deal was done. In their first year with Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd, they travelled to Bedwellty Show where it won native champion, followed by Llangynidr where it took the same accolade before heading to one of the area’s latest shows of the year at Usk where it stood reserve native champion. In 2017, Adam ‘went show booking happy’, as Rachel describes, and took to the national stage, travelling around the country with three young females, in a bid to win more silverware. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd was shown again along with Holly 8th, and Sky High 1 Miss



Valentine which was purchased from the 2016 Designer Genes sale at a then record price of 8,500gns. That year they went away from their first time showing at the Royal Welsh with a second and third rosette. They also had two firsts and a third at Shropshire County and a first place at the National Poll Show with Ruby 23rd. Entering the show ring for the first time did not come without its own challenges, and they admit they experienced a steep learning curve. Adam says: “I didn't have any showing experience although Rachel used to show horses for various breeders. At the beginning we didn’t really know what we were doing. We did what we could and even used a hair dressing trolley to keep

“Jen and Aled Jones have been a tremendous source of advice to us, and Roger Birch has also been a particular help along with his son Boomer who gave us our first clipping lesson. The cattle we bought from Jen and Aled were very honest and didn’t melt away and have just improved all the time we have had them. They have bred particularly well for us and we are really excited about the calves we have in the pipeline.” Arwyn Prichard from Cowbridge has helped with advice and also show prep, particularly with clipping prior to the show season and the team’s monthly touch ups. Rachel says: “We are looking to produce deep framed animals with clean shoulders, a good top line and plenty of width in the hind quarters, with a long, strong sweeping neck. They need to be milky and correct on their feet. As personal preference, we like a deep red colour with good, even markings.



Hereford Beef The family also sold some beef in boxes to local customers which they say was a massive success and could easily have sold more. “We asked for genuine feedback, whether good or bad, but we already now have customers pre-booked for the next beast,” explains Rachel. Adam says: “This is something we would like to do more of and so need good carcase animals. We were pleased with the feedback from the abattoir which told us it was one of the cleanest carcases they had worked with. “We will castrate what we don’t see as fit to breed from and kill steers or heifers for the boxed beef scheme. We don’t want anything going from this place that we would not want to breed from ourselves. Selling our animals in this way means we are getting three times as much for an animal than we would through a fat cattle ring. “While we have invested heavily in top pedigree lines, this high margin outlet has meant we are not tempted to be slack when it comes to selecting breeding stock. We breed fast and cull hard, to have a herd packed with the traits we want.” Adam adds: “Although the box beef is an outlet for animals that don’t meet our requirements, our main objectives are to firstly provide quality breeding stock, as well as supplying the commercial market. This is a massive challenge for us, but we believe that if we continue with the hard work, improving traits and show-casing our animals, we can achieve it. I was brought up to believe if you lean on a gate and are proud of what you have the other side, it won’t feel like a job. “Since we started with the Hereford breed we have had so much enjoyment as a family with the people we have met through showing circles and sales. We are not into this for the short term but want to continue to achieve in the show rings and hopefully at future sales.” “Animals need to be balanced. We aim for easy calving and calves with plenty of vigour and good growth rates. “And they need big, alert ears – they are the animal’s accessories.” Bowendu 1 Del Boy was the first bull the breeders produced. Born in April 2017, out of Dendor 1 Holly 7th and by Danish bull SMH Euro 30E, it went on to be sold at 12 months of age in a private deal. The Bowen family now keeps 11 breeding females, not including yearling heifers. The Bowens are eagerly expecting calves from current stock bull Panmure 1 Nugget, which has also had its fair share of attention, having won the senior male and reserve grand male championship at the Royal Welsh Show 2019. Nugget joined their herd this year after a deal with Paul Moyle and Vicky Weller of Porton House Herefords, Newport, who purchased him as a calf privately from Audrey Anderson of JM Cant and partners, Tayside, Scotland. Nugget calves are due in through January and February. Their previous stock bull was Hollyvale 1 Northern Lad which was grand male and reserve supreme champion at the 2017 National Poll Show and a son of the 2014 reserve male champion, Hollyvale 1 Knight. Rachel says: “We were watching Northern



Lad’s progress around the shows and after discussions with the Massey family and his success at Moreton-in-Marsh Show, an offer was made and purchase completed the following week. He went on to be reserve supreme and male champion at Usk Show.” Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd produced the calf Bowendu 1 Rambo, a Northern Lad son which won the interbreed at just five months old at the Vale of Glamorgan Show, although it was up against some much more mature cattle, including their 2019 Royal Welsh champion. “Northern Lad bred such depth and

length into the herd. We are now looking to give our herd a stamp which is going to take a while to develop, but Northern Lad has certainly helped us on our way,” says Rachel. Moving forward, the family say they are working towards being able to provide breeding stock to both pedigree and commercial herds and would like to get their numbers to 20 cows. Block calving under cover in January and February, the window has been pulled together as they were calving all year round. Adam says: “We had to assess when the right time was to calve in order to have cattle at the right age and size for the shows and sales.” Only the show cattle receive concentrates at Ty Du while the ‘general bunch’ are on grass throughout the summer months. A lot of re-seeding is carried out which is a process where costs are closely monitored. While inside, they are on a diet of haylage or silage. Lyn says: “Our aim is to breed quality, honest animals. It could take years to establish a name, but we have tried to fast track the process by making some significant purchases. “The cattle are run separately to our other business, but we still use the same mentality when it comes to management and cost control. We cost every input that is involved in keeping these cattle. If they don’t pay, we won’t keep them. That is how we have had to operate in our other business, which must be continued into the farm. Every cow is costed including every feed and vet bill and registration fee. It is all budgeted and all has to work.”

Dyfed Club well supported Strong support at shows and successes on the national stage, keeps the Dyfed Club going from strength to strength. Dyfed Hereford Breeders' Club welcomed more new members and breeders in 2019, many of who supported local shows. The Hereford judges had their work cut out with the breed having the largest turnout of cattle at shows across the area. It was a delight to see such large classes, very strong groups of five and a few breeders enjoying interbreed success. More Dyfed Club members ventured further afield with their cattle this year and did a great job representing the Club at some of the country’s largest shows. Congratulations must go to those who did so well at the Royal Welsh, National Poll and Royal Three Counties Shows. The stock judging team of Angela Howell, Non and Ionwy Thorne also had success at the Royal Three Counties, being placed third out of 16 competing teams. Congratulations to the Bowendu herd from Nelson, Glamorgan for winning supreme champion at the Royal Welsh and also to the Kilvrough herd from Gower for winning reserve champion. In May, Euros Rees was invited to take his bull Trefochlyd 1 Impact along with many other animals to visit Fishguard Primary School as part of the ‘Cows on Tour’ project which has been travelling Wales educating children about where their food comes from. Around 1,000 children met the bull and many of them were brave enough to stroke him. Impact was very well behaved and even made an appearance on the S4C television show – Heno. The day was a big hit with the children who took a break from classes and were delighted to be given

the opportunity to learn about different farming skills. Next on the calendar was the Club’s AGM, which this year was held at Hean Castle Estate near Saundersfoot on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May. A large turnout of members met at one of the estate farms where a warm welcome awaited. After a hot beef roll, the AGM was held, when all serving officials were re-elected. Hereford council member Non Thorne gave a report of the important issues passed at Hereford House. Members were then addressed by David Lewis who established the Hean herd in 2013. He gave a brief history of the estate and the herd. Head stockman David Burnhill then took members on his trailer

Napoleon takes top honours Dyfed Hereford Breeders’ Club was delighted to receive an invitation from the Welsh Simmental Club to join its multi-breed calf show along with the Welsh Blacks at Carmarthen mart on 14 December. The supreme championship was hotly contested by two newcomers to the breed with Haverfordwest-based D and B Hughes’ Olde Town 1 Napoleon taking top honours with stockman Richard Hughes on the halter. Out of Premier 1 Nadia 223, it is by Cartrefle 1 Nissan. Horeb 1 Queen Bee from another breed newcomer, R L Rees, Llandysul, Ceredigion stood reserve supreme

Judging at Pembrokeshire County Show. Photo: Behind the Lens Media

to see the cattle and gave a detailed overview of the herd's breeding and future. As there was such a large turnout, David Burnhill had to make two trips with his tractor and trailer to visit the recently completed winter housing. A great day was completed in the old shooting lodge where Dawn Burnhill served teas, coffee and cake. Members saw some great cattle in beautiful surroundings. The Club's thanks must go to David Lewis and all at Hean Castle for hosting the day, together with Shufflebottom Ltd and Neil Bartholomew from Farmtec who supported the event and finally to Liz Roderick for organising yet another successful day. Non Thorne had a wonderful time in July judging at the Finnish National Show, an champion with Ffion Rees leading. It is by two home-bred parents. Reserve grand male was Penrhiwgoch 1 BM Progress 441S from Messrs Griffiths, Ferryside, Carmarthenshire. By Border Mortlake M8 bred by Stan and Helen Quan from the now dispersed Herefordshire herd, it is out of Penrhiwgoch 1 L1 Achiever Orange. Trefochlyd 1 Ariel Bryony from Euros Rees stood reserve grand female. Out of a Barwise 1 Wellington sired homebred cow, it is by Solpoll 1 Gilbert. Euros also went home with red tickets from the progeny pairs and group of three. In the young handlers, Eifion James from the Cleddau herd was named champion.




President - Mr and Mrs Goodall Chairman - Euros Rees Vice-chairman - Russell Howells Treasurer - Ionwy and Non Thorne Secretary - Liz Roderick Cow and calf, Laxfield Sparkle 93rd, C Smith; reserve, Hean 1 Diadem 786, Hean Castle Estate Bull calf, Glenvale 1 Dynamite, TG, EI and EN Thorne; reserve, Hean 1 Sedgely, Hean Castle Estate Best heifer calf, Hean 1 Lleucu, Hean Castle Estate; reserve, Laxfield Diadam 147, C Smith experience she will never forget. She also had the chance to visit a few Hereford herds.

Cleddau 1 Mari Celyn. Eifion James, who is five years old, was overcome with delight at his heifer’s success.

Most of the local shows were very well supported with Pembrokeshire County Show having 35 Hereford cattle present and the largest entry by far, with 14 entries in one heifer class, admired by the large gathering around the ring. Bowendu won the supreme champion and two homebred heifers from the Kilvrough herd won the best interbreed pair of heifers. Exhibitors travelled to Pembrokeshire from Oxfordshire, Monmouthshire and Glamorganshire to support the show but the loyal local Hereford breeders were there in force and must be thanked for their efforts. Everyone enjoyed the annual fish and chips get together on the Tuesday night when everyone could relax and socialise.

Congratulations must also go to Penrhiwgoch Herefords from the Griffiths family and Brynheath Herefords from the Powell family, Hengoed, Glamorgan, for their success at Royal Welsh Winter Fair.

Martletwy Show was a memorable occasion for locals and new Club members, the James family, when they won supreme champion and reserve interbreed with their home-bred heifer




Herd competition results 2019

Small herd Stock bull, Rosehill 1 Niagra, S Lewis; reserve, Rodbaston Mr Foskett, R Morgan Cow and calf, Kilvrough 1 Joyful, E Radcliffe; reserve, Brangwyn 1 Medley, T and L Roderick Bull calf, Sancler Solamon, R Morgan; reserve, Brangwyn 1 Sparticus, T and L Roderick

Overall herd, Laxfield, C Smith

Heifer calf, Kilvrough 1 Joyful 3rd, E Radcliffe; reserve, Sancler 1 Mink, R Morgan

Large herd, Laxfield, C Smith; reserve, Glenvale, TG, EI and EN Thorne

New herd

(Judge: Glenn Pritchard)

Small herd, Kilvrough, E Radciffe; reserve, Brangwyn, T and L Rodrick New herd, Cynin, OEM Jones and EM Roberts; reserve, Bowendu, L and L Bowen

Large herd Stock bull, Lowesmoor 1 Nasser, TG, EI and EN Thorne; reserve, Solpoll 1 Playboy, E Rees

Stock bull, Panmure 1 Nugget, L and L Bowen; reserve, Freetown 1 Phantom, P Williams Bull calf, Bowendu 1 Boycie, L and L Bowen; reserve, Beca 1 Samlet, J Twose Heifer calf, Cynin Kate 37th, OEM Jones and EM Roberts; reserve, Brynheath 1 Pride, LD and LL Powell Judge's choice, Church Preen Skylark LO50, OEM Jones and EM Roberts

Functional fertile Bulls and Heifers Guaranteed Breedplan Performance Recorded HiHealth herdcare • Cattle Health Scheme

Maenhir, Login, Whitland, Carmarthenshire, SA34 0XE Tel: 07870269738 Email: josepht

Visitors always welcome



Hereford sweeper favourite for large scale dairy

Breeding sweeper bulls to use on his dairy cows gives milk producer Laurence Harris control over herd biosecurity. Debbie James finds out why. Laurence Harris is a dairy farmer who doesn’t shy away from scale. As the founder of a multi-million pound organic flavoured milk company and a partner in a dairying farming enterprise just short of 1,000 cows, numbers don’t faze Laurence. To succeed at scale, the minutiae must be spot on and, in his situation, this includes the performance of the bulls he runs with the herd after two rounds of AI to pick up any that are not in-calf. Laurence has used the Hereford for this job for nearly two decades, a breed which first caught his eye in the late 1960s, back in the day when he was an agriculture student at Cirencester. By then he was married to Eira and the couple rented a cottage from Walter Clark, a world-renowned Hereford breeder and owner of the Lowesmoor herd. He says: “Wally was already selling animals to South America for 5,000gns each,’’ Laurence recalls. “At that time you could buy a cottage on the outskirts of Cirencester for £1,000 so 5,000gns was a lot of money.’’ Laurence was taken by the Hereford even back then. “I remember thinking at that time that Herefords might be a bit of a hobby of mine in the future, that when I retired I wouldn’t mind owning a herd of those.’’ Now in his seventies and not yet contemplating retirement, Laurence’s association with the Hereford would come many years earlier than he had anticipated. By the early 2000s he had built up the



dairy herd at Ffosyficer near Abercych, Pembrokeshire, and, after several years of only using dairy sires to produce the number of replacements he needed, he was keen to establish a small beef herd to produce sweeper bulls to breed with the dairy cows. And so he bought six in-calf heifers from Walter’s son, Michael, who had taken on responsibility for the Lowesmoor herd. “Eira and I used to babysit Michael, I never thought that one day I would be buying heifers from him,’’ laughs Laurence. He registered the poll herd under the Teifiside prefix and now has 15 Hereford cows. These are sired with Hereford stock bulls sourced from pedigree herds to produce the sweeper bulls Laurence uses on his dairy herds. Breeding his own bulls gives him control of biosecurity, an important factor given his farm is in a high risk TB region. The business has 20 sweeper bulls, in equal numbers of young and older animals, to run with the dairy herds the Harris family milk at three different farms. At Ffosyficer, the holding where the farming enterprise has its foundations, there is an autumn calving herd of 370 cows. In 2006, the family acquired another farm nearby, Ffynnonwen, and a spring calving herd was established to complement the autumn milk system; this allowed for an all year-round supply of organic milk for the products the Harris family produce under the Daioni brand.

L-R: Tom, Francisca and Laurence Harris



Now milking 300 cows at Ffynnonwen, there is also another 300 at Rhosmaen, a holding near Newport, Pembrokeshire, which they took on three years ago and also run as a spring-calving unit. The herds are all managed by Laurence and Eira’s son and daughter-in-law, Tom and Francisca, allowing Laurence to concentrate on growing the Daioni business. There is also a flock of 2,000 Easycare ewes and 202 hectares (500 acres) of combinable crops are grown. There is a common theme with the cow type in all three milking herds being mostly New Zealand Friesians and run on a grass-based system but supplemented with home-grown arable crops.

Bull size is a consideration so the sweepers are only used for four years.

which is key given the numbers of stock we have,’’ says Laurence.

“They have to be fairly light because we run them in the yards with the cows when they are sweeping because of the time of the year. We don’t use them for longer than four years because they can get to quite a size,’’ Laurence explains.

Some fatten in their second grazing summer, finishing at an average of 22 months. Laurence says the cross-breds don’t need top quality grazing to perform well and need little supplementation.

The autumn-born cross-breds are turned out to grass at six months and graze on stubble turnips in their second winter.

“They produce a good carcase off second quality forage. They do not need a lot of attention. They graze on old leys that cannot be part of the farm’s arable rotation. These areas are mostly under environmental schemes that protect the old meadows."

“They can stand being out on stubble turnips and straw in the winter, and outwinter well. They are also easy to manage

To make the system as efficient as possible, good growth rates are vital, Laurence adds.

The business finishes all the Hereford cross-bred calves produced by the dairy cows, around 120 to 140 a year.

At breeding, the cows get two rounds of AI using dairy breeds and at six weeks the sweeper bulls are introduced. One of the reasons why Laurence favours the Hereford over other beef breeds is calving ease. “Easy calving is a must, very few need assistance,’’ he says. And, with so many bulls on the farm, docility is a prerequisite. “They are a very quiet breed, too quiet sometimes as it can be difficult to get them to move when there are routine jobs to be done,’’ Laurence jokes. He chooses to breed sweeper bulls rather than buying them to protect biosecurity. “We like the cattle to have local immunity, to be able to resist diseases that boughtin animals are more likely to succumb to,’’ he explains.



Laurence Harris has 15 Hereford cows

Adding value to milk As the dairy farming enterprise has grown so too has Daioni, a business that was established in 2001 after Laurence became disheartened with the price he was paid for his milk. Although he had no experience of sales or processing, his decision to create a range of organic, naturally flavoured milks wasn’t a leap in the dark. Laurence had done his research, identifying a gap in the market as no similar product was being sold in the UK at that time. Fast-forward to 2019 and more than three million litres of flavoured and fresh organic milk are sold annually under the Daioni brand. The business is achieving year on year growth of both product lines and exporting to the Middle East and to the Asia Pacific region including China. And the company has just launched five new flavours based around the theme of coffee and matcha, which is a green tea product. From the original farm activity in 1975 the farm and resulting dairy business now operates worldwide with a turnover in excess £4.5 million. To support the expansion of the new business, Laurence and Eira’s son, Tom, who had been working as a post– doctorate research scientist in America until 1999, returned home to farm.

“Strong family support has been the key to Daioni’s success,’’ says Laurence. For a product to sell it needs to taste good. The business was supported by Food Centre Wales at Horeb in Ceredigion. An expert consultant who owned a small plant producing UHT milk, was drafted in and five versions of each flavour - strawberry, banana and chocolate - were sampled. “Through trial and error we came up with our award-winning recipe,’’ says Laurence. “By happy co-incidence the recipe we settled on was less than 5 per cent sugar which meant we are able to supply schools.’’ Initially, the organic milk was transported by the company’s own tanker to Tomlinsons in Wrexham but this is now in the hands of OMSCo. “OMSCo collects all of our milk and delivers organic milk back to us after processing,’’ Laurence explains. All production of the UHT flavoured milks now takes place at Framptons in Shepton Mallet – this contract was initially with Crediton Dairy but the switch was made as demand increased. “Crediton could not continue to pack our increasing order book but we left on good terms,’’ says Laurence. On-farm processing was never an option Laurence wanted to pursue.

“The capital investment doesn’t justify it, buying another farm was a much safer bet and it would also have added an extra tier of work. I keep tractors and combines, I don’t want to be dealing with processing machinery packing up too,’’ says Laurence. Family support has been an enormous help. Tom and his wife, Francisca, are at home directing farming operations while Laurence and Eira’s younger son, Ben, and his wife, Natalie, live in Hong Kong and are an integral part of the export business. “Their advice on ‘doing business’ with China was invaluable,’’ says Laurence. Daioni had previously dipped its toe in the export market with support from the Welsh Government but establishing a market in China was a significant milestone. The company has set up offices in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, which are overseen by Ben. Working in the value-added sector has made Laurence appreciate the margins that must be achieved by everyone who handles the product. “The label, the top and the bottle all have a price and it does add up. Everyone has to make a cut.’’



“There is an organic premium, but it is not significant, therefore we need to produce the cattle as efficiently and as cheaply as we can. We selectively start feeding a bit of grain in July. It is a matter of trying to get them off the farm as early as possible, but we don’t want them all finishing at the same time.’’ All the cross-bred beef cattle are sold by March, mostly to St Merryn Meats to supply Tesco but go to a local butcher, Tom Samways, who has a shop in Cardigan. The cattle kill out at 270 to 280kg deadweight, achieving R or O conformation grades and a fat class of 3 or 4. Getting the finishing period right is important.

Farm facts  1,416.4 hectares (3,500 acres) farmed  Two 300 cow spring calving herds at Ffynnonwen and Rhosmaen  370 cow autumn-calving herd at Ffosyficer  Herds run on a grass-based system, supplemented with home-grown arable crops.  Milk sold to OMCSo  2,000 Easycare ewes and a small flock of Glamorgan Welsh Mountains  202ha (500ac) of combinable crops  Farm enterprise was converted to organic production in 1999 due to concerns about intensive agriculture  Annual rainfall ranges between 168cm (66 inches) at Ffynnonwen and 86cm (34 inches) at Ffosyficer



“The Hereford can go over-fat if you are not careful, you have to keep an eye on when they get to the right stage and sell them then,’’ says Laurence.

years ago and still working.

When it comes to selecting bulls, Laurence admits he is becoming more discerning.

“We have also bought four young bulls from the Tydesmoor herd in Derby and we bought an in-calf cow from Aled Jones at Caersws and kept the resulting bull calf for breeding,’’ says Laurence.

“It is no longer the case that it just needs a white face,’’ he says.

He keeps a close eye on local Hereford breeders.

The stock bulls which he mates with the pure-bred Hereford herd have included Lowesmoor 1 Collosus.

“I have a look at what they are up to, I look for the shape of the bull, the conformation of the female.’’

“He has really put his stamp on the herd,’’ says Laurence.

There are many practical reasons for Laurence’s enduring devotion to the Hereford breed while others, he says, are more aesthetic.

And another bull that has had a big influence is Ashdale 3 Regent, bought from George and Ionwy Thorne, of Studdolph Herefords, Steynton, Pembrokshire, 11

“They are very pleasant to look at,’’ he says.

Est 2011 Polled

Dyfed Breeders Best Small Herd 2016 & 2017

SOLPOLL 1 GILBERT Junior Sire Solpoll 1 Playboy

North of England  


Bowens beam at 100th Royal Welsh Show

It was a career peak for the newly established breeders, L and L Bowen, as they took the breed championship at the Royal Welsh Show. Having already stood supreme champion in the breed classes, Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R from L and L Bowen, Nelson, Glamorgan was tapped out as interbreed junior heifer at the Royal Welsh Show. Bred by the Kemp family, St Helens, Durham, it was purchased at the 2018 Designer Genes sale at Shrewsbury Auction Centre for 7,300gns. Eighteen months old, it is out of Auckvale Curly 1271K and by Dendor 1 Muttley. It stood reserve breed champion at Shropshire County, reserve female at Royal Cornwall and picked up a second ticket at the Royal Bath and West. Reserve in both the supreme and grand female championship was Kilvrough 1 Myrtle from Elizabeth Radcliffe, Southgate, Glamorgan. Born in October 2017, this home-bred heifer is out of Dendor 1 Myrtle 12 and by Dorepoll 1 579 Knighthood. It was second at the Royal Three Counties and fourth at the National Calf Show held at Shrewsbury. Grand male was Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland, which also won the interbreed junior bull title and stood in the interbreed native champion team of three. April 2018-born, this young bull is a SMH King Size 87K son and out of Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6. Taking his biggest show success to date, young breeder Harvey Cloke from Brecon, Powys was handed the reserve grand

Kilvrough 1 Myrtle from F Radcliffe




Auckvale 1 Curly 1271K from L and L Bowen

male rosette for May 2018-born bull Lord Harvey’s Winston. Sired by former Royal Welsh show supreme champion Bakgard 1 Keno, it is out of Dendor 1 Echo, and was on its second time away from home, after being shown at the 2018 National Calf Show held in Shrewsbury. Tom and Di Harrison also took the best group of three by the same sire, with Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12, Moralee 1 Roland Rat and Moralee 1 Jolene KS R10. All three are by 2019 sire of the year SMH King Size 87K. The best group of three animals was won by L and L Bowen, with a trio which

included the overall champion, Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd and Panmure 1 Nugget, a full brother of the prolific Panmure 1 Henry. Roughmoor 1 Ranger from T and M Goodwin and C Powell, Almeley, Herefordshire was reserve in the native interbreed performance recorded class. Home-bred, it is by Shraden 1 Henson and out of Roughmoor 1 Rosea. In the Fitzhugh interbreed pairs competition, the Herefords faired the best out of the native breeds. The duo was made up of Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R and Maxstone 1 Sovereign from Colin Jones, Maxstoke, Warwickshire.

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks from T and D Harrison

Lord Harvey's Winston from Harvey Cloke

Panmure 1 Nugget from L and L Bowen

David Deakin speaks to Welsh rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths (centre left) and Christianne Glossop, chief veterinary officer

Cheshire-based Ian Shaw of Halwood Herefords judged the Hereford classes

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks won the interbreed junior bull title

The Dendor team were once again present at the show

Wales council member Non Thorne

Jack Henry of Blakelaw Herefords judged the overall interbreed



Re-printed by kind permission of Farmers Weekly

How to profit from foragebased dairy-beef systems As the trial at Harper Adams involving Hereford cross Holstein Friesians comes to an end, we look at results. Forage-based dairy-beef systems are profitable even in extreme weather conditions, a two-year study at Harper Adams University has concluded. The project investigated whether it was feasible to finish dairy-bred beef calves on forage alone by 21 months. Led by Adas, funded by AHDB Beef and Lamb and supported by the Hereford Cattle Society and Dunbia, the study

aimed to develop a blueprint for farmers wanting to finish dairy-beef animals predominantly on home-grown forages. Researchers compared the performance of 35 Hereford cross Holstein-Friesian and 35 pure Holstein-Friesian autumn 2016-born steer calves to see how nativebred cattle compared with pure dairy animals on the same system. Even though animals failed to finish by

Table 1: Cattle slaughter data



Mean sale date

28 September 2018

10 November 2018

Days on farm from 1 Feb 2017



Age at slaughter (days)

730 (24.2 months)

774 (25.6 months)

Final on-farm weight pre-slaughter (kg 623.30 liveweight)


Carcase weight (kg deadweight)



Killing out %



Overall DLWG on farm (kg)



Estimated carcase gain from birth (kg)* 0.41


Conformation classification



Fat class *Assumes a birth weight of 45kg





the target date due to adverse weather, which affected growth rates, the study still delivered net margin per head of £99.94 and £113.98, with the Hereford crosses faring the best. The trial consisted of four main phases: 1. Calves were purchased at an average age of 126 days after being reared on milk powder 2. Animals spent their first summer at grass from March 2018

Friesian animals. At a standard base price of £3.65/kg (+15p premium for native beef) and £3.50kg for HolsteinFriesians, the total value (after applying the pricing grid) was £1,129.63 for Hereford crosses and £957.61 for Holstein-Friesians. • While Hereford crosses generally received 10p/kg below base price because they graded as an O+ carcase (R 3/4L achieves base price), HolsteinFriesians were worse, receiving 35-80p below base because they had poorer conformation and leaner fat classes of P+/-O 2-3. The penalty for fat class two compared to fat class three was -5p/kg and -15p/kg for -O and P+ conformation. 3. They were overwintered on fodder beet

with the final group sent to slaughter on 10 January 2019.

4. And spent a final summer at grass before being sent to slaughter.

The results

Final results After achieving poor growth rates of 0.34-0.45kg on fodder beet last winter due to adverse weather conditions, cattle were turned back on to grass in April – a month later than anticipated due to the cold weather. High levels of compensatory growth were seen in both breeds, with daily liveweight gains of 1.64kg/day and 1.76kg/day for Hereford crosses and Holstein-Friesians respectively recorded between 18 April and 5 July. But little let-up in difficult weather conditions forced researchers to remove the animals from the 10ha grazing platform on 13 July as dry weather saw grass covers dip below 1,500kg DM/ha. Instead, cattle were moved to 4.75ha of permanent pasture and didn’t return until 17 August, when trough feeding commenced just four days later. The feed rate increased from 1.3kg perhead a day to 4.9kg per head a day over eight days. This 14 per cent crude protein beef nut was fed until the end of November, when the fifth batch of cattle were sold. However, five remaining Holstein-Friesian cattle had to be housed for two weeks to achieve an adequate level of finish. These were fed ad-lib grass silage and gradually transitioned on to maize silage, which was fed alongside 5kg of concentrates per head a day. Cattle were sold to Dunbia in six batches,

• Both breeds generated a positive net margin, but Herefords were £14.04 a head better off (£113.98 a head for Hereford crosses and £99.94 for Holstein-Friesians). • Meat quality assessments on 14 Hereford-cross carcasses and 31 Holstein-Friesians revealed similar pH levels of 5.54 and 5.60 respectively, with scores above 5.9 deemed high.

• Overall, 85 per cent of the HolsteinFriesians and all of the autumn-born Hereford crosses sold off grass, albeit with supplementation required at specific times to counter poor grass growth and weight gains due to the drought.

• Warner-Bratzler shear force measures that indicate toughness returned values of 4,506g/mm and 4,892g/ mm for Hereford cross and HolsteinFriesian, respectively. Values typically range from 2,000-10,000g/mm, with anything above 7,500g/mm considered poorer than average. Only two samples from Holstein-Friesian animals exceeded this.

• Extra feed required to counter poor weather throughout the trial amounted to £50 per head for Hereford crosses and £95 per head for HolsteinFriesians. • Hereford-cross animals performed better than Holstein-Friesians. Not only did they sell six weeks earlier but they achieved a better killing out percentage and had better fat and conformation (see table 1, above). Herefords also maintained a better fat cover for longer in periods of restricted intake compared to Holstein-Friesians.

What the study shows Marc Jones, from Adas, who oversaw the trial alongside Simon Marsh, principal beef lecturer at the university and assistant farm manager Chris Ruffley, believes more farmers could achieve bigger margins between purchase and sale by emulating the study and buying

• This meant they realised a higher value of £172.02 than the Holstein-

Table 2: Cattle performance

Target Actual performance



Liveweight of reared calf at the end of the three-month rearing period (kg)




Liveweight at turnout in March (kg)




Target DLWG at grass (kg/day)




Liveweight at end of October (kg)




Target DLWG on fodder beet

>0.70 0.44


Liveweight at the end of February (kg)


428 (18 April)

460 (18 April)

DLWG at grass during second grazing 1.3 1.06 1.03 season (kg/day) *Liveweight was taken on transfer to the grazing platform. This was delayed six weeks against target date



But he stressed farmers do need to have a back-up plan to deal with adverse conditions and must weigh stock regularly to avoid having to house animals for a second winter.

Take-home messages • Native beef can attract good premiums through supermarket schemes and should be considered. • Use good grass varieties and consider using red and white clover to reduce fertiliser requirements. calves at a younger age (126 days versus the AHDB finishing average of 441 days). “By purchasing cattle at a younger age than traditional dairy-beef finishing systems, the aim is to generate a larger gross output, while controlling variable and fixed costs to increase profitability – even though the cattle are on farm for a much longer period before finishing.” He said more beef finishers could also reduce their overheads by outwintering cattle and using grass and forage more effectively. “The positive margins show the durability of the production system after some of the worst weather for 30-40 years. “Initially, the very cold and late spring in 2018 [The Beast from the East] reduced cattle growth rates while the cattle were on the fodder beet. “The cold weather delayed the cattle going to grass in the spring, while the extreme dry period and heat during the summer reduced grass growth through July and August, causing the cattle to lose condition and weight gain. “This led to a loss of about 30-40 kg of weight gain over the season.

Table 3: Costings Expenses


Holstein-Friesian Stocktake 2016-17

Finished cattle sales




Cost of purchases




Output less cost




Purchased feed




Purchased forage




Home-grown forage




Vet and med








Other livestock costs Total variable costs Gross margin

29.10 238.20 409.51

29.91 284.35 399.11

50.62 227.92 245.96

Cash-only fixed costs




Cash-only cost of production




Cash-only net margin




Non-cash costs




Full economic fixed costs




Full economic cost of production




Full economic net margin




Per hectare economic margin




“Crucially, even after these challenges, the system is still profitable, even on rented ground, with paid labour and without subsidy or environment payments.”

• Ensure soils are in good condition. • Rotationally graze to use grass more effectively and improve quality. • When grazing calves, lower entry covers to 2,600kg DM ha for the first two to three months to ensure they graze it tightly enough. • The slowest-growing animals during the first summer at grass performed poorly right up to the end of the trial. Identify these animals early on and move them to an alternative system or consider selling them as store cattle. • If there is a weight-gain setback during the finishing season, introduce supplementary feed rather than having to house cattle for a second winter.


• Take immediate action in periods of poor grass growth by offering goodquality baled silage or supplementary feed.


Panmure pulls the bids at Hereford autumn show and sale

Reaching a top of 5,800gns, a consignment of bulls from JM Cant and partners led the trade at the Society’s autumn show and sale. Leading the trade at the Hereford Cattle Society’s autumn show and sale at Hereford market was the Panmure herd of JM Cant and partners, Arbirlot, Angus headed by Audrey Anderson. Not only did the Panmure bulls see the highest bids, but many of the day’s top prices carried breeding from the Scottish breeders, particularly on the paternal side. Panmure 1 Radley led the way, topping the trade at 5,800gns, going home with B Walters and sons, Dryslwyn, Carmarthen. It is out of one of the herd’s best breeding cows, Panmure 1 Plum H1 which is a Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 daughter, by Dendor 1 Leota. This 21 month bull has 400 and 600 day weights in the top 1 per

cent of the breed and milk and eye muscle figures in the top 10 per cent. Not far behind was 19 month old Panmure 1 Rocky which changed hands at 5,500gns to R Hobbs of the Kea herd and travelled south to Truro, Cornwall. A full brother to the well-known Panmure 1 Nugget and Panmure 1 Henry, it is the last bull of its breeding to be offered for sale by the breeders and holds an eye muscle figure in the top 5 per cent of the breed. The grand male champion, Glengough 1 Vinnie from Ian Markham, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes was next in the money and exited the ring to a call of 3,200gns, made by Dai Walters of the newly established Whisper herd, based in Bassaleg,

Newport. It is by the Cornish-bred Kea 1 Maestro which was bought when 18 months old at the 2016 autumn show and sale from Andrew Hughes, Halifax, Yorkshire. It is out of Blakesley 1 Holly which was purchased from Ann Riley, Towcester, Northamptonshire as a heifer and having never won a title at Hereford before, the breeder described the bull as the best he had ever bred. Tapped out as senior male champion that morning, the hammer went down for Vexour 1 Percy from Jan Boomaars, Woldingham, Surrey at 3,100gns to Barry Myers, Brook, Surrey. By Solpoll 1 Landmark, a Panmure 1 Henry son, and out of a home-bred daughter of the

Panmure 1 Radley sold for 5,800gns

Panmure 1 Rocky sold for 5,500gns

Glengough 1 Vinnie sold for 3,200gns

Vexour 1 Percy sold for 3,100gns

Society news


Hollybush 1 Scotty sold for 2,600gns

Rempstone 1 Pansy N513 sold for 4,200gns

Barwise 1 Anise R025 sold for 3,500gns

Barwise 1 Anya R030 sold for 3,000gns

well-known Australian bull Wirruna Daffy D1, this two year old male qualified as a superior carcase sire.

blood, this May 2018-born bull is by Rosenkaer Messi 410M and out of Bondes 1 Sundance.

Rockness 1 Monster from W and P Eccles, Trannent, East Lothian realised 3,000gns with a final bid from W Hamilton, and headed back up country to Gordon, Berwickshire. This dark coloured 23 month bull had been running with cows that summer and is a son of Milovaig 1 Jaguar, while out of Rockness 1 Matilda KH1, the 2018 Royal Highland senior female champion.

At the same money was Hollybush 1 Scotty from Greg and Ruth Watkins, Little Hereford, Shropshire, selling to Peter Cobley, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire. Reserve grand male champion, it was the youngest bull on offer at 13 months of age. Out of Romany 1 Julia D345 H17, it is by another Panmure 1 Henry son, Solpoll 1 Mustang, which the family purchased from the Co Down-based McMordie family in a private telephone deal and describe as the best they have ever owned.

Coley 1 Ronaldo, the only bull forward from Heather Whittaker, Halifax, Yorkshire sold to Tom Pearson, Hampton Bishop, Herefordshire for 2,600gns to use in his pedigree Limousin herd. Full of Danish

Given the economic climate in the beef industry, the show heifer section saw a reassuring clearance of 90 per

The show and sale once again drew a large crowd



Society news

cent. Topping the female trade was Rempstone 1 Pansy N513 from M Ludgate, Thame, Oxfordshire which sold for 4,200gns to Carol Prater, Cublington, Buckinghamshire. It is the first heifer bred by the Panmure 1 Henry son Solpoll 1 Nobility to be sold in public auction. Its dam Rempstone 1 Pansy is also by a Panmure sire. Carolyn Fletcher, Appleby-inWestmorland, Cumbria gained 3,500gns for Barwise 1 Anise R025, a March 2018born heifer, by Danish-bred Moeskaer Patriach 1458 and from a good, milky female line. Selling to CP Douglas and partners, Hawick, Roxburghshire, it was served with Gouldingpoll 1 Gold Spice semen that August.

James Ludgate judged the pre-sale show

From the same stable at Barwise Hall was Barwise 1 Anya R030 which sold for 3,000gns to W Milner, Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Also served to Gold Spice, it is again sired by Moeskaer Patriach 1458 while the dam’s sire is Barwise 1 Wellington, a previous UK Hereford sire of the year. The grand female champion Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 48th from AE Nesbitt Farms, Hungerford, Berkshire was knocked down at 2,700gns to join Dai Walters’ purchases. By two home-bred parents, it was born in March 2018. The first animal through the ring, Kilvrough 1 Juliet 2nd from Elizabeth Radcliffe, Gower sold to LG Vasami, Ffostrasol, Ceredigion at 2,500gns and is a heifer which had its own share of show successes during summer. Three show heifers sold at 2,400gns. Lowesmoor 1 Kinella 1163 from Michael Clark, Cherington, Gloucestershire was purchased by H Haddock, Longdon, Gloucestershire. Cleland 1 Juliet 16th from AE Nesbitt Farms made the same money, and travelled across the water to Alan Shaw, Dungannon, Co Tyrone to join the Benburb herd. Barwise 1 Anise R018 from Carolyn Fletcher joins Dai Walters’

L-R: Matthew Rollason, Dunbia; Ian Markham, Glengough 1 Vinnie, Andrew Bishop, Hollybush 1 Scotty, Greg Watkins, Ruth Watkins and James Ludgate

herd and travelled to Bassaleg, Newport. The for sale only females cleared at 94 per cent, topping at 2,150gns for Kinglee 1 Oystergirl 594 from Peter Cobley, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire and is by Panmure 1 Karl which has produced the breeder a collection of show winners and champions in recent years. This heifer was purchased by G and A Williams, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire. Blakesley 1 Krystal from Ian Markham generated 1,700gns, going to SA Maybery, Aberdulais, Glamorganshire. Andrew

Thomas, Crossways, Glamorganshire had a good run of females entered which saw bids to 1,450gns for New Breach 1 Mandy 342, born in May 2017. Breed secretary David Deakin said: "The Society would once again like to thank Dunbia, Nordic Star tags, Brightwells and Farmers Guardian for their kind sponsorship of the event." Averages: 17 show heifers, £2,396.47; 17 bulls, £2,890.59; 13 sale only heifers, £1,425.58 Auctioneers: Brightwells

Auctioneers & Valuers Providing the complete professional service for:

Brightwells are proud to have been selling Pedigree Hereford Cattle for 100 years. Classic Motoring Tel: 01568 611122

Equine Tel: 01568 619777

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Greg Christopher: 07770 972815 | Sara Hamer: 07768 604995

Society news


Scottish breeders prominent on national stage With some strong bull prices and a series of successes for Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose, Scottish breeders were certainly on the map in 2019. The Scottish Hereford Breeders’ Association had a great 2019, which began with the spring show and sale in Hereford where Romany 1 Roxburgh from JRB Wilson and sons, Kelso, Roxburghshire sold for 5,200gns. The next big event was the Royal Highland Show where Coley Herefords came out on top winning both female and male champion. The male champion was Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62, bred by JRB Wilson and sons. The Association again held a successful barbecue on the Thursday evening of the show, with many in attendance. The real star of Scottish Herefords in 2019 came from George and Sophie Harvey with their March 2018-born heifer Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose. It took reserve overall breed champion at the

Pauline Wason of Saltire Herefords at the Royal Highland

Royal Highland and the Great Yorkshire, following Heather Whittaker and Rebecca Robinson’s heifer Coley 1 Clara 418.

the breed section, but went one step further to win the show's junior heifer championship and was reserve overall interbreed.

Further success was had at the Scottish National where, not only did the heifer win

The winning did not stop there for Crocus Rose, taking the top honours at the

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from George and Sophie Harvey was supreme at the Scottish National



plan Breed ed d Recor


Memb er Hi-He s of alt Schem h e

Reserve Senior

Coming soon!


Rummy, Schweppes

and top price at

and Spritzer – More

Autumn Sale 2019

“Leota” sons

Panmure 1 Radley Sire – Dendor 1 Leota Thank you to all our customers

J.M Cant & Partners

Easter Knox Farm, Arbirlot, Arbroath, Angus DD11 2PZ Audrey:- 01241 871660

Audrey Anderson of Panmure Herefords

National Poll Show, winning the breed and then interbreed championships. In September, UK Hereford Youth descended on the home of Robert Wilson and family for the final selection stage of the World Hereford Conferences’ young breeders’ competition. The Wilson family put on a terrific day at their newly developed Fluffy Moos facility. The Association is pleased that Sophie Harvey was successful in securing a space on the team of four and wish her, and the rest of the team, the best of luck in New Zealand in March 2020. It was back to Hereford in October and there was more success for Scottish breeders with JM Cant and partners,

Mob:- 07974705430


Robert Wilson of the Romany herd

headed by Audrey Anderson, Arbirlot, Angus leading the trade with Panmure 1 Radley reaching 5,8000gns and Panmure 1 Rocky at 5,500gns.

with Harveybros 1 Stan-the-Man. Other success came from Panmure Herefords with Panmure 1 Schweppes taking the junior male championship.

The Association was delighted to host the National Calf Show at Agri Expo, in conjunction with the North of England Association in November. Entries were strong and exhibitors enjoyed a roast beef dinner the evening before in the market.

At Live Scot, held at Lanark Market, Robert Wilson showed a cross-bred bullock Fluffy Moo, sired by a Hereford bull. It went on to sell for £2.30/kg.

George and Sophie Harvey had further success here with Harveybros 1 Crocus S2 winning reserve senior female. Moving onto the Stars of the Future calf show, Crocus S2 took the senior spot again. Team Harvey also took reserve senior male

Looking to 2020, the Scottish Hereford Breeders would like to encourage any perspective members to contact the Association to join in with its activities. The Association also looks forward to its chairman George Harvey judging the spring show and sale in Hereford, which will be its centenary year.



Oaklea, Auchincruive Ayr KA6 5HS Tel: 01292 521067 Mob: 07785 721330

Fellowhills Horndean Berwick Upon Tweed TD15 1XN

Ballochneil Cottage, Turnberry Ayrshire KA26 9NE Tel: 01655 331796 Mob: 07710 570944


2. Mr. & Mrs. A J Bayliss

STARBURST (P) 1. W Andrew Cowlair, ARRANVIEW (P&H) Strichen, Fraserburgh Oaklea, Auchincruive, Ayr KA6 5HS Aberdeenshire AB43 6SE Tel: 01292 521067 Tel: 01771 637948 Mob: 07785 721330 Mob: 07779 434662 2. J A Cameron & Son Email: BALDINNIE (P) Web: Balbuthie, Kilconquhar, Leven, Fife KY9 1EX 3. J A Cameron & Son Tel: 01333 730210 BALDINNIE (P) Email: Balbuthie, Kilconquhar Web: Leven, Fife KY9 1EX 3. J M Cant & Partners Tel: 01333 730210 PANMURE (P) Email: Easter Knox, Arbirlot Web: Arbroath, Angus DD11 2PZ 4. J M Cant & Partners Tel: 01241 871660 PANMURE (P) Mob: 07974 705430 Easter Knox, Arbirlot Email: Arbroath, Angus DD11 2PZ 4. A.J & I.M Dunbar Tel: 01241 871660 GREENFORD (P) Mob: 07974 705430 Greenford, Old Meldrum Email: Aberdeenshire AB51 0HB Tel: 01651 872040 Office: 01651 872888 5. A.J & I.M Dunbar Mob: 07831 273664 GREENFORD (P) Fax: 01651 872069 Email: Greenford, Old Meldrum Aberdeenshire AB51 0HB 5. G and M Dunbar Tel: 01651 872040 DRUMBOY (P) Office: 01651 872888 Springholm, Drumclog Mob: 07831 273664 Strathaven, Lanarkshire Fax: 01651 872069 Tel: 01357 440544 Email:

6. Rockness Livestock

Peter Eccles 6. Rockness Livestock ROCKNESS (P) Peter Eccles Carlaverock Farm ROCKNESS (P) Tranent, East Lothian Tel: 01875 610266 Carlaverock Farm Mob: 07503 925917 Tranent, East Lothian Email: Tel: 01875 610266 Mob: 07503 925914 7. M Galbraith Email: CRAIGDHU (P) Millmoor Farm Sandilands, Lanark ML11 9TW Mob: 07706 237524 7. Harvey Bros Email: HARVEY BROS (P) 8. G & S Harvey 100 Buchanan Street HARVEYBROS (P) Balfron, Glasgow G63 0TQ 100 Buchanan Street Tel: 01360 440504 Balfron, Glasgow G63 0TQ Mob: 07771 778087 Tel: 01360 440504 Mob: 07810 807824


14. Ian Skea 15. Andrew & Serena Sykes

9. J O Hodge Cauldcoats Farm, Newton

BENNACHIE (P) KILEEKIE (Traditional Horned) Glenbervie, Dalriach, Kemnay, Inverurie Kileekie, Crosshill, Maybole Aberdeenshire AB51 5LP Ayrshire KA19 7PY Mob: 07733111493 Tel: 01655 740510 15. D & S Smith & Son Mob: 07798 622879 MILOVAIG (P) & Email: TOROVAIG (H) Ballochneil Cottage, Turnberry Web: Ayrshire KA26 9NE Tel: 01655 331796 Mob: 07710 570944 16. J B Torrance 16. Andrew &KNOWETOP (P) Serena Sykes Knowetop Farm, Quarter KILEEKIE (Traditional Horned) Kileekie, Crosshill,Hamilton ML3 7XQ Maybole Ayrshire KA19 7PYTel: 01698 284268 Mob: 07957 149943 Tel: 01655 740510 Mob: 07798 622879 Email: 17. W, P & K Wason Web: SALTIRE (P) Redwells Farm, Kinglassie 17. J B Torrance KNOWETOP (P) Lochgelly, Fife KY5 0UD Tel: 01592 881740 Knowetop Farm, Quarter, Hamilton ML3 7XQ Mob: 07779 591447 Tel: 01698 284268 Email: Mob: 07957 149943

FELLOWHILLS Dalkeith, (P) Horndean Midlothian EH22 1SH Berwick-Upon-Tweed TD15 1XN Tel: 01316 692584 Tel: 01289 3826678 Mob: 07850 226994 Mob: 07967 643129

10. S & H Reaper 10. Janice Laird PITCAIRN (P)

ST. CLEMENTS WELLS (P) Loanfoot Farm Cauldcoats Farm, Newton Lucklawhill, Balmullo Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 1SH St Andrews KY16 0BL Tel: 01316 692584 Tel: 01334 458036 Mob: 07850 226994 Mob: 07739 550746

14 4 3 11 1 1 2 18 13 8 19 6 17 5 • 1 7 • 19 15 16

2 10




11. S & H Reaper PITCAIRN (P) 11. Andrew Rennie & Son

57, Warwick Close RED RIDING (P) Leuchars, St. Andrews Hood Farm, Cambuskenneth Fife Stirling FK9 5NL Tel: 01334 458036 Tel: 01786 472786 Mob: 07739 550746 Mob: 07802 360325

12.F B Sangster Andrew Rennie & Son 12.

RED BADENKEP (H) & FS (P) RIDING (P) HoodBadenkep Farm, Buchlyvie Farm, Cambuskenneth Stirling FK9 5NL Stirling FK8 3NT Tel: 01786 472786 Tel: 01360 850531 Mob: 07802 360325 Mob: 07979 093031

13.Ian Skea F B Sangster 13.

BADENKEP (H) & FS (P) BENNACHIE (P) Badenkep Farm, Buchlyvie Glenbervie, Dalriach Stirling FK8 3NT Kemnay ,Inverurie Tel: 01360 850531 Aberdeenshire AB51 5LP Mob: 07979 093031 Mob: 07733111493

Important Dates 2020


18. W, P & K Wason 18. B, E & B Welsh SALTIRE (P)

ROUNDSHAW (H) Redwells Farm, Kinglassie Lochgelly, Fife KY5 0UD Roundshaw, Auchinleck Tel: 01592 881740 Cumnock, Strathclyde KA18 3JN Mob: 07779 591447 Tel: 01290 421541 Email: Mob: 07817 289923

19. B, E & B Welsh ROUNDSHAW 19.(H) J R B Wilson & Sons

Roundshaw, Auchinleck ROMANY (P) Cumnock, Strathclyde KA18 3JN Cowbog, Kelso, Borders TD5 8EH Tel: 01290 421541 Tel: 01573 440273 / 01573 440278 Mob: 07817 289923 Mob: 07980 253496 Email: 20. J R B Wilson & Sons ROMANY (P) Web: Cowbog, Kelso, Borders TD5 8EH Tel: 01573 440273 / 01573 440278 Mob: 07980 253496 20. Harrison & Hetherington Ltd Email: Auctioneers Borderway Mart Web: Rosehill, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 2RS 21. HarrisonEmail: & Hetherington Ltd Auctioneers Borderway Mart Tel: 01228 640924 Rosehill, Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 2RS Mob: 07714 761311 Email: Web: Tel: 01228 640924 Mob: 07714 761311 Web:

Stirling – 2nd to 3rd February Important Dates 2019 Carlisle – 6th March,rd 16th thMay, 2nd October Stirling – 3 to 5 February Royal Highland Show - Thursday 21st June st th th March, 24 May, 25 October Carlisle – 1 Scottish National Hereford Show – Border Union Show, 24 - 25th July th June Carlisle, 30th October Royal Highland Show - Thursday 20 NEHBA & SHBA Hereford Calf Show in conjunction with Agri-Expo, rd Scottish National Hereford Show – Perth Show 3 August st “HEALTHY CATTLE IN REAL CATTLE COUNTRY” November National Hereford Calf Show in conjunction with Agri-Expo, Carlisle 1 Anyone will always be welcome “HEALTHY CATTLE IN REAL CATTLE COUNTRY” Give a Ring, send an Email, tell us which Airport, Station or Ferry -- we’ll be there! Anyone will always be welcome Give a Ring, send an Email, tell us which Airport, Station or Ferry -- we’ll be there! CHAIRMAN: George Harvey, 100 Buchanan Street, Balfron, Glasgow, G63 0TQ SECRETARY: PAULINE WASON, Redwells Farm, Kinglassie, Lochgelly FIFE KY5 0UD Tel: 01592 881740 Mob: 07855 237474 Email: Tel: 01360 440504 Mob: 07771 778087 Email:


Double delight for Coley at Royal Highland Halifax-based Heather Whittaker took both the breed championship and the reserve spot at the 2019 Royal Highland Show. It was double delight for Heather Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire at the Royal Highland Show as Coley 1 Clara 418 took the breed and female championships and Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 secured the grand male championship. Coley 1 Clara 418, born October 2017, is by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid and out of Coley 1 Clara 286 and already had a successful show season leading up to the Highland. Breed stalwarts George and Sophie Harvey, Balfron, Glasgow took the reserve breed and reserve female championships with Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose. This 16 month old heifer is by the well-known Normanton 1 Laertes which had such a successful show season in 2016 and out of Harveybros 1 Crocus N1. George and Sophie also took the best pair of animals bred by an exhibitor.

Champion, Coley 1 Clara 418 from Rebecca Robinson and Heather Whittaker

In the bulls, Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker stood champion. By Barwise 1 Lancer, it is out of Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53 and was born in May 2017. Reserve male champion was Romany 1 Roxburgh B1 R34 from Rebecca Robinson, Bury, Lancashire. It was purchased at the Society spring show and sale for 5,200gns and was bred by JRB Wilson and sons, Kelso, Roxburghshire. A team of three made up of Coley 1 Clara 418, Moralee 1 Kimberley from Philip Martindale and Romany 1 Roxburgh from Rebecca Robinson took the reserve native interbreed championship. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from George and Sophie Harvey



Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from Heather Whittaker

Romany 1 Roxburgh from Rebecca Robinson

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison

John Cameron (right) with Kenny Fletcher, editor of Scottish Farmer


SAC Premium Cattle Health Scheme

Einsteine & Orient Semen Available

Bulls and Heifers Always Available

Group of Baldinnie Heifers

John and Margaret Cameron Balbuthie, Kilconquhar, Leven, Fife KY9 1EX. Tel: 01333 730210 Email: Web:








PEDIGREE • PERFORMANCE • HEALTH • STYLE Situated in the Scottish Borders, Romany Poll Herefords is one of the longest established herds of Hereford cattle, founded in 1955. Healthy, fertile, polled bulls and females available throughout the year to suit your needs and budget. Semen and embryos available for international and domestic use. SAC health Scheme - BVD and Johnes Accredited. TB4 Area. J R B WILSON & SONS Cowbog Kelso TD5 8EH Scotland T: +44 (0)1573 440273/440278 M:+44 (0)7980 253496 E:



Harvey family take first Scottish National Championship

The Harvey family took their first ever Scottish National championship at Perth Show with well-known heifer Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose. It was a day of firsts for George and Sophie Harvey from Balfron, Glasgow at the Scottish National Show, with heifer Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose taking its first major show championship after a string of reserves, their first ever female championship at a major show and first ever Scottish National win.

Heather Whittaker, Halifax, Yorkshire, shown by Andrew Hughes. An animal with a list of show wins to its name, this 21 month old heifer is by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid and out of Coley 1 Clara 286 and has already won the breed championship at both the Royal Highland and Great Yorkshire.

This 17 month heifer is the first calf of Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 which was transferred into Sophie’s ownership as a 21st birthday present from George and was also successfully shown itself, picking up junior and reserve female champion at the Great Yorkshire in 2016 and reserve junior female champion at the Highland in the same year. It is sired by Normanton 1 Laertes, which was shown so successfully by TD and WT Livesey, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire.

Standing at the top end of the bulls

was Romany 1 Robin N47 R50 from JRB Wilson and sons. Born in January 2018, this bull is by Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47 and out of Romany 1 Lucy H12 N10, which is sired by Romany 1 Heavyduty A84 H12. Reserve in the male championship was the young Moralee 1 Showbox, born in November 2018 and from Tom and Di

Judge Graham Shepherd described his champion as being of ‘exceptional quality’, being ‘superbly balanced’ and ‘very correct’. This heifer then went on to be named interbreed junior heifer of Perth Show, before being tapped out as reserve overall interbreed champion. Placed reserve was Coley 1 Clara 418 from

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from G and S Harvey

Romany 1 Robin N47 R50 from JRB Wilson and sons



Moralee 1 Showbox from T and D Harrison


orge & p e H vey H vey 1 oc R e -Reserve breed champion royal highland

-Reserve breed champion great Yorkshire -Overall breed champion Scottish national, overall junior heifer and reserve interbreed -Reserve native champions of champions at Keith -Overall champion at the poll show and overall interbreed Sire- normanton 1 laertes Dam- Harveybros 1 Crocus E2

H vey 1 oc R5

First female to be sold in 15 years in a private deal to Southern Ireland to M&G Garvey, Liscolvin herd, to start foundations herd

Sire-normanton 1 laertes Dam- Harveybros 1 Crocus L4

orge: 07810807824

p e: 07984452306

Ema : p e.h veyy@ k. m



Baldinnie 1 Cathy 40th from W, P and K Wason

Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland who were out with what they described as a new team. By Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider, it is out of Moralee 1 Kate, which is sired Spurstow 1 Recruit 1st. In the senior female championship, it was the turn of W, P and K Wason, Kinglassie, Fife to come to the fore with Baldinnie 1

Coley 1 Clara 418 from R Robinson and H Whittaker

Cathy 40th, bred by J Cameron and sons, Balbuthie, Fife. By Baldinnie 1 Orient, it is out of Baldinnie 1 Cathy 31st.

UK at five months of age before being purchased by the family as a two year old.

Reserve senior female was five year old cow Harveybros 1 Crocus L4 from G and S Harvey. It is by Venture Night Time 7055, an imported Danish-bred sire with an American pedigree which entered the

In the young handlers, 20 year old Beth Harvey took the senior category, while Charlotte Anderson, 14, took the junior category, followed by brother James Anderson, 13.

The winning young handlers, David Gillon presents to Charlotte Anderson, James Anderson and Beth Harvey




Harveys take senior title at Stars of the Future

Mirroring 2018's success, George and Sophie Harvey were handed another senior championship at United Auction’s Stars of the Future calf show, this time with Harveybros 1 Crocus S2. Overall senior champion at United Auction’s Stars of the Future calf show was Harveybros 1 Crocus S2 from George and Sophie Harvey, Balfron, Glasgow, having taken senior female champion at Agri Expo just the week before. This September 2018-born heifer shares a lot of blood with the 2019 reserve poll female of the year, Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose, both being by Normanton 1 Laertes and having the maternal grand dam of Harveybros 1 Crocus E2. Reserve senior and senior male champion was tapped out as Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption from Boomer Birch and Graham Brindley, Weston, Stafford. Born in November 2018, this young bull is by the Canadian sire Remitall Super Duty 42S and out of Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th. Another from the Harveys’ stud, Harveybros 1 Stan-the-Man, was reserve male champion. Born in September 2018, it is by Normanton 1 Laertes and out of Harveybros 1 Crocus N5.

Harveybros Crocus S2 from G and S Harvey

and out of Richmount 1 Katie-Perry. It was another of Agri Expo’s highlights, having stood reserve grand female and reserve junior female champion.

Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland was reserve senior female. Born in October 2018, it is by the 2019 UK Hereford sire of the year, SMH King Size 87K, and out of Moralee 1 Kylie.

Moralee 1 Pippa KS S11, again from Tom and Di Harrison, stood next to its stable mate as reserve junior champion and reserve junior female. Born in April 2019, it is another King Size daughter, and is out of Coley 1 Pippa 356.

In the junior section, Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8 from Tom and Di Harrison came out on top. March 2019-born, it is by the 2019 UK sire of the year SMH King Size 87K

Junior male champion was 10 month old Panmure 1 Schweppes from JM Cant and partners, Arbirlot, Angus. By Dendor 1 Leota, it is out of Panmure 1 Plum H12.

Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption from G Brindley and B Birch


(Judge: R Clarke, Norfolk)

Senior and senior female, Harveybros 1 Crocus S2, G and S Harvey; reserve senior and senior male, Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption, B Birch and G Brindley; reserve senior male, Harveybros 1 Stan-theMan, G and S Harvey; reserve senior female, Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3, T and D Harrison. Junior and junior female, Moralee 1 KatyPerry KS S8, T and D Harrison; reserve junior and reserve junior female, Moralee 1 Pippa KS S11, T and D Harrison; junior male, Panmure 1 Schweppes, JM Cant and partners.

Moralee 1 Katy Perry KS S8 from T and D Harrison



Ervie Herefords escalate to £7,000

The Douglas family of Ervie Herefords once again held their annual spring sale Mains of Airies Farm, which attracts customers from across the UK. A fine mix of new and repeat customers converged at Mains of Airies Farm in the Rhins of Galloway for the annual Ervie Herefords spring bull sale held by the Douglas family which grossed at £110,500, with prices ranging from £1,800 to £7,000. Ervie Advance 172213 made the highest price of the day, selling at £7,000 to new pedigree breeders, Ian and Sian Houston, Newton Stewart. This big, lengthy bull sported a well-balanced set of figures including a terminal index of +33 and maternal index of +43. It is sired by Ervie L1 Achiever 91151H and out of a top Tribute cow. Ervie Advance 172314, many buyers’ favourite, with the top weights at both 200 and 400 days, sold at £5,200 to R Lewis, Salbri Herefords, Anglesey. By Ervie L1 Achiever 91151H and from the Libby family, it is well-marked and dark coloured, with great natural thickness and power. Two lots later, commercial breeders Messrs Hutton from Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway bid to £4,500 for yet another 1151 son, Advance 172300, this time from the Gypsy family. Dark coloured and stylish, this bull boasted a great set of figures combining calvingease and growth and with a terminal index of +34 and maternal index of +42. Coming through four lots later, Ervie Advance 172216 sold to repeat buyer Iain Wilkinson, Dundee, Angus at £3,400 for both pedigree and commercial use. Sired by Ervie L1 Achiever 131636 and from the

Advance 172216 sold for £3,400



Ervie Advance 172213 sold for £7,000

Peach family, it had a birth weight of 38kg and was one of the largest and heaviest bulls in the sale. It will now work mainly on daughters of Ervie Advance 141836, bought for £7,200 in the 2016 sale. First bull in the ring, Ervie L1 Achiever 172218, realised £3,000 and sold to Ardlamont Estate, Argyll for pedigree use. This dark, attractive bull had a 38kg birthweight, has a straight line one pedigree and descends from one of the first embryo flushes imported to Ervie in 2005. Repeat buyer Mark Ogg, from Montrose, Angus parted with £3,000 for Ervie Advance 172234 - an upstanding, correct bull with thick top and loin. Sired by Ervie L1 Achiever 141753 and out of a Tribute cow, the bull goes to work alongside two previous Ervie purchases on a large, predominately Simmental commercial beef unit in Angus.

New customers, RG Elliot and son travelled up from Northamptonshire to purchase two bulls including Ervie Advance 172231 at £2,700. This quality son of Ervie L1 Achiever 141780 is from the Crocus family and went south with Ervie Advance 172311 to use on Saler cross Shorthorn type females. Volume buyers included A and M Smith, Brampton who bought eight bulls for an average of £2,000, High Mark Farming, Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway which secured eight bulls at an average of £1,962 and Dourie Farming Co, Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway who purchased 10 bulls for an average of £1,800. Average: 48 bulls, £2,302 Auctioneers: Dumfries Auction Mart

Advance 172218 sold for £3,400

Daughters or direct understanding calving ease Breedplan displays two calving ease figures – direct and daughters. Dr Nicky Turner explains how the two EBVs work. Breedplan calving ease estimated breeding values (EBVs) are calculated using a range of information, including pedigree data, birth difficulty scores, gestation length records and birth weights and assumptions about underlying genetics and relationships. Non-genetic effects, such as calf sex and age of dam, are also taken into consideration. Calving ease is affected by both the calf’s ability to be born easily (the direct effect), and the ability of the dam to give birth without problems, or the maternal effect. As such, Breedplan reports two calving ease EBVs – calving ease direct (CE direct) and calving ease daughters (CE dtrs). The direct effect is important to consider when choosing a stock bull as it predicts the percentage of its calves which will not require assistance at birth out of two year old females, says Dr Nicky Turner, Breedplan operations manager. This component is passed from both sire and dam, and influences the likelihood of progeny born without any calving problems. The maternal genetic component relates to the dam’s likelihood of calving without difficulty. For sires, this is based on the genetics of its daughters as dams, regardless of any considerations about the calf. The CE daughters EBV combines half of the direct effect and all of the maternal component and indicates the ability of the bull’s female progeny to give birth without assistance as two year olds. Nicky says: “The CE dtrs value is generally how commercial producers look at calving ease in replacement females rather than separating maternal and direct.” In terminal production systems, it is only the direct genetic effect that matters as females are not retained for breeding. “If daughters are being kept for replacements, both direct and daughters calving ease need to be considered as there is some antagonism between the

two. An extreme example is to select a sire with a very high CE direct figure that produces low growth progeny. The calves are born without difficulty but the daughters are likely to be too small to calve unassisted to sires with more growth,” says Nicky. “Profitability in the beef industry is a function of numerous traits, some of which have antagonistic relationships to each other. To improve profitability, selection must be applied to those traits that contribute most to the costs and returns of an enterprise. If a trait has no economic value, it should not be included in the selection programme. Therefore for terminal sires, selecting on CE direct only is sufficient. “Over-emphasis of selection on any one trait can have unwanted consequences and calving ease factors are no exception. For example, selection on light birth weight alone will lead to lower growth rates and increased chances of calving problems among female progeny. Similarly, selection on large pelvic area alone will increase birth weight and reduce the beneficial effects on calving ease. Therefore a balance between direct and daughters calving ease is needed with breeders ultimately trying to balance

calving ease, growth and carcase.” Basil Lowman, SAC Consulting beef specialist says: “EBVs allow producers to avoid bulls with high positive values for one trait but large negative values for the other. “It is the internal diameter of the pelvic opening which influences maternal calving ease and the external width which influences calving ease direct. While there is some link between internal and external pelvic size, it is not overly strong.” One of the biggest variations is in the shape of the pelvic opening and the actual shape can be considerably varied between animals. “The position, strength and fitness of muscles also play a major role in ease of calving. Although this is not documented, variation is bound to occur,” says Basil. Nicky concludes: “If calving ease EBVs are to be useful, then the best strategy is to record birth difficulty scores for all calves born within the season and to weigh them at birth. This information, along with gestation length records for calves born by AI, gives the basic ingredients needed to obtain reliable EBVs for both calving ease traits.”



NEHBA members win Burke Trophy

Committee President – Robert Shaw Chairman – Phillip Massey (jnr) Secretary – Jackie Cooper Treasurer – Joanne Hall

Members of the North of England Hereford Breeders’ Association saw a tremendously wet summer in 2019, while once again collecting prizes across the UK. It was a particularly wet summer for the North of England Hereford Breeders’ Association (NEHBA) in 2019 but the rain didn’t dampen the spirits or the quality of the stock exhibited. Cattle from NEHBA breeders won a number of interbreed titles locally, including junior native interbreed team at the Great Yorkshire Show and reserve native interbreed at the Royal Highland. The show season was rounded off well at Westmorland County Show with the breed winning the Burke Trophy, represented by two April-2018 born heifers, Hollyvale 1 June 3rd from Allen and Philip Massey, Bury, and Pinmoor 1 Raptor, from Gary Hall, Knowsley. This show was practically under water at the time of the achievement and for members to present their cattle in the way they did under the circumstances, showed true stockmanship. History was made in the beef rings at Northumberland County Show as

the Hereford group of three took the interbreed title, being the first ever native team to do so. The trio was made up of Coley 1 Clara 418 from Heather Whittaker, Hollyvale 1 June 3rd from Allen and Phillip Massey and Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 from Tom and Di Harrison. NEHBA members have not just stayed local this season and have been travelling to support shows across the country. Herds including Coley, Moralee, Hollyvale, Whittle, Auckvale and Eveter were seen exhibiting at the Royal Highland, Shropshire County, Royal Norfolk and Bucks County to name just a few. The Association is grateful to Coley and Pinmoor Herefords for supplying cattle to the Beef Expo stand at Junction 36 mart, Kendal, in May 2019. Additionally, the stand was runner-up in the best breed stand category. Young members have again worked really hard over 2019, with Matthew

Rollason taking the helm for the NEHBA young members. Matthew has himself been taking UK Hereford Youth by storm and landed himself a place in the team competing at the World Hereford Conference in 2020, he will be part of a team of four, to represent the UK in the young breeders competition. The Association wishes Matthew well and hopes he has an incredible, educational and successful trip. There are a number of other members who are tapping into the UK Hereford Youth membership and joining in their events and activities on offer. Eva Jackson was crowned junior NEHBA young handler of the year 2019, and also took the Dendor show stick at the National Poll Show. It was a hat-trick success at the Great Yorkshire Show's people's choice competition. In 2019 the title was ‘beauty and the beef’, with the male and female

L-R: Minette Batters, NFU president, handed the Burke Trophy to Phill Massey and Gary and George Hall


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Herefords took the reserve junior native interbreed team at the Great Yorkshire

entrants dressed as Belle princesses from Disney’s beauty and the beast. Hallwood Herefords supplied a bull for display which was marked up with the AHDB meat cuts. Matthew Rollason presented the bull to the audience of onlookers and delivered a brilliantly worded explanation of the bull and its meat cuts, receiving additional praise from the competition host in his deliverance and inviting Matthew to do this again in 2021. The pressure is on now to bring it home for a fourth time and beat previous presentations. In October, a sunny day was found to hold the Association’s presentation day, hosted by Tom and Di Harrison in Mickley, Northumberland. NEHBA members enjoyed a walk around the farm and cattle, with a ‘guess the weight of the bull’ competition thrown in for fun too. Moralee’s Designer Genes consignments and winter show calves were viewed, as

well as other title winners out in the fields. Following this, visitors enjoyed some hearty Moralee beef dishes with lots of yummy desserts and drinks. Presentations were made to NEHBA exhibitors and breeders. To round off the day, members held a general meeting, which is one of two for the year for the NEHBA with the AGM and other general meeting in February of each year.

Exhibitor-bred bull of the year, Eveter 1 Rendezvous, R and E Jackson; reserve exhibitor-bred bull of the year, Pinmoor 1 Raptor, G and J Hall

Looking forward to 2020, everything is being kept crossed for a drier year, after many breeders turned in a month earlier than usual at the end of 2019. We wish all NEHBA members success in their breeding programmes and sales for 2020.

Exhibitor-bred female of the year, Hollyvale 1 June 3rd, A and P Massey; reserve exhibitor-bred reserve female of the year, Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd, R and E Jackson and Hollyvale 1 June 2nd, A and P Massey

Herd competition results 2019

Junior young handler, Eva Jackson, Eveter Herefords

Bull of the year, Eveter 1 Rendezvous, R and E Jackson; reserve, Pinmoor 1 Raptor, G and J Hall

The winning interbreed team at Northumberland County Show


North of England

Female of the year, Hollyvale 1 June 3rd, A and P Massey; reserve female of the year; Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd, R and E Jackson and Hollyvale 1 June 2nd, A and P Massey

Show ring newcomer, Philip Martindale, Maico Herefords



Auckvale Kalgoorlie 1322K


Auckvale Lively 1625P

North of England Best Stock Bull & Reserve Senior National Champion

Senior National Heifer Winner at Tenbury

Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R

Exceptional 2019 Designer Genes team

Our designer genes 2018 heifer

Congratulations to the Bowen family Royal Welsh 2019 Supreme Champion Royal Welsh all breeds heifer champion UK Reserve Female & Poll Female of the year

W & R Kemp and Sons Wigdon Walls Farm Bishop Auckland Co. Durham, DL14 OLN

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Re-printed by kind permission of Farmers Guardian

Show circuit success for recently founded Moralee herd Established just eight years ago, the Moralee herd has taken the Hereford world by storm, turning out regular show ring champions and pedigree sale toppers, as well as producing quality beef for direct sales. Hannah Park reports. Progress has been rapid since the first five pedigree Hereford cattle arrived with Tom and Di Harrison, near Stocksfield, Northumberland, in 2011, forming the foundation of the Moralee herd, which is now made up of 40 breeding females and followers. With Tom working full-time for Northumbrian Water and, until recently, Di also working full-time off-farm, the couple was originally looking for a venture which could be managed alongside other commitments. Tom says: “After doing our research, we were drawn to the Herefords for their docility and how easy they are to handle as a breed, but latterly their ability to finish off grass, longevity and fertility are also big pluses.” Before retiring, Tom’s father Arnold ran a herd of Limousin cross cows and later bought-in and finished store cattle onfarm. Although this was disbanded shortly before the Hereford herd was established, Arnold still remains on-hand and, particularly during show season, is involved with day-to-day work on-farm. The herd, named after Di’s maiden name, Moralee, and High Moralee, where her parents farmed in northern Northumberland, is run over the farm’s 93



hectares (230 acres), which runs down to border the River Tyne. This is mainly made up of grass and shrub land, alongside 36ha (90 acres) of arable ground, which is contracted out. Explaining their route into showing, Di says: “It was never strictly the intention to get into showing to the extent we have. “Although we both come from showing backgrounds, it had always been from an organisational side of things, so exhibiting was new to both of us when we started, but it has just spiralled.”

Progression And showing has certainly snowballed. Since exhibiting for the first time at Agri Expo in 2012, Tom and Di have progressed from doing two shows per year to exhibiting at some 13 events on the circuit in the summer of 2018. It is fair to say the successes have come thick and fast since then, with stand-out titles so far including taking the breed championship at the Royal Highland in 2017 and the native junior interbreed championship at the 2019 Royal Welsh with home-bred bull Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12. Making their second time exhibiting at the Highland unforgettable was Coley 1 Pippa 356, a four year old cow the pair

Di and Tom Harrison



Unbeaten Success has also been enjoyed in the sale ring, most notably at last year’s Designer Genes sale when one half of the unbeaten pair, Moralee 1 Kylie KSR1 and Moralee 1 Kimberly KSR7, was offered for sale and saw Kylie sell for £8,000, the highest price the couple has received to date. It is this success of the pair’s dams, the original Moralee 1 Kylie and Moralee 1 Kimberly cows, and Coley 1 Pippa, which led the couple to carry out some embryo work with these three cows this summer. Tom says: “We wanted to fully exploit our herd’s top genetics, continue to progress and increase the number of progeny we have to show and sell. Stock bull, Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider

bought from Heather Whitaker’s herd in Yorkshire as a maiden heifer. Pippa’s dam, Frenchstone P. 1 Boo, was 2013 female Hereford of the year, and its sire was Australian-bred Days Calibre G74. Unstoppable on the circuit last summer was their home-bred 17-month-old bull, Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks, which has brought some of the herd’s biggest wins to date. Kicking off at Agri Expo last November, it has dominated the championships at almost every show it has been exhibited at. Most recently, it took a multitude of wins which peaked with the junior interbreed native championship title and

Numbers stand at 40 cows, plus followers



reserve junior interbreed overall at this year’s Royal Welsh, to mark the couple’s first interbreed win. Rebel Kicks’ successes also include taking reserve overall and male champion at Northumberland Show, where they have won a breed championship for the last four years, including in 2016 when they swept the championship board in the Hereford section. Out of Romany 1 Dawn, a dam bought from Kelso-based Robert Wilson, Rebel Kicks is by what was the herd’s first stock bull, Danish-bred SMH King Size 87K, which stood third in the Hereford sire of the year line-up in 2018, before winning it in 2019.

“Coley 1 Pippa is considered within the breed’s top 5 per cent, so when we considered it had the potential for just 10 calves in its lifespan, it made sense to double or even treble that number using in-vitro production. “As a result, we have more than 50 embryos between the three cows which will return to us. We are also looking to put four Kylie cross King Size embryos in the Designer Genes sale this year, with potential for export to Europe, a breed first which we are excited to be involved in.” The Harrisons credit their strict selection criteria as one of the main reasons for their successes, and having found more purchasers looking for poll cattle in recent years, are also breeding for this gene.



Farm facts  The Moralee Hereford herd was established in 2011 with five breeding females bought from David and Kate Dickinson’s Mallowburn herd, Catcleugh, Newcastle-upon- Tyne and later with additions from Robert Wilson’s Romany herd, Kelso  Numbers stand at 40 suckler cows, plus followers, run over the farm’s 93 hectares (230 acres)  Numerous show ring successes to date have included breed championship at the Royal Highland in 2017 and native junior inter-breed championship at this year’s Royal Welsh  The herd was named show herd of the year 2019  Alongside marketing and selling breeding bulls, the Harrisons also finish animals to supply their beef box scheme, with some 18 cattle sold via this avenue last year Show potential is also key, alongside correctness in legs and feet. Power and depth, as well as style, are all qualities looked for in heifer replacements, which are generally calved at 30 months old to allow for the growth they are looking for. For this reason, the herd is split into spring and autumn calvers, with the former calving during March and April and later in September and October.

Society sales Not dissimilar to other pedigree breeders, marketing and selling breeding bulls forms an arm of their business and Moralee sires will be heading to Society sales in Hereford in October and April, as well as the new February sale in Shrewsbury. Any animals which do not make the grade, male or female, are finished to supply their beef box scheme, which the pair established five years ago. Tom says: “We run a strict selection process at calving and will castrate any bulls at or soon after birth which do not have what we are looking for in a breeding bull. “The decision will be on anything from markings, to how it is bred, or whether it is poll or not. “All heifers are registered, but we are selective on what we keep for breeding, so any animals which do not make the grade will be finished and sold via the box scheme.” An idea which snowballed after the pair was keen to try some of their own beef, Di says their customer base has largely grown in the locality through word of mouth and, more recently, social media.

For more about the Harrisons’ show successes, see page 128



Cattle are finished off grass and taken to a local abattoir and butcher at 14 to 15 months at 600kg to produce a 300kg carcase, with one animal typically returning 12 to 14 boxes. With a continual flow of orders, 18 animals were finished for the box scheme last year. Di says: “The scheme is returning us a good added value and although it was always meant to be a sideline, it has become a major part of the business and is certainly equalling pedigree sales. ”Numbers-wise, the herd is continuing to grow as heifer replacements come through and will likely increase to 60 cows in the next few years.” Di says: “We are always trying to improve and look for something different and while the boxed beef outlet is strong, we can make a healthy profit on animals not sold down the pedigree route. “The number of shows we do costs a fortune, but we would not be in the position we are now in terms of getting our name out there if we did not do it. It will always be a shop window.”

Masseys’ heifer supreme at National Calf Show

Making it their first time showing at Agri Expo, Allen and Philip Massey went all the way to take the supreme champion at the National Hereford Calf Show. Hollyvale 1 Gracious 3rd from Allen and Philip Massey, Bury, Lancashire took the plaudits at the National Hereford Calf Show, hosted by the North of England and Scottish Hereford Breeders’ Associations at Agri Expo, Carlisle. The heifer won supreme, grand female and junior female champion on the the family's first time exhibiting at the event. Making the journey across the Irish Sea to sort out the line-ups was James Graham of the Richmount herd who described Agri Expo as a ‘fantastic show’, allowing the breed to capture its target audience of commercial producers at the ringside.

from Tim and Will Livesey, Normanton le Heath, Leicestershire. Sired by the 2016 Royal Highland and Royal Welsh interbreed champion Normanton 1 Laertes, it was out of Normanton 1 Jurana 7th M612. James said this young bull ‘moved freely on its legs’ and had a ‘well-sprung rib’, being ‘clean in the front shoulders’. Standing next to Masseys’ heifer in the grand female championship was the

March 2019-born Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8, from Tom and Di Harrison, Mickley, Northumberland. This young female was sired by SMH King Size 87K, the Danishbred 2019 UK sire of the year which has been so influential across the Harrisons’ 2019 show team. It is out of Richmount 1 Katie-Perry, bred by the judge. Coley 1 Sebastian from Heather Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire was tapped out as reserve grand male champion, with farm

This was Masseys’ seven month old heifer calf’s first time from home where it had been still suckling its dam Hollyvale 1 Gracious. It is a Dendor 1 Leroy daughter which was purchased in a private deal from the Caersws-based Jones family four years ago. This bull was also responsible for Hollyvale 1 June 3rd which won breed championship at Shropshire County and Westmorland earlier in the year. James said it ‘all came down to correctness’ when deciding on his champion, adding he didn’t want anything that was ‘over conditioned’. He described his supreme champion as a ‘nice and correct novice little heifer’. Reserve supreme, grand male and senior male champion was September 2018born bull calf Normanton 1 Sydney

Normanton 1 Sydney from TD and WT Livesey

Hollyvale 1 Gracious 3rd from A and P Massey

Coley 1 Sebastian from H Whittaker

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James Graham judged the National Calf Show held at Agri-Expo, Borderway Mart, Carlisle

manager Andrew Hughes on the halter. Born in October 2018, it is by the Danish sire Rosenkaer Messi 410M and out of Coley 1 Pippa 355. Moralee 1 Mink KR S4 from Tom and Di Harrison was named senior female champion. It is by Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider, bred by Harry Elliott, Cowshill, Durham, which itself is by the Canadianbred Spurstow 1 Victor. This 12 month old heifer is out of Moralee 1 Mink 2nd.

A Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid son, it is out of Kammerherre Iben 1026 M816 which was again imported from Denmark.

13, of the Moralee herd took the top

In the young handlers, James Anderson,

Ridgeline Herefords won the senior class.

Continuing George and Sophie Harvey’s successful year and standing reserve senior female champion was Harveybros 1 Crocus S2, which carries three quarters of the same breeding as Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose, sharing the sire Normanton 1 Laertes and maternal grand dam. Relative newcomers to the breed, Steven and Lizzie Walker, Hoghton, Lancashire went to the fore in the junior male championship with Hoghton View 1 Landslide, born in February 2019. Out of Dendor 1 Anna Mary 30th, it is by semen from the Danish-bred bull Valma Landslide. Coley 1 Saturn from Heather Whittaker was the reserve junior male champion.



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Coley 1 Saturn from H Whittaker

honours, after also winning the junior section and 19 year old Tom Horsley of

Moralee 1 Mink KR S4 from T and D Harrison

Hoghton View 1 Landslide from S and E Walker

Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8 form T and D Harrison

Champion young handler James Anderson

Pedigree Polled Hereford Cattle

Bulls and females for sale Steven and Lizzie Walker Lane Side Farm | Blackburn Old Road | Hoghton Preston | Lancashire | PR5 0SG 07814056943 01254 852187

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Coley heifer stands supreme at Harrogate It was another successful show for Heather Whittaker, Hallifax, West Yorkshire and her team as Coley 1 Clara 418 was named supreme, junior and grand female champion at the Great Yorkshire Show. A Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid daughter, this heifer was born in October 2017 and had already picked up a raft of prizes during the summer including breed champion at the Royal Highland and reserve breed champion at the Royal Norfolk shows.

from RI Shaw, South Wirral, Cheshire.

Coley 1 Clara 418, Eveter 1 Damelza 2nd

RI Shaw was also successful in both the best group of three and best pair of animals by the same sire.

from EM Jackson, Hollyvale 1 June from

In the interbreed junior group of four,

reserve championship winning team.

A and P Massey and Moralee 1 Kimberly from Tom and Di Harrison made up the

Reserve supreme, reserve junior and reserve grand female champion was tapped out as Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from George and Sophie Harvey, Balfron, Glasgow. Standing as grand male champion was Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62, also from the Coley stable of Heather Whittaker and a successful bull on the 2019 show circuit. Sired by Barwise 1 Lancer, this bull was born in May 2017. The reserve grand male championship was handed to Hallwood 1 Phoenix Nights



North of England

Coley 1 Clara 418 from R Robinson and H Whittaker

Co l e y


C o l e y W a l k s F a r m N o r w o o d G r e e n , H a l i f a x W e s t Y o r k s h i r e , H X 3 8 R D


R O M A N Y 1 P R I M E T I M E -B U L L O F T H EY E A R 2 0 1 9

-C O L E Y 1 C L A R A 4 1 8-F E M A L E O F T H EY E A R 2 0 1 9


M i s s H e a t h e r W h i t t a k e r 0 7 8 1 1 2 0 7 2 4 4 A n d r e wH u g h e s 0 7 8 6 1 8 9 9 6 4 6 c o l e y w a l k s @t i s c a l i . c o . u k

C o l e y 1 S e b a s t i a n

h i g hh e a l t hB V D , L e p t o , I B R a c c r e d i t e d , J o h n e s l e v e l 1 , T B A r e a 4 —B u l l s , F e m a l e s , S e m e n a n d E m b r y o s f o r S a l e —

North of England


Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose from G and S Harvey

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from H Whittaker

Hallwood 1 Phoenix Nights from R and R I Shaw

Matthew Gray judged at the show



North of England


Barwise 1 Grace 360 Dam of Barwise 1 Lancer

Junior Stock Bull Moeskaer Ultra

Semen available in UK from Barwise 1 Wellington. Eligible for export to all EU countries. Please contact the Hereford Cattle Society.

Carolyn Fletcher, Barwise Hall, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria CA16 6TD Tel. 01768 353430 Mob. 07711 415694

BARBERN POLLED HEREFORDS Stock bulls Barbern 1 Gargantuan & Barwise 1 Plutarch

Limited straws of Barbern 1 Gargantuan available from ourselves SAC Health Scheme monitored BVD accredited and 4 year TB area We wish to thank all our customers for their purchases, especially Mark and Maddy Roberts in aquiring Barbern 1 Rockafella (Reserve Grand Male Champion, Shrewsbury Christmas Calf Show)

Stock for Sale - Visitors always made welcome Holmefields Farm, Off Long Lane, Scorton, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 1DB Tel: 01524 792748 Bernard Mobile: 07714 254564 Email:

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Argentinian blood builds base of top herd Having bred two UK sires of the year, Carolyn Fletcher is known for producing quality pedigree cattle. She explains how she has moulded her herd over time. Carolyn Fletcher spent much of her adult life travelling the world due to husband Frank’s job in the oil industry, but on settling at Barwise Hall, Cumbria, she pined to reconnect to her farming roots and set about establishing a herd of commercial cattle and a flock of Mule ewes. After some time, Carolyn adopted the use of an Aberdeen Angus bull in the herd and purchased a number of pedigree females, going on to pave herself a name in this breed’s circles, having great successes at many shows across the country. After the devastating loss of all her stock to foot and mouth, when Carolyn began re-stocking, her breed of choice wasn’t quite as she had expected. Carolyn recalls the first time she went to Argentina looking for cattle to import with a group of Scottish Aberdeen Angus breeders. They viewed some of the top herds in the country, including La Paz owned by Leo Worthing and Tres Marias owned by Horacio Gutierrez, where, she says, the Herefords were impressive. She revisited the country with friends to look at stock to import embryos from. This trip flipped Carolyn’s breed preference and determined her future, being so impressed with the Herefords she saw. Carolyn had travelled to South America with the aim of bringing home 25 embryos, mostly Angus and some Herefords. On viewing the stock in Argentina, she chose to import half and half, without ever viewing the Hereford breed in the UK before. “When I got to Argentina, the Herefords were good framed cattle with great feet.



The gauchos were very tough. If cattle weren’t performing, they’d cut their throats. The cattle were also surprisingly docile given the large group sizes they were kept in. “I was going to buy Herefords from La Paz, and Angus from Tres Marias,” explains Carolyn. “But I was asked why didn’t I have Herefords and Angus from both? And that’s what went on to happen. Strangely the best Herefords came from Tres Marias and the best Angus from La Paz." The embryos were subsequently purchased and imported. Prior to the calves hitting the ground in 2003, Carolyn purchased Leo’s Pride 1 Anni-Frid from Betty Ellis, Wigan, Greater Manchester at the Royal Show in 2002. This female went on to be Barwise Herefords' first show success, winning supreme and female champion at the National Poll Show the following year as a two and half year old cow. That year, the male champion was also bred by Betty Ellis, being Leo’s Pride 1 Nelson, exhibited by DD Rowley and partners, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. It is no mean feat breeding a sire of the year, let alone two, but Carolyn has done just that with Barwise 1 Wellington winning in 2009, also named poll bull of the year in 2004, and son Barwise 1 Lancer taking the accolade in 2018. “The line which has produced both Lancer and Wellington breeds very well,” comments Carolyn. Wellington was one of the imported embryos from Tres Marias. His dam was Don Pancho X40 Etiqueta and is by Don Pancho Decathle.

Carolyn Fletcher farms Barwise Hall near Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria



Carolyn also had a flush of embryos from Canada which she says bred fantastically well and produced the tremendous cows, Barwise 1 Grace, Barwise 1 Graceful and Barwise 1 Amazing Grace, which she comments are all good breeders. Three particularly prevalent cow families at Barwise are the Roses, the Anns and the Graces. The imported embryos from Quilmes PH Rosemary 6855 gave very good cows she says, which were the beginnings of Carolyn’s Rose family. Leo’s Pride 1 Anni-Frid was the foundation cow for all females in the herd with names beginning with the letter A. A Hereford cross Belted Galloway

Lancer, a son of Wellington, was out of Barwise 1 Grace, a HR4L Beyond embryo, imported from Canada. She says: “I will flush a Beyond cow to Wellington as this breeding has produced fantastically good females and bulls in the past, like Lancer. It is lucky Robert Wilson bought Lancer because together with the Romany cows, some great cattle have been produced. It was through Robert’s showing that Lancer gained the sire of the year title. It was great promotion for Barwise.” These days Carolyn keeps 54 poll Hereford breeding females alongside 21 Belted Galloways females. Overall cattle headage is down as the Angus herd has been sold she says, and at the time of visiting there were 160 cattle on-farm. Two farms are run spanning 121 hectares (300 acres) in total with Carolyn and

husband Frank living at Barwise Hall and Carolyn’s ‘right hand man’ Matt Taylor at Hoff Row. The Galloways are employed to graze the harder areas of the farm after the decision was made not to reintroduce sheep following foot and mouth.

She says: “Wellington-bred cows are so strong that they too are having a large influence on the calves too, and not just the sire. You need a bull which will influence and dominate the cows and have qualities that stamp onto the female. Such bulls are hard to find.

All females are home-bred and Carolyn says it is important to produce cattle that breed for you, rather than buying them in. She likes to have a good stock bull but also enjoys experimenting with AI sires.

“I think every breeder is never quite satisfied with what they have, but this fuels the continual strive for improvement. Last time I needed a bull, I drove my husband to distraction because I just could not find anything I considered to be quite what I needed. For me, a bull has to look good, but EBVs are also really important.”

Carolyn says: “I don’t use popular AI bulls, preferring to use new boys on the block. As such, I have imported a lot of semen from Danish-based Henrik Andersen of Moeskaer poll Herefords."

Carolyn sells through the two main society sales in Hereford and three official sales in Carlisle. Some females are sold from home which may increase in the future, but as a rule she keeps the best.

Barwise beef Named as one of Rick Stein’s food heroes, Barwise is also home to a meat processing facility, for home-bred carcases which are killed by Jewitts of Spennymoor, County Durham and hung for at least three weeks before being cut by a local butcher who visits as and when required. When available, Carolyn’s Hereford Beef is sold as cuts as people request or in mixed selection boxes. All meat sold in this way is vacuum packed fresh, put in chiller boxes and delivered over night.

Carolyn Fletcher runs 54 pedigree cows



Farm facts  54 Hereford cows  9 recipients  4 Angus females  160 cattle on farm  44 head of Belted Galloways  21 breeding females  50.6 hectares (125 acres) pit silage made in one cut  121.4ha (300 ac) are run between Barwise Hall and Hoff Row A huge percentage of the bulls which leave Barwise are destined for commercial and dairy homes, quite often travelling away from the farm’s surrounding area, although Carolyn says she is hoping the more local market will develop over time. She adds: “It is a great pleasure when they are sold into good pedigree herds and there is then also the chance to see the progeny they breed.” Barwise-bred bulls have been purchased by the Irish National Breeding Centre. Genus also stock Belted Galloway semen from Barwise and owns Barwise 1 Proteus, a Wellington son. Bulls which don’t make the grade for breeding are finished at 16 months, weighing 600kg. If males are considered not to be good enough at the time of being a calf, they are castrated and sold as stores. Although the herd calves all year round, March is the busiest time of the year for Carolyn and she says capacity becomes a problem when there are young calves about. Carolyn also produces what she calls a ‘Belford’, which is a Hereford cross Belted

Spring 2019-born calves at Barwise

Galloway, which she says are good cattle and she likes to use as recipients. In the late part of the summer, calves are creep fed prior to weaning. Once weaned, they are supplemented a 16 per cent crude protein mix, which Carolyn favours over nuts. Through the drought of summer 2018, while much of the country’s grass struggled to grow, Carolyn says Barwise was a green island, which didn’t lose its colour all summer.

Three stock bulls are currently run at Barwise: Moeskaer Online - a Remitall Online 122L son Moeskaer Patriarch - by Remitall Patriot 13P Moeskaer Ultra - a HR4L Beyond son

Both pit and baled silage are made with the latter saved for bulls and ‘special cases’. One cut of pit silage is taken off 50.6ha (125ac) and an amount of small bale hay is also made. Carolyn says: “2019 was magic because we managed to make all three – hay, pit and baled silage with no stress.“ All feed and straw is bought in to Carolyn’s area of Cumbria, potentially leading to large costs. With this in mind, the main cattle sheds have been built with a dairying mentality, with rubber flooring and automatic scrapers which although Carolyn says she was not too keen on to start with, cattle don’t seem to mind at all and are not any dirtier than if kept on straw. Although Carolyn is a keen show lady with the ring playing a large role in the promotion of the business, she is also keen to stay true to her commercial roots. She says: “We must never lose sight that the Hereford is a beef breed and that we are not just here to breed pretty cattle. Breeds are ruined through doing this. Perhaps a bull doesn’t have a white neck, but it can bring so many other things to a herd.” Carolyn has a clear passion for the breed and hugely enjoys breeding Herefords and talking to likeminded people. In November, Carolyn was elected vicepresident of the Society for 2020. She says: “The Hereford breed has allowed us to have friends all over the world who all have a common passion and are open and sharing of information. It’s like a brotherhood.”

Moeskaer Ultra, at two years old



Herefords on show at Beef Expo The Netherhall herd was centre of Beef Expo’s pre-event tours, attracting 240 visitors from around the world.

Laura Bowyer, Andrew Hughes of the Coley herd and David Deakin receive the prize for reserve best Society stand

Herefords were at the centre of the show at Beef Expo in May. Some 240 visitors from across the nation and further afield flocking to Nether Hall, Mansergh, Cumbria to the home of David and Maggie Kelly’s Netherhall herd for the pre-event tour. This was a tremendous opportunity for the breed as Nether Hall has in recent years changed from producing sale topping Limousin cattle to developing its own pedigree Hereford herd, largely based on Australian genetics and commerciality. David and Maggie ably explained why they chose to move from the continental breed to the Hereford, with clear messages about ease of management and cost of production, triggering much interest from attendees. Boomer Birch, beef programme manager at Cogent, was also on hand to outline the increase in demand for Hereford genetics by beef and dairy producers, breed secretary David Deakin updated attendees on the Hereford breed and Dunbia’s Ryan Law explained how the processor’s Hereford scheme has developed since 2013.

In May, 240 visitors took part in the pre-event tours

At the Beef Expo event itself at J36 Rural Auction Centre, Kendal, over 4,000 visitors attended, where the Hereford Cattle Society once again welcomed members and commercial producers to its stand, which won second place best Society stand. Thanks must go to Heather Whittaker and Andrew Hughes for supplying Coley 1 Reiss and Coley 1 Randolph and Gary Hall for loaning Romany 1 Prince to

display the breed on the stand. Over 140 trade stands and breed societies displayed the latest developments and technology at the event, attracting visitors from across the country and further afield. On the breed stand, export enquiries were made by those from eastern Europe and South America. The themes of consistency, productivity and sustainability were addressed during a lively open discussion session on the future of the beef industry. National Beef Association chief executive Chris Mallon and chairman Andrew Laughton were joined by guests to discuss the development of genetics in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also improve productivity and ultimately profitability. The discussion was the culmination of a full day of technical seminars covering topics including health, integrated supply chains, future proofing for success and challenges facing the industry.

The Netherhall herd was visited as part of the Beef Expo tours


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Chris Mallon said: “We have seen a tremendous turnout for the event, following the two well attended and highly informative farm visits a day earlier. We have had some great feedback and are particularly pleased to see the focus on productivity and profitability demonstrated by our beef farmers.”

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tel: 015242 73927

Netherhall 1 OZ Daffy M022 Stock Bull

Top 1% of the breed for Short Gestation. 54 cows out of 57 cows calved early up to 2 weeks before due date.


Johnes & BVD accredited, BVD & LEPTO vaccinated,TB 4 year testing. No Risk


Bulls in the top 1% for eye muscle area and Retail beef yield. Heifers & Bulls Carcase Scanned at 14 months old.


Nether Hall, Mansergh, Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, LA6 2EW mob: 07808050030 email:

Naturally reared- super fertile. GUARANTEED


Top 1% for Low birth weights & calving ease. 68 bull calves averaged 40.6kg & 78 heifer calves averaged 37.5kg (2019)




Allan Riley




Hereford sire reduces costs

Costs have been significantly reduced, and the management of his commercial suckler herd has been simplified for north Lancashire foot trimmer Allan Riley with the purchase of a quality Hereford bull. Howard Walsh reports. For almost 30 years Allan Rilley has run spring calving suckler cows alongside his foot trimming and freeze branding business, but with the latter taking him and his team off-site for most of the day, problems at calving time are the last thing he needs. However, because his income from the sucklers comes from selling weaned calves as stores, cost of rearing and quality remain vitally important.

the odd replacement calf following a loss at calving, plus the bill for creep feed, I reckon the business should be more profitable now with our Hereford-sired stores which will have performed almost entirely off grass and forage.”

The family business, based at Westfield Farm, Nether Kellett, comprises around 49 hectares (120 acres) of owned and rented land, and is an all-grass farm just a few hundred feet above sea level. It is free-draining land with all fields mowable and Allan runs 30 cows, mainly black Limousin-dairy crosses. He also helps his father when required with his pedigree Suffolk and commercial sheep.

“I like the temperament and milkiness of these dairy crosses, most of which I tend to buy privately from high health status herds which I visit for foot trimming. However, the cows themselves must have good conformation and the Hereford bull I bought, Nertherhall L1 Maybe M074, has a plus EBV for milk (+16kg) and the plan is to retain some of his heifers and put them back to a Limousin bull. All the male calves are ringed as finisher buyers like to graze them,” he says.

Traditionally a Limousin bull has been used, and Allan sells the majority of his stores through the ring in Lancaster, but this year was his first year calving to the Hereford. It is an impressive four year old ET American line-bred bull from the Netherhall pedigree herd of one his foot trimming clients, the Kelly family at Kirkby Lonsdale. Allan says: “I am certainly not decrying the Limousin in any way, but all I can say in this our first year of using the Hereford, is how much easier it has made things and how pleased I am with the calves. They have good length, decent conformation and all our cows calved within a three week period, outside and unaided, and with no losses.” He also feels that a stress-free calving helps the cows begin cycling again and therefore maintain a tight calving period. “Taking into account my vet bills in previous years, the cost of having to buy

All but two of the current herd are the Limousin crosses, the other two being three quarter-bred Limousins.

He also has a few British Blue heifers on rented ground away from the farm and these will also be put to the Hereford bull. “On my farm visits, it is clear that the Hereford is becoming more popular on dairy herds, along with, to be fair, the Angus. I am sure that one reason for this, apart from calving ease, is the improvement we have seen in the Hereford breed with better conformation, lighter bone, shorter gestation but retaining that ability to perform off grass,” says Allan. “I look for good length and loin in a bull because that tends to be what the abattoirs are paying on these days and there seems to be less emphasis on the back-end producing roasts which are often discounted on the supermarket shelves.



Farm facts  49 hectares (120 acres) of grass  Currently 30 Limousin cross dairy suckler cows  High health BVD Lepto-free herd  Spring calving to Hereford bull  Milkiness of cows a priority  Progeny sold as store steers, auction and private  Some heifers being retained for herd expansion  Emphasis on grass and low protein forage  Minimal creep feed

Four year old Netherhall L1 Maybe MO74

“As for the cows, I keep them as long as they are efficient and while some of my planned expansion up to 50 head will come from retained, Hereford-sired heifers, I will still continue to source these black females as replacements like I have always done.” The system at Westfield Farm is quite simple and although there has been a change of herd sire, will remain pretty much the same apart from one important difference, outdoor calving. “Previously we have kept the cows inside until calving simply because, if there was a problem and a cow needed assistance in one way or another, I am away from the farm for much of the day so it was easier to handle them. This year they all calved outside and I think with the cows moving around more, the unborn calf positions itself better. I am not saying it will always be so, everybody gets problems occasionally, but based on our experience this year, it will be outdoor calving from now on. Cost considerations aside, it means we are better able to get on with the foot trimming which is the main side of my business.” The cows have access to pre-calver buckets for three months but the springborn calves weighing 30-40kg at birth receive no creep at grass, with Allan a big believer in the suckler cows’ milkiness. In previous years the continental cross calves received creep in the field from July. The herd is normally housed in midOctober when everything is fluked and wormed and the calves do then have access to creep feed before weaning at Christmas after which they just receive a small amount of feed – less than one kg - once a day in addition to conserved



forage. The target weight for weaning, depending on whether they are males or heifers, is either side of half the weight of the cow and they are weaned into pens in the same building as the cows. “They do bawl for a couple of days after they have been weaned, but generally I think this puts less stress on them than total separation,” he says. Allan employs two staff on the foot trimming side – John Barton full time, and Joseph Ibbetson on a part-time basis – and this does enable him to spend a little more time on the farm. The trimming crush is a KVK Danish-manufactured hydraulic unit powered by mains where available, or four on-board batteries. It was when he was trimming at David and Maggie Kelly’s he was persuaded to give the Hereford a try. The Kellys

had already switched from pedigree continentals and proved to themselves the benefits of concentrating on Hereford EBVs, easy calving and growth rates. Allan had also noticed a significant improvement in foot health in their herd and ironically, a requirement for fewer visits from himself. “There definitely is a big difference in the amount of attention needed by continental and native breeds. I don’t really know why, but I do know that ‘pushing’ cattle on concentrates has a detrimental effect on feet.” However, he is keen to dispel one myth relating to hoof colour. “I know some people maintain that black hooves are more durable and require less attention, but in my experience that is simply not the case. We trim pedigree bulls of all breeds and when you get animals that have not been on large amounts of hard feed, they are definitely better on their feet whatever the colour,” he says.

Allan is pleased with the length of Netherhall L1 Maybe M074's progeny

There is no hard feeding at Westfield Farm and nor is there any emphasis on high protein content forage. “We make hay and haylage but we don’t cut young grass as I believe high protein forage can tend to put too much growth into the unborn calf and therefore increase the risk of calving issues,” says Allan. Stores destined for sale will not be turned out before selling although he does intend to sell the Hereford crosses a little older than he did the Limousins. “We used to sell from about nine to 11 months old but now it will be from 11 to 15 months, with most through the auction

Allan is happy with the conformation of the Hereford cross calves

and a few private sales and they will be sold with named sire on the passports as some of my buyers will be targeting the retailer native premium schemes,” says Allan. Breedplan figures for Netherhall L1 Maybe M074 show him +57kg 400 day weight and +68kg 600 days with calving ease (daughters) +1.9 per cent. The Netherhall sire itself will be retained as long as it is producing the goods, but Allan says he would be very interested in taking a son of an Australian bull from which the Kellys have been using semen.

Allan runs a busy hoof trimming and freexe branding service

“I have seen the Australian bull on video link and I am extremely impressed with him,” says Allan. “It is my type of bull.”




PUTTING TOP QUALITY HEREFORDS ON THE MAP Homes of the best herds in the Association’s Area with many of the herds in the Breed producing in 2019 Paul Snell & Lynn Ferguson ‘Lowergrove’. Herts County: Supreme Champion, ‘Lowergrove Montgomery’. Newtoncroft Farms. Ashby Show Supreme Champion. Newtoncroft 1 Renzo Speirs Farms Ltd. Bucks County Show: Supreme Champion; Native Interbreed & Overall Show Interbreed Champion, ‘Pepperstock 1 Rebellious’. PRJ & LR Vincent ‘Pulham’. Area Association best herd competition overall winner. Fowell Bros ‘Bure Valley’. South Suffolk Show Male Champion – & Association overall points show winner ‘Bure Valley 1 Remus’.

BEDFORDSHIRE 1. R & M Bates, ‘Battlebrook’ (DH) Brook House, Grange Farm, Wrestlingworth, Sandy, Beds SG19 2HE. Tel: 01767 631639. Email: 2. Speirs Farms Ltd. Jim Speirs, (P) ‘Pepperstock’ Pepsal End Farm, Pepsal End Lane, Pepperstock, Luton, Bed. LU1 4LH. Tel: 07979463480. 01582 430962. Email: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE 3. David & Annabel Briggs, ‘Blackwell’ (P), Blackwell Farm, Latimer, Bucks HP5 1 TN. Tel: 01494 762190 (M) 07970492785. Email: 4. Sarah Cowle ‘High Hedges’ 15, Station Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 4BW. Tel: 01296658310/07770666887. Email: 5. Mr I. C. Markham & EA Gough ‘Glenmore & Glengough’ (P), Glenmore Farm, Bullington End Road, Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes, MK19 7ER. Tel: 01908 511169/07778180730. Email: 6. Paul Snell & Lynn Ferguson, ‘Lowergrove Herefords’, Lower Grove Barn, Mursley Road, Little Horwood, Bucks MK17 OPG. Tel: 07730095062. Email:Paul on Lowergrove 7. TGR Williams & Son, ‘Alanbrook Herefords’, Highlands 95 Weston Road, Olney, Bucks MK46 5AA. Tel: 07831529406. Email: CAMBRIDGESHIRE 8. Dan Fabb & Helen Parr, ‘The Fabb Herd’ Wilsons Orchard, Fenside Road, Warboys, Cambs PE28 3TY. Tel: 07584035080. Email: 9. Karen Froud ‘Oldwest’ 13, Hillrow, Haddenham, Ely, Cambs CB6 3TQ. Tel:07787576798. Email: DERBYSHIRE 10. D. J. Deaville, ‘Alderville Poll Herefords’, Model Home Farm, New Road, Alderwasley, Belper DE56 2SQ. Tel: 01629822402. (M) 07999527108. Email: 11. D.D. Rowley & Partners, ‘Hollowseal’ (P), Hollows Farm, Sandy Lane, Netherseal, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE12 8BU. Tel: 01827 373293 (M) 07724743611. Email; carol@ Web: 12. A & S. Stevenson & Sons, ‘Alvian’ (P), Carr Farm, Carr Lane, Brackenfield, Alfreton, Derbys DE55 6DG. Tel: 01773 836124/07891832195. Email: ESSEX 13. John Little Farmers, ‘Reydon’ (P), The Farm, Rettendon Place, Rettendon, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 8DR. Tel: 01268767175 (M)07858378501. Email: HERTFORDSHIRE 14. Mrs. L. Jackson, ‘Sparkwood’ Woodrow Farm, Wigginton, Tring, Herts HP23 6HT. Tel: 01442 823005. Email: LEICESTERSHIRE 15. P. Cobley, ‘Kinglee’ (P), Stanton Farm, Broughton Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, LE9 4JA. Tel: 01455 272810 (M) 107738 110102. Email: pete.cobley@cobleytransport. 16. TD. & WT Livesey, ‘Normanton’ (P), Manor Farm, The Hollow, Normanton Le Heath, Leics LE67 2TJ. Tel: 01530 264683/07710386329. Email: 17. Newtoncroft Farms, ‘Newtoncroft’ Croft Farm, Newton Harcourt, Leicester, LE8 9FH. Tel: 01162 259387 Email: LINCOLNSHIRE 18. SA & VJ Elwess, ‘Elwess’ (H) Manor Farm, Common Lane, Heapham, Gainsborough, Lincs DN21 5XB. Tel: 01427 838208. Simon: 07825446321. Victoria: 07764740540. Email: Web: NORFOLK 19. Jeremy Buxton, Town Farm, Booton, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 4NY. Tel: 07870490159. Email: 20. Norman Farming Partnership, ‘Hickling Herefords’ Poplar Farm, Sutton Road, Hickling, Norfolk NR12 0AS. Tel: 07584564976. Email: 21. Philip & Laura Vincent, ‘Pulham’ (H & P). White House Farm, Coles Common, Pulham Market, Diss, Norfolk IP21 4XT. Tel: 01379 676906 (M) 07771697866. Laura:07767838208. Email: / Web: 22. Jonathan Wells & Leisa Freeman ‘Wellhart Poll Herefords’, Lethbridge House, Rogers Farm, Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0LB. Tel:07778 440249. Email: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE 23. RN & MA Borwick ‘Mara’ (H), No1 Preston Lodge Farm, Preston Deanery, Northampton NN7 2DS. Tel: 01604870246 (M) 07886030801. Email: Web: 24. Monica Brown, ‘Happy Herefords’, Home Farm, Butchers Lane, Pytchley, Kettering, NN14 1EJ. Tel: 07770770976 Email:

18 12 10


11 16


17 15


36 39 41 33 39 34 41 37 359 28 38 7 9

24 5 7 6






4 14 3


19 22 20 21 2

8 9






NORTHAMPTONSHIRE 25. Thornby Farms, Miss AE. Barlow, ‘Thornby’ (P), Thornby House, Thornby, Northampton, NN6 8SJ. Tel: 01604740295. Email: Peter Moyes - 07767 353205. Email: 26. RG. Westaway & Son, ‘Clipston’ (H), Grasslands Farm, Clipston, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 9RY. Tel: 01858 525385. Email: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE 27. JW & R Johnson, ‘Real’ (P), 110 Bridle Road, Burton Joyce, Nottingham, NG14 5FP. Tel: 01159 313184 Web: Email: OXFORDSHIRE 28. P. T. English, ‘Churchlands Estate’ (P), Churchlands, Appletree Road, Chipping Warden, Banbury, Oxon OX17 1LN. Tel: 01295 6604831 07788616447. Email: Web: 29. M.J. Ludgate, ‘Rempstone’ (P), Scotsgrove Farm, Scotsgrove, Thame, Oxon OX9 3RX. Tel: 07725558051. (James) 30. Megan Trinder, Manor Farm, Islip, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 2SQ. Tel: 07768816637. Email: RUTLAND 31. JWE& SL Bevin, ‘Shorne Hill’ & ‘Shipleyhill’, Shorne Hill, Brooke, Oakham, Leics LE15 8DB. Tel: 01572 771102 (M) 07711616944. Email: SUFFOLK 32. Owen Smith Farming, ‘Clement’ (H). Briar Cottage, School Lane, Bromeswell. Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2PX. Tel: 01394460408 and 07885 594143. Email: owensmith- WARWICKSHIRE 33. D. & E. Colledge, ‘Hawkesbury’ NN7 2DS(P), Grove Farm, Parrotts Grove, Aldermans Green Road, Coventry, CV2 1NR. Tel: 02476 313806. Email: 34. P.E. & K.J. Dicken, ‘Jacobean’ (P), 121, Darley Green Road, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands B93 8PU. Tel: 01564 776471/ 07817587010. Email: 35. Nick & Lucy Holdsworth, ‘Pebworth Herefords’ Little Meadows Farm, Pebworth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 8XE. Tel:01789 721972 (M) /07894074041 Email: 36. D.P. Jones, Agricultural Contracting, ‘Maxstoke Herefords’ (P), Mill Farm, Maxstoke, Coleshill, Warwickshire B46 2QA. Tel: 01675462183. Email: 37. RP. Mann, ‘Spinney’ (H), ‘Ufton (P) Ufton Hill Farm, Ufton, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 9PL. Tel: 01926 612208 (M) 07739280645. Email: 38. Mike & Caroline Shaw, ‘Thorneysure Herefords’ Wharf Farm, Darlingscote Road, Ilmington, Nr Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire CV36 4JA. Tel: 01608 682556/07968486823. Email: 39. S. White, ‘Meadowduke Herefords’, Duke Meadows Farm, Grendon, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 3DP. Tel: 07885331026.

Hon. Secretary: Alan Pittam, 38 Ashby Road, Braunston, Daventry, Northants, NN11 7HE. Tel: 01788 890702 Email:


Midlands and East Anglia

Midlands and East Anglia launch new website

The Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association has had another actionpacked year, while also developing a new website. The Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association (MEAHBA) launched its new website ( in February 2019. Designed by Laura Vincent of the Pulham herd, it is a great source of information and gives a real flavour of what the club is all about. Show and competition results and photographs are added regularly along with a live Facebook newsfeed, updating the latest news page with show results, animals for sale and other news as it happens. The Association is pleased to congratulate two of its young members who have been selected to represent the UK at the New Zealand World Hereford Conference. The selected pair, Ryan Coates and James Ludgate, have both been active members of the Association since school days, joining in the training workshops. Both are now committee members, with Ryan being vice-chairman. Congratulations must also go to Ian Markham who won male champion at the recent HCS autumn show and sale with Glengough 1 Vinnie.

Herd visit and judging evening The Speirs family invited the Association to Pepsal End Farm, Pepperstock, Luton for its stockjudging evening, followed by a farm walk to view the rapidly expanding herd. Jimmy had penned four bulls, four heifers and four cows with calves for 18 competing members to judge. Fiona Reynolds accepted the challenge as master judge, a difficult task as all the groups were very similar, with no obvious winner. Les Vesty was the winner, with Peter Cobley and Michael Church joint runners-up. The evening ended with a very enjoyable buffet supper on such a lovely evening. Thanks to Gary, Angela, Jimmy and Sophie Spiers for hosting the group.

journey from Northern Ireland to judge, and placed Heather Whittaker’s bull and heifer as his choice for the champions. Robert and James Fowell kindly loaned a cow and heifer calf for the stand and the horticultural department of Easton College again provided the floral decoration. The Association extend its thanks to Fowell Bros and the college for making the stand so attractive. The Association would also like to thank the Society president Jonathan Moorhouse, his wife Rosemary and breed secretary David Deakin for making long journeys to Norfolk to attend.

Hertfordshire Show Paul Snell and Lynn Ferguson, Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire repeated their success of 2018, by again winning the Hereford supreme championship at Hertfordshire Show, with another great bull, Lowergrove Montgomery.

Bucks County Show Numbers forward at Bucks County Show were lower than in previous years, but still a great show of cattle for Des Kelly to judge. Hereford champion, Pepperstock

Committee President – Ian Markham Chairman – Michaele Church Vice-chairman - Ryan Coates Secretary – Alan Pittam Assistant secretary – Peter Moyes 1 Rebellious from Jimmy Speirs took the interbreed and native championships. This was the second consecutive year Herefords had achieved this.

Herd competition 2019 The Association was delighted when John Kemp of Auckvale Herefords, St Helens, Co Durham accepted the invitation to judge its herd competition, the first Hereford breeder to do so for over 20 years. There were 19 herds entered and John spent six days in the area, travelling from Derbyshire to Essex, Warwickshire to Norfolk and many other counties in between. Best herd, Philip and Laura Vincent, Pulham

Royal Norfolk Show The Royal Norfolk show was again the best supported show of Herefords within the MEAHBA area, with 67 entries and 40 cattle forward. James Graham made the

Pepperstock 1 Rebellious, overall and native interbreed at Bucks County Show

Midlands and East Anglia


Laura and Philip Vincent won best herd

Small Herd, 1st John Little Farms, Reydon; 2nd Norman Farming Partnership, Hickling; 3rd Karen Froud, Oldwest Medium herd, 1st Philip and Laura Vincent, Pulham; 2nd Mike Ludgate, Rempstone; 3rd Simon and Victoria Elwess, Elwess Large herd, 1st Speirs Farms Ltd, Pepperstock; 2nd Dan Fabb and Helen Parr, Fabb; 3rd Tim and Will Livesey, Normanton Best bull calf, Pulham Simba, Philip and Laura Vincent Best heifer calf, Normanton 1 Jews Ear 26th , Tim and Will Livesey Best cow suckling a calf, Pebworth 1 Paloma, Nick and Lucy Holdsworth Best heifer under two years old, Kinglee 1 Sadie 595, Peter Cobley Best stock bull, Normanton 1 Laertes, Tim and Will Livesey Best bull under 30 months, Maxstoke 1 Sovereign, Colin and Mary Jones Alvian Trophy for the highest placed member, joining the MEAHBA in the last three years, Dale Walters, Lowerhurst Paul Sapsed Cup for the most successful animal, 1st Bure Valley 1 Remus, Fowell Bros; 2nd Beckhall Princess Grace; Beth

L-R: Joshua Matthews, Martin Coates, Beth Vincent and Hannah Murrell

Vincent, 3rd Newtoncroft 1 Renzo, Newtoncroft Farms and Rempstone 1 Bertha H311, M J Ludgate; 3rd Pulham 1 Hazel 14th, PRJ and LR Vincent The Austin Manning Cup for the highest placed animal from a herd of less than twenty cows, 1st Beckhall Princess Grace, Beth Vincent; 2nd Newtoncroft 1 Renzo, Newtoncroft Farms; 3rd Admirals 1 Chesney Plum, R Manning

Highhedges young handler of the year There is always hot competition for this trophy, with 17 young handlers recording points. Beth Vincent won, repeating her success of 2018, collecting three young handler championships along the way. Ophelia Fowell, Hannah Murrell and Joshua Matthews all took the runner-up position.

Annual general meeting The 2019 annual general meeting, took place on 3 October at Itteringham, Norfolk, by kind invitation of James and Robert Fowell. Ian Markham was elected president for 2020. Other officers remained the same, with the addition of Peter Moyes as assistant secretary, and Lucy Holdsworth replacing Clive Bidmead on the committee.

Members enjoyed looking round Fowell Bros herd of Herefords



Midlands and East Anglia

After a lovely lunch of Hereford Beef stew and Norfolk dumplings, members had an enjoyable tractor and trailer ride around the lanes, seeing their herd grazing conservation meadows.

Autumn tour Late September saw 14 members enjoy a two day tour of the South West, visiting Mike Harris, Peter Dejager and Les Gould on the Saturday, travelling to Marcus and David Lury on the Sunday morning before visiting Jonathan and Rosemary Moorhouse in the afternoon. The party had a most enjoyable and interesting tour and would like to thank all the host farms for their kind hospitality.

Presentation evening The Association held its annual awards evening on Saturday 9 November, The Rockingham Forest Hotel, Corby, with 30 guests and members attending. John Kemp, the 2019 herd competition judge with his brother Tom made the long journey from Bishop Auckland to attend the evening. After dinner John, and Martin Coates, MEAHBA president for 2019, presented the many awards.

Winners of the Midlands and East Anglia Herd Competition for 2 consecutive years - 2018 & 2019

Pulham 1 Julia 1st & Curly 5th

Appel 1 Kaboom

Pulham Ranger

Pulham Tiara 5th

Both sired by Appel 1 Kaboom Exported to H & J Have, Denmark

Sired by Haven Hotspur First Shrewsbury Calf Show 2018 Exported to JJ Farrell and P & C McGrath, Southern Ireland

Sired by Solpoll 1 Lawman Young bulls by “Kaboom” for sale

Sired by Haven Kermit Sold at the 2019 Designer Genes Sale to James Lake and Ellen Lee for £4,095

Thanks to the purchasers of Pulham Ringleader – P & M McKenna, Pulham 1 Remitall – M Jenkins and all our other customers in 2019

Bulls and females for sale

SAC Elite Herd – Johnes Risk Level 1, BVD, IBR & Lepto Accredited Philip & Laura Vincent, White House Farm, Coles Common, Pulham Market, Diss, IP21 4XT 01379 676906 07771 697866 / 07767 838208 Visitors always welcome

Midlands and East Anglia




D.O.B: 02/03/2019




OWEN SMITH FARMING Briar Cottage, School Lane, Bromeswell, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2PX TEL: 01394 460408 MOB: 07885 594143 OR EMAIL:

LOWER HURST POLL HEREFORDS Established in 1989 An organic Grass Fed Herd in the Peak District National Park SAC premium health scheme

Lower Hurst Farm, Hartington, Derbyshire SK17 0HJ Tel: 01298 84900 Herd Manager: Dale Walters Tel 01298 687242 Email



Midlands and East Anglia

Mara Herefords Breeding Quality Cattle

HERD SIRE MARA PARAMOUNT x Clipston Top Drawer dam - Clipston Pansy F18

MARA SETRITE AT 4 MONTHS x Mara Paramount dam - Blossom 43 first son looks promising

NEW HERD SIRE BREOCK LACHLAN In joint ownership with Rose & Rodney Westerway

Bob & Margaret Borwick 01604 870246 07886 030801 Midlands and East Anglia  


Prime Time reigns at Royal Norfolk Show Showing at the Royal Norfolk for the first time, Heather Whittaker took the supreme and reserve championships. First time Royal Norfolk Show exhibitor Heather Whittaker, Halifax, West Yorkshire, won the breed championship with Romany 1 Prime Time and took reserve with Coley 1 Clara 418. This win was straight off the back of Coley's Royal Highland Show success and a credit to stockman Andrew Hughes. Hereford classes were judged by James Graham, Richmount Herefords, who had travelled across from Northern Ireland to sort almost 40 cattle forward. James Graham’s female champion and reserve came from the largest class of the day with 15 senior heifers forward. The judge described his female champion Coley 1 Clara 418, as ‘a standout heifer, with exceptional muscle and no waste, who carries herself well, has great locomotion and is full of meat’. Beckhall Princess Grace, sired by Pulham Northern Lights was named reserve female champion, following in the footsteps of her dam, Pulham Princess Pansy 4th, which was reserve female champion at Royal Norfolk Show in 2017. In James’ opinion ‘Grace is an exceptionally well-balanced heifer, with great locomotion, spring of rib and loin – she oozes longevity”. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62, owned by Heather Whittaker and bred by JRB Wilson and sons took the top honours and was James Graham’s ‘standout bull of the show’. Prime Time is sired by Barwise 1 Lancer and is out of Romany 1 Ishbel A84

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 from H Whittaker

G53. MJ Ludgate’s Rempstone 1 Hotline H471, sired by Dorepoll 1 Heritage and out of Rempstone 1 Bertha F260 was tapped out as reserve male champion.

Highland prize winner, Thame-based MJ Ludgate’s Remptone 1 Bertha H311, sired by Solpoll 1 Hollywood and out of Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd.

The junior heifer class was won by Jonathan Wells and partner from Costessey, Norfolk with Wellhart 1 Coco Chanel, with J Doyle and J Matthews, West Caister, Norfolk placed second with Fiery Cassandra.

There was the excitement of a Royal visit during this class with the arrival of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Society’s president HRH The Countess of Wessex. The Countess discussed Herefords with the breed president Jonathan Moorhouse, secretary David Deakin and judge James Graham. The Countess was then presented to Norfolk stockman Stephen Gray who has worked for the Wyand family based in Reepham, Norwich for the last 29 years.

It was another red rosette for Jonathan Wells and partner in the intermediate heifer class, this time with Reydon 1 Ariella R6, bred by John Little Farms, Rettendon, Essex. The cow class was won by another Royal

Coley 1 Clara 418 from R Robinson and H Whittaker


Midlands and East Anglia

Entries were strong at the Royal Norfolk

Clipston Herefords Clipston 1 Clipper C9 At 6 months Sire: Dendor 1 Poncho

Clipson 1 Casey C5 At 6 months Sire: Clipston 1 Viscount

STOCK BULLS Breock Lachlan Half share now sold to Mara Sire: Nanscient Grigor

Clipston 1 Viscount V19 Sire: Venture 1 Index

Many thanks to our customers. Visitors always most welcome

R & R Westaway Grasslands Farm, Clipston, Market Harborough, (Northants) Leicestershire LE16 9RX Tel: 018585 25385 Mob: 07712443684 Email:

Society news


James Graham judged at the Royal Norfolk show

Speirs Farms Ltd, Pepperstock, Bedfordshire won the intermediate bull class with Pepperstock 1 Rebellious, a son of 2016 Hereford bull of the year, Normanton 1 Laertes. More Solpoll 1 Hollywood progeny had success in the junior bull class, this time owned and bred by Newtoncroft Farms, Newton Harcourt, Leicester who purchased him from MJ Ludgate.

HRH The Countess of Wessex visited the Hereford ring

Newtoncroft 1 Renzo was first.

classes with seven young leaders showing

The Norfolk special class is more and more competitive every year, with 10 exhibitors based in the county showing this year. The trophy was won by Beth Vincent with Beckhall Princess Grace. Norman Farming Partnership, Hickling, Norfolk, picked up reserve with Hickling Blossom 5th.

Herefords. Congratulations to Joshua

The Hereford breed was once again well represented in the young handlers'

Bure Valley cow and calf attracting much


Pepperstock 1 Jade R454 Sired by Senior stock bull Barwise 1 Mach One sold at DGS 2018

Matthews and Rhiannon Matthews who both won their classes. The Midlands and East Anglia Hereford Breeders’ Association trade stand was a popular destination with Fowell Brothers, attention.


MEAHBA Best Large Herd For Sale:

Pepperstock 1 Renowned sold at Hereford Autumn Show & Sale 2019

Bulls Maiden Heifers Heifer’s in-calf to Barwise 1 Mach One THERE’S NO STOCK Junior stock bull Newtoncroft 1 Renzo


Junior stock bull Pepperstock 1 Rebellious

Herd Sires: Barwise 1 Mach One, Pepperstock 1 Kingsley, Kinglee 1 Romeo AI Sires: Kinglee 1 Hero, SMH 1 Kingsize, Normanton 1 Laertes, Romany 1 Distiller

Jim Speirs : 07979 463480 / 01582 450962 Pepsal End Farm, Pepperstock, Luton, Beds, LU14LH


Midlands and East Anglia

TB 4 year area/BVD free

Normanton HerefordsÂ

Normanton 1 Laertes

a champion that breeds champions Semen available whilst stocks last!

Normanton 1 Sydney Male Champion & Reserve Overall Champion National Calf Show 2019 Sired by Normanton 1 Laertes

HarveyBros 1 Crocus-Rose National Polled Show Champion 2019 Sired by Normanton 1 Laertes

Visitors Always Welcome Manor Farm, The Hollow, Normanton Le Heath, Leicestershire, LE67 2TJ William Livesey: 07791917382 Colin Soutter: 07958153651 Email: Search 'Normanton Herefords Royal Welsh 2016' on YouTube.

Midlands and East Anglia  


Marking 50 years of breeding Herefords



s. Mawarra Mustang mgs. Gouldingpoll Superduty

NordbĂŚk Norseman Considered one of the very best Herefords to come from Denmark

A & SG Stevenson & Sons

Carr Farm, Carr Lane, Brackenfield, Alfreton, Derbyshire. DE55 6DG Kris: 07891 832195 / 01773 836124 * * Visitors Always Welcome * Quality Stock Usually for Sale *

Thornby 1 Maria



South of England

Calves sired by Moeskaer Keno 1452


100% horned cattle, naturally reared on the North Sea Coast, from consistently proven female lines

Butley Al Capone



1st and Reserve Male Champion Hadleigh Show 2019 Sire Laxfield Harmony - Dam Laxfield Spark 72nd He carries the successful ‘Spark’ line through both sire and dam which has consistently produced strong bulls for over 45 years

Butley Clara UK226752 600329 Sire Clinwil Ethan - Dam Laxfield Clara 17th A correct, easy fleshing member of the long established ‘Clara’ family, so successful at Atok, which produced Atok Kemble the great herd sire for Westwood. 100% produced from grass with zero concentrates. Sires currently used: Laxfield Elvis, Champion Suffolk Show 2015, Laxfield Harmony and Butley Vanguard* By AI: Crown Robert 2nd* and Free Town Vindicator* Visitors always welcome. Satisfaction is our aim.

D.C. Smith and Sons, Banters Barn Farm, Boyton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3LW Tel: 07971 694912 or 01394 411270

South of England


Herefords build base of large scale suckler business

For the Hull family at Turncole Farm, Southminster, Essex, the Hereford breed has for a long time built the basis of their large scale cattle enterprise. Always keen for a challenge, Edward and Ann Hull, along with Edwards parents David and Mary operate under the Hull Farms name, running 800 suckler cows in what is otherwise the bread basket of Great Britain, being surrounded by arable production. Dairy-Hereford cross calves from around the country are purchased in the autumn to rear as female replacements. The family choose this cow for its placid temperament and quality of beef, and currently 700 of the 800 cows on-farm are of this cross. With a lack of stock in the immediate area, the family travels for hundreds of miles to source these young heifers, often making on-farm purchases in East Anglia or visiting markets in the milk fields of the north west. It is the breed’s docility, motherability and uniformity which makes the Hereford such a good female, explains Edward, and when coupled with added milkyness from its dairy mother, a breeding female is produced which suits their system. Calves are purchased in a window of four months from the end of summer so they all grow as one management group and can be served at a similar time. Arriving at the farm at two to six weeks old, they are then bucket reared at David’s base in Halesworth, Suffolk, where 60 per cent of the farm’s grass-keep can be found. The farm at Halesworth acts as a quarantine unit and on arrival, calves are vaccinated for pneumonia and IBR. Calves are reared outside in shelters made out of straw bales, which provide good air movement, says Edward, while also keeping calves warm.



The calves stay in Suffolk until they are 12 to 14 months old. This growing period is spent on sandy soils and calves are out-wintered on a forage-based ration of grass silage, hay and barley straw. Supplementary concentrates are given as required, purchased in as whole barley and milled on-farm, while homeproduced wheat goes for bread milling. Heifers then move to Essex into outside yards for their second winter. At this point, pelvic measurements are taken as the family constantly strives to improve management and performance. Edwards explains: “We have started to combat any potential calving problems by carrying out pelvic measurements, which just puts us ahead of the game. Those sitting in the bottom 10 per cent will be culled from the herd and a further 10 per cent will be taken out due to growth, which we assess by eye.” To encourage calving ease, the Hulls opt for big cows with plenty of room inside them, says Edward, weighing around 700 to 800kg. Every heifer is also freeze branded with a letter which corresponds to when it was born. Edward says: “Both sides of an animal’s parentage need to be substantial to be able to breed a decent animal. The cull cow value is very important to our business. With the fluctuations in the beef market, we must have a good carcase at the end of the female’s productive life. “If we have done our job right, we will have minimal problems at calving; if we get body condition score, feeding and bull choice right, it should be straight forward.”

Farm facts  800 suckler cows, 700 of which are Hereford cross Holsteins/Friesian  2,428 hectares (6,000 acres)  405ha (1,000ac) of owned arable  2,023ha (5,000ac) rented grass all within 85 miles  Grass is rented from five different landlords  2,000 breeding ewes (Romney, NCM, Dorset and Easycare)  1,214ha (3,000ac) standing straw purchased each year  Half of their bales are exported to Holland  7 wind turbines  In the winter, 182ha (450ac) of various cover crops and stubble turnips on short term rented ground



The family calve 200 heifers in the spring and 50 in the autumn

Edward estimates just 2 per cent of his Hereford-cross cows need assistance. At calving they try to keep nightime disturbance down to a minimum. Cows are checked for the last time as night falls and are only re-visited if a cow is still in labour, keeping a special eye out on heifers. The Hulls calve 200 heifers in the spring and 50 in the autumn. On these young females, they opt to use a Saler bull; a breed which when crossed with the Hereford, leads to minimal calving problems, while also producing a saleable product at the end of it, explains Edward. On first calved heifers and cows, they opt to use Charolais or Angus bulls. The bulls go in with all the spring calving heifers and cows on the 25 May where they remain for nine weeks. There are a number of other breeds in the suckler herd but these are being phased out. “We prefer the Hereford crosses as they have longevity and they knit well with the Charolais bulls,” comments Edward. Focus is put on EBVs when buying in bulls and they opt to purchase sires with a growth rate in the top 10 per cent, chasing performance to finish cattle between 14 and 18 months old. To make this achievable, all the offspring have creep and are weaned in the months of September and October. Edward says weaning is fairly quick and takes three to four days with little aggro or reduction in growth. Calves are



weaned off their mothers in groups of 40 before going in to outdoor corral yards. Cattle are fed a mixed TMR ration throughout winter and they aim to hit 300 to 340kg deadweight at 14 months. Each year, 1,000 bales of high quality silage bales are made for the young Hereford-cross calves. In addition 800 tonnes of hay 2500 tonnes of forage rye and 1,500 tonnes of fodder beet are made each year. The family also bales 5,000 tonnes of straw annually and buy 3,000ac (1,214ha) as standing from local farms with surplus straw exported to Europe. It makes the mind wonder why in an area known predominantly for its arable production, does the family continue to keep livestock? But the Hulls say it is in their blood, having previously also been in dairying, keeping 300 cows in the late nineties; a notable number both then and now. Once the dairy herd was dispersed, they moved to buying in and fattening 1,500 head of cattle, but the outbreak of foot and mouth in 2001 made this unviable, claims Edward whose wife Ann is also from a family farm in Northamptonshire.

Edward and Ann Hull

watch the market and choose when the best time to sell them is. The ease of management the Hereford has brought to our system has saved time and in turn has added profitability. With young children, footpaths and staff on the farm, we do not need to keep dangerous cattle.” The lack of local stock also means there is reduced competition when it comes to taking on grazing, and ground can be secured for sensible money for ‘conservation grazing’.

Edward says: “Historically we have sold our offspring as suckled calves, hauling them up to Rugby Market, but with the store trade and beef price in the doldrums, the operation now, more than ever, has to adapt to run as efficiently as possible.

The dry climate of just 450mm (18 inches) annual rainfall and the sandy soil, being just in land from the east coast sea wall, means the window of time cattle can be kept outside is lengthened at both ends, reducing the expense of costly winter housing.

“To maximise the returns on cattle sales, we are keeping cattle longer so we can

Cattle are killed and butchered at Fowler Brothers at Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex.

Cattle are finished in outdorr yards

This local company has strong links into the city of London where it is marketed as native and targeted at the wealthy, discerning customer. Each week the family sends 12 to 15 cattle here, along with 100 lambs. This butchery is looking for consistency and eating quality and the Hulls’ system fits the bill, they say. Edward says; “A lot of the eating quality is due to the quarter-bred Hereford animal we are producing, and also the high starch ration which the finishing cattle receive.” While the cows and calves are out grazing all the calves have access to a homeblended creep feed, to maximise the growth of the calf while suckling “They also wean better if they are on creep feeders before they leave the cow. They don’t go backwards but they instead get straight onto the creep and keep growing,” says Edward. Forage rye is the latest addition to the farm’s rotation and 120ac (49ha) have

Hereford sired dairy females are opted for

been adopted in place of maize this year. The forage rye has been chosen over maize as Edward describes maize as a very expensive crop to grow, not always being cost effective. “Forage rye is a hybrid crop, with capabilities of a large tonnage per acre. It can be so dry here that the conditions don’t always allow maize to start off properly and can also create soil compaction at harvest time. “Furthermore, we would also like to assess our winter feed stocks earlier in the year and with the forage rye cut in June, we have considerably more time to plan our winter feeding. The rye has similar protein and starch levels while being cheaper and more reliable. We follow this crop with stubble turnips for cows and calves to graze or lambs to finish on,” he says. Ground is rented for fodder beet, which sees 1,500 tonnes grown for winter feed stocks. “All cattle are fed a TMR forage and straw based diet with only citrus pulp, brewers’ grains and potato by-products purchased

in the winter to service the 2,500 head of cattle. This equates to an average feed intake of 18.5kg per head across all mouths for a 150 day winter,” Edward says. With the introduction of compulsory electronic tagging Edward and Ann are eager to adopt this technology, due in autumn 2020. Rather than a legislative burden, they view electronic identification as a management tool with efficiency potentials and say it will be useful to them in recording and monitoring daily live weight gains. Looking forward, Edward says he would like to maintain cow numbers and embrace the changes that Brexit may throw at us in the near future. The family also wishes to improve the infrastructure of the farm to make their working lives more efficient. “Whether we expand any further all depends on availability of winter housing, profitability and staffing. Ideally we would like to keep cows in cubicles but they are just too expensive to fit our system at the moment,” explains Edward.












Hereford Cattle Society 2020 sale dates

Tuesday 11 February

Dungannon Farmers Mart

Saturday 22 February

Shrewsbury Auction Centre

Friday 6 March

Borderway Mart, Carlisle

Tuesday 21 April

Dungannon Farmers Mart

Monday 27 April Hereford Market

Friday 2 October

Borderway Mart, Carlisle

Monday 12 October Hereford Market

Tuesday 1 December

Dungannon Farmers Mart


Our genetics have gone far & wide in 2019: From Northumberland to the Isle of Wight and from Gwynedd to Lincolnshire **4 bulls sold to pedigree herds**

Pebworth 1 Paloma EASY CALVING | MATERNAL | HEALTHY | FERTILE Bulls and females available Pebworth 1 Rhinestone Pebworth 1 Sasha Fierce Herd Sire Cato 1 Miller. AI sires used Moeskaer Cross�ire and Netherhall Oz Daffy. Nick & Lucy Holdsworth Little Meadows Farm, Pebworth, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8XE 01789 721972 / 07894074041 All visitors welcome.


Society news

Sired by Ervie L1 Achiever 91151H and Pulham Pacesetter

Simon & Victoria Elwess

Manor Farm, Heapham, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 5XB

T: 01427 838208 M: 07825 446321





The Churchlands Herd has just finished celebrating its 50th anniversary The Churchlands Herd

As a result of modern breeding, assessment techniques and traditional showing activities, the herd today boasts a string of national show awards. It is owned and founded by Philip English and his mentor and ‘guardian angel’ was Oscar Colburn who of course founded the Polled Hereford Breed. That friendship inspired him to use Oscar Colburn’s genetic guidelines. The genetics have been drawn internationally from Canada, USA, Australia and Denmark. They have pursued ease of calving, high milking volume, weight gain and the herd has produced an overall Polled female champion 2004 and overall male champion in 2006 and 2007.

Churchlands Genetics – Semen & Embryos

Nurtured in the heart of our beautiful, rural Oxfordshire estate, the Churchlands Herd goes from strength-to-strength with each and every generation of showstopping Herefords.

We have semen available from Churchlands Estate 1 Batavia (overall male champion in 2006 and 2007) and six younger bulls 14 to 24 months immediately available for sale carrying outstanding genetics. For more information, please visit the Hereford Cattle Semen page on our website or call us on 07831 446421. Embryos are also available and can be purchased on a contract basis.


Genetics Society news

Churchlands, Chipping Warden, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX17 1LN Telephone: +44 (0)7831 446421 email:




Society news

Cleland Poll Herefords

Society news  


All action for UKHY

UK Hereford Youth enthusiasm continues as a team is selected to compete at the World Hereford Conference 2020. The first UK Hereford Youth (UKHY) event of the year was held at the home of David and Juliet Fenton of the Boresisle herd, St Michaels, Kent. David and Juliet run a farm shop, butchering and selling their own cattle, pigs and lambs. Attendees spent the day learning about the workings of an organic farm as well as the pedigree herd of Traditional Herefords. Members were very proactive in asking questions around the breeding and commercial side of the business. UKHY working group member Clive Davies covered the selection of cattle for the commercial market. A stock judging workshop was undertaken and all members gave their reasons to Clive. The day was finished off with a butchery demonstration which pulled together and concluded all previous discussions. Next on the list was the national stock judging competition held at the Royal Three Counties Show. Two teams participated this year with team A, consisting of Finlay and Isla Soutter and Ellis Parry and team B of Mia Williams, Grace Denning and Ollie Garnett-Smith. Team A took the overall championship and beat all the adult teams which was a tremendous achievement. Finlay then went on to win the under 26 competition. July’s gathering saw the main workshop of the year at Shraden Herefords, Baschurch, Shropshire, by kind permission of the

Dunbia’s Kenny Linton, Josh Dowbiggin, Iona Smith, Will Awan, Sophie Harvey, Rebecca Robinson, Allan Massey, Matthew Rollason, Joe Launders, Tim Livesey, Isla Soutter and Anna Blakey of Dunbia

Timmis family. UKHY members were kindly invited to help celebrate the herd’s centenary celebrations and what a great weekend it was. After a herd walk on the Friday night, 22 members attended workshops the next day focusing on clipping, dressing and general show preparations. Applicants for the World Hereford Conference young breeder competition were put through their paces by Alan Timbrell of the Thames herd, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Cattle were put forward for the candidates to assess and they then gave reasons to a panel, who judged their performance. Chris Williams from Clinwil Nutrition Services was also in attendance to give a presentation on

Katherine Shaw, Stephen Cherry, Isla Soutter, Caroline Davies and Eva Jackson at the National Poll Show


Society news

nutrition and mineral supplements which the seniors found very interesting. Afternoon proceedings kicked off with seniors pairing up with novices to help aid the juniors in learning new skills when showing cattle. This proved to be a successful afternoon with seniors challenged on their teaching skills and the juniors learning from their peers. The day was well attended, with excellent stock to work with. A number of council members were present and UKHY members put their questions to them on the future of the youth movement and how they aim to support the programme. August saw Richard and Joanna Mann host a commercially focused day at their farm in Ufton, Warwickshire. A farm walk started the day with cows and calves and heifers and finished off with the commercial cattle. Richard went into great depths in explaining about their health routines, sourcing in cattle and their feeding regimes. Clive Davies and butcher Phil Parrot gave an in-depth discussion on meat quality and a visual demonstration on assessing store and finished cattle. This was a great day for those who didn’t have the commercial knowledge prior to attending. The older members of UKHY were fortunate enough to visit the Dunbia plant in Sawley during August. Meat quality, carcase selection, food safety and the operations of a meat processing plant were all covered and it was a very valuable experience for members.

Northern Ireland  


Youth team selected for New Zealand After much deliberation from the panel, the team of Ryan Coates (team leader), Sophie Harvey, James Ludgate and Matthew Rollason were selected to represent the UK at the World Hereford Conference’s young breeders’ competition in New Zealand in 2020. These young people were successful in a selection process devised by council, which was open to all members in the specified age range. The criteria from New Zealand was that it had to be a team of four with ages ranging from 18 to 30, with one member appointed as team leader. There was a series of events and workshops in which applicants were encouraged to attend, along with other UKHY members. Once the nine applications were received from UKHY members, a judging panel was formed of Non Thorne, Andrew Hughes and Rob Parker to further assess the candidates. The process came to a conclusion at Robert Wilson’s Fluffy Moos facility where a day of tasks was set for the young

L-R: James Ludgate, Matthew Rollason, Ryan Coates and Sophie Harvey who will be competing at the WHC young breeders’ competition in New Zealand

people, including flower arranging, auctioning a random object, assault courses and lassoing. The afternoon saw them work in pairs to clip and dress a heifer against the clock. To finish the day off, the judging panel interviewed each candidate individually.

team the best of luck in New Zealand

The Hereford Cattle Society wishes the

2024 World Conference.

and is pleased to have such a high calibre of young people to represent the nation. Thanks must also go to the other candidates who unfortunately were not successful but are encouraged to apply for similar opportunities ahead of the



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17/12/2019 16:48


Est. 1969

Above: Above Aldersley 1 Edgar, now 13 years old, pictured here at six. Below: One of his sons Alderville 1 Denver at 18 months. Dam Alderville 1 Dorothy 35th by Otapawa High Voltage His stats : Calving ease+0.1 600 day+81 EMA+4.3 RBY+1.7 TI37 SRI45

Members of the HiHealth Herdcare Scheme Many thanks to all our customers in the past year.

D. J. Deaville, Model Home Farm, Alderwasley, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 2SQ

Tel: 01629 822402/824070

David Mob. 07999 527108


Society news  


International demand for UK Herefords

UK Hereford breeders had another busy year of exports, with live animals, semen and embryos travelling far and wide. At the beginning of the year, Reg Hutchings, South Mundham, West Sussex sent two bulls to France. Fisher 1 Rocky R477 was received by T Moullart, Vrély in northern France. This March 2018-born bull is out of a home-bred cow and by imported semen from the Australian-bred Allendale Waterloo B50. The second Fisher bull destined for France was Fisher 1 Rambo R48, which was purchased by P Bastien, Bagneux in the north east of the country. Born in April 2018, it is a Fisher 1 Midas M415 son and out of Fisher 1 Clover J362 which is sired by Allendale Waterloo B50. Traditional Hereford bull, Carpenters Moses from Helen Macleod, Berrow, Worcestershire, was exported to Lida Stork, Boekelo, The Netherlands. Moses was born in May 2018 and is by stock bull Shefford Monarch while out of Downy Birch Judy, which is a Llandinabo Comet daughter. German Hereford Association secretary, Carsten Schmidt, purchased Shraden 1 Red Fox from the Timmis family, Baschurch, Shropshire. Out of Shraden 1 Dowager J487, which is a Greenyards 1 Eagle daughter, it is by Dendor 1 Knuckleduster, sired by SMH Euro.

Pulham 1 Curly 5th sold to Henning and Jytte Have, Denmark

Laura and Philip Vincent, Pulham Market, Norfolk sold two females to Henning and Jytte Have, Egtved, Denmark. Pulham 1 Julia 1st is out of Romany 1 Julia H12 M7 and by Appel 1 Kaboom, which was imported from Ireland and is by Solpoll 1 Lawman. The other was a February 2019born female, Pulham 1 Curly 5th. This is another Appel 1 Kaboom daughter, and is out of a Romany 1 Machine D1 M13 daughter, Pulham 1 Curly 3rd.

Over 40 other pedigree animals travelled to the Republic of Ireland throughout the year in different consignments, including a good number following the Border herd dispersal of Stan and Helen Quan. Semen of Haven Wizard from EL Lewis and son, Dilwyn, Herefordshire, was purchased




Caladenes SA. Born in 2002, 50 straws of this well-known bull travelled across the Atlantic. Wizard was by Longville Raja and out of Haven Oyster Girl 81st, a daughter of the Canadian SNS Generator 28X. Danish-based




imported 200 straws of Solpoll 1 Promoter from





Ballygowan, Co Down. This bull’s donor dam was Harvie MS Nylon 94Y, and is a FCC Twenty X 20X son. Other private semen sales were made, including the export of 200 straws of Pulham Powerhouse to Seamus Nagel, Doolin, Co Clare along with many others from semen firms, including a large Shraden 1 Red Fox sold to Carsten Schmidt, Germany



consignment of 2,850 straws of Shraden 1 Navas to Turkey.



C Fa bb1Shel l eyPebbl es&Fabb1SweetFl or aC -2019Des i gnerGenesEnt r i es-

01487822224;Hel en-07584035080;Hel en@f abbher d. c om Wi l s onsOr c har dFar m,Fens i deRoad,War boy s ,Cambr i dges hi r e,PE282TY

l savai l abl ewi t hout c r os sgenet i c sandgr eatEBV’ sC C Bul



Irish Hereford Prime producers visited Hereford House

Irish Hereford Prime producers visit UK

In October 2019, a group of 44 Irish Hereford Prime members and Hereford breeders travelled to the UK for their first producer group tour. Spinney Herefords

The Bradstock family began breeding Herefords in 1906, and moved to Free Town in 1919. The reputation of the herd continued to grow and eventually they began regularly exporting breeding stock around the world, including Australia, South America, South Africa and Ireland. Today, 100 years on, the herd of some 75 breeding females is managed by the fourth Bradstock generation, Tony. The Free Town herd has in recent years used two bulls from the Moyclare Hereford herd in Ireland.

After arriving in Birmingham, the group of Hereford Prime members headed to Hill Farm owned by Richard and Joanna Mann, Ufton, Warwickshire. A dairy farm until 2006, it is now predominantly in grass production with only 20 hectares (50 acres) of the 283ha (700ac) growing wheat. Richard runs a herd of 130 spring calving pedigree Hereford cows, but the main commercial side of the farm is predominately Hereford cross cattle. He buys Hereford crosses at four months of age and aims to slaughter them between 16 and 24 months old. The 900 head of cattle in the finishing operation are supplied mainly to Dovecote Park but they also send some cattle to Dunbia. Richard was happy to provide as much detail on the farm enterprise as he could. His use of by-product feeds in the finishing period was of particular interest to the group. He feeds his cattle a ration that contains bread, grass silage, maize, whole crop, liquid molasses and brewers’ grain.

Hereford House The next day, the group visited the Hereford Cattle Society offices, where they were given a brief outline of the Society and how it is run. Discussions took place on a number of interesting topics such as the UK Hereford Youth programme, Society



Martin Murphy, Hereford Prime producer and president of the Irish Hereford Breed Society (right) presents a gift to David Deakin

shows and sales, Breedplan performance recording and the increasing demand for Hereford Beef. Most interestingly, some insight into the future was explored, with issues like maintaining high welfare standards, improving food integrity and SNP (54k) DNA testing discussed. While in the city, the group also undertook a guided tour of Hereford Cathedral and then some down time to look around Hereford city at their own leisure.

Free Town Herefords Next on the agenda was a visit to Free Town Herefords, Tarrington, Herefordshire.

Current farming practices were outlined to us. Underperforming cows are rigorously culled, on economic criteria of fertility, milk, feet and calving ease. Stock unsuitable for breeding are finished on-farm, surplus bulls are sold at a liveweight of 550 to 600kg and other prime animals sold to local butchers in Hereford, or privately as boxed beef from farm to local consumers. Winter rations are based on grass silage of short-term ryegrass and red clover leys. Adult cows are not fed concentrates and young cattle are fed a mainly home-grown ration of oats, barley and beans. Most notably, Tony said: “With a resurgence of interest in Hereford cattle, generated by the various beef schemes, I’m assured that if the breed continues to improve, while retaining its versatility and maintaining the maternal qualities which

have made it world-recognised, the future will be bright.”

Haven Herefords The oldest running Hereford herd in the world, Haven Herefords in Dilwyn, was visited on the third day of the tour. Haven Herefords was established by Thomas Lewis in 1822. The current Edward Lewis took over the running of the farm from his father Leslie in 1984, becoming the fifth generation of the Lewis family at The Haven farm. The farm has changed over the years and now has more of a commercial focus. While still continuing to breed Hereford cattle on 40ha (100ac) of temporary and permanent grassland, the farm comprises 57ha (140ac) of cider apples selling to Westons, C & C and Heineken, with 2.6ha (6.5 ac) of traditional fuggle hops supplying Charles Faram Ltd. Also present are 57ha (140ac) of mixed arable cropping under stewardship schemes. Ben, the sixth generation Lewis is now farming at The Haven alongside his father after graduating in 2015 and travelling abroad in search of new Hereford genetics, notably to America and Canada (2013), Australia and New Zealand (2017). The herd currently runs 50 cows, which are

split into spring and autumn calving so the farm can supply bulls all year round. Sales are made from promotion through farming magazines, by word of mouth and in the show ring. The herd’s average terminal and selfreplacing EBVs are now in the top 10 per cent of the breed. “This is very pleasing as more customers now want these figures, although our policy is that phenotype still comes before EBVs. Having exported cattle to 26 different countries, we like to have bulls, in the form of semen, which can travel the world,” said Edward. Currently Haven Kingpin, Haven Wizard and Haven Jackal are available for export. Some of the recent bulls used at The Haven include two from Ireland – Corlismore Ted and FH William.

Leen Herefords The final farm on the tour was that of Tony and Babs Norman and family at The Leen, Pembridge, Herefordshire which is a substantial farm, with 162ha (400ac) owned and an additional 283ha (700ac) rented. Farming here takes the form of three very interconnected enterprises. Alongside the Herefords, there is a dairy

herd of 600 cows and 250 to 300 followers, a poultry unit of nearly 200,000 broilers and an anaerobic digester (AD) plant. The waste from the livestock enterprises goes to the AD plant. Richard Norman and his brother run the farm now as well as running other dairy units in the local area. Dairying on the farm is from a grass-based New Zealand type system supplying milk to Arla. Cross-bred cows calve in the autumn with 10 to 30 calves born per day. The AD plant was the enterprise that caught most of the group’s attention. At a temperature of 38 degrees, billions of bugs are working at their maximum ability to produce methane. The digester has the capability to generate enough electricity to run everything on the farm and up to 700 additional houses. Some crops growing on-farm feed into the AD, including maize, beet, barley and silage, along with food and veg waste and muck. However, Richard has learned over time that feeding the AD the optimum combination allows its full potential to be achieved. The waste material from the AD is used as fertiliser for the farm, proving to be more than enough phosphorus and potash for the 445ha (1,100ac) on this farm. In fact, it has the ability to provide enough fertiliser for almost another 1,012ha (2,500ac).

The Hereford Beef Scheme

Proud to Support the Hereford Cattle Society. For further information contact:Kate Sutton Cattle Procurement Manager,

Dovecote Park Ltd Tel: 01977 623331 or email:



Visi t spor s and t arr ange d

tors Visi elcome w s lway




Date for 2020 National Show Saturday 13 June 2020 at Armagh Show SHOW AND SALE DATES 2020 (Dungannon Farmers Mart) Premier show & sale Tuesday 11 February Spring show & sale Tuesday 21 April Winter show & sale Tuesday Tuesday 1 December

Secretary: Mark Moore, 51 Glassdrummond Road, Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, BT69 6DE Mob:07966876575 Email: Chairman President Treasurer Adrian Irvine - 07764204410 James Graham - 07984458007 Stephen Baxter - 07752392229



T Andrews 0289334437618 Ballyfore Road Larne BT40 3NF


C Kerr 07956656588 67 Annesborough Road Kinnego Lurgan BT67 9JD


W Morrow & Son 07855829420 02838330777 160 Mahon Road Portadown BT62 3SG



S Cherry 07779036556 77 Ballymartin Road Templepatrick BT39 0BS


JE RI & W Haire 07887675649 02890825215 41 Divis Road Dundrod Crumlin BT29 4UB


F A & E Kerridge 02894433780 9 Connor Road Parkgate Templepatrick BT39 0DY


The Leader Family 02890824899 63 Knockcairn Road Dundrod Crumlin BT29 4UE


E McCorry 02894454104 50B Crumlin Road Ballinderry Lisburn BT28 2JZ


J McMillan 07764533348 17 Garvaghy Hill Potrglenone BT44 8EE


Brian Mawhinney 07715033702 21 Strand Road Doagh Ballyclare BT39 0RF

V & M Steele 02825685107 137 Ballywatermoney Road Glarryford Ballymena BT44 9EU



J & R Tuft 07891787486 114 Ballinderry Road Upper Ballinderry Lisburn BT28 2NW




G & T Morton 07761979806 11A Madden Road Armagh BT60 3LN


Jenna Hunter 07706873733 20 Derrycughan Road Markethill Co. Armagh BT60 1 RW



S Baxter 07752392229 02837524606 22 Monaghan Road Armagh BT60 4DA J Conlon 07753471873 02837551488 27 Gossford Road Markethill BT60 1QD


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AJ Farms 07968754976 57 Saintfield Road Killinchy Newtownards BT23 6RL



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J Graham 07984458007 42 Richmount Road Portadown BT62 4JQ K Greenaway & W Conn 07801844723 23 Derryvinney Road Portadown BT62 1SX

P Auret 07808923894 126 Monlough Road Saintfield BT24 7EP G Christie 02897561770 9 Drummond Park Ballynahinch BT24 8GE


S Forsythe 07725518064 8 Boggle Hill Road Tullyraine Gilford BT63 6IF

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John Moore 07511510919 47 Shilanavogy Road Broughshane Ballymena BT42 4PD Riverside Farm 07860349913 46 Station Road Doagh Ballyclare BT39 0QT R & J Shaw 02825891462 16 Kellswater Road Randalstown BT41 2PF



J & G Small 07836701782 23 Creeve Road Randalstown BT41 3LW



R & J Irvine 07818888877 02837507005 115 Ballymoyer Road Whitecross BT60 2JN



J Coulter 58 Dromara Road Ballynahinch BT24 8JW


Robin Fee 02833744016 14 Drumgooland Road Ballyroney Banbridge BT32 5HB



J & K Taggart 02891862345 07715906009 34 New Road Carrowdore Newtownads BT22 2HB


R McKenna 07979522053 5 Aghindarragh Road Augher BT77 0EU


David Gibson 07772108061 27 Slievenaboley Road Dromara Dromore BT25 2EH


B & G Watson 07990517766 64 Templeburn Road Crossgar BT30 9NG

M & L Moore 07966876575 02885557317 51 Glassdrummond Road Aughnacloy BT69 6DE




J Henning 07739611220 02840632020 180 Castlewellan Road Cabra Newry BT34 5EX


Dianne McMinn Johnston 07835696101 22 Main Street Bessbrook Co. Down BT35 7DJ


J & A Henning 02837507743 07484301681 17 Keadymore Road Mountnorris BT60 2UH




J Martin 07745080388 02897511132 34 Lisdoonan Road Saintfield BT24 7HH


R & P McClenaghan 02890427945 72 Ballymiscaw Road Holywood BT18 9RW


C McCord 07709390346 271 Ballynahinch Road Annahilt Hillsborough BT26 6BP

C & M Beatty & Son 02885557349 49 Leaney Road Castletown Dungannon BT70 1 SL P Beatty 07789644772 02885556700 15 Tirelugan Road Aughnacloy BT69 6DB


J Black 02882841961 14 Killyliss Road Fintona BT78 2DL


R Black 02882841746 10 Rodgers Road Tattykeel Omagh BT78 5DD

R Morrow 02885557360 39 Rehaghey Road Aughnacloy BT69 6EU


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McMordie Family 07836362029 02897511181 3 Riverdale Lane Saintfield BT24 7JG


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A & T Campbell 07742575680 35 Kittymittan Road Ballinamallard BT94 2FW


Peter Collins 02887784609 105 Moy Road Dungannon BT71 4DV


Ivan Elliott 02886762012 24 Sessiagh Road Cookstown BT80 8SN




G & W Burleigh 07970430065 02866348414 43 Carran Road Beighy Kinawley BT92 3BG


M & J Doonan 02867751844 Drummons Glebe Roslea BT72 7NU





AJJ Glasgow 02886751305 Springhill Killycurragh Cookstown B & K Holland 07940397088 100 Moneymore Road Cookstown BT80 9UU


A & S Irvine 07764204410 02889561735 4 Derryallen Road Trillick BT78 3RZ


D Kelly 07802520011 02887752990 7 Dergenagh Road Ballygawley BT70 2JY


R A Knipe 07702341681 5 Donnellys Hill Road Benburb Dungannon BT71 7NL


D McCrea 22 Ballybeeny Road Bready Strabane BT82 0DF

N Hudson 07780912961 8 Raw Road Brookeborough BT94 4GE T Mohan 02867737071 Corlatt Newtownbutler BT92 8ER


R M Richmond 02867748333 Killynick Aghalane Enniskillen BT92 9HJ


D Wilson 02867751666 Lisrace Magheraveely Enniskillen BT92 6PP


I & J McFadden 02879469861 07590983899 46A Bellshill Road Castledawson Magherafelt BT45 8HG


G Workman 10 Movenis Hill Road Garvagh Coleraine BT51 5LZ



NIHBA Commitee - L-R: Robin Irvine, David Smyth, John Gill, Trevor Andrews, Stephen Baxter, James Graham, Adrian Irvine, Ivan Haire, Mervyn Richmond, Mark Moore, William McMordie and Greer Watson

Reflections on a busy year in Northern Ireland

Association chairman

Adrian Irvine reflects on another busy year for the Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders’ Association. We all face a number of challenges ahead here in the province. If it’s not the weather and uncertainty over Brexit, it’s ever increasing overheads and depressed cattle and beef prices. I am heartened to realise that we all are custodians and breeders of a noble breed which I believe through its unquestionable ability of natural feed efficiency, ease of fleshing and shorter fattening period will rise very quickly again to the forefront of our beef industry. With more and more beef being sourced from the dairy sector, our breed is placed in a unique position to capitalise on this opportunity, not only with our beef bonus scheme but also with the breed's capability of delivering a quality product with a consistently superior eating experience, perfect cut and portion size that is required by the retail industry and consumer alike. The overall quality of our breed here in Northern Ireland is improving and we must ensure this continues. We must strive to produce the right cattle for today’s market, never forgetting the need to maintain what they were designed for; feed efficiency, good muscling and ease of fleshing.


Northern Ireland

Our breed and Association continue to grow with ever increasing numbers of Hereford sired calves and new breeders purchasing females not only from within Northern Ireland but also from Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. Throughout the year we held a number of events. Bull sale prices at our three Association sales in December, February and April have remained steady with a top price of £5,100 and an average of £2,555 for bulls and £1,825 for females over the three sales. At the Royal Ulster Show at Balmoral Park, we had an excellent turnout of Herefords, superbly presented to our very capable judge George Thorne, Studdolph Herefords, Pembrokeshire. Our breed championship went to Mervyn and Henry Richmond with their heifer Corraback Cherry 10th, being their first breed championship at this event. Reserve champion went to Richmount 1 Poppy from James Graham.

The National Show in 2019 was held in Castllewellan and was judged by Des Kelly, Mullin Herefords, Co Tyrone who saw his breed champion in Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th from the herd of John and Karen Taggart. Reserve champion went to Richmount 1 Rockafella from the herd of James Graham. I want to congratulate all the winners and thank all exhibitors who took the time and effort to bring out their animals this year to all the show rings throughout Northern

Ireland. The importance of the show ring cannot be over emphasised as a platform to showcase and promote our breed to the wider farming community. The herd competition, judged by Robert Shaw of Hallwood Herefords, was held in July and the Association is indebted to our president Stephen Baxter for hosting the annual barbecue and presentation of herd competition awards. He and his family were also very generous in making this such a successful evening and donated a cross-bred heifer for our charity raffle which raised £6,485 for the charity Angels Wishes. The overall winner of our herd competition was John Conlon’s Drumatee herd who consequently hosted a farm walk for the Association at his farm in Markethill, Co Armagh. Our thanks again to John and family for hosting this very informative event. I feel privileged and honoured to serve as chairman. I want to thank all committee members who have helped out in any way with our NIHBA promotional events throughout the year and those who have contributed to the sub-committees which have been set up to further promote our breed.

Committee President – James Graham Chairman – Adrian Irvine Secretary – Mark Moore Treasurer – Stephen Baxter

Drumatee named best herd for another year

Having stood runner-up in the national herd of the year competition in 2018, John Conlon of the Drumatee herd was presented with the prize card for the best overall herd in Northern Ireland for the second consecutive year. Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders’ Association president Stephen Baxter’s farm on the outskirts of Armagh was the venue for this year’s barbecue and herds competition. With around 150 people in attendance, visitors were invited to compete in a stockjudging competition and a tour of the Umgola herd’s cows and calves before sitting down to a delicious barbecue of Hereford steaks kindly supplied by Dunbia. The judge for this year’s competition was the very experienced Robert Shaw of Hallwood Herefords, Ledsham, South Wirral. Having judged many herd competitions all over the UK, Robert was up to the task and with over 20 herds across Northern Ireland to be assessed, he fully enjoyed the task in hand. Having completed his full week of judging Robert said that he was very impressed with the size, structure and overall quality of the cattle presented before him. He was also very encouraged by the number of young people involved in the breed. Robert remarked: “The knowledge and enthusiasm of the young people I have met on my visits this week assures me that the Hereford breed is in very good hands in Northern Ireland.” Leading the way and taking the overall large herd award was John Conlon,

Markethill, Co Armagh with the Drumatee herd. Taking the title of best herd in Northern Ireland for the second year in a row, he also picked up best stock bull for Cill Cormaic Nevada. The judge noted his calves were very consistent and of great quality, having certainly made his mark on John’s herd. Taking second in the large herd and reserve overall was John and William McMordie, Ballygowan, Co Down with the Solpoll herd. Their quality crop of calves had obviously caught the judge’s eye as Solpoll 1 Snazzy picked up best autumnborn bull calf and Solpoll 1 Starlet S21 secured best spring-born heifer calf. Taking third in the large herd was David Wilson’s Lisrace herd, Magheraveely, Co Fermanagh. His stock bull Knockmountagh Marshall was third best stock bull and Lisrace Loyalist 21st took best spring-born bull calf. Trevor Andrews and his Mountview herd of Raloo, Co Antrim, picked up the best medium herd award. Trevor’s calves on the ground clearly stood out as his stock bull Dorepoll 1 Legacy took second in the stock bull award. Following Trevor in the medium herd was Robin Irvine’s Graceland herd at Whitecross, Co Armagh. He also picked up best autumn-born heifer calf with Graceland 1 Sally. Glenn Morton’s Nancy Herefords from Armagh, Co Armagh took third place.

At the NIHBA barbecue and herds competition evening, members viewed the Drumatee herd of John Conlon

In the small herds, Gerry and Ethan Small’s Drumshanbo herd Randalstown, Co Antrim led the way in first place. Closely followed by the Lisnaree herd of Marcus Murdock, Newry, Co Down and coming third was the Sessiagh herd of Uel and Nathaniel Shaw. Although smaller in numbers, the judge remarked the quality was consistent in these herds. NIHBA would like to thank all who attended and contributed to the nominated charity Angels Wishes on the night, through the barbecue and prize draw for the Hereford sired heifer which was won by Philip Macari, Armagh and kindly donated back to the charity. Speaking at the end of the evening, Association secretary Mark Moore expressed sincere thanks to Robert for taking on the momentous task of judging and carrying it out so professionally. Also to Dunbia for providing the excellent Hereford steaks and burgers which were fully enjoyed by everyone. Stephen Baxter and his family were warmly thanked for hosting the evening. No effort had been spared to ensure everyone enjoyed the evening and a lot of time and effort had gone in to ensure such an excellent event. Stephen’s work in organising the charity draw was much appreciated and would produce a very substantial surplus to be presented to Angels Wishes.

L-R: Kenny Linton, Dunbia; John Mcmordie; John Conlon (best overall herd); judge Robert Shaw and Eddie Boyd, Dunbia

Northern Ireland


Richmonds take premier championship at Balmoral Henry and Mervyn Richmond led their heifer Carraback Cherry 10th to the top spot at the Royal Ulster Show. Taking their first breed championship at the Royal Ulster Show was father and son team Mervyn and Henry Richmond, Co Fermanagh with their home-bred heifer Corraback Cherry 10th. Born in October 2017, it was sired by the 2012 Royal Ulster winner Kye Rodge 553 and out of dam Corraback Cherry 7th which was sired by Mara Flook, the sire of the 2018 National Hereford Show champion. This heifer also teamed up with Richmount 1 Rockafella to take reserve in the native interbreed pairs class, topping off a strong show for the Hereford breed. Richmount 1 Poppy from James Graham, Co Armagh stood reserve supreme, after

being placed reserve to Richmond’s heifer in the female championship. Born in January 2017, it is sired by Grousehall 1 Premier which is by previous UK sire of the year Barwise 1 Wellington and out of a Barbern 1 Gargantuan daughter, Richmount 1 Laura. The male championship was won by the 13 month old Solpoll 1 Real Thing from John and William McMordie, Co Down. Out of the Panmure 1 Henry daughter Solpoll 1 Dainty N11, its sire is NBG The Wonderer. It also went on to be placed reserve junior champion and was included in the first place group of three from one exhibitor. Success continued for the Graham family,

Corraback Cherry 10th from Mervyn and Henry Richmond


Northern Ireland

with Richmount 1 Rockafella tapped out as reserve male champion. A September 2017-born Premier son, it is out of Richmont 1 Lady Gaga which was female champion at 2011 Balmoral Show. Junior champion and winner of the youngest heifer class was Kye Holly 818 which at the time was owned by Tommy Staunton, Co Galway. A January 2018born Free Town Hotspur daughter, it had previously stood female champion at the Irish Calf Show. Later in the week, during the interbreeds, the Graham family’s Richmount 1 Ruby Royale won the native breed beef performance heifer class and is again sired by Grousehallpoll 1 Premier.

Richmount 1 Poppy from James Graham

Solpoll 1 Real Thing from John and William McMordie

Richmount 1 Rockafella from James Graham

Kye Holly 818 from Tommy Staunton

Est: 1961

Corraback Cherry 10th RUAS Supreme Champion 2019

Corraback Olive 10th Junior Female Champion National Show 2019

Corraback Lenny Premier Show & Sale Champion 2019

R.M RICHMOND 19 KILLYNICK ROAD DERRYLIN ENNISKILLEN BT92 9HJ Tel: 028 6774 8382 Henry: 07773 601232

Northern Ireland  


Taggart on top at Northern Ireland National Judged by Des Kelly of Mullin Herefords, Ballygawley, Co Tyrone, the 2019 Northern Irish National was held at Castlewellan. It was a memorable day for Co Down breeders John and Karen Taggart when they scooped their first National Show supreme champion with 27 month old heifer Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th. With two home-bred parents, this animal is by Carney Hill 1 Jackson. In the reserve supreme position stood the male champion, Richmount 1 Rockafella, a September 2017 bull from James Graham, Portadown, Co Armagh, sired by Grousehallpoll 1 Premier. It is out of Richmount 1 Lady Ga Ga, the 2011 Balmoral Show female champion. The Graham family also lifted the calf championship with another Premier son, Richmount 1 Skyfall, born in September 2018. The pair formed part of the winning exhibitor-bred group of three. The reserve male champion and yearling bull class winner was Carney Hill 1 Ribeye, a May 2018-born bull, also from John and Karen Taggart. Not done there, the family also won the cow class with their six year old home-bred Carney Hill 1 Olga, sired by Carney Hill 1 Giggs which was shown with its four month old bull calf at-foot. The reserve female championship was won by the 22 month old Shraden 1 Alice R834, shown by Alan Shaw, Dungannon, Co Tyrone which he purchased at the spring show and sale at Hereford earlier that year. This Dendor 1 Knuckleduster daughter is out of a Shraden-bred female, sired by Greenyards 1 Eagle.

Richmount 1 Rockafella from James Graham



Northern Ireland

Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th from John and Karen Taggart

The junior female champion came from the youngest heifer class. Taking the top spot was Mervyn and Henry Richmond, Aghalane, Co Fermanagh with Corraback Olive 10th. Born in March 2018, it was sired by the 2012 Royal Ulster winner Kye Rodge and teamed up with its paternal to win the progeny pair class. Taking reserve junior female champion was the January 2018-born River-Dale 1 Dainty’s Reka from the McMordie family, Saintfield, Co Down. It is a daughter of Moeskaer Pacman 1417 which is full of Harvie breeding from the US. The youngest animal at the show was top in the young bull calf class. Annaghbeg

Governor was born in May 2019 and is by Mara Pristine. Its dam stood second in the cow class, making the journey from Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone worthwhile for breeder and NIHBA secretary Mark Moore. The heifer calf classes were keenly contested with October 2018-born Drumnamether 1 Nancy winning the senior class for the Cully family, Drumnamether, Co Armagh. Lisnaree 1 Sundae, sired by Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid and born in April 2018 took the junior class before going on to lift the reserve calf champion for Marcus Murdock, Newry, Co Down.

Richmount 1 Skyfall also from James Graham

Carney Hill 1 Olga from John and Karen Taggart

Shraden 1 Alice R834 from Alan Shaw

Corraback Olive 10th from Mervyn and Henry Richmond

Lisnaree 1 Sundae from Marcus Murdock

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Northern Ireland


There are three official Society sales at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart, Co Tyrone where some of the best bulls in Northern Ireland are offered for sale.

Bulls to 5,100gns at NIHBA premier February sale

Hereford bulls topped the trade at Dungannon Mart’s February native breeds sale.

The top call of 5,100gns was paid for Solpoll 1 Powerhouse from father and son partnership, John and William McMordie from Ballygowan, Co Down. Sired by the Danish-born Moeskar Mentos, Powerhouse boasted outstanding performance figures for both growth and muscle and is eligible for the superior carcase sire scheme funded by the Hereford Cattle Society. The bull joins a newly established suckler beef enterprise in Co Londonderry.

3,000gns. This is another strong son of the very successful Mara Flook and was much admired when displayed on the breed stand at the Royal Ulster Winter Fair.

among successful vendors making 2,900gns for Lisrace Lumberjack while Lisrace Loyalist from the same herd sold for 2,600gns.

David, Jack Magheraveely,

Averages: 11 bulls, £2,825

and Robbie Wilson, Co Fermanagh were

It was a good day at the office for Mark and Laurence Moore from Aughnacloy, Co Tyrone with horned bull Annaghbeg Eli selling at 3,500gns. This well-muscled bull is a son of Guteragh Gladiator. Pick of the bunch for judge Michael Molloy was Enniskillen-based Mervyn and Henry Richmond’s Corraback Lenny which took the red rosette in the intermediate class before going on to win the supreme championship and later knocked down at

Solpoll 1 Powerhouse from John and William McMordie sold for 5,100gns

2,900gns reached at April show and sale Hereford bulls sold to 2,900 guineas at the April native breeds sale in Dungannon Farmers Mart. Taking the championship and the top price was Thornbank 1 Real Deal consigned by Hunter Stewart from Castlederg, Co Tyrone. This wellbalanced son of Solpoll 1 Dynamite had the scale and power to match up to its strong EBVs for growth and muscle,


Northern Ireland

following the footsteps of its full brother who also took the championship and top price at this event in 2017. The reserve champion from James Graham, Portadown, Co Armagh also featured among the top prices. This muscular son of Grousehall 1 Premier attracted considerable interest from the packed gallery, going on to sell for 2,600gns.

Buyers were showing a preference for big strong bulls to go straight to work and the entries from Robin and James Irvine’s Whitecross-based Graceland herd seemed to fit the bill. Graceland 1 Prince and Graceland 1 Prophet, rising two year old sons of Fisher 1 Jubilee, both sold for 2,700gns to local dairy farmers. Lisrace Loyalist 18th from the Wilson family from Magheraveely, Co Fermanagh was

another to find favour with the bidders and sold for 2,500gns. The only female on offer, Corraback Guenevere, an attractive young heifer by Kye Rodge was sold at 2,200gns for Mervyn and Henry Richmond from Derrylyn. Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders Association chairman, Adrian Irvine was very satisfied with the event. He said: “Our offering was considerably reduced as many of the entries had found new homes prior to the sale but we are pleased to see 11 bulls selling to a respectable average of £2,450 and we very much appreciate the support of Dunbia in running this event,” said Adrian. Average: 11 bulls, £2,450

Thornbank 1 Real Deal sold for 2,900gns in April

GRACELAND HEREFORDS BLAKESLEY 1 NOBILITY Junior Herd Sire We came out of retirement for the last show of the season – Nobility winning the Supreme Championship in a strong Hereford entry at Clogher Valley. We look forward to his calves this Spring. Senior herd sire - Fisher 1 Jubilee is joint winner of the N.I. Sire of the Year award -based on sales of progeny at Dungannon. Best wishes to all our customers in 2020. Quality bulls and females always for sale.

R & J Irvine, 115 Ballymoyer Road, Whitecross, Co. Armagh, BT60 2JN Tel 07818 888877 email

December show and sale peaks at 3,400gns The December native breeds sale at Dungannon Farmers Mart attracted a small, but high quality line-up of Herefords after a number of entries had been sold prior to the sale. Judge Libby Clarke’s choice of champion, Solpoll 1 Rampage from John and William McMordie, Ballgowan, Co Down topped the sale. Boasting top five per cent figures for both

terminal and maternal indices, Rampage also carries a superior carcase sire status. Out of the Panmure 1 Henry daughter Solpoll 1 Dainty M15, this April 2018born son of Moeskaer Upgrade, sold for 3,400gns. The reserve champion also came from the Solpoll herd and was the January-born Solpoll 1 Real Deal, sired by Moeskaer Salute and out of Solpoll 1 Dainty N11, another

Henry daughter. It sold for 3,100gns. Female champion and top price female was Black Water Ruby from Nigel Heatrick, Middletown, Co Armagh. Born in July 2017, this stylish Clondrina 1110th daughter, was in-calf to Clooncullane Major and sold for 2,300gns, joining Glenn Morton’s Nancy herd of pedigree Herefords in Co Armagh. Average: 5 bulls, £2,520

Northern Ireland


Grahams take Northern Ireland bull of the year Herd of the year winners, John and Claire Conlon

followed by stablemate Richmount 1 Skyfall in reserve. Richmount 1 Poppy also performed well as reserve poll female of the year. Female and horned female of the year, Mervyn Richmond, Corraback Cherry 10th Poll female of the year, John and Karen Taggert, Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th Horned bull of the year, Annaghbeg Governor, Mark and Lawrence Moor Best herd, John Conlon, Drumatee

Sire of the year, Robin Irvine, Fisher 1 Jubilee; David Wilson, Knockmountagh Master Ulster Bank Rose Bowl for the progeny pair of the year, Mervyn and Henry Richmond (sire, Kye Rodge) Novice award, Johnston The Graham family had a successful evening winning many of the top awards

Members of the NIHBA gathered with families and friends at the La Mon House Hotel and Country Club in October in celebration of their annual awards evening which recognises the individual and collective winners throughout the show season. Guest speaker for the evening was Sam Chesney, UFU Beef and Lamb chairman. Sam gave the audience his outlook for the beef market going forward, highlighting opportunities and threats, and how Brexit may shape the future for Northern Ireland's farmers.

Mervyn Richmond (left) receiving one of many cups from chairman Adrian Irvine



Northern Ireland

The presentation of awards was led off by James Graham and family with their Richmount herd. James received his fifth bull of the year award, this time with Richmount 1 Rockafella, which was closely




Royal Ulster Show Sydney Mawhinney Cup for the best UK-bred poll animal, James Graham, Richmount 1 Poppy FW McMordie Cup for the junior champion, Mervyn and Henry Richmond, Corraback Cherry 10th

National Show News Letter Rose Bowl for the champion, John and Karen Taggart, Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th Ralston Cup for the best exhibitor-bred heifer, John and Karen Taggart

Robert Clarke Cup for the best poll Hereford, John and Karen Taggart, Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th Barron Cup for the best junior female, Mervyn and Henry Richmond, Corraback Olive 10th

“ An a t u r a l c h o i c e ”

RI CHMOUNT Pol lHer ef or ds

Ri c hmo unt1Ro c ka f e l l a:NIBul lo ft heYe a r2 0 1 9

James& Br adl eyGr aham Car r i ckHi l l ,42Ri chmountRoad,Por t adown,Co.Ar magh,BT624JQ Tel : 07984458007 Emai l : espr i t ni @bt connect . com Bul l sandFe mal e sus ual l yf ors al e Northern Ireland


NIHBA Cup for the calf champion, James Graham, Richmount 1 Skyfall Clow Cup for the best exhibitor-bred group of three, James Graham

Robinson and O’Kane Cup for the exhibitor gaining the most points at the National Show, John and Karen Taggart and Mark and Lawrence Moore Young handler competition, Gemma McCorry

Calf show Kerridge Cup for the female champion, Gerry and Ethan Small, Drumshambo 1 Journey McCaffrey Cup for the male champion, John and William McMordie, Solpoll 1 Rival Christie Cup for the champion young handler, Ethan Small John Taggart, daughter Karen and granddaughter with their array of trophies received

January sale Wenlock Cup for the champion, Mervyn and Henry Richmond, Corraback Lenny Omagh Mart Cup for the spring show and sale champion, Hunter Stewart, Thornbank 1 Real Deal

Summer show awards

Castlewellan, John and Karen Taggart

Balmoral, Saintfield and Omagh awards, Mervyn and Henry Richmond

Ballymena, Stephen Cherry

Lurgan, Armagh, Newry and Enniskillen, James Graham

Antrim, Ivan Haire

Clogher Valley, Robin Irvine

Skyfall flies at NIHBA United Feeds calf show

James Graham’s Richmount 1 Skyfall was grand and senior male champion at the NIHBA United Feeds calf show in November. Taking the grand and senior male championship at the NIHBA United Feeds calf show at Dungannon Farmers’ Mart was Richmount 1 Skyfall from James Graham, Portadown, Co Armagh.

The junior male champion also came from the same home with Solpoll 1 Superstar taking the honours. This January-born Remitall Superduty son was on its show debut.

September 2018-born, this Grousehallpoll 1 Premier son has already had a successful show career having taken the calf champion trophy at the Northern Irish National Show in the summer and NI reserve bull of the year title for 2019.

Reserve junior male champion Lisrace Loyalist 23rd from David Wilson, Magheraveely, Co Fermanagh was one of the youngest calves forward. Born in June 2019, it is a son of Knockmountagh Master.

Following through from the same class was Solpoll 1 Samson, a Solpoll 1 Dynamite son bred by John and William McMordie, Ballygowan, Co Down and was tapped out as reserve male champion by judge Richard Jackson of the Lancashire-based Eveter herd. It was also one half of the first place pair of calves.


Northern Ireland

is daughter of Moyclare Norman. Reserve senior female champion was Graceland 1 Sally, a September-born Graceland 1 Patrick daughter from Robin and James Irvine, Whitecross, Co Armagh. Marcus Murdock took reserve junior female champion with the April 2019born Lisnaree 1 Sundae, which is a Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid daughter.

Grand and senior female champion went to John and William McMordie with Solpoll 1 Starlet S4. A September 2018-born daughter of Moeskaer Upgrade, it has the same breeding as last year’s male champion.

The title of champion young handler was won by Bradley Graham from the Richmount herd. While reserve champion young handler was Owen Gill, Killinchey, Co Down.

The youngest female on show took the junior and reserve female champion and Benaughlin Emma from G and W Burleigh, Beighy, Co Fermanagh. May 2019-born, it

The Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders’ Association would like to take this opportunity to thank United Feeds for its continued support and sponsorship.

Results Grand and senior male, Richmount 1

Junior male, Solpoll 1 Superstar, J and W McMordie; reserve junior male, Lisrace

Skyfall, J and B Graham; reserve grand

Loyalist 23rd, D Wilson

W McMordie

1 Starlet S4, J and W McMordie; reserve

and senior male Solpoll 1 Samson, J and

Grand female and senior female, Solpoll

grand female and reserve senior female, Graceland 1 Sally, R and J Irvine Junior female, Benaughlin Emma, G

and W Burleigh; reserve junior female, Lisnaree 1 Sundae, Marcus Murdock

Richmount 1 Skyfall from J and B Graham

Solpoll 1 Samson from J and W McMordie

Solpoll 1 Superstar from J and W McMordie

Solpoll 1 Starlet S4 from J and W McMordie

Benaughlin Emma from G and W Burleigh

Champion young handler Bradley Graham

Northern Ireland  


Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders' Assocition lose two stalwarts

Remembering Sam Heatrick

Sam Heatrick, Annareagh, Glaslough, Co Monaghan, who died in August of 2019, was an outstanding breeder of Hereford cattle for more than 60 years. In the course of his long career, his cattle won many rosettes. Sam also ran a very successful dairy enterprise for many years though it was Hereford cattle breeding which was close to his heart. Glaslough Herefords was established in 1951, with the purchase of a cow and heifer calf from the late John P McKiernan. Soon afterwards the very successful Glaslough herd of pedigree Herefords was founded. From this purchase the herd grew over the years to approximately 30 breeding females. Much of the herd’s triumphs over the years has been due to the success of purchasing and breeding good stock bulls. Sam’s first major success came in February 1969 with the champion at Balmoral show and sale, followed by the championship at the October sale at Balmoral in 1970. Since then, several championships

NIHBA lose Robert Black

Robert Black


Northern Ireland

have been won at the Society sales in Roscommon, Tullamore, Nenagh and Kilmallock. Over the years bulls have been sold to Clarecastle AI Station, Castleisland AI Station, Bandon AI Station, and Dovea Genetics.

The Glaslough herd has provided stock bulls to several pedigree herds throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. Heifers have also been sold privately and at Society sales. Most recent awards include the reserve champion heifer and top prize heifer at the Society sale in Tullamore in October 2018. In the nineties, a new herd prefix was established in Northern Ireland known as Black Water. The five foundation females in the Black Water herd came from the Glaslough herd. The herd has since developed to approximately 15 breeding females. This herd also had success in winning championships and achieving top prizes at the sales in Dungannon and also in selling Black Water Lad to Dovea Genetics.

Sam Heatrick

Doherty, sons Robert and Nigel, daughters Margaret, Alison and partner Kenny and daughter’s in-law Gillian, Theola and his

Sam is fondly remembered by his wife


Northern Ireland’s Hereford breeders were saddened to hear of the passing of Robert Black. Robert was a popular member of the NIHBA having served on the committee for many years and as the Association's president in 1997.


Born in Derry in 1927, Robert moved to Omagh as a child where his parents bought a small farm. As a young man he served his apprenticeship as a baker, starting his own Home Bakery business in 1955 and worked in this trade until his retirement.

farmer and Hereford breeder.

He bought his own farm as an interest for his leisure time. The first Herefords were introduced in 1966 with the purchase of a young cow all the way from County Wexford. Rockspring Floss 2nd arrived carrying the service of Merryhill Goodenough and was the start of a lifelong passion for the Hereford breed.





Candleford herds were sold at the Balmoral sales and Robert loved to tell stories about the characters and adventures from his early days as a

He always met you with a smile and his infectious good humour was such that it only took a couple of minutes in his company before everyone was smiling. He was an enthusiastic competitor on the show circuit - he never missed his local event at Omagh and had also judged a number of the local shows. He is survived by sons Robert and Raymond - both Hereford breeders in their own right.

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New Zealand prepares for World Conference

As New Zealand Hereford Association prepares to host the World Conference, the Association has certainly been kept busy. The year 2019 was another very successful year for the NZ Hereford Association (NZHA) with cow numbers continuing to increase slightly and SNP DNA testing gaining traction. The year began with a few dry months for many breeders. Private bull sales followed the national sale which keep growing in strength, believed to be a direct result of breeders marketing their studs so successfully to their commercial and stud clients. The top price bull Okawa Rommel 7003 was sold by Okawa Hereford stud in June to Otapawa/Hukaroa studs for $60,000 NZD. Yearling bull sales, scheduled during the spring months of September and October, continued to grow in strength with a high demand from dairy farmers. Buying virgin bulls from closed studs was certainly an additional attraction for the purchasers. This year the Northland Club held a very successful stud tour in March, giving everyone who attended an excellent opportunity to look at cattle as well as

Okawa Rommel 7003 sold for $60,000 NZD



their spectacular scenery. Those who have booked on the ‘get over your jet lag’ tour prior to the World Hereford Conference are in for a treat. NZ Herefords continue to work closely with their southern hemisphere neighbours, Herefords Australia, with a genotype sharing agreement in place. This means when semen is imported and exported between countries, sires do not need to be re-tested, as the genotype can be shared. With both countries using the same service provider for SNP DNA testing, this was a logical step. NZHA has continued to encourage its member to SNP DNA test and with the introduction of a ruling that all joining sires born after the 1 January 2019 must be SNP DNA tested to a 50K minimum, it is expected more will make the transition from microsatellite. In July, NZ Hereford Youth, with the assistance of its fantastic sponsors, Boehringer Ingelheim, sent a team to the Herefords Australia Youth National Show to join the other 100 competitors at Parkes. The NZ senior youth members

NZHA youth team competes in Australia

stole the show with Hannah Gibb winning the senior herdsperson, Lisa Bonenkamp coming third place and Sam Tipping in fourth. However, the real winners were all the youth members who made friends for life with other keen young people. NZHA is extremely grateful to Australia for running such a professional, large-scale event which would not be possible in NZ. NZ Hereford Association has continued to support a research project at Lincoln University regarding feed efficiency. Anyone attending the Boehringer Ingelheim World Hereford Conference in March, will have the opportunity to hear more about it. The conference is growing in momentum with four excellent tours well-subscribed to and an action-packed conference week. Despite some political and environmental factors potentially impacting overseas Hereford breeders’ attendance, NZHA is thrilled with the registration numbers and looks forward to hosting all the attendees and country delegates. The young breeder competition has nine teams registered consisting of two from NZ, two from Australia and one each from UK, Canada, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden. Their week is action packed and will undoubtedly be a learning and memorable experience for all. We look forward to welcoming the UK team in March, and hope this competition will become the norm for future World Hereford Conferences.

Private bull sales have remained strong in New Zealand

Methane research undertaken in Uruguay Hereford Uruguay had a year full of activities with very good results and also report a total of 9,153 registrations of Hereford calves in the 2018-2019 period.

presence at shows across the country, supporting producers and exchanging knowledge and tools for the best development of national livestock.

breeders will participate in the World

Funds have been approved to acquire methane emissions measurement equipment for the Kiyú Research Centre for Hereford bulls. This equipment will be used to measure the emissions of animals and relate them to their feed efficiency. Hereford Uruguay seeks to provide breeders with tools to select more efficient animals with breeding which reduces the impact on the environment.

An important delegation of Uruguayan

exchange experiences and friendship.






Zealand. Hereford Uruguay looks forward to meeting UK delegates there to

A bi-national tour was undertaken with Argentina, where breeders from both countries were visited, and the visions of each country discussed. Brazilian producers also joined the tour, which added to the exchange between countries. The organisation continues to have a

Hereford France increasingly strong Hereford France had another very active year participating in many shows, attracting both the public and the wider agricultural industry.

The association also had the great honour to host the world secretary general Jose ‘Pepe’ Bonica after his European tour of the associations.

As per every year, the association promoted Herefords on the AHDB stand at Salon International de l’Agriculture in Paris.

October saw the National Hereford Show at the Sommet de l’Élevage with 26 entries in four classes from seven breeders. The show was judged by PJ Budler who flew over from the World Dairy Show in Wisconsin. During their stay, guests had the opportunity to meet Hereford breeders from France and further afield. They appreciated the development and the dynamic of the association which now has more than 100 members.

There are many local agricultural shows in August to September in France including Sedan in the Ardennes near the Belgian border and Wallonia in Belgium where the Hereford breeders have joined forces with Hereford France. At the first ever interbreed show in France, which was held at Burgundy, there were Hereford cows and calves and some bulls. It was a great success for the breed with a lot of enquiries. Some new breeders have emerged in the middle of the region which is native to the Charolais breed.

The show also plays host to the association’s AGM. The main topic on the agenda was the organisation of the 2022 European Hereford Conference which will be held at the Sommet de Élevage in the first week of October 2022. Put that date

in your diary. The itinerary will be in the UK’s 2021 breed journal.

National Show results Bull, 1st Romany 1 Popcorn, Bastien Brothers; 2nd Osckot, Earl des Collines; 3rd Fisher 1 Rambo, Bastien Brothers Heifers under 18 months, 1st Oshbel, Earl des Collines; 2nd Osiris, JeanFrançois Protheau; 3rd Ogresse, Bastien Brothers Heifers over 18 months, 1st Nalie, Earl des Collines; 2nd Majesty, Gaec d’Odenet; 3rd Miss Dolly, Gaec d’Odenet Cow with calf at foot, 1st Laitue and Perle, Jean-François Protheau; 2nd Mercurey and Poseidon, Jean-François Protheau; 3rd Lalie and Pivoine, Earl des Collines Female champion, Nalie, Earl des Collines



Hereford holds out in Australian heat

As the UK media has reported, the country of Australia, and its farmers, are going through a testing time. Gaina Morgan reports from Queensland. There’s not a blade of grass across 809 hectares (2,000 acres) – as far as the eye can see and beyond. It’s the worst drought Hilary O’Leary can remember in 70 years at the property his father and grandfather cleared back in the 1800s. It’s costing $2,000 dollars (£1,060.30 as of Jan 2020) a day to feed the 400 strong herd of pedigree poll Hereford cattle, but he is stoical. He and his wife, Dot, are welcoming, but she confesses, ‘it’s depressing’. A recent fire near their entrance was extinguished with farm fire fighting equipment by neighbours – all farmers have fire fighting equipment and are on high alert, with the smell of burning and a heavy pall of smoke all too frequent. The Remolea herd of pedigree Hereford cattle are magnificent. The cows with their calves ranging in age up to six months shelter from the searing heat in the wooded areas dotted across the farm. One bunch and a bull are so tame that they crowd around the pick up – curious and friendly but well fleshed and clearly not looking for food. There is though just



dust and a complete absence of green as spring turns into early summer on one of Australia’s most fertile plains. Hilary remarks: “Herefords are the most adaptable breed of cattle in the world. If you go to the Northern Territories, Alice Springs, you’ll see Herefords everywhere – in places you’d expect to see only Brahmans.” Just a three hour drive inland from Brisbane, the O’Leary property is set in a different world from the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Life has a courteous, homely air about it and the nearby town of Clifton with a population of just 1,400 will be familiar to anyone who has seen the 1980s film, The Thorn Birds. Hilary was the last chairman of the Australian Poll Hereford Society before the amalgamation and the first chairman of Herefords Australia in 2009, a position he held for two years. He is proud to have recently been honoured as a life member of Herefords Australia. The couple farm with Hilary’s brother, Terry, who lives nearby in the original

family home and with their son, Pat, who has recently married Chloe, literally the girl next door. Each morning at 4.30am, instead of looking out at lush green acres unfolding before them broken by occasional copses of river gum trees, they rise to feed the stock. It will take them until lunch time to deliver cotton seed and sugar cane to the 400 outlying cows and calves. A sustaining mix of molasses is delivered into wide, shallow, drums – taking care to ensure there is enough to feed but that the level isn’t high enough to trap a calf. The herd can also graze the stubble, which becomes more digestible with the heat. They know each cow and calf, its personal history and bloodline. Each is tagged at birth, with three marks: its own, its mother’s and that of its sire. Hilary points out a bull recently purchased for $27,000 (£14,314) – down from the $40,000 (£21,206) he would have been worth before the drought. The saving is necessary, as fodder shortages brought on by drought mean their own stock will also have been devalued.

The cows and heifers range in age and are easy calving. Rarely if ever is a calf pulled, but there are occasions when a breach birth takes too long and a calf is lost. The Hereford markings are important, with Hilary’s long experience as a judge meaning he prefers a broad muzzle and good eye pigment, slick coat, good carcase, temperament and, in the female, good teats and udders. Hilary says: “We place great emphasis on functional, fertile cattle, as they are run under commercial conditions. “Temperament, skin and hair quality and colour are high on our priorities. We have also endeavoured to breed an even line of cattle (bulls) rather than individuals.” Then there are the various lots of young bulls, penned according to sire, to feed nearer the homestead. The workload is punishing and the rising cost of food concentrates minds. Cotton seed prices have already risen from $300 to $750 (£152-£398) a tonne and while the business can bear it, the worry is that nobody knows when there will be an end to the drought. Hilary says: “Some say it will be February, some say March, June, but it will come. The issue for us is that we are near retirement age and so there is only so long that we can pay $2,000 a day for feed. But you have to feed, you can’t not feed your animals.” It’s not the case everywhere. Some farmers have simply had to stop feeding because of the punishing financial costs. Others have misjudged and their cattle are now just too weak to transport to sale. This year’s drought comes after five or six unusually dry years. There has been rain each year, but perhaps 13 or 15cm (five or six inches) instead of the traditional 25 or 26 inches and the effects are cumulative. The rain in December meant the O’Leary family were able to make 400 tonnes of forage sorghum hay and 200 tonnes of

grain sorghum. All but a small reserve has been eaten. The bales kept aside in small ‘depots’ are there in case of problems with the sugar cane and cotton seed deliveries. A nervewracking problem is that the kangaroos also have these precious stores in their sights, playing on them as dusk begins to fall. And the corellas screaming overhead are beginning to strip the trees. Yet the family are confident, content even. Hilary is steadfast that this drought is part of a natural 40 year cycle and that the country is coming to the end of a searing, testing phase. Most of the grassland will regenerate and they are ready to plant the nearer paddocks with forage and grain sorghum as soon as rain falls, and if not soon enough it will be with winter oats and barley. Rain, though, will bring its own problems. The ground is so dry it won’t be able to absorb the water and, even with limited rainfall, there will be runoff. Significant rain will cause flooding. The farm houses and sheds are on rising ground, but they have seen the land submerged in up to two and a half metres of water to within 182 metres (200 yards) of the house. There is enough warning to get the cattle to safety and in any case those caught out can apparently ‘blow up’ and swim to safety. Bridges and fences can trap and kill them and of course there is no knowing where they can end up. The flood of 2013 tore down 40 kilometres (25 miles) of fencing. It’s relatively straightforward to pick up the metal posts and plain wire to re-erect and the Australian government sent in teams of back packers eager to earn points towards their second year visas. The O’Leary attitude is uncompromising. They are there for the long term. Hilary and Terry each have plans for the younger generation to take over. The renowned bloodlines are precious and sought after,

with a healthy crowd of buyers coming to the farm each July for the annual bull sale. A purpose built auction ring and auctioneer’s stand is another aspect of the family’s attention to detail. Hilary is a recent convert to performance figures, although he believes it’s still important to judge an animal with the eye. He says DNA testing is becoming more sophisticated, with tissue testing replacing hair testing. There are threats other than the drought. Black cattle are becoming more popular, particularly among the growing Asian community. Then there is the all too familiar ‘farmer bashing’ with global warming, climate change and overuse of the world’s resources frequently laid at the farmer’s gate. The Australian government is supportive, but only to a limited extent. Hilary feels that it responds to the voting power of the cities, where people are largely conservationists with little understanding of agriculture. And the lifestyle is also precious. The O’Leary family are warm and open-hearted, the post-flood fencing ended six years ago with ‘beers and barbies’ each evening and neighbourliness is important. Then there are the polo ponies and other sports. Hilary and Dot’s son, Pat, is a champion bull whip cracker. At 14 years old he was the Australian Open champion, and his impromptu display was breathtaking. They, together with Terry O’Leary, took time out of an incredibly fraught period to host our little Welsh party, patiently explaining and giving us hours of their time. We left before dusk as, with no Roo Bar on the city car, there was concern about hitting kangaroos on the country roads as night fell. First though, Dot treated us to a delightful tea, a proper pot made with loose tea, as well as scones and chocolate cake, once the norm visiting a farm in the UK.



Irish youth team gear up for New Zealand 2020 The Irish Hereford Breed Society held a travel bursary competition for a team of four to attend the World Hereford Conference in New Zealand in March 2020 and compete in the young breeders’ competition. From a number of applications received, 10 finalists were chosen to compete in tasks including attending a cattle grooming and show preparation workshop, participating in an agricultural show of their choice, leading an animal in the ring and creating a breed promotional video. The finale of the selection competition was held at the National Ploughing Championships 2019 with each of the 10 finalists sitting an earnest interview with Thomas Duffy, president of Macra na Feirme. Thomas questioned the young breeders on their knowledge of the Hereford breed, the challenges facing it and how they would promote the Hereford in New Zealand as well as to dairy farmers at home. The interviews were carried out over a microphone in front of a large public audience which was no easy task but it did not phase any of them. Each candidate spoke clearly and competently and gave very thoughtful and knowledgeable answers. Across all stages of the competition, each of the finalists showcased their talent, competency and enthusiasm. The standard was very high, leaving it no easy task to choose just four winners.

L-R: Michael Barrett, Sinead Conry, Katie Brady and Eoin Lynch

Judging the pedigree classes was Non Thorne from Studdolph Herefords in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Non made the four hour boat journey with her father George, to be a part of this event and the Society was delighted to welcome them both to Tullamore. In both the male and female classes, three out of the top four animals were by UK bulls, as well as half of the class winners. The senior and overall male champion

Appel 1 Mighty was awarded to John Appelbe, Co Cork, and is sired by Solpoll 1 Lawman. Not finished there, another Lawman son stood reserve senior male champion, this time for Michael Farrell with Castledalypoll 1 Shamrock. Herberry 1 Kodak Moment from Raymond Vere Hunt and Veronica Brennan stood reserve junior male champion and is a son of the renowned Panmure 1 Henry, bred by

Following this process, it can be announced that the bursary winners who will represent Ireland at the World Hereford Conference are Eoin Lynch, Co Cork; Michael Barrett, Co Cork; Sinead Conry, Co Roscommon ansd Katie Brady, Co Cavan.

Cork does the double at the National Hereford Calf Show The Irish National Calf Show was held in November in Tullamore with nearly 100 entries of top quality stock. This year, the North Leinster Branch spruced up the show with revamped classes. The young handlers got the proceedings underway at 10am with Padraig Farrell of Cavehill Herefords inspecting their stockmanship skills.




Supreme champion at the National Hereford Show, Grianan Prim T854 with Sarah Murray

BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE • Easy Calving • Short Gestation • Early Finishing

– Fertile – Milky cows – That last longer HOME TO:

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid PP

Fabb 1 Northern Star PP

Sire of The Female of the Year 2019 ‘Coley 1 Clara 418’

Sire of Gouldingpoll 1 Duchess 967 1st Prize Winner National Poll Show 2019

Fisher 1 Profile PP

Allowdale Axel

Sire: Fisher 1 Jaguar J347 MGS: Yalgoo Boulder Z250

Sire: Border Rory D35 MGS: Allowdale Rambo

For more information contact:

Edward Webb 07375 384710



Reserve supreme and overall male champion at the National Hereford Show was Churchcross Hurler

JM Cant and partners, Arbirlot, Tayside. Senior and female champion was Ballymartle 1 Dolly 167 owned by Michael Dullea, Co Cork and is a Solitude 1 Marshall daughter, a sire bred by Andrew McMordie, Ballygowan, Co Down. Reserve senior and reserve female champion was Griananpoll 1 Orange T863 from Tom and Anslem Fitzgerald, a daughter of the English-bred Fabb 1 Northern Star from DRA Fabb, Warboys, Cambridgeshire. Moyclare Rose 45th bred by Micheal Molloy was reserve junior female champion. This is a daughter of stock bull Free Town Nadal, purchased from RA Bradstock and partners, Tarrington, Herefordshire. Grand and senior male, Appel 1 Mighty, John and Beatrice Appelbe Reserve grand male and junior male, Trillick Chesney, JJ Farrell Reserve senior male champion, Castledalypoll 1 Shamrock, Michael and Grainne Farrell Reserve junior male, Herberry 1 Kodak Moment ET, Raymond Vere Hunt and Veronica Brennan

Balleen Harrison sold for €4,000 at Tullamore



Grianan Showman was reserve champion at Tullamore market and made €4,000

Grand and senior female, Ballymartle 1 Dolly 167, Michael Dullea

160 entries from Ireland’s leading herds from all four provinces of the country.

Reserve grand and reserve senior female, Griananpoll 1 Orange T863, Tom and Anselm Fitzgerald

All classes were judged magnificently by Anders Mortensen who travelled all the way from Denmark with his daughter Josephine to carry out the task.

Junior female champion, Dunworley Ivy, Mary Pat Dinneen Reserve junior female, Moyclare Rose 45th, Michael Molloy Commercial Hereford sired calf, male or female not weighing over 450kg, Hugh P Murray, Panda Young handler under 14, Tara Drumm, Crowenstown Herefords Young handler under 21, Sarah Murray, Shiloh Herefords

National Hereford Show, Tullamore The National Hereford Show is one of main highlights of the year for the Society and they were delighted to tie this in with the hugely popular Tullamore Show for over 20 years now. There were no groups of three or paired classes this year as the Society wanted to ensure the day ran smoothly and on time. Despite this, there were 14 strong classes which attracted great interest with over

Winning supreme Hereford champion and overall female champion at the show was Grianan Prim T854, owned by up and coming young handler and breeder, Sarah Murray of Shiloh Herefords. Securing supreme Hereford champion and overall male champion was Churchcross Hurler, owned and bred by Gerry McNamara and family of Churchcross Herefords. This male had great success at numerous shows through the summer of 2019 including wins in Gorey, Longford, Limerick, Trim, Clare, Nenagh, Charleville and Newcastle West. Great credit is due to all exhibitors who put so much work and enthusiasm into showcasing Herefords throughout the season and at the National Show and the Hereford Society is grateful for their hard work and dedication. Thanks to the generosity of the Society's sponsors, the grand prize money for this year was in excess of €8,000 which secured a large number of entrants.

Grianan Showgun made €5,000 at Tullamore


Supreme and overall female, Grianan Prim T854, Sarah and Hugh Murray Reserve supreme and overall male, Churchcross Hurler, Gerry McNamara Reserve male, Shiloh Farm Dynamite, Sean McKiernan Reserve female, Grianan Orange R786, T and A Fitzgerald Bull calf, Churchcross McNamara



Reserve Bull Calf, Rathnallog Ted, Sinead Conry Heifer calf, Grianan Prim T854, Sarah and Hugh Murray Reserve Heifer Calf, Herberry 1 Lucy Superstar, Raymond Vere Hunt and Veronica Brennan Junior young handler, Mark Hyland Senior young handler, Conor O’Leary

Herefords hit the road running at Tullamore spring premier Last year saw a strong start to the Hereford sale calendar at Tullamore with a top price of €5,000 and a sale average of €3,150. Regular and successful exhibitors at Tullamore, the father and son team of Tom and Anselm Fitzgerald, Mount Temple swept the boards with a total payday of €9,000 to average €4,500 each for their two exhibits. Their first prize winner Grianan Showgun by Grianan Parker sold to Hereford, Angus and dairy farmer Pat Cahill, Co Cavan at €5,000 while their first prize winner and reserve champion Grianan Showman, again by Parker sold to A Byrne, Co Kildare at €4,000. It was a sweet day out for the partnership. Well-known




breeder Tom Brennan was quietly pleased with a final bid of €4,000 for his Balleen Harrison sired by stock bull Gurteragh Maximus having topped the Hereford section at Kilkenny just 10 days ago with €3,700 for a first prize winning bull there. The day’s champion Hugh Murray’s ShilohFarm Emperor a July 2017-born bull by Steil Gerard sold to a new home in Birr, Co Offaly at €3,750. Michael O’Keeffe, travelling all the way from Gurteragh, Newmarket exhibited Gurteragh Aristocrat 758 ET by Gurteragh Oakley 652 which sold at €3,700. The youngest bull exhibited, Moyclare Royal, was shown by local man Michael Molloy, Belmont. By his new herd sire Free Town Nadal, this yearling sold to Niall Greene, Co Kilkenny at €3,600.

Agribition celebrates 50 years in 2020 Trade remains strong for Herefords in Canada while plans are afoot for the National Hereford Show at the Canadian Western Agribition. The demand for Herefords remained strong in Canada in 2019 and prices remained steady at both production and consignment sales in the spring and early fall. At the 119th Calgary bull sale, the champion and top price horned bull, Carlrams A 81Y Royal Lad 138E from Carlrams Ranching Ltd sold for $20,500. It was purchased by XTC Herefords. The top price paid for a poll bull was $38,000 for a one-half interest in the bull calf Remitall-W Vortex ET 84G from Remitall-West poll Herefords. It was purchased by Medonte Highlands poll Herefords. Sales on Hereford females have been equally strong. A poll heifer calf, Haroldson’s SCC Marvel ET 280G, sold for $53,000 to buyers Steven Knutson and RSK Farms. The highest selling horned female in the spring 2019 sales was MVF 219T Turin Silver STD 30E from Misty Valley Farms and sold for $8,000 to Braun Ranch. Over 150 juniors from across Canada gathered in Weyburn, Saskatchewan for the 40th anniversary of Canada’s National Junior Hereford Show. Combined with the

Champion Horned bull at Agribition, Triple A BAM’S Fresh 8F

annual general meeting of the Canadian Hereford Association, the week-long activities hosted by Saskatchewan were well-attended and productive. In addition to showing cattle, the juniors participate in public speaking, art and literature and livestock judging events. Another strong contingent of Hereford

cattle was present at the National Show, held in Regina at the Canadian Western Agribition at the end of November. Judge, Jason Hoffman of Thedford, Nebraska, had an exceptional group of Herefords to sort through. Honours in the horned female division went to Rocking G Land and Cattle Co.



Over 150 juniors from across Canada gathered in Weyburn, Saskatchewan for Canada’s National Junior Hereford Show

of Gull Lake, Saskatchewan with RG 5511 Rocket ET 702E with calf at-side, RG 5369 Triton 932G. The grand champion horned bull was exhibited by Triple A Herefords of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with Triple A BAM’S Fresh 8F. On the poll side, Remitall-W Belle ET 45F was the grand champion female. It is owned by Remitall West poll Herefords of Olds, Alberta and Medonte Highlands poll Herefords of Mississauga, Ontario. Haroldson’s Ugrade 33D 36G was named grand champion poll bull and was the entry of Haroldson’s poll Herefords of Wawota, Saskatchewan. Canadian Western Agribition is the premier stock show in Canada and international visitors are eligible for a programme that subsidises travel and lodging expenses to attend. Please contact Stephen at the Canadian Hereford Association if you are interested in learning more about this great travel opportunity. The show will celebrate its 50th year in 2020 and all of Canada’s major breeds will be hosting their national shows in Regina as part of the special anniversary events. The Canadian Hereford Association continues to support Hereford breeders



Haroldson’s Ugrade 33D 36G was grand champion poll bull at Agribition

across Canada and to promote the use of Hereford genetics in the commercial beef industry. Demand for Herefords continues to be strong, particularly in cross-breeding programmes with these calves much demanded by the feedlot sector. Residual feed intake (RFI) continues to be a focus as another group of bulls has entered the test station at Olds College. The Canadian Hereford Association started RFI testing in 2012 and the data collected will be augmented by on-farm

data. Three large Canadian breeders have added GrowSafe systems to their operations and will be collecting RFI data on their own bulls and females and will be shared to the Canadian Hereford Association data base. A small delegation of Canadian Hereford breeders and CHA representatives are looking forward to attending the World Hereford Conference in New Zealand in March.

New Norwegian price record set

The major Hereford event in 2019 in Norway was the cattle sale at Staur in April, arranged by TYR (Norwegian Beef Cattle Association).

Staur is the Norwegian test station for young bull calves, and the best Hereford performer in 2019 was N31655 Nachos of Stene, sired by Moeskær Crossfire.

In Norway, the Hereford is the breed that has the best characteristics needed for the future suckler cow. Thanks to the breed’s good temperament and functionality, Herefords work well in both large and small herds. In Norway there has been specific focus on the animal’s docility, its robustness and

good health. For several years the breed has had the fewest still-born deaths and the highest survival rate, up to 200 day weighing. Norway is largely grassland and the beef industry there requires an animal which will produce good quality meat on grasslands and other extensive pastures.

Nachos of Stene was scored excellent for growth and back muscle. The bull had a growth of 1.69kg per day across four month performance test. As a test winner, the semen was collected by the Norwegian Beef Cattle Association and was sold at the Staur auction, for a record sum of €11,000. The Hereford still is a popular breed in Norway, being the second most populous beef breed, acquainting for nearly 13,000 of the 70,000 head of beef cattle in the country.

German membership up After the drought year of 2018 everyone was curious about what 2019‘s weather would bring. In the spring there was some rain, so the first cut grass brought good yield. After that, some areas were short of rain, so the second and third cuts in some regions didn’t yield as well as hoped. A successful show at Eurotier 2018 was had together with the Danish and Dutch Associations and the interest in the Hereford breed continued to increase throughout 2019. As a result, the German

Frikandeau from Ernst-Heinrich Fricke

Hereford Association saw membership continue to grow. The bull auctions in the spring were quite successful and the bulls were sold to an average price of €2,500. Particularly successful for the Hereford breed was the national all-breeds heifer auction in April. Here, Herefords averaged €3,275, which was the highest average price across all breeds. The top price of €4,200 was for heifer Janka, a daughter of the Canadian bull Xceed, bred by Carsten Rust.

Another highlight this year was the national calf show, held as part of the Association’s AGM. On the last weekend in August, around 20 animals under 24 months old came together at Carsten Rust’s farm, between Hamburg and Hannover. Judge Friedrich Averbeck chose heifer Roost 1 Olga from Monika and Ulrich Spechtmeyer, as winner of the heifer class. It is a daughter of the bull Morgens Laerkedal. In the bull class, victory went to the bull Frikandeau, a RZW Frederic son owned by Ernst-Heinrich Fricke.

Roost 1 Olga from Monika and Ulrich Spechtmeyer



Denmark hits 50 years

Celebrations were had

by the Danish Hereford Association in 2019 as it turned 50 years old. The Danish Hereford Association celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 with a lot of activities which have led to an increased interest both at home in Denmark and abroad. As a result, the Association was very pleased with the successful National Show in Herning in July especially with the large number of Hereford entries which were judged by Matthew Goulding, Ireland. There were 75 Herefords from the whole of Denmark entered – 17 bulls, 43 heifers and 15 cows with their calves. The Hereford breed had the second highest number of entries among the 14 beef breeds represented. At the same time, the Danish Hereford Youth celebrated its 10th anniversary with a show judged by Jill Harvie from Canada. The anniversary year culminated with a large anniversary dinner in September and the Association was pleased to welcome guests from the whole of the international Hereford world including Josè Bonica, the world secretary general from Uruguay. At the National Show there were visitors from Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK, Germany and Holland and of course many Danish members also gave their support. It was a truly impressive sight when on the Friday afternoon the whole of the Hereford shed was full of visitors, competitors, animals and spectators for the presentation of the challenge cups and prizes for the winning animals. The quality of the animals was very high, all the way down the lines, ensuring a hard competition right up to the end. At the National Show there was a lot of interest in buying animals which resulted in the sale of some animals staying in Denmark, some to Holland, Germany and Ireland. The grand champion bull was sold to the judge Matthew Goulding and, as such, Juelsgård Ottawa will in the future be part of the well-known Gouldingpoll herd. Supreme champion was won by the 30 month old Rosenkær Make-Up, which then went on to win the title of grand champion female and cow champion. Rosenkær Make-Up is sired by the American bull



Rosenkaer Make-Up, supreme champion at the National Show

AL 10Y Hometown Big Bang 7MA. The dam is Rosenkær Kyra, which is sired by the Irish bull Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET. The dam, Rosenkær Kyra was also in the competition where it was awarded the reserve cow championship. Rosenkær Make-up competed with its three month old heifer calf after the American bull No Wastin Time 128. The grand male and junior male champion bull was the 14 month old Juelsgård Ottawa from Ruth and Jørgen Holm Thomsen, Ringkøbing. Juelsgård Ottawa also won the title of junior champion. Its sire is Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET and it is out of Juelsgård Candis, sired by Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide ET. The 11 month old bull, Bondes 1 Oswald was awarded the title of bull calf champion and reserve grand champion bull and is sired by the English bull Normanton 1 Laertes. The dam is Bondes Cornelia 211/263, sired by the Irish bull Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty ET. Bent Sørensen, Hovedgård, also had the reserve grand female champion with 18 month old Rosenkær Novella and was also awarded the title of junior female champion. It is the younger sister of last year’s supreme champion Rosenkær Miss World and its sire is Days Calibre G74. Its dam is Rosenkær Indian Summer which is in turn sired by Dorepoll 1 93N Nationwide ET.

The show on Fynen, Odense At the show on Fynen, Odense junior, supreme champion and interbreed champion was Hazel Online, owned by Lisa and Lars Aarby. Weighing 668kg, it is sired by Venture 70X Online 273U ET.

BI Lady Heart, from BI Herefords was awarded the heifer calf champion and then grand female champion. It weighed in at 668kg and is sired by Venture 70X Online 273U ET, while it dam’s sire is Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty.

The show on Zealand, Roskilde Best bull at the show on Zealand, Roskilde was Woodland Ocean 11 Mastercard 5370 from Woodland Herefords. It is sired by Mastercard M480 and weighed 710 kg. Markeslevgaard Bounty 57 from Markeslevgaard Herefords was grand female champion and is sired by Mandix Liam. It weighed 575kg.

Hereford Youth Hereford Youth started in 2009 and therefore celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019. Hereford Youth chose to hold its first auction at the National Show in July and was a great success. Both heifers were auctioned off to two Dutch Hereford breeders. Every year, Hereford Youth holds a show where members compete. This year there were 31 catalogue entries and the Danish Association were honoured to have Jill Harvie from Harvie Ranching, Canada to judge. She travelled all the way from Canada with her husband Cole and their two daughters to Herning. Hereford Youth Denmark will be a part of the young breeders’ competition at the World Hereford Conference in March 2020. The proceeds from the heifer auction and a lottery held at the celebration dinner in September go towards the cost of the Danish participation.

Moeskaer Bencher The new star

Moeskaer Compass 1487 Champion of the World

Moeskaer Samson 1480

Unparalleled power and muscling



Juelsgård Ottawa from Ruth and Jorgen Holm

Hazel Online, from Lisa and Lars Aarby

Finnish Association celebrates 40 years

The Finnish Hereford Association celebrated 40 years since its establishment, and invited UK's Non Thorne to judge its celebratory show. The Finnish Hereford Association had a very special year to celebrate in 2019, as it hit its 40th anniversary. The Tuottava Hereford (Productive Hereford) magazine was published for its official spring meeting. Spring ran by with a busy calving season, but a meeting was organised for members in April. The Association’s annual show is one of the main events of the year and in 2019 took place on the first weekend of July in Oripää, where Okra Show was held. There was a super entry of Hereford cattle forward, judged by Non Thorne of Studdolph Herefords, Wales. Non judged heifers, bulls and pairs on Friday and junior handlers and showmanship on Saturday.

Supreme champion and grand female was Innilän Pulmunen, sired by SS MVP Lancelot, with a paternal grandsire of GH 8052 MVP 67Y. It is out of Innilän Kanada, which was sired by Innilän Ice ET HYF. The male champion 2019 Thorsvik Pomo was sired by Thorsvik Nappi, which was by Triara Xcelorator 594X. It is out of Thorsvik Integral, which is a Thorsvik Aikapommi daughter. During this annual show, a new calf was donated to the young breeders’ chain. The chain began when a heifer was donated in 2012 and now every first female calf from a heifer in the system is donated to a new, active junior member.

Innilän Pulmunen, Finnish supreme Hereford and grand female champion



The calf chain female SHJ Oksaali with calf SHJ Rapina

The main celebration of 40th anniversary was held together with the Association’s autumn meeting in October. The Association was congratulated by other beef breeds and received plenty of warm wishes for the future. The party in the evening was the highlight of the year for the Association and was attended by many younger and more experienced breeders. The Finnish Hereford Association also had two representatives present at the Danish Hereford Association’s 50th anniversary celebrations in September. All in all, it has been a good social year with plenty of activities. The Finnish Hereford Association is jumping onto a new decade with excitement and strive for even better Hereford cattle.

Productive year for American Herefords

Across the Atlantic, the American Hereford Association continually seeks out innovations and the certified Hereford Beef brand continues to grow. American Hereford Association (AHA) board of directors and staff continue to pursue innovation, and in 2019, many of these efforts came to fruition. Early in 2019, an updated version of the online registration system MyHerd was released with more efficient, user-friendly and mobile-friendly functions. Last year, more than 80 per cent of the AHA’s registrations were submitted on mobile platforms — the majority of which came through MyHerd. Through the spring, the AHA staff worked with Theta Solutions and leaders from the Uruguay and Argentina Hereford Associations to relaunch the pan-American cattle evaluation (PACE). The first set of expected progeny differences (EPDs) from this evaluation was released in summer 2019, allowing breeders from both North and South America to search and to compare animals directly across continents. The AHA is committed to maintaining the best genetic evaluation in the industry, which starts with the whole herd total performance records (TPR) programme. The AHA continued to strengthen its evaluation, and currently has more than 10,000 actual carcase measurements,

nearly 7,500 individual feed intake records and more than 90,000 genotypes on record. In June, the AHA hosted ‘the brand’ marketing summit to provide tools for breeders to develop a stronger marketing strategy. With more than 200 attendees from across the US and Canada, participants representing multiple breeds learned how to better advocate their own brand and the Hereford breed. During the marketing summit, the new online sale catalogue platform, Herefords On Demand, was officially launched. This digital platform is the first of its kind in the industry and provides real-time pedigrees and expected progeny difference for each lot listing. Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) implemented changes to its carcase specifications. This change has allowed the programme to support the highquality, consistent and tender product demanded by both foodservice and retail consumers. The upgrade also allowed for CHB premiums to be added to all National Beef Packing Co and US Premium Beef value-added grids.

AHA hosted ‘the brand’ marketing summit to help breeders develop a stronger marketing strategy

Breed improvement AHA continues to stay focused on providing the most current and reliable genetic evaluation and tools to its members and the commercial cattle industry alike. Significant strides have been made in breed improvement through data generated with the national reference sire programme (NRSP), the completion of the whole cow herd DNA project, the relaunch of the pan-American cattle evaluation (PACE) and research in cow efficiency. This year, the AHA logged more than 90,000 genotypes and upgraded to the high-density GGP 50K chip to continue identifying genetic markers for traits of interest.

Strengthening the evaluation The year 2019 marked a historic milestone for the NRSP as the programme celebrated its 20th anniversary. With more than 400 sires tested since its inception, the NRSP has been instrumental in amassing critical phenotypes from birth to slaughter and contributes many of the economically relevant traits (ERTs) reported in the AHA’s genetic evaluation. PACE, a joint effort between the AHA

The pan-American cattle vaulation has been relaunched



and the Hereford associations of Canada, Uruguay and Argentina, was reinitiated last year. Originally released in July 2009, this first-of-its-kind collaboration compares common genetics used in North and South America in the same evaluation. When the AHA incorporated biometric open language tools (BOLT) software into its genetic evaluation in December 2017, the evaluation became limited to data from the US and Canada while the two South American countries researched changes to their evaluation models. The AHA has since worked with the leaders of the Uruguay and Argentina Hereford associations to run research prototypes to determine the best approach to restructuring PACE. In adding South American data back into the North American genetic evaluation, the AHA will gain more than 500,000 pedigree records and more than 200,000 performance records to contribute to calculating the expected progeny differences of animals used across continents.

Excelling in efficiency Hereford genetics continue to excel in feedlot trials and studies, and this year a study on voluntary feed intake of Baldy cows added more positive data to the repertoire. Dave Lalman, PhD, and his research team at Oklahoma State University compared Baldy females to straight-bred black females and found Baldy cows averaged a higher body condition score while consuming less feed per day. On average, the Baldy female consumed roughly two pounds per day less of moderate-quality forage than its straight-bred counterpart — equating to 725 pounds less forage on an annual basis.

2019 AHA stats: •

90,000+ genotypes in the AHA database

120 per cent increase in domestic semen sales from 2008–2018

37 per cent of registrations are AI and ET calves

Certified Hereford beef The Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) brand has witnessed some change. Effective from 1 January 2019, CHB officially modified the brand’s minimum marbling score requirement of the Schedule G-10 from a Slight00 marbling score to a Small00 marbling score, elevating the quality level of the CHB brand to a United States Department of Agriculture Choice quality grade.



2019 CHB stats: •

2.2 million pound increase in sales through CHB licensed accounts

38 states where CHB is distributed

71 new licensed retailers

15 new licensed distributors

The decision to modify the marbling score specification was due to the increasing quality of Hereford cattle in the market. The specification improvement better positions CHB for market relevance and allows the brand to be more competitive in the consumer market, where exceptional quality is demanded. Brand support from the AHA membership is one of the greatest assets of CHB. Consumers crave a connection with those who produce their food, and the ability for CHB to bring foodservice, retail and consumer partners to Hereford operations to see cattle production first-hand gives the brand a competitive advantage over other beef brands in the industry. Farm and ranch tours have been increasingly requested by the growing number of CHB partners, and these visits are an excellent way for producers to tell their story and to educate participants about beef production and animal welfare. CHB is proud of the rich heritage and uncompromising dedication to quality Hereford farmers and ranchers provide. The exceptional eating experience the brand provides, coupled with an exciting story to tell, will continue to drive growth for the CHB brand. The best is yet to come.

Youth programme The Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) and the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) work together to provide learning and leadership opportunities for the breed’s future leaders. This last fiscal year, NJHA members reaped the benefits of scholarship, leadership and education through an array of programmes designed to showcase junior talents and to help the youth build a brighter future for the beef industry. The NJHA provides programmes like the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE), the annual Faces of Leadership Conference and the Fed Steer Shootout. For a decade, the NJHA has worked to build junior members into strong leaders through the Faces of Leadership Conference. This year on the University

The Certified Hereford Beef brand is continually growing

of Nebraska-Lincoln's Innovation Campus the conference took on a new face with an even greater focus on creating leaders, collaborating and cultivating opportunities. For three years running, the NJHA has conducted a unique programme called the Fed Steer Shootout. Its goal is to teach juniors about the challenges and opportunities of feeding their own cattle for the Certified Hereford Beef brand. It is an industry-leading opportunity for NJHA members to gain an invaluable educational and a real-world cattlefeeding experience. Contestants collect feed-yard performance and carcase data during the contest and are given the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the cattle feeding and packing industries through a comprehensive educational component of the contest. In addition to a monthly health report, a series of videos and quizzes was deployed to educate participants. Juniors also competed in a performance portfolio competition, with the top five portfolios receiving a travel scholarship for the speech and interview portion of the contest to be named the NJHA Fed Steer Shootout junior of the year at the 2019 American Hereford Association annual meeting and Conference in Kansas City.

Shows and events 2020 20-23


Stirling bull sale


Royal Welsh

Builth Wells, Powys

01982 553683

01786 473055


Scottish National (Border Union)

Kelso, Roxburghshire

01573 224188


Antrim, Co Antrim

07899 746542


Native breeds sale

Dungannon, Co Tyrone

02887 722727



Sires of the Future sale


01432 272057


New Forest and Hampshire County

Brockenhurst, Hampshire

01590 622400

Spring show and sale

Carlisle, Cumbria

01228 406230


Nantwich and South Cheshire

Nantwich, Cheshire

01270 780306


Native breeds sale

Dungannon, Co Tyrone

02887 722727

Brecon County

Brecon, Powys

01874 611881


Hereford spring show and sale

Hereford, Herefordshire

01432 272057


Ayr County


08452 011460


Nottinghamshire County

Newark, Nottinghamshire

01636 705796


Royal Ulster (Balmoral)


02890 665225


Native breeds sale

Carlisle, Cumbria

01228 406230


Devon County

Exeter, Devon

01392 353700


Heathfield and District

Heathfield, East Sussex

01435 864587


Shropshire County

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

01743 289831


Hertfordshire County

St Albans, Hertfordshire

01582 792626


Northumberland County

Hexham, Northumberland

01434 604216


Surrey County

Guildford, Surrey

01483 890810


Stafford County

Stafford, Staffordshire

01785 258060


Suffolk County

Ipswich, Suffolk

01473 707110


Beef Expo 2020

Darlington Auction Mart, County Durham

015395 66200


Royal Bath and West

Shepton Mallet, Somerset

01749 822200


Bucks County

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

01296 680400

01572 757110


Edenbridge and Oxted

Lingfield, Surrey

01737 645843

Winchester, Hampshire

01962 738748





Rutland County

Oakham, Rutland



Annan, Dumfries and Glloway

01461 201199



Preston, Lancashire

07867 313346


National Hereford Show

Tenbury, Worcestershire

01584 810818


North Devon

Barnstaple, Devon

01769 573852



Cleobury North, Shropshire

01746 787535



Honiton, Devon

01404 41794



Fishguard, Pembrokeshire




Chepstow, Monmouthshire

07836 611857


Anglesey County

Holyhead, Anglesey

01407 720072



Okehampton, Devon

01837 659965



Nelson, Glamorgan




Ashbourne, Staffordshire

01899 507497


Pembrokeshire County

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

01437 764331


Gillingham and Shaftesbury

Shaftesbury, Dorset

01747 823955


Denbigh and Flint

Denbigh, Denbighshire

01352 712131



Melplash, Dorset

01308 423337






Royal Cornwall

Wadebridge, Cornwall

01208 812183



Ballymoney, Co Antrim

07713 519928


National Poll Show

Moreton-in Marsh, Oxon

01608 651908

Dorset County

Dorchester, Dorset

01305 264249



01544 340598


South of England

Ardingly, West Sussex

01444 892700



NI National, (Armargh)

Armagh, Co Armagh

02837 522333



Royal Three Counties

Malvern, Worcestershire

01684 584900



Usk, Monmouthshire

01291 690889


National Stock Judging Comp

Malvern, Worcestershire

01432 272057



Romsey, Hampshire

01794 517521


Royal County of Berkshire

Newbury, Berkshire

01635 247111


Cumberland County

Carlisle, Cumbria

01228 812601


Royal Cheshire County

Knutsford, Cheshire

01565 650200


Royal Highland


01313 356200


St Clears YFC Show

St Clears, Carmarthenshire

07870 390734


Lincolnshire County


01565 650200


Autumn show and sale

Carlisle, Cumbria

01228 406230


Annual dinner

Three Counties Hotel, Hereford

01432 272057



Ballymena, Co Antrim

07718 478413


Hereford autumn show and sale

Hereford, Herefordshire

01432 272057


Derbyshire County

Elvaston, Derbyshire

01332 793068


Autumn calf show at Agri Expo

Carlisle, Cumbria

01228 406230


Bury County

Bury, Lancashire

07808 777860



Carnleigh, Surrey

01483 267771


JULY 1-2

Royal Norfolk

Norwich, Norfolk

01603 594460


Hanbury Countryside

Redditch, Worcesterhire

07876 408814




01873 890365


Kent County

Maidstone, Kent

01622 630975


English Winter Fair

Stafford, Staffordshire

01785 258060


Royal Ulster beef and lamb championships

Balmoral, Belfast

02890 665225


Winter Stock Festival

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

01733 234451

30-1 Dec

Royal Welsh Winter Fair

Builth Wells, Powys

01982 553683

Dungannon, Co Tyrone

02887 722727



Newport, Shropshire

01952 810814




Heather, Leicestershire

01283 229225



Great Yorkshire

Harrogate, Yorkshire

01423 541000


Royal Ulster Winter Fair

Balmoral, Belfast

02890 665225

02840 638087


HCBA Christmas calf show

Shrewsbury, Shropshire

01981 540717



Castlewellan, Co Down

Native breeds sale

Society news  


Show results 2019 ROYAL ULSTER

Judge: G Thorne  15-18 May Name of animal




Supreme and female champion

Corraback Cherry 10th

Kye Rodge 553

Corraback Cherry 7th

RM Richmond

Reserve supreme and reserve female champion

Richmount 1 Poppy

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Richmount 1 Laura

J Graham

Male champion

Solpoll 1 Real Deal

Moeskaer Salute 994

Solpoll 1 Dainty N11

J and W McMordie

Reserve male champion

Richmount 1 Rockafella

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Richmount 1 Lady Ga Ga

J Graham

Junior champion

Kye Holly 818

Free Town Hotspur

Kye Sorcha 3rd

T Staunton

Cow born before 31 December 2016

1. Carney Hill 1 Olga 1st 2. Hockleypoll 1 Amelia 3. Richmount 1 Lola Rose

Carney Hill 1 Giggs Rathreganpoll 1 Storm Barbern 1 Gargantuan

Knockmountagh Olga Hockley Laura Richmount 1 Fern

J and K Taggart The Leader Family J Graham

Heifer born between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017

1. Richmount 1 Poppy 2. Dorepoll 1 Sally 611 3. Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier Dorepoll 1 579 Manhattan Carney Hill 1 Jackson

Richmount 1 Laura Dorepoll 1 262L Sally Carney Hill 1 Gillian 2nd

J Graham JE, RI and W Haire J and K Taggart

Heifer born between 1 July and 31 December 2017

1. Corraback Cherry 10th 2. Lusky 1 Rita 3. Dorepoll 1 Classic Kim 662

Kye Rodge 553 Woodvale 1 Livewire Dorepoll 1 13P Patriot

Corraback Cherry 7th Lusky 1 Agatha Dorepoll 1 553 Classic Kim

RM Richmond WJ Gill JE, RI and W Haire

Heifer born after 1 January 2018

1. Kye Holly 818 2. River-Dale 1 Dainty’s Reka 3. Richmount 1 Lady Rosemunde

Free Town Hotspur Moeskaer Pacman 1417 Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Kye Sorcha 3rd River-Dale 1 Graceful’s Finesse Richmount 1 Lady Louche

T Staunton McMordie Family J Graham

Bull born between 1 April and 31 December 2017

1. Richmount 1 Rockafella 2. Dorepoll 1 Perfection 3. Richmount 1 Red Rock

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier Costhorpe 1 Knockout Richmount 1 King Kong

Richmount 1 Lady Ga Ga Bosa 1 Priscilla H15 Richmount 1 Kimberly

J Graham JE, RI and W Haire J Graham

Bull born after 1 January 2018

1. Solpoll 1 Real Thing 2. Solpoll 1 Royalty 3. Drumgold 1 Finn

NBG 69T The Wonderer 36R 3W Solpoll 1 Nobility Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Solpoll 1 Dainty N11 Solpoll 1 Starlet M17 Magheraknock 1 Lola

J and W McMordie J and W McMordie P Collins

Group of three animals, the property of the same exhibitor

1. J and W McMordie 2. RM Richmond 3. J Graham

Pair of animals by the same sire,the property of the same exhibitor

1. RM Richmond 2. J and W McMordie 3. J Graham


Judge: J Ludgate   25 May

Name of animal




Supreme and grand female champion

Hollyvale 1 June 3rd

Dendor 1 Leroy

Greenyards 1 June H151

A and P Massey

Reserve supreme and reserve grand female champion

Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R

Dendor 1 Muttley

Auckvale Curly 1271K

L and L Bowen

Grand male champion

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53

H Whittaker

Reserve Grand male champion

Dendor 1 Rosco P. Coltrane

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Dendor 1 Keepsake 10th

TD and WT Livesey

Bull born on or between 1 September 2016 and 30 June 2017

1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 2. Solpoll 1 Perfection 3. Garnstone 1 Pedro

Barwise 1 Lancer Panmure 1 Henry Otapawa Skymate 2046

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53 Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525 Dorepoll 1 553 Catalina 594

H Whittaker SC and GL Hartwright T Verdin

1. Maxstoke 1 Sovereign

SMH King Size 87K

Maxstoke 1 Daffodil 215 (P)

2. Church Preen Riddick

Haven Koala

Church Preen Model J035

DP Jones Agricultural Contracting AR Owen

Bull born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2018

1. Dendor 1 Rosco P. Coltrane 2. Eveter 1 Rendezvous 3. Barbern 1 Rockafella (P)

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Normanton 1 Laertes Barbern 1 Gargantuan

Dendor 1 Keepsake 10th Barbern 1 June 350 Barbern 1 Foxglove 309

TD and WT Livesey E Jackson M and M Roberts

Bull born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 2. Bromley 1 Othello 3. Shraden 1 Raven

SMH King Size 87K AI Normanton 1 Laertes Rempstone 1 Trendsetter V346

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6 Bromley 1 Vanessa 386 Shraden 1 Sunflower D251

T and D Harrison M and M Roberts MJ and HM Timmis

Cow born on or before 30 June 2016 with calf at foot or to calve within 4 months of show

1. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd 2. Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th 3. Rempstone 1 Fashion E438

Solpoll 1 Gilbert Solpoll 1 Gilbert Aldersley 1 Edgar

Dendor 1 Ruby 11th Dendor 1 Jennefer 8th Kinglee 1 Fashion 304

L and L Bowen B Birch and G Brindley RJ Windsor

Heifer born on or between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017 in calf or with her own calf at foot

1. Free Town Palladin 2. Thornysure 1 Oregan 3. Spartan 1 Plum

Mara Humorous Kinglee 1 Hero Cathedral 1 Donatello

Free Town Pansy 6th Thornysure 1 Octavia Panmure 1 Plum K19

W Milner M Shaw SC and GL Hartwright

Heifer born on between 1 July and 31 December 2017

1. Hallwood 1 Poppy 9th 2. Hallwood 1 Oyster Shell 3. Dendor 1 Wattle 9th

Hallwood 1 Knight Hallwood 1 Knight Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Hallwood 1 Poppy 6th Kinglee 1 Oyster Girl 495 Dendor 1 Wattle 6th

R and RI Shaw R and RI Shaw DE, ED and AL Jones

Bull born on or between 1 July and 31 December 2017



Heifer born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2018

1. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R 2. Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd 3. Dendor 1 Anna Mary 37th

Dendor 1 Muttley SMH King Size 87K Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Auckvale Curly 1271K Barbern 1 June 349 Dendor 1 Anna Mary 13th

L and L Bowen E Jackson DE, ED and AL Jones

Heifer born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Hollyvale 1 June 3rd 2. Shraden 1 Alice R880 3. Spartan 1 Red Hot Mist

Dendor 1 Leroy Dendor 1 Knuckleduster Cathedral 1 Donatello

Greenyards 1 June H151 Shraden 1 Alice C198 Cleland 1 Cheerful 8th

A and P Massey MJ and HM Timmis SC and GL Hartwright

Best pair bred by the exhibitor

1. R and RI Shaw 2. E Jackson 3. G and R Watkins


Judge: PRJ Vincent  29 May - 1 June

Name of animal




Supreme and male champion

Solpoll 1 Perfection

Panmure 1 Henry

Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525

SC and GL Hartwright

Reserve supreme and female champion

Coley 1 Clara 409

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53

Barbern 1 Claret 2nd

W Awan

Reserve male champion

Lanscombe 1 Walter

Lanscombe 1 Maxamillion

Lanscombe 1 Quiz

RA Mitchell

Reserve female champion

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th

Solpoll 1 KitKat

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 18th

AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd

Bull born before 2018

1. Solpoll 1 Perfection 2. Romany 1 Menace 3. Panmure 1 Nugget

Panmure 1 Henry SMH Castro 0001 Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53

Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525 Romany 1 Dawn A84 G2 Panmure 1 Plum E2

SC and GL Hartwright B Cambridge L and L Bowen

Bull born 1 January to 31 March 2018

1. Lanscombe 1 Wizard 2. Lanscombe 1 Walter 3. Cleland 1 Regal

Rough Moor 1 Nugget Lanscombe 1 Maxamillion Solpoll 1 KitKat

Lanscombe 1 Ruby 1st Lanscombe 1 Quiz Cleland 1 Treat 17th

RA Mitchell RA Mitchell AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd

Bull born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Rough Moor 1 Ranger 2. Baybridge 1 Pluto

Shraden 1 Henson Bosa 1 Huntsman

Rough Moor 1 Rosea 73 Baybridge 1 Maggie May

T and M Goodwin and C Powell LG Gould

Cow or heifer born before 2017

1. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd 2. Pebworth 1 Nightfly

Solpoll 1 Gilbert Kinglee 1 Galaxy

Dendor 1 Ruby 11th Pebworth 1 Keira

L and L Bowen B Cambridge

Heifer born in 2017

1. Coley 1 Clara 409 2. Spartan 1 Plum 3. Black Hall 1 Apailana

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Cathedral 1 Donatello Auckvale Jim Lad 1220J

Barbern 1 Claret 2nd Panmure 1 Plum K19 Shirley 1 Autumn

W Awan SC and GL Hartwright B Cambridge

Heifer born 1 January to 31 March 2018

1. Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th 2. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R 3. Baybridge 1 Princess 11th

Solpoll 1 KitKat Dendor 1 Muttley Bosa 1 Huntsman

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 18th Auckvale Curly 1271K Baybridge 1 Felicity

AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd L and L Bowen LG Gould

Heifer born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Spartan 1 Red Hot Mist 2. Dendor 1 Greta 30th 3. Rough Moor 1 Fashion 229

Cathedral 1 Donatello Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 AI Shraden 1 Henson

Cleland 1 Cheerful 8th Dendor 1 Greta 17th Rough Moor 1 Fashion 72 (P)

SC and GL Hartwright Delamore Farms Ltd T and M Goodwin and C Powell

Group of three animals bred by the exhibitor

1. R Mitchell 2. SC & GL Hartwright

Best pair of animals

1. R Mitchell 2. AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd 3. T and M Goodwin and C Powell


Judge: MJ Clark  14-16 June

Name of animal




Supreme, grand and senior male champion

Fisher 1 Prospect P464

Fisher 1 Jaguar J347

Fisher 1 Cheerful H316

RJ Hutchings

Reserve supreme, reserve grand and reserve senior male champion

Solpoll 1 Perfection

Panmure 1 Henry

Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525

SC and GL Hartwright

Grand and junior female champion

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th

Solpoll 1 KitKat

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 18th

AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd

Reserve grand and senior female champion

Pebworth 1 Paloma (P)

Kinglee 1 Galaxy

Blakesley 1 Glamour

N and L Holdsworth

Reserve senior female champion

Spartan 1 Plum

Cathedral 1 Donatello

Panmure 1 Plum K10

SC and GL Hartwright

Reserve junior female champion

Dendor 1 Wattle 9th

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 AI

Dendor 1 Wattle 6th

DE, ED and AL Jones

Junior male champion

Dendor 1 Rick Astley

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 AI

Dendor 1 Molly 31st

H Whittaker and DE, ED and AL Jones

Reserve junior male champion

Newtoncroft 1 Renzo

Solpoll 1 Hollywood

Newtoncroft 1 Luna 186

Newtoncroft Farms

Bull born on or before 31 December 2016

1. Bounds 1 Norbert 2. Cleland 1 Luther 3. Adzor Lyric

Hawkesbury 1 Ronaldo Moeskaer Keno 1222 Elms School Yogi Bear

Bounds 1 Eliza-Ballad Cleland 1 Clover 4th Badlingham Blossom 159th

H Weston and Sons Ltd H Weston and Sons Ltd DJ Makin

Bull born on or between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2017

1. Fisher 1 Prospect P464 2. Solpoll 1 Perfection 3. Garnstone 1 Pedro

Fisher 1 Jaguar J347 Panmure 1 Henry Otapawa Skymate 2046

Fisher 1 Cheerful H316 Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525 Dorepoll 1 553 Catalina 594

RJ Hutchings SC and GL Hartwright T Verdin

Bull born on or between 1 December 2017 and 28 February 2018

1. Barbern 1 Rockafella 2. Church Preen Riddick 3. Pepperstock 1 Romulus

Barbern 1 Gargantuan Haven Koala Pepperstock 1 Kingsley

Barbern 1 Foxglove 309 Church Preen Model J035 Pepperstock 1 Jade M237

M and M Roberts AR Owen Speirs Farms Ltd



1. Dendor 1 Rick Astley

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 AI

Dendor 1 Molly 31st

2. Newtoncroft 1 Renzo 3. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

Solpoll 1 Hollywood SMH King Size 87K AI

Newtoncroft 1 Luna 186 Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6

H Whittaker and DE, ED and AL Jones Newtoncroft Farms T and D Harrison

Bull born on or after 1 May 2018

1. Newtoncroft 1RattlenHum 2. Burmill 1 Raphael 3. Bromley 1 Othello

Solpoll 1 Hollywood SMH King Size 87K AI Normanton 1 Laertes

Newtoncroft 1 Luna 213 Bosa 1 Laurel 804 Bromley 1 Vanessa 386

Newtoncroft Farms Robert Allcock M and M Roberts

Cow or heifer in milk born on or before 31 August 2016 with her own calf at foot

1. Pebwotyh 1 Paloma 2. Heath House Curly 3rd 3. Rempstone 1 Bertha H311

Kinglee 1 Galaxy Mawarra Vice Admiral Solpoll 1 Hollywood

Blakesley 1 Glamour Haven Curly 86th Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd (DH)

N and L Holdsworth R and E Lywood M Ludgate

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017

1. Spartan 1 Plum 2. Thornysure 1 Oregan 3. Bounds 1 Olympia

Cathedral 1 Donatello Kinglee 1 Hero Hawkesbury 1 Ronaldo

Panmure 1 Plum K10 Thornysure 1 Octavia Ford Abbey 1 Marina 4th

SC and GL Hartwright M Shaw H Weston and Sons Ltd

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Dendor 1 Wattle 9th 2. Kilvrough 1 Myrtle 3. Shraden 1 Alice R857

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 AI Dorepoll 1 579 Knighthood Baldinnie 1 Victory

Dendor 1 Wattle 6th Dendor 1 Myrtle 12th Shraden 1 Alice D247

DE, ED and AL Jones E Radcliffe MJ and HM Timmis

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018

1. Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49th 2. Banjo’s 1 Gilly Coco 3. Dendor 1 Keepsafe 21st

Solpoll 1 KitKat Romany 1 Lawbreaker RE L23 Dendor 1 Murdock

Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 18th Lincoln 1 Gilly Victoria Dendor 1 Keepsake 15th

AE Nesbitt Farms Ltd AB Yaldren H Whittaker

Heifer born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Glenvale 1 Doris 2. Spartan 1 Red Hot Mist 3. Appleridge 1 Katie 435

Dendor 1 Ledley Cathedral 1 Donatello Lowesmoor 1 Kilkenny

Glenvale 1 Doris 398 Cleland 1 Cheerful 8th Appleridge 1 Katie 212

TG, EI and EN Thorne SC and GL Hartwright M Jenkins

Bull born on or between 1 March 2018 and 30 April 2018

Best pair of exhibitor owned animals by the same sire Best group of three animals bred and owned by exhibitor

1. M Jenkins 1. H Weston and Sons Ltd 2. AJ and LR Hobson 3. M Shaw


Judge: M Roberts  20-23 June

Name of animal




Supreme, grand and junior female champion

Coley 1 Clara 418

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Coley 1 Clara 286

R Robinson and H Whittaker

Reserve supreme,reserve grand and reserve junior female champion

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose

Normanton 1 Laertes

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1

G and S Harvey

Grand and senior male champion

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53

H Whittaker

Reserve grand and junior male champion

Romany 1 Roxburgh BL R34

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel RE L48

N Robinson

Reserve junior male champion

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

SMH King Size 87K

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6

T and D Harrison

Reserve senior male champion

Coley 1 Petrus

Spurstow 1 Recruit 1st

Coley 1 Clara 286

B Hutchinson

Senior female champion

Rempstone 1 Bertha H311

Solpoll 1 Hollywood

Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd

M Ludgate

Reserve senior female champion

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

Solpoll 1 Gilbert (P)

Dendor 1 Jennefer 8th

B Birch and G Brindley

Female born on or after 1 March 2018

1. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose 2. Harveybros 1 Crocus R5 3. Romany 1 Ishbel BW R55

Normanton 1 Laertes Normanton 1 Laertes Barwise 1 Wellington

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 Harveybros 1 Crocus L4 Romany 1 Ishbel 41H A22

G and S Harvey G and S Harvey JRB Wilson and Sons

Female born on or between 1 September 2017 and 28 February 2018

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 2. Moralee 1 Kimberly KS R7 3. Romany 1 Lucy BL R38

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid SMH King Size 87K Barwise 1 Lancer

Coley 1 Clara 286 Moralee 1 Kimberly Romany 1 Lucy A84 J57

R Robinson and H Whittaker P Martindale JRB Wilson and Sons

Female in milk or in calf, born on or between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017

1. Bethanfield Lisette 2. Coley 1 Model 415

Auckvale Monument 1436M Romany 1 Mecca H12 M47

Fourstones Lisette 285 Coley 1 Model 317

B Hutchinson P Martindale

Female in milk or in calf, born on or before 31 August 2016

1. Rempstone 1 Bertha H311 2. Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th 3. Hanson 1 Thuya 257

Solpoll 1 Hollywood Solpoll 1 Gilbert Romany 1 Judge A84 J49

Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd Dendor 1 Jennefer 8th Bosa 1 Thuya 364

M Ludgate B Birch and G Brindley H Whittaker

Bull born on or after 1 March 2018

1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 2. Moralee 1 Roland Rat KS R16 3. Romany 1 Regulus R58

SMH King Size 87K SMH King Size 87K Days Calibre G74

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6 Romany 1 Mink D1 L24 Romany 1 Lucy D1 M16

T and D Harrison T and D Harrison JRB Wilson and Sons

Bull born on or between 1 September 2017 and 28 February 2018

1. Romany 1 Roxburgh BL R34 2. Panmure 1 Rambo 3. Panmure 1 Radley

Barwise 1 Lancer Normanton 1 Nuclear Dendor 1 Leota

Romany 1 Ishbel RE L48 Panmure 1 Plum M11 Panmure 1 Plum H12

N Robinson JM Cant and Partners JM Cant and Partners

Bull born on or between 1 January and 31 August 2017

1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53

H Whittaker

Bull born on or before 31 December 2016

1. Coley 1 Petrus

Spurstow 1 Recruit 1st

Coley 1 Clara 286

B Hutchinson

Best pair of animals bred by exhibitor

1. G and S Harvey 2. T and D Harrison




Judge: MF Gray  9-11 July

Name of animal




Supreme and grand female champion

Coley 1 Clara 418

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Coley 1 Clara 286

R Robinson and H Whittaker

Reserve supreme and reserve grand female champion

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose

Normanton 1 Laertes

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1

G and S Harvey

Grand male champion

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53

H Whittaker

Reserve grand male champion

Hallwood 1 Phoenix Nights

Hallwood 1 Knight

Hallwood 1 Careless 3rd

R and RI Shaw

Bull born on or before 31 August 2017

1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 2. Hallwood 1 Phoenix Nights 3. Solpoll 1 Perfection

Barwise 1 Lancer Hallwood 1 Knight Panmure 1 Henry

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53 Hallwood 1 Careless 3rd Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525

H Whittaker R and RI Shaw SC and GL Hartwright

Bull born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 March 2018

1. Romany 1 Roxburgh BL R34 2. Eveter 1 Rendezvous

Barwise 1 Lancer Normanton 1 Laertes

Romany 1 Ishbel RE L48 Barbern 1 June 350

N Robinson (Whittle AG) E Jackson

Bull born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Pinmoor 1 Raptor 2. Moralee 1 Roland Rat KS R16 3. Elwess Richard

Moeskaer Upgrade SMH King Size 87K Ervie L1 Achiever 91151H

Solpoll 1 Stardust N5 Romany 1 Mink D1 L24 Elwess Lady Lynda K7

G Hall T and D Harrison SA and VJ Elwess

Cow born before 1 January 2017

1. Coley 1 Pippa 356 2. Hanson 1 Thuya 257 3. Auckvale Lively 1058H

Days Calibre G74 Romany 1 Judge A84 J49 Auckvale Broadside

Frenchstone P. 1 Boo Bosa 1 Thuya 364 Auckvale Lively Lucinda

T and D Harrison H Whittaker W and R Kemp and Sons

Heifer born between 1 February 2017 and 31 May 2017

1. Shraden 1 Alice P809 2. Coley 1 Clara 409 3. Bethanfield Lisette

Dendor 1 Knuckleduster Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Auckvale Monument 1436M

Shraden 1 Alice C198 Barbern 1 Claret 2nd Fourstones Lisette 285

J Hodge W Awan B Hutchinson

Heifer born between 1 August and 31 December 2017

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 2. Hallwood 1 Oyster Shell 3. Romany 1 Lucy BL R38 +B176:B178

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Hallwood 1 Knight Barwise 1 Lancer

Coley 1 Clara 286 Kinglee 1 Oyster Girl 495 Romany 1 Lucy A84 J57

R Robinson and H Whittaker R and RI Shaw JRB Wilson and Sons

Heifer born on or between 1 January and 31 March 2018

1. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose 2. Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd 3. Fellowhills 1 Navigator Lucy

Normanton 1 Laertes SMH King Size 87K Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 Barbern 1 June 349 Romany 1 Lucy D1 M66

G and S Harvey E Jackson J Hodge

Heifer born on or between 3rd April 2018 and 9th May 2018

1. Moralee 1 Mink KS R18 2. Harveybros 1 Crocus R5 3. Hollyvale 1 June 3rd

SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Laertes Dendor 1 Leroy

Romany 1 Mink D1 H48 Harveybros 1 Crocus L4 Greenyards 1 June H151

S O’Kane and H Morgan G and S Harvey A and P Massey

Heifer born on or after 11th May 2018

1. Pinmoor 1 Dusky WL R57 2. Auckvale 1 Beth 1791R 3. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3

Whitehill 1 Loynd TH 89T 743 Untapped 425X SMH King Size 87K

Pinmoor 1 Nigella CBB 4R Iggy 511C Moralee 1 Kylie

G Hall W and R Kemp and Sons T and D Harrison

Group of three animals, the property of the same exhibitor

1. R and RI Shaw 2. A and P Massey 3. SA and VJ Elwess

Pair of animals by the same sire,the property of the same exhibitor

1. R and RI Shaw 2. G and S Harvey 3. A and P Massey


Judge: D Kelly  13 July

Name of animal




Supreme and female champion

Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th

Carney Hill 1 Jackson

Carney Hill 1 Gillian 2nd

J and K Taggart

Male champion and reserve supreme champion

Richmount 1 Rockafella

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Richmount 1 Lady Ga Ga

J Graham

Reserve female champion

Shraden 1 Alice R834

Dendor 1 Knuckleduster

Shraden 1 Alice J505

N Shaw

Junior female champion

Corraback Olive 10th

Kye Rodge 553

Corraback Olive 6th

RM and HR Richmond

Reserve junior female champion

River-Dale 1 Dainty’s Reka

Moeskaer Pacman 1417

River-Dale 1 Graceful’s Finesse

McMordie Family

Reserve male champion

Carney Hill 1 Ribeye

Carney Hill 1 Jackson

Knockmanta 1 Rosebud 2

J and K Taggart

Calf champion

Richmount 1 Skyfall

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Richmount 1 Mabel

J Graham

Reserve calf champion

Lisnaree 1 Sundae

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Lisnaree 1 Nora

M Murdock

Cow born before 31 December 2016

1. Carney Hill 1 Olga 1st 2. Balleen Pansy 668 3. Lisnaree 1 Nora

Carney Hill 1 Giggs Gageboro Eugenic Gouldingpoll 1 Superduty

Knockmountagh Olga Balleen Pansy 33 Bruntwood 1 June

J and K Taggart M and L Moore M Murdock

Heifer born between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017

1. Carney Hill 1 Gillian 6th 2. Richmount 1 Poppy

Carney Hill 1 Jackson Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Carney Hill 1 Gillian 2nd Richmount 1 Laura

J and K Taggart J Graham

Heifer born between 1 July 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Shraden 1 Alice R834 2. Corraback Cherry 10th 3. Richmount 1 Ruby Royale

Dendor 1 Knuckleduster Kye Rodge 553 Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Shraden 1 Alice J505 Corraback Cherry 7th Richmount 1 North

N Shaw RM and HR Richmond J Graham

Heifer born between 1 January 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Corraback Olive 10th 2. River-Dale 1 Dainty’s Reka 3. Lisnaree 1 Ruby

Kye Rodge 553 Moeskaer Pacman 1417 Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Corraback Olive 6th River-Dale 1 Graceful’s Finesse Lisnaree 1 Millie

RM and HR Richmond McMordie Family M Murdock



Heifer calf born between 1 September 2018 and 31 December 2018

1. Drumnamether 1 Nancy 2. Annaghbeg Flair

Netherhall 1 OZ Daffy M024 Annaghbeg Domino

Graceland 1 Lucy Annaghbeg Dakota

PJ Cully M and L Moore

Heifer calf born after 1 January 2019

1. Lisnaree 1 Sundae 2. Sessiagh 1 Skye 3. Lisnaree 1 Spice Girl

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Normanton 1 Laertes Dendor 1 Kohinoor

Lisnaree 1 Nora Graceland 1 Nicola Cornriggs 1 Vanity 2nd

M Murdock N Shaw M Murdock

Bull born between 1 April and 31 December 2017

1. Richmount 1 Rockafella

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier

Richmount 1 Lady Ga Ga

J Graham

Bull born after 1 January 2018

1. Carney Hill 1 Ribeye 2. Annaghbeg 1 Ferdinand 3. Annaghbeg Fernando

Carney Hill 1 Jackson Normanton 1 Laertes Kilsunny Leyton

Knockmanta 1 Rosebud 2 Richmount 1 Florrie Annaghbeg Candy

J and K Taggart M and L Moore M and L Moore

Bull calf born between 1 September 2018 and 31 December 2018

1. Richmount 1 Skyfall 2. Sessiagh 1 Storm

Grousehallpoll 1 Premier Denn 1 Oscar

Richmount 1 Mabel Bosa 1 Laurel 972

J Graham N Shaw

Bull calf born after 1 January 2019

1. Annaghbeg Governor 2. Carney Hill 1 Sexton

Mara Pristine Lisrace Lone Ranger 4th

Balleen Pansy 668 Carney Hill 1 Olga 1st

M and L Moore J and K Taggart

Group of 3 property of exhibitor

1. J Graham 2. M and L Moore

Progeny pair

1. RM and HR Richmond 2. J Graham 3. J Graham

Young handlers 12-18 years of age

1. Gemma McCorry 2. Jamie Bunting 3. Nathaniel Shaw


Judge: RI Shaw  22-25 July

Name of animal




Supreme and grand female champion

Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R

Dendor 1 Muttley

Auckvale Curly 1271K

L and L Bowen

Reserve supreme and reseve grand female champion

Kilvrough 1 Myrtle

Dorepoll 1 579 Knighthood

Dendor 1 Myrtle 12th

E Radcliffe

Grand and junior male champion

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

SMH King Size 87K AI

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6

T and D Harrison

Reserve grand and reserve junior male champion

1. Lord Harvey’s 1 Winston

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Dendor 1 Echo 19th

Lord HJ Cloke

Bull born on or before 31 August 2017

1. Panmure 1 Nugget 2. Rempstone 1 Hotline H471 3. Moralee 1 Poll Vaulter

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Dorepoll 1 499 Heritage Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider

Panmure 1 Plum E2 Rempstone 1 Bertha F260 Baldinnie 1 Cathy 43rd

L and L Bowen M Ludgate LD and LL Powell

1. Maxstoke 1 Sovereign

SMH King Size 87K

Maxstoke 1 Daffodil 215

2. Church Preen Riddick

Haven Koala

Church Preen Model J035

DP Jones Agricultural Contracting AR Owen

1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 2. Newtoncroft 1 Renzo 3. Dendor 1 Rick Astley

SMH King Size 87K AI Solpoll 1 Hollywood Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6 Newtoncroft 1 Luna 186 Dendor 1 Molly 31st

T and D Harrison Newtoncroft Farms H Whittaker, DE, ED and AL Jones

Bull born on or after 1 May 2018

1. Lord Harvey’s 1 Winston 2. Moralee 1 Roland Rat KS R16 3. Hean 1 Rebel 925

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Nuclear

Dendor 1 Echo 19th Romany 1 Mink D1 L24 Glenvale 1 Plover 412

Lord HJ Cloke T and D Harrison The Hean Castle Estate

Cow in calf or with calf at foot, born on or before 31 December 2016

1. Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th 2. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd 3. Rempstone 1 Bertha H311

Solpoll 1 Gilbert Solpoll 1 Gilbert Solpoll 1 Hollywood

Dendor 1 Jennefer 8th Dendor 1 Ruby 11th Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd

B Birch and G Brindley L and L Bowen M Ludgate

Heifer in calf or with calf at foot, born on or between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2017

1. Coley 1 Model 415 2. Coley 1 Clara 409 3. Ashdale 3 Queen 638

Romany 1 Mecca H12 M47 Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Dendor 1 Ledley

Romany 1 Mecca H12 M47 Barbern 1 Claret 2nd Ashdale 3 Queen 438

P Martindale W Awan TG, EI and EN Thorne

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Kilvrough 1 Myrtle 2. Dendor 1 Wattle 9th 3. Shraden 1 Alice R857

Dorepoll 1 579 Knighthood Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Baldinnie 1 Victory

Dendor 1 Myrtle 12th Dendor 1 Wattle 6th Shraden 1 Alice D247

E Radcliffe DE, ED and AL Jones MJ and HM Timmis

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018

1. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R 2. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose 3. Dendor 1 Echo 35th

Dendor 1 Muttley Normanton 1 Laertes Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Auckvale Curly 1271K Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 Dendor 1 Echo 27th

L and L Bowen G and S Harvey DE, ED and AL Jones

Heifer born on or after 1 April 2018

1. Glenvale 1 Doris 671 2. Moralee 1 Mink KS R18 3. Kilvrough 1 Keepsake 3rd

Dendor 1 Ledley SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Laertes

Glenvale 1 Doris Romany 1 Mink D1 H48 Kilvrough 1 Keepsake

TG, EI and EN Thorne S O’Kane and H Morgan E Radcliffe

Best group of three animals by the same sire

1. T & D Harrison 2. LD & LL Powell

Best group of three animals

1. L & L Bowen 2. T & D Harrison 3. LD & LL Powell

Bull born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017 Bull born on or between 1 January 2018 and 30 April 2018




Judge: G Shepherd  2-3 August

Name of animal




Supreme, junior and female champion

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose

Normanton 1 Laertes

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1

G and S Harvey

Reserve supreme, reserve junior and reserve female champion

Coley 1 Clara 418

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Coley 1 Clara 286

R Robinson and H Whittaker

Senior female champion

Baldinnie 1 Cathy 40th

Baldinnie 1 Orient

Baldinnie 1 Cathy 31st

WP and K Wason

Reserve senior female champion

Harveybros 1 Crocus L4

Venture Night Time 7055

Harveybros 1 Crocus C4

G and S Harvey

Male champion

Romany 1 Robin N47 R50

Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47

Romany 1 Lucy H12 N10

JRB Wilson and Sons

Reserve male champion

Moralee 1 Showbox

Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider

Moralee 1 Kate

T and D Harrison

Female born on or after 1 August 2018

1. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 2. Coley 1 Thuya 471 3. Drumboy 1 Sophia 963

SMH King Size 87K Rosenkaer Messi 410M Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53

Moralee 1 Kylie Hanson 1 Thuya 257 Drumboy 1 Olivia 844

T and D Harrison H Whittaker G and Miss M Dunbar

Female born on or between 1 March 2018 and 31 July 2018

1. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose 2. Romany 1 Ishbel BW R55 3. Fellowhills 1 Navigator Lucy

Normanton 1 Laertes Barwise 1 Wellington Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 Romany 1 Ishbel 41H A22 Romany 1 Lucy D1 M66

G and S Harvey JRB Wilson and Sons J Hodge

Female born on or between 1 August 2017 and 28 February 2018

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 2. Bennachie 1 Pansy 4th 3. Craigdhu 1 Flora

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Bennachie 1 Masterman Wirruna Daffy D1

Coley 1 Clara 286 Auckvale Pansy 1276K Romany 1 Jane ST M70

H Whittaker I Skea M Galbraith

Female in milk or in calf born before 1 August 2016

1. Baldinnie 1 Cathy 40th 2. Harveybros 1 Crocus L4

Baldinnie 1 Orient Venture Night Time 7055

Baldinnie 1 Cathy 31st Harveybros 1 Crocus C4

WP and K Wason G and S Harvey

Bull born on or after 1 August 2018

1. Moralee 1 Showbox 2. Coley 1 Sebastian

Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider Rosenkaer Messi 410M

Moralee 1 Kate Coley 1 Pippa 355

T and D Harrison H Whittaker

Bull born on or between 1 March 2018 and 31 July 2018

1. Panmure 1 Rocky 2. Bennachie 1 Rex 3. Bennachie 1 Rooster

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Bennachie 1 Masterman Bennachie 1 Masterman

Panmure 1 Plum E2 Bennachie 1 Amy Auckvale Janet 778E

JM Cant and Partners I Skea I Skea

Bull born on or between 1 August 2017 and 28 February 2018

1. Romany 1 Robin N47 R50 2. Panmure 1 Rambo 3. Panmure 1 Radley

Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47 Normanton 1 Nuclear Dendor 1 Leota

Romany 1 Lucy H12 N10 Panmure 1 Plum M11 (P) {PVF} Panmure 1 Plum H12

JRB Wilson and Sons JM Cant and Partners JM Cant and Partners

Best pair

1. T and D Harrison 2. G and S Harvey

Best group of three

1. T and D Harrison

Best group of three by same sire

1. T and D Harrison 2. I Skea


Judge: S Edwards  3 August

Name of animal




Supreme, grand and intermediate male champion

Church Preen Riddick

Haven Koala

Church Preen Model J035

AR Owen

Reserve supreme, reserve grand and junior male champion

Highhedges Synergist

Free Town Martyr

Badlingham Curly 124th

S Cowle

Senior male champion

Haven Lamborghini

Haven Cavalier

Haven Splendour 25th

EL Lewis and Son

Reserve senior male champion

Auckvale Kalgoorlie 1322K

Bowmont Storm A584

Auckvale Standard Lass 1125H

W and R Kemp and Sons

Reseve junior male champion

Pulham Simba

Haven Kermit

Pulham Blossom 16th

PRJ and LR Vincent

Grand and intermediate female champion

Kye Holly 818

Free Town Hotspur

Kye Sorcha 3rd

P Martindale

Reserve intermediate male champion

Haven Rover

Haven Lamborghini

Haven Curly 135th

DJ Makin

Reserve grand and junior female champion

Church Preen Lindy Loo S087

Church Preen Nanook

Church Preen Lindy Loo K041

AR Owen

Senior female champion

Heath House Curly 3rd

Mawarra Vice Admiral

Haven Curly 86th

R and E Lywood

Reserve senior female champion

Oldwest Carol Singer 1st

Haven Wizard

Hermitage Carol Singer J2

K Froud

Reserve intermediate female champion

Haven Louisa 79th

Haven Kingpin

Haven Louisa 65th (DH) AI

EL Lewis and Son

Reserve junior female champion

Free Town Pious

Free Town Nucleus

Free Town Piety

RA Bradstock and Partners

Breedplan recorded bull born between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018

1. Church Preen Riddick 2. Highhedges Regiment 3. Spinney Ballybunion

Haven Koala Free Town Martyr Riverrock Super Star

Church Preen Model J035 Mara Pansy 30th Spinney Beauty 2143

AR Owen S Cowle RP Mann

Pair of calves any sex combination

1. PRJ and LR Vincent

2. RG and MD Thomas

3. RG and MD Thomas

Cow in calf or with her own calf at foot, born on or before 31 August 2016

1. Heath House Curly 3rd 2. Oldwest Carol Singer 1st 3. Adzor Marilyn

Mawarra Vice Admiral Haven Wizard Normanton Nathan

Haven Curly 86th Hermitage Carol Singer J2 Whartonspool Peach 11th

R and E Lywood K Froud DJ Makin

Heifer in calf or with her own calf at foot, born on or between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2017

1. Auckvale Lively 1625P 2. HighHouse Glance P31 3. Midford Spotlight 1st

Auckvale King-Maker 1265K HighHouse Merlin Darmon Hickory

Auckvale Lively 1414L Haven Glance 59th Boresisle Spotlight 20th

W and R Kemp and Sons JR Whitlow W Awan



Heifer born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Haven Louisa 79th 2. Hickling Blossom 5th 3. Beckhall Princess Grace

Haven Kingpin Haven Magnum Pulham Northern Lights

Haven Louisa 65th (DH) AI Mara Blossom 36th Pulham Princess Pansy 4th

EL Lewis and Son Norman Farming Partnership B Vincent

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018

1. Kye Holly 818 2. Haven Dowager 185th 3. Sparkwood Blossom 20th

Free Town Hotspur Corlismore Ted 832 Clipston Top Drawer T4

Kye Sorcha 3rd Haven Dowager 177th Sparkwood Blossom 12th

P Martindale EL Lewis and Son L Jackson

Heifer born on or between 1 April 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Highhedges Blossom 17-18 2. Highhedges Blossom 18-18

Free Town Martyr Free Town Martyr

Highhedges Blossom 7-14 Mara Blossom 38th

S Cowle S Cowle

Heifer born in September 2018

1. Church Preen Lindy Loo S087 2. Free Town Pious 3. Pulham Pansy 20th

Church Preen Nanook Free Town Nucleus Haven Kermit

Church Preen Lindy Loo K041 Free Town Piety Clipston Pansy R2

AR Owen RA Bradstock and Partners PRJ and LR Vincent

Heifer born on or after 1 October 2018

1. Free Town Perdita 2. Free Town Griselda 3. Church Preen Model S090

Free Town Nostradamus Moyclare Lieutenant Church Preen Nanook

Free Town Perfect Free Town Gracious Church Preen Model J035

RA Bradstock and Partners RA Bradstock and Partners AR Owen

Bull born on or before 31 August 2017

1. Haven Lamborghini 2. Auckvale Kalgoorlie 1322K 3. HighHouse Merlin

Haven Cavalier Bowmont Storm A584 Yarram Star General W251

Haven Splendour 25th Auckvale Standard Lass 1125H Haven Dowager 170th

EL Lewis and Son W and R Kemp and Sons JR Whitlow

Bull born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Church Preen Riddick 2. Haven Rover

Haven Koala Haven Lamborghini

Church Preen Model J035 Haven Curly 135th

AR Owen DJ Makin

Bull born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 March 2018

1. Highhedges Regiment 2. Spinney Ballybunion 3. Hickling Rockstar

Free Town Martyr Riverrock Super Star Pulham Norfolk

Mara Pansy 30th Spinney Beauty 2143 Pulham Dowager 1st

S Cowle RP Mann Norman Farming Partnership

Bull born on or between 1 April 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Free Town Riband 2. Spinney Pat 3. Alanna Professional

Free Town Nucleus Riverrock Super Star Auckvale Montana 1459M

Free Town Pansy 8th Spinney Pansy 1738 Haven Lady Lynda 52nd

RA Bradstock and Partners RP Mann Mr and Mrs A Miller

Bull calf born in September 2018

1. Church Preen Sagan 2. Free Town Spirit 3. Boycefield Samson

F.H. William Free Town Nostradamus Lisrace Lumberjack 18th

Church Preen Model P074 Free Town Brisk Boycefield Lady Lynda 23rd

AR Owen RA Bradstock and Partners JW Lewis

Bull calf born on or after 1 October 2018

1. Highhedges Synergist 2. Pulham Simba 3. Risbury Sovereign

Free Town Martyr Haven Kermit Grianan King Maker

Badlingham Curly 124th Pulham Blossom 16th Risbury Bella 8th

S Cowle PRJ and LR Vincent RG and MD Thomas

Group of three animals, bred by the same exhibitor

1. RG and MD Thomas 2. RA Bradstock and Partners

Pair of calves any sex combination

1. PRJ and LR Vincent 2. RG and MG Thomas 3. RG and MG Thomas

Young handlers competition - junior

1. Beth Vincent 2. Oscar Chandler

Young handlers competition - intermediate

1. William Awan 2. Harriet Froud 3. Jack Lame

Young handlers competition - senior

1. Flora Amery 2. Hannah Murrell 3. Dai Gower

Denis Jones memorial show stick

Flora Amery


Judge: R Rettie  7 September

Name of animal




Supreme, grand and intermediate female champion

Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose

Normanton 1 Laertes

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1

G and S Harvey

Reserve supreme, reserve grand and reserve intermediate female champion

Coley 1 Clara 418

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Coley 1 Clara 286

R Robinson and H Whittaker

Grand and intermediate male champion

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

SMH King Size 87K

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6

T and D Harrison

Reserve grand and senior male champion

Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62

Barwise 1 Lancer

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53

H Whittaker

Reserve intermediate male champion

Lord Harvey’s 1 Winston

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Dendor 1 Echo 19th

Lord HJ Cloke

Senior female champion

Kinglee 1 Polly 554

Panmure 1 Karl

Kinglee 1 Polly 285

P Cobley

Reserve senior female champion

Coley 1 Clara 409

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53

Barbern 1 Claret 2nd

W Awan

Reserve senior male champion

Coley 1 Pilot

Coley 1 Maverick

Romany 1 Ishbel D1 M11

G and MC Shepherd

Junior male champion

Coley 1 Sebastian

Rosenkaer Messi 410M

Coley 1 Pippa 355

H Whittaker

Reserve junior male champion

Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption

Remitall Super Duty 42S

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

B Birch and G Brindley

Junior female champion

Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3

SMH King Size 87K

Moralee 1 Kylie

T and D Harrison

Reserve junior female champion

Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Dendor 1 Ruby 15th

DE, ED and AL Jones



Cow born before 31 August 2016, with calf at foot born 2019

1. Rempstone 1 Bertha H311 2. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd 3. Pebworth 1 Paloma

Solpoll 1 Hollywood Solpoll 1 Gilbert Kinglee 1 Galaxy

Llancillo Hall Bertha 3rd Dendor 1 Ruby 11th Blakesley 1 Glamour

M Ludgate L and L Bowen N and L Holdsworth

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2016 and 31 December 2016, calf born 2019

1. Kinglee 1 Polly 554 2. Glenvale 1 Polly 617

Panmure 1 Karl Dendor 1 Ledley

Kinglee 1 Polly 285 Glenvale 1 Polly 387

P Cobley TG, EI and and EN Thorne

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2017, in-calf or with calf at foot

1. Coley 1 Clara 409 2. Thornysure 1 Oregan 3. Hollyvale 1 June 2nd

Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 Kinglee 1 Hero Dendor 1 Leroy

Barbern 1 Claret 2nd Thornysure 1 Octavia Greenyards 1 June H151

W Awan M Shaw A and P Massey

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Coley 1 Clara 418 2. Hallwood 1 Oyster Shell 3. Dendor 1 Wattle 9th

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Hallwood 1 Knight Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Coley 1 Clara 286 Kinglee 1 Oyster Girl 495 Dendor 1 Wattle 6th

R Robinson and H Whittaker R and RI Shaw DE, ED and AL Jones

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2018 and 28 February 2018

1. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R 2. Banjo’s 1 Gilly Coco 3. Eveter 1 Demelza 2nd

Dendor 1 Muttley Romany 1 Lawbreaker RE L23 SMH King Size 87K

Auckvale Curly 1271K Lincoln 1 Gilly Victoria Barbern 1 June 349

L and L Bowen AB Yaldren E Jackson

1. Harveybros 1 Crocus Rose 2. Kinglee 1 Sadie 595 3. Kinglee 1 Verity 586

Normanton 1 Laertes Panmure 1 Karl Rempstone 1 245N Complyor-Die

Harveybros 1 Crocus N1 Kinglee 1 Sadie 356 Kinglee 1 Verity 515

G and S Harvey P Cobley P Cobley

Heifer born on or between 1 April 2018 and 30 April 2018

1. Hollyvale 1 June 3rd 2. Jacobean 1 Ruby (P) 3. Armitage 1 Judy

Dendor 1 Leroy Jacobean 1 Nimrod Panmure 1 Karl

Greenyards 1 June H151 Jacobean 1 Willow 063 Kinglee 1 Emerald 414

A and P Massey PE Dickin O Garnett-Smith

Heifer born on or between 1 May 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Gouldingpoll 1 Duchess 967 2. Pinmoor 1 Dusky WL R57 3. Ashdale 3 Queen 684

Fabb 1 Northern Star Whitehill 1 Loynd Dendor 1 Ledley

Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525 Pinmoor 1 Nigella Ashdale 3 Queen 438

B Birch and G Brindley G Hall TG, EI and EN Thorne

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2018 and 31 October 2018

1. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 2. Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd 3. Harveybros 1 Crocus S2

SMH King Size 87K Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Normanton 1 Laertes

Moralee 1 Kylie Dendor 1 Ruby 15th Harveybros 1 Crocus J1

T and D Harrison DE, ED and AL Jones G and S Harvey

Heifer born on or after 1 November 2018

1. Coley 1 Bubbles 458 2. Pebworth 1 Sasha Fierce 3. Kinglee 1 Ebony 604

Venture Moler-989 Cato 1 Miller Kinglee 1 Nomad

Coley 1 Bubbles 249 Pebworth 1 Paloma Kinglee 1 Ebony 298

H Whittaker N and L Holdsworth P Cobley

Bull born on or between 1 January 2017 and 31 August 2017

1. Romany 1 Prime Time BL P62 2. Coley 1 Pilot 3. Solpoll 1 Perfection

Barwise 1 Lancer Coley 1 Maverick Panmure 1 Henry

Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53 Romany 1 Ishbel D1 M11 Dorepoll 1 R51 Duchess 525

H Whittaker G and MC Shepherd SC and GL Hartwright

Bull born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Maxstoke 1 Sovereign

SMH King Size 87K

Maxstoke 1 Daffodil 215

DP Jones Agricultural Contracting

1. Sandlow 1 Dram

Sandlow 1 Tatu

S Jones

2. Pepperstock 1 Rebellious

Rempstone 1 Mines-A-Double E432 Normanton 1 Laertes

Pepperstock 1 Mink M251

Speirs Farms Ltd

Bull born on or between 1 March 2018 and 30 April 2018

1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 2. Eveter 1 Rendezvous 3. Dendor 1 Rick Astley

SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Laertes Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6 Barbern 1 June 350 Dendor 1 Molly 31st

T and D Harrison E Jackson H Whittaker

Bull born on or between 1 May 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Lord Harvey’s 1 Winston 2. Burmill 1 Raphael 3. Newtoncroft 1 Rattlenhum

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 SMH King Size 87K Solpoll 1 Hollywood

Dendor 1 Echo 19th Bosa 1 Laurel 804 Newtoncroft 1 Luna 213

Lord HJ Cloke R Allcock Newtoncroft Farms

Bull born on or between 1 September 2018 and 31 October 2018

1. Coley 1 Sebastian 2. Hollybush 1 Scotty 3. Normanton 1 Sylvester

Rosenkaer Messi 410M Solpoll 1 Mustang Normanton 1 Laertes

Coley 1 Pippa 355 Romany 1 Julia D345 H17 Llancillo Hall Bertha 7th

H Whittaker G and R Watkins TD and WT Livesey

Remitall Super Duty 42S

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

B Birch and G Brindley

Bull born on or after 1 November 2018

1. Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption 2. Moralee 1 Showbox 3. Blakesley 1 Oscar

Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider Solpoll 1 Nashville

Moralee 1 Kate Blakesley 1 Icicle

T and D Harrison M Ludgate

Group of three animals, by the same sire owned by the exhibitor

1. T and D Harrison 2. TD and WT Livesey

Group of three animals, to include both sexes, owned by the exhibitor

1. T and D Harrison 2. TD and WT Livesey

Best pair of animals, owned by an exhibitor who did not win a 1st prize at last years show

1. G Hall 2. E Jackson 3. M and M Roberts

Young handlers competition 7-12 years of age

1. Catherine Shaw 2. Robert Dickin 3. Mia Shaw

Young handlers competition 13-17 years of age

1. Finlay Soutter 2. Ryan Shaw 3. Peter Jackson

Young handlers competition 18-21 years of age

1. Iona Smith 2. Isla Soutter 3. Will Awan

Heifer born on or between 1 March 2018 and 31 March 2018

Bull born on or between 1 January 2018 and 28 February 2018




Judge: C Davies  14 September Name of animal




Free Town Plenty

Mara Humorous

Free Town Piety

RA Bradstock and Partners

Coley 1 Clara 418

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Coley 1 Clara 286

H Whittaker

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

SMH King Size 87K

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6

T and D Harrison

Boycefield Stormzy

Lisrace Lumberjack 18th

Boycefield Acorn 43rd

JW Lewis

Bull born before 1 September 2017

1. Bounds 1 Norbert 2. Panmure 1 Nugget

Hawkesbury 1 Ronaldo Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53

Bounds 1 Eliza-Ballad Panmure 1 Plum E2

H Weston and Sons Ltd L and L Bowen

Bull born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12 2. Upper House 1 Rocky Dynamite 3. Rough Moor 1 Ranger

SMH King Size 87K Solpoll 1 Dynamite Shraden 1 Henson

Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6 Solpoll 1 Starlet E21 Rough Moor 1 Rosea 73

T and D Harrison FC Jones and Co T and M Goodwin and C Powell

Bull calf born on or after 1 September 2018

1. Boycefield Stormzy 2. Church Preen Sagan 3. Hollybush 1 Scotty

Lisrace Lumberjack 18th F.H. William Solpoll 1 Mustang

Boycefield Acorn 43rd Church Preen Model P074 Romany 1 Julia D345 H17

JW Lewis AR Owen G and R Watkins

Bull calf born on or after 1 September 2018

1. Dendor 1 Smokin’ Joe 2. Buckenhill 1 Samsonite 3. Bowendu 1 Cruiser

Dendor 1 Nairobi Greenyards 1 Nostradamus Panmure 1 Henry

Dendor 1 Greta 13th Buckenhill 1 Gem Stone Dendor 1 Holly 7th

DE, ED and AL Jones MF Gray and L Crowther L and L Bowen

Cow or heifer born before 1 September 2017

1. Heath House Curly 3rd 2. Buckenhill 1 Gem Stone 3. Dendor 1 Ruby 23rd

Mawarra Vice Admiral Derryswood 1 Charisma Solpoll 1 Gilbert

Haven Curly 86th Buckenhill 1 Amethyst (P) Dendor 1 Ruby 11th

R and E Lywood MF Gray and L Crowther L and L Bowen

Heifer born on or between 1 September 2017 and 31 December 2017

1. Free Town Plenty 2. Coley 1 Clara 418 3. Upper House 1 Ruby

Mara Humorous Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Graceland 1 Giovani

Free Town Piety Coley 1 Clara 286 Real 1 Amulet L2

RA Bradstock and Partners H Whittaker FC Jones and Co

Heifer born on or between 1 January 2018 and 31 August 2018

1. Auckvale 1 Curly 1725R 2. Kye Holly 818 3. Butterhill 1 Sassy Sweetpea

Dendor 1 Muttley Free Town Hotspur Auckvale Kars 1317K

Auckvale Curly 1271K Kye Sorcha 3rd Butterhill 1 Nancy

L and L Bowen P Martindale R Stubbs

Heifer calf born on or after 1 September 2018

1. Church Preen Lindy Loo S087 2. Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd 3. Free Town 1 Duty

Church Preen Nanook Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Lanscombe 1 Rudolph

Church Preen Lindy Loo K041 Dendor 1 Ruby 15th Free Town Direct

AR Owen DE, ED and AL Jones RA Bradstock and Partners

Heifer calf born on or after 1 September 2018

1. Bowendu 1 Isabella Rose 2. Bramley 1 Rosemary

Hollyvale 1 Northern Lad Graceland 1 Giovani

Dendor 1 Holly 7th Bramley 1 Nutmeg

L and L Bowen SG and HPJ Bowen

Group of three animals owned by the exhibitor

1. H Weston and Sons Ltd 2. L and L Bowen

Best pair of Herefords owned by the exhibitor

1. AR Owen 2. J W Lewis

Supreme and grand female champion Reserve supreme and reserve grand female champion Grand male champion Reserve grand male champion

NATIONAL CALF SHOW  Supreme, grand and junior female champion Reserve supreme, grand and senior male champion Reserve grand and reserve junior female champion Reserve grand and reserve senior male champion Junior male champion Reserve junior male champion Commercial heifer or steer born on or after 1 September 2018 Heifer born on or after 1 April 2019 Heifer born March 2019 Heifer born January /February 2019 Heifer born November /December 2018 Heifer born October 2018 Heifer born September 2018 Bull born on or after 1 March 2019



Judge: J Graham  1 November

Name of animal




Hollyvale 1 Gracious 3rd

Dendor 1 Leroy

Hollyvale 1 Gracious

A and P Massey

Normanton 1 Sydney

Normanton 1 Laertes

Normanton 1 Jurana 7th M612

TD and WT Livesey

Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8

SMH King Size 87K

Richmount 1 Katie-Perry

T and D Harrison

Coley 1 Sebastian

Rosenkaer Messi 410M

Coley 1 Pippa 355

H Whittaker

Hoghton View 1 Landslide

Valma Landslide

Dendor 1 Anna Mary 30th

S and E Walker

Coley 1 Saturn

Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid

Kammerherre Iben 1026 M816

H Whittaker

1. Beef Box 2. Normanton 1 Sebastian

SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Laertes

Pinmoor 1 Gem Normanton 1 Blue Leg 3rd K287

Moralee and Keadyview TD and WT Livesey

1. Hollyvale 1 Gracious 3rd 2. Moralee 1 Pippa KS S11 3. Ridgeline 1 Carly KRS2 1. Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8 2. Porton House 1 Jane 3. Romany 1 Julia JN74 S47 1. Romany 1 Julia BL S43 2. Sky High 1 Janes Lucy 3. Fabb 1 Shimmer (P) 1. Romany 1 Dawn BL S36 2. Coley 1 Bubbles 458 3. Sky High 1 Miss Viva-la-Juicy 1. Moralee 1 Mink KR S4 (P) 2. Hollyvale 1 Leyla 4th 3. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 1. Harveybros 1 Crocus S2 2. Moralee 1 Lucy KS S1 3. Beckhall Princess Charlotte 1. Coley 1 Saturn 2. Hean 1 Sedgely 957 3. Moralee 1 Seamus KS S13

Dendor 1 Leroy SMH King Size 87K Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider SMH King Size 87K Panmure 1 Nugget Romany 1 Nahum JN74 Barwise 1 Lancer Dendor 1 Murdock Moeskaer Edson 1524 Barwise 1 Lancer Venture Moler-989 Remitall Super Duty 42S Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider Kinglee 1 Hero SMH King Size 87K Normanton 1 Laertes SMH King Size 87K Haven Kermit Solpoll 1 Kentucky Kid Panmure 1 Pedro SMH King Size 87K

Hollyvale 1 Gracious Coley 1 Pippa 356 Baldinnie 1 Cathy 43rd Richmount 1 Katie-Perry Ashley Moor 1 Amethyst 33rd Romany 1 Julia BL P19 Romany 1 Julia A84 G11 Romany 1 Lucy RE L21 Hartshorne 1 Electric Lady 12th Romany 1 Dawn D1 L39 Coley 1 Bubbles 249 Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th Moralee 1 Mink 2nd Hollyvale 1 Leyla 2nd Moralee 1 Kylie Harveybros 1 Crocus J1 Moralee 1 Lucy Pulham Princess Pansy 4th Kammerherre Iben 1026 M816 Glenvale 1 Doris 517 Romany 1 Mink D1 L24

A and P Massey T and D Harrison DR and HM Horsley T and D Harrison V Weller JRB Wilson and Sons JRB Wilson and Sons B Birch and G Brindley DRA Fabb JRB Wilson and Sons H Whittaker B Birch and G Brindley T and D Harrison A and P Massey T and D Harrison G and S Harvey T and D Harrison B Vincent H Whittaker The Hean Castle Estate T and D Harrison

Bull born January/February 2019 Bull born November/December 2018 Bull born October 2018 Bull born September 2018 Best Pairs Group of three by same sire

1. Hoghton View 1 Landslide 2. Romany 1 Smashburger BL S46 3. Hoghton View 1 Jackaroo 1. Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption 2. Fellowhills 1 Snowman 3. Moralee 1 Showbox 1. Coley 1 Sebastian 2. Normanton 1 Stranski 1. Normanton 1 Sydney 2. Normanton 1 Sylvester 3. Cornriggs 1 Sebastion 1. T and D Harrison 2. TD and WT Livesey 3. T and D Harrison 1. TD and WT Livesey 2. T and D Harrison 3. JO Hodge


Valma Landslide Romany 1 Nilpina D1 N68 Minlacowie Jubilant J123 Remitall Super Duty 42S Romany 1 Navigator K956 N47 Cornriggs 1 Knight Rider Rosenkaer Messi 410M Normanton 1 Laertes Normanton 1 Laertes Normanton 1 Laertes Kinglee 1 Hero

Dendor 1 Anna Mary 30th Romany 1 Julia R22 E65 Dendor 1 Anna Mary 30th Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th Rockness 1 Echo Moralee 1 Kate Coley 1 Pippa 355 Normanton 1 Ink Cap 8th J107 Normanton 1 Jurana 7th M612 Llancillo Hall Bertha 7th Cornriggs 1 Miss Mink

S and E Walker JRB Wilson and Sons S and E Walker B Birch and G Brindley J Hodge T and D Harrison Miss H Whittaker TD and WT Livesey TD and WT Livesey TD and WT Livesey H and J Elliott

Judge: P Stanley  14 December

Name of animal




Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3

SMH King Size 87K

Moralee 1 Kylie

T and D Harrison

Hollybush 1 Scotty

Solpoll 1 Mustang

Romany 1 Julia D345 H17

P Cobley

Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption

Remitall Super Duty 42S

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

B Birch and G Brindley

Sky High 1 Miss Viva-la-Juicy

Remitall Super Duty 42S

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

B Birch and G Brindley

Bull calves born September/October 2018

1. Hollybush 1 Scotty 2. Normanton 1 Sydney 3. Church Preen Sagan

Solpoll 1 Mustang Normanton 1 Laertes F.H. William

Romany 1 Julia D345 H17 Normanton 1 Jurana 7th M612 Church Preen Model P074

P Cobley TD and WT Livesey AR Owen

Bull calves born November/December 2018

1. Sky High 1 Shawshank Redemption 2. Highhedges Synergist 3. Blakesley 1 Oscar

Remitall Super Duty 42S Free Town Martyr Solpoll 1 Nashville

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th Badlingham Curly 124th Blakesley 1 Icicle

B Birch and G Brindley S Cowle M Ludgate

Bull calves born January/February 2019

1. Dendor 1 Sea-Sick-Steve 2. Beca 1 Samlet 3. Hoghton View 1 Jackaroo

Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Normanton 1 Laertes Minlacowie Jubilant J123

Dendor 1 Anna Mary 19th Black Hall 1 Portia Dendor 1 Anna Mary 30th

DE, ED and AL Jones J Twose S and E Walker

Bull calves born March 2019

1. Rempstone 1 Smirnoff N533 2. Dendor 1 Slip-the-Clutch 3. Pebworth 1 Sling Shot

Solpoll 1 Nobility Dendor 1 Nairobi Moeskaer Crossfire 1474

Kinglee 1 Fashion 304 Dendor 1 Anna Mary 27th Pebworth 1 Jemima

M Ludgate DE, ED and AL Jones N and L Holdsworth

Bull calves born on or after 1 April 2019

1. Rempstone 1 Spooky N547 2. Dendor 1 Scooby Doo 3. Moralee 1 Seamus KS S13

Solpoll 1 Nobility Dendor 1 Nairobi SMH King Size 87K

Rempstone 1 Bonny H387 Dendor 1 Anna Mary 16th Romany 1 Mink D1 L24

M Ludgate DE, ED and AL Jones T and D Harrison

Heifer calves born September/October 2018

1. Moralee 1 Kylie KS S3 2. Dendor 1 Ruby 32nd 3. Normanton 1 Jews Ear 29th S372

SMH King Size 87K Bakgard 1 Keno 1178 Fabb 1 Northern Star

Moralee 1 Kylie Dendor 1 Ruby 15th Normanton 1 Jews Ear 7th L21

T and D Harrison DE, ED and AL Jones TD and WT Livesey

Heifer calves born November/December 2018

1. Sky High 1 Miss Viva-la-Juicy 2. Coley 1 Bubbles 458 3. Sky High 1 Miss Malone

Remitall Super Duty 42S Venture Moler-989 SMH King Size 87K

Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th Coley 1 Bubbles 249 Dendor 1 Jennefer 15th

B Birch and G Brindley Miss H Whittaker B Birch and G Brindley

Heifer calves born January/February 2019

1. Pebworth 1 Seraphina 2. Pebworth 1 Sasha Fierce 3. Pebworth 1 Sommer

Moeskaer Crossfire 1474 Cato 1 Miller Moeskaer Crossfire 1474

Pebworth 1 Jemima Pebworth 1 Paloma Pebworth 1 Jemima

N and L Holdsworth N and L Holdsworth N and L Holdsworth

Heifer calves born March 2019

1. Moralee 1 Katy-Perry KS S8 2. HighHouse Roulette S64 3. Dendor 1 Jano 20th

SMH King Size 87K HighHouse Merlin Bakgard 1 Keno 1178

Richmount 1 Katie-Perry HighHouse Roulette AN23 Dendor 1 Jano 18th

T and D Harrison JR Whitlow DE, ED and AL Jones

Heifer calves born on or after 1 April 2019

1. Moralee 1 Pippa KS S11 2. Taymar 1 Stella 3. Ashdale 3 Queen 708

SMH King Size 87K Wirruna Katnook K74 Lowesmoor 1 Nasser

Coley 1 Pippa 356 Solpoll 1 Stella K27 Ashdale 3 Queen 406

T and D Harrison S Taylor and D Marsh TG, EI and EN Thorne

Best group of three calves by the same sire and owned by the exhibitor

1. T and D Harrison 2. N and L Holdsworth 3. JR Whitlow

Best pair of bull calves owned by the exhibitor

1. A and SG Stevenson and Sons 2. TD and WT Livesey 3. SC and GL Hartwright

Best pair of heifer calves owned by the exhibitor

1. T and D Harrison 2. N and L Holdsworth 3. JR Whitlow

Young handlers competition 16 years and under

1. Finlay Soutter 2. Harriet Windsor 3. Oscar Chandler

Young handlers competition 17-26 years of age

1. Joseph Twose 2. Isla Soutter 3. Andrew Whitlow

Supreme and grand female champion Reserve supreme and grand male champion Reserve grand male champion Reserve grand female champion



Advertisers' index AB Europe Artificial breeding services 67 Andersen, HK Moeskaer (Denmark) 205 Ascaris Caterers 26 Barlow, AE Thornby 160 Boomaars, J Vexour 62 Borwick, RN and MA Mara 155 Bovela BVD vaccine IBC Bowen and Gray Cattle dressing services 17 Bowen, L and L Bowendu 93 Brightwells Auctioneers 111 Bradstock and partners, RA Free Town 27 Caisley Cattle tags 49 Cameron and son, JA Baldinnie 116 Cant and partners, JM Panmure 113 Castle House Hotel Hotel 37 Clark, MJ Lowesmoor 53 Cockburn, J Aeron 84 Cogent Breeding AI services OBC Deaville, DJ Alderville/Aldersley 173 Dovecote Park Beef processors 177 Dunbia Beef processors 14 Edwards, R and Smith, E Classic and cattle services 53 Elwess, SA and VJ Elwess 166 English, PT Churchlands Estate 167 Fabb, DRA Fabb 175 Farmers Guardian Magazine 172 Fir Farm Ltd Firbosa 60 Fletcher, CS Barwise 139 Genus AI services IFC Gibson, Mr and Mrs MGS Stitchcombe 51 Gifford, AG, LE and AA Twilight 76 Goodwin and Powell Roughmoor 17 Graham, J Richmount 189 Harris, MJ Hilfield 72 Harrison, T and D Moralee 131 Hartwright, SC and GL Spartan 75 Harvey, G and S Harveybros 119 Hatt, HA Weybrook 60 Hawkins, S Bosbury 35 Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association 15 Hi Health Herdcare (Biobest) Cattle health scheme 65 Hobson, AJ and LR Eldersfield 17 Holdsworth, N and L Pebworth 166 Hutchings RJ and sons Fisher 51 Ireland Genetics AI services 199 Irvine, RJ Graceland 187 Jenkins, M Appleridge 52 Jones, DE, ED and AL Dendor 89 Jones, DP agricultural  contracting Maxstoke 31


Advertisers' index

Kelly, D and M Netherhall 145 Kemp and sons, W and R Auckvale 127 Lewis and son, EL Haven 19 Livesey, TD and WT Normanton 159 Ludgate, M Rempstone 171 Lury, M and D Oakleaf/Castlewood 73 McMordie, J and W Solpoll 47 Midlands and East Anglia HBA 150 Mills, EG Severnvale 76 Mitchell, RA Lanscombe 72 Moorhouse, JD Cato 71 Myers, B, H and MR Boundless 55 Nesbitt Farms Ltd, AE Cleland 169 Noel and Snelling Sarabande 62 Nordic Star Cattle tags 8 North of England HBA 125 Northern Ireland HBA 178 Newtoncroft Farms Newtoncroft 168 Owen, AR Church Preen 41 Owen Smith Farming Clement 154 Premium Health Scheme   (SRUC) Cattle health scheme 35 Purchese, S Lynsore 61 Rees, E Trefochlyd 103 Richards, WSC Lowerhope 30 Richmond, RM Corraback 183 Rimmer B and B Barbern 139 Roberts, M and M Bromley 30 Scottish HBA 114 Sebire, AF Lower Hurst 154 South of England HBA 50 Smith and sons, DC Laxfield 103 Smith and sons, DC Butley 161 South Western HA 69 Speirs, J Pepperstock 158 Stevenson and son, AG Alvian 160 Thomas, RG and MD Risbury 41 Thorne, TG, EI and EN Studdolph/Ashdale/Glenvale 97 Traditional HBC 77 Twose, J Beca 97 Vincent, PRJ and LR Pulham 153 Wales Clubs 85 Walker, S and E Hoghton View 135 Watkins, G and R Hollybush 37 Weatherbys Laboratories 185 Westaway and son, RG Clipston 157 Whittaker, H Coley 137 Wilson and sons, JRB Romany 117 Yaldren, AB Banjos’s 61


When used as part of a comprehensive approach to BVD including culling of PIs and biosecurity.

References: 1. Yarnall and Thrusfield (2017) Vet Record doi: 10.1136/vr.104370 2. Kynetec (2019) BVD sales data by value. Full year 2018 3. For active immunisation of cattle against BVDV-1 and BVDV-2, to prevent the birth of persistently infected calves caused by transplacental infection. Bovela lyophilisate and solvent for suspension for injection for cattle contains modified live BVDV-1, non-cytopathic parent strain KE-9: 104.0– 106.0 TCID50, modified live BVDV-2, non-cytopathic parent strain NY-93: 104.0–106.0 TCID50. UK: POM-V. Further information available in the SPC or from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd, RG12 8YS, UK. Tel: 01344 746957. Email: Bovela is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, used under licence. ©2019 Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd. All rights reserved. Date of preparation: Jul 2019. AHD12633. Use Medicines Responsibly.

MakE BVD history


uld OM IN in Jue gpol G S lsg l 1 ard Sto OON Ott ckm aw a ( an (P P) )



At Cogent we offer a wide range of well-bred, top performing Hereford sires that provide easy to manage, early maturing, superior beef progeny. With a high carcass yield and strong marbling, the demand for quality Hereford beef is soaring and is reflected in the increased use by both commercial and dairy beef producers alike.




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