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At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it.” Toni Morrison 1931-2019

Rachel Corby


Grandmother Mepi and Ilan


Susanna Bailey


M.J Dickson


Philippe Ullens

More than just a feeling People have been coming to Avebury for thousands of years seeking soul food to feed their souls... Following several visits to Avebury and its mysterious crop circles, we bought the Henge Shop in 2006 and finally moved from Brussels to Avebury in 2016 to take over the management of the shop. The shop originally offered items and symbols to support people in connecting with the healing energy of the circle, but in the last few years it has become much more.

Our planet and its inhabitants are currently undergoing a major transformation, so we have created a hub where our guests can learn, discover and exchange information through our regular lectures, workshops and activities, held on the first f loor of the shop.


What’s in store? Call 01672 53922 9

www.hengeshop.c om www.hengeskulls .com Henge Shop, Hig h St, Avebury, Marlbor ough United Kingdom SN8 1RF

As we move into the energy of the Autumn Equinox, the rhythm of the year shifts and we welcome the abundant harvest. We have a wealth of reflective articles from our wonderful contributors to share with you.

The Gift of Life This time of year offers us an opportunity to express our gratitude for the precious gift of life that we have been given. What are you thankful for?

Ancestral Healing At this particular time, I also believe that we are being called to a deeper soul connection, awareness and ancestral healing so that we might step forward with a new possibility for unity and the inclusion of all humanity.

Wellness and Wellbeing At times, we might be challenged by what shows up in our life, and we focus somewhat on how we can support our wellbeing and mental health on a number of levels with the help of Mother Nature and the universal energy that we are part of.

Creative Magick We also take you deeper into the gift of creativity and, in this issue, we invite you to discover your creative genius in our special creativity section.

Wishing you an abundant Harvest,

Dominique & Philippe Ullens Custodians of the Henge Shop

Naz Ahsun, Editor

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It is a time of reflection, an opportunity to slow down, connect with the shift in seasons, and celebrate beauty... New-age becomes Now-age; be in the moment; go for mindfulness; for mindful meditation… Ok, ok you’ve probably heard this many times before. Yet, there are also some alternatives that are interesting to explore because rather than focusing on the inner world, they invite you to contemplate the outer.

“Look for a lovely thing and you will find it, it is not far – it never will be far.” Sara Teasdale.

What I am talking about is the idea of rewilding ourselves, reconnecting ourselves with our planet, and reconnecting ourselves with Beauty. Seeing, and contemplating the beauty that is right under our nose might help us reconnect with Beauty in general. In his book, ‘Divine Beauty’, John Donohue explains that

'We live only to discover beauty. All else is a

form of waiting.' Kahlil Gibran

part of the crisis we know now is linked to giving up too much beauty and accepting ugliness as a standard: we`ve lost too many beautiful ideals, gestures, goals, emotions, feelings, places, living and working spaces. Technology and social media are pushing us to accept ugliness as standard. James Redfield, in his book, 'The Secret of Shambhala' is explicit about the fundamental energy of beauty: “The measure as to whether we are connecting with Divine energy is our sense of beauty.” Reconnection begins with slowing down, stop rushing and take the time to contemplate. This can be done with trees, leaves, animals, children smiling, landscapes and whatever you find beautiful.

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'The hours when our mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours we live.' Richard Jeffries


" The world will never starve for want of wonders; but only for want of wonder." G.K. Chesterton


Conversations with The Universe GRANDMOTHER MEPI & ILAN

How about having your own conversation with the Universe? Does that sound like something fun to do? For some, this might sound a bit ‘woo-woo’. But what if we were to tell you that it is the most natural thing in the world? Although we are always on a spiritual path, when you become aware of it, there is a realisation that everything is energy. Furthermore, rather than being separate individual bodies, you realise that you are connected with everyone and everything else in the Universe… We are, in fact, one. We are spirit; although we

your heart says, to what your feelings say, is the start

(temporarily) have a body in this lifetime, all we

of a wonderful conversation with the Universe.

are is energy. Our body, our words, our thoughts, our emotions, everything. And being all one means

The Art of Channelling

we’re connected to all other living things: Earth,

“How do I start channelling?” is one of the most

humans, plants, animals, spirits, crystals, etc.

common questions we hear at the start of our “learning

Communicating with what you may call the Universe

to channel” workshops. The answer is always the same:

is therefore communicating with everything and

“no worries, you already do”. A lot of humans associate

everyone else, including yourself.

‘channelling’ with a person sitting in a still meditative pose, eyes closed and speaking

How can we communicate with the Universe?

“Listening to what

By using your best

your heart says… is

communication device: your heart. Communicating with the Universe is first and foremost communicating with your heart, through your feelings.

with a voice that isn’t theirs. And yes indeed, this is one of the thousand plus ways of having a conversation with

the start of a wonderful

The Universe…you have your own

conversation with the Universe. ”

and powerful as the ‘medium’ one.

We humans have more senses than what we’re taught in school. Yes, we all

ways of doing that, equally important One of our favourite ways of defining ‘communicating with

The Universe’ or ‘channelling’ is: ‘plucking information out of thin air’.

know about our five senses, but what do you call the

Where does information or messages come from?

sense that provides inspiration? What do you call the

Some might put it down to coincidence, but when you

sense which lets you know a loved one is sick? Or

are on this path, you realise that there is no such thing

the one that makes you say exactly the same thing

as coincidence. Rather, it is the Universe whispering

as your partner at exactly the same time? Your heart

into your heart so you can FEEL it. How do mediums

is one of these extra senses. It’s the biggest ‘antenna’

or clairvoyants know things about you having never

that your body is equipped with. Listening to what

met you before? It is because they have FELT it.

8 The Henge Magazine

Grandmother Mepi and Ilan are dedicated to empowering others through the reflection of the heart.

www.mepilan.co Communication is a process that involves two types of actions: listening and speaking. When communicating with The Universe you use different senses to ‘listen’ and ‘speak’ than your ears and mouth. You use your feelings. What you radiate with your feelings, your heart, is picked up by the person (or animal or spirit or angel…) without saying a word using your mouth. And this goes both ways. To put it bluntly: you’re communicating with The Universe ALL THE TIME. The Universe (your guides, angels, loved ones, animals, crystals, etc) listen to what your feelings are, to what you have to say using your heart. And they are ‘speaking’ to you as well… The question is: are you listening? Being in touch with yourselves, being ‘connected’ with your heart and your inner-self is the most powerful way to having a vivid and conscious communication with the Universe. One of the paths to being well connected involves honesty. Make sure that what you are feeling and what you say or

Card Deck Exercise YY Using a card deck (without text or recognizable images) ask each of your friends to draw a card.

YY Next, each person looks at the drawn card and within one second share the thought, the feeling, the ‘bodily sensation’ they experience when looking at the card.

YY Sharing that experience (without having applied your own filter) is a perfect example of having listened to the Universe.

YY Avoid however starting to think about it. Avoid applying your human filters (this cannot be or this is insulting or this is nonsense …) for the Universe knows very well what it’s doing and has NO judgement. The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 9

... continued do are congruent with each other, otherwise you will

sat nav stops working… at the next crossing, your

disrupt your energy field. For example: someone asks

feeling says: go right. Ever smelt something that was

you to do something and you say “yes, fine”, although

‘impossible’? Like the smell of a cigar that made you

your feelings say “please no, not this time”. This

think of your favourite grandfather? Or the smell

difference creates a tension in your energy field, in your

of daisies like the perfume an aunt always wore?

body and that creates stress. This decision (not to share

Our wonderful friends and guides in the

your true feelings) in part disconnects you from your

‘unseen’ have many ways of talking to humans.

true self and makes personal growth more difficult.

It is for us to first recognize the message and

Although we human beings communicate with the Universe all the time, we often feel it’s not the case.

then understand what the message is about. Knowing, in advance, who is calling you, feeling

Let’s have a look at that: sending messages out to the

that someone is standing behind you and staring

Universe is the easiest thing you can do. Your feelings,

at you, smelling a scent that cannot possibly be

your thoughts, what you say, what you do are examples

there, cold shivers down your spine in certain

of messages you send out. For the Universe, it gets

situations, feeling a cold breeze on your left cheek

complicated when you send out different messages

while you know all windows are closed… these

through different channels. Saying “A” but doing “B”.

might be examples that you have experienced,

In other words, feeling “no” but speaking “yes”.

which is a clear indicator that communication is

Receiving messages is something else. This is mainly because most people often don’t recognize the messages they’re being sent. Ever had a conversation

taking place, however are you now ready to listen and decipher the messages coming your way? Here’s where it gets interesting: our unseen

with someone where that person says something that

friends try to get messages through to us all

doesn’t resonate with you, but you decide to trust

the time. They may be shouting in your ears:

what they say instead of listening to your gut?

‘turn left’, but you still turn right because you

Spirit Guides and Angels

haven’t heard or understood their message…

Your guides and angels try to “talk to you” all the

‘communicating with the Universe’ into an

time (!). They use different ways of getting through.

effortless daily habit. We wish you a very pleasant

For example: you feel like turning on the radio. What’s

ongoing conversation - enjoy the possibilities

the first song you hear? You’re in the car and the

you may have thought you never had.

Listening to your feelings, to your heart turns

Grandmother Mepi & Ilan

10 The Henge Magazine

Five Steps to Improve Your Listening To help you improve your listening skills, try this five-step exercise. Practising this exercise is best done in a relaxed, friendly environment. Invite some friends over for an entertaining afternoon or evening. Start by exchanging thoughts, ideas and, above all, experiences that show coincidences or synchronicities. Having this conversation helps the participants to increase their self-confidence. Using recognizable situations from your own experience, the other persons can relate to that. 1. Allow yourself to fully accept that there’s much, much more to this world than what the average human eye sees. Doubt kills all conversations. 2. Permit yourself to be able to communicate with the Universe, to ‘channel’. Your true talents far exceed what you were told you could do. 3. Know that communication can have any form: words, images, colours, feelings, body itches, music, anything! Be as open as you can; use all of your known senses, be alert. Defining beforehand that a message that is sent to you must be in a certain form drastically limits the possibilities the unseen has to communicate with you. 4. When being asked a question, you receive the answer almost immediately. Avoid waiting a few minutes to validate your answer, the first answer is the right answer. If you wait, you give your mind a chance to kick in and discount the answer your heart has given you. 5. Allow yourselves to have fun and fail while doing this. It’s only through having fun and clearing the ‘it has to work stress’ that success is inevitable. The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 11

Go Wild with You RACHEL CORBY

We are living in the midst of a global (WHO) reports have revealed that, w somewhere, takes their own life. Alar cause of illness in teenagers, worldwid death, worldwide, is suicide*. It has b Humanity is in trouble. I don’t think

What Lies Beneath? Before you can treat any condition effectively, you need to know what lies underneath, what has caused it in the first place. We are living, largely, unnatural lives. We

Eat Your Greens... YY Eating raw dark green leaves straight from a living plant is another missing piece of the jigsaw. Doing so has an overall calming effect, lowering levels of stress and anxiety. So, imagine going for a foraging walk, barefoot, eating wild leaves as you go. This activity will benefit your body and have a deeply calming effect on your mind.

live enclosed within four walls for many, if not most, of our waking hours, and certainly all of our sleeping ones. We often eat food flown in from across the planet, out of season, and sometimes processed far from its original form. We artificially heat and cool our homes. When it gets dark outside, we simply turn on the lights so that we can carry on as if it hadn’t. Many people give more time and attention to technology each day than to human or other living companions.

Our culture and lifestyle has driven a wedge between ourselves and Nature.” This is what, I believe, lays beneath the

majority of our anxieties, the whirring background noise of our minds. Somewhere way back in our collective history we separated ourselves from the rest of life and began to live outside of the natural cycles,

12 The Henge Magazine


ur Mental Health

mental health crisis. Recent world health organisation worldwide, approximately every 40seconds someone, mingly, their reports have also f lagged up that the largest de, is depression; and the third largest cause of teenage become common to feel misunderstood, lonely and isolated. anyone can argue with that.

Rachel Corby. Author, Plant Whisperer and Personal Rewilding Coach.


even the most basic ones; day and night; summer

each different leaf, each different flower, handfuls of

and winter. But we were born wild animals, we

mulchy forest floor; deep lungfuls of each. And tasting

are Nature.

wild leaves, taking us back round to our raw wild

The separation we feel is what our culture and society

calming greens. The whole process of forest bathing

has created. If we find ways to overcome that separation,

is best when given a decent quantity of time, twenty

then arises the possibility of feeling that we belong, that

minutes or so for each sense. As you concentrate deeply

we are part of something greater than human society

on each sense you really drop into your body and

alone and that life has meaning beyond human culture.

out of your mind.

The Beauty of the Living World The simplest way of testing my theory is to notice

The Benefits of Rewilding for Your Mental Wellbeing

the beauty of the living world. It is well-known and

All of the exercises I am descibing fall into the personal

documented that simply looking at green scenery

rewilding sphere. Any activity undertaken outdoors,

through a window reduces feelings of aggression,

wild camping, wild swimming, hiking, can have

boosts morale, can help with pain management,

beneficial effects on our state of mind. Forest bathing

and even reduce recovery time after illness.

and its beneficial effects have been widely documented

Drop into Your Body and Out of Your Mind

and include a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety, an increased feeling of vitality, a boost to the

Another approach is forest bathing, also known as

immune system, reduced blood cortisol levels and

Shinrin Yoku, developed in Japan during the 1980s.

reduced blood pressure.

It requires walking slowly around a small area of

The one thing above all other personal rewilding

woodland, paying attention to the different senses, one

style activities for lasting and far reaching impact

at a time. First perhaps closing your eyes and listening

is knowing Nature as an equal. Knowing that you

to the sounds of the forest. Then maybe just looking,

are part of it despite what ,for most of us has been, a

looking at all the different colours and shapes that you

lengthy absence. The best way I know of doing this

would normally miss when walking at a more usual

is to first entertain the possibility that other life is

pace. Then, exploring all the different textures, soft,

sentient. Then start communicating with it. Simply

hairy, waxy, sticky. And, of course, smelling. Smelling

put, talk to the plants and the trees. Don’t just talk,

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 13

... continued listen. Many people already communicate with their pets and other animals. Telling them how gorgeous they are, and interpreting the look or feelings they receive in response. This is communication. Some people talk to their house plants, maybe with their favourite rose in the garden. When you open up to communication between species as a possibility, and don’t just talk to the other being, but also listen, you are weaving yourself back into the living web that is this Earth. When you do so, and keep at it, you will notice a response. And as you do so you will feel companions

Try This... This practice gives your feet the opportunity to notice, no longer imprisoned in socks and shoes, but interacting with the lumps and bumps, with the smooth and rough, that we normally entirely miss. Physical contact with the Earth, especially if it has been missing from your life for a long time, can be incredibly profound.

YY Find a grassy area in a park or a suburban garden (it really doesn’t matter where) YY take off your shoes and stand barefoot. It will immediately make you feel more grounded. YY Take your time, stay there a while, really feel the Earth you are standing on touching your back, holding your feet. YY Look around at who else is sharing the space with you; all the different plants and trees, birds, animals and insects. YY Walking barefoot pushes it to the next level. As you do so, inflammation in the body will be reduced and free radicals will be scavenged, both leading to better overall health and disease prevention. 14 The Henge Magazine

around you, reaching out, filling the gaps. And with that, gradually you begin to know that there is something greater than yourself and that you belong to it, that you are needed and wanted. That you are loved. You have found home.

*VISIT the WHO suicide prevention web page ▶ WHO mental health; suicide data, 2016. Also WHO Health for the World’s Adolescents, 2014.


about Rachel’s work

shops, retreats and happening s…

www.wildgaia nsoul.com @mugwortdre amer

.”Japanese sayin s e e r t m o g r f l l a “Even monkeys f



Nature’s Apothecary for Mental Wellbeing STEVE ANDREWS

There are many ways that herbs can be very useful plants when it comes to improving our mental wellbeing. There are the delightful f lavours they can add to our savoury and sweet dishes, their distinctive perfumes, and also their medicinal properties that help prevent and treat the many ailments that can aff lict us in body and soul.

visual delights of the different forms of foliage and

“A tincture of the flowers in spirit of wine is commended against the melancholy and madness.”

flower is one way that these plants can bring us

Although it has found fame as a “herbal Prozac,”

Simply walking in a herb garden and enjoying the

pleasure, as can lightly crushing and inhaling the scents of aromatic herbs like Lemon Balm and Lavender. Some medicinal herbs can be used more directly to calm a troubled mind or bring a restful night’s sleep. In the stressful modern-day world, a knowledge of the herbal aids to peace and tranquillity can be an important tool for improving our lives. Let us take a look at some of those plants that have proved themselves useful for these purposes.

St John’s Wort St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) is well-known as a herbal antidepressant. Traditionally harvested on St. John’s Day in midsummer, this wildflower with masses of golden-yellow starry flowers is enough to lift your spirits just looking at it! Perhaps not surprisingly it is regarded as a herb ruled over by the Sun. It was once thought that hanging bunches of the herb gathered in midsummer would be enough to ward off evil. The ancient herbalist Nicholas Culpeper recommended it as follows:

16 The Henge Magazine

St. John’s Wort has also run into trouble and was banned in the Republic of Ireland. This is because it can interact with other medications, can causes photosensitivity and skin rashes, and be harmful to pregnant women. This is why when using this herb or any other for medicinal purposes, it is always wise to consult a medical practitioner or experienced herbalist.

Valarian Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis) is readily available from health stores and suppliers of herbal supplements. It has tranquilising and sedative properties, and is good as a treatment for stress and anxiety, as well as finding a use as a herbal sleeping tablet. The roots of the plant are the part that is harvested. Valerian grows to around a metre in height and bears umbels of pale-pink flowers in summer, making it an attractive addition to a herb garden. An alternative name for the plant is, ‘Herb of Witches,’ and it has been used as an ingredient of love potions. It certainly has a powerful effect over

Steve Andrews, the Bard of Ely is a singer-songwriter, writer and Journalist with a strong interest in botany and conservation.

www.bardofely.org cats, because like Catnip, it is a ‘cat psychoactive,’ and substances in its roots bring about a feline euphoria.

Lime Blossom The fragrant flowers of the Lime Tree (Tilia species) can be brewed into herbal tea that can help us relax. Lime blossom or Linden tea is a very popular beverage in continental Europe where it is commonly sold ready for brewing in the form of teabags. The tea can be drunk hot or chilled and sweetened with honey. Speaking of honey, the highly perfumed flowers are very attractive to bees. Regarded as a herb of Jupiter, how this tree fills the air with perfume may well be the characteristic that got it assigned under this ‘Gas Giant’ of a planet. Expansiveness

“ In the stressful modernday world, a knowledge of the herbal aids to peace and tranquility can be an important tool for improving our lives.”

is associated with Jupiter, and the Lime tree certainly expands outwardly with its branches and the scent from its flowers. A medicinal herb too, tea made from Lime blossoms is good for colds and fevers, as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia, and for lowering blood pressure. You can also eat the young Lime leaves in salad or in a sandwich. cont’d …

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 17


habits that can strangle other plants. Young shoots

Vervain (Verbena Officinalis) is perhaps not such a

can be eaten, cooked like asparagus shoots.

well-known herb but it should be. In Roman times it

Wild Lettuce

was an altar plant and held as sacred to the goddess Venus. The Druids regard it as one of the most important magical herbs. It is said to help inspire poets too, and is a herb used in ritual cleansings. In herbal medicine it is used as a tranquiliser to treat nervous conditions and for insomnia, as well as being a remedy for rheumatism, headaches,

One more herb that can be used as a tranquilizer or sedative, and which also has pain-killing properties, is the Wild Lettuce (Lactuca Virosa). A tall plant that grows on railway banks, waste ground and roadsides, Wild Lettuce has a white sap that turns dark when dried and resembles opium. Because of its properties and appearance, it is actually

digestive disorders and many other

known as ‘Lettuce Opium.’ In the

conditions. The delicate flowering

past it was even marketed as a legal

stems with tiny lilac blooms can

high and sold in ‘headshops.’

be used to make an infusion.

Wild Lettuce is an ancestor


of the cultivated plants, and is considered to be a herb

Hops (Humulus Lupulus) are

of the Moon. This is probably

usually thought of as an ingredient

because of its white sap, white or

for brewing beer but the dried flowers of this climbing vine when stuffed into a herbal pillow will help bring a good night’s rest. Hops have tranquilising and sedative properties.

silver being a lunar characteristic. A widely distributed wildflower it can be found in many parts of the world. All of the above herbs can be used as herbal medicines to improve mental

In contrast to the peace and tranquility that

wellbeing but taking delight in growing your

Hops can bring, the plant is regarded as under

own plants is a wonderful way of feeling joyful. A

the rulership of Mars the god of War, and this

herb garden, even if only a tiny one in a window-

is probably because of its aggressive climbing

box is something special you can watch grow.

s of the Now NEW ALBUM Song

and Then

p.com www.bardofely.bandcam

by Jayce Lewis All songs produced

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Jane Easton has been a member of 'Team Henge' for several years. She is a qualified garden and floral designer and has been initiated into various holistic and spiritual schools. Armed with this knowledge and experience, she spends many hours sourcing the right material to sell in the shop. Her love of literature is clear, and she is very enthusiastic in sharing her passion for information with those who visit the shop; she loves to chat and compare! Jane organises regular book and divination signings, and is always on the lookout for new and inspiring Authors! For those who are seeking all things Spiritual, Health and Wellbeing, History and Geology, you will always find something on our shelves. YY How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed Jonas.A.Horowitz PhD £12.25 Well written and easy to engage with. This book is relatable and like having a counselling session, but at home. There is nothing shameful about depression. It is however realistic to expect some things not to work for you. Too much stigma in this world. When a person is labelled by their illness they are no longer seen as an individual but as part of a stereotyped group. Isn’t it time, as a society, we did more to debunk that? This book is a short read; It will help you understand, ‘The Beast’, how to stop feeding it, and take back your life. That is the best gift you can give yourself. www.howtostopfeelingsodamndepressed.com

YY Lost Connections Johann Hari £8.99 This book is very well researched and endorsed by Matt Haig, Elton John and Russell Brand. The title speaks very much for itself; Connections are key. Understanding the causes, the real causes, those that allow us to trust, have compassion and find humility with others in today’s society is all but lost. The author isn’t kidding himself or anyone else, he gets life and all its complex difficulties including the cultural issues which run alongside. A lot is directed at the Big Pharma, and the 9 disconnections he describes in each of the chapters. Whereas I agree connections begin with yourself, an open heart and mind from others will surely lead the way towards real hope and beyond. www.thelostconnections.com

YY This Book Could Help Rotimi Akinsete - £9.99 ‘There's no more room for debate - taking care of your head space should be as normal as eating your five-a-day or going to the gym.’ Ok. So, a lot of men aren’t really used to thinking about how they feel? Talking about how they feel? Reading this book will offer up easy exercises to get that moving! From respecting sleep, physical health and lifestyle choices to taking off the edge to calm down. The book is supported by the mental health charity, Mind. Getting your head space in order is a must. Just 10 minutes a day. The wide-ranging benefits could be a life saver. Buy online at Waterstones

YY The Stranger on the Bridge Johnny Benjamin and Britt Pfluger £8.99 'In my world, the word inspirational gets bandied around a lot, but Jonny Benjamin is truly deserving of that adjective.' – HRH The Duke of Cambridge Jonny Benjamin has lived through Mental Illness. The book is startlingly honest and it’s one that I found hard to put down. It is moving, funny, frank and urges people not only to reach out and talk but to listen. Much insight can be gained from how all of those involved also struggle. Despite all he has lived through he still finds the time to have kindness and compassion for others. A selfless, brave man who used all his experiences to raise awareness by writing this remarkable book, for one. Johnny writes that when a relapse occurs, he remembers the encouragement he receives and much of it from people he has never met. He will agree on one thing though: He cannot do this alone and neither can others. www.jonnybenjamin.co.uk

A Jar of Grat M.J DICKSON

In 2015, a couple months before my 30 aggressive form of cancer. The doctor

rushed in for surgery to remove the tu that I did not need chemo.

A couple months later I got the call to go back in as they needed to perform a second surgery – a full hysterectomy, not ideal at thirty. When I woke up from the surgery, the doctors informed me that the cancer had

Getting Started... YY Starting a gratitude jar is one of the easiest things you can do to create huge positive changes within your life. YY Focusing on what you have to be grateful for forces you to not only become a more positive person - but to attract more positive situations into your life because they become selffulfilling prophecies of the thoughts you’re putting out into the world.

spread through my lymphatic system, up my spine. I began a very intense course of chemotherapy right away – to this day the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Throughout the entire process I thought to myself that if I am not going to be around much longer then I am going to write down and document every positive thing in my life – every day and put it in a jar.

The moment I began my jar it made me realise just how much I had to live for, to fight for, and boy, did I fight.”

A year later, my chemo was done and I went in for a check-up… not a trace… there was not a single trace of cancer. Now I am NOT saying that writing positive notes and sticking them in a jar cured me of cancer; what I AM

22 The Henge Magazine



0th birthday, I was diagnosed with a very s told me that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer. I was

umour, and was told I was extremely lucky and

M.J Dickson is a paranormal investigator, author, speaker, founder of Sage Paranormal, and television producer.

www.sageparanormal.co.uk saying is that something so small helped me see all

Week One: The Beginning...

the good in my life and pointed out the reasons I

At first, it’s a little hard to get started, it’s adding

needed to keep positive. According to my doctors, my

something new to your daily routine. Squeezing

positive attitude played a massive role in my recovery.

the 10 minutes into your already hectic schedule,

Something so small saved MY life, imagine what it could do for yours?

So How Do You Start Your Own Gratitude Jar? I’ve heard it called many things such as a joy jar, positivity jar, a moments jar, a memories jar or a personal empowerment jar. It’s a very simple concept – keep a note pad and a pen near an empty jar and whenever you think of something which you’re grateful for simply write it down, fold it up and pop it in the jar. On New Year’s Eve, get yourself a glass of bubbles,

finding a little time away from work, the kids and the daily chores of life can be difficult. As you start making the time to have those few quiet minutes to reflect, you will find that your chaotic day doesn’t seem all that bad and fitting it in becomes much easier within a week. Keep going…

What Happens When We Take the 10-Minutes to Reflect? Try this – Grab a hot cuppa, sit quietly on your own and get comfy. Close your eyes for a minute and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind of the everyday hustle and bustle. Now I am

take 30 minutes or so and

not talking about meditation

read all the notes in your jar.

here, if you are anything like

This helps you reflect on the

me then quietening your mind

year gone by and it’s far more

seems near impossible — the

powerful than you think. Personally, I try to add one note a day, I take 5 – 10 minutes to reflect on my day and think about what made me smile. I ask myself what

moment I close my eyes it goes a little something like this: ‘My mind is clear, I am relaxed, breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, I am not thinking

happened during the day that made me happy?

of anything… I need to add eggs and toilet paper to

What have I achieved? What am I grateful for?

my shopping list… dammit!’— Aaaand I’m done.

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... continued

Allow these thoughts in, acknowledge them and

effort to try. Keep at it, keep pushing through. Every

then let them go. Just take a few deep breaths for a

note makes an incredible difference to the end result.

minute or two. Think about one thing that made you

Ok, so you’ve been taking the time, writing your

happy throughout the day or something that you’re

notes, seeing the positive changes etc, which is great…

grateful for, it can be as simple as anything that

but what about the end goal, the grand finale?

brought a smile to your face. Now write it on a note,

Opening the Jar on New Year’s Eve...

fold it up and pop it in the jar. It is THAT simple.

Week Two: You’ll Begin Noticing These Small Changes...

This is one of my personal highlights of the year.

You become far more excited about the notes and WANT

togethers, Christmas shopping, cooking for an army

to add something to your jar as you watch it start filling

of family members, kids running around, wrapping

up. The more notes you see in your jar, the more positive

up the year at work etc, has got you stressed out to

Picture this – How many times have you reached November, the pressure of awkward family get-

your mindset becomes (you can add more than

the max. For those of us who have lost close

one note a day – entirely up to you!). You

family members, the festive season

start enjoying your 10 minutes of quiet

can be extremely hard and the

time to yourself and feel less stressed,

cold, dark weather has you

“You become far more

you will find that you are focusing more on the positive things in your life no matter how small they are – you take note. When you start paying more attention to the

feeling even more miserable.

excited about the notes and

Perhaps you had a rough year,

WANT to add something to

member, or you’ve lost your pet

things that bring you joy, your mood

your jar...”

becomes naturally more positive. It has this amazing snowball effect of positivity that rubs off in other areas of your life. You

you’ve lost a friend or family or life got a little upside down, maybe you’ve lost your job or

something else happened which put a real damper on things. I can guarantee that by November you’ve uttered

will soon notice that your relationships become more

the words, ‘I just can’t wait for this year to end’. We all

positive as you begin looking for all happy and positive

get to that point and think that somehow the beginning

things within each interaction throughout the day.

of a new year is going to make it all better, right? I

Week Three: You are Going to Slack and That’s OK!

know I used to say that for all the wrong reasons.

Don’t beat yourself up over it if you don’t get to do

things as we are tired, a little sick of extended

this every single day, as long as you make a conscious

family being cramped into one house for the

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Come New Year’s Eve and we think of the last 12 months – often focusing on all the negative

... continued

holidays and irritated as we feel we didn’t accomplish half of what we intended to throughout the year.

Now Change the Scenario... You’ve filled your jar with hundreds of little notes and its New Year’s Eve, you’ve got your glass of bubbles and you’re ready to crack the jar open. Now you’re excited to see the end of the year for a positive reason, to look back and reflect on all the great things that happened. You will be absolutely amazed at the overwhelming rush of emotions you will feel while reading

My Note for T oday… I am so gratefu l that I am still here, happy , healthy and able to shar e this story with others. I k now it will make a dif feren ce to so many lives.

those notes. From laughing at funny memories, to realising that you actually achieved much more than you thought you did, to remembering the good times and smiles. You will laugh, you may even cry a little but at the end of the day you will realise that despite any hardship you endured… it was a damn good year. You realise just HOW MUCH you actually have to be grateful for and that… that makes you feel a whole lot better.

It’s a Proven fact! There have been several studies which confirm that positive thinking can make a much bigger impact on our lives than we thought possible. By complaining less and writing your notes for your jar, you train your brain to be more positive and in turn become a much happier person. All you need to do is make a little effort. The more you focus on the positive, the more positive you will attract. When more and more amazing situations begin coming to you to feel grateful for - that’s the point you realize your life has shifted into something incredible. I hope you will give this a try; the great thing about this is you can even get your kids involved, have them decorate their own jars and get them into the routine of positive thinking. I am sure it will make a difference in your life just as it did in mine.

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Rituals for Release THERESA CHEUNG

All too often the cause of unhappiness is not so much the situation itself but the way you think about it. Whenever you’re stressed, upset, angry, sad, anxious or generally feeling negative you aren’t calm, centred or in control. Something is missing or off balance when negativity takes over. What is missing is the voice of

even be part of our evolution and

your intuition. Intuition is your

necessary for survival as in times

spiritual guide. It’s always trying to

past our survival depended on our

reassure, centre and talk to you but

ability to scan the environment

is drowned out by all the negativity.

looking for potential threats.

Negative Emotions are the Enemy of Your Intuition

aren’t the problem. The problem only comes when we believe

Research shows that feeling

them all to be true and this belief

negative or low disconnects us from

in them makes it impossible for

the wisdom of our inner self. It

us to tune into our intuition.

seems that when we are calm and

You learn a great deal about

content our brain is more likely

yourself from negative emotions and

to build creative and intuitive

self-awareness is crucial for igniting

connections, whereas anxious brains

your intuition. Your intuition will

tend to have a limiting impact.

benefit if, rather than suppressing

Please don’t take from this

or avoiding, you become aware of

that developing your intuition is

negativity passing through you

about suppressing or denying all

and then mindfully let it go.

negativity and never feeling sad,

The ritual on the following

angry or stressed again. This is

page is all about the intuition

quite simply impossible. Happiness

igniting power of letting go of

experts suggest that almost 80%

what is dragging you down.

of our thoughts are negative. It is normal to think negative and may

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Negative thoughts therefore

cont’d …

Theresa Cheung is a Sunday Times Bestselling Author of spiritual books.


Remember... YY Ritual Igniting Ritual: Spend a few minutes breathing deeply to release negative thinking.

YY The theory: Negative thinking clouds intuition. Acknowledging and letting go of anxiety increases the likelihood of you being able to hear the whispers of your intuition.

YY The practise: When you practise mindfully letting go of negative

“Happiness experts suggest that almost 80% of our thoughts are negative.”

thoughts you may find that you feel calmer and are better able to weather stressful situations.

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... continued

Using Rituals to Let Go of Negatives The ideal time to perform this ritual is towards the end of your evening as you start to wind down before you go to bed. ZZ Set a timer for three minutes. Find a

and you feel this exercise has simply turned

comfortable place to sit and tune into

the spotlight on your negative thinking try

your breath. Let your mind wander.

reminding yourself that ‘this too shall pass.’

ZZ As you become aware of the feeling of

ZZ ‘This too shall pass,’ is perhaps the wisest

inhalation and exhalation in your body, silently

statement in the world. It reminds us that

say the word ‘let’ on inhalation and on the

nothing in this life is ever permanent. Every

exhalation the word ‘go.’ If you prefer you can

negative thought or situation you have is not

say the words out loud. Do this a few times.

forever. It is not permanent. Anxiety may feel

Then stop and watch your thoughts. Don’t

permanent but that is an illusion. Let go of that

judge or filter your thoughts, just watch what

illusion and know that every negative thought

comes through. As soon as a negative thought

you have will pass, just as everything else does.

appears - and it will because you are human - don’t try to fight or argue with or suppress it. Don’t try to understand or judge it either. Simply notice it, acknowledge it and let it go. ZZ As you breathe and say or think the words

ZZ When your three minutes are up, imagine that your negative thoughts were like weights weighing you down but performing your ‘let go’ mantra ritual has removed those weights. Stand up feeling lighter in spirit.

‘let go’ you may find that fearful thoughts

It takes a lot of energy to fight or engage

keep stubbornly swirling around in your

with negativity and this ritual has helped

mind. They may refuse to budge now they

you calmly keep random negative thoughts

think they have your attention. If this happens

moving along and out of your mind.

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cle grander than the sea, that is the sky; ther a t c e p s e e is one sp s on i e r e Th

interior of the soul. Victor Hug e h t s i t a o , th y k s e n th a h t r pectacle grande


‘Let the beauty of what you love be wh

The beauty of Avebury is as elusive as much archaeological research given to village that stretches in between. Whi half real, half imagined landscape. Li the year move through the equinoxes, After a while though I began to suspect that there was also a ‘Trickster’ hidden somewhere amongst the ancient stones, who was a sorcerer and an alchemist. It was as if his sole purpose was to maintain both the dualities of time and illusion. He was like a magician who tended the mysteries of bygone days as a gardener tends their garden.

“Avebury reawakened me to the true reason for being a painter...”

32 The Henge Magazine

Trickster Magick Whilst I concentrated on asking, “What’s it for, who made it, what does it mean?”, the Trickster had me in his sights, and whilst I painted the stones and the colours in every-which-way, he could barely wipe the smile off his lips.



hat you do’ Rumi C13 Sufi poet.

s trying to prove its origins. There are many theories and o this curious circle of stones and the deep ditch, and the ilst I lived there, I read everything I could find about this istening to people’s ideas was fascinating, and watching and the festivals was no less than a gift.

Susanna Bailey is an internationally renowned artist who is known for her use of colour in all mediums. She tutors artists privately and in groups.


He knew all along that whilst I continued to miss the point his wizardry was working. After a while I was very cross with myself because I couldn’t capture the true nature of this place that I love so sincerely. I couldn’t pin down the softened tones, the comfort of the encircling Henge, which inspires, and rouses and lifts up, and which never fails to strangely encourage a greater need. My brush was simply incapable of proving my love for the spirit of this place. But the ‘spirit’ here lies in a truth that my friend, the Trickster, was employed to protect; once I realised this, everything changed. Keats knew this when he wrote, ‘beauty is truth, truth beauty...’ By trying to prove my sentiments on paper in watercolour, along with all the words used by the historians, the archaeologists, the spiritualists of all realms, and the Everyman, I was keeping that old magician happy.

Beauty’s Truth

If I have learnt one thing in Avebury it is that beauty and truth are to be uncovered continuously if they are to survive in their pure essence. The spirit is not something that can be proven or pinned down in either words or paint. So, it is beauty that I paint, it’s illusions, and what they invoke in me. Avebury reawakened me to the true reason for being a painter, not to illustrate but to paint the beauty of what you love, your way.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you paint. The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 33


Creativity is an intrinsic and essential characteristic of any living being on this planet; when one stops creating, one soon stops living as well. Being creative in fields for which we are gifted generates joy which is a delicious energy and feeling.

In cases of major challenges, joy is the energy which, day-by-day, one day at a time, will help us get out of bed to go and create whatever we love to create.

for incense, sho-do for calligraphy, ka-do for flowers… I think that my practice of photography could be named ‘photo-do’. The practice of your ‘Dō’ is a way that will lead you from your superficial self to your authentic self.

The Japanese concept of “Ikigai” is all about embracing your creative gift and living your passion. Two delicious books that explore this concept are, ‘Ikigai’ by Ken Mogi and ‘Ikigai’ by Hector Garcia and Fransesc Miralles.

In Europe, during the middle ages, the craftsmen working on glass, wood, stone for the cathedrals knew and were very much aware that by shaping matter, they were shaping their own soul.

What is Ikigai?

The Wikipedia definition says… ‘ Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” The word “ikigai” is usually used to indicate the source of value in one’s life… The word translated to English roughly means “thing that you live for” or “the reason for which you wake up in the morning.’ In two words, each of us has one main gift, and the more we use it, the more joyful we become. The Japanese recommend that we make a living out of it, or at least make it our main hobby/occupation.


Often, in Japan, the practice of Ikigai will be linked to the practice of a ‘Dō’ – which means, ‘the way’ or ‘your path in life’: You might be familiar with the martial art ‘Dō, like ju-do, aiki-do, ken-do; but there is cha-do for tea, ko-do

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The hierarchical levels for apprentice, journeyman and master were as much spiritual as technical levels. Teamwork was a necessity, as was the ability to feel and listen to matter to be able to shape it, as was courage to give the last hammer`s stroke which could either damage months of sculpting or create a masterpiece.

Discover Your Ikigai

Our education, the dreams and anxieties of our parents, the safe and reasonable choices of our own brains often define professional activities that are safe ‘bread earners’. Often, there is no choice. But, our education has rarely trained us to discover our ‘Ikigai’, our passion, our joy, our gift. Even if we find it, there will always be someone around us, or an inner voice to say, “stop dreaming”. Life is short, and boredom is a ruthless killer. So, follow your joy, as a job, as a hobby; just follow your deep and joyful vocation, the reason why you’ve incarnated now, on this planet. Share your gift; you will enjoy it and your joy will spread.




The Creativity Game Try this online group game, created by artist, coach and writer, Katrin Bauck. This amazing game is about finding inspiration in your day-to-day life and discovering how creative you are. Yes, YOU! And it’s fun!

You sign up for 3 weeks and Katrin will send you an email twice a week (Tuesday & Friday) with an inspiring task which will give wings to your creativity! You have 48 hours to do the task and send the result (a picture of it) to the group, whereby it’s not about the results but that you did the task. It’s a great way to tickle you out of your comfort zone, AND it’s super inspiring to see the creative variety of your teammates. The next creativity game starts 15th Ocotober 2019 www.katrinbauck.de • katrin@katrinbauck.de

Creative Journey These inspirational books by Tamara Laporte presents a range of mix-media and creative art projects that encourage self-discovery, wellness and fulfillment through the creative process.

Tamara also offers online art classes, which are extremely popular. Operating in a safe environment, it is a place where you can access your creative genius. To find out more about Tamara and her books, visit…


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Creative Writing

The pen is definitely mightier than the sword when it comes to creating imaginative stories. If you’ve always wanted to write, but just don’t no where or how to start, then this great writing activity, might just get the juices flowing. 1 Each day pick a random sentence off the internet,

newspaper or even from a book (fiction or nonfiction) and use that as the first line for a story. Try picking the sentence with your eyes closed.

2 Don’t think about what you’re going to write too much but

simply let your pen to the ‘talking’.

3 Write solidly for, at least, 20 minutes.

Boost Your Creativity Taking regular breaks is said to boost creativity.

It gives your mind a rest and an opportunity to refresh itself, particularly if you’ve been working long hours. It is often when we are relaxed that insights and inspiration matreialise, as if out of nowhere. Taking regular breaks also allows you to reconnect with yourself, Nature and the Universe around you. If you’ve been sitting at a computer for hours, try taking a walk around the room. Better still, cover your eyes with your hands for five minutes, or listen to the sound of the sea. Taking a walk in Nature is particularly rejuvinating and sure to get those creative juices flowing again. The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 37

Believe It or Knot



According to Shakespeare in, ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’, “the web of our life is a mingled yarn, good and ill together.” He is of course referring to knots. Believe it or not, the superstitions and legends that surround knots go back thousands of years, and, as many mariners will tell you, there’s nothing worse than a badly tied knot. Knots are one of man’s oldest inventions having

of the bridal party are loosened before a marriage and

been used for thousands of years. Some of the most

are tied again at the wedding ceremony to symbolise

fundamental uses of knots have included binding

infinite unity. In China, part of the wedding ceremony

wood together for shelters, making clothes, making

involves the bridegroom holding a red ribbon and the

fishing nets and securing arrow heads to shafts.

bride holding a green ribbon. During the marriage

The ancient Incas of Peru even used knots to keep records of sums and figures.

Knot Symbolism Over the years, knots have

ceremony the two ribbons are tied together with a knot. Bridal bouquets often have knots at the end of the ribbons. These knots are known as “lover’s knots” and represent good

attracted symbolic value and

wishes. The knots are also

also inspired superstition and

symbolic of eternal unity.

mythology. In symbolism, a knot is portrayed in the form

A Knotted History

of a horizontal figure of eight

The occult meaning of True

which represents infinity. This backs up the representation of a knot as a sealed bargain. Years ago, merchants would tie a cord around their waists to indicate

Lover’s Knots is very ancient and any religious meaning has since been forgotten. The knots appear all over Northern Europe in runic

that a deal had been made. Similarly, monks, friars and

inscriptions. Some believe that the knots depicted are

nuns would knot a cord around their waists to signify

a varied form of the Rod of Mercury. Conversely, in

religious commitment. In some societies, knotting and

Medieval times, if a knot was tied during a marriage

binding took place during initiation ceremonies. Knots

ceremony, it meant that the couple would never

are also commonly used in the casting of spells.

have children. The tying of knots at weddings was

Today, knots remain of paramount importance during wedding ceremonies around the world. A knot is the symbol of lasting love, duty and a troth that is pledged for all eternity. In India, all of the knots in the clothing

38 The Henge Magazine

believed to be such powerful magic the only way to break the spell was to untie the offending knot. Today, in many parts of the world, all of the knots in a house are untied during childbirth. It is said that

Alison is an artist and writer with a life-long interest in astrology, divination, customs, superstitions and witchcraft.

www.fromragstobags.com if a woman in labour has knots in her clothing, the baby can’t be born. The belief states that if all the knots are untied, it will ensure there are no complications during the delivery.

Spirit Traps Knots are apparently very useful for catching unwelcome spirits. It is believed by some that evil spirits get caught in knots at the point where the knot is tied. Clerical collars have their roots in this belief as it was feared that evil spirits

Knots for Meditation Mala necklaces are often used during meditation to help count mantras and are fun and easy to make:

YY Traditionally 108 similar sized beads

would hide in the knot of the priest’s

are strung on a cord with a knot placed

tie, causing trouble during religious

between each bead to keep them separated

ceremonies. Knotted fringes are often found on cloths used in religious ceremonies. With so many knots, the cloth is not only able to entangle evil spirits, it also confuses them. This keeps the spirits trapped in the knots for a long time, preventing mischief. Another religious use for knots is a knot Rosary, where knots are placed along a cord instead of beads. In

and therefore easier to pass through your fingers during meditation.

YY The ends of the beaded cord are joined together and one larger bead, called the guru bead is also added, often with a tassel attached.

YY Beads can be of any material, such as crystal,

superstition, it was believed that if you

wood or clay. Alternatively, you could

untied a knot completely, you would

make your necklace simply with knots.

solve a mystery within yourself. It

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 39

... continued was also believed that if a person was close to death,

It symbolises the tying and untying of a knot.

nothing tied with a knot should be near them.

Depending upon its placement and the surrounding

After a death, loosening all of the knots

cards, the knot can show anxieties, problems and

around the home, whilst the body was laid out,

indecision, particularly where commitment is

would help the soul to leave the house.

concerned. However, it can also symbolise a favourable

Twisted Dreams

partnership or advantageous long-term scheme.

To dream of a knot is an obstacle dream signifying

Knot found in Greek mythology. Gordius, a Phrygian

serious differences with someone close to you. If you

peasant and later father of King Midas, skilfully tied a

succeed in untying the knot, you will most likely reach

knot to secure an ox yoke to his chariot. According to

a satisfactory compromise. If you cut the knot though,

the myth, Gordius later became the King of Phrygia.

a break in the relationship is forecast. A knot could

A legend said that whoever could loosen Gordius’

also be interpreted as the tying up of loose ends.

knot would rule Asia. Many people tried to untie

If you are experiencing bad dreams, you may want

the knot but were unsuccessful as the knot was so

to hang a Native American Objibwe dream catcher

intricate. Finally, in 334 BC, Alexander the Great unable

near your bed. Constructed from knotted cord inside

to untie the knot, cut it instead with his sword.

Probably the most famous of all knots is the Gordian

a hoop, dream catchers are thought to ensnare the

Despite cutting the knot, the prophecy was fulfilled

bad dreams preventing them from reaching you.

and Alexander the Great was seen as the true conqueror

Knots and Divination

of the East. The expression, “cutting the Gordian

A knot is an important sign in Chinese Mah

in an easy manner, particularly by force of evasion.

Jongg fortune telling. The Wan card Chieh,

Knot”, has come to mean solving a difficult problem Knots are a part of our everyday lives, from tying

the knot, is possibly the most mysterious

our shoelaces to tying a knot in our hankie to help us

of all the Man Jongg oracle cards.

remember something important, believe it or knot.

Celtic Knot Stone Echternach Luxembourg

40 The Henge Magazine

e successi d fly ve autu woul mns.” I e e k s i n h g t r t h a e e s u e d c h c t e r s M t s i i v u e o b a b u t a u a m y ns.” Maarry Ann Eva re d fl e l ns u y An n i g k e t h e e w s s h u t c o r c essive autum a I Iw ns.” Mary n Evans out the e d if b d n a r a y i , l Ann Eva ab ld f to it ns “Delic ere wou edded w I w s i ious autu l I u d f r i i mn! My very so nd ab it, a ere o t w d if I edde nd l is w “Delicio a u o , s t y i r us autumn! My ve to dded e w s soul i “Delicious autumn! My very


Emmanuel an JO CLARKSON

Hello I’m Jo Clarkson and I’m the cha my story — it’s a love story. I met Em Emmanuel at that time. You may hav were best selling spiritual books in th Emmanuel’s messages had a deep reso

As a teenager I’d never felt like I fitted in. I had lots of big questions and, despite a lot of angst, no real answers. I felt like I was a spiritual being trapped inside a human body. I had a yearning to be free,

Emmanuel’s Message... We are all here for a reason, a mission if you will, and it is his job - yes, even Angels have jobs - to help what he calls the ‘sleeping angels’ upon this planet, (that’s me and you by the way), to wake

but I had no idea where to even begin.

Reluctant Channel Over the years, on retreats in a beautiful little farmhouse in Herefordshire, Emmanuel and Pat helped me through some of the darkest days of my life. When I asked my deeply personal questions of Emmanuel, he would be so kind, supportive and so loving. At first he felt like he was a high spiritual teacher, impossibly out of reach, but

up and to remind us of the talents, skills

over the years his messages became

and gifts we were born with, which

friendly and he moved from being

can help with the transformation of

‘angel’ best friend. Pat sadly retired

this planet to a Heaven on Earth.

be the last time I would hear from

more personal, more direct, more my teacher & guide to becoming my in 2009, and I thought that would Emmanuel, but then, a few months later Emmanuel starting speaking to me! Now let me just point out here that

42 The Henge Magazine

nowhere was it in my life plan to be


nd Me ~ A Love Story

annel for an angel called, Emmanuel. And this is mmanuel in about 1990. Pat Rodegast channelled ve read one of Pat and Emmanuel’s books — they he 80’s and 90’s. I was just 16 or 17 at the time, and onance for me.

Jo Clarkson is the channel of Emmanuel. For more information, visit his website.


a channel for an angel! I was spiritual, yes, and yes, I

why we are here, our purpose, the spiritual journey

knew by that point that I was here for a reason, but I

and more - he’s also a very personal teacher and guide.

had a family and a business to run. When Emmanuel

When on a workshop or in a personal 1-1 with him, you

first started talking to me, I was totally overwhelmed.

get to ask him your own personal questions and receive

It felt like being his channel was too big a burden to

very exacting and personal guidance to the issues and

carry, I knew he had an audience all over the world,

challenges you are currently facing. He is surprisingly

and well, I was just me - I felt totally unworthy.

funny, but most of all he is incredibly loving and

Over the years, with the help of Emmanuel

supportive. When I channel Emmanuel, it is like

and my teacher Ram Dass, I’ve got over my

channelling unconditional love and it’s such an honour

‘unworthiness’ and now I’m happy and proud

and privilege to help connect people to that LOVE.

to say that I am Emmanuel’s channel.

The Gift of Being Human Emmanuel is an angel, but he’s also very down to earth. His teachings and messages are about how to be both an angel and a human being, and how to bring those two parts of us together, so that we all lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives. He has a wonderfully unique perspective on what it is to be human, and is a great source of wisdom for the current challenges we face in the world. He helps us to be the biggest versions of ourselves, and is always there to give guidance when it’s needed. The wonderful thing about Emmanuel is that, although he does have grand messages and teachings to give about the big topics like love, death, relationships, parenting,

cont’d …

... continued

Angelic Message

also my e for the ALL TH AT IS. He’s iec hp ut mo a ’s he e; lov al on ssible to Emmanuel is unconditi ays will be. It’s almost impo alw d an ry, sto e lov a it’s – . best friend, and I love him we ver I’ve tried to give it a go ho s, rd wo 0 90 me so o int s ing condense Emmanuel’s teach ll, and it is a reason, a mission if you wi for re he all e ar we ys sa el on this In a nutshell: Emmanu ca lls the ‘sleeping angels’ up he at wh lp he to s job ve ha ts skills his job - yes, even Angels to remind them of the talen d an up ke wa to y), wa e th a planet, (that’s me and you by nsformation of this planet to tra e th th wi lp he n ca ich th, wh and gif ts they were born wi , or to help us to find our wn do l fal we en wh up us k here to pic Heaven on Earth. He’s also we have lost our way. way back to our path when


He’s our angel confidante, teacher, guide, best friend and always, ALWAYS our angelic cheerleader.

off. YY He’s not here to admonish us or tell us YY He’s here to celebrate our every success, and reconnect us with the angel that is within us all.



He’s here to remind us that life is for living, that there is no greater love L than SELF-LOVE and that the AL y. THAT IS, loves us unconditionall


ardian He says that every one of us has gu - I’ve seen angels that walk with us. It’s true m too. them – and I know you’ve seen the

He’s here to remind us of the truth of who we are.


If you’d like to connect with Emmanue l sometime, it’s part of my mission, my life purpose to ena ble you to do that. So, if you’d like to have a date with Emmanuel or come to one of our workshops –please do get in touch.

jo@metapositive.com• ww w.joandemmanu

44 The Henge Magazine


lrea a s g nk s f o r n unknown blessi

t h e ir n o dy

way” Native American Sa



“Gi ve t ha

The Cosmic Winds YY Introspective Autumn As the cycle of the seasons moves into the 3rd

YY About Sue Coulson

Sue Coulson is a natural intuitive and a channel. She is the founder of Cosmic Classroom™ in Avebury, UK. Her work is rooted in an understanding of the inter-connectivity of all things. She has actively studied the energetics of Avebury for over 12 years. Sue is a certified Master of Crystology, an Access Consciousness™ Bars Practitioner, and a spiritual event coordinator. She offers both indoor and outdoor meditation workshops to those awakening to Multi-Dimensional Awareness, and is dedicated to supporting people who wish to expand their awareness of consciousness through group gatherings and 1:1 sessions. www.cosmicclassroom.co.uk info@CosmicClassroom.co.uk @CosmicClassroom | @SpiriTourExperiences

quarter of the year we are aware of the nights closing in, drawing our attention inwards. Autumn is the time of introspection, where we have the opportunity to reflect back over the growth period we initiated in spring, to assess the fruitfulness of the seeds of our dreams. Some dreams will have been realized. Others may require more time to develop. There may even be dreams that have been outgrown, that can now be discarded to make way for the new. The trees are our teacher now. We watch them shed their leaves, one by one, stripping themselves naked, for they know that they must be unburdened by the weight of excess to access the core of their strength and stand in their full power through the winter storms. As the cosmic winds of change blow stronger through the close of 2019 and into 2020 we too are being invited to shed the weight of old thought patterns & beliefs so that we claim our power as enlightened creators in the waking world of a new paradigm.

YY Wisdom of the Stone Beings In the Cosmic Classroom, where we are always on a quest to expand self-awareness and better understand our evolving consciousness, we discover that there are many advocates of enlightenment. We are surrounded by allies, from Stones to Stars, and all points in-between: the trees, animals, birds and bees. In Avebury we can turn to the Stone-Beings for support. The ancient stone sentinels within the Avebury Henge each hold a unique vibration. Each one has its own ‘personality’ and interacts with the human body in a uniquely specific way. Much has been learned from a long-running research project which I founded in 2010. Psychic Survey™ is dedicated to documenting the human experience of the subtle energy present at sacred sites, such as Avebury. Hundreds of personal accounts have been recorded over the years by volunteers from many countries and walks of life.

of Change I share one insight with you now, for those wishing to

the Heart of the Scorpio constellation representing

initiate recognition of their own resistance to change.

a watery, primordial position of destruction/

YY Elders of the Starlight Realms Elders from the Starlight Realms are also available to offer guidance on this subject. Reach out to the higher dimensional beings of Antares. Antares is one of the 4 Royal Stars of Persia,

creation, death/re-birth on the zodiac wheel. Through meditation it is possible to commune with the conscious beings who call Antares home. The last time we visited, during one of our regular ‘Speaking with the Star Nations’ gatherings, these benevolent shape-shifting beings presented themselves to us in

marking the 4 directions of the cardinal cross, along

dark hooded cloaks, hiding the form of their elongated

with Aldebaran, Regulus, and Fomalhaut. Antares,

heads, so that only white disembodied faces floated into

the guardian of the West, is the 15th brightest star in

view. Visually shocking, this encounter could easily have

the night sky. It is so massive that if it were to take

been scary. This was a valuable part of their lesson.

the place of our Sun, it would extend beyond the

They asked us to look beyond the tricks of the mind,

orbit of Mars, engulfing the first four planets in our

with its judgements and projections, and to ‘feel’ with

solar system. This red super-giant is positioned at

the body and Heart for the Truth of our knowing.

Seeking the Wisdom of the Stones In the south-west quadrant of the circle you will find a Sarsen Stone who’s essence resonates with the Heart, to open an avenue into the psyche. It is a ‘no nonsense’ experience, not for the faint of heart, where ones shadows can clearly be seen; highlighting the false-hood of ones fears so they can be transformed. 1.

Those who feel ready are invited to enter the field behind The Henge Shop via the gate on the High Street to the right of the property as you face it.


Follow the arch of standing stones anticlockwise until you reach the second to last stone, before the path reaches the road.


Here, you will meet a Stone whose, 'inside' smooth surface contains a human height rectangular doorway.


Lean your back against this portal. Breathe deeply, allowing your body to relax and the mind to find stillness.


Those who seek deep truth will not be denied here.

Moving past the initial shock and rejection, we

are here to shine! In these words we are reminded

were met with waves of heart-expanding Love, to

of the power of the mind. The thoughts/beliefs we

sooth and comfort any arising fear. They enveloped

hold influence our energy-field, creating our reality,

us in energy which nurtured our light-bodies, so that

especially evident in our personal physical form.

we could communicate with them as equals before

They tell us: Your body is magnificent and precious.

offering insights about the new light structures that are

Take care of it. Appreciate it. Make the most of it and

growing around us to anchor the expanding frequencies

really love it. Treat the body as a very special thing.

which are creating positive change on our planet.

Even the longest life on Earth is like a holiday. You

YY The Guidance They spoke a message of guidance: “Cut down the untruths that you tell yourself, those harsh words of self-criticism that rob you of your light, because they are not true. Rise above the sadness and self-pity stirred up by such lies. Bite the head off of anything that is not the truth of your soul, like Kali, sending it to its

prepare for it before you arrive, and then you come with the intention of enjoying the physical world and the wonderful experiences that await you here. Do not waste this opportunity to experience life. Enjoy it! The level of joy we allow is directly related to the amount of resistance in the selfsabotaging stories we create in our mind.

death. This is the time for the death of falsehoods. You



NEW CLAS S A new class starts in the autumn term called : Mind Matt ers. This weekly onli ne group o pens a space to ex amine the c reative power of th ought, with exercises and medita tion techniq ue to empower o ur life expe rience. We look at ways to rele ase hindering t hought patterns an d make way for the seed s of dreams to m our an for us to fea ifest fully st upon.

REGULAR EVENTS ...more than just a feeling

Community & Connectivity YY Cosmic Classroom ~ with Sue Coulson Sue offers a wide range of experiential learning opportunities which aim to increase your awareness of the subtle energy that is within us and around us, binding all of existence together. Sue is based here at the Henge Shop and she leads a Crystal Skull meditation and regular full/new moon meditations in the circle.

Contact: info@cosmicclassroom.co.uk • www.cosmicclassroom.co.uk

YY Spiritual Development Monday Evenings - 16th September, 14th October, 11th November, 9th December Ankara will be here on the following Monday evenings leading this wonderful event: Gifts of Grace from the Heart of Lemuria, for the Blessed Journey. ALL warmly welcome to this evening, for deep heart and soul nourishment as we journey into the Lemurian Heart,the heart of the Divine.

Contact: Ankara on tfreflection@protonmail.com

YY Psychotherapy & Supervision ~ Jonathan Stubbs By Appointment Jonathan Stubbs of Apollo Supervision and Psychotherapy is a very experienced B.A.C.P. Accredited Psychotherapist & Supervisor and has availability on a Wednesday for: Couples Counselling, Psychotherapy, EMDR and Supervision.

Contact: 07836 355 900 email: apollopsychotherapy@gmail.com Website: https://apollocounselling.co.uk/

YY Meditation ~ Ivan Brownrigg Thursday Evenings 7.30pm-8.30pm ~ £5 Focus on creating new patterns which shape your behaviour and lead to new experiences.

Contact Ivan 07791 234562 • ivan@ib-coaching.co.uk

YY Tarot Reading ~ Caroline Mitchell or Ivan Brownrigg Alternate weekends ~ from £20 We have two regular Tarot readers. Caroline of Simply Dragons & Ivan of Avebury Tarot.

Contact the Henge Shop on 01672 539229 or pop in for more information • avebury@hengeshop.com




or News about ou r magazin e, event s , offers an d more.. .

YY Reiki with Reiki Master Helen Ramsay ~ via appointment only Contact helenmramsay@sky.com or call 07990 513930

YY The Outer Limits Radio Show and Podcast, Sponsored by The Henge Shop Wednesdays 10pm-11pm Join the Outer Limits team each week and explore the esoteric, spirtual and mysterious. With guests and a weekly cosmic update. Listen live, online and on demand via their podcast.

Text in your questions to 07900171453 www.swindon1055.com/ www.swindon1055.com/ondemand

YY Tai Chi with Terence O'Connor Terence O'Connor is available by appointment to teach T'ai-Chi either in a 1-to1 class for £45 or a group session of 4 people for £25 per person.

Contact Terence on t@circletaiji.com or 020 7978 8898 for more information

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 51

REGULAR EVENTS ...more than just a feeling

Community & Connectivity YY Yoga Thursday Evenings ~ 6.30pm-7.30pm Stefanie Young from, Yoga By The Stone will guide you in a hatha-style yoga practice, to calm, balance and help relax the body and mind. No prior yoga experience necessary - all are welcome! Mats, cushions and bolsters are provided.

Contact stefanieyoung@mac.com or 07516 313 502 for further information.

YY Earth Healing Meditation& New Earth Energies Meditation One Sunday per Month 2pm-4pm ~ £8.50 donation Ankara was part of the national Earth Healing Network that were guided by Archangel Gabriel and star family from Arcturus in the early ‘90s.

In-depth info on Facebook or contact Ankara on tfreflection@protonmail.com

YY Holistic Therapy By Appointment: Tuesday Afternoons from 1pm Local holistic therapist Tamara Turchet will be offering Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Contact Tamara at: 07554 246877 or e-mail tamara@ttholistics.co.uk

YY Astrology Readings By Appointment: £25 per 30 minute reading or £45 per 1 hour reading Jenny Walters started her training in 2003 at the Bristol School of Astrology. Jenny has been studying and practicing astrology for 16 years, whilst also working as a clinical research professional, and is currently completing a diploma at the Mayo School of Astrology, London.

Contact Jenny on jenny@jenwalters.co.uk for more information.

YY Spiritual Healing & Regression Therapies By Appointment With Mona Diaz: Past Life Regression, Current Life Regression, Between Lives Spiritual Life Regression, Energy Clearing/Spirit Release Therapy, Pass Life Journey.

Contact monadiazramsay@yahoo.co.uk or 07886552123, www.monadiaztherapies.com




Crystal Skulls Between 2000 and 2015, a third of the crop circles in the world happened within a 30-mile radius of Avebury. The debate is still raging about what proportion of the crop circles are made by humans and what percentage is not… I've flown above them for 17 years and photographed hundreds of them. Some of the things I have seen would be hard for humans to make. Out of the six or seven portraits found in crop circles, most are star beings.

circle in there; I was a bit sad, because, handmade or not, a crop circle would squash the poppies. The next day, there was a 120m wide smileyshaped crop circle in the poppies laughing, and kind of saying: “Oh, you thought we couldn`t make one” I had the feeling my cousins, somewhere up there, were sending me a postcard. My smile was as big as the crop circle. It gave rise to an intuition that Avebury is a place at the crossroads of dimensions

YY Legend of the Crystal Skulls The legend of the crystal skulls states that the original 13 skulls were given by 12 tribes of star beings to the earthlings to support and coach their development.

and that the space between dimensions is paper thin.

YY Beyond Rationality The relation with crystal skulls is not very rational: I use my hands and my eyes to see which one attracts

YY Star Being Communciation?

me; lots of people use them as a tool, as they would

In 2012, 2 hills in Rockley, near Avebury, were covered with poppies. As I was flying above them to photograph a crop circle in Uffington, I thought about how great it would be to have a crop

use a crystal, to enhance their meditation. The rational brain doesn`t intervene much here. I can`t really understand why I started collecting crystal skulls as of 2009. But apparently this happens to about 5% of the people who are interested in crystals. As I said, I just follow my intuition, my eyes and my hands.

YY Powerful Symbols After collecting and working with many skulls, humans and dragons, my intuition focussed my interest mainly on star being skulls; and for the last 2 years, they are what I buy, collect and work with. Symbols are powerful, and star being skulls are different in manyways:

YY They are more a sculpture or a portrait of a living being than a skull of a human.

YY Some of them are clearly feminine.


The Henge Shop is currently broadening the range of its start being skulls: come and see, touch and experience their energy.

YY I find their shape subjectively more beautiful. YY Whereas I can sleep holding 2 human skulls in hand, I can't with star beings; their energy has an



JOIN OU R MAILING LIST fo r News a bou events, o t our ffer and mor s e...

intense otherness which is just too strong.

YY I tend to use star being skulls to connect with the rest of the universe. If I have a specific healing need, I`ll use a human skull or a palm stone of the appropriate crystal.

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 55


∙ d r a go n s ∙ c


r yst a

ls ∙ h


n sk

u ll s ∙

um al s h

a n sk

u ll s

i ng s ∙ s ∙ star b e

k u ll j e w e ll

er y ∙ dragons

OOKeSin!gs ∙ skull jeweller y ∙ dragons ∙ cryst B L L ∙ d r a go n s ∙ c r y s t a l s ∙ h U K S L uman j e w e ll e r y A l T l r S u b Y k s R e C sk ul i ng s i ng s ∙ E OF l sk u

ll s

∙ st a

star b

be NG E∙ skAulRl A star V A ∙ H j s W e l O w l el er yE , WE N sk u ∙ d r a go n s ONLlIN R E uman F h ∙ c r F s y l s t a O N BO O K S O SH O P ▶ E HENG E H T N I D AN

We have one of the largest collections of crystal skulls in the world, with many beautiful, rare and unique specimens ~ impossible to describe with words!

YYUnable to visit? Have questions? Come and visit us at the Henge Shop in the mystical Avebury stone circle in the UK or browse the collections online. If you have a specific requirement we'll do our best to help you find the right spiritual stone for you.

CALL US +44 (0)1672 539229 ∙ BUY ONLINE www.hengeskulls.com




I've been working with crystals in, The Henge Shop since 2008 and have learnt to be guided by my intuition. I've come to understand that crystals (much like Tarot) are a very personal aid. My own private collection is made up of crystals that have chosen me, rather than me choosing them. In each issue, I will be offering my knowledge and understanding of specific crystals, based on my own experiences with them. I hope to aid you in your journey with these beings, trusting your own feelings and remembering, if you feel something different to what you read (anywhere), don’t reject it — you were drawn to that crystal for a reason. Sit with it, hold it, keep it near you and most of all, believe — allow it to aid you in your day-to-day life.

YY Zebra Stone Keywords: Grounding and Re-motivation Good for grounding, Zebra stone can help you connect, and then stay connected to the Earth. This is particularly useful while meditating, as well as for anyone who finds themselves walking around with their, ‘head in the clouds’ in day-to-day life. It can re-fill you with a zest for life and stimulates creativity – motivating you to reach for your goals and dreams – as well as calming the mind, which also makes it a wonderful companion for anyone suffering with Anxiety or Depression. www.hengeshop.com/collections/crystals

YY Rhodochrosite Keywords: Self-Love and Positivity The pink colour is highly associated with Love. However, with Rhodochrosite, this love is first directed at you, showing you the way of self-healing. It helps you release any emotional memories of trauma, especially if these have caused negative fixations and/or irrational fears and aids in helping you forget these. This is particularly good for healing your inner child especially, and any deep trauma that may lie there. Meditating with or wearing Rhodochrosite helps to heal the energy field surrounding your heart and fixes any holes that may be within this field. This is also a great aid in stimulating creativity and therefore helping create more confidence within yourself. www.hengeshop.com/collections/crystals

58 The Henge Magazine 

Discover more a

bout the meaning of

 s l a t s y more c r JOIN OU R MAILING LIST fo

YY Apache Tear Keywords: Emotional Cleansing

r News a bou events, o t our ffer and mor s e...

A form of Obsidian, Apache Tear is a great companion for grounding and protection – especially against negative energies and emotions that may be fired your way. Meditating with Apache Tear counters negative feelings and allows you to process grief, as well as other unspoken emotions –

helping you find joy when you may have gotten to a point where you thought you may never feel it again. For grounding, Apache Tear’s energy is heightened when used with other grounding crystals, such as Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline. www.hengeshop.com/collections/crystals

YY Epidote Keywords: Release Negativity Epidote can be a very powerful and useful companion. It highlights and brings out more of what you already have, emotionally. Not only can it help a positive person be more positive, it also has the natural flip-side – it can also make a negative person more negative. How is this useful? Well, with the latter, it can help you see this within yourself and ultimately leads you to do something to change your way of thinking. For example – if you have anxiety, not only can it help you to overcome the constant negative nagging from within, it also heightens optimism, and your ability to see things in a more positive light. It can also help you to attract more positive and loving relationships – not necessarily romantic, but someone you can turn to in your darkest moment. www.hengeshop.com/collections/crystals

F u n Fa cartly turned of f a

ul e lf p a r t i c s r u o y d in g If y o u f in t is detect I ! d e e n u n e yo is is the o a ce or c r ys t al th want t o f ’t n o d r e h g you e it s o m e t h in re.

n know i d o n’t e v e

s the

See more be autiful crysta ls and a range of crys tal skulls for meditation at the shop, or on our we bsites... www.hengesh op.com/collect ions/crystals www.hengesk ulls.com

Henge Shop , High

United King dom

St, Avebury, Marlboroug h, SN8 1RF

The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 59

Henge Shop Treasures

What's in Store? Step into the Henge Shop and discover an Aladdin's Cave of souvenirs, gifts, tools and esoteric items. From our unique and exclusive crystal skull collection, symbolic jewellery, holistic products and spiritual symbols, you are bound to find something that resonates powerfully with you. We do our best to make sure that our products are ethically sourced and kind on the environment. Visit us in the Henge Shop in Avebury or make your purchase online. www.hengeshop.com • www.hengeskulls.com

YY Foldable Bags Price from £5.20 Re-usable bags are a wonderful way of cutting down on plastic usage as well as being better for the environment. We have a great range of foldable shoppers and backpacks available in the shop. Each one comes with a 6-month warranty and a wide range of designs, and are made using recycled materials. Plus they are water-resistant, lightweight and durable. IN STORE

YY Anxiety Crystals Price from £4.00 This wonderful Crystal pouch is created right here in the shop and contains 4 handpicked crystals, specifically helpful for people with Anxiety – Epidote, Sodalite, Zebra Stone (sometimes known as Zebra Jasper) & Fluorite. This is one of a collection of 13 different bags we have available. IN STORE and www.hengeshop.com/collections/crystals

Come & visit us

in store or online. We'd

YY Canvas Prints Price £5.20 Printed onto canvas and then stretched to cover a wooden frame, these prints are an effective and affordable way to have pieces of artwork in your home. They come with all the fittings and are 19cm x 25cm. We have pieces by artists: Lisa Parker (pictured), Anne Stokes and Nene Thomas currently available, and are always expanding the selection we have. IN STORE and www.hengeshop.com/collections/wall-plaques

YY Backflow Price: Burner from £6.55 and Cones £5.45 Backflow incense is very mesmerizing to watch, as the smoke slowly comes from the bottom of the cones (as well as the top) and pours into the basin of the burner – creating some wonderful waterlike effects while filling the room with your chosen fragrance. We have a great range of burners and cones available in the shop. IN STORE — Available online soon

FIND US in the High St, Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RF CALL US on +44 (0)1672 539229

you e e s o t l o ve

REGULAR EVENTS ...more than just a feeling

Author Book Signings YY Andrea Hofman ~ The True Hero's Journey Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September As part of our Fairy Festival weekend author, Andrea Hofman will be here signing copies of her book as well as giving you the opportunity to speak with her about her work.

Contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229


The Spine of Albion

Saturday 21st and 22nd December Authors Gary and Caroline will be here from 11am signing copies of their books, as well as giving you the chance to speak with them about their work and research.

Contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229



Henge Shop TALKS • WORKSHOPS • GATHERINGS YY Metatronic Healing Meditation Saturday 28th September 2019 - 2.30pm-4.30pm Suggested donation £10. Concessions £5 Welcome to a beautifully simple and deeply nourishing session of healing with Archangel Metatron to open your heart, clear your mind

JOIN OU R MAILING LI & get ne ST ws future ev of ents and offe rs

and reconnect you with life in this season of burgeoning light.This session will be guided by Brendagh O’Sullivan, a Metatronic Practitioner and Apprentice Teacher with over 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts.

For more info, contact: Brendagh. 07951794125 / brendagh.osullivan@gmail.com

YY Male Shamanic Workshop Sunday 12th October 2019 ~ 10am-5pm Shaman Dan Goodfellow will be leading a Shamanic Workshop, specifically designed for men.

For more info, contact: The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Inner Dance Lumerian Sound Healing Monday 14th October 2019 £20 ~ 1pm-3pm This is a deep inner connecting healing therapy called 'Inner Dance Lemurian Sound Healing'. Inner Dance uses various music types, starting from a low wave & slowly building up, then dropping & building up again & slowly dispersing out positively. Lemurian Healing is a powerful modality dating back hundreds of years. Its base is connecting openly to the heart centre, expanding & opening this chakra, invoking & feeling love, compassion, understanding empathy on a much deeper level. Combining these two therapies contains many benefits for the individual, specially on a Mind Body soul level.

For more info, contact: https://www.facebook.com/mandeepkaurpsychicmediumhealer The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 63




Henge Shop TALKS • WORKSHOPS • GATHERINGS YY The Henge Samhain Event Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th, Thursday 31st October 2019 Come and join us as we celebrate the festival of Samhain with a host of wonderful guests. We are still in the planning stage but here is rough guide of events:

Saturday 26th ⭐️ Paranormal gathering - a chance to come and speak with like-minded souls about


et news on how to

SUBSCR IBE to future issues

all things paranormal and extra-terrestrial. ⭐️ Book Signing

Sunday 27th ⭐️ Shamanic Journeying Workshop ⭐️ Book Signing Both days will include:Charity Sweet Stall, Tarot Readings, Free 1 card Dragon Oracle readings, Face Painting (TBC)

Thursday 31st ⭐️ Divination day ⭐️ Book Signings

For more info. contact The Henge Shop on 01672 539229

YY Yoga and Mindfulness Day Retreat Sunday 2nd November 2019 £80 ~ 10am-5pm Hosted by Raziya Sacranie, this Yoga Day Retreat will include two gentle yoga sessions that focus on working with deep awareness, staying in the present moment and working towards a calm and still mind. Our practices will include asana, pranayama, mindfulness exercises and relaxation. Vegetarian lunch is included as well as afternoon tea.Places are limited so booking is essential.

More info. on our Facebook Events page ▶

YY An Introduction to Freedom Counselling Level I Sunday 10th November 2019 £33 (bring a friend for free) ~ 10am-Midday This workshop is ideal for those who have had conventional counselling without success and are looking for an alternative avenue of help, or for those who are counsellors, life coaches or mentors themselves, looking for new tools for better results by bringing energy and vibration into the mix! It offers a new approach to Mental and Emotional health using the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction. Online closing date for tickets: Friday 25th October.

Visit www.causingfreedom.com for more info


The Henge Magazine   www.hengeshop.com   www.hengeskulls.com 65

YY An Introduction to Numerology Sunday 10th November 2019 £22 (bring a friend for free)~ 1.30pm-3.30pm Online closing date for tickets: Friday 25th October

Come along and learn about your personal life code using the ancient art of Numerology. You will gain an understanding of the meaning of all the single numbers and master numbers and by using the numbers embedded in your birth-date and name you will discover a lot about you and your life purpose. For more info, visit www.causingfreedom.com

YY Metatronic Healing Meditation Saturday 30th November 2019 £10 (concessions £5)

Welcome to a beautifully simple and deeply nourishing session of healing with Archangel Metatron to open your heart, clear your mind and reconnect you with life in this season of burgeoning light.This session will be guided by Brendagh O’Sullivan, a Metatronic Practitioner and Apprentice Teacher with over 30 years of experience in the Healing Arts. For more info, contact Brendagh. 07951794125 / email brendagh.osullivan@gmail.com

YY Your Journey from 3D to 5D Sunday 1st December 2019 £33 ~ 10am-Midday

This thought provoking talk looks at what ‘The Awakening’ is and looks at the stages of growth that take place for an individual and the collective, along the journey from the 3D material and political world to 5D where ‘The Awakening’ is taking us all. It is for those of you who would like to understand more about what ‘The Awakening’ is, where you are on the journey and what you can do next in order to ascend to the next level of your own awakening. For more info, contact: www.causingfreedom.com

66 The Henge Magazine 

Wyn Abbot Ceramics Proud to supply The Henge Shop with our range of Spiritual & Pagan products all handmade in our Walled Garden Po�ery in the beau�ful Lune Valley www.wynabbot.com

sales@wynabbot.com 01524 221857


The Walled Garden Po�ery, Hornby Castle, Hornby, Nr Lancaster LA2 8LA

...more than just a feeling

High St, Avebury, Marlborough SN8 1RF

Opening Hours ~ 9.30am-5.00pm

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