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Fall 2017 Newsletter

On the Cover Waterline installation at Colgate Residence Halls Photo by Zach Bates

A Note from Jeremy

featured works

I am excited to be drafting a note in our new and rebranded newsletter. I think it is very important to share our successes and challenges with the employees and to communicate news about our businesses. We are in the fourth quarter of another very busy year, and our teams are building some exciting projects. Our goal with this newsletter, which we will be issuing four times a year, will be to celebrate what we do and share important information. We will spotlight projects that all three companies are working on together as a team as well as highlighting projects that the companies may be working on individually. We will also provide updates on other relevant company news, introducing new employees, celebrating additions to families, and recognizing the retirements of our employees that will be starting new chapters in their lives. In October, Gabe Streiff announced his retirement after 33 years of outstanding service. I personally worked with Gabe many times over the years. One of the most memorable was an indoor firing range at Fort Drum at the start of my career. Gabe was an outstanding mentor; he led by example, spent time teaching me and others, and no one better defined the term “company man”. We will sorely miss Gabe, but I am proud to say he was on our team for many great years and he contributed to so many successes in our history. Congratulations Gabe, enjoy retirement, and feel free to stop in and say hello to “us guys” every now and then. We will not always have the opportunity to highlight every individual’s contributions in this newsletter, but we do appreciate everyone’s hard work. Know that we are constantly trying to find ways to recognize the efforts of our team members, improve our benefits, and combat the changes in regulations, insurances, and our industry in general.

VNA Homecare

The unity of the VNA Homecare organizations under Nascentia Health and the need for a new, state-of-the-art operational headquarters brought us our favorite kind of project—one that allows all three of our companies to work together. The 47,000 square foot, $13 million facility will allow for an expanded and centralized location for Nascentia Health’s call center and there will also be space allocated for public use. Services will include in-home nursing, elder care, community health and wellness programs among others. The new facility is expected to open in early 2018.

Colgate Residence Halls

Maple leaf market - sherrill

We’re coming up out of the ground on two new residence halls at Colgate University and racing to finish concrete before the colder weather hits.

Maple Leaf Market is Oneida Indian Nation’s new brand of convenience store. The first location opened Nov. 1st in the city of Sherrill and design is under way for several more locations.

Point place casino

Colgate benton hall

Point Place Casino is an Oneida Indian Nation enterprise. The new gaming facility will feature a modern gaming floor and several restaurants and bars. It is expected to open in spring 2018.

Benton Hall will match Colgate’s historic architectural style. Once completed in the summer of 2018, it will house the Center for Career Services, National Fellowships and Scholarships.

Thank you for your hard work and contributions. You are an important member of our team, and we hope you are proud to wear the Hayner Hoyt, Doyner Masonry, or Lemoyne Interiors name on your chest.

Jeremy Thurston President

Interior insights It’s been a long, hot, busy summer. We have had an abundance of work with plenty of overtime for everyone. The core of our business is from repeat clients and that speaks to our craftsmanship and commitment to our customers. We’re proud to do work with companies like Parsons-McKenna, RF Esposito, Complete Construction Concepts, and BBL. We recently completed work at Double Tree Hotel, Syracuse University Flanagan State Tower office to condo conversion Gymnasium, Syracuse University’s Men’s Locker Room, Old Dominion, Shaughnessy’s, First Republic, and a slew of Key Banks. Some of our current in progress jobs include the Division Street condos, the State Tower building condos, Redhouse, Nye Volkswagen, VNA Homecare, Fremont Plaza, and Van Duyn. As we look ahead, some of our upcoming projects include Symphony Tower, G&C Foods, the Fitness Center at the Tower, Dr. Housel and Dr. Zuhker. Remember to be safe and if you’re ever unsure or feel like you’re in a potentially dangerous work situation, don’t hesitate to call Mike, Rodger, Steve or myself for help.

Kevin Parkhurst Vice President Lemoyne Interiors, Inc.

Fremont Plaza received a new front facade

Masonry Mention Doyner’s dirty dozen has been staying busy, at work and in the community. As an active member of the upstate Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), some of our staff recently worked on a joint venture project with upstate MCAA, Habitat for Humanity, and Aptum Architecture of Syracuse University School of Architecture. This included building two new test model homes with masonry work at 603 Hixson Avenue in Syracuse. We’re currently working on: Oak Knitting Mills Addis Building 117 Main Street Crouse Hospital St. Joseph’s Hospital St. James Church VNA Homecare Redhouse at City Center First Republic

We’ve recently completed work at: Rescue Mission, Commissary in Sherrill, Fulton Thermal, ACMG Credit Union, 206 Walnut, Broadwell Horse Farm, Best Western Oswego, Key Bank in Ithaca, Trader Joe’s, Immaculate Conception, Hospice, Thrifty Shopper, O’Connell Electric, Empower FCU, NYE Volkswagen, DeIorio’s Foods, Sunoco Fulton, Colgate Stillman, Lakeshore Plaza, Oswego Wound Care, Oswego Health PT, Syracuse University’s Women’s Building

Coleman’s Irish Pub

Trader Joe’s

attention Jim Polakiewicz Director of Operations Doyner, Inc.


Best Western Oswego

Doyner is looking for Masons and Mason Tenders/Operators. If you know of any candidates, please forward names to Terri Anderson or Jim Polakiewicz.

in the community The company donated management services and our fee to build an addition on the Fayetteville-Manlius A Better Chance (ABC) house. Maggie Werts managed the project and Adam Wood supervised. A Better Chance is a national program that identifies and recruits academically gifted and motivated students from disadvantaged school districts and places them in outstanding high schools across the United States.

safety first

We also provided pro bono management services at Huntington Family Center to complete new roofing, HVAC, and electrical services in their facility. Huntington is dedicated to preserving the dignity and self-worth of all individuals and committed to enhancing the lives of children and their families for the future of our community through special programming for youth, adult, and family development.

Silica Standard

with Mark Foley, Safety Director You’ve probably heard about silica lately as OSHA has issued a silica standard. Silica is the second most common material on earth. Hazardous levels of respirable crystalline silica could result through construction activities. All work involving chipping, cutting, drilling, grinding or similar activities on materials containing crystalline silica can lead to the release of respirable sized particles. Crystalline silica is a basic component of soil, sand, granite, rock, quartz, and many other materials. You may have noticed we are doing air monitoring to determine the levels of silica in the air when performing some of these common activities. The main controls we will use to prevent high exposure levels are wetting down the materials, using exhaust ventilation, and implementing dust control systems. We’ll also replace dry sweeping by wetting down the material or using sweeping compound. Our goal is to eliminate dust; if we eliminate dust, we eliminate the hazard. Your cooperation will make our jobsites safer for you.

Cold Weather Prep

social strategy with Vadim Potorac Network administrator

You’re probably no stranger to social media. Having gained increasing popularity over the last ten years, social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have become a common place to engage with friends, family, businesses, and brands. As a company, our social media efforts should be an extension of everything else we do; showcasing our work, our employees, and our clients. Capturing and sharing our company and customer news allows us to strengthen the relationships that make us such a strong company to begin with. The ability to instantly share relevant news with a community is a valuable tool that encourages feedback, communication, and involvement. We hope that in sharing birthdays, anniversaries, company events, works in progress, and completed projects that we continue to build the connection that makes coming to work and doing the work worthwhile. So, if you haven’t already, we encourage you to like and follow our pages on Facebook and Twitter, to engage and connect with each other. Because together we’re building a foundation of trust.

Let’s get physical

with Jim Swinnerton, Safety Manager

Summer is gone, fall is here, and winter looms near. Still, we must work in the cold to get things done. Here are a few suggestions to keep you warm and prevent winter related accidents. Wear proper clothing for the cold, wet and windy conditions that you will encounter working. Dress in layers of light weight clothing; it will keep you warmer than a single layer of heavy clothes. Keep extra clothes in your car such as another set of gloves, socks, sweatshirts, caps, hats, raingear, etc. Remember that you want to keep your body as close to 98.6 degrees as possible. Winter related accidents can be prevented if you follow a few simple rules; check your clothing for possible entanglements; hoodie draw strings, loose shirt sleeves, and ripped clothes can all pose as potential threats. Keep your glasses from fogging up with anti-fog wipes, or wear non-fogging glasses. If you have to keep taking your glasses off then you aren’t protecting yourself. Let’s keep warm and safe these winter months. We care about you!

You know what they say...a team that sweats together, stays together. The trial round of our 8-week fitness bootcamp is coming to a successful close and all participants saw positive improvements throughout the process. Any employee interested in getting in on the next round, reach out to Gus Hernandez.

company events

On Wednesday, October 25th, we held our second annual children’s Halloween party! We had face painting, balloon art, office trick-or-treating, games, and plenty of food and snacks. Special thanks to Traci Rio, Terri Anderson and everyone that helped with and attended the event.

2017 Golf Outing

On Friday, September 15th, we enjoyed a gorgeous day at Rogue’s Roost for our third annual all-company golf outing. A big thanks to Terri Anderson and Sarah Bishop for organizing the event. For more photos from these events, visit our Facebook page!

HR corner with Terri Anderson

Director, Human Resources You may have heard or start hearing the new buzz phrase “PFL” and wonder what that is? Well wonder no more because “PFL” refers to “Paid Family Leave” which is a 2018-mandated NYS requirement for employers. Beginning January 1, 2018, NY state employees are eligible for Paid Family Leave (PFL) to: • Care for and bond with a newborn, newly adopted child or a newly placed foster child (must be taken within 12 months of the event) • Care for a family member with a serious health condition • Assist loved ones when a family member is deployed abroad on active military duty PFL is funded through employee payroll deductions equal to 0.125% of wages up to the annualized State average weekly wage (SAWW). For 2018, the maximum weekly payroll

deduction will be $1.65 for all employees. Our short-term disability insurance carrier administers the benefit. In 2018, PFL benefits will be equal to 50% of wages up to a maximum of 50% of the State average weekly wage for a maximum of 8 weeks. Therefore, the 2018 maximum weekly PFL benefit will be $652.96. The amount of time available and the weekly benefit rate for PFL will increase from 2018 to 2021 to a maximum of 12 weeks of time and 66.7% of wages (again tied to a maximum of the SAWW). Full- and part-time employees who work more than 20 hours per week are eligible after 26 weeks of employment. The application form is available from HR; the employee is responsible for completing the form and sending it to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier must respond to employee requests for PFL within 18 days of application. Watch for emails and/or a paycheck stuffer with more information on Paid Family Leave and other benefit changes for 2018.

promotions + Recognition

retirements + anniversaries Fall Anniversaries

Congratulations to Rick Howley and Bill Nelson on their recent promotions to Superintendent! Certified Healthcare Constructors Working in a health care facility is different from working in any other environment. Most maintenance, renovation, and construction projects are carried out in or near patient care areas, which makes it critical for anyone involved in a project to have a detailed understanding of the health care setting. Of the 36 CHC professionals in New York State, we’re proud to employ six of them: Gus Hernandez Adam Legg Bob Mastro

Long time Superintendent Gabe Streiff is retiring after 33 years with Hayner Hoyt. When asked to comment he said, “Not sure what I’m gonna do without yous guys.” Thanks for your service Gabe. Happy retirement!

Vinnie Mowers Jamie Stoffle Fred Van Riper

new Hires You’ve probably noticed there are a lot of new faces around here! Welcome to the team:

Hayner Hoyt Superintendents Robert Young Shawn Bryant Supervisor Jason Wheeler Assistant Project Manager Patrick Swain Marketing Manager Katie Weaver

Carpenters Richard Stulb Robert Wood Adam Wood Project Engineers Aaron Devereaux Conor Utter Zach Bates Myungjoo Park Kyle Robinson Justin Hayward

Lemoyne Finisher Drywall Jordan Deyo Brian Field Andrew Gilchrist Adam Froelick Ryan Riggall Gordon Hilts Steven Whaley Chistopher Urtz Carpenter Albert Merithew


Mason Ryan Howard

Mason Tenders Christopher Howard Marshall Simmonds

September Mark Burkey/18 years Mike George/9 years Marshall Livingston/20 years Robert Maiura/13 years Charles Monnell/8 years Kody Parkhurst/7 years Eric Taber/10 years Benjamin Winstead/9 years October Laurie Warner/18 years Judy Grant/37 years Kenny Crossway/29 years Greg Perry/26 years Kris Hatch/9 years November Jimmy Dimitrievski/28 years Paul “Sam” Doss/6 years William Enright/27 years Mark Foley/36 years Jeff Malay/23 years Chad Mikalunas/24 years Carmen Pontello/26 years Kevin Rodford/18 years Jim Polakiewicz/30 years


Cory Hilts and his fiance, Alicia Lopez, welcomed their third child, Wyatt, on January 20. Jason and Sara Smith welcomed their second child, Bennett Gerald, on January 26. Kody Parkhurst and fiance Carmella Rinaldo welcomed Kinsley Mae (Kevin Parkhurst’s first grandchild) on June 30. Calvin Froelick and his girlfriend Alexandra Young welcomed their second baby, Cooper, on July 31. On September 22, Tim and Meg Moran welcomed Mason Michael into the world. Pat and Jessica Swain welcomed Jacob Matthew into the world on September 25. On October 27, Jacek and Katarina Bartczak welcomed Franciszek Feliks into the world.

Social shoutout

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Hayner Hoyt Fall 2017 Newsletter  
Hayner Hoyt Fall 2017 Newsletter