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V.24.03 | 5 November 2008

Students sound off Obama the overwhelming choice in mock election

Photo by Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye

Voting machines outside the theater were set up by Nina Franklin, Humanities teacher, after receiving training from Snohomish County. Throughout the entire school day yesterday, registered students voted for their choice of president and vice president.

Election, poll results show clear favorite By Shahrum Ali & Sharon McClintock

registration took place for several weeks during Hawkeye staff lunch and was run by students. “This is what school should be about,” Chris As student “voters” walked toward the theater, they Ellinger, an AP Euro and Humanities teacher said. were asked to give their names, which were checked “Students getting involved with projects that have off a list of registered voters. Then, they proceeded meaning in their lives and society.” up the steps and were handed an electronic card, Terrace did just that by participating in its first- which they inserted into the voting machines. Next, ever mock election yesterday. The mock election they chose their candidate, submitted their vote was held outside the theater throughout school and returned the electronic card. Finally, students hours where registered students could vote for the continued down the steps and were offered an “I candidate they supported on real electronic vot- Voted” sticker. ing machines. The results showed that Students voted on their candidates 73.4 percent of students who voted for a number of reasons. supported Barack Obama for president “[I voted for] Obama. I’m just Mark Ramos, senior, said he voted while 20.5 percent supported John Democratic and change feels for Barack Obama because, “I’m just good right now.” McCain. The other candidates received Democratic and change feels good Mark Ramos from zero to almost three percent of right now.” senior the vote. On the other side of the spectrum, Three Humanities teachers initiated Liya Babko, junior, voted for John the school-wide mock election project. Ellinger McCain because, “[he is] pro-life and against gay organized registration, Nina Franklin set up the marriages and is Republican.” voting machines, and Steve Merlino directed proAt MTHS, 84.4 percent of the 775 students who motion for the project through videos. However, registered to vote actually voted. Ellinger points out that it was his AP Euro and Considering the voter turnout from the last two honors English classes that did most of the work. national presidential elections, Terrace did relatively Franklin was trained by Snohomish County to well. According to the Census Bureau, 64 percent of run the electronic voting machines. “Engaging in registered voters in the United States actually voted voting,” Franklin said, “and engaging in that part of and in 2004, up from 60 percent of registered votthe democratic process is a good experience.” She ers in 2000. said she hopes students will take something out of “This [project] has energized more people than this and get involved in political conversations. anything else,” Ellinger said. “Why study about In order for students to have been eligible to vote, some 18th century king that’s not relatable? I wish they must have registered prior to the election. The I could do more [projects] like these.”

Election 2008 • The results are in

Terrace Mock Election 3% 3% Obama/Biden McCain/Palin Nader/Gonzalez Other




Hawkeye Poll



Obama/Biden McCain/Palin

3rd Party Other


Shahrum Ali/Hawkeye

The results of yesterday’s mock election varied little from the Hawkeye’s poll taken during the week of Oct. 27. Nearly 800 students participated in the election, while more than 10 percent of the students were surveyed for the official Hawkeye poll.

2 | news | 5 November 2008 | hawkeye

Lynnwood High goes “green” By Megan Resler Hawkeye staff

Construction of the new Lynnwood High School (LHS) will be complete by the end of June 2009 and will be ready for students by next September, officially wrapping up nearly two years of the building process. Along with being slightly larger, this school is expected to be one of the most energy-efficient in the state. Debra Born, the new Lynnwood High School project manager claims that, “By implementing all of the energy saving techniques, the high school is projected to use 50 percent less energy than a similar new building built in accordance with the state’s energy code.” The most significant “green” features being installed are: naturally ventilated classrooms, naturally day-lit classrooms with controlled artificial lighting (lights turn off, on, or dim automatically as daylight changes), Energy Star rated appliances, occupancy censors that turn lights off and on, and a “cool” roof that reflects heat from sunlight, which would otherwise cause interior spaces to overheat and would cost energy and money to ventilate mechanically. Numerous other environmentally-friendly characteristics of the new LHS include extremely high efficiency condensing boilers, which would recover energy usually lost in a normal boiler, and a system where storm water is collected on the roof and channeled across the school grounds to an underground storage structure. Born believes that the friendly features will be beneficial,

Arson culprit still unknown

not only to the environment, but also to students attending the school. “An Outdoor Learning Center is being built to provide a natural area away from the school at the edge of the NGPA (Native Growth Protection Area)…” she said, “…where students can view and discuss the benefits of maintaining this natural corridor.” The project designers have “spread the green” not only within the structure, but throughout the whole property. A central wetland and NGPA along nearby Martha Creek have been retained, cleaned up, and enhanced with new greenery. The maintenance of the NGPA and wetland serves to provide a natural habitat for native birds, and an ideal habitat for fish to spawn. Despite the added cost on the school district, and all the budget cuts it has had made already this year, Debra Born states that, “The long term benefits and money saved will benefit the school and students, especially because the environment will be more conductive to learning.” Because many of the “green” traits incorporated into Lynnwood High School are structurally based, existing high schools in the district won’t be able to adopt many of its energy friendly features. Still, Born recommends that current high schools replace outdated equipment, appliances, lighting and other electrical devices with newer more energy-efficient products. Along with replacing roofing, and “developing outdoor learning areas along their sites where students and teachers can experience natural outdoor features.” Contents of the current Lynnwood High School will

be moved into the new school during the last week of this coming June, and new furnishings and equipment will be moved in throughout July and August so staff can begin working mid-summer. The new ‘green’ school will open just after Labor Day 2009.

Photo courtesy of Edmonds School District

A blueprint of the new Lynnwood High School, located on North Road.

Little Caesars moves on Pizza Man

By Lizzie Haworth Hawkeye staff

The fire in the tech wing boys’ bathroom has been classified as a Class A felony, and police and fire officials continue to investigate the Oct. 15 incident. The maximum penalty for a Class A felony is imprisonment for life and up to a $50,000 fine. The damage, caused by the fire, includes a melted toilet-roll dispenser, charred tiles and walls and smoke damage to the bathroom. The cost to replace the melted toilet-roll dispenser will be around $35, head custodian, Bill Rasmussen said. The damage to the tiles and walls of the bathroom stall did not result in any major damage, which means they will be as good as new after they have been cleaned well. The district has not shown any major thoughts of change in light of the situation that has occurred. However, the district has been involved in the proceedings of this event concerning the insurance of the school. No one has yet to claim responsibility for the occurrence of this event. If anyone has any information, please contact Officer Froisland in the main office or call the school’s anonymous tip line at (425) 4317010.

Photo by Chris Keith /Hawkeye

Photo by Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye

Little Caesars, which recently had its grand opening, moved in on the same street as long time local Pizza Man. Shortly after the opening, Pizza Man and Little Caesars began to advertise on the streets using sign spinners. This friendly competition might have gotten out of hand but customers are still optimistic for both pizza shops.

By Holly Irons

stone-throw away, Chris Lyell from Pizza Man stated, “I feel that they’re trying to steal our customers. We’ve fed 20 plus Earlier this month, a new shopping center opened on 44th families of employees and locals for 10 years. I find it disgustAvenue and 212th Street in Mountlake Terrace. The first ing how they just came in and are trying to undercut our local store to open was Little Caesars, which caused an uproar business.” When asked if business has been devastated, Lyell from Pizza Man, just on the other side of 44th Ave and 212th replied, “profits for this month actually went up 15 percent.” Street. Within a week, a sign spinner from each restaurant The customers were also asked why they chose Pizza Man got into a skirmish with each other, causing the students of over Little Caesars and they replied, “The food is fresh, the MTHS to wonder: which one is better? employees are friendly, and it’s locally owned. I tried Little On the menu, Little Caesars offers pizza, Caesars twice, and they lost my business just Caesar wings, crazy bread, Italian cheese from their attitudes.” “I feel that they’re [Little Caesers] breads, and soda. Being a nice family franLittle Caesars turned down the interview, chise, they offer hot and ready pizzas the trying to steal our customers. We’ve fed but the customers didn’t. When asked why minute you order them. Their specials twenty plus families of employees and they chose Little Caesars over Pizza man, going on at the moment are the “$5 large” locals for ten years. I find it disgusting James Peery, 48, answered, “I’ve been to both how they just came in and are trying to before, and the only issue I have with Pizza pizza deals and $.69 sauces. undercut our local business.” On the other side of the spectrum, Pizza Man is the fact, that as a customer, I should Chris Lyell man, who’s been the local pizza shop for 10 be equal with everyone else. If I show up durPizza Man employee years, offers hot and fresh pizza, fresh sauce ing the MTHS students’ lunch time and just and dough daily, as well as subs, salads, want a pizza for me, I shouldn’t be told that hot wings, and cheesecake. Their specials I have to wait after the students, because of include the $4.44 large carry-out special their short lunch period, when I was there and the build-your-own, which includes whatever size, unlim- first.” ited toppings, and your choice of sauce for only $10.49. They As for the skirmish between the spinners, Chris Lyell stated also have $1 slices during the lunch hours. that, “it was a friendly competition that got out of hand.” When talking with the owners about the competition just a

Hawkeye staff

hawkeye | 5 november 2008| News |3

A local take on the economic downturn By Shahrum Ali & Joy Mabilangan Hawkeye staff


Subprime loans and fear slow down local economy

that people in the west are unfamiliar with them. Chinn advises that people ease up on their fear of investing. “It’s important to understand that things will get better in the economy and market,” said Chinn. “[People] should stay in the market and add to it.”

School effects

ers. Some companies require being at least a high school graduate before starting employment with cccccc---their company, making it harder for young adults without their high school diploma to find work. One of the reasons that teenagers are also having a hard time trying to find a job is because of their age. Sophomore Marissa Danekas said, “I have been looking for a job for almost four months and since I’m only 15, I can’t even find jobs that will take people at 15.” Most jobs look at people who are 16 years of age and above. Equally complicating is the number of adults turning to positions normally occupied by high school age people. Teenagers get frustrated about how they cannot find jobs because of their age, while older people get frustrated because some companies hire teenagers when they think they deserve the job on account of their age.

Currently, Washington state is much better off economTerrace kids struggle with ically than much of the nation. This is, in part, because many of the state’s jobs are in sectors not affected by the employment collapse of the subprime mortgage industry such as aerospace and technology. However, the affects of the current A lot of kids are looking for a job this season, but economic crisis are still being felt in the Northwest. According to former Washington Mutual employee because of the current economic slowdown, many teenagand MTHS math teacher, Ashli Black, one of the main ers are struggling to find a job. According to CNN, the total number of jobs lost thus problems was the investment in subprime mortgage lendLocally far in 2008 is already at 605,000, an increase ing. Subprime loans are special loans, given of more than 6.1 percent over the same perito people with bad credit history or low Retired citizen affected income. Black says that the subprime busi- “There is no lending [and] od in 2007. our economy runs on “I try not to hire people as much because I ness was booming for banks until last year, borrowing.” Katherine Williams is a retired citizen of Lynnwood. want to give my other employees more hours, making it a popular choice. When people Gavin Chinn as they wished,” said a manager at Sears. “But This year, she lost about 40 percent of her retirement were unable to pay back their loans, it crethen again, I guess it depends on the job and portfolio money. ated insufficient credit for banks and also Williams also lost 10,000 stocks in what people are required to lead to many foreclosures. “I wanted a job very badly, so Washington Mutual, when the bank colBanks like Washington Mutual eventually ended up do for their job.” I took advantage of the first lapsed. Because of the effects that the economic going partially bankrupt, causing unemployment, and the company to contact me.” Williams says that she doesn’t have part that bankrupted was bought by JPMorgan Chase for downturn has had on hiring, many teenDerek Burkett enough time to recover the money, and $1.9 billion. Despite this, Black still sees hope. “I’m opti- agers not only apply for one job, but they that people younger than 40 years-old will mistic about Seattle,” she said, “but we’ll have to tighten apply for more than they are capable of have to work extra to recover some their working. Due to the economy, some teenthe belt, as we should.” Gavin Chinn, a financial advisor for Verity Credit agers are accepting the job that calls them first. “I wanted lost money. However, she owns her house so she doesn’t have to Union, says that another main reason for the slow down a job very badly, so I took advantage of the first company worry about mortgage payments. She also has credit in is fear. “A big reason is because the bank system is frozen,” to contact me,” Derek Burkett, a junior said. Many teenagers are starting out their job at retail stores bonds and cash. he said, “There is no lending, our economy runs on borDespite this, Williams said, “[It’s] going to be hard. Be and food courts. But because of the poor economy, retailrowing.” Chinn claims that the reason for less lending is fear and ers have laid off close to 20,000 employees and cut the careful on how you spend; manage as well as you can. Don’t panic.” doubt in loaning credit. For example, JPMorgan Chase is hours of many employees. As well as retailers, businesses have also laid off workbased out of Houston and Manhattan and Chinn says

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4 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

First Amendment folly Many students don’t know or understand the First’s five freedoms A

rguably the most important total reversal. When a school enforces Bill of rights confusion amendment in the Bill of rules restricting peaceful and reasonRights, the First Amendment, has able expression, then it teaches stufallen into disdents that the rights they are taught regard. and supposed to have are circum“Congress shall stantial, which they aren’t, and should make no law never be conceived to be. respecting an The popular saying, “Do as I say, not establishment of as I do,” should never apply anywhere, religion, or proat any time, and especially not to leadhibiting the free ers and authority figures like school Brendan Moran exercise thereof; administration and government offiHealth Co-Editor or abridging the cials. freedom of speech, or of the press; Provoked equally by iniquitous or the right of the people peaceably leadership and an article written by to assemble, and to petition the govMSNBC titled, “First Amendment ernment for a redress of grievances.” no big deal, students say,” I set out Above are the words of the First on a mission to determine how effecAmendment from the United States tive Mountlake Terrace High School Constitution, adopted with the has been in instilling the values of the next nine amendments of the Bill First Amendment in its students, and of Rights on Dec. 15, 1791. As it how receptive the students have been clearly states, the First Amendment to their lessons. On Oct. 21, I spent guarantees United States citizens my early morning and lunch periods to five irrevocable rights: freedom polling students with one question: of religion, freedom of speech, free“The First Amendment to the United dom of press, freedom to assemble States Constitution guarantees you peaceably, and freedom to petition five civil rights. Can you name them?” the government. All are of critiThe results were unsatisfactory but, cal importance to the ideals upon admittedly, not that surprising. The Of 100 students from all grade levels polled, just 11 percent could name all of the five rights found in the First which this country was founded. Amendment, while 24 percent could not identify any. The other 65 percent of students were fairly equal in pie chart (left) shows the amount of There have been several instances the number of rights they could name. Although students study these rights in school, the majority do not people out of the 100 surveyed who in the course of American history remember all of their First Amendment rights. were able to identify zero, one, two, which have seen the government three, four, or five of the rights guaranWhen a school enforces rules restricting peaceful and reasonable teed to citizens by the First Amendment. Of the students infringe upon these rights. Many have been taken to the expression, then it teaches students that the rights they are taught polled, 18 were freshmen, 24 were sophomores, 36 were Supreme Court, which tends to rule in favor of the strict and supposed to “have” are circumstantial, which they aren’t, and juniors and 22 were seniors. A meager 11 percent of kids observation of First Amendment freedoms. should never be conceived to be. An example is the Tinker vs. Des Moines School could name all five, despite American history lessons manDistrict case of 1969, in which students were suspended datory in middle school as well as senior civics classes. from school for wearing black armbands in protest of the use, is a distraction to normal school functions, but the Such a discrepancy, then, between what kids are taught Vietnam War. The Supreme Court voted 7-2 that the gray area resides around the fact was that Frederick was and what they learn is markedly high, a sign of disinterschools could not infringe upon a student’s right to free not on school grounds. est within the student body. That any American citizens, expression unless it creates a substantial obstruction to The issue has already been excessively belabored (the old or young, should be disinterested in their rights as school activities, and that the adornment of these arm- court cases themselves took a full five years to see their citizens is disheartening, to say the least. If people aren’t bands was not detrimental to the learning environment. completion), and the semantics therein need hardly be familiar with the freedoms guaranteed to them by the Bill Other cases, however, have been more dubious. discussed further. The real issue is if public schools have of Rights then the population is setting itself up for the An infamous example is Morse vs. Frederick, 2007, in the power to make policies limiting free speech, whether further infringement of those rights (the PATRIOT act which Frederick, a student on a public sidewalk outside it advocates illegal drug use or not. If students were to of 2001 comes to mind). of his high school in Alaska, was suspended for parading engage in illegal activities on the school campus then it The best summary I could think of lies within the words a sign 14 feet long with the words “Bong Hits for Jesus” would be an entirely different issue, but people are (and of George Dremousis, history and civics teacher here at written on it. The court ruled 6-3 that Morse, the principal should be) allowed to protest the law, and assuming it MTHS. In a brief interview concerning these results, he who had requested Frederick take down his sign and sus- does not significantly disrupt school functions, it should had this to say: “I think it’s a sad assessment of what type pended him, was not wrong in doing so and that it was a be utterly condoned. of learning is emphasized among students. It’s a societal violation of school policy regarding the advocating of illeA 14-foot sign is disruptive regardless of its message, but thing. People take it [the Bill of Rights] for granted and gal drug use. It is certainly reasonable to say that a 14-foot students are not allowed to wear clothing expressing simi- assume they know things because they’ve heard generalisign saying anything, let alone something regarding drug lar messages in school either. This is ludicrous and requires ties but haven’t researched the facts.”

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hawkeye | 5 November 2008 | Editorial | 5

Hawkeye Staff Editorial

Student press under siege statewide “Freedom of conscience, of education, of speech, of assembly are among the very fundamentals of democracy and all of them would be nullified should freedom of the press ever be successfully challenged.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt [1882-1945] “The [Puyallup School] District reserves the right to control the content of school sponsored student publications… school sponsored student publications and productions are not an open forum for first amendment expression.” – Policy 3220-R [August 2008]


free press is crucial in our society, including in our public schools. Recently, the First Amendment rights of students across the nation and particularly in the state of Washington have been questioned, taken away or simply denied. This is not only shameful and appalling, but unconstitutional. Currently, school districts in our state including Puyallup, Everett, Snoqualmie Valley, and Vashon Island have adopted what is known as Policy 3220-R or similar policies. When enforced, the policy eliminates the very purpose of student publications — to serve as a public forum for student expression. Since 3220-R has been adopted in the Puyallup School District (PSD) publications, Puyallup H.S.’s Viking Vanguard, Emerald Ridge H.S.’s JagWire and Rogers H.S.’s Commoner have been required to purge anything claiming it as a public or student forum for student expression. This moves authority and responsibility of the publication from students to school officials. PSD’s lawyer Clifford Foster claims that the regulation also requires the school principal to review all newspaper content prior to publication. Foster has tried to justify this by stating, “All our high school papers have statements and building practices that purport to make student papers a ‘public’ or ‘open forum’ over which journalism staff and the administration have no control; this contradicts board policy and illegally delegates control over public resources to students.” Legislation introduced in Olympia in 2007, HB 1307, was aimed at clarifying the First Amendment rights of student publications. Similar laws have been passed in seven states including Oregon and California. While HB 1307 passed the House, it stalled in the Senate. The main arguments in opposition to HB 1307 or in support of Policy 3220 are that students are not responsible enough, the school district is at risk of being sued for what students print, and that the superintendent should serve as a publisher of the paper much like the publisher of the Times or P.I. These are illogical and baseless arguments.

First of all, no student editor is seeking the ability to print whatever he or she wants. Student editors understand the legal and ethical limitations, responsibilities and liabilities associated with publishing a paper, magazine, Web site or broadcast. Student editors simply want public school officials to acknowledge and respect their rights. Unfortunately, some school officials do not realize that they are not above our founding fathers and their principles. Yes that’s “principles” not “principals.” To date, no school district has lost a cent defending something a student has printed in a student publication. However, districts have lost money from being sued for violating students’ First Amendment rights. Just this year in Florida a school board was fined $325,000 for violating students’ First and Fourth Amendment rights. The idea that a public school superintendent or any other school official for that matter, should act as the “publisher” of a publication like the “real world” is absurd. This is impossible because student publications and commercial newspapers have two completely different purposes and follow different rules. First, student publications and publications such as The Seattle Times are not the same thing because publications like the Times are privately owned corporations and exist to turn a profit. A student publication is by the students, for the students — quite similar to a democracy: by the people for the people. When The Seattle Times’ publisher chooses to pull an article, he is censoring an employee. However, at a school, student editors are not employees or property of the school district. In fact, school district employees are employed by the government, the same government that is charged with protecting the constitution and the rights it guarantees. Corporations like the Times own their product and often the presses on which it is printed. Student newspapers are not owned by the district, they are not school or school district newspapers - that is what school newsletters are for, such as MTHS’s “Hawk Talk.” Not even the Times’ publisher reviews every story of every issue before it is printed, like 3220-R requires of principals and other school officials. This provision is completely impractical and an insult to the skills, professionalism and maturity of those students who have accepted the responsibility of managing and editing their publication. It’s also an insult to principals who have far more relevant issues to attend to from the WASL to budgets. The district may sponsor the student publication, but that does not give school officials

Authoritarian policies run amok

Right: Despite decades of exemplary student journalism, the three student newspaper in the Puyallup School District have been placed under prior review restrictions by the superintendent. At right is an edited copy of Puyallup High School’s The Viking Vanguard publication policies. The edits were made by Puyallup School District’s lawyer Clifford Foster. Foster crossed out lines such as “…The Viking Vanguard serves as an academic tool by which students can exercise their Constitutional rights.” Above: “Stalin,” representing Policy 3220-R and those that enforce it, sits content and powerful while forcing a student, representing the student press, to give up his constitutional right for freedom of the press and speech. On the desk, a student has expressed his disconnect with the newly enforced policy.

ownership or the right to make decisions regarding its content or process. Here at the Hawkeye we have many different sources of income to produce our paper, but none of the sources has any input into Hawkeye decision-making or procedures. They are solely a source of revenue in order to pay for the paper in exchange for ad space. We applaud the MTHS administrators and Edmonds School District officials who have understood and supported these principles for nearly 50 years. We would hope that officials in Puyallup, Snoqualmie Valley, Everett, Vashon Island and other public school districts across the state and nation would follow this lead. Student journalists and their readers deserve nothing less. For more information about 3220-R and its impact in Puyallup, a forum for parents and students is taking place on Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. at the Carlton Room in the Best Western Park Plaza in Puyallup. The Hawkeye staff editorial represents the views of the Executive Council

6 | Editorial | 5 November 2008 | hawkeye

Modesty and school athletics uniforms The school dress code policies turn a blind eye to female athletes


ver many years, sport uniforms have been changing ever so slightly. When MTHS first opened in 1961, the school’s cheerleading outfits were modest. In 1970, the skirts changed from a past-theknee length to wearing an “oversized” shirt that was very short. Now in 2008, cheerleading skirts are longer than the skirts in 1970, but they are still short. While other girls at school get in trouble for not wearing skirts below their fingertips, the cheerleaders have skirts Michele Jaxen Hawkeye staff that are a few inches above their finger tips. We understand that the cheerleaders are cheering for our school, but their outfits are not school appropriate or respectful toward the school. When they have a game that they have to cheer at later that day, they walk around in their uniforms at school. From what other students have said, the cheerleaders actually have the appropriate skirt length, but they roll up their skirts so they are shorter. People at our school do not

People at our school don’t understand why female athletes don’t get in trouble with the dress code like other female students. understand why the cheerleaders do not get in trouble for their outfits like other female students. Girls wonder if shorter skirts are allowed for the cheerleaders. If the cheerleaders wore their uniforms correctly, then no one should care about their uniforms. Even if they wore their skirts at the shortened length, to have them wear a pair of shorts or leggings of some sort. They would be more covered and more school appropriate. Volleyball players are also a group of athletes that don’t have an appropriate uniform to wear at school. The uniforms are functional for when they’re playing because they can move around better than they could if they were wearing longer and baggier shorts. The girl’s volleyball uniforms are short and they are just long enough to cover what is necessary. They wear spandex shorts under their actual shorts for playing and a lot of people don’t want to see

them like that during the school day. Students know that the volleyball players have to wear shorts and spandex for their game, but it’s not appropriate for school wear. This is a similar situation with the cheerleaders; if they wore a longer pair of spandex then it would be more acceptable for school. If they wore their game shorts, possibly wear a pair of basketball shorts or sweats over the spandex, so others aren’t distracted by their uniforms. With the girl’s swim team, they have no choice but to wear a swimsuit while swimming. That can be odious. They are not parading around school in only their suits ; it is not allowed. If they are wearing their suits, it is under their clothes. Most, if not all, of our sports teams have to dress up before a game. The football players wear their jerseys, which isn’t inappropriate; all of the male sports uniforms and most of the female sports uniforms are not inappropriate. While in the game, they’re focused and do what they are supposed to do. Team members of all sports are representing our school while they are in their games or matches.

Large companies are contributing to the economic crisis via outsourcing The need for cheaper labor may be leading to even higher unemployment rates and further economic troubles


e are in a very hard time right now; some are calling it the beginning of “the Second Great Depression.” The oil prices are skyrocketing, while the stock prices are plummeting. Banks, house mortgages, and businesses are all failing. The American economy is spiraling downhill, and supposedly at least $700 billion dollars from American taxpayers will help the economy. On top of this financial crisis, we are still continuing to outsource jobs overseas. Bravo, Joan Tran Hawkeye staff we sure know what is best for our economy. Outsourcing refers to businesses hiring employees from other companies, usually from abroad, in India and China. These employees work jobs that are unrelated to the businesses, such as call center services. Haven’t you ever called a company’s customer service, and ended up speaking to a person with a thick accent? Well, chances are you were talking to a person from another country. During the last ten years, outsourcing has become more and more common. Tens of thousands of American jobs have been outsourced, from technology support to Wall Street research. The idea is, businesses should concentrate on what they are good at, and let other companies do the rest. Outsourcing benefits businesses because, it makes businesses more competitive, increases productivity, and smaller businesses get access to better technology. However, it really does benefit corporations, such as IBM, Dell, and Microsoft. Outsourcing has increased these businesses profits and lowered their expenditure. Another major advantage is the people hired; they are willing to work for extremely low wages. While we are providing foreigners work, here in the United States, people are jobless. Over the past year about 2.5 to 9.5 million people are unemployed. According to the New York Times, 159,000 jobs were lost in September. Forrester Research believes 3.3 million jobs will be gone overseas by

2015, and $136 billion in wages. Outsourcing hurts the Besides those disadvantages, outsourcing takes away American workers. It brings down the income for the direct communication between the companies and the climiddle class. It also prevents businesses from providing ents. It causes customers to become frustrated when they the local people job opportunities. Experts believe many talk with companies from abroad, when they should have people in this nation will be out of work as a result of been talking to companies within America. Businesses outsourcing. Businesses in United States are getting all also loose control of some of the aspects in the business, of the benefits of outsourcing, the and it is harder to protect customer Americans, however, are not. information. Also, with outsourcing, There are other disadvantages to out- While we are providing foreigners work, here we are providing not only India with in the United States, people are jobless. sourcing as well. Companies that hire work, but also China. China’s econopeople overseas do not need to pay my is already very stable, and yet we any federal or state taxes. While this are giving them more American jobs. benefits the companies, the tax institutes are not getting How smart is that? the money that they should have gotten. This harms some Outsourcing should not be part of this economy plan. parts of the national welfare due to the loss of taxes. Sure, we’re giving foreigners work, perhaps helping them. Not only that, but companies normally hire qualified and However, China does not need more work considering professional employees abroad. That way, these companies it’s economy is doing so well and the foreigners are workdo not need to spend any extra time or money to train ing at such low pay. Where is the morality? This is not their workers. These overseas companies are supposed right. to do their jobs efficiently. However, the Boeing strike in The fact that there are so many unemployed Americans Everett shows the exact opposite. Boeing has allowed com- who are looking for jobs, and yet, more and more American panies abroad to build most of their fuel-efficient jetliner. jobs are being given overseas is also not right. Companies When these airplanes came, they also came with thou- are reaping in the profit, when taxes they should have paid, sands of missing parts. The airplane is one year overdue, aren’t paid, harming the national welfare. Outsourcing and Boeing’s own workers had to build it themselves when should be eliminated, and Americans should depend on the companies abroad failed to do it. themselves. Americans should come first.

Joan Tran/Hawkeye

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7 | Hawkeye |

Hawk Talk Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Jason Layne freshman

“Black Forest ham, because my grandma makes it bomb.”

Grace Liddell sophomore

“Turkey, because it’s traditional; get some meat on your bones.”

5 November 2008

The principal’s corner

Building relationships with your teachers I t happens pretty regularly that I encounter a situation like this: I was working with a student who was really frustrated with a teacher for one of her classes. She really felt like the teacher didn’t like her, and no matter what she did, she couldn’t please him. She was at the point where she was ready to give up on the Greg Schwab Principal class, and wanted me to drop her from the class, even if it meant taking an F for the semester. As I quizzed her about him, I tried to focus her on the relationship with this teacher. Why did she feel that this teacher didn’t like her? What was she doing that could possibly contribute to the hard feelings that she felt existed between them? As we talked, I explained to her that I simply wasn’t going to just drop her from the class without first creating an opportunity for her to talk to her teacher and express how she was feeling. She felt pretty threatened by the prospect of having to talk to this teacher, as it meant that she would have to express some things that were hard for her. I explained that this was an important step—simply walking away from a difficult situation with another person wouldn’t really solve anything. Sitting down with the teacher you are having a difficult time with, saying how you are feeling, and then really listening to his perspective was how we were going to address this. In the end, we had the meeting and she got to explain to her teacher how she was feeling and he also got a chance to say how things were from his

perspective. They solved their problem and had a much better relationship as a result of the conversation. This got me thinking about what students can do to help build relationships with their teachers so that they don’t wind up at the crisis point where they are ready to walk away from a class. At its most basic level, success in school and with your teachers can be boiled down to three things: 1. Be nice to your teachers. No big surprise here. You can get a lot of mileage from being kind and respectful to your teachers. 2. Come to class every day. Regular attendance and lack of attendance are things that your teachers notice. Not coming to class daily stands out, and the perception of your teacher could be that you don’t care. 3. Turn in your work. Again, a no-brainer, but this absolutely affects how your teachers will feel about you as a student. That’s really it. These three things can really help you be more successful in school and in your relationships with teachers. Too often I find that students who struggle in school do so because they complicate school way too much. Skipping classes, falling behind on school work, disrespecting the very people who have control over the grades they will earn in their classes—these are all going to negatively impact how your teachers feel about you. But if instead you focus on the things that I mentioned that are completely within your control, you will stand a much better chance of fostering positive relationships with your teachers.

The Hawkeye provides school officials this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

a word from your asb officers

Gaynelle Derr

Winter sports and PPP approaching

English teacher

“Stuffing, because I love the way the onions, celery and spices come together and make a party in my mouth.”


Pace Cordova-Smith junior

“ Gravy, because it’s so bomb on everything. I smother everything with gravy!’”

ey everyone! Wow, this year is just flying by! It’s already almost time for the winter sports season and PPP. The winter sports season will be starting on Nov. 17. The sports include boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, boys’ swimming, and wrestling. If any of this appeals to you, pick up your forms in the ASB Whitney Gretch office, and be sure to turn ASB Public Relations Officer them in before Nov. 17 if you want to make it to the first practice. Also, let your parents know that there will be winter sports

meeting for them on Nov. 25. This year, the PPP competition will be against Lynnwood High School. The races are coming up on Sat., Dec. 6, at halftime of the boys and girls basketball games at Lynnwood High School. The competition includes more than just the races though; we also get points based on which school brings in the most canned food, and which has the most spirited students show up to the games to watch the races. So make sure to show up to the PPP games decked out in your Terrace colors to support our school in the races! Hope to see you there! The Hawkeye provides the ASB this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

Write a letter to the editor Use the form below to let the readers of the Hawkeye know what you think. Turn in your letter to Alexa Turner in room 130. You can also e-mail your letter to or mail it to us at: Hawkeye 21801-44th Ave. W Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Feel free to use additional sheets of paper if necessary. Anonymous letters are not accepted. Name

Paige Duckett senior

“My favorite is pumpkin anything; I love pumpkin!”

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Signature (print and sign)

8 | Opinion | 5 November 2008 | hawkeye

Hawk Talk

Letters to the Editor rock the vote

Take a stand: research, then vote Dear Editor:

As you know, the elections are around the corner and that has sent the country in uproar. The newest sets of voters however have failed to impress me. We hear in the news that young people are starting to get involved but I have yet to see them actually have a valid opinion. When I talk to people our age, and ask them why they feel the way they do politically, they don’t really know. They say it’s “because that’s what’s my parents told me,” or “because he looks or sounds cool.” I don’t think that we should pick our leader by how they look or what our parents said. I don’t really have respect for 18-year-olds who don’t take the time to research the actual issues that are being addressed in this election. I think more people would vote if they had any idea what the different candidates stood for. I don’t mean to say that taking what your parents believe is bad but formulating your own opinion is a better idea. Be independent now so when you are on your own, you have your own opinions and thoughts. So when as new voter, when you go to the polls, please do some research on the candidates and vote for who you want, not who someone else wants you to vote for.

Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Jordan Swanson freshman

Laura Glasgow

“To fly place to place and not have to rely on my parents to drive me.”



Thank you staff and students Dear MTHS administrators, staff, students and co-workers;

It has come time for me to go on to a much different level of my life – being a grandma to one who is due Dec. 5 and one who will be two yearsold on Dec. 8. So I’m moving into the sun in Tuscon, Ariz. I’ve enjoyed my 8½ years tenure here at MTHS! I’ve seen administrators come and go, and students as well, but they come back to say hello. I’ve enjoyed being part of the Hawkeye staff and the bond there. I will miss you all and I wish everyone well. You’ll be in my memories fondly. I will stay in touch because you know I like to know what’s going on. Thanks for all the support I’ve been given, I much appreciate it. Fondly, your happy custodian,

Lynda McDougal custodian

Marissa Danekas sophomore

“To be invisible so I can go places I usually can’t.”

Christians and Gay rights

Columnist didn’t get it right Dear Editor:

A story was recently published in the editorials called “religion vs. gay rights.” While reading it I was greatly disturbed by it as a Christian and friend to gay and lesbian people. The story seems to directly attack Christians as a group. This is personally offensive because I myself am a Christian and have many gay/lesbian/bisexual friends and I don’t hold them lower than myself and I don’t tell them that they are doing something wrong. But what offended me the most was the use of scripture. In 1 Corinthians 6:9 it says “Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.” Again I have nothing against homosexuals and other beliefs and I am not trying to make people believe that it’s wrong. I am merely saying that the Bible was misquoted. The author(s) should have looked more/harder at the Bible before making a false claim.

Russell Vincent health teacher

“I would want the ability to open peoples’ hearts to God.”

Victoria Rudis


Assisted suicide

Initiative 1000 Dear Editor:

The passing of I-1000 would legalize physician-assisted suicide, a practice that is in many ways wrong. Oregon is the only state to pass a law similar to I-1000 while 21 other states have tried and failed. I-1000 is a very controversial initiative because someone’s life is being played with. Some of the clauses within I-1000 include allowing mentally competent, terminally ill adults with six months or less to live to receive a prescription for life-ending medicine. The patient’s, along with their doctor’s and two witness’, signature would be required before the prescription would be given and this contract would be non-binding. Opponents of this initiative, myself included, believe there are too few safeguards against abuse. One of the more important is that families do not have to be informed of their actions. This is due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but I think in the case of assisted suicide, it should be required that families be informed given then the opportunity to discuss. More important is determining how long a patient has to live. In many cases a patient will actually live beyond their expected diagnosis. There is no scientific way to accurately measure how long someone has to live, since the body is fairly unpredictable, it is impossible to determine exactly how long a patient will live. Many voters that I have talked to are voting for this initiative because they say it does not affect them. Who knows, one day it could and their loved one could commit suicide without them knowing and they be told they died because of an illness. This initiative is morally wrong and lacks proper safeguards. That is why I would vote against it and I hope that in the future, voters would research an initiative that’s important before voting on it because it does not affect them.

Jonathan Cheever senior

Matt Olson junior

“Power to take powers so I could be whatever I want.”

Chona Castillo senior

“To be super intelligent because I want to know more about the world. ”

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9 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

Battle of the brandS

By Navarre Kerr Hawkeye staff

At the current time AT&T is the largest of the four with 71.4 million Wireless customers. Their slogan of “your world delivered” lives up to its name by providing some service from other wireless companies’ towers as well as being the largest long distance provider of any network. Also in the past two years AT&T has bought Cingular and Edge Wireless, a mobile phone company that served most of the northwest which extended their service reaches even farther However in the school AT & T only gets service about 50 percent of the time.

Verizon comes in second with 68.7 million subscribers, barely trailing behind AT&T. Verizon’s slogan of “It’s the network” stands very true with so many subscribers on wireless and landlines as well as internet. Verizon was the first company to develop Video-onDemand streaming also known as V-Cast video. It was also the first company to offer unlimited calling plans. Also Verizon has become the start of 4G or fourth generation. Fourth generation is a system that provides access to IP servers and enables voice, data, and multimedia to be streamed to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. One disadvantage of Verizon is that you cannot send text messages that are more than 160 to any provider other than Verizon. However Verizon gets the best service out of all four providers in all parts of the school.

Third place belongs to sprint with 49.9 million subscribers, significantly less than AT&T and Verizon. Sprint “ahead” is a very suitable slogan for the company. They were the first company to provide wireless communication to the Americas. They also formed an alliance with RadioShack in 1996 becoming the first wireless phone company to do business with them. Also Sprint joined together with Nextel in 2004; one of the first major joints between wireless companies. Sprint provides coverage for 17 smaller wireless companies including Virgin Mobile and Helio. However Sprint does not feature a wide service range and gets little or no service in the school.

Find out what the new features are on the Apple’s updated MacBook Pro at

Lastly T-Mobile comes in fourth with a trifling 28 million subscribers. T-Mobile is based out of Germany so the majority of their service goes to Europe. Their slogan of “Stick together” doesn’t fit very well with only twelve percent of customers with their service compared to the top four companies combined. T-Mobile announced that they were going to be the first phone to use Google’s Android Software in order to compete with the apple iPhone. T-Mobile provides service to 98 of the 100 largest market areas in the world with 268 million potential customers. One of T- Mob i l e’s largest adv a nt a g es over any other provider is the My- Fave-5 option. It allows unlimited calling to five people on any network, even landlines and can be changed monthly. However, even with the headquarters for the U.S. in Bellevue, T-Mobile gets practically no service in the school.

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Hawkeye |5 November 2008 | feature |11

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10 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

Holiday Jobs By Kayla Cooper Feature Editor

Need a little extra cash for the holiday season? Lucky for you, it is a great time to get a part time job to help pay for your expenses. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, last year retailers hired 750,000 temporary workers nationwide, and despite economic problems, this year won’t be much different. Find out how to land the perfect job this season with a few simple tips.

Think About Where You Want to Work What interests you? If you are lucky you’ll be able to find a job involving something you actually like. When you enjoy going to work, time passes much faster and sometimes it’s not all that bad. Realistically of course, you will probably not end up with the job of your dreams, but instead only a tolerable one. The trick is to be positive. Think about the benefits and try to make things interesting.

Kids’ s



le & Ho ican Eag


like job at a store y a t e g t o n y earl ? Wh u really like nt to buy yourself some , and yo t a th g in g rand of cloth ter and use your discou g, stocking, cashierin Is there a b in is th ll o lo cepted gle or H g with c are being ac s n American Ea presents. When workin o ti a c li p ter. ortant. Ap Christmas all very imp le and Hollis cleaning are e for both American Eag onlin Clothes

& Libb

y Lu

Before th inking of little k about a job at L ibby Lu o ids, make rB s but if you ure you are prepa uild-a-Bear, where red. Bein enjoy it th there are g counselo en you should co around children is sure to be a lot nsider a rs are res not for ev job po e parties. A nsible for makeov with kids. Club Lib rybody, ers, sellin pplicatio b y Lu’s c ns are ac cepted in g, and helping wit lub h the store .


Movies be a Music & es, FYE could better vi o m d n a c usi ve a be around m a, so you ha If you love to There are two in the are lude cashiering, could inc to work. e to see onsibilities great place sp e R . d e you a chanc uld ir h e g iv g in e ld b u f o o w wo chance g. This Tuesday. It and stockin e out every m o c r people. organizing, s fo D y V u D b ifts to Ds and what new C you a lot of options of g nline. o also give applications FYE accepts

You Don’t Need Experience

* *



In most of the big stores who are hiring by the dozen, the process won’t be as thorough as hiring for permanent workers. Because of this, the holiday season is a great time for a first job. Often they are not as concerned about experience and instead are focused on attitude and flexibility. As long as you can be trained, you’re in. What matters most for a seasonal job is your availability. If you are going to be out of town or too busy during the major holidays then most employers aren’t going to be very interested in you.

Interview Tips

Because the hiring process is more informal during this time, group interviews are sometimes used to quickly weed out people. Even though it is a temporary job, you should still dress for success. It is important to appear well put together and presentable to a manager or your future boss. One possible interview technique is for the employer to put you in a work situation and have you sell the interviewer a product. They might also ask about dealing with rude or angry customers. Remember that the customer is always right.

Graphic by Kayla Cooper

Finish Line & Champs

It’s Easy

This year applying for a job is even easier. By now virtually every large retailer has begun to do online applications. This means skipping the time-consuming steps of picking-up and turning-in applications. You can look online for a job, fill out 20 applications, and set up interviews within the span of a couple of days. With quicker and easier applications, you have a lot more options for job possibilities.

Seasonal jobs are everywhere. Look around for help wanted signs next time you are out shopping, but remember the sooner you apply, the higher your chances are of getting the job. Most holiday hiring happens in early November, so get on it! The internet has great resources to help you figure out who’s hiring and who’s not. Check out for a list of helpful websites and more tips.

Key This shows all the stores at Alderwood Mall that are hiring 16+


Stores hiring 17+

Shoes and apparel

Ruby’s Diner Faux-50’s dining fun While people shop, they get hun gry. A restaurant like Ruby’s Diner will especially be getting a lot of bus iness. Unlike retail, waiters and wai tresses often get tips, which add a lot to an hourly wage. Job responsibiliti es could include bussing tables, serving and seating customers, and taking orders. Restaurants are usually harder to work at because you are dealing wit h food. Angry customers can sen d their meals back and they don ’t move through as quickly. Rub y’s accepts applications daily at the Diner.

Starbucks Coffee & Gifts Starbucks is another job option. You get a good discount and the mugs and coffee make great gifts. In the area there are dozens of stores that are all hiring for the holidays. If you apply online you can be considered by multiple stores, which increases your chances of getting hired. Often at Starbucks you get tips on top of your wage.

Sports stores like Finish Line, Champs, or Foot Locker all focus on footwear. You probably won’t actually have to be near people’s feet all that much at one of these stores. Shoes are one of the hardest things to work with. People usually try on many pairs before deciding on one, and things can get messy quick. Finding sizes and keeping things clean is a real challenge, but also fun and interesting. All of these stores accept online applications.


J Sears &

tores Anchor s Sears of r store like o h c st likely n a ig b You will mo . job at a u a yo t r e g fo u s n yo If optio in a specific re are many ies to work e it n th u r n rt e o p th p o y, also ore is bette JCPenne , a larger st u need. ut there are o b g r, ts ie if g sh a y c a r as holid become a rything yo can find eve e store. As fa section of th iscount in because you ne applications. d nli to use your ey accept o and JCPenn rs a e S th o B

12| feature |5 november 2008 | hawkeye

Rainy Day Activities By Kayla Cooper Feature Editor

Here in Seattle, we definitely get our fair share of rain, so we don’t really think twice about it. Instead of just accepting it and moving on with your normal life, why not take out some time to enjoy it? After all, it’s not going away any time soon. There are plenty of things you can do outside, to embrace the rain, and have a good time.

Go puddle jumping Remember when you were a little kid, stomping around in puddles without a care in the world? Your parents were the only ones who were truly concerned. There is something invigorating about letting go and jumping around aimlessly, so get out those old rain boots and try it out! Sure you might get a few weird looks, but it will be something out of the “norm” to do next time it rains.

Stay indoors Okay, so maybe you’re not so into the idea of going out and getting soaked. If this is the case, why not stay indoors. When it’s rainy, sometimes there is nothing better to do than stay inside where it’s warm. If you don’t have anything important to do, this can be a good time to catch up on things, which have gotten pushed back. It’s also a good time to do something like bake cookies or watch a movie.


One thing that the movies don’t lie about is how great kissing in the rain is. I’m sure you have seen the scene in every other romantic movie where the two lovers lock lips passionately while getting drenched. When you are given the opportunity, take it and try this out for yourself.

Exercise Running or exercising is also a great activity when it is raining. The combination of sweat and cool rain creates a perfect balance. Like puddle jumping, getting wet without even thinking about it is truly energizing and connects you to your youth. Go for a run or get a group together to play a round of soccer or football.

Photo by Kevin Hense/Hawkeye

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| How healthy is organic food? Page 17

Jazz convergence

13 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

18th annual Jazz Symposium By Vanessa Chea Photo Manager

On Saturday, Oct. 25, at Mountlake Terrace High School, the 18th annual Jazz Symposium where our Jazz I and II bands and the Dynamics performed for children and adults of all ages. As early as 8 a.m., jazz bands from middle schools performed in the band room. These middle school bands included: Madrona, Harbour Pointe, Maplewood, Brier Terrace, College Place, Einstein, Gateway, Alderwood, and Meadowdale. When the middle school bands performed, high school jazz bands played at the same time but only in the theater. The high school bands that played from MTHS were the Jazz Ensemble I and II. Edmonds-Woodway bands had their Jazz Ensemble I and II bands as well as a lab band preform. A lab band consists entirely of beginning improvisors. The line up also included Arlington’s Jazz I, Lynnwood’s Jazz I and Meadowdale’s Jazz I. When bands weren’t performing, most of them played in jam sessions, which were located down in the HUB. Even more amazing was that a number of professional and collegiate musicians joined in with students from around the area. These unofficial, completely spontaneous jam sessions were as interesting as the actual performances. While they were, of course, completely unrehearsed and not as tight as the schools’ performances, the spontaneity and sense of newness made these jams sessions fascinating. It was amazing to see all of the musicians coming together from different schools and making music. Other than jam sessions, some of the bands were educated on how to play better by other jazz instructors. The Central Washington University jazz band was also performing at this year’s Jazz Symposium. They performed

great in the theater with over a hundred people who sat down and watched them perform big band standards by Count Basie and others, capped off with their rendition of The Flintstones theme song. In the afternoon, it was the jazz choirs’ time to shine and most of these choir groups came from both near afar. Choir groups came from Snohomish High School, King’s Junior High School, King’s Junior High Celebration, Anacortes High School, King’s High School Abundant Life and also Voyager middle school. All these schools were to perform in the band room. King’s High School also performed in the theater after MTHS’s Dynamics. The other groups that performed are Mariner’s Avant Blues, Inglemoore, Lynnwood’s Chantels, Blanchet, Me a d o w d a l e’s Impressions, Lake Stevens’ Jubilation, A r l i n g t o n ’s Jazzmine, and EdmondsWoodway’s Mello-Aires. The jazz choir also had a special guest at the end of the symposium. Groove For Thought, a harmonious and award winning vocal jazz group from the Seattle area performed. Their six-part vocal harmonies have gained them recognition internationally.

Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye

Above: Jazz Ensemble I performs in the MTHS theatre during Jazz Symposium on Saturday, Oct. 25. Right: Matt Watson plays tenor saxophone while playing in a jam session in the Hub.

14 | A&E | 5 November 2008 | hawkeye

What coffee do you choose?

Go online now to www. to rate and post your opinion about these three coffee options

Luscious Latte



Service: Although the lines do get long for a drive thru, they try to give you your drink as soon as possible, and when the lines are short, they’ll talk to you while they make your drink. Quality: One of the best neighborhood coffee stands in my opinion, the prices are very reasonable, and their drinks are always fresh and hot.

Service: All of the baristas are friendly and nice, and they have fast drive thrus. They also fix your drink quickly if they accidentally make it wrong. Quality: 9 times out of 10, I leave Starbucks very happy with my drink. Although Starbucks is a little too expensive for my taste, the flavors are very good and I haven’t found something that I didn’t like yet.

Service: The baristas are friendly and patient while you look over the menu. They have convenient drive thrus, and the blenders aren’t loud when they make your drink. Quality: Tully’s makes very good drinks, and they’re a little expensive, but a good indulgence every once and a while. The experience of the small coffee shop is very noticeable and it makes you feel at home.

Service: The staff is quick and funny. As I waited to get my order the barista was making small talk, she was polite and funny. I was satisfied with the way I was treated. Quality: Most of the time I am satisfied with the quality of my order. The first time I had ordered from Luscious Latte I was surprised by the quality of their product.

Service: Most of the time when I go to Starbucks, the staff is polite and productive. The staff is expecially friendly when service is slow. I also most always feel comfortable in Starbucks. Quality: I am not a big coffee drinker but the drinks I do get are pretty good. Eighty-five percent of the time when I get something from Starbucks I am satisfied with my the quality of my order.

Service: I don’t go to Tully’s very often becuase it’s not on my general day to day path but I wish it was! The staff is kind and productive. Quality: Most everytime I go to Tully’s I enjoy the quality of my order. To me the atmosphere at Tully’s has a homier feel than most other major coffee corporations.

Service: LL is a drive-thru coffee shop and the service is really friendly, like you would expect from your local neighborhood coffee place. Quality: The coffee drink was not hot enough considering that I asked for extra-hot and it was overly sweet with too much caramel syrup. The espresso was not very strong.

Service: The servers are always friendly and greet you as if you are a long-time customer and the coffee is always fresh and hot. It is hard to beat Starbucks for a consistently good cup of coffee. Quality: Always great quality both with their regular coffee and with their coffee drinks

Service: I must admit that I am not a Tully’s regular, but I have had their coffee for a change of pace. The store itself is bigger and less friendly feeling. Service is usually good if a bit impersonal. Quality: Good quality coffee but their coffee is inconsistent.

Cassandra Justesen sophomore

My Favorite: Hazelnut Crème Bellaccino from Tully’s

Lizzie Haworth Hawkeye staff

My Favorite: Iced Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks

Greg Schwab principal

My Favorite: Venti Coffee with cream from Starbucks

10 must-see black and white films By Sammie Clark Hawkeye staff

In the age of technicolor, hyper-produced box office movies, it is easy to neglect the humble, black and white beginnings of film. Here, in no particular order, are ten of the best black and white masterpieces. Some are old, some are new, all are well worth, and even benefit from, the lack of color. “The Day the Earth Stood Still” is a 1951 black and white science fiction film that tells the story of a human like alien visitor and his robot friend who come to Earth to warn its leaders to resolve their conflicts or face devastating consequences. What’s really great about this movie is the fact that even though it’s all in black and white, it’s not cheesy. See this original version before the remake comes out this December. “Night of the Living Dead,” directed by George Romero, is an independent black and white horror film. Ben and Barbara are the protagonists of a story about the mysterious reanimation of the recently dead, and with their efforts, along with five other people, are to survive the night while trapped in a Pennsylvania farmhouse. This movie has everything a horror movie should have: zombies, blood, and crazy small towns. “Clerks” describes a day in the life of two clerks in New Jersey. It covers their various mishaps and misdemeanors, which include drug dealers, a wake, a dead customer, and a lot of abuse towards their customers. The film was shot entirely in black and white and was financed entirely by the director. In total it cost $27,575 to make, and has since made over $3.1 million dollars. This movie isn’t for everyone, as director Kevin Smith’s humor is “unique” and not everyone will enjoy it. In “The Last Man on Earth”, it is thanks to his immunity, Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the only survivor of a devastating world wide plague caused by a medical experiment. This movie is automatically in the top five because of horror master, Vincent Price, and the cool plot line. Does this plot sound familiar? It should. In 2007,

Will Smith starred in the film “I Am Legend” that was also based on the 1954 book by Richard Matheson that “The Last Man On Earth” was based on. In the film “Young Frankenstein” Frederick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) is a respected lecturer at an American medical school and is more or less happily engaged. Frederick becomes tired of everyone bringing up the subject of his grandfather, the original Dr. Frankenstein, the famous mad scientist. He ends up inheriting his grandfather’s castle and continues his weird experiments. “Young Frankenstein” is a fabulous 70’s black and white comedy. “Dracula”, based on the novel by Bram Stoker, is about the ancient vampire Count Dracula who arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina. A professor by the name of Van Helsing discovers Dracula’s secret and ends up saving the lovely Mina. Another classic, must-see movie. In in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” an angel helps a compassionate but frustrated businessman by showing him what life would had been like if he never existed. A sad but sort of funny factoid about “It’s a Wonderful Life” is that when it first came out, it flopped in the box office but now it’s considered the classic Christmas movie. More than just a demented shocker, “Psycho” is also a creepy character study where Hitchcock skillfully fools you into identifying with the film’s antagonist, Norman Bates, before the classic shower scene. The blood runs black in this film, and it has never been more terrifying, which makes this movie great. Robert Wise’s moody film, “The Haunting”, is based on Shirley Jackson’s novel. A sad woman must deal with the angry ghosts of Hill House, and like her, her companions are terrified by the eerie, whispering shadows in the dark. Intense terror, aided by it’s eerie black

and white photography. One of the greatest horror films ever made. Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the South during the Depression, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his kids against prejudice. Based on the award-winning book by Harper Lee, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is an amazing story about overcoming racial discrimination and words can’t describe how well this movie has done.

hawkeye | 5 November 2008 | A&E |15

Two Hawks and a bag of popcorn

Our reviewers let you know what’s worth watching now and what should be rented later


Bush ends up being pretty boring By Robina Hamman A&E Editor

“W.”, directed by Oliver Stone, was a slightly comedic biography film that seemed as if it would be funny based off of the ads, but the film just dragged on forever. It felt as if there were no end to it and when the end finally did come, it was very abrupt and confusing. It was rather frustrating to want to walk out on the film just 15 minutes into it. It could have been better if there had been more fun being poked at all of the politicians regardless of their party. It might have been more enjoyable to see this as an adult, primarily so as to understand more of the political language being used the film. However, the film does make one think about one’s own politics There where times where one might feel pity for the president, and there were times were one couldn’t help but wonder how on earth he got elected. On a more positive note, the cast seemed to be put together well. The actors and actresses did an excellent job playing their roles. The use of actual footage from speeches, the destruction of Saddam’s statue, the war in Iraq, protests, and Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech was rather interesting and help make the movie slightly

more entertaining, but not by much. Its footage also seemed to serve as a connection between the world in the film and the world we live in today. It was very much a factual reminder of what all has happened since Bush has been in office. Josh Borlin does a fairly good playing President Bush. Bush’s wife, Laura is perfomred by Elizabeth Banks. It was amazing how much the actors looked like the people they were protraying.

Used with permission from

Stone’s version of Bush’s presidency falls flat By Holly Irons Hawkeye staff

Just like the President himself, “W.” is good in a couple parts, but is overwhelmingly boring everywhere else. It means well, portraying the 43rd

President, and showing the world his story, but there’s not much you can do for Oliver Stone’s movie about a boring man and his life. You can’t add action instead of a scene where the main character is talking about his home state, Texas. You also can’t add a musical number to jazz up a debate. The only thing you really can do is show the President in a brighter light when the economy is in a slump and when he’s bad-mouthed daily. Josh Brolin portrayed the President and he does a great performance. But the commercials had me believing that the movie would be a “roast” of George W. Bush, and sadly, Stone’s treatment of Bush was perhaps too kind. Even with this in mind, however, he’s still shown as un-intellectual and struggles to even have a thought. The flashbacks were a bit annoying since they tended to distractingly interupt the film. You do watch the President’s path frmo being a drunken letdown, to becoming a politician, to then finding God. The most compelling scene, and one where it almost made the movie worth while, was when The President and the Cabinet debates about the issue of going into Baghdad or not, after Sept. 11. Yet, time and time again, “W.” will have you yawning in your chair.








02 09 16 23

03 10 17 24

The Two Martins Tour @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

04 11 18 25

Brett Denen @ The Triple Door 8p.m.

05 12 19 26

The Maldives @ EMP’s Sky Church 5:30p.m.

Buick 6 @ The Showbox at the Market 7p.m.

McCoy Tyner Trio @ The Moore Theatre 8p.m.

Killer Williams @ The Showbox at the Market 8p.m.

Yeasayer @ Neumo’s 8p.m.

07 14 21 28

Trans Siberian Orchestra @ Key Arena 8p.m.

Exodus @ El Corazon 7p.m.

06 13 20 27

Dungen @ Chop Suey 9p.m.

Hellogoodbuy @ El Corazon 7p.m.

Kid vs. Hero @ El Corazon 7p.m.

the Peperboys @ The Triple Door 7:30p.m.

The Sea and Cake @ Chop Suey 9p.m.

Jason Mraz @ The Paramount Theatre 7:30p.m.

Ingrid Michealson @ Neumo’s 7p.m.

Choklate @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

Mickey Avalon @ The Showbox at the Market 7:30p.m.

10 Years @ The Showbox SoDo 7p.m.

All That Remains @ The Showbox SoDo 7p.m.

Tuck and Patti @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

M83 @ Neumo’s 8p.m.

Taj Mahal @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

Melissa Ferrick @ Triple Door 7p.m.

Blues Traveler@ The Showbox at the Market 7p.m.

08 15 22 29

|Check out the new Chambers Bay golf course page 18


| Terrace student steps up his pro Halo game on Xbox Live page 19

16 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

Clune’s corner

How much risk do you need to have fun? You don’t have to be an alcoholic in order to have a drinking problem


t’s actually not a weird question; most of us will ask this question to ourselves sooner or later. Maybe one of the easier ways to understand this question is to look at a continuum, like a health continuum. What is that? It’s like a scale where you can find a way of wellness, or the least amount of harm; on the other hand, you can find the worst way or the greatest amount of harm regarding your health/life. You can also find a middle point where you might observe what is wrong and what you can do to improve your health so that it results in less drama. For example, an alcohol consumption continuum would look like this: From left to right, it would describe, No Drinking (a person who doesn’t consume alcohol), then proceed to Light Drinking (which is defined as ‘a person who drinks less than once a month, and one who limits their total drinks to 1-2 drinks at a time’). This is a person who doesn’t drink over their tolerance. They may experience a buzz, but won’t consume enough alcohol to feel drunk or get intoxicated. This person ‘never’ gets into a car when drinking, or as a passenger with a driver that has been drinking. This person never drinks more than they planned to. Next on the continuum we have a Social Drinker. This is defined as ‘a person that, at the most, drinks 1-4 times a month, consuming 1-3 drinks at a time. This person occasionally feels a buzz. Again, this person never drinks more than they plan. Some other characteristics of a Social Drinker include: one who doesn’t guzzle their drink, always eats food with their drink, and can feel “okay” about leaving some in the glass or bottle. It’s the good feeling associated with hanging with friends or family that’s really important; it’s not the importance of

the drink or getting buzzed. Anything after a Social Drinker on the continuum constitutes alcohol abuse in our culture. Next up on the continuum we have Immoderate. This term refers to several drinks consumed several times a week until buzzed. This includes Binge drinking. Fatal car crashes are the number one cause of death for youths 18-25. Hello! Can we connect these dots? Maybe the Immoderate drinker is beginning to self medicate for the purpose of “falling asleep at night.” This person, on an average, gets drunk or intoxicated 1-2 times a month. Next on the continuum is a Problem Drinker. This is a person who’s consumption of alcohol is directly related to problems regarding family and relationships, missed work, school, failing grades with an “F” (the “F” doesn’t stand for fun), or lost jobs: money problems and unpaid bill payments, physical injuries, sexual dysfunction (impotence, frigidity) and health problems. Other people from the outside usually see what’s happening first, for example, a friend or neighbor, but the person who’s abusing the alcohol doesn’t. It’s like the student who’s grades are going south, and the student just can’t put one and one together and see for themselves that there is a relationship between their alcohol/drug consumption. They feel “stuck” not being motivated or able to prioritize what needs to be prioritized to get their work accomplished. At the end of the continuum is Alcohol Dependency, Compulsive Drinking or Alcoholism, whatever label you choose. They all mean the same thing. Dependency on the continuum means ‘unable to predict the amount, frequency, duration, or effect of drinking alcohol. Changes in tolerance, personality, amount of blackouts, and health problems all become apparent and worse. Of course the term dependency/ heavy drinking in the continuum results in chronic medical problems, and legal issues

that just don’t seem to go away, no matter how many times a friend or family has rescued the person who is so negatively affected from their consumption of alcohol. For those students that have experienced such alcohol and drug abuse, and have gotten themselves into treatment understand that getting some assistance from others has made the difference of who they are now, rather than just continuing on such a continuum with no boundaries, and resulting in having all sorts of serious problems. Very often when friends or family try to assist the person who’s abusing alcohol, the people helping face resistance. They are walking the bridge from “care taking” to just caring, which is the healthier thing to do for all involved. Their challenge is to not give up on the person in need, but to stop enabling. I really want to take this time to encourage MTHS students to assist other students that they might truly see as having or developing a problem with alcohol or drug use. For example, if a student comes into my office and shares a name, then that information is confidential. As your Prevention/Intervention Specialist, I am under the guidelines of the law that prevent such information from ever being disclosed. Regarding my own inventory, it would also be unethical for me to do so and such an act would go against my own value system. Frankly, staff members, parents and students make a healthy choice to communicate to me their observations and concerns for students at MTHS. What I hear is that these individuals really care, and genuinely want to help. I believe the high majority of students at MTHS or any school that are hurting due to alcohol and drug abuse would probably crash and burn if it wasn’t for the voices of other students reaching out and expressing their concerns. I really appreciate these students because I know they take themselves out of their comfort zone to express their true concerns for other students.

Diabulimia increase observed

Some teen diabetics use dangerous method of losing weight Some diabetics skim on their recommended insulin level per day. This will cause the person to lose the weight Eating disorders are unhealthy ways to control they want in order to get to their dream your diet in order to reach your “peak look”. weight. It is called DiabuThis category of mental limia because the more a It is estimated that one-third of all high illnesses includes Bulimia person purges away from school students will be diagnosed with and Anorexia. One of the newest types of weight-los- diabetes by the time they are 40-years-old their insulin, the more likely they are to have seing diseases is Diabulimia, rious issues or even die. a Type II Diabetic’s dangerOne issue when people ous and fatal way of controlling their weight. have diabetes is that they can also have other Diabetes, a disease where the body does not serious complications, such as heart disease produce or properly use insulin, is separated (cardiovascular disease), blindness (retinopainto two types: Type I and Type II. Type I Diathy), nerve damage (neuropathy), and kidney betes, or “Juvenile Diabetes”, starts in children damage (nephropathy) for Type I Diabetics. and young adults where the body cannot proWhen they begin to purge, their bodies then duce insulin, a hormone that converts sugar start to attack other cells. (glucose), starches, and other food into energy For diabetics, the cells attack the heart, eyes, needed for daily activities. nerves, and kidneys first. By purging away Type II Diabetes is where the body does not their insulin, diabetics are at a greater risk of produce enough insulin or the body ignores the dying. It is estimated that one-third of all high insulin that is made. Type II diabetes is more school students will be diagnosed with diabecommon in African Americans, Latinos, Nates by the time they are 40-years-old. tive Americans, and Asian Americans/Pacific The people of this generation can try to proIslanders, as well as the aged population. tect themselves from diabetes by exercising, Type I Diabetics have to take care of their body having a good diet and taking care of their by inserting bottled Insulin into their system by bodies. way of shot, a monitor, or by foods they eat.

By Holly Irons Hawkeye staff

meet mr. clune

Michael Clune Intervention Prevention Columnist

Michael Clune is a highly skilled, experienced chemical dependency counselor and is available to help and assist MTHS students and staff with alcohol/drug issues. This could be another student, one of your friends, family members or yourself needing information, a referral, or counseling services. Clune is a nationally-certified addictions counselor, a mental health specialist and he is also nationally certified to deal with domestic violence/anger management and relapse prevention problems.

Phone: (425) 431-5599 Office: Counseling Center Hours: M-F 7a.m.-2p.m.

Mr. Clune’s Movie Recommendations 1. Straight from the Heart 2. Blood Diamond 3. The Last King of Scotland 4. Alpha Dog 5. Trade 6. Teachers 7. The Infiltrator

hawkeye | 5 November 2008 | health |17

IS THIS NORMAL?! meet ms. Nelson

Dear Ms. Nelson: Why is my pee lime green?!?! What’s wrong with me? Do I need to go to the doctor?

Signed, Panicky Pee-er Dear Pee-er:

Kimberly Nelson ITN?! Columnist

ITN?! (Is This Normal?!) Columnist Kimberly Nelson is here to answer all health-related questions you might be afraid to ask, or to address questions she just feels like she really needs to answer. Credentials? Yep, she’s got ‘em. Not only is she an MTHS health educator, she also has a masters degree in Theology and Counseling. So submit your questions to Ms. Nelson or the Hawkeye staff in room 130

Wow, this gives a whole new light to electric iced tea. Maybe you were abducted by aliens who are using your digestive and excretory systems to do experiments on. Perhaps you have been hanging around with the Ninja Turtles too much. Have you noticed that you are sporting any secret powers? Are you about to shape shift into the Incredible Hulk? I bet he pees green. I know, maybe your internal organs are melting turning you into a cauldron of goo. Do you have any new or changed appendages?

Do you feel like someone ripped out your soul and used it to clean up a toxic waste spill? Maybe your heart was run over repeatedly by an 18 wheeler, or an old romance, and left to seep green blood. Do you show signs of radiation? Do your teeth glow? Is your hair is changing color? If you were a guy I would ask you if you had received any injuries to the groin. Have you consumed anything strange? Old leftovers? Asparagus? I’d be willing to bet $50 that you drank an energy drink. Next time, try an energy drink of a different color and see if it happens again. Then, STOP DRINKING THEM! The human body cannot ingest all those additives, preservatives, and food coloring, and not be affected. Your poor little liver and kidneys are working overtime. Don’t come crying to me when you get liver cancer, because I’m going to be rude and say, “I told you so!” P.S. – A student ran into my classroom and REALLY asked this question. P.P.S. – Thanks to the robotics team for inspiration on my retort.

How healthy is organic food?

Studies show organic and conventional might foods have the same nutritional value

By Jennifer Tran Hawkeye staff

Organic is the process of growing natural food without the use of conventional chemicals, such as pesticides. Is there reason to believe that organic is more beneficial than conventional? Many tend to assume that there are more health benefits from organic food rather than conventional food. The difference is that organic crops are planted in farms which use hard labor to manage the weeds, and beneficial birds and insects to reduce pest and diseases. Also, natural fertilizer, such as manure, is used to make the soil nutritional and feed plants. However, conventional crops are grown in farms that use chemical herbicides to control weeds, and crops are sprayed with insecticides to reduce the number pest and diseases. Farmers also apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth. The number of consumers that believe organic food is more nutritional than nonorganic is considerably larger. However, there is little scientific evidence that proves or supports this thought. Dr. Susanne Bugel and her colleagues, from the University of Copenhagen, conducted a study on the quality of organic food compared to con-

ventional food, and found that there is no strong indicator that organic is better. They experimented on common food that appears on every family’s shopping list, such as carrots, apples, and potatoes, and found that there is no difference between the crops. As a result, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) consider non-organic to be just as healthy as organic foods. Nevertheless, there are still some beliefs of general benefits from organic foods by consumers and farmers. One benefit is believed to be better health. All organic food is prepared without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides; therefore, there are no traces of chemicals that will have a huge effect on the human body. Others feel taste is another benefit. Some say, and strongly believe, that the taste of organic food is a lot better than the taste of nonorganic food. Most of the time, organic products are sold locally, which means the product will be more fresh because they do not have to travel long distances to reach consumers. Another benefit to consider is that organic foods are more environmentally safe. Since chemicals are not used in the process of growing organic crops,


Can gum really curb your appetite? By Devyn Cox Hawkeye staff

You hear it all the time the minute you release the information that you’re hungry. “Do you want some gum? It helps curb your appetite!” Is it true though? Research shows that this well-known remedy for those third period munchies is true. The study presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of The Obesity Society stated that chewing gum before an afternoon snack helped reduce hunger, diminish cravings, and promote fullness among individuals who limit their overall calorie intake. It has also been shown that chewing gum can help people remember names, help with weight control, and whiten teeth. One of the most obvious reasons people chew gum is because it tastes good and makes their breath smell better, but it also helps with stress relief and concentration. So when that teacher yells at you to spit out your gum, you have evidence to show that you it’s actually helpful to your learning.

no synthetic chemical pollutants are released into the soil or air. Overall, there is no proof that shows organic food being more nutritional or healthy for the human body. Although the price of organic food is higher than conventional food, there is reason to believe that organic food is less harmful on the human body and the environment.

Alese Campo/Hawkeye

| Read Paul’s Postulates for insights on several sports topics Page 20


| New ticketing process at Stevens Pass Page 20

18 | Hawkeye | 5 November 2008

Fall sports seasons wind down Women’s Soccer By Kevin Hense Hawkeye staff

It was a season of difficulties for this year’s women’s soccer team. With an overall record of 2-10, women’s varsity had a disappointing run. The Hawks’ two wins came against Lynnwood and Mariner. One of their losses was especially tough, namely a 0-1 loss against Edmonds-Woodway High School in overtime. Another aspect of why the team did not perform at its best was the absence of many senior players. Many of last year’s players were seniors and graduated last spring. This year, the team had just six senior players: Natarah Balderson, Kevin Hense/Hawkeye Kevin Hense/Hawkeye

The Hawks Cross Country team practices as they geared up for their Varsity meet at Whidbey Island where the men placed ninth out of 14 schools and the women’s team placed tenth out of 13 schools. Captain Michael Tran, senior, got eighth place and will move on to districts. Robert Yarbrough, senior, placed 19th out of 98 runners. From the women’s team, Victoria Plumage lead MTHS and place 31st out of 90 runners.

Women’s Swim

The relay team is going to the state-qualifying finals with swimmers Michelle Liu, Amber Hawkeye staff O’Hara, Lana McClenny, and Shaleah Semana. This year, the Mountlake Terrace swim team has They will be competing in the 200 meter freestyle. had a pretty solid season. Some highlights of the season have been At the Edmonds District meet on district times for swimmers Michelle Liu, Oct. 26, the team took third out of “Overall, this year Shaleah Semana, and Hunter Goncalvez. has been better four teams. Their final team score was Amber O’Hara will be swimming in the 209. Edmonds-Woodway finished with than I expected. The 100-meter butterfly and Kari Sjolin will 392 team points, Meadowdale with 270 girls have improved be swimming in the 100-meter backa lot.” team points, and Lynnwood with 167 stroke in the district final meet. Michelle Liu team points. “Overall, this year has been better than Senior Captain Senior Shaleah Semana took first in I expected. The girls have improved a the 100-meter butterfly with a time of lot. Everyone is really supportive of each 1:01:27 while senior Kari Sjolin took first in the other,” said senior captain Michelle Liu. “We have 100-meter backstroke with a time of 1:15:66. a very determined group of swimmers.”

By Kevin Hense

Amanda Berry, Becky Bradlee, Titi Chekoore, Molly Erickson, and Amanda Kristjanson. In their most recent game, Terrace lost to Jackson 2-0. Jackson is currently ranked second in WesCo South, right behind Meadowdale. The leading scorers this season were junior Corrine Pingul, freshman Ariana Curva, and sophomore Anna Walters. Next year looks optimistic however, with many of the varsity returning to play together again. Who knows what the future holds for this team, but it can only get better from here.

Men’s Tennis By Derek Giles

Unlike the majority of the season, this match was a close match The most recent men’s tennis that went in favor of the Hawks. action happened at Jackson High The Hawks have been plagued School where doubles by bad luck and lossteam Joe Kim and es decided by a very In the Chris Raunio were close margin resulting unfortunately defeatquarterfinals in a rather disappointed by a Shorewood the Kim-Raunio ing season for the tenduo 6-4 and 6-3. nis team. team defeated Finishing with an This match was in Edmondsthe semi-finals of the overall record of 3-13, WesCo South 4A the team hopes to make Woodway tournament. improvements and rely Previously, in the on their young talent to quarterfinals at Jackson, the step up and lead the charge for the Kim-Raunio team defeated an Hawks next season. Edmonds-Woodway team in a A successful season next fall very close and intense match win- should be expected for the veteran ning in three sets; 7-6, (7-4) and men’s tennis team. 6-3.

Sports Editor

New, world-class golf course: Chambers Bay By Derek Giles Sports Editor

Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, Wash., just west of Tacoma has been named the top new course of 2007 by Travel and Leisure Golf magazine, best new course of 2007 by GOLF magazine, No. 2 ranked by Golfweek’s best new courses for 2005-2007, Golf Inc.’s 2007 development of the year, and No. 7 on Matt Ginella of the Golf Channels’ list of top 10 public courses. Along with the reputation that goes with these awards, the most prestigious attainment of the Chambers Bay Golf Course is that the 2010 U.S. Amateur Championship and in 2015, the USGA’s U.S. Open Championship will be played there. To prepare for the Open Championship in 2015, course improvements are scheduled to start in December 2008 and finish by Spring of 2010. These improvements will include a new practice facility, construction of new tees on holes one, three, four, six, 10, 11, 15 and 17, rebuilding of many sand bunkers to meet tour regulations and removing noxious and invasive broadleaf weeds as well as planting new

fine fescue turf [a type of grass used for golf courses] to cover sparse areas. The course is nestled right along the Puget Sound with great views of the snow-capped Olympic mountain range and according to the Chambers Bay official Web site, “this 18 hole championship golf course provides a traditional, links-style layout featuring impressive emerald greens, In 2015, dazzling fairways, and brilliant tees. the USGA’s The overall views U.S. Open are just as specChampionship tacular as your will be played at soul escapes into the history of Chambers Bay. the game. This walking only, public resort links-style golf course provides that incomparable venue for large-scale tournament events as well as intimate private group outings.” Although absolutely stunning and built on the former site of a rock quarry, playing this public course will cost a pretty penny. Earlier this year it cost guests $155 Monday-Thursday and $170 FridaySunday and holidays. Pierce County residents pay $95 Monday-Thursday and $115

Friday-Sunday and Holidays. The replay fee during this stretch is $65 MondayThursday and $75 Friday-Sunday and Holidays. During the fall months, guests have to pay $130 Monday-Thursday and $140 Friday-Sunday and holidays. The replay fee will be $50 Monday-Thursday and $60

Friday-Sunday and holidays. Chambers Bay also offers a caddie service, which helps alleviate those that usually use a cart when playing, for $35 for a single bag and $70 for a double bag. To find out more and see stunning pictures of this award-winning course, visit

Courtesy of

Constructed on an old quarry, Chambers Bay offers stunning views of Puget Sound.

hawkeye | 5 november 2008 | Sports |19

Volleyball By Kevin Hense Hawkeye staff

This season, the volleyball team lived up to high hopes. Currently they are placed fifth in WesCo South and with a win against Jackson last Tuesday night they are set to go to the playoffs. Their record now stands at 6-5 overall and 4-2 in conference. Wins have come against Jackson, Cascade, Lynnwood, Glacier Peak, and Shorewood. Terrace suffered losses against Monroe, Stanwood, Marysville-Pilchuck, Kamiak, Meadowdale, and Edmonds-Woodway. Key players this year have been junior

Jenna Donahue, junior Christine Jenson, junior Stephanie McGee, and freshman Leah Lechtenberg. Overall, the top statistics are as follows: Jenna Donahue is at 97 kills, Christine Jenson is at 338 assists, Stephanie McGee is at 103 digs, and Leah Lechtenberg is at 97 kills. The team is hoping for another good season next year, as well. There are only two seniors on the team this year, so almost all of the girls will be returning next year to play together. Expectations will be high and the Hawks seem to be on track for another great season next year.

Football By Kevin Hense Hawkeye staff

When it comes to football, this year the Hawks have had an up and down sort of season. Highlights such as a 23-17 upset against the No. 3-ranked Meadowdale Mavericks (3A) in week three and beating rival school Lynnwood graced the team this year. Another high point came when the Hawks were able to hold Jackson to just a 17 point win, considering they had arguably the No. 1 running back in the state, Taylor Cox. Unfortunately for the Hawks, the team was quite injury prone and getting hurt became a weekly occurrence for the team. Senior safety Billy Lechtenberg, who was injured during the game against Meadowdale, was out for four games, of which the Hawks only won one. Lechtenberg was a vital aspect of the defense

and offense and was sorely missed. Senior receiver Paul Clingan, another a key component of this team, was also out due to injury. Clingan broke his hand early on in the season during practice and because of the extent of the break; he was benched for the remainder of the year. Sophomore defensive tackle Julian Snow, an important player, suffered a brutal ankle injury against Shorewood, putting him out of commission. Overall, despite injuries and mishaps, the Terrace Hawks should feel fairly proud about their season when compared to some of those in the recent past. There are no playoff hopes for this year, but next year looks bright for the Hawks. With an arsenal of many talented underclassmen ready to step up, the Hawks are expecting to have a good team next fall.

Kevin Hense/Hawkeye

Junior Jenna Donohue jumps for a kill against rival Meadowdale on Oct. 23. The Hawks lost the match 3-0.

Terrace junior breaks new ground in ‘E-sport’ through Major League Gaming By Derek Giles Sports Editor

500,000 Major League Gaming [MLG] fans viewed recent live competition programming from the MLG Dallas playoff event from Oct. 3-5. An even more astounding fact, Mountlake Terrace junior, Jacob Reiser not only competed in this tournament, but took the whole thing down with his team of three other players to win the Halo 3 $20,000 purse. Slightly over 200 teams of four compete in the Halo 3 section of Major League Gaming’s events. Reiser, who plays under the username, “Hysteria” has competed in Halo 3 tournaments with his team “Triggers Down,” all over North America including New Jersey, San Diego, Orlando, Toronto and most recently, in Dallas. At these tournaments, “ Triggers Down” has finished fourth, third, first, sixth and first respectively, amounting to a grand total of $56,400 which when split between the team, comes out to $14,100 a player. On top of winnings by placing well at events, Reiser also collects by offering gaming lessons where players pay $60 an hour for Reiser to coach, walk-through and offer sound advice and tips. These lessons are conducted online through XBOX Live. It doesn’t end here though, from Nov. 21-23, Reiser and his team will be playing in Derek Giles/Hawkeye Las Vegas for the MLG finals, where Jacob Reiser, junior, is a professional gamer. $100,000 will be up for grabs and com-

ing off a win, Triggers Down seems to be the favorite. These MLG tournaments are a competitive gamers’ paradise: stocked full of large corporate sponsors, intense competition, ESPN coverage that will be aired during the holiday season, celebrity appearances, endless Red Bulls, relatively large money prizes and literally thousands of other gamers that all have the same diehard gaming intention all of which is housed in one large venue, normally hotels. A more technical scope of MLG is described on their website,, where Major League Gaming is defined as “North America’s first professional video game league, and its only sanctioning body for pro gaming. MLG operates the multi-city MLG Pro Circuit, presented by GameStop and powered by Xbox 360; produces compelling competitions for national television, broadband and mobile distribution; and exclusively represents the best gamers in the world. It also operates a thriving online community and online tournaments for millions of gamers at MLG, founded in 2002, is based in New York City and is privately held.” To get to “Hysteria’s” level of success in the pro Halo world, there are several components. Reiser explained via XBOX Live, “It takes a lot of dedication at first and it’s very important to practice with your team as much as you can.” He said, “For our team it’s hard because of time zone issues, but we try and squeeze in as many games as we can.” Even with the time zone difficulties, Triggers Down manages to devote a signif-

icant amount of time to practice. “Once an event is about a week away, we try and play at least four hours a day until the event,” said Reiser. Reiser is modest about his Halo 3 prowess but knows he’s definitely one of the best. “I think I have the best playing style, but it’s very difficult to point out one single best player.” As far as his Halo 3 strengths go, he said, “my sniping and ability to pull off sneaky objective plays” and for his weaknesses he concluded that, “sometimes I get a little overconfident.” Still, his confidence remains high. “We expect to win the $100,000 in Vegas,” he said of the upcoming MLG finals, “especially coming off a tournament win in Dallas.” The best thing about this MLG season according to Reiser “has been just getting up to where I wanted to be and finally winning a tournament.” Reiser competed in MLG events in 2007 where Halo 2 was the game of choice. He placed well in events in the latter part of the season, but was never able to win an event. One might think that a burgeoning career as a professional gamer would seem a bit strange, but Reiser’s family and friends tend to think otherwise. “All of my friends think it’s pretty cool and my parents are very supportive,” he said. “They get into it and like to watch the events at home.” All MLG events are broadcasted online at their website. Throughout the course of the 2008 MLG season, Reiser has netted nearly $15,000.

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Former Jackson ballplayer makes Major League debut for Blue Jays

Guest column

Paul’s postulates Hawks men’s basketball Paul’s Postulate: Terrace has forever hung its hat on the prolific basketball teams. Sure, the past years have been subpar and if this were golf, then sub par would fly. However, a new era has risen from the ashes of mediocrity. This year’s senior class is defined by the tremendous athleticism that it contains. A 6’ 7” forward with handles like “Hot Sauce?!” Two twins who rival the Upton Brothers in terms of athletic ability and a senior Paul Clingan wing player who rebounds with the guest columnist tenacity of a 7-foot John Brockman. Coach Nalin Sood is in the presence of athlete ability he has not seen since he last went to state in ’05. It is based off this knowledge that I hereby declare that I pick the Terrace Hawks men’s basketball team to pound into submission WesCo South and win the WesCo title.

Seattle Sports Paul’s Postulate: Ever get tired when the Cubs complain about not winning since 1908? The Phillies just ended a 25-year championship drought. Well how about Seattle? The Seahawks and Mariners have never won a world title. The Sonics, may they rest in peace, won once when The BeeGees became everyone’s favorite group. The Huskies SHARED a title in ’91. Fast forward to today. The Huskies have yet to win, the Cougars are the worst team in college football history, the Sonics are now the Thunder and they play in the nation’s most populated cit…not. The Mariners are the first $100 million payroll team to lose 100 games. Then there’s the Seahawks. They are 2-5 and in second place! I hereby declare that I pick the Seattle Seahawks to miss the playoffs by one game and finish 7-9. The Arizona Cardinals, who are led by Kurt “auto 300-yard game” Warner, will represent the awful NFC West. If you like winning I suggest moving out of Washington ASAP. Oh, and I hope the Thunder doesn’t win a single game.

Fantasy Tips Paul’s Postulate: If you are like me, you are 4-4 in your league. You are scrambling for fantasy relevant players because guys named Larry Johnson can’t help but spit at women. Anyone who knows anything knows that projections are about as true as Barry Bonds’ testimony. So, I’ll give you some things that will help and I will share with you my infinite wisdom regarding fantasy football. The top players at their respective positions have been Phillip Rivers QB, Clinton Portis RB, Santana Moss WR, Antonio Gates TE, Buccaneers D/ST, and John Carney K. I hereby declare that the following players will finish atop their class: Drew Brees QB, Marion Barber III RB, Anquan Boldin WR, Jason Witten TE, Bears D/ST, and Mason Crosby K. Oh, and if you don’t already have him, pick up Steve Breaston. He is available in most leagues.

By Jacob Anderson Hawkeye staff

Travis Snider made his Major League Baseball debut on Aug. 29, for the Toronto Blue Jays at the unforgettable scene of Yankee Stadium. Snider, who started for the Blue Jays in left field went 1 for 3 in his debut, hitting a ground-rule double into center field and a few plays later crossing home plate for his first run as a major leaguer and the only run for the Blue Jays in their 2 to 1 loss against the New York Yankees. Although Snider only went 1 for 3 in his at bats, he made them count and proved his baseball career potential by his fantastic performance on that Friday night. The 5’11”, 245-pound Travis Snider is currently 20 years of age and attended Jackson High School in Mill Creek, where he played baseball. Snider was part of the crew that put Timberwolves baseball on the map.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Former Jackson H.S. standout Travis Snider made the jump from the class AAA Syracuse Chiefs, seen above, to starting in left field for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Snider was the 14th choice overall for the Blue Jays. He is currently the youngest active player in the MLB. Through 24 games in Snider’s

2008 stint in the MLB, he hit .301 with six doubles, two homers and 13 runs batted in while showing his potential to one day be a star in the big leagues.

RFID to be introduced at lifts

Early snow and changes at Stevens Pass By Nathan King Hawkeye staff

With temperatures dropping in mid-October, Stevens Pass has been receiving its first few scattered snow showers. Such early snow promises a good season for skiers and snowboarders on Stevens Pass constantly improving ski runs. For the first time this year, Stevens pass is going to offer a RFID (radio frequency identification) lift access. RFID is a small radio frequency circuit built into your ticket, Advantage Card, or season pass. When you pass through the lift line, this circuit will register and open an access gate automatically. RFID ticket holders can circumvent ticket and lift lines, for a more enjoyable skiing or snowboarding

experience. Although, one problem arises—if everyone has an RFID, there won’t be any lines to jump. Stevens has several options for tickets and seasons passes. There are everyday lift tickets available for purchase at the Chevron gas station on Highway 2 or at the ticket window at the pass. These prices range for $35 to $60 depending on the time of day. Stevens also offers a selection of Seasons Passes with different selections, and a large discount for purchasing with your friends and family. For moderate skiers and snowboarders, Stevens Pass offers an advantage card, which is $59 for preseason purchase, you receive your first lift ticket free and from

there on receive $7 off weekend passes and $14 weekday passes. The Pass offers a wide variety of runs, trails, and terrain features for all experiences of skiers and snowboarders. The “front side” offers beginning to intermediate runs and also a well versed terrain-park, which features a professional size half pipe in the latter half of the season. The “back side” of the mountain is more for intermediate to expert snow goers, offering untouched powder and excellent trails winding through tree paths. All considered though, the necessary changes and early snow promise another stellar season at Stevens Pass.

Fall sports standings Football WesCo Overall W L W L

Volleyball WesCo Overall W L W L

Jackson (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) Mariner (4A) Cascade (4A) Kamiak (4A) HAWKS (4A) Shorewood (4A)

Edmonds-Woodway (4A) Kamiak (4A) Shorecrest (3A) Meadowdale (3A) HAWKS (4A) Jackson (4A) Lynnwood (3A) Shorewood (4A) Mariner (3A)

6 0 8 1 5 1 7 2 4 2 6 3 3 3 4 5 2 4 2 7 1 5 3 6 0 6 0 9

8 0 11 2 7 1 11 1 6 2 8 4 5 3 6 7 4 4 6 7 3 5 4 9 3 5 7 6 3 7 6 7 1 6 1 12

as of 11/3/08

as of 11/3/08

Women’s Soccer WesCo Overall W L W L

Men’s Tennis WesCo Overall W L W L

8 1 14 Meadowdale (3A) 7 0 12 Jackson (4A) 6 2 8 Kamiak (4A) 6 3 10 Shorecrest (3A) 5 3 11 Shorewood (4A) 5 4 8 Glacier Peak (3A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 3 6 7 HAWKS (4A) 2 7 2 1 8 1 Lynnwood (3A) as of 11/3/08

Jackson (4A) Kamiak (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) Shorewood (4A) Shorecrest (3A) Meadowdale (3A) Glacier Peak (3A) Lynnwood (3A) HAWKS (4A)

2 1 5 4 3 7 8 14 14

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

14 2 14 2 13 3 12 4 10 6 7 9 4 12 3 13 3 13 as of 11/3/08

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