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V.24.05 | 20 January 2009

Snow keeps students indoors

By Sharon McClintock Co-Editor in Chief

Edmonds School District (ESD) along with many other school districts in Washington state suffered from snowstorms just before winter break. Snowstorms continued to block roadways for about two weeks. In response to these weather conditions, several days of school were canceled. Principal Greg Schwab said, “Everyone was saying the storm was coming so they just took caution.” In Mountlake Terrace, weather was consistently below freezing from Dec. 14 to Dec. 21. Many of these days included snowstorms that prevented many schools from opening and now means schools need additional days at the end of the year to

fulfill state requirements. To guarantee student’s safety, ESD announced two-hour delays on Dec. 15 and 16 due to the snowfall from the weekend. These days do not require making up and students did attend all of their classes. School was canceled for Dec. 17, 18 and 19. ESD was closed Wed. On Dec. 17 weather forecasters predicted a large snowstorm to hit Mountlake Terrace around two o’clock when most students are leaving school. The school district decided that the entire day school would be canceled instead of making it an early dismissal day partly because it would be hard for elementary children to get home while their parents were at work. The storm actually arrived around four o’clock that day and

continued to fall with breaks until later in the week. Families were notified that school would be canceled Dec. 17 the night before. Typically the ESD announces its snow plans the morning of the snow day. There was also a two-hour delay on Jan. 9, the first day of school after winter break, but this time will also not require making up. When the school district decided upon this year’s calendar, it included snow makeup days to ensure there were 180 student contact days. The three canceled school days require additional days to be tacked onto the end of the school year. Instead of school ending on June 16, the academic year will continue until June 19.

June 16, 17 and 18 will all be full days meaning MTHS will release students at 1:50. June 19 will be an early release day ending at 10:15 a.m. May 22, currently a Teacher Professional Development Day, is the next scheduled snow makeup day. The last scheduled make-up day is June 22. Any more makeup days will be scheduled for after June 22. This new schedule affects all students except for seniors. Seniors will still graduate on June 11. Cultural week was canceled due to snow days and the lack of time ASB had to plan the week of lunchtime activities. Other MTHS activities toward the end of the year could be canceled or delayed but nothing is finalized.

Kevin Hense/Hawkeye

Kelsey Musch and Jazmyne Boileau push a van stuck in the snow. The Edmonds School District has decided to extend the academic year due to the record amount of snow.

Vending machine changes delayed again By Tina Rajan Hawkeye staff

The new year is opening with many changes, including a adaptations with the vending machines. Policy had it that by the end of February, most vending machine contents would be banned. However, due to negotiations mainly advocated by Kim “Stew” Stewart, both the contents of vending and soda pop machines will remain until the end of 2009. The district’s wide policy requires the vending machines contents to change to promote healthier food choices within school. Terrace vending machines include a variety of snack foods from chips, to candy, all the way to pop-tarts. As a stand-in, vending machines will be replaced with alternatives including fruits, vegetables and granola bars. Students may notice that a few things have begun to be

added, for example, the tuna and chicken salads. “Tuna salad and chicken salad have been selling, we have got in some profit from salads,” said Stewart, “its not as much as the other foods in the vending machines but at least they’re selling.” Last school year, vending machines and pop machines combined brought in at least $80,000. The revenue will decrease once the vending machines items are altered. ASB gets a large amount of its money to help clubs and sports at MTHS from the vending machines. One major problem that the vending machines will affect is sports. Students already must pay $25 to play on sports teams, but after vending machines contents change in 2009, much less revenue will be collected and as a result, sports fees will increase. “I think $25 is way too much [money] already,” said

freshmen Jasla James, “students are not going to pay $50 just to play a school sport.” Since this is a district policy and a state bill, the administration cannot reverse the decision, but has been fighting to postpone the implementation at Terrace. “All I can do is keep fighting,” said Stewart. “I can’t put an end to it but [I can] just keep postponing the date they change vending machines.” Community members, staff, and students may attend school board meetings to discuss the issue further. Jeannie Brzovic’s A.P. Government class is currently working on a bill to submit to the Washington State House of Representatives. The goal of this bill is to create awareness of school’s need of the revenue brought in by vending machines. Also, the bill will try to prove that the current policy is ineffective and only hurts students.

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Winter Finals Schedule Tuesday Jan. 20

Time Allotment

Wednesday Jan. 21

0 Period

7:05 a.m.–8:20 a.m. (75 min)

7th Period


7:30­a.m.–8:20 a.m. (50 min)


1st Period 1/2 Block

8:30 a.m.­–9:45 a.m. (75 min)

2nd Period 1/2 Block

Snack Break

9:45 a.m.–10:00 a.m. (15 min)

Snack Break

3rd Period 3/4 Block

10:00 a.m.–11:15 a.m. (75 min)

4th Period 3/4 Block

Snack Break

11:15 a.m.–11:30 a.m. (15 min)

Snack Break

5th Period 5/6 Block

11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m. (80 min)

6th Period 5/6 Block


12:45 pm.– 1:20 p.m. (35 min)


Zero Period (Tues.) and 7th Period (Wed.) 7:30 am - 8:20 am Morning Tutorial 7:30 am - 8:20 am

Tutorial/Exam Make-Ups: 1:20 pm – 1:50 pm Buses will load at 1:50

Terrace Hi-Q faces off in the theater Cascade, Glacier Peak compete in old quiz tradition By Suzanne Cho

based off of 14 high school subjects. Peter Breysse is the current adviser for the Terrace Hi-Q team. The MTHS Hi-Q team had a home match on Wed, Jan. 8, in the MTHS Theater. “We scored well the first match,” he said, “and we’ll score even better the first couple of The MTHS Hi-Q team was up against the Hi-Q teams from Cascade High School and matches.” Glacier Peak High School. Everett Community College is the main sponsor of the Hi-Q program, but there is Hi-Q, an academic quiz competition for high school students, first started in 1948 in some support from local community groups, businesses, and foundations as well. Pennsylvania and Washington in 1976. The goal of Hi-Q is to foster deeper student The Hi-Q season formally begins again in Jan. of 2009. There are 20 high schools cominterest in learning and strives to engage the entire student body. Questions are primarily peting this year for the Hi-Q program. Currently, there is no rank since most schools have not competed yet. “This is the first time we came in the lead in a while,” said veteran team member Jeremy Rowe. “I think the biggest change this year is a strong opening round.” The match first started off with team questions, then toss up questions, and lastly, envelope questions. During the match, after a question is presented, the chosen team must answer correctly within fifteen seconds. Other teams also can buzz in if one team says the wrong answer. As for the toss up question, all teams are able to answer the same question, but only one team has to answer correctly within 45 seconds. Last, the envelope questions are for all teams to solve the questions in the given envelope, and the first team that answers correctly within the allotted time gets the points. In the first round, Terrace was in the lead scoring 25 points, Glacier Peak trailing up with a score of 19 points, and Cascade was third with nine points. In the second round, Terrace did well again, leading with a score of 34 points, Glacier Peak with a score of 28 points, and Cascade with a score of 21 points. This ended the game with Terrace winning the match, Glacier Peak second, and Cascade third. According to Breysse, last year Terrace was “in the middle.” “We weren’t great but we weren’t bad either,” he said. “I think that the new schools [like Glacier Peak] are going to try a little harder than us veterans,” said new member Jacob Laugeson. Chris Keith/Hawkeye The Hi-Q team at MTHS had a great start with the first match of the Seniors Jacob Laugeson (left) and Trevor Hanzeli (right) discuss a Hi-Q problem at the home match. Terrace was season and the team will continue to play matches throughout the seaup against newcomer Glacier Peak and Cascade High School. The match ended in a win for Terrace with a total of son. Their next match will take place Jan. 22 at Sultan High School. 35 points.

Hawkeye staff

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LHS attendees welcome new building

Students and staff of Lynnwood High School (LHS), will be moving out of the old building (left) and into a new one (right) starting the 2009-2010 school year.

By Shahrum Ali

Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye

“[The staff is] really excited,” said Golden. “There is more office space, meeting spaces and the classrooms are much nicer than our present ones.” The new Lynnwood High School (LHS) will open to students and staff for the 2009– The building is 214,000 square feet and can hold 1600 students and 100 staff members. 2010 school year. Principal David Golden of LHS stated that the old building is being The new school includes a 350 seat theater. Also libraries and sports fields are available torn down July 1 in order to make room for a combination of retail and condo develop- for community use. The new school design has also been recognized by the Snohomish ment. County PUD and OSPI for their energy blueprints which include natural lighting, venThe land will still be in custody of the Edmonds School District (ESD) said tilation, heating and cooling. Debbie Jalaka, the district spokesperson. They have negotiated a 99 year conTalal Chaudhary is a current freshman at LHS. “I feel excited,” he said, [The staff] are really tract with Cypress Equities for the developments. “ [I] heard a lot of good things about the new school.” The old structure is nearly 40 years in age and has suffered from water prob- excited. There is more office The new school does have many students excited, which may bring highlems throughout the years, due to the land being built on a seeming swamp- space, meeting spaces and er enrollment according to Golden. the classrooms are much land. “We expect about the same enrollment at first,” said Golden excitedly. According to Edward Peters, Capital Project Chief, this includes the contract nicer that our present ones “But I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a slight increase as students see the David Golden with the general contractor and approved other special construction that is awesome new building.” LHS Principal bid separately, such as sales tax, building permits and other regulatory requireStudents are excited, even if they would not necessarily attend the school ments, architectural/engineering and other professional services, furniture and next year. “I am planning on doing full-time running start,” said junior equipment, moving costs, etc. The school is in the process of being built and is located Sobia Shiekh, “so I may not attend it, but the school is huge. I can’t wait to see it.” She at 18218 North Road. Along with a newly furbished building, students and staff will be added, “If I do go, our class would be the first graduating class! So we’re planning to make introduced to a more spacious environment. it the best year ever that everyone would remember.”

News Editor


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4 | Hawkeye | 20 January 2009

Bikini Baristas

It might not end in Athens

Coffee shops going too far to bring in customers

The ancient weapon of mass destruction - A discontented populace



s most of you know a new coffee shop was opened down the street from our school, where Java Lava used to be. Even though the grand opening was just a few weeks ago, people have been driving by to get there coffee. Bikini Baristas used to be called Coffee Nation until one of their shops was being blocked by road construction, so traffic couldn’t come through, and they weren’t getting much business. The Marshall brothers, who are also the owners, turned their Coffee Nation Michele Jaxen Hawkeye staff shop into a shop with girls in bikinis. They were thinking why not bring in customers by hiring skinny “hot” girls and give customers coffee. Since they went through their idea, their business has increased. With the new money that the Marshall brothers are getting, they are buying new coffee shops. So instead of just getting coffee, you get coffee and a show. The girls that work there are generally in a bikini or some other clothes along those lines. So because of their wardrobe that they are wearing behind the window, they get big tips. Sometimes they are getting up to $300 a day of tips alone, and however much the tip for the day is they get to keep the money. Additionally, employees at Bikini Baristas make an average of $9 an hour. Any sort of coffee shop that has their workers in swim suits usually get more tips then other coffee shops; Even if the coffee is better somewhere else they actually wear all of their clothes. In Seattle, the owners of a particular coffee stand have a full-length window so that the customers get the full look of the ladies behind the counter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bikini Baristas constructed a coffee stand with a full-length window as well so their costumers would be getting a good look for what they’re paying for. At Bikini Baristas there have been very few complaints about the coffee shops wardrobe, or lack of. What most people don’t like about this shop is that it is so close to our school, people may go there before school or at lunch to go get coffee. Its understood that the students from school go to that coffee shop, but many feel that is inappropriate for students our age to go there just for a cup of coffee. Then for the students who have an off campus pass, but do not have a car, they may be more likely to go there instead of the Starbucks inside of Albertsons. But honestly guys would be more likely to go there instead of the girls at our school; the girls will probably stick to going into Albertsons Coffee shops aren’t meant for people to show off their bodies, they are to Starbucks coffee, no shirtless there for the customers to get coffee guys work at that coffee shop. Even though the coffee stand is a step up from some other coffee stands that only had stickers to cover the women’s top half; they still aren’t covering up enough. What they are wearing is nothing more then what you would see at the beach or at the pool. But in public places you generally do not see that sort of thing. A lot of people think that they should keep their workers a little more covered. What is sort of sad is that the people who own these sort of coffee shops think they need to show off their workers just to get more money then what their coffee brings in. If they need that much more money then maybe they should change things inside of there shops and not the people who are making the coffee. Not to say anything bad about the people working in these coffee stands but they are not far off from being exotic dancers. Coffee shops are not meant for people to show off their bodies, they are there for the customers to get coffee. People who work at Starbucks have a uniform and they serve good coffee, they do not have to dress down to get people to go to their shop.

ll great empires have eventually crumbled. continued for several weeks without generating Time has watched the uprising of every any fatalities. great nation and society be complemented by an While rioting is ultimately a counter-productive inevitable downfall. Such is way to make a difference, it does send a definite the case of Greece before message; that people have come to mistrust and the Romans, Romans before resent the government. Being a very simplisthe fall of Constantinople, tic and direct approach to making a significant and the early Mesoamericans impact, rioting appeals to upset youth even more before the Spanish conquis- than it does to upset adults. The problem with tadors. Indeed, every new this is that young people invariably bear more government has come to (sometimes mislabeled as anarchist) qualities Brendan Moran Health Co-Editor exist as a direct result of than adults. Active protesters, whether violent an older government disinte- or peaceful, have historically been comprised of grating. The American Revolution, the maelstrom high school and especially college students. The that gave birth to our own nation, is a stark trib- protests gone awry at Kent State decades ago are ute to the indubitable fact that rule sooner or later demonstrative of this, the Tiananmen Square gives birth to rebellion. Such is the balance of protests gone horribly wrong are demonstrative things politically and universally. This is Newton’s of this, and most recently the predicament in third law in a societal aspect: that for every action Greece is demonstrative of this. What this means there is an equal and opposite reaction. is that if things continue to go south in the eyes of There are many places in the world today the general public, all it will take is a simple misthat demonstrate this axiom with great consis- hap before complete disarray overshadows order. tency. The ceaseless coups What this means is that the Chaos has a way of propagating chaos, and overthrows tormenting next rioters could be our nations throughout Africa is especially when forces to subdue the chaos are generation. As delighted as I inadequate or simply not present. one example. Greece is a conmight be to witness subverstant example as well. The sive trends among my peers, riots in Greece did not begin simply because a 15 it is with grave seriousness that I advise against year-old-boy was shot and killed by the police. that kind of backlash. This is not, of course, to Ostensibly this is the case, and the event certainly say that we are going to be looting buildings and seemed to unify protesters under a general direc- throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement tive, but to say it is the true cause of the conflict officers in the near future. No, we must hope for would be a brash misjudgment; it would be like the sake of our increasingly delicate country that saying the Los Angeles riots of 1992 were purely this does not happen. With proper leadership and a result of police brutality towards Rodney King. a measure of restraint we may not have to place Such events may act as a catalyst in the accel- our bids at the whims of serendipity in averting a eration of public unrest but they do not force an potential crisis of this nature. Elemental to this is otherwise inert populace to suddenly rebel. Los the understanding that we are ultimately responAngeles residents seventeen years ago and Greek sible for the things we do, even if done en masse. rioters today share two critical elements in com- Chaos has a way of propagating chaos, especially mon: unemployment and a grave mistrust in when forces to subdue the chaos are inadequate authority. Once these conditions are met, all that or simply not present. Because of this inflamis needed is a spark and the whole lot goes up in matory attribute, it is best to avoid starting these flames. kinds of things from the beginning. From an American standpoint it is easy to see In summation, it would be highly impudent to these kinds of events unfolding in far away places place certainty in any kind of widespread outand dismiss them as insignificant or ineffectual. break of a less than civil nature here in the United It does not take a deep investigation of our his- States, but it would be much more so to rule it out tory, however, to understand and accept that we entirely. Expression can be a very powerful tool are not immune to strife. The economy is in the without the need for violence or destruction, and midst of an undeniable decline and our mili- it is now more than ever that we need to embrace tary is spread around the globe. National Guard our brothers and sisters in a sense of communiunits from 35 states have been deployed over- ty, not a sense of division. The politicians today, seas. Widespread unrest and waning presence of although sometimes astray, have been appropriauthority are increasingly dominant factors that ately stressing the same thing. “Bipartisan” seems have great potential to erupt in a way that has to be their favorite word, and for once it doesn’t proven deadly. A total of 53 people allegedly per- make me cringe to hear their favorite word. It is ished as a direct result of the Los Angeles riots, an important term to understand during a time lasting just under a week. If anything this should when the fissures of misunderstanding separatprove to us that we have a greater capacity for ing us as people are beginning to look more like destruction than citizens in Greece, where rioting impassable chasms.

Staff Editors-in-Chief . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maria DeMiero & Sharon McClintock Photo/Graphics Editor & Web Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cassie Soriano News Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shahrum Ali Feature Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kayla Cooper Technology Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Amanda Lockleer Print Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carly Wicklander Editorial Editor......................................................................................... Frank Hume Opinion Editor.........................................................................................Alexa Turner Health Editors........................................................... Alese Campo & Brendan Moran Arts & Entertainment Editor..............................................................Robina Hamman Sports Editor............................................................................................ Derek Giles Photo Manager....................................................................................Vanessa Chea Copy Editors.........................................................Jerika Bingaman & Tanner Gregory Concession Manager.............................................................................. Jordyn Clark Accountant.....................................................................................Samantha Barker Distribution Manager......................................................................... Samantha Clark


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hawkeye |20 January 2009 | Editorial | 5

Sexual Harassment has devastating effects W

e all know that harassment takes place in schools everywhere. You hear the cases promotions, etc. Mother/Father figure (counselor-helper) is when the harasser tries to of harassment on the news, radio, newspapers, and the internet. So does that create mentor like relationships with the targets, while hiding sexual intentions towards mean that Mountlake Terrace High School personal, educational, or work environment help. has harassment as well? The This is the category that teachers’ harassing students answer is an absolute yes. would fall into. One-of-the-gang is mostly based on There are many different competition, or that the harasser wants to fit in or types of harassment, such thinks it is funny. They can act in groups, or indiones like: sexual harassment, vidually and embarrass others by nasty comments or physical harassment, emounwanted sexual attention. Unintentional is based tional harassment and even on sexual content, and are comments and actions Alisha Evich Hawkeye staff racism just to name a few. that the harasser may do, but have no intention to There are no lines of harassment, there are no be harassing. Talking about sex or some related subboundaries to which a harasser must follow. It ject when someone is uncomfortable is one example could be anyone: adult, teen, male, female, etc. of sexual harassment. Stalking can also be a form of Most common cases are when a male is the sexual harassment. harasser as the female is the victim, or vise versa. Sexual harassment or other harassments in genAlso, there is the possibility of the same gender eral are not kind and no one really likes to be put harassing one another. To some people, harassdown or joke about because of their race, gender, Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye sexual status, religion, appearance, etc. Some effects ing can simply be “just joking around” but to others it can be a fear of facing people at school. on a victim of sexual harassment can be having to In 2002, the American Association of University Woman (AAUW) conducted a study drop classes or change educational plans, being humiliated by gossip, stress with others, of students grades 8 to 11 to find out how many students had been the victim of sexual bad relationships with peers and moving some place else (different city or school). Also harassment. The study showed that 83 percent of girls were sexually harassed and 78 per- being a victim of harassment can put some emotional, physiological, and physical stress cent of boys were sexually harassed. The harasser is somehow often in a position of power and side effects on the person. Some common ones are: depression, sleeplessness, having or authority over the victim. In most cases, women are targets for sexual harassment. You nightmares, fatigue, loss of motivation in unusual activities, eating disorders, weight gain all know what were talking about here. When a girl walks by a or loss, alcohol, drug abuse, loss of confidence, self esteem, and There are no lines of harassment, there are no group of boys, it is fairly common that the boys will make a remark thoughts of suicide or have attempted suicide. of some kind, like whistling or some animal noise. It is true that boundaries to which a harasser must follow. It could Harassment is not something that can really be fixed. There is be anyone; adult, teen, male, female, etc. harassers may be completely unaware of his or her behavior and really no way to make everyone stop and be nice to each other. actions to others. Some may like the remarks and attention from Millions of teenagers are sexually harassed everyday and do not the boys, and it may make them feel good looking and happy; but have the voice to speak up about it. Getting help is a very good to others, some may be freaked out and/or insecure. alternative to ending the struggle with harassment. The teachers, the counselors, the prinThere are many different forms of sexual harassment, and the actions of the harasser ciple, even your parents are there to help you. They care about your safety at school, as could be placed in more than one category. Power play is when the harasser may insist much as you think they do not. on sexual favors in exchange for benefits they can use, such as a job, grades, projects,

Hawkeye Staff Editorial

Obama’s election is only one step towards equality On Feb. 25, 1870, congress gathered to inaugurate Hiram Revels of Mississippi into the Senate. He was to become the first African American to serve in congress, elected just five years after the ratification of the 13th Amendment and the abolition of slavery. On Oct. 2, 1967, Thurgood Marshall became the first African American to hold the seat of a United States Supreme Court Justice. He served until 1991. Now, in the year 2009, we welcome former Illinois Senator Barack Obama to the most eminent position of leadership attainable in this country. As of Tues., Jan. 20, he is the first black man to bear the title of the President of the United States of America. The current condition of the country means he has more than ample opportunity to prove his prowess. In this time of economic uncertainty, military conflict, extravagant government spending, people will be looking towards Obama for more than just leadership; they will be looking for hope. They will be looking for an icon to represent America and our ability to adapt, progress, and change. Can we change? “Yes, we can,” answers Obama, shouting from the podium after the Democratic presidential primary in South Carolina. “Yes, we can heal this nation,” he proclaims, with reassuring confidence etched into his expression. “Yes, we can seize our future,” in a tone of control and determination. “Yes, we can.” For many people Obama has already become that icon of hope and has inspired the youth of our country. In the mock election held Election Day, 73 percent of the MTHS student body voted for Obama. This is an affirmation of his popularity among our peers, and of our astounding support. In his acceptance speech he said, “It’s the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled – Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been a collection of Red States and Blue States: we are, and always will be, the United States of America.” Obama’s victory also carries profound meaning for older generations. Generations of men and women who personally witnessed or experienced many decades of racial division. For many people this is a day they thought they would never see. For us, it is merely a step in the arduous journey towards equality; a step towards the day when we can cast our ballots for a colored man or woman without obliging a newspaper article in celebration. The Hawkeye staff editorial represents the views of the Executive Council

Black Box- Good idea? Glitches in data recorder should be addressed before implementation


ost of us have been on a plane, however, how Wrangler. Well most would say that when you have many of us know about the use of black a Wrangler, you couldn’t have tiny wimpy tires. It boxes on these commercial airlines? The black needs to be manual transmission. But, bigger tires boxes have the capability of make it so your speedometer is slightly off from the recording positioning, actual actual speed you are traveling. If you were going traveling velocity (speed and 55 MPH in 50 MPH zone, once you collide with direction), safety device(s) another object, the EDR would over estimate your utilization, mechanical prob- speed. It would be along the lines of 70 MPH in Jordan Jaxen lems, operating errors, as well a 50 MPH zone. There are still several bugs that Hawkeye staff as audio in the cockpit com- need to be worked out with this “new” system, for partment. The Event Data Recorder (EDR), also example, since the EDR records wheel speed while known as the black box, is capable of doing most of ground speed is what should be the key determiner the tasks required from an airline black box, except and not the speed of the wheels. Although, people that it’s in your car. have made complaints that the EDR infringes on a The device was originally intended to be used as person’s fourth amendment rights. a way auto mechanics could diagnose and fix car I have talked to several people about the issue. problems. Now, how would you feel if the govern- Some think that the EDR is a good idea to improve ment and insurance company’s started using the safety in our society, but the bugs in the system black box in your car to check your driving record? should be worked out before being placed in all I know I would be uncomfortable with people look- vehicles. The few others that I ended up talking ing at what has been recorded in the box, whether I with thought that the automobile black box was was a decent driver or not. a horrible idea, and some have re-thought about Several court cases have been completely based the new car they were looking at, trying to find out off of a vehicles black box. For example, in 2003, which vehicles have an EDR and which do not. Montreal Canada v. Eric Gauthier Now, in coming years we as “The collided with another vehicle in his ...if my fourth amendment right is going People” might not have an option Pontiac Sunfire, his EDR noted to be relinquished due to an EDR then I anymore because the government don’t want any part in this. that he was traveling between has the right to make an item 130 to 160 kilommeter per hour mandatory, whether or not the in a 50 kilometer per hour zone, idea is strongly disliked or not. I which is like going 98 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. The am one of those who do not approve of this system, vehicles driver that Gauthier collid- unless my insurance company decides that they ed with died on the scene, after the accident. would give me a discount for driving safely with the When police pulled together the case, they used the EDR in my car. Along with my permission, I guess black box exclusively to present to the judge; there I could deal with a little spy in my car. But if my was nothing to collaborate against the EDR. Now fourth amendment right is going to be relinquished the black box would be a great advantage to have in due to an EDR then I don’t want any part in this. any case, however, the EDR measures wheel speed My advice to anyone who is worried about a black and not ground speed like an airline black box. box, check the manual for it on your vehicle. If you In a collision the EDR records five seconds prior are looking for a new car, ask the previous owner, to the crash (I.E.), wheel speed, airbag release or the dealer if they sell any vehicles without the time, and other issues that could be helpful when EDR. investigating an accident. Instead, lets say you just bought a new vehicle, for example a new Jeep


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20 JANUARY 2009

The principal’s corner

Take steps protect your valuables I had my iPod Touch stolen from my office a few weeks ago. I had left it in my docking station on my desk and walked away from it for a little while. It wasn’t until later on in the day that I noticed it was missing. What an utterly frustrating experience and one that was ultimately my fault because I left it unattended. Still, I learned a valuable lesson about protecting my things and I thought it might be good to share with all Greg Schwab Principal of you some reminders about protecting your personal property here at MTHS. First, you should assume that anything you own that is valuable—cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, wallets— could be stolen at any time. It seems sad that we have to act that way here, but given how often these items are reported as stolen, it only makes sense to be cautious with your things. Someone is going to want your cell phone and you must take steps to protect it. Someone is going to want your iPod. Someone is going to want your wallet. If these

items are important, then you must think that they could be taken from you. Second, take steps to protect your things. One day earlier this school year, I was walking down the hallway at lunch and I found a backpack sitting by a classroom door. The owner of the backpack was nowhere in sight. So, I picked up the backpack and took it to the Main Office. About 30 minutes later, I got an angry call from a parent. She was upset because her daughter’s backpack had been stolen at lunch. After talking with her for a bit, she explained what the backpack looked like and as it turned out, it was the same backpack that I had found in the hall. I explained to this parent how I had come across the backpack and I was able to get it back to the student. The lesson in all of this is simple: protect your things. Don’t leave your backpack unattended. Don’t leave your cell phone or iPod in plain sight and walk away from it. Apart from the distractions that using electronic devices cause in class, there is another reason why we discourage the use of electronic devices at school. Quite simply, they are targets for theft. Keeping them put away during class is another way you can protect your valuable items. If these items are important to you, then keep them with

a word from your asb officers

you. Also, don’t bring large amounts of money to school. Use a check if you need to pay for something. If you have to carry a large amount of cash, bring it to the office—we will gladly store it for you to help keep it safe. Third, report thefts immediately to our SRO, Officer Froisland. We are able to recover things that get stolen. Many times, if we can talk to students soon after an item is reported missing, we stand a better chance of getting the item back. The sooner we can act, the better. Small items like cell phones and iPods get passed through many hands very quickly, so time is really important in dealing with these things. Any information you have about who was around you, specific details about the item stolen, serial numbers—all of this is helpful information that can assist in getting items returned to their owners. While I’d like to think otherwise, it is really important that we all take steps to reduce the opportunities that we could be the victims of theft. Ultimately, we are the ones who can control what happens to our things and I would encourage everyone to take the steps necessary to protect those items that are valuable to you. The Hawkeye provides school officials this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

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School Updates H

ey everyone! I hope you’re all making it through finals and into the new semester okay. We have a dance coming up in February. Twin Tolo, which is in the last week of February, is on the Friday the 27 from 9pm12am. This dance, which is put on by the senior class ASB, is going to have a Fresh Prince of BelAir theme. You and your date can dress up like the Fresh Prince (90s style), or else wear whatever you want, as long as the two of you match! Don’t forget, this one is girls ask boys, and the senior class ASB will be giving out two free tickets to the girl who asks her date in the cutest and/or most creative Whitney Gretch ASB Public Relations Officer way, so go all out! Also coming up soon is Terrace Idol, the singing competition between students from Terrace, Lynnwood, Edmonds Woodway, and Meadowdale. The first show is on Friday, Feb. 6 at 7pm. The semifinalists will return on Thursday, Feb. 12 at 7pm. Finalists will continue onto the last night, which is on Friday, Feb. 20 and 7pm, when the winner will be chosen. Each night costs $5 for admission or $12 for all three nights. Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Finally, Big ASB elections are coming up! Petitions will be out in the first week of February. There are six positions that you can run for: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and Historian. Get your petitions from the ASB office; we’d love to have you run! Have a great second semester!

Use the form below to let the readers of the Hawkeye know what you think. Turn in your letter to Alexa Turner in room 130. You can also e-mail your letter to or mail it to us at: Hawkeye 21801-44th Ave. W Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043. Feel free to use additional sheets of paper if necessary. Anonymous letters are not accepted.


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Hawk Talk Q: What are you doing for the inauguration?

Ivy Herald

Richmond Parakhen

Teresa Fractious

Colm Mars

Paige Duckett

“Probably stay home, maybe just watch it on TV.”

“I’m gonna have a big party; we’re even gonna get t-shirts.”

“I’ll just be watching it on TV... I’m not having a party or anything .”

“Sitting at home... having a party... I don’t know.”

“Maybe I’ll go down to the Paramount and see it there. ”



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7 | Hawkeye | 20 January 2009

Meet ms. nelson

IS THIS NORMAL?! Dear Ms. Nelson,

I’m having problems with my two friends who always break up and get back together again. They complain and talk about each other to me all the time. I care about both people but I’m tired of listening to them. I try not to deal with their drama but they keep pulling me in. Any advice?

Annoyed and Struggling

Kimberly Nelson ITN?! Columnist

ITN?! (Is This Normal?!) Columnist Kimberly Nelson is here to answer all health-related questions you might be afraid to ask, or to address questions she just feels like she really needs to answer. Credentials? Yep. She’s got ’em. Not only is she an MTHS health educator, she has a masters degree in Theology and Counseling. So, submit your questions to the Hawkeye, Ms. Nelson or the Health Editors in room 130. Letter writers may choose to remain anonymous.

Dear A & S,

It sounds like you and your friends don’t have clear boundaries. First of all, while it is really nice to be a good friend, listen to their problems and support them, it’s important to not get so involved that you lose yourself. Supporting friends does not mean taking responsibility for their problems. Sometimes people, especially girls, need to talk about problems in order to sort out answers and plan action. That is a great strategy. But, when that talking becomes repetitive or a regular pattern, the listener begins to get stressed out. Problems happen when the listener begins to take action or get too involved. Sometimes we have a hard time staying out because we think we can help. In reality, we are making the problem worse. Unless they need help learning communication skills or clarifying information, any romantic relationship that requires you to help sort out problems or help with communication is doomed and you should stay out! Offer them ideas on how to talk to each other rather than you! Good luck!

Nelson’s Tips

Dear Ms. Nelson,

Is there any special care you should do for your pubic hair besides washing or shaving?

Itchy Below

Dear Itchy,

Let me just quickly consult my “Care and Management of Pubic Hair for Idiots Guide”; Chapter 3: Basic Hygiene. Judging by your signature, you must be suffering from genital itching. Genital itching can be caused by a variety of issues including poor hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, and wiping practices. In the back of odd magazines you might see adds for pubic hair care products similar to hair care products. Frankly, they are gimmicks. Genital areas are sensitive to perfumes and chemicals. Just use a nice mild soap and rinse well. Now, if you have any sores, discharge, weird bumps and pains or itching that doesn’t improve with better hygiene, get to the doctor as soon as possible! Alese Campo/Hawkeye

To help keep yourself decent, here are a few healthy hygiene tips: 1) After using the toilet, wipe front to back to prevent bacteria from spreading. 2) Wash your genital parts regularly and thoroughly. 3) After washing genitals, towel them dry and if necessary use a powder which doesn’t contain perfumes. Cornstarch powders are recommended. 4) Change your underwear every 24 hours. 5) Wear loose, natural-fiber underclothing. Avoid extra sweating! 6) Use mild, unscented laundry detergents to wash your underwear. 7) Consider allergies: since genitals are dark, moist places, they tend to react strongly to soaps, perfumes, lotions, and other toiletries. 8) Girls: avoid chemical products such as vaginal douches or feminine hygiene sprays, they can upset the acidic balance of the vagina. 9) Exercise caution when/if shaving the genital area. 10) And of course: AVOID UNPROTECTED SEX! Especially if you are worried that you or your partner might have an infection.

Don’t bring your drinking into the new year The New Year is here and 2009 seems to have a good vibe to it. This is also a time when the majority of students reflect on the things in their lives. This includes some changes, the difference from last year to this year, relationships, friends and family. Some students feel more stress at this time of years than others, due to their family situations at home. Beyond this let’s look at understanding what social drinking is and what it isn’t. I believe students can empower themselves in understanding these difference and consequently learn to make a smart choice when it comes to alcohol. Low drama and keeping it simple can be the best recipe for low stress. Social drinking is defined as abusing alcohol occurs when a person consumes at a rate and manner that results in being buzzed or drunk. An example of social drinking is when you are at the holiday dinner table with your family and are drinking a small glass of wine, sipping it, enjoying your meal, family company and the “toasting.” The focus and goal is not on getting buzzed or drunk. The focus is enjoying the family members, and pleasure that the gathering provides. The alcohol is way secondary and subsequent. In fact it’s not even a priority that all the alcohol is

consumed from the glass. The binge attitude or behavior is put em down until I get that buzz or until I’m wasted or out of control. Binge drinkers consume a large quantity quickly and consequently lose control of their abilities to control their thoughts and actions. Binge drinking puts the individual’s B.A.L. (blood alcohol level) at a level that compromises their brain’s ability to make rational decisions. That’s why teens who’ll say they would never drink / or use drugs and drive, or get into a car with someone driving that is impaired / under the influence of drugs, end up in that car. Their initial intentions were to never get in that highrisk situation. Binge drinking has a significant effect on being able to make a healthy decision. If you think about it, it’s like setting yourself up to not remember where you were, who you ended up with in the morning, where the car is, or who said what to whom. Again with binge drinking one’s B.A.L. gets so high that the personal boundaries that they regularly use are just disregarded. Let’s look at the choices: “Do I want to binge drink? Do I want to put myself or my friends in a high risk situation, disable my brain from making safe decisions or harm others or myself? Or can I just have one drink, hang out for a couple of hours, keep a clear head, keep my boundaries, have control over my decisions, enjoy my friends and get home safely.” Another choice is to drink nonalcoholic drinks, have fun, be yourself and learn how to laugh and be spontaneous without drinking. Learn how to feel attractive to the opposite sex or any sex you like without using, (that’s a future subject but a real one). It’s a satisfying feeling to drive sober or ride with a sober driver and make it home safely without any drama. Hey, no cop can screw with you. Namaste, Mr. Clune

Clune’s Alcohol Stats •

Every day, on average, 11,318 American youth (12 to 20 years of age) try alcohol for the first time, compared with 6,488 for marijuana; 2,786 for cocaine; and 386 for heroin. Alcohol is by far the most used and abused drug among America’s teenagers. According to a national survey, nearly one third (31.5 percent) of all high school students reported hazardous drinking (5+ drinks in one setting) during the 30 days preceding the survey. Children who are drinking alcohol by 7th grade are more likely to report academic problems, substance use, and delinquent behavior in middle school and high school. By young adulthood, early alcohol use was associated with employment problems, other substance abuse, criminal and other violent behavior.

meet mr. clune

Michael Clune Intervention Prevention Columnist

Michael Clune is a highly skilled, experienced Chemical Dependency Counselor and is available to help and assist MTHS students and staff with Alcohol/Drug issues. This could be another student, one of your friends, family members or yourself needing information, a referral, or counseling services. Clune is a Nationally-certified Addictions Counselor, a Mental Health Specialist and he is also Nationally Certified to deal with Domestic Violence/Anger Management and Relapse Prevention problems.

Phone: (425) 431-5599 Office: Counseling Center Hours: M-F 7a.m.-2p.m.

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8 | Hawkeye | 20 January 2009

By Joy Mabilangan Hawkeye staff

Twinformation Monozygotic (Identical twins)


(Fraternal twins)

Female-Female Male-Male

Female-Male Female-Female Male-Male

Types of twins

Identical twins are made when one egg is fertilized and then splits into two embryos. Fraternal twins are made when two fertilized eggs implant themselves in the uterine wall at the same time.

How does it work?

-Mary-Kate and -Joel and Benji M -Scarlett and Hu -Aaron and Ang -Vin Diesel and -Justin and Laur -Ashton and Mic -Elvis and Jesse


Hawkeye | 20 january 2009 | feature |9


bring us up that way. We were brought up to just be ourselves.” Twins have a lot of stunts or tricks that they pull on people. “I’m not sure Nancy and I are most memorable from our youth for being known as the “Paine twins.” Our known world is broadened because there are twice the number of people who know one or the other of us. I know that I get a lot of stares because there is a significant population of teenagers that Nancy has taught math to and these people confuse me for her. It can be a bit of a comedy routine. I usually let them know they have been twinned,” said Susan Paine, who is the recently appointed ESD School Board President. “I can’t imagine what my life would be like if Nancy weren’t around. But, then again, I’ve never not been a twin – I can’t evaluate what the difference would be if I weren’t born a twin… I know that it has always been fun and a comfort to have someone a lot like me to go to as a friend.”

Tanner G regory/ H awke


magine having someone that looks exactly like when I had to tune the flute in front of him, and when you. What would it be like to have a twin? she had to play a solo on the drums. It was hilarious!” “Imagine having your best friend around you all commented Lexi. the time. That’s what its like, but they happen to look Seniors Ryan and Jaykob Sells are twins as well. just like you. People stare at us a lot and ask questions “Ryan is taller, has an earring, and has bigger ears,” comall the time. It’s usually the subject that starts up conmented Senior Jaykob Sells. That’s how he describes versations when we meet people,” said seniors Ashley the differences between himself and his twin brother and Lexi Juretich. Lexi is the older of the Juretich twins senior Ryan Sells, “But I’m older by 3 minutes and I’m by nine minutes. shorter.” You might wonder how parents go Ryan Sells said, “It’s great [to have a twin] through having twins. “We were nurtured “I know that it has always because I always have my brother for sports just like any other kids. Nothing different. been fun and a comfort to and stuff.” Despite what many people think It’s more work for the parents with two kids have someone a lot like me of twins, Jaykob Sells said, “no, we don’t finto go to as a friend.” the same age though,” they said. ish each other’s sentences, but sometimes, Susan Paine It might be cool to have we do think the same thing and say the ESD School Board President/ twin a twin. One time, the same thing.” Juretich twins switched It is typical for most twins to have a lot places. “We switched band instruin common, but this is not the case with freshman ments in middle school. Ashley plays Candice and Abby McVay. “Our style is somewhat difthe flute and I play the drums. So ferent. I wear more tomboy clothes and I tend to wear one day, we switched darker clothes,” said Abby. “And I wear more of preppy for the class, and to clothes. I wear lighter color of clothes,” added Candice. our surprise, the When you see the McVay twins walking around the teacher had no halls of Terrace, you’ll notice that Abby is shorter idea. Even than Candice. “But I’m older than Candice by two minutes,” said Abby. “I guess twins who are the oldest are the ones who become shorter than the other.” “It gets annoying having a twin sometimes, but I get stressed out when I’m not around Candice. It’s like a separation anxiety. We even requested to have every class the same,” said Abby McVay. Just like the McVay twins, not everything is the same with the Hartle twins, freshman Alex and Keegan. What is the difference between the Hartle twin’s personalities? “I feel more comfortable as a leader and I don’t get quite as angry as Keegan does,” said Alex Hartle. “It is nice to have a twin around, because you’re never alone and sometimes we’re put in the same situations and you always have somebody to keep you company, or to talk with,” said Keegan, “but at times, it does get annoying.” The Hartle twins find it amusing when people get them mixed up. “We’re not like any other typical twins. We rarely finishes each other’s sentences, but sometimes, we get the basics of what the other one thinks and we get the expressions and we understand each other by that.” Juniors Aaron and Evan Anderson also said that they don’t finish each other’s sentences. “We don’t get what the other twin is feeling, we don’t feel the same things,” said Aaron. “I guess we’re different when it comes to personality because I tend to question a lot of people, and just ask a lot of questions,” said Aaron. “I’m also a lot more upbeat,” he added. “It’s fun to have a twin, because we end up playing tricks on people. Like last year, me and Evan switched places in Ms. Monrad’s class in French and in Ms. Hartline’s class also.” With Nancy Paine-Donovan, who is a math teacher here at Terrace, said, “We seem to be very alike, we know what the other one is thinking,” said Paine. “It may be a lot different if I didn’t have a twin. I guess for me, I would be a lot more friendly and more outgoing with friends. Some twins get compared with their looks and how they are, but not us. Our parents didn’t Kevin Hense/ Hawkeye

d Ashley Olson Madden unter Johansson gel Carter d Paul Vincent ra Timberlake (died at birth) chael Kutcher e Presley (died at birth)

ous twins

-The Yoruba people in Africa have a twinning rate of 45 per every 1000 births. This has been traced to a yam that they eat which has high levels of a particular hormone. -Fraternal twins can have two different fathers. -Vegan mothers are five times less likely to have twins. -There is a restaurant in New York owned by twin sisters. They employ 37 sets of twins as waiters.


Clockwise: The Sells brothers after a basketball game against Meadowdale. The team won 48-42 with Jaykob scoring and 7 and Ryan scoring 16 points. The Juretich twins get silly. Lexi is older than Ashley by 9 minutes.The McVay twins have two different senses of styles, but they get along great and request to have every class together. The Hartle twins have different personalities as well. They like having a twin and find it amusing when people get them mixed up.

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10 | Hawkeye | 20 January 2009

The Day the Zunes

Stood Still By Amanda Lockleer





& Ka yla






Technology Editor

A not so happy New Year for Microsoft leaves thousands of people Zuneless. Or at least just for the night. At around midnight 30GB Zunes around the country mysteriously froze up. The music player then attempted to reboot its self, when it fails again, and freezes up as soon as it reaches the full reboot mark. People who own Zunes may or may not have happened to them, but in the event that it did, Microsoft had some response to the thousands of cries heard from all of the confused owners. Matt Akers of the Zune Product Team wrote on Zune. net, “A bug in the internal clock driver related to the way the device handles a leap year” is to blame for this, now solved, mystery. Internet message boards, blogs, and product Web sites were almost immediately flooded with complaints regarding the problem. Almost all the effect-

ed Zunes were “fixed” or went back to normal by Jan. 2 or within the next few days. Some people are comparing this incident to the Y2K (year 2000) omen that stated that at the beginning of the year 2000 all computers and electronics would stop working, sending companies and users into massive turmoil. Zune owners are calling this incident the Y2K9 because if the prophecy was coming true, then it would be 9 years overdue. Microsoft’s Zunes were not the only devices that experienced difficulties on Dec. 31 and New Years. The Toshiba Gigabeat, similar to the Zune, experienced similar problems (but on a smaller scale). And according to, the leap year issue was to blame once again.

Steve Jobs is alive, but not so well By Jessica Lim Hawkeye staff

People who have never heard of Steve Jobs probably live in a cave. Steve Jobs is the co-founder of the Apple Company since 1976, and also CEO, for now. That’s right he did make that iPod seen in so many people’s pockets or the Macintosh computer sitting on so many people’s desks, or that iPhone which so many teens didn’t get for the holidays even after the endless hours of begging. He isn’t just a technological genius inventor, in addition is he also the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, producing top films like: “Finding Nemo,” “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story,” “Monsters Inc.,” and much more. Is there anything this man can’t do? There have been rumors of Jobs leaving Apple due to his health issues. Jobs has been gracious and decided to share this with the public even though it seems that he is going

through a tough time, but who wouldn’t, when it seems they are about to die. But Jobs’s condition is more serious then people thought. Due to the current condition of his pancreatic cancer, Jobs will be taking a 6-month leave, returning in June of 2009. Jobs is lucky to have found this cancerous problem early, before things got bad, having found this early, Jobs had went through a tremendous surgery. This pancreatic cancer is exceedingly rare but is also easy to overcome if found in the beginning stages. As for the weight he has lost mysteriously, doctors think they have found that it was due to his hormonal imbalances, which were “robbing” him of his essential proteins needed for his body to be healthy. Jobs was the achiever of everyone’s dreams, becoming a multimillionaire, even before the age of 30. As a child he was an orphan, then, he was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. They were living in Mountain View, California at the time but because he wasn’t happy with the school there they moved to Los Altos. At Homestead High school

(the school he moved to in Los Altos) he had this electronic teacher who had said that he “always had a different way of looking at things”, which apparently paid off since now he is famous, multimillionaire, technological genius. At one of his jobs, Jobs met Stephen Wozniak leader of the “Homebrew Computer Club”, who later became the co-founder of Apple. In 1976 they had constructed the first Apple I computer. They sold the Apple I to members of the “Homebrew Computer Club” at $666, and profited $774,000. The next year Wozniak and Jobs came up with the Apple II, it was still simple and compact but it now had a colored screen and had a library that could hold 16,000 software programs. Within three years this Apple II made them $139,000,000. With their growth in technology and understanding, came forth other products more familiar with teens as well as adults today and Apple products are used all around the world, it’s so popular that other companies have been trying to form things such as the iPod and the iPhone.

SAT handheld study guide By Ryanne Vogel

The guide gives an evaluation on the areas that need improvement on and The creator of this feedback on improvements. The new Pocket Prep™ Interactive device, Franklin There are also practice drills for the Handheld Tutor for the SAT and ACT Electrons, states that math and verbal sections, as well as (TSA-2400), or a handheld electronic if someone complete test taking strategies and techniques. SAT/ACT guide, is the new way to all the activities and In addition, the guide has electronic it does not improve flash cards, a dictionary with over study. their actual test The study guide goes for around $130, 100,000 words, and a thesaurus with scores, they will depending on where it is bought. It was over 500,000 synonyms and antrefund them. designed for the busy lives of teens, so onyms. There is also an SAT vocabu____________________ it is five inches by four inches and one lary list with over 5,000 words cusinch thick, which is small enough to tom user word list. In addition there take most places. is a grammar guide and a calculator. It includes verbal, math, and essay preparation. The creator of this device, Franklin Electrons, Along with timed full length practice tests which states that if someone completes all the activiare instantly scored, it also gives personal diagnos- ties, practice drills, and a number of practice tic reports for the test you just took. This allows tests and it does not improve their SAT or users to find out what questions they answered ACT score they will refund them. incorrectly and what the correct answers were.

Hawkeye staff

Vanessa Chea/Hawkeye

hawkeye | 20 january 2009 | Technology |11

Get ready

for the switch

By Suzanne Cho

ming after March. However, those with analog televisions will need a digital-to-analog converter box with it to continue to watch broadcast television on that set. This converter box will also enable them to see any additional multicast programming that their TV local stations are offering. Another option is to buy a new television, because as of March, analog TVs are gone and, so because of that, all new televisions should have a built-in digital tuner. The TVs out in stores that include the built-in digital tuners are SDTV (standard-definition TV, which is an analog TV with a built-in digital tuner), EDTV (enhanced-definition TV), and HDTV (high-definition TV, the most common type of digital television). Now is a good time to consider getting cable service or installing a satellite receiver. The local channels that the TV get through its antenna, as well as through its analog signal are still available, but they’ll stop broadcasting in analog after March. Getting cable or satellite service will help people to continue to keep watching their TV channels, and also give them the very best quality picture and sound technology it can provide. It was up until Jan. 9 that the date that the switch was scheduled to happen was Feb. 17. Obama made the decision to push the switch back a month in hopes that it will minimize the confusion. Switching to digital television is a good idea in order to make sure TV viewing doesn’t get interrupted. This way, people will be satisfied and won’t have to miss any episodes of their favorite shows.

Hawkeye staff

Remember back in the old days before cable when everyone tried to adjust the antenna of their TVs just to get a better signal? Those days are gone and now, a new time of digital television has begun. Starting sometime in March of 2009, television broadcast stations will stop broadcasting in analog format (TVs with rabbit-ear antennas) and broadcast only in digital format. Important benefits of switching to all-digital broadcasting are that digital broadcasting allows stations to offer improved picture and sound quality, and digital is much more efficient than analog. This also helps TVs to have Multicasting, which allows broadcast stations to offer several channels of digital programming at the same time. More importantly, the switch to all- digital frees up frequencies for emergency providers such as the police, the fire department, ambulances, and rescue. This will help cell phone services by using the freed up frequencies for advanced commercial wireless services. To be prepared for this digital TV broadcasting, people will have to consider the type of TV they have. A digital television (a TV with an internal digital tuner) will allow them to continue to watch free over-the-air program-

Chris Keith/Hawkeye

Handheld printer for on the go .com



By Jennifer Tran Hawkeye staff

The Pogo Instant Mobile Printer was internationally released on July 4, 2008. The Pogo was produced by Polaroid, the company responsible for manufacturing instamatic cameras back in the day. The Pogo, which stands for Polaroid on the Go, include special features that allow users to print photos from a mobile phone and digital camera. This new and stylish printer promises users to unlock “photos trapped on mobile phones and digital cameras.” Just about the size of a deck of cards, the pogo can easily be hand held or placed in pockets. The hand held printer is portable and can be used with no computer connections. The Pogo is one of the easiest ways to print images from a camera phone and digital camera. With a Bluetooth-enabled camera phone, images can be transferred wirelessly to the mobile printer and print instantly. As for a digital camera, users would connect the USB cable to the PictBridgeenabled camera and the printer and simply print the selected images. Within 60 seconds, photos and images are ready to share, making the Pogo very convenient. It is very unique compared to other printers. Instead of printing with ink, the pogo uses Zero Ink printing technology from Zink Imaging. It works by using original Zink paper made from advanced compos-

zink ww. of w

ite material with embedded yellow, magenta, and cyan dyed crystals. Using that, the Pogo uses heat to activate and colorize the crystals in the paper to bring out the color in the images. Therefore, the photos are 100 percent inkless, making it eco-friendly. The Pogo is not only convenient, but it is also very stylish. The printer is very sleek. It comes in the color black with a silver border. With a dimension of 4.7 by 2.8 by 0.9 inches, the Pogo only weighs 8 ounces. Compared to other printers, which can weigh up to 20 pounds or more, this pocket size printer is rather small. You can print 2 by 3-inch borderless color images instantly anywhere in under a minute. The photos produced by the Pogo are long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterresistant, tear-proof, and fade resistant. The printer includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The pogo is convenient, eco-friendly, and sleek. Compared to most printers, the pogo is rather expensive, but considering all of its features the pogo is worth it. Usually this instant mobile printer sells for 150 dollars in the U.S., and 10 dollars for 30 sheets of the Zink paper. With the Pogo in hand, everyone can share photos while on vacation or just hanging out with friends.

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Richmond Parakhen Terrace sophomore creates award-winning art By Alisha Evich

his ex-girlfriend. “She would always look at the artwork first, then at me and give me that smile, you know, golden.” In the twenty-first century, people started to see the writHe was 13 years old when his ex-girlfriend passed away, ings of graffiti turn into a form of art instead of useless 5 years after he found his artistic swing. After moving scribble. But who are the artists behind the spray cans? back to Kansas at 14, he won multiple awards for his art. Leave that question to Richmond Parakhen. This MTHS He also said that he won tons of awards at fairs while livsophomore has an eye for creativity. ing there. “None of the awards really matter, I just do the Born in Kansas then moving to California where he was art for my ex girlfriend and to see her raised, Parakhen has lived smile.” 15 years of his life seeHe moved to My ex-girlfriend passed away and she really liked Washington at 15. ing through an artist’s eye. So, what sparked the cre- the brightness and that it was different. She would Painting not only ative light bulb in this 15 always smile when she saw my artwork. I miss that. stirs his creative imagRichmond Parkhen year old’s mind? Around ination, but is also a the age of 7 or 8, Parakhen stress reliever. “When had begun demonstrating I’m really mad, like his artistic talent, which would later open many great really want to yell, I’ll paint. It calms opportunities. me down.” Between drawing and painting, he prefers painting, When he was living in California, he but that doesn’t mean he leaves pencils behind. He uses was strolling the warm beach and saw whatever is around, such as watercolors, acrylics, oils, and a local artist painting, and sparked Parakhen’s all time favorite, spray paint. There are many his interest. “He pulled out a paintdifferent styles of art that can be made with spray paint; he ing which was a sun, with a field of prefers esthetic graffiti with a sort of Japanese look to it. flowers blowing in the wind. There His paintings usually contain portraits, and lettering is an angel walking through the field, with arrows. “Its easy to use, feels more free, physcodelic,” silhouettes are all over, and the black says Parakhen, “painting brings out more color, makes it shadows. I asked him what it meant more real.” and he replied ‘you tell me.’” From 8 to the 15 year old he is now, the inspiration that So what are his plans for the future kept him going was a personal loss, “My ex-girlfriend outside of high school? He has two passed away and she really liked the brightness and that in mind, “I think I would make paintit was different. She would always smile when she saw my ing a day time career, [and because] I artwork. I miss that.” like music, at night I can just go, get a With a smile that had a comforting, mother-takes-care- band, and go play.” of-baby feel, Parakhen continued to do art in memory of One opportunity that has Parakhen’s

Hawkeye staff

interest in hand is contributing in the MTHS art hallway. “I look down the hallway and see all this art stuff and wonder ‘who’s that for?’” His idea of what he would like to paint would be based on inspirational features. “In the center I would make a graffiti piece saying eternal, with arrows looping around Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and other inspirational people. At the bottom there would be a row of people looking up to the others.”

Above: Parakhen’s graffiti art. Below: A collection of Parakhen’s sketch’s Clockwise from left: an acrylic of a young woman, a combination of a sketch in pen, acrylics, and magazine cutouts, and finally, sketch in pen combined with charcoal.

hawkeye | 20 January 2009 | A&E |13

An inside look at The Pangeans By Brendan Moran Health Editor

sets groovy and relaxed. If it’s hard to imagine that kind of sound without hearing it, a few early demos can be found on their MySpace page at If you like what you hear, consider checking them out at Ground Zero in Bellevue on January 30. The show starts at 7:00

p.m. and admission is $6, or $5 if you come with an item of canned food for donation to the teen center. The Pangeans have already played KTUB in Kirkland and the Lab in Seattle. They plan to keep hitting local venues, so plan on seeing more from them.

“All my songs are weird and eight minutes long,” said Keith Comeau, Terrace junior the lead singer and bassist of The Pangeans. “We don’t like to limit ourselves to one genre,” he added. Named for the Paleozoic supercontinent Pangaea, The Pangeans are a mix of Terrace and Shorecrest students, with Keith on vocals and bass and Ryan Kintz, MTHS Junior, on electric guitar. From Shorecrest: Brandon Bellar (electric guitar), Tyler Alben (drums), and Sage Berg (keyboard). Comeau and Bellar met in middle school and have been playing music together ever since. They hadn’t participated in a full-fledged band until early ninth grade, when Sergei and the Federales were born as a joint effort between Comeau, Alben, and Comeau’s elementary-school friend McKinnon. The band eventually separated and Keith tried to get into playing ska music. “Unfortunately not many teenagers are into ska, so it never happened,” Keith mused. Comeau, Bellar, and Alben formed The Pangeans early in their sophomore year. It was not until much later that year that the band would see the addition of it’s fourth member, Kintz, along with the dawn of their recording efforts. Berg has recently joined as the keyboard player. They are currently on the lookout for a skilled viola player. The combination of talents and musical backgrounds present within the band helps keep their eclectic sound flowing smoothly. The genre displayed on their MySpace page lists them as Experimental/Funk/Psychedelic, but the truth of the matter is that their music escapes classification. Speaking on his favorite bands, which include Jethro Tull, and Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, “They have all done something different in their music. They have all formed their own path,” said Comeau. This influence seems to bear heavily upon their song selection; their diverse tracks may contain blazing metal riffs from guitarist Kintz, evocative classical guitar pieces composed Photo Courtesy of The Pangeans by Comeau, or both. Hints of funk and reggae keep their The Pangeans playing at KTUB, Oct. 10. Left to Right: Ryan Kintz, Keith Comeau, Brandon Bellar. “It’s really soothing,” says Keith. “It takes me to another place. When I’m singing, when I’m playing, I can’t feel it.”

Preview: “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” MTHS Drama department to premiere Jan. 22 with in-school matinee By Kathryn Goddard Hawkeye staff

The latest of MTHS’s drama department productions, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), opens this week. The Reduced Shakespeare Company wrote it in 1987, where it was preformed for nine weeks in London’s Criterion Theater, making it a highly popular show around the world. The play is a modern comedy that reduces all of Shakespeare’s plays into one show. Michael Ward, Alan Garcia, Nick Terry, and Gabriel Much portray themselves in Terrace’s production, and introduce themselves in the First Act. Starting out with the tragedies, the cast’s lack of preparation becomes obvious, making the tragedies absolutely hilarious. The actors eventually get through all of the tragedies and comedies. However, the actors experience some difficulties making it through Hamlet, which is the foundation of the Second Act. One of the actors had trouble getting through Hamlet’s to be, or not to be speech and another did not want to play the role of Ophelia during the Nunnery Scene. Throughout the show, the actors utilize a variety of methods to perform Shakespeare’s plays. Such methods include a cooking show, a rap, and even audience participation; they get through the plays with lively humor. The way the actors interacted with each other and having casual conversations on stage as though there was no one watching them.

The informal audience-actor relationship makes for an enjoyable, casual experience, and the audience is sure to have a good time. Audience members were asked to take over some parts of the play, or might be singled out by the performers. “The audience might enjoy being made fun of,” Ward said. What is incredible, is how prepared the cast is considering that they lost several days of rehearsal due to all of the snow in December. “We’re ready to open today,” said Ward. There were also some plans to add to the performance, “But it was too complicated and we had to cut it,” said Ward. Directed by Jeannie Brzovic, the cast is guaranteed to provide entertainment for various types of people. Whether a person loves Shakespeare, even more so if they don’t, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) will leave the audience wanting more. There is a in school matinee, Thursday Jan. 22, priced at five dollars instead of the regular price of seven dollars and fifty cents. With a show the same evening at 7:30, as well as on Jan. 23 and 24, a person would be very sorry to miss what is sure to be one of Terrace’s finest theater productions. “I’m super excited,” Ward said. Kathryn Goddard/Hawkeye

Actor’s Perspective “We are ready to open today. We wanted to do some new stuff, but it was too complicated and we had to cut it ... with all of the snow days, we lost several days of rehearsal. I’m super excited.”

~ Michael Ward

Freshman Information Sessions Tuesday, January 20, 2009 - 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 4, 2009 - 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Learn everything you need to know about the application process, the first-year experience, degree programs, specialized support services, student life and more! Register online:

14 | A&E | 20 January 2009 | hawkeye


Go online now to to rate and post your opinion about these BOOKSTORES


Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble is a nice place with nice carpet and the reception area in the center so it’s easy to find and ask any questions. The employees are always eager to help you find a book. Along with the coffee shop they have other items to sell such as calendars, pens, and small toys. Their kids section is in the back so kids are not getting underfoot while searching for their books. The store seems to have an echo, so it can get loud when coffee shop blends drinks or people are noisy. The shelves seems disorganized and books can sometimes be hard to find on your own. Many books are around $20. It can be hard to find the cashiers because they are against the far wall of the building.

Borders is a lovely place to be. Great background music makes it a comfortable place to be. Borders has multiple computers around the store, which you can use to look for books, music, and movies. The plethora of merchan-


❦ ❦ ❦

Barnes and Noble in University Village can be a lot of fun. It’s more like a day trip or an afternoon adventure, because it’s a ways away. It’s nice in that there are so many different people there. They have tons of books, magazines, and some media. The store is huge, and feels bigger with its high ceilings and big windows. It has character enough to cause a person to linger longer than just to do business. The frustration is in the event something purchased must be returned. They don’t do exchanges or returns for anything past 14 days, so watch out. Barnes and Noble in Alderwood is just a bookstore with difficult parking, so I skip that store when given an option.

Marly Hartline librarian


The whole thing about books is that they take you somewhere else besides here. That’s what makes Third Place Books so good. There are good smells from surrounding restaurants and bakeries, a little shuffling and people noise. There’s a slight maze set up with comfortable chairs in unexpected places to kind of get lost in, if you want. Then there are the books themselves. New and used books sit side by side on the shelves, so chances are good for both the rich and the poor and there is variety. Going through checkout is kind of an adventure because of the cool and quirky things for sale along the way to the desk. It’s a good place to find other fun stuff to buy. The sales clerks are helpful and parking is easy.

❦ ❦ ❦

The Barnes and Nobles on the way to the mall has been there for as long as I can remember. Actually, out of all three stores, Barnes is the only place I ever bought a book from (Harry Potter #7; waited till midnight eating McDonald’s french fries.) It’s very organized, but unlike Borders’ layout, you actually have to do a little searching, like I had for their manga section. It also offers a bigger coffee area than Borders, so that’s good for coffee drinkers (yuck). One thing I like about B&N that I don’t think I looked for in Borders was the series “Idiot’s Guide to…”. Also, I would prefer pre ordering anything at Barnes than elsewhere. The only reason Barnes doesn’t get 5 stars is because Third Place has a Teriyaki place in it’s food court.

Shahrum Ali News Editor


& Noble by a slim margin. The lower floor is always teeming with people and noise, and the smell of coffee can be overwhelming.


Alderwood both have little cafes. In terms of atmosphere, they feel a little flat. I don’t go there to get creative and peruse the covers and linger. I go there to buy a book and do business. All the sales clerks I’ve met are nice

Barnes & Noble

Borders is a pleasant, quite place, located nicely at the outside of the mall. It has a coffee counter, so that’s nice if your there just to read. The store has a nice selection of magazines, books and a few DVD’s as well. I personally


dise keeps easily fills up both floors, but the floor layout feels a little bit scrambled. They offer a wide selection from all genres and authors and will ship out-of-stock books to stores at request. Prices are lower than Barnes

Barnes & Nobles

Borders is decent. They sell books magazines, calendars and some media. I’ve been to Alderwood Mall, Northgate Mall, and downtown and they all have that new, cleaner, kind of contemporary feeling. Downtown and

Alexa Romanowski

Third Place Books is another fine bookstore. With many books and with other items upstairs, they also have food and coffee upstairs but on the other side of the store. Down stairs they have many stores along with a work out area. Talk about going overboard. The place is pricey and also disorganized. It is usually crowded and noisy so it would be hard to concentrate or focus with all the noise. Not a good place for reading or looking at books in peace but an okay place to hang out with friends. This is another good bookstore to go to, just like the other two.

and helpful. They have great coupon sales for those who sign up. They also have great promos with authors and other events for the public. I like the discounts and their cooperative attitude. It’s a pretty fresh place to shop.

THIRD PLACE BOOKS While driving by Bothell Everett Highway, I’ve always seen that store labeled “Third Place Books,” but I never actually went inside until very recently. That place is like a mini mall or something, it’s so cool, the only bookstore I’ve ever been to with cool escalators. There’s a food court on one side and the book store on the other, so you got food for your belly and your mind! There’s also life sized chessboard, in case you’re up for that. There’s featured books, organized sections, author readings, etc. You can also sell your old books, granted they’re in nice quality. Third Place has author events scheduled too, so that’s nice if your English teacher makes you go to one of them as a homework assignment. One other nice fact I learned is that Third Place is community run.

enjoy the manga section. I’ve never actually bought a book or electronic from Borders, but then again, I don’t really buy books. I find myself going to Borders if I want to pass some time, or just want some quite from the hectic

environment of the mall. They don’t seem to have a bigger selection than Third Place or Barnes & Noble though. If you’re looking for the most popular books out there however, then Borders is the way to go.

hawkeye | 20 January 2009 | A&E |15

Two Hawks and a bag of popcorn

Our reviewers let you know what’s worth watching and what should be rented later

The Spirit

By Robina Hamman A&E Editor

“The Spirit” was probably the most pointless film I have ever seen. There did not seem to be much of a plot to the film at all. All that really happened was that the main characters were introduced, how The Spirit, played by Gabriel Macht and The Octopus, played by Samuel L. Jackson got their powers, and that there was only one way one could get rid of the other. The story line was quite predictable which made the film rather boring to watch. I was hoping to be kept on the edge of my seat and trying to figure out what was going to happen next, but I was greatly disappointed. There were also several characters that did not appear to have any real purpose in the film. These characters were the film’s equivalent of filler text on a word processor, or those last 50 words a student might add to their essay to reach the required word count. The acting in general was okay, but when combined with the plot and the rest of the make up of the film, it wasn’t every good and didn’t make much sense. I didn’t like the way the film was lit either. It was very dark and almost black and white, which made it hard at times to tell who was who. I will say however,

that it did make what little color there was, pop out, such as The Spirit’s red tie. The graphics and visual effects, on the other hand, were excellent. In comparison to “Spiderman,” “The Spirit” was nowhere near as exciting, in regards to the action. The characters in “Spiderman” all had an obvious purpose and helped the plot make more sense. This in turn, also made the film more enjoyable and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. Needless to say, I was certainly not impressed by this film and cannot really recommend it to anyone.

Used with permission from­.com/

By Sharon McClintock Co-Editor in Chief

“The Spirit,” though entertaining, displayed little emotion and received little reaction from the audience. The movie was just too unconnected from the audience. However, director Frank Miller did properly display the comic book side of the story in the introduction of the film where The Spirit’s history is partially explained and in cartoon form. He also added comic-like attributes throughout the movie, which made the style interesting. But the plot of the movie and the motives

of the characters are unclear. In the beginning “The Spirit,” played by Gabriel Macht, gets into a superhuman fight with The Octopus, Samuel L. Jackson, his archrival and one can assume there will be more fighting between them. I must admit, I did enjoy the crazy things the two pulled out of the muck to beat each other with such as a giant wrench and a full toilet. Characters randomly pop up in this movie and seem to have little connection. Sand Saref has an apparent history with The Spirit but the story telling is so dry she seems almost unimportant. This is true of almost all of the characters except for Ellen Dolan, played by Sarah Paulson. She is the only one who seems to be a real human and actually cares about the people in the film. Not only is the plot seem loosely strung together, it is just plain strange. Denny Colt, a dead cop, becomes The Spirit after his death and has to defeat a mad scientist who creates his own army of brainless clones. Somehow a large list of women fit into this battle of good and evil. The cast did include some beautiful power actresses such as Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson and Sarah Paulson. And all the actors played their parts well. The main fault of “The Spirit” was an underdeveloped, detached plot. Overall, I left the film feeling interested in the unrealistic fighting scenes but unimpressed by the cool-cat manner of the acting and plot.



18 25 01 08

19 26 02 09

Najee @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

Al Di Meola World Sinfonia @ Jazz Alley 7:30p.m.

James Morrison @ Neumo’s 7p.m.


20 27 03 10

Griffin House @ The Triple Door 8p.m.


21 28 04 11


22 29 05 12


23 30 06 13


24 31 07 14

Janiva Magness @ The Triple Door 7:30p.m.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare @ MTHS Theater 7:30p.m.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare @ MTHS Theater 7:30p.m.

Peachcake @ El Corazon 7p.m.

Shawn Colvin @ The Triple Door 7:30p.m.

Anarbor @ El Corazon 7p.m.

Faceless @ The Showbox at the Market 7p.m.

Fiction Family @ Neumo’s 8p.m.

Amy Ray @ Neumo’s 8p.m.

Broken Social Scene @ Showbox SoDo 8p.m.

Terrace Idol @ MTHS Theater

The Valkyries @ Neumo’s 8p.m.

Juana Molina @ The Triple Door 7:30p.m.

Past Lives @ The Showbox at the Market 8p.m.

Terrace Idol @ MTHS Theater

Poseidon @ El Corazon 8p.m.

Sinatra at the Sands @ The Triple Door 6p.m.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare @ MTHS Theater 7:30p.m.

Jazz I and II @ Clark College


| Hear how your leading Hawks are taking charge in men’s basketball below

| New head coach Brophy and the women’s basketball team ready to turn things around, find out why Below

16 | Hawkeye | 20 January 2009

Men’s basketball dominating New coach Brophy adapting Women’s ball improving By Kevin Hense and Jacob Anderson

Kamiak and Jan. 23 against Shorewood will be exciting up and coming match-ups for the ladies. This team may be down right now, but bouncing back and finishing strong seems to be on the horizon. Junior Corrine Pingul averaging 13 points a game and junior Teryn Bouche with 10 points a game will be key players to watch for the rest of the basketball season. Senior post Kori Seidlitz and sophomore guard Mindy James should also be expected in the scoring mix for the Hawks.

Hawkeye staff


Chris Keith/Hawkeye

Junior point-guard Jacob Champoux drives the lane against Shorecrest in a 55-37 home win. Champoux along with senior post Karsten Strieby led all scorers with 15. Champoux and counterpart Jaykob Sells are some of the best point-guards in WesCo.

Selfless play puts Hawks on top By Derek Giles Sports Editor


itting perched atop WesCo-South, the Hawks men’s basketball team has led a convincing charge to start the first half of the season with a 9-1 conference record and a 9-3 overall record while outscoring their opponents 708-573. There are still aspects to this veteran team that will need to be addressed in the second half of the season. One glaring problem is that this team has not been able to close games out, being outscored 182-169 in the fourth quarter. Senior forward Paul Clingan said, “We need to make our free throws, have better shot selection and take care of

the ball.” This inability to close games out has led to two of three losses coming in the fourth quarter, the most notable of which is when Jackson stunned the Hawks by rattling 25 points off in the fourth quarter to overcome a five-point deficit and going on to win 70-64. The Hawks came out strong in their next game beating Meadowdale 48-42 in front of a large and loud crowd for first place outright in WesCo-South. Leading scorers for the Hawks have been senior Ryan Sells with 14.4 points a game, and senior Karsten Strieby with 12.6 a game. The Hawks next game is Jan. 20 at Kamiak at 7:30. They won 68-42 in their first meeting this year.

Updates Wrestling

Men’s Swim

Suffering from a lack of wrestlers, the Hawks have lost tough match-ups despite dominant individual performances. Up next is against Kamiak at 5:45 on Jan. 20.

While the men’s swim team season hasn’t quite gone as well as they would hope, they aren’t in last and an important match-up at Cascade is looming Jan. 27 at 2:30.

t has been a rough few weeks for the Lady Hawks this basketball season so far. With a current conference record of 1-7 and an overall record of 1-9, the team has gotten off to a less than ideal start. Their only win up to this point has been against the Mariner Marauders with an impressive 62-30 win. Leading scorers in that game were Teryn Bouche with 18 points, Corrine Pingul with 15 points, and Mindy James with 14 points. The Hawks are now trying their best to improve and finish the season on a solid note. Coach David Brophy provided some knowledge as to how the team is going to accomplish this goal. “Six of the girls didn’t play last year so we have more room for improvement compared to other teams. I feel really good about our chances for the rest of the year.” Looking back, this team has come a long way from the beginning of the year and are showing clear improvement. “The girls have improved tremendously as far as skills and team concepts are concerned. The coaching change increased the learning curve but now I am getting used to the girls and they are getting used to me,” coach Brophy said. The players have been doing what they can and the potential is there, it is just a matter of time for this team. Coach Brophy also added, “the girls practice and play really hard from the beginning. They have knowledge of the game and are a good group of role models for all ages. They represent Terrace great as well as have Kevin Hense/Hawkeye good sportsmanship and conduct.” So what is in store for the Lady Hawks com- New women’s basketball head coach David Brophy is slowly but surely leading this team to stronger ing up this season? Games on Jan. 21 against chemistry and play.

winter sports standings Men’s Basketball HAWKS (4A) Mariner (4A) Meadowdale (3A) Jackson (4A) Glacier Peak (3A) Lynnwood (3A) Shorecrest (3A) EW (4A) Shorewood (4A)

woMen’s Basketball

WesCo Overall W L W L 8 1 8 3 7 2 8 3 7 2 8 3 6 2 7 3 5 4 7 4 4 5 6 5 4 5 6 5 2 6 3 7 1 8 2 9

EW (4A) Meadowdale (3A) Jackson (4A) Glacier Peak(3A) Kamiak (4A) Lynnwood (3A) Shorecrest (3A) Mariner(4A) HAWKS (4A)

WesCo Overall W L W L 8 0 9 1 7 1 8 2 6 2 8 2 5 3 6 4 5 3 6 4 3 5 3 7 2 6 3 7 2 7 3 8 1 7 1 9

as of 1/16/09

as of 1/16/09

Men’s Swim Kamiak (4A) Shorewood (4A) Shorecrest (3A) Jackson (4A) EW (4A) Meadowdale (3A) HAWKS (4A) Mariner (4A) Lynnwood (3A)


WesCo Overall W L W L 3 0 5 0 6 1 10 1 3 1 6 2 4 2 5 3 2 3 3 4 2 3 4 4 1 3 1 5 1 4 1 6 0 5 0 8 as of 1/16/09

Mariner (4A) EW (4A) Jackson (4A) Kamiak (4A) Glacier Peak (3A) Meadowdale (3A) Shorecrest (3A) Shorewood (4A) HAWKS (4A)

WesCo Overall W L W L 4 0 5 2 3 0 4 1 4 1 3 1 2 1 2 2 2 2 4 4 2 3 5 5 2 3 2 5 1 2 1 4 0 4 2 7 as of 1/16/09


V.24.05 | 20 January 2009 Mountlake Terrace High School | 21801-44th Avenue West | Mountlake Terrace | WA | 98043 | 425.431.7770 | MTHS.Hawk...