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Network Security Meeting 09 April 2012, 1300 hrs. Present:

T. Ryan, B. Chan, D. Re, JR Hall, R. Lam, D. Hotchkiss

11.36 DH- The question is “What if the if it’s the information you just banked with goes out the door, I mean, you know that’s really the question. If that one incident was your banking information would you be upset about it?” TR-

No. I mean I don’t expect the college to secure my banking information on my keyboard.





12.05 Benton- Isn’t that part of security? TR- Well sure it is. BC-shouldn’t you try to secure your resources? TR- well sure, we try to secure it. 12.18 DH- I don’t want to debate this as a thing but AFT does has in their contract a reasonable expectation of privacy. It’s contractually obligated. TR- Right 12.30 DH- So we need to do our part to make sure that happens, otherwise, we could be found culpable or the College could be found culpable of not meeting that contractual agreement. TR- Yeah DH-That’s all I’m saying. 12.44 TR- I agree with that but I mean that it’s not like if, if there was no antivirus on my desktop then I would be concerned. So I think the college has an obligation to put out computers with antivirus software but if something gets through some how . . . 1257

BC- What about the application installed properly, should be standardized? TR- Well sure

13.02 BC- Because right now, it’s not. The antivirus, the way it’s set up. In some cases you have no antivirus on some machines. In some locations you have antivirus that’s not even set up right. Scheduled scans, I don’t see that.

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