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Hydration Station Installation and Design Guidelines for Existing Buildings GOALS  Install Hydration Station in Dwinelle Hall.  Develop Design Guidelines for Installation of Hydration Stations in Existing Buildings.  Support the use of reusable drinking containers and reduce waste.

A refill station was installed in Dwinelle Hall, sparking installations in other buildings including Haas School of Business, Wurster Hall, and the Blum Center.

Total plastic bottles saved from the landfill since the January installation.

TEAM Capital Projects: Eric Ellisen, Teri Mathers, ASUC: Tom Spivey UHS/Health*Matters: Patricia Mielbeck, Trish Ratto

Bottle Refill Station Design Guidelines were developed and approved, in conjunction with the Dwinelle Hall installation, to facilitate future installations on campus.

Refill Station Map shows locations of refill stations on campus, including the original at Rec Sports.

Installation of Hydration Stations- 2010 TGIF Project  

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