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Greening the BERC 2011 Energy Symposium

The Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC) is Berkeley’s multidisciplinary club dedicated to turning worldclass research in to world-class solutions for the toughest energy and environmental challenges

Stats for the 2011 BERC Energy Symposium •  700+ Attendees •  250 VIP/Media Attendees •  8 0 P o s t e r Presenters


•  8 Partner School Attendees •  3 Keynote Speakers

BERC’s Energy Symposium is a 900 person, 2 day event devoted to all the energy and resources innovation at Berkeley. Prior to the TGIF grant, no special effort was made to conduct the event sustainably

Sustainable Practices for the Symposium •  All programs printed on partially recycled stock (TGIF Grant) •  Reuseable badge printers (TGIF Grant) •  Reusable badge holders (TGIF Grant)

•  Arun Majumdar – Director of ARPA-e

•  All food items composted or donated

•  Jigar Shah – Founder of SunEdison and CEO of Carbon War Room

•  All beverages recycled

•  A n n M a r i e S a s t r y – Founder of Sakti3 •  9 Panel Discussions •  Behavior Change •  EV Growth •  The Role of the University in Energy Innovation

•  E V d i s p l a y Symposium


Additional Opportunities for Sustainability •  Replace programs with Iphone appllications •  C o m p l e t e l y posterboard


•  $65,000 Raised for BERC

The Entire 2011 BERC Symposium Team Would Like to Thank TGIF for the Generous Grant

2011 BERC Symposium- 2010 TGIF Project  

Project Poster

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