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UC Berkeley’s Green Cup The Greek Energy Saving Competition 1. Pre-Game

Goal: Reduce energy consumption through a competition between fraternities and sororities. Organizations: Partnership between PowerSave Green Campus and Greening the Greeks Teams: • 2011: 18 houses • 2012: 32 houses Funding: An $8,740 grant from The Green Initiative fund was secured in order to pay for: • Outreach • Retrofit supplies (CFLs, light sensors, power strips) • $200 worth of retrofit supplies for every competing house • $2,500 worth of retrofit supplies for the winning house Manpower: Each house is led by their sustainability chair Baseline: A baseline for each house’s energy consumption was calculated based on energy consumption from the last

2. Game On!

Timeframe: Competition takes place during October and November Training: Sustainability chairs are trained to identify retrofits to spend their $200 budgets and install the materials Motivation: Sustainability chairs introduce energysaving behaviors to their fellow house-mates Commitment: 366 energy-saving pledges were completed by members of the Greek community during

3. The Finish Line

2011: Energy saved (over the two month competition): • Electricity: 29,221,17 kWh • Natural gas: 667.33 Therms Winner: Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (Fiji) • 39.66% reduction in electricity usage • 23.81% reduction in natural gas usage 2012: Stay posted for the results!

Green Cup Competition- 2011 TGIF Project  

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