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Campus Green Fund Collaborative McKenzie Beverage, Butler University Karen Blaney, University of Texas at Austin Kevin Ordean, Northern Arizona University Mieko A Ozeki, University of Vermont Katherine Walsh, UC Berkeley Lilith Wyatt, McGill University

• Intentional, effective, and strategic implementation of CGF projects. • Less Eco-Clutter on our campuses. • Achieving strong sustainability branding and minimizing greenwashing.

The Campus Green Fund Collaborative (CGFC) is a non-registered group of campus sustainability staff involved in coordinating and managing green funds on their respective campuses. The CGFC’s intentions are to: • • •

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• Design & Campaign • Implementation & Management

• Evaluation & Reporting • Education & Outreach

1. VISION: What your fund should do 2. RESEARCH: What others have done 3. PROPOSAL: The formal outline of what your fund will do

4. SUPPORT: Building a coalition around campus 5. CAMPAIGN: Proving widespread public support

6. EVALUATE: Congratulations and move forward vs. regrouping and begin again

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Electric Race Car Climate Adaptation Lecture Series Solar Power & Smart Grid Lab Campus Renewable Energy Feasibility Study Earth Week Campus Dashboard Office of Sustainability Internships Recycling & Composting Programs Water Metering Energy & Water Competitions Campus Tree Inventory Lawns to Meadows

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Hydration Stations VeloComposting Program Farmer’s Market Wood Shredder Childcare Access Study Green Biobanking Student Food Collective Bike Co-Op

• Who’s Who and What’s What

• Assembling a Campus Green Fund Committee • Bylaws • Funding Guidelines and Criteria

• Hiring Green Fund Staff • Grant Application Process • Implementing and Managing Funded Projects

• Student internships • Number of hours worked on projects • Applications received • Average funding amount per project • Number of events • Number of volunteers • Resources conserved • Pounds of waste diverted • Pounds of local food procured • Interviews conducted • GHG emissions reductions

• Why Evaluate and Report? • Evaluation Objectives

• Tips for Evaluating & Reporting • What to Evaluate

• Evaluation Metrics • Mechanisms for Evaluation &


• Education and Outreach Outcomes • Strategies for Different Foci

• Branding Your Green Fund • Creating a Website

• Social Media and Press • Community Outreach and Education

• Brand Management

Campus Green Fund Implementation Guide Published by AASHE, written by the CGF Collaborative AND Campus Green Fund Database *Other CGF resources can be found on the AASHE website

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• What have we missed in the Guide’s outline?

• What do you need from a Campus Green Fund Collaborative?

Green Fund Implementation Guide  

Presentation by the Green Fund Collaborative at AASHE 2013

Green Fund Implementation Guide  

Presentation by the Green Fund Collaborative at AASHE 2013