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Sustainable Laundry Campaign: “End the Cycle” Update Goal: Educate residents about how they can adopt sustainable laundry habits.

Method:  Laundry Tips Posters in all laundry rooms.  Static-Cling Stickers on every washing machine to encourage the cold water setting to save energy.  Tabling in Dining Halls to collect pre- and postimplementation surveys, and publicize the campaign with giveaways and activities.

After project implementation, laundry rooms include static-cling stickers and a Sustainable Laundry Tips poster.

COMPLETED: Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Foothill, Stern, Bowles Clark Kerr University Village Smyth-Fernwald Other Graduate Housing International House Sororities & Fraternities TOTAL:

Posters 14 14 5 6 8 28 4 7 3 12 101

Freshmen from Clark Kerr Residence Hall fill out a brief preimplementation survey about their laundry habits and washing machine setting preferences.

Stickers 36 36 18 30 23 139 13 23 10 24 352

By: Kimberly Lam, Sara Seacat, Green Campus Program:

Unit 3 residents proudly display their cold water detergent samples and giveaways, donated by Berkeley’s Vaska Herbatergent Co.

Achievements: Outreach to Families & Graduate Students: We sent out preimplementation surveys to 1,200+ family and graduate housing residents and received 342 completed responses! Finished posting stickers and posters: We reached all campusowned laundry rooms plus Greek houses. Collecting & Analyzing Results: Preliminary results show that over 85% of family housing survey respondents have seen the Laundry Tips posters, and almost 60% considered washing with cold water after seeing our campaign! Support & Donations from WEB Laundry: The laundry machine contract company heard about our project and donated $100 in laundry gift cards and an iPod Nano as survey raffle prizes!

CACS 9th Annual Sustainability Summit 2012

End the Cycle Sustainable Laundry Campaign (2) - 2010 TGIF Project  
End the Cycle Sustainable Laundry Campaign (2) - 2010 TGIF Project  

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