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Green Cup The Greek Energy Savings Competition 2012 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference Sara Seacat and Manon von Kaenel, PowerSave Green Campus Project Coordinators Patrick Smith, President of Greening the Greeks UC Berkeley

Outline Background Motivation Implementation Results Challenges and Successes Future Improvements Accomplishments


The Team

UC Berkeley

Background: OUR PROJECTS

Energy DeCal • Semester class  taught by  interns

Photos (from left to right): A walkthrough audit of the Clark Kerr Housing kitchens with DeCal students; a green department certification meeting, a Blackout Battles icon

Green Departments • Green  certification  program for  campus  departments

Blackout Battles • Bi‐annual energy  saving  competition in  the dorms

More projects on

Motivation Most freshman move out of  dorms… what do we do? Why Greek houses? • 10% of student population • Reinforce behaviors taught freshman  year • New audience • Receptive to energy and money saving • Ability to collaborate

What is Green Cup? WHO: 24 Greek houses  compete for a $2500 retrofit HOW: Compare gas and electric  savings Technical  changes: given a  $200 budget to  purchase small  improvements

Behavioral changes: trained  sustainability  chairs from each  house ^^ Green Cup logo

Implementation Planning • Recruiting, liaisons, securing  grant funding (The Green  Initiative Fund), creating  baselines

Competition • Publicity, audit/retrofits, surveys,  prizes

^^ Planning: 4 months Competition: 2 months

Implementation PLANNING Funding

Recruiting and liaisons

$8400 grant  from The  Green                            Initiative Fund  (TGIF) grant $2500 in  retrofit prizes $200 retrofit  for each house

Kelley Doyle,  President of  Greening the  Greeks Fraternity and  sorority  sustainability  chairs Elizabeth Chan,  thesis on  behavioral  changes

Creating baselines From 2008‐ 2010 house  utilities bills  for Nov/Dec

Implementation COMPETITION Promotion

>> Sustainability pledge

• Low‐cost outreach

Behavioral • Educated sustainability chairs • Sustainability pledge

Technical • $200 budget retrofit

<< A fraternity member installs a CFL in his house

On‐site Implementation Methods Actions Challenges

• Presentations at meetings • Personal example • Barrage of emails

• Performed energy efficiency audit for PSGC materials • Exchanged all incandescents for CFLs and  caulked/weatherstripped

• Fraternity brothers were initially resistant • Behavioral changes are difficult to make • Sustainability was a low priority

Results of Green Cup 2011 SAVINGS OUTREACH SAVINGS                             OUTREACH Kilo‐watt hours 29,220

Therms 667

Dollars $ 5,600

Greek Members

Sustainability Pledges





WINNERS 1st: Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

2nd: Kappa Alpha Order

44% reduction in  electricity

22% reduction in  electricity 

Challenges and Solutions Understand  audience ,  working with a  Greek system

• Student‐run system requires good  relationships • Communicate that saving energy reduces  bills

Varying levels  of participation

• Flexible incentives & deadlines • Collaborate with other sustainability efforts • Give simple but concrete tasks (e.g fill out  survey, create an Amazon wish list)

Future Improvements Greater visibility

Publish guide to  help with retrofits  and home  improvement

Walk‐through and  recommendations

Separate fraternity  and sorority energy  saving competition

Reduce prize money  from $2500 to  $1000

^ Sustainable living guide posted in fraternity and sorority houses.

Accomplishments Targeted a highly varied audience spanning  a range of interest and age groups

Successful collaboration with Greening the  Greeks • Opened doors for future collaboration  for water competition Monetary savings greater than money we  invested; significant grant money  remaining

^ Fraternity member and PSGC intern Anton Walker installs low- flow shower heads

Acknowledgements • • • • • • •

UCB PowerSave Green Campus Project Coordinators: Charles Dhong, Anton  Walker and Morwenna Rowe Funding : Katherine Walsh, The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Account Manager: Lisa McNeilly, Director Office of Sustainability Greeks: Kelley Doyle and Patrick Smith, Presidents of Greening the Greeks Behavioral Efficacy Study: Elizabeth Chan, B.A (2012) Housing Projects: Residential and Student Service Programs Alliance to Save Energy and Campus leads – Danielle Lauber

Contact Information Manon von Kaenel and Sara Seacat PowerSave GreenCampus Interns UC Berkeley Patrick Smith, President of Greening the Greeks

Green Cup Presentation, CHESC 2012  

PowerSave Campus, Greening the Greeks 2011 TGIF Grant Project

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