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College of Environmental Design Waste Management Initiative

Wurster Hall Zero Waste Pilot Project Design Studio Waste Containers - Old System

High Volume Waste Containers - New System Design studios and 1st floor lobby 45 Gallon containers

Pre-Implementation Landfill Dumpster Waste Audit Design Studio Materials Reuse Station Design students use a large volume of materials throughout the semester for model building and drawing. Students can put clean materials on the reuse stations for other students to use. The stations also serve as deposits for batteries and sharps such as razor blades. Examples of materials include cardboard, wood, lamps, books, and glue. The stations were initiated by a graduate student, and upgraded by CED Facilities Management

9.98% 22.69%



Mixed Paper Cardboard


Compost Cans/ Aluminum

Public Lobby Waste Containers - Old System

UC Berkeley Zero Waste Goals


Public Lobby Waste Containers - New System 24 Gallon containers


10/25/2012 55

Mixed Paper Cardboard Compost Cans/ Aluminum Totals

Spring 2009 - First generation design studio Reuse Stations.

Fall 2010 - CED initiates in-house compost service.

47 1 310 19 116 548

10/26/2012 11/6/2012 25 70 8 11 179 18 83 324

78 14 300 27 142 631

UC Berkeley 2012 Waste Diversion Goal: 75%

Totals 150

UC Berkeley 2012 Waste Diversion Actual: 46%

133 26 789

Project Objective The goal of the Wurster Hall Zero Waste Pilot project is to inititate a campus standard for easyto-use indoor waste containers which succeeds in increasing campus waste diversion rates.

64 341 1503 October 2012 - CRRS Waste Audit students conduct preimplementation waste audit.

TGIF funds grant for Wurster Hall as pilot for new campus indoor waste container standard.

Summer 2011 - CED collaborates wth campus refuse and recycling services on new campus standard waste managment signs.

Spring 2012 - CED students advocate for new indoor waste containers. Grant proposal submitted to TGIF.

The University of California system has a zero waste goal which strives for the elimination of all materials sent to the landfill by 2020.

Summer 2012 - CED Facilities completes second generation design studio Reuse Stations.

April 2013 - Large volume waste container system delivered to Wurster Hall.

December 2012 - Wurster Hall receives new public lobby containers.

Late April 2013 - Postimplementation waste audit by CRRS Waste Audit student team.

2013 Wurster Hall Waste Management Poster  

A 2012 TGIF Funded Project

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