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Minimizing Hazardous Waste through Chemical Exchange By: Karen Ko, CHEX Program Student Intern

What is it? UC Berkeley’s Chemical Exchange Program (“CHEX”) is a program maintained by the Office of Environment, Health, & Safety. It is a free service that maintains an inventory of surplus chemicals available to the Berkeley campus.

Background: In 2010, there was a campus-wide furlough. •  The furlough reduced the number of hours staff worked •  EH&S suspended CHEX to focus on core duties during the furlough •  The program hasn’t been very active since

Current Situation: •  •  •  •  • 

Research existing programs at UC Berkeley Research existing programs at peer institutions Develop proposals for establishing a program at UC Berkeley Develop chemical acceptance guidelines Discuss proposal with EH&S staff

Goals: •  Set up the most efficient way to exchange chemicals using a web-based system to post and request chemicals •  Advertise free chemicals to anyone with a Calnet ID •  Reduce hazardous waste disposal and associated costs •  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

2013 Miminizing Waste through Chemical Reuse Exchange  

A 2012 TGIF Funded Project

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