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Stories involving freedom of expression and those who use their gifts to help uplift others by bringing positive artistic change to Downtown Los Angeles.

Behind Bars

Wanna find the best happy hour menu, night time music or sporting event? Read Behind Bar’s intoxicating bar reviews.

Dress Me Sheik: Boutique Critique

Dress to impress, the Dress Me Sheik tours the fashion boutiques of Downtown.

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Expresso Self

Every month we will pull the best beans to give you our honest opinion when it comes to the local cafes in Downtown from coffee, to tea, to hot cocoa, to what food is on the menu. We’ll lead you to the coffee pot and leave it up to you to drink.

Fresh Express - Farmers Market Review

Downtown has four separate farmer’s markets operating four days out of the week. Support local farmers, enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable samples, and partake in a variety of healthy food choices including authentic hot food plates.

Gallery Row

Just a sneak peak...Join the guestlists of Downtown’s Gallery Row’s 12 art galleries for invites. Bring friends and mix with buyers while discussing some of the most thought-provoking art pieces in the world.

Health in the City

If you’re into getting in shape and staying that way don’t miss our monthly fitness and food showcase featuring the best in healthy cuisine and activity the Historic Core has to offer.

Monuments in Time

One hundred years ago, they built this city on rock n roll. Well, marble and granite, but still they were some of the finest architects in the world. Read Monuments in Time and find out who was responsible for their momentous creations, what mysteries they hold, and what the future has in store for them.

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To the Beat

A famous person once said, the best way to exercise is on the dance floor. Follow our Boogieleader report of the hottest DJ parties and music related stories from behind the velvet rope.

Law Art with Tom O’Leary

Former Mayor of Covina turned Intellectual Property Attorney Tom O’Leary gives us his law advice for people in creative industries.

At the Movies or Movie Buff Spoiler Alert! ...Need we say more.

Grow Your OWN!

Each quarter grow your own will feature new ideas and techniques to help you grow your own fruits, veggies, herbs and spices.

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Letter from the Publisher:

Hey DTLA, I hope you enjoy this Women’s Issue of the Gallery Row Art Walk News. It’s loaded with the spirit of feminism and tells the story of women who have decided to run businesses in DTLA. There are plenty of female pioneers, including myself, leading the way in the Historic Core, so I’m extremely proud to be apart of this effort. Art Walk even has a new female executive director. You can read about Qathryn Brehm’s new position and future plans inside this issue. CONGRATS Q!!! Special thanks to our sponsors and the City of Los Angeles for believing in us and supporting us in our efforts to support the community. I would also like to thank our many writers, volunteers and staff who work hard to help bring this paper to our wonderful READERS!!! We are looking forward to our 4th year telling stories and supporting the arts and local businesses of DTLA. Please join us in our endeavors. (GET ON THE MAP! JOIN OUR TEAM - SPONSOR OUR EVENTS-FOLLOW US ONLINE!) Thank you very much for your support... And to our fine men and women in uniform, our public safety officials who help keep us safe, you guys make public safety look good! .... And....LAST BUT NOT LEAST Thanks to the many talented artists of Los Angeles and beyond for making it all look good and feel wonderful! - Keri Freeman Publisher - Gallery Row Art Walk News


VO. 4 NO. 2



LA ART SHOW WELCOMES PETRA WRIGHT AND GLORIA DELSON CONTEMPORARY ARTS By Keri Freeman With one of the best gallery window views in the Historic Core, Petra Wright’s curating expertise can be viewed by hundreds of downtowners without even having to step inside the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery on Spring and 6th. Going on four years, the Gallery thrives because of Petra’s awesome people skills and selling know how. Positive and trustworthy, Petra has been working for Gloria Delson as a talent scout and assistant since 2005. She tells an interesting story of fate and serendipity about finding work in the arts that could fit comfortably inside any of the independent film scripts she was used to receiving during her former career, as an actress, in her days, long before she met Gloria. When not acting, Petra would go door to door looking for high end sales jobs in the furniture district of West Los Angeles. One furniture design studio featured art work from Gloria Delson that caught Petra’s eye. Although the furniture store owner didn’t have a job for Petra, she did have a connection with Gloria Delson, who had been looking for a qualified assistant to sell art pieces for quite some time. The call was made and Petra was invited to meet with Gloria that day. Now let’s flash back years before this to the time when young Petra was first being taught how to speak German by her parents in Kassel, Germany. Little did she know that her commitment to using proper German grammar would some day land her the job of a life time. She did go visit Gloria that day, but needed not to interview or take part in any of the normal job seeking processes. That day, Gloria Delson just happened to be entertaining a collector from Germany. After a few conversations with the buyer spo-

ken inside their native tongue. Petra had the collector eating out of the palm of her hand and before the day was done, he had purchased $7000 worth of art work in cash and Petra Wright had a new job. When asked how life has been since that fateful day, Petra replies, “It’s been really good” Today Petra Wright curates the gallery owned by award-winning sculptor and avid collector, Gloria Delson who has always had an interest in avant-guarde, contemporary art, traveling the world in search of nontraditional works. Many artists appreciate the space and show on a regular basis at the gallery. This month the gallery will feature Illinois native, artist, Alexander Gramm who creates in mixed media. Gramm has been painting for 30 years, and selling since the early nineties.

“How would you like to love me? Gramm’s contemporary realism work hanging at the GDCA creates a couple locked in love’s embrace surrounded by stroke-hidden newsprint messages, musical scores, and playing cards that peer through the textured layers allowing space for a hummingbird, placed in the piece to represent strength, Gramm says.

Also at the gallery returning artist Cynthia Ann Swan who’s pieces are realized as expert craftsmanship, with metal glass and wood panels that secure each sculpture, providing a continuation of their visual narratives, complete with built-in LED lights that lend added dimension and focus. Cynthia Ann Swan is not only an amazing artist but an environmentalist making her a force to be reckoned with.

Cynthia Ann Swan

Petra Wright of Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery

ATTN: LA ART SHOW HERE COMES PETRA WRIGHT! Few may remember October’s exhibit featuring New York based artist, Eddie Rehm entitled, “Rehming Out LA,” where Rehm invited two former Suicide Girls who gave a live window performance during the Art Walk while Eddies pieces hung in the gallery as a background. After being held in high esteem throughout the New York art community, Rehm wanted to get his paintbrushes wet in LA. “I always dug the LA arts scene.” He said. Los Angeles is more open to different styles where as New York can be a bit more constricted at times.” Rehm’s chaotic, kaleidoscope paintings are ballads that tell the story of modern day issues that many young people in

Los Angeles are dealing with, “transient hopefuls following a dream and doing whatever they can to make it right no matter how life turns out,” Rehm said. In January, you can find the art of Eddie Rehm and the Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts Gallery represented at the LA Art Show. For 18 years, the LA Art Show has delivered the broadest spectrum of art from across the globe to Los Angeles’ diverse and engaged collector base. The 2014 LA Art Show will build upon the concept featuring top galleries and programming, including lectures, tours, special exhibits, and must-attend after parties beginning with a benefit the Opening Night Premiere Party on January 15. GDCA is located at 215 W. 6th Street #115 Los Angeles, CA. 90013. For more information visit http://www.gdcagallery. com/

VO. 4 NO. 2




VO. 4 NO. 2



Evoke Yoga

“Build strength, balance, and flexibility while linking breath to movement as you flow through a sequence of poses meant to get the body moving in every direction on every plane.” - Evoke Yoga Using the ancient Indian practice brought to the western world a little over 100 years ago, the science of yoga can be used as a tool for flexibility not only for the body but for the psyche as well. Essentially yoga was meant to break the limitations of your personality allowing you to bypass the culminations of your experiences, genetics, karmic substance, thoughts, emotions and relationships that make up the way you express yourself, especially if you express your self in less than desirable ways. A discipline of breathing and patience allowing you to become that person you wished to be in any particular situation, the yoga science is a system of bridging the gap between who you are and the you need to be at any given moment.

Like water.

Yoga flexibility comes first from the body then flows into every aspect of your life, physical emotional, karma, all flexible. You are like water, able to fit into any container, or lay as calm as the stillest pond.



At Evoke Yoga you’re not only a person. You are a presence slowly stretching your circle into a spiral of scheduled classes from Hot Yoga to Roll & Relax; meant to kick your butt, tone your body, clean out your repository, roll your muscles and lift you to a new level of awareness. Co-Owner, Vivian Nguyen is bright, positive and active and knows just how to motivate anyone interested in the ancient practice. Evoke Yoga is located at 212 W. 7th Street

Evoke Yoga Founder, Vivian Nguyen

UEVOLUTION Pascale Rothman, owner of UEVOLUTION, has gone through hardships that most woman never have to go through. From a very young age she was forced to pull from her inner strength in order to someday, “live life to the fullest opposed to just surviving.” With proper support making healthy choices and adding an exercise regimen to your daily routine is best fit with UEVOLUTION. Pascale’s modern day wellness club is complete with a dedicated team to help you commit and reach your physical, psychological, social, economic and environmental goals.

UEVOLUTION encourages mindfulness of yourself and those around you while helping you gain the tools and lifelong skills you need to change your physical landscape and keep it that way. Located in the sublevel of the City Loft Square Apartments on Spring Street, just a few steps down lead to the well designed gym equipped with state of the art equipment, body weight conditioning programs, work-out room, treadmills, free weights, indoor cycling, showers, tanner and a personal steamer. They also offer full body Swedish massage known to reduce tension and soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and promote total body relaxation. UEVOLUTION is located at 621 South Spring Street


Cindy Ayvar and Melissa Mitchell are two Downtown pioneers celebrating their One Year Anniversary as shop owners of Lab3, on 7th and Main. When visiting Lab3 expect to find a collection of objects, any of which make the perfect gift for family or friends. Lab3 carries unique items rescued from time; with modern day gifts sharing the same space as antique gifts made in the early 1900s.

Cindy and Melissa first met while working in the fashion industry and realized they shared the same vision for opening a shop in Downtown that would have nothing to do with fashion. There are more novelty items than you can count, yet you will never grow tired of exploring the fascinating pieces of collected memories found at the store. Most items are made in America but so unique in circumstance you probably won’t find them anywhere else, like the numerous greeting cards they carry that just can’t be found in the local pharmacy. Each piece tells a story and reaches for the heart strings. Shopping for gift items locally is made simple and fun by Lab3. Its like opening a treasure chest of countless heartwarming gifts and decorations. Cindy and Melissa clearly share in the same vision and enjoy watching their customers wow over their gifts. Yet, selling the hand-selecting heartwarming collectables isn’t always easy. Their favorite item, a vintage record player hidden within a portable carrying case, was sold to a loyal customer, but only because they felt that customer would give it just as much love as they did. In a store where anything you pick up can make you smile, Lab3 is a feel good location full of gifts anyone can appreciate. Many years from now, their adventure stories of traveling the country, hand-selecting collectibles for the Lab, will be as bold and exciting as Downtown itself. There time spent here can truly be seen as a gift of a lifetime. Lab3 is located at 132 W.7th Street

Latres Lingerie Tres Haslett is the owner of LaTres Lingerie Boutique opened on Main Street and 7th in the summer of 2011. With plenty of satisfied customers both men and women, Latres features imported and domestic dainties made from silk and lace with the ability to enhance any sexual situation or any body type. Bras range in sizes from A to K and anything can be ordered custom made to fit. Lacy silks, panties, hosiery, slimming wear, designer lounge apparel and others are displayed throughout the shop welcoming visitors and offering their lives a taste of sensuality. It all started when her husband demanded she find some place else to store her beloved 8 foot high Victorian armoire. So she, being a girly girl and big fan of lingerie, decided the perfect place to store the Victorian piece would be to showcase it inside a new downtown lingerie store. Tired of the same old lingerie? Latres offers hard to find intimates, made by companies who have existed for over 100 years. Quality products made for the best fit; tasteful items, and those with body enhancing support you will surely feel cute and sexy in are all found at Latres. New Year. New man? New Lingerie! Latres Lingerie is located at 111 W. 7th Street (R9)

VO. 4 NO. 2

CREPES SANS FRONTIERES Owner and head chef, Ruth Hudin, offers the Spring Arcade Building something unique with her authentic french food located within the buildings runway. Hudin says she picked the location to coincide with the buildings plans to establish a restaurant row within the massive glass covered corridor spanning from Spring to Broadway. Ruth states the location reminds her of the Parisian shops of Europe. So feel like your dining in Paris while ordering her nutritious crepes. Crêpes San Frontieres crepes are different from other places because they are made the traditional way using whole wheat and gluten-free buckwheat flour as opposed to the typical white flour. Apples, strawberries and bananas are sliced right before being added to sweet crepes loaded with nutella and topped with whipped or ice cream. Crêpes filled with imported smoked salmon, fresh dill and crème fraiche (heavy cream) are served with cappuccino, Origina, home made lemon aide or Kangen Water®. Crepes Sans Frontieres now offers Acai Bowls loaded with anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids to help support your immune system. Crepes Sans Frontieres is located at 541 S. Spring


Monica May started the Nickel Diner with her partner Kristen Trattner in 2008. No stranger to owning an eatery, May owned the café Banquette, on Main Street, but it wasn’t really fitted with a kitchen. They felt there wasn’t really a place to eat downtown, and hoped to fill that niche. The Nickel Diner grew out of the desire to feed the neighborhood. Its a restaurant where we can get what we want: real food that feeds the neighborhood. Very much a community effort when it started, the partners spoke

WWW.THEGRAWN.COM with Downtown neighbors and investors to build the dream of the diner into a reality. They opened in the heart of the recession and are still going strong five years later. Nickel Diner has since become a destination spot with a reputation for good food and healthy options, loved by foodies looking to explore new recipes as well as people who just want a bite. While they don’t actually offer menu items for a nickel, their prices are reasonable. You can get a stack of three buttermilk pancakes for under $7, and the cinnamon swirl brioche French toast, which Los Angeles Magazine recently listed as one of the “What A Hunk: Our Four Favorite French Toasts in L.A.” is under $9. The Nickel Diner has a reputation for their brunch and they have the lines around the corner to prove it.

Nail Salon offers comfortable seating, warm foot baths, friendly personalities and a hot towel foot wrap that’s to die for. The sofas are deep to help aid in relaxation, and workers like Sichan K. Chey keep customers smiling with warm positive attitudes and sharp sense of humors. To keep up with sanitary regulations Lees salon uses most things disposable as witnesses by the tiny files cut into 1 inch squares, perfect for a single use. Then there is a sterilizer to wash the metal tools. The Nail Salon was a complete build out, Lee bought everything including the charming decorated antique bike with magazine rack basket. Visit Nail Salon for everything you need for regular hand and foot brilliance.

The Nickel Diner is located at 524 S Main Street


Nail Salon is located at 125 E. 6th Street.

NAIL SALON Salon owner, Allison Lee saved enough money from working in the salon industry to open Nail Salon in Fall of 2013.

The art of manicure has an ancient history. From 3, 000 years ago the people of ancient India, Egypt and China covered the tops of their nails in everything from pale tones to silver and gold. One hundred years ago in Downtown, women wore short, almond shaped nails covered with aromatic oil and polished with a soft cloth. Then shortly after, in 1925 pink nail polish was created becoming an instant best seller. By the 1940s Revlon Cosmetics had already produced a full line of awesome nail colors. The 70s was another revolutionary period for the finger tip as the profession of manicure designer was first defined as a specialist who can paint and pierce nails. These designers led the way artistically to what would become a modern day fashion explosion. A symbol of success, today, the manicure branch is one of the strongest in the cosmetic industry. Whether you’re going full rock star, or looking for something appropriate for work, maybe just a clean manicure, or the newest techniques; including highly decorated nail extensions made from gels cured by a UV lamps that are guaranteed to last two weeks, who can have it done at Nail Salon.

Overwhelmed and über-excited at the same time, customers love this place! Loaded with funky accessories and jewelry must haves Buttons and Bows is an awesome vintage store. SHOES. LOTS AND LOTS OF SHOES Gorgeous one-of-a-kind shoes. This is a place where one can really go crazy with quality vintage finds. Not only are they chock-full of great vintage finds, they are also a consignment shop. You can buy or sell your gently used wares here as well. Buttons and Bows carries a lot of name brand vintage designers with names were sure you’ve heard more than once. Buttons and Bows is a partnership between the second daughter of Bob Marley, Karen Marley, and Monique Aquino, so you can bet the vibe stays erie. The shop spares no empty space as most of the walls, elevated surfaces and floors, are taken up by numerous vintage treasures. Buttons and Bows also helps host Shop Walk, a quarterly event that supports the fashion industry in the Historic Core. Not so unlike Art Walk, Shop Walk gives visitors a chance to mix and mingle with style at participating boutiques and take advantage of special discounts. Buttons and Bows is located at 548 S. Spring Street

ARABELLA’S PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Arabella Ayala is a tax expert who does income taxes and accounting for many businesses around the Downtown area. Working in Downtown for 22 years, she first started as a tax consultant at H & R Block on the east corner of 7th and Main where she stayed for 17 years. Later deciding to open her own business in the west side of Main, where she’s been now for 5 years, Arabella braces her self for the flood of work that will be coming during tax time in 2014. Clients who trust Arabella with intimate information, social security numbers, gross incomes, personal status, and other private matters, most of which she has known for a long time, seek out Arabella’s experience on a consistent basis. She knows all the loopholes, new shortcuts, laws and regulations and takes a class every year keeping herself updated on any new changes that may affect her clients. Originally from Guatemala, she’s raised three artists, two boys and one girl who’s art can be seen exhibited on the walls of her office. While her kids were young, she decided to go into accounting because it allowed her to work less hours leaving valuable time to tend to her three young children. She started with a few clients and since has grown. Now she is in the stage of her career where she has a lot of experience and a lot of clients, references and a cool location to back her up. She loves the changes happening to Downtown, and loves the fact that two of her children, now grown men, have opened up their own store, Weird Beers, just down the block from her accounting location Spring on 7th. Tax time is coming. Contact Arabella for rates and services for quality accounting and for a dependable resource to help you with the IRS. Arabella’s Professional Services is located at 111 W. 7th Street #R2


Bar owners, Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas return to the Historic Core at a new location located on the ground floor of the newly renovated Jefferies apartment building on Main and Winston. For years fans of the popular food and wine bar have been waiting patiently for the duo to re-open after the controversial and outwardly stressful forced closing of

PAGE 9 their previous location on 5th and Main in 2010. The new location boast, like most new bar build outs, 2,800plus square-feet of gastro-pub style dining, high ceilings, full bar, exposed brick walls, and signature warehouse concrete pillars. The Must takes it a step further by adding a private tasting room, a basement wine cellar and vegetated outdoor patio seating. A fresh new restaurant bar of completely new design, The Must offers comfortable indoor seating and a more than full wine selection with bottles picked from elevated wine cabinets that continuously line to decorate the walls. Although, food items on the menu may come with names like, Yo’ Mama’s Chicken, a $17 dish of Mary’s ½ roasted boneless chicken, fried corn mush and peach chutney, Cholo Fried Rice for $13 with your choice of carnitas or smoked tofu with cilantro, avocado, jalapeno, onion and fried rice or D’s Nuts, mixed nuts flavored as sweet, spicy and of course salty; rest assured their labels may be a bit stereotypical but their flavors are not. The Must is located at 117 Winston Street


Lora Myers at 23 years old may be the youngest DTLA female business owner on our list. Four months ago she opened Curio Los Angeles a moderate to high end fashion apothecary on 5th and Spring. With a background in retail and plenty of industry advisors, Myers, being a 4 year downtown resident, noted the changes to the neighborhood and set on a course to open Curio, seeing it as a good opportunity loaded with potential. The space at Curio is not complex. It’s adorned with clothing racks, that hold their many designs and offer plenty of space to move easily between them. With concrete flooring, and high ceiling it is well lit. The Curio logo (a pyramid incased inside of a circle incased inside of a pyramid), can be found on the window. But there is something mysterious about Curio that draws you in. Curio is a women’s and men’s multi-line boutique that embodies a dark, edgy style with true hippy flare. Curio is a boutique where downtowners can find fashion that inspires them and transports them to an enchanting place with all the elements of earth, wind, sun, and water, wrapped up in one simple garment or piece of jewelry.

A destination for those who are enamored with the magic of the California desert, the nonstop movement of city dwelling and the serenity and beauty of that famous LA sunset. With a clear vision and strong commitment to not taking fashion – or ourselves – too seriously, Curio will be LA’s new mecca for that super stylish, and free spirited downtown dweller. Curio is located at 125 W. 5th Street

VO. 4 NO. 2



2010 - 2014 © GALLERY ROW ART WALK NEWS Vol 4 - No.2 JANUARY 2014 PUBLISHER Gallery Row Art Walk News P.O. BOX 13845 LOS ANGELES, CA 90013

By Paul Parcellin and Keri Freeman Qathryn Brehm, Art Walk’s new matriarch has new plans for for the Downtown Los Angeles event in 2014. The newest being a campaign that encourages visitors to visit the event in the early afternoon as well. The Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk is a free, self-guided walking tour taking place every 2nd Thursday within the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles. Galleries, restaurants, bars and private parties which had been taking place during the later, “happy hour” (6pm - 10pm) will now be encouraged to expand from 12pm to 10pm. This may come as a surprise to some, but to Art Walk organizers it means they will have to open doors early enough to welcome a whole new wave of art consumer. From workers who may take an Art Walk inspired lunch break to students from local institutions who may consider Art Walk a great way to spend an afternoon field trip. Painter and digital artist Qathryn Brehm, who served as Downtown Art Walk director of operations and then interim executive director, is getting used to her new title upgrade but in all likely hood many of her previous duties won’t change. Estimates vary, but as many as 20,000 people attend Downtown Art Walk’s monthly event, when galleries and studios open their doors to the public, coupled with the flooding of downtown restaurants and bars that populate the urban landscape. As she contemplates the future as executive director, Brehm takes time to reminisce about Downtown Art Walk’s beginnings, how far it has come since it began in 2004, and areas where she’d like to place more emphasis. Brehm says she plans on “encouraging and expanding Art Walk’s relationship with Los Angeles artists, and continuing to develop relationships with the many existing cultural venues in downtown.” The new executive director says that an ongoing goal will be helping galleries to create more content and fostering cultural connections. “The kind of cultural synchronicity Art Walk can help generate”, she says. Downtown Art Walk visitors get to experience the Art Walk Lounge and Art Mart, two main Art Walk venues that serve as hubs for distributing Art Walk information for viewing artwork and special presentations. This month the Lounge will feature Eric Rosner. Illustrating in NYC for over 20 years, Eric Ros-



EDITOR ner has a unique style that captures the Golden Age of Manhattan & presents it to a new participating audience. Ink marker is used to craft stunning iconic structures, this process is combined with digital enhancements that complete a singular vision to showcase his illustrations. Recently, Eric has turned his talents to the most eloquent inhabitants, the buildings of his new home, the City of Los Angeles. Also the return of the Krampuses Los Angeles Troupe. The Krampuses of legend hail from Germany and Austria. Both St. Nicholas and the Krampuses have their roots in the Alpine region, but the Krampuses are, you might say, the anti-St. Nicholases. “If you’ve been a bad little boy or girl, the Krampuses will scare the heck out of you,” Brehm says. “It’s kind of tongue in cheek.” In Germany there are Krampus parades. The Los Angeles contingent is “sort of a rock ’n’ roll version of the Krampuses.” They will perform in the Art Walk Lounge. Then they’re going to run up and down the street and scare people. Reflecting on the early days of Downtown Art Walk, Brehm notes that the idea for the monthly arts event took shape sometime after artists began moving downtown and a couple of galleries located there. “Most of the area was pretty desolate then,” says Brehm. “There were a lot of boarded up windows and metal gates.” As a center for artists, downtown has had its ebbs and flows since the middle 1970s. A lot of the buildings that have been developed as lofts were vacant because the financial district left the downtown area back in the 1950s and ’60s. Artists began to occupy those “vacant, beautiful spaces.” Artists started developing the lofts, and in 1981 the city put an Artist in Residence Ordinance in place. Commercial buildings could then be developed as live-in work spaces. There were several galleries downtown in the 1980s. As for her own artwork, Brehm is in the process of creating a self-published book called, “When Good Toys Are Bad.” It’s a book of photographs she made of dioramas she built. She has worked a lot with toys over the years. “When you take toys out of the context of play they can become something else. They can become political, satirical or mean.” Brehm began as a painter, but has been working digitally over the last several years. “I’m trying to go back to painting, but it’s not that easy to go backwards,” she says. For more information visit

Keri Freeman

WRITERS Keri Freeman Charlie Schmidlin Andrew Mercado Caleb Duncan Elana Nardini Lauren Ginger Diana King George Martin

ARTISTS Cover Art: Keri Freeman Cover Model: Tara Elizabeth Layout & design: Keri Freeman Comics: Greg Gould Robert Paul

PHOTOGRAPHY Keri Freeman Turen Robinson

ADS & MARKETING George Martin Thelma Alfaro EVENTS Elizabeth Cotton

SPECIAL THANKS TO Stay on Main Jason’s Liquor Sub_Urban Riot Create Your Health Latres Lingerie Papi’s Pizzeria Vape E Cig Salon Pure Lab3 LA ART SHOW Crepes Sans Frontieres Joe’s Parking LAFD LAPD Department of Building & Safety DLANC Historic Downtown Downtown Art Walk Contact

Gallery Row Art Walk News All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without expressed written permission from the publisher. The Gallery Row Art Walk News is published monthly to support and report the stories of the many galleries, attendees, artists, local residents, friendly visitors and pioneers of Downtown Los Angeles and its largest self-guided tour: the DTLA Art Walk. Readers are recommended to make appropriate inquiries before wagering any sum in relation to any ad, article, or feature published herein. The Gallery Row Art Walk News will not be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/ her accepting, offering to accept or following any invitation or advice contained in any ad, article or feature published herein.

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LIST YOUR MONTHLY EVENTS CONTACT: EDITOR@THEGRAWN.COM REDCAT Gallery. “Enlightenment Discourse on the Origins of Architecture” feat. Pablo Bronstein. London-based artist Bronstein comes to REDCAT for a “staged essay” in which he “assumes the roles of art historian, architect and choreographer as he reconstructs historical moments and mimics them in tableaux vivants.” Opening reception: Friday, January 24, 6–9pm Performance: Friday, January 24, 8:30 pm. Through March 15th. 631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. (213) 237-2800.

The Arty.

DAC Gallery.

Stay On Main contribution to the arts, the Arty Gallery host the abstract expressionism of artist Len Aaron (of Aaron Brothers fame) and the works of Mario De la Iglesia, artist from Madrid (Spain) who will show his series named, “Downtowned”, Opening reception held during Art Walk December 12th. 634 South Main Streset, Los Angeles, CA 90014. http://www.artyla. com

The DAC Gallery will relocate to 431 South Broadway Street, Los Angeles, California, 90013 in 2014. Visit their website for more information, including re-opening dates and upcoming exhibitions. (213) 627-7374

Art Walk Lounge. December’s featured artist inside the Art Walk Lounge will be Eric Rosner. Illustrating in NYC for over 20 yrs, Eric Rosner has a unique style that captures the Golden Age of Manhattan & presents it to a new participating audience. Ink marker is used to craft stunning iconic structures, combined with digital enhancements that complete a singular vision to showcase New York City’s most eloquent inhabitants.

Blackstone Gallery. “Chyrum Lambert”. A solo exhibition from LA-based artist Lambert, who uses ink, acrylic, and wax to create intricate paper collage paintings. Opening reception: Jan. 9th, 6pm to 10pm. Runs through Feb. 2nd. 901 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 90015. (909) 746-6308

Carol Cirillo Stanley Studio Gallery. A haven for fine arts photography in the heart of the Fashion District, past shows of Ms. Cirillo-Stanley’s have included “Paper Walls,” a photography exhibition that presented “the shapes, colors, and fantastic design found along the walls in Tuscany, Italy.” 112 W. 9th St. Suite 507, Los Angeles 90015, 949-633-8961,

CB1 Gallery. “Ni tanto que queme al santo, ni tanto que no lo alumbre.” Sculptor Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia presents his third solo exhibition of works at CB1, exploring with a series of new paintings and drawings “the idea that abstraction and representation are two sides of the same coin; that every representation is an abstraction and every abstraction is a representation.” Artist Talk: Sunday, January 19, 2014, 4 p.m.. Runs through January 26, 2014. W. 5th Street, Los Angeles 90013. (213) 806-7889.

CLADE Gallery. Developed and produced in Los Angeles by designer Maya Reynolds, CLADE’s artisanal collection is made in exclusive runs from high quality, natural materials. Aside from displaying their wares, their outpost on Spring St. plays host during ArtWalk to events like photography exhibitions from Dig Wayne, jewelry galleries by artists Delovo, Valou & Ray Wiley, and other fashion-centric shows. 600 South Spring Street Studio 105, Los Angeles, California 90014.

Diego Cardoso Gallery. An ongoing exhibition of works from artist Diego Cardoso, who seeks to explore “urban environments through combining perception with the imagination creating a ‘magical realism’.” Art Walk January 9th, 6pm – 10pm. 738 S. Los Angeles Street (Santee Village Courtyard), Los Angeles 90014, (310) 625-5861

District Gallery. Presents Critters & Other Creatures works by A. S. Ashley running January 23rd through March 9th. Also, Richard Ankrom who became notorious when he disguised himself as a Caltrans worker and installed a highway sign and Suzi Moon who is most well known for her portraits of LA art scene nightlife ends January 19th, 2014. 740 E 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90013

El Nopal Press. The 5th Street gallery “publishes fine arts prints and lithographs addressing social issues relevant to the cross-border dialog between Los Angeles and Mexico City artists.” Look for monthly Art Walk demonstrations and showcases.

Gallery 1927 at the Fine Arts Building. “Deconstructed Los Angeles” feat. Teale Hathaway. Hathaway presents abstract portraits of Los Angeles, and “visually decomposes structures and reorganizes some of their most compelling qualities into beautiful and puzzling paintings of familiar places”. Runs through Jan. 4th. 811 W. 7th St., Los Angeles. 213-489-4054.

Gallery 950. “Roadside Attraction”. A selection of paintings from artist Victoria Macmillan that came out of “a frustration with traffic”, she says. “I drive all over SoCal and painting has transformed the mundane act of commuting into a glorious hunt for a new composition.” 950 S. Flower Street, Suite 110, Los Angeles. (213) 408-0830, Gary Leonard/Take My Picture. The artist presents exhibitions drawing from a wealth of his acclaimed. photographic work.

Gallery Mujo. Taking its name from the “Buddhist concept of impermanence, of nothing lasting forever,” this gallery collects spiritual artworks that place an emphasis on Buddhist values and “a special impact on the heart. Hours: Tue – Sat: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. 137 East Third Street, Los Angeles CA 90012. GalleryMUJO@yahoo. com. (909) 573-3627


“Melodies” A group show celebrating exciting new discoveries in the mediums of Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Glass, with participating artists including Jonas Bienenfeld, Alex Gramm, Joseph De Sanze, Linda Mayne, Tanya Ragir, Lisa Scadron, Cynthia Ann Swan & Robert Toll. Art Walk Reception: Thursday, January 9th, 6pm-10pm. Runs through January 31st. Gallery Hours: 12 noon– 7pm (Tuesday – Friday), 12 noon-‐3pm (Saturday & Sunday), Mondays and evenings by appointment. Visit www.

The Hive Gallery, “Hive Tarot 5” feat. Sunny Jin, MJ Lindo, Soty Mae, Dave Lovejoy, and many more. The gallery opens its doors up for a diverse group show built on the foundations and aspects of Tarot A portion of the proceeds will go to non-profit Fighting for Fitness, helping train “at risk youth” and obese children in fitness and martial arts. Opening Reception: January 4th, 8-11:30PM, $5 Suggested Donation. Runs through Feb. 1st. 729 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. Hollywood Junkys. Exhibiting their wares and ethos during Art Walk, this Los Angeles St. space “creatively markets and recycles the interesting and forgotten specializing in objects, clothing, music and books.”

Jennifer Main Gallery. The artist presents her works of vibrant color in all mediums, but mostly acrylics as well as mixed media, incorporating collage and painting.

KGB Studios The Chocolate and Art Show. Indulge yourself in some of LA’s finest up-andcoming artists, photographers and creators! There is something for every body including live body painting, live music, face-painting, free nail art/ henna tattoos, live portraits and free chocolate!. Show starts Friday, December 13, at 7:00 pm. Runs through Sunday, December 15.

LA Artcore.

“Thai Group Show”. The gallery presents a number of Thai artists with different artistic approaches: Nukoon Panayadee, Jirawa Phrasant, Chinoros Roongsakul, Wattanachot Tungateja, Saravut Vongate, and Pallop Wangborn—all of whom “express interest in combining both contemporary and traditional modes.” Opening Reception: Sunday, January 5th, 3pm – 5pm. Runs through Jan. 16th.

“Man Soo Lee Solo Exhibition.” Seoul, South Korea-based painter Lee comes to L.A. Artcore with a series of works “connecting the heart and mind with the natural world.” Opening Reception: Sunday Jan. 19th, 3 p.m. – 5 p.m Runs through January 31st. Union Center for the Arts, 120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. (323) 276-9320, http://www.laartcore. org


“SNAP TO GRID: The UN-Juried Exhibit” On the tenth anniversary of their very popular program, LACDA opens its doors for an un-juried exhibit featuring digital art and photography. Selections will be printed and shown in their gallery arranged in a grid. Runs through January 31stth. 104 East Fourth Street between Main and Los Angeles Streets. (323) 646-9427.

Machine Inspired Art (MIA) Gallery. “Artwalk Exhibition” Aiming to “explore and showcase the role and application of technology, in specific computational technology, within the creative process, the Main St. gallery celebrates Art Walk while exhibiting works from resident artists. Sept. 12th, 6pm – 11pm. 530 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA. (213) 293-9442.

MB Abram Gallery. Celebrated architect and artist Ted Tokio Tanaka presents a monthly selection of drawings and paintings, which fall under contemporary, tribal, and African art. Open for Jan. 8th Artwalk. 525 West 7th St, Los Angeles, 90014. 310-738-5235, www.

Miguel Osuna Art Studio. The Spring Street studio is the brainchild of the Guadalajara, Mexico-born Osuna, who specializes in evocative landscape and abstract works. Past exhibitions include “Spin,” where several artists contributed to spinning paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and video.” 410 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.


“Bob Mizer & Tom of Finland.” MOCA presents their first museum exhibition devoted to the art and collaborations between Bob Mizer and Touko Laaksonen, seen as “towering figures of twentieth century erotic art and legendary pioneers of Post-war gay culture.” Runs through Jan. 26th.

Robert Reynolds Studio and Gallery. The workspace of the legendary artist opens its doors monthly for Art Walk, displaying permanent and touring exhibtions to the public from 1pm-9pm. On dispay currently is Reynold’s hand made flying machine. Check it out!

Spring Arts Tower. Spring Arts Tower continued support of the arts features a 10,000 square foot bookstore, and artists studio mezzinine. Also inside the Tower, the sublevel basement Crocker Club, built inside the buildings bank vault.

Steven Rowe Art Studio. The Australian-born artist exhibits his diverse range of drawings, paintings and window installations in his space in The Arty gallery. Open during December Art Walk. 634 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Think Tank Gallery.

“Coffeegraph: A Coffee Show About Art”. Think Tank Gallery and LA Coffee Club collaborate with LA Weekly to present “a feast for the senses with an event series that embraces Downtown’s accelerating craft coffee culture.” Runs through Dec. 21st. Also open for Art Walk on Dec. 12th for a concert featuring local bands Corvidae, Blac Jesus & The Experimentals, and more.



name, short description, address, phone & website



“Selections from the Permanent Collection.” A chronological installation of significant works from MOCA’s collection from the 1940s to the present. Through January 27th, 2014. 250 South Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90012.

PYO Gallery. “Meltdown” feat. Sean Roh. This exhibition featuring the photo-based mono prints of Roh aims to “address the familiarity of everyday objects to expose the technological and social systems that shape perception.” Opens Nov. 16th – Dec. 28th. “Travel Log – Stories From Eastern Europe.” A solo exhibition of new photographs by Seung Hoon Park that weaves together a narrative from the historic landmarks of Eastern Europe and fragments of 16 mm film into a cinematic experience. Runs through November 9thth. Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm.

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