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Cornerstones  Breakfast  Menu    

All  breads  served  at  Cornerstones  restaurant  are  locally  made  less  than  a  kilometer  away   by  Chef  William  Clay  of  Bodhi’s  Artisan  Bakery  where  even  the  flour  is  milled  in  house.     Chef  Clay  is  an  acclaimed  Chef  &  a  member  of  Baking  Team  Canada.          

Continental  Breakfast   A  seasonal  fresh  fruit  salad  accompanied  with  fruit  yogurt  &  selection  of  toast,  a   croissant  or  a  muffin.  Served  with  your  choice  of  coffee  or  tea   $9  


Cold  Cereal   Choose  from  our  selection  of  cold  cereals  served  with  chilled  2%  milk   $5    

Hot  Oatmeal   Topped  with  an  apple  cinnamon  compote  &  served  with  2%  milk   $6    

Grand  Banana  Split   Fruit  yogurt  over  a  split  banana  topped  with  crunchy  house  made  granola   $8.50    

Protein  &  Fruit  Breakfast   Two  eggs  any  style  with  a  fruit  salad  and  two  slices  of  toast   $9.50  


Eggs  Benedict   Two  poached  eggs  and  back  bacon  on  a  toasted  English  muffin,  topped  with  house   made  Hollandaise  sauce  and  served  with  Chef’s  potatoes.   $12  


Two  Eggs  Any  Style   Two  eggs  any  style,  served  with  Black  Forest  ham,  bacon  or  sausage,  potatoes  &  toast   $10  


Hearty  Breakfast   Two  eggs  any  style,  served  with  two  slices  of  bacon,  sausage,  potatoes  &  pancakes   $12    

Your  Favorite  Omelette   Three-­‐egg  omelette  with  your  choice  of  3  of  the  following  items:     cheddar  cheese,  ham,  shrimp,  green  onions,  red  onions,  tomatoes,  spinach,  mushrooms   or  sweet  peppers.  Served  with  Chef’s  potatoes  &  two  slices  of  toast   $11   Add  extra  toppings  for  .75  each    

Garden  Frittata   A  baked  3  egg  open-­‐faced  omelette  with  sweet  peppers,  tomatoes,  onions,  mushrooms   &  feta.  Served  with  Chef’s  potatoes  &  toast   $12    

Buttermilk  Pancakes   Served  with  butter  &  golden  syrup   $10   Add  berries  $2    

French  Toast   Raisin  cinnamon  artisan  brioche.  Served  with  butter  &  golden  syrup       $11    

Side  Orders    


Bacon       Sausage       Black  Forest  Ham     Toast       Muffin       Bagel  &  Cream  Cheese   Croissant     Chef’s  Potatoes     Extra  Pancake     One  egg  any  style     Fruit  cup      


$3.25   $3.25   $3.25   $3   $3.25   $3.25   $3.25   $2.50   $3.50   $3   $4.50  

Beverages   Orange,  Grapefruit,  Cranberry,  Apple,   Tomato,  Pineapple     $3     Milk                                                                                $3     Coffee     $3.25   Specialty  Teas     $3.25     Hot  Chocolate     $3.50