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Sandy Walker, Publisher

Dear God, My heart is filled with peace and joy as I anticipate the Blessings of the moment. You, my Lord are so worthy to be praised. You are worthy in times of turmoil and in times of calm. My heart knows that You are always at work, even when I do not see it. Your ways are not our ways. You have the ability to make something out of nothing, as we were fashioned out of dirt! The greatest honor and joy of my life is to acknowledge You. Lord, it is my prayer that as we look forward to yet another year on this Earth, we do so with hope and great

expectations! I pray that You will protect us from any and all calamities, known and unknown. Shield the Earth Father as we try to regroup and figure out what You would have us to do. Keep us mindful that You remain in charge. Open our eyes to injustices and open our hearts to the the pursuit of peace in all we do. Use each of us as You see fit. Help us, Dear Lord, to see Your greatness in each other. Your world is a beautiful world, and I thank You for allowing me to dwell in it. To God be the Glory. --AMEN

Publisher’s Prayer PUBLISHER Sandy Walker



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5 Fundamental Truths That Will Change Your Life

It’s surprising how easy it is to lose sight of the important things in life. Busy schedules and regular routines have a tendency to put the brain on autopilot.

Life and business run on questions, not answers. You should be asking yourself regularly if you’re headed in the right direction.

outside the box and see the solution that you’ve been missing. Success takes patience and the ability to maintain a good attitude even while suffering for what you believe in.

Many of life’s essential truths need reWhen things aren’t going quite the way peating. We need reminders that help Being busy does not equal you’d like them to, it’s often because us to stay focused on them. Keep these you’ve lost focus on what really mat- truths handy and they’re sure to give being productive ters. But focusing on life’s fundamental you a much-needed boost. Look at everyone around you. They all truths can be difficult, especially when seem so busy -- running from meeting they remind you that you’re heading in to meeting and firing off emails. Yet the wrong direction. Great success is often how many of them are really producing, really succeeding at a high level? preceded by failure The best things in life don’t come easYou will never experience true sucily, and failing to observe yourself Success doesn’t come from movement cess until you learn to embrace failure. carefully is a sure path to mediocrity. I and activity. It comes from focus -Your mistakes pave the way for you to believe that Socrates said it best: from ensuring that your time is used succeed by revealing when you’re on “The unexamined life isn’t worth livefficiently and productively. the wrong path. The biggest breaking.” Socrates’ observation also applies throughs typically come when you’re to business. When Eric Schmidt was You get the same number of hours in feeling the most frustrated and the CEO of Google, he famously said, “We the day as everyone else. Use yours most stuck. It’s this frustration that run this company on questions, not wisely. After all, you’re the product of forces you to think differently, to look answers.” your output, not your effort. Make cer-

tain your efforts are dedicated to tasks that get results.

You’re only as good as those you associate with

You don’t have to wait Your self-worth must for an apology to forgive come from within Life goes a lot smoother once you let go of grudges and forgive even those who never said they were sorry. Grudges let negative events from your past ruin today’s happiness. Hate and anger are emotional parasites that destroy your joy in life.

You should strive to surround yourself with people who inspire you, people who make you want to be better. And you probably do. But what about the people who drag you down? Why do you allow them to be a part of your The negative emotions that come with holding on to a grudge create a stress life? response in your body, and holding on Anyone who makes you feel worthless, to stress can have devastating health anxious or uninspired is wasting your consequences. Researchers at Emory time and, quite possibly, making you University have shown that holding more like them. Life is too short to as- on to stress contributes to high blood sociate with people like this. Cut them pressure and heart disease. loose. When you forgive someone, it doesn’t condone their actions; it simply frees You’re living the life you’ve created You are not a victim of circumstance. you from being their eternal victim. No one can force you to make decisions and take actions that run con- Live in the moment trary to your values and aspirations. You can’t reach your full potential until you learn to live your life in the presThe circumstances you’re living in to- ent. day are your own -- you created them. Likewise, your future is entirely up to No amount of guilt can change the you. If you’re feeling stuck, it’s prob- past, and no amount of anxiety can ably because you’re afraid to take the change the future. It’s impossible to be risks necessary to achieve your goals happy if you’re constantly somewhere and live your dreams. else, unable to fully embrace the reality (good or bad) of this very moment.

When your sense of pleasure and satisfaction are derived from comparing yourself to others, you are no longer the master of your own destiny. When you feel good about something that you’ve done, don’t allow anyone’s opinions or accomplishments to take that away from you. While it’s impossible to turn off your reactions to what others think of you, you don’t have to compare yourself to others and you can always take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. That way, no matter what other people are thinking or doing, your self-worth comes from within. Regardless of what people think of you at any particular moment, one thing is certain -- you’re never as good or bad as they say you are.

Life is short

None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Yet, when someone dies unexpectedly it causes us to take stock of our own life: what’s really important, how we spend our time and how we treat other people. Loss is a raw, visceral reminder of the frailty of life. It shouldn’t be.

When it’s time to take action, remember that it’s always better to be at the To help yourself live in the moment, Remind yourself every morning when bottom of the ladder you want to climb you must do two things: you wake up that each day is a gift and than at the top of one you don’t. you’re bound to make the most of the 1) Accept your past. If you don’t make blessing you’ve been given. The mopeace with your past, it will never leave Fear is the #1 source ment you start acting like life is a blessyou and, in doing so, it will create your ing is the moment it will start acting of regret future. like one. When it’s all said and done, you will lament the chances you didn’t take far 2) Accept the uncertainty of the future. more than you will your failures. Don’t Worry has no place in the here and After all, a great day begins with a great mindset. be afraid to take risks. now. As Mark Twain once said, “WorI often hear people say, “What’s the rying is like paying a debt you don’t worst thing that can happen to you? owe.” Bringing It All Together Will it kill you?” Yet, death isn’t the Staying focused and asking the hard worst thing that can happen to you. questions can be extremely uncomfortThe worst thing that can happen to you is allowing yourself to die inside while you’re still alive.

able. But we don’t learn and grow by sticking with what’s comfortable. A version of this article appeared on TalentSmart.

A Life of Service, Faith & Family

Reverend Dr. Alphonso Jackson has been the Senior Pastor/Teacher of Second Baptist Church since October 1, 2000. He leads a congregation of more than 3,200 members whose motto is: “The Church in the Heart of the Community, With the Community at Heart.” ​ JACKSON’S BEGINNING Rev. Jackson was born in Hollywood, Florida. He was called to the ministry in August 1980 and preached his initial sermon at New Shiloh Baptist Church under the leadership of his father, the late Reverend Dr. Arthur Jackson Jr. ​ As youth pastor for New Shiloh from 1981-1984, Jackson’s “uncompromising and bold teaching of God’s Word,” wrote those who knew him well, “changed the lives of many people.” The Lord continued to find favor in Jackson and in 1985 he became the senior pastor of St. James Baptist Church in Coconut Grove. He served faithfully at St. James for more than 16 years. ​ FAMILY INVOLVEMENT In 1984, Rev. Jackson married the love of his life, the former, Dewana Williams. They have two children, Rev. Alphonso J. Jackson Jr. (Jamila) and Brianna Jackson; and two beautiful granddaughters, Angelina and Allison Jackson. ​ ACADEMIC PREPARATION An educator at heart, from 1980-2000, Rev. Jackson was an instructor in the Miami-Dade County Public School System where he was honored in 1993 as Teacher of the Year. ​ In 2004, Rev. Jackson was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Saint Thomas Christian College. He earned his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Elementary Education in 1980 at Olivet Nazarene University, Kankakee, Illinois. Rev. Jackson completed his graduate studies at Florida Memorial College and Advanced Seminary

studies at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. ​Recently, he graduated from Knox Theological Seminary with his Master’s of Arts in Biblical and Theological studies. ​ COMMUNITY/CIVIC Noted as a community leader, Rev. Jackson has served as a board member of Coconut Grove Cares and a board member of One Church One Child. In July 2014, then Congressman Joe Garcia welcomed Jackson to Washington, D.C. to commence the daily congressional session with a prayer. Jackson was the Moderator for the Seaboard Baptist Missionary Association of Florida Inc., from 2008 to 2016 and held the position of second Vice-President of the Florida State General Baptist State Convention. ​ He was presented the Citizen of the Year Award by Omega Psi Phi Pi Nu Chapter in 2015 and also received the Church of the Decade Award by Collective Empowerment Group in November 2015. ​ Rev. Jackson received the Distinguished Achiever Award by ICABA International Inc. in September 2015. ​ He is chairman of the Children’s Learning Center board of directors; a member of NAACP and PULSE; first vice president of the National Action Network; president of Richmond Heights Community Alliance; and a member of the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board. In 2016, he was selected by Legacy Magazine as one of South Florida’s Black Leaders and Influencers. ​ He led Second Baptist church in completing the building of the John and Anita Ferguson Apartment Homes, an 89-unit affordable housing community for seniors in the Richmond Heights. ​

Church History

Founded: May 17, 1964

Second Baptist Church, the church in the heart of the community with the community at heart, has grown from a group of (13) devoted Christians meeting in a private home to a congregation of over 2500 members in a million dollar edifice. History records the faith and works of the Second Baptist Pioneers who made this all happen. ​ It has been said that any institution that lives more than a generation is, but the length and shadow of the individual in whose mind it was born. If this is true, then the Second Baptist congregation is but the shadow of its Founder, Reverend John A. Ferguson. With the Word of God in his mouth and a verse from the hymn “The Church Is One Foundation, a church was born. Second Baptist Church was officially organized and chartered by the state of Florida, May 17th, 1964. ​ The organizational structure included four selected Deacons: I.D. Benbow, Sherman Clark, Alphonso Thomas, and Amos Larkins Sr. Additionally, four Trustees were selected: Andrew Green, Donald Hollis, Burk Jones, and James Marshall. Four Deaconess

were selected. Adeline Sanders, Myrtle Benbow, Dinah Larkins, and Drucilla Thomas. Other groups organized in 1964 were: The Usher Board, Senior Choir, and Pastor’s Aide. ​ On Sunday, October 1, 2000, the respected Rev. John A. Ferguson, Founder and First Pastor of Second Baptist Church of Richmond Heights, passed the proverbial baton on to Pastor Alphonso Jackson Sr. Pastor Jackson came highly recommended by God and Rev. Ferguson. To date, God has used Pastor Jackson to expand SBC from one location to two. He’s fulfilled the vision that his predecessor had to build a Senior Living Facility and is currently working towards building a multipurpose center that will be a tremendous impact in the South Dade community. This year, Pastor Alphonso Jackson celebrated 35 years of Pastoral service. ​

The continued mission of Second Baptist Church is to: Equip The Saint. Evangelize the Sinner. Elevate the Savior.

Dust Off Your Scale and Prevent Holiday Weight Gain The holiday season is right around the corner. This festive season brings eggnog, gingerbread cookies, minty candy canes, and sausage stuffing with way too much gravy, and for many, it also brings weight gain. A new study suggests it doesn’t have to be that way. Preventing holiday weight gain may be as easy as dusting off your scale and weighing yourself every day.

tional instructions on how to achieve that goal were provided. These instructions allowed each participant to selfselect how they would modify their behavior. For instance, an individual could become more physically active or decide to eat less if a weight increase was noticed. “Maybe they exercise a little bit more the next day (after seeing a weight increase) or they watch what they are eating more carefully,” study author Jamie Cooper, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Foods and Nutrition at the University of Georgia College of Family and Consumer Sciences, said in a release. “The subjects self-select how they are going to modify their behavior, which can be effective because we know that interventions are not one-size-fits-all.”

Holiday weight gain is reported to be one to three pounds per year. Although it’s a small amount of weight, the problem is the weight is often not lost after the holiday. Overeating during the holiday season has been identified as a likely contributor to small weight gains that add up over time and can lead to obesity. If you are already overweight or obese, you are susceptible to gaining the most weight over the hol- Co-author Michelle van Dellen, an associate professor at idays. the University of Georgia Department of Psychology, said in a release, “People are really sensitive to discrepancies or Researchers at the University of Georgia (UGA) conducted differences between their current selves and their a study to find out if daily self-weighing using visual graphical feedback would prevent holiday weight gain. The re- standard or goal. When they see that discrepancy, it tends searchers recruited 111 adults between the ages of 18 and to lead to behavioral change. Daily self-weighing ends up 65 to participate in a 14-week study. doing that for people in a really clear way.” The study took place between Thanksgiving and the day after New Years’ Day. Half the participants—the intervention group, were asked to weigh themselves daily on scales that provided graphical feedback showing weight fluctuations. The other half—the control group, did not receive any instructions. Participants who weighed themselves daily on scales and received graphical feedback of their weight changes either maintained or lost weight during the holiday season, while participants who did not perform daily self-weighing gained weight. The study’s authors report that participants in the intervention group were instructed to try to maintain their starting weight throughout the holiday season. However, no addi-

In addition to daily self-weighing, here are a few more strategies to prevent weight gain during the holidays and all year long: 1. Eat roughly the same time each day 2. Choose reduced-fat foods 3. Walk 10,000 steps each day 4. Choose healthy snacks 5. Read food labels 6. Control portions 7. Stand up for 10 minutes out of every hour 8. Choose water or sugar-free beverages 9. Slow down and practice mindful eating 10. Eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

In light of the pandemic, flu vaccinations are more important than ever for people at highest risk

The American Heart Association, the leading voluntary health organization devoted to a world of longer, healthier lives, is helping to keep families and communities safe from the flu by providing facts, resources and encouraging people to get a flu vaccine. “Getting the flu vaccine is especially important this year. If you get the flu, you may need to be hospitalized, in this time of COVID-19, in an already overwhelmed healthcare system. Get your flu shot. Avoid getting the flu. Stay out of the hospital due to the flu,” said Eduardo Sanchez, M.D., M.P.H., FAAFP, American Heart Association chief medical officer for prevention and former commissioner of health for the state of Texas. “In a normal year, the flu is serious and can even cause death. The flu vaccine can keep you out of a hospital.”

hospitalized due to the flu. Pregnant women – those who are vaccinated are 40% less likely to be hospitalized due to the flu. According to the CDC, people who are Black or Latinx may be at increased risk for the flu and are least likely to get the flu shot. Over the past 10 flu seasons, non-Hispanic Black people were hospitalized at the highest rates and Latinx people were hospitalized at the third highest rates for the flu. Native Americans were second highest. Some people have misinformation and concerns about the flu vaccine, causing them to skip it altogether. Here are some facts:

The vaccine does not cause the flu. The flu vaccine cannot cause the flu. It may cause very mild side effects. The most common are soreness, swelling While it is important for almost every- or redness on your arm near the site one six months and older to get a flu of the shot that might last only 1 or 2 vaccine, it’s especially important for days. However, the mild symptoms those at highest risk: you might experience from the vaccine are much less severe than the flu itself. Seniors and people with underlying risk factors such as heart disease, It is safe and effective and stroke and diabetes, among others. easy to access. According to the Centers for Disease The flu vaccine is safe and effective for Control (CDC), those 50 years-old and preventing the flu, and is easy to get at older, living with one or more chronic places that are taking extra safety meaconditions, are at high risk for the flu. sures like: Those who aren’t vaccinated are six your doctor’s office, times more likely to experience a heart pharmacy, and attack- Children, especially those who some employers that are providing are under 5 years-old and those who drive-thru vaccinations. are back in school. Children who are vaccinated are 74% less likely to be

It is accessible even without insurance. Many community pop-up vaccination sites, federally funded programs, local health departments, community health centers and some places like churches and community centers offer the vaccination at no cost for those who qualify. It is not too late to get vaccinated. Flu season typically peeks between December and February, so getting the vaccine now is better than waiting. You need at least two weeks for your body to develop antibodies to the virus. However, being vaccinated anytime during flu season is better than not at all. “No one wants the flu. The best way to keep your family and yourself safe from the flu is by getting the flu vaccine and as with COVID-19 prevention, wearing a mask, washing your hands often, and social distancing helps,” said Dr. Sanchez. “Don’t forget to take your mask when you go for your flu vaccine.” The American Heart Association’s flu vaccine campaign is made possible nationally in part by generous support from the Anthem Foundation and Sanofi Pasteur. For more flu information and resources, visit heart.org/fluprevention.

Nation’s First Caribbean-American Heritage Museum Set To Open In Broward County About Island SPACE Island SPACE (Island Society for the Promotion

of Artistic and Cultural Education) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of arts, culture, history, and educational initiatives that represent the Caribbean region in South Florida and the broader diaspora community. The organization produces events, and sup-

ports independent artists, organizations and groups who deliver high-level presentations, in various art forms. . For more information, please visit www.islandspacefl.org. Board members, community partners and volunteers of the Florida-based nonprofit, Island SPACE are excited to welcome guests and patrons to explore the nation’s first Caribbean-American Museum, opening at the Westfield Broward Mall in January, 2021. Following the November 19 soft opening, the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum will maintain limited hours of operation with no admission fees through January 2021 when the grand opening will occur. “We are eager to start receiving guests and hearing their thoughts and feedback during this soft launch period,” says Andrea M. JohnBaptiste, Board Member. “Come January, we will have completed installation, worked out any kinks and be ready for full operations.” Within the facility, exhibits, archives and artifacts from around the Caribbean tell the stories of the region’s robust and colorful history, while emphasizing and highlighting contributions to U.S. culture and economy. Visitors will enjoy the gallery’s display of fine Caribbean art and are encouraged to consider hosting their own small cultural events, meetings, and activities at the centrally located museum.

Community members are encouraged to get involved in this undertaking through volunteerism, donations, sponsorships, and brand ambassadorships. Donations in the form of artifacts from around the Caribbean are highly sought after, and cash and inkind contributions are needed. Support for this venture has been generously provided by the following Funds at the Community Foundation of Broward: Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, David and Francie Horvitz Family Fund, Ann Adams Fund, and Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund; and by Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), GraceKennedy USA LLC (Grace Foods), the Jamaican Diaspora Legacy Foundation and individual private donors. Donations are used in support of this local resource for historical and cultural information, to create interactive programs to enrich the community, and in most cases are tax-deductible. To donate, volunteer, explore the online archives and/or receive more information, visit : www.islandspacefl.org.


$15 MINIMUM WAGE PASSES BUT WILL NOT START FOR SOME TIME Many Florida workers are getting a raise. Last week, more than 60% of Florida voters approved a measure that would raise the state’s minimum wage from $8.56 to $15 per hour by 2026. Opponents argued it would kill small businesses; proponents said the current wage is too low. Both businesses and workers won’t see the increase any time soon. The change doesn’t take effect until Sept. 30, 2021, when the state’s minimum wage rises from $8.56 per hour to $10 per hour. The wage then will rise by $1 per hour every Sept. 30 until Sept. 30, 2026, when it reaches $15 per hour.

5 Myths About Selling a Home Right Now Are you curious about the state of the housing market? Like many homeowners, especially potential sellers, you may be hesitant to make a move because there’s a lot of uncertainty and speculation these days.

Myth: Home prices are decreasing.

Nearly every metro region saw price growth this year, with trends outpacing expectations. In fact, historically low mortgage rates could allow people to afford higher-priced homes, encouraging them to buy now.

But you don’t want to let false assumptions keep you from reaching your goals, now or in the future. Myth: You won’t be able to show your home.

Let’s clear up some common myths about what’s happening You can show your home safely by following the recomin real estate right now and what we’re likely to expect going mended precautions. Virtual home tours and private showforward. ings are also options.

Myth: Buyers are waiting to enter the market.

Myth: The real estate market is going to crash.

Record-low mortgage rates mean it’s a great time to purchase It’s a common concern, but what’s happening today is differa home, and buyers are actively engaging in the market. ent from the financial crisis of 2008. Experts are optimistic, as the economy remains fundamentally strong. The housing Myth: Fall is the wrong season to sell. market looks solid for the foreseeable future, and there is no reason to abandon your plans. You’ve probably heard that it’s better to list in the spring or It’s easy for the truth about selling to get lost in the shuffle. summer. But this fall is a seller’s market — and a highly active If you’re curious about what else is happening in real estate, one at that. especially our local market, reach out today.

‘Keep the faith’: 5 takeaways and quotes from Biden’s acceptance speech

President-elect Joe Biden made his first speech after declared winner as the next 46th President of the United States in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday evening. Here’s what you need to know.

Positive vibes: Biden steered clear of directly mention-

ing Trump, save for a brief moment in which he vowed to represent Trump voters during his presidency, as well as Americans who voted for his own ticket. But he was pointed in shunning the negativity and devicivness that has come to engulf American politics. “It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again ... we have to stop treating our opponents like enemies,” he said.

Diversity: Biden made very clear that diversity and in-

clusion would be a focus of his presidency, nodding to the support he got from a wide array of voters: “Democrats, Republicans, Independents, progressives, moderates, conservatives, young, old urban, suburban, rural, gay, straight, transgender, white, Latino, Asian, Native American.” He then mention the African American community who

“stood up for me” when his campaign was at “the lowest ebb.” COVID task force: “On Monday, I will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisors to help take the Biden-Harris COVID plan and convert it into an action blueprint that will start on January 20th, 2021,” Biden said. Teacher in the White House: Biden gave a special shoutout to teachers and his wife, Jill Biden, who is an educator. “You’re going to have one of your own in the white house,” Biden said. Keeping the Faith: Biden was heavy-handed with talk of faith for about the last 60 seconds of his speech, telling a story about how his grandpa used to say “keep the faith” and his grandmpa would follow with “No, Joey, spread it.” He ended with “Spread the faith, God love you all, may God bless America and may God protect our troops.” For more visit mysanantonio.com

lth The UHeandard sta n o s k c a J r of care fo

t n e g ur . e r a c


At UHealth Jackson Urgent care we provide the highest standard of care with board-certified physicians from the University of Miami Health System on site seven* days a week. Flu shots are now available at each of our locations, free of charge with most insurances. You can walk in to the center nearest you and receive a flu shot—no appointment necessary.

JacksonUrgentCare.com Country Walk 13707 S.W. 152nd St. Miami, FL 33177

Cutler Bay 18910 South Dixie Hwy. Cutler Bay, FL 33157

Doral 7400 N.W. 104th Ave. Doral, FL 33178

Keystone Point 13120 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami, FL 33181

North Dade 16555 N.W. 25th Ave. Miami Gardens, FL 33054

Our charges for medical services are less than the charges for comparable medical services at Jackson Memorial Hospital.*North Dade Urgent Care is closed on Sunday.

DO YOUR PART. SAVE LIVES. Help protect your family and our community against COVID-19.

Simple ways to be safe:

6 ft

Wear a mask

Practice social distancing

Carry hand sanitizer when going out

Wash your hands frequently

Stay home if you’re feeling sick

Get tested:

Drive Thru

Walk Up


Free testing is available throughout Miami-Dade County. For information on the many FREE testing locations throughout the County, or to make a testing appointment, visit miamidade.gov/covid-testing

I’m a Dietitian with Diabetes. Here Are My 6 Favorite Foods — and What I Make with Them! Medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD Written by Mary Ellen Phipps Raise your hand if you like grocery shopping… anyone? I’m one of those rare people who loves roaming the aisles of the grocery store. This goes back to my childhood when I became very aware of food at an early age. As a child with type 1 diabetes, I grew up trained by dietitians and educators, so I knew better than others the foods that helped stabilize my blood sugars. That knowledge carried me into adulthood and became my passion. I entered graduate school to become a dietitian and could carb count blindfolded with my hands tied behind my back (okay, not really, but you get the idea). But maybe you’re not like me. Maybe your diabetes diagnosis is new, or maybe food and/or the mere thought of the grocery store stresses you out. Don’t worry — if that’s you, you’re definitely not alone. I hear this from friends and clients all the time. And it’s usually followed by some sort of request to have me grocery shop with them. So, this is the next best thing! I’m sharing the nine foods I always have on my grocery list, and why they’re my go-tos. 1. Avocados. As a diabetic, I learned a long time ago that fat was my friend. Not only does it help stabilize blood sugars after meals, but it also adds flavor and great texture to dishes. Avocados are great sliced up on rice crackers or chopped in salads — or try this Av-

ocado Cacao Mousse or these Avocado Banana Cookies for healthier versions of desserts.

water, which make them a great way to stay full and satisfied as part of a larger meal. And if you remember your firstever diabetes education appointment, they probably talked to you about “free foods” (foods that don’t require insulin and don’t contain any significant amount of carbohydrates). Well, cucumbers are pretty much the poster child for free foods. They’re great for adding crunch to a salad or sandwich and for dipping into hummus, which leads me to…

2. Organic pasture-raised eggs. I try as best I can (and as our budget allows) to buy animal products that are organic. Organic eggs are at less risk for salmonella due to better living conditions, and one study found that eggs from pasture-raised hens were higher in vitamins A and E as well as omega-3 fatty acids! Try adding a fried egg to high-fiber toast in the morning. A classic “breakfast for dinner” with 5. Hummus. I always tell my clients scrambled eggs is always a hit too. that to avoid a blood sugar spike or drop, there are three things you need 3. Grass-fed ground beef. The Unit- your meal or snack should have: fiber, ed States Department of Agriculture fat, and protein. And hummus has all (USDA) defines grass-fed animals as three! I like to use it in place of dressthose that have been fed only “grass ing on a salad and as a spread on sandand forage, with the exception of milk wiches, or just to eat on its own with a consumed prior to weaning.” To be spoon for an afternoon energy boost. certified, the animals “cannot be fed grain or grain by-products and must 6. Fresh or frozen berries. I love all have continuous access to pasture dur- berries, but raspberries and bluebering the growing season.” ries are my two favorites. In the late spring and summer, I buy them fresh The diet that a cow eats has a direct every week, but as fall and winter roll impact on the nutrients and fat found along, I’m always so thankful that froin its meat. Grass-fed beef typically has zen berries are so easy to find (and less fat overall and a higher percent- affordable). Berries are a great way to age of that fat is anti-inflammatory add sweetness without using added fat. It also has more antioxidants and sugar. They’re loaded with fiber and greater amounts of conjugated linoleic antioxidants too. Raspberries have one acid (which may reduce your risk for of the lowest percentage of sugar of any heart disease and cancer). My absolute berry. And blueberries are an excellent favorite way to use ground beef is this source of vitamin K and manganese Cheesy Beef & Kale Pasta Bake! (which plays a role in bone develop4. Cucumbers. When you look at vita- ment and helps our bodies use the numin and mineral content, cucumbers trients in the foods we eat). Use berdon’t offer much. But they do have ries to make your own no-added-sugar a decent amount of fiber and a lot of jam or homemade “frozen” yogurt.

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Providing COVID disinfection an eradication for the Miami transportation and Miami Park & Recreation


• Office cleaning services • Medical Facility Services • Daytime & Nighttime Janitorial services • Condominium cleaning

• Schools and Universities • Emergency cleaning services • Carpet & Floor Care Services • Houses of worship • Staffing assistance available

INJURED ? • Auto • Wrongful Death Accidents We & Offer the • Slip Fall Access to• Medical Malpractice Most Recognized •National • Workers Comp. Nursing Home Neglect and International

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We can also provide credit card processing services to your church or ministry Dade, Broward and Palm Beach

SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA Phone: 305-888-4212 Fax: 305-883-6701

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WE WILL COME TO YOUR HOME OR HOSPITAL Web: www.communitelusa.com

Handling cases in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties from Sunrise. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask me to send you free written information about my qualifications and experience.

1900 Northwest 54th Street Miami, Fl 33142 Hfhmortuary@bellsouth.net For over 40 years we have served this community with integrity and compassion “In your time of need call the funeral home that cares.” “God cares and we care.” CALL ABOUT A PRE-NEED PLAN

God is Working Miracles Need Healing or More Joy and Power, or Need a Job? COME AND RECEIVE PRAYER! FREE ANOINTING OIL

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We invite you to come and worship with us. Prayer and Information Center of The Body of Christ, Inc. 56 NW 46 Street Miami, Fl

Milton A. Hall, I “1993 Mortician of the Year”

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It’s a Healing and Deliverance Service Sunday Morning at 11 AM You may mail your prayer request Pastor J. Harvey Co-Pastor, Loretta Stokes and the Ministerial Team

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Sunday School - 9:30 A.M. Sunday Worship Service 8:00 A.M. & 11 :00 A.M. Thursday- Noon Day Bible Study; Prayer Meeting & Study of the Word- 7:00 P.M.

Pastor James R. Polk, Sr. Pastor / Teacher

18900 SW 106 AVE. #207 Miami, FL 33157

Weds Youth and Adult Prayer Meeting Bible Study: 7:30 PM

Reverend Lance B. Bailey Sr. Pastor

BELIEVERS OF AUTHORITY MINISTRIES, INC. 3655 Grand Avenue Miami, Fl 33130 305-442-7337 boaministries@hotmail.com www.boaministries.org www.believersofauthority.org Sunday Worship : 10:30 AM Bible Study (Tuesday) :7:30 PM

Apostle John H. Chambers, III Pastor

Doris Granberry, Pastor


9855 SW 152 St Miami, Florida 33176

11000 SW 216th Street Miami, Fl, 33170 305-259-1229 www.GraceIsTheeplace.com

Rev. Mark Coats, Pastor

Sunday school ... 9:45AM Sunday Worship... 11:00AM Bible Study... Wed. 7:00PM Mission Friends (Children) 3rd Saturday at 10:00AM

MT. CALVARY NATIONAL CHURCH OF GOD, INC. KINGDOM BUILDERS MINISTRIES 17500 SW 103 Avenue, Perrine, FL 33157 305-234-9702 mtcalvaryncog@gmail.com www.mtcalvaryncog.org www.facebook.com/MT.CalvaryNCOG

FAITH IN DELIVERANCE MINISTRIES 18190 SW 102nd Avenue Miami, Fl 33157 docfergie@bellsouth.net 305-909-6861

Sunday School................. 9:45AM Sunday Worship............... 11:00AM - 1:30PM Rev. Dr. Bettie M. Ferguson, Pastor

Thursday Bible Study....... 7:00-8:00PM

Dr. Melissa JamesRolle-Scott, Walden Rev. Pastor / Teacher Pastor

Sunday School...................9:30 AM Sunday Morning Worship...11:00 AM Prayer: Tuesdays & Fridays at Noon Corporate Prayer: Wednesday....7:30 PM Bible Study: Wednesday........8 PM Youth Activities: Friday ..........8 PM

FIRST ST. JOHN M. B. CHURCH 13740 SW 264 St. Naranja, Fl 33032


Sunday School

www.fsjmbc.com 8:30AM

Sunday Worship Service 10:00AM Rev. Rodney S. Rumph, Sr., Pastor

PROPHETIC REVIVAL CENTER 183 NE 8th ST. Homestead, Fl 33030 (Inside Hatikvah Temple) 305-281-9045 www.sandramoore.org Sunday Worship Service 1:30PM Children’s Church. 2:00PM Prayer / Bible Study... Wed. 7:00PM

Rev. Sandra Moore, Pastor

12001 SW 213 Terr. Goulds, FL 33170

Rev. Elijah Bemley, Pastor

Rev. Robert Shaw, Pastor

Wednesday Night Service 7:00PM

Dr. C.P Preston, Pastor


3820 NW 169th Terrace Miami Gardens FL.33055 nowfaithoutreachministry@yahoo.com 8:30 AM

Sunday Morning Service 11:30AM Bible Study Thursday 6:30PM Corporate Prayer 12 Noon

10:00 AM Pastors Henry and Doris Burney

LIVING WORD CHRISTIAN INTERNATIONAL NW 7th 485514501 NW 183rd St. Ave. Miami, FL Miami, Fl 33168 305-624-0044

Sunday Morning Worship: 9 AM Weds. Mid-week Service: 7:30 PM SAT Corporate Prayer: 8 AM

Youth Empowerment Pastor’s PastorWillie Willieand & Karen KarenFelton Felton, 1st & 3rd Friday 7:00 PM Marriage Enhancement 4th Friday 7:30 PM Pastors

Sunday Worship 9:30 AM Sunday School 8:30 AM Tues Bible Study 6:45 PM Wed Bible Study 10:45 AM .


Rev. Charles M. Taylor, Senior Minister

Ph: 786-230-3786 Fax: 305-754-9200 Sunday Worship Celebration & Youth Sunday School 9:50 am Tuesday Prayer Service

6:00 pm

Noonday Meditation M-Th 12noon

Senior Minister

Rev. Paul E. Moss, Pastor


CENTER CHURCH INC. 14501 NW 7th Ave 7626 NW 7th Ave Miami FL 33150 / Miami, Fl 33168 Mailing address

2370 NW 174th Terr Miami Gardens FL 33056

Sunday Sunday School 8School AM : 9:30 AM

Sunday Service :10:30 AM

Study every MorningBible Worship 9 AM andother 11 AMWednesday 7:30 PM

Bible Study Tuesday 7 PM Bishop Dennis Jackson

Church Phone 786-286-5611 Church Fax 305-620-7020 www.unitedchristianpraiseandworshipcenter.com

Rev. Jacques F. Saint-Louis, Pastor

Sunday School Sunday Worship Sunday Evening Worship Tuesday Bible Study Friday Prayer Meeting

9:00 AM 10:30 AM 7:00 PM 7:00PM 8:00 PM

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