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MARCH 2022

F.I.T. Enterprises Where Ministry And Industry Collide

Firm operates in a spirit of excellence and submission to God

My Father, My Lord, I give You glory and I praise Your holy name. Lord I thank You for filling my heart Dear God, with joy, peace and love. I thank You for blessing me every day and every moment of my life. You are so worthy to be praised. Father it is comforting to know that Your You have blessed me and so many others to see the dawning of another year. love is eternal, true and unyielding. I did not earn it and I cannot lose it. I don’t deThank You Father for 2022!! I am not sure what the challenges or blessings serve it but I certainly appreciate it.

Sandy Walker, Publisher

Sandy Walker. Publisher

will be for this year but I know that You know. I am comforted that nothing will happen that will be a surprise to You.

Father as I navigate this wonderful opportunity to walk on the face of planet Earth it is my desire to make You proud. I want You to look at me knowing that I am doing my Father I pray for Your continued love, support and guidance. I pray that You best to be a blessing to this world. I know, dear Lord, that when I bless others in The Gospel Truth Magazine very will open doors that need to be opened. I pray for compassion and healing Your name You get the honor and the glory. 11285 SW 211 St. Suite 208 for those who are in need. I pray for the blessing of being grateful and appre-

ciative of all things and all people. Fill my heart with gladness and thanksgiv-

Cutler Bay, FL 33189 (786) 295-5596

I pray Father for those who are in pain and for those who are suffering in any way. I ing. Thank You Father for working on my behalf even when I don’t realize it. pray for those abroad who are displaced and under attack. It is my hope that as they Thank You for answering prayers that I have not yet prayed!!! call out to You prayers will be heard. In the most tragic situations, You are there. You You are an awesome and amazing God. my Lord are the way maker. You are the protector. You are the healer. You are Lord.

I love You Father. --AMEN

Publisher’s Prayer PUBLISHER Sandy Walker



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14707 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 101



Miami Dade College Leaders ae joined by Dr. Phillips’s family, Carmen Morris, Past Homestead campus President Dr. Jean Jacobs and local political leaders to unveil the sign proclaiming the Dr. Roy G. Phillips Center.

On Friday, February 25, Building A on Miami Dade Carmen Morris, who had worked with Dr. Phillips as College’s Homestead Campus was renamed the Dr. Roy Director of Communications at the Homestead CamG. Phillips Center. pus, began the process of honoring both his lasting contributions and his outstanding character with a phone The ceremony, hosted by Homestead Campus President call to Dr. Harrison. Learning that naming a building Dr. Oscar Loynaz and MDC Executive Vice President for an individual required a number of approvals, Morand Provost Dr. Malou C. Harrison, was well attend- ris reached out to former colleagues and friends who ed by family, current and former MDC Staff who had would be involved in the approval process, as well as worked with Dr. Phillips, and in acknowledgement of starting an online petition to show community support. his impact on the overall community. She found universal support, and the final step of agreement of the Board of Trustees was unanimous. Local elected officials were in attendance representing the local communities MDC Homestead serves: Home- In her remarks she remembered Dr. Phillips’s care for stead Mayor Steve Losner, Florida City Mayor Otis Wal- students saying, “If there was a student who needed lace, and Miami Dade Commissioner Kionne McGhee. help, financial or other, he would always find a way to provide that help. There are so many who would not be Dr. Phillips joined Miami Dade College in 1980, first as where they are today without Dr. Phillips. She concludNorth Campus Vice President and later as Vice presi- ed her remarks, “Dr. Roy G. Phillips was not only the dent of Public Affairs. In that job he was instrumental Founding President of the Homestead Campus, but the in developing College expansion plans which resulted Founding Father of the Homestead Campus. in the approval of a Homestead Campus. After the conclusion of the ceremony Commissioner In 1990, he was tapped to be the Founding President of McGhee summed up many of the tributes to Dr. Philthe Homestead Campus. lips, telling the News Leader, “Growing up in an underserved community I benefited from Dr. Phillips’ work. He held that position for 11 years, retiring in 2001. Both I walked the halls of the Homestead Campus with him Phillips and his wife of 63 years, Vera passed away in and came to know that not only was he a great leader, December of 2020. but a compassionate and caring leader. This is truly a great day.”

How Does Exercise Affect the Aging Brain? Most people know that regular exercise can keep a body looking and feeling young. What about the brain?

Exercise & Sport Science Initiative to further examine the role physical activity plays on the brain. The grant is one of four recently awarded by the U-M initiative to study physical “There has been a wealth of evi- activity. dence from past studies that physical activity has beneficial effects on A shortage of comprehensive analyneurocognitive functions, such as ses propelled the new effort. “Those memory and regulatory control,” previous studies did not examine the said Mark Peterson, assistant pro- effects in a large cohort,” Peterson fessor of physical medicine and re- said. “We’re hoping this study fills habilitation at Michigan Medicine. that knowledge gap and can validate “Essentially, those studies show that and extend the previous claims.” the physical activity alters the brain’s aging trajectories to preserve cogni- Peterson and his U-M colleagues in tive health.” psychiatry, Chandra Sripada, M.D., and computer science, Jenna Wiens, Peterson and colleagues were re- will obtain and study the cohort and cently awarded a two-year grant data from the United Kingdom Biofrom the University of Michigan’s bank.

“The U.K. Biobank is the world’s largest prospective epidemiological study,” Peterson said. “It gathers extensive questionnaires and physical and cognitive measures from 500,000 participants.” “We’ll be incorporating deep-learning techniques to predict brain age from raw neuroimaging, and will examine the independent effects of objectively measured physical activity on brain age and cognitive function in the cohort,” he added. Peterson, also a member of the U-M Global Research, Education and Collaboration in Health and Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, spoke more about the study.

What made you decide to research this topic? Peterson: There is a wealth of evidence that in middle-age and older individuals, physical activity has beneficial effects on neurocognitive functions (working memory, declarative memory, attention, etc.). It has been conjectured that physical activity produces these effects by altering typical aging trajectories of critical brain circuits that underlie major cognitive functions. However, at this time, there have been no rigorous, large-scale studies to examine the effects of objectively measured physical activity on aging trajectories of the human brain. What will be your focus? Peterson: We expect to better understand the role of physical activity participation and dosage on deviations in brain health and cognitive function. It is now known that distinct brain circuits associated with specific neurocognitive functions exhibit distinct trajectories of change during aging. Thus, we will generate maps of neurotypical change in order to assess how physical activity influences an individual’s position along the expected aging trajectories. To generate these maps of neurotypical

change, we will apply deep-learning methodologies.

potential causal pathways

What are you hoping to accomHow will your work differ from plish? prior research efforts? Peterson: Our proposed study is Peterson: Previous studies have poised to decisively answer two critused machine learning to predict ical unanswered questions: What is brain age in various disease pro- the effect of physical activity on circesses (e.g., Alzheimer’s). However, cuit-specific brain aging, and does this work will be the first ever to use this effect mediate the effect of physdeep-learning algorithms to better ical activity on improved cognitive understand deviations in brain age functioning? by physical activity and functional profiles in otherwise healthy mid- We anticipate that this work will dle-aged adults. lead to subsequent cross-disciMoreover, we will go substantially plinary collaboration within U-M beyond previous studies in multiple to secure federal funds for prospecways: tively studying the effects of exercise • The inclusion of participants for physical and cognitive health from the world’s largest epide- preservation or improvements in miologic study adults with and without deficits. • Physical activity will be measured objectively (and not just Who might benefit most from this by self-report) research? • Utilization of multimodal im- Peterson: This work is poised to aging (not just imaging of brain inform public health and clinical volume) audiences regarding the benefits • Examination of circuit-specific of exercise and physical activity on aging trajectories brain health. Therefore, we expect • Employment of advanced that our findings will support and deep-learning methods for con- bolster the movement for integratstructing brain age trajectories ing recommendations for exercise • Analyzing complex relation- in clinical care. ships between physical activity, brain aging and cognitive func- From Michigan Medicine tioning to gain evidence about

F.I.T Enterprises Where Ministry And Industry Collide Firm operates in a spirit of excellence and submission to God By: Zachary Rinkins

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.” Psalm 37:23 Sharon E.A. Coleman and Natalie L. Rowe communicate an empathetic belief that God personally orders the steps of those who believe and are faithful to him. That is the only way they can explain their friendship, business partnership, and growing venture F.I.T. Enterprises.

“We know that he will do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask for or think, according to the power that is working in us.”

ble. I would do the same.” Eventually, their paths crossed and served as the prelude to a prosperous partnership.

F.I.T. faith believes God will lead the “One time I passed her office, we way. talked and connected spiritually before we knew we were business Rowe and Coleman grew up in Mi- partners,” Coleman continued. “We ami’s Richmond Heights commu- knew we were spiritual partners benity. Despite working together as cause we both had a desire to please S.B.C. Community Development God, pursue him and everything he Corporation’s employees, their as- placed in us.” signments rarely intersected. “Things are organically happening Coleman still works there. Rowe has because we daily submit to God “We connected even though we since moved on. and his leading us,” declared Rowe, were in two different offices beco-founder of F.I.T. Enterprises, a cause Natalie and I both would get F.I.T. faith believes God will provide. parent company of a conglomerate to work early to take time to spend of boutique firms that helps a com- with God,” Coleman shared. “Na- Coleman recalled a local counpany meet its business and creative talie would be in her office listening cil member asking her to consider needs. to church music and reading her Bi- producing a community art walk.

“We are strong believers. We study his word and our business to show ourselves approved. We believe in delivering excellence in everything we do,” Rowe says. “That includes our products, marketing, finances, and how we communicate with clients.” “We write down everything. We put out good processes and procedures. F.I.T. is a corporation with a heart for God and business excellence.” Rowe agrees with her partner. “It is all going to be for his glory and your benefit. God has a plan to give you a future and hope. So, as long as you trust him and those little things, everything will add up,” Rowe concludes.

For more information, log on to experiences. Enterprise Empress (EE) is a women’s empowerment brand creSIDEBAR ated to connect multifaceted womFIT Enterprises is the parent com- en through media, conferences, and pany of the following firms: Ask- e-commerce merchandise. It highcolestars, Artwalk Presents, Enter- lights women from the community prise Empress and SPROUT. bi-weekly during our “Today’s Jackie: The Jackie of all trades, Master of F.I.T. Enterprises HER empire” show and monthly in the Gospel Truth Magazine. Askcolestars is a production company that specializes in producing SPROUT is a nonprofit combating collaborations for businesses, faith- food insecurity and serving resibased, community-based, and gov- dents through community refrigerernment-based organizations. It ators with free groceries, technoloalso provides organizations with ad- gy-advanced community gardens, ministrative, management, develop- and developing programs focused ment, and implementation support. on healthy eating while exposing residents to restaurant management Artwalk Presents focuses on pro- and culinary arts careers. ducing art and culture projects such as community festivals and artistic

Are you young at heart?

Jackson Health System is offering a free online test to learn your heart age. Take the test to see if you’re at risk for heart disease. It’s never too early to care for your heart. If your heart is younger than you, great! If it’s older, schedule a heart screening. A heart screening could save your life.

Take the test today at

Janay Blakely Poet & Author

About me


Janay Blakely, a Coral Reef Senior High School alumni , is a Miami based writer and spoken word artist/poet. Her life long love of writing has finally culminated in the release of her first poetry collection 'Pages on the Floor'. When she is not writing, Janay can be found participating in activities at her church, Sweet Home Missionary Baptist Church, working on her next project 'Drowning at 3 am', or watching comedy specials on Netflix. When asked how she would describe herself, Janay said she is a "wordsmith with an appreciation for literature, life, and all the things that make it worthwhile such as laughter, love, and breakfast".

Content Creation Poetry/Spoken word performance

Janay is a fresh new voice in poetry with her debut poetry collection, Pages on the Floor. Her poems speak to life, love, family, race, and self discovery in a way that makes each poem relatable. Pages on the Floor is sure to have a piece that resonates with you. Available on Amazon today. CONTACT 786.309.5540


You may have noticed a few of the signs already. Maybe when you get up in the morning, you’re stiffer than you used to be. Or your knees get achy after sitting awhile.Over time, everyone’s body ages and shows signs from natural wear and tear. Regular exercise helps delay the process and keeps you agile. However, many people forget to include mobility exercises in their routine.

stretch.) Static stretching increases flexibility by putting light tension on a muscle and holding the position for 30 to 60 seconds. Be sure not to bounce. It’s best to warm up first before attempting this type of stretch.

Discover foam roller self-massage. They cost as little as $10 and come in many lengths and densities. A foam roller is an easy and convenient way to release tension in muscles and connective tissue, which Pohelps et &increase AuFor flexibility and improve mobility. thor beginners, a medium foam roller may be most comfortable.


Blake ly About


Isometric stretching: In this type of stretching, you get into a static stretch Janthe ay Bla position, then gently contract k ly, abody’s i stretched muscle. Keep the length of Use eyour saM Coralnatural movement. i a m Reef movements i b the muscle and the angle of the joint Using your body’s a Senio s ed wr natural life lo r Hig i t e r Both flexibility and mobility are im- steady. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds thenngcan increase your mobility, a h Sch love o nd spo stability o r e f wPlus, ken leasecportant to how your body functions. relax your muscle for about 20 balance. it adds a little playse ofand r w i t i o n r g d h e artis has r firinto Flexibility refers to the ability to move onds or more, then repeat. W Isometric fulness st pyour nally hen oetryday. One fiexample s c h u collecactivity is lmina a joint through the full range of mo- stretching increases strength flex- ofe a i“natural s no movement” paand tion 'P rticipa crawling. t wdown tion, or fully lengthen a muscle. Mo- ibility. Getting on all fours ages o ting i r i t i ng, just nt n actiand mobilizes Missio bility involves a bit more. It includes strengthens about J a nay vities nary B c an b at inheyour aptmuscle flexibility, as well as strength, coordi- Dynamic stretching: When every 'Dryou ist Chand joint r chbody. ownroll u u i r n r c c h, wthrowing nation and balance. your neck, do walking lunges arm g Climbing, at 3 a carrying, N flor orking andh, Swee m ix. W catching ', orand gently, windmills, you’re doing etdynamic (safely on he watch of course) hen a r next J a n i s Staying active and preserving mobilistretching. A dynamic stretch takes are other ways to keep yourself supn a k y said g com ed ho SERV w shple. e isHowever she to ty are important as you age. Here are aI C specific re-edy spe literallows E S movement and a "wo you choose wmove, aturethe c Conte o u l d r , dsmitfreely, three ways you can make sure your and muscles to smove through to breathe start slow, life,member nt Crjoints descri a h n u e be h d all and at full with Poettime n range of as laug be gentle, body can stay agile for a long bounce. the don’t an ap ry/Stopo theirio t h h i t p n e r g r, love eciatio ken w s that come: perfor , and ord make m b a r i n Stretch every day. Simple stretching ceDynamic stretching is controlled and Perhaps most eimportant: Find t akfast ". you ac- worth can increase your range of motion smooth. It’s a great way to warm up stretches and other activities and decrease pain in conditions like before exercising and helps increase tually like to do that fit into your daily rotator cuff tendinopathy. The great range of motion. routine. That’s the best way to guarthing about is that you can antee you’ll stick with a more flexible, Jastretching naand y iitsonly do it anywhere, takes a few When beginning a stretching routine, agile way of life. a fresh waitfew seconds to minutes. There are remember to take it slow. Stretching n ew h er ice iand three types of basichstretches. You can toovo quickly too far can trigger d e b n P u p t a oemechanisms g p e choose to focus son increasing flexibil- oyour to try etrybody’s defense o n c t h o ity or you work on mobility, too. protect itself from tearing joints and e l spcan l e tion eak to You probably Floomuscles. r. HeStretchcjust , you feel Static stretching: until l i f e , loschool. r p v lf dstyle learnedsethis in middle tension. If you feel pain, o e , fami ems you’ve gone i s c o v l y e (Think ryand e standing toe touch i thigh too far., rac


n a w ach p e, and oem a y that m relatab Floor akes le. Pa is sur g e e s on resona to ha the ve a tes w piece ith y Amaz that ou. A on tod vailab ay. le on Poetry Reading

Janay Blakely

CON April 30th -7:30PM ACT jblake 6PM T lyhold ings@ gmail Tea and Poets .com 786.30 .5540Unit 126 5701 sunset drive, south 9Miami, ( Shops at Sunset)


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