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To God be the glory! Today I am reminded that God is always in charge. He loves us in spite of ourselves.

Dear God,

Sandy Walker, Publisher

Father, God, in the name of Jesus. Thank you for being by my side and for dwelling You have blessed me and so many others to see the dawning of another year. deep within my heart. I am encouraged each day as I am reminded that You are in Thank You Father for 2022!! I am not sure what the challenges or blessings charge of all things in my life, great and small. Keep me mindful of this as I navigate will be for this year but I know that You know. I am comforted that nothing the life you have blessed me with. Take away anxiety in all situations and replace it will happen that will be a surprise to You. with the certain knowledge that nothing will happen that You and I cannot handle. You are such an awesome and amazing God.

Sandy Walker Publisher The Gospel Truth Magazine 11285 SW 211 St. Suite 208 Cutler Bay, FL 33189 (786) 295-5596

Father I pray for Your continued love, support and guidance. I pray that You will open doors that need to be opened. I pray for compassion and healing Father I thank You for each day I am allowed to call Earth my home. I thank you for for those who are in need. I pray for the blessing of being grateful and appremy wonderful family and for the love you continue to surround me with. You bless ciative of all things and all people. Fill my heart with gladness and thanksgivme in so many ways that it is impossible to not realize that You are with me. Order ing. Thank You Father for working on my behalf even when I don’t realize it. my steps Father, so that when I make a move, it is the right move according to Your Thank You for answering prayers that I have not yet prayed!!! will for my life. You are an awesome and amazing God. I love You Lord and I need You, today and every day! - AMEN

I love You Father. --AMEN

Publisher’s Prayer PUBLISHER Sandy Walker



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CareerSource South Florida and Miami-Dade County Push to Recruit Job Seekers at MDC Homestead Campus

(L to R: Dr. Oscar Loynaz, MDC Homestead Campus President, Yian Perrin, DEO Program Manager CareerSource South Florida, Teresa Serrano, Assistant Director SFWIB Administration)

CareerSource South Florida (CSSF) recently joined employers from 26 Miami-Dade County Departments to recruit jobseekers during The Mayor’s Career & Job Fair Hosted by the Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. This event was open to the public giving students and job seekers the opportunity to explore a career with Miami-Dade County Government.

here for you,” said Dr. Oscar Loynaz, MDC Homestead Campus President. “Whether it’s at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus or any other campus, we are here to work together to make our community and students successful.”

Miami-Dade County offers competitive salaries and outstanding benefits including; group medical and denOrganized by The Office of the Mayor, Daniella Levine tal, Florida Retirement System enrollment, paid holiCava, the Human Resources Department, Miami Dade days, vacation & sick leave, tuition reimbursement, reCollege and CareerSource South Florida, this was the mote working and flexible schedule opportunities. second of a series of recruitment events that will take place throughout the County this year. The goal is to The next Mayor’s Career and Job Fair will be held on attract candidates, expand the talent pool and facilitate April 20, 2022 at the Miami Dade College Hialeah Camnetworking opportunities between applicants and de- pus located at 1780 W 49th Street, Hialeah, FL 33012. partmental staff. Bring your resume! Department representatives will be available to review resumes on-site to assess skills and “Anything that we can do to help the community we are provide feedback.

MEEK MOBILIZE GRANTS ANNOUNCES THE 2022 WINNERS Congresswoman Meek knew that the power of a place is in its people, and that residents must be engaged to build their own community. The 2022 winners of the Meek Mobilize Grants Program have stepped up to lead this important work in their own neighborhoods. From 120 applications to the program, 22 projects were selected to activate residents in Opa-locka, Liberty City and Florida City around issues that matter to them.

Anyone was eligible to apply, regardless of 501c3 status. The unique effort aims to strengthen neighborhoods and unite residents behind critical quality of life causes impacting local Black and Brown communities. It’s a first step in the Foundation’s commitment to strengthen neighborhoods from the inside, out, activating block-by-block connections between residents to build safer, healthier places to live in Miami-Dade.

Pictured: Project T.H.U.G., which will receive $3,000 to support learning experiences that dismantle dominant male stereotypes for Black boys.

“The Meek Mobilize Grants winners reflect our best: selfless residents who have committed to improving their community. Many of them have created and led effective solutions to the ongoing social and economic issues our people have long-wanted addressed, and they’ve done it with little to no institutional funding. Our goal is to grow the capacity of these projects so they get access to networks, resources, and the community support needed to more effectively serve our residents.” -Lucia Davis-Raiford, President and CEO

MOBILIZE GRANTS WINNERS CELEBRATE WITH THE COMMUNITY AT ORIENTATION RECEPTIONS This year’s winners launched their cohort experience during in-person orientations on March 30 and 31. They were able to connect with each other, share more about their projects and what they hope for the future of their community work. Winners will receive funding, as well as ongoing technical and capacity building support throughout the year, like sessions to learn from experts in community organizing, nonprofit management and grant writing. In Florida City, the mayor, city commissioners and community supporters joined the gathering to celebrate the winners, many of whom shared personal connections to Congresswoman Carrie Meek. “The energy these winners have already generated is exactly the collective community power we want to strengthen through this program. So many residents value how they have stepped up in the gap where society’s broken systems couldn’t meet the need. These grants are only the beginning; it will take more momentum from funders, organizations, public agencies and above all, residents to ensure the success of these projects and the dedicated change-agents leading them.” -- Matthew Beatty, Vice President and COO

The 2022 Meek Mobilize Grants Winners at the Florida City orientation reception.

The 2022 Meek Mobilize Grants Winners at The Carrie Meek Foundation in Opa-locka. The orientation reception was held for winners in Liberty City & Opa-locka.

Pastor Melissa Rolle-Scott encourages the saints to surrender to God and allow the holy spirit to work

By Zach Rinkins “But without faith, it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” - Hebrews 11: 6 For Melissa Ann Rolle-Scott, faith is the cornerstone of a successful walk with God. Rolle-Scott serves as pastor of the Mt. Calvary National Church of God, Inc. in Miami’s Perrine community. Mt. Calvary, the tower that serves as a flagship of her service, resides in the same neighborhood where she grew up with her four sisters and a brother. “It all starts with faith,” declares Rolle-Scott. “It is impossible to please God without faith. That is a scripture that people say, but you have to live it!” Rolle-Scott reflects fondly on her faith-filled upbringing led by her loving parents Bishop Livingston Rolle and Church Mother Grace Rolle She recalls maturing in her pentacostal faith and performing throughout the Church of God circuit as a member of the Rollettes, a sibling-staffed, praise and worship outfit organized by her mother.

“It’s my life. I have been in the church all my life. That is who I am,” Rolle-Scott. “My upbringing and what my parents taught me through their lives continue to shape my life. The values of hard work, being committed to God and one another made me who I am.” After the death of her father and the transition of the church’s founder, the church’s trustee board unanimously appointed Rolle-Scott to the pastorate in 2008. Despite years of faithful attendance and service, the then-newly appointed leader admits some trepidation about assuming the role. “I was serving as minister of religious education. I had not prayed about it and was not looking to be pastor,” she shares. “I was praying and asking God to lead me. I chose to release my life to him to make sure I wasn’t trying to be in control.” During the past 14 years, Rolle-Scott leveraged her flock’s faithfulness to serve the community well beyond their capacity. She reveals that the ministry and its Community Development Corporation have regularly distributed turkey dinners to the needy, offered computer classes to area youth, and provided services

addressing community needs. She says she revels when she notices church members surrendering their lives to God and benefit from the fruits of faithfulness. “What really blesses me is when they get it. Witnessing their lives change as they begin to apply the word. They are receiving their healing because they believe in God. And, seeing God work in their lives,” she shares. “You can see it in their eyes. It is the best feeling in the world because you know that what you’re doing is not in vain. Hearing them speaking the word is the best gift of all.”

Hold On To God’s Promises: “Hold on to what God says. If he says it in his word, it applies to you. Receive it as if that was a personal word to you.” Recognize That You Already Have the Favor of God:

The third-generation preacher offers this four-step guidance on surrendering to God and allowing the holy spirit to work for your good.

“When you have faith in God, and you are in communion with God, you have the favor of God. That means you are the apple of his eyes. Now it’s up to you to believe that you are the apple of his eye. Because he has enough eyes for all of us. Being the apple of his eyes means that he is looking for every opportunity to make me look good so that he gets the glory. He is looking for every opportunity to bring me out and rescue me. Because I belong to him and I have chosen his name. So, we have his favor. You don’t have to beg God for anything. You pray and believe that you’ve already received it.”

Stop Putting the Holy Spirit in the Unemployment Line:

Faith and Fear Keep You From Enjoying the Favor of God:

“You have to release your life to God. Your body is a temple of the holy ghost. The holy ghost lives inside of you. Allow him to do his job. I often tell the Saints that they have to stop putting the holy spirit in the unemployment line. The holy spirit was sent to lead and guide you into all truth. So, begin the release and rely on the holy spirit’s leading. Ask God, what should I do, Lord? Do you see this? Where are we going? What do you have to say? Then wait, be patient and wait on the Lord. Having faith and releasing your faith to believe in God is your foundation.”

“You cannot walk in faith and fear. It doesn’t work. Get rid of the doubt and fear that comes from the enemy. You must recognize the enemy for who he is. He is only there to distract you. I call it an illegal distraction. Anything that doesn’t line up with the word of God is a distraction in the kingdom. Get rid of distractions and believe the report of the Lord. Line your life up with the word of God and commit to doing that. Then, you will trust God enough to let him have control. You will then understand that he’s got your best interest at heart. Do this, and you will enjoy the favor of God.”

“You cannot be in faith in trying to do or control everything that happens in your life. You’ve gotta release your life to God.”

The time is right

to be healthy. April is National Minority Health Month. You know that some chronic diseases and other conditions are more common or severe among racial and ethnic minority groups. So April is a time to recognize how having an active lifestyle reduces your health risks. Simple changes like incorporating small amounts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in your daily routine can transform your life. At Jackson Health System, we celebrate the diverse groups represented by our patients, nurses, doctors, and staff – and their efforts to be active and healthy. This underlines our commitment to provide a single, high standard of quality care to all members of our community. We support your healthy efforts.

Call 305-585-4JMG for a Jackson specialist near you.

A Combination Of Vitamin D + Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Reduce Risk Of Autoimmune Disease We all know that a vitamin a day keeps the doctor away. Therefore, it wasn’t shocking when a new study revealed that combining Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids could reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases. Both supplements have some similar benefits. The American College of Rheumatology’s ACR Convergence 2021 showed that people who take these nutrients over a long time lowered their chances of developing the autoimmune disease by 25 to 30%. They placed over 25,000 adults in four groups and tested them for five and half years. The group breakdowns consisted of the following: The first group took both an omega-3 and vitamin D placebo. The second took 1,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and 2,000 international units of vitamin D.; the third group of participants took an omega-3 placebo and 2,000 international units of vitamin D. In comparison, the fourth group took 1,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and a vitamin D placebo. Furthermore, researchers noted if a participant experienced an autoimmune complication. Vitamin D & Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fights Off More Than Autoimmune Disease Vitamin D is one of the most popular supplements in the U.S. It is excellent for bone strength, heart health, etc. However, Vitamin D deficiency is not talked about

enough. Unfortunately, studies show that type 2 diabetes, IBS, and MS are more prevalent in individuals lacking Vitamin D. When looking into the different levels of Vitamin D, D3 is more effective at elevating vitamin D levels in the bloodstream than D2. In addition, D3 helps trigger a critical immune system response to bacterial and viral infections, while D2 has the opposite effect. Although Vitamin D is a popular supplement, let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. Outside of sharing similar benefits, Omega-3 fatty acids can help with the following issues: • • • • • • • •

Depression and anxiety Improve eye health Can promote brain health during pregnancy and early life Reduce the symptoms of ADHD in children Reduce symptoms of metabolic syndrome Fight against inflammation Improve mental health disorders Can fight age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s Disease

The research was inspired by an older study that showed that when individuals receive enough Vitamin D from the sun and their diets, they can ward off diseases such as arthritis and inflammation.

10 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Day Wouldn’t life be great if we could wake up daily in a joyful mood and move through the day without losing an ounce of that joy? OK, maybe we could lose an ounce or two, but for the most part we would remain pretty happy. The thought of it feels good to me. I think that would be bliss. But we all know that finding and maintaining joy just isn’t that easy; especially when you are a busy mom with a ton and her plate. For many busy moms, adding more joy to each day can prove to be quite tough. After all, who has time to worry about joy when you have work to do, bills to pay, kids to raise and places to be? Of course, we all know how important joy is, but achieving it consistently can seem impossible. Yet, here is what we all must acknowledge and embrace as mothers: Moving through life feeling weighed down and depleted is no way to live. It’s not just bad for us, but it can really do damage to our kids. You see, the way we live life teaches them a lot about how to live life. Do you want your kids to grow up thinking joyful living is some elusive dream? Don’t you want them to

feel like joy is attainable? So when life is too much to bear and you just want to crawl under a rock and take a 20-hour nap, how on earth do you add more joy to your day? It isn’t always easy, but I think these suggestions are a start. Doing these things doesn’t make life perfect, and it won’t fix any major dilemmas you face in an instant, but it sure will leave you with days that have a lot more joy and a lot more hope. You’ll take that, right? I know I sure will. • • • • • • • • • •

Pray often. Take a nap (even if it’s just 15 minutes long). Step out into the sunshine. Drop a text message to someone you miss. Break a sweat. Read something you love. Send a thank you note. Take a step toward a goal or dream. Do a good deed. Declutter a small space in your home or office.

History Is Made By Ketanji Brown Jackson President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. On April 7, 2022, a bipartisan group of Senators confirmed Judge Jackson’s nomination.

STATEMENT FROM THE WHITEHOUSE Since Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, President Biden has conducted a rigorous process to identify his replacement. President Biden sought a candidate with exceptional credentials, unimpeachable character, and unwavering dedication to the rule of law. And the President sought an individual who is committed to equal justice under the law and who understands the profound impact that the Supreme Court’s decisions have on the lives of the American people.

of the law back to sitting next to her father in their apartment as he tackled his law school homework—reading cases and preparing for Socratic questioning—while she undertook her preschool homework—coloring books. Judge Jackson stood out as a high achiever throughout her childhood. She was a speech and debate star who was elected “mayor” of Palmetto Junior High and student body president of Miami Palmetto Senior High School. But like many Black women, Judge Jackson still faced naysayers. When Judge Jackson told her high school guidance counselor she wanted to attend Harvard, the guidance counselor warned that Judge Jackson should not set her “sights so high.”

That is why the President nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve as the next Justice on the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson is one of our nation’s brightest legal minds and has an unusual breadth of experience in our legal system, giving her the perspective to be an exceptional Justice. That did not stop Judge Jackson. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, then attended About Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Harvard Law School, where she graduated cum laude Judge Jackson was born in Washington, DC and grew and was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. up in Miami, Florida. Her parents attended segregated primary schools, then attended historically black col- Judge Jackson lives with her husband, Patrick, and their leges and universities. Both started their careers as pub- two daughters, in Washington, DC. lic school teachers and became leaders and administrators in the Miami-Dade Public School System. When Judge Jackson was in preschool, her father attended law school. In a 2017 lecture, Judge Jackson traced her love


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