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The Best of Brisbane | Edition Two

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FLY INNER CITY Brisbane City, Spring Hill & Kangaroo Point Map

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FLY NORTH Fortitude Valley, New Farm, 20 Teneriffe, Newstead, Wilston, Bowen Hills & Hamilton Map 40 FLY SOUTH & EAST West End, South Brisbane, Woolloongabba, East Brisbane, Bulimba, Hawthorne, Stones Corner, Coorparoo & Surrounds Maps

FLY WEST Paddington, Milton, Rosalie, Toowong, Bardon, Red Hill & St Lucia Map



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The high rise zone is a staff fridge favella of tupperware no more. It’s now a hot bed of haute cuisine from Spring Hill down to the Gardens and across to Kangaroo Point. If you’re fringe suburb faithful, you may feel it’s food adultery to be dining in the City. But eating’s not cheating. Anyway, the deadly sin at play here is gluttony, a victimless crime if ever there was one (unless you’re a scallop or a steer, in which case steer clear).

Why so much good gastronomy? It’s the economy. The inner city is booming with boutiques and flourishing with festivals. All that foot traffic would grind to a halt without a cappucino, a Campari or a carpaccio to go. So next time you hear, “Don’t cook for me, Honey. I’m working back.” drop the crockpot, catch a cab and catch the cheat chomping. “Honey, you’re served!”

FASHION & ACCESSORIES Fashionable Feathers For the Gentleman


TIME FOR ME, ME, ME Hip Snips Preen & Pamper Get Active

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Explore Burnett Lane Hole in the Wall | Crema Early Bird Quick Lunch Business Lunch Degustation To Impress

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Bar Culture






160 Ann St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 1000 w. h. Mon – Wed 9 – 6, Thu – Fri 9 – 8, Sat 9 – 4 The chic, industrial interior perfectly befits the timeless talent and immaculate service that lies within this salon. Your hair will be cut and coloured to highlight your beauty, not to prove a hacker’s talent with a razor and purple hair dye.

p. 0421 688 393 w. If retail therapy is your Mecca and the perfect outfit is better than an orgasm, then you have found your kindred spirit. Guided tours of the best-hidden gems in Brisbane with the option of your own personal stylist. 2

VIOLENT GREEN Shop 9, 99 Elizabeth St, Brisbane p. 07 3003 0078 w. h. Mon – Thu 10 – 5.30, Fri 10 – 9, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 This is every hip Brisbane cool kid’s favourite fashion hideout. Expect a carefully curated collection of cult labels like Romance Was Born, Ksubi, and Stolen Girlfriends Club, and a similarly cool collection of staff.


BESSIE HEAD Wintergarden, Queen St Mall, Brisbane p. 07 3221 0355 w. h. Mon – Thu 9 – 5.30, Fri 9 – 9, Sat 9 – 4, Sun 11 - 4 Providing Brisbane wardrobes with an injection of high-end cool. Bessie Head has long been the hangout of fashion aficionados. It is now also a Mecca for those with a paralysing fear of satin come formal time.





VEIN BESPOKE SHOE STORE Shop 25, Brisbane Arcade, 117 Adelaide St, Brisbane p. 0434 059 416 w. h. Mon – Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 9, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 10 – 4 Fine leather, handcrafted footwear for creatives, cool cats, and comfort seekers alike. You will be the only one sporting a pair of these little tigers. Good for your sole.

PUREMAN 121 Albert St, Brisbane p. 07 3012 7990 w. h. Mon – Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 8, Sat 10 – 4 Gentleman, this place is here to help shape you into a refined, charming and stylish man. Their experts will leave you styled and groomed from head to toe. Oh hey there Mr Draper.


THE FOUNDATION p. 0433 162 734 w. More than just a creator of gorgeous makeup, The Foundation can also help you train those clumsy paws to dexterously make you beautiful! These are some seriously clever cats. (Sneaky hint: a great idea for a stripper-less hens party)


ISSADA COSMETICS 188 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3211 2202 w. h. Mon – Thu & Sat 9.30 – 5.30, Fri 9.30 – 9, Sun 10 – 5 Beauty products that go far beyond the requisite everyday, cover-up, Issada’s makeup is crafted to work on lifting, brightening and nourishing your tender skin. A little bit miraculous.

Level 1, 123 Charlotte St, Brisbane p. 07 3107 6046 w. h. Mon – Thu 11 – 6, Fri 11 – 9, Sat 11 – 5 Street style for those who walk the high-end side of town. Sourcing brands from Japan and Europe, these boys know how a man should dress. They also house the Carhartt WIP pop up concept space. 6

RIXON HAIR Shop 1, 262 Adelaide St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 6755 w. h. Tue 9 – 7, Wed 9 – 5, Thu 9 – 8, Fri 9 – 7, Sat 8 – 3 This hair salon is home to an annoyingly talented bunch; they are more awarded than Meryl Streep. Their loft-like space will transport you to the Big Apple and you’ll leave looking like you belong there.

FOR THE GENTLEMAN 4 DIRTBOX Wintergarden, Queen St Mall, Brisbane p. 07 3012 8809 w. h. Mon – Thu 9 – 5.30, Fri 9 – 9, Sat 9 – 4, Sun 11 – 4 We’re going to put it out there; we have a sneaking suspicion that every well-dressed groover and dapper gentleman about Brisbane is clothed in the dressing rooms of Dirtbox. *Sneaky dressing room perve*. Mmm, dirty.



THE DOME RETREAT Level 4, Brisbane Marriott Hotel, 515 Queen St, Brisbane p. 07 3833 1333 w. h. Sat – Thu 9 – 6, Fri 9 – 7 Has something ruffled your feathers? Slip into this slice of heaven! It is a bit of luxury without all the pretentions. Try their heated stone massage… bliss!




EXPLORE BURNETT LANE 13 BOXING EXPRESS 87 Main St, Kangaroo Point p. 0411 335 005 w. h. Mon – Sat 6 – 8 If you fancy a pent-up-aggression-release disguised as innocent exercise, you will love Boxing Express. A selection of fiery, inspired classes await your greedy fists. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!




48 Burnett Ln, Brisbane p. 07 3210 2343 w. h. Tue – Wed 4 – 11, Thu 4 – 12, Fri 12 – late, Sat 4 – late With industrial chic décor and a laneway location, this bar oozes cool. Resembling a New York speakeasy, sway to some jazz while enjoying a boutique beer, pork tacos, an old world cocktail and Whatnot. Super! 20

26 Burnett Ln, Brisbane p. 07 3211 3764 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – 8.15, Sat 7.30 – 10.15, Sun 9 – 10.30 A holistic, peaceful approach to health hidden amidst the mania of the city. Owner and instructor, Julie Smerdon, cares for her clients, she will inspire even the most ardent downward dog hater. 15



SURVEY CO. BISTRO 32 Burnett Ln, Brisbane w. p. 07 3012 8725 h. Mon – Sat 12 – late The survey is in, and the word about town is nothing but positive; the chic interiors, prompt service and delicious modern Australian fare found at this Brisbane newbie have us abuzz!


THE ARTS 16 JAN MANTON ART Shop 1, 93 Fortescue St, Spring Hill p. 07 3831 3060 w. h. Wed – Fri by apt, Sat 10 – 4 Lay your eyes on exciting, unusual and pretty pieces of art at Jan Manton Art. The gallery exhibits leading Australian and international contemporary artists whose work ranges from sculpture to installation. A beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the CBD!

SPIRO GRACE ART ROOMS 255 Gregory Tce, Spring Hill p. 0411 484 222 w. h. Thu – Sat 11 – 3, or by apt This unique art and design space shows a dynamic program of exhibitions and events, all focused upon Australian and Asia Pacific creatives. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events!


BREW CAFÉ + BAR Lower Burnett Ln, Brisbane p. 07 3211 4242 w. h. Mon 7 – 4, Tue – Wed 7 – 10, Thu – Fri 7 – 12, Sat 8 – 10 Another hidden city gem – in a laneway no less! ‘Brew’ refers to both great coffee, and cold beer, our lifeblood! Stop by on your way to work and then again on the way home.

Lower River Tce, Kangaroo Point p. 07 3891 5766 w. h. see timetable. Proof that exercise needn’t be ugly or boring. Fancy a little kayaking jaunt down the Brisbane River by nightlight? Riverlife has breathed life back into our fine riverside city.



ABORIGINAL ART GALLERY Shop 4, Albert St Mall, 79 Adelaide St, Brisbane. p. 07 3012 7550 w. h. Sat – Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 8 A beautifully curated collection of Aboriginal art from communities and individuals across Australia. Both traditional and contemporary pieces line the walls of this expansive two-story gallery.


NEAT ESPRESSO 276 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3221 6112 h. Mon – Fri 6 – 4 Their coffee is smooth and their bircher delicious, plus the staff are so friendly you’ll want to take them home. What more could you want in a little, local coffee haunt? Neatness? Apparently they have that too.


PUK ESPRESSO 98 Main St, Kangaroo Point p. 0420 300 799 w. h. Mon – Sat 6.30 – 3, Sun 6.30 – 1 The gaping espresso shaped hole in Kangaroo Point has finally been filled. With a silky smooth brew and gourmet snacks and sandwiches. The 100-year-old fig tree canopy warrants a mention too.


BAR MERLO 239 George St, Brisbane p. 07 3221 8789 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 5 The fastest guns in the West (city) work in this coffee lovers haven. Quick service with lots of laughs and silky coffee made in seconds. From 3 - 4pm they offer a coin flip for a free coffee.





Shop 1, 500 Boundary St, Brisbane p. 07 3839 4995 h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 3, Sat – Sun 7 – 2 This little café is a hidden gem. Known best for their perfectly brewed coffee, a menu driven by seasonal produce and their handmade cakes. For coffee aficionados, swooning sweet tooths and breakfast lovers alike. 26



91 SAMIES GIRL Brisbane’s favourite fresh fish market. Straight from the mermaid to you. Hamilton w. 29

93 BRETT’S WHARF Ideal for functions, weddings and fine food. Stunning river views and first class service. Hamilton w.

LANEWAY 181 Mary St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 3686 w. h. Mon – Fri 12 – 12, Sat 6 – 12 Tucked in a laneway behind The Euro, with a spirit selection that’ll make you weak at the knees. Perfect to hide oneself and friends from the city bustle. Unknown to many, The Laneway also has seriously delicious burgers.

48 FISHMONGER’S WIFE FYI: this was named Australia’s best fish and chip shop. Enough said! East Brisbane w.

46 A SALT & BATTERY Hearty and downright delectable fish and chips. Just what the doctor and uni student ordered. St Lucia w.

SPRING 26 Felix St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 0460 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – late A restaurant filled with warmth and heart; taking pride in exceptional coffee and an honest menu celebrating the seasons, locally sourced ingredients and fresh produce. They offer great cooking classes as a lunchtime treat.

90 SEAGRILL The BEST batter, bountiful meals and melt in your mouth calamari. Oh and it’s BYO. Hamilton p. 07 3216 4463

45 LURE ON CORO Another award winner! Enjoy fresh, sumptuous seafood in stylish surrounds. Milton w.

BLEEDING HEART 166 Ann St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 0395 w. h. Mon – Fri 7.30 – 5 This gallery is a hidden city oasis of art and coffee. Every event benefits a chosen charity and there’s also crafty markets on the first Friday of every month.

47 SWAMPDOG A delicious menu sourced entirely from sustainable fisheries. Good for me and the sea. South Brisbane w.

92 FRESH FISH CO. Just as the name suggests; the freshest seafood (and sushi) in Brisbane. Fortitude Valley w.

HOLY MOLY ESPRESSO 226 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill p. 07 3852 2633 h. Mon – Fri 6 – 3 Ok, Foxy Bean is amazing – so what do you do when you’ve reached the heights of breakfast extravagance? You open another café. Organic milk, fresh juices, the best eggs Benedict in town. Holy Moly!

I sea food, you sea food, let’s all sea food together. Fresh, fabulous and fishy… get hooked on the best serves in Brisbane. 49 JELLYFISH Serving seafood fiends at least 8 types of fish daily and obscenely fresh oysters. Brisbane w.



TARO’S RAMEN & CAFÉ 363 Adelaide St, Brisbane p. 07 3832 6358 w. h. lunch Mon – Sun 11.30 – 3, dinner Mon - Sun 5.30 – 9 This place is all about noodles. It transports you to the side streets of Japan, where ambience is superfluous and food is king. The freshest and most delicious bowls of steaming goodness in town.

51 GAMBARO RESTAURANT + FUNCTION CENTRE One of the best fine dining seafood experiences in Brisbane. 50 years of excellence and counting. Petrie Terrace w. INNER CITY NEST 15




109 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3221 5691 w. h. Mon – Thu 12 – 10, Fri 11 – 12, Sat 5 – 12 Fresh, modern Italiano fare meets Soho Skater meets delicious Cider House! The artisan decks on the walls are a vibrant addition to this inner city basement hideaway. 32


2 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3210 0600 w. h. Mon – Fri 12 – 11.30, Sat 6 – 11.30 A Brisbane institution. Set across from the beautiful sprawling Botanic Gardens, and boasting one of the most sought after menus in town, Restaurant II is a restaurant of the old world, established and yet contemporary.

SWILL 560 Queen St, Brisbane p. 07 3839 4625 w. h. lunch Mon – Fri 12 – 3, dinner Mon – Sat 5.30 – 9 A far cry from the debauchery usually associated with The Orient, Swill has an air of nostalgia oozing from its heritage-listed walls, serving up hearty bistro fare and an immaculate wine list.



SONO Level 1, Tattersalls Building, cnr Queen & Edward Sts, Brisbane p. 07 3220 1888 w. h. lunch Mon – Fri 12 – 2.30, dinner Mon – Sat 6 – late With private tatami rooms, a teppanyaki and sushi bar and a cellar boasting 1800 wines, Sono brings the richness of a neon-lit Tokyo night to our humble shores.




ORGANIC CHAR Shop 5, Plaza level, Eagle St Pier, Brisbane p. 07 3211 9944 w. h. Mon – Fri 12 – 11, Sat – Sun 6 – 11 Just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it can’t quack, moo or oink! An earthy take on old favourite Ch Cha Char, these guys source the best organic and locally grown produce, and craft classic meals – to be shared or devoured whole.

ESQUIRE 145 Eagle St, Brisbane p. 07 3220 2123 w. h. lunch Tue – Fri 12 – 3, dinner Tue – Sat 6 – 10 Lunch in an envelope?! This is just one of the ‘dining differences’ to be noted at this restaurant with gastronomic daring. You have to see it to believe it – we promise you won’t be let down!


VINTAGED BAR & GRILL Level 6, Hilton Hotel, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane p. 07 3231 3265 h. breakfast Mon – Fri 6.30 – 10.30, Sat – Sun 7 – 11, lunch Mon – Fri 12 – 2, Sun 11.30 – 2, dinner Sun – Thu 6 – 10, Fri – Sat 5.30 – 10 The aromas wafting from the open grill will not help you make a decision as you agonise over what serve of aged beef in the dry age case will make your night complete. Then you’ll come across their wine room… Bona-fide dining at its best!

BAR BAROSSA 545 Queen St, Brisbane p. 07 3832 3530 w. h. Tue – Fri 12 – 12, Sat 5 – 12 Red, white, or sparkling? However you like it, you’ll find it here. These connoisseurs have a wealth of expertise, perfectly pairing their Barossa wines with inspired cuisine.

URBANE 181 Mary St, Brisbane p. 07 3229 2271 w. h. Tue 6 – 12, Wed – Thu 12 – 12, Fri 12 – 12, Sat 6 – 10 Urbane more or less epitomises the word degustation. It is classic, yet gastronomically unique and inspired; a glorious expression of food as art, without losing sight of flavour.

BUSINESS LUNCH 33 TANK RESTAURANT 31 Tank St, Brisbane p. 07 3003 1993 w. h. lunch Mon – Fri 11.30 – 3.30, dinner Mon – Thu 5.30 – 9.30, Fri – Sat 5.30 – late Drawing on Japanese culinary sensibilities, infused with the freshest local flavours, Tank brings inspired fine dining to the hidden laneways of Brisbane. The only things that threatens to outshine the impeccable food, is the gorgeous, industrial interior (ehem, and ridiculous cocktails.) TANKED.



MODA 12 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3221 7655 w. h. Mon – Wed 5 – 11, Thu – Fri 12 – 12, Sat 3 – 12 Indulge in rustic Catalan, French and Italian inspired cuisine, complimented by Moda’s handpicked market produce and a well curated international wine list. The passion of the romantics will fill your soul (and stomach).


PUBLIC Level 1, 400 George St, Brisbane p. 07 3210 2288 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 12, Sat 3 – 12 This stylish city bar and restaurant offers the best in contemporary seasonal food with a focus on meals that are made to be shared. Try the addictive cocktails if you dare. INNER CITY NEST 17

BAR CULTURE 43 JAZZ CLUB 1 Annie St, Kangaroo Point p. 07 3391 2006 w. h. Thu – Sat 6.30 – 10, Sun 5.30 – 10 The joint is jumpin’ at Brisbane’s most loved jazz venue. The food is excellent, the bar well stocked, and every live act sooths the soul. Looking good for a 40 year old. 44

MALT 28 Market St, Brisbane p. 07 3236 4855 w. h. Mon – Fri 11.30 – 12, Sat 5.30 - 12 Set within the old Brisbane marketplace is this restaurant, bar and cellar. Offering a high-end dining experience they also pour a very respectable drop.


THE VILLAGER HOTEL 185 George St, Brisbane p. 07 3211 1300 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – late, Sat 8 – late Resembling a New York warehouse, this is where you’ll find a hearty home-cooked meal and a quality glass of wine. Choose from the enticing Gastrobar or the sophisticated Supper Club.


DARREN DAVIS WINE p. 0499 770 169 w. h. see website Bringing the expertise of a well-trained palate and honed knowledge of the humble grape to your door, Darren Davis is the man to know when it comes to wine. He will bring the bar to you.


DRAGONFLY 235 Edward St, Brisbane p. 07 3220 1477 w. h. lunch Fri 12 – 5, dinner Wed – Sat 5.30 – late Descend into decadence. This nightclub, dim sum house, and cocktail lounge pleases everyone. Chilled atmosphere, good food, fast beats and a great vibe will have you coming back for more.


STORY BRIDGE HOTEL 200 Main St, Kangaroo Point p. 07 3391 2266 w. h. Mon – Wed 10 – late, Sat – Sun 8 – late With all the charm of an outback pub and all the style of a city venue. There’s bars and restaurants and live music on most evenings. If you haven’t attended one of their events you haven’t lived. The bottle shop sells a quality drop too.


LOCAL DESIGNERS Brisbane touts a talented bevvy of designers that are weaving a unique and stylish tapestry that is setting the world (and our wardrobes) on fire…

w GAIL SORRONDA What is black and white and stocked in Dolce and Gabbana’s young designer concept store in Milan? w.

49 SUBFUSCO Chic architectural pieces with a strong, futuristic design aesthetic. West End w. 94 TOM GUNN Really delicious shoes, made with beautiful leathers and textures. Lustworthy. Fortitude Valley w. 95 REBECCA MANNING Beautiful swimwear that has been spied on some pretty top-notch derrieres. (KATE BOSWORTH *cough*) Fortitude Valley w.

w NEON HEARTACHE Directional fashion forward pieces, with an effortlessly feminine twist. w.

w HOLLOWAY EYEWEAR Designer eyewear made out of recycled skateboards. COOL! w.

96 EASTON PEARSON Wonderfully eclectic hand crafted beauties. One of Brisbane’s most acclaimed and loved brands. Fortitude Valley w.

w BLACK MILK Who knew the humble legging could be so diverse!

Fancy a stretchy muscle print on your buns? w.

w FABLED AND TRUE Pieces made from vintage fabrics with an air of ethereal whimsy and long Sunday picnics. w.

w FELICITY BOEVINK Luxury, handcrafted headwear. Brisbane’s answer to Melbourne Cup. w.



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It’s time we mentioned your fringe. That Jessie J Betty Boo peek-a-boo is just so on the money, money, money. Just the thing for a trip to the northern fringe, aka the Valley, the Farm, the Riffe, the Stead, the Hills and the Ham (so glam). With a bit of a snip snip and some salon straightening the northern fringe has given the peepers a whole new view: bars, restaurants, boutiques and markets. And laneways with come and go pop-ups.

The new girls are rocking the fringe better than Zooey Deschanel. But the northern fringe isn’t just about the short sharp bangs. Spend some time and revisit some past loves. You’ll find they’ve had a lift that will give your face its own Kidman surprise (sans tox). Either way, the fringe is back (even though it’s at the front).

FASHION & ACCESSORIES Fashionable Feathers Eye Spy Jewels & Curiosities


TIME FOR ME, ME, ME Preen & Pamper Get Active

24 25

I <HEART> ART & DESIGN Unique Shopping Savvy Design Home Sweet Home Explore Winn Lane Fine Art Galleries

27 27 28 29 30

THE BIRD’S WORD Lady Lamington


The Crema Early Bird Easy on the Wallet To Impress Degustation Sweet Treats

32 33 34 34 35 35

DRINKS, BARS & AFTER DARK Live Music The Arts & Entertainment Cocktails & Wine Bar Culture

36 36 38 39



FASHIONABLE FEATHERS 1 CAMILLA Shop 1, 19 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 6030 w. h. Mon – Wed 10 – 5, Thu 10 – 9 Fri 10 – 5, Sat – Sun 10 – 4 A go-to for bronzed Brisbane girls, Camilla’s signature Kaftans are a flurry of colour and fine beading. Her fine designs have been swathed across some very enviable shoulders and are now floating down James Street like a wash of summer.  2

KISSES 50 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3358 5155 h. Mon – Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat 9.30 – 5, Sun 10 – 4 A shop that celebrates luxury and exquisite style. From the form fitting True Religion denim to the Collette Dinnigan and Malene Birger dresses, you can’t go wrong here.


JULES & ROC Shop 12, 65 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 0020 w. h. Mon – Wed 9. 30 – 5.30, Thu 9.30 – 7, Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat 9 – 5, Sun 9.30 – 4 It’s a Friday night and you have nothing to wear! Don’t despair. The uber chic in-house stylists at Jules & Roc will help you choose from a who’s who of Australian designers to create the perfect outfit, head to toe!




ONEPOINTSEVENFOUR Shop 1, 181 Robertson St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 4008 w. h. Mon – Wed 9 – 5.30, Thu 9 – 7, Fri – Sat 9 – 5.30, Sun 9 – 5 Eyewear is the new black... or tortoiseshell... or pop electric blue. So do yourself a favour and take your well-heeled self to OnePointSevenFour, a stunning boutique that pays homage to artistic and eccentric eyewear.


EYE CANDY SPEX & CHOX Shop 48, Emporium, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3666 0677 h. Mon 10 – 2, Tue – Wed 10 – 5, Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4 Sweet sunglasses meet sugary spectacles in this store that boasts an eclectic assortment of fashion-forward eyewear. Whether you’re after the latest trend or a statement look, Eye Candy has you covered.


OPTIKO EYEWEAR 19 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 7281 w. h. Mon – Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Thu 9.30 – 6, Sat 10 – 4.30 Look into our eyes, look deep into our eyes. Become hypnotised by colour, texture and form at Optiko, where eyewear has been given a brow-lift. The choice of unique, vintage and modern art frames are endless.

Shop 62, Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 2888 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – 5.30 When only the best will do! The cognoscenti head to Jean Brown’s exclusive store, which houses an unmatched wardrobe of luxury designers; seriously lust-worthy shoes and bags. 5

BLACK ANCHOR COLLECTIVE Shop 3, 760 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3358 5647 w. h. Mon by apt, Tue – Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 7, Sat 10 – 4 Despite common naval history, entry into the Black Anchor family is as easy as a purchase from their range of culture-heavy yet laidback Australian and NZ brands. No anchor tattoo necessary.


CYAN REIGN Shop 9, 57 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 0565 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat by apt A Cyan girl is dynamic, daring and a day-dreamer (our three favourite Ds). A multi-award winning high-end corset maker, as well as ready-to-wear, couture, bridal and formal.


ANGUS BLACK 665 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 8641 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5.30, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 For the gentleman who has everything but old age, this male clothing boutique is here to sculpt your individual style into a masterpiece worthy of being photographed at Pitti Uomo. NORTH NEST 25

JEWELS & CURIOSITIES 11 FALLOW Shop 1, 354 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3854 0155 w. h. Mon – Thu 10 – 6, Fri 10 – 7, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 If your wardrobe lends itself towards minimalist, neo-gothic, and you secretly feel you should be living in a castle, or at least in a fashion forward coven, Fallow is your new home. 12







YOGA IN DAILY LIFE 46 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 2550 w. h. see class timetable This is a place for personal fulfilment and growth. Set in a big, peaceful hall, they offer yoga classes and mediation workshops to help you find your best spiritual self.


THE BODY REFINERY Studio 2, 15 Lamington St, New Farm & 38 Helen St, Teneriffe p. 07 3358 3915 w. h. Mon – Thu 6 – 8, Fri 6 – 4, Sat 7 – 1 East meets West at The Body Refinery, where the seamless fusion of professional physiotherapy and body perfecting Pilates will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and noticeably more radiant.


Shop 3, 39 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 2882 w. h. Mon – Tue 8 – 6, Wed – Thu 8 – 8, Fri 8 – 6, Sat 8 – 5 Outshine salon is synonymous with luxury and can help you achieve outstanding skincare results, specialising in non-surgical face and body treatments. What’s more, Outshine have a strict privacy policy meaning your friends will never know – shhh!

AQUA BEAUTY Shop 29, 53 Vernon Tce, Teneriffe p. 07 3252 9555 w. h. by apt Indulge in luxury as you gift your skin and body a well deserved pampering. Highly trained friendly staff makes this urban temple unique. Their luxurious skin products get big ticks from us.

PREEN & PAMPER 14 ENDOTA SPA Shop 3, 31 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 0712 w. h. Mon – Tue 10 – 6, Wed – Thu 10 – 9 by apt, Fri 9 – 6, Sat 9 – 5, Sun 10 – 5 Shopping and lunching on James Street can be exhausting! The solution – revive yourself with an indulgent organic treatment at Endota Day Spa. Let specialist therapists massage, cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate you back to perfection.

BRISBANE BEAUTOX CLINIC Level 1, Shop 5, 30 James St, New Farm p. 1300 882 252 w. h. Mon – Sat by apt only Meet Brisbane’s best cosmetic products and services clinic. Directed by the highly trained and experienced Dr Adam Noble. They focus on helping you rejuvenate your skin in a caring environment.

OFF BEAT DESIGN Shop 1, 161 Robertson St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 9323 w. h. Tue – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4, Sun 11 – 4 Apart from buying unique and delicate jewellery here you can stock up on precious stones, vintage treasures from the 70’s, pearls, and beads of every shape and colour. Take one of their courses and make your own masterpiece.


860 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3358 2045 w. h. see class timetable See the light again at this holistic health centre. A variety of alternative therapies (*hint - the massages) to delight and inspire us all to better balance between mind, body and soul. With a workshop venue on James St, what’s not to love!

FIO CONTEMPORARY Shop 6, 65 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 3949 w. h. Wed – Sat 10 – 4 Handcrafted unique jewellery that says everything from ‘I love you’ to ‘I think you’re really awesome’. Tool markings and textures turn these well-crafted pieces into wearable expressions.




NEW FARM POWER YOGA 152 James St, New Farm p. 0427 580 049 w. h. Mon – Sat 6 – 8.30 Power yoga, hot yoga, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga – you can find it all at this friendly yoga studio, which can turn even the biggest novice (read person severely lacking coordination) into a dedicated yogi.

22 James St, New Farm p. 07 3252 1211 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 5.30, Sat 9 – 5 Your body is a temple and there is no more worthy a shrine than Thann. Do your penance surrounded by rejuvenating candles and sip on detoxifying teas while you receive a massage, facial or hair treatment. NORTH NEST 27


368 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 0468 861 841 w. h. Tue – Wed 10 – 5, Thu – Fri 11 – 6, Sat 10 – 6, Sun 11 – 3 This unique boutique may have launched with artist benefits in mind, but considering the array of eclectic and wonderful designs available for purchase, the real winner is you by far.


LITTLE PEOPLE Once upon a time there wasn’t much to do with the kids, now there is so much choice your head will be in the clouds. Let us fly you to where the action is at for all things little. And all kids lived happily ever after…




enough to eat. Best presents. w.



DUCK DUCK GOOSE Obsessed with the best and cutest kids clothing? You’ll get on great with the mother/daughter team at this swanky boutique. Ascot w.

IVY & BIRD 164A Arthur St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3358 1006 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 5.30, Sat 9 – 5, Sun 10.30 – 4 Cute as a birdie perching on a branch of ivy. The crafty bunch at this boutique make most of their home and giftwares by hand, sourcing the rest from local and exotic designers.

51 THREE LITTLE GIRLS AND A BOY NAMED TED Boutique designer childrenswear makes dressing your 2 - 14 year-olds stress free. Bulimba w.

clothes help tiny people look adorable. w.

THE SMALL GARDEN p. 0402 643 900 w. h. by apt Inner-city homes may be getting smaller, but you can still have those big ideas! This personable company offers design and installation services to help create paradise in the smallest courtyard or rooftop terrace.

w YUMCHA CHILD Bento boxes filled with bamboo designer baby clothes good

w NANNY PICKLE Savvy and cute with a tale to tell, these tiny

C GALLERY 13A, 23 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 5069 w. h. Tue – Fri 10.30 – 5.30, Sat 9.30 5.50, Sun 10 – 5 Those who fear gift giving, rejoice! We have found the perfect shop. Everything they stock is unique and artist driven with a focus on quality, beautifully coloured glassware.

99 EENI MEENI MIINI MOH Cute, yet timeless clothes that allow your kids to have fun doing what they do best – being kids. Bowen Hills w.

50 URBAN HARMONY A sanctuary for kids and parents, there’s a cutesy retail store and a café with Byron Bay coffee and an activities table. Bless. Coorparoo w.

ARTISAN 381 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3215 0800 w. h. Tue – Fri 10.30 – 5.30, Sat 10 – 4 Quality designs without compromise? That’s guaranteed at this industry-favoured artists’ shop that aims to showcase to the world everything and anything, from jewellery to interiors. Say hello, Brisbane.

97 LITTLE KISSES Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will be envious – this is where the most stylish little people and mums (and mums to be) shop. Fortitude Valley w. 98 GROWING WORLD Nurture your little brainiac with thoughtful toys that focus on your child’s creativity, imagination and logic. Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 2090



THE FABRIC STORE 38 Wandoo St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 5580 w. h. Mon – Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat – Sun 10 – 4 Get your DIY on with the help of the experts in fabrics. With a focus on natural fibres and a diverse range of quality basics, it is time to bring sewing back.

52 LITTLE PEOPLE’S LINEN A homewares/interior design store catering solely to kids. Awesome. Coorparoo w.

w ECOCOCOON Incorporating environmental design with fun and funkiness,

this drinkware company takes the tantrums out of drink time. w. NORTH NEST 29


EXPLORE WINN LANE 29 MEDITERRANEAN LIVING 29 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3666 0960 w. h. Tue – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 9.30 – 4, Sun 10 – 4 These delightful decorators have sourced a variety of goodies from far and wide to make our feathers and nests look pretty. Everything is designed with harmony in mind, from the ceramics to the key chains.


THE HOME WAREHOUSE 24 Stratton St, Newstead p. 07 3040 1107 h. Mon – Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat 9.30 – 5 This business has single-handedly reignited our love of rustic. Their driftwood coffee table is a need, not a want. Suddenly the services of a home decorator are no longer required, this shop has us set!


KOVA 23 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 7055 w. h. Mon – Sat 9 – 5, Sun 10 – 4 As a lifestyle store, this is your one-stop shop for unusual gifts. Moroccan ornaments, designer babywear and kimono patchwork quilts are just some of the goodies to discover.


EP BY EASTON PEARSON Shop 5K, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley w. p. 07 3216 1649 h. Mon – Wed 10 – 6, Thu 10 – 8, Fri 10 – 6, Sat – Sun 10 – 4 Billed for a younger clientele, Easton Pearson’s diffusion label is delicious. Banish the winter blues with their adorable prints and eclectic colours. A fresh faced and timeless look at young fashion.


ASH TO GOLD Shop 5C, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 9007 h. Mon – Fri 10 – 4, Sat – Sun 9 – 4 “From simple beginnings comes an extraordinary existence” is the catch cry of this pretty shop. Everything in here is handcrafted to perfection and will make any outfit ‘extraordinary’.


RUBY & PRANKSTAR Shop 5G, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley p. 0406 337 779 w. h. Tue – Sun 10 – 4 Upon entering, the seductive smell of leather is enough to make us part with our pennies. But the temptation doesn’t stop there. These accessories have some serious allure. We need.


FLAMINGO CAFÉ + BAR Shop 5B, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 7557 h. Mon – Fri 7.30 – 4, Sat 8 – 4, Sun 8.30 – 4 Flamingo is a kooky little hole of rampant inappropriateness and delicious, wholesome food, (get the meatballs). Hot tip, it is soon to transform into a cheeky bar by night.


LAWLESS SALON Shop 5H, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley p. 0451 178 348 w. h. by apt Remember Lucy Lawless in “Xena: Warrior Princess?” She kicked butt and boasted a super lust-worthy mane. Surely there’s solid endorsement potential between she and the intimate Valley salon of the same name?


SUNDAY SOCIAL Shop 5D, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley h. Mon – Sun 10 – 4 Like wandering into a little hidey-hole from a bygone era, built for crafting the perfect Sunday outfit. 70’s smocks meet 50’s frocks in this beautifully curated little vintage hub.


ATAVIST BOOKS Shop 5M, Winn Ln, Fortitude Valley w. h. Tue – Sun 10 – 5 Independent by nature and design, this second-hand bookshop is perfect for those lovers of classic, cult, and underground fiction. There’re also some popular titles for those who don’t know who J. M. Coetzee is.



THE BIRD’S WORD: LADY LAMINGTON 39 FIREWORKS GALLERY 52A Doggett St, Newstead p. 07 3216 1250 w. h. Tue – Fri 10 – 6, Sat 10 – 4 & by apt Known to host some of Australia’s best contemporary artwork, this gallery is something unique. The space is inspiring enough, and when you add the array of amazing pieces, it becomes a true masterpiece.


483 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3358 6568 w. h. every Sat – Sun 7 – late

RED SEA GALLERY 27 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3162 2230 w. h. Mon – Sat 9.30 – 5, Sun 9.30 – 4.30 Spawned from the popular Singapore gallery of the same name, this is a Red Sea we dare not part. Close interaction with gallery owners and artists will leave you feeling inspired.


JUGGLERS ART SPACE 103 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 2552 w. h. Wed – Fri 12 – 6, Sat 12 – 5 An artist run initiative committed to emerging artists, Jugglers is all attitude. They have five locations around Brisbane, ensuring the whole struggling artist act is exchanged for a juggling act of newfound popularity.


JAN MURPHY GALLERY 486 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3254 1855 w. h. Tue – Sat 10 – 5 & by apt Exhibiting, selling, valuating and advising. The multi-skilled team behind this gallery will inspire more than just a smile. Adorning your apartment with their wares would be oh so postmodern.


STRONG GALLERY 22A Ross St, Newstead p. 0423 229 842 w. h. Mon – Fri 4 – 7 & by apt This boutique art space uses its creative powers to contribute to world peace. Talented much! It’s a community minded gallery that asks you to care through art.


RYAN RENSHAW GALLERY 137 Warry St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3666 0350 w. h. Wed – Sat 11 – 5 & by apt Equally as handsome as the (almost) namesake Ryan Reynolds, the Ryan Renshaw Gallery boasts A-list quality modern art (would seem very at home in the NYC scene). Every exhibition becomes our new fave.


EDWINA CORLETTE GALLERY 555 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3358 6555 w. h. Tue – Sat 10 – 5 & by apt The lovely Edwina continually welcomes local and international artists into her intimate display space. Welcoming a myriad of mediums and exhibitions, this is art-fan heaven.


‘FRENCH TOAST’ “Oh Darling, wherever shall we meet to discuss this week’s gloriously salacious gossip whilst nibbling on the most effortlessly delightful tastes?” “Why, my sweet peach, that’s easy - we MUST rendezvous at Lady Lamington!” Ladybirds and Gentle-Pigeons… finally you have found your nest. Indeed it’s true – there is a new place to be on those lacy yet beautiful weekend mornings! Join us for a truly titillating affair at the newest of exclusivities, French Toast at Lady Lamington. Bringing back brunch with opulent style, every Saturday and Sunday from early June 2012. Let us set the scene… in the same way the Cabana boys were dressed to serve the magnificent Marilyn Monroe (think Hotel Roosevelt), the hottest DJ’s in town are spinning relaxed lounge tunes and familiar friendly faces greet you everywhere. From the rooftop, peruse the stunning Valley view that just glistens in the morning sun, the signature gun metal grey Chevy Nova sparkling in the corner of your eye and watch the line of eager smiles waiting for their turn in the sun. A flute of French bubbly finds a way into your hands, as the decadent smell of fresh locally sourced fare crafted with love teases you so cheekily. You see the magnificent menu and die with desire. Life is pretty good when your main decisions are Veuve or Moet, Blueberry or Strawberry pancake stacks and where should I park my entourage? The brunch options are endless, eat in (so many appealing nooks to choose from) or take-away (a sinfully good selection). Air kisses envelope you as you sink into a beanbag, your feet stroking the astroturf and you sigh amongst the scent of fresh blooms (buy a bunch to take home too)… Darling, you deserve this slice of heaven! NORTH NEST 33


EARLY BIRD 46 TONIC ESPRESSO AND BAR 7 Hynes St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 5100 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 3 Craving some personality with your caffeine? Tonic has its own blend and embraces its street side format. Their stools and tables are adorned with stencil art, from Smurfs to aliens. Fun and delicious!




893 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3254 4900 h. Tue – Sun 7 – 3 PABLO ESCOBARRR!? Uh-uh - Pablo Espresso Bar! They bring you homely yet innovative cuisine, with proper coffee, the morning paper and a relaxed smile to brighten your day! 53

116 Brooks St, Fortitude Valley p. 0421 930 857 h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 4, Sat 7 – 2 A leafy setting in the courtyard of a renovated church. Those who have neglected their religious duties will find it easy to repent at this quality coffee haunt. They also serve up tasty fare for all appetites. 48

VUE LOUNGE 83 Merthyr Road, New Farm p. 07 3358 6511 w. h. Tue – Sat 7 – 10 A New Farm mainstay, Vue is an unpretentious little café, that delivers smooth Di Bella coffee and simple, delicious food. The place to go when you don’t have energy for queues and fussy fare.


LITTLE LARDER 76 Moray St, New Farm p. 07 3358 2024 w. h. Mon – Sun 6 – 4 The hippest café in the North, with a dedicated following not unlike a fanatical cult. Their food is all sourced locally and cooked to perfection and the coffee is sweet, sweet music to our senses.


DI BELLA COFFEE 82 Abbotsford Rd, Bowen Hills p. 1800 332 163 w. h. Mon – Fri 7.30 – 5, Sat 8 – 3 A staple in the Australian coffee industry, this Brisbane based roasting house has made a strong name for itself in producing high quality blends for cafés and kitchens alike.


MERLO 10 Thompson St, Bowen Hills p. 07 3620 4200 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 5.30, Sat 8 – 5 Queensland’s very first Italian espresso machine was brought over by the Merlo family. With such strongly caffeinated roots, this coffee powerhouse will serve you right every time!


THE PONYCAT Shop 2, 693 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3254 2883 h. Mon – Sat 7 – 3.30, Sun 7 – 3 They may be slightly confused about their spirit animal, but they most certainly weren’t confused when they created a menu of tummy-filling treats and a general vibe worthy of a Feng Shui master.


AU CIRQUE 618 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3254 0479 h. Mon – Sun 7 – 3 Delicious meals + European flavours - snooty attitudes = Au Cirque. Already adored by foodies, the feasts prepared here are worthy of a Sunday morning, (well, any morning) drive across town.


SHUCKED COFFEE HOUSE 9 Creswell St, Newstead p. 07 3257 4567 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 2, Sat – Sun 8 – 1 When History, Cool and Coffee fell in love, the child was not named Hooffee (as popular opinion would have you believe). It was actually called Shucked and lives to this day in Newstead making excellent coffee and great food.


SPICERS BALFOUR HOTEL 37 Balfour St, New Farm p. 07 3358 8888 w. h. Mon – Sun 7 – 11 Feel like a jet setter just in town for a dalliance by strutting in to Spicers for a world-class breakfast that will whisk you away to Milan or Paris. We’re also spilling the secret on their lovely High Tea.


SIP CAFÉ 54 Vernon Tce, Teneriffe p. 07 3257 1799 h. Mon – Sat 7.30 – 3, Sun 7.30 – 2 A café where family is more important than the latest fashions. Entering is like being enveloped in a warm hug of affection and loveliness. The food and coffee just happen to be excellent – of course.


PRESS Shop 18, 64 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 6426 h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 2.30 Hands down the most delicious salads in Brisbane. In fact, Press makes regular salads look like a mere collection of grass. So much joy from such a tiny kiosk! PS. The piadinas, muffins and toasties are insane.




65 46

394 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 4624 w. h. Mon – Sun 12 – late Is there anything better than dumplings and beer? This place is fun and the dumplings are steamed to perfection - the staff even shout ‘sake dekimasu!’ when you order a shot! 60


697 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3358 1558 w. h. Mon – Sun 7 – 12 Obscure liqueurs and Gallic food are to be tasted in this intimate, charmant restaurant. The degustation menu is something to behold, laced with rich french technique. Finish with a verre of pastis or cheese, lots of cheese. 66

561 Brunswick St, New Farm p. 07 3333 2231 w. h. lunch Tue – Sun 11.30 – 3, dinner Tue – Sun 5.30 – late This popular place offers a tapas train as well as a restaurant. There’s great Spanish food and lots of tasty Sangria and wine options – can it get better? The calamari is outrageous. 61



ORTIGA 446 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 1155 w. h. lunch Fri 12.30 – late, dinner Tue – Sun 6 – late A little slice of Las Ramblas in Brisbane! You’ll find jamon, croquetas and an extensive sherry selection as authentic as they come. The wine list is more awarded than a general and comes with your own Sommelier.


SWEET TREATS 62 BUCCI 15 James St, New Farm p. 07 3252 7848 w. h. Mon – Thu 12 – 9, Fri 12 – late, Sat – Sun 7 – 11, 12 – 3, 5 – late James Street has bars, it has modern Australian, it has mad coffee houses, it has fashion, it has intimidatingly well-dressed women. What it doesn’t have, is sexy Italian… until now. Divine, delicious and delightful.

GERARD’S 19 James St, Fortitude Valley w. h. Mon – Fri 12 – late, Sat – Sun 7 – late Coming from the fantastical genius of the Laruche creators is this hip new James Street eating-house. Expect modern Euro delicacies and that irreverent air of madness that these guys are becoming famed for.


SYMPOSIUM CAFÉ Shop 2, 26 Commercial Rd, Newstead p. 07 3852 3836 w. h. Mon – Fri 6 – 5, Sat – Sun 7 – 3 Degustation has taken over Brisbane city and for dinner your options are endless. But now this quality café is offering a degustation breakfast experience that will have you addicted for life.

148 Merthyr Road, New Farm p. 07 3358 4100 w. h. Mon – Sun 5 – late Gourmet pizza delivered on the back of a sexy little Vespa? YEAH! The Gabba and New Farm stores both work tirelessly to bring us the most phenomenal woodfired pizzas around.



VINE 158 Moray St, New Farm p. 07 3358 6658 w. h. Tue – Fri 11.30 – late, Sat 7.30 – late, Sun 7.30 – 4 A casual, yet sophisticated Italian eatery with something delicious and appealing for even the pickiest taste buds. Drink from their superb Italian wine list with true gusto.


THE COBBLE STONE TEA HOUSE Shop 3, 27 Lamington St, New Farm p. 07 3254 0550 h. Mon 8.30 – 4.30, Wed – Fri 8.30 – 4.30, Sat – Sun 9.30 – 4.30 Step out of New Farm and back into Dickensian Britain. Artisan chocolates and high tea, but with modern touches that take into account our various dietary requirements. High tea here is a bucket list experience.


DELLO MANO 29 Doggett St, Fortitude Valley p. 1300 661 682 w. h. Mon – Sat 7 – 5, Sun 7.30 – 5 Warning! Once tasted, never forgotten, and constantly desired – ask Ashton Kutcher. Enjoy the comforting aroma of their rustic toasted sandwiches while perusing their mouth-watering cabinet piled high with gorgeous brownies.


JOCELYN’S PROVISIONS Shop 8, Centro on James, James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 3799 w. h. Mon – Fri 8 – 5, Sat 7 – 4, Sun 9 – 3 The most gorgeous hand made cakes, sweets and pastries imaginable. Every morsel in this little shop will lure you with its unpretentious loveliness, and have you weak at the knees after your very first bite.


LIVE MUSIC 71 OH HELLO! 621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 7081 w. h. Thu 9 – 5, Fri – Sat 8 – 5 What’s your favourite way of saying Hello? If it’s busting out some moves on the hottest dance floor in town, you will find your Travolta moment here! Keep an eye on their HOT gig guide. 72



Shop 5E, Winn St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3161 5863 w. h. Tue – Thu 10 – 5, Fri 10 – 7, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 The employees at Tym’s live and breathe music. Advice on best-fit instruments, repairs on your pride and joy noisemaker – even rehearsal room hire. They hit all the right notes. 73



339 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 1216 w. h. Wed – Sun 5 – late The Press Club is Brisbane’s rite of passage into the heady Valley nightlife. Saucy and atmospheric, this cocktail lounge is famous for its Jazz nights and quality DJs.

Support local artisans and relish in the joy of rare goods, fresh fare, vintage finds and find the missing ingredient (*love). Everything is carefully crafted or grown with love. Your senses will find heaven on earth. Hallelujah!

THE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 74 JUDITH WRIGHT CENTRE 420 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3872 9018 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 4 The Judy is the site of many a night of revelry, drama, intrigue, and madness. The art of the Valley pumps strongly through her contemporary veins. Watch the program, as the shows sell out quickly. 75

BRISBANE POWERHOUSE 119 Lamington St, New Farm p. 07 3358 8600 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 5, Sat – Sun 10 – 4 One of Brisbane’s premier creative hubs, housed in the coolest venue, with a focus on quality local and international arts, their festivals are enough to make you camp out at the venue year round.



point to enjoy coffee, live music and good food. Ascot w.

53 DAVIES PARK MARKETS Fresh fare, eclectic trinkets and vintage goodies set weekly under a canopy of giant fig trees. West End w. 51 SUITCASE RUMMAGE Lovingly rummage through suitcases for vintage finds Grandma will be jealous of. Brisbane w. 102

JAN POWERS MARKET Foodies ahoy: here you’ll find fresh, artisan products

52 aplenty. Happy cooking! New Farm, City, Stones Corner 54 w.

35 MARKY MARKETS Clothes, books, records, homewares… save up your pennies feathered friends. West End w. 103

BLACK BEAR LODGE Brews, beats and beautiful, handmade, indie trinkets. Yes, please! Fortitude Valley w.

PALACE CENTRO CINEMA 39 James St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 4488 w. This cinema is a beacon of culture in Brisbane, offering a sexy smorgasbord of art-house cinema, flirty foreign films, creamy coffees and contemporary couture. A must-visit for the discerning Brisbanite.

EAGLE FARM MARKETS Bereft of racing horses for once, a Sunday meeting

55 WEST END TWILIGHT MARKETS Discover treasures, tunes and tucker. The sustainable shopper will fall in love with offerings suitable for the gods. West End w. 104

FINDERS KEEPERS MARKETS The finder is the keeper here. Everything is handmade with love. Food, drinks and music set the scene. Fortitude Valley w.


NORTHY STREET MARKETS Queensland’s first and only certified organic markets. The food is addictive but has no additives (do you include love?). Windsor w. 39


84 46 77 LARUCHE 680 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3666 0880 w. h. Wed – Sun 5 – late A bit Steampunk, a bit Alice in Wonderland. Every night should begin and end with you sitting on a red velvet throne sipping a cocktail and planning your next conquest. Check out Sliders & Ciders on Thursdays.


1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3253 6999 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – late An elegant cocktail bar in the heart of Emporium, with an extensive wine list and a cocktail menu to satisfy any socialite. Slink on to one of their opulent lounges for a stylish Sunday session.




46 86


87 46

LIMES HOTEL ROOFTOP BAR 142 Constance St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3852 9000 w. h. Mon – Thu 5 – 12, Fri – Sat 3 – 1.30, Sun 2 – 12 The best view in the Valley coupled with some of the best parties in Brisbane. This is now your weekly hangout. The rooftop cinema on Tuesday’s is a great way to relax after work with one of their amazing share platters.



JAMIE’S ESPRESSO BAR Cnr Robinson & James Sts, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3257 1010 h. Mon – Thu 6.30 – 7, Fri 6.30 – 10, Sat 7 – 7, Sun 7.30 – 7 Arthur Street prices have skyrocketed with the news that Jamie has opened up at night. With his heightened taste for fine wines and the occasional jazzy cocktail it’s all a-buzz with the most laid back of scenes surrounded by street art and those big beautiful Brisbane hearts.

442 Kingsford Smith Dve, Hamilton p. 07 3268 7500 w. h. Sat 7 – late A bar that brings the immaculate Upper East Side life to little Brisbane. While relaxing in a golden booth, sipping on a cosmopolitan, we couldn’t help but wonder… Does the ‘H’ stand for heaven? 81

CLOUDLAND 641 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3872 6600 w. h. lunch Wed – Sat 12 – 3, dinner Wed – Sat 6 – late, bar Wed – Sun 11.30 – late Not just a bar or restaurant but an extravagance of space. 5000 plants decorate the myriad of extravagant bars and decadent restaurant. Fashion Friday’s are now taking Brisbane’s fashion scene by storm.

Level 2, 234 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3216 1323 h. Thu – Sun 5 – late A room with a view, and what a view it is. Sip on a signature cocktail while you contemplate life from a premium Valley vista. They can shake, stir, or muddle us any night. 80

THE BRUNSWICK SOCIAL 367 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 3234 w. h. Wed – Sun 4 – late It’s not quite a den of inequity but the dumplings are sinfully good, the drinks flow easily, and the good times are in surplus in this hidden-in-plain-sight, white washed gem.

483 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3358 6568 w. h. Mon 6.30 – 12, Tue – Sun 6.30 – late Any lady worth her Jimmy Choo should spend her days in this beautiful bar and café. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner there’s nothing better than sitting on the rooftop sipping Veuve. 79


46 88

Q ESSENCE 70 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston p. 07 3352 3202 w. h. Mon – Thu 5 – late Fri – Sun 12 – late Follow the illuminated trees into a suave space for drinking, thinking and eating. Serving elegant meals and topping up beverages with talent and a smile. Finally this part of Brisbane is coming alive.

Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington St, New Farm p. 07 3358 1063 w. h. Tue – Fri 11 – late, Sat – Sun 11 – late A gracious and enigmatic addition to the Powerhouse, which stands on its own two feet. There is a definitive buzz around the superb menu and extensive vino suggestions. Did someone say Sunday session? 83

THE BOWERY 676 Ann St, Fortitude Valley p. 07 3252 0202 w. h. Tue – Sun 5 – 3 This is the place – the dark, hip bar that has haunted your dreams forever. The best cocktails in town reside here, along with some very tasty bar staff (we’re all thinking it)! Sexy live jazz most nights.


D og ge tt St

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Stuart St

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Gordon St

Stewart St


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Lindsay St

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Wharf St



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Bradfield Hwy


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Virginia Ave

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Explore online nest for exact locations for: 26, 43, 50, 51, 80, 88, 89, 90, 91, 93, 99, 100, 101, 105, 109, 110 & 111



es St Brook

Bowen Bridge Rd


Her ston Rd


We are a nation founded by great explorers. Cook, Burke & Wills, and you. Unfortunately, your colleagues are now deceased so the weight of this fine tradition of discovery falls on your spray-tanned and personally-trained shoulders. No need to check your insurance policy for a starvation clause. We don’t think you’ll need it. The land you’re about to lay claim over (with a cocktail flag) is flourishing with new foodie favourites. A waterborn invasion is recommended. They’re right on the river.

Next, take the stairs at the back of the bar. There are hereto undiscovered martini and whisky bars. If your steampunk explorer getup feels too lunchtime, pillage a vintage after five costume change on the way. You might like to brush up on your dance diplomacy too. There are new live music venues where you can lose yourself in the jungle remix. Doctor Dre I presume?

FASHION & ACCESSORIES Fashionable Feathers


I <HEART> ART & DESIGN Vintage Treasure Ageless Antiques Eco Living Unique Shopping | Gifts The Arts & Entertainment

44 45 45 46 47

TIME FOR ME, ME, ME Preen & Pamper


THE BIRD’S WORD Gallery of Modern Art


Hole in the Wall | Crema Early Bird | Bold Breakfasts Quick Lunch Cafés with Character To Impress

47 49 49 50 51

DRINKS, BARS & AFTER DARK Live Music Bar Culture Majestic Mixology

50 52 52

MAPS Woolloongabba & Stones Corner West End & South Brisbane Bulimba & Hawthorne

54 56 58

FASHIONABLE FEATHERS 1 MISS MOUSE BOUTIQUE Shop 2, 28 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3891 1906 h. Tue – Fri 9 – 5, Sat 9 – 4 Hidden between heritage listed walls is a store bursting with accessories that would make Mini Mouse swoon, luxury and hard-to-find labels like Princess Tam Tam, cult brands like Zimmerman, and covetable retro trinkets. A stylish little mouse indeed! 2



26 Wellington Rd, East Brisbane p. 07 3391 0075 w. h. Wed – Sat 10 – 4 A wonderland of mod and retro furniture. There is something endlessly exciting about finding a one-off contemporary piece that is from a time gone by. You will feel just a bit cooler for having spent time here. 8

37 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3391 3566 w. h. Tue – Thu 9 – 5, Fri – Sat 9 – 4, Sun 10 – 2 Filled with delightful fashion, homewares, jewellery and gifts. Stop in to pick up the essentials: a French crochet floor cushion, a crystal bound fragranced candle or a cheeky little dress. Yes, ESSENTIAL! 3



HARRINGTON ANTIQUES 165 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 1800 005 650 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4 Step back to an era when style was timeless. Easily lose a few hours browsing the ornate and rare antiques and art in this classic hub of beauty. We swear we saw Grace Kelly there…


ECO LIVING 4 CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET 653 Logan Rd, Greenslopes p. 07 3847 2956 w. h. Tue – Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 If rules are made to be broken, secrets are made to be told. This alluring little phrase is an apt name for this tempting shop, hidden away in a pretty old Queenslander, brimming with vintage fashion accessories. Consider the secret out.

VINTAGE KITCHEN & VINTAGE CLOSET 313 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo p. 07 3397 3461 w. h. Tue – Fri 7.30 – 4.30, Sat – Sun 8 – 4 This is a clever combination – food and fashion. Enjoy a coffee and open sandwich before browsing through an eclectic collection of vintage. With occasional live music nights, it’s time to come out of the (retail) closet, be proud!


WOOLLOONGABBA ANTIQUES 22 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3392 1114 w. h. Mon – Sun 9 – 5 Calling all vintage aficionados! This centre boasts antiques galore, a 50’s style coffee shop, live jazz on Saturday and the Bare Bones Barbershop on the last Sunday of every month.

Shop 5, South Bank Cinema Complex, 167 Grey St, South Brisbane p. 07 3255 0558 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – 6 For lovers of high-end fashion and quality shoes this boutique is a veritable treasure trove of fabulousness. Stocking designer brands, Vivienne Westwood, Melissa, Batson plus more. A sexy stairway straight to heaven in these heels!



BOX VINTAGE 29 Vulture St, West End p. 07 3846 6842 w. h. Tue – Fri 10 – 5.30, Sat 9 – 4 A veritable style making machine, this store turns duds into dapper. Misfits and style mavens will love exploring some of the best hand-sourced, pre-loved and bodacious vintage this side of Brisbane.


EARTH AWAKENING Downstairs, 9 Browning St, West End p. 07 3161 0528 w. h. Mon – Sat see website for timetable This community minded yoga and natural therapies centre is an oasis away from the craziness of life. Apart from offering yoga classes and natural healing options they are passionate about connecting people and organise film nights, mediation classes and charity events. Awaken your heart.


HANDMADE NATURALS 7 Gladstone St, Highgate Hill p. 07 3846 4685 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 3 Avoid slathering your skin with chemical cocktails. Corinne makes all her beauty products with the best of ingredients and they smell and feel amazing. They also sell books, produce and household products.


REVERSE GARBAGE 20 Burke St, Woolloongabba p. 07 3891 9744 w. h. Mon – Sat 9 – 5 This is the DIYer’s best friend, supplying everything you need to brighten your abode. From coffee sacks to vintage picture frames to bridal fabric off-cuts – all you need is love and imagination.



THE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 46 13 BLACK DOVE Level 2, 381 Montague Rd, West End p. 07 3255 3688 w. h. Mon – Wed 9 – 5.30 Say goodbye to the scales and crash diets. Their holistic approach to health and wellness will help improve your sanity as well as your hot lil’ bod. A sure fire way to feel fit and empowered.

46 14

AYURBODY 33A Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 0418 793 001 h. Mon – Sat 9 – 6.30 Masseuse, Juliet Shaw has healing hands and a giving spirit. A heavenly fitness and massage studio, Ayurbody helps you get that glow back into your life. Ah’yur body will love it!


46 17


46 18



RABBIT HOLE Shop 1, 73 Vulture St, West End p. 0433 953 774 w. h. Mon – Thu 8.30 – 5.30, Fri – Sat 8.30 – 4 Throwing off the shackles of cafe mediocrity, is this innovative workspace cum beverage manor. Bring your laptop and free yourself from that ‘ole mistress “procrastination”. Now there is no excuse not to head to the Rabbit Hole.


PALADAR FUMIOR SALON Cnr Fish Ln & Merivale St, South Brisbane p. 0417 075 572 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – 2, & by apt You’ve seen the rich red exterior; now go in for an expertly made espresso. Climb up to the sunny rooftop patio for a heady whiff of Cuba in central Brisbane. Unique and approved by Castro! Become a comrade to stay in the loop.

HAMIMI 895 Stanley St, East Brisbane p. 07 3168 1894 w. h. Tue – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4 Bring the sultriness of Morocco to your home with Hamimi’s rich textures, warm colours and jewelled patterns. Could they get any better? Yes! They serve mint tea in store.


78 Montague Rd, South Brisbane p. 07 3010 7600 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 5.30 Serving as a vibrant hub for Brisbane’s theatre enthusiasts. Be sure to visit The Greenhouse, a creative space where artists and audience mingle for talks and workshops. Intimate, loads of character and quality productions every time.

NOOK 19 Browning St, West End p. 07 3844 6050 w. h. Tue - Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 3 A tiny delight and the quintessential cute gal on the block. The owners have searched high and low and stocked this little shop with a killer selection of stationary spectaculars, art, gorgeous gifts and more.

Monika Tichacek / to all my relations 1 (detail) 2011 / Courtesy: The artist and Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne

Cnr Grey & Melbourne Sts, South Brisbane p. 13 62 46 w. We are a complex bunch aren’t we? Some like to laugh, others to love, a few need a good cry and a number (not this bird!) like to be frightened to our wits end. Never fear though (unless that’s what you’re after), as QPAC delivers another season of performances for all. Encore!

UNIQUE SHOPPING | GIFTS 46 16 JET BLACK CAT MUSIC 72A Vulture St, West End p. 0419 571 299 h. Tue 11 – 6, Fri 11 – 6, Sat 10 – 4, Sun 10 – 3 Some parts rock, all parts indie. Jet Black Cat sticks it to the man (and the internet). Specialising in hand picked CD’s and iconic vinyl music. Shannon has got the goods every time.

QUEENSLAND ART GALLERY & GALLERY OF MODERN ART | QAGOMA Stanley Place, South Bank p. 07 3840 7303 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat – Sun 9 – 5 GOMA’s (Gallery of Modern Art) exhibitions consistently amaze. A stellar calendar for 2012 is set to wow us all. Enjoy the artisan cinema, creative café and delicious restaurant and revel in the programs and events. Make sure you visit her sibling QAG (Queensland Art Gallery) while you’re there… perfect!

IDENTITY CUT & COLOUR Shop 2, 918 Stanley St, East Brisbane p. 07 3391 7779 w. h. Tue – Wed 9 – 5, Thurs 10 – 9, Fri 10 – 7, Sat 8.30 – 3 Find your true identity here. Identity makes it their business to help you define your tresses and transform your look. Vass and his talented team will impress you every time. Lights, treatment, scissors!

46 15

46 19


FIVE SUGARS 37 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 0402 257 559 h. Tue – Thu 9 – 4.30, Fri – Sat 9 – 4, Sun 9.30 – 2.30 Like a little trip to admire the best 50’s corner store front counter candy, but with excellent coffee. Overflowing with an ethereal whimsy that even old Willy Wonker would be proud of. SOUTH EAST NEST 49


25 Balaclava St, Woolloongabba, p. 07 3393 2111 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – 3.30, Sat 7 – 3, Sun 7 – 2 A little piece of Paris in the back streets of the Gabba, a café replete with piles of outrageously delicious almond croissants, artisan baguettes and tenderly made wood fired breads of every fathomable variety. C’est formidable!


DELECTABLE DELIS If your body is a temple, then yours is the Taj Mahal. Feed your mouth and soul with epicurean delights from the best in town… you’ll be back again and again and again… 106




57 SWISS GOURMET DELICATESSEN Gorgeous coffee and continental treats – like Belgian chocolate and slabs-o-cured-meats. Mmm! West End w.


53 SPRING HILL DELI Quality home cooking and organic coffee delivered with a smile in the city centre. Spring Hill w.

NEW FARM DELI Brisbane’s oldest Italian deli! Now a quality deli, BLACK PEARL EPICURE If the world is your oyster, then BPE is your pearl. An epicentre for epicureans. A gourmet cooking school too. Fortitude Valley w.

58 ROCK N ROLL DELI Best meat pies in Brisbane. Flavours to die for. Greenslopes p. 07 3394 3522 109

THE BURROW 37 Mollison St, West End p. 07 3846 0030 w. h. Mon – Sun 6.30 – late A classic West End hub, replete with craft beer, an eclectic, earthy interior, delicious pizzas and a whole lot of love. As cosy as the name implies, and filled with your new best friends.

restaurant and café. Delicious. New Farm w. 108

HAPPY LITTLE DUMPLINGS 158B Oxford St, Bulimba p. 0405 720 908 w. h. Mon – Fri 10.30 – 4, Sat – Sun 10.30 – 2 Put a smile on your dial at this cute bar. Serving up healthy dumplings (hiss frying, boo) in their own sweet little place and at markets around Brisbane. You should make them your new favourite lunch spot. They also deliver.

56 SAMIOS Tucked away in the Gabba lies this treasure trove of rare European products. Woolloongabba p. 07 3391 2169


BROWN DOG CAFÉ 54 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3891 7355 w. h. Mon – Sat 6 – 4 Just like man’s best friend this happy little café is waiting on the corner ready to greet you with a smile. Sit outside and sun yourself while watching the world go by. Filled with delicious fare.

and artisans, taste the difference. Hippies and hipsters rejoice. Teneriffe w.

48 TOGNINI’S DELI A little touch of Italiano delight in Brisbane. Buongustai beware. Feast your senses. Milton w.

THE CROSSTOWN EATING HOUSE 23 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3162 3839 w. h. Tue 6 – 9.30, Wed – Sat 7 – 9.30, Sun 7 – 12 You’ll want to cross town for this refuge of good food, good music, and good times. Serving simple, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes yes yes, you’ll be a regular in their bar Up Town too.

SOURCED GROCER Locally sourced with love from the freshest producers

47 ROSALIE GOURMET DELI Dangerously delicious. Just go. There are free tastings every Saturday! Rosalie w.



CAFÉ WRAPTURE 71 Russell St, West End p. 07 3844 4444 w. h. Mon 10 – 3.30, Tue – Sat 7.30 – 3.30 Hand crafted with all the diligence one can expect from a West End institution, coffee, chai and that all important Faloumi wrap (Falafel and haloumi). We can’t begin to detail the humble deliciousness of this place.

VANILLA POD Sip a hot chocolate, nibble a homemade treat and leave with a fine cheese! Divine. Addictive. Amen. Ascot w. SOUTH EAST NEST 51

CAFÉS WITH CHARACTER 46 31 LADY MARMALADE Cnr Logan Rd & Cleveland St, Stones Corner p. 07 3324 2480 w. h. Mon – Sun 7 – 3 Long since graduated from their successful My Kitchen Rules appearance, the owners of Lady Marmalade serve up a tasty array of fantastic flavours from an itty-bitty corner kitchen. Hurray! 46 32

THE NOOK OFF HAWTHORNE 261 Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne p. 0410 904 176 h. breakfast & lunch Mon 6.30 – 2, Fri 6.30 – 2, Sat – Sun 7 – 2, dinner Thu 5.30 – 8.30, Sat 5.30 – 8.30 Behind the Hawthorne cinema waits this mouth-watering food and taste-bud tempting beverages nook. Let them be Fred to your Ginger and eat like all the movie stars. Lights, camera, champagne!

46 33

FIVE SISTERS ART HOUSE CAFÉ 141 Melbourne St, South Brisbane p. 07 3846 5904 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – 4 Rejoice food lovers, ridiculous souvlaki is just a roll down Fish Lane away. Hidden from the West End hordes, is this little hub of goodness, filled with unpretentious food, satisfied bellies and happy smiling faces.

LIVE MUSIC 46 34 LOCK ‘N’ LOAD BISTRO 142 Boundary St, West End p. 07 3844 0142 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – late, Sat – Sun 7 – 1 A West End institution, like a carved wooden beer den, filled with rollicking laughter, stomping feet, meals to feed a small African nation and a classic, eclectic West End crowd. 46 35


OLÉ Shop B12, Little Stanley St, South Bank, South Brisbane p. 07 3846 1201 w. h. Mon – Fri 11 – 10, Sat – Sun 8 – 10 Nestled in the hub of Little Stanley Street is Olé – a popular tapas restaurant committed to bringing you a vibrant and mouth-watering Spanish experience. And sangria… lots of sangria!

46 38

5TH ELEMENT Cnr Tribune & Little Stanley Sts, South Bank, South Brisbane p. 07 3846 5584 w. h. Mon – Sun 12 – late A dining experience that is only outshone by the awe inspiring wine list and cellar. Don’t miss out on their wine tastings on Friday.

46 39

POPOLO River Quay, South Bank Parklands, South Brisbane p. 07 3846 7784 w. h. lunch Tue – Sun 12 – 2.30, dinner Mon – Sun 5 – late Audrey Hepburn, eat your heart out. Taste some true Italiano fare whilst overlooking the city. Close your eyes. You could almost be in Florence, enjoying pizza by the River Arno… delizioso!

46 40

MONS BAN SABAI 12 Martha St, Camp Hill p. 07 3843 5366 w. h. Mon – Thu 5 – 9.30, Fri – Sat 5 – 10, Sun 5 – 9 Martha Street shopping precinct’s worst kept secret, offering award-winning Thai in a suburban setting. Dine by candlelight and try something beyond the usual – it won’t disappoint.

THE HI-FI & VINYL 125 Boundary St, West End p. 1300 843 443 w. h. lunch Wed – Sat 11 – 3, dinner Wed – Sat 5 – late, Sun 2 – late Ah, the Hi-Fi; we all know it as one of Brisbane’s best live music venues with a dance floor perfect for jumping, but make sure to start the night at Vinyl, their hip restaurant and bar.

46 36

THE JOYNT 48 Montague Rd, South Brisbane p. 07 3255 1579 h. Mon – Tue 7 – 3, Wed – Fri 7 – 12, Sat 12 – 12, Sun 12 – 10 The iconic hangout on a sunny afternoon. Nab an outdoor table, a beer (or two or three…) and settle in for board games and excellent live music. There is also a delicious organic menu and the café is open early for some sweet coffee lovin’.



THE BIRD’S WORD: QAGOMA 46 41 THE END 73 Vulture St, West End w. h. Mon – Sun 3 – late Making its home in Trash Video’s old dig is this quirky bar, boasting an array of nectars to tantalise the trendiest of taste buds. Start, or End your night here.

46 42


Stanley Place, South Bank, South Brisbane p. 07 3840 7303 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5 , Sat – Sun 9 - 5

CANVAS 16B Logan Rd, Woolloongabba p. 07 3891 2111 w. h. Tue – Sun 3 – 12 Old Fashioned – how I love thee. This is where the most delicious Old Fashioned can be found. Relax and while away your evenings in this charming abode. A carefully crafted cocktail is a must. Yes please!

46 43

THE FOXY DROP 896 Stanley St, East Brisbane p. 07 3391 4990 h. Wed – Sun 6 – late Taking over where Foxy Bean café left off, this bar specialises in small share plates, tasty cheese (need we say more) and boutique beers and wine. This is where all the foxy gents and ladies play.

MAJESTIC MIXOLOGY | CREATIVE COCKTAILS 46 44 LYCHEE LOUNGE Shop 2, 94 Boundary St, West End p. 07 3846 0544 w. h. Mon – Thu 3 – 12, Fri – Sat 3 – 1, Sun 3 – 12 Oh Lychee, how do you shine so? Is it the saucy lighting (thanks barbie head chandelier), stylish entourages or the fabulous cocktails? Perhaps it’s the fact that you delight every sense, every single time! Another Lychee martini please… 46 45

Kate Mitchell / Being punctual (still) 2010 / Image courtesy: The artist and Chalk Horse, Sydney / Photographic still: Christopher Morris

QAG and GOMA, how you tempt us, you amazing places of artistry and culture. If we could legally live within your modern walls we would find a way. Boasting a cinema, many food and beverage options and some of the best national and international art exhibitions in the world, there’s everything to love about these sister art galleries. At present QAGOMA are celebrating women – those who lived in the Belle Époque and contemporary Australian women. Each exhibition has been curated to display the changing lives of those women that shape art and history. Modern Woman is at QAG and will be on until the 24 June while ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ finishes on 22 July. If you thought it couldn’t get any better… it does.


This year from the 21 July to 4 November QAG will host ‘Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado’. This exhibition brings the magnificent collection from Madrid’s Museo Nacional del Prado into the heart of the gallery. Over four centuries of Spanish art displayed for viewing (yes, this could be better than sex). As an added interactive experience there will also be a custom built lounge nestled within the exhibition with Tapas and Sangria available for those who truly want to travel to Spain.

Little Stanley St, South Brisbane p. 07 3844 5541 w. h. Mon – Fri 12 – 11, Sat – Sun 12 – 12 With a wine list that winks at you and makes you dream of those few stolen moments in Paris, French Martini is relaxed, yet seductive French fare at its finest.

Complementing these amazing exhibitions are special creative spaces and events. The Cinematheque with its free film program of cult classics should be on your weekly schedule and the artist talks, guided tours, and special events are a must attend.

SLING LOUNGE 153 Boundary St, West End p. 07 3255 3522 w. h. Sun – Thu 3 – 12, Fri – Sat 3 – 2 A proverbial bible of cocktails, astro turf (on the ceiling) and one of the most beloved courtyards in West End, perfectly ridiculous and delicious in every way.


Alonso Sánchez Coello / Isabel Clara Eugenia with Magdalena Ruiz (detail) 1585-88 / Collection: Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

If you don’t want to leave you can eat and drink in their many restaurants, cafés and bars and then laden yourself at their gift shops. Do yourself a favour and join the cultural revolution. QAGOMA is an experience you can’t miss again and again and again! SOUTH EAST NEST 55

Edgar St

Didsbu ry

Panitya St

Lily St



Rialto St

Knows ley St Rialto St

Logan St

Dunell an St

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Vera S t

Beatr ice St

Ernes t St

Baron S t Baron S t

Norma n St

Longlan ds St

Fisher S t

Junctio n St

Regen t St

Earl St

Prince St

Pacific M otorway

King S t

Prince St

Pear S t

Carl S t

Wolse ly St

King S t

Empe ror St Empe ror St

Ipswich Rd

Victori a Tce Clydes dale

Juliette St

d Ralby R

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Cornw all St

Gordo n St Rd Logan

Juliette St


g St

Ellis S t Jubile e St


e Av th Six

Old Clev eland Rd

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lle St

St ln co Lin

Rd n d Sto nR ga t Lo dS lan ve Cle


Gladys St

Peach St

Potts S t

Cowley St


Cornw all St

Salisbu ry St

Martin St

Pine St

Jurg en S t

a EasM t ynard St

Overen d St

Explore online nest for exact locations for: 4, 5, 40, 50 & 52

e Av th e Ten Av th Nin e Av ht Eig

Leonard St

Vanda S t

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ich Rd Ipsw

O’Keefe St


Nile St

Harroga te St

Hampto n

Trafalg ar St


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Desho n St

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Favers ham St

Morrisy St

Buranda St

Taylor S Sttanley St


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Ipswich Rd

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Sword St Flower St


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Qualthro ugh St

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Welling ton Rd

Jurge ns St


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Walker S t

Overen d St

Broadw ay St

ane St

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Nile St

Baclav a St

Gresha m St

Vulture S t East WOOLLOONGABBA Stanley St Stanley St

Trafalgar St

d nR

Ipswich Rd

Hawtho rne St

Lo ga

Balmora lT Sinclair S t

Vulture St East


Stanley St



Elfin St


Main St

Vulture St

When it comes to making the big decisions in life you want that miniature angel perched on your shoulder, giving you the right advice. Put your eggs in the GSS basket and bask in your luck. After all, you’ve just made a big step towards the magical golden life. You will be as giddy as a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow after speaking to GSS about their strategic property investment plans. While the GFC has left many shaking in their boots, GSS has created solutions where you don’t just purchase a property, you buy a proven strategy to get impressive equity. Each investment is long-term, meaning GSS will keep bringing you pots of gold well after the rainbow fades. Word amongst the pigeons is that GSS provide niche property solutions and guide you through the process of investing and continue to give you advice and counsel during your investment. Raise your pint and toast to your future with the magical partners at GSS. Watch the gold appear quicker than you can say ‘The Golden Life.’

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Think Local, Source Global |


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Dutton St

49 MONTRACHET The ultimate French dining experience with flavours that prance like can-can dancers in your dreams forever. Paddington w. 110 RHUBARB RHUBARB Who doesn’t like Rhubarb? It’s a plant with attitude – just like this cosy restaurant. France missed out on this one. Wooloowin w.

59 C’EST BON Life is good at this traditional French restaurant – also touted as one of the best in QLD. Don’t leave without trying a dessert. Woolloongabba w.

60 PIAF Great for a light lunch and a laugh with friends. Stylish, cool and tasty. South Bank w.

Orchard St


Your tastebuds will travel with Parisian chic without leaving Brisbane. Your dining passport will be welcomed and will be a life long taste affair to remember (one your partner will approve of!). Oiu, oiu.

112 ARLETTE BISTRO Traditional French food crafted with true artistry and love. Mon Dieu it’s good. New Farm w.

Oak St

Stewart St

Mullens St

g Rd Ridin

Virginia Ave

Scott St

Lindsay St


111 BAGUETTE BISTROT + BAR You’ll have to fight with the locals for a table at this popular French restaurant and bar. Ascot w.

Park St

Malcolm St

Main A ve

Victoria St

Elliot S t

Hawtho rne Rd

Lindsay St

Barton St

Elliot S t

Riding Rd

Marie S t

Wright St

Biliyan a St

Hawtho rne Rd


McDon ald St

Barton Rd

Malcolm St


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Carr St

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Blackhe ath Ave

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Stuart St

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Oxford St

Barram ul St


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Ferry Ln


113 CHOQUETTE Saucy in nature and saucy in texture - think flaky buttery croissants, authentic baguettes and luxurious pastries baked daily. New Farm w. 61 POMPIDOU A café dedicated to family with a Euro-inspired top-notch menu. Hawthorne w. 50 BRENTS Award-winning modern French cuisine from one of Australia’s leading chefs. Toowong w.



A quick survey of the studio audience has revealed that very few of you made it home last night. Perfect. You’re early for breakfast then. Fan the champagne from your breath and dry the kisses off your eye makeup with the following pages from The Good Guide. The west could very well be your best bet for breakfast. Warning: the morning menus are so good there will be queues so be prepared to hustle (something like the routine you employed at the door of the illegal casino

and exotic dance review overnight should cut it). Caffeine successfully administered, you can use the buzz to catch up on some vintage shopping (hock last night’s prize, the phone number for Ryan Gosling’s personal assistant’s P.A. if you have to). Don’t let your concentration slip past the small pockets of wonderful, though. Their blips bleep on the radars of the vigilant only. And if the cruising uncovers cuisine, stay on. You’re already dressed for dinner.

FASHION & ACCESSORIES Fashionable Feathers Vintage Treasure


TIME FOR ME, ME, ME Preen & Pamper


I <HEART> ART & DESIGN Unique Shopping | Gifts Home Sweet Home

64 64

Early Bird | Bold Breakfasts Casual Dinner To Impress Sweet Treats

65 66 66 67

DRINKS, BARS & AFTER DARK The Arts & Entertainment Casual Drinks Good Drop

67 68 68

MAPS Milton & Toowong Bardon Paddington & Red Hill

69 69 70

FASHIONABLE FEATHERS 1 CHASING BOW 33B Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3161 1989 w. h. Tue – Wed 10 – 5, Thu 10 – 6, Fri – Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 3 Do you salivate over high-end labels with an eclectic step and penchant for on-trend? Then let your fashion fantasies be fulfilled with a visit to this adorable and loved boutique. Their in-house label, Beau In The Woods is especially beautiful. 2

WE LIVE LIKE THIS 131 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3511 6047 w. h. Mon 10 – 5, Tue 10 – 3, Wed – Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 4 Boutique Australian and New Zealand fashion labels have found the perfect home. Here you’ll find innovative, beautiful, and functional pieces that really make you wish you lived like this.




285A Given Tce, Paddington p. 0401 846 318 w. h. Thu – Sun 10 – 5 Quirky vintage and swingin’ retro fabulousness await you behind the doors of Hobohemia. Follow the savvy folks with the hip artisan vibe up Given Terrace and down the garden path and all will be revealed. “My Hobohemia is the place to be…” 9




ATELIER AUSTRALIA Shop 1, 22 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 7772 w. h. Mon 11 – 5, Tue – Sat 10 – 5 Quality basics and textured layers are the foundation of Atelier’s classic collections. Designer and owner, Judi Guthrie, has spent 35 years in the fashion industry, which is reflected in her timeless style.

HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRLS Lower Level Suites, 233B Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 8335 w. h. Tue – Sun 10 – late & by apt Are you the highest of high maintenance? No! But if your tresses, skin, and nails are, treat them to a session. The unique inclusion of a fashion boutique makes this the perfect place to buy a stunning outfit to go with your new look.


SAFFRON HAIR LOUNGE 99 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill p. 07 3162 7798 w. h. Tue 9 – 5, Wed – Thu 9 – 8, Fri 8 – 6, Sat 8 – 4 Saffron has the bright and relaxed atmosphere of an airy home. No chemical smells here, just beautiful hair and talented, friendly service. Feel welcome the instant you walk in and enjoy the best scalp massage in town.

LA LA LATROBE 21 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3876 2132 w. h. Mon – Sat 10 – 5, Sun 10 – 4 To own a La La item is quite simply a must, darling. This delightful fashion house will sweep you away on a sea of luxe fabrics and whimsical femininity. Choose from in-house labels She’s Gone La La and La La luxe.



MAIOCCHI 216 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 0011 w. h. Mon – Sat 9.30 – 5, Sun 9.30 – 3 This Brisbane based fashion label is for all Geisha girls gone good. The quirky accessories and homewares they sell are adorable. Colourful Japanese fabrics, personalised with precious details, instantly recognisable… very you.

PADDINGTON ANTIQUE CENTRE & COFFEE SHOP 167 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 8088 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – 5 Become lost in a world brimming with antiques and vintage wares. Local sellers showcase their treasures in a maze of pre-loved wonder. Remember how you wanted a stunning ruby ring like Grandma’s?

MOOD AND THE CORNER DRESS SHOP 194 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 2588 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4 Quality international fashion to make sure you have ‘the look’. There’s also The Corner Dress Shop waiting around a corner to make sure you never leave mood… in a mood. Style and sophistication ensured.

RA RA SUPERSTAR 284 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3161 5058 w. h. Mon – Fri 11 – 5, Sat 10 – 5, Sun 11 – 3 “Making a difference one cute dress at a time.” Get your party frocks on ladies, it’s time to pretty up! Vintage and vibrant and an absolute gem. The occasional inclusion of cupcakes gets a big bonus point.

218 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 0792 w. h. Mon – Sat 10 – 5, Sun 10 – 3 Where else can you buy Pac-man ice cube trays and the latest Vivienne Westwood shoes? Add beautifully designed key pieces to your wardrobe home and then sample to-die-for local and international designers. 4



BEAUTY ON LATROBE Shop 2, 147 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3217 5886 w. h. Mon 9 – 5, Tue – Thu 9 – 8, Fri – 5, Sat 9 – 4 A little piece of urban bliss tucked away in Paddington. These ladies are experts when it comes to skin; IPL, microdermabrasion, lactic peals, facials… anything to highlight your loveliness.


UNIQUE SHOPPING | GIFTS s 14 BIOME ECO STORES 2 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 3009 w. h. Mon – Fri 9.30 – 5.30, Sat 9.30 – 5, Sun 10 – 4 Indulge in guilt-free decadence with all natural, eco-friendly, and reusable products. Biome has everything from reusable lunch boxes to cards and natural skincare products. Treat yourself and the earth. 15

THE ROBE The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 4950 h. Mon – Sun 10 – 6 The epicentre of wrist armoury, filled with pretty jewels and on-trend leather treasures. The bags, the Willow dresses, the little gifts… dangerously beautiful, you won’t leave empty-handed.



Shop 5, 19-23 Cribb St, Milton p. 07 3162 8574 w. h. Mon – Fri 7 – 2.30, Sat – Sun 8 – 2 If Martha Stewart exploded this is what would be left behind. Pink wallpaper, stacks of cookbooks, bright flowers and wicker baskets of fruit. The food is incredible – beware, the eggs benedict will leave you changed forever. 21






ANOUK 212 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 8663 h. Mon – Sun 6.30 – 3.30 Still attracting a queue of eager breakfast snobs every Saturday, Anouk is the happily eclectic meeting place of all Paddington cool cats. With exposed brick, French fittings and killer coffee, who can resist her?


SASSAFRAS 88 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 0600 w. h. Mon – Sat 7 – 4.30, Sun 7 – 3 With a hearty breakfast menu available till 2pm everyday, a leafy courtyard and eclectic interior, this café is a Paddington institution. How about going fair trade for your next function?

LES SALLES 32 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 4005 w. h. Mon – Sat 10 – 5 Satiate your inner globetrotter with a jaunt here and find French inspired textiles to weave a worldly palate across your living space and out into the backyard.

BUNKER 21 Railway Tce, Milton p. 0422 124 767 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.15 – 3.30, Sat 7 – 1 Detour to this hidden gem and grab yourself a 100% organic fair trade coffee or an authentic hot chocolate and kick-start your day. Your new local bunker waits to welcome you…

DU MONDE 171 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 1223 h. Mon – Sun 10 – 5 Capturing the very essence of French loveliness with an eclectic collection of rustic Francophile homewares and inspired gifts, all with a distinct edge of… how-you-say… nonchalant French chic.

RUBY 223 Give Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 2274 h. Mon – Sun 6.30 – 3.30 A warm interior and a dreamy view over Paddington’s hills would be enough, but no, Paddington’s new girl on the block has to go and make exquisite juices and tasty breakfasts. Perfect!

HOME SWEET HOME 17 AP DESIGN HOUSE 5 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 7144 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 5 An interior addict’s delight, this store captures the eclectic beauty of Paddington’s sprawling landscape, with unique pieces that evoke jaunts to the Middle East and whitewashed beachside holidays. What? An interior design service with in-house consultations. That’s just grande.

HAMPTONS HOME LIVING 180 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 2002 w. h. Mon – Sun 7 – 4.30 Hands down one of the best breakfasts and vistas in Paddington. Linger in the whitewashed Queenslander with a sweeping urban landscape stretched out before you. Did we mention they also do gorgeous homewares?

NOVEL LINES 153 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 8927 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat – Sun 10 – 4 Step inside and let the tomes speak of years past. Be safe in the knowledge that the written word is alive and well - rare and well-loved books find their reverence here.



LURE ON LATROBE 24 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 2900 h. Tue – Fri 7 – 2.30, Fri 5.30 – 8, Sat 7 – 2.30 Generous of serving and generous of heart is what best describes this Paddington favourite. Open for breakfast and lunch they get extra marks for being vego friendly. Delicious!



SWEET TREATS 27 1889 PIZZERIA The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 2274 w. h. Mon – Sun 11.30 – late Essential stop before a movie. Experience their traditional wood fired pizzas and Italian fare utilising only the finest of ingredients… benvenuti. The lunch specials are so good they’re impossible to say no to. So don’t.




Shop 1, 227 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove p. 07 3366 9111 w. h. Mon – Fri 6.30 – 5, Sat 8 – 1 Few things warrant the use of multiple exclamations. For lovers of fine cake, everything about ‘Cake Queen’ Judy Cook’s cake cabinet does!!! Indulge yourself in an ever-changing selection of sweet treats. 34

107 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 3111 w. h. lunch Tue – Sun 12 – 4, dinner Tue – Sun 5.30 – late For those who are a lil’ frightened by tandoori chicken on a pizza, this place is for you. Don’t be fooled by the chic surrounds, Il Posto is as authentic as it gets. (BEST PIZZA IN BRISBANE, shhh) 29



MONTY’S CHOCOLATES 155 Latrobe Tce, Paddington p. 07 3369 3135 w. h. Mon – Fri 10 – 5, Sat 10 – 4, Sun 11 – 4 If chocolate is your God and saviour, Monty’s is your church. The array of cakes, macaroons and drinks will be your daily bible. Preach!


TO IMPRESS 30 PEASANT The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 8066 w. h. lunch Wed – Fri & Sun 12 – 4, dinner Mon – Sun 5.30 - late Unwind at this mecca for Brisbanites on a pilgrimage to Barcelona. Enjoy traditional Spanish tapas served in rustic ceramics. Sip on traditional sangria and Rioja while you bask in the warm light of the low hanging lamps.


DEER DUCK BISTRO 396 Milton Rd, Auchenflower p. 07 3870 8482 w. h. Tue – Sat 6 – 10 BYO Oh Deer, we’ve found temptation. An unforgettable culinary experience, old world charm, and seasonal menu. Yep, we’re lost forever. Who says in this day and age a deer and duck can’t find love.

BLUE ROOM CINEBAR 151 Baroona Rd, Rosalie p. 07 3876 4566 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – 10 An intimate cinema that shows a vast medley of eclectic movies, has in-cinema dining, lounge-like seating and is $10 on Tuesdays? I’ll have some edamame and a Lindt covered choc top, thanks.


PALACE BARRACKS CINEMAS The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 1954 w. h. Mon - Sun 10 - 9 This is the cinema for those who fancy quality movies à la David and Margaret over one star commercial drivel, fresh delicious coffee over drip nonsense, and fine dining over stale popcorn.

SPROUT 111 Haig Rd, Auchenflower p. 07 3870 3030 w. h. Tue – Thu 12 – 9, Sat – Sun 8 – 9 BYO Is trying snails on your bucket list? Let Olivier Boudon and his international experience and flair bring to you a menu that has a distinctly French flavour with an Asian twist.


WELSH LADY 92 Fernberg Rd, entrance via Ellena St, Paddington p. 07 3368 3485 w. h. Tue – Fri 9 – 5.30, Sat 9 – 4 Gwen sure knows how to wield a wooden spoon. Her lemon curd tarts and meringues the size-of-your-head are painfully delicious, as is her aptly named ‘Death by Chocolate’ cake. Sugar dagger to the heart.

The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 8088 w. h. Mon – Sun 11 – late The burgers are the rockstars here, with names like Wanda (Nooo!) and Miss Piggy, but there are quality seafood options too. Just don’t get carried away when you see the stripper on the menu (it’s gluten free, you fool).




LA BOITE Level 5, The Works, 6-8 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove p. 07 3007 8600 w. h. Mon – Fri 9 – 5 A theatre for those who like their live performance with a dash of invigoration and exhilaration, and without snobby hoity-toits. They offer fresh Australian and international theatre with a side serving of heritage.


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Stephson St

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215 Waterworks Rd, Ashgrove p. 07 3168 2993 h. Mon – Sun 12 – 12 Like a little piece of yesteryear, with delicious vinyl, delightful cocktails and the most enviable collection of Junk in town. We confess. YES, we are bona fide Junk junkies.


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Lissner St

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157 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 9800 w. h. Mon – Sun 10 – late Iceworks is a place of many talents. Knock off drinks or game nights at the bar, dinner in the fine dining restaurant, or a fine liquer in the Piano Lounge.

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42 CABIRIA The Barracks, 61 Petrie Tce, Paddington p. 07 3368 2666 w. h. breakfast 7 – 10.30, lunch Tue – Sun 12 – 2.30, dinner Tue – Sat 5 – late This sultry lady is much more than an oyster and luncheonette bar. She’s a kiss on summer nights, a caress of fine wine and the obsession of excellent food. Now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll never leave her embrace.



Maryv ale St



Eton St

Frederi ck St Norwood St

Miskin St

Milton R d


Shop 1, 2 Caxton St, Brisbane p. 07 3511 6868 h. Tue – Thu 12 – 12.30, Fri – Sat 12 – 2, Sun 12 – 1.30 A hip refuge from the hustle of Caxton St, this bar specialises in milk crate seating, cider and yummy snacks (pies mmmm) - basically bringing Melbourne’s kitsch up north, without the attitude.



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157 Given Tce, Paddington p. 07 3367 9800 w. h. Wed – Sat 7 – late, Sun 3 – late Hidden away in the nondescript concrete jungle of the Iceworks car park lies Dowse. A haven for singer-songwriters and their heartbroken lovers, and anyone else who is a lil’ terrified of football fever.

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39 THE SCRATCH Shop 8, 1 Park Rd, Milton p. 07 3107 9910 w. h. Mon – Sun 12 – 12 The Scratch is educating Brisbanites that there is more to life than XXXX, one locally brewed craft ale tasting at a time. Oh, hi there leather couches and bucket-ounshelled-peanuts. Park Rd, you have never looked so damn cool.



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Annie St

Payne St


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Lower Clifton Tce

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Fullerton St

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Balmain Tce Welling ton Rd


Zigzag St

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Sherriff St


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Gladstone St

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We balance work and pleasure better than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. But when we fly home we want to know there’s a golden nest egg put away, being tended and nurtured to wealth. So when the time comes to kick off our work boots permanently, we can continue to live the good life. Financial Planning 4 All allows you to soar to new heights as your super is veered in the right direction, the well-being of you and your loved ones are wrapped up in the best wings with the right insurance plan and every investment will grow and thrive quicker than you can say ‘golden nest egg’. Superior personalised service means they will come to your door and jump through hoops to ensure you have the golden life. Building Nest Eggs |

The V.I.Pigeon Pass is your premium annual ‘lifestyle membership’ to the best of Brisbane. Perfect your wink and flash your golden card to access ‘money can’t buy’ opportunities, exclusive events and premium offers. We roll out the red carpet, so you get treated like the rockstar you are!

The Good Guide Lifestyle Agency | Bespoke Solutions Flying high with Global Sourcing Solutions. w. e. fb. GoodGuideBris | t. @GoodGuideBris

The Good Guide | Brisbane | 2012/13 Edition  
The Good Guide | Brisbane | 2012/13 Edition  

The Good Guide is your premier lifestyle passport to the good life. Fly high with us, we'll take you to all the good places. We'll be the ti...