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GCSP Alumni Developing an ever-growing, collaborative, global community of leaders in international peace and security

People make peace and security possible

Our mission We are an international foundation serving a global community of individuals and organisations. Our mission is to advance peace, security and international cooperation. We provide the knowledge, skills and network for effective and inclusive decision-making.


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Establishing avenues for our community Since 1986, the GCSP equips policy and decision makers in governments, international organisations, non-profit organisations and the private sector with the knowledge, skills and a network to support their careers and their organisations. The GCSP Community Engagement

Office establishes avenues for members of the community to be able to develop their personal networks. It cultivates a creative atmosphere where diverse expertise can extend boundaries and collaboratively shape solutions to the world’s many challenges.

Armed with the knowledge and an innovative way of thinking, we can change the world and make it a better place.

– 2017 LISC Alumna, Georgia








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Graduating from a GCSP course is only the beginnning to a new collaborative journey advancing peace and security globally Watch the video

Developing a network for life ‘Connections & opportunities’ youtu.be/-RnCU_tLzAA

Connect Sign up to a professional network in international security and peace. The online community is available on MyGCSP – the exclusive membership platform •  Look up community members in your city of your nationality, of your GCSP class, or of a certain field of expertise. Posted abroad? Have a look at who is around • Update your profile and allow community members to search for you in the directory •  Join a local GCSP Community Hub The GCSP Directory is entirely secure. It is password-protected and each

member can manage their profile information visible to others. Make sure to keep your profile updated in order to receive the latest news, event and course information. The GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU) does not allow us to reach out to you without your consent.

Follow us @TheGCSP • Connect to our LinkedIn Group: GCSP Alumni •  @GCSP_alumni on Twitter

Your online community – MyGCSP Sign in at: www.gcsp.ch/mygcsp

Engage Join the GCSP community near you by attending events, reaching out to local hubs and supporting future participants. The GCSP leverages its location in Geneva to serve as a platform for dialogue and debate. Panel discussions, customised meetings and roundtables cover specific security challenges.

•  the GANN – the Global Alumni Networking Night; an event organised simultaneously in numerous destinations around the globe supported by alumni volunteers

Community events around the globe

Community hubs

Social capital matters and personal encounters create opportunities. We reach out to our community with •  an international conference on jubilee years •  the Connections & Conversations after-work receptions

Your local hubs

Wherever you live, the GCSP community is present. Our local and regional community hubs foster a greater sense of union among GCSP community members living and serving in the same area. They add professional value to our community and unite the intellectual capital in an informal network.

Join a local community hub in your city. If there isn’t a hub in your city, volunteer to lead one. www.gcsp.ch/alumni#international-hub

Shape The GCSP community is an integral part of the GCSP and contributes to the centre’s capacity with its knowledge and expertise At the GCSP we operate in a co-creational model, bringing together participants, practitioners and academics to work collaboratively across cultures, organisations and professional domains. Shape the future together: Alumni Notes This short policy paper written by GCSP’s alumni addresses new and traditional security issues and challenges relevant to the GCSP’s training and objectives.

Alumni Guest Speakers Numerous alumni return to the GCSP’s classrooms and address the audience with their insights into certain security challenges. Community Stories In monthly interviews, community members share their current projects or discuss political situations in their countries. Contact us with your story, research and publications alumni@gcsp.ch

I strongly believe that the GCSP community will be a great help in pursuing my career and dreams, through the sharing of knowledge from experienced people all over the world. Also, this community will serve as a source of my inspiration to do more great work for my country and other parts of the world that I may be fortunate to work in.

– 2018 Global Health Security Course Alumna Find the right course for you Search our interactive course finder www.gcsp.ch/Courses

CONTACT THE GCSP Geneva Centre for Security Policy Maison de la paix Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2d P.O. Box 1295 CH-1211 Geneva 1

tel: +41 22 730 96 00 email: alumni@gcsp.ch gcsp.ch

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Alumni Flyer 2019  

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