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from the EDITO I  had   just   returned   from   a   family   trip   to   San   Francisco   when   I   got   my   acceptance   letter.   Al-­ WKRXJK LW ZDVQ¶W P\ ¿UVW FKRLFH , LPPHGLDWHO\ knew  I  would  be  going  to  Boston  College.  It  wasn’t   that  I  felt  some  sort  of  a  deep  connection  to  BC—   DIWHUDOO,DPIURP1RUWK'DNRWDDQGWKHWUDGLWLRQV would’ve  meant  nothing  to  me  —  but  I  genuinely   NQHZWKLVZDVWKHSODFHIRUPH 3OXV,UHDOO\OLNHG the  idea  of  getting  out  of  the  Midwest  and  going  to   Boston!) , ZDV SODFHG RQ 1HZWRQ FDPSXV VRPHWKLQJ that   I   was   not   particularly   thrilled   with   when   it   ¿UVWKDSSHQHG$IWHUDIHZPRQWKVRIOLYLQJWKHUH WKRXJK,EHFDPHHQWUDQFHGZLWKWKHP\VWHU\WKDW 1HZWRQ &DPSXV RIIHUV (YHU\WKLQJ WKDW WKH\ DG-­ vertised  was  true:  the  bus  really  was  like  coming   KRPHWKHFRPPXQLW\ZDVYLVLEO\SUHVHQWDQGWKH people  really  seemed  to  like  it.   &RPLQJLQDVDSUHPHGELRORJ\PDMRUWXUQHG RXWWREHWKHZURQJFKRLFHIRUPH1RWRQO\GLG, QRWHQMR\RUH[FHODWP\FODVVHVEXW,DOVRWRRN P\VHOIWRRVHULRXVO\DVDUHVXOWSUHIHUULQJWRVWXG\ and  read  quietly  than  to  make  friends  and  social-­ ize.  I  realized  that  I  was  missing  out  on  something   that  had  nothing  to  do  with  my  academic  studies.   $IWHU , FDPH WR %& , TXLFNO\ UHDOL]HG WKDW , GLGQ¶W ¿W WKH FODVVLF ³%& %UR´ DUFKHW\SH &RPLQJ from  a  small  Midwestern  state  that  is  very  homog-­ HQRXVE\DQ\VWDQGDUG,ZDVSHUVRQDOO\VXUSULVHG E\ WKH GLYHUVLW\ DW %& +RZHYHU P\ FODVVPDWHV and  friends  were  less  enthused.  They  personally   GHVSLVHGWKHKRPRJHQHLW\RIWKHFXOWXUHDQGFRQ-­ VHTXHQWO\ WKH\ VHW WKHPVHOYHV DQG DV D UHVXOW PHDSDUWIURPWKHUHVWRIWKHVWXGHQWERG\ I   spent   the   rest   of   freshmen   year   working   to   GLVWDQFHP\VHOIIURPWKHUHVWRIWKHVWXGHQWERG\ which   for   some   reason   I   considered   uninspiring   and  somehow  beneath  me.  I  placed  myself  on  an   DUWL¿FLDOO\FRQVWUXFWHGSHGHVWDOZLWKDIDOVHJODVV foundation  that  soon  shattered.   I  spent  the  summer  realizing  that  I  had  wasted   most   of   the   courses   I   had   taken   and   had   no   in-­


terest  in   further   pursing   any   degree   in   science.   I   SURPSWO\FKDQJHGP\PDMRUWRSV\FKRORJ\DWWKH great  dismay  of  my  parents  who  discouraged  this   line  of  study.  (I  later  added  economics  as  a  major   DVZHOOZKLFKVHWWOHGWKHLUIHDUVDERXWP\IXWXUH joblessness).   :KHQVRSKRPRUH\HDUFDPH,JUHZXS,LJ-­ nored  my  previously  ingrained  notions  of  superior-­ ity  that  I  had  come  to  believe  and  became  more   sociable.   It   made   a   world   of   difference.   I   joined   *DYHO 0HGLD IRU VRPHWKLQJ WR GR DQG , QHYHU looked  back.   7KURXJK 7KH *DYHO , EHFDPH PRUH LQYROYHG RQ FDPSXV DQG DV D UHVXOW ZLWK RWKHU SHRSOH , had   been   reluctant   to   become   involved   in   too   many  activities  considering  the  workload  that  I  had   GRQH LQ KLJK VFKRRO EXW , GRYH LQ KHDG¿UVW 9LD *DYHO0HGLD,OHDUQHGDERXWVRPDQ\JURXSVWKDW I  never  knew  existed.   The   next   three   years   were   a   blur.   I   was   con-­ stantly   meeting   new   people   and   becoming   in-­ volved  with  various  different  groups  and  causes.  I   EHFDPHWKH(GLWRULQ&KLHIRI*DYHO0HGLDGXULQJ the   second   semester   of   my   sophomore   year   (for   PRUHRQWKLVWXUQWRSDJH ,DOVRDSSOLHGWR EHRQWKH(GLWRULDOERDUGRI9RLFHVWKHDFDGHPLF journal  of  the  Women’s  and  Gender  Studies  Pro-­ JUDP D VWDII PHPEHU DW WKH :RPHQ¶V 5HVRXUFH &HQWHU DQG D JHQHUDO ERDUG PHPEHU RI %RVWRQ College  Students  for  Sexual  Health.   I   spent   that   summer   at   Boston   College   work-­ LQJ IRU WKH 2I¿FH RI 5HVLGHQWLDO /LIH$OWKRXJK LW was   the   furthest   thing   from   a   glamorous   job   that   , FRXOG LPDJLQH , PHW DQG EHFDPH JUHDW IULHQGV ZLWKDJURXSRISHRSOHWKDW,DVDVWLOOWLPLGDQG XQVXUHVRSKRPRUHZRXOGQHYHUKDYHDSSURDFKHG on  my  own.   7KURXJKWKHP,ZDVH[SRVHGWRIXUWKHUDGYHQ-­ tures  and  experiences  at  Boston  College.  I  am  so   JUDWHIXOIRUVSHQGLQJWKDWVXPPHUZLWKWKHPDQG, hope  that  we  will  always  keep  in  touch. I   enveloped   myself   in   work   my   junior   year.  

May 2013

OR IN CHIEF... , VHUYHG DV WKH (GLWRULQ&KLHI RI ERWK *DYHO 0H-­ GLD,QFDQG9RLFHVDQGZDVDVWDIIPHPEHURIWKH :RPHQ¶V5HVRXUFH&HQWHU,KDGWRVFDOHEDFNP\ involvement  in  BCSSH  because  of  the  time  commit-­ PHQWEXW,VWLOOLQIUHTXHQWO\DWWHQGHGPHHWLQJV $VDPHPEHURI9RLFHV%&66+DQGWKH:5& I  found  myself  at  the  forefront  of  activist  causes  on   FDPSXVVRPHRIZKLFK,ZDVKRQHVWO\XQFRPIRUW-­ able  with.  I  never  found  my  footing  in  these  organi-­ ]DWLRQV,RIWHQIHOWDVLI,VSHQWPRUHWLPH¿JKWLQJ against  an  invisible  enemy  (the  administration)  than   we  did  making  any  sort  of  progress.  Activist  groups   have   a   tendency   to   take   themselves   too   seriously   WR DFFRPSOLVK WKHLU WUXH PLVVLRQ DQG DV D UHVXOW just   become   an   extension   of   the   harms   they   seek   to  prevent.   'RQ¶WJHWPHZURQJ,WKRURXJKO\HQMR\HGZRUN-­ LQJ IRU ERWK RUJDQL]DWLRQV EXW , IRXQG P\VHOI OHVV and   less   convinced   of   the   respective   merits   that   HDFK VXSSRVHGO\ HPERGLHG$V ³RSHQPLQGHG´ DV WKH IHPLQLVW PRYHPHQW VXSSRVHGO\ ZDV , IRXQG both  the  people  and  the  institutions  utterly  resistant   WRFKDQJHRIDQ\VRUW)RUWKH¿UVWDQGRQO\WLPHDW %&,DFWXDOO\IHOWPDUJLQDOL]HGLQWKHJURXSVZKHUH, was  supposed  to  be  the  most  accepted.   After  observing  both  sides  of  that  movement  — often   much   closer   to   either   side   than   I   wanted   to   EH² , IRXQG WKDW , FRXOG QR ORQJHU LQ JRRG FRQ-­ VFLHQFH FDOO P\VHOI D IHPLQLVW )XUWKHUPRUH DV *DYHO 0HGLD JUHZ , IRXQG P\VHOI PRUH LQYROYHG ZLWKWKDWRUJDQL]DWLRQ,HQGHGXSOHDYLQJERWK9RLF-­ HVDQGWKH:5&DORQJZLWKPDQ\UHJUHWVLQERWK RUJDQL]DWLRQVDWWKHHQGRIWKDW\HDU ,OHDUQHGVRPHWKLQJYDOXDEOHWKRXJKLWFDPHDW an   enormous   cost:   There   is   a   group   of   accepting   people  on  campus  for  everyone;;  it  just  may  not  be   the  one  you  think.   When  I  looked  at  the  group  of  people  in  Gavel   0HGLD,IRXQGDFROOHFWLRQRISHRSOHWKDWZHUHWR-­ WDOO\ DQG FRPSOHWHO\ GLIIHUHQW EDVHG RQ WKHLU EH-­ OLHIV WKHLU LQWHUHVWV WKHLU SROLWLFDO LQVWLWXWLRQV WKHLU DELOLWLHV DQG WKHLU SHUVRQDOLWLHV 6RPHKRZ WKRXJK it  worked.

,QDOORIP\OLIH,KDYHQHYHUEHHQVXUURXQGHGE\ a  more  accepting  group  of  people  than  I  was  with   *DYHO0HGLD(YHQZKHQWKHUHZDVWHQVLRQZHDOO gave  each  other  the  power  to  believe  in  ourselves   DQGLQRWKHUVGHVSLWHRXUGLIIHUHQFHV $V,HQWHUHGP\VHQLRU\HDU,EHJDQWKHQREOH but  fruitless  quest  to  scale  back  my  efforts  in  orga-­ nizations   and   become   more   involved   in   the   social   nature  of  Boston  College.  I  opened  myself  up  and   SXWP\VHOIRXWWKHUHDQGIRUWKH¿UVWWLPH,IHOWDV if  I  really  adhered  to  the  college  scene.  This  doesn’t   PHDQWKDW,ZHQWRXWDQGJRW³ZKLWHJLUOZDVWHG´HY-­ ery  chance  I  got;;  it  means  that  I  spent  time  getting   to  know  the  people  around  me.   $WWKHHQGRIWKHGD\,DOZD\VUHWXUQHGWR*DYHO Media.  I  discovered  that  is  was  really  where  I  was   VXSSRVHGWREH7RGD\WKHUHDUHDERXWSHRSOH that  somehow  have  their  hands  in  the  organization.   It’s  sad  to  think  that  I  won’t  know  all  of  them  nearly   DVZHOODV,ZDQWWREXWDOOWKLQJVPXVWFRPHWRDQ end.   $WDUHFHQW*DYHO0HGLDHYHQW,ZDVWDONLQJWR three  freshmen  and  a  sophomore  who  truly  are  the   future   of   the   organization.   I   was   saddened   by   the   prospect  that  I  will  never  get  to  know  these  people   as  well  as  I  have  the  oth-­ ers.  I  had  gotten  so  used   I have never been surto   seeing   freshmen   and   rounded by a more acsophomores   grow   and   cepting group of people change   with   the   organi-­ than I was with Gavel zation   that   I   somehow   forgot   that   I   wouldn’t   get   Media. that  opportunity  next  year.   7KURXJKRXW WKH SURFHVV , OHDUQHG PDQ\ YDOX-­ able  insights  that  have  helped  make  this  experience   WUXO\WKHEHVWLQP\OLIH\HW,RQO\IHHOWKHQHHGWR VKDUHRQHRIWKHPZLWK\RX*HWLQYROYHGDQGLI\RX KDYHZKDWLWWDNHVJHWLQYROYHGZLWK*DYHO0HGLD These  people  have  truly  become  a  part  of  my  BC   IDPLO\DQGDVORQJDV,OLYH,ZLOOQHYHUIRUJHWZKDW all  of  you  have  done  for  me.   Mason Lende   Editor-in-Chief


Senior Reflection: Mason  

Editor-in-Chief Mason Lende wishes Gavel Media farewell.

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