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Culture It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Girls. This obsession is mainly fueled by my girl-crush on Lena Dunham, and the

The Hannah You’ll know a Hannah when you see one— she openly lacks

any shame—which may be considered a rarity at a Catholic overall relatability of the show’s characters. When you watch school (until the weekends at least). She rarely wears any form of undergarments and frequently sports some pretty hipster it, you can’t help but see yourself and your friends in the attire. When seeking out The Hannahs of BC, start here: characters. In fact, if you look hard enough, you’ll find the girls of this hit series all over Boston College’s campus.

Activities: 1. Gavel Media: The Hannah obviously writes for Gavel Media. Maybe I’m just trying to claim her because she’s my favorite, but I think she’s Gavel material. She’s a writer, she’s liberal and she’s awesome—so it’s basically go Gavel or go home. 2. GLC: The Hannah is really involved in this club because she loves helping people come out (Elijah anyone?). But seriously, the girl is all about supporting love. Housing: Freshman year, The Hannah totally lives on Newton. She sometimes acts like she’s from some distant planet and Newton is as close as we come to that planet at BC. I only went to Newton once for the infamous “Neon Newton.” So, in my mind, Newton has always been this mysterious land of milkshakes and middle-school-dance-esque parties. The Hannahs love it there.

The Marnie Finding The Marnie is harder than you’d think. She is by no

means an endangered species but still, a true Marnie is hard to find. Some may say her clean-cut, preppy look embodies the stereotypical BC girl. But I like to shy away from this stereotype, and I like to think she’s more than that. The Marnies of BC can likely be found here:

Dining Hall: The Hannah is most commonly seen in the Rat. Large spaces with lots of people aren’t really her thing. The Rat provides the perfect blend of good food, seclusion and sketchiness. It is underground and weirdly lit so I believe that qualifies as slightly sketchy. The Hannah requires a certain amount of sketchiness to do some good writing or to exist in general.

Activities: 1. One of the a cappella groups: Those of you who have seen the last few episodes of Girls will understand why she’d be in an a cappella group. Marnie is in the midst of a mid-twenties crisis, which has led to the exploration of her passion for music. 2. UGBC: The Marnie definitely gives off Jackie O , future first-lady vibes. She’s a power woman who appears to have it all figured out (for now, at least). Housing: The Marnie is definitely an Upper Campus girl. In her eyes, Upper is East Egg and Newton is West Egg. Newton may be all cool with its newer dorms and fancy milkshake machine, but it doesn’t have the age-old class of Upper. Dining Hall: The Marnie prefers a classy, cafe-esque environment and the closest thing to that on campus is Hillside. She’s typically found sipping on a skinny chai latte at one of those impossible-to-score tables. Maybe she’s doing work, maybe she’s socializing. Whatever it is, she’s exuding class. 34

Screenshots by Sameet Dhillon/ Gavel Media

April 2013


The Jessa The Jessa is all about making statements—

whether they are good or bad is up to you to decide. Her signature look includes some sort of peasant skirt combined with a see-through shirt (and she’s rarely wearing anything under it). She’s willing to put up with the weird looks, as long as she gets to keep her Bohemian “je ne sais quoi.”

The Shoshanna The Shoshanna, like The Marnie, is quite

deceiving. You might think you see her all over the place with her well-planned outfits and matching accessories. But think again; she’s like totally more complicated than you like even know: Activities: 1. Equestrian Team: The Shoshanna has equestrian team written all over her. One of her favorite pastimes is simultaneously brushing her own hair and the horse’s. Her horse is most likely named something like “Lucky” or “Rainbow Unicorn.” 2. Cheerleading: The Shoshanna is probably a cheerleader. Due to her manner of speaking and love for high ponytails, she really has no choice in the matter. Shoshanna was made to cheer. Go Eagles! Housing: The Shoshanna is one of those unfortunate freshmen who are put on CoRo freshman year. She laughed, she cried and she barely made it out of Williams alive. But she did manage to make some girlfriends (because the boys were too far away). And having one less flight of stairs makes walking around in her heels and skirts a lot easier. Dining Hall: The Shoshanna is all about the Chocolate Bar. She likes to purchase pretty pastries, sip on some hot chocolate and gossip freely at one of the coveted tables.

Activities: 1. BC Students for Sexual Health: The Jessa is all about exploring her sexuality. Some might say to the point of excess. But, hey, no judgment here. The Jessa does her thing. She’s educating people, educating herself and possibly hosting some experimental parties in her eight-man. 2. South Asian Student Association: Clearly, Jessa is not South Asian. But she loves exploring other cultures through fashion, food and sexuality. The Jessa is a free-spirited hippie, thus hanging with Indians is a must. Housing: Yeah, The Jessa doesn’t really do dorm life. She might have been kicked off campus or maybe she decided that dorm life is too mainstream. The Jessa could live in a funky studio apartment or in her most desperate hours, a corner room in Greycliff.

Dining Hall: The Jessa is usually a combination of vegan, vegetarian, and any other dietary restrictions out there, hence Addie’s is a must.


By Sameet Dhillon / Assoc. Culture Editor


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