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With Special Tribute to Karen and Curt Heffler and family

Our Teenage Volunteers

And Debbie Steinberg, of blessed memory, and her parents, Joan and Stanley Steinberg

The Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson

We dedicate this evening to the Rebbe~s legacy The Rebbe's unconditional love of people knew no bounds. To the Rebbe, all belonged. He made them feel at home. The Rebbe's warm smile would heal every aching heart. He was always there, offering counsel and blessings, comfort and hope, and often, material help as well. To the Rebbe there were no divisions among the Jewish people. He considered every Jew his own flesh and blood. Jewish unity was not a slogan, a wish, or promise it was a reality.

It is this belief in Jewish unity, the notion that no one of us is complete unless all of us are included, that goes to the very core and essence of the Rebbe's teaching. It is this concept that motivates and is the core of The Friendship Circle

DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE Dear Friends, It is a pleasure to welcome you tonight as we celebrate The Friendship Circle's continued growth and recognize the many people that made it possible. To our teenage volunteers: Thank you! Your awesome dedication and commitment are truly an inspiration. You should be proud that our community is becoming a more welcoming and comfortable place for children with special needs, due in no small part to your efforts. Our gratitude also extends to your parents who value and facilitate your

To the Steinberg Family: Having Debbie as part of our circle was so important to us both in the support she provided at events, and in the important role she played in training our teenage volunteers. She was a real inspiration and role model. We look up to you, her parents, trailblazers in our community on behalf of children with special needs, and are so honored to have your family's involvment in The Friendship Circle. To the Heffler Family: You have been incredibly supportive from the start and an instrumental link in helping us grow our circle in every way. Your constant commitment, friendship, and concern for The Friendship Circle and the community at-large are reflected by the participation of your wonderful children who exemplify these same qualities. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! This dinner would not have been possible without the hard work of the many volunteers on our Event Committee whose creativity, passion, and generosity combined to produce a spectacular evening. Together may we grow from strength to strength! Chani and Zev Baram



BASED ON THE BEDROCK FOUNDATION OF "LOVE YOUR FELLOW AS YOURSELF," THE FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE'S MISSION IS TO: • Engage children and teens with special needs through fun, interactive experiences that will build the confidence and self-esteem they need for a productive adult life. • Give the parents and families of these unique young people much-needed respite and support. • Nurture a sense of awareness and responsibility in our teenage volunteers while inspiring them through the sharing of themselves with others. • Connect this dynamic "circle of friends" to the Jewish community through educational and social programs. OUf


We envision a world in which people with special needs and their families experience acceptance, inclusion, and friendship as opposed to social isolation. We envision stimulating programs and activities in which teen volunteers, children with special needs and their families find meaning and self-value. We envision our teen volunteers developing into the strong, sensitive leaders of tomorrow. We envision a Jewish community that embraces those with special needs, and allows each person to contribute in his/her own way. We envision a world filled with love and respect for everyone - regardless of age, race, religious affiliation or personal differences.

These ou tstanding individuals brough t smiles to the faces of children with special needs: LeadelShip Le ague Volunteers Caroline Bato ff Alison BIo ch Aaton Elkin Estee Ellis Hallie Erlich Seth Feldman Alyssa Gab ay Yossi Glick Josh Goldstein Rachel Go rdon Satah Gordon Sarruni Levin Devo Myer Jomana Nouy J emny Rudole r Jonathan Sc hwatt2 Sarah Weinblatt:

Volunteers Zoe Abboudi Sara Abramson Jillian kElt: od C a:y BartEt Annie Barson Chanan Bayliss Gabrie lle Bayliss Sivan Ben-Mainlon Samantha Be rman

Elliot Bernstein Jesse BernslE!in Mindy Be rnstein Malka Bettoun Zusha Bettoun Adam Black ~Blum

Alis on ColEn Lior ColEn Shira Cohen Zachary Cohen MattCooper Is aiah Coplon Hannah Dardashti Ar~ Dash Halana Dash Lottie DaslEr Ale x Detu.e iler Max Detm!iler Dam Dntch Rachel Eisenstat Morey Ellis Branden Engel Eric a Ferraro Rac lEI Fishnun Reyna Fox Jac ob Frankel J ordynFl:eed Ony Gabay Sus annah Gale Jake Gering; Max Gering; Yaacov Ginsbutg Jeremy Goldfi: ad Matan Goldman

Michelle Goldsboro~ Atara Goodman Jac ob Gordon Lena Greenberg Jordan Grossinger Marc Grossi~r Casey Haas Yoni Hacl"2n SMa Halpern Rac lE I He EJ:ic Hemel Arie 11 Herman S hana Herman Shmi Hirsch LeahJablon Aye let Jacob son Noah Kalandar Eli Katz Melissa Katz Andrew Kaufman Matthew Kaaman Jac~ Khutorsky HU'lter ~ Dalia KirZrEr Jenna Klire Nikki Knudsen David Kolansky Avi:;hai Korn Eliyahu Korn EtnanuelKorn Geffie Komhause r Mic hal La ~ nheinl And!:ew Leba: Dam S am Leibowitz

D anielle Levin KalE! Levin Sterna Levin Tori Levin Coby Levit Kayla Libesman Sarah Lipsky Nicole Macey Emily Mar~r MoslE Meadvin Nafi Meles Sophie Molinari Melly Nadav Allison Oblon Tzivya Ortiz T arnar P aJl"lE t Malky Perlbesger HannahPedoff Sarita Ravinsky-F~eg1!r Shayna Ravinsky-Fleeg;er SlE!plEn Rho~ Michael Rubin RaclEl Sandler Sarah S assler Be nj amin Schonberger Je s sie Se gal Harrison Seletsky BenSelt%er ChanaShakow Levi SlErman Sophia Shouls on Michal Sn,rder Elizabeth Soloff JudsonS olomon AmiSved

TaliSved RadEl Tanner Jeremy Tuttie Danielle Wachs Elana Waldsl!!in Sophia WaldslE!in Emily Walters Dina 'iXIe ise r Shana Weiser Auigail Weiss Devon'iXleiss ffi:e y Willner Hannah \Xli 9; hnia Meital Zimbalist BariZweben Jose ph Zwillenberg;


Parti ci pati ng Scho ols Abington] unior High School Abington Senior High School Am erican School Bala Cynwyd Middle School The Baldwin School Bryn Mawr Co lIege ] ackM. Barrack Hebrew Academy Cedam rook Middle School Cheltenham High School Colonial Middle School Conestoga High School Copper Beach Elementary School Crefeld School

Germ antown Academy Greenberg Elem en tary Schoo 1 Harrito n High School Haverford College Hill Top Prep School Kohelet Yeshiva High Schoo 1 Lower Merion High Scho 01 Lower Moreland High Scho 01 Masterm an Middle and High Scho ols The Murray Aven ue School P lym outh Whitem arsh High School Politz Hebrew Academ y Radnor High Schoo 1

Saligman Middle Schoo 1 Sandy Run Middle School The Shipley School Sp ringfield High Schoo 1 Temple University Torah Academy of Greater P hiladelp hia Torah Academy Girls High School Welsh Valley Middle School The William Penn Charter School Wissahickon High School Wo odlynde Academy

To the greatest group of teenagers around: Thanks tor making The Friendship Circle all that it is! We could never do it without 'you!

You're the best,

Rabbi Zev & Chani /3aram & Hindy Finman

To all of the Amazing VolunteersYou are the "friendship" in friendship circle. You are performing a mitzvah b'y working to make this world a more welcoming and inclusive

place for ever'y child. With Love,

Karen, Curt, Lauren, Daniel and Kachel Heffler

The Steinberg Family Stanley and Joan Steinberg pioneered JICHAI, a thriving community for young adults with special needs that focuses on independent living in a Jewish environment. Dr. Steinberg, a retired radiologist, has served as president of the boards of Eastern State School and Hospital, Haverford Community Hospital and of JICHAI, where he and his wife, Joan, remain on the executive committee. The Steinbergs are both alumni of the Barnes Foundation, where Joan studied at The Arboretum School of Horticulture followed by a degree in horticultural therapy from Temple University. When the "Right to Education for Special Education" law was passed in 1976, Joan joined with a group to form the Committee for Special Education in Lower Merion Township to educate and advocate on behalf of children with special needs. Debbie Steinberg graduated from Lower Merion High School and worked as a photo license technician for over eleven years. She was the first resident to move into a JICHAI house, graduating to more independent living in the apartment program. Debbie and her friends served as mentors to The Friendship Circle teenage volunteers during sensitivity training sessions. She was an active member of Adults with Developmental Disabilities. Debbie had two older siblings, who were a loving support system - Shelley and her husband, Gerard, and Andy and his wife, Dawn. They enriched her life with five devoted nieces and nephews. Sadly, Debbie passed away in April of 2010. We honor her bravery and courage in the face of serious physical challenges.

We remember Debever!} da!}! - a beloved daughter-devoted sister-aunt, -couslnand a -devout triend-


Mom and Dad

I\.emembering Deb She lit up our lives-she had a lite with meaning-in a world with a large measure ot independence and selt worth. None ot us would choose to have a child or a sibling with disablitiesj but we would not have traded the experience ot growing up with Deb, tor an!Jthing. Her strength and courage were a blessing and a lesson-to us and our children-ot overcoming obstacles and tacing adversit!J with acceptance and grace. With no end ot thanks to our incredible parents, joan and Stan, !Jou are both super heroes! You showed us what a parent should be- No limits in !Jour planning and building new pathwa!Js to circumvent the man!J obstacles in Deb1s journe!J.

with all our love

And~,Dawn, Danielle, I\.~an

and Hale~ Steinberg

To our Dear 5ister Deb Your friendshie still touches so man'y hearts ..... Lspedall'y ours!

Maze/Tov to our wonderful parents Joan and Stan Steinberg, too.

Love, Shelle'y and Gerard

To Joan and Stanle'y Steinberg

And To Debbie Steinberg of .5lessed Memor'y Congratulations on 'your beautiful honor and for all that 'you have done to help those with special needs live independentl'y.

With Love, Karen, Curt, Lauren, Daniel and Kachel Hettler

In loving memor~ ot

Debbie Steinberg: Jt was our honor to have had the pleasure ot working with Debbie and to have experienced her exuberant approach to lite. She was an inspiring role model to an members ot The Friendship Circle as an individual who alwa~s looked tor opportunities to give to the communit~.

In admiration alwa~s, Chani and Zev

In Honor of Joan and 5tanle9 5teinberg: Thank ~ou for being our partners! We continue to be humbled and inspired b~ ~ou and are grateful to have ~ou as such wonderful role models in our lives and in our communit~.

With gratitude, Chani and Zev

The Heffler Family Karen and Curt Heffler and their children Lauren, Daniel and Rachel, are delighted to be an integral part of The Friendship Circle. Curt, a partner at Reed Smith, specializes in business law, and Karen, a retired ophthalmologist, devotes much of her time and energy to special needs causes, including serving as a chairperson of the Madregot special needs program of Har Zion Temple for many years and more recently serving on the advisory board of The Special Needs Initiative. The Hefflers became acquainted with The Friendship Circle about seven years ago, discovering a community of warmth and support. The family has participated in all aspects of programming including Philly Friendship Walk, Friends at Home visits as both recipient and provider, and Sunday Circle events. They feel enriched by these experiences and have witnessed the support, education and respite offered to often overwhelmed parents. Through The Friendship Circle volunteer opportunities, Lauren and Rachel have learned the value of giving of oneself and the intangible rewards that come with this kind of personal commitment.

In honor of

The Heffler Famil.9: It has been such a privilege having your entire Family involved From the very beginning. We are so appreciative of all your help) advice and Friendship. Thanks For being such great Fans!

With appreciation) Chani &Zev

To Our Children: We love 'you all dearl'y and are so ver'y _proud of each of 'your contributions and accompfishments. Lauren- Your time volunteering with the Friendship Circle has been an inspiration to all, and 'you continue to give of 'yourself to improve the lives of others as a lifetime journe'y'

Daniel- Each struggle 'you overcome is an inspiration to all of us.

Kachel- You make the world a better place and give generousl'y of 'yourself. We know how much 'you enjo'y 'your time with the special friend 'you have met through the Friendship Circle.

With Love, Mom & Dad

To Chani and Zev Your incredible dedication to children with special needs and their families is trul~ inpiring. Through ~our hard work, ~ou have helped so man~ and created a warm and inclusive communit~. We are so delighted to be a part of the caring and friendship that the Friendship Circle provides for children with special needs and their families.

With Love, Karen, Curt, Lauren, Daniel and Kachel Heffler

Our Staff

Group Volunteers

Rabbi Zev Baram - Executive Director Chani Schmidt Baram - Program Director Christina Amberg - Teen Circle Coordinator Hindy Finman - Volunteer Coordinator Chaya Snyder - Program Coordinator Sandy Kornhauser - Art Therapist Kevin Salmon - Movement Therapist Meir Shimshon Treibwasser - Music Therapist Cait Gilmartin - Behavior Therapist, Staff/Volunteer Consultant Christina Amberg - Teen Division Coordinator, Behavior Therapist, Staff/Volunteer Consultant

Beth Am Federation of Temple Youth BiCo Chabad Students' Association Little Wonders Gym The Perlman Jewish Day School - Forman Center Seventh Grade Class at Old York Road Temple - Beth Am Youth Group at Beth Am Israel Congregation

Adult Volunteers Megan Baumel Aaron Benau Angele Bolognini Barbara Brown Lisa Cades Emily Coplon Michele Cotumaccio Lottie Dasher Mimi Ferraro Alan Goldfuss Michelle Gordon Renee Kalandar

Gabriel Kaplan-Myer Aimee Katz Manny Korn Chana Lane Amy Nisen Jen Rosen Steve Ross Arthur Sauerhaft Hillary Schwartz Hannah Turner Jessica Waber Minna Wolfe Chelsea Zimmerman

Warm appreciation to those listed and to the many more who give so much of themselves in all Friendship Circle endeavors - from set up to clean up, substituting, presenting valuable information to the parents' group and in countless other ways. Words cannot adequately expresshow important you are to The Friendship Circle.

The folowing professionals donated their time and expertise in making presentations to the parent group: Paul Feldman, Esq. Feldman and Feldman Patty Lemer Author/ Editor of EnVISIONing a Bright Future: Interventions that Work for Children and Adults on the Autism Spectrum Stacy Levitan Executive Director, JCHAI Homes for Adults with Special Needs The following professionals donated their time and expertise in making presentations to The Friendship Circle Leadership League: Mark Chilutti, C.F.RE. Assistant VP of Development at Magee Rehabilitation Center Rabbi Mendy Cohen Youth Director, Chabad of the Main Line Jennifer Gelet Representative from the Susan G. Koman Foundation Rachel Hachen, MD., M.P.H. Director, Neurofibromatosis Program Reverend Caroline Levy, M. Div. Chaplain, Magee Rehabilitation Center Marie Protesto, R.N., B.S.N. Peer Coordinator, Magee Rehabilitation Center Rabbi Menachem Schmidt Executive Director, Lubavitch House and Jewish Heritage Programs Leslie Sokol, PhD. Distinguished Founding Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy Senior Faculty, Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research Children's Hospital of Philadelphia The Honorable Dylan Leach Seventeenth Senatorial District

To our wonderful stafF: Hind,Y: Thanks tor all ~our hard work, time and dedication. You are constantl~ nurturing and developing, and the results speak tor themselves. TFC is continuing to blossom and grow both in 9ualit~ and 9uantit~ and we owe so much ot that to ~ou! As is otten heard in 50uth Fhill~: "Youse Rock!"

Cha,Ya: How luck~ we are to have this "Goldie" ~ear and the blessing ot ~our additional involvement and dedication! Thanks tor all ~our hard work!

Karen: Thanks tor swooping in and saving the da~! Its great to have ~ou back on Flanet FC!

With so much appreciation, Chani and Zev

Advisory Board

Dr. Eric Berger Alexandra Bricklin Rebecca Cohen, Ph. D. Devorah Deitsch Dr. Talya Fishman Carole Shames Frank Dr. George Frank, Esq. Rita Lourie Galena Dr. Celia Glick Dr. Rachel Hachen Renee W. Kalandar, OT\L Rabbi Ephraim Levin Dr. Marcia Levinson, PT, MFT Ari Miller Chava Schmidt Rabbi Menachem Schmidt Bruce Sham Hilde Sham Eileen S. Sklaroff Miriam Taubman

Event Committee Mary Ellen & Louis D. Bernstein Maika & David Caroline Dovie Carter Holly Cohen & Leib Meadvin Karen & Gregg Cooke Emily Coplon & Arthur Sauerhaft Lisa & Ephraim Dardashti Amy* & Daniel Erlbaum Vicki & Gary Erlbaum Pam & Scott Feldman Darien & Charles Finder Ellen & David Frank

Tracy & George Gordon Aviva Habib Linda J. Heller* Meredith & Jonathan Hoffman Cristy & Mitchell Hollin Kirby & Marla King Sandy & Michael Kornhauser Felissa (Hannah) Lane Leadership League Volunteers Barbara Lichtman Tayar Heidi and Steven * Mandel Marcie & Jeffrey Marcus Amy & Perry Nisen Gail & Elliot Norry Freda Pepper & Howard Be Dayana & Berel Rapoport Jennifer Rosen Julie Rosenfeld Linda Sagman Janet Swartz * Susan & Jeffrey Schwartz Nancy & Stuart Selarnick Liza & Jonathan Seltzer Gail* & Larry Simon Janet & Ralph Snyder Sheryl*& Richard Tregerm Jessica Waber *Members of Advisory

Event Advisory - Parent Committee Marisol & David Greenberg Alicia Felton & Sherrill Neff Seth Horwitz Margot Stein & Myriam Klotz The Wolpert Family

To the committed and dedicated

To a super group of leaders:


You represent what it's all about to lead! Your love tor The Friendship Circle and 'your hard work is reall'y admirable! We love 'you gu'yS and thank 'you so much!

of our volunteers:

Thank 'you to all those parents who have taken time to carpool and help tacilitate 'your child's volunteering. You are an imfortant part ot our Circle.

From all of us at The Friendship Circ/e-


- The Friendship Circle

To our friends:

Miriam fly Yudi 5hemtov Chevi fly .5erel Frenkel From our sister organization The Friendship Circle of the Delaware Valley - North. May you go from strength to strength and may we continue working together to strengthen

The Friendship Circle goals.

To Congregation 5eth Hamedrash Congregation 5eth Or Lower Merion 5,Ynagogue Magee Kehabilitation Center Main Line Ketorm Temple Old York Koad Temple - 5eth Am 5haron Wohlmuth 5> Larr,Y Teacher Temple 5inai Torah Academ'y ot Greater Fhiladelphia And our colleagues: Chabad Center tor Jewish Lite at the T ri-Co Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center ot K'ydal Chabad Lubavitch ot The Main Line Lubavitch ot Montgomer'y Count,Y 5pecial recognition to the Jack M. 5arrack Hebrew Academ'y, our host tor all the 5unda'y Circle sessions this ,Year Thank 'you tor opening ,Your hearts and doors to The Friendship Circle, and enabling us to have a home tor our events. You are making this communit'y a place where ever,Yone teels comtortable!

or ou rf e low sh LGhi m fa b ei ng ou r partn ers and a GOO stan t sourGe or support in man!Jwa!Js..Ma!J al or us merit to hasten the Geulah NOW! Th ank. !JOU to all


ph'. dephi. Lu bvitch Ce nter, f\ egio n.:o IDirector.;

Lub.v ~ch

of Center (it~

Ch. b d.t T e"l'le Un;"eroi~

f\. bbi A- '" h. m0. 'Dotohev. Sherri-oo,

f\.bbi Yo chon on 0. Le.h Goldm.n

f\.b bi 'Do ruch 0. K.ntor

Lub vitch Houoe, Jewioh 'Du oine 00 Net.... or~ Jewioh f\ elief

Ch.b d of N orthe m libertieo


f\. bbi h 0. Shev~ LOOo4'e notein

Ch. b d.t D rel<el U nivero~~ f\.b bi Ch. imo. Mmi. Goldote in

f\.bbiMen.:ochemo. Ch.v.Schrridt (h.b d Lubv~ch of Northweot Phi6de p h" Ch.b d Lubv~ch of Cheoter Count~

f\. bbi Yitzcholo. p eoo~ Gurevitz

Ch. b d Houoe for Studento ofth eArt. f\.bbiD. niel 0. f\ewen.:o Le. hGro dn~z~

f\.bbiYoooi 0. T i:~ Lub vitch of Montgo ~ r~ Co unt~ f\. bbi Sh. ~


Ch.b dJewioh CenterofDe6wHe Coun~

Lub v~ch Center for f\uoo" nJewr~

f\. bbi E ID O'Iid 0. f\;..l~St'" <erg

f\.b bi Sh olom0. M.I~ Goldohrrid

Lub.v ~ch of'DucloCount~

Ch.b d Lub";tch- y .. d lidoolrei I vr~

f\. bbi Yu di 0. Miri. mS hemtoo,

f\.b bi Z.lmo nO. F. ge lip

f\. bbi Ar~eh 0. f\ o';e Wein oten

f\.b bi Levi 0. f\ivk., hWeber

Devo", h De~och

Ch.b d Lub v ~chJe ... ioh Ce nter of f\~ d.1 f\.bbi Zuohe 0. Dini Gurevit:

f\.bbi Mendel 0. f\ Lezele Ch.b d of L.b ~ette Hill

f\. bbi Mendel 0. D. ooie pruoo

Ch. b d of 'Derl. Count~

f\. bbi Yioroel 0. Ch. ~ Kotl... l~

f\. bbi 'De rei 0. Chevi F renlel

f\.b bi Yoooi 0. Ch. n.lipole r

Ch.b d Lub vhh of the M> in line

Ch.b d Ce nterfor Jewioh life .tthe T ri-Co

Ch. b d of pe nn St.te

f\.bbiSh .. gr

f\. bbi EI 0. 'Dlumie

f\.bbi Noooon 0. S. .. h Meret:o~




Ch.b d Lub";tch of the poconoo

f\. bbi Moiohe 0. D evo.. h 'Dre nne n f\.bbi

Mend~ 0.

Lub.v ~ch

T em. Cohen

Houoe .t penn

f\.b bi Mendel 0. S hterni 'De ndet

f\. bbi Eph.. im 0. Flo.. Levin Ch.b d of penn W~nne


"l' G.n Imel

f\. bbi Z.lmo nO. Mro mGe rber

f\. bbi Levi 0. Nech. m. Ch.t:le lovhh

Lub v~ch ofthe Leh igh y •lie ~ f\.b bi y•• lool 0. D evo.. h H.lperin

We wish to express our gratitude to those Foundations whose assistance means so much and enables The Friendship Circle to Flourish and grow:

Crlbaum F amil~ Foundation The Run For Harold Foundation The Se~mour Kalstein Foundation Joan and Jack Shuster Foundation



To our dear son Moshe, There are man'y paths a man can choose. The Kebbe has directed us to take the path ot goodness and kindness. You Ive embraced that path a nd tor this 'you Ive made us all ver'y proud.

Tonight we honour 'you tor taking 'your place in this circle ot triendship. Like 'your sisters betore 'you, and we1re sure Daniel will tollow, 'you1ve shown that at an!) age, a person can make a difference in the lite ot another. You should be blessed with man'y opportunities to make such a difference in the world.

We love 'you, Mom and Tati F.S.

Thank 'yOU Chani 5> Zev, tor providing this hol'y opportunit.Y' You mean the world to us!!


Congratulations to



and all of the Teenage Volunteers For supporting a wonderful cause

Leonard and Madl'yn Abramson


A special thanks to

Curt and Karen HeFFler and all of our friends at

The Friendship Circle.

Meredith and Jonathan Hoffman



Honorees Volunteers Janet and Alvin Schwartz


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8120 Old York Rd . 150 Yorktown plaza Elkins Park, PA 19027 t /215.885.2400路 f /215.885.2300


Seed The Dream Foundation The Gringlas/Greenberg Family


8ayada Nurses proudly supports

The Friendship Circle in building a better world for children with special needs.


Alison and Ben ,. .,

Ma'y 'your + 'year friendship continue to fill'y our lives with jo'y.

Thank'you Zev, Chani, Hind'y and the entire Friendship Circle staff for 'your contribution to our communit'y.

Sheree and Wa!jne 510ch 5ronze

Mazel tov to the

Heffler and 5teinberg Families. Your devotion to and advocac~ tor those with special needs sets a beautitul example tor the Jewish communit~ and be~ond.

Am~ and Daniel Erlbaum and



Congratulations to Joan and Stan in Memor,Y of

Debbie --Marcia and Ron Rubin



Lo~alt~ Courage

The Ronis




You transtorm IIpossibilit~1I into IIrealit~.1I

We admire ~ou. Joan & Fred Cohen (Sati & Saba)


Kol Hachavod Much continued success to Rabbi Zev and Chani and all of the volunteers

5ruce and Miriam Taubman


Yasher Koach to the Hettler F amil~ fly

The Friendship Circle Honorees, Volunteers and Statt whose hard work helps brighten the lives ot children throughout the 'year!

From Your Friends at Frankford Cand'y, Jennifer and Nathan Hoffman Nanc and Stuart Selarnick


Joseph Levine &. Sons understand the importance of

7112 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19126 Joseph H. Levine. Supervisor

celebrating the life and heritage of our community. Its this attitude and commitment to our traditions that has made them a central part of Philadelphias Jewish community since 1883. And today every funeral becomes a celebration of life - all the lives that have shaped the way we live .

4737 Street Road Trevose. PA 19053 Jonathon D Levine. L. Supervisor 2811 West Chester Pike Broomall. PA 19008 Elliot J. Rosen. Supervisor

Joseph Levine & Sons remains committed to our families, our community,

and our history And by honoring our loved ones' memories, they have succeeded in celebrating the life of Philadelphia's Jewish community for five generations.


All Locations: 800.992.3339 or 215.942.4700






Congratulations to the Wonderful Honorees, the Fantastic Leaders, and the Amazing Volunteers Howard, Freda, Jesse, Aaron, and 5en 5ernstein


Zev and Chani, Keep up the fantastic work!

Shira, y ossi, Kivka, Dovber Devora, and Chana


Todah Rabah tor all,Your amazing assistance.

With Man~ 5lessings, The Gellerts


Congratulations to the Honorees and all the Volunteers Ma~ ~ou continue to be successful in ~our endeavors


Thanks to all The Friendship Circle Volunteers!!

Liza and Jonathan Seltzer


Linda J. Heller, Esq. Special Education Advocate 519 Monroe Road Merion, PA 19066-1017 Phone: 610-667-9019

Fax: 215 .. 689 .. 2774 E-mail: my web pages .comcast. net/ljheller lkSeeking Collaborative Solutions


111 hc)11C)r C)f

Joan and Stanley Steinberg and in 1T1e1T1ory of Debbie Steinberg

CarC)l a11d Be1111ett Aarc)11

Best wishes to

Karen and Curt Heffler and Family Robert and Janine Tabas and Family

Thank ~ou so much,

Chan; and Zev The work 'you do is vitall'y important tor the entire communit,Y. You not onl'y care tor those who need it, but 'you teach the rest ot us to care as well. Continued hatzlocha and growth!

Leiba and Marc Erlbaum and famil~

Thank ~ou to all the wonderful people at the friendship circle. I love coming. 5amm~ Mazurek

We Salute

A ver!:J special person Jordana Norr'y

For her dedication, devotion & commitment to The Friendship Circle

Ma~orie, Jeffre'y, Sara & Mauri Honickman

In celebration of a wonderful organization, The Friendship Circle

We Honor

Jonathan Schwartz and all the dedicated volunteers!

Susan and Jeffre'y Schwartz and F amil'y

In honor of our Grandaughter

Alison Bloch We are so proud and all

at ~ou

at ~our accomplishments

all our love Grandma Trudy and Grandpa Marty and Grandma Bev and Grandpa Lenny


Rich & Sheryl Tregerman The Rudolph Family

In Honor at

Gail and Larr~ Simon

5arbara and Cd Glickman

Thank You to The Friendship Circle for the tremendous work 'you do in helping children with special needs.

Congratulations to Honorees Curt and Karen HeFFler and Family. Love, 5rad, Andrea, Josh, Jason and Victoria Heffler

Partnering with: Perelman Jewish Day Schools Politz Hebrew Academy

And Torah Academy OROT

Providing a quality education to children with diverse learning needs

Pro-ud/t& ~port" ~fr~ Circ:1£/ CONGRATULATIONS TO JOAN & STANLEY STEINBERG AND KAREN & CURT HEFFLER 604 Harper Avenue • Jenkintown, PA 19046 215-935-0020

In memor,Y of

Debbie Steinberg and in honor of Her arents,


Joan and Stanle,Y Steinberg Elaine and Mann,Y Landau

With wishes tor success to the Heffler and Steinberg families Also to Rabbi Zev and Chani 5aram tor spearheading friendship Circle in our area. It is an honor tor us to host man,Y ot their programs.

CHA5AD Of THE MAIN LINE Rabbi Shraga & Michal Sherman, Rabbi Moshe and Devorah 5rennan, and Rabbi Mend!j and T emma Cohen

Thanks to the

Teenage Volunteers, to the

Steinbergs, to the

Hefflers, and to

Chani and Zev 5aram Love and AFFection, Gail and La Simon

Thank you Joan and Stanley Steinberg and The Friendship Circle for all that you do! Harris S. Fishman, CLU, ChFC President (l




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s. 20TH ST. PHILADELPHIA , PA 1 9 1 0 3 2 1 5 . 7 3 5 . B B B 0 VI D ED CITYI N C CD M • 329




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Must Present Coupon. Applies to transfers only. Lmut 5. Cannot be combinedwith other offers.

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YOUMAKEU5 OVEKYFKOUD Yasher Koach Love Momm'y, Dadd'y, Joe'y, and Helen

Best Wishes 5cott C 5o ro wsk'y 5asha 5orowks'y K'y 1e 5o r o ws k'y

MazelTov to all the wonderful Honorees and Mazel Tovto

Chani and Zev, Thank 'you tor the 'years otjo'y 'you have given Joshua.

Rabbi Zev and Chani /3aram who are such hard-working and d'ynamic pillars ot our communit'y!

To the

Cop/ons and 5ernsteins, Thank 'you tor giving Joshua so man'y honorar'y brothers!

Love and best wishes Kuth, Linda, and Lewis Weisteld Marlene and Steve Koss

In Honor of

We sure love he Friendship Circle We have so much fun! Love, Allie, Leon, and Jennifer Sand'y, Herb, and Jackie

Chani and Zev /3aram

and the dedicated team behind The Fhiladelphia Friendship Circle

Linda Sagman

We are

proud to support

Nanc'y and Stuart Selarnick and the Friendship Circle 5r'yna and Fred 5erman and Famil'y

With Gratitude, Love and Appreciation to

fHILLY FRIEND5Hlf CIRCLE Rabbi Zev and Chani 5aram Christina Amberg Hind!) Finman Cha!)a Sn!)der All the Sunda!) Circle Staff All Teen Sports Circle All the Volunteers The Wolpert Famil!)


Mazel Tov!


5EN Young Adjustment Company, Inc.

2 1 5.65+.6800



Yasher Koach

In Memor~ ot



Yossi Glick all the volunteers, the 13arams,

and in Honor ot her devoted parents

and eSp'eciall~ to the children with special needs who brighten up our lives!!

Avraham and

T zipi Glick

Joan and Stanley,

R.uth and 5en Nathanson

Dear Hettler Famil'y, Kabbi Zev and Chani-

Thank .YOU tor providing me with the greatest gitt:

-FriendshipLove, Matthew Hollin ( and tamil'y)

In Honor ot Rich Tregerman!

David and Rachel Fine





2755 Philmont Avenue SUIte 14U Huntll1gdon Valley, PA I <}006 Phone: 215-839-0100 Fax: 215-830-8901


ur lvIan Teen Age Fllends ·Who Palticipate In TIus aluable and HoI Wor1·~ We Salute You and Your Dedication.

ow .!:Iou can bank the wa.!:l.!:l0u want, when .!:IOU want and where .!:IOU wa We know that .!:IOU can't a1wa.!:ls keep banker's hours_



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fhct.t1Jv yow very"to- ZEW & Chctt-Wfoy EW~ Yow bot'ht (M"e,ttyu1:Y Ct/fy~ Ct/'RcibbV Ct+'\.dt CUll ~LYCtt'1hW A Vv &- SCt¥cUv lvf l1Iev

J etdv &- Judy lvf l1Iev Uvv&-'R~S~

JCMJOY\I &lvf~


&- Seem.cvG~~

Zev and Chani We are proud to support you and the work of the Friendship Circle. You bring light into the world 0 fb oth volunte er and recipient.


To Debbie, Who will alwa~s be with us through memories

ot herj0,Y0us nature. Connie Abend and Ted Heck

Congratulations to the Heffler tamil!) on this special tribute evening. Your dedication to the Friendship Circle is remarkable! Mazel Tov, Mar,Y and Louis 5ernstein

Congratulations to the Honorees and wonderful Volunteers! Sl'ecial thanks to Zev and Chani 5aram tor all that the'y do tor the Friendship Circle! Wa!)ne and 50nnie Satz and F amil!), Ja!) and 5arbara Satz

IIThis is the art of courage: to see things as the,Y are and still believe that the victor,Y la,Ys not with those who avoid the bad, but those who taste ever,Y drop of the good. 1I -Victoria Lincoln In loving memor,Y of

Debbie Steinberga woman of courage. Love, Tom and Carol




Debbie Steinberg jerr!} 5antoro Mark /ngergman Larr!} Livornese J3rett Gilbert J3evin Dolan jenn!} Aldrich

In recognition of our dear friends


and Curt Heffler

and all those devoted to

The Friendship Circle. Julie and Warren Cramer and Cramer1s Uniforms

Maze/Tov to all the Volunteers.

r endrak F amil'y Yasher Koach to

The Friendship Circle for all ,90U do!

Amir and 5tace,9 Goldman

We 5alute the

5teinbergs and the

Friendship Circle

Dear Alison 5loch, You have a special gift ot connecting with people and making a diHerence. We have seen it since !Jou were a little girl and now as a grown woman. Congratulations on !Jour well deserved honor. We are ver!J proud ot !Jou.

JoAnn and Richard 5imon

Love, Deena and Erik Katz and tamil!J

Carl and Marla Manstein

Mazel T ov, Mann~



Max EJ'y .5est Wishes,


Thanks to 5arah Avi and all the teen volunteers for !Jour warmth and commitment. We love seeing Rafi smile at Friendship Circle. And Chani and Zev thanks for !Jour tremendous dedication and vision that make it all possible. J



Kal Hakavad to all ot our amazing volunteers and honorees. Thank ~ou to Zev and Chani tor all ~our love and devotion to The Friendship Circle. Ma~ ~ou be blessed with continued success tor all the light ~ou bring to our communit~. With love, Chana Lane

5usanJ Avi and Rafi

Congregation Mikveh Israel wishes 'you Meha,Yil Le,Yahil From strength to strength

E-MAIL: 610-6+2-5178

Ma,Y Hashem grant 'you his blessings for the good work 'you do on behalf of our communit'y Rabbi Albert C. Gabbai Leon L. Lev,Y, Fresident

To Zev and Chani, F lEN

our bestest uncle and aunt!

L 0


!5 U2

Samm9' Yehudis, Eli, Naomi, Elianna and Aviva

Wishing Aaron, and ever'y0ne at The Friendship Circle, man'y 'years of success and fulfillment in this wonderful and important endeavor.

Anne and Rod Elkin

HIP (')

Steven Mandel, MD Heidi Mandel, DSW, DFM Kaman Manan-Espaillat, MD

or,. r,.1U NITY

MazalTov for all the honorees, all the volunteers, Hind'y Finman, and especiall!J

Chani and Zev 5aram and all the Schmidt famil'y. Love, Jaci and David Lazowick

Ma'y it continue.





U2 U2





The Crimm Famil'y Salutes Alison 5loch.

Thank 'you for 'your friendship!


Sincere Admiration for 'your accomplishments

Hook in more business Call Gina Signorella-Arlen, ABC The Mother of all Copywriters

David &



61 0-225-0262 5-Time Benny速Winner!

In honor ot Est!) Ta!)ar and Leon and AII!)son Abramson

- trom Rick and Susanna Manstein Kegards to Linda Heller .5est wishes -

Gail and



Lorraine and Ed 5erman

In Honor ot the Heffler Famil!) Continued Success! -

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Distell

Erwin and Rochelle Nosenchuck

KKC sends Love to Kati Winokur and Susan and Avi We love !)ou! - Chezk~)

Rivki) Yaakov Michoel and Chanale

In Memor'y of Debbie Steinberg -Richard and Connie Grossman

Thank You for all that 'you accomplish for our communit'y - 50nnie and Mitchell 5enson

Mazel T ov to Jordana and Jon! - Love, The Kramers In honor of Y ossi, Shmuel, and Laible Schmidt. - Raisel and Sorka 5assie Albert

Loving Thoughts of Debb'y Steinberg - Reta Eisenberg

Yasher Koach! - Luci and Richard Markowitz Atara: thank u + all u do - Mom


T atti

Mazel T ov Karen and Curt to 'you and 'your tamil'y! -Love the Leibowitz Famil~

With deep appreciation tor this hol'y work

- Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell and Nurit Levi Shein Thank 'you tor 'your hard work

- Marlene and Mark Moster

Congratulations to all! - Jrv Schn~der

Sherie 50rtin Elise and Martin Ciner Sara Cohen

Detweiler F amil'y Eugene and Jo,Y Effron Fh'yllis and Harr,Y E~stein Joseph and Deborah Foster Drs. Herbert and Linda Gordon Lauren and Steven Grossinger Michelle and Scott Herbert Howard Isaacson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Karasick and F amil'y Marc~ and 5ill Kaiser The Kaliner Famil~ Ellen and 5r~ant Lehr Helena and Norman Lehrer F enn~ and Lann~ Leibowitz

The Lichtman T a~ar F amil~ Dr. Joseph Loewenber and Ms. Ann Krupnick Adele and Richard Lubowitz Fatricia Metzger Henr~ and Eileen Fass The F ortno~ Famil~ Andrea and Doug Flotkin Jennifer and Simcha Reich Susan L. Rendsburg 5rian and Jill Rosen Marc and Rand~ Rosen Michale Rosen and Jillian and Maize EII'yn and Stephen Saft Arlene ~atz 5ette and Allison Samuel Drs. Martha and Charles Schleifer 5ruce and Hilde Sham

Mira and Aron Singer The Singer Famil~ Jennifer and David Sonenstein Am~ Stein Gerrie and Hank Stern The Waldstein Famil~ Deborah Waxman and Christina Ager Drs. R.onald and Marguerite Werrin . 0

The Friendship Circle 2011  

The Philadelphia Friendship Circle's annual vertual ad journal.

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