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Where to Shop, Dine, Play & Stay

This is our home The places where we work are also where we live. That’s why Teck employees are focused on making the right choices for the environment, for our local communities and for future generations. Teck’s five coal mines in the Elk Valley employ more than 3,700 men and women and inject almost $1 billion into the local economy each year. In 2011 Teck gave $2.7 million to Elk Valley community groups, including Fernie Museum, the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation and Fernie Miners’ Walk. We sponsor the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s South Rockies field researchers, who collect local backcountry data to make the CAC’s daily avalanche forecast the best resource for planning your safe trip. Find out more

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Enjoy creative regional fare, great wines & friendly service.

Memorable Dining & Luxurious Rooms

A neighborhood Pub featuring Fine Ales & Fernie’s best pub menu.

in the Heart of Historic Fernie 742 Highway #3 Fernie Tel: 250.423.6871

Premium spirits, microbrews & unique wines. Open until 11pm.

1-888-423-6855 The perfect family retreat! Fully-equipped 1 & 2 bedroom suites. Indoor hot tub, gym, resort daycare & Kelsey’s Restaurant on the main level.

Quality Year-RoundAccommodation Accommodation atatFernie Alpine Resort uality Year-Round Fernie Alpine Resort

1-800-661-0118 Best value on the mountain! Hotel rooms to 3-bedroom suites + lofts. Indoor pool, outdoor hot tubs & Corner Pocket restaurant. Ideal for Weddings!

Visit for information on vacation specials & to book on-line!


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Welcome to Fernie

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What Makes Fernie Great

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Winter 2012/2013 -


25 years of providing powder therapy

Scot Schmidt

Photo: Mark Gallup - 1994

Island Lake Lodge has been setting the catski standard for 25 years. Legends like Scot Schmidt helped form our philosophy of unparalleled backcountry experiences. Drop by the office or sign-up on our website to be on the standby list and to receive a free copy of our DVD - The Balance of Powder. 1-888-422-8754

WELCOME to Fernie


very season in Fernie has its own beauty and features to brag about, but winter is when our little spot in the East Kootenay really shines. The snow forms a permanent blanket over the town, and people from all over the world come to enjoy the very best time of the year to visit. From the jagged peaks of the Lizard Range to the unique caricature of Mount Hosmer, the mountains offer a sharp contrast to the quaint coal mining and ski town at the base of the Elk Valley we call home. Set in the spectacular Canadian Rockies, Fernie is famous for its legendary powder and fantastic terrain, receiving an annual average snowfall of 29 feet! It’s the perfect place for an active winter getaway, with a multitude of outdoor experiences available, like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dogsledding, snowshoeing, and much more.

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Fernie has more to offer than perfect powder, and during the winter months the city truly comes alive. Take advantage of all of the great events, from What the Dickens, a Christmas festival with activities for the whole family, to the annual celebration of all things winter and our tribute to snow, Griz Days. Stroll down historic Second Avenue and check out what the great shops and restaurants have to offer. Stop in at The Arts Station to add a little culture to your trip. Or, enjoy the breathtaking scenery during a walk or hike on one of the many trails around town. Fernie is a friendly place that embraces the snow and loves the activities winter has to offer. You’ve found yourself in the best possible place to be for winter, so wrap up warm and go have fun!

Winter 2012/2013 -


The Griz


very year, a celebration is held in Fernie, known as “Griz Days,” giving thanks to the legend of The Griz, who locals thank for bringing the huge amount of snow to the valley every year. As the legend goes, a baby boy was born back in the year 1879 in the midst of a cruel and bitter winter. It is said that the baby was born in a grizzly bear’s cave high in the mountains. Some time later the resident bear awoke, mean and ravenously hungry. A terrible battle ensued between the two - one fighting for his life and the other for his dinner. It seems the bear came off worse, because people who heard the raucous went to investigate and saw a little boy clad in bear skins leaping from rock to rock. More recently, ski tourers spotted a man at the summit of a mountain, with shoulders six feet wide and an enormous musket eight feet long. The bulk of the man’s estimated 300 pounds was made to look even more awesome by the bristly, grizzly coat he wore. A bear hat was pulled down, shadowing his eyes. As the skiers watched, he stood shooting the giant musket into the clouds and, as he did this, more and more snow fell. This, of course, delighted the skiers. They schussed down the mountain and excitedly told everyone they met of their experience. Some of the town’s elders remembered the sighting of a little grizzly-clad boy so long ago and the discovery of massive, bare-footed tracks upon the snowcovered peaks. In recognition and admiration of the man who became known as “GRIZ”, the town’s people held a festival. Sporting events, competitions, parades and gatherings marked the gala week. The citizen who embodied the spirit of “GRIZ” was made honourary “GRIZ” for the rest of the year. To this day, this festival continues every March in tribute to our powder king. The best powder and packed skiing conditions in the west also continue to blanket our mountains.


Winter 2012/2013 -

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he stunning mountain range may look beautiful, but the legend that lies behind the peaks is less than heartwarming. According to legend, many years ago a young Indian Chief was trying to choose between three very talented and beautiful maidens to be his bride. He couldn’t make a decision, so the older Chiefs asked the gods to help him. Well, it turned out the Indian gods were not very sympathetic, as they considered

indecision a grievous sin; therefore, the punishment dealt out was severe. The young Chief was turned into a mountain where, each day, he could look at what he could never have. The maidens’ grief was so great that all three maidens prayed that they might be turned into mountains also. Their prayers were answered. As we gaze at the Three Sisters and Proctor Mountain we are looking at the three maidens and the young Chief.

Winter 2012/2013 -


Downhill Skiing

The terrain at Fernie Alpine Resort is so amazing - after years of skiing here, you will still discover new places to play. With an annual snowfall of over 29 ft., varied terrain for all abilities featuring the most bowls in North America with five unique bowls over 2,504 acres, and a variety of lodging options from ski-in/ski-out chalets to 5-star hotels; your experience is only limited by your sense of adventure. The snow is nothing short of amazing and the services on the hill complete the package. For resort services and information, contact Guest Services at 250-423-4655. The full resort map is on page 28.

10 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photo: Jamie Hide

Telemarking Free heel skiing gets you to your turns faster. Telemark skiing (also known as free heel skiing) is a popular form of skiing using the Telemark turn. Unlike traditional downhill skis, the skis used for telemarking have a binding that only connects the boot to the ski at the toes just like in cross country skiing. When touring Fernie’s outer bowls, the telemarkers do laps around the other skiers. Telemarking will get you to your drop in faster and allows you to enjoy Fernie’s powder in a very different way.

Find us on

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Winter 2012/2013 -


Snowboarding What makes snowboarding so fun is the surf-style turn. Many skiers will turn in their ‘double planks’ for the single plank snowboard on big powder days because of its buoyancy and maneuverability. Looking to hang up your skis and try snowboarding? Check out Fernie Alpine Resort for lessons. For more information on the resort see page 26.

12 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photo: Mike McPhee

Tobogganing With all the activities to do in Fernie in the winter, there is one that has stood the test of time – people still enjoy the old standby – tobogganing. Pull out your sleds, crazy carpets and GT racers and find a pitch that looks steep and safe. Hop on your toboggan and slide away.

Mountains of toppings and an avalanche of taste

t Take-ou r o Delivery

Providing “Fresh Fernie Experiences” for Over 14 Years!

The Difference is Taste

for Chances of Give-Aways & Great Deals!

• Thin, Regular or Whole Wheat Crust • Build Your Own Pizza

• 36 Toppings & 9 Sauces

Open at 4:00 pm Photos: Jamie Hide

Sa 100 Guatisfac% ran tion tee d

• Awesome Lasagna

• Salads, Wings & More... • $12.00 Pizza Every Tuesday!

250-423-0007 Call for Daily Specials 592 - 8th Avenue, Fernie, BC

Winter 2012/2013 -


An epic battle awaits... As 50 greasy grippers of snow and ice prepare their campaign against a skate inspired snow park that stands tall in the downtown streets. The course now functions as a three lane highway of chaos as athletes grind metal, and take to the air in show of their mastery. The crowd erupts as the players bout in a series of successes and failures, but all outcomes result in a show of smiles and high fives. Hours pass like minutes as the duel continues until the beast has finally been slain, and the crowd has been satisfied. This marks the end of another successful year for an event that now acts as a winter offering rivaling the great summer Wam Bam. What’s in store for the years to come? Bigger, better, faster... As a great man once said “The sky is not the limit, cause there are footsteps on the moon” - Jimmy Wayne Commit 2 Pain originally started in 2004 in the alley of the Royal Hotel with a 10 foot pile of snow and a handmade jib (wooden box covered with hockey board) that was definitely not constructed by carpenters. The idea behind the event was to bring the action from the ski hill into town and allow competitors of all ages to come together in union to celebrate one of the great offerings of this fantastic town. Epic annual snowfalls allow Fernie an opportunity to create a snowy playground in any location, and with the help of some fantastic humans, and hours of sweat filled shovels, the foundation was laid for what has now become an integral part of “Griz Days”. With eight years of trial and error, creative design, support from the city, our local shops, and the citizens of the valley, it has evolved to great heights. Hopes for the future are to continue its development to incorporate other disciplines of the sports, including a big air, and a movement towards a slopestyle staged course that will combine both air features and jib features, allowing riders to showcase even more of their talents. Commit would like to thank everyone that makes the event possible, the athletes that participate, and the fans that cheer from the sidelines of all the events that make this town so special. So mark the date on the calendar, because for 2013 the stage has already been set to give birth to a whole new chapter in the world of downtown snowsports. Adam Laurin, Commit Snow and Skate

14 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photos: Commit/Matt Kuhn

RAIL Jam The sun descends behind the snow covered peaks of the Lizard Range as anticipation builds for the night’s festivities. Griz Days are in full swing and tonight is the main event. An epic battle awaits, darkness falls, the lights ignite, and heartbeats sync to the footsteps as they climb to the top of the drop in. The DJ drops vinyl to the tables, Ptex hits snow, and the crowd detonates...

Commit 2 Pain has begun!

Winter 2012/2013 -


Catskiing After a day of catskiing, your legs are tired, your face hurts from smiling and your mind keeps replaying your epic turns from the day. If you haven’t tried it yet, pick up the phone and call Fernie Wilderness Adventures or Island Lake Lodge Catskiing.

16 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photo: Mike McPhee

Fernie Wilderness Adventures


hen it comes to winter, Fernie is known for its legendary dumps of snow with stunning mountain backdrops. For the skiers and snowboarders looking to have a unique experience; catskiing has become the hottest activity to spice up your mountain adventures. Established in 1986, Fernie Wilderness Adventures or aptly nicknamed “Fernie’s Deep White Secret” is fast becoming one of the most sought after experiences. They provide their clients an exceptional outdoor experience in a relaxed, casual atmosphere enjoying the snow and great Canadian Rockies. Located only 20 minutes out of Fernie, you can explore what all the hype is about. Uniquely offering single day catskiing, which includes lunch, beacons, safety briefing and a slideshow of the photos shot from your day, this is something that anyone from intermediate (comfortable on a blue run) to the expert powder hound can enjoy. For more information, 250-423-6704 or go to

Island Lake Lodge


sland Lake Lodge Catskiing has been an industry leader for over 20 years. The magnificent peaks of the Lizard Range in the BC Rocky Mountains tower over 7,000 acres of bowls, valleys and gladed meadows. The deep, dry powder of Island Lake Catskiing has become a thing of legend. The luxurious wilderness lodges, fine dining, full service spa and high level of service put Island Lake Resort in a league of its own. Epic ski terrain (larger than a ski hill but for only 24 guests!) combined with the legendary dry powder of the BC Rockies, results in an unforgettable catskiing experience. Family and women specific tours are available as well as dayskiing packages. This is a very comfortable and safe way to experience untracked powder in the backcountry and a “must do” for any skier or snowboarder. Come and experience the legend! Visit the downtown office for more information, 602A 2nd Avenue, 250-423-3700 or go to

Fernie’s deep, white secret. When it come’s to awesome powder, there’s nothing like Fernie Wilderness Adventures! Book your wicked deep single-day adventure today!

877-423-6704 • 250-423-6704 New office location:

742 Lodge,Fernie, Fernie, BC 742Hwy Hwy3,3,Park Park Place Place Lodge BC. Photo: Mark Gallup

Photo: Mark Gallup

Skier: Bob Legasa

Skier: Bob Legasa

Winter 2012/2013 -


Backcountry Touring Put your skins on! The Fernie backcountry is vast and beautiful. Fernie is situated in some of the most scenic areas in North America. We are surrounded by boundless backcountry and If you know how to get around, checking out the backcountry is extremely rewarding. There are many hikes, routes, bowls and even cabins to check out. The avalanche threat in the Elk Valley is very real. If you don’t know how to negotiate the avalanche danger, stay inbounds until you receive some education and learn about avalanche hazards and backcountry safety.

18 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photo: Kyle Hamilton

Snowshoeing Showshoeing can be anything from a walk in the woods to a sprint up the mountain. Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to enjoy exercise in Fernie’s beautiful outdoors. Appropriate for people of all ages and abilities, it is a great way to see the forest in all its frosty splendour. There are many places to go snowshoeing including the town trails for beginners, or the trails of Mount Fernie Provincial Park for more experienced trekkers. Snowshoes can be rented or purchased at sports stores in town. Visit the Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club website at for more trail options.

250.423.3002 ~ 301 Hwy 3 11am - 10pm Daily beside west fernie bridge

Featuring Rotisserie Chicken & Ribs, Mouth-watering Steaks & Wood-fired Oven Pizzas. Corner Corner Pocket Pocket Brasserie Restaurant at Fernie Alpine Resort

Lunch. Après Ski. Dinner. Open Daily mid-Dec. - mid April 5369 Ski Hill Road - 250.423.5035 Your source for delicious international cuisine on the ski hill Lunch, Apres Ski & Dinner!

at our venue or yours!

Providing catering for any event from 30 - 1000 guests. 3 scenic locations!

250.423.7367 - Photo: Mike McPhee

Winter 2012/2013 -


Enjoy the winter with your thumb on a throttle If you’re looking for a fun winter activity the whole family can enjoy, consider snowmobiling.


he Fernie Snowmobile Association is encouraging all ages and abilities to bundle up and try out something a little different on the snow. With properly marked trails that are groomed twice a week, a new staging area with plenty of room to unload and snowmobiles available for rent with pick up and delivery as an option, there is no reason for beginners to miss out on the opportunity to experience the backcountry safely on a snowmobile. “Our Coal Creek trail is easily accessible, well maintained and it provides access to our new safety warm-up cabin,” said Paul Kramer, President of Fernie Snowmobile Association (FSA). “After your stay at our new cabin, one can continue on utilizing our ‘new’ family friendly trail that provides safe access to the FSA’s other warm up shelter, the Wranglers Cabin. You don’t need to be a member to ride the trails, and you certainly don’t need to be an expert.” The FSA charges $10 to use the trails for nonmembers. Trail use is included if you are an

20 Winter 2012/2013 -

FSA member. A trail map can be purchased at most of the FSA’s corporate sponsors such as, the Stanford Inn, Park Place Lodge, Smitty’s, Best Western Plus, 7-Eleven, and Ghostrider Motorsports on Shadow Road as well as other locations around Fernie. The map has numbers correlating with signs along the trail to help navigate your way. “It is really easy to follow the trail and there are also some great places to stop off and enjoy the scenery,” said Kramer. “Firewood and a barbecue are provided at both locations for your enjoyment. The not-for-profit FSA has fun events throughout the winter to get people involved, such as the poker run and drag races during the annual Griz Days festivities, raising money for charitable causes. They also try to host monthly family oriented events. Ghostrider Motorsports has FSA memberships on hand and can be purchased Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Membership fees, trail conditions, FSA events and a grooming schedule can all be found at Their corporate

Photo: Ghostrider Motorsports/Submitted

sponsors can also be found on FSA’s website. “It’s a lot of fun,” said Kramer. “We want to encourage people to join the other 150 FSA members so they too can enjoy all that the FSA provides. Kramer wants to remind sledders that the traditional FSA’s “Morrissey” snowmobile trail is closed for at least one more year, if not two, due to active logging in the winter. It is illegal to drive your snowmobile on a plowed forest service road without liability insurance and is also very unsafe. You do not want to go head to head with a loaded logging truck so please stay off.



ernie is the perfect launching pad for high-powered snowmobiling adventure. If you have your own sled, the Fernie Snowmobile Association can tell you about regional trails and local snowmobiling events. Before you head out, it is strongly advised that you carry safety gear and have taken a course in avalanche safety.

Trail Highlights Morrissey

CLOSED due to active logging in the area. For updated information regarding the Morrissey Trail visit the FSA’s website.

Coal Creek

Easily accessible, head up to the Minnesota Flats from the Coal Creek staging area just east of town. This staging area can be used to access many ungroomed routes that push deep into the mountains to the east.

Hartley Pass

Another trail climbs up and over Hartley Pass from a staging area just a few minutes north of town. Note that chains may be required for vehicles hauling trailers into this area. Large trailers are not recommended as the access road is steep and single lane in many areas.

SNOWMOBILE RENTALS • Single & 2 Up Machines • Pick up & Delivery Service • Maps & Equipment Available

Call for Bookings

250-423-9251 30 Shadow Road, Fernie, BC Winter 2012/2013 -


Hockey/Skating Looking for some ice time, look no further than the Fernie Arena. If it’s skating you enjoy, lace up your skates and bring the whole family out to public skating. If your kids are more serious skaters, figure skating lessons are available. Hockey in Fernie is great for all skill levels, with drop in Shinny hockey times (see daily schedule page 56) and beer leagues there is no shortage of fun for hockey players of all ages.

Winter Parking Policy Effective November 1st to April 15th


eading out to play in the snow? Don’t miss out because your vehicle was parked improperly! The City needs your assistance in order to facilitate snow removal from the roadways throughout Fernie and particularly in areas with increased numbers of residents parking on public streets. From November 1st to April 15th inclusive, the following Winter Parking Regulations are in effect per Consolidated Streets and Traffic Bylaw #1400:

Alternate Parking

Alternate parking allows the plows to clear back snow to the boulevards on alternating days and continue snow removal operations after a snowfall. Remember both sides of the street will of course be plowed, and unfortunately cars parked on the street will be plowed in. Plowing operations start at 4:00 am and run until 4:00 pm so please be sure you are parked on the correct side of the street during these hours. Ensure your vehicle is parked correctly and avoid being towed!

22 Winter 2012/2013 -

• NO parking permitted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on the south or east side of the roadway. • NO Parking permitted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on the north or west side of the roadway. • Residents living in Ridgemont area and 15th Street (Hospital Road) please pay attention to posted signage. • Restricted parking in commercial areas as per posted signage. For information regarding a towed vehicle please call City Hall at 250-423-6817 Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Photos: Free Press files

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is e L e i n Fer




Fernie Aquatic Centre The Fernie Aquatic Centre is the Leisure Services Department’s premier facility. With spectacular mountain views from the 28 person hot tub, to the 6 lane 25 m lap pool, it boasts the most family friendly atmosphere in the valley. Amenities * Warm Leisure Pool * 150 ft. Waterslide * Hot Tub * Steam Room * 6 Lane 25 m Lap Pool * Family Change Room

3 4466

0 42 Call 25

Programs * Lane Swim * Aqua Fit Classes * Swim Lessons * Fitness Programs * Advanced Aquatics * Special Events


ore inf

for m ext “0”

Winter 2012/2013 -


Join us in Fernie to celebrate Griz Days It’s an event with fun for the whole family that engages locals and thrills visitors.


very year in the first week of March, the community of Fernie comes together to pay homage to our very own local hero and powder provider,

the Griz. Local legend has it that the Griz is a giant mountain man who lives in the Lizard Range above Fernie Alpine Resort. With the help of his musket, the Griz coaxes snow from the sky, gracing our valley with an astounding annual snowfall, averaging over 29 feet each year. 2013 marks the 36th annual Griz Days, where locals and out-of-towners can enjoy a weekend jam-packed with excitement and celebrations. It’s all about the wonder of all things winter and that magical, fluffy, white powder we love so much. The festivities take place over three days, and include everything from sports races and tournaments, to live music and fireworks. The whole city of Fernie gets into it, with plenty of fun things to do downtown and up at the ski hill. Don’t miss some of the classic Griz Days activities like…

Griz Parade:

Downtown Fernie is blocked off to traffic and

24 Winter 2012/2013 -

turns into a mass celebration as businesses and community groups parade down Second Avenue to honour the Griz. Bundle up the kids, and the grownups, and get ready to watch the floats as they glide down Fernie’s Main Street.

Dummy Downhill:

The aim of the game is to create an unmanned craft that can slide down the mountain and get air off a kicker in the most imaginative way. Come out to watch the downhill contestant’s send off their dummies at Fernie Alpine Resort and check out how much carnage this year’s participants can create.

Extreme Griz:

The Griz represents Fernie’s best qualities – fun-loving, at home in the outdoors, and someone who will do anything to get to Fernie’s fantastic powder. Each year men and women from the community compete in contests like bear riding, axe-throwing, fire lighting, and pancake eating to be named Extreme Griz. Cheer on the contestants as they battle it out for the title, and make sure you stick around to see the Griz crowning ceremony.

Photos: Free Press files


inally, don’t forget to pick up your Griz Days pin! The collectible pins are the ultimate ticket to freedom during the celebrations. As long as you’re wearing your pin, the Griz Sheriff won’t arrest you, but beware the sheriff and his deputies if

you’re caught without one – you might end up spending the weekend in the Griz Jail. It’s an event with fun for the whole family that engages locals and thrills visitors. Ditch your swimsuit for your snowsuit this March and join us in Fernie to celebrate Griz Days!

=h[[d _d Wdo 9ebekh



JUST Pizza


JUST Pizza

2 for ONE


For Pickup or Delivery call...

391 - 1st Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4314

250- 423-9277 Open daily from 4:00 pm 362 2nd Avenue, Downtown Fernie

We Do Custom Blinds! Winter 2012/2013 -


Fernie Alpine Resort


ust voted the top resort in North America in the 2012 World Snow Awards, in London, Fernie Alpine Resort continues to attract adventurers to its powder paradise.

Guest Services

Book your daytime or aprés-ski activities here. Lift tickets, lessons, sleigh rides, snowshoe tours, kid’s evening activities...the list of fun goes on. Open daily 8 am to 5 pm.

TELUS Resort Kids Childcare

The TELUS Resort Kids Childcare is open daily throughout the ski season with half or full-day care for toddlers to pre-schoolers (19 months to six years old). Ski and lunch options available. Please inquire regarding infant (019 months) services. Reservations strongly recommended.

Lost Boys Café

Amazing alpine views from this spectacular on-mountain dining facility at Fernie Alpine Resort. It’s the place to be at the top of the Timber Bowl Express Quad.

The Griz Bar

One of the best places for aprés ski since 1962. Live music on Saturdays and Sundays. Cool off with an ice cold Kokanee or warm up with a Mogul Smoker cocktail or nachos.

Slopeside Café and Deli

Need your Starbucks fix? Visit the Slopeside for

26 Winter 2012/2013 -

a Starbucks coffee or cappuccino, and enjoy a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

Mountain Tours

First time on the mountain? Get a tour of the mountain from a knowledgeable and friendly TELUS Winter Sports School tour guide.

TELUS Winter Sports School

Professional instruction from certified instructors in alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, and telemark skiing. Group, private, and specialty clinics are available for all levels of skiers and snowboarders throughout the day.

First Tracks

The ultimate powder experience! Sign up the night before a big storm and set the first tracks of the day with this early start program. Meets at 7:45 am. Reservations required.

Wolf’s Den Lodge

The closest you can get to the action. Steps away from the famous Griz Bar, stroll to the lifts in the morning and ski to your door in the evening. Reservations: 1-800-258-SNOW (7669) or

Rentals & Retail

The Rental Shop features high-quality HEAD rental equipment and offers snowboards, powder and high performance skis, helmets and snowshoes. Open daily. All FAR services can be reached at 250-423-4655.

Photo: Fernie Alpine Resort/Henry Georgi

Winter 2012/2013 -


28 Winter 2012/2013 -

Winter 2012/2013 -


Island Lake lodge


sland Lake Lodge is celebrating their 25th anniversary of catskiing in 2013. Over the years Island Lake has been a mecca for snow sports media and gained a reputation as one of the premier backcountry lodges in North America.

The Bear Lodge

The Bear Lodge is where you will experience après ski. Each day after skiing enjoy hearty homemade soup and freshly baked breads, with your favourite beverage from a huge selection of beer and cocktails. After dinner in the Tamarack, return to the Bear Lodge for a game of pool or darts.

The Tamarack Lodge

The Tamarack Ski Lodge, built in 2005, boasts amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The eight deluxe guest rooms have spacious ensuite bathrooms with a soaker tub, shower and a combination of twin and queen beds. The lodge also includes a spectacular dining room, a state of the art kitchen and a wellness spa facility with an outdoor hot tub offering great views of the Lizard Range.

The Cedar Lodge

The Cedar Ski Lodge features eight deluxe rooms including spacious ensuite bathrooms with a soaker tub and shower, queen beds and a deck off each room including a workout gym with morning stretch classes and an outdoor hot tub with great views of the Lake.

Red Eagle Lodge

The Red Eagle Lodge, built in 1996, is a basic

30 Winter 2012/2013 -

but cozy log cabin with two common areas including ensuite bathrooms with showers and an outdoor hot tub on the large front deck with great views of the surrounding mountains.

Fine Dining

Island Lake Lodge takes pride in their reputation of having the best cuisine in the business. While spending the day taking on the mountain, their chefs are planning and preparing a feast that will be the perfect ending to a perfect powder day.

Wine Library

Dishes are brilliantly matched with an extensive and eclectic wine list. Collecting great wines from California, Okanagan, Europe and the new world, their 3,000 bottle cellar is a proud representation of the quality they offer their guests.

Massage and Body Treatments

After a great day of catskiing, let their professional staff ensure you feel your best for the next day on the mountain. They offer a variety of treatments that will appeal to skiers and non-skiers alike including: exfoliations, aromatherapy, foot care, and a number of massage traditions. Island Lake Health Spa features five treatment rooms, a wellness room with a deep Japanese soaking tub, retail boutique, and relaxation rooms. For information visit

Photo: Island Lake Lodge/Aaron Whitfield

Trails at Island Lake Lodge

Winter 2012/2013 -


Fernie Wilderness Adventures


ernie Wilderness Adventures (FWA) Snow Catskiing was established in 1986 with one goal in mind; to provide their clients an exceptional outdoor experience in a relaxed, casual atmosphere while enjoying the snow of the Canadian Rockies. Situated in the mountains just south west of town, FWA has over 3,000 acres of terrain to begin your descent. FWA catskiing can be enjoyed by both powder veterans and first time backcountry skiers/snowboarders. Terrain is predominately glade tree skiing with occasional tree bands leading into open

32 Winter 2012/2013 -

chutes suitable for advanced intermediate to advanced skiers or boarders. There is a lead guide who navigates the line down the mountain and a tail guide who points out the best lines and ensures that the group descends safely. Depending on the group and conditions of the day, you can expect to get 8-10 runs, which is approximately 10,000-12,000 vertical for the day. Skiable terrain is dependent upon current weather conditions, group ability and safety. As with any climate controlled activity some alterations to daily plans may be necessary to provide the safest experience possible for that day’s conditions. All of their Photo: Kyle Hamilton

guides are in constant contact with the office favourite beverage under the stars on the by way of radio and have avalanche and first large deck around the outdoor fire pit. An aid training. They strive to offer a professional, undisturbed sleep awaits you in one of the yet fun atmosphere. You will get the feeling on eight bedrooms, three of which have private the mountain that you are bathrooms. FWA lodge the first person ever to ski is truly an experience this terrain. If you are tired of its own. The lodge is Your trip includes: it is always an option to generator and solarA full day of sit out a run in the cat, up powered with cell phone front with the driver. service from the parking catskiing, use of lot. their avalanche Fernie Wilderness It will be hard not to feel transceivers, and a warmth, serenity and Adventure Lodge hearty lunch, that is comfort during your stay Fernie Wilderness in their lodge. Adventure’s charming served with a view, lodge awaits your arrival in the cat on poor Dining in a beautiful wooded At FWA we believe in weather days and valley. The lodge keeps to serving and cooking outside on nice days. a true unmarred mountain “family style” food. Our experience but with a cozy chef never stops preparing feeling. It boasts a spacious quality, delicious food in vaulted ceiling living area with a solid wood vast quantities during your stay. We believe a dining table, where their guests can share plentiful hot breakfast is the only way to start stories and memories of the day. the day. A nutritious hand-packed lunch is After an exhilarating day you can relax in presented to each guest to ensure regulated the authentic wood burning hot tub as a cool high levels of energy. mountain breeze surrounds you. Enjoy your

• Restaurant • Pet Friendly • Free Wireless Internet • Meeting Room • Fernie Alpine Resort Ski Packages


email: Winter 2012/2013 -


Nordic Skiing You don’t have to be a downhill skier to enjoy winter in Fernie. The only question is; classic or skate? Fernie has an extensive network of nordic (cross country) ski trails. There are groomed trails at the Fernie Golf Course, Island Lake Lodge, and Fernie Alpine Resort. Within town, trails along the river dikes and through city parks offer even more options.

Fernie Golf Course

Maintained by the Fernie Nordic Society, the trails at the Fernie Golf Course are set for both classic and skate skiing. The majority of the eight kilometres of trail are flat and therefore are suitable for both beginner and intermediate skiers. Located right in town, it is easily accessed and can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on which loops you choose. To learn more, or to become a member of the Fernie Nordic Society, visit

Island Lake Lodge

For those looking for more of a challenge, the road up to Island Lake Lodge offers a 12 kilometre climb up to the resort. Winding through old growth forest, the cat track offers gorgeous mountain views and several strenuous hill climbs. Once at the Lodge, there are additional trails around the lake. If you’d rather start your ski at the resort, they offer Winter Escape packages which include a return snowcat ride to the lodge, guided adventures, as well as a gourmet lunch. Reservations are a must, 250-423-3700.

34 Winter 2012/2013 -

Fernie Alpine Resort

Fernie Alpine Resort offers over 10 kilometres of groomed trails for both skate and classic skiing. Overall the trails are suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers, however beginners will certainly enjoy the trail if they don’t mind walking up a steep climb now and again. These trails are consistently well groomed, and provide several loop opportunities with glimpses of the valley below. Rentals are available on the ski hill, 250-423-4655.

Photo: Island Lake Lodge/Henry Georgi

Winter 2012/2013 -


Schools Out

Rays Way

Fairway Drive

Maiden Lake

Backcountry Trail

Golf Course Nordic Trails

Canadian Pacific

North 40


Train Tracks

Dyke Trail

Elk R


36 Winter 2012/2013 -

Lizard and Iron Creeks Scale 5 KM

Cat Trails From Lodge

Island Lake Lodges Cross Country Ski Trails

Nordic Ski Trail Map


X/Country Trail





Nordic Trail Map


Snowshoe Route

Halfway Point Hut

res p x

Skier Services Building Maintenance Buildings




u sQ



Scandia Loop 4.5km

Ti e mb Manchuria 1.9km Silk Trail 1.9km


w Bo

air Resort Base Buildings

h er C

Winter 2012/2013 -


Fernie’s hockey team


Hockey fans know there’s only one place in town to be on game night: cheering on the Ghostriders at Fer nie Memorial Arena.


he Ghostriders are Fernie’s very own Junior B hockey team, and they’ve been entertaining locals and visitors since 1991. Whether you’re a hockey fanatic, or you’re brand new to the sport, experiencing a home game is something you don’t want to miss. If you find yourself passing by the arena when the Riders are on the ice, the parking lot is packed, and the roar of the crowd can be heard from the street. The boys are well known for attracting some of the largest, and most

38 Winter 2012/2013 -

enthusiastic crowds in all of Junior B hockey. The past couple of years the Ghostriders have been at the top of the league making it to the Gold Medal Game in 2011, Conference Final in 2012 and are at the top of their standings this year.

History of the team


he Ghostriders’ namesake comes from the Ghostrider, a local legend and iconic shadow that appears on Mount Hosmer and is visible from the city. The team itself formed back in 1991, as charter members of the Southern Division of the former Rocky Mountain Junior Hockey League (RMJHL). After the RMJHL folded in 1999, the Ghostriders went on to play for the America West Hockey League (AWHL), where they won the championship in 2000. After just one season in the NAHL, the team moved down to the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL). They set the tone their first season in the league, finishing third overall and winning their division. With two championship titles, three division playoff wins, as well as four consecutive playoff titles, the Ghostriders’ have certainly made their mark on the KIJHL. Back at it for another season with the KIJHL, the Ghostriders’ are looking to conquer the Eddie Mountain Division of the Kootenay Conference.

THE FERNIE GHOSTRIDERS Junior B Hockey All games: 7:30 pm Fernie Memorial Arena December 1 8 14 21 28 30 January 4 18 25 26 February 2 8 9 15 17

Ghostriders vs Castlegar Ghostriders vs Beaver Valley Ghostriders vs Summerland Ghostriders vs Kimberley Ghostriders vs Creston Ghostriders vs Kimberley Ghostriders vs Nelson Ghostriders vs Penticton Ghostriders vs Creston Ghostriders vs Kimberley

Ghostriders vs Kimberley Ghostriders vs Columbia Valley Ghostriders vs Kelowna Ghostriders vs Grand Forks Ghostriders vs Columbia Valley

Photos: Matt Laurin

Bundle up and head into Fernie Memorial Arena to help us cheer on our team, and experience the one of a kind atmosphere and buzz in the arena firsthand!


Ski-in Ski-out at Fernie Resort example

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561A 2nd Ave., Fernie 778-519-2296

Winter 2012/2013 -


8 REA to Come Back is choosing which part of Fernie and its surrounding area you want to discover on any given day. The surrounding Rocky Mountains are mesmerizing and offer the perfect venue for  guided, self-guided or lift access hiking. Cameras are  essential as there is always plenty of wildlife to view like deer, elk, moose, birds of prey and even black bears and grizzlies.

1) Ziplining

Ziplining at Fernie Alpine Resort is an exhilarating event that gets you to take a leap of faith as you traverse through a rope course 60 feet off the ground - guaranteed to keep the adrenaline pumping! Amaze yourself as you face each challenge head on, from speedy Rippin’ Zip Lines, midair jumps, suspended gravity defying climbing walls, and walking the plank and high wire acts that will have you coming back for more!

2) Hiking

With so much outdoor recreation at your doorstep, the only problem you will have

40 Winter 2012/2013 -

3) Downtown Socials and Summer Markets

Every Sunday during the summer Fernie closes off their downtown area to traffic creating a pedestrian-only venue where families can enjoy shopping, and outdoor entertainment. At the Summer Markets you can enjoy fresh produce from local growers every Sunday, from Canada Day to Labour Day weekend from 10 am to 2 pm

4) Getting married?

Summer is the time to say “I do!” and Fernie is a popular destination for couples wanting to tie the knot. Celebrate your special day in the mountains with spectacular scenery, a host of different activities for your guests, and the

Photos: Kyle Hamilton, Free Press files

ASONS k for Summer convenience of all the wedding services you will need to take the stress out of the planning. There are numerous venues available and Tourism Fernie can put you in touch with all the contacts you need. 

5) Wapiti

Fernie’s very own outdoor music festival. Wapiti takes place in mid August and focuses on fresh Canadian Indie music. With a spectacular venue just steps from the Elk River, the two day festival provides a family friendly atmosphere, fun for the kids and the grown-ups alike. The beer tent offers Fernie’s very own brew from Fernie Brewing Company, and the large area in front of the stage allows room for dancing and celebrating.

6) Demolition Derby

Bringing the summer to a close every year is Fernie’s Demolition Derby. It’s a day of fun for all age groups as spectators watch cars and trucks smash into one another with a vengeance. The last car running takes home the cash prize and the much coveted title. And don’t forget the powder puff, the event where women get to show the men how it’s done! Make sure you get out and cheer for your favourite car the Sunday before Labour Day!

7) Fernie Golf and Country Club

A sport for the whole family, Fernie’s premier golf course offers an 18-hole championship course that challenges beginners and experts alike. With a host of tournaments offered

throughout the season, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you challenge yourself at the driving range, on the putting green or playing a round of nine or 18-holes.

8) Mountain biking

From beginner to expert, every mountain biker is sure to find something to give them a thrill on one of Fernie’s multitude of trails. The Fernie Mountain Bike Club builds and maintains trails in and around Fernie promoting a sustainable cycling community. Still looking for more trails, check out Fernie Alpine Resort, just minutes from town. The resort offers cross country, downhill, singletrack and dual slalom trails with and without chairlift access. Winter 2012/2013 -


what makes


ure, most people come to Fernie for the great outdoors, but don’t miss the chance to see everything else the town has to offer. Spend some time with the locals, go to a Ghostriders game, eat out at one of the great restaurants, catch an exhibition at The Arts Station or an indie movie at the Vogue Theatre, and fully understand what makes Fernie such a great place to visit.

Arts and culture

Fernie is home to many wonderful and uniquely talented artists and a vibrant and lively arts and culture scene. The Fernie Arts Station is the hub for arts and culture. There are also a variety of locations in the community that display local art, much of which is available for purchase. Located in the original railway station building, the Arts Station was moved a few metres from its original site, renovated,

42 Winter 2012/2013 -

repainted and refurbished, and is now home to the Fernie & District Arts Council. The original lobby is a gallery for the display of works by local artists; the ticket office is a restaurant; the baggage room is a 100-seat theatre used by visiting and local performers. Quilters, painters, stitchers and weavers use the upper floor while photographers and pottery enthusiasts practise their crafts in the basement studios. The Arts Station hosts concerts, art exhibitions, workshops and other community events and is home to a diverse and vibrant community of fine artists. Pay it a visit - stroll along the platform, admire the peaks and sense the pulse of the new activities and art inside. For more information on arts and culture in Fernie see pages 46 and 47. Photos: Fernie Historical Society/Free Press files


Fernie’s history starts way back in 1898 with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and the start of coal production in the Elk Valley. The new town of Fernie took shape opposite the CPR tracks, to the north of the original settlement. People built more


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substantial houses, while the business community hired contractors to build estates, retail stores and office buildings. By 1910, Fernie’s businesses and their buildings were firmly established. They had expanded their stores and offices to serve a more diverse community of 6,000 people. The Great Depression brought Fernie to its knees, reducing both population and prosperity. Only government subsidies kept the stagnant coal industry alive until the 1960’s when Japanese markets revitalized mining, and coal became once more, as it remains today, a pillar in Fernie’s economy. Tourism has also played its part in Fernie’s past. Fueled by enthusiastic residents, Snow

mountain equipment specialists


302A 2nd Avenue, Fernie, BC

Three Sisters

401 Highway #3 Fernie, BC Indoor PoolPool • In-room Coffee/Tea, •• Indoor Swimming •• Hot Tub & Sauna Hot Tub & Sauna Fridge & Microwave • Cold Weather Hook-ups • Cold Weather Hook-ups • Full Kitchens & Suites Three Sisters • Minutes to Fernie Alpine Resort •• 10% Minutes to • Wireless Internet Discount at on-site Subway Fernie Alpine Resort • Ski & Stay Packages • Groups Welcome

• In-room Coffee, Fridge & Microwave • 1 & 2 Bedroom suites • Full Kitchens • 3 - Bedded Units • Cable TV • Wireless Internet

671 Second Ave Fernie call 250-423-3650 401 Highway #3, Fernie BC |

• Free Local Calls

250-423-4438 (250) 423-4438 | 1-877-326-8888 1-877-326-8888

Winter 2012/2013 -


Nightlife and dining

Valley Ski Development - a locally owned company - opened the ski hill at its present site in January 1963 and Fernie’s bid for the 1968 B.C. Winter Olympics helped lay the foundation for today’s Fernie Alpine Resort. Over one hundred years after the settlement began, the factors influencing Fernie’s early growth are still at work. Local businesses still depend greatly on mine workers’ incomes and their families’ demands for their continued existence, alongside which the ongoing development of tourism influences both the location and character of businesses in the town. Building contractors, suppliers and tradespeople have once again come to Fernie this time to build tourist accommodations. As Fernie moves into the future, local and tourist trade alike remain the key to its success.

In winter, Fernie’s nightlife comes alive. Whether you prefer an intimate dinner and cocktail with your nearest and dearest, or to let loose with a few shots and a live band, Fernie can cater to all night owls. Finish your day on the slopes with an aprés ski beverage at The Griz Bar at Fernie Alpine Resort, then head back into town to choose from a diverse range of restaurants. From Thai, Japanese, and Indian to contemporary organic Canadian fare and wood-fired pizzas, you are sure to find something to satisfy your food craving. With your belly full, head to a bar for some live music, The Arts Station for something a little more cultural, or the Vogue to catch the latest indie flick. The Vogue also hosts the Fernie Mountain Film Festival, to inspire you to get out into the great outdoors again. Or, for a uniquely Canadian experience, check out a Ghostriders game. Fernie’s hockey team plays regular home games in the winter season and are a perennial league championship contender. Locals will agree, Fernie knows how to do breakfast, so in the morning, set yourself up for another hard day of charging through the powder with a generous portion of energy food and a ridiculously good cup of coffee at one of the numerous downtown coffee houses. See page 64 for more on Fernie’s nightlife.

Saturdays & Sundays: 3pm

• Free WiFi & Break- • Guest Kitchen & fast Snack Laundry • Hot Tub, Pool & • Heated Boot Room Sauna & Ski Lockers

WE ARE BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER. Sharper digital picture, master image 3d, 7.1 digital sound, new silver screens... a whole new movie watching experience.


321 - 2nd Ave., Fernie, BC • 250-423-7111

44 Winter 2012/2013 -

email: toll free: 1-800-977-2977

Photos: Free Press files

The people

Fernie would have none of its charm without the people that keep it ticking. From the liftie that checks your ticket, to the bartender that pours you your aprés ski beer, to the taxi driver that brings you home, everyone that lives in Fernie is here because they want to be. And that means, chances are, the majority are as excited to see the snow falling as you are. The enthusiasm of locals and visitors alike is addictive, and will mean your first trip to Fernie won’t be your last. It is almost impossible to take a chair lift without ending up talking to someone. When the snow is this good, it’s impossible not to talk about it, even if the only person to talk to is the stranger sitting next to you for the five minute trip to the top of White Pass.


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hand-crafted items, unique souvenirs or a gift for that special someone from one of our boutiques or specialist shops here in Fernie. If you are looking for biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding gear visit our retail shops. With competitive prices, high end brands and expert advice from highly trained and experienced retailers, there is no need to shop before coming to Fernie. See page 58 for more on shopping locally.

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Fresh Bagels, Soup, Sandwiches, & Coffee DOWNTOWN FERNIE 502 2nd Ave Open Daily 7 am-5 pm Winter 2012/2013 -


The Arts Station

From pottery and photography, to crafts and theatre, The Arts Station puts on a wide variety of workshops and classes all winter long.


he Arts Station, home to the Fernie & District Arts Council, is the hub of Fernie’s vibrant and lively arts and culture scene. Located in the former railway station building, The Arts Station was relocated just a few metres from the original site, where it was renovated, refurbished, and refreshed. The building houses a diverse group of fine artists, and hosts concerts, art exhibits, workshops, and community events. With two galleries, a 100-seat theatre, craft, painting, and pottery studios, plus plenty of space for workshops and meetings, there’s always something going on! December at The Arts Station kicks off the start of What The Dickens – an annual festival featuring Christmas themed events for everyone to enjoy. This year will feature a number of activities happening all month long, including Jingle Jams, Clawhammer Card Making, the Gingerbread House Carpenter Competition, the Arts Station Member’s Christmas Sweater Social, Freckles Children’s Theatre, and Yule Create Art Kid’s Camp. And don’t miss musical

46 Winter 2012/2013 -

performances by Shred Kelly, RedGirl, and the Fernie Chamber Orchestra. Wrapping up the winter season in March, is the Reel Canadian Film Fest. Inspired by Fernie’s popular monthly indie film screenings, a group of volunteers created and dedicated this festival to the talent, skill, and diversity of the Canadian Film Industry. Taking place from March 29 to 31, it’s all about celebrating the success of film in Canada. “We get some directors to come in, and there’s an opening gala and a closing gala,” explained Courtney Baker, Arts Station Administrator. “There’s an afternoon of national film board shorts for kids, called Little Reels, and there’s usually about six to seven feature films. It’s a weekend with lots to do, especially if you like films.” Be sure to stop by to join a class, take part in an activity, or simply admire the beautiful art and scenery, inside and out.

Photos: The Arts Station/Submitted

Film in Fernie Indie Films Fernie

Fernie celebrates independent film-making from around the world brought to Fernie through Indie Films Fernie, a subsidiary group of the Fernie Arts Station. Monthly screenings through the Fall and Winter are presented at the Vogue Theatre on 2nd Avenue, on the first Monday of every month.

The Banff Mountain Festival World Tour

The Banff Mountain Festival World Tour brings Banff to audiences around the globe. The program reflects the interests of their local audiences from a selection of films on exploration and adventure, culture and environment, and mountain sports. January 5th at the Vogue Theatre.

The Fernie Mountain Film Festival

The sixth annual Fernie Mountain Film Festival will be held 7 pm February 23, 24 & 25, 2012 at the Fernie Community Centre. In addition to the Festival Weekend, a special night dedicated to local filmmakers takes place on Thursday, February 23rd at the Community Centre. Having had increasing success over the past two years, this event is back and hopes to be even bigger and better.

The Reel Canadian Film Festival

The Reel Canadian Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing the talent, skill and diversity that exists within the Canadian Film Industry. From artistic and dramatic short films and children’s films to full length feature films, the festival will present an eclectic and compelling mix of drama, comedy, documentary and art films of

every possible budget. March 23-25 will be a packed weekend with many opportunities to get your Canadian film fix.

Think Tank Cinema

Think Tank Cinema screens thought provoking movies and documentaries covering current social and environmental issues. Think Tank Cinema is back and better than ever - every third Monday from October thru April, 7 pm @ the Arts Station. Healthy, fair trade snacks and beverages as well as organic popcorn are available. This is the 5th season of this by donation film series. Check out Advocates for Local Living (ALL), the creators of this series at

Upcoming Concerts

Holiday Folk – RedGirl Thursday, December 20th at 8 pm Jazz – Morgan Childs Quartet Wednesday, February 6th at 8 pm Folk – I Ain’t Dead Yet: A One-Man Show About Woody Guthrie Thursday, February 28th at 8 pm Folk- Stephen Fearing Monday, March 11th at 8 pm Jazz – Andrew Hutchinson Trio Saturday, March 30th at 8 pm Eclectic Balkan – Sagapool Thursday, April 4th at 8 pm Folk/Blues – Jim Byrnes Wednesday, April 10th at 8 pm

Winter 2012/2013 -


The lure of the Fernie Factor


ifty years ago a group of avid skiers who were already managing and operating two other ski hills, one on Proctor Mountain and one in Cedar Valley, decided to harness the magical snow in the Lizard Range, and Snow Valley was born. The ski hill area was first opened to skiers in January 1963. Ironically, this was later than planned due to an unusually low snowfall that year. The existing site was officially opened in January of 1963 after being delayed because of a lack of snow that year. Local pioneering mountaineers always knew – what weathermen say is a result of a combination of airflow patterns and geographic features – the Lizard Range is blessed with copious snowfall. And that the valley below truly is “Snow Valley”. It comes as no surprise to anyone who has

48 Winter 2012/2013 -

spent time in Fernie that this unique valley has become the site of a great ski area. From the early days of skiing on Mount Proctor and ski touring above Island Lake to the heady powder runs of Cedar Ridge and Concussion today the snow is what it’s all about! Locals have affectionately termed the unique weather system in the town “The Fernie Factor.” Even if all the surrounding areas remain bone dry, in Fernie it can be snowing five cm an hour. For 50 years now the draw of that powder has enabled one little ski area to grow into a resort that boasts 10 lifts servicing 142 named runs plus five alpine bowls and tree skiing with a vertical drop of 1,082 meters (3,550 ft). The resort has over 10.1 square kilometres (2,500 acres) of skiable terrain. The average annual snowfall is 875 centimetres (28.71 ft). Photos: Fernie Historical Society

A “

t this ski show I was at in Calgary, there was a little movie that was playing at the Fernie booth. It was... I couldn’t believe it when I was watching it. I thought it was incredible! It was sunny and there was so much snow! Living in eastern Canada I had never really even seen snow like that. I thought, “Where is this place? I can’t believe it. How can there even be this much snow!” Barry Hulburd, 1973

Buying? Selling? Just Looking? I’m Ready When You Are! Call anytime with your real estate needs.

Colleen Dunn

250-423-1553 Winter 2012/2013 -


Fernie’s nature guide “NATURE BOB” Bob Livsey, better known as Nature Bob, has been guiding people around Fer nie Alpine Resort for 12 years.


ith a vast variety of native it easier, and then I sort of duck down into the bush and do a little bit of bushwhacking.” flora, wildlife, and fossils, the Bob also teaches crossbest way to country skiing, and makes learn about sure to remind everyone them and experience the Whether it’s your mountain is with local that it’s not as easy as it first time here, or looks, especially if it’s your expert, Nature Bob. you’re looking to first time. “I always try During the winter months, learn a little more to start with establishing Bob can be found at Fernie balance and how to make Alpine Resort, teaching and about the place you the skis move properly,” he touring people around the call home, Nature said. “Cross-country’s not ski hill. One of the easiest, Bob’s knowledge an easily done thing. If a and least expensive ways to and passion for the person is looking for just a make your way around the resort, is on snowshoes. tour in the woods, they’re mountains make him far better to go ahead with “The snowshoe tours are the ideal guide. a snowshoe tour.” always a surprise, because I don’t go where you No matter what you’re normally go,” explained Bob. “I take the normal strapping on to the bottom of your feet, Nature snowshoe tour on all the uphills just to make Bob will be sure to give you a rare opportunity

50 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photos: Bob Livsey/Submitted

to really understand Fernie’s unique nature and landscape. “I’m always looking for winter signs. Winter grasses, if grass is sticking up above the snow, animal tracks, and wildlife signs. All my tours are interpretive, so we’re looking for things that have happened to the trees, like lichens and things that are obvious in the winter. That happens on every tour that I do, whether it be cross country or snowshoe,” commented Bob. “I also look at the ecology, how things have evolved, how the forest has become a forest since it was burned in 1908. There is always a bit of history involved.” Bob also teaches downhill skiing lessons and serves as a resort tour guide. While resort tours are helpful in giving new comers a glance at what the mountain has to offer, Bob does his best to add a little something extra. “I always try to make my tours not just where to go, but where to go to be safe first and foremost. Secondly, I try to show people natural history as well, so I do the forest, and the trees, and the lichen. Whatever we happen to ski by when we’re going slowly enough that I can point these things out to people. I always do a little bit of geology as well, it’s interesting and important.” To book a tour, contact FAR Guest Services at 250-423-4655.

WildOregano C93 & Vitamin D

• 93.14% carvacrol with vitamin D is effective against colds and flu as well as sinus infections and intestinal parasites Available at COTTONWOOD TREE 602C, 2nd Avenue Fernie, B.C. 250 423-8081 Winter 2012/2013 -


CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2 9 New Gallery Opening 2 9

Pamm Ciupa The Arts Station Deck the Walls – Annual Holiday Show and Sale The Arts Station


1 Fernie Alpine Resort Opening Day (conditions permitting) Fernie Ghostriders vs Castlegar Rebels Fernie Memorial Arena 7:30 pm 1 Jingle Jams The Arts Station 3 Indie Films Fernie presents Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Vogue Theatre, 7:00 pm 7 Downtown Fernie Holiday Decorating Contest ends – Downtown Fernie 7 Community Appreciation Day Fernie Alpine Resort 7 Clay Play Date Night for Parents and Kids The Art Station 6:00 pm-7:00 pm


NOVEMBER 23 23 23 24 24 28

Fernie Ghostriders vs Columbia Valley Rockies Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Black Friday Shopping Event Downtown Fernie

Last One Standing at Board Stiff River on Fire Lantern Festival The Arts Station Christmas Craft Fair Fernie Community Centre The 2nd Annual Tourism Information Trade Show 5:00-7:00 pm

52 Winter 2012/2013 -

Photos: Steve Short, Matt Laurin, Free Press files


12 14 14 15 16 18 18 18 20 20 21 21 22 22 22 22

2 3-24

Fernie Ghostriders vs Beaver Valley Nite Hawks Fernie Memorial Arena 7:30 pm Jingle Jams The Arts Station Shred Kelley holiday performance The Arts Station, 8:00 pm Fernie Friends of Opera Screening – Hansel & Gretel by Humperdinck The Arts Station Fernie Ghostriders vs Summerland Steam Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Jingle Jams The Arts Station Members Social The Arts Station Community Choir The Arts Station Fernie Chamber Orchestra The Arts Station Santa Claus visits downtown Fernie RedGirl holiday performance The Arts Station Pool Pajama Party Fernie Aquatic Centre 5:30 pm-8:30 pm Freckles Children’s Theatre Holiday Performance The Arts Station Fernie Ghostriders vs Kimberley Dynamiters Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Fernie Heritage Library Christmas Party, 2:00 pm-4:00 pm Arts Film Series – The Flaming Lips present Christmas on Mars The Arts Station

Yule Create Kids Camp The Arts Station Jingle Jams The Arts Station Santa Family Photos Days & Ski with Santa Fernie Alpine Resort

27 27 NewNew Gallery Opening – – Gallery Opening

Group of Three Group of Three TheThe ArtsArts Station Station 28 Fernie Ghostriders vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm

28 30 31 31

Yule Create Kids Camp The Arts Station Fernie Ghostriders vs Kimberley Dynamiters Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm New Years Eve Family Fun Event Fernie Alpine Resort New Years Eve - Griz Bar Party


11 11 12 18 1 9-20

The Fernie Ghostriders vs Nelson Leafs Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Indie Films Fernie Vogue Theatre, 7:00 pm The Free Press Turns 115 Years - Party Fernie Community Centre 3:00 to 6:00 pm Fernie Friends of Opera – Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti The Arts Station Kinky Rail Jam (9th Annual) Fernie Alpine Resort The Fernie Ghostriders vs Penticton Lakers Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Avalanche Awareness Days Fernie Alpine Resort

Winter 2012/2013 -



Cardboard Derby Fernie Alpine Resort 25 The Fernie Ghostriders vs Creston Valley Thunder Cats Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm 2 6-27 Kokanee Snowdreams Festival Fernie Alpine Resort 26 The Fernie Ghostriders vs Kimberley Dynamiters Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm 31 New Gallery Pat Luders Opening The Arts Station

FEBRUARY 2 2 4 6 8 9 9

12 15 15 16 17 18

The Fernie Ghostriders vs Kimberley Dynamiters Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Winter Wheezer – Island Lake/ Fernie Provincial Park Indie Film Vogue Theatre Morgan Childs Quartet The Arts Station, 8:00 pm The Fernie Ghostriders vs Coal Valley Rockies Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Fernie Ghostriders vs Kelowna Chiefs Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Helly Hansen Big Mountain Battle Fernie Alpine Resort Shred Kelly Concert The Arts Station, 8:00 pm

Fernie Friends of Opera Screening Romeo and Juliette by Gounod – The Arts Station Fernie Ghostriders vs Grand Forks Border Bruins Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Members Social The Arts Station Fernie Ghostriders vs Coal Valley Rockies Fernie Memorial Arena, 7:30 pm Community Choir The Arts Station

54 Winter 2012/2013 -

18 20

2 1-24 2 1-23 22 22 22 2 2-23 27 28 28 28


1-3 3 3 4

8-10 9-10 11

Fernie Chamber Orchestra The Arts Station RedGirl Concert The Arts Station, 8:00 pm Jeep Junior Freeski Competition (IFSA National Junior Tour Event) Fernie Alpine Resort Fernie Mountain Film Festival Fernie Community Centre Yule Create Kids Camp The Arts Station Freckles Childrens Theatre The Arts Station The Flaming Lips present Christmas on Mars The Arts Station, 8:00 pm

Fernie Figure Skating Club Carnival Fernie Memorial Arena Group of Three Gallery Opening – The Arts Station Tim Machin does Woody Guthrie The Arts Station, 8:00pm Yule Create Kids Camp The Arts Station New Gallery Opening The Arts Station

Fernie Friends of Opera Screening – Der Rosenkavalier by Strauss – The Arts Station Griz Days: Fernie’s annual Winter festival Dummy Downhill Fernie Alpine Resort Griz Days Craft Fair Fernie Community Centre Indie Films Fernie Vogue Theatre, 7:00 pm NORAM Ski Cross Race Fernie Alpine Resort Burton Women’s Snowboard Camp Fernie Alpine Resort Stephen Fearing The Arts Station, 8:00 pm

Photo: Free Press files

MARCH 16 17

2 3-24 24 28 2 9-31 2 9-31 30 30 31

APRIL Griz Kidz Winter Carnival Fernie Alpine Resort 80’s Weekend Fernie Alpine Resort Kokanee RETRO Weekend Fernie Alpine Resort Fernie’s Got Talent Fernie Alpine Resort New Gallery Opening – Erica Konrad The Arts Station Reel Canadian Film Festival Vogue Theatre Reel Canadian Film Festival Vogue Theatre Cardboard Derby Fernie Alpine Resort Hutchinson Andrew Trio The Arts Station, 8:00pm Griz Kidz Easter Egg Hunt Fernie Alpine Resort


Indie Films Fernie Vogue Theatre, 7:00 pm 4 Sagapool The Arts Station, 8:00 pm 5 Fernie Friends of Opera Screening – Andrew Chenier by Giordano The Fernie Arts Station 6 Powder Pedal Paddle Fernie Alpine Resort 10 Jim Byrnes The Arts Station, 8:00 pm 13 Fernival Fernie Alpine Resort 14 Coca Cola Slope Soaker Fernie Alpine Resort 1 8-20 Station Players Theatre present Steel Magnolias The Arts Station


Earth Day Celebrations Fernie Community Centre

Country Animal Hospital Won Best New Business In Fernie, BC

Thank You Fernie For This Honor Country Animal Hospital, Fernie BC 1611 7th Ave • • Small Animal Vaccines & Exam • Small Animal Ultrasound • Small Animal Transport To Eureka

• House/Farm Calls - Equine • Dental & Vaccine - Equine • Laceration Repair - Equine

A Country Animal Hospital, Eureka, MT 238 US Highway 93 South • • Wellness Exam & Vaccination • Surgery: Orthopedic • Spay, Neuter • Ultrasound • Digital Radiographs • Laser Technology

• Stem Cell Rejuvenating Technology • Sm. Animal Advanced Dental Care • Allergy Testing & Consulting • Equine Dental, Vaccine, Wound Care

ACAH Pet/General Store, Eureka, MT 238 US Highway 93 South • • Toys & Fun Items

Eureka 406-889-5535

Toll Free 877-606-3277

Fernie Local 250-423-5944 Winter 2012/2013 -


Tu e s d a y s

Mondays 6:30am to 1:00pm 8:45am to 9:30am 8:45am to 10:15am

Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre Shinny Hockey Fernie Memorial Arena 9:00am to 10:30am Indoor Walking Fernie Community Centre 10:15am to 11:15am Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre 1:00pm Dominos Seniors Drop in Centre 3:30pm to 8:00pm Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre 4:00pm to 6:00pm Water Slide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre 7:00pm to 10:00pm Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre 7:00pm Mahjong Seniors Drop in Centre 7:00pm & 9:00pm Movie Time Vogue Theatre

Tu e s d a y s 6:30am to 1:00pm 8:45am to 10:15am

Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Shinny Hockey Fernie Memorial Arena 9:00am to 10:30am Indoor Walking Fernie Community Centre 10:30am to 11:15am Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena 10:30am to 11:15am Gentle Fit Fernie Aquatic Centre 11:00am to 6:00pm Fernie Library Open to Public

56 Winter 2012/2013 -

11:15am to 12:00pm Storytime Fernie Library All Day Pasta Tuesday Boston Pizza 3:30pm to 8:00pm Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre 4:00pm to 6:00pm Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre 5:00pm Wing Night The Pub Park Place Lodge 7:00pm to 10:00pm Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre 7:00pm & 9:00pm Movie Time Vogue Theatre 7:30pm Cribbage Seniors Drop in Centre

We d n e s d a y s 6:30am to 1:00pm

Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre 8:45am to 10:15am Shinny Hockey Fernie Memorial Arena 8:45am to 9:30am Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre 9:00am to 10:30am Indoor Walking Fernie Community Centre 10:15am to 11:15am Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre 11:00am to 6:00pm Fernie Library Open to Public 11:15am to 12:00pm Storytime Fernie Library 12:00pm Fernie Rotary Meeting Park Place Lodge 1:15pm to 2:30pm Skate & Shoot Fernie Memorial Arena 3:30pm to 8:00pm Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre 4:00pm to 6:00 pm Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre 7:00pm to 10:00pm Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre 7:00pm & 9:00pm Movie Time Vogue Theatre 7:00pm Cribbage Seniors Drop in Centre

Thursdays 6:30am to 1:00pm 8:45am to 10:15am

Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Shinny Hockey Fernie Memorial Arena 9:00am to 10:30am Indoor Walking Fernie Community Centre 10:30am to 11:15am Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena 10:30am to 11:15am Gentle Fit Fernie Aquatic Centre 11:00am to 8:00pm Fernie Library Open to Public 3:30pm to 8:00pm Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre 4:00pm to 6:00pm Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre 5:00 pm Baby Back Ribs Night Max Restaurant 7:00pm to 10:00pm Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre 7:00pm & 9:00pm Movie Time Vogue Theatre

Fridays 6:30am to 1:00pm 8:45am to 9:30 am 9:00am to 11:00am

Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre Adult Badminton Community Centre 10:15am to 11:15am Aquafit Fernie Aquatic Centre 10:30am to 11:15am Gentle Fit Fernie Aquatic Centre 11:00am to 6:00pm Fernie Library Open to Public 11:15am to 12:00pm Storytime Fernie Heritage Library 3:30pm to 8:00pm Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Cenrtre 4:00pm to 6:00pm Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre 7:00pm to 10:00pm Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre 7:00pm & 9:00pm Movie Time Vogue Theatre

Fridays 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena 7:30pm Cribbage Seniors Drop in Centre 7:30pm Jitney Darts Fernie Legion

Saturdays 1:00pm to 5:00pm 2:00pm to 8:00pm 2:00pm to 3:45pm 4:30pm to 10:00pm 3:00pm 3:30pm to 8:00pm 4:00pm to 6:00pm 5:00pm 6:45pm to 8:15pm 7:00pm & 9:00pm

Fernie Library Open to Public Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre Movie Matinee Vogue Theatre Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre Meat Draw Fernie Royal Canadian Legion Prime Rib Night Max Restaurant Park Place Lodge Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena Movie Time Vogue Theatre

Sundays 1:00pm to 5:00pm 2:00pm to 8:00pm 2:15pm to 4:00pm 4:30pm to 10:00pm 3:00pm 3:30pm to 8:00pm 7:00pm & 9:00pm

Fernie Library Open to Public Public Swim Fernie Aquatic Centre Public Skating Fernie Memorial Arena Video Game Arcade Vogue Theatre Movie Matinee Vogue Theatre Waterslide Open Fernie Aquatic Centre Movie Time Vogue Theatre

Winter 2012/2013 -


SHOPPING Ghostrider Motorsports

Ghostrider Motorsports is Fernie’s locally owned and operated factory authorized dealer for Arctic Cat, Honda, Yamaha and Honda power equipment. Tune-ups to turbos, Klim snowmobile apparel, 509, Smith Optics MX and the most current safety gear. “Competitive pricing, premium service” since 1999 30 Shadow Road 250-423-9251

The Guide’s Hut

Mountain equipment and clothing. Fun and sporty toys. Rent touring skis, skins, spiltboards, snowshoes & avalanche safety equipment. 671 2nd Avenue 250-423-3650

Le Grand Fromage

At Le Grand Fromage we have a simple goal: to help people discover real cheese! We bring a wide variety of Canadian artisanal, small production cheeses to Fernie, as well as hard to find imported cheeses from across Europe. Come in and have a taste from right off the wheel to find the cheese that’s right for you. 672 2nd Avenue 778-519-5050

Nufloors Fernie

Nufloors Fernie can transform your home’s flooring the worry-free way, with the guaranteed workmanship of Nufloors Fernie flooring consultants and craftsmen. Our trained sales consultants and professional installers can help turn your house into the

58 Winter 2012/2013 -

beautiful home you have always dreamed of! In addition to all types of flooring we also carry high quality Benjamin Moore Paint, Sikken wood finishes, wallpaper, and window coverings to complete your home décor. 391 1st Avenue (250) 423-4314

The Cottonwood Tree

Locally owned health food store that carries organic foods, coffee, tea, crystals, vitamins and nutritional supplements. We stock over 300 gluten free products ranging from baking supplies, bread, pizza, cereal, pastas, nondairy desserts/snacks, paraben free body products and much more. We are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices, with exceptional customer service. We do special orders daily and offer a monthly food co-op where you can save up to 25% off the regular retail price. We are passionately committed to your health and wellness. 602 2nd Avenue 250-423-8081

Mountain Pantry & Liquor Store

Located in the village, the Mountain Pantry at Fernie Alpine Resort can supply you with just about everything you are going to need for a fully stocked kitchen and bar. Enjoy the mountain while they do your grocery shopping! Simply indicate what items, varieties and quantities you need from their order list and just call or fax by 10:00 am. 5339 Ski Hill Rd 250-423-2431 Photo: Ghostrider Motorsports/Free Press

Elk Valley Wine and U-Brew

Sports Alpine Boutique Fernie Alpine Resort

Make your own wine at this on-premise brew store with 16 years experience. They sell all supplies for beer and wine making and also have a nice selection for gift giving. If you are looking for specialty items check out their store or website. 5923 8th Avenue 250-423-3530

Spirits Cold Beer & Wine Shop Park Place Lodge

Head on over to the Sports Alpine Boutique and check the great deals. They have all of the top brands and everything that you need to enjoy your time on the mountain. They also have great souvenirs and Fernie logo wear to take home for your friends and family. Fernie Alpine Resort 250-423-4655


Whether domestic or imported our vast selection is guaranteed to satisfy a wide variety of pallets. Our specialty British Columbia wines have won awards around the world. We also offer a complete selection of premium spirits and liqueurs. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand 7 days a week to assist you in your selection. 742 Highway #3 250-423-6871

Gearhub Sports and Consignment, offers Fernie’s broadest selection of mountain sports equipment and the best service experience. New, used, discount and consignment options appeal to a variety of price ranges. Ski, board, hockey, backcountry gear, rentals, the best skate sharpening and the valley’s most respected boot fitters are always there to help you out. Gearhub has won Fernie’s Best Business and Best Customer service awards for good reasons, come see what everyone is talking about. 401 1st Avenue 250-423-5555


So are we !

4 0 1 1 st Ave • Fe r n i e, B C 25 0.423. 5555 • w w w.g ea r h u b.c a Consignment - Rentals - Full Service Shop - Skate Sharpening - Bootfitting

join us on facebook

Winter 2012/2013 -


RESORTS, RENTALS & TOURS Local resorts and their professional staff plus experienced tour operators are available to help plan your vacation. Ghostrider Motorsports

Ghostrider Motorsports is Fernie’s locally owned and operated factory authorized dealer for Arctic Cat, Honda, Yamaha and Honda power equipment. Tune-ups to turbos, Klim snowmobile apparel, 509, Smith Optics MX and the most current safety gear. “Competitive pricing, premium service” since 1999. 30 Shadow Road 250-423-9251

Practicar Car & Truck Rentals

The practical alternative for vehicle rentals

60 Winter 2012/2013 -

and hire. Located in the Best Western Plus. We also have a daily winter shuttle service to the Calgary Airport. 1622 7th Avenue The Shuttle, 250-423 4023 PractiCar, 250-423-6030

Fernie Alpine Resort

Fernie Alpine Resort provides visitors legendary powder, uncrowded trails, mild climate, the best in aprés ski fun and much more! Visit Fernie Alpine Resort to Ski the Peak on the new Polar Peak Lift! Fernie receives up to 37 feet of snow in a season, and attracts a wide range of skiers and riders from around the globe. Delivering over 2,500 acres of skiable terrain, 142 named runs, five alpine bowls, state of the art snowmaking and grooming equipment, and an exceptional beginner’s area. 5339 Ski Hill Road 250-423-4655

Photo: Practicar Car & Truck Rentals /Free Press

Fernie Wilderness Adventure

FWA Catskiing can be enjoyed by both powder veterans and first time backcountry skiers/ snowboarders. Terrain is predominately glade tree skiing with occasional tree bands leading into open chutes suitable for advanced intermediate to advanced type skiers or boarders. 742 Hwy #3 1-877-423-6704

Park Place Lodge

Just a few minutes walk from historic downtown Fernie, the Park Place Lodge invites you into a world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with all the comforts of home, and all the amenities of a first class hotel. 742 Highway #3 250-423-6871

Island Lake Catskiing

Island Lake Catskiing offers access to backcountry terrain with snowcats in order to ski or snowboard untracked snow. The inside of the snowcat has comfortable seats, a stereo system and enough food and drinks for the day. This is a very comfortable and safe way to experience untracked powder in the backcountry and a “must do” for any skier or snowboader. 602A 2nd Avenue 250-423-3700

Stanford Fernie Hotel Resort

The luxurious Stanford Fernie Hotel Resort, located in the quaint town of Fernie. They would be honoured to host your next exclusive getaway. This riverside lodge is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and boasts unparalleled views in every direction in addition to some pet friendly rooms. 100 Riverside Way 1-877-423-5600

Griz Inn Fernie Alpine Resort

Nestled in the heart of the Elk Valley, at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort, the Griz Inn is the perfect location for a winter adventure holiday in the Canadian Rockies. Make the Griz Inn your first choice for your Fernie vacation. 5369 Ski Hill Road 1-800-661-0118

Travelodge Three Sisters

Complete with convenience, amenities, and great value for its guests; located in a valley surrounded by the Southern Canadian Rockies, every room at the Travelodge Three Sisters offers a unique and beautiful view. Just minutes from restaurants, shopping, Fernie Alpine Resort, cross country trails at Fernie Golf & Country Club, the Elk River and much more. 401 Highway 3 250-423-4438

Fernie Lodging Company

Your hub for Fernie accommodation and Fernie vacation rentals that features a full range of mountain and in-town accommodation from hotel rooms and condos to log cabins, chalets and luxury resort homes; there is an accommodation deal or package for your Fernie vacation. 5258 Highline Drive 250-423-6878

Cornerstone Lodge Fernie Alpine Resort

Whether you choose to soothe sore muscles in the hot-tub, enjoy a tasty meal in Kelsey´s Restaurant or the Slopeside Café downstairs, or just cozy up to a good book in front of the gas fireplace, Cornerstone Lodge is the ideal accommodation location to unwind and re-energize before your next day of adventure at Fernie Alpine Resort. 5369 Ski Hill Road 1-800-423-6855

Red Tree Lodge

The Red Tree Lodge offers comfortable, friendly and affordable accommodations in central Fernie. In-room amenities include fridge, microwave, coffee/tea maker and free WiFi. Free guest facilities include breakfast snack, hot-tub, sauna, indoor pool, guest kitchen, BBQ, laundry, 24-seat movie theatre, free DVD rentals, games room with pool table, foosball and darts; ski/board tuning room and ski/board/bike storage, conference facilities, pet friendly. 1101 7th Avenue 250-423-4622 Winter 2012/2013 -


DINING/FOOD Big Bang Bagels

Big Bang Bagels makes fresh baked bagels from scratch! They also serve a classic breakfast bagel, smoothies, fresh sandwiches and coffee. Home of the famous “Big Banger” breakfast sandwich. Downtown Fernie (open daily 7 am-5 pm). 502-2nd Avenue 250-423-7778

Boston Pizza

Their exciting menu offers over 100 items to choose from, including gourmet pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and ribs. Perfect for families, friends, and open late daily. They even offer on-line ordering to make your take-out experience even easier! Highway 3, Best Western 1602 7th Avenue 250-423-2634

CP Catering

A local full service catering company; they offer year round off site catering for small and large groups in addition to on site service at two of Fernie’s most beautiful locations, Corner Pocket Brasserie at the Griz Inn or at the Fernie Golf and Country Club. CP Catering also rents tables, chairs, glass and tableware, PA system and other event gear. 250-423-7367

Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe

Providing great tasting pizza for over 14 years, featuring homemade dough and hand blended sauces made fresh daily. Choose from 36 fresh toppings, nine sauces, and four styles of crust.

62 Winter 2012/2013 -

Salads, panzarattis, wings, pizza bread and lasagna available. Take-out and delivery only. Like us on Facebook for chances to win giveaways and great deals. 592 8th Avenue 250-423-0007

Elk Valley Wine and U-Brew

Make your own wine at this on-premise brew store with 16 years experience. They sell all supplies for beer and wine making and also have a nice selection for gift giving. If you are looking for specialty items check out their store or website at 5923 8th Avenue 250-423-3530

Island Lake Lodge

Experience the winter wonderland at Island Lake Lodge. Take a 25 minute snowcat ride through old growth forest up to the picturesque lodge. Explore the lake trail on snowshoe or Nordic skis and have lunch in the famous Island Lake dining room. Add a spa treatment to your perfect winter day. Available Fridays and Saturdays through the winter season. Reservations required. 602 2nd Avenue 250-423-3700

Just Pizza

Two delicious pizzas - one low price. A Fernie classic for over 20 years, Just Pizza is just perfect for parties, family night or whenever you feel like pizza goodness. Call for pick-up or delivery. 362 2nd Avenue 250-423-9277

Photo: Smokey Mountain Pasta /Free Press

Lizard Creek Lodge

Casual dining in a beautiful setting. Creative menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Monthly promotions, decadent five-course dinners, an extensive wine list and feature menus. Fernie Alpine Resort 5346 Highline Drive 250-423-2057

Slopeside Coffee & Deli

Delicious deli menu and of course our fabulous line-up of hot specialty coffees! Open daily from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. Fernie Alpine Resort 5339 Ski Hill Road 250-423-6871

Kelsey’s Bar and Grill

Kelsey’s is the perfect neighbourhood destination where you can come as you are and connect with the people who matter most to you. With pasta, seafood, pizza and more their passionate desire is to provide a superior dining experience for their guests in a relaxed, welcoming and fun environment. Fernie Alpine Resort 5339 Fernie Ski Hill Road 250-423-2444

Max Restaurant

Max Restaurant for a wide selection of delicious meals. From simple to sophisticated, Max Restaurant is known for its creative menu, generous portions and warm mountain hospitality. Whether you visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner, our experienced staff will ensure that your dining experience is a pleasurable one. Park Place Lodge 742 Hwy. #3 250-423-6871

The Pub Bar and Grill

The Pub Bar and Grill offers a wide selection of delicious meals in a fun, relaxed environment. Refreshments served by some of the best staff Fernie has to offer, makes the Pub feel like your own neighbourhood pub. Park Place Lodge 742 Hwy. #3 250-423-6871

Griz Bar

Fernie’s #1 place for aprés ski since 1962. Ice cold draft beer and daily drink specials or try the world famous “Aprés, Mogul Smoker”. Relax

on the Kokanee Deck with a cold beer and a freshly grilled prime rib burger from their BBQ. Live music every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm and Saturday evenings from 9 pm to 12 am. Fernie Alpine Resort’s only on hill pool and foosball tables. Fernie Alpine Resort 5339 Ski Hill Road 250-423-4655

Smokey Mountain Pasta

Simply good food! Smokey Mountain Pasta gives Fernie a taste of the Mediterranean. They include all the regions of the Mediterranean from Greece to Italy to Turkey. With over 30 years experience in the kitchen and Mediterranean-trained this is the place to go for an honest flat bread pizza made from scratch with a mill and pasta making equipment on site. For a terrific home-cooked meal check out Smokey Mountain Pasta. 561B 2nd Avenue 778-519-2296

Le Grand Fromage

At Le Grand Fromage we have a simple goal: to help people discover real cheese! We bring a wide variety of Canadian artisanal, small production cheeses to Fernie, as well as hard to find imported cheeses from across Europe. Come in and have a taste from right off the wheel to find the cheese that’s right for you. 672 2nd Avenue 778-519-5050

Slopeside Coffee & Deli Fernie Alpine Resort

Delicious deli menu and of course our fabulous line-up of hot specialty coffees! Open daily from 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. 5339 Ski Hill Road 250-423-6871

Bridge Bistro

In-house prepared rotisserie ribs and organic chicken & wood-fired pizzas and quesadillas are the specialties at the Bridge Bistro. The lunch menu features hearty and healthy home cooked meals such as clam chowder, soups and sandwiches, burgers and pastas and the dinner menu offers you our specials and a wide variety of tasty and delicious meat, seafood, pastas and vegetarian options. Amazing desserts prepared daily. Fully licenced, open daily 11 am – 10 pm. Groups welcome. Call for reservations or information. 301 Highway #3 (beside West Fernie bridge) 250-423-3002 Winter 2012/2013 -


NIGHTLIFE Whether you’re in the mood for a casual pint and dinner, or you’re ready to dance - it’s all here. Boston Pizza

Their exciting menu offers over 100 items to choose from, including gourmet pizza, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and ribs. From pizza, pasta, wings & more, they have a variety of dishes for every occasion. Perfect for families, friends, and open late daily. They even offer on-line ordering to make your take-out experience even easier! Hwy. #3, Best Western 1602 7th Avenue 250-423-2634

Boston Pizza’s Sports Bar

You’re among friends at this popular sports bar, perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure. A great selection of beers on tap,

64 Winter 2012/2013 -

extensive bar menu and you can be sure the big game is always on. 1602 7th Avenue 250-423-2634

Griz Bar

Fernie’s #1 place for aprés ski since 1962. Ice cold draft beer and daily drink specials or try the world famous “Aprés, Mogul Smoker”. Relax on the Kokanee Deck with a cold beer and a freshly grilled prime rib burger from our BBQ. Live music every Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm and Saturday evenings from 9 pm to 12 am. Fernie Alpine Resort’s only on hill pool and foosball tables. Fernie Alpine Resort 5339 Ski Hill Road 250-423-4655

Kelsey’s Bar and Grill

After a long day on the hill, come for the food and stay for the fun. Come as you are and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and a fully stocked bar. Fernie Alpine Resort 5339 Fernie Ski Hill Road 250-423-2444

Photo: Vogue Theatre - Arcade /Free Press

Lizard Creek Lodge

Casual dining in a beautiful setting. Creative menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Monthly promotions, decadent five-course dinners, an extensive wine list and feature menus. Fernie Alpine Resort 5346 Highline Drive 250-423-2057

Smokey Mountain Pasta

Looking for a late night snack, Smokey Mountain Pasta now offers late night donairs for take-out from 11:00 pm-2:00 am. Simply good food! Smokey Mountain Pasta gives Fernie a taste of the Mediterranean. 561B 2nd Avenue 778-519-2296

The Pub Bar and Grill

Elk Valley

The Pub Bar and Grill is Fernie’s liveliest night spot where your entertainment is our first priority. Pool, Big Buck Hunter, and foosball are just a few of the games at the Pub. Watch all your favourite sporting events on our large screen TVs or enjoy free WiFi internet access. Reasonable prices and a large selection of refreshments served by some of the best staff

Fernie has to offer, makes the Pub feel like your own neighbourhood pub. Park Place Lodge 742 Hwy. #3 250-423-6871

Vogue Theatre

At the Vogue Theatre they show all the latest films with the new state of the art digital projection and a games arcade which can be booked for your birthday parties or private functions. They also show matinees on Saturdays and Sundays. Check out their website or look at page 47 for other film events the Vogue hosts. 321 2nd Avenue 250-423-3132 Movie Line 250-423-7111


For fast paced, action packed hockey come on out and cheer for the home team. See the Fernie Ghostriders home ice schedule on page 39 or visit the team’s website at:

Wine & U-Brew “

Your On-Premise & Brewing Supply Headquarters

We take care of sourcing the highest quality varietal grape juice & concentrates along with guiding you in the winemaking process to ensure you will be proud to drink & share your RJ Spagnols crafted wines.


592-8th Ave, Fernie

(Beside Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe)



Bring in this coupon and receive 30 bottles, labels and shrinks plus sani-brew FREE on your first serviced wine kit purchase ~ $45.00 value. No cash value.

Winter 2012/2013 -



Get ready to treat your body right. Whether you need to soothe your muscles or just pamper yourself, Fer nie has many establishments that will nourish your body and soul.

Country Animal Hospital

Elk Valley Denture Clinic

Fernie Memorial Arena

With over 11 years of experience, you can trust Elk Valley Denture Clinic to attend to all your denture needs. Complete, partial and immediate dentures, emergency repairs, relines and sport mouthguards. After hours appointments are available and they have no charge consultation. 302A 2nd Avenue 250-423-7236

66 Winter 2012/2013 -

Voted Fernie’s best new business, Country Animal Hospital offers everything from vaccines to cutting edge treatment for Fernie’s pet population. Country Animal Hospital is open Monday-Friday. (Doctor available TuesThurs., 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm) 1161 7th Avenue 1-877-606-3277 250-423-5944 Whether you are new to skating or just want to come out for fitness and fun the Fernie Memorial Arena has time set aside for you including drop-in shinny hockey, public skating times and great Ghostrider hockey. See page 56 for more information. 991 6th Avenue 250-423-4466

Photo: The Cottonwood Tree/Free Press

Fernie Aquatic Centre

Fernie’s pool features a 6 lane - 25 metre sized competition pool complete with a one metre diving board and tarzan swing. A 25 person hot tub kept at a balmy 104 degrees offers the most amazing view of the Rockies. Relax in the 15 person steam room or get your heart pumping on the 150 foot waterslide with its own run off lane. 250 Pine Avenue 250-423-4466

Lizard Creek Spa

Whether your primary goal is to rid yourself of sore muscles or relax a tired and stressed body, let us know and we will customize your treatment. All massages come with a decadent hot towel applique. 5346 Highline Drive 250-423-2057

The Cottonwood Tree

Locally owned health food store that carries organic foods, coffee, tea, crystals, vitamins and nutritional supplements. We stock over

300 gluten free products ranging from baking supplies, bread, pizza, cereal, pastas, nondairy desserts/snacks, paraben free body products and much more. We are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices, with exceptional customer service. We do special orders daily and offer a monthly food co-op where you can save up to 25% off the regular retail price. We are passionately committed to your health and wellness. 602 2nd Avenue 250 423 8081

Island Lake Lodge Winter Lunch and Spa

If catskiing is not your thing, you can still experience Island Lake with a snowcat-ride up to the lodge, lunch and spa treatment. You can also go for a snowshoe or Nordic ski around the lake. Take time before or after your treatment in our solarium or outdoor room with hot tub and mountain views. Winter Lunch and Spa is available on Fridays and Saturdays. 602 2nd Avenue 250-423-3700

Jamie Hide Jamie Hide photogaphy photogaphy

weddings families events fine art team photos passport photos

weddings fa mi lies events fine art team photos p ass port phot os

ja miehide .com - 250.430 .1605 - photo@jam iehide. com - 250.430.1605 - Winter 2012/2013 -



Looking for real estate, rentals or planning a wedding in Fer nie? The right professionals are here to help you. Teck

Teck is the largest employer in the Elk Valley with over 3,700 employees at five steelmaking coal mines, making it the world’s secondlargest seaborne exporter of steelmaking coal. Teck is committed to responsible, sustainable mining and in 2011 donated $2.7 million to Elk Valley causes through its local community investment program.

68 Winter 2012/2013 -

Todd Fyfe Personal Real Estate Corporation

Todd is one of Fernie’s top producing realtors, with a client database from all over the world. When you engage Todd as your advisor, expect a detailed and professional approach with your best interests being the number one goal. Email: 1602 9th Avenue 250-423-8989

The Free Press

Delivering the news to the Elk Valley since 1898. Covering local news events and stories with over 7,000 copies distributed weekly. 342 – 2nd Avenue 250-423-4666 Photo: Colleen Dunn/Free Press

Fernie Real Estate

Make your move with the professionals at Fernie Real Estate. Visit them at or at their beautiful office at 1602 9th Avenue, just across from Tim Hortons. 1602 9th Avenue 250-423-2000 1-877-423-2001

Colleen Dunn

Colleen Dunn has been a full time realtor in the Fernie area for the past ten years. She is a dedicated volunteer in the community and has lived, worked and played in Fernie since 1995. Keeping on top of the changes, a realistic knowledge of the real estate market and building good relationships have been key to her success. 561A Hwy. #3 1-877-423-1649

Kyle Hamilton Photography

Kyle Hamilton Photography is a Fernie-based photographer specializing in modern and creative weddings, portraits, events, and action photos. As well as providing Fernie’s only custom framing services.

Mike McPhee Photography

Over the last 20 years Mike McPhee has had over 1,000 photos published in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, books and brochures. He has also shot about 60 weddings and will help document your special day with a unique style. 250-423-0622

Matt Khun Photography

Fun and elegant wedding and portrait photography. From brides to babies we will have fun and keep things relaxed while creating memorable images for you to cherish for the years to come.

Jamie Hide Photography

If you are looking for someone to photograph your wedding, or another event, to take pictures of your property or business, or capture you or your family at this moment in the journey. 250-430-1605

Steve Short Photography

Steve has over 20 years in the photography business and is an established writer. You may have seen his work in National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Rolling Stone, Backpacker, and a variety of other publications. All Steve’s gallery sales have a community fundraising component.

Goldstar Cleaning Services

Goldstar Cleaning Services is a full service cleaning company offering residential and commercial services throughout the Elk Valley. Professional floor care, carpet steam cleaning, and recently expanding in to dry cleaning, Goldstar Cleaning Services is bonded and insured. 1591-10th Avenue 250-423-4029

East Kootenay Community Credit Union

Since 1950, East Kootenay Community Credit Union has helped our communities grow by understanding our East Kootenay economy and our passion for lifestyle. They are a financial institution, with a financial planning and insurance division, committed to making the communities they serve better places to live. 1601 9th Avenue 250-423-9222

Renting in Fernie

Looking to rent in Fernie? Whether you’re working for the season, or a first time traveller or you’re enjoying a well deserved, long-term holiday, Renting in Fernie has a range of properties to meet your needs. 250-423-2052

Fernie Central Reservations

Ask their agents anything about our local amenities and services and make sure your holiday is managed by people who live in Fernie. Fernie Central Reservations is your one stop call centre to book any Fernie property. 1-800-622-5007

Winter 2012/2013 -


250-423-6030 * Fernie The Shuttle & The Charters

Calgary & Cranbrook Airport SHUTTLE Services FOR RATES & TO RESERVE: 250-423-4023

Steve Short Photography

2012 Portfolio

See catalogue at Stephanie’s Glass & Art on 2nd Ave., Fernie

KYLE HAMILTON PHOTOGRAPHY weddings / portraits / events / action sports custom framing / photo retouching

Professional photography services based in Fernie B.C. tel: 250 423 0904 /

70 Winter 2012/2013 -

Distances to Fernie Fernie Fernie Fernie Fernie Fernie Fernie

to to to to to to

Cranbrook Cranbrook Airport Calgar y Calgar y Airport USA Border Kalispell Airport

96 km 105 km 287 km 303 km 69 km 183 km

Transportation The Shuttle Offering twice daily scheduled shuttle service between Calgary Airport and Fernie
(winter season only.) Fernie to Cranbrook /Cranbrook to Fernie by advanced booking. Requires 48 hours advance booking prior to departure (3 person min.) Located at the Best Western Plus ph. 250-423-4023 email: Mountain High Shuttle Offers chartered shuttle services from Calgary and Cranbrook along with a local shuttle and private charters. ph. 250-423-5008 email: The Fernie Connector/Backside Tours Twice daily shuttle departs at key times, five days per week during the ski season between Cranbrook Airport and Fernie. ph. 1-800-361-3602 email: Kootenay Taxi Taxi and van service to and from Cranbrook, Calgary and USA. 24 hour local taxi services. ph. 250-423-4408 1-800-667-8770 email: Greyhound Bus Lines The pick-up and drop-off locations for the Greyhound Bus in Fernie is at the Husky gas station and Smitty’s Restaurant. 2001 Hwy. #3 ph. 250-423-3892

We’ve got good news.

(Celebrating 115 years of serving the Elk Valley.)

From the day we printed our very first paper — back in 1898, The Free Press has reported on events, stories and legends of the Elk Valley for over 115 years. We are one of the oldest newspapers in Canada.

We have followed stories from the spectacular to the every day, we’ve printed it all, each week: our politicians’ plans, the public’s questions, main street businesses on their way up and local careers on their way down, the hottest days of summer and deepest snows of winter. We’ve followed crimes and punishments, performances and players, our hometown teams’ victories, overseas wars, Canadian news, and B.C. views. We’ve celebrated community underdogs who’ve won and mourned lost loved ones. After more than a century we’re still doing our very best to be the Elk Valley’s newspaper. Your newspaper

Est. 1898


Other Ser vices

City of Fernie 501- 3rd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6817

The Free Press 342 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4666

Fernie Leisure Services (Aquatic Centre) 250 Pine Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4466

Canada Post Office 491 3rd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-7555

Fernie Memorial Arena 991 6th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-2254

Business Clubs

Fernie Community Centre 901 6th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4466

Arts and Culture Fernie District Historical Society 491 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-7016 Fernie Arts Station 601 1st Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4842 Fernie & District Arts Council 601 1st Avenue, Fernie 250-423-7773 Fernie Arts Co-op 572 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-7044 Fernie Ghostriders Hockey 250-423-4153 Fernie Public Library 492 3rd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4458

72 Winter 2012/2013 -

Fernie Chamber of Commerce 102 Commerce Road, Fernie 250-423-6868 Tourism Fernie 542B 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-2037

Emergency (911) RCMP 1302 5th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4404 Fernie Fire Department 692 3rd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4226 Elk Valley District Hospital 1501 5th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4453

Ser vice Clubs Fernie Lions Club Fernie 250-423-6335 Rotary Club of Fernie 250-423-7016


Visitor Info Centres

Knox United Church 201 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6010

Downtown Fernie Location 491 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-7016

Salvation Army 721-726 2nd Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4661 Trinity Lutheran Church 691 4th Avenue, Fernie 250-417-5016 Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle 1361 8th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4114 Holy Family Parish 521 4th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6127 Mountainside Community Church 1622 10th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-4112 Christ Church Anglican 591 4th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6517

Highway 3 Location 102 Commerce Road, Fernie 250-423-6868

Transportation Kootenay Taxi 250-423-4408 PractiCar Car & Truck Rentals 1622 7th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6030 Greyhound Bus 2001 Highway 3, Fernie 250-423-3891 1-800-661-8747



2 locations operated by the Fernie Chamber of Commerce

250-423-6868 Highway #3 Info Centre Located East of the City

Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturdays- 9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Saturdays are during Fernie Alpine Resort opening season hours)

Downtown Info Centre

At the Fernie Museum 2nd Avenue & 5th Street, Downtown Fernie

7 days a week 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Winter 2012/2013 -


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Hotels, Motels, Lodges & Condos

roo ms

ACCOMMODATION Best Western Fernie Mountain Lodge Highway #3 1622-7th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-5500 1-866-423-5566


✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$136 $286

✓ ✓

✓ ✓ ✓

$149 $382

✓ ✓

$92 $471

Cornerstone Lodge

5339 Ski Hill Road Fernie Alpine Resort 250-423-6855 1-888-423-6855


Griz Inn

5369 Ski Hill Road Fernie Alpine Resort 1-800-661-0118



602A 2nd Avenue (office) Fernie 250-423-3700 1-888-422-8754


✓ ✓

Island Lake Lodge

✓ ✓ ✓

Packages available, call for details

Lizard Creek Lodge 5346 Highline Drive Fernie Alpine Resort 1-877-228-1948



✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$105 $700

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$124 $252

Park Place Lodge

Highway #3 742-7th Avenue, Fernie 250-423-6871 1-888-381-7275


Red Tree Lodge

Highway #3 1101-7th Avenue, Fernie 1-800-977-2977



✓ ✓

$89 $219

Stanford Hotels & Resorts

Highway #3 100 Riverside Way, Fernie 250-423-5000 1-877-423-5600

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓


Travelodge Three Sisters 401 Highway #3






✓ ✓

$119 $289

✓ ✓

$60 $120

$90 $182

Wolf’s Den Lodge 5339 Ski Hill Road Fernie Alpine Resort 1-866-633-7643

74 Winter 2012/2013 -

✓ ✓

Fernie Getaways Fernie Alpine Resort 1-888-423-6855 250-423-6855

Fernie Central Reservations 802 2nd Avenue, Fernie 1-800-662-5007 250-423-2077 Fernie Lodging Company

4559 Timberline Crescent, Fernie 1-800-667-9911 250-423-6878


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roo ms

Accommodation Services

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$88 $562

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$179 $1999

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

$89 $999

Renting in Fernie

Fernie Real Estate Property Management 802A 2nd Avenue, Fernie 1-877-661-9993 250-423-2052

Seasonal & Long Term Rentals Call for details.

so what are you waiting for?

we book fernie

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The City of Fernie

Fernie Community Arts Station 250-423-4842 Canada Post 250-423-7555 City of Fernie 250-423-6817 Elk Valley District Hospital 250-423-4453 Elk Valley Employment Centre 250-423-4204 Fernie Aquatic Centre 250-423-4466 Fernie Chamber of Commerce 250-423-6868

76 Winter 2012/2013 -





94 93 92

97 95

College of the Rockies


76 90





88 87 74

34 30

91 86


Fernie Community Centre 250-423-4466 Fernie Fire Department (911) 250-423-4226 Fernie Memorial Arena 250-423-2254 Fernie Museum 250-423-7016 Fernie Public Library 250-423-4458 Fernie Tourism 250-423-2037 RCMP (911) 250-423-4404 The Free Press 250-423-4666








Community Centre









40 47






Snow & Weather Info F.A.R. Snow Report 250-423-3555 Canadian Avalanche Assoc. 250-837-2435 BC Highways-road conditions 1-800-550-4997 Alberta Highways (AMA) 1-877-262-4997




44 48



Winter 2012/2013 -


#46 #8 #75 #5 #14 #2 #34 #35 #75 #6 #11 #31 #5

250-423-6704 p.17 250-423-9251 p.21 250-423-3700 p.6 250-425-7111 p.44

#30 #42 #14 #95

250-423-4466 p.23 #101 250-423-2254 p.66 #36

250-423-4655 p.27 #1

250-423-5500 p.79 250-423-6855 p.4 250-423-2077 p.11 250-423-6878 p.61 250-423-3700 p.6 250-423-2057 p.27 250-423-6871 p.4 250-423-4622 p.44 250-423-2052 p.75 250-423-9221 p.4 250-423-5000 p.33 250-423-4438 p.43 250-423-4655 p.27

Country Animal Hospital 250-423-5944 p.55 #38 EK Credit Union 250-423-9222 p.39 #43 Fernie Chamber of Commerce 250-423-6868 p.73 #48 Goldstar Cleaning 250-423-4029 p.25 #44 Practicar 250-423-6030 p.70 #47 Teck 250-425-6204 p.2-3 #49 The Free Press 250-423-4666 p.71 #92

Community Services

Fernie Alpine Resort Fernie Leisure Centre/ Fernie Aquatic Centre Fernie Memorial Arena Fernie Wilderness Adventures Ghostrider Motorsports Island Lake Catskiing Vogue Theatre


Best Western/ Fernie Mtn Lodge Cornerstone Lodge Fernie Central Reservations Fernie Lodging Company Island Lake Lodge Lizard Creek Lodge Park Place Lodge Red Tree Lodge Renting in Fernie The Griz Inn The Stanford Inn Travelodge-Three Sisters Wolf’s Den (FAR)


Restaurants & Cafés Big Bang Bagels Boston Pizza Bridge Bistro Corner Pocket Brasserie CP Catering Elk Valley Pizza Shoppe Island Lake Lodge Just Pizza Kelsey’s Le Grand Fromage Lizard Creek Lodge Max Restaurant Slopeside Cafe Smokey Mountain Pasta The Griz Bar

Colleen Dunn - (RLP) Fernie Real Estate Todd Fyfe - (FRE) 250-423-7778 p.45 250-423-2634 p.78 250-423-3002 p.19 250-423-5035 p.19 250-423-7367 p.19 250-423-0007 p.13 250-423-3700 p.6 250-423-9277 p.25 250-423-2444 p.27 778-519-5050 p.9 250-423-2057 p.27 250-423-6871 p.4 250-423-4655 p.63 778-519-2296 p.39 250-423-4655 p.64

#86 #46 #31 #9 #47 #33 #14 #76 #10 #81 #2 #34 #8 #80 #15

250-423-1553 p.49 #29 250-423-2000 p.69 #43 250-423-8989 p.80 #43

Real Estate Lawyers and other Services

Elk Valley Wine & U-Brew 250-423-3530 p.65 #33 Mountain Pantry 250-423-2431 p.27 # 7 Spirits Cold Beer & Wine Shop 250-423-6871 p.4 #34


#46 #94 #14 #2 #82

250-423-5500 p.79 250-423-7236 p.43 250-423-3700 p.6 250-423-2057 p.27 250-423-8081 p.51

Best Western Fernie Mtn Lodge Elk Valley Denture Island Lake Lodge Spa Lizard Creek Lodge Spa The Cottonwood Tree


250-423-2431 p.27 #7 250-423-8081 p.51 #82

Mountain Pantry (FAR) The Cottonwood Tree


250-423-2634 p.64 250-423-2444 p.27 250-423-2057 p.27 250-423-4655 p.64 250-423-6871 p.4

250-423-3886 p.67 250-423-0904 p.70 250-423-1700 p.69 250-423-0622 p.69 250-423-6693 p.70

250-423-6871 p.4

#46 #10 #2 #15 #34

#102 #98 #49 #69 #103


250-423-4655 p.27 250-423-5555 p.59 250-423-9251 p.21 250-423-4655 p.27 250-423-3650 p.43

Fernie Winter Sports School Gearhub Ghostrider Motorsports Sports Alpine -FAR The Guide’s Hut

Sporting Goods

250-423-3530 p.65 250-423-5555 p.59 250-423-9251 p.21 250-423-4314 p.25 250-423-8081 p.51 250-423-3650 p.43

Elk Valley Wine & U-Brew Gearhub Ghostrider Motorsports Nufloors The Cottonwood Tree The Guide’s Hut

Shopping & Gifts

#1 #100 #42 #8 #79

#33 #100 #42 #90 #82 #79

Fernie Alpine Resort 250-423-4655 p.27 #1 Island Lake Lodge Catskiing 250-423-3700 p.6 #14 Fernie Wilderness Adventures 250-423-6704 p.17 #30


BP’s Sports Bar Kelsey’s Lounge Lizard Creek Lodge The Griz Bar The Pub Bar & Grill

Pubs & Nightlife

Jamie Hide Kyle Hamilton Matt Khun Mike McPhee Steve Short


The Pub Bar & Grill



Hungry? Get a free bandera pizza bread with your first online order. Log onto today


Boston Pizza Fernie 1602 7th Avenue (Box 1930) Fernie, BC V0B 1M0 250-423-2634

78 Winter 2012/2013 - NAME:



11" × 17"


AUG - 2010








Boston Pizza and the Boston Pizza roundel are registered trademarks of Boston Pizza Royalties Limited Partnership, used under license. Here To Make You Happy is a trademark of Boston Pizza International Inc. © Boston Pizza International Inc. 2012.

Beauty & Sleep... Guaranteed • Outdoor Hot Tub • Banquet & Meeting Facility • Indoor Pool & Hot Tub • Fitness Room

• Complimentary Breakfast

• Kitchenettes

• Boston Pizza

• Executive Suites • Liquor Store • Massage Studio • 100% Smoke Free • Free Wi-Fi

• Car Rental • Pet Friendly

Fernie Mountain Lodge 250-423-5500 • Toll Free: 1-866-423-5566 Each Best Western hotel is independently owned and operated

A Refreshing Perspective

Todd Fyfe Personal Real Estate Corporation

(250) 423-8989

Licensed, professional, hard-working, a relationship you can rely on! Toll Free: 1.877.423.2001

Fernie Winter Guide 2013  

A guide to everything Fernie, Where to Shop, Maps, Events, Places, Legends, Where to Dine, Where to Play, Where to Stay, Events