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February 1, 2019

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Bobcats Grasp at Last Few Games of the Season

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Hecmat Diarra, ‘19, reaches for a loose ball in last Thursday’s blowout loss to undefeated Roxborough High School · Staff Reporter Jerrin Baez.

Guns for Teachers

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An Uncertain Future

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New Age of Stan Lee: A Creator’s Friend Competitive Sports

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Migrant Caravans Continue to Head for US Border Yailine Soto Layout Team

After facing violence and discrimination in their home countries, thousands of migrants from Central America continue to join caravans fleeing to the US-Mexico border. The migrant caravan of late 2018 consisted of thousands of Central American migrants, largely from Honduras, coming to the United States due to violence and poverty in their home country. The caravan is believed to have formed in October. Many of the migrants have received help on their way to the US from the people in Mexico. However, not everyone supports such immigration, with some calling it an illegal invasion. Some in Mexico protested and urged the migrants to go back home. History teacher Amy Lee thinks “it brings up a lot of great questions and Americans’ awareness of the world around them.” Lee continues by saying “it is upsetting to see people having to uproot themselves from their homes and being put in possibly unsafe environments.” In an effort to discourage more caravans from forming in the future, President Trump has signed a proclamation restricting asylum applications and has sent more than 2,000 active duty US troops to the border. These efforts pale in comparison, though, to

the government shutdown, started over a proposed border wall. Some hope the wall, if built, would discourage similar migrant caravans from attempting to travel to the US. However, even the segments of the US-Mexico border that have a physical barrier are not immune to conflict. In a viral report just after Thanksgiving last year, border agents used tear gas to keep hundreds of migrants from climbing over the US-Mexico border and peeling back metal sheeting. The tear gas didn’t just affect the protestors, though. It also affected the people around them, including parents carrying their young children. Tear gas can cause additional harm, panic, injury, and in some cases death. Despite the president’s efforts, though, another migrant caravan has formed and is on its way. On January 15, about 2,000 new immigrants departed Honduras headed north. Just last week, the group, totaling near 10,000, arrived at the Mexican border. If they all continue to head to the US, this latest caravan will be even larger than last year’s. Even though, these caravans seem distant from Philadelphia, Lee thinks some of their members could end up here: “Philadelphia is a sanctuary city so our city government has taken on a sympathizing role to immigrants seeking help.” It’s an event affecting many, particularly the migrants of whom are fleeing from violence and poverty in their home country. It will continue to be a worry to those that live along the U.S.-Mexico border. Contributing Illustrator Paladin Jenkins

Guns for Teachers Maria Biaggi Writer

In October 2018, the Tamaqua School District was set to be the first school district in Pennsylvania to allow teachers to carry guns. The number of school shootings in the past years caught administrator’ attention, which then resulted in staff members being armed. Frank Wenzel, the head of the teachers union over at Tamaqua, stated, “I do not believe teachers are equipped to carry weapons. I do not believe that teachers entered the profession thinking that someday they may have to use deadly force. I understand that teachers want to and will protect

Design Editor Elijah Collins

their students, I just do not believe that this is a responsibility we should be taking on.” The teachers who will be carrying guns are going to remain anonymous, but this still doesn’t sound right to Damien Williams, a student at FLC. Williams expresses that she just wants “to go to school and learn”. She says, “I don’t want to go to school and have to put my life in danger every time I go.” The vice principal at FLC, Mr. Wilson, also felt the same way. He can’t “imagine how the students would feel thinking that their teacher has a gun, they would be terrified.” This new plan is supposed to reduce the number of school shootings, but will it really help? Mr. Fusco, a Physics and Physical Science teacher at FLC, stated that “this won’t help stop school shootings if anything it will inc r e a s e them. I think we should do a better job at making sure the guns don’t get into schools, to begin with.” Wenzel continues, “What if the teacher makes a mistake and drops the weapon and it goes off? What if the

teacher draws the weapon in a situation that doesn’t warrant that kind of reaction? What if the teacher is forced to draw the weapon and injures someone else? How can we be positive that the staff chosen to have this responsibility are mentally prepared for the responsibility? What if the teacher doesn’t react at all to a situation?” Many have spoken out that they don’t really see any advantages to the plan, other than a teacher getting really lucky and taking down the attacker. To them, issues would still arise. “I believe the proposed plan is a dangerous one. I would rather hire someone with a lifetime of experiences using a weapon to serve and protect than train a few individuals that may occasionally target shoot to the do the job of protecting our schools,” explains Mr. Wenzel. The teachers carrying the guns are also going to have to go through training, but Mr. Fusco and Mr. Wenzel think that this whole plan is just a bad idea. Mr. Fusco said “Students will become fearful of their teachers, and not in a good way, in a fear for your life type of way.” Mr. Wenzel also sees many dangers in this proposal. He feels as though this is an ill-advised plan. “Some students would feel less secure knowing a teacher would be carrying a weapon. Not knowing who was protecting them would cause them to think that maybe someone who they wouldn’t trust is the one carrying the weapon, therefore, making them feel less safe.” This plan could potentially drive students to fear their teachers, and harm the student-teacher relationship that the teacher tries to build and maintain. Wenzel concludes by saying that “school is supposed to be a place where I feel safe, and by allowing teachers to have guns, you take away that feeling of a safe environment, and if they do pass the law, then I can’t imagine how the students over there will feel.”

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NEWS An Uncertain Future


Dariana Garcia-Bernabe Editor-in-Chief

Over a month has passed since the government shutdown began, making this the longest shutdown of the United States’government ever. The effects of this shutdown could end up hurting free school lunches. As reported by POLITICO, “school districts across the country could be faced with scraping together emergency funds to feed low-income public school children” if the Government shutdown were to continue for two more months. School Districts pay for school lunches out of their own budgets and then get paid back by the federal government. However, by not getting their money back, they do not have money to keep everything on track. Which can result in cuts. This can end up affecting children who rely day to day on free breakfast and lunch. Cuts could also result in children of government employees newly qualifying for school lunches, this leads schools to feed even more students. The cause of the current government shutdown is due to the

failed agreement about wall funding between Congressional lawmakers and President Trump. In early December of last year, President Trump stated, “If we don’t get what we want… I am proud to shutdown the government for border security.” This sent a domino effect of many federal buildings being closed. Currently, nine out of fifteen federal departments are closed. It’s also affecting more than 420,000 federal employees, who are working without getting paid, as stated by CBS News. Buildings like The Smithsonian Museum,

National Parks, and The National Zoo, are currently closed. The Food and Drug Administration has not been able to “do routine inspections of domestic food-processing facilities.” However, there are some federal operations that are still happening like Transportation Security Administration workers are still working, but without pay and mail is still being delivered. On January 24, 2019 two bills will try to be passed. The first compromise by the Senate, want to guarantee 5.7 billion dol-

lars towards the border wall funding and will give people with DACA three more years of protection. The second compromise by the House of Representatives, will guarantee one billion dollars for border security and give more judges that deal with immigration issues. If either of these compromises pass through the Senate, they will go into effect on January 25, 2019. Unfortunately, the two bills failed to pass the senate. Not all hope was lost, since on January 25th, it was announced that President Trump would reopen the government for three weeks, during that time an agreement should be made. As of now all we can do is wait and see what agreements congress comes up with. Yet, one question still lingers, will a government shutdown happen again?

Design Editor Elijah Collins

Identity Stripped Away from Uyghur Muslims in China Sophia Cisse Staff Writer

An estimated ten million Uyghur Muslims face ethnic separatism and are being forced into concentration camps in the Western region of Xinjiang, China. These camps were created to “re-educate” and cleanse the minority. The Chinese government claim that they are doing this “ethnic cleansing” to educate the uneducated. By “uneducated” they are referring to a specific group of people in Western China called the Uyghurs, many of whom are unable to speak Mandarin or Cantonese, but adopt a Turkic language originating from Central Asia. They’ve banned all relations to Islam and Islamic practices, such as wearing the hijab, growing out long beards, having Muslims names, and exposing Islamic teachings to children. Concern arose last year when researchers publicized a satellite photo of the camp-

sites they came across. A crew from BBC News went to check out the camps in Xinjiang but during their journey, five police cars were following and ended up stopping them. The Chinese government also continues to deny the fact Muslims are being locked away without trial and monitor media outlets to keep word from slipping out. The camps have a specific dress code in which Muslim womens do not wear the hijabs, which is the Islamic headwear. Police are also forcing residents to give up their passports for “safe-keeping”. The Uyghur government completely forbids people from practicing Islam, fasting during Ramadan, or even going to pray at the Mosque. At the camps, different accommodations are provided for women and men. These camps in Xinjiang serve various purposes, such as schools and factories scattered across the city. On the other hand, the Chairman of Xinjiang argues that in the past 21 months, there has been no violence or terrorism attack, and the criminal cases and secu-

rity rating has decreases. He also claims that Xinjiang is safe and stable now. Muslims are being forced to to drink alcohol and eat pork in China’s “re-education” camps. Children are getting treated as orphans and the government is placing them in “Child Welfare Guidance Centres”, under the care of the state. The children are also denied of the care of their parents, then removed from Muslim communities and Central Asian, daily lives. Of the million, several Muslims were taken without their consent and the Mosques are burned down. China’s ruling Communist said that they are providing job training and helping them flee poverty, being less progressed, and trying to make them refuse their conservative beliefs. That is what they claim they are doing, but the truth is forced labor and hating their own beliefs. The goal is really to transform the minorities into disciplined, Mandarin-speaking industrial workers force for the Communist party and factory bosses. When Alimatou Cisse, a Muslim woman and Philadelphia resident, was asked

about how she felt regarding the situation, she explained that she doesn’t understand how “people could hurt others just because they disagree with hurts seeing others getting abused based on their beliefs.” Cisse believes that everyone should have a choice on who they want to follow as their leader and their choices should be respected if it’s not hurting anyone else. In support of the Uyghur Muslims, people are standing in protest in front of Chinese embassies and advise others to do the same. They want to catch the attention of world leaders and authorities for real action to be taken against the Chinese government. One public figure is Aydin Anwar, an Uyghur-American Activist, who gave her audience an insight on what is really happening with her people in China and the video she made went viral in December of 2018. Many people are not aware of what is happening, but those who do are spreading awareness on social media and other forms of protest to end the suffrage the Uyghurs are facing in China.




Education First, Safety Second: The Cost of Going to School at FLC

The Flash Editorial Board

On their official website, the School District of Philadelphia asserts that they “believe all stuWhen we selected Franklin dents can reach their full potenLearning Center to be our school tial in a safe, productive environfor four years, we knew it was a Na- ment.” But how does the district tional Blue Ribbon School of Excel- believe students can reach their full lence. We knew we could choose a potential when they are routinemajor and work with students in a ly exposed to lead and asbestos? A learning environment should magnet school environment. But FLC didn’t advertise its building strive to be free of harm and while some risks are unavoidable, a toxic conditions: building classrooms not. c o v e r e d The school board must now con- is P a r e nts with posters template the cost of its more than should to conceal not have the peeling 200,000 students’ safety. to send paint on the off their walls, a leaking roof that damages daughters and sons to school five days the ceiling below, malfunctioning alarm systems, and toxic building a week, trusting their safety in the materials. If FLC is exceptional, it is same building whose environmenas much for its hazardous building as tal conditions now raise concern. its strong academics and programs. Lead is one of the biggest enviBut FLC is not alone. Nearly three-quarters of Philadelphia’s ronmental hazards a student will public schools are assessed to be encounter in the School District in poor conditions as a result of of Philadelphia. Common in old delayed maintenance. The aging buildings have more than 12,000 issues and reparations would cost the district around $5 billion--nearly the same amount of money that caused the longest federal government shutdown in US history. Obviously the School District of Philadelphia has a limited budget to work with and, no matter the reason for the decades of delayed maintenance, the school board must now contemplate the cost of more than 200,000 students’ safety.

ing were once made using lead until the government outlawed it in 1978. Until late last year, there were no fixed, federal requirements for schools in Pennsylvania and nationwide to be tested for lead. But after an advocacy group, PennEnvironment Research graded the state of Pennsylvania with an “F” for lacking required testing, all schools in Pennsylvania must now follow through with reports on lead in drinking water. In Philadelphia, schools have been required to test for lead in drinking water since 2016. As of May 2017, FLC has one report of lead Damaged ceiling tiles, on the fourth floor · Photography Editor Anannya Kundu in the drinking water: it and floor tiles. In 2017, FLC had a was recorded at the water fountain outside of room 101-102 at total of 29 reports of damaged asa level of 15.2 parts per billion (ppb). bestos throughout the building. One of them includes pipe insulaThe fountain has been disconnected and marked out of order all year. tion and riser. The report on the girl’s Compared to the EPA’s na- locker room says that “open ends Any amount of lead tional action level of 15 ppb, the were observed on the asbestos-concan affect the systems School District’s action level is a taining pipe insulation”, while room more strict 10 ppb. There is no 301 has “an asbestos-containing in the body. public data about the level of lead pipe riser in the corner of the room.” These are the most recent asbestos found in other fountains and sinks plumbing and paint, lead can cause around FLC. Presumably, it is be- reports from the district. It is possidamage to the brain, other vital or- low 10 ppb, but no one should be ble that some or all of the 29 reports gans, and nerves if absorbed. And ingesting the metal at any level. have been remedied since 2017. that’s just the physical trouble. Lead Originally the William Penn absorption can also cause behaviorAsbestos is a natural mineral that al problems like learning disabilities, is used in a range of things like in- High School for Girls, FLC’s buildseizures, and, in some cases, death. sulation, hair dyes, and cars. For a ing broke ground in 1908 and The symptoms of lead poi- long time, asbestos had been con- was completed in 1909. A buildsoning are headaches, sidered a “miracle” mineral due to ing that old will have layers and stomach aches, nausea, its heat resistance and durability. layers of paint and, like most tiredness, and irritabili- Because it could help prevent heat schools in the district, some of ty. However, in some in- damage and fires, use of asbestos those layers are lead-based paint. Lead paint is highly toxic and stances some people nev- was widespread and common. Yet, er show any symptoms. this so-called miracle mineral has may cause a range of health probWhile some experts been everything but miraculous. lems, especially to young children, deny that small exposure Exposure to asbestos fi- adolescents, and pregnant women. of lead can cause com- bers can cause serious lifelong While not automatically hazardplications, the Environ- damage like lung cancer, as- ous, lead paint can chip or crumble mental Protection Agency bestosis, and mesothelioma. into dust as it ages. While stories of children eatargues that it isn’t safe for Asbeschildren to be exposed tosis is a excessive alarms and evacu- ing chips of lead paint to any level of lead. Any chronic lung ations can make it very dif- often make amount of lead can affect c o n d i t i o n , the systems in the body. that causficult for anyone to feel safe h e a d l i n e s , the more Lead is common and es scarring and secure in a building c o m m o n exists in many schools, of lung tisdanger is but it’s especially prone to sues and inlead dust. leach into the water supply flammation. This leads to difficulty breathing According to the District of schools like FLC that breathing and sometimes death. were built before 1986. Asbestos was most commonly Building Surveys and EnvironThis is due to the fact that used in schools built before 1980 in mental Maintenance Reports in pipes, fixtures, and solder- soundproofing, insulation, ceiling, 2017, Franklin Learning Cen-

OPINION ter has 129 areas of flaking or otherwise damaged lead paint. While some of these areas have been addressed in the past two years by district paint crews, FLC is still full of classrooms with flaking paint and damaged plaster. Compared to schools in our area, FLC stands alone: Parkway Center City has 16 reports, Masterman has 13, and Ben Franklin has just 1. As previously reported by The Flash, FLC suffers from a faulty fire alarm system. Just this year there have been multiple alarms that caught even the administrators by surprise. Most notably, one alarm in the fall of 2018 evacuated the building into a cold rain and eventually required the entire school to be sheltered in Ben Franklin High School’s auditorium while the Philadelphia Fire Department inspected FLC. Alarms have gone off in the middle of lunch, in the early morning before classes begin, even after dismissal. And while it is true that a fire could strike at any time, excessive alarms and evacuations can make it very difficult for anyone to feel safe and secure in a building. The most dangerous result of an overactive alarm system is that students begin to take alarms less seriously. Hopefully FLC never needs its alarms for a real emergency but in the event of a real fire, the staff and students of FLC must be able to trust their alarms.

E D I T O R I A L That price tag is formidable, especially when considering that FLC is hardly alone on the list of ailing district buildings. The c it y ’s spending on education totals more t h a n the surBut is it enough? So far that rounding districts, but it has yet to drive money has not improved the dangers away from the students. conditions at FLC. When asked, In June 2018, the state of Penn- Principal Nicole Lee didn’t know sylvania and the School District of when crews might come to remePhiladelphia combined funds into diate the problem of lead paint: a $15.6 million grant to improve “They don’t give you a timeline.” Lee says she “constantly advoschool conditions. Of that money, it’s recorded that $8 million of dis- cate[s] for things to be repaired” but trict money is designated to remove thinks the school is a safe place to lead paint, mold and asbestos, while come to work each day. Even though the commonwealth provided $7.6 she believes the school is safe, she million for lead paint remediation at does admit “frustration” sometimes: “Working 57 schools If a large enough number of stuin a buin the d i s t r i c t . dents show concern, people in reaucracy, you know O v e r power will listen. Only then can that evthe sumerything mer, more change start to happen. is about than 1,200 District maintenance staff and a process. Waiting for the proconductors completed an exten- cess to unfold is difficult.” FLC Medical Assisting teacher sive schedule of work in an effort to ensure the safety and main- Jessica Way is done waiting: “We tain environmental conditions of have to push City Council and we school buildings in Philadelphia. have to push our state legislators to Reparations went into paint and put the type of money into repairing plaster, asbestos, air quality, and our schools that we need to fix them.” “My big concern” she continues the modernization of classrooms. “is that when children see buildings This work followed up after the School District announced updat- that are not being maintained, and ed cleaning standards (“The Clean- when they come to schools where ing Guidelines”) to make sure all you can see people are not invested schools upheld the same standards. in providing children with the services and the environment that they need, to be as successful as they possibly could be. I worry that children will also see are schools in contrast to what they see on television and what they see happening in schools in the suburbs that that gives them a sense that they are not important. They are very very important.”


adelphia City Council and the new school board must take the neglect of the past into consideration when agreeing on future financial plans for the school district. Decades of deterioration have caused expensive problems for the district and its buildings. The only way forward is with the funds to fix those problems. Third, the district should stop spending money on new fields and other facilities-related expenses until all of its students are in completely safe buildings. Lastly, students should be informed that these problems are occurring and are putting them in danger. Since this issue affects them, students can take part in Early last year, the dissolution advocating for repairs to be done. of the School Reform Commission This can include protests, writing presented a golden opportunity to letters to local congressmen, inelect a new school board who will forming radio stations and news recognize the crisis of Philadeloutlets. If a large enough numphia’s toxic school buildings and ber of students show concern, dedicate serious effort to improving people in power will listen. Only education in Philadelphia. Parents, then can change start to happen. educators, and students alike gathSocrates said “there is only one ered to show support and voiced good, knowledge, and one evil, changes they want to see in Philaignorance.” The only way to do delphia schools. For FLC, it will cost good by FLC is to make sure that an estimated $25 million to repair everyone knows what is going on all the problems with the building in FLC. For the sake of our future, alone. To install new systems and students, teachers, staff, and parfeatures would cost $77 million. ents need to stay informed with current school building conditions. We can spread pictures of the current state of the FLC’s building by using what we all do best, social media. Something as simple as posting pictures on Instagram or Twitter of areas around the school that are in bad condition with the hashtag #fixphillyKeeping all of this in mind, there schools can help to spread the word. are steps that should be taken to We must make our voices heard in improve our schools. First, the dis- order to make change. Nothing can trict must be transparent and keep be improved if no action is taken. FLC students, waiting to reenter the building after a false fire alarm at 8AM on November a current list of the problems that 20, 2018 · Photography Editor Anannya Kundu need to be addressed. Second, Phil-


Sharing Is Caring

Nezome Pagan Opinion Editor

Account sharing: it’s something most of us do. It’s actually been revealed within a survey that almost 26 percent of millennials share their Netflix accounts with others. Although, account sharing seems harmless to us, it actually adds up to billions of dollars in losses for the streaming industry. Synamedia seems to have come up with a way to control a n d shut

d ow n account sharing. Thanks to their latest unveiling shared new technology that allow streaming companies, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, to use artificial intelligence to detect and flag users who are logged on the account in various locations. This means streamers are at risk for getting kicked off accounts that don’t belong to them.

Control Is an Illusion

Instead of account sharing, Synamedia proposes that users get their own account or pay an additional for a premium shared service. Although those are both understandable options, this could become a problem for students who cannot afford the fees to have their own account package. Being a high or college student in itself is hard and the expenses are practically unbearable. Instead there should be a third more affordable option, one that’s for students. One that similar to the new plan that Netflix is launching in Asia t h i s up-

comi n g November. This November, Netflix plans on testing a mobile-only plan in Asia that was cheaper for users who only used the app on their phones. However, it’s unclear if it will arrive in the U.S, this could be a low-cost alternative for students who might have to worry about paying for their own Netflix account soon.

Janelis Duran A&E Editor

Mr. Robot first aired on June 24, 2015 on the USA Network. The show presents us with Elliot Alderson who works as a cybersecurity for a huge company. Elliot is revealed to be a village hacker for an underground group whom mission is to stop corporate america, including the company he works to protect. This forces Elliot to questions his morals. At the beginning, Elliot is shown to be anti-social but still holds a level head, making choices out of reason and not emotion. However, as the series progress Elliot quickly falls into a psychosis. He loses touch with people and the world around him, in turn the viewer is

left feeling the same way; in the same situation of not being able to tell what’s reality. It isn’t until he accepts what’s actually going on that we are revealed the truth. The visuals of the show are beautifully done. From the camera movement to the colors in a given sean. Everything serves a purpose. Everything and everyone is there to show us what is in Elliot’s mind. What makes it tick. This show explores the theme of mental illness and does it in a way so that the viewer can have a glimpse into the worlds of the people who actually have mental illness. While doing it in a exciting and extreme way. If you enjoy shows that make a commentary on the real world or make you question life than Mr. Robot is the show fo you.

Conributing Illustrator Trinity Thomas


Bohemian Rhapsody, An Unfortunate Queen Killer Kyle THiede Writer The story of one of the greatest rock bands in history, Bohemian Rhapsody is here, it won a Golden Globe Award for best Drama, and it has even nominated for an Oscar for best picture. The question we should all be asking, is this movie really that great? Is it even a good movie? Well for starters, calling this movie the “true” story of Queen might be a little generous. Any true fans of will notice some inaccuracies in the story. Many of these changes are done for the purpose of making things more dramatic. However, there’s some changes that don’t really make too much sense. An example of this is when they change Freddie Mercury’s hair for the song “We Will Rock You.” Because members of the band other than Mercury were producers on the film, the story is told through a bias lens. If you care about historical accuracy, then this will bug you, these changes are nothing more then simply small. The two best things by far in this movie are the cinematography and the acting.

This movie is very well The only score that was used for the movie was music shot. Every pan, zoom, made by Queen, which isn’t a unique idea but it’s still a close up, and such feels good one. However, there’s times when the music was like it has a purpose. The used that just didn’t feel right. It either clashed with camera-work mirros the the tone or it was distracting from what personality of Freddie was happening in the scene. ListenMecury, always dancing, ing to Queen’s music was kind to the full of energy, and full fun. ear, but it felt out of place at times. These shots highlight the How about the story? Well, as far story, they are telling as basic story structure and writin a interesting way. ing goes, it’s nothing special. The acting is terrifIt carries the same feeling ic alongside the the as any other movie that c i n e m a t o g r a p hy. deals with a similar premRami Malek who ise. There’s nothing that plays Freedie Mercury steals the angered me or that show. He captures the attitude surprised me. As and strugle that Mercury went a matter of fact, through in real life. As a matter if this movof fact, he wore extra teeth to ie wasn’t mimic the overbite Freedie actually had. Gwilym Lee gives a great performance as Brian May, he is the contrast to Freddie, in that he’s calm, cool, and logical. Staff Illustrator Joshua Ramirez

about Queen, it would be very forgettable. Then we get to the editing in the movie, this is where any compliments stop. The cuts between scenes add flavor to the scenes, but most of the time, its sloppy and incredibly headache inducing. The pacing is just terrible. The movie stands at a total of 2 hours and 13 minutes, but feels like it’s barely an hour long. This doesn’t give any time for many of the subplots to develop at all and it fails to create a relationship between the viewer and the characters. Because of this, watching the movie felt like a headache. I only recommend this movie to people who are fans of the band. There’s reasons why critics didn’t really like this movie. This movie isn’t worth paying thirteen dollars for either a movie ticket or a dvd to watch, and it’s definetly not Oscar worthy. The only thing that gives this movie worth is that it’s a Queen movie, everyone likes Queen, even the Oscars apparently.


Janelis Duran A&E Editor

Who doesn’t love action packed shows like “9-1-1” or shows that mess with your heart like “This is Us”? With the start of a series comes the inevitable end. When it’s over we say good-bye to the last new episode and hello to binge watching. But over the past months, when you turn on your tv, go on streaming sites or, go watch a film at the cinema it all feels and looks the same; that’s because it is.There has been an increase in the shows and movies that are being rebooted or remade. This always causes mixed feelings. How will beloved characters return? How will it be different? Will it continue to have its charm? “Ducktales” (1987) a cartoon about the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his nephews had a successful run until it ended in 1990. Years later in 2017 Disney Channel aired a new version of “Ducktales” (2017) which has become equally a success as it’s been renewed for a third season. Netflix brought back “She-Ra” which aired in 2018, with a new take of 1983 “She-Ra”. They took the same characters and gave them a much more cartoonish look verses the original which was more realistic. They also downed the stakes making some of the “big-bad’s” from the original seem like less of a treat. However, with all these major changes the story has taken an new turn, making Netflix’s

Dariana Editor-In-Chief

“She-Ra” just as rewarding as the original. However, not all reboots have found victory. The classic science fiction series “The X-Files” has been running since 1993. The series was rebooted in 2016 and stared the same year. At first it was meet with high-ratings, yet it all died down as episodes released. This unfortunate ending destroyed the series for many fans. This isn’t just seen in the live-action shows but also in animated ones such as Teen Titans. The original Teen Titans came out in 2003, although airing on Cartoon Network, a kids network depicted very deep and serious tops. The majority of the show was action packed, while comedy took the back seat. However, it seem like the reboot “Teen Titans Go!” (2013) has taken the complete opposite of the original show. “Teen Titans Go!” gave the whole cast a new cartoonist look and put comedy up front, while the action and serious tone of the original took the backseat. This brought an enormous amount of outrage to many fans of the original Teen Titans, who were hoping to see a continuation of the original, which was taken off air before it finished. These aren’t the only shows that have been rebooted or remade. Nor will they be the last. All we can hope for as viewers is that they create justice to the originals. Or at least make it better than the original. If nothing else at least give it a new take worth giving.

Crimes of a Sequel Janelis Duran A&E Editor

The second movie of the “Fantastic Beast” series launched in theaters all over the U.S. The coming of this movie has been anticipated by fans of the wizarding world since it was announced J.K Rowling last year. The movie starts off with the first crime of that Grindelwald commits as he makes a jarring escape from his prison transfer. Even with the thrilling beginning, the rest of the movie does not live up . With the rest being an emotional roller coaster as we dive deep into the past of our main heroes. However, there were some disappointing scenes in which characters were hyped

up in the trailer, but made little impact in the movie. Most notable Nagini who only had 5 minutes on screen time, unfortunately those 5 minutes were shown to us within the trailer. She had little to no impact on the main story, to some served as fan service. Hopefully, in the future films Nagini will reprise her role to play a bigger part in the story. There were also some other cameos from other well known characters like McGonagall, Dumbledore and Nicolas flamel. The film also included scenes that showed the start of young Grindelwald and young Dumbledore. As the tale untangles, our heroes are given a choices which in turn shape out how the rest of the story is told. The future ultimately lies in their hands.

Contributing Illustrator Paladin Jenkins

Dariana Garcia-Bernabe Editor-in-Chief The Snow Creature is a black and white science fiction/horror film from 1954 starring Paul Langton as Dr. Frank Parrish and Lock Martin as the yeti. The film takes place in “two acts” the first when the crew is searching for the yeti in the Himalayan mountains and the second takes place in California where the yetti escapes. The Snow Creature starts off with B-roll of the snowy Himalayan mountains as Dr. Parrish recounts the events that happened with the discovery of the yeti. What started off as a scientific expedition turns soon into a rescue mission, once Subra the main guides’ wife is kidnapped by the yeti. All of the crew members are eager to start the mission, expect Dr. Parrish and his friends who remain skeptical. This skepticism soon dissolves once the crew enters the yeti’s cave and Dr. Parrish sees giant footprints. This leads them to the yeti. Then there is a “cave in” this results in the yeti

Contributing Illustrator Paladin Jenkins

Not the Cat’s Pajamas being knocked out unconscious. The crew capture him. This is where act two takes place. The yeti is placed in a freezer as he is sent to California with Dr. Parrish. Once they arrive at airport, there is a delay. The yeti is able to escape and soon begins to terrorize the city. The police and Dr. Parrish begin the search. The climax takes place in the sewers, the men finally battle the creature. They trap it in a net, yet struggles against it when the yeti chokes one of the men. This results with one of the men shoot at the creature, killing it. The film has cliche “scary movie” moments, like the main character being skeptical and the one where the main character hears a noise and has to go investigate. The dialogue is very short and simple, mostly about the rescue and the yeti. However, there are some areas of improvement. Like the scenes were the crew are at the Himalayan mountains would have been more re-


alistic and dramatic if it was snowing, the film never states if Subra’s wife is found, and it is hard to see the yeti due to lighting. Something interesting is that throughout the film the theme or wind can be heard, yet when the yeti is seen there is silence. My favorite line is, “Instead of flowers I brought you a yeti.” Overall, I would recommend it, if you are bored and have an hour to waste. This film is not the best but it’s not the worst. Almost like King-Kong (2005) but shorter and less interesting. I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars. Staff Illusttrator Joshua Ramirez



Stan Lee: A Creator’s Friend Janelis Duran A&E Editor

Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as, Stan Lee passed away on November 12, 2018 at the late age of 95. For the people who are unaware of who he was, Lee was an American comic book writer, editor, and publisher for Marvel comics. A misconception about Stan Lee is that he started marvel comics, when in fact it was founded by Martin Goodman, its original name it was Timely Comics it was later switched to Marvel in 1961. Lee started off as an assistant at Timely Comics in 1940 at the age of 17. He later got promoted to being an editor and even worked under Goodman as his predecessor. After Goodman passed away in 1992 Stan Lee continued Marvel comics. When Lee first joined they were on the third issue of Captain America; he worked on it until he was able to have his official debut in November 1961, when Fantastic Four came out. This was his first piece of work that he solely wrote accompanied with artist Jack Kirby. Lee along with Kirby went on to create popular characters like Spider-man, The X-Men and many of the Avengers. The first time we saw one of Stan Lee’s creation on screen was in 1974 on PBS called “Spidey Super Stories.” But the first time we see any of Marvel based heroes

Design Editor Elijah Collins

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Kyle THiede Staff Writer

2018 has brought plenty of superhero movies. From the comical and action-packed Deadpool 2, to the impactful Black Panther, and even the epic Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse, might just top all three of those movies in each of their biggest qualities. The screenplay was done by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who previously worked on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009). Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse isn’t something that we are used to, for the main focus isn’t Peter Parker. Instead we are greeted by Miles Morales, a fourteen-year-old kid from Brooklyn who exists in a alternate universe. Miles, along with new characters, bring a new take on the charter arcs that we’ve seen many times before. For one, Miles’ father pushes him to become something great, yet he finds it hard to communicate with Miles. While Miles connects better with his uncle, who shares a passion for graffiti and is laid back. Similar to Peter Parker, Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider. After he’s bitten, an interdimensional portal is opened bringing other spider-heroes from different universes. Miles has to find out who is terrorizing the city, while getting the other spider-heroes back home. This film has beautiful animation. Sony Animation doesn’t get a lot of credit for how well their movies are designed. This is because they are usually outshined by Pixar or Dreamworks. However, this film allowed the animators to have fun, go all out and be creative. Several of the different spider-heroes are animated in a different style, one being based on 40s cartoons style (Spider-Ham), another was Japanese-Anime-inspired (Peni Parker),

and one was entirely in black and white (Spider-Man Noir). Because the animators are so good, these characters don’t feel out of place or distracting. Under the direction of Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman, a beautiful film was constructed. However, the imagery feels as though it could have been much better than what it was. Most movies use imagery and visuals to tell the story. However, this movie broke the rule “show don’t tell.’ They choose to tell us how charters were feeling instead of using imagery for the viewer to infer what was going on. Another thing that was absolutely phenomenal was the music, at least for the most part. Minus three scenes that tried to be serious but almost made me laugh in the theater, the music was great. This movie’s soundtrack is composed of a lot of licensed music, however, it doesn’t feel forced unlike a lot of other movie. A lot of the music was used to make Miles more relatable to the younger audience, and it succeeds. That’s not to say that the film soundtrack isn’t great. Particularly the Prowler’s theme which is exhilarating and adds a sense of danger whenever Prowler is in the scene. Then we get to the action. The action is spectacular and tops every single superhero movie this year. Thanks the animators, the directors, the music, as well as some great sound design, the action becomes much more thrilling. With every punch that’s thrown, carrying weight making audience feel it. Every step, boom, smack, and bang is all delivered great. Seeing every individual Spider-Man fight is entertaining just within itself. The best thing about the movie is the writing. The dialogue exchange between each characters is great. For the most part, they all feel like real people. Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, and Gwen Stacy are all really interesting characters. Miles actually feels like a teenager, which

is hard thing to say fo a lot of films, TVshows and books. But beyond the drama part of the movie, this movie is hilarious. The movie uses a lot of visual humor, but the verbal jokes are also funny. I saw this movie twice and I laughed just as hard the second time compared to the first. Yet, the only other thing I feel could’ve had more improved was the villain. In this movie, it’s Wilson Fisk or Kingpin, who’s a good Spider-Man villain. However, he doesn’t work best in this sci-fi heavy story, where normally he’s just more of a mob boss. His character is given a wired taked. Most of his actions were with valid motivations. Yet, he wasn’t given the attention he need falling flat on charter depths and being the least humanized. This made everything feel forced as if he was just polt device for Miles to overcome. To add to this, Kingpin is very initiating, and his existence adds stakes to the story. The three superheroes that are on screen the most, represent something. For one Miles Morales is the first mixedraced superhero portrayed in film. Peter B. Parker in the movie is an aged Spider-Man who’s out of his prime and has developed depression. Gwen Stacy is the first spider-woman portrayed on film. Unlike many superhero films today, Gwen Stacy actually has a character beyond being just a girl. All this is why Stan Lee liked Spider-Man so much. He’s relatable. No matter who you are, whether your race, your gender, or your mental stability, you can wear the mask and be a hero. And this movie has expresses that effortlessly. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is more than the best superhero movie of the year. It’s one of the best movie of the year and best superhero movie of all time. Go watch this movie if you haven’t. This is a solid 9 out of 10. You’ll be able to love it if you like animation, super-heroes, comedies, or just good movies in general.

on the big screen was in 1944 a live-action movie on the origin of Captain America. It wasn’t until 2008 when Marvel made its own studio with the release of IronMan, before this Marvel made movies with third-parties. The opening of Marvel Studio gave Stan Lee cameos in the movies and he’s been in every Marvel movie since, whether animated or live action. His very first cameo was in a video game called “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2” in 2009. But with every beginning there comes an end: Stan Lee’s last cameo has already been filmed. Although considered the godfather of comic book heroes, Lee’s legacy is sometimes mixed with misconceptions. One of the biggest was that he was the first to create a black superhero that being Black Panther. This is not true, yes Black Panther was the first black superhero in 1966. It wasn’t Stan Lee who created him-it was his partner Jack Kirby who originally conceived him as a character named Cool Tiger. Many people also believe Stan Lee created the first female hero, Susan Storm, which is false. The first ever female hero was created by Fletcher Hank in 1940 her name was Fantomah (Jungle Comics). But besides the misconceptions, Stan Lee still made a huge impact on the comic book world and will continue to do so long after his death. We must not forget the hero who created the heroes. Excelsior! old friend.

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The New Age of Competitive Sports


By Markist Williams Layout Editor

Have you had the dream as a kid to grow up and play games you had fun playing for a living? That no longer has to be such a distant dream. Gaming has always had a competitive scene, but how far has that scene grown in the recent decades? Electronic sports, or e-sports as its called casually, is new to the competitive gaming world. The contest of players happens usually in tournaments in large stadiums to watch them compete, while the bigger events are streamed to be viewed by fans at home. Though it sounds simple, it takes hours of practice a day for the game you’re shooting to get into to have the mechanical skill, game knowledge, and reflexes. Getting necessary gear, hardware, and internet speed has been easier than ever before in this new age to get started. The first question you might have is, “Is this really stable enough to look into as a way of living?” or “Will I be able to live comfortably and have money?” Projected to have as fastly growing worth and to pass the billion mark in 2019, while China & The US have the greatest contributions, it is becoming more and more valuable at an amazing rate the thought of it crashing one day is far from possible. As for salaries, the average player receives about $60,000, while bigger names and tournament winners get the most out of the deal. Lee ‘faker’ San Hyeok alone had the salary of nearly $900,000 for League of Legends. Tournaments for games like Overwatch, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, and SMITE can have a poll prize of millions that get split between the team members. Not only does winning give you extra satisfaction and money, but also opportunities with being sponsored and bigger salaries. Things are already in motion in Arlington, Texas, as they are already redesigning a convention center with e-sports playing a big part of the build. With PC’s lined up and ready for use, seating and 85” tv for viewing, it seems as though they are already

Markist Williams, a competetive gamer, hopes to see a $900,000 paycheck someday · Photography Editor Anannya Kundu however, they have the opportunity to be a demonstration event. IOC have also announced that they have also talked about the inclusion of it being in future games, while not being certain they have to keep in mind that it “must not infringe” on Olympic values at any time. So disrespect-

San Hyeok alone had the salary of nearly $900,000 for League of Legends

anticipating the rise and popularity of esports while helping draw attention for it as well by having computers open for gamers publically. Another big attention drawer is the program for esports held at Villanova’s campus people who are interested in joining the competition. It has even begun to be recognized by colleges enough to be eligible for a scholarship and/or a varsity in, so far, a few colleges. As the popularity and player/viewer base increase, these numbers will most likely grow, making more time and openings for other gamers out there. Aside from being picked up economically and academically, it’s being recognized on a global scale. While going to have a medal in the 2022 Asian games, The 2024 Paris games are “in talks” about esports joining the competition, giving players the chance to show off their honed skills and reflexes with their knowledge on an even larger stage than before. Leopold Chung, Secretary-General of the International eSports Federation (LeSF), says it won’t be possible to be an official discipline,

ful acts such has crouching repeatedly at a very fast, or “teabagging,” and excessive taunting could prove to be a problem. No matter what point you look at it from, e-sports have the momentum, support, and recognition as well a growing number of players to grow and one of, if

not, the biggest scene of competition in time. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate. Save up for your gear, get some friends and aim for the top of a game you really enjoy, to get the best of both worlds.



Boy’s Basketball Season Jerrin Baez Sports Writer

The Bobcats varsity basketball squad dropped a hard-fought game against Roxborough 98-68 on Thursday, January 24. With their win against Nueva Esperanza Monday, there are currently only a handful of games left before the close of the season and each is a must-win. The Bobcats entered their game against Roxborough with a 6-7 record. Despite the fact that they have only won one game at home all season, many of the starters were optimistic about another game at Cunningham center, home of the Bobcats. Senior Djime Traore shouted “I feel great I’m ready to cook them.” Junior Syncere Ross said “I feel good. I feel like we about to get an upset win today.” A more cautious Naseer Johnson said “I feel like we are going to be the underdogs--if our whole team comes together, we might be able to pull it off.” Roxborough has been a domi-

nant team throughout the season, going undefeated in the conference for a record of 10-0. The Bobcats’ conference record stands at just 4-5. First Quarter The FLC cheerleaders are making noise as the first quarter begins. Ross and Traore begin the scoring with four points each. By the end of the quarter the rest of the Right behind him, Traore made 4 points, and by the end of the quarter, the Bobcats have made a total of 10 points. One of Roxborough’s starters, Mackie, dropped two three-pointers and one two-pointer. Melson making a two-pointer and right behind him Jones finishing with a dunk. Roxborough seems very dominant in this quarter. Gibson makes a three-pointer and two layups. FLC’s Ross gets the ball and makes a layup making the score 10-24. During the first quarter almost coming to an end, Robinson makes a two-point-

er for Roxborough making the score for the first quarter 10-26. Second Quarter The Bobcats are huddled up and listening to their coach Michael Gardner. Halfway into the second quarter Traore was fouled heavily by Jones, as he fell into the spectators. This does not stop Traore. He immediately made a layup and a two-pointer. Sophomore Tommy Santiago drove into the paint making a layup as the FLC cheerleaders try to help the team rally. Johnson made a furious layup to end the second quarter with the Bobcats trailing by 23. Third Quarter Into the third quarter and Traore has made a three-pointer making the score 31-57 and later makes another three-pointer making the score 39-71. Santiago grabs a player from the opposing team and fouls him but then he makes up for it with

a layup. FLC seemed to be making a comeback in the third quarter as our team made layups and two-pointers. Junior Basim Bilal makes the buzzer beater and the third quarter is over. Roxborough still holds a commanding lead of 84-46. Fourth Quarter The final quarter began with senior Devon Love being switched in and made 10 points. Junior Quincy Turner made a three-pointer followed up by a layup from Syncere. By the end of the fourth quarter, the FLC Bobcats unfortunately lost to Roxborough with a final score of 6898. Even though the Bobcats lost, they showed great comradeship to the other team. The FLC Bobcats have a chance to redeem themselves in upcoming games but they need some support. Every game from now on is must win.



Staff Photographers Jerrin Baez and Fatimah Hajali


SPORTS Winter Sports Roundup

Girls Varsity Basketball

3-5 Record Parkway Northwest VS. FLC: 57-33 (L) West Philadelphia VS. FLC: TBA Benjamin Rush VS. FLC: 46-32 (L) Parkway Center City VS. FLC: 49-28 (L) Thomas A. Edison VS. FLC: 40-21 (L) Frankford VS. FLC: 23-57 (W) Mastbaum VS. FLC: 36-46 (W) Kensington VS. FLC: 38-30 (L) Roxborough VS. FLC: 42-69 (W) January 30, Tacony Academy Charter School VS. FLC February 4th, Masterman VS. FLC

Boys Varsity Basketball

7-8 Record Abington Friends VS. FLC: 71-57 (L) Randolph Vo-Tech VS. FLC: 53-69 (W) Parkway Northwest VS. FLC: 30-43 (W) Samuel Fels VS. FLC: 55-60 (W) Murrell Dobbins Vo-Tech VS. FLC: 60-54 (L) Mastery Charter South co-op VS. FLC: 64- 48 (L) Franklin Towne VS. FLC: 50-58 (W) Freire Charter VS. FLC: 67-59 (L) Swenson Arts & Tech VS. FLC: 42-69 (W) KiPP DuBois Collegiate Academy VS. FLC: 7461 (L) Masterman VS. FLC: 60-63 (W) Highschool of the Future VS. FLC: 82-66 (L) Parkway Center City VS. FLC: 67-60 (L) Roxborough VS. FLC: 98-68 (L) Esperanza Academy Charter School VS. FLC: 48-49 (W) January 29th, Edison VS. FLC January 31st, SLA Beeber VS. FLC February 1st, Penn Treaty VS. FLC February 4th, Girard College VS. FLC

Congratulations to the FLC cheerleaders for making it to states for the first time ever!

Boys JV Basketball

0-7 Record Preparatory Charter School VS. FLC (L) Kensington VS. FLC (L) People For People Charter School VS. FLC (L) Frankford VS. FLC (L) Masterman Julia R. Secondary School VS. FLC (L) School of the Future VS. FLC (L) Kensington VS. FLC (L) January 29th, Edison VS. FLC January 31st, CAPA VS. FLC February 6th, Roxborough VS. FLC

International 3 Day

Instructional Informative Inclusive Franklin Learning Center May 29th to 31st, 2019

Arts. Music. Dance. Story Telling. Workshops. Food Festival.

By the Students and for the Students Express Educate Entertain

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