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College: How to Prepare


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College: How To Prepare By ANIAH GONZALEZ Entering high school, college is typically the number one thing that stresses students out. Most students have personal issues or responsibilities outside of school and often don’t want the stress of college on top of that. Juniors Kody Taylor and Cierra Jenkins both agree that the college application process can be a very stressful situation that involves different factors. With this being a stressful period in a high school career, Franklin Learning Center’s counselors, Me-

gan Condit and Asmaro Gist, both have some advice on preparing for college. “Really in my opinion you should have a exit plan,” says Gist. “From the moment you enter high school you should be thinking how to get out.” It’s never too late or early to start planning out your exit strategy for post high school. It’s also never too early to start preparing for college. You can start as early as 9th grade. You can take part in extracurricular activities, SAT prep, community service or even getting involved with internships that involve your post high school plan. However it’s not all

about what looks good on your résumé. “It’s not about having your foot in the door with so many things that colleges want to see. They want to see a passion for it, that you have a desire to be a productive member of society because that means you’ll be a productive member of their campus” Mrs. Condit clarifies. Also, a great way to start preparing for college is time management and organizational skills. “You have to manage your time that’s what college is showing you. That you can start and finish something sometime…the biggest factor is time management starting

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College Information Board in Franklin Learning Center · Staff Photographer Anannya Kundu

and finishing” Mr. Gist explains. Lots of people feel like the college process is all on them which is completely untrue. A lot of your peers are going through similar situations. So confide in a friend if you have to. Also, you can talk to your counselor—that’s what they’re are there for: to help and support you. Another way to prepare is to visit as many colleges as possible. This school is always participating in college fairs, campus visits, and even seminars. The easiest way to stay in touch with what’s going on is via Google Classroom, class specific codes can be found in Mrs. Condit’s room.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Offseason By NICER HALL There is a time where players are being either traded, cut, signed, resigned or are going to retire, and that time of the year is the NFL offseason! There are a lot of questions as to who is leaving, who is getting traded, and who will be signed. There was speculation of certain players leaving and going to play on other teams like TE Trey Burton, DT Beau Allen, or CB Patrick Robinson. I have to be honest, I am loving this year’s free agency for the Philadelphia Eagles so let’s take a look at what the Philadelphia Eagles did so far. On March 7th the Philadelphia Eagles traded for DE Michael Bennett and a 7th round pick and gave the Seattle Seahawks WR Marcus

Johnson and a 5th round pick. The team would also trade with the Carolina Panthers for CB Daryl Worley and gave them WR Torrey Smith. The team would also sign players for depth like LB Corey Nelson from the Denver Broncos and Haloti Ngata from the Detroit Lions. The Philadelphia Eagles expected to lose some players to free agency. One player they would lose was TE Trey Burton to the Chicago Bears where he will get a 4-year contract worth $32 million to be the number one TE. The team also cut long time Philadelphia Eagle TE Brent Celek, which I am kind of sad about, to get under the cap number and to make cap space the GM Howie Roseman restructured a few contracts.

The Philadelphia Eagles also resigned a player that they thought to be too expensive in LB Nigel Bradham but was resigned because of there being enough cap space. Now there would would be talks of is DE Vinny Curry going to be traded or will it be Mychal Kendricks? Or their contracts could be restructured or they could be cut to save up money. The team could even get younger at positions they are thin at like linebacker, offensive line, and tight end by getting more picks and relying on the draft. Now I asked Amir Ellis what he thinks the Eagles should do during the offseason. I asked him if the Philadelphia Eagles, in the NFL Draft, should draft a Tight End or draft

a linebacker with their first round pick? He said they should draft a tight end. Then when I asked should the Eagles try and get younger at the Safety position by trading Rodney McLeod and drafting a Safety? He said “No, because I think he brings veteran experience and fits perfectly with Malcolm Jenkins.” The last question I asked was should the Eagles try and sign Brandon Graham to a contract? Then he said “I think we should because he is a big part of our defence and team.” When I said I love this years offseason I meant that since there will be a lot of star players who would want to come play for the Super Bowl Champions, they would be able to go back and win the championship again.



Shift in School Year Brings Heat, Dread By KIMBERLI PANTOJA

Many students are familiar with entering school on the month of September, typically in a day after Labor day. Now they are realizing that a new schedule will have them enter in August. How will students and staff feel about it? Over the past years, students are normally aware of entering a day after Labor Day, which is normally celebrated the first Monday in September. However, many things are changing. As of right now, schools that are a part of the School District of Philadelphia will have a different schedule for students to enter. Although the calendar might change throughout the year for various reasons, the entering for the upcoming school year will be on August 27, 2018 and will create a huge impact for all. That’s quite a difference. What kind of problems will be faced? August often has hot temperatures. When it is very hot, outside and inside, without air conditioning, students may feel a bit overwhelmed with the heat and may

end up having heat stroke or dehydration. Students also get easily distracted since the hot weather is bothering them. They are going to start to feel exhausted without energy. Alexis Rodriguez, a junior at Northeast High School, stated “many students have been passing out when they are under the pressure of high temperatures.” Many students literally may feel like fainting in high temperatures since less blood flows through the brain which leads to them feeling light-headed. Former Constitution High School student, Karen Sanchez said, “Public schools as I know, have a dress code; in August it’s still warm out and that can affect the dress code.” That is to say that many students will end up coming to school with inappropriate outerwear since the weather is hot, since certain schools do not have air conditioning. Rodriguez also mentioned that “high temperatures can cause severe prob-

lems to students: headaches, not paying attention, and tiredness.” Clearly it is said that the School District is not considering the consequences of entering school early. Entering school in August is a very harsh idea for schools that do not provide air conditioning or can not afford it. Karen Sanchez also suggests

“The school district [is] trying to bring up the overall school system and basically being selfish by starting the school year more early to be with the other schools.” Overall, entering school a month earlier will cause many disruptions for students and staff. Unfortunately, the school district is not interested in what students have to say about it.

Students, gather outside Franklin Learning Center · Staff Photographer Bwe Ku

It’s Time for Muslim Holidays to be Recognized By FATIMAH HAJALI

“No child should feel left out” believes Marjana Nasralla, founder of Project Eid Awareness. When the holiday season comes around, everyone gets excited-especially those in school. A break is given to students and staff when certain holidays come around, giving them an easier time to celebrate. Despite the wonderful breaks, some children, students, and staff are left out when regarding their holidays. Those children are the Muslim youth of Philadelphia. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, with 3.3 million muslims living in the U.S today. Yet a muslim holiday isn’t recognized in their school calendars. The most celebrated holidays should be considered the same when regarding schools. America contains a very diverse society and is currently growing more and more diverse each year. With that being said, it’s time for schools to start recognizing muslim holidays. It is not fair to the large population of muslim students who can’t celebrate their holiday freely. Since their holiday isn’t on the school calendar, they would have to miss school in order to celebrate. But why go through all that trouble when it can simply be resolved? When muslim students have a break from school during oth-

er holidays, then they should also art.” She “wants to make sure our have a break to celebrate their own. Muslim youth felt included in the Now some people will argue that holiday season.” Project Eid Awaresince Christian and Jewish holidays ness started in Philadelphia and are already recognized, and if they has been growing ever since 2011, add one muslim holidays, then oth- causing it to be recognized world er religions wide. States like will want to At FLC, the ratio of holidays New York and New be recog- celebrated by Muslims and hol- Jersey have already nized too started to include idays celebrated by jews is 11 to and it would their Muslims in cause too 1, out of 76 students and staff. the holiday season. much cha- That’s a significant amount of Nasralla feels that os. Islam- Muslims and yet two jewish “schools should ic schools never choose to holidays are recognized in the recognize have a break just during oth- school calendar some of their stuer holidays dent’s holidays but can’t have a break during their and they need to be considerate own because it is not recognized that their student body is diverse.” on the whole. Muslims contribute Her goal is to bring awareness so much to society and, in return, to the Eid holiday at public and their kids are left out when recog- charter schools, and college camnizing holidays in their schools. The puses. Every city/country/school Muslim youth is just as important is unique in its own way, with its as any other American youth, yet own people and because of that, they still don’t have an opportu- they should choose to honor what nity to be able to celebrate freely. their population mostly consists of. Since the population of Muslims At FLC, the ratio of holidays celis growing rapidly, more and more ebrated by Muslims and holidays students/staff celebrate Eid- a Mus- celebrated by jews is 11 to 1, out of lim holiday which only comes twice 76 students and staff. That’s a siga year. And therefore it should nificant amount of Muslims and have a right to be recognized. yet two jewish holidays are recMarjana Nasralla, “aims to bring ognized in the school calendar. If a better understanding of who the one person gets the opportunity to Muslim community is through celebrate their holiday freely twice, something fun like holiday and then 11 people should also get that

same opportunity at least once. Islamic holidays are more than just Ramadan, they consist of two Eids. Both Eids, Eid-al-Fitr and Eidal-Adha play a very big significant role in the religion of Islam. They not only serve as holidays, but also as a mark for the end of Ramadan, (a Muslim religious holy month), and as a celebration for the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Their importance is just as great as any other holiday already recognized, and the Philadelphia School DIstrict still shows no sign as to even finalizing at least one date for either of them in the school calendar. When looking at the Philadelphia School District calendar, there is no acknowledgement of any of the Muslim holidays. The 2018-19 school calendar meets both Muslim holidays yet they are still not mentioned. In May 2016, an article was uploaded by the title of “Philadelphia Schools add two Muslim Holidays” by Tricia L. Nadolny, with the intention of becoming the “first in the nation to do so”. There was nothing added two years ago and there is still no sign of the school district adding anything new and/ or related. The fact that whole cities, especially huge ones like Philadelphia, are choosing to ignore a significant part of their population shows how the school district really feels about the Muslims in their schools.




Racial profiling doesn’t start or end with Starbucks By THE FLASH EDITORIAL BOARD Race has always been a topic that arouses the interests of the general public, whether it be controversial topics such as which race is superior over the other or incidents where service is denied towards someone of a different race. In America today, there is a diverse arrangement of workers in many different franchises. Workers are no longer hired for being a certain race or put down because of their race, or so you would hope. Similarly, all customers are supposed to be serviced appropriately and fairly in all public situations. However, many companies are not living up to their sophisticated reputation. There has been an outbreak of racial profiling in many chain franchises we seek service from today. Racial profiling is the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. Public restaurants and eateries such as Starbucks, Waffle House, Applebees, have been identified as places where instances of racial profiling have happened. This leads up to the question of whether or not the employee or the entire franchise should be blamed when racial profiling or racial bias occurs. The employment criteria that these franchises boast about following may not actually be hard to rig, and how much the hiring team knows about their employees may not be enough. Starbucks, a large coffee chain, is known for their equal employment opportunity when it comes to hiring, so that behind the counter they do not discriminate. However, not much is talked about or said about their service application, so it’s not officially known whether or not they are willing to provide service to everyone of every identity. No matter how progressive one may think our society has become over the years, it is undeniably evident that people of color are faced with obstacles everyday because of the color of their skin. Persecution in establishments and franchises is one of the most common obstacles. It’s something that happens everyday in America, but is rarely discussed until recently. After a recent incident in a Phila-

delphia Starbucks, where two black men were arrested for simply sitting without ordering something, a conversation was amplified--one that was long overdue. Now many are left wondering just how often people of color are subjected to this kind of harassment, and the answer is way more than one could ever imagine. Take for example, Chikesia Clemons, the 25-year-old women from Alabama who was dragged and stripped by police officers in a Waffle House. After one of the Waffle House employees cancelled Clemons’ order, she asked for the contact information of the district manager. While she waited to receive the information, police showed up and spoke with Clemons and then proceeded to drag her by her arm unto the floor. In the course of the altercation, Clemsons is choked, threatened, and her clothes are even pulled down revealing her breasts to other customers who proceed to finish their meals while all of this

her sleeping in a common room of their dorm and called the police. After two officers showed up and began questioning Siyonbola, one of them told her that the complaint was made because the student had called in and “said there’s somebody who appeared they weren’t ... where they were supposed to be.” There are countless incidents where people of color are harassed and persecuted because someone simply feels intimidated not by what they’re doing but by their presence, when in reality they’re committing harmless acts. Students here at Franklin Learning Center know all too well what it feels like to be persecuted and even harassed over seemingly innocent acts. When asked have you ever been discriminated against because of your race, Senior Nickey Sawbo explained “I grew up in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, areas that are predominantly white, and they’d go out of their way to personally torment me and my par-

takes place. When she asks “What are you doing?” one of the officers responds with “I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do.” In addition to asking for contact information, add sleeping to the list of things you can’t do while being black. Lolade Siyonbola, a black Yale University graduate student, was interrogated by police officers after a white student found

ents. They’d put condoms on the door handles and beat our doors with snow.” But for what reason? For simply being black and living a quiet life just like anybody else. Sawbo goes on to say that she feels that this could all be resolved “if people were more aware and more accepting of people of color.” A concept that sounds so simple but yet people still can’t seem

to comprehend even after decades. Senior Jalen Ellis has been profiled too: “I was going to Checkers one night when three cops pulled up on me and asked me where had I been and I explained that I was going to the store. They assumed I was the person who stole from a store nearby, because of the description of a black man in a hoodie.” Ellis feels that the whole situation could have been avoided if “they would have read the description more clearly. One of the officers even admitted that the robber looked nothing like me.” Even though this is something that affects the entire country, we as a school can do our part in making a change. Racial profiling is something that greatly affects people of minority races, and as a community it shouldn’t be something that defines us. When standing united we should all take note of when we partake in racial profiling, even when it seems harmless or habitual. These instances include, but are not limited to; Holding your belongings close to you when walking near someone of another race/religion Asking where someone is ‘really’ from Saying “you look pretty/handsome for someone who’s (certain race).” Saying “you talk/act/look white” when a person of color is educated. These are only a few of a long list of microaggressions. Everyone should take responsibility for their own prejudices, as miniscule as they may seem. We can’t control our subconscious or habitual thoughts, but what we can do is change our actions and take the first step to changing our perceptions of others. Another misconception that many people have is that having friends of different races means you can’t be racist or stereotype others. The students at Franklin Learning Center not only look racially diverse but are also socially, mentally, and academically diverse. These differences are what make FLC such a colorful community, full of students that are similar and share similar experiences despite their many differences. We can lead by example and show others how such a diverse group of people can work so greatly together and, little by little, help defuse racial profiling in white dominated industries.



Home or No Home, Every Student Matters By FATIMAH HAJALI and HANNAH WOODRUFF It’s scary when you have no place to call home. No place to go back to after a rough day, or to celebrate your accomplishments--no place to be young. Sadly, many people still face this issue today, especially the youth of our community. It’s gotten to the point where their futures are at risk.

1 in every 20 highschool students here are homeless. As every day passes by, they struggle with finding a place to sleep, and yet no one is taking action to help them. However, that can change because it should be the school district’s responsibility to provide support for these homeless youths. Over the past couple years, homelessness among children and young adults has become an increasingly common issue. More than two million children in the United States experience homelessness each year,

Front of non-profit organization, Project Home, in 1515 Fairmount Ave · Staff Photographer Anannya Kundu

around 40% of them being under the age of 18. In Philadelphia, the number of students going through this has increased by 73%, meaning one in every twenty highschool students here are homeless. The main causes of homelessness include the lack of affordable housing, poverty, and abuse from parents/guardians. Despite living in harsh conditions due to these circumstances, a report

by the Pennsylvania Department of Education stated that the majority of homeless children and youth across the state — 26,273 in total — aren’t even registered in the shelter system. The slightest support could motivate these young people to make a living for themselves. Hope plays a major role in the lives of growing individuals, showing them that they do have the power to better them-

Front of Project Home’s JBJ Soul Homes in 1415 Fairmount Avenue · Staff Photographer Anannya Kundu

selves. Having hope gives them the chance of becoming successful because it allows them to push through even in situations that seem hopeless. In order to improve their lives and the lives of the community, it is the school district’s responsibility to give them that support. They could do this by ensuring education and employment opportunities. When children have a strong foundation to build on, it will ease the path to their future callings. To establish a safe environment for these students, the school district should take on the responsibility of partnering up with homeless shelter and/or foster care systems. Escaping from abusive or lacking households would be a dream come true to these individuals. When children feel protected from the harsh world they encounter, they will be encouraged to better their lives. They get the opportunity to explore what they are really capable of accomplishing. Our homeless youth need to be guided and supported in order to secure a successful future. Most of the time they get told that “the only way to make it is through school,” but how? If the only way to succeed is through school, then they will need more than just good grades and passing tests. Being homeless is hard enough as it is and being young at the same time doesn’t make it any better. Young students are alone on the streets, having no idea what that could lead to. One mistake could ruin their lives and with no support or guidance, they can end up in very dreadful situations.



Aces Make Volcanic Debut By DARIANA GARCIA

The Aces is an indie rock band from Utah, that consists of vocalist Cristal Ramirez, drummer Alisa Ramirez, lead guitarist Katie Henderson, and bassist McKenna Petty. Recently, they released their debut album “When My Heart Felt Volcanic,” filled with perfect pop hits and creative lyrics. Listening to it feels like a rollercoaster from start to finish. The first song off the album is “Volcanic Love” and it has a whimsical 80’s sound that got stuck in my head immediately. My other two favorite songs are off the album are “Stuck” and “Stay”. “Stuck” is about feeling stuck in a situation with no way out, however the fast tempo and quick guitar riff, along with the catchy chorus, “I’m stuck… with nowhere to go it cuts, babe, ‘cause we’re just taking it slow, it’s overdue, make your move stuck with nowhere to go” make it a total hit, while “Stay” is an energetic, bubbly song with strong bass and synths. The chorus adds to it, “So don’t let it go, speed it up or go

fast paced. They are the end of the roller-coaster when you walk away. “Hurricane” is a ballad, in which we only hear Ramirez’s vocals, piano, and strings. The song compares the evolution of a relationship turning bad, to it being a hurricane. “Waiting For You” is a more chill track with a slower tempo and repetitive lyrics, “I think you know what I want, I think you know, I’m waiting for you” the song is a perfect album closer. “Colors” · A&E Editor Janelis Duran and Staff Photographer Dariana Garcia I recommend you slow, ‘cause I already know you’ll be sound along with Ramirez’s vocals. listen to “When My Heart Felt Volbreakin’ my heart if you don’t stay.” “Last One” has a 1975 instrumental canic,” I know for sure that it has a The album reminds me of Haim’s sound, but with lyrics that contrast spot in my top 5 favorite albums. It’s debut album, “Days Are Gone” since the album opener, “Volcanic Love.” fast guitar, strong bass, quick tempo, they both have a summer sound The last two songs, “Hurricane” synths, and modern catchy lyrics and are driven by the guitar and and “Waiting For You” are different are worth a listen. I give “When My bass. However, The Aces put their from the rest of the songs since they Heart Felt Volcanic” a 5 out of 5 stars. own twist by incorporating an 80’s are slower while the others are more

WHAT’S UP WITH MARVEL’S INFINITY WAR? By JANELIS DURAN Infinity War is about the big bad Thanos as we follow his journey and try to understand his motives. Throughout the movie, we watch as Thanos does everything in his power to accumulate all six infinity stones. In a desperate attempt to stop the black order and Thanos, the world’s mightiest heroes join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Wakanda, and Doctor Strange. As we all know, our heroes did not succeed and Thanos did, in fact, get all infinity gems. With this came a lot of turmoil and death. Opening up by counting Thor Ragnarok where Thanos receives the space gem from the tesseract. After threatening to kill Thor, Loki hands it over to him. Then tries to kill him as a desperate attempt to end this monster before he gets too powerful. This scene not only sets the tone for the rest of the movie but is also a fitting ending to the god of mischief. After this we jump on board the black order’s ship as they set course for Earth looking for the time and mind stone. They eventually do not obtain it for Thanos himself later comes in and the gets the stones. But before the battle of Wakanda and the one of titan,

we find ourselves on the collector’s ship were Thanos obtains the reality stone. This is where the movie’s mood changes, in my opinion, because we start to see the world through Thanos’ eyes and we see that he does have something or preferably someone who means a lot to him. On the ship he fights Gamora, which was choreographed in such a way that it didn’t even seem like they were fighting but rather a father playing with his daughter. This is important from a narrative point of view because this lets the viewer know that Thanos is reluctive from harming Gamora and it also shows that the real protagonist of the story is, in fact, Thanos and not our heroes. However, Thanos does end up killing Gamora to get the soul stone, but even with that, it doesn’t take away from his character. It causes him to have more of a reason to carry out his plans and once he does it makes him question what he had done. Thanos isn’t a bad guy. He is a genuinely conflicted character. He can go from being sympathetic to fighting. Thano is a nihilist yet his arc in the movie contradicts his ideals. He is egoistic in believing life doesn’t have a purpose, yet his life does. For his purpose is to liberate the universe from

the cancer that is itself. However once he does the infamous snap and kills half the universe, Thanos starts to rethink what he had done by asking himself through a younger Gamora what was the cost of his actions, to which he replays every-

thing. I believe that in this moment something snaps in Thanos’ head. He begins to see that maybe life does in fact have purpose. This contradiction of ideals is what Thanos is left with by the end of the movie.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures



FLC Has “Magic To Do” With It’s April Musical By FRANCHESCA CARRERA Since the beginning of the year, the Musical Theater department has been preparing for this year’s musical, Pippin, a tale of a young prince who longs to find passion and adventure in his life. With the stage adorned with colorful painted pieces, circus themed dances, and medieval jester-esque costumes, this musical will differ from the past performances like Little Shop of Horrors and DreamGirls. After a brief break of a few years, the spring musical returned to Franklin Learning Center in 2016. Since then, the event has featured the joined forces of musical theater, art, stage crew, and dance students. The three teachers behind this production are FLC’s very own Vocal Music Director Michelle Frank, Dance Instructor Dana Williams, and Instrumental Mu-

sic Instructor Colin Sharp. With their guidance, many students are also working hard to produce an extravagant production, with over 100 students participating. Sophomore Alexandra Rodriguez will be acting and singing in her first musical. “I really enjoy it,” she said. “I get to hang out with my friends and work on my acting and musical skills.” In order to become a part of the Musical Theater class, Vocal majors must audition. In the audition, they recite a monologue and sing any song they like, as long as it is featured in a musical. But before everyone gets to watch the Musical Theater students perform, they must practice. One of the hardest and most tedious parts of being in a musical is learning lines. “Remembering all my lines was a little tricky at first,” Rodriguez stated, but she slowly got the hang of it. “Whenever we went off book, Mrs.

Stage crew members Daniel Castro, Tai Dang, and Anache Shivers, push a stage prop carrying Erin Davis · Staff Photographer Anannya Kundu

Frank had to shout out our lines, maybe every couple of minutes.” Although they had a bit of trouble, they always found ways to practice and improve by “acting out our scenes when we weren’t in class. Like doing it out of school and with family members.” Another member of the production is Cristo Garcia, who is also experiencing for the first time the hard work that goes into a musical. He decided to join as a member of the stage crew to help decrease any possibility

of error during the opening night. “Stage crew is in charge of how the set looks and works,” he said. They often change the main stages on the set, due to scenes having different settings. He also added that they “make sure that everything, such as costumes, props, and sound equipment, is in place so that nothing is off.” Pippin debuted Thursday, April 19th and ran through Sunday, April 22nd.

Shanieyah Davis helps Stanley Morrison get dressed in a metal armor piece prop · Staff Photographer Anannya Kundu

Supernatural Classic By JANELIS DURAN Whether you watch anime or not consider watching, or reading ,Monster. Unlike the typical anime, Monster has a realistic look, feel, and tone to it. The show doesn’t have dramatic fight scenes or exaggerated faces. Monster is a Crime thriller written by Naoki Urasawa. It’s about Dr. Kenzo Tenma who lived in 1986 Germany. Kenzo was a man who believed that no life was worth more than another life. His philosophy was that all life had meaning and purpose. Due to his beliefs he disobeys direct orders and instead does what he feels is right. Another character, Johan was an orphaned boy whose only relative was his twin sister Anna. He was a nihilist,

sociopath, and serial killer. The series essentially follows Kenzo as he tracks down Johan to kill him ultimately “fixing” his mistake. What makes this show interesting is the way it sets out to answer the age old question on whether people are inherently evil or good. Johan wants Kenzo to kill him to prove to himself and the world that people are evil in nature. And we as the viewer watch as Kenzo struggles with this. A man whose beliefs are pushed to the limits.. The tone of the show is grim and dark. The dialogue exchange between characters is almost always morbid. Even the music. Often times you won’t hear it due to its faint sound but it still helps set the tone for this dark series. Monster didn’t just touch on the topic of

good vs. evil, but it also touched on deeper topics. This is what made the story so compelling. It’s always set out a way to make you question your views on something like identity, social statics, nature vs. nurture, and even biblical and historical questions. Overall, Monster will always be one of my favorite manga/anime series and like I said even if you are not into anime you should still give it a thought. I promise you it won’t be a waste of your time. Promotional image for the anime series featuring Kenzo Tenma and partially-shadowed Johan Liebert



Sweet n’ Spicy Buffalo Wings

ern take on it is that the wings are typically fried. In this article we Buffalo wings are tasty delicious have what can only be described as pieces of chicken wings that are typ- the perfect matching of sweet and ically breaded and fried and then spicy.Step 1: Prepare your wings coated in a combination of flavors. If your using whole wings cut Some common ones Americans love the wings in half and remove the today include hot, mild. and bbq. part that has all the bones in it (beBuffalo wings originated from NYC cause no one likes that). You should and was created Sweet Heat Buffalo Wings now have a mini by Teressa Beldrumstick and a • Whole chicken wings or lissimo in 1964. flat. Season wings wingdings Legend has it with salt, pepper, that a group of • Franks Hot Sauce oregano, and garlic her son’s friends • Honey powder. Prepare a entered their • Salt seasoned flour by family owned • Pepper adding one cup of restaurant flour and a tsp of • Oregano called Anchor each seasoning (for • Garlic powder Bar. Her sons extra heat at ½ tsp friends where • 1 cup of flour of cayenne pepper) very hungry so Step 2: Preheat Bellissimo beOil gan making something to eat by Before you fry the wings taking chicken wings and broiling heat the oil (in either a deep them. At the time chicken wings fryer or large pot) to 375 F were only used to make chicken Step 3: Bread the wings and fry stock for soups. Bellissimo finAfter seasoning the wings ished her creation by covering the dredge the wings in flour shakwings in her signature spicy sauce. ing off excess. Now add the wings Bellissimo’s wings became an to preheated oil frying in batchinstant success, the more mod- es wings will cook in 8-9 minutes. By ALEX FERNANDEZ

Sweet and spicy wings, made by the author · Food Writer Alex Fernandez

Marvel’s First Black Pride Movie By ALLONIAH MITCHELL

Many people are wondering what the hype is all about concerning the new movie Black Panther. It is a movie with a largely black cast written by a black director. Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther was extremely superb, from the amazing vivid colors, strong visual designs and makeup. After his father dies, T’challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, returns home to the fictional African country Wakanda, to take his rightful place as king. However, when a powerful enemy arrives T’challa struggles as king and as Black Panther. If you get the chance to watch this amazing movie, one thing you will notice is the bright colors that catch your attention from the beginning of the movie until the end. Something else that will catch your attention is the mountain in which the Wakandians

hold their vibranium . The light blue metal that they use to make every thing. Also the colors of their makeup and markings on their body and bright costumes respect and mimic the traditions of African people. Also Wakanda itself is filled with huge vibrant temples, animals, and vegetation. Another thing that makes Black Panther amazing is the strong visual design in the movie. Ryan Coogler fuses African culture and advanced technology which gives the movie an exquisite look. It is an exploration of Wakanda and their culture. Marvel focuses a lot on the buildings and landscapes when going into other worlds. An example of this is Shuri’s (the black panthers sister) lab. Also the different tribes each had their own distinct look. There were five

tribes and each had different makeup looks. And unlike the Avengers which focuses on many superheros fighting one another and other enemies, which can become distracting, Black Panther is on a much smaller scale as it primarily focuses on Wakanda. Which I think is better for the audience because it’s entertaining without having too much happening in the same movie. Black Panther is the best Marvel film so far, not only does it have good visuals and an incredible representation, but the plot is terrific. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see an amazing movie that has an incredible story behind it and depicts African culture in a way no one has seen before.

Promotional poster, from Marvel’s Black Panther · Marvel Studios

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