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The Addiction. There is this great movie made by Abel Ferrara, called “The Addition”. It takes drug like addiction and shows it from a different perspective. The addiction still remains the addiction and I have recently found myself addicted to something I never thought I will. Instant photography.

Anyway, I have recently found myself addicted to instant photography thanks to Instax SQ6 and like every addition it drains my wallet dry.

PS: Hours after this issue was

closed, Polaroid Originals announced a new camera. Remote control, double exposure, portrait It is incredible how quickly one can mode, manual mode and other get addicted. Is it the great features controlled with dedicated anticipation for an image to appear? app. Polaroid admitted in Perhaps it is only that feeling of an interview recently that Fujifilm holding a picture in your hand. indeed controls the majority of the Creating something that you can instant photography market. physically touch. Owning something Competition is good and it’s great to that is not digital. Well, it would customers. definitely explain the current trend to own vinyl collections. Using Issue #16 is here! When you decide digital library gives you access to to purchase subscription with issue millions of tracks. But you can only #14 you will get all four publications listen to one at the time and even planned for 2018. when you buy the whole album, you cannot admire the cover, front and Enjoy issue #16 and don’t forget to back, and it is there, it is yours but subscribe: you just can’t see it.

I have recently acquired a vinyl copy of Iron Maiden album “Somewhere in time”. I did not know Thank you for your support! Stay creative and shoot film. that the back cover has references to “Blade Runner”. So, I guess we may be missing Tomasz Olejnik something. It is also possible that Editor-in-chief I am really exaggerating.


Neringa Blažytė My name is Neringa, I was born 24 years ago and grew up in a lovely city of Vilnius, Lithuania. I’ve been in a strong bond with film photography for about a few years now. I found an old grandpa’s FED 3 camera after he passed away and started taking photos. I always loved old analog photographs and film rolls, the unique stories they had behind them and the delicate process of developing.

Websites; More pictures: Instagram:

I love experimenting with film – trying film soup, double exposure games and different perspectives of light. Usually I’m capturing everyday little adventures, delicate moments and all the beautiful souls that surround me. These photos were taken with Nikkormat FT camera, using Agfa Vista 400 film. Model: Jie Ding


Calvin Alec Bailey Film photographer, 21 years old, studying history of art - based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Have been shooting film for 6 years. Instagram: 1340gallery: Onfilm.Photo:

Camera: Minolta srt101 Film: Ilford XP2 super 400 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey 2013

Camera: Minolta srt101 Film: Ilford XP2 super 400 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey

Camera: Minolta srt101 Film: Ilford FP4+ 125 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey 2012

Camera: Voigtlander Bessa R2M Film: Ilford HP5+ 400 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey 2018

Camera: Minolta srt101 Film: Ilford XP2 super 400 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey 2014

Camera: Minolta srt101 Film: Ilford XP2 super 400 iso (c) Calvin Alec Bailey 2013

We would love to see your photographs So we can then show them to a wide international audience Please visit our website for more informationon You can also email us your sample images to: info@thefi


Andreea Andrei Visual artist based in United Kingdom. Educated at Film School in Bucharest Romania and National Film and Television School, London, United Kingdom.

“My work has been extensively exhibited and published both in UK and internationally; Tate Modern ( UK, Tate exchange program) MoMA (US, via their story of the day on instagram) Balkanik Festival (RO, the largest balkanik festival in eastern europe) PhotoScratch (UK) My art focuses on social documentary portraiture fashion, and seeks to explore the complex relationship between subject and photographer. I like to know the person first and try to make a deep connection before I take their photographs. For my personal projects I use both my cameras (polaroid & analog). I’m in my giving up the digital era and go back to analog.” Webites; Website: FB: Andreea Andrei Photography Instagram: andreeaandreiphotography


Artemis Kondylopoulou Artist Statement Memory is an unreliable witness. Any effort to produce a clear image of the past will bring back only traces and crumbs of what has been. But the moment is gone and almost forgotten and only remembered as a flawed redesign of the mind, a vague imprint in the retina of the eye an alternate version of what has happened that is clouded by feeling and misjudgment and the inevitable passing of time. I take pictures to remember.

Fragments of a scene with no movement, no sound, no infinite horizon and no fourth dimension. Producing a new memory every time you look at them and taking you even further away from the real memory. But I take them anyway. These fragments of memory are fragments of my soul.

And I don’t want to lose them. I want to take them and look at them and keep them safe in a box. And sometimes I take pictures because I’m I take them out of the box and scared of forgetting. But even share them. And in this way these pictures are not reliable fragments of my soul belong to someone else. witnesses.

I’m a greek and austrian photographer based Apart from being a photographer, I’m also

in Greece. I have studied photography in the technical university of Athens, in the department of photography and audiovisual arts.

My thesis was entitled “On another plane”

a musician in the making.

All photographs were taken with a Nikon FM2 and Fujifilm Superia iso 400 or 800.

Websites; and its objective was to present airports as heterotopias, according to the essay of Michel Foucault “Of other spaces”. After my studies I’ve focused on my personal projects by trying to further evolve the concept of heterotopia as well as that of memory. I’ve taken part in group exhibitions and my work has been presented in web magazines such us “Shoot Me” and “Pample Mousse”.

Photographer & Musician


Ramyar Otmishi “I was born on the 22nd of September, 1979 in IRAN.

I’ve been working on analog photography for 20 years. So far, I have held 3 exhibitions in the museum of Ancient Iran, the Niavaran Palace and the UNESCO Office in Iran. I’ve been doing kurdish folk music for 25 years and I’ve been doing a lot in this area. Because I am from the Kurds of Iran. (Education, research and concert performance)” The photo was taken with the MAMIYA RB67 camera and the fortepan 200 film and printed on a 30x40 paper in the darkroom. Printing Method: Negative on Negative Camera: MAMIYA RB67 Lens: 180mm Film: forte / ISO 200 Websites;

We would love to see your photographs So we can then show them to a wide international audience Please visit our website for more informationon You can also email us your sample images to: info@thefi



e have been waiting for this camera for a really long time. Instax square film was greatly unticipated mostly due to price factor. Let’s be honest here. Ten images for a €10 is better than eight images for €16. Somehow, the price of the Polaroid film had reach the point, when it’s not only about thinking twice before each shot, but going further, overthinking it, and eventually not taking any images. So, now we have a camera that costs approx. €140 and €10 for each pack of ten pictures. Everyone who used the Instax film before should now what to expect when it comes to image quality. If you haven’t used Instax film before, we have a lot of samples images here to show you.

The viewfinder on SQ6 seems to be

positioned awkwardly on the top right hand side of the camera. Something that you just need to get use to. But the biggest trick is to get use to selecting the correct modes when shooting. Side note; sadly you cannot used them together. Only one at the time. Think about having three different focusing options. Normal/auto/double exposure mode; from 50 cm to 2 meters this includes the (Lighter) and (Darker) modes. So everything that is further than the reach of your hand, and up to two meters should be in focus. Macro and Selfie mode: 30cm to 50cm - think of this setting like this: everything that is within the reach of your hand, should be in focus. Now, there is also Landscape mode. From 2m to infinity. This mode is pretty tricky and based on testing it tends to overexpose a lot. Your background will be generally overexposed and very blurry. However, when taking pictures of your family, lets say on a mountain trip, should get some really nice results. Early morning and late afternoon though can give some excellent exposure results. After all, this is ISO 800. Viewfinder is a bit of a challenge itself as it does not show 100% and the parallax correction is a bit difficult to correct just using a small dot in the center. Manual states that it need to be to the right and a bit higher of the center of the image when in Macro/Selfie mode. Expect that you will always have a bit more in your final shot and you will be fine.

Durability. When testing, the camera was

unintentionally dropped from a chair to a hard wooden floor. Thankfully, the lens was closed. The impact opened the battery door and sent the batteries flying all over the place. To our surprise the camera was still working perfectly. This very light plastic body seems to be much harder that we initially suspected.


what is the overall verdict you may ask. This is a great little tough, short range camera that is really a lot of fun to use. But it takes a lot of time to get use to. It took us 20 images to really start getting things right. You really have to remember what setting to select or you end up with blurred images.

Maybe we just miss holding a fully

developed images in our hands and being able to share them with loved ones or just instantly being able to display them at home.

Next step. B&W Instax square.

Come on Fujifilm. We know that this is just Don’t expect to have a perfect photo and a question of time but we really cannot wait you will be fine. In time it gets even a bit to use it on SQ6. So stock up on your addicting. Instant photography is a thing Instax square film and go shooting! of the past that makes a strong impact on our digital world. With this camera, you just want to go out there and shoot.

theFIX Project Sponsorship FAQ:

Q: What is the scanning resolution?

Q: Can I get my negatives back?

A: Scanning Resolution approx. size: 3600x2400

A: Yes, of course we will post them back to you.

Q: Do I need to pay for posting the film back to you?

Q: Can I see the images before publication?

A: Yes, we will email you the link where you can A: Yes, you will need to post the film back to us at download your images. your expense.

theFix Analogue Photography Magazine issue 15  

Cover by (c) Wilbur Wong Model: Lucinda Luxe theFIX magazine - created for all photographers who enjoy using film and for everyone intereste...

theFix Analogue Photography Magazine issue 15  

Cover by (c) Wilbur Wong Model: Lucinda Luxe theFIX magazine - created for all photographers who enjoy using film and for everyone intereste...