Tampa Bay Fine Wine Guide

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FARNI ENTE,Napa,CA ByKar en&Br i anAungst


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SCHWEI GERVI NEYARDS,St .Hel ena,CA ByKar en&Br i anAungst

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ZD CHARDONNAY, 2007 A long, cold fermentation in 100% American oak barrels and no malo-lactic fermentation define ZD’s signature winemaking style. ZD’s rich, balanced, fruit driven Chardonnays drink amazingly well when young, and have the ability to age beautifully. $$

STAG'S LEAP WINE CELLARS “ARTEMIS” CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 2005 Sensuous aromas of rich, dark chocolate, black cherries, and espresso immediately rise from the glass. As the wine opens, look for more subtle notes of violets, nutmeg, and truffles. This medium to full-bodied wine has fine grained and smooth pebbly tannins. Its firm structure and fine balance make it a perfect accompaniment to classic chop house fare. $$$

HEWITT VINEYARD CABERNET SAUVIGNON, 2004 The complex, expansive flavors are framed by cocoa powder tannins (classic Rutherford Dust) that give a plush, yet muscular, structure. The smooth, graceful finish lingers with hints of toffee and espresso. Enjoy this elegant wine with filet mignon, lamb, and other richly flavored entrées. $$$$


JOSEPH DROUHIN PULIGNY MONTRACHET, FRANCE, 2006 A wine of great finesse, distinguished and elegant. The color is pure and bright, with light glints of white gold. The aromas evoke trees in bloom and white flesh fruit, like white peaches. On the palate, there is a sensation of fresh silkiness. Long and persistent in the after taste, ending on an exceptional wealth of flavors, both floral and fruity. $$$$ MARC BREDIF VOUVRAY, FRANCE, 2006 The color is pale gold yellow. It has a very intense and fruity nose with notes of white flowers and quince. It has a subtle attack on the palate and a fresh structure and aromatic finish. $$$

SAINTSBURY CARNEROS PINOT NOIR, 2007 The right balance of tannin and acid, coupled with fruit flavors that while rich, darkred and complex, are not overblown. The Carneros bottling delivers distinctive Pinot Noir character of black/sour cherry and spice in a vibrant and elegant wine. $$$$

JOSEPH DROUHIN MACON VILLAGES, FRANCE, 2007 The color of the wine is bright and limpid. The nose is floral and fruity. Very straight forward and direct on the palate, as if biting into a grape. Fresh and light, with a very pleasant aftertaste. $$$

LOREDONA VIOGNIER, MONTEREY, 2008 Floral aromas of sweet oranges and tangerines with a hint of honeysuckle greet you when enjoying this wine. Refreshing flavors of tropical fruits linger on the palate with a crisp balance of acidity. This is an elegant Viognier and a favorite at the Lobster Pot Restaurant. $$$