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Panavision has travelled a long road with the South African film industry: over the years, our clients have shot enough miles of film to reach from Cape Town to Cairo (and indeed, anywhere in Europe). So wherever you come from and wherever you want to shoot, you can be sure Panavision South Africa knows the best possible way. And we always go the extra mile, no matter where it is.

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Eden, Martin Osner’s image which won Gold at the 2008 Profoto Awards


HE Filmmakers Guide to South Africa is a window to the world of support services, locations and filming in our country. As the National Film and Video Foundation, our mandate is to develop our country’s industry and to support products and programmes which contribute towards its growth. We invite you to page through this publication to explore how film-friendly our country is and how accessible and desirable our facilities have become. As a filmmaking destination, South Africa truly offers the world in one country. In a day, you can wake up to the lion’s roar in the most northern region (Limpopo/Mpumalanga); take a trip through a modern African City with first-world infrastructure (Johannesburg); have lunch on the tropical Valley of a Thousand Hills (Durban); visit the 1800s (Eastern Cape and Stellenbosch); go skiing in the Drakensburg (Ukhahlamba/Lesotho border Mountains); have sundowners and a glass

of wine in pristine winelands (the Western Cape); and fall asleep in the silence of the desert (Karoo and Kgalagadi Deserts). Along with glorious and ideal exteriors, South Africa offers common interiors, from 18th century detail to modernday offices. South Africa not only offers these well-managed locations, it is also a true partner in co-production, with easily accessible financial instruments that support film productions. The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa is a tool that will give you the low-down on what to expect from the South African film industry, neatly divided into three volumes: The Industry, Service & Co-Production, and Creative Showcase. Come work and play with us! Eddie Mbalo Chief executive officer National Film & Video Foundation

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Behind the scenes of a world-class post-production company.

The IDC provides finance for industrial and enterprise development. To discuss funding of R1 million or more, please call 086 069 3888 or visit



Š ITV Jim Caviezel starred opposite Ian McKellen in The Prisoner, a reinterpretation of the cult British 1960s series

If Clint can shoot in South Africa... As I write this, Oscar-winner Clint Eastwood has just wrapped Invictus, starring Oscar winner Morgan Freeman as the iconic South African president, Nelson Mandela, and Oscar winner Matt Damon as the World Cup winning Springbok rugby captain, Francois Pienaar. Written by South African Anthony Peckham and executive produced by South African Gary Barber, Invictus is the ultimate underdog true story of how our newly elected president joined forces with the captain of our rugby team to help unite the country. The shoot came in a week ahead of schedule. Clint must have felt safe bringing his latest attempt at Oscar glory to Southern Africa, as he follows a well-trod path

behind directors Mira Nair (Amelia), Ed Zwick (Blood Diamond), Tarsem (The Fall), Roland Emmerich (10 000 BC), Neil Marshall (Doomsday), Peter Travers (Endgame), Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), Philip Noyce (Catch a Fire), Andrew Niccol (Lord of War), Billie August (Goodbye Bafana), John Boornman (In My Country), Robert Towne (Ask the Dust) and the dearly missed Anthony Minghella (Number One Ladies Detective Agency). The list of international talent who have worked here could continue ad nauseam. With Cape Town Film Studios scheduled to open a Hollywood-style studio on the tip of Africa in the first quarter of 2010, the size of the projects coming to South Africa is only going to increase.

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“Shooting 24: Redemption in South Africa was the highlight of my six years on the show. It was nothing short of exhilarating.” Jon Cassar, 24’s executive producer and Emmy Awardwinning director.

Kiefer Sutherland starred as Jack Bauer in 24: Redemption



local content is flourishing

South Africa’s own film industry is also flourishing. Helen Kuun of local distributor Ster-Kinekor called 2008 “the best year we have had since Tsotsi won an Oscar.” Mr. Bones 2 broke the South African box office record, raking in over R33 million in less than two months, while Jerusalema, Hansie and Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat all earned around R4 million at the box office, proving that South African films made for under R5 million can be sustained by local audiences. At the other end of the market, South Africa is rapidly creating its own version of Nollywood, nicknamed Twalawood, after Chicco Twala, the producer who has been pioneering this straight-to-DVD, no budget, township distribution model. The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) has now paid out R209 million on 44 projects in the last financial year as a sign of the local government’s continued support for the growing film sector.

commercials sector is sa’s strongest

The commercials sector has always been South Africa’s strongest. Ridley Scott & Associates, Smuggler, MJZ, Anonymous Content, Rattling Stick and Academy are just some of the major production companies who have worked here recently, following brands like BMW, Maserati, Peugeot, Nivea, Oreo, Coke and Hansa, not to mention directors like Danny Kleinman and Dante Ariola. Moonlighting just serviced their 1 000th commercial, so South Africa is as experienced as it is exotic these days. South Africa is no longer just a service destination for commercials though: Keith Rose and Michael Middleton both collected Silvers at Cannes Lions in 2008, while recent months have seen commercials from Adrian de sa Garces, Erik van Wyk, Greg Gray, Shy the Sun, Slim, and Sunu all featured in leading international trade Shots.

animation & vfx is booming

The South African product offering is constantly diversifying. For example, the country now has a booming animation, post-production and visual effects industry. The Lion of Judah, South Africa’s first CGI-animated feature film, is set for an American big screen released; Shy the Sun created Sea Orchestra, which won a a Silver Clio for animation for United Airlines; and Clockwork Zoo have been servicing 2D television series from France, Canada and the UK. South Africa has also supplied the visual effects on a number of international features, including Free Willy: South Africa, Scorpion King 2, Lost City Raiders, Starship Troopers 3, and Bitch Slap.

Cheetah in the Lobby © Michael Meyersfeld


“The crew is unfuckingbelievable out there. This is the kind of can-do attitude I miss in Hollywood.” Dante Ariola, MJZ’s award-winning commercials director



© Johan Wilke

In another breakthrough, South Africa is steadily cornering the market on international television series, having serviced increasingly high-profile shoots like The Prisoner, ER, The Philanthropist, Silent Witness, Crusoe, Top Gear, Fear Factor: India and The Devil’s Whore, among others. At The Television Critics Association Awards taking place on 1 August 2009, three of the nominees were shot in Southern Africa. 24: Redemption (Fox) and Generation Kill (HBO)

are both up for Outstanding Achievement: Movies, Miniseries and Specials, while No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (HBO) is competing in the Outstanding New Program category. Our documentary sector is also thriving. The Oscar-winning Why Democracy?, the world’s largest ever factual media event, was conceptualised and produced from Cape Town, while Rough Aunties, which won the World Cinema Grand Jury prize at Sundance,

“Shooting Doomsday in Cape Town was an adventure in an amazing landscape. The crew was awesome. The locations were spectacular. The weather was incredible.” Cult director Neil Marshall (The Descent)

was shot in Kwa-Zulu Natal, where it told the story of Bobby Bear, an organisation fighting to bring child rapists to justice. Francois Verster, who won the Emmy for the Most Outstanding Cultural and Artistic Programming for A Lion’s Trail, is already picking up more awards on his latest project, Sea Point Days. Of course, our film industry isn’t limited to South Africa anymore. Gavin Hood directed the box office smash hit Wolverine;

13 13

Rampai Mohadi acted opposite Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Simon Hansen helped develop Silicon Imaging’s SI2K, which Telfer Barnes pulled focus on to help Anthony Dod Mantle win an Oscar for Best Cinematography on Slumdog Millionaire; and The Soweto Gospel Choir won a Grammy for Best Motion Picture Song for Down to Earth, their Wall-E duet with Peter Gabriel.



© Michael Diehl Fifth Avenue’s Calvin Klein shoot

Most promisingly, the international success stories are starting to return to their roots: visual effects prodigy Neill Blomkamp shot District 9 in Johannesburg, with some help from Peter Jackson; Steven Silver came back to film The Bang Bang Club, with Ryan Phillipe and Malin Akerman; and Stefanie Sycholt returned from Germany to direct Themba, one of many local soccer stories to emerge ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There’s no longer any need for young South Africans to leave their country to fulfill their dreams. After all, if Clint can trust South Africa and South African cast and crew, so can anyone.

Courtesy of DO Productions John Malkovich stars in Disgrace, which won the FIPRESCI international critics prize at The Toronto International Film Festival

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“It’s hands down the most beautiful place I have ever seen.” Dennis Iliadis, director of Last House on the Left

Hippo. Heinrich van den Berg’s Gold Profoto winner

WE DON’T DO DRAMA. Give us a call and see why film companies insist we play a leading role in their productions. CONTACT: SHAUN CROESER • TEL: +27 21 424 5000 EMAIL: SCROESER@TEMPESTCARHIRE.CO.ZA

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Celebrating 20 years in the film industry No matter where, no matter how long the shoot, we provide your cast and crew with food that is creative, exciting and absolutely delicious. But it is also food that is healthy and wholesome, handcrafted by chefs who care, who know that a film crew needs fuel to function. All our meals are prepared to the highest standards in mobile kitchens with their own self-contained power and water supplies, and enviromentally-sensitive waste disposal. We know that catering is only one part of a successful film shoot. We plan our logistics as carefully as we plan your food. Lynne mobile: +27 82 800 4309 Roz mobile: +27 82 881 0715 Fax: +27 21 447 2177 Email:

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nfvf CataLoguE

THE SILVER FEZ Documentary Status: Completed Logline: Boeta Kaatji and Boeta Waani were blood brothers until the richest man in the game bought Waani’s loyalty. After that, it wasn’t about the music anymore, even though the battle would be done through song. Synopsis: Once upon a time in a city at the end of Africa, two men were possessed by a dream that could come true for only one of them. Kaatji Davids was a house painter with barely two cents to rub together. But he did have an old banjo, some loyal friends and the audacity to imagine he might be the one to topple Hadji Bucks, undisputed champion of Cape Malay music. The prize was the Silver Fez, Holy Grail of Cape Town’s Islamic subculture.

SHIRLEY ADAMS Drama Status: Completed Cast: Keenan Arrison, Denise Newman

Logline: The story of a woman who loses her family to violence and poverty, but gains her own sense of self worth. Synopsis: Shirley Adams spends her days caring for her disabled son, Donovan. He was shot in the back of the neck on his way home from school one afternoon over a year ago, and since then, the Adams



The campaign involved a cast of thousands and a staggering array of skills, the most sacred of which was the singing of an ancient music that arrived in the Cape on slave ships. Kaatji laboured day and night, driven by dreams of glory and, in the end, by pain. You see Hadji Bucks had limitless resources and he used them to lure Kaatji’s best friend into changing sides. After that it wasn’t just about music, it was about revenge. Key creative team Director: Lloyd Ross Screenwriter: Rian Malan Producer: Lloyd Ross Co-producer: Robbie Thorpe Sales information Robbie Thorpe, TOM pictures mobile: +27 082 450 6180 email:

family has lost all their worldly possessions to medical bills. She has no source of income: no job and no husband - he left without a word. Shirley’s life now consists of trying to make ends meet by shoplifting and relying on the charity of others. When a young eager occupational therapist, Tamsin Ranger, comes into their lives, Shirley hopes that it might lift her son’s spirits and finally put them on a path to some form of stability. But when Donovan’s emotions get the best of him, Shirley is left to comfort her son once more, struggling to find reasons for him to keep on fighting. Shirley receives a phone call one afternoon informing her that her son’s case is finally going to trial, but the glory is short-lived when Shirley discovers that the shooter is one of Donovan’s childhood friends. The pain of this betrayal is more than she can bear. With the repossession of her home seeming inevitable, and Donovan becoming increasingly suicidal, Shirley realises that the “justice” of the court will not restore what has already been lost. When Donovan drowns himself in the bath one morning, Shirley finds her

life completely unrecognisable - devoid of family, religion, possessions and the one thing she thought she had left: being a mother. She now has the freedom of complete isolation and she methodically goes about healing all of the wounds that have burdened her for so long. Set in Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, Shirley’s story explores the ironic state of poverty, where people kill each other yet help each other survive. Riddled with the socio-political and racial tensions that plague these Cape Flats slums, Shirley Adams is the story of one woman’s amazing strength and self sacrifice. Key creative team Director: Oliver Hermanus Screenwriters: Stavros Pamballis & Oliver Hermanus Producers: Jeremy Nathan & Michelle Wheatley Executive producer: Roland Emmerich Co-producer: Kirstin Winkler Sales information Dv8 Films Jeremy Nathan mobile: +27 83 454 8997 Michelle Wheatley mobile: +27 82 336 6897



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MY SECRET SKY (IZULU LAMI) Drama Status: Completed Cast: Sobahle Mkhabase, Sibonelo Malinga, Tshepang Mohlomi Logline: When they are orphaned, a young girl and her little brother leave their rural homestead for the city and meet up with a gang of street kids. Hoping to fulfill their mother’s dream, in the end they find their own. Festivals Dubai, 2008 Pan African Film Festival, Cannes, 2009 Tarifa Film Festival, Spain, 2009 Awards DIKALO Best Feature Film prize Pan African Film Festival, Cannes, 2009 Audience Award & Best Actress Tarifa Film Festival, Spain Key creative team Director: Madoda Ncayiyana Screenwriters: Madoda Ncayiyana & Julie Frederikse Producer: Jeremy Nathan Executive producers: Michelle Wheatley & Moroba Nkawe Sales information Dv8 Films Jeremy Nathan mobile: +27 83 454 8997 Michelle Wheatley mobile: +27 82 336 6897


Drama Status: Completed Logline: The film examines what “truth” and “reconciliation” mean for one ordinary man: Sipho, an ageing black librarian in the township of New Brighton. It shows his painful journey towards confronting his own experiences under apartheid: the killing of his son, shot dead by police, and the rift with his brother, an activist who went into exile.

Key creative team Director & screenwriter: John Kani Producers: Richard Green & Olivier Delahaye Festivals FESPACO, 2009 Durban, 2008 Awards Silver Stallion - FESPACO 2009 Sales information Matteo Lovadina Wide Management Enterprise S.A.R.L. mobile: + 33 6 14 45 62 78 email:

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Sophie Okonedo in Skin

SUPERHERO Short Status: Completed Tagline You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. Logline A white amnesiac finds himself stranded in the middle of an arid landscape dressed as a superhero. He’s assisted and spurred on by a young black boy who wholeheartedly believes that he is a superhero. But as the man’s memory returns, he discovers that he’s been anything but a hero. Key creative team Director: Hanneke Schutte Screenwriter: Hanneke Schutte DOP: Willie Nel

Drama Status: Completed Cast: Sophie Okonedo, Sam Neill & Alice Krige Logline: Skin is a story of family, forgiveness and the triumph of the human spirit. Synopsis: Sandra is sent to a boarding school in the neighbouring town of Piet Retief, where her (white) brother Leon is also studying, but parents and teachers complain that she doesn’t belong. She is examined by state officials, reclassified as ‘coloured’ and expelled from the school. Sandra’s parents are shocked, but Abraham fights through the courts to have the classification reversed. The story becomes an international scandal and media pressure forces the law to change, so that Sandra becomes officially ‘white’ again. By the time she is 17, Sandra realises she is never going to be accepted by the white community. She falls in love with Petrus - a black man, the local vegetable seller - and begins an illicit love affair. Abraham threatens to shoot Petrus and disown Sandra. Sannie is torn between her husband’s rage and her daughter’s predicament. Sandra elopes with Petrus to Swaziland. Abraham alerts the police, has them arrested and put in prison. Sandra is told by the local magistrate to go home, but she refuses. She is pregnant and has made up her mind that her life is with Petrus now. Her father and brothers sever all ties with her, but her mother holds out hope for reconciliation. Now Sandra must live her life, for the first time, as a black woman in South Africa - with no running water, no sanitation, and little income. She and Petrus have two children, and although she


feels more at home in this community, she desperately misses her parents and yearns for a reunion. Sandra eventually hears of her father’s death and becomes obsessed with the idea of finding her mother. Going back to the bureaucratic institutions that determined her fate, Sandra eventually tracks her mother down in a nursing home outside Pretoria. Sannie has had three strokes and is very frail but the need for mutual forgiveness is very strong. Sandra and her mother have a moving reunion, affirming that the bonds of family are stronger than any racial division. Awards Winner - Audience Award AFI, Dallas Winner - Audience & Jury Favorite Awards Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles Winner - Audience Award Santa Barbara Winner - First Film Award Time for Peace Best Feature Film Palm Beach International Film Festival Circle Audience Award Film Fest DC - Washington DC 2009 Key creative team Director: Anthony Fabian Producers: Jessie Keyt, Helena Kriel, Anthony Fabian, Genevieve Hofmeyr, & Margaret Matheson Executive producers: Simon Fawce, Robbie Little, Laurence Paltiel, Alasdair MacCuish, Moses Silinda & Hellen Kalenga Sales information The Little Film Company

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Services Sector Education and Training Authority


Lucy & The Nightmares © Clockwork Zoo

ON Wednesday 10 June 2008, members from the Services Seta met with the Cape Film Commission to commemorate an important initiative driven by the two industry powerhouses, together with Animation SA. Described as one of the Western Cape film industry’s most ambitious projects to date, the first phase of what has become known as the Animation Industry Development Initiative (AIDI) kicked off at the False Bay College in Khayelitsha on 26 June 2009. This marked the beginning of the animation training for at least 50 students, who were identified during the recruitment drive which the Cape Film Commission undertook during April and May 2009. In April, The Cape Film Commission (CFC), the film industry in the Western Cape and the Services Seta launched AIDI within the Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha communities, where the first phase of recruitment for animation-related training took place. More than 1 000 prospective animators were reached through these workshops, as well as through presentations at schools and libraries.

First for Women © Disko

“The Services SETA has pledged its support to help facilitate the creation of 10 000 jobs within the animation industry by 2020.”

SERVICES SETA PROVINCIAL OFFICES Customer Care 0861 101 148 customercare@

HEAD OFFICE Tel: 011 276 9600 Fax: 011 276 9623 15 Sherborne Road, Parktown, Johannesburg

BLOEMFONTEIN Tel: 051 430 6223 Fax: 051 430 8771 49 President Steyn Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein

CAPE TOWN Tel: 021 425 0417 Fax: 021 425 1575 11th floor, Picbel Parkade, Cape Town

animation training & development initiative


services seta

Developing the South African film industry Zambezia © Triggerfish

Sea Orchestra, Shy the Sun’s Silver Clio winner for United

The CFC and Animation SA, with the support of the Services Seta, have committed themselves to create a strong animation and new media industry. To this end they have pledged their support to help facilitate the creation of 10 000 jobs within the animation industry by 2020. According to the CFC’s Commissioner, Laurence Mitchell, “These workshops were aimed at giving potential candidates an introduction to the world of animation, career paths in animation, viewing of showreels and providing students with an opportunity to submit drawings for assessment.” Laurence added that these workshops specifically targeted candidates from previously disadvantaged communities, who were able to demonstrate a command of the English language, were computer literate, had some form of art, drawing and design (visual literacy) skills, and had mathematical literacy and creative and storytelling abilities. “I am delighted at the abundance of talent that is available on especially the Cape Flats, and I remain confident that even though this is an ambitious project, we will reach our intended targets,” Laurence said. “AIDI will not be an outreach programme but we will establish it on the Cape Flats, where we want to contribute to alleviating poverty and creating jobs,” he said. The film commissioner added that the training will focus on drawing for animation, digital design and several soft courses aimed at both entrepreneurial and personal development.

Euro 2008 © Masters & Savant


SERVICES Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) have been established to ensure that the skill needs for every sector of the South African economy are identified and that training is available to provide for these skill needs. Services SETA aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the Authority, its structure and its functions. The information is presented in an easily accessible manner, covering both general areas as well as information specific areas, to employers, training providers and learners.

DURBAN Tel: (031) 207 1761 Fax: (031) 207 1766 73 Ramsay Avenue, Morningside, Durban

EAST LONDON Tel: (043) 743 5410 Fax: (043) 722 9587 15 St Matthew Road, Southern wood, East London

NELSPRUIT Tel: (013) 752 2207 Fax: (013) 752 6434 37 Brown Street, 4th Street, Mid City Building, Nelspruit

PORT ELIZABETH Tel: (041) 582 2033 Fax: (041) 582 2040 Ground Floor, Kalinga Linga House, 3 Edward Street, Central Port Elizabeth


South Africa: a land of award-winning beauty

Š Charlie Sperring




© Charlie Sperring

© Charlie Sperring

People have emotional reactions to South Africa. Anita Roddick, the dearly missed founder of The Body Shop, was typical. She wrote, “If I were 29 or 39 ... or even 49, I would pack up everything and move here… The country is exquisite. I lost my voice in Cape Town, which I think was because I was in a permanent state of gasping with wonderment.” More recently, Emmy-winner Loni Price, who was here to direct Master Harold… and the Boys, starring Freddie Highmore and Ving Rhames, gushed, “I find myself being incred-

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ibly moved being here in this most beautiful country that I’ve ever been in.” Jesse L. Martin, an actor in The Philanthropist and Law & Order, explains, “Culturally and socially it’s a phenomenal place. It’s incredible to be in a country where things have changed so quickly over the last 15 to 20 years that you can actually feel it on the street. For me, being a black person, to be able to spend a major amount of time in Africa is a really big deal.”

38 38

© Farm Films

Even the most jaded travel journalists have been known to slip into mistyeyed poetry when trying to find the words to describe the country at the tip of Africa. When Frommers listed Cape Town as one of the twelve top destinations in the world, they called it one of the most beautiful cities on earth, adding, “The massive sandstone bulk of Table

Mountain, often draped in a flowing tablecloth of clouds, forms an imposing backdrop, while minutes away, pristine sandy beaches line the cliff-hugging coast where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.” It sometimes feels like there aren’t enough adjectives to exaggerate the beauty or the diversity of South Africa. Readers of the UK’s Daily and Sun

Telegraph voted Cape Town as their Favourite World City, with South Africa cracking the top four in the list of the Best Destinations on Earth. Readers of Travel & Leisure voted Cape Town the second best city in the world in 2009, with an average rating of 87.69%. National Geographic Traveler named Cape Town one of 50 Places of a Lifetime.




“The African location heightens things. The perfect, sparkly sand dunes and big skies add an epic quality.” Flashbacks of a Fool actor Daniel Craig, better known as Bond, James Bond, one of America’s most popular online travel guides, ranked South Africa second in its list of the Top Ten World Travel Destinations. Readers of The New York Times named South Africa one of the Top Twenty Places to Go in 2009. The UK’s Times newspaper, in collaboration with bestselling guidebook publisher DK Eyewitness Travel, includ-

ed Cape Town in their top ten cities to visit in 2009. At the 2008 World Luxury Hotel Awards, South Africa won six categories and had 21 finalists. The Arabella Western Cape Hotel and Spa was named Best Luxury Coastal Hotel in the World; The Palazzo Monetcasino was named Best Luxury Casino Resort; Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa was named

Best Luxury Boutique Hotel; Chitwa Chitwa Game Lodge was named Best Luxury Lodge; Sabi Sabi Private Game Lodge was named Best Luxury Game Lodge; and De Hoek Country House was named Best Luxury Country House in the World. South Africa was home to the winner and all the finalists in both the Luxury Game Lodge and Luxury Country House categories.





“Cape Town is amazing. I could live there. In fact, I plan to move there one day.” Michael Kenneth Williams, star of The Philanthropist and The Wire At the International Luxury Awards held in Lugano, Switzerland, Cape Town was awarded top honours in the Best Entertainment Category, just after the launch of Sol Kerzner’s six-star One & Only Hotel at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town in April 2009. On receiving the award, Mariette du Toit of Cape Town Tourism marvelled, “It seems as if the world is having a love-affair with Cape Town.” At the 2008 World Travel Awards, Pride of Africa: Rovos Rail was voted the World’s Leading Luxury Train; Shamwari Game Reserve was voted the World’s Leading Conservation Company and the World’s Leading Safari and Game Reserve; and The Saxon Boutique Hotel and Spa was voted the World’s Leading Boutique Hotel. In the Africa category of the 2009 awards, South Africa took home 34 of the 40 awards. Readers of Travel and Leisure voted Singita Sabi Sands and Singita Kruger National Park the Best Hotel in the World for the third time in 2008, a new record. Readers of Conde Naste Traveller agreed. In 2009, Bushmans Kloof in the Cedarberg Mountains in the Western Cape topped the rankings, with a 98.67% score. South Africa’s not just for royal families though; it’s value for money too. In fact, in the UK our country featured in The Herald’s list of the Top 10 Value-for-Money Holiday Destinations. The Country Brand Index Report also named South Africa ninth in its Value-for-Money brand category, not to mention sixth in its Authenticity category. The readers and editors of The New York Times even agreed that South Africa is the definitive destination for “affordable luxury,” saying our country is fast “becoming one of the best bets for American travellers looking for high-end experiences at relatively low-end prices.” Winchester Mansions, a beachfront boutique hotel in Cape Town, came 26th in the Top 100 Best Value listing of Budget Travel Magazine and TripAdvisor.

© Justin Patrick • Bird on a Wire


Coming to South Africa is possibly even the ethical choice. The 2008 Ethical Traveller Report named South Africa as one of the developing world’s Ten Best Ethical Travel Destinations, based on our commitment to environmental protection, social welfare and human rights. Phinda Private Game Reserve, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve were all included on the latest National Geographic Adventure list of the 50 top eco-lodges. Tswalu, the largest private reserve in South Africa, won the Condé Nast Traveler World Savers Award in 2007.The Ethisphere Institute even voted Cape Town one of the ten cities in the world most likely to become global sustainability centres. Certainly, coming to South Africa helps create jobs and uplift a country still grappling with mass unemployment and widespread poverty. Government has targeted tourism as a key part of its economic growth plan, with 10 million visitors expected in 2010. As Richard Branson attests, South Africa is the ideal place to mix business and pleasure. Doing Business 2008, a joint publication of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, ranked South Africa 35th out of 178 countries for ease of doing business – ahead of Spain, Brazil and India. South Africa is also the 35th best place in the world to do e-business, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2007 E-Readiness Report. South Africa ranks fourth in the world for auditing and reporting standards, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2008-2009.

Dutch director Jean van der Velde filmed The Silent Army in South Africa. Co-produced by One Step Beyond, the story of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo sold 350 000 tickets in the Benelux and screened in competition at Cannes this year.

southern africa

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“Johannesburg is Milton Keynes with thunderstorms. You go out. You have a lovely ostrich. You drink some delicious wine and you walk back to your hotel, all warm and comfy. It’s the least frightening place on earth.” Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear

© Justin Patrick • Bird on a Wire


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10 things to do in 2010 1. Watch the final of the FIFA Soccer World Cup, which will be played at the calabash-shaped Soccer City in Johannesburg on 11 July 2010. When it’s lit up at night, the stadium will resemble a traditional African cooking pot.

2. Look down on the entire KwaZuluNatal coastline from the 100m arch above the pitch of Durban Stadium, which was custom-built for the 2010 World Cup.

3. Wine and dine at Le Quartier Francais in Franschoek, voted the best restaurant in the Middle East and Africa in the annual S. Pellegrino list of the World’s 100 Best Restaurants. La Colombe in Constantia, Jardine’s and Aubergine in Cape Town, and Rust en Vrede in Stellenbosch all cracked a nod in the listing.

4. Take a ferry from the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront out to Robben Island, where Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 of his 27 years in jail. Originally connected to the Cape mainland, this World Heritage Site’s chequered history includes spells as a leper colony, a mental hospital, and a training and defence base in World War 2.

5. Bungee 216 metres off the world’s highest commercial jump at Bloukrans Bridge on the border of the Eastern and Western Cape.

45 45


6. Follow in Matt Damon’s bike marks by taking part in the world’s largest individually-timed cycle race, The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour. The first event outside Europe to be included in the International Cycle Union’s Golden Bike Series, the Cycle Tour’s gruelling but gorgeous 109km route attracts around 35 000 cyclists in March every year.

7. Walk down Vilakazi Street in Soweto, south of Johannesburg, the only street in the world that has been home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners. Archbishop Desmond Tutu still lives on the street, while Nelson Mandela’s former home is now the Mandela Family Museum.

8. Sort for the treasures hidden in endless amounts of junk at Milnerton Market, an art directors’ dream with a panoramic view of Table Mountain and the highest characters-per-centimetre anywhere in Cape Town.

9. Visit Graham Beck Wines’ Franschoek Cellar Door facility to discover why Michelle Obama chose Graham Beck Brut NV to toast Barack Obama’s inauguration speech.

10. Take the rotating cable car up Table Mountain, which is one of the finalists to become one of the New7Wonders of Nature. If you’re fit, you can take one of the hundreds of walks to the top.

© Brett Rubin • Bird on a Wire / Models: Bao Hoa (Base Model Agency) & Justin Poulter (Trigger Models)




south africa

Starship Troopers 3 © Film Afrika

© One&Only Cape Town

Free Willy: South Africa © Joe Alblas / Film Afrika

in southern

e iqu mb za r sca ga da









south africa


District 9 © Kalahari Pictures

Darfur © ZenHQ Films / Graham Abbott

Maserati © Moonlighting


Pelephone © Moonlighting



© Charlie Sperring

© Magic Mountain / Juergen Hinterleithner


© Hannah Mentz


Durban Int. Film Fest, 22 July-1 August

KKNK, 1-8 April, Oudtshoorn, W. Cape

Durban Film Mart, TBC

Good Friday, 2 April


Two Oceans Marathon, 3 April, CPT

Women's Day, 9 August

CPT Int. Jazz Festival, 3-4 April, CPT

Oppikoppi Music Festival, TBC, Limpopo


Easter Monday/Family Day, 5 April


New Year's Day, 1 Jan

Freedom Day, 27 April

Heritage Day, 24 September

J&B Met Horse Race, 30 Jan, CPT


The Loerie Awards, TBC, Cape Town

Workers Day, 1 May

Tri Continental Film Festival, TBC

South African Film and TV Awards, 6 Feb, TBC

Comrades Marathon, 30 May, KZN

Out in Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, TBC

Midmar Mile, TBC, KZN



Design Indaba Expo, 26-28 Feb, CPT

FIFA Soccer World Cup, 11 June-11 July

Rocking the Daisies, TBC, Darling, W.Cape

Design Indaba Conference, CPT

Youth Day, 16 June




National Arts Fest, 20 June-5 July, E.Cape

Horrorfest, TBC, W. Cape

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 14 March, CPT



Human Rights Day, 21 March

Durban July Horserace, 3 July, KZN

Nedbank Golf Challenge, TBC, Sun City

Public holiday, 22 March

The Photo and Film Expo, TBC

Day of Reconciliation, 16 December

Cape Winelands Film Festival, TBC

Encounters Documentary Festival, TBC

Christmas Day, 25 December

Chicken Licken © Egg

Axa © Egg

Besa © Egg

© Magic Mountain / Maik Scharfscheer

Crusoe © Moonlighting





Soundstages best suited for TV, drama, commercials, PSAs, corporate videos and castings. Daylight studios ideal for stills, music videos and chromakey links. Backup power, support facilities and onsite parking. BOOK NOW! TV ✭ FILM ✭ EVENTS SOUND STAGES & SUPPORT FACILITIES

physical address: 33 Frost Avenue, Milpark, Johannesburg contact: Leago Mnguni telephone: +27 11 482 7111 fax: +27 86 606 1393 email: web:

The Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Residence brings together the familiarity and sophistication of Europe and the vibrant spirit of Africa. Set between the iconic Table Mountain and the blue Atlantic, the hotel provides an enclave of luxury and refinement in the heart of South Africa’s most beautiful metropolis. physical address: Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Residence, 47 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005 postal address: P.O.Box 1199,Green Point, 8051 telephone: +27 21 430 0500 fax: +27 21 430 0797 email: web:

Condor VFX

Visual Effects, 2D & 3D Animation Our VFX studio offers award-winning 2D & 3D animators, master compositors and motion graphics artists to the local and international commercials and feature film markets. From receiving your final draft script, we provide a dedicated creative director to manage script breakdowns, shoot planning, on-set supervision, image creation and composition through to final grade. Flame • Flint • EQ • IQ Maya • Shake •Nuke

telephone: +27 21 413 4800 email: web:

CoMpAny proFILe



prosthetics pyrotechnics fabrication physical effects

tel: +27 21 551 3137



Changing lives through F.I.L.M. The Film Industry Learner Mentorship program offers previously disadvantaged individuals the opportunity to gain vital skills under mentorship on local and international productions. For F.I.L.M. partner companies it’s the chance to give back to the future! Let F.I.L.M. work for you.

contact: Seton Bailey telephone: +27 21 461 7950 fax: +27 21 461 7951 email: web:

directors: David Wicht, Marvin Saven, Berthe Spieker, Kim Williams, Jaco Loubser, Roberta Durant

We make it happen first time. Specialists in high falls, body burns, bike and car stunts, fight scenes, and bullet hits • qualified high-explosive pyrotechnicians • stunt doubles • experts and props for all manner of special effects, including wind machines and rain towers • fully equipped workshop – all specials on demand • commercial and film extras We deliver. No false promises. physical address: 205 Vorster Avenue, Glenvista, 2058, South Africa contact: Aubrey or Charlene Lovett telephone: +27 11 432 5117 mobile: +27 73 234 1711 or +27 84 400 4815 fax: +27 11 432 0818 email:




premier serviced apartments V & A Waterfront, Cape Town

telephone / fax: +27 21 421 3079 email: web:

Unrivalled comfort and elegance on the water’s edge, offering a world-class location with Table Mountain as a majestic backdrop. Mountain Marina is a collection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, with the penthouses as the premier units. The apartments are fully serviced and equipped to the highest standard. Each apartment comprises modern, air-conditioned, spacious en-suite bedrooms with separate lounge and dining areas. Here in the heart of Cape Town, you can enjoy the luxury of your own spacious residence that not only guarantees peace and quiet, but also complete privacy and independence.

Ngage-Digital - South Africa¹s leading provider of digital solutions and services to the visual industry. Get connected to our Imagine network, offering marketing, management and collaboration tools including cast, crew, locations, production, digital asset management and media transfer. Our bespoke services include; Website Design and Development • Content Management Solutions • Emerging Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Below-the-line Production • Editing Ngage us when you want to do digital right. telephone: +27 21 409 2000 • email: • web: • web:

Lyndall Jarvis

fax: +27 21 434 3130

Jacques Naude

Dominique Piek

telephone: +27 21 439 3999

Candice Boucher

Started in 1991 by model Rod Zane Gallocher, Outlaws Model Agency is an elite international model agency run from Cape Town and home to some of the world’s most sought-after and successful models. Outlaws provides the best talent to both stills and audio-visual media, and is a family away from home to our clients and models alike. But mostly we just get the job done.





telephone: +27 21 447 6326 cell: +27 82 654 8870 email: web:


Roodebloem Studios, one of Cape Town’s most diverse rental studios, has just grown bigger and now offers over 700 square meters of shooting space, four main studios and four smaller studios, three cycloramas, two daylight studios, blackout facilities, drive in access, three phase power, a gantry, two fully equipped kitchens for food shoots, beautiful wooden floors and lots more. Jan Verboom has added a unique touch: a rooftop deck with a pool which boasts 360° views. The studios are supported with an array of Profoto flash equipment and digital gear, ranging from Phase One, Hasselblad and Canon to Apple Mac laptops and computers. Their friendly service guarantees that all your shooting needs will be met with a breeze.

Waterfront Post is home to our full front-end services: a film lab (Kodak Imagecare accredited), data lab (digital data management featuring Bones Dailies), telecine (using Spirits), audio (Protools audio suites and ISDN voice recording), and edit suites (Avid and Final Cut Pro). telephone: +27 21 409 2000 email: web:

Waterfront Studios is the most technologically advanced home to the biggest creative post production team in South Africa. The group offers a one-stop-shop including Cape Town’s only Film Lab; Bones, the most advanced digital dailies solution and telecine services; plus edit and audio suites, a boutique VFX and 2D & 3D animation studio and development through production full service new media division Africa’s two largest sound stages are located at Waterfront Studios, servicing TV series, features and commercials. Stage 1 (1100m2) and Stage 2 (800m2) are fully sound proofed and airconditioned, with make-up and wardrobe rooms and exclusive-use toilets. Each studio comes with control rooms, lighting grids, lights and dimmers. Stage 3 (400m2) is ideal for use as a table top studio, with a full equipped industrial kitchen adjacent to the studio. telephone: +27 21 409 2000




Bickers Action, the international specialist in vehicle stunt engineering and camera vehicle tracking, now has an office in Cape Town. Bickers Action is proud to offer one of the largest ranges of camera tracking vehicles and equipment in the world. Additionally Bickers Action has a wide variety of tried and tested mechanical effects equipment, such as pipe ramps, jerk rams, nitrogen cannons and many more for creating realistic and impressive action shots.

• Camera tracking vehicles / insert cars to suit any requirement • State-of-the-art air suspension low loader / Process trailer (150mm ride height!) • Stunt engineering & stunt equipment • Manufacturers of specialist vehicles and equipment • Mechanical SFX

telephone/fax: +27 21 864 2872

mobile: +27 76 840 7325


discover the breakthroughs first

JULY 2008: Shy the Sun's United spot appears in The Callsheet MAY 2009: Shy the Sun wins a Silver Clio for United Sea Orchestra

tel: 021 674 0646 fax: 021 674 6691 email:







A new luxury 36 rooms & suites Relais & Châteaux hotel, with stunning views, fine wine tastings, a choice of restaurants and a cosy bar-lounge, is located in the heart of the Winelands, 4kms west of Stellenbosch and only 20 minutes from Cape Town International, on a 180-hectare working Cape vineyard.

Cape Portfolios offers over 100 luxury rental villas and apartments in and around Camps Bay. Our villas cater for large production teams who require close proximity to each other, wireless and servicing. Our stylish modern properties and excellent service will ensure you have the perfect stay.

Ideally located in the Cape Town city bowl, iKhaya offers stunning authentic African fusion design and dramatic views of Table Mountain. iKhaya also offers a 24hr reception, wireless internet and a restaurant.

contact: Horst W. Frehse telephone: +27 21 888 8000 fax: +27 21 888 8001 email: web:

telephone: +27 21 438 3416 fax: +27 21 438 1148 email: web:

physical address: 2 - 5 Dunkley Square, Wandel Street, Gardens, Cape Town contact: Reservations telephone: +27 21 461 8880 fax: +27 21 461 8889 email: web:




Romney PaRk ALL SUITE HOTEL & SPA Awarded Best All-Suite Hotel for 2002, 2003 and 2004 and Hall of Fame in 2005, 2006 and 2007. 29 one or two-bedroom sea-facing suites, each with en-suite bathroom, separate lounge and dining room, kitchen, private balcony and free Wi-Fi access. Facilities include a spa, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

physical address: Cnr Hill and Romney Roads, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005 telephone: +27 21 439 4555 fax: +27 21 439 4747 email: website:



Comfortably appointed suites thoughtfully scattered among shrubs and trees, each offering a patio, with wireless connections available throughout the property. The ideal base for day trips, only 30 minutes from Cape Town’s V & A Waterfront and 20 minutes to Cape Town International Airport. physical address: 175 Parel Vallei Rd, Somerset West, 7130 contact: Ralf Rumpf telephone: +27 21 851 7088 fax: +27 21 851 7091 email: web:

Set in the heart of cosmopolitan Sea Point, The Hyde is ready to wrap you in wall-to-wall chic and a luxurious style all of its own. Cape Town’s newest hotspot knows all about working and playing hard, and caters to your most discerning needs by delivering the small things that make the big differences. The Hyde. Ready when you are.

contact: Reservations telephone: +27 21 434 0205 fax: +27 21 434 0149 email: web:





broadcast equipment hire & sales

Situated in Bryanston, Johannesburg, Digitalfilm provides local, national and international clients with High Definition broadcast solutions.

The 207-roomed deluxe Vineyard Hotel & Spa, centrally located in Newlands, Cape Town on six acres of landscaped parkland with a backdrop of Table Mountain, is only 18km from Cape Town International Airport, 10km from the City Centre and V&A Waterfront, and a short walk from Cavendish Square shopping centre.e.

Rentals include camcorder kits, support, HD film-style lenses and variable transfers. Specialising in rental package deals, we quote on each production dependant on shooting requirements and budget criteria. Open seven days a week, including most public holidays.

camera hire

A one-stop shop for technical co-ordination services and reliable equipment. A hiring company that specialises in supplying professional broadcast equipment to the broadcast and entertainment industries, anywhere in South Africa and overseas. We pride ourselves on being able to supply camera, lighting, audio and accessories to facilitate just about any type of production.

physical address: Colinton Road (off Protea Road), Newlands, 7700, Cape Town reservations: telephone: +27 21 657 4500 fax: +27 21 657 4501 email: web:

contact: Rentals: Isaac, Craig or Frank Sales: Craig or Frank Legal & Insurance : Samantha telephone: +27 11 4637584 mobile: +27 82 378 4084 fax: + 27 11 4637584 email: web:

contact: Roddy Barker telephone: +27 11 886 9016 fax: +27 11 886 9041 email: or web:

car hire

casting agency

casting directors

Casting Cape Town At our spacious, air-conditioned studios in the heart of Cape Town we do everything in-house, giving you a casting experience that’s cost effective and efficient.

THAT!’s the way we do it There’s nothing we won’t do to help your production come in on budget. Give us a call and see why so many film and commercial companies have insisted we play a leading role in their productions.

• Run your jobs online via our interactive casting website, absolutely free of charge.

For the best artistes in town.

• Research your talent requirements through our live link-up to South Africa’s largest talent data-base.

We also offer acting and grooming coaching. Please email us for a booklet of our artistes or a copy of our presentation.

After a hard day’s work in our studios, enjoy the flea-markets, sidewalk cafés and trendy nightspots right on our doorstep. For more info, please log on to our website.

To get great value for your money: contact: Shaun Croeser telephone: +27 21 424 5000 mobile: +27 84 234 1141 fax: +27 86 686 9544 email: web:

telephone: +27 21 556-0168/5851 mobile: +27 84 437 3202 fax: +27 86 696 6037 email: web:

contact: Jeanne Wegner(BA English) tel: +27 21 424 4004 fax: +27 21 424 4003 mobile: +27 82 491 3632 email: web:


casting directors





To deliver on time, on cost and to brief, efficiently, creatively and professionally

Casting Directors set up shop in 1988 as one of the first casting companies in South Africa. Today they have grown into one of the leading enterprises in the local film and television industry, casting for TV commercials, TV drama series and film features for South Africa, but also providing services internationally, notably Europe and the Americas.

Film and Production SuPPlieS Mango Catering has 12 years experience, having completed 60 feature films in South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. We have state-of-the-art mobile kitchens to cater anywhere in Southern Africa.

South Africa’s first and only One Stop Shop supplying consumables to the film and entertainment industry. Personalised and friendly service with 2500 specialist products in store. Extended shopping hours and anytime availability: you phone - we open! Make use of our extensive database of manufacturers and suppliers. Appointed agency for Rosco products.

contact: Marina van Tonder telephone: +27 11 880 5893 fax: +27 11 880 5896 email: web:

contact: Patrick Gillingham telephone: +27 82 425 8864 or +27 82 772 3158 fax: +27 86 622 2805 email:

physical address: 13 Old Marine Drive, Afro building, Culemborg, Cape Town contact: Brenton and Clint Lockets telephone: +27 21 418 8437 (all hours) fax: +27 86 517 9527 email: web:

equipment rental

film laboratory


Cam-A-Lot offers a great value for money service catering for the newcomer as well as the established professional. Suppliers of broadcast cameras, sound and lighting equipment.

contact: Glen Theron telephone: +27 11 787 6234 fax: +27 11 789 8586 email: web:

When processing film you want to be assured that your laboratory is taking the utmost care of your invested time and money. If a Kodak Imagecare Program logo is displayed, customers can be confident that the procedures and processes are in place for reliable and consistent processing.

physical address: 2 Johannesburg Road, Highlands North, Johannesburg, 2192 contact: Tony Boyers telephone: +27 11 719 4600 fax: +27 11 719 4690 email: web:

Specialising in: •Films and commercials •International productions •Media-related insurance •Personal accident and liabilities •Weather day cover

contacts: Craig Symon or Carey Mottershaw telephone: +27 11 694 5000 fax: +27 11 694 5163 email: web:





mobile accomodation

music instrument rental

musicians media Professional and technical services for the music industry supply of all music instruments The Coca-Cola dome is the premier multipurpose indoor entertainment venue, with more than 11 000 square meters of uninterrupted space and a variety of features and structures. An ideal location for your next film or photo shoot.

Mobile – Artist trailers, Makeup, Production

physical address: Erf 1149–2, Olieboom Road Phillipi, 7750 contact: Grant Medcalf or Taryn Moore telephone: +27 11 794 5800 fax: +27 11 794 5808 email: or web:

postal address: Starfilm Rentals (PTY) LTD, Post Net Suite # 31, Private Bag X26, Tokai, 7966 telephone: 0861 STARFILM (78 27 34) or +27 21 703 0822 fax: +27 21 703 2554 or 086 611 6666

post production

creative commercial editors:

gordon midgley shaun broude

contact: kate grosso telephone: +27 11 463 9226 fax: +27 11 463 9220 email: web:

remote camera support equipment

Our company, established in 2002, offers a variety of wireless and remote camera-support equipment to the film and television Industry. Our equipment, operated by experienced in-house technicians, is used to support many aspects of dynamic cinematography, including: crane shots, cable rigs, tracking shots, marine work, motion capture and aerials. contact: Antoinette de Lisle telephone: +27 21 785 2786 fax: +27 21 785 2451 email: web:

• Drums, guitar, amplifiers, keyboards, saxophones, trumpets, etc. • Pianos • Sound systems • DJ equipment • Stage and Lighting

physical address: 9 Dagbreek Way, Pinelands, 7405 contact: Derek Wooldridge telephone +27 21 531 1549 fax: +27 21 531 1549 mobile: +27 82 347 1342 email: web:

resource centre

Runway Film Resource Centre is the skills and enterprise development arm of the Cape Film Commission, set up to provide a range of resources for young filmmakers. These include industry meetings, training courses, workshops, online resources and the necessary links into the industry.

physical address: Runway Film Resource Centre,1 Port Road Waterfront, 8002 telephone: +27 21 421 6434 fax: +27 21 421 6435 email:







AubErgInE rEstAurAnt

At Vertex Scaffolding we are proud of the high standards we set ourselves. This is evident in our no nonsense approach to working safely and efficiently, using only the best products. Our qualified and experienced riggers are equipped to build our aluminium scaffolding in almost any place that it is required. If you need to get up there, let us provide a safe and easy access and work platform for your staff to work from.

At Jetset VIP Protocol, we offer VIP protection, body guarding, chauffeuring, events safety and security management.

Continental cuisine with Asian influences, based on only the freshest South African produce. Specialities such as game, seafood and vegetarian dishes are highlights of textures and flavours to excite and surprise even the most jaded palate. The team of Sommeliers will match our cuisine with wine from our cellar, which is both broad in variety and deep in vintage to complete a sophisticated dining experience.

telephone: +27 21 465 4909 email:


Film set & event security • VIP chauffeuring • Luxury car rentals • Executive bodyguards contact: Edward telephone: +27 21 425 2170 fax: +27 21 425 2163 email: web:

This includes corporate protection, dog patrols, security response, access control and reliable 24hr response vehicles. Call us night or day.

Keep it safe. Keep it practical.

contact: Vertex Scaffolding telephone: Gauteng : 0861 837 839 Western Cape : 021 551 5665 Kwa-Zulu Natal:031 569 1189 web:

studio rental

Red Light Studios offers a Red One camera package and two shooting studios. Our Red package comes fully supported to ensure smooth workflow through the production and post-production processes. Studio A offers a three-wall infinity cycle, lighting gantry and comfortable mezzanine viewing area. Studio B is a clean blackout space. contact: Craig Ferguson or Jesse Leigh Elford telephone: +27 21 593 8625 mobile: (Craig): +27 83 415 3891 (Jesse): +27 82 225 3662 email: web:

contact: Ebrahim Safter or Miegyadien Safter telephone: +27 21 461 6116 (Ebrahim): +27 83 418 0072 (Miegydien): +27 83 310 6441 fax: +27 86 516 6018 email:

venue & creative space

The Runway is a venue and creative space. 635 square meters have been set up for designers, artists, film producers, corporates and event companies to become creative in. This includes a large backstage area for make-up preparation, wardrobe styling, installed sound, lighting and 20 meters of removable staging / runway.

contact: Liam Du Preez Paterson telephone: +27 21 461 6569 fax: +27 86 662 8692 email: web:







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Photography Location agent Accommodation Accommodation Studio facilities Restaurant Tracking vehicles Vehicle stunts Stunt company Photography Bird sanctuary Photographer Equipment rental Camera equipment rentals Film commission Luxury villas Accommodation Casting directors Casting directors Cellular rentals Photographer Accommodation Animation Computer graphics Post production film Video conferencing Camera hire Production facilities Production services Government department Film commission Fabrications Prosthetics Special effects Photographer Fuji Motion Picture Negative Film Mentorship and training Insurance Film commission Stunt company Photographer Photographer Photography Association Photographer Accommodation Accommodation Game reserve Studio facilities Photographer Security Photographer Photographer Accomodation Vehicle hire Cape Town Vehicle hire Durban Vehicle hire East London Vehicle hire George Vehicle hire Johannesburg Vehicle hire Port Elizabeth Vehicle hire Richards Bay Equipment rental Accommodation Location Photographer Post production Location Catering

+27 83 338 7800

iKhaya Lodge &Conference Centre

Inverdoorn Game Reserve Inverdoorn Game Reserve Island Studios Jac de Villiers Jetset VIP Protocol Johan Wilke Photography Justin Patrick Kaapkloofmanor Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kempston Hire Kinetic Knysna Elephant Park Knysna Elephant Park Lauren Kriedemann Libra Vision Lindbergh Lodge Lynne Matthysen Catering

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Mango Catering

Catering Photography Artist Photographer Primate sanctuary Accommodation Development foundation Promotional foundation Production services Model agency Equipment rental Equipment rental Equipment rental Equipment rental Rental studios Courier service Courier service Courier service Courier service Security Bodyguarding Car rentals Stunt company Rigging Camera rental Production services Studio rental Equipment rental Post production Accommodation Digital equipment rental Photographic equipment rental Studio rental Skills & enterprise development Education Skills training Props Set design and construction Consumables Courier service Courier service Courier service Courier service Equipment rental Accommodation Set design and construct Mobile accommodation Accommodation Accommodation Meeting rooms Restaurant Spa Vehicle hire Vehicle hire Fashion photographer Casting Extras Venue hire Trade publication Film laboratory Accommodation Venue hire Photographic equipment Studio rental Aluminium scaffolding Tubular steel scaffolding Accommodation Post production Studio facilities

+27 82 425 8864 +27 83 450 1677 +27 11 444 6333 +27 44 534 8906 +27 21 421 3079 +27 11 483 0880 +27 11 483 0880 +27 21 409 2000 +27 21 439 3999 +27 21 529 4200 +27 11 314 5700 +27 11 314 1748 +27 21 462 6933 +27 21 462 6933 +27 21 386 5946 +27 11 975 0032 +27 31 465 5930 0861 PIONEER(0861 746 6337) +27 21 425 2170 +27 21 425 2170 +27 21 425 2170 +27 21 557 0993 +27 21 557 0993 +27 21 593 8625 +27 21 593 8625 +27 21 593 8625 +27 21 785 2786 +27 11 463 9266 +27 21 439 4555 +27 21 447 6326 +27 21 447 6326 +27 21 447 6326 +27 21 421 6434 0861 101 148 0861 101 148 +27 11 882 8822 +27 11 882 8822 +27 21 418 8437 (all hours) +27 21 386 5654 +27 31 303 6474 +27 11 397 8348 +27 41 581 0455 +27 11 887 9351 +27 21 409 4001 +27 21 531 1549 0861 782 734 +27 21 886 6159 +27 21 423 3000 +27 21 423 3000 +27 21 423 3000 +27 21 423 3000 +27 11 552 3710/11/61 +27 842 341 132 +33 650 041 571 +27 21 556 0168 / 5851 +27 21 556 0168 / 5851 +27 11 794 5800 +27 11 6740646 +27 11 719 4600 +27 21 434 0205 +27 21 461 6569 +27 21 461 0595 +27 21 461 0595 0861 837 839 0861 837 839 +27 21 657 4500 +27 21 409 2000 +27 21 409 2000

Martin Osner Fine Art Photography

Michael Meyersfeld Monkeyland Mountain Marina National Film and Video Foundation National Film and Video Foundation

N-gage Digital Outlaws Model Agency Panalux Panalux Panavision South Africa Photo Hire Photo Hire Pioneer Freight Pioneer Freight Pioneer Freight Pioneer Freight Pro-events Pro-events Pro-events Pyranha Stunts Pyranha Stunts Red Light Studios Red Light Studios Red Light Studios Remote Camera Systems Riot Post Production Romney Park Roodebloem Studios Roodebloem Studios Roodebloem Studios Runway Film Resource Centre Services SETA Services SETA Sets non Stop Sets non Stop Setsmart South African Courier Systems South African Courier Systems South African Courier Systems South African Courier Systems Southern Lighting Southern Sun Waterfront Stage Gear Star Film Rentals Straightway Head Country Lodge Taj Hotel Taj Hotel Taj Hotel Taj Hotel Tempest Car Hire Tempest Car Hire Tess Feuilhade That! Agency That! Agency The Coca-Cola Dome The Callsheet Newspaper The Film Lab The Hyde The Runway The Sunshine Company The Sunshine Company Vertex Scaffolding Vertex Scaffolding Vineyard Hotel and Spa Waterfront Post Waterfront Studios

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“We had to find one base where we could re-create all the countries of the world. We chose South Africa….” Gareth Neame, executive producer, The Philanthropist


the filmmakers guide to south africa Founded by Kathy English-Brower in 2001, The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa has expanded into three separate and aligned volumes. The Industry is a film book with a tourism edge, providing an overview of the various industry sectors and South Africa as a whole; Service and Co-Production showcases what South Africa offers international clients as a destination, highlighting our facilitation companies and co-production possibilities; while Creative Showcase is focused on South Africa’s visual talent, from directors and cinematographers to photographers and visual effects artists, among others.

three separate and aligned volumes

publishers Kathy English Brower & Lance Gibbons editor Kevin Kriedemann AssistANt editor Sally Fink sAles mANAger Taryn Fowler desigN Ouma Mokwana heAd oF produCtioN Gaye Higgs produCtioN AssistANt Sasha Hendrikz Cover photogrAph ignus Gerber photogrAphiC CoNtributioNs Thank you to all the photographers, production companies and advertisers who contributed. images have been credited as requested. published by The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa Copyright © The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa. The copyright, including the right of reproduction in any form, of all material in The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa is expressly reserved in terms of section 12 (7) of The South African copyright Act. isbN 978-0-9802715-6-0 priNtiNg cTP

celebrating the continued rise of the South African film industry, The Industry is a film book with a tourist edge, which provides an overview of all the different film sectors.

Service & Co-production showcases what South Africa offers international clients as a destination and project partner, highlighting our facilitation companies, financing options and coproduction possibilities.

greeNiNg The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa is printed by cTP Printers, which has engaged Global carbon Exchange as its partner in establishing its carbon footprint. in addition, cTP has received the Forest Stewardship council chain of custody certification. This publication is printed on wood-free paper, which is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and uses vegetable oil -based, environmentally-friendly inks conforming to the highest European standards. disClAimer While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this guide, The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa and/or its employees may not be held liable or responsible for any act or omission committed by any person, including a juristic person, referred to in this publication. it and they furthermore accept(s) no responsibility for any liability arising out of any reliance that a reader of this publication places on the contents of this publication. The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa cannot be held responsible for exact colour replications on logos and images. For advertising queries about the range of The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa publications and websites, please contact: Taryn Fowler +27 21 674 0646 For more information, please visit or

Creative Showcase aims to become the premier visual directory of South Africa’s finest animators, directors, DoPs, food stylists, photographers, visual effects artists and other creatives involved in the filmmaking process.

For advertising queries for The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa’s range of publications and websites, please contact: Taryn Fowler: +27 21 674 0646 or

The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa: Industry  

Award-winning annual marketing the South African film industry locally and internationally.

The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa: Industry  

Award-winning annual marketing the South African film industry locally and internationally.