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the filmmakers guide to south africa

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Experienced local high-tech service companies, with proven track records, offer a wide variety of production support. Everything you could possibly require and you’ll save at least



South Africa’s mix of ethnicities and cultures mirrors the population of the world.

Choose from a wide variety of talent available and you can expect to save at least

7000m2 (75347ft2) of high specification soundproof stages spread over four buildings, with dedicated support facilities including greenrooms, wardrobe, rest and dressing rooms.




A reputable pool of nonunionised technical, creative and business expertise gained by working on international feature films and commercials in both pre- and post-production are just waiting for your call to action.

Get fantastic expertise at a fraction of normal costs and save up to




Two workshops each 2880m2 (31000ft2) will be available for set construction, art department, wardrobe and storage space.



An endless array of landscapes, architecture and scenery options are all available within a 1-2 hour drive from Cape Town. Shoot in stunning locations and still expect to save up to



A full-service film laboratory is available with 24/7 neg processing in both regular and Super 35/16 formats. Everything you need and cheaper by at least





Chairman Anant Singh – member of the Academy and South Africa’s leading filmmaker, owners – Sabido Investments ( and Videovision leaders in television and film. Managed by CEO Nico Dekker and his experienced team.


High-speed broadband connections to all major international cities is a given, including direct transfer of full-length film rushes in 35mm format



Outstanding full audio and video postproduction services are readily available to you.

Superb technical facilities at your fingertips – and you’ll save up to

Fully equipped production offices are available, catering to your individual and specific requirements.


Cape Town Film Studios is your one-stop shop to film financing in South Africa. This includes film incentives, equity financing and distribution.

To make production at Cape Town Film Studios even more atttractive, we’ll give you some money back:




Blue screens, water paddocks and any additional service, production facility and/or production space can be catered for, provided that it is requested in time.

* Source: CTFS research 2009

Contact our CEO, NICO DEKKER, directly for anything you need to know about CAPE TOWN FILM STUDIOS or filming in South Africa Tel: +27 21 462 1838 Mobile: +27 83 299 6895 Fax: +27 21 462 1837 Email:



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the filmmakers guide to south africa volume 2

service and co-production 2010 DISCOVER THE WORLD IN ONE COUNTRY


The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa is a window to the film industry in South Africa, a location that truly offers the world in one country. As a competitive filmmaking destination, South Africa offers world-class crews, technologically advanced infrastructure, a diversity of locations and the great South African weather. South Africa also boasts a vibrant tourism industry and is one of the best places in the world to live, work and play. Cape Town is rated among the best cities in the world, while Johannesburg is strategically positioning itself as the business capital of Africa. The South African film industry is worth an estimated R2.65 billion in the Western Cape, R1.1 billion in Gauteng, and R236 million in Kwa-Zulu Natal. It is envisioned that by 2014, South Africa will be one of the leading producers of film and TV content from Africa and the Middle East.

The South African government, through the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), has actively invested in this sector to create the necessary conducive environment for growth. As such, we have developed a film production incentive which is rated among the most efficient in the world. Despite the global economic crisis, South Africa continues to prove itself as a preferred and globally competitive filmmaking destination of choice. Worldclass productions like District 9, Clint Eastwood’s Invictus, Free Willy and The Prisoner, among others, have recently been completed here. The world-class Cape Town Film Studios will be open for business during the first half of 2010 and with the eyes of the world on South Africa for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup, we invite you to join us in business and pleasure. Dr Rob Davies, MP Minister of Trade and Industry

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Morgan Freeman plays Nelson Mandela in Clint Eastwood’s Invictus Š Warner Bros


“It was very moving for me to shoot in South Africa. It was a chance to pay homage to a continent I love and it gave us the extraordinary breadth we needed to show Amelia’s travels around the world.” Mira Nair, award-winning director of Amelia



Welcome to can-do country 15 years ago, when Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president, the country started a remarkable process of recreating and re-inventing every sphere of life. We used our creativity to produce the changes we wanted to see. As Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu reflected ten years later in his book, God has a dream: “Who in their right mind could ever have imagined South Africa to be an example of anything but the most ghastly awfulness, of how not to govern a nation? We were a hopeless case if ever there was one. It is because we were so improbable that God chose South Africa and will point to us and say to the Israelis and Palestinians, to the Catholics and Protestants in North Ireland, to the Tibetans and the Chinese, to the Muslims and Hindus in Kashmir, to people throughout the world, ‘They had a nightmare in South Africa, the Apartheid nightmare. It has ended. Your nightmare will end, too. They had what was considered to be an intractable problem. Well, they have solved it, and so nowhere in the world can people again speak of facing intractable problems.’ And so no situation is utterly hopeless, utterly untransfigurable.” This sense that anything is possible is what makes South Africa one of the most creative and exciting places to be in the world right now. As the South African Tourism slogan says, this is a country that is “Alive with Possibility.” The South African film industry, which dates back to the turn of the 20th century, is the epitome of this new, can-do attitude. Unable to continue in either incarnation as Apartheid propaganda machine or struggle activist, the film industry has re-imagined itself in typically diverse ways: as one of the most popular service destinations in the world, as a booming hub for world-class animation and visual effects, and as a creator of distinctive, post-colonial, urban African content. As in the rest of the Rainbow Nation, further miracles are needed and challenges remain. But no problem is insurmountable in this beautiful country, especially not in this industry, which has earned a global reputation for always being able to make a plan. 15 years ago, with South Africa just starting to open up to the outside world after sanctions, few would have dreamed the local film industry would have accomplished so much in such a short time, but this country, and this industry, is a reminder to the rest of the world that dreams can come true.

De Beers Band © Michael Meyersfeld

WE DON’T DO DRAMA. Give us a call and see why film companies insist we play a leading role in their productions. CONTACT: SHAUN CROESER • TEL: +27 21 424 5000 EMAIL: SCROESER@TEMPESTCARHIRE.CO.ZA


Another good year Despite the global recession, 2009 has been a good year for the South African film industry. The country’s awards cabinet continues to overflow: •Television productions shot in Southern Africa - Generation Kill, 24: Redemption, No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Diamonds and Crusoe - were nominated for 19 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Gemini Awards •The Devil’s Whore, another miniseries shot here, won seven international awards, including a BAFTA •South Africa won two Grand Prixs at Cannes Lions •The Soweto Gospel Choir won a Grammy and was nominated for an Oscar for Down to Earth, their Wall-E duet with Peter Gabriel

© The Asylum

•Shy the Sun won a Silver Clio for animation for their debut commercial, United: Sea Orchestra for BDM •Sokhulu & Partners is up for an International Emmy •The Silent Army screened in competition at Cannes Film All around the world, South Africans continue to achieve at the highest levels of the global industry. District 9 and Wolverine, directed by South Africans Neill Blomkamp and Gavin Hood respectively, both opened at the top of the US box office and broke the $100 million mark at American cinemas alone. This year, South Africa has already hosted Oscar winners Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon,

Emmy winners Loni Price and Tom Fontana, three-time Emmy nominee Peter Horton, and MTV Movie Award winner Neve Campbell, as well as commercials directors like Danny Kleinman and Dante Ariola, who have won just about everything. None of this should surprise anyone. In the last five years, there have been numerous similar successes: •South Africa serviced Oscarnominated films like Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond •Tsotsi won the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 2006 •Dion Beebe won an Oscar for Best Cinematography on Memoirs of a Geisha in 2006 •Lead animator Conrad Murrey won


an Emmy for Special Effects on The Triangle in 2006 •Francois Verster won a documentary Emmy for A Lion’s Trail in 2006 •Wildlife filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert won an Emmy for Eye of the Leopard in 2007 •Don Edkins produced Why Democracy?, the world’s largest ever factual media event, from South Africa, collecting a 2008 Oscar for Taxi to the Dark Side All signs point towards continued growth. Cape Town Film Studios will open custom-built, Hollywood style studios in the first half of 2010, while South Africa will revel in the world’s attention during June next year as the host of the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

“The crews were terrific, the people were delightful, and the landscape was magnificent. All the toys are there and the people who can make them work.” Steve Jacobs, award-winning director of Disgrace


“I think Cape Town is one of the most spectacular cities in the world. Its geographical features are breathtaking. Every day I woke up there and I was in awe of the city; it never gets old. The vibrancy of the city and the people really give an added energy to the show.� Lindy Booth, star of The Philanthropist


Reasons to shoot in South Africa 1. World-leading crew Five South African crew were nominated at this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards. Set decorator Emelia Weavind (District 9) was co-nominated with production designer Rob Harris and art director Mickey Lennon for Outstanding Art Direction for a Miniseries, Movie or Special for her work transforming Southern Africa into Iraq on Generation Kill. Casting director Christa Schamberger (10 000 BC) was nominated with double Emmy winner Alexa L. Fogel for Outstanding Casting for her work finding convincing Iraqis on the southern tip of Africa for Generation Kill. Colin McFarlane, who also cracked a Gemini nomination this year for his work on Diamonds, was nominated for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Mini-series or Movie for his work on 24: Redemption, despite having to overcome freak weather conditions that included gale force winds and bucketing rain. Costume designer Jo Katsaras (Racing Stripes) and costume supervisor Zureta Schulz (Man to Man) were nominated for Outstanding Costumes for a Series for their work on No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. In July 2009, Katsaras exhibited the costumes at The Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing in Los Angeles, USA, after an invitation from Mary Rose, president of The Costume Designer’s Guild in America. Another South African, Telfer Barnes, pulled focus to help Anthony Dod Mantle win an Oscar for Best Cinematography on Slumdog Millionaire. South Africa’s world-class, non-unionised, Englishspeaking crew have steadily established themselves as one of the country’s unique selling points as a service destination. 2. Top-class cast Charlize Theron won the Best Actress Oscar in 2003 for her role in Monster, but for years she was practically the only recognisable South African on Hollywood screens. In contrast, 2009 was full of South African starring roles. Among others, Rampai Mohadi shone opposite Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett in the Oscar-winning film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Jessica Haines earned universal critical acclaim for her role opposite John Malkovich in the award-winning Disgrace; and Sharlto Copley delivered the breakthrough performance of the year as the lead in District 9. As Emmy-nominated casting director Christa Schamberger (Generation Kill) says, “We have a small but broad range of talent who are very confident, experienced actors. South Africans have to do many styles in one week. You might be playing French one day, and British the next, so we have enormous talent and understanding here.”

© Brett Rubin • Bird on a Wire Model: Bao Hoa (Base Model Agency)

Sharlto Copley in District 9 © Sony Pictures


“The architecture is so versatile, it could be anywhere.” David Lewis, Group editor, The Location Guide

© Riyaad Jamal

Reasons to shoot in South Africa

3. World-class animation South Africa’s animation industry is booming. Lion of Judah, South Africa’s first CGI-animated feature film, is set for an Easter 2010 release, while Jock of the Bushveld, its first stereoscopic 3D film, will be out before the end of the same year. In 2009, Shy the Sun won a Silver Clio for Animation for United Sea Orchestra and dominated The Loerie Awards, South Africa’s premier advertising awards. Their non-commercial alias, The Black Heart Gang, has already won 16 awards around the world for their short film, The Tale of How.

Triggerfish is in production on one feature film, Zambezia, and in final development on another, Khumba, while Clockwork Zoo is servicing 2D television work from France, Canada and the UK. To keep up with demand, Services SETA, the South African sectoral training authority, is funding the multi-million rand Animation Industry Development Initiative (AIDI), an ambitious drive to recruit and train animators as part of AnimationSA and The Cape Film Commission’s vision to create 10 000 jobs within the animation industry by 2020.


4. Cost-effective post production South Africa has been quietly building an impressive visual effects showreel, contributing a growing number of shots on projects like The Silent Army, Doomsday, Knight Rider, Starship Troopers 3, Free Willy: South Africa, Bitch Slap, Scorpion King 2 and Lost City Raiders. None of this is awardwinning work quite yet, but the capacity is growing steadily, while the accolades are streaming in for the animation and visual effects South Africa is producing for commercials. South Africa also offers two Kodak-accredited film labs: The Film Lab in Johannesburg and Waterfront Post in Cape Town.

5. Diverse locations close together South Africa offers a world in one c o u n t r y, w i t h v a r i e d l o c a t i o n s within close proximity. When The Philanthropist looked for a base to recreate all the countries in the world, they chose South Africa. The country doubled for Iraq on Generation Kill and is increasingly popular for science fiction, so we really can find you any destination you need, in this world or beyond it. In addition, Cape Town has the fifth best blue sky in the world, while its seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemipshere, so the sun shines for 14 hours a day here in the middle of the European winter.

Tamsin McCarthy directed part of The Experimental Witch Project, the adaptation of Paulo Coelho’s bestseller, The Witch of Portobello

6. A vibrant soundtrack The Soweto Gospel Choir won the Grammy for Best Motion Picture Song for Down to Earth, their Wall-E duet with Peter Gabriel, which was also nominated for an Oscar. This was their third Grammy in three years. Dave Matthews, Hugh Masekela, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the late Miriam Makeba are previous South African Grammy winners. With overseas bands like Vampire Weekend increasingly displaying African influences and local bands like Blk Jks appearing in Spin’s 20 Greatest Albums of 2009 So Far, there’s a sense that the South African soundtrack is about to go global.


Accessible finance

At the start of 2008, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) introduced a revised film production incentive, comprising the Location Film and Television Production Incentive Scheme and the South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production

“There is so much visual detail in Johannesburg, every single pixel of it... It’s incredibly rich visually.” Neill Blomkamp, director, District 9

Incentive Scheme. To date, the Location Film and Television Production Incentive has approved 49 productions, for a total rebate of R370 million ($49 million). The dti offers a 25% rebate for official co-productions and 15% for foreign

19 productions, both capped at R10 million ($1.3 million). The other main source of financing is the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), which caps its investment at 49% of the budget. The National Film and Video

Foundation (NFVF) is another key funder. On documentaries, they fund development up to R50 000 ($6 600) and production up to R100 000 ($13 200). On feature films, they fund development up to R150 000 ($20 000) and production up to R1 million ($132 000).

Image -


“I loved it here.� John Malkovich, star of Disgrace


Mix business with pleasure

As Oscar-nominee Ian McKellen said while shooting The Prisoner in Cape Town, filming in South Africa “is like being on holiday.” We work hard and play harder, while there’s no shortage of sights to see. For example, in 2010, you can watch the final of the FIFA Soccer World Cup at the calabash-shaped Soccer City in Johannesburg. While there, you can stay at The Saxon Boutique Hotel and Spa, voted The World’s Leading Boutique Hotel for the last six consecutive years at the World Travel Awards. If you’re in Cape Town, you can wine and dine at Le Quartier Francais in

Franschoek, voted the best restaurant in the Middle East and Africa and one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, a list that includes the Western Cape’s La Colombe, Jardine’s, Aubergine and Rust en Vrede. In fact, Cape Town won the Best Entertainment Category at the International Luxury Awards. Alternatively, you can enjoy a game safari in the Eastern Cape at Shamwari Game Reserve, voted The World’s Leading Safari and Game Reserve at the World Travel Awards for eleven consecutive years. These are just some of the reasons why South Africa is being called “the new frontier of travel.”

© Damon Hyland • Pixel Foundry


Film and Television Production Incentive The South African government recognises the film industry’s potential. Its growth could have a huge impact on economic development, in terms of employment and exports, while also stimulating supplier industries. The Department of Trade and Industry’s (the dti’s) Film and Television Production Incentive was introduced in 2004 to attract large foreign and local productions to South African shores. To date, the large budget production incentive programme has approved 49 productions for a total rebate of R370 million. The projected expenditure for goods and services in South Africa on successful completion of the projects is R2.4 billion, of which R1.5 billion would result in direct foreign expenditure. Despite the Incentive’s success, the dti recognised the film industry’s need for further support. At the end of January 2008, the Incentive was replaced with two audiencespecific programmes, namely the South African Film and Television Production and Co-Production and the Foreign Film and Television Production Incentives. Through the South African film and television production incentive, the dti has increased the financial support available for local productions, which is envisaged to encourage local content generation and further improve the location competitiveness of South Africa. More productions will result in the creation of direct employment opportunities, both in the production and supply of goods and services for international productions. To date, the film and television production incentive programme has approved 81 productions for a total rebate of R387.5 million, comprising 44 South African productions, 12 co-productions and 25 foreign productions. Since inception of the local and foreign incentive programmes, the dti has supported various award-winning projects and Hollywood

District 9 © Kalahari Pictures

Blood Diamond © Moonlighting

White Wedding © Stepping Stone

“The dti rebate was an absolute pleasure, so painless. We submitted our audit and were paid a week later.” Anton Rollino, One Step Beyond


Customer Contact Centre International: +27 12 394 9500

Customer Contact Centre Local: 0861 843 384


Film and Television Production Incentive Tsotsi © Moviworld / Tsotsi Films

box office successes, such as Tsotsi, Blood Diamond, Mr Bones, White Wedding, District 9 and Diamonds. With the production of films generally regarded as ‘high risk,’ emerging small producers find it difficult to obtain the necessary funding. To assist local producers in improving their cash flow, the dti proposed the option of the incentive being paid according to the production milestones achieved. The option of milestone payments is restricted to South African film and television productions and co-productions, and applicants wishing to make use of the this payment method must acquire a completion bond. As this might be costly for smaller producers, where the cost of a completion bond could be as much as R300 000, the following will apply: •Seventy percent (70%) of the cost of the completion bond will be subsidised for productions between R2.5 and R6 million; and •Fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the completion bond will be subsidised for productions between R6 and R10 million. Productions over R10 million are normally required by financiers to have a completion bond in place, therefore no additional subsidy will be granted. In the case of television episodes (including animation), payments can be made after the successful completion of each episode and delivered to the dti with an auditor’s statement confirming the Qualifying South African Production Expenditure (QSAPE). A completion bond will therefore not be necessary where payments are made after each episode. Disbursements will be implemented according to the following milestones: •20% on confirmation of completion bond •20% on start of principal photography •20% on completion of principal photography •20% on completion of the final mix •20% on submission of Form D – Claim Form

Mr. Bones 2 © Videovision

“The dti has proven to be very accommodating with regard to refining their guidelines where it improves the overall effectiveness of the rebate program and the attractiveness of shooting in South Africa.” Genevieve Hofmeyr, Moonlighting

The Film & Television Sector Desk +27 12 394 1143

Film Incentive Secretariat +27 12 394 1261




Services Sector Education and Training Authority

ANIMATION TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE On Wednesday 10 June 2009 members from the Services SETA met with the Cape Film Commission to commemorate an important initiative driven by the two industry powerhouses, together with Animation SA. Described as one of the Western Cape film industry’s most ambitious projects to date, the first phase of what has become known as the Animation Industry Development Initiative (AIDI) kicked off at the False Bay College in Khayelitsha on 26 June 2009. This marked the beginning of the animation training for at least 50 students, who were identified during the recruitment drive which the Cape Film Commission undertook during April and May 2009. In April, The Cape Film Commission (CFC), the film industry in the Western Cape and the Services SETA launched AIDI within the Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha communities, where the first phase of recruitment for animation-related training took place. More than 1 000 prospective animators were reached through these workshops, as well as through presentations at schools and libraries.

© Monster @ Refinery

Mr. Bebe © Clockwork Zoo

“The Services SETA has pledged its support to help facilitate substantial job creation within the animation industry by 2020.”

SERVICES SETA PROVINCIAL OFFICES Customer Care 0861 101 148 customercare@

HEAD OFFICE Tel: +27 11 276 9600 Fax: +27 11 276 9623 15 Sherborne Road, Parktown, Johannesburg

BLOEMFONTEIN Tel: +27 51 430 6223 Fax: +27 51 430 8771 49 President Steyn Street, Westdene, Bloemfontein

CAPE TOWN Tel: +27 21 425 0417 Fax: +27 21 425 1575 11th floor, Picbel Parkade, Cape Town

animation training & development initiative


services seta

Developing the South African film industry

Jock of the Bushveld © Jock Animation

© Monster @ Refinery

The CFC and Animation SA, with the support of the Services SETA, have committed themselves to create a strong animation and new media industry. To this end they have pledged their support to help facilitate the creation of 10 000 jobs within the animation industry by 2020. Since the launch of the program, 30 learners have been successful in their training. Judy Robison of ConvergSA, a consultant on the project, explains, “We have already trained 50 new interns in drawing for animation and 50 in digital design. These 50 have undergone business skills training. From the 50 students chosen, 30 have effectively gone through the program. We have effectively created 30 new entry level job opportunities in a period of six to eight weeks. I want to emphasise how much that can be duplicated and how much difference that can make in the sector.” Five of the AIDI learners have been placed at Clockwork Zoo, South Africa’s biggest 2D animation company. The interns are already hard at work on season five of Caillou, co-produced with Canada’s Cookie Jar Entertainment. Sean Rogers, MD and head of Clockwork Zoo Animation, says, “As one of the companies that established AIDI more than two years ago, we are delighted to be able to place these emerging creatives in a pipeline that is producing content to be shown on most of the top international broadcasters. They will play a part of the Western Cape’s debut as an animation out-sourcing and co-production destination.” Gijima © Character Matters


SERVICES Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) have been established to ensure that the skills needs for every sector of the South African economy are identified and that training is available to provide for these skills needs. Services SETA aims to provide comprehensive information regarding the Authority, its structure and its functions. The information is presented in an easily accessible manner, covering both general areas as well as information specific areas, to employers, training providers and learners.

DURBAN Tel: +27 31 207 1761 Fax: +27 31 207 1766 73 Ramsay Avenue, Morningside, Durban

EAST LONDON Tel: +27 43 743 5410 Fax: +27 43 722 9587 15 St Matthew Road, Southern wood, East London

NELSPRUIT Tel: +27 13 752 2207 Fax: +27 13 752 6434 37 Brown Street, 4th Street, Mid City Building, Nelspruit

PORT ELIZABETH Tel: +27 41 582 2033 Fax: +27 41 582 2040 Ground Floor, Kalinga Linga House, 3 Edward Street, Central Port Elizabeth


south africa

District 9 © Kalahari Pictures







Darfur © ZenHQ / Graham Abbott






in southern







south africa

© Gauteng Film Commission

africa © The Asylum





© Cape Town Productions

© Cooked in Africa



Encounters Documentary Festival, TBC

KKNK, 1-8 April, Oudtshoorn, W. Cape

Durban Film Mart, TBC

Good Friday, 2 April


CPT Int. Jazz Festival, 3-4 April, CPT

Women's Day, 9 August

Sony Alpha Profoto Awards, 4 April, JHB

Oppikoppi Music Festival, TBC, Limpopo

Easter Monday/Family Day, 5 April


New Year's Day, 1 Jan

Freedom Day, 27 April

Tri Continental Film Festival, 9 Sept-11 Oct

J&B Met Horse Race, 30 Jan, CPT


Heritage Day, 24 September


Workers Day, 1 May

The Loerie Awards, TBC, Cape Town

South African Film and TV Awards, 6 Feb, JHB

Comrades Marathon, 30 May, KZN

Out in Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, TBC

Discop Africa, 24-26 February, Dakar, Senegal



Design Indaba Expo, 26-28 Feb, CPT

FIFA Soccer World Cup, 11 June-11 July

Rocking the Daisies, TBC, Darling, W.Cape

Design Indaba Conference, CPT

Youth Day, 16 June


National Arts Fest, 20 June-5 July, E.Cape

Horrorfest, TBC, W. Cape

MARCH Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, 14 March, CPT



Cape Winelands Film Fest, 17-27 March, CPT

Durban July Horserace, 3 July, KZN

Nedbank Golf Challenge, TBC, Sun City

Human Rights Day, 21 March

Durban Int. Film Fest, 22 July-1 August

Day of Reconciliation, 16 December

Public holiday, 22 March

The Photo and Film Expo, TBC

Christmas Day, 25 December

© Gauteng Film Commission

© The Asylum

© Gauteng Film Commission

© farmfilms

UNCONVENTIONAL It may be called a convention centre, but there’s nothing conventional about it. Ask any one of our clients who have filmed here and they will say that the Cape Town International Convention Centre is indeed designed to cater to your every need. From conferences hosting thousands of delegates and consumer exhibitions or trade shows, to executive business meetings and intimate social functions, the CTICC has played host to them all, memorably. So, the next time you need a unique space in which to make a lasting impression, why settle for the conventional? For more information call +27 21 410 5000. 1 Lower Long Street, Convention Square, Cape Town Contact: Ryan Ruiters, email:

Cape Town International Convention Centre If you can imagine it, we can host it. I Up to 10 000m² of sub-divisible, column-free exhibiton space I A grand ballroom that seats 1 500 I 2 large auditoria I 33 meeting and function rooms I A roof-top terrace I 3 exquisite restaurants I 1 500 secure parking bays I

DTI CaTalogue



Sharlto Copley in District 9 © Sony Pictures

DISTRICT NINE Feature film Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, David James, Vanessa Haywood District 9 was 2009’s breakout hit, opening top of the US box office, where it raked in over $115 million. At the time of writing, it was one of the 20 highest grossing box office successes of the year, which is even more impressive when you realise it was made for an estimated $30 million. Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa’s District 9 as the world’s nations argued over what to do with them. Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to

Multi-National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens’ welfare – they will receive tremendous profits if they can make the aliens’ awesome weaponry work. So far, they have failed; activation of the weaponry requires alien DNA. The tension between the aliens and the humans comes to a head when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Alive in Joburg producer Sharlto Copley in a breakthrough performance), contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most valuable – he is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Ostracised and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9. Directed by South African Neill Blomkamp, this distinctive third world science fiction mockumentary was shot in Soweto and other Johannesburg locations, with over 90% South African

crew and 100% local on-screen talent. For more info, visit Key creative team Director: Neill Blomkamp Screenwriter: Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell executive producers: Bill Block & Ken Kamins Co - e x e c u t i v e p r o d u c e r s : E l l i o t Ferwerda & Paul Hanson Producers: Peter Jackson, Carolynne Cunningham & Philippa Boyens Supervising producer: Michael S. Murphey South african service company: Kalahari Pictures



DTI CaTalogue

Morgan Freeman in Invictus © Warner Bros

INVICTUS Feature film Cast: Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon Directed by four-time Oscar® winner Clint Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven), Invictus tells the inspiring true story of how Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), to help unite their country. Newly elected President Mandela knows his nation remains racially and economically divided in the wake of Apartheid. Believing he can bring his people together through the universal language of sport, Mandela rallies South Africa’s underdog rugby team as they make an unlikely run to the 1995 World Cup Championship match. The film stars Oscar® winners Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby, The Dark Knight, Shawshank Redemption) and Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, the Bourne franchise).

The screenplay is by native South African writer Anthony Peckham, based on the book Playing the Enemy, by John Carlin. The behind-the-scenes creative team is led by director of photography Tom Stern, production designer James J. Murakami, editors Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach, and costume designer Deborah Hopper, all of whom are re-teaming with Eastwood after recently working with the director on Gran Torino. Filming on Invictus was accomplished entirely on location in and around the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. The film was originally called The Human Factor. The final title comes from William Ernest Henley’s poem, Invictus, which was often recited by Mandela, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. Opening worldwide on 11 December 2009, Invictus will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

For more information, please visit Key creative team Director: Clint Eastwood Screenwriter: Anthony Peckham, based on the book Playing the Enemy by John Carlin. executive producer: Morgan Freeman, Tim Moore Producers: Clint Eastwood, Lori McCreary, Robert Lorenz & Mace Neufeld Supervising producer: Genevieve Hofmeyr South african service company: Moonlighting Film Production Services

discover the breakthroughs first Shy the Sun: United - Sea Orchestra

July 2008:

Shy the Sun debuts in The Callsheet in our New Director focus

September 2009: Shy the Sun wins two Golds at The Loerie Awards tel: 021 674 0646 | fax: 021 674 6691 | email:


address details: physical address: Metal Lane, 4 Kloof Street, Cape Town, 8001 telephone: +27 21 424 9999 fax: +27 21 424 9998 email: web: contacts: • Dale Kushner • Brin Kushner AFS is your gateway to filming in Africa, the continent with some of the most spectacular locations on earth. We are a family-run company and pride ourselves on organisation with meticulous detail, dedication, and the highest level of professionalism. While providing a world-class production infrastructure and logistical support in a friendly and professional environment, we look for cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise your creativity. We handle all pre-production, production, and postproduction concerns, and ensure that your shoot runs smoothly from start to finish with a very special personal AFS family touch.

genres of film: • Commercial, feature film and TV • Service production, commercial • Production, documentaries and stills languages spoken: English, Afrikaans


address details:

Integrity to the filmmaking process:

postal address: P.O Box 12343, Mill Street, Gardens 8010, Cape Town fax: +27 86 544 9509 email: web:

Blast Films has an ethic of employing only those of us whose passion, loyalty and film experience most suit the creative and technical requirements of the project at hand.


Transparency in all budgeting:

• Mark Engels: +27 83 375 0959

Blast Films provides a detailed cost estimate to agency storyboard and director’s treatment, ensuring transparent and articulate production budget spreadsheets. We pride ourselves in our open relationships with all established suppliers, cast agents and film commissioners.

genres: • Television commercials • Music promo clips • Live concert broadcast • Long form filmmaking

Creative passion for the concept: Blast Films offers a production infrastructure that caters to the creative needs of filmmakers who strive for excellence and push the boundaries of their craft.


Cape Direct was formed 18 years ago and was one of the first production service companies to operate in Cape Town. Co-founder Dianne Bramhill, who has 28 years experience in commercial production, is still at the helm of this well-established and highly-esteemed company. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our clients, working together as a team to provide cost-effective solutions and great commercials. We offer all services necessary for setting up and executing a successful, costeffective shoot, from bidding right through to post-production. Dianne personally budgets every production, providing as many references as possible to help her clients support their bid. Her budgets are transparent and flexible, while she enjoys working closely with her clients to ensure that the bids are viable and attractive. Dianne attends each shoot to make sure that all is running smoothly and that any possible challenges are handled immediately. She communicates openly with her international producer/director team.

address details: physical address: 7 Kloofnek Road, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001 telephone: +27 21 424 4495 +27 82 550 6911 fax: +27 21 424 4496 email: web:

contact: • Dianne Bramhill: executive producer

recent cv: • HSI, London: Timotei, Thomas Napper • Biscuit Films, UK: Guinness, Matt Carter • Nobody, Denmark: Carlsberg, Asger Leth • Alex Myers & Associates, UK: B&Q, Hugh Harknes • Knucklehead, UK: Marks & Spencer, Lighthouse, Joe Roman • Nobody, Denmark: Havana Hills, Christian Lyngbye • Tempomedia, Germany/Knucklehead UK: Audi, Daniel Barber • Wibroe Duckert & Partners, Denmark: Puck, Kent, Stephan Jensen, Peter Boye


address details: physical address: Waterfront Studios, 1 Port Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa, 8001 telephone: +27 21 409 2233 fax: +27 21 409 2232 email: web:


With over 20 years experience in the independent film market, our hands-on approach and attention to detail provides you with maximum on-screen benefit. The result is repeat business from our clients and award-winning features including Malunde, Son Of Man, The World Unseen and Disgrace in recent years.

contacts: Executive producers • Marlow de Mardt : +27 82 451 5492 • Brigid Olën: +27 82 372 2502

“Dream Hotel”

“Dream Hotel”

“At DO Productions, we do business the only way - hands on. From the moment we budget to delivery, we involve ourselves in every step of the process. That’s what makes our reputation and that’s what we pride ourselves on.” Marlow de Mardt & Brigid Olën

“Dream Hotel”




egg film service Egg Film Service is headed by partner Michelle Geeringh, who ensures Egg’s philosophy of producing innovative creative work is extended to visiting international director’s teams. With our extensive experience, cost-effective solutions, dedicated in-house research teams, and impressive location database, we assure clients of real shooting solutions, all year round, either based out of our Johannesburg or Cape Town offices. Michelle is personally involved on every project and offers full production facilitation of commercials, stills, documentaries, and music videos throughout Southern Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Namibia and the Indian Ocean islands. With our friendly, fast and efficient bidding and location solutions, we can offer the highest levels of service with any creative treatment.

address details: physical address: 168 Buitengracht Street, Bo Kaap, Cape Town , 8001 telephone: +27 21 426 0728 fax: +27 21 426 0729 email: web:

contact:: • Michelle Geeringh, executive producer, +27 82 824 98 17 genres of film: • Commercial service production • Stills production • Music video production • Documentary production

recent cv: • Academy Films, UK: Johnnie Walker, Goodyear, Pepsi Max, Cino, Teletext, Volvic, T Mobile, Ford • C3, Germany: Porsche, Skoda, MLP, Momentum, Speedmaster • As:If Film Matters, Germany: Koestritzer • Nova Imagen, Angola: Banco Espirito, Aviator, Markenfilm, Evonik, Dixan, Campina, Smart Car, Mazda, Livocab, Lovelife, Fiat, Dolormin, Peugeot • Bob Industries, USA: Cadillac, Nikon, BMW • Goodoil Films, Australia: Chocochix, Oreos • Bm8, Germany: Toyota • Pumpkin Film, Switzerland: Mctoptik, Kuoni, Ed Commercial Orbit, Lays • Off Lo Hi, Hong Kong: Lohas • Pony films, Gmbh: Wella • Plush Films, Australia: Ford

38 address details: physical address: 2nd Floor, Avalon 2, 123 Hope Street,Gardens 8001, Cape Town telephone: +27 21 461-7950 fax: +27 21 461-7951 email: web:

contacts: • David Wicht: executive producer • Vlokkie Gordon: head of production • Nina Heyns: line producer • Meryl Schutte: line producer • Theuns De Wet: line producer • Rocky Bester: line producer • Rudi Van As: financial & business affairs • Liesl Ernst: financial manager • Hugh Barrett: line producer & production accountant • Valerie Legrain-Doussau: legal & business affairs • Belinda Johnson: creative producer

"Last House on the Left"

Film Afrika’s philosophy: Is one of service excellence. Driven by hands-on management with clear, transparent and rigorous financial control.

affiliations: • Camanol Film Productions: Production Service Company, BVI • Fiction Film & Television Ltd: Producer-Financier: UK

"Free Willy 4"


Film Afrika is one of the country’s leading international co-producers and service providers with partners such as Warner Bros, Sony, Universal/NBC, BBC, Channel 4, Gaumont, Disney, Weinstein Company, HBO, Showtime and Hallmark. The company is staffed by South Africa’s most experienced and sought-after line producers, supported by in-house legal/business affairs and accounting staff to ensure a complete service from early prep to long after the film has been delivered. Our production activities range from financing, line-producing and location facilitation to developing and producing our own films. We are unique among South African production companies in our ability to raise funds locally as well as internationally. Film Afrika is highly skilled and experienced in the use of co-production treaties and has developed unique structures that maximise local tax benefits with US, EU and Canadian partners. We have considerable experience in shooting films with a US and European setting in South Africa and understand the rigors of making quality films for the international market. We have excellent relations with financial institutions, international completion bonders and insurers and are particularly skilled in raising soft funds. Furthermore, we enjoy long-term relationships with the best and most sought-after crews in the country. Our filmography consists of close to 50 films made in the last fifteen years, with celebrated filmmakers such as Anthony Minghella, Billé August, John Boorman, Wes Craven, Arthur Penn and Robert Charthoff as well as actors such as Samuel L. Jackson, William Hurt, Juliette Binoche, Diane Kruger, Michael Caine, John Hurt, Dennis Hopper, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bindi Irwin, Beau Bridges, Johnny Lee Miller, Joseph Fiennes, Sidney Poitier, Peter Fonda, Vinnie Jones, and many more.

39 address details physical address, Johannesburg: 20 Rosebank Road, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196 physical address, Cape Town: First Floor, 99 Hout Street, Heritage Square, Cape Town, 8000 telephone: +27 21 422 0072 fax: +27 21 422 0074 email: web: contacts:

frieze films | production services

• Renier Ridgeway, executive producer +27 79 079 7355 • Jo Barber, executive producer +27 83 258 6687

genres of film Frieze Films Production Services offers a responsive understanding of international client requirements in a welcoming environment. Production Services is headed by executive producer Renier Ridgeway, who ensures that our core competencies synergise to provide our clients with a seamless, streamlined service. Our strengths are myriad and grounded in the fact that we define ourselves with conceptual and stylish filmmaking. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, long-standing relationships within the industry ensure the most experienced crews and best locations available for our clients when shooting throughout South Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

• Commercial service production • Stills production • Music video production • Documentary production

recent cv • Armand Productions, Belgium Foreign Films, USA • SilverGrey, UAE • Filmgraphics, Australia • Filmmaster, Italy • Irene, France • Kashmir Films, France • Notorious 24/7, USA • Radio Film, Australia • RSA Films, UK • Wanda Productions, France •


address details: physical address: 23 Arthurs Road, Sea Point, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa telephone: +27 21 434 6088 fax: +27 21 434 3531 email: web: twitter: contacts: Bev Green, EP : +27 82 563 8372 Joel Wynne, CMO: +27 83 383 0543

recent cv: • Rattling Stick, UK: Danny Kleinman - Pepsi • Smuggler, USA: Snorri Bros Aquafresh • Smuggler, UK: Neil Harris Littlewoods • Smuggler/Stink, UK: Randy Krallman - Vivartia • Bare Film Co, UK: Martin Brierley Cottonelle • La Pac, France: David Gray Renault • Joy.USA, USA: Mehdi Norowzian Crest • Joy@RSA, UK: Barney Cokeliss Tyskie Beer • Smuggler, USA: Henry-Alex Rubin VW Golf 6

genres of film: • Commercial service production • Stills production • Music video production • Documentary production

Founded in 2001, Gatehouse has established a global reputation of delivery and integrity. This is due to the vast experience of executive producer Bev Green. Gatehouse boasts a repeat client base that includes some of the world’s top production companies. Bev personally ensures that each shoot is produced with slick professionalism and friendly service. This ensures that the people Gatehouse shoot with come back year after year to work and play with us.

41 41

address details: physical address: Old Castle Breweries, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town telephone: +27 21 447 7299 fax: +27 21 447 6064 email: web: One of the stalwart brands of the Southern African facilitation market, Maximum Films has provided world-class production service for well over a decade. A particular focus and investment has always been premium quality research, core of which is a sophisticated database exceeding 220 000 location images. Industry veteran and executive producer Ian Nivison personally budgets every enquiry and oversees each production.

contact: Ian Nivison, executive producer

42 address details: physical address: Unit G16, Old Castle Brewery, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town, South Africa telephone: +27 21 448 8794 fax: +27 21 447 6732 email: web: contact: Liz O’Shaughnessy

Metal Tiger Productions is a streamlined production company offering huge experience without the expensive frills. The core team, consisting of Liz O’Shaughnessy and Tracy Raubenheimer, does all the preliminary research to avoid unnecessary extra costs, with Liz doing all the budgeting herself. Metal Tiger has wonderful relationships with the top freelance crews and suppliers, and brings the right people on board for each job. The company also uses stringent accounting practices to ensure fast, efficient and transparent reconciling of all jobs. And of course, as Noel Coward said, “Work is more fun than fun!”

“The Metal Tiger”

genres of film: • Commercial service production • Stills production • Music video production • Documentary production

languages spoken: English, French, Afrikaans

“M6 Mobile” - Wanda Productions - Dir. Kalle Hellzen

recent cv: France • N. Europa • Quad Productions • Wanda Productions Germany • Neue Sentimental Film Hamburg GmbH • Tempomedia Filmproduction GmbH • R Force Film GmbH Poland • Dynamo SP z.o.o. “Ibuprom” - Dynamo SP z.o.o. - Dir. Marek Dawid

“Audi” - Tempomedia Filmproduction / Quad Productions - Dir. Bruno Aveillan

43 43

“On location Chile - Freedent / Passion Pictures, France”

“On location South Africa - Nissan / MIA Films, Mexico ”

“On location Romania - Jamba / Tempomedia, Germany”

Moonlighting has been at the forefront of the production services industry for commercials, feature films, TV and stills since 1989 and we just celebrated our 20th birthday! Based in South Africa, Chile and Romania, we’re able to look at every project from three territories to ensure the right production solution. We work with commercials production companies from over 30 countries, major Hollywood studios, US networks and independents. Recent clients include: Commercials: Steam, Canada; La Pac, France; NSF, Germany; Film Republic, Poland; Lee Films, Spain; Acne, Sweden; Condor, Switzerland; Motion Blur, Norway; Outsider, UK; Oil Factory, USA. Feature Films: Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Tristar, Universal Pictures, Disney, Working Title Films, Rogue Pictures, Mandalay, Alcon Entertainment, Cruise/Wagner Productions, Powercorp International, Muse Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, 20th Century Fox Television, Warner Bros. Television.

Philip – MD

Nicci – exec. producer

David – tabletop

Helmke – producer

address details: Chile (Santiago): Sylvie Dubé email: telephone: +562 242 1181 Romania (Bucharest): Andrei Loghin email: telephone: +403 1825 7520 South Africa (Cape Town): Nicci Perrow email: telephone: +27 21 447 2209 web:

Cheryl – producer Bibi, Frans (research) & Sasha (bidding)

Sylvie – exec. producer Andrei – exec. producer

44 44

address details: physical address: 5 Roodehek Street, Gardens, 8001, Cape Town, South Africa telephone: +27 21 464 6620 fax: +27 21 462 3993 email: web:

contacts: Executive producers: Meike Laesch-Schoeman +27 82 658 3031 Tina Talbot +27 82 491 7581

languages spoken English, German

recent cv • Bakery Films, Germany • Bonkers, Netherlands • Bij Brand, Netherlands • Czar, Netherlands and Belgium • E+P Commercial, Germany • Fat Fred Film, Netherlands • Film Deluxe, Germany • Five_Three Double Ninety, Germany • Hazazah, Netherlands • Markenfilm, Germany • Neue Sentimental Film, Germany • Pink Rabbit, Netherlands • Silbersee, Germany • Sterntag, Germany • Soup Film, Germany • Telemaz, GermanyK

Founded in 1998, Navigator Films is well established and among the best facilitation companies in South Africa, pre-eminent in its field. Navigator operates year round, throughout the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands. Possessing an extensive database on locations and research, together with vast experience, Navigator provides its clients with solid support for each production. We believe that every job is distinct, with different needs, and we are accordingly flexible and creative in our strategic planning. We recognise the importance of cost-efficiency and; with our expertise, strive to maximise production value. Our turnaround with bidding is fast, our staff long term, hard working and extremely dedicated. Our goal is that each project be a rewarding experience. Our loyal client base speaks volumes and we’re proud that we maintain a reputation of absolute professionalism, respect and integrity.

45 45

“Thanks for helping me fight the war” Andrew Niccol, director, Lord of War

The origin of the word ‘Eish!’ © Garth Stead “Lord of War”

address details: telephone: +27 83 918 8699 mobile: +27 82 453 1611 email: web:

languages spoken: Reeleyes is a boutique production company specialising in the facilitation and co-production of international commercials, features and stills. Reeleyes is synonymous with attention to detail, high creative standards and warm personal service.

“Vital - Swim”

“ATOL - Conduit”

English, French, German

“Adriana Karembeu for Atol”

46 address details: physical address: Studio G8, Victoria Junction, Gate 1, Prestwich Street, Green Point, 8005, Cape Town telephone: +27 21 421 0999 fax: +27 21 421 3585 email: web:

contacts: • Claudia Hall, head of production +27 82 466 6356 • Claire Richards, executive producer +27 82 466 6400 • Margie Murray, executive producer +27 82 773 8576

genres of film:

We Aim To Be The Reason You Sigh With Relief

• Commercial service production • Stills production • Music video production • Documentary production

So we've created an environment that supports the filmmaker, along with passionate, experienced professionals who share our values. While everything we do is approached with a sense of urgency, we value a sense of humour just as much. No matter how big or small the project, we apply the same exacting standards and sense of pride in the work we produce. The longstanding relationships we enjoy with the majority of production companies we work with are a testament to our efforts. The Shooting Gallery has produced over 200 commercials in the past 10 years. A comprehensive CV and showreel is available upon request.

languages spoken: English, conversational Italian, French, Spanish, German

recent spots: • VW, Germany • Vodafone, Italy & Germany • Perwoll, Germany • Sprite, China • Chevrolet, Germany • Kohls Spring Campaign, USA • Cremissimo, Germany • Deutsche Post, Germany • Funny Frisch, Germany • AXA, Belgium & Germany “Vodafone”


47 47

address details & contacts physical address: 24 on Main, Mowbray, Cape Town, South Africa, 7700 postal address: PO Box 156, Greenpoint, 8051, Cape Town, South Africa telephone: +27 21 686 1411 fax: +27 21 685 7246 web:

• Collectively, our producers, Sean Beukes, Rafiq Samsodien and Brendan Rice, have over 50 years of production experience, making The Asylum a dependable team on any production. • The Asylum boasts a full research department to realise directors treatments into reality, while our production team never loses sight of the budget. • Emphasis is placed on enjoying our work and striving to work with like-minded clients. • We have an expansive network of contacts and associates throughout Southern and East Africa, and beyond. Streamlining our operations recently and creating cost-effective systems with our suppliers and our growing roster of directors gives you creative options and/or a financial solution for your production. Having recently concluded a deal with Hungryman to represent their directors in selected markets enables us to offer you even more.

contact: • Sean Beukes, executive producer +27 83 490 7434 • Rafiq Samsodien, producer +27 82 955 6795 • Brendan Rice, producer +27 83 700 7951

Recent clients include Hungryman USA/UK, Station Films, O Positive, Atmosfar, Four and a Half Productions, Fortune Promo 7 and Applebox Asia. genres of film • Commercials • Documentary • Music video • Directors / film service

48 address details: “Storms in Africa”

physical address: 2 Milner Street, Marine Corner, Metro Industrial, Paarden Eiland, 7405 Cape Town, South Africa postal address: PO Box 369, Paarden Eiland, 7420 Cape Town, South Africa telephone: +27 21 506 3300 fax: +27 21 506 3300 email: web: contact: • Giselher Venzke, director • Bertha Spieker, director • Sandra Venzke-Krecklenberg, producer / general manager

“Diamond Diver”

genres of film: • Production facilitation, including co-producing and co-financing • Specialised for the German and European market languages spoken:

Since founding TOP in 1998, Giselher Venzke and Bertha Spieker have produced more than 60 movies for the German-speaking market, including both TV and feature productions. TOP, one of the busiest and most professional companies in South Africa, has proven to be a strong partner in service, executive and co-producing, and co-financing national and international TV and feature projects. Southern Africa offers arguably the greatest locations, showcasing the entire world. TOP’s footprint includes Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius. Wherever you want to go, TOP takes you there and shoots it! Close co-operation with many specialised companies, as well as the highly professional crew, contributes to making TOP particularly successful in this business. The team of permanent staff and numerous highly skilled freelance employees can provide up to three complete film crews to meet the requirements of any production. Giselher and Bertha are an experienced producing team with more than 30 years of experience in the film and TV industry. Extending their longstanding relationships in Germany and around the world allows them to ‘bring home’ the boundless possibilities of filmmaking in Southern Africa and makes your shoot the most successful one.

‘Impossible’ not possible! – ‘Geht nicht’ gibt’s nicht! “Three Investigators-Terror Castle”

Imbongi Film Award 2009 for Best Marketing of Cape Town & Western Cape Through Film with the production, The Three Investigators in the Secret of Skeleton Island

“Albert Schweitzer”


“Three Investigators-Skeleton Island”

German & English

49 49

"Orange - Hollywood"

Velocity’s Service division is run by Carmen Amos, whose attention to detail and personalised service is renowned. Velocity prides itself on service excellence and going that extra mile. It is all about the work, the relationships forged and producing in a cost–effective manner while still maintaining a creative edge. We love what we do and give you the best of Africa.

address details: physical address: 30 Keerom Street, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa tel: +27 21 424 telephone: +274971 21 424 4971 fax: +27 21 424 6244 email: web:

"Orange - Polar Bears"

contacts: • Barry Munchick, proprietor +27 MD/Executive 82 552 6582producer +27 82 552 6582 • Carmen Amos, head of service • +27 Carmen Amos, 82 660 4860Producer +27 82 660 4860 "Orange - Hollywood"




Media Logistics Namibia is a well-established film production company. Your direct contact from early pre-production to wrap. postal address: P.O. Box 9051, Windhoek, Namibia contact: Michaela Bauer or Oshosheni Hiveluah telephone: +264 61 247 231 fax: +264 61 247 975 email: web:

ShootAway Production is a Cape Town based production company focused on facilitation within both the international and local markets for commercials, broadcast television, documentaries, reality TV and long format production. contact: Patrick Walton: +27 82 4751212 skype: Patrick1BIGdoor telephone: +27 21 556 9509 fax: 086 6509 837 email: website:

At ShootAway Production we provide a full production service for every facet of filming, from concept development to post-production facilities - whatever it takes to truly realise your creative vision. So go ahead, ShootAway, with freedom and confidence. With the belief that nothing is impossible, our team strives to deliver your production on time, on budget, on board.

Vuleka Productions has built a reputation for authentic African storytelling, most recently with the multi-award-winning feature film, Izulu Lami / My Secret Sky. Vuleka produces film, TV, video and new media, based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. contacts: Madoda Ncayiyana: + 27 83 703 8155 Julie Frederikse: +27 83 309 8956 office: +27 31 261 9650 fax: 086 648 0393 email: web:







Email / Website


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Service production company photography production company commercial trade publication Magazine photographer production company Film commission Film Studios

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production company photographer digital equipment Rental photographic equipment Rental Studio Rental education Skills training props Set design and construction production company Vehicle hire Vehicle hire production company

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Government department

0860 843 384


Government department production company production company production company production company post production Studio Facilities

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Animation Association Association

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29 07

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“South Africa is an absolutely beautiful country and the people are amazing.” Neve Campbell, The Philanthropist actress © Johan Wilke Photography


the filmmakers guide to south africa Founded by Kathy English-Brower in 2001, The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa has expanded into three separate yet aligned volumes. The Industry is a film book with a tourism edge, providing an overview of the various industry sectors and South Africa as a whole; Service and Co-Production showcases what South Africa offers international clients as a destination, highlighting our facilitation companies and co-production possibilities; while Creative Showcase is focused on South Africa’s visual talent, from directors and cinematographers to photographers and visual effects artists, among others.

SErvicES publishers Kathy English Brower & Lance Gibbons editor Kevin Kriedemann AssistANt editor Sally Fink sAles mANAger Taryn Fowler desigN Ouma Mokwana & Jess Novotná heAd oF produCtioN Gaye Higgs produCtioN AssistANt Sasha Hendrikz prooFreAder Siyamukelwa Ngcobo Cover photogrAph charlie Sperring photogrAphiC CoNtributioNs Thank you to all the photographers, production companies and advertisers who contributed. images have been credited as requested. speCiAl thANKs The Department of Trade and industry for editorial input and advice. published by The Filmmakers Guide to South Africa

three separate yet aligned volumes celebrating the continued rise of the South African film industry, The Industry is a film book with a tourist edge, which provides an overview of all the different film sectors.

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Service & Co-production showcases what South Africa offers international clients as a destination and project partner, highlighting our facilitation companies, financing options and coproduction possibilities.

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Creative Showcase aims to become the premier visual directory of South Africa’s finest animators, directors, DoPs, food stylists, photographers, visual effects artists and other creatives involved in the filmmaking process.

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The Filmmakers to South Africa: Service and CoProduction  

An award-winning annual marketing the South African film industry locally and internationally.

The Filmmakers to South Africa: Service and CoProduction  

An award-winning annual marketing the South African film industry locally and internationally.